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HeartPrize 2018 Building Citizens in Second Grade


From NorthPointe to Hollywood

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H Equipping students to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Preschool/ Elementary School 616.363.4869 540 Russwood Street NE Grand Rapids MI 49505 Middle School 616.719.5440 High School 616.942.0350 Administrative Office 616.942.0363 3101 Leonard Street NE Grand Rapids MI 49525

ere we are at the end of a good school year. The seniors graduated! What a great night it was, celebrating the goodness of our God in the lives of our seniors. The student testimonies, musical talents, worship, and the challenge from Tim Perry, Middle School Bible teacher to take the Gospel with them—all were vital components in making the evening God honoring.

The Class of 2018 had students who attended NPC since kindergarten as well as some who chose to come just for their senior year. No matter the time spent here, though, the impact that NPC has had on students’ lives cannot be measured; God is still changing hearts one at a time, and we are thankful God has chosen NPC to be part of that process. We pray that as our graduates leave, NPC’s impact, along with the foundation of the home and the church, will lead these graduates to witness for Christ in word and deed. As you read this issue, notice how NorthPointe Christian is “equipping students to impact their world for Jesus Christ” through a variety of programs and teaching methods. Hear one of our

elementary students explain why they love NPC. See how well our Spanish Immersion students impact their neighborhood for Christ. And don’t miss the feature on our HeartPrize initiative. Then read about some new initiatives at NPC, from Makerspace to our FIRST Robotics team. God continues to show NorthPointe how to meet each learner’s needs as unique image bearers of Him, while never compromising the Word of God. NorthPointe teaches the Bible every day to all students. We believe this study will help our students to thrive in the broader world they will enter. Read, too, about NPC’s Fine Arts excellence and its success (not just wins and losses) in the athletic arena. I also encourage you to read the alumni highlight on Jen Horling and learn how she is influencing lives for Christ in Hollywood. It is exciting to see and read how our graduates across the globe are serving the King of Kings! These are exciting days at NPC. We hope that you all have a wonderful summer as we look forward to the students returning in the fall. Blessings! – Todd Tolsma, Head of Schools


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Freshman Orientation

AUG 16 Preschool and Young 5’s “Meet Your Teacher”

AUG 22 Middle and High School New Family Orientation

AUG 23 Preschool and Elementary Pop-In Day

AUG 27

First Day of School – All Grades

AUG 29 Home/School Hybrid Parent Orientation


NO SCHOOL – Labor Day Weekend

SEPT 7 Friday Enrichment Program First Day

SEPT 10–12 Senior Retreat SEPT 11

Elementary Parent Night

SEPT 13 Elementary Spanish Immersion Coffee Connection

SEPT 18–20 6th Grade Camp SEPT 21 8th Grade Camp SEPT 25 All Parents Breakfast– All Schools


Grandparents Day– Elementary


 randparents Day– G Middle and High School

OCT 12

Homecoming Football Game

OCT 13

Homecoming Banquet

OCT 18–19 NO SCHOOL – Fall Break

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NPC: A Christ-Centered School by 5th Grader Maddie O.

In 1 Corinthians 10:31 it says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” As a Christian, we are called to glorify God in everything and in order to do that, we need to learn how to be Christ-centered. Since I have been at NorthPointe Christian Schools (NPC) for seven years, I have come to realize that our school supports this Bible verse very well through our sports, teachers, and school administration. The first reason why NPC is Christ-centered is in sports. Every Friday in fall there is a football game. Before every game, we pray. We ask for God to guide the players and request that Jesus will be present at the game. It does not matter if our school wins or loses; they know that they played for God. Also, in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 it states, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit... therefore, honor God with your body.” That is why every week, my fifth grade goes to the gym to have P.E. Secondly, our teachers at NPC are Christ-centered. Our teachers are the whole package. They love to share their knowledge with us and inspire us. Most importantly, they are always 100% Jesus lovers and followers. They also push us, but not past the limit we can take. One example of the teachers helping us is with advancing our reading level. Now, if a kid has trouble reading or comprehending a book, then NPC has the cure! Our teachers assist students to achieve their potential. Usually, every quarter of the year we are tested on our reading level. If a student tests and does not move up a level, then do not worry! (Been there, done that.) We are not all at the same level, because everyone learns differently. Finally, our NPC administration is Christ-centered. Our staff is amazing! Mrs. Huckaby, our principal, hosts “Girls of Grace” every Wednesday, which is a Bible study for fourth and fifth grade girls. On Mondays or Thursdays, she leads our Student Council. These events help us to continue our walk with Christ. Now, Mrs. Vanderberg, or Mrs. V. as we call her, takes care of the conflicts that might arise between people. She aids us in building our Christian character. Last, but certainly not least, Mrs. Kovich, Mrs. Balance, and Mrs. Hilts consistently show the love of Christ to students. They lend a helping hand when a pupil is hurt, give tours of the school and welcome people into the building. All of the administrators have two things in common: they are coffee aficionados and have a love for Jesus. In conclusion, you should come to this phenomenal school because it is a Christ-centered environment. It is unmistakable that NPC is Christ-centered in sports, our teachers, and our caring administration. So, come to NorthPointe; I would love to see you in the halls.



NPC Students Bless Others Through HeartPrize 2018


orthPointe Christian rallied together fundraising efforts in their fifth annual HeartPrize competition. Modeled loosely after Grand Rapids’ famous ArtPrize, HeartPrize incorporates varying levels of voting and competition. Unlike ArtPrize, which is cash for art, HeartPrize’s motto is “cash for God’s Heart.” Students make one-minute videos to support a cause “close to God’s heart,” and compete to earn $1,000 for their cause and a $1,000 incentive prize (which, in many cases, ends up being donated to the cause as well). Spiritual Life Director Scott Huckaby launched HeartPrize 2018 by challenging the middle and high school students to consider those who are in the margins or overlooked: “I challenge you to think about how you can make a difference, build Christ’s kingdom, and make life better for someone else out of the abundance of God’s blessing to us. That’s ultimately the goal of HeartPrize.”

Students chose a variety of causes to highlight in their videos, from an orphanage in Haiti to a suicide prevention organization to NorthPointe’s refugee program. They then raised awareness and funds through social media channels. Total raised for the various causes exceeded $13,000, a record for HeartPrize. The final stage of HeartPrize incorporated a student body vote. The middle school award went to Annelise Witcher who focused her fundraising on PTSD (PostTraumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness. At the high school, Quinten Huckaby took first place. Quinten focused on a local need in our NPC community. In his video, he describes why he made the video: “Last week I found out that Jimmy Roodvoets’ dad (who is in a wheelchair) could not reach the field to watch his son play due to the mud surrounding the field. Every parent or

I challenge you to think about how you can make a difference, build Christ’s kingdom, and make life better for someone else out of the abundance of God’s blessing to us. That’s ultimately the goal of HeartPrize.” Scott Huckaby, Spiritual Life Director



Congratulations Are In Order grandparent should be able to watch their kids play ball.” Quinten then laid out his proposal for a path from the parking lot to the baseball field. Since winning, Quinten has already met with a contractor to help make his dream a reality; we are hopeful to break ground before the muddy fall sports season.

Mr. Scheneck Accepted into Bible Symposium High School Bible Teacher Todd Schenck was selected to attend the Bible Instruction Symposium in Washington, D.C in March. This event, sponsored by Christian Schools International, was an exclusive opportunity for 30 teachers in CSI schools and focused on ways to advance and improve Bible instruction for students. Mr. Schenck continues to make the Bible come alive for our students to help them form a solid foundation for their faith.

Elementary students also participated in HeartPrize competition, a bit abbreviated, but in a no less meaningful way. Students created videos through an after-school club and then had a schoolwide vote for two $100 grand prizes. Eliana Spangler won on behalf of Hope of Life International in Guatemala. Second grade winner Abby Roer’s HeartPrize project became an all-class effort. Abby noticed her classmate Josiah was prevented from wheeling his walker to the other side of the playground by a trench. Her video, “A Bridge for Josiah,” proposed a solution for her friend. Abby was overjoyed when her dream became reality. After winning HeartPrize, Abby and Mrs. Westra’s second grade class dug, hammered, and drilled in the hot sun to build a bridge over the trench. Once completed, Elementary Principal Kari Huckaby hugged a tear-filled Abby and asked, “Abby, what’s wrong?” “Nothing,” Abby replied, “I’m just that happy!” The second grade dedicated the bridge by inscribing on a plank their names and the Bible verse “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you. He will never leave you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6). Josiah is now able to happily cross the bridge and join his classmates and friends on the other side of the playground. At NorthPointe our mission is “to equip students to impact their world for Jesus Christ.” In HeartPrize, we see students of all ages already impacting others for Christ, right where they are. We pray for and expect that the seeds of HeartPrize will take root for a lifetime of seeing those in the margins and extending the love of Jesus.

Commitments of Faith Congratulations to the many students who made committments to follow Christ at each of our campuses. It’s the heart of our school to continue to keep the gospel at the forefront. We can think of nothing more worth celebrating than students who accept the free gift of salvation and commit their lives to the Lord. Fourteen students shared the good news of their salvation with us at NPC elementary. At the middle school, three different students accepted Christ as their Savior, and five high school students made the decision to follow Christ.

May these children grow in Him. We have amazing jobs with such a purpose.” Kari Huckaby, Elementary Principal



NPC Welcomes Heidi Hudberg to the Visual Art Department


his year NPC welcomed Heidi Hudberg as the new middle and high school art teacher. Prior to teaching at NorthPointe, Heidi collaborated on a several-year project with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital to make art by kids and for kids on the floors of the hospital’s new building. Other projects included artist commissions in Michigan and Canada, and curating collections of several local organizations including JW Marriott, Spectrum Health, and Haworth. Mrs. Hudberg has quickly become a favorite among students and has brought

a high quality of professionalism to our art department. A few of the year’s highlights include printmaking on raised surfaces such as manhole covers - throughout Grand Rapids, creation of cardboard prototypes and chairs in Industrial Design, and turning an entire room into a pinhole camera. Heidi naturally weaves value lessons into her classes. Her Architecture/Design class, for example went down to Dwelling Place (a local non-profit) for a talk on neighborhood revitalization, urban design, and community planning. In class, students worked on a collaborative massing

model of a section of Oakes St. with the ultimate goal of each student completing a design project that serves the community. She says of her work: “Teaching art provides a natural platform for teaching broader life principles through its variety of techniques and media; this is one of the things that I enjoy most about teaching here at NorthPointe.” Heidi, together with our elementary art teacher Chelsea Haverdink, curated and hosted an outstanding visual arts show that transformed our media center. Student artwork demonstrated the professionalism and creativity our art teachers have drawn from students.

Congratulations on Continued Excellence in the Arts • Grace Vandenberg and Leah Teigen received recognition at the Congressional District Art Fest Show. • Abby Lewkowski and Emma Schmidt received 1 ratings (outstanding) at the Vocal District Solo and Ensemble Festival and State Solo & Ensemble.

Diversity Celebrated at Elementary Spring Concert


ur elementary school Spring Concert was titled “What a Wonderful World: God’s Love Around the Globe.” It showcased a year of hard work from students under Mrs. Meyer’s teaching. Mrs. Meyer was inspired by Psalm 139 and created a concert that pieced together music from various languages and cultures, including Poland, Japan, and South Africa. She summed up the event: “God orchestrated that concert and placed each song in my hand; to Him be the glory.” The various cultures of our students all singing about God’s love in various languages was beautiful; many in the audience concluded it was the elementary’s best concert yet.


• Saskia Guikema and Emma Schmidt received 1 ratings at Musical Theater Solo & Ensemble. • Taryn VanWyngarden, Gretchen VanderKolk, Laura Walkendorf received division 1 and 2 (excellent) ratings at Band and Orchestra State Solo and Ensemble Festival. • High School Symphonic Choir and Dayspring Chorale received straight 1 ratings at District Choir Festival and made it to State Choir Festival. • High School Jazz Band received 1 rating at District 10 Festival and participated in the Hasting’s Jazz Festival. • High School Band received a 2 rating at District Band Festival. • Middle School Orchestra students all received 1 and 2 ratings at Solo and Ensemble and straight 1 ratings a District Orchestra Festival.


Through sacrifice, teamwork, and hard work, our Mustang winter and spring athletes have made the following accomplishments this year:


Girls’ Tennis - Regional Champions, OK Blue Conference Finalists

Wrestling - Jaryk Pitsch and Alex Huckstead Top 8 at State Finals, named All State

District Champions, Co-Champions in OK Silver Conference, and Regional Finalists

Track and Field - boys 4 x 200 team competed at State

niversity of Michigan’s basketball coach John Beilein has been noted for talking a great deal about the core values of their program. Whether or not you are a U of M fan, there are some valuable take aways. One of his recent mantra’s has been “The Team. The Team. The Team.” It’s hard to miss the message: nothing individually comes before the needs of the team. For our athletes this is not an easy pill to swallow at times.

However one of our core values in Mustang Athletics is that we value the needs of the team as greater than the needs of the individual. Any athlete wants to do well individually, e.g., score the most points or run the fastest. But for NPC’s team to win, it means submitting one’s own talent to what the team needs to win. It means, “I will do whatever I can to help the team. I play for the betterment of my team.” This is countercultural. It, unfortunately, does not come naturally. It is taught at home and reinforced by coaches. The unity of a team maximizes the potential of the individual. At NorthPointe, we are able to point to Jesus as the ultimate example of laying down His needs for the sake of others. We encourage our student athletes to follow after Him. Scott Huckaby, Athletic Director

Boys’ Golf - State Champions, OK Silver Conference Champions, and Regional Champions

Erik Fahlen Top Golfer in State (Division 4)

Bowling - Holly Kooiker participated in State Finals

Congratulations to the following Collegiate Athletic Commits

Cheer - OK Silver Conference Champions and Regional Qualifiers

Josh Shafley Jalen Shaffer Micah Visser Austin Anderson Jared Farnsworth Clayton VanderKolk Luke Blickley Maddie Grzybek Jack Braman Noah Groen CJ Curtis Ben Farrell Logan Holtkamp

Wheaton College Wheaton College Hope College Indiana Wesleyan Concordia (Chicago) Taylor University Cornerstone University Aquinas College Aquinas College Trinity Christian College Mesa Community CC Cornerstone University Grand Rapids CC

Football Football Football Football Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Baseball Baseball Baseball Golf Golf



Building Citizens in Second Grade


y job at NorthPointe Christian is to help teachers carry out our mission of “equipping students to impact the world for Christ.” As part of the job, I wander and observe our preschool on up through high school classes.

Earlier this semester, a parent alerted me to a fascinating assignment taking place in Maria Joaquin’s second grade Spanish Immersion classroom. Maria’s letter home, as the parent showed me, explained that the class was about to begin a social studies unit on “Community and Citizenship.” She then set out the goals: (a) why people live in communities, (b) what is in them, and (c) how is one different from another. Sounds heavy for children this young, right? Maria countered that question by adding that the project would “get real” by seeking to create “our own community in 2nd grade.” Each student needed to create a cardboard box building at home - with the help of their families - that would contribute to the making of a community and improve the community. The student


By Dan VanderArk

creations would be hung in the hallway. But prior to that, students would present their boxes to the class, with each maker answering three thought provoking questions about his/her building: 1. W  hy is this building important in our community? 2. H  ow could this building be used to impact the world for Christ? 3. H  ow might the Spanish language be used in this building? The individual results were captivating, the buildings together even more so, as they so perfectly captured the imagination, inviting viewers into a vibrant community, just as the project intended. I asked Maria why she chose to do this assignment. Her response:

I wanted to make what

they were talking about in class to come alive and be relatable to their lives.” Maria Joaquin

She mentioned that the students had talked about what it meant to be a good citizen; they talked about “how it begins in family, neighborhood, city, and goes out further into all the world.” In that discussion Maria said the students “talked about what God expects of us as Christians and how to be a good citizen in all these communities” and “finding similarities and differences among these kinds of communities.” The parent who gave me the heads-up on the assignment also expressed why she thought it worthwhile: “I thought I would pass along how much I love this assignment Maria is doing with the Spanish Immersion 2nd graders and the questions that go along with the project. Today, I am thankful for the education my girls are getting... that Jesus is the center, and they are having to think from a very young age how Jesus can impact our community.” As I recall all aspects of this building assignment, I see the benefits of a Christian education in deed. Indeed!

All Aboard!




This opportunity has meant so much to our son and to our family. Withoutavailable the tuitionat assistance there no way that we would Tickets the door forwas $10 have been able to afford for him to attend NorthPointe. The tuition assistance is nothing but the works of God.” – From, a mom who receives tuition assistance

We raised over $120,000 towards our Tuition Assistance Program! NORTHPOINTE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL 3101 LEONARD STREET NE ‡ GRAND RAPIDS, MI WWW.NPCHRISTIAN.ORG ‡ (616) 943-0363


2019 Tuition Assistance Auction

March 16th 2019 Thanks to all our FAITHFUL sponsors, donors, and volunteers.

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• L  egacy Giving?

To further discuss charitable gift planning, please contact Todd Tolsma at or 616.942.0363

• Investing in the future of NPC through our Christian Educational Foundation?

Please contact President Sarah Dickinson for details on giving cash, property, stocks, or other capital to our NorthPointe Christian Educational Foundation:

Ways to Give: Text to Give: 616.209.4100 Online: Checks: 3101 Leonard St, NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (drop off a check or mail)

W  e make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill


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Knowledge Matters. Faith Matters. You Matter. See for yourself. Knowledge Matters. FaithISMatters. CORNERSTONE UNIVERSITY EXCITED

You Matter. See yourself. TO ANNOUNCE TWOfor NEW PROGRAMS! Develop your skills in healthcare by joining our nursing program

partnership with University of Detroit Mercy or hone your analytical abilities in one of our four engineering concentrations. For more information, or to get a jump-start through our Dual Enrollment program, contact your admissions counselor at 616.222.1426.

CU atters M t a #Wh #WhatMattersCU



Robotics Team Wins Rookie Recognition


orthPointe’s newly formed Robotics team, NPC Mechanical Mustangs, completed their rookie season with flying colors. Competition rules for FIRST Robotics allowed for six weeks of robot building in January and February, guided by mentors Melissa Drobish and Brian Dentler. Criterion Manufacturing Solutions CEO and NPC Alumni Tom Rathbun also stepped in as a mentor, sharing workspace and his engineering expertise with our students.

The team competed in two different March competitions in alliance with, and against, 40 other teams from all over Michigan. During the matches our students’ robot had to complete a series of tasks both autonomously and with a controller team, including lifting itself 12" off of the ground. NPC students displayed a high level of problem solving skills in both competitions. One competition earned them the Rookie Inspiration Award. They also gained the notice of the number one and number two ranked teams, who invited them to join an alliance in the finals, making it to the semifinals. The second weekend of competition earned our team the Rookie All Star Award and Rookie Top Seed. All three awards were huge honors and a compliment to our students’ ingenuity and teamwork.

Middle School Science Upgrade


ur middle school science is upgrading this summer! We are excited to be moving our science room to a much larger space that will include lab space, classroom space and room for extended projects and activities. This space also allows us to provide further differentiation for students.

Students Create Augmented Reality Sandbox

T Friday Enrichment Makes Robotic Legos


s part of our homeschool partnership, NorthPointe offers a Friday Enrichment Program, where students experience a sampling of art, Spanish, science, music and more. Recently in our Friday Enrichment God’s Big World science class, students spent time making simple machines with Legos to correlate with their Robot unit.


he NorthPointe Science department built an Augmented Reality Sandbox (AR Sandbox) during our after school “Makerspace Club.” The “Makerspace Club” is open to any interested middle and high school students, and rotates through the various departments each month. For May, our science department elected to build an AR Sandbox utilizing plans supplied from UC Davis. More frequently seen at the college level, the sandbox creates topographic contour lines projected into the sand. Future plans include graphing with the math department and topographic mapping throughout the disciplines.


Left: Jen Horling

From NorthPointe to Hollywood: Jen Horling’s Unexpected Journey with God


s a NorthPointe student back in the early 2000s, Jen Horling spent many hours in NPC’s art room. Little did she know, God would use her love and talents in art to allow her to “impact the world for Christ” in unexpected places such as Hollywood and the Las Vegas tragedy.

After graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design with a degree in Graphic Design, Jen ended up at what she thought was her “dream job” within Family Christian Stores advertising department. God had other plans for her, though, and she moved from that job into a full time career in freelance art. Although this created uncertainty and complete dependence on God at times she loved working for nonprofits and doing work that promoted the Kingdom of God. Jen was always trying to discern where God wanted her to go and prayed, “Lord, show me.” God did just that! Within three years her freelance job was booming. But the Lord had more in mind for Jen than just a successful career. The loss

of Jen’s dad brought incredible pain but also highlighted for her the need to put relationships above all else. God’s heart for hurting people became Jen’s focus; art became the vehicle for God to open doors. And open He did. Jen providentially ended up on a movie set as an extra. The crew learned that she was a graphic designer

countless stories of the cool opportunities for art that I’ve had and that allowed me to speak life into the hearts of many He’s brought my way.” Recently she had the chance to hear the story of one of the survivors of the Las Vegas shooting and to pray over this survivor. What an incredible moment and one that truly matters.

I never would’ve guessed in a million years my life would

have ended up being what it is today... but God continues to blow me away by how good and BIG He is.”

Jen Horling

and quickly put her skills to work. As they saw her expertise come to life, they asked her to do more and more. This led to referrals, more work on movies, and eventually holding roles on set, including Production Designer and Art Director.

Professionally, some of the most exciting achievements Jen has had are being accepted into a two-week intensive production design workshop in London and currently (as of summer 2018) working on a Chinese Feature film.

At NorthPointe we know that this is just the As Jen’s career has progressed, she beginning for Jen; we are proud to see her points all glory back to God and takes no using her skills with excellence for Christ credit for herself. She is continually given opportunities to share her faith: “I could tell and standing as a beacon of light and hope.

Have you seen our Alumni Businesses Facebook Group? Alumni who own or manage a business may submit their business cards or promotion poster here. Alumni looking for a specific business can search this group. To find it on Facebook, search “NorthPointe Christian Schools (GR Baptist) Alumni Businesses”, or use this QR code: 13










Tom Felten ‘79 was promoted to Executive Editor of the Our Daily Bread devotional.

(2 ) Chris Koning ’91 and his wife Jill (three children) are celebrating 25 years of marriage. Chris is a manager for K Group Companies, a family-owned IT service.

1980’s (1) Marilyn (Mol) ’81 and Jeff ’81 Batchelder are blessed to have six grandchildren under age three—all being raised to know the Lord. The Classes of 1984-1988 held a reunion at the high school, with Stan Veldt and Linda Bowald attending too, on April 28. With Denny and Phyllis Muston, they viewed the 1984 Resurrection Day musical on DVD. It was 175 choir members forming a cross from the top of the mezzanine to the gym floor.



( 5 ) Andrea (Miller) Bloye ‘05 and her husband Ryan have enrolled their daughter Grace, in NPC’s Preschool. Andrea’s mother, Nancy (Efting) Siegel ‘82, also graduated from NPC.

(3 ) Joshua Hilliker ‘93 manages a chain of non-profit thrift stores in Philadelphia, previously working with Habitat for Humanity.

Brett Birchard ’08, a graduate of Liberty University and his wife Deanna live in Grand Rapids. Brett works at Our Daily Bread Ministries.


Tyler Emmorey ’07 is the director of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Stacie (Berends) Bode ‘04 is the owner/ manager of Diamond Sahara Equestrian Services in Middleville, MI ( (4) Rachel (McIntyre) Major ’08 is CEO of Major Homes with Keller Williams Rivertown.

(6) Julianne (Beadner) Dusendang ’05 and husband Drew welcomed their 2nd child in April. Julianne is a counselor at Cornerstone University.





We want to keep up with you! Please email Pam Lasher with your updated contact info:


6 ( 7 ) Mandy (Johnson) Vanderhill ’06 and her husband Aaron are volunteer directors of the Woodfield Community Center, an outreach Kentwood Community Church, serving underprivileged children and sharing the love of Jesus.

2010’s ( 8 ) Joshua Abbasse ‘11 is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. He is a manager for General Motors in the San Francisco Bay area. (9) Rebecca Brookens ‘14, graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Music Performance and History of Art. (10 ) Kenzie (Tolsma) Fahlen ‘12 and her husband Taylor welcomed a new son Riggins, in March 2018. Todd ’84 and Sheila Tolsma are the happy grandparents.

11 (11) Cassandra Welch ‘15 attends Cornerstone University and is a dance coach for Forest Hills Central. (Cassandra is pictured far right).

Joshua McLeod ’13 attends the University of Cambridge seeking an advanced degree in Criminology. He desires to use his degree to help improve the criminal justice system.

Cullen Dyk ‘15 is Pinocchio in the Grand Rapids Civic Theater’s Shrek the Musical. He is studying marketing at GRCC.

Grace Robinson ’14 graduated from Grand Valley State in April with a B.S. degree in Geology.

(12 ) Gabrielle Blickley ‘12 was immersed in the Guatemalan culture as a preschool teacher, improving her Spanish for social work. (Pictured back row, third from the right).

Grady Cebelak ’14 graduated with honors from Ferris in Equipment Technology and is working in the family businesses.

(13 ) Michael ’12 and Katie (DeLong) ‘12 Hanson stationed in Anchorage, Alaska and recently welcomed a son, Ty. Katie is an oncology Nurse; Michael is currently deployed to Afghanistan.


(14) Lindsey Parks ’14 graduated from Tennessee State University with a degree in Nursing and Chemistry, with plans to pursue her MD in 2019.



3101 Leonard Street NE Grand Rapids MI 49525-5832

Congratulations to our graduates, heading off to hone their gifts and impact their world for Jesus Christ! Our Graduates will be attending: University of Michigan, Michigan Tech University, Ferris State University, Lee University, University of Washington, Concordia University Chicago, Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Indiana Wesleyan, University of California Davis, Cedarville University, Liberty University, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids Community College, Aquinas College, Paramedics at Life EMS, Grand Valley State University, Mesa Community College, Davenport University, Gap Years (in Haiti and other opportunities), Indiana University, Calvin College, Trinity Christian College, Aquinas College, Spring Arbor University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Syracuse University.

NorthPointe was a blessing in my life as a student and NorthPointe has blessed


our (newly graduated) son in so many ways. My wife and I are so thankful for the investment the teachers, staff, coaches and other families have made in him helping to shape him into the young man he is today.� Rich Nymeyer, Class of ‘87


Profile for NorthPointe

The Advantage - Summer 2018  

A publication of NorthPointe Christian Schools

The Advantage - Summer 2018  

A publication of NorthPointe Christian Schools