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November 2012

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Like we always do at this time For our program, this is probably the most exciting time of the year. The team has worked extremely hard, since the conclusion of last season, to improve on last year’s results. We are looking forward the challenges that our schedule presents,

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from beginning to end. We will play a style that will be both fundamental and exciting, which should be fun to watch for our fans. Expectations have risen but so have our efforts. Our program is in a great position because of the hard work of a lot of people, starting with our student athletes. We plan on continuing the improvement and taking things to another level. Get in, buckle up and join us for the climb.

Always Family, Jason Flowers, Head Coach

MATADORS ARE PICKED 1ST!! THE MEDIA HAS PICKED Cal State Northridge to win the 2012-13

and at the end of the day we

Big West Conference title. Coming off the

still have to buckle up our chin

best turnaround in the nation in 2011-12


Northridge, received 6 first place votes and

There are a lot of things to

had two sophomore guards Janae Sharpe

be excited about, this coming

and Ashlee Guay named to the Pre-Season

season, and to being picked first

All Conference team. The fact that the team

is an honor… We are ready to get

returns eight letter winners and four starters,

it “N”!

from last season’s team that finished 11-5 in the Big West Conference, bodes well for your Matadors going into this season. “The poll reflects the change in perception of our program. That is the result of a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice by our student-athletes.” Head coach Jason Flowers was quick to point out “At the same time, games have never been won on paper

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BASIC TRAINING WITH SEALS The Matadors recently had a unique opportunity to do a training session with the Navy Seals Scout Team on a blustery day at Santa Monica State Beach. It was a life changing experience for our players and coaches. it was more than the strenuous activities the girls were asked to do, it was more than the submerging of themselves in the cold ocean water, it was more than enduring the million pushups, it was more than lifting and carrying logs, it was more than being covered head to toe in the gritty sand… it was finding each other and finding they had more in them than even they knew! They were put in pressure situations designed to

push their limits physically, mentally, and emotionally. Having to rely on more than themselves, the Matadors had to become a unit centered on communication. The process was humbling, rewarding, and most of all enriching. There were lessons learned at every turn and as wisdom constantly flew from instructors, “Make big things small!”, “Calm is contagious!”, “Embrace the suck!”, and “Adversity is a polygraph!” As we battle in the trenches of practice we will rely on the training to “Stay in the fight” for the person to the left and to the right of us!

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Assist Club


According to Holloway the best

Katie Holloway has been a success

experience was being recognized as

story since the day she was born! Katie has defied the odds, pushed the limits and has performed outside the box since day one! Holloway came away from the recent London Paralympic

Crelling’s Corner

an athlete first, as opposed to people regularly seeing her disability first. Katie proudly explained, “London took a different approach by calling us Superhuman and recognized us for our abilities first.”

draped around her neck. Torching

As a true competitor, Katie pulled

semifinal match created a sense of

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Games with her second silver medal the competition in Pool play and the


no punches when asked about her

memories of the games. “This feeling I calmness and confidence going into the have right now, is unfortunate, but it’s Gold medal round, unfortunately they a feeling of sadness. I knew, going in, we were going to win, but that didn’t happen. I am proud of my silver, but there is a lot of pain in not winning the gold.” Despite the disappointment, the movement inspires her. She is starting her career as a Recreational Therapist and wants to keep spreading the word about the Paralympic platform. Katie is excited about her future, “I am very passionate about what adaptive sports and recreation can do for people with disabilities and hope that I can give just narrowly missed winning the Gold. Being a Paralympian has given her a lot of lessons and insight; Holloway can say with certainty “that being an athlete

that passion to others.” So Katie what about Rio? “I am not sure I can give it up quite yet, but Rio looks pretty darn far away right now to make that call.”

will forever need to be a part of my life.

2016 might be unclear but what is for

I thrive off the adrenaline competition

certain is Katie will get it done if that’s

creates.” Katie will undoubtedly keep

what she decides!

her competitive edge forever… “Or until my body quits”.

Matador For a lIFETIME

crystian trice CHILD DEVELOPMENT 2010

A HARD WORKER, CRYSTIAN STARTED HER CAREER HERE at CSUN as a walk-on, her junior year, after competing for the Track and Field team the two previous seasons. Her love of the sport would not allow her to stay away from the gym. After one tryout Trice was quickly added to the roster and part of the Matador family! After graduation Crystian decided to continue to make a difference by working at LA Jordan High School, as a basketball coach, and Starview Adolescent Center, a locked level 14 group home. Both jobs have a direct impact on youth: guiding them, helping them and healing them. Still employed at the facility, Crystian plans to open up her own child daycare center to continue to work with SED youth.

anticipates her getting old enough for them to play one on one!! With Crystian being a baller at heart, Layla has little to say about the role the game will play in her life! While being with the CSUN women’s basketball team, Trice had many memorable and great experiences but putting it in perspective “turning teammates into family and tough love! If I didn’t have it coming from the staff and my own teammates I know I would not be where I am today!!” Missing the team dinners before games and bonding with her CSUN family, locker room time, all the things that made the experience for her. Greatest memory at CSUN for Trice was a quick answer “being the first to graduate in my immediate family, and I know I would not have made it without the love and support of my family, friends, and my CSUN women’s basketball family.”

Crystian’s greatest source of pleasure and joy is her beautiful new daughter born October 6, 2012. Baby Layla is the center of attention and mommy eagerly




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