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A D S y e l l a V North September - 2010

Pastor’s Corner Dear Church Family, God created His church to be a family, a family that should be ever growing and working hard to make disciples for Christ. As members of a diverse family it is imperative that we get to know each other. This means stepping out of our comfort zone and introducing ourselves to people that we may see from week to week but don’t really know that well. Families that do not talk or associate with each other can be classified as dysfunctional families. Christ never intended for the people in His church to be strangers or stay within small clicks. His plan is for us to come to know each other closely enough so that we can share each others burdens, hold each other accountable, and give and receive love as a family. We have a lot of different people in our church and I would bet that that you don’t really know some of them all that well. Why not walk up and introduce yourself, invite them home for lunch, or sit with them at fellowship dinner. There are people within our church who need to know that you care about them. There are people who feel lonely and are searching for a friend they can connect with. That friend could be you. In John 13:35 Jesus said, “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” Of course the opposite is true as well. Let’s make our church the most loving, caring, Christ centered church it can be. God put us together for a reason and I hope you will join me in reaching out to those that you don’t really know that well so they will feel like they are part of the North Valley Church Family… They will be richly blessed and we will too. A Fellow Disciple, Pastor Mike

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Testimony Corner Hello everyone I pray that all is well with you. I want to share something with you that is very dear to my heart. I was 28 years old before accepted Jesus into my life. Can you image, 28 years wondering around this sinful world with no direction. The people (family and non family) that were in my life from birth did not love me. I can not even remember a time when I was told I was loved, however I can remember a lot of abusive times from my childhood. I grew up to think that I could not have a relationship with God, because I must have been a bad person, and God was only for good people. I often wandered and longed to know Him, but I did not know how. Many of my days were fearful, because I was not sure what would become of me if I had died that day. Again, can you image? One day as I was working in a warehouse a co-worker shared the love of Jesus Christ with me, and I asked him if I could also know Jesus as he did. My co-worker assured me I could. Within a couple of day I gave my heart to Jesus and He wrapped His wonderful loving arms around me and showed me that He loved me as well as everyone else. I realize today that Jesus has always known me and has always been with me, even as a child and even through the abuse I endured. I thank the Lord for being in control of my life, even from birth. You may be asking yourself why I am sharing this with you? I am sharing this because at the time of accepting Jesus into my life, I was going through a really tough time and was at the point of self destruction, but Jesus sent one of His servants, a faithful and loving follower of His to share God’s wonderful love and grace with me. How many people in this community do you think needs or should hear about the love of God? Re read part of my testimony above, there are so many out here like this and worse. My hearts desire to reach the lost is because, I once was lost and Jesus showed me the way. Jesus gave me and you a gift that everyone should have. Eternal life with Him in His kingdom. If you have accepted His gift of eternal life, please join and partner with me to reach out and make a difference in our community. All of us can do something!!! Do not let your limitations stop you from reaching out and missing out, on sharing Jesus love with someone. Your Personal Ministries Leader - Melissa Elkins


— North Valley now has a community outreach program/team. We will meet on the second Sabbath of each month in the sanctuary directly after the worship service. So mark your calendars, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. The meeting will last about 30 minutes. We will discuss the following month outreach plan and ideas that we may have for the future. So write all of your ideas down and bring them with you. This is the time when we all (the church body) need to join together in ministry to reach the lost. There is so much to do, and yet so little time. We want you to be a part of our team. Don’t be ashamed of your testimony, it is the most powerful tool you have to share Jesus with others. Share your testimony in next months newsletter.

Please remember the Personal Ministries Department in your offerings. This money is used to purchase books (on the racks in the foyer as well) and needed items to reach out to the community. Mark your tithing envelope Personal Ministries. Next month’s newsletter will focus on ways you can serve Jesus.


Health Many people feel that taking food supplements (vitamin pills) will improve their nutrition. They attempt to improve their nutrition, by holding to the same foods and adding vitamin and mineral supplements to their regimen can cause problems. Take the B vitamin, niacin, for example. Niacin is actually an acid, but acts like a vitamin in the amounts that it is found in nature. However, if you take large amounts of this acid, it acts as a drug. Vitamin C, another water soluble vitamin, may increase the risk of kidney stones if taken in excess. It can also cause diarrhea and abdominal cramps. The fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and K are more difficult for the body to eliminate. A dose of 25,000 IU of vitamin A per day can cause problems as diverse as liver trouble, headaches, hair loss, dry skin bone pain and joint aches. Taking excessive amounts of one vitamin or mineral results in an unbalancing of the uptake and utilization of other vitamins and minerals. (Neil Nedley, MD. Proof Positive, 1998 (pg. 487-489)).

Adopt-A-Cop Program Remember your cop in your prayers and remember to write your letters.

Dollars and Sense There are two times when we have to watch the Church Budget. The first is winter months, families have to endure higher heating bills and as if that was not enough Christmas is a time of additional expenses as well. The second is summer months, Memorial to Labor Day, many members go on vacations. Some members do set aside their offerings to take back to the church when they return. 2 Cor. 9:7 we are told…”God loves a cheerful giver.” Let us remember to keep the Church Budget in the Family Budget. We are going through difficult financial times in our country. We are told to pray for kings, governors, and those in authority. God bless our Church

From Here and There Jose Monzon closed his evangelistic series at the Worship hour service on August 7th. Jose is now at the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University. Mitchell and Britney Whitaker, and Cindy Boone were baptized. Ken Bowman came in on his profession of faith, and Mary T. Jones, and Justin Shelor were re—baptized. A correction from last months newsletter. Ivy cob graduated from William Fleming High School not William Byrd high School. Sorry for the mistake. Ken and Arlene Hartless transferred their memberships from the Smith Mountain lake church to the North Valley Church on August 14th. The Blue/Gospel Music Concert was held at North Valley Church, dinner was afterwards. Prayer is an important way to connect with God. He is waiting on us to ask for the things we are in need of… Intercessory Prayer is now offered at the North Valley Church. Give your requests to Leslie or Todd Ewald. Mitchell Whitaker and Brittany Henschel were married on Sunday night, August 29th.

September Birthdays Beth Shelor


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September Calendar of Events 4th Sabbath Speaker Pastor Hewitt 4th 7:00PM, Vespers Service 5th 6:00PM, Small Group Mtg. (See Pastor Mike for location) 6th Happy Labor Day 8th 7:00PM, Prayer Meeting 11th Sabbath Speaker Pastor Hewitt 11th 7:00PM, Vespers Service 12th 6:00PM, Small Group Mtg. (See Pastor Mike for location) 12th 11:30 AM Zoo/Picnic 15th 7:00PM, Prayer Meeting 18th Sabbath Speaker Pastor Hewitt 18th 5:00PM, AY Program 18th 6:00PM, Vespers Service 19th Community Outreach (Car Wash) 19th 6:00PM, Small Group Mtg. (See Pastor Mike for location) 20th 7PM Church Board Meeting 22nd 7:00PM, Prayer Meeting 25th Sabbath Speaker James Pate 26th 10AM, Constituency Meeting (Takoma Park Academy, Maryland) 29th 7:00PM, Prayer Meeting Renee Ford's Corner Thank you to all who participated in the Bake Sale benefiting Renee Ford's COTA fund. With your help and the overseeing expertise of Shirley Gillespie $277.00 was raised in 2 days! Thank you all! Please continue to keep Renee Ford in your prayers. On Wednesday August 19th, Renee was scheduled to be discharged from the hospital to the Ronald McDonald House to continue to receive medical treatment in North Carolina after her bone marrow transplant on July 16, 2010. However, before she could be discharged on Wednesday, Renee became ill running a high fever. Renee's mom, Christina reports that Renee's doctors will continue to treat and evaluate her progress in the hospital. May the Lord continue to care for the Ford family at this time. Renee is 4 years old!!!! On August 30, 2010, Renee Ford turned 4 years old. Truly a happy day for Renee, her family and friends! Christina (mom) states that Renee celebrated turning 4 "in style" with a birthday party with her immediate family and friends in attendance. Of course Renee's favorite gift of all was having her daddy and brother Justin with her to celebrate! May God continue to shower blessings on you, Renee and family during this next year of life. If you would like to drop Renee a line her address is: Duke University Hospital 2301 Erwin Rd. Durham, NC 27710 Peds Bone Marrow FORD : 5201 On behalf of the Ford family, thank you for all the prayers, support and donations made to Renee Ford's COTA fund. With your support and the support of the Ford's friends and family, Renee's COTA fund is growing quickly. Please visit to watch the progress! Also, check out the RED ENVELOPE on the table in the church hall for Renee's contact information while she is at Duke Medical Center, information on COTA and how you can give to Renee's COTA fund directly. If you would like to become a volunteer with Team Renee - thank you for all who have volunteered or spoken with me, please contact Beth Sinha by email at or by phone @ 540-776-0739. May the Lord continue to richly bless each of you as strive to support Renee and her family.

Advent Youth Programs September September 25th at 6:00 pm for our Advent Youth Program. We will be showing a 2008 production of the Pilgrim's Progress: Journey to Heaven movie. This modern adaptation is a film you won’t want to miss!

October October 8-16, 2010 - The North Valley Church will be a host site for MIQ (Most Important Questions) . Beginning October 8th, Pastor Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts will present a 10 part live satellite evangelistic series called Most Important Questions designed specifically to reach teens and young adults. It will answer the biggest questions facing teenagers today and help them see how the Bible is relevant to their lives. The series will cover topics such as dating, peer pressure, alcohol, drugs, the relevance of the Bible to our culture, etc. Invite teenagers to attend, share with your friends! October 23rd.- Hike at Roaring Run Falls, Eagle Rock, VA - Meet at Roaring Run 3:30 pm



December 4th- Musical/Talent Program - 6:00 p.m. Contact June Schneider @ if you have any questions

Community Outreach Information: September 19th 12:00PM to 3:00PM North Valley Outreach Team will be hosting a Free Car Wash (absolutely free—no money will be accepted) at the NTB (National Tire and Battery) located at Valley View Mall. We will be also handing out free bottles of water and inviting people to attend our other events we have scheduled at the church. We will also provide for the church members coupons for the free car wash, so you can invite your family and friends as well. What do we need for this event: Everyone in our Church can get involved. Prayer - for the team and the community Car Wash Supplies—sponges, car wash, buckets Cases of Water Coolers to keep water cold Donations to purchase Ice Helpers to wash cars (if you can only do 1 hour, that is great) People willing to pray with others as needed Remember the Lord blesses our efforts in reaching the lost. Contact Melissa Elkins for additional information. October 2nd (tentative) hand out information (directly after fellowship dinner) in the community to invite others to the Fun Day Event (being held on October 3rd) and the MIQ youth Meetings.


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