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clubs within our club Issue 3 February 2020

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Message from our Chairman It’s a home run for Baseball Through the lens One team ... one dream

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Participation is the key Enjoy the view and fresh air

It’s a home run for Baseball The President’s Shield Award has a long history. Commencing in 1980, then named the Sportsman of the Year Award, the Award acknowledges intra-club individuals who have contributed to their club and community. Each year in September the intra-clubs celebrate the President’s Shield Award with dinner and music in Norths Auditorium. Club nominees head to the stage, thunderous applause following their walk, and their impressive biographies are read. The Norths 2019 President’s Shield Winner is Edward Allardice. Ed (proud centre above) has been a Norths Baseball Club member for over 20 years, joining at the young age of 10. His enthusiasm for the game is infectious —teammates and the children Ed coaches respond to his shared love of baseball. One of the challenges facing any club is to find members and to then keep them. Ed has coached junior teams for eight years, worked with schools in the local community, coached regional junior teams and coached and managed the senior teams. The ultimate accolade is to have the players he coaches continue to return. Successfully initiating a junior recruitment programme in local schools has led to an increase in the number of junior players. Congratulations Ed on your 2019 President’s Shield Award. For more information on the Baseball Club contact Andrew Stone at



Our community and sporting clubs GAME ON newsletter provides information on the Intra Clubs operating under the Norths umbrella. Norths have around 20 Intra Clubs—from sporting clubs such as baseball, hockey, lawn bowls and softball to clubs providing a mental challenge—chess, bridge and euchre. For those who have a creative touch, there’s a photography club. There is something for everyone at Norths Intra Clubs. Every issue of GAME ON highlights some of the Intra Clubs. You will get an insight into what the Clubs do; how they are going in their respective competitions; and also the benefits you will enjoy by participating. Hopefully there will be some inspirational words to motivate you to try something new or rekindle an old passion. The Clubs have many successful individuals, such as international, award-winning photographers, Chess Grand Masters and City2Surf Legends, but there are many more participants, enjoying the friendship and camaraderie of those who are like-minded, sometimes with a touch of competitiveness. A list of all the Intra Clubs is on page 4, and for all contact details, visit au/meet/intra-clubs/ We look forward to seeing you. FROM THE INTRA CLUBS CHAIRMAN


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Examples of work from Norths Photographic Society Above Rasau Eagles, Eric Lippey Left Space Nymph, Kerry Boytell Right Red Hat, Joslyn Davis

through the lens The image – such a powerful form of communication

Is photography your passion? Are you looking to unlock that as yet undiscovered creativity? Why not consider joining The Norths Photographic Society, the photographic intra-club within Norths Cammeray. Founded in 1967, the Society meets in the Irvine Room in Norths on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. The second Tuesday has a ISSUE 3 | FEBRUARY 2020 | P2

lecture usually on travel photography, post processing in Photoshop or one of the many photographic subspecialties. On the fourth Tuesday a visiting judge critiques the members’ print and digital entries. The Society also competes in national and international competitions. In the recent Australia Cup the Society was placed second out of 52 clubs nationally, and in the

Photographic Society of America Club Competition, the Society won the Nature Division. Regular outings, weekends away, portrait shoots, and social dinners also feature on the program. View our images on Norths Photographic Society website at If you are interested in joining, the website has an application portal, or you can call Eric on 0419 217 231.



One team ... one dream

It was the day of Peaks Challenge Falls Creek 2018 that the dream started. Ingrid Gypsy Rose and I had spent a good part of the ride next to each other. She’d drop me on the climbs. I’d pass on the straights and descents. By the end I’d be so delirious I would lose a bet months later as to whether we’d even met after a certain point on course (we had, and we’d even ridden together for several more kilometres, and Strava would settle the dispute). Gypsy Rose would finish in 10:34 that year. It took me 11:17. El Capitan, her husband and our fearless club captain, met his personal goal for a cracking sub-nine hour finish in 2018 in the company of Peaks Challenge legend Ben. It had been El Capitan’s target for some time, but in 2017, he’d sacrificed it to help a teammate who’d crashed and limped up the last climb. Seeing the photo of the two of them crossing the finish line with their arms up in the air inspired me to take up Peaks Challenge. “Next year sub 10,” she joked. Or so I thought… seven months later, at the Cammeray Roadies Club Party, Gypsy Rose and I would each win a ticket to Peaks, generously donated to our club by Cyclist Australia/New Zealand Magazine. I was now committed. And so, too, was El Capitan, Gypsy Rose’s husband. We just didn’t know to what lengths he’d go. We began training. Two months later, he dropped the bomb. He’d already smashed his Peaks goal, and would ride the 2019 rendition with the aim of helping Gypsy Rose smash her sub-10 hour target. He asked who else might be interested in that goal. He was expecting a few people to hop on board. He was not expecting 17 people, from both the Cammeray Roadies

and Manly Warringah Cycling Club, to put their hands up.

Over the next few months, we trained as a team. We rode to power, learned to keep the hammer down on the flats and descents, learned to keep a steady pace and conserve our energy on the climbs. We practiced rolling turns (both clockwise and counterclockwise, based on wind direction), and even drilled sub- one-minute water stops.

The morning of 10 March 2019, 21 Cammeray Roadies lined up at the start, with 17 in the sub 10-hour group. For the entire race, El Capitan, true to his name, encouraged, yelled, and pushed bikes — the dream of the 17 always in sight.

“How’re you doing? Keep it steady, we’ll make sub-10 at this pace, plenty of time.” I just kept putting one pedal in front of the other. The aweinspiring display was an effective distraction from the pain. I was met at the finish line by 17 other cheering Roadies, including Bretag, who achieved his sub eight-hour goal. My time, 9:49. Now that only adds to 16 for the sub-10, but El Capitan rode in less than one second after me. Our other three riders finished alone, but they finished. Twenty one ... one team ... one dream ... Roadies Rolling. For more information on the Cammeray Roadies, contact


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lawn bowls

Enjoy the view and fresh air

It’summer, so why not enjoy a game of lawn bowls overlooking beautiful Sydney Harbour. This year the North Sydney Men’s Bowling Club turns 132 and the Women’s Club turns 63, so we know a thing or two about bowls. We have also completed major green renovations to ensure the grass is smooth and perfect for a game.


Participation is the key Norths Cricket Club completed a successful winter season in the Sydney Morning Cricket Association — one team just missing out on finals and another making it all the way through to the Grand Final. Unfortunately the result wasn’t a win, but with participation being our main aim, it was a great day. Now it’s the traditional summer season, running from October through to the end of March. Matches are always played on Saturdays from 1pm within the local area (lower north shore or Ryde district), so minimal travel is involved. Club training is on Wednesday evenings

at SCG indoor centre, which is in no way an indication of our advanced cricketing abilities —simply it is the best solution to Sydney summers that tend to be very rainy in the evenings. Training is not compulsory, but is encouraged and is free to members. Whether you are new to the sport, have been playing for years, or you fit somewhere in between, join us at the Bears. Visit our website au, our facebook page northsleaguescricketclub/, or call the Club President David Gordon on 0405 152 115.


The joint Bowling Club hosts MIXED social bowls every Thursday at 9am. The cost is $10 and the only requirement is for participants to wear flat-soled shoes. All skill levels are welcome and there are spare bowls available to borrow in different colours and sizes. For those who want to try and master this wonderful game there is free coaching available for beginners. We are situated in a prime location within St Leonards Park and next to North Sydney Oval. Come on down and enjoy the sun, stunning view and light-hearted competition while rolling a few bowls. No flippers please! The Club also hosts social games and competitions during the weekend. Contact bowls@ to find out more.


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