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MAY 2011 - JULY 2011


Saturday July 23 JIMEOIN

Something Smells Funny Saturday 9 July

SWINGS THE THING! Sirens Big Band & Swing City Dance Palace! See page 9

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FROM THE Dear Member,


Many of you could already be aware that I have chosen to retire on 29 July 2011, following some 28 years as a CEO in the Club industry. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t enjoyed the various club CEO and honorary industry association positions I have held and am grateful for the experiences and the many wonderful people I have met and worked with in my journey in this absolutely fabulous industry. I am sure that before I leave the norths Group I will personally have the opportunity of thanking many of the supportive and wonderful members that I have had the privilege of meeting and engaging with. On a very positive note, it’s with much pleasure I confirm on behalf of the Board of Directors that Luke Simmons our current COO will officially take over from me on 30 July 2011. Luke is a wonderful and capable young man who has the determination and ability to continue to move our Group into a new and exciting era. Luke has both the Boards and my utmost support in his appointment and I look forward with enthusiasm to seeing the norths Group evolve and grow under his care and control. Please provide him with the support you have so loyally shown me during my 6 years at norths. Please take the time to congratulate Luke on this achievement and the opportunities that go with it.

2 I

who is a member of that organisation will receive an email asking them to sign a petition supporting the introduction of poker machine reforms and this email will then be handed to Prime Minister Gillard.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and my management team I would like to take this opportunity to offer our congratulations to a long-time member of norths, Barry Hanley. At the North Sydney Council 2011 Citizen of the Year Awards held on Australia Day he was honoured with this award. Barry was recognized for his contribution to sport, in particular the Brothers Junior Rugby League Football Club. As well as mentoring young football players, Barry has helped to grow club membership by introducing OzTag and female teams.

Barry shared this award with another worthy citizen, Elsa Atkin. On a more serious note, members would be aware of the introduction of mandatory pre-commitment which is part of a deal between the current Federal Government and the Tasmanian independent, Andrew Wilkie, MP. The deal would make it compulsory for every Australian who wishes to play a poker machine to have their privacy invaded by making it necessary for them to have a card containing their personal details which would be linked to a national grid covering every single poker machine, in every single venue across Australia. And Mr Wilkie has the temerity to say his intention isn’t destructive. As part of our approach to address this matter on behalf of the norths Group I sent a letter to Jenny Macklin, MP and Bill Shorten, MP advising on how this catastrophic decision to join in with Mr Wilkie’s demands will impact on our clubs, our members, our communities and the NSW Government. On behalf of the norths Group members I posed in this letter a number of questions which it is felt you have the right to know about. At the time of writing Ms Macklin has replied but only with politically correct statements, refuting nothing in our letter and more importantly has not addressed the very pertinent questions posed to her and Mr Shorten.

To ensure you are aware of the impact this decision on mandatory pre-commitment will have on all our members we have reprinted here the letter that was sent to Ms Macklin and Mr Shorten on 8 March, 2011. It is a matter of great concern to you personally and will affect many areas of your lives, from privacy, sporting, entertainment, dining and most importantly the community and charity groups the government is unable to support. Mr Wilkie has also launched a petition via ‘GetUp!’, an organisation that currently runs 35 online campaigns on various so-called “progressive” issues. Anyone

The “GetUp” email contains emotive language and assertions like “problem gamblers can easily lose more than $1,000 an hour on poker machines” and “the industry spends millions of dollars designing poker machines to be as addictive as possible” without offering any supporting argument or evidence. It makes only a brief and vague reference to pre-commitment and makes no effort to explain how the “reforms” will help problem gamblers. As there may be members of this club receiving this email from “GetUp” we ask that before you do that you take into consideration the affects pre-commitment will have on your club, your privacy, your entertainment and your community and refuse to sign it. The opening of Revolution Health & Fitness Centre and the Indoor Sports Centre at seagulls Club has added a new dimension to the ongoing improvements the norths Group are carrying out for the benefit of our members. The completion and evident success of these new facilities mark the foundation of future undertakings that are planned for the continuing growth of seagulls Club. In closing my final message as CEO of the norths Group I wish to acknowledge the Board of Directors for their valuable support and friendship during my tenure. It has been an honour to work with you. To my management team, the greatest tribute I can give you is, I could not have created the successes without you. Your loyalty and support was invaluable. To the staff of all three clubs I want to take the opportunity of thanking you all for the contribution you have made to the Group during the last six years. To the members of norths Club, seagulls Club and norths Bowlo, I assure you I will continue working toward the Groups’ success until I leave on 29 July and it has been my honour and privilege serving you. Once again, it has been a privilege to be part of the norths Group. Hans Sarlemyn, ACCM FCIA JP Chief Executive Officer norths Group

May 2011 - July 2011

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8 March 2011 The Hon Jenny Macklin MP The Hon Bill Shorten MP Parliament House CANBERRA ACT 2600

North Sydney Leagues Club Ltd Incorporating Seagulls and North Sydney Bowling Clubs ACN 000 147 544

12 Abbott Street Cammeray NSW 2062 02 9245 3000 T 02 9955 1543 F


Dear Minister Macklin & Minister Shorten, ra Labor (spelt Labour) Club We are in receipt of a copy of your letter to the President of the Ginninder appear to be in receipt of all the dated, 3 March 2011 which requires us to respond, given you do not s. One would also like to believe material facts, nor do you appreciate the gravity of your conviction the trade union movement, as the in nt employme former you are both still remotely in touch with your job losses in the very foreseeable consequences of your actions are literally about bringing about massive The deal you have done on alone. NSW in people 40,000 some employs future, given the Club industry will be disastrous for the Wilkie, Andrew , Tasmania mandatory pre-commitment with the independent from r for you to gauge the situation by. baromete any is position Group’s Club our if industries hotel and club

Please allow me to explain. employees and a bank debt of The norths Group consists of three Clubs, 50,000 members, 200 by some $11.7 million to decline will activities gaming from $21 million. By Mr Wilkie’s own reckoning our revenue by poker machine manufacturers to upgrade required capital the addition, In GST. excluding drop 40% a million, $17.6 million. There is absolutely no way the Club or its the 520 poker machines we have in the three sites is estimated at $7.8 ble capital commitment, my advice to the unsustaina and revenue in bankers can fund such an amount. Given the decrease its debts as and when they fall due, setting us up for pay to unable be would Group norths be; would Directors of Board voluntary administration and ultimately causing the loss of 200 jobs. receive annual poker machine duty of $7.45 million If this occurs the NSW State Government will immediately no longer GST of $3.8 million. Then count the cost of the loss forego and $502,000 in payroll tax. The Federal Government would exiting the local economies in which we operate, million $16 further a mean would This with. deal we to all the suppliers under both CDSE and Rugby League Football re, Furthermo workers. fewer far who in turn would pay less tax and have in and this would be lost. Our Bowling operate we ies grants we contribute another $1.38 million to the local communit the sports minded members we serve. and elderly the to loss heavy a be will greens three its with Club at North Sydney donations made by the norths Group and ask the I refer you to the appendix attached which provides a list of the 2010 in existence, who will support these worthwhile longer no are hotels and question When this Club Group and other clubs organisations? And please don’t suggest the Government will. the damage you will be wreaking across the business Multiply this out across some 1300 clubs and 2200 hotels and review and employment sectors. out someone else’s ill founded, critically flawed and All in all this is not the way a Labor Government should be playing appropriately be concentrating their respective more should nt under researched agenda. Both Mr Wilkie and Governme market. gambling internet control of out and ed unlegislat an efforts on in it and we would ask you both to provide us with Your letter of 3 March 2011 unfortunately has many unanswered gaps to be kept informed about your decision making entitled are members 50,000 our answers to the following questions, as processes. itment without undertaking a cost benefit 1. Why the Government has made a decision on mandatory pre-comm

analysis? the necessary technology, and what assistance 2. What does the Government estimate the cost will be for clubs to install deadline? 2014 the meet can will the Government provide to ensure clubs machine revenue for clubs, and what percentage 3. What does the Government estimate will be the decrease in poker of that does the Government estimate will come from recreational gamblers? gambling is left unregulated and will be an obvious 4. Why the Government is targeting poker machines when internet magnet for problem gamblers? dation that a proper trial of mandatory pre5. Why the Government has abandoned the Commissioner’s recommen voluntary pre-commitment? over es commitment be undertaken to substantiate that it has advantag is united in its opposition to mandatory industry when 6. How can the Government say it is receiving expert advice the proposals have not been trialled believes ski Blaszczyn Alex Professor r researche leading and pre-commitment, gamblers? problem of treatment delayed the including nces and may have unintended conseque y to be installed in their technolog itment pre-comm for paid Scotia Nova 7. Given the Governments of Norway and or replace their machines by 2014? jurisdictions, will the Government similarly be paying for clubs to upgrade of poker machine players? 8. Has the Government ruled out maintaining a national database choose to set unrealistically high spending limits, 9. How will the Government ensure that the problem gamblers will not or no limit at all? identifiers, and why has it taken six months for any 10. Why has the Government taken six months to rule out biometric correspondence to be sent to clubs on this proposal? or territory government has agreed with mandatory 11. How will the Government enforce the proposal given that no state itment? pre-comm revenue for states and territories? 12. What government services will be cut to cover the loss of taxation ty Commission has said it is already behind 13. How will the Government meet its 2014 deadline when the Productivi schedule to meet the proposed 2016 deadline?

We wait for your early response. Yours faithfully, HANS SARLEMYN, ACCM FCIA JP Chief Executive Officer norths Group

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May 2011 - July 2011



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CHANGING OF THE GUARD at norths 2011 sees norths Chief Executive Officer and industry stalwart, Hans Sarlemyn chalk up his 30th year in the club industry as a CEO.

After such an outstanding career it is fitting that Hans is a finalist in this year’s Outstanding Contribution to the Club Industry Awards of Excellence.

Well know and well respected amongst his peers, Hans is a progressive and forward thinking industry leader who has also held pivotal roles within the Registered Clubs Association (now known as ClubsNSW) and the Club Managers Association Australia (CMAA).

Hans passes the reigns to Luke Simmons, the current Chief Operating Officer of the norths Group. Luke, who grew up in the local area, joined North Sydney Leagues Club in 1997. His tenure at norths has afforded him a wide range of experience in his employment history taking him through Assistant Gaming Manager, Gaming Manager, Operations Manager, General Manager norths and norths Bowlo to his current role as Chief Operating Officer of the norths Group, which comprises North Sydney Leagues Club, seagulls Club and norths Bowlo.

Hans began what he considers his industry apprenticeship in the early 80’s when he was Secretary Manager at the Jondaryan Club. He learnt the trade from the ground up, doing everything from financial record keeping to bar, poker machine and cellaring duties. He then spent 10 years as CEO/ Secretary of Young Services and Citizens Club in regional NSW during which time the whole club was completely transformed to make it financially and operationally viable, becoming the largest hospitality provider in South Western NSW.

4 I

From Young, Hans spent a short period as CEO of the St George Motor Boats Club in Sydney’s south before his next career challenge from 1998 to 2005 which saw Hans take on the CEO role at Wests Illawarra and The Beaches Hotel in Thirroul near Wollongong. At the time of his appointment the club was in dire financial, operational and legal difficulties. Today Wests Illawarra is financially and operationally secure, in addition to the club aspiring to fulfil its other strategic objectives.     Hans has been CEO / Secretary of North Sydney Leagues Club Ltd which trades as the norths Group. since 2005. When he retires in July he will leave the Group in a strong position after completely restructuring the Groups business activities and spearheading development of two state of the art health fitness and sporting facilities.


Throughout his 14 years with the norths Group Luke has undertaken a range of business education courses and has become well credentialed in many facets of business and gaming. He has also received a Bachelor of Business Degree in Club & Gaming Management at Southern Cross University, and until recently he was on the Board of CMMA’s education arm, the CMDA. He is currently a member of the CEO’s Institute. Luke has shown throughout his career that he is more than capable of succeeding to the role of Chief Executive Officer of the norths Group. We hope members will join the Board, Management and staff in wishing him well and supporting him in this important role.


ter_Club.indd 3


7/04/11 12:53 PM CLB0002_95x95mm _Coaster_Club.indd


7/04/11 12:5


No doubt you are all aware of the threat to the future of club industry with the proposed gaming restrictions that may be introduced by the Federal Government. If the Federal Government get their way, every Australian will have to apply for a licence just so they can have a $5 punt. They want to treat all ordinary punters as problem gamblers. But the ramifications of these changes go much deeper. It will also affect the jobs of over 300,000 people directly employed in the industry – not to mention the viability of many small business that provide goods and services to clubs and pubs – people like butchers, green grocers, cleaners, caterers, security guards, gardeners and the like. Cut backs and closures will have a domino effect in all communities. And then there are the community services provided by clubs across the country – they sponsor sport, build sporting infrastructure, provide money for veteran’s services, donate to local charities and bring people together as safe places of relaxation and socialising. Worst of all is the way this has happened – our whole country and its government being held to ransom by an individual who wants his 15 minutes of fame and who received just 21% of the vote in his Tasmanian electorate (that is less than a third of the membership of the norths Group!). He has shown complete disregard and pettiness in his threats to the Government if his wishes are not abided by.

12 Abbott Street, Cammeray NSW 2062 Tel. 02 9245 3000 Fax: 02 9955 1543

May 2011 - July 2011

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my choice


54 PM



d 7 7/04/11 12:53 PM




members rewards

Transfer the Rewards Points you earn at norths onto your ATLAS Prepaid EFTPoS Card and turn them into spending cash!

my choice members rewards

Nobody supports problem gambling and the industry works with and supports effective and proven ways to assist these people - but this is just an erratic, unsubstantiated plan that experts say has no proof of gaining any significant impact on problem gambling. It simply serves to discourage anyone wanting to play the pokies whilst at the same time requiring a large and potentially useless investment in technology by club and hotel operators. The plan is even more erratic when other forms of gambling including online options are not even taken into consideration especially when they are so prominent, assessible and unsupervised. er_Pub

.indd 9


1:01 PM

The ATLAS EFTPoS Prepaid Card is just like a regular prepaid EFTPoS Card from a bank, except it has been created exclusively for the norths Group. It is FREE to all members. Just call into the club and see our friendly staff to find out more.

my choice members rewards

You can use your ATLAS Card to purchase goods and service right Australia.... in fact ANYWHERE that EFTPoS is accepted. Atlas Prepaid EFTPoS Card – the card that’s just like cash in your pocket! Indue Limited ABN 97 087 822 464 is the issuer of the ATLAS Card. AFS Licence No. 320 204. North Sydney Leagues Club Ltd ABN 92 000 147 544 and Gobsmacked Marketing Pty Ltd ABN 30 129 835 632 are authorised representatives of the issuer. Please refer to the Financial Services Guide. The Product Disclosure Statement is available and can be obtained online at and You should consider the product disclosure statement in deciding whether or not to acquire the ATLAS Card.

Indeed, if a nation’s government can be brought down by whether an adult individual has a right to have a punt, what sort of government do we have? Shouldn’t the people we voted to run this country be focussing on some real issues like health, housing, education and financial security of the aged and disadvantaged.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING NOTICE The 2011 Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 16 May 2011 at 7pm via a video link from norths to seagulls Club

You didn’t vote for it and you don’t have to put up with it. Let the Federal Government know that you don’t support the licence to punt by emailing your MP and signing the petition at or the coasters you will find at the club. We thank you for your support.

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By Order of the Board H. Sarlemyn Chief Executive Officer / Secretary norths Group

Sunday - Tuesday 10.00am - 1.00am Wed & Thurs 10.00am - 2.00am Friday & Saturday 10.00am - 3.30am

May 2011 - July 2011

Email: Web: ABN 92 000 147 544 I 5

norths Trading Hours Live It









The Hits of The Rolling Stones A big rocking, uptempo, all dancing show featuring the classic Stones hits from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s played with authenticity, sweat and passion by The Classic Kings Band. The Kings are a handpicked line up of Sydney’s best musicians and feature special guest Damian Lovelock (The Celibate Rifles). Saturday 21 May


Doors 7.30pm Show from 8pm Tickets $20

6 I

THE McCLYMONTS These 3 sisters are the hottest act in Australian country music and have been captivating audiences here and in the USA with their world class live act. Don’t miss this electrifying concert at norths and see what the music world is talking about! Sunday 22 May Doors 7.00pm, Show from 7.30pm Tickets $35 adult $20 kids under 12

A muli-talented comedian and actress, Julia Morris has been wowing audiences across the globe and is a regular face on Australian television. Described as like watching Joan Rivers, Germaine Greer and Betty Boop all living in the same body. Lady Julia is simply wonderfully hilarious. Don’t miss your chance to share an evening with Australia’s first lady of Comedy. Thursday 19 May Doors 7.30pm Show from 8pm Tickets $35


SIRENS BIG BAND AND THE SWINGTIME DANCERS After steaming up the dance floor at Sydney Festival’s Trocadero Dance Palace, this 18 piece, all-female big band are back on the beat to bring you a fabulous night of swing music featuring old favourites to re-worked modern tunes. Our dancers will inspire you to burn up the floor and even give you a dance lessons so everyone can join in! JUNE / JULY

Saturday 11 June Doors 7pm, Dance Class 7.30pm Show 8pm Tickets $25




Don’t miss the chance to see your children’s favourite television show live in concert. These popular Play School live shows are designed to delight preschoolers and parents alike. The concert features songs, games and stories, presented by two Play School presenters, along with the real stars of the show - the toys!

Craig Pesco has been keeping the spirit and music of Freddie Mercury & Queen alive for over a decade. This brand new 2 hour spectacular showcases the best from the Queen catalogue including all the big hits and fan favourites. Craig is Freddy down to his fingertips!

Thursday 23 June Doors 10am, Show 10.30am Sunday July 10 Doors 12 noon, Show 12.30pm Tickets: $14.50 adults and children. (kids under 12 months free)



Doors 7.30pm Show 8pm Tickets: $40


Sunday 12 June


Saturday 4 June

Doors 7.30pm Show from 8pm Tickets $35 Live It

Love It

SWING CITY Special Guest Monica Trapaga John Morrison leads Sydney’s most popular Big Band in the very first of norths regular Swing City Dance Palace spectaculars. norths will be transformed into a swing dancers heaven on a regular basis – with different feature artists and our Swingtime Dancers to get everyone in the mood. Don’t miss it! Saturday 25 June

May 2011 - July 2011

Doors 7.00pm, Dance class 7.30pm Show from 8pm Tickets $25 I 7

The Award winning show is back by popular demand with new stand up routines and new side splitting songs. Featuring your favourite artists: George Kapiniaris, Simon Palomares, Joe Avati and “wok boy” Jason Chong.

Lee has made a huge impact on country music in Australia. He’s sold over a million albums, won 27 Golden Guitars, three Aria Awards and had 26 no.1 hits and ten hit albums. To many people he represents the spirit and values of contemporary rural Australia. Don’t miss this rare event when the country boy comes to town with his high powered show!

Saturday 23 July Doors 7.30pm Show 8pm Tickets $48 adults $28 children U/12



The Barry Leef Band pays tribute to some of the world’s favourite groups from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Santana and more. A great night of big chart hits such as Takin’ It to the Streets, What a Fool Believes, Little Darlin’, Desperado, One of These Nights, Lyin’ Eyes, Hotel California, Down on the Corner, Proud Mary, Love the One You’re With plus many more. Saturday 16 July


Doors 7.30pm Show from 8pm Tickets $20


8 I



He’s Australia’s favourite Irishman and his latest show is classic Jimeoin – it’s not particularly topical or political, it’s just based on Jimeoin’s acute and humorous observations of the everyday. Share an evening with a familiar, likeable, and unavoidably funny friend.

Not just a concert performance, this show is a full-on event and an opportunity to see Australia’s most unique international comedy legend. He’s rude, crude and definitely adults only but nobody tells Australian stories better than Kevin Bloody Wilson.

Saturday 9 July

Saturday July 30

Doors 7.30pm Show from 8pm Tickets $35

Doors 7.30pm, Show from 8pm Tickets $50 Over 18’s only May 2011 - July 2011

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THING at norths!

d norths proudly presents a series of Big Ban s Swing Concerts, recreating those glory day of Sydney’s celebrated Dance Palaces.

t featuring the Commencing in June with a special one-off even big band, swing will be sensational Sirens – an 18 piece all female end of the year. the thing on a regular basis at the club till the Festival’s After steaming up the dance floor at Sydney back on the beat Trocadero Dance Palace, Sirens Big Band are ol Dancers. at norths on June 11 along with the Swing Patr

Dance -house Swing City in w ne r ou 25 June City Big Then on Saturday uring the Swing at Fe n. tio ac to in son and with Palace explodes e Hat, John Morri Th in at C at th Band, led by y for a night of Trapaga, get read a ic on M t es gu l specia g. music and dancin sizzling nonstop

Whether you’re a lindy hopper, swingster, rockabilly or cha-cha-cha-er, our inexhaustible dancers from Swingtime Australia will inspire and challenge you to burn up the floor. We’ll even give you dance lessons so everyone can join in!

Coming dates for norths Swing City Dance Palace are: Saturday June 25 Saturday September 3 Saturday October 1

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May 2011 - July 2011

Watch this space for special guest artists at each event

and get swinging I 9

Saturday August 6

So shine up your dancing shoes, get frocked up , grab a partner and head to norths to soak up the atmosphere and energy of our very own Swing City Dance Palace.


Pay by Points at any norths dining area. Your My Choice Rewards Points are accepted for all purchases. Please note: Specials not available on Public Holidays.

COFFEE SHOP SPECIALS Coffee* with Banana Bread or Raisin Toast


*Cappuccino / Flat White / Long Black / Espresso

BISTRO SPECIALS (not available public holidays)

Monday Night Rump Steak w/ Chips & Salad $10.95

PIZZERIA Tuesday Night

Large Pizza*

Chicken Schnitzel w/ Chips & Salad $10.95



*Selected varieties. Not available Friday and Saturday nights

Mother’s Day Sunday May 8

2 courses for


Grilled Chicken Supreme Lightly crumbed chicken breast fillet with lemon, pepper & King Prawn Served with Avocado, Rocket & Sauce Rémoulade Or Tempura King Prawn & Japanese Scallop on Teriyaki Soba Noodle & Salad

10 I

Bookings Essential

ssert PLUS De de Homema rumble C le p p A Warm Cream with Ice

Wednesday Chicken Alaska

(Braised Chicken in Cream Sauce)


w/ Rice


Salt & Pepper Pork Chop w/ Chips & Salad or Vegetables $10.95


Teriyaki Beef w/ steamed rice $10.95



BISTRO Lunch: 12 noon – 2.30pm Dinner: 5.30pm – 9.30pm

Mon & Public Holidays: closed Tues & Wed: 5:30pm - 9pm Thursday: 12 - 2pm & 5:30pm - 9pm Friday: 12 - 2pm & 5:30pm - 9:30pm Saturday: 1pm - 3pm & 5:30pm - 9:30pm Sunday: 12 - 3pm & 5:30pm - 9pm

CAFE Sun - Thurs: 10am – 10pm Fri & Sat: 10am – late

*Bookings preferred. Call 9245 3023

May 2011 - July 2011

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Sunday May 8 STARTERS Sesame Prawn Toast San Choy Bow


Experience the authentic taste sensations of traditional chinese cuisine.

Wok-fry King Prawns and Honey Toasted Walnuts Steamed Fish Fillets with Ginger and Shallots Wok-Fried seasonal Mixed Vegetables Dynasty Pork in Clay-pot Steamed Rice Ice Cream and Chinese Green Tea

$29 .50 per person

minimum 4 people - Bookings Essential

Good food. Great value.

Tuesday - Thursday & Sunday 12pm - 2.30pm and 5.30pm - 9.30pm Friday & Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm and 5.30pm - 10.30pm Closed Monday

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May 2011 - July 2011 I 11

(02) 9245 3009


LIBS COMMIT $3.5 MILLION TOWARDS CENTRAL COAST BEARS TRAINING FACILITY A NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will deliver $3.5 million funding towards a training and administrative headquarters to help the Central Coast Bears’ bid to get into the NRL. This announcement came from now NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell in late February after committing in January to help secure the Mount Penang site on the Central Coast for the establishment of a Central Coast Bears headquarters, by reserving the NSW Government owned site as a special sporting precinct. Premier O’Farrell met with Bears representatives, including CEO Greg Florimo, Head of Football Operations David Fairleigh and Director Ken Sayer at the site along with Liberal Candidate for Gosford Chris Holstein, Liberal Candidate for The Entrance Chris Spence, Liberal Candidate for Wyong Darren Webber, and Liberal Member for Terrigal Chris Hartcher.

12 I

“The Central Coast loves its sport and the region deserves to have its own football team,” Mr O’Farrell said. “This funding will help deliver the training and administrative facilities the Central Coast Bears need, so they can present the NRL with a strategic plan in mid 2011. “The $3.5 million will be used to help deliver a sporting precinct, including state-of-the-art training and recovery facilities, a 50 metre outdoor pool, indoor pool and basketball centre. The NSW Liberals & Nationals are committed to working with the Central Coast community and the Bears proponents to push for a local NRL team.”

“The local Liberal Central Coast team have made it clear to me how important a rugby league team would be here and I’m prepared to do everything I can to back it in.” Mr Florimo welcomed the support of the NSW Liberals & Nationals.  “This announcement from Barry O’Farrell and the NSW Liberals & Nationals is a massive boost for the club and our bid. It is another step forward as we finalise our great package to present to the NRL ,” Mr Florimo said. “We have a stadium, great financial backing and the overwhelming support of the community and now we are going to have somewhere we can base ourselves as well. Today’s announcement will also be a huge recruitment tool for us to be able to go out into the marketplace for players knowing we will have a world-class training facility to attract them.” “Hundreds of thousands of spectators have visited Blue Tongue Stadium to attend Rugby League events during the past ten years and a local NRL team is expected to significantly increase the economic benefit brought to the Coast by major sporting events.” Media: Brad Burden 0401 672 145 (Mr O’Farrell’s office) or Greg Florimo 0421 695 594 (Central Coast Bears)

May 2011 - July 2011

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CC Bears News

TEST CRICKET LEGEND ARTHUR MORRIS SIGNS UP AS CENTRAL COAST BEARS’ 6,000TH MEMBER The Central Coast Bears achieved yet another historic milestone, when it smashed through the 6,000 membership barrier on Saturday 5 March 2011. In reaching the impressive landmark, the red & blacks also signed Australian cricketing legend Arthur Morris as its 6,000th member. A resident of Tarragal Glen Retirement Village at Erina, Mr Morris, Sam Loxton and Neil Harvey are the only remaining members of Sir Donald Bradman’s magnificent 1948 Invincibles, which also included superstars Keith Miller, Ray Lindwall, Lindsey Hassett and Sid Barnes. The Invincibles were the first touring team to play an entire English tour without losing a test or county match, with Mr Morris leading the test aggregates (696 runs) and averages (87). Sir Donald Bradman selected Mr Morris as an opening batsman in his ‘best team in cricket history’, which includes Sir Garfield Sobers, Sachin Tendulkar and Dennis Lillee and Lindwall.

“I hope the Central Coast Bears are successful in achieving this and I’ll be at the games to cheer the team on,” he added. Live It

Love It

“Hitting 6,000 members is also a tremendous achievement as we don’t have any superstar players to roll out and we only havea small team at head office and a core of volunteers who have committed thousands of hours at more than 50 membership drives over the last two years.” Mr Florimo has also singled out Erina Fair for its ongoing support for the Central Coast Bears. “Our membership drives at Erina Fair have been consistently successful with hundreds of members joining up while shopping at the retail precinct. So it was fitting we hit the 6,000 mark during our latest visit to Erina Fair,” said Mr Florimo. Steve Beaumont, Erina Fair Centre Manager, said,” Erina Fair is glad to support local sports initiatives like the Central Coast Bears. With hundreds of shoppers signing their support for the club it is a testament to how involved the Central Coast Community is in investing into local sport”

May 2011 - July 2011 I 13

Mr Morris, now 89 said, “The people of the Central Coast are very keen on rugby league, so it’s important they have a team to support.

Greg Florimo, CEO of the Central Coast Bears, said that breaching the 6,000 member mark was delivering on an NRL edict to build membership and engage with the Central Coast and North Shore communities.





When someone asks how old we are, we normally respond in terms of the number of birthdays we have had. Would you be surprised to know that research shows that birthdays are not the most accurate way to measure our age? That’s right. Studies now point to the fact that our “biological” age may be the best judge of our true age!

WHAT IS BIOLOGICAL OR “BIO” AGE? Let’s say your calendar age is 53. Your Bio Age may actually range from 40-70 years old depending on your physical condition. For example, if you are health conscious in terms of weight, exercise, diet, stress, exposure to cigarette smoke, etc., your Bio Age could actually be 43 - a full 10 years younger than your calendar age! But, what if you are not taking very good care of yourself? The opposite is then probably true and in this case, your Bio Age may actually be greater than your calendar age and that’s obviously not a good thing.


14 I

The really great news is that, unlike your calendar age, you can improve your Bio Age! Since your biological age is dependent on factors that you can control, improving those factors will have the effect of reducing your Bio Age. That means that you have the ability to actually become younger! Regular exercise, good diet and giving up any bad habits like smoking are a great way to start. To find out your ‘Real” Age, see reception and book in for your comprehensive Bio Age Test today.

ARE YOU AS HEALTHY AS YOU THINK YOU ARE? The Clinical Bio Age Test at norths Fitness covers the following: • Blood Pressure

• Aerobic Fitness

• Core Stability

• Flexibility

• Smoking

• Muscular Strength

• Endurance

• Alcohol intake

• Nutritional Habits

• Stress Inventory

• Blood Cholesterol

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• Clinically relevant body composition • Lung Function




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May 2011 - July 2011

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If Kim Hewitt believed what doctors told him he wouldn’t have been working today as an aqua aerobics trainer at norths FITNESS. In fact, he wouldn’t even be walking ...and he’d only have one leg. Five years ago Kim (affectionately known as Kimbo) was in a serious accident. He was run over by a car which resulted in two crushed vertebrae and a seriously damaged leg with a 50% loss of bone structure. Weighing in at 136kg, Kim faced a dramatic moment of truth when doctors told the wheelchair bound, overweight 50 year old they wanted to amputate his leg. Given a reprieve to prove that his leg, fused at a 35 degree angle, was showing signs of healing, Kim embarked on a series of aqua aerobic classes which were the only thing he could manage to do at the time. For more than 12 months Kim attended every aqua aerobics class he could get to, and from there he regained his strength, mobility and fitness... but that was just the beginning. Kim joined norths Fitness aqua classes under our instructor Annie’s tuition. With Annie’s, and the rest of the norths FITNESS teams’ encouragement, Kim studied to be an aqua aerobics instructor himself. He has also since gained accreditation as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and boxing instructor. Kim says that the norths team, especially Carly and Coralie, were always friendly and encouraging, inspiring him to do what he never thought possible.

Kimbo Hewitt is obviously a big believer in the power of positive thinking – and his advice to others who want to make a huge change to their lives is to take one step at a time. “Everybody wants it straight away – but take little baby steps and you’ll get there.” Live It

Love It

May 2011 - July 2011

DO YOU FALL INTO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES? • Need help getting started with a fitness program? • Want to fine tune your current work out? • Need professional advice about specific health limitations? • Want to achieve maximum results for sports training? • Need nutritional guidance? • Need motivation to achieve fitness or weight loss goals? Then you could benefit from Personal Training. Personal Trainers are not just for the Hollywood set – you can book a Personal Trainer through norths Fitness who will design an exercise program tailored to your health concerns, fitness goals and even your schedule. They’ll provide one on one guidance, nutritional advice and most importantly give you the motivation and support to help you reach your health and fitness goals.




Book a Personal Training Tri-Pack for just $165 and receive 3 x 1hr personal training sessions. See Reception for Details.

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP NOW AVAILABLE! norths FITNESS is now accepting Junior Members. To be eligible to join you must be between 16-18 years of age, one of your parents must be a norths Fitness Member and must accompany you at all times when in the gym. Cost is just $10 a week per child. See Reception for full details I 15

Today Kim is 50kgs lighter and teaches not only at norths FITNESS but other centres. Kim has just recently embarked on starting his own business called Living Strength.



functions The Club has four modern two-bedroom holiday units at Fingal Bay, a beautiful ocean beach in the Port Stephens area approximately three hours drive north of Sydney. The units accommodate a maximum of six people. Units are booked weekly from Saturday to Saturday, and bookings are available up to six months in advance at moderate rates. Weekly rentals for the Low Season from 30 April – 1 July and 16 July to 23 September, 2011 are a reasonable $302.50 per week. A deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking. Sorry, we can’t accept weekend or overnight bookings and no animals are allowed at the Complex. All school holiday lettings are conducted by ballot with names now being taken for the September School Holidays with the ballot closing on 30 June, 2011. Members are permitted one balloted week of school holidays per calendar year.

Conferences, Product Launches, AGM’s, Company Training Days, Meetings, Seminars, Award Dinners and more!

ENQUIRIES: Reception 9245 3000 BOOKINGS: Vicki O’Connor 9245 3035 (Monday - Thursday) norths is the ideal venue for any business function whether you have 10 attendees or over 500. There are a range of room options to suit any situation, a variety of menus, free parking, exceptional service with attention to detail... and all at an affordable price.

16 I

Before you finalise your event calendar, make sure you consider North Sydney Leagues Club for your next business or private Function. Contact Samantha Hammond, Functions & Events Manger to arrange an inspection, discuss your needs or provide an obligation free quote.

Tel: 9245 3017 or email

ASK ABOUT OUR NEW 2011 MENUS May 2011 - July 2011

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JUNE 5 – JUNE 22

MAY 9 – JUNE 5


For your chance to win, purchase any Tooheys New product from a participating venue or outlet during the Promotional Period to receive an entry form. Place your completed entry form in the specially marked box at the participating venue or outlet during the Promotional Period to enter the draw. Prize per venue or outlet consists of 1 x Tooheys New Crew Beer Fridge (68Ltr Model SC68) RRP $425.00. Prize does not include Tooheys product. The first valid entry drawn will win the prize. Winners will be notified by telephone and email within 2 days of the draw. Entry is open only to residents of NSW, ACT and QLD who are 18 years and over. The Promoter supports the responsible service of alcohol. See staff for full terms and conditions. The Promoter is Lion Nathan Australia National Foods Pty Ltd (ABN 50 128 004 268) Level 7, 68 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/11/645, ACT Permit No. TP11/181.

Beverage Promotions



4/03/11 2:09 PM


0230 LNA TN TRADE AD_07.02_FA.indd 1

Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/11/2880 Prizes per participating venue consists of 21 x leather billfolds (RRP $24.95), 21 x playing cards (RRP $9.95), and 21 x spinning keyrings (RRP $12.95). The Promoter is Lion Nathan Australia (ABN 13 008 596 370) Level 7, 68 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000. STAFF FOR FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.







$9.99 CASE $36.99 6 PACK

and two 6 packs 2 X TYRRELL’S OLD WINERY RANGE


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May 2011 - July 2011









Tooheys New 6 packs $9.99 Tooheys NEW 2 X cases $70 2 X Yalumba Y Range $19.99 I 17


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SPORTS COUNCIL NEWS All our Clubs are back in full swing, with what promises to be some very good reports on their Summer Competition. The Baseball Club are having a great season, with a number of teams reaching their semi-finals. They are currently recruiting for the Winter Comps. The Indoor Bowls representative players are having good results in the State Championships and are in the semifinals. However, on the domestic scene they lack players. Anybody interested in this great game of skill, Bowls is conducted every Wednesday night. Ladies’ Lawn Bowls are playing their Championships. They are about to commence Open Days (Men and Women) and “Learn to Bowl” Days; if interested either as a social Bowler or representative Bowler contact the Lawn Bowls Club. The Joggers Club had three representative members in a bush run in the Blue Mountains on the 12th March. This run was 45km - ouch! Results are yet to come. On the 10th April, 11 runners were involved in Canberra Running Festival. The Joggers run at Balmoral Beach every Sunday morning, they also have a contingent of walkers. The Snooker Club have had a great competition in the H.SS, defeating North Ryde to take the Championship.

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The Softball Club had a good Summer Comp, however, did not win any competitions. Looking forward to the Winter Comp, they are recruiting now. The Swimming Club needs more swimmers. The club swims all year round in a heated pool in the norths Fitness gym. They compete against other Leagues Clubs at their club pools on handicaps and we hold our own carnival at a Municipal pool in the district. The swimmers hold social swims at our pool every Thursday night commencing at 7pm.


All Clubs can accommodate more players; however, we are in particular need of players for Indoor Bowls, Euchre and Swimming. I have learnt that the A Grade Cricket Club team have won the Championship, first time since 198687 competition and the only player in the present team who was also in the 1986-87 team is Peter Edwards. After securing the Minor Premiership they went on to win the Premiership in a very exciting game. The game was shortened because of rain and as both skippers wanted to win or lose on the paddock it was a race against time and the elements. Congratulations to the team and for the splendid bowling performance of Peter Edwards 6-21 to set up the platform. They still had to survive a rain-affected pitch and further showers. Congratulations to the Cricket Club on a great season and bad luck to the other grades who made the semis only to be denied because of the rain. Congratulations are also due to Barry Hanley for sharing the 2011 NSN Community Citizens of the Year Award. This award is for contributions to the arts, sport and sustainability. Barry was recognised for his contribution to sport, in particular the Brother Junior Rugby League Football Club. Barry is currently President of the Club and has served the Club in various capacities for 37 years. The North Sydney Leagues Club is very proud of Barry’s marvellous contribution to the North Sydney Junior Rugby League, another of the Intra-Clubs supported by norths. All Intra-Club information is available on the norths website at That’s all for the moment, be in touch. Yours in sport, Warren Morris Director Secretary N.S.L.C. Sports Council

Hunter Valley wines bottled exclusively for the norths Group. Try them by the glass or bottle at any norths bar or restaurant or take some home from the coolroom.

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From 7.30pm Test your skills & win some great prizes! May 2011 - July 2011

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Bring out your



EVERY MONDAYNIGHT @ norths! Register from 6.30pm • Game starts 7pm • New players welcome




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Bear Facts May 2011 - July 2011  
Bear Facts May 2011 - July 2011  

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