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Revolution Health & Fitness at seagulls Parent Handbook KidsSpot Crèche The information presented in this booklet should be read before your child starts at KidsSpot Crèche and should be retained for future reference.




Hello and welcome to KidsSpot Crèche We are so glad that you have chosen to entrust your children into our care. We aim to offer the highest quality care and education for the ‘Children of the Revolution’. With our fantastic staff we are able to provide a fun, warm, caring and friendly environment. All of the activities and programs at KidsSpot Crèche are designed for your child to have choice based on their individual interests and abilities. We are able to accommodate ages 12 weeks to 6 years (up to 10 years in school holidays). We also request that no toys (except comfort toys) are brought into the crèche in case they get lost, misplaced or broken. We are here to accommodate your child’s needs whilst they are visiting us at KidsSpot Crèche and hope to make their play experience and your exercise experience as enjoyable as possible.

Parental Involvement and Feedback Nobody knows your child as well as you do! We encourage and invite any feedback on our program and service of care to ensure that we are always providing our best for your child. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to put forward your suggestions, please feel free to come and have a chat with me or another member of staff. Kind Regards, Dee Rowe KidsSpot Crèche Co-ordinator

elcome to

Operating Hours DAY

Kidsspot creche TIME

Monday to Friday

9.00am to 12 Noon

Wednesday Afternoon

4.30pm to 7.45pm

Saturday Morning

8.00am to 11.00am

Public Holidays


Session Times

9.00am to 10.30am 10.30am to 12noon

Admittance to morning sessions will not be permitted prior to 9.00am. There is a limit of 15 places per session.

Children’s Program The staff have been selected for their experience and qualifications as well as their commitment to providing the highest quality of care for the children in our crèche. The program aims to meet the needs of each child – it consists of arts / crafts, imaginative play, role playing, promoting healthy eating and cognitive development through puzzles and games. We implement all of this in a warm, caring, fun environment, which encourages the children’s independence and self worth.

ff Our Sta

Dee Rowe • •

KidsSpot Crèche Co-ordinator Associate Diploma in Social Science (Child Studies)

• 12 years experience in childcare industry working in childcare centres and case work with behaviourally challenged children

• •

Cert 3/ 4 Fitness, Kids Personal Training First Aid, CPR

Livia Corulli • • • •

Crèche Attendant Bachelor of Journalism 10 years experience in Nannying First Aid

f other in ormation Enrolment Procedures

An enrolment form must be completed prior to your child / children’s first visit to the program. The information on this form authorises childcare staff to act on your behalf in case of an emergency and gives Revolution Health & Fitness important information regarding medical issues, allergies or custody details. Please notify us of any changes to core arrangements, immunisation or medical details.

Bookings Bookings are essential and can be made in person or by telephone. All sessions must be booked to secure a spot. Regulations limit the number of children we can accommodate at any given time, therefore it is necessary for you to arrive and depart according to the times you have booked. Your children’s safety is our number one priority.

Payment / Fees $4.00 for the first child per 1.5 hour session. $1.00 for each child thereafter (applies to siblings only). Revolution also offers a $12.50 per child fortnightly direct debit Crèche Membership which allows your child unlimited visits to our Crèche. Definitely a money saver and the recommended form of payment that offers the most value to you.

Sign In / Out It is necessary to sign your child / children in and out upon each visit. The register is used to check that all children in the centre are accounted for in the event of an emergency evacuation and as an additional check that all children have been collected at the end of each session. The attendance register is located on top of the children’s pigeon holes where their bags / belongings are stored – it includes details such as the date, parent’s / carer’s name, child’s name, arrival and departure times and signature when signing in and out of care.

A person collecting your child other than yourself must be nominated and registered on your enrolment form. If the pick up person is not registered formally in writing by the child’s parent / guardian the child will not be released. On collection of your child the nominated person will be asked to show a form of photo identification, such as a drivers licence, to a member of staff, for the protection of your child.

Cancellations Revolution Health & Fitness must be notified of your cancellation no later than 8.00am on the day of your child’s session. This allows other children to attend if there previously has not been a place.

Health Policy Whenever possible with the outbreak of an illness or infectious disease, written information will be available for parents. Children must be excluded from KidsSpot Crèche or will be sent home if they appear or are suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, conjunctivitis, flu symptoms, green nasal discharge, impetigo (school sores) or an undiagnosed rash. Revolution Health & Fitness at seagulls does not have the staff or facilities to care for children who are unwell, however every effort will be made to keep your child comfortable until you or an emergency contact person picks them up. To protect all of our children and staff, please keep your child at home if they display any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Immunisation We understand that it is every parents right to immunise their children, however in the event of an outbreak of a contagious illness, we reserve the right to exclude unimmunised children from care. This is done for the protection of your child. Immunisation records are to be updated regularly by parent / guardian.

other information continued

Accidents / Medications All accidents / illnesses will be recorded in the Accident / Illness / Medication Register. Parents must sign the register when collecting their child to confirm that they have been informed of the accident. If your child needs to take medication while at the crèche you will be required to fill in a medication slip with the child’s name, dosage and time to be taken. The dosage amount will be checked by a second member of staff before administering to your child. Staff will then sign the form and the parent will sign on pick up of the child.

Parent / Staff Communication You will only be contacted when your child is in distress or in the case of an accident or illness, unless you request staff to do so. We understand that this is your ‘exercise time’ and time for ‘you’. We do recommend that parents do not re-enter the crèche after leaving their child as this may be unsettling for them.

Separation Anxiety / Helpful Suggestions No matter how long a child has been in care, or how familiar they are with their surroundings, some days are just more difficult than others to say goodbye. If your child appears distressed on your departure staff will comfort them, give lots of cuddles and take them to an activity. In most cases children will usually settle down within a few minutes of you leaving. Although difficult as a parent to see your child distressed, the longer you stay, the more the child will understand that if they cry, mum / dad / care giver will stay and possibly take them home. Please be assured that we give lots of cuddles and if your child does not settle down we will come and get you. Our top tips for helping your child:

1 Talk to your child in the car about where they are going and the fun things they will be doing.

2 Bring a favourite toy / comfort item.

3 Take the time to say goodbye to your child and assure them you are coming back soon. 4 If you have any matters to discuss with staff, do so before settling your child.

Behaviour Management At KidsSpot Crèche we have some guidelines for our children to follow in respect to physical aggression, safety, respect for property and compliance with crèche attendant instruction. Should any child be considered to be not adhering to these guidelines, they will be directed by staff according to our 3 step behaviour management policy below.

Step 1 Staff will approach your child regarding their behaviour and remind them of acceptable behaviour. Staff will then redirect your child to a new activity.

Step 2 Remove your child from the situation to sit with a staff member. Time will be 1 minute per age of child.

Step 3 Staff will inform the parent / guardian of the current situation at the conclusion of the crèche session and be asked to address the behaviour with their child. Our aim at KidsSpot Crèche is to only have to use step 1 of our policy and we will do our utmost working with the children to achieve this. Positive reinforcement leads to positive behaviour.

Toilet Training / Nappy Changing Procedures Staff aim to follow the parents lead on toilet training for when your toddler is ready. No pressure will be placed on your child to use our toilet, we will however with your guidance, ease them in to a toilet training routine. Be aware that it may take more than one attempt to succeed. Staff are happy to change wet / soiled nappies with your permission. Be assured that we have had experience and training in nappy changing procedures.

What to Bring On your initial visit please bring the completed enrolment form and a copy of your child’s immunisation register. Also bring: • Labelled nappies, wipes, creams, dummies, etc. • Change of clothes. • L abelled lunch boxes and drink bottles for morning tea / healthy snack. Foods we encourage are fruit, crackers, dried fruit, vegetables, healthy bars, sandwiches, water, juice, bottles. Please feel free to bring a pram or baby seat if your baby requires a place to sleep.

What Not to Bring – Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis is a sudden, severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction that can involve various areas of the body. We have several children enrolled in our program with food and insect allergies. As a result of this we ask all parents to respect our decision to place a ban on all peanut and tree nut based products. These include Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Nutella, Hazel Nuts, Cashews and nut based muesli bars.

Birthdays / Theme Days Periodically we will have theme days and special events for the children to participate in such as Teddy Bears Picnics, Crazy Hat days, Dress Up days, Favourite Colour etc. We also will have themes for the week that our activities will be based around such as animals, weather, shapes, colours, health eating etc. A combination of repetition and variation leads to exciting learning for the children. At KidsSpot Crèche we wish to acknowledge every child’s birthday as the special day that is for them. Feel free to bring a cake or some nibbles for your child to share with their ‘Gym Buddies’ and we will be sure to provide the fun.

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