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Dear NorthPointe Families, Alumni, & Friends

W Equipping students to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

e’ve all heard the idea that Christian schools provide a safe place for students to be nurtured. NorthPointe Christian does offer parents safety for their children to grow into strong women and men with good guides for the Christian path. NPC does not, however, ignore the general culture. This school prepares students for living “out there,” as our mission says, “to impact their world for Christ.” In this issue of the Advantage, you will see examples. Read the article on celebrating different cultures. Check out the stories of trips to Costa Rica, Belize, and Jamaica. Our students go outside

Preschool/ Elementary School 616.363.4869 540 Russwood Street NE Grand Rapids MI 49505 Middle School 616.719.5440 High School 616.942.0350 Administrative Office 616.942.0363 3101 Leonard Street NE Grand Rapids MI 49525 www.npchristian.org


NorthPointe thanks our sponsors who help fund “The Advantage.” For advertising opportunities in our next edition, please contact: lowitzkik@npchristian.org

the school to demonstrate their learning: interning in business, competing in the arts and athletics, serving people during J-term, and more. All these trips outside are not at the expense of solid learning inside: math, science, literature, history— all the traditional ways of providing a foundation for further learning. At the end of this issue are reminders of what all of this learning leads to: graduates and alumni, called as imagebearers of God to love Him and their neighbors, to impact the world for Christ. That’s just what this world needs. Blessings! – Todd Tolsma, Head of Schools



High School Sports Begin

AUG 13 English Preschool & Young 5’s “Meet Your Teacher” Day

AUG 15 Spanish Immersion

Preschool & Young 5’s “Meet Your Teacher” Day

AUG 21 New Student and

Family Orientation

AUG 21 Freshman Orientation and Sixth Grade Orientation

AUG 22 Preschool & Elementary Pop-In Day

AUG 26

First Day of School

AUG 27 Middle School Sports Begin AUG 27

Prayer at the Pole

AUG 28 Home and School Hybrid Parent Orientation


Congratulations to Joe Dakoske and Bryce Bergsma! They received 2nd place in the Triple Bottom Line Business Contest at Kuyper College, winning $500 for themselves and $500 for NorthPointe’s business class. The competition rewarded creative business ideas and presentation skills. Joe and Bryce were responsible for creating a business plan and presenting to a panel of judges. Their ECLC - Electric Car Mechanic Company business - was well received and their hard work paid off!


Congratulations to Jalyn Stoll for being recognized by the United Nations Association– USA and InnerView Technologies in the 2018-19 National Community Service Awards. The Award program connects student community service activities and commitment to the 17 UN Global Goals to Transform Our World. Jalyn has earned the Honor Award and invested the most effort and impact for Global Goal 2 - Zero Hunger for her many hours of serving food and supporting the homeless downtown.


Congratulations to Gibson Adema, Luke Bennett, and Will VanderSloot on winning the Middle School Geography Bee and to Heidi Brandt and Melea Stafford for their success in winning the Middle School Spelling Bee.


Senior Alisa Boersma received National Merit Society Commendation in recognition of her outstanding academic promise. Commended Students are named on the basis of a nationally applied PSAT Selection Index. Alisa plans to attend Hillsdale College in the fall on an Academic Merit Scholarship.


Our second annual Math Olympics was a success. Students at the elementary competed in a variety of categories. The Olympics brings fun to math and provides a chance to honor the students diligence and hard work in this vital subject. This year’s winners included: Violet Bell, Sparky Birn, Ben Braam, Owen Byker, Kayla Kopenhoffer, Alex Lehrma, Nolan Lowitzki, Megan Perry, Levi Richardson, Abby Roer, Adeline Shoemaker, and Xavier Straayer.


NO SCHOOL – Labor Day Weekend


Friday Enrichment Program First Day

SEPT 9–10 Senior Retreat at

Spring Hill Camp

SEPT 10 Preschool & Elementary Parent Night

SEPT 11 All New Parent Breakfast SEPT 12 Spanish Immersion

Coffee Connection

SEPT 17–19 6th Grade Camp SEPT 20 8th Grade Camp OCT 4

Grandparents Day

OCT 11

Homecoming Football Game


Dayspring Chorale and Orchestra competed at State Festival this year and received Number 1 (Superior/Outstanding) ratings. Congratulations to both groups for all their hard work in pursuing excellence!



True Education is always about learning to connect knowing with doing, belief with behavior.


hat does it really mean to get a Christian education? Does it mean regular chapel and prayer before class? Those are the icing on the cake, for sure. But at NPC, claiming “Christian” in our title means much more. It means faith integration in every subject, Christian teachers who model love for others and a sincere walk with Christ, and challenging discussions on how we live out our faith. It means together sharing Christ’s love with those outside our student body. And it means keeping Christ at the forefront, honoring him above all else. This “red thread of Christ”, so to speak, is weaved in and out of all of NorthPointe Christian Schools. Sit in on a classroom and it doesn’t take long to catch a glimpse of this “thread of Christ.” In Sue Gunderman’s 6th grade classroom, for example, you would hear her comparing a number line to God. “Like the number line, God has no beginning and end,” Sue tells her students. In 7th Grade, Lillea Prins’ students write resumes; after completing the resumes, Ms. Prins leads the class in a discussion about what the resumes would look like if God wrote them, and uses the opportunity to discuss God’s love for the students. In the elementary school, Mrs. Kooiker’s first grade students respond to an Earth Day writing prompt about caring for creation as God’s image bearers. Preschool students can be heard singing about Jesus loving them. Inside a high school classroom, students delve into deeper topics and the thread of Christ becomes even more prominent. Freshman English students recently read “The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness” by Simon Wiesenthal, a Holocaust survivor’s narrative. As they read about his experience beside a dying Nazi asking for forgiveness,


Mrs. Straayer asks students “What are the limits of our human forgiveness? How does God’s forgiveness differ from our human forgiveness?” Without even entering chapel, students are invited to recognize the central theme of the gospel, the brightest red thread: Christ’s forgiveness of sinners. In Mrs. Peterson’s biology class, she weaves the red thread of Psalm 139, “fearfully and wonderfully made” into the study of dominant and recessive genes. She weaves in the red thread that we made in the image of God. The thread of Christ touches English, Science, Math, PE, history, and the Arts; there is no subject where Christ and learning do not meet. Beyond curriculum, students hear testimony of teacher’s lives as they move throughout their days. Senor Kaboos casually mentions the house he is building without credit; simply by talking about his life he invites students to consider God’s view of money and how we can handle it wisely. Mrs. Bufton shares how she leaned on God in the painful process of becoming a widow and continues to look to Him for her strength. Senora Joaquin worships with her students as they go throughout their day. For our students, our hope is that faith and learning, indeed faith and life, are seen woven together, inseparable. Does a Christian education guarantee students will live a life following Christ? No more than a college degree guarantees a student will apply for a job. But undeniably, a Christian education provides the tools, knowledge, and examples students can lean on as they move forward in their adult lives, becoming Christian citizens, employees or employers, parents, and more. And it’s our prayer that the red thread of Christ would be woven through their lives long after they leave these walls.


Middle school students visiting Cooley Law School

High school students learning calligraphy

Middle school students making beef jerky

High school students visiting Disney on a STEM-focused trip

Elementary school students making prayer blankets

High school students serving at the Neurological Rehab Center

J-term and W.O.W. Week


ewind to the start of 2019. As many students across the country slide back into desks after Christmas break, something different happens at NorthPointe Christian. We intentionally set aside this first week of the calendar year for hands-on unique learning and service. At the middle and high school level, this comes in the form of J-term (January term). At the elementary, the focus is W.O.W Week (Win Our World for Christ week).

J-term – a week long “term” offered yearly at NPC – provides students with a chance to pick up a new skill, explore a new place, or serve for the glory of God. Within our building this year, students learned how to share the gospel simply and confidently, how to cook without an oven, how to create and interpret poetry, how to make sense of Jewish festivals, and how to break down football film, to name just a few of the many happenings. Outside of school, the experiences were even more varied. At the Neurological Rehab Center, one group served local residents who had undergone traumatic brain injuries; another

group traveled to Costa Rica for fourteen days to partner with a Christian school there. Still another group traveled to Disney on a STEM-focused trip that included courses on “Evolution of Technology” and “Physics: Properties of Motion” taught by Disney cast members. Yet another group of students ventured on a civil rights tour, seeing the 16th Street Baptist Church and Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Church in Atlanta, to name a few. The variety of experiences enriched students’ education in a way we couldn’t otherwise achieve without J-term.

Hospital. Other field trips included Cooley Law School, the Fire Department, Degage, and Kids Food Basket.

At our elementary school, students spent W.O.W. Week collaborating to make prayer blankets. Students cut, tied, and prayed over 260 blankets. A handful were delivered to David’s House (a local nonprofit serving adults with special needs), and the remainder will be delivered by a group of NPC families to a village in Guatemala this summer. In addition, the W.O.W. week coin drive raised over $700 to help pay for a freshwater well for that same Guatemalan village; an NPC Guatemala missions team will be traveling to help with In middle school, the focus of J-term was the well this summer. By participating as careers. Students learned about a wide a larger student body, even the students range of careers including Supply Chain not putting a foot on foreign soil are able Management, Physical Therapy, Sales and to play a part in impacting those around Marketing, and Engineering. On site field trips gave students a taste of career options. the world and the students sense they are part of something bigger than themselves. They were able to watch a Pastry Chef in action at the Amway Grand Plaza, tour Students walk away from this first week of Herman Miller, see unique jobs at a Water the year with a new skill, a deeper concern Treatment Center, and view things behind for others, or a significant life-altering the scenes at Helen DeVos Children’s perspective shift; some gain all three. 5


Cleopatra Kennedy visits NPC!

Mosaic of Cultures

“All nations and peoples of every language worshiped Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away.” Daniel 7:14


in front of the booth of Roberto Clemente orthPointe Christian Schools currently and his Caribbean heritage, visitors could represents over thirty countries pick up a mock baseball card. Students through our student body and our faculty; even beyond geographical affiliation, it is a not only grew in research and presentation skills, but they also understood a variety variety of diverse cultures. It’s a core value of cultures, individuals, and stories that at NPC that we celebrate the rich diversity invited engagement from the broader within the body of Christ, a feature of the kingdom of God. It’s a mosaic; each culture community. is a piece of glass that keeps its character, “It was neat to see how my classmates but, arranged with others, is more beautiful represents various countries. My booth than each piece. was next to the Albert Einstein booth, and I learned a ton about Albert Einstein’s MIDDLE SCHOOL celebrated this unique traits. My favorite giveaway was a diversity through a Cultural Awareness paintbrush at the Vincent VanGogh booth.” Expo. Students researched and wrote Zach Sarver, 7th grade. papers on various cultures in preparation for the culminating Expo: 6th grade ELEMENTARY SCHOOL celebrated students picked a country connected to culture diversity this year through a their own culture; 7th grade students chose Walking Tour during Black History Month. a person connected to their culture, and 8th With input from a couple of parents grade students chose both a country and a in the NPC community, we invited our person not connected to their own culture. African-American students to highlight an At the Expo itself, students presented a African-American trailblazer who made a tri‑fold summarizing their research. positive impact on society. Students were When visitors pushed a “button,” students gave a 30-second informative speech. Students then gave out creative giveaway items. For example, while learning about France, visitors could sample a macaroon;


photographed, dressed in the likeness of the trailblazer. The visual images of the student and the African-American who made an impact on history were displayed side-by-side for the whole school to walk through and engage with the student

and the photos. We hope this mosaic of cultures will form in our students’ memories as a picture of God’s Kingdom.

SCHOOL WIDE, we were honored

to host Cleopatra Kennedy this year. During a vacation detour to Birmingham, Alabama, Middle School Principal Mrs. Willink and her family had a “chance” encounter with the famous worldrenowned Gospel musician. The Willink girls were delighted to meet and hear her; Cleopatra was quick to accept an invitation to visit NorthPointe Christian. At NPC Cleopatra Kennedy described how she first got involved with the Civil Rights Movement in 1963, that she performed prior to Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches, and that she was one of many who were arrested during peaceful demonstrations. Her visit to NorthPointe Christian included a performance for our NPC community of students and families, chapel visits at each campus, and multiple classroom visits to interact and directly answer questions from students about her experience in the Civil Rights Movement. We’re so grateful God orchestrated the connection with Cleopatra as our students and staff alike were enriched through interacting with her.


Chorale Ministers in Belize


ayspring Chorale continued their tradition of using Spring Break to bless others abroad through music; this year they ventured to Belize, a country that has no choirs! Our students were able to encourage the body of Christ and share their love of music in a variety of settings; they visited and sang at a children’s home, blessed several church services with their music, and even sang in a couple of schools. One of the more memorable moments was a trip to a nursing home. After talking and interacting with senior residents, they took an unconventional approach to their concert, singing while holding hands with the residents. Teary eyes of joy followed at the finish. The visit served to speak value into the seniors, who are often overlooked. For part of the trip students ventured into more remote areas, including a Mayan village near the Guatemalan border who

started a generator upon their arrival in order to provide electricity. That evening they crammed into a small church overflowing with locals coming to hear the worship. Traveling to more remote areas was eye opening for our West Michigan students, providing a chance for learning to come alive in a way no text book could offer. One of the biggest highlights of the trip was baptizing four of our students, including one of our students who made a profession of faith for the first time. After a year of prayers, we were thrilled to welcome him to the family of God! Junior Audrey Kamphuis shared, “It is truly amazing how we got to minister to the people in Belize through the powerful act of worship. This trip was very special to me and will be for the rest of my life.”

Students Partner with Costa Rican School


igh school senior Rachel den Dulk was among the NorthPointe Christian students who traveled to Costa Rica. She shares about the trip experience in her own words:

Last year I was sitting in Spanish class when my teacher presented an opportunity to go to Costa Rica for a J-Term trip and experience the Costa Rican culture as well as connecting with a Christian school and church in Quepos. I was immediately interested, but little did I know the impact this new appealing adventure would have on my life.

I found a new appreciation for a world that was not better or worse; it was just different and full of lessons that would shape a new me. I began to realize how much I had to learn from everyone and felt so blessed that God put so many people, from kids to adults, who were full of wisdom and experience in my path throughout the span of the trip.

everyone involved. Their gratitude for the opportunities El Puente Christian School gave them was overflowing and inspiring. We could all feel the overwhelming presence of God in the school.

I again was challenged by thinking about how much I take my Christian education for granted. I was reminded of Luke 12:48, ”Everyone to whom much was given, of We had the privilege to meet students from him much will be required, and from him El Puente Christian School and get to know to whom they entrusted much, they will them throughout the week. They showed demand the more.” God has given to us us the beauties of Costa Rica and helped abundantly in America, and I want to take us with the VBS we put on for the kids of a During the fourteen days I spent in Costa Rica, local church. Even though we all came from full responsibility for the gifts and blessings my perspective on life went through a huge that God has given to me. I want to use them different backgrounds or cultures, we had transformation. I am so glad that God made for his glory and continue to push myself an undeniable community--all made in the such a diverse world. One thing that my trip image of God. The kids radiated a contagious out of my comfort zone so I can continue to leader Bill Van Dyk said to us over and over uncover all the beauty God has placed in his joy that spread to everyone that week. When while we were there was this: ”It is not better world and his people. I will forever cherish we got to visit El Puente, it was obvious that or worse; it is just different.” Everyday I began contagious joy originated at the school. The and thank God for my time in Costa Rica and to appreciate that saying more and more. the people that I met there. kids were so grateful for the school and 7


Elementary Digs into the Sciences


lementary teachers continue to emphasize hands-on science learning. First grade students enjoyed Mad Science Day with special guest sub, Professor Quigglesworth. Kindergarten students recently enjoyed a worm farm. The nature-based space in the back of the property allows not only the Nature Based Preschool to explore but is utilized by Young Fives as well. The outdoor gardens chickens - new to our playground a year ago - allow students a chance to feed the chickens and gather eggs. Throughout the school, the sciences come alive as students “dig in” (sometimes quite literally) to learning.

Robotics Continues Strong


fter a successful first year of earning Rookie of the Year, NorthPointe’s Robotics team, the Mechanical Mustangs, returned to the F.I.R.S.T. Robtoics competition for another year of success, fun, and creative problem solving.

Robotics is now offered as both a class offering and an after school club. Students had two months to design, build, and test a robot in preparation for two weekends of competitions against over 80 other Michigan Robotics teams. Students rose to the occasion demonstrating resilience, ingenuity, and teamwork. They competed with their robot at Kettering University and Grand Valley State University. At Kettering, the code written by freshman Lucas Ziegler was the most successful and consistent code and won the Ford Motor Company Autonomous Code Award. At Grand Valley, our Mechanical Mustangs placed sixth out of forty teams and received the Creativity of Engineering and Design from F.I.R.S.T. Robotics based on the uniqueness of the robot design. The team was only a few points shy of making it to State. Robotics teacher Kaitlin Peterson remarked: “We’re looking forward to building on this year’s experience and shooting towards State next year.”


Science Enhancements: Help Us Enhance Our Science Curriculum! NorthPointe is looking to expand our elementary, middle, and high school science offerings. Plans include an Engineering track through Project Lead the Way, Inc., an eight credit college level Chemistry course through a partnership with Grace University, enhancing Biology and Earth Science equipment at both the middle and high school levels, and new elementary curriculum. Total cost for these enhancement is estimated at $145,000. We would love your help making this possible!


Engineering Curriculum & Teacher Training - $7,800 3D Printer (4 desired) - $2,799/printer Nascos Student Microscope (quantity of 5) - $1,730 Lab stools and chemical resistant tables - $10,855 Skeleton for Anatomy studies - $550 Snap Circuit Extreme kits (quantity of 3) - $460

*For an exhaustive list, please contact Todd Tolsma at 616.942.0363


NorthPointe continues to rely on donors like you to help fund our Tuition Assistance Program. The more we are able to raise for tuition assistance, the more families in need we are able to say “yes” to and welcome into our student body.

To all who contributed to our Tuition Assistance Auction!

Tuition Assistance Supports


We raised over $120,000 towards our Tuition Assistance Program!


& 153


SAVE THE DATE • 2020 Tuition Assistance Auction • March 14th 2020



NEED 1.5 M

We NEED you! We can’t complete our building project without you! Help us provide facilities that match the caliber of our curriculum and teachers and the talents and skills of our students. Help us grow our community impact by making room for more families to partner with us.



WAYS TO PARTNER: Forward in Faith

1.5 million still needed. Help us take the next step towards new facilities.

Tuition Assistance

The need is ongoing. Help us reach more families in need.

NorthPointe Christian Educational Foundation

Invest your contribution; the dividends will support NPC while the principal grows.

WAYS TO GIVE: Online: npchristian.org Checks: 3101 Leonard St, NE; Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (drop off a check or mail) Give without spending an extra dime: Select NorthPointe Christian as your charity on Amazon Smile – smile.amazon.com Appreciated Assets/Gifts in Kind/Legacy Giving: Please contact: Todd Tolsma, tolsmat@npchristian.org 9


New NPC Athletic Director NorthPointe is pleased to announce that Shon Cottle from our Counseling Department has been appointed Athletic and Student Life Director. Shon will continue to build on the nine years Scott Huckaby invested in building a strong athletic program, grounded in character development. Shon brings over sixteen years in education and coaching experience. He’s coached football, volleyball, basketball, cross

Golf Wins State Title! Our boys golf team secured the state title for the second year in a row! The mustangs shot 313 and 311 during the two-day tournament, finishing just three strokes ahead to claim the Division 3 title. Senior Erik Fahlen tied for second in Division 3 this season, carding two rounds of 73.

Shon Cottle pictured left

Track Achievements: Halle Schnyders (100 M, 200 M) and Abbigail Poquette (800 M) - State Finals Qualifiers

Athletic Achievements:

BOYS Basketball - District Champions photo credit: Lori Melton

GIRLS Basketball - OK Silver Conference Champions 10 photo credit: Lori Melton

Baseball - Ok Silver Conference Champions photo credit: Lori Melton

Cheer - State Finals Qualifiers, OK Silver Conference Champions

Bowling - Holly Kooiker and Lydia France - State Finals Qualifiers


country, track and field, and even a year of cheer. He is a graduate of Grand Valley State and received his masters at Western Michigan. Shon’s institutional knowledge, community support, and breadth of experiences are all huge assets for this new position. “It’s not just Shon’s experience at NPC that makes him such a great fit for this role, it is his evident personal walk with the Lord and heart for our mission ‘to equip students to impact their world for Christ.’” said High School Principal Tom Molenkamp. Shon is looking forward to the unique aspects of the Athletic Director role at NorthPointe Christian. He says,“It includes spiritual development and utilizes sports as a vehicle to build character; I love that part of the role. I’m excited to mentor coaches and continue emphasizing both the character and spiritual aspect of our athletic program as we continue to compete at a high level.” NorthPointe is excited to welcome Shon and looks forward to continuing in our tradition of being #mustangstrong.

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Koenes Auto Body

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Our Alumni are Impacting the World for Jesus Christ


Red dots indicate alumni locations







We want to keep up with you!

Please email Pam Lasher with your updated contact info: lasherp@npchristian.org 9

Haven’t heard about your class’ reunion? Contact your Exec Board or Pam Lasher. A reunion kit is available for those interested. 14



Have you seen our Alumni Businesses Facebook Group?


From NorthPointe to Notre Dame to Camel Cheese Farmer


huck Lawrence never set out to have a business in camel cheese. After graduating from NorthPointe Christian in 2000, he headed to Cedarville University where he earned a degree in Biology, then went on to get a Master in Biology in Immunology and Infectious Disease at the University of Notre Dame. He and his wife Kristin moved to Tunisia, North Africa for employment with Tunisian

researchers. While working in Tunsia, Chuck and Kristin craved high quality cheese not available to them abroad. “Why not make our own?” they thought. Their kitchen creations became a quick hit not just for their own palate, but for residents around them as well. Their cow and goat cheese sold well enough to enter a business partnership with a Tunisian. They recently restarted the business

1980’s (9) Teri (Brainard) Barnett ‘89 recently received her PhD from Walden University in Education—Learning, Innovation, and Instruction. Teri lives in Georgia and plans to teach collegiately.

2000’s (6) Kristin (Cobb) Hosmer ’01 and her husband Travis welcomed their first baby, Harper Julia, on March 30th, 2019. Kristin is a physical therapist at Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy in Lowell. Mandy (Schuitema) McGovern ‘03 recently published “My Little Michigan Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from a Homemade Life Lived Well.” Matt Wideman ’03 received his Doctor of Nurse Practice degree from Grand Valley State University in April. Matt and his wife Amanda have four children. (3 ) Dave and Danae (Sommers) Woodhouse ‘04 were married January 3, 2019 in Devon, England.

in a new town as Sahara Cheese Co. Their frequent trips to the Sahara Desert provides access to camel milk, a unique product which produces a grana style and delicious cheese. In addition to their unusual business, the Lawrences homeschool their five children in the beauty of a Mediterranean beach town and extend love to the people around them.

2010’s Andrea (Ludwig) ’04 Farrell and her husband Trevor welcomed their second son, Farley, in April. (1) Kari (Van Reenen) Alvarado ‘06 and her husband Jesse welcomed Hendrika “Rika” Ruth, born in December 2018. (2 ) Brittany (Johnson) Noll ’07 and her husband Tim welcomed their first child, Avery Jo, on January 5th, 2019. Amanda (Roels) DeLong ‘09 became the Broker/Owner of her own real estate brokerage, Evermark Realty, in January, offering the highest level of real estate throughout West Michigan. Amanda holds numerous real estate titles including being named a ’30 Under 30’ Realtor by the National Association of Realtors in 2018. (10 ) Nate Vanderveen ‘09 owns Twin Pinces Lawn Care & Snowplowing and celebrated his 10th year in business. The Class of 2009 enjoyed a 10 th Anniversary celebration.

( 8 ) Angela Bratt ’16 graduated from Grand Canyon University’s Honors College as their Outstanding Senior of the Year. She has accepted a position at ON Semiconductor as a Social Media Coordinator on their Global Communications team in Phoenix, AZ. ( 7 ) Ben Boverhof ’10 and his wife welcomed their second daughter, Layla Mae, born in December 2018. (4) Scott ’14 and Evie (Culver) ’16 Smith married in March 2019. The bridal party included fourteen alumni from their graduating classes. ( 5 ) Dylan DeVries ’11 and Kaitie were married in November 2018; they live in Arizona. Brandon Tolsma ‘10 and Emma were married April 2019.

In Memoriam Mrs. Sharon VanderMyde, previous 3rd grade teacher at our elementary for over 20 years, passed in March 2019. 15


3101 Leonard Street NE Grand Rapids MI 49525-5832


He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” Philippians 1:6

They are headed to the following institutions to further hone their gifts: Alma College Calvin College Cornerstone University Davenport University Ferris State University Grace Christian University Grand Canyon University Grand Rapids Community College Grand Valley State University Hillsdale College Hope College Indiana Wesleyan University Kendall College of Art & Design Lee University Marine Corps Michigan State University Muskegon Community College North Park University Ohio State University Olivet College Rutgers University Spring Arbor University Taylor University Trinity Christian College University of California–Davis University of CA –Santa Barbara University of Michigan


CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2019!

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The Advantage - Spring/Summer 2019  

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The Advantage - Spring/Summer 2019  

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