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A D S y e l l a V North Volume 1, Issue 2 May - 2009

Pastor’s Corner Dear Church Family,

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said, “It is written My house shall be called a house of prayer…” Prayer really does make a dif-



ference and we need to spend much more time praying corporately as a church and individually

From Here and There


as God’s people.

Dollars and Sense


I have been reading a book on prayer and I absolutely love it. The book is entitled “The Difference Is Prayer” by Ruthie Jacobsen. It’s a small book but the content is powerful. It reminded me of how important prayer really is at this crucial moment in time. In Matthew 21:13 Jesus



Do you have regular prayer everyday? I’m not talking about just praying over your food but actually kneeling down to show respect and then talking with God for 30, 60, or even 90 minutes. Talk to God as if He were sitting right in front of you and first praise His name for all of the blessings He has brought into your life. (Psalms 100:4) Next spend some time in confession and tell Him about your sin. He promises to forgive us if we will ask Him. (I John 1:9) Finally end with supplication for your request and don’t forget to thank Him in advance for answering

Special points of interest:

your petitions according to His will. (Philippians 4:6,7) Remember to pray for your brother and

Communion May 30th

sisters in the church and for those who have not yet heard the three angel’s messages.

Church Directory

I want to leave you with something Ellen White wrote, “Often He delays to answer us in order to try our faith or test the genuineness of our desire. Having asked according to His word, we should believe His promise and press our petition with a determination that will not be denied.” (Christ Object Lessons p. 145) Let’s make sure the North Valley Church is truly a house of prayer. A Fellow Disciple, Pastor Mike



C a l e n da r o f e v e n t s May 1st 7:00PM, Sabbath Meditation.

May 25th 6:30PM, RAPS School Board Mtg.

May 2nd Sabbath Speaker Pastor Hewitt

May 27th 6:00PM, Supper & Prayer Meeting

May 2nd 7:00PM, Sabbath Vespers

May 29th 7:00PM, Sabbath Meditation

May 3rd 9:00AM, Church Clean-up Day

May 30th Sabbath Speaker TBA

May 4th 10:00AM, Women’s Bible Study

May 30th 7:00PM, Sabbath Vespers

May 4th 7:00PM, CHIP Program

C h u rc h D i r e c to ry


May 5 Church Pictures with Olan Mills

May 5th

May 5th 7:00PM, CHIP Program May 6th 7:00PM, Prayer Meeting May 7th 7:00PM, CHIP Program May 8th 7:00PM, Sabbath Mediation May 9th Sabbath Speaker Bill Goad May 10th Happy Mother’s Day May 11th 7:00PM, CHIP Program May 12th 7:00PM, CHIP Program

Olan Mills will be at our church taking your pictures and they will put together for us a beautiful church directory. Make sure you have marked your time and try to be there 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

C h i l d r e n ’ s C h u rc h Children's Church for ages 5-10 has been focused on the Ten Commandments. We learned that God created the Commandments to make our lives better and to protect us. In May, we will continue learning through sermons, sharing, and object lessons. If anyone would like to work with Rick Cooper on Children's Church, please contact him at 580-3416.

May 13th 7:00PM, Prayer Meeting th

May 14 7:00PM, CHIP Program May 15th 7:00PM, Sabbath Meditation May 16th Sabbath Speaker Pastor Hewitt (Communion, Fellowship dinner will be moved to May 23rd)

May 16th 7:00PM, Sabbath Vespers May 18th 7:00PM, Church Board Meeting May 20th 7:00PM, Prayer Meeting May 22nd 7:00PM, Sabbath Meditation May 23rd Sabbath Speaker Dr. Jeff Turner May 23rd Fellowship Dinner

CHip Our first North Valley CHIP program is humming right along. We began our program on April 13, and by the time you read this, we’ll be over halfway through. The last session is on May 19, and we will celebrate with our graduation banquet on Thursday, May 21. Twenty-five people are taking part in CHIP, with 16 of them being from outside our church. We have 17 dedicated volunteers helping out for three nights each week, and each of them, I believe, would tell you that they see the Lord really working in people’s lives. Although it has taken a lot of hard work for us to get this far, and there’s a bit more hard work ahead, CHIP has indeed been the outreach ministry envisioned by those who agreed to get it started at North Valley. We are helping people have better lives-lives lived more like God planned. And what joy that brings! But we still need the prayers of our whole church as we seek to do the Lord’s work and receive His blessing on it. Please, support us in prayer! Thank you for your support, Janis Goad, Assistant CHIP Director



A d o p t- a - c o p p ro g r a m A great thank you for all of your prayers for our Adopt-A-Cop Program. They serve and protect us each day, it is nice to be able to cover them and their families with prayer before our Lord Jesus Christ. We served them dinner on April 26th, they really appreciated us taking the time just for them. Remember to continue to pray for them and their families each day. Prayer really makes a difference.

F ro m H e r e a n d t h e r e Maeguerite and John McGraw took a three weeks vacation to California April 7-28. Marguerite attended the 60th Anniversary of her Loma Linda School of Nursing Class at Loma Linda. Her class and other classes had activities going from noon Friday until Sunday noon. On Monday they drove to Long Beach and flew to Oakland, California. They spent the next two weeks at Pacific Union College with their son and his family. He is Professor of History with emphasis on Church History and Adventist History. Sabbath, April Week. In the afternoon Marguerite met with alumni from Golden Gate Academy. She graduated from there in 1944. John was heard saying to himself," these 80 year nurses and Golden Gate oldie can sure wear you out". Both Marguerite and John McGraw were born in California. Don't forget Camp Meeting. It is scheduled for June 16 - 20 on the campus of Shenandoah Valley Academy near New Market, Virginia. This is about 130 miles from Vinton, Virginia The highpoint of worship in May will be on May 30. The early Seventh-day Adventist often called the membership roll and member expressed their faith in Christ. Start planning now for this service. The mother of Roni Stanard died in December. Roni has spent a lot of time in West Virginia since that time.. We express our sympathies to Roni and Kelly for their loss.

Dollars and sense Church offerings for the Sabbath Morning Worship Services May 2: This offering is the Church Budget. Let us all be generous with this needy offering. May 9: This offering is for Disaster and Famine Relief. This offering is used around the world. May 16: This offering is used for the Church. Look at the back of a tithe envelope, to see what is used for, May 23: This offering is used by Potomac Partners several times. North Valley Church received about $48,000.00 for their building of our Church from this fund. May 30: the offering this week is be used for the Spring Mission Appeat. At the close of the Communion service an offering is taken to help needy Church Members.

May Birthdays Bill Goad Michael Howell Jackie McCormack Janis Goad Joan Young Rick Dunbar Mary Dean Maria Sloane

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Mason Ferris Michael Hewitt Russell Walker Dr. Jeff Turner Dr. Tracey Criss Pamela Janna Charles Crush Matthew Crush

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Gerri Doshier Maria Huffman Dr. Aubrey Kelley

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Matthew Deel Frank Dovidio

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May09 Newsletter  
May09 Newsletter  

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