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FALL 2016


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elcome to another edition of The Advantage! In these pages we highlight some exciting new additions. We feature some established traditions too. Among our newer additions is that of our school blog, a place to keep families updated on what is going on within our school walls. You can find it on our website: In both new and old, we remain firmly committed to education with Christ at the center. NPC’s first blog piece was written by Head of Schools Todd Tolsma. Read our printed version here and visit our blog to share it online.

Equipping students to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

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Why Christian Schools?

Todd N. Tolsma Head of Schools, High School Principal Parenting is hard. Choosing where your child attends school is certainly a hard part. This choice will likely have enormous consequences for your child’s life. As I reflect on the proverbial advice to “raise up a child in the way he should go,” I think Christian school is the best choice

because it is a partnership with parents, a child’s first teachers, in helping this child “learn the way he/she should go.” In my years of teaching and leading in both the secular and Christian school settings, here’s what I have gleaned:

You were created to


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Calvin College admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

T  he best teachers show four loves: love for God, love for their students, love of their subject, and love for showing others the first three loves.“

1. Christian schools provide a complete education to fully prepare students for life after high school. In a shifting, and often fearful, culture, students need the resources, not to hide from the world, but to face challenges with confidence and a solid foundation of truth. Particularly at NorthPointe Christian Schools, your child will leave here with this biblical foundation and skills needed to discern what’s true and what isn’t. One recent graduate email brings that to light: “ Hi Mr. Schenck! I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and tell you hello and thank you! Your class last year has really prepared me well for college, and I wanted to tell you about an assignment I had recently that I felt really comfortable with, thanks to you.”

Where am I going? Graduates here are ready to meet our school’s mission: equipped to impact their world for Jesus Christ. A recent grad mentioned “We are particularly grateful for the opportunities we had at NPC to use our gifts.” 3. Christian school teachers here serve as mentors to students.

This is certainly true in modeling Godly living, but they also demonstrate how to think carefully and critically. They model discernment: separating the deceptive from the real, the glitter from what’s underneath, showing students how to examine life from every side. But they also demon2. Christian school teaches that “every strate awe, freely showing their wonder square inch of this world belongs to God.” at beautiful things. As one writer has said, “The best teachers show four loves: love for Our teachers weave that into everything God, love for their students, love of their kids learn. We help each child understand subject, and love for showing others the that he/she is made in God’s image, first three loves.“ uniquely gifted to serve others, and wellprepared to answer the big questions of life: Who am I? Where did I come from?

4. Christian schools are worth the cost. You may face this hard decision of education for your children by wondering, “Sure. Sounds good. But the cost is steep.” As you dream about your child’s future, you will end up paying for things that you value the most for them. I believe a sacrificial decision to invest in Christian education is worth your investment. I recently ran across a parent of graduates at our school. “I could have a nicer retirement home if we had chosen differently,” he told me, “but I would choose NorthPointe Christian Schools for my kids over again in a heartbeat. It’s affected who my kids have become - the type of college and career they pursued, how grounded they are in Christ, and even who they married.” Yes, the choice is hard. Consider the long-lasting benefit to your child if you choose Christ to be the center of your home, church, and school.

UPCOMING EVENTS DEC 5 Elementary Christmas Concert

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DEC 12 Middle & High School

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FEB 28 Middle & High School Information Night

MARCH 4 Chorale Dinner Theatre

DEC 15 Home & School

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DEC 19 Middle School Marketplace

JAN 26 Preview Day

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MARCH 18 NPC Auction

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FEB 17–19 Mid-Winter Break FEB 24 Senior Retreat

MARCH 20 Middle & High School Band and Orchestra PreFestival Concerts 3



The Pointe C afe


c o ff e e

, S t ro n g e r c o

ni mmu


New Student-Run Cafe at NorthPointe


hanks to the support of two private donors, NorthPointe recently opened a new student-run cafe, named “The Pointe.” The cafe is run by students, a combined effort from the high school entrepreneurship class and our inclusion program. This real life business helps 9th -12th students put a business and marketing plan to work, to practice accounting, and to implement business principles in a genuine setting. Student managers oversee rotating baristas, a finance team, a marketing team, and an inventory team. Student responsibilities include everything from logo design to promotions to budget management.

I enjoy getting the handson work experience and the responsibility of running a business.”

– Senior Grace F,

Senior Grace Frederickson summarized her experience with the entrepreneurship team, “I enjoy getting the hands-on work experience and the responsibility of


running a business.” Emma Seven has enjoyed “the practical learning and interacting with peers.” Along with the entrepreneurship class, The Pointe also fits into NPCS’s inclusion program. It allows work opportunities for students who have completed high school and are part of the transition program. Will Gordon (2016 Senior Leadership Recipient) is the first student to pilot this transition program through his work at The Pointe and we anticipate the program’s continued growth. Student Erica Holsinger has appreciated the interactions with a variety of fellow students, “Working with the kids in Student Union has been a lot of fun. I love the community of The Pointe.” Beyond the learning opportunities created, the cafe offers a welcoming, community-friendly environment for our students, faculty, and NPC family to connect and study before and after school. True to the tagline of The Pointe, it creates “strong coffee, stronger community.”

Innovative Learning in NorthPointe’s New Makerspace


orthPointe’s new Makerspace is the latest example of NorthPointe’s commitment to provide cutting-edge learning opportunities and spaces for our students. With the understanding that 21st century jobs require skills beyond an accumulation of knowledge, NorthPointe (with help from generous donors) created the Makerspace to foster creative thinking, innovation, and collaboration.

What is Makerspace? A Makerspace is an area that has shelves of shared tools, working space, and materials for people to come together to discover, design, prototype, engineer, and build to show connections among varied disciplines. The idea originated several years back with the technology-driven “maker culture”; it has recently caught on in schools as an informal laboratory/shop/art studio rolled into one. At NorthPointe, the Makerspace, the “lab of learning,” is equipped with a lego table, sewing machines, circuit kits, building supplies, and many other items. Who is using it? NorthPointe middle and high school teachers and students use the Makerspace as an extension of the classroom; it’s quickly becoming a well-used resource.


Gerald Duckworth, 8th grade history teacher, already has his students creating projects where students collaborate with one another to build something to show their learning. He had them “Build/ create a monument, memorial, or capture an event from history and connect how the topic is relevant to today’s world.” Duckworth was pleased: “I get excited

opportunity for students to have an experience being ‘Luthiers.’ This is an aspect of music most students don’t think about pursuing, but is ripe with opportunities.”

about the creativity students show. I was blown away by what some of the students created. When you can see and hear students solve problems, manipulate materials, and articulate why they did something, you realize not all good learning can be measured in a test score.”

How is the Makerspace equipping students? Earth Science students came to Makerspace and had ten minutes to use the materials to demonstrate friction. In groups they had to show the whole class in a short presentation how they created friction.

How else is the Makerspace used? The Makerspace extends beyond the traditional classroom time, with learners engaged in it afterschool. Each month a new group of teacher prepares projects as well as solves This is a space for students to think problems. For example, in outside of the box, solve problems, February students will have an opportunity to take donatdesign, tinker, and explore. ed furniture and repurpose, We believe these are some of the refinish, and create something skills students need as they prepare new that can be donated to for their future.” –Megan Willink our Tuition Assistance Auction Middle School principal or to another local charity.

Aaron Tenney, Director of Fine Arts, is excitStudents also use the space for indeed about Makerspace too. He has arranged pendent study opportunities under the with Guarneri House, a local, yet internaguidance of staff members. Pictured tionally recognized, string shop, to have are students Tom Choi and Tony He instruments donated to NPCS. They have who are taking Robotics and Computagreed to let Aaron take the instruments er Programming. They are working to into our Makerspace and allow our stubuild circuits to program traffic lights. dents to take them apart, rebuild them, and Having the opportunity to investigate experience how to create music. Mr. Tenney prepares them to study engineering says, “I think this is a wonderfully unique and computer science in college.



NPC Athletes Stand Tall


orthPointe Christian Schools’ tradition of excellence and sportsmanship continues to shine across the athletic spectrum. We congratulate Austin Koenes who just made his 4th trip to the MHSAA State Tennis Finals; he finished as the state runner-up in the First Singles Flight at the Finals! Grace Frederickson and Jordan Enders qualified for State finals for the 4th time in their swimming career, and Anne Sherman has broken the school diving record this fall in the 6 dive and 11 dive categories! The girls golf team has also been an exemplary representation of our athletic core values at NPC, one of which is a relentless pursuit of excellence in all things. They have now competed in the MHSAA State Finals for the 10th consec-

The MHSAA also recognized NPC this fall for “No Reports Received”; that means that NPC is recognized for no negative concerns, ejections, or negative sportsmanship reports. This displays another of our athletic W  e will strive to act and speak in a core values: “We will professional manner as we represent strive to act and speak in Jesus Christ and NorthPointe Christian.” a professional manner as we represent Jesus Veteran coach Tom Koert said this of his Christ and NorthPointe Christian.” team this fall: “These girls were such a Ultimately, it’s bigger than the game. As joy to coach this fall. They set the pace one recent visitor mentioned, “There’s at the finals by being prepared in every something different about your program.” way they could. They gave themselves The difference, we believe, is that we the best possible opportunity for success have athletes that are competing for “the and achieved their highest potential. We goal for the prize of the upward call of graduate one girl from the team this fall God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14). (Meredith Schrock), and I am already excited to see what is in store next fall.” utive year! There is only one other school in the state of Michigan with a better Finals attendance record. This fall, the girls placed 10th in overall in Division 4.

Austin finished as the state runner-up in first singles flight.

Grace qualified for the state meet in the 200 6 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay, and the 200 Freestyle.

Girls Tennis competed at State for the 10th consecutive year

Jordan qualified for the state meet in the 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay, 200 IM, 50 free, and the 100 backstroke.

Anne broke two school records and qualified for Regionals


Elders and Preschoolers Learning Together


oth the quite old and the quite young need assistance. In a new program, Boulder Creek Assisted Living Center’s elderly and NorthPointe Christian’s youngest are schooling each other! For NPCS, it is a new Intergenerational Curriculum component within our English Three’s and Four’s Preschool classes. It enriches the lives of both our preschool students and seniors. Since its launch in September, we are already seeing the unique benefits of this program.

Having this separate collection of picture books makes reading time extra special. The interactions between students and residents have been amazing! As Lisa Genzink, NPC Three’s Preschool Teacher, notes, “From the very first visit there was no hesitation. Students are eager to show their ‘grandma’ or ‘grandpa’ what they know. And my students love the special attention they receive from their grandfriends! Even students who are typically shy and reluctant to participate are interacting and bonding with their new friend. The mom of one of these timid students had tears in her eyes as I shared a picture of her smiling child reading with a grandpa. It is truly a blessing to witness their interactions!”

Our youngest NorthPointe students are, at an impressionable age, learning and developing next to adults on the opposite end of life. The curriculum includes monthly visits, classroom projects, and daily prayer partnerships. Teachers bring totes packed with portable learning centers I have a new friend, and for the Boulder Creek visits. Students she’s a grandma, and she engage in hands-on learning alongside loves purple just like me!” their senior friends with activities such as Clara Kooistra, 4’s preschooler identifying and tracing shapes with ”apple pie” playdough, making and counting In research, the benefits of intergenerplaydough apples on a tree, and sorting ational preschools include improved blocks by color or size. Our young learners communication and emotional skills, also love reading with their Boulder Creek enhanced literacy, increased autonomy, friends. Students choose books from the and positive behavior and self-regulation. NPC Preschool Library, a small library These experiences in early childhood also shelf housed at the assisted living center.

help these young students see the intricate needs of the elderly and influence their care in adulthood for the elderly. For NorthPointe, an intergenerational preschool aligns perfectly with our mission of equipping students to impact their world for Jesus Christ. Not only are our three-and four-year olds going to be more equipped academically and emotionally down the road, but they are able to make an impact in the lives of their senior friends at Boulder Creek today. 7


The Word on The Street

These unsolicited comments describe the NorthPointe difference. Isn’t it exciting to be part of such an incredible community?

“Blessed to be a part of the NorthPointe family!!“ – Kristy B

“LOVE NorthPointe Christian”

“It is such a blessing to be a part of this place!” – Pam L.

– Brenda W.

“So proud to be a part of this great school!” – Stacey B .

“I love our school! So thankful” – Fran M.

“Such a privilege to be part of NPC!” – Anita N. “Love our school, teachers, and staff!” – Julie S.

As a student, I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my experience at NorthPointe, but it is only now as a parent, that I fully understand how invaluable the Christ centered, scripture rich, and academically rigorous education that I received truly was. I am overjoyed that now my children are able to receive that as well! I have been so impressed with my family’s experience at NPC, on every level. We have had to make sacrifices to send our kids to NPC, but in our minds, there are few better ways to spend our valuable dollars. I thank the Lord almost daily for NPC!” — NPC alumnus & current parent 8

“Thank you for welcoming and loving our kiddos so well” – Sonny H.

“So proud my alma mater is still creating such a wonderful atmosphere”– Mathis A.

 he teachers at NorthPointe have pushed me academically and preT pared me well for college. Even more than that, they are interested in my life beyond academics, and really care about my success as a whole person. All throughout my education at NorthPointe, I’ve been challenged to use my gifts with excellence for Christ.” — NPC senior  ight when I started working at R NPC, I was struck by how different it was from my Christian school experience. Although I had positive Christian school experiences growing up, I have never been in a school quite like NPC. The desire for God’s heart and the passion for following and sharing His mandates is unlike anything I have seen before.” — NPC teacher

Our family came to NorthPointe because we immediately noticed a difference - the Bible is the measuring rod for everything teachers teach. Jesus is not a subject - He encompasses every subject. This is why academic excellence is not a side note. If Jesus is the foundation of all we are as a school, we should be nothing short of excellent in everything we do. We truly love NorthPointe Christian!” — NPC current parent

THANK YOU FOR GIVING! You made these possible:

✓ Boiler: $60,000 ✓ Roof: $72,000

Did you know?

Needs for the 2016/17 School Year:

NPC Tuition Assistance Fund

General Fund: $500,000 Tuition Assistance: $475,000


Ways to Partner:


Text to Give: 616.209.4100





& 106

Checks: 3101 Leonard St, NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (drop off a check or mail)


I am just so grateful for the tuition assistance program and to all the caring people who contribute to this program so that my child can have a Godly centered education where he can learn and grow with God being at the center. For all who contribute into this program I can’t thank you enough. You are such a great blessing to my family.”

Your giving makes a difference for these families!


After having run NorthPointe’s Tuition Assistance Auction for the last 5 years, Sheila Tolsma has taken the next natural step into the position of part-time NPCS Development Director. Sheila is passionate about furthering the mission of NorthPointe and making it possible for even more families to attend. Contact Sheila by phone at: 616.942.0363 or by email at:

Invest in the future of NorthPointe Christian Educational Foundation. Your financial support of the NorthPointe Christian Schools Foundation keeps on giving because the principal is invested and your gift will generate dividends. The Foundation’s


goal is to support keeping our Christ-centered education affordable by annual contributions to the general fund. Gifts to the Foundation include cash, property, and stocks.

SOME BUILD A DEGREE. HERE, YOU BUILD A LIFE. Your dreams and interests matter to us - that’s why we’d love to see you here at Cornerstone. Come build your life on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ, and discover the good that only you can bring to the world. Contact your Admissions Counselor, Colleen Cox at 616.490.3588 or § #WhatMattersCU

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I loved the excitement of my grandchildren when they showed off their classrooms.”

It was really

fun to make crafts with my Grandma and Grandpa”

— Grandparent

— Student

Lila Fikkert is the third generation NPC attendee!

Grandparents Day a Beloved Tradition “We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders he has done....” Psalm 78:4

I loved everything about

Grandparents Day; the presentation, the music, and lunch, and that I was greeted so warmly.”

— Grandparent

The program

was spectacular from start to finish”

— Grandparent

I felt grateful for my Grandpa. He provides me with love. He came over from Jenison, and we had lunch together.” — Student



George Berends NorthPointe Christian’s First Administrator God took Berends home to be with Him. A few months before he died, Pam Lasher, Alumni Coordinator, interviewed him about his arrival at this school. Here’s George’s story of our school’s beginning:


he founders of a new Christian school, called Grand Rapids Baptist Academy, now NorthPointe Christian, needed an administrator in 1972. They sent a letter to George Berends, a missionary with his wife Joy at Fortaleza Academy in Brazil. Berends came to Grand Rapids in the summer and visited with the founders, then agreeing to be the administrator. On July 19, 2016,

“Just walk across Leonard right there and you’ll see the school, right over there,” I was told. I walked over, and there was no school! I kept walking. There were just the footings, only two rows of cinderblocks for the foundation! This was June 1, and they wanted school to start in September. He said they would really appreciate it if I could do that.

So we went ahead and started putting out information for teachers and for students. We interviewed, and the building went up. Really! The response from people was overwhelming; they really got behind it. It was really a work of grace; God worked in people’s hearts to get behind it. Believe it or not, the school opened September 1 with an enrollment, I think, of 240 students. The Friday before we opened I told the teachers, “I want you to bring your brooms, mops, your cleaning rags, Spic and Span, the whole nine yards. I want you to be involved 100%, cleaning.” By 9:00 that night the school looked textbook ready. It was perfect!

Then I asked, “Do you have all your teachers hired yet?” His response was, “No, we’ve been waiting for you.” Marvelous. One down, how many to go? I then asked, “If your teachers aren’t hired, how about the curriculum?” He answered, No, we’ve been waiting for you.”

I’m just thankful to the Lord for it; we got off to an excellent start. I give all credit to the grace of God. You could tell God’s hand was in it, He was doing something far more than any of us could do individually.



1980’s (3 ) Robert Wynalda Jr ‘81 is the owner of Wynalda Packaging. Rob serves as a deacon and is involved in the college ministry at West Cannon Baptist Church. He is also a trustee of Cedarville University. Rob and his wife Connie have been married 30 years and have 5 children, all NPC graduates. Their bios are included on the following pages.

35th Reunion The Class of 1981 invited the class of 1980 and 1982 to join them for their 35th reunion, held at the NPC football game under the tent, during torrential rain. The rain was not a deterrent to a wonderful evening of fun, prizes, and fellowship


Duane Culver ‘86 is the President of Culver CPA Group in Grand Rapids. He is the only alumni who is a “lifer,” married to a high school sweetheart, and part of two generations of alumni. In June of this year, Duane and MariClare ‘86 Culver graduated their fourth and last daughter from NorthPointe: Elizabeth ‘09, Emily ’10, Elise ’14, and Evie ’16. We appreciate the Culver’s involvement in our school through the years!

(2 ) Scott Robertson ’98 is a GI Pathologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Before moving to Cleveland, he completed his residency and a fellowship in pathology at John Hopkins in Baltimore. Pictured are his two children (1) Dave Hickerty ’91 served our country in “at work”. Dr. Robertson has offered to the U.S. Air Force (retired three years ago), answer questions of our students who are Special Operations C-130s. He deployed interested in going into the medical field. multiple times to Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Kuwait, etc. He flew Rescue

Julie (Knoper) Long ‘90 “After living in Grand Rapids for the past 19 years, we’ve felt God leading us to Lakeland, Florida to be closer to Ben’s family. His parents’ health is declining so we’re looking forward to spending time with them and being there to help. Our kids are a junior, freshman, and 7th grader. I’ll be honest – I’m excited to not have snow this winter!”

C-130s out of Moody AFB in Georgia at the end of his career. Now, Dave flies 737’s for Southwest Airlines. Dave, his wife, and children live in Florida.



Alumni, Did You Move? Start a New Job or Get Married?


Send your life events and updated contact info to Pam Lasher at: or call 616-942-0363 5




7 10




1990’s (continued) Wayne Adams ’92 works at Cooper Union School of Art and is the president of CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts; see and Wayne Adams and his wife Beth live in NYC. Erin (Dreyer) Lee ’98 married a South Korean, and they and their two children live in Changwon, South Korea. Erin is currently a stay-at-home mom, but teaches English as a Second Language on the side.

2000’s (4) Marissa Wilterink ’02 works as an urban missionary through Urban Mountain Adventures in Lynchburg, Virginia. She writes, “I love to see God move in mighty ways on our mission field here, but my biggest adventure lately has been a little closer to home. In March of 2015, God asked me to become a foster mother to a little five-year-old girl in need of a safe home. I accepted and grew to love this little one so much. God used this time as a faith-growing time for each of us. Becoming a single parent has allowed me reach out and love on other single moms in my ministry with a credibility that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. My foster daughter has now moved on to her ‘forever home’ and I am once again reminded that our obedience to God’s assignments is where His strength and His glory shine the brightest to the watching world around us.” ( 5 ) Stephen Huseby ’03 studied at Compass College of Cinematic Arts and now is self-employed, traveling the world and making documentary films. He has recently worked in Amman, Jordan on a film project for UNICEF. Joe Walsh ’01 lives in Hong Kong with his wife, Trasy. His work focuses on the EB5 “investment immigration” program to help individuals obtain residency in exchange for investment. Julianne (Beadner) Dusendang ‘05 attended Taylor University (Psychology major) and Western Michigan University (MA in Counseling). She currently works for Cornerstone University as the Assistant Director of their counseling center, as well as with Salvation Army Turning Point’s

rehab facility as an addictions counselor. Julianne and her husband, Andrew, have one child, Jackson, who was born in May.

her associates this year. She loves to bake and make desserts and is excited to see what God has planned for her future.

(3 ) Robert Wynalda III ‘06 works as a salesperson at Wynalda Packaging. He and is wife Kristin both graduated from Cedarville University and have 2 children, Rory and Lucy.

( 8 ) Lydia Soper ’16 (center in photo) graduated and then spent part of her summer in a remote village in Honduras, her third trip to the same village. “Every time I go, it gets better. The relationships with the people there continue to grow, and I love being able to dig deeper spiritually.”

(3 ) Jessica Hoff ‘07 graduated from Cedarville University in 2011 and Michigan State University 12 College of Law in 2015. She currently lives in Oxford, United Kingdom, with her husband Eric, who is pursuing a doctorate in Theology. (3 ) David Wynalda ‘09 works as an engineer at Wynalda Packaging. He and his wife Tabby both graduated from Cedarville. Tabby was an assistant coach for Northpointe Christian’s cross-country team in 2015.

2010’s (6) Wilson Cusack ’11 graduated from Brown University with a computer science concentration. He has received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop an agricultural technology project. Wilson developed a text message platform that allows farmers in remote areas of the world to find and sell to buyers. He had seen firsthand the difficulty of farmers when visiting places like Guatemala, India, and Ghana. (3 ) Mark Wynalda ’11 is a salesman for Fourth Arrow. He graduated with a marketing degree from Cedarville University. Dan ’12 and Karys (Ellens) Rounds ’12 are in Indonesia until mid-December, exploring what God might have them do in the future. Dan is an airplane mechanic, and Karys will be studying youth ministry and learning what ministries are in the area for the future. Dan and Karys are assisting an organization in Bible translation. They are studying at Moody Bible Institute in Spokane, WA. ( 7 ) Heather Stadt ’14 is currently enrolled in the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education (SICE) Baking and Pastry Track. She has taken classes with knowledgeable and caring chefs, and now works in the catering department while finishing up school. Heather plans to graduate with

(3 ) Bradley Wynalda ’16 is currently attending Cedarville University, where he is pursuing an accounting degree. (9) Kayla Rozendal ’16 visited Israel in June with the NorthPointe trip. “The Bible truly does come to life when you’re there. I’ve been hearing stories such as David and Goliath for my entire life and to be able to see the location where a lot of these stories happened was overwhelming! Being a part of the Jewish culture and seeing the land of the Bible brings entirely new understanding to passages of the Bible. It was an incredible experience that will forever change how I read the Bible!”

Honorary Alumnus of the Year: Jay Bufton (10) Jay Bufton served the Lord at NorthPointe with love and integrity. He was a beloved assistant varsity baseball coach and President of the Boosters Club for a number of years. As President, Jay provided the operational leadership for it and worked tirelessly on behalf of student athletes. Exemplifying unwavering Christian character, “Papa Jay” mentored NorthPointe’s athletes on his teams through both wins and losses, helping them to know that Christ comes first in all things, every day. His repeated reference to the importance of Christ in one’s life--”It’s bigger than baseball”—has stuck with his players at NorthPointe. Jay went to be with the Lord in July of this year. He is survived by his wife Denise (NPC 6th grade teacher) and his children and NPCS grads Becca Markle NPC Middle School Admin Assistant), Dana, and BJ, who were present to accept Jay’s award on his behalf. 15


3101 Leonard Street NE Grand Rapids MI 49525-5832


N Ryan Fleetham Recognized as National Merit Semifinalist

orthPointe Christian High School is proud to recognize senior Ryan Fleetham for his distinction as a National Merit Semifinalist. Semifinalists represent less than one percent of high school seniors in the country. Over 1.6 million students nation-wide entered the program by taking the PSAT and Ryan is among the top 1% of test takers who have been honored with Semifinalist recognition. Ryan plans to pursue electrical engineering, specializing in renewable/sustainable energy and is looking to attend top engineering colleges Rose-Hulman or Kettering University.

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