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Fair is about ag, and much more Behind the scenes, hard work shapes annual event By DIANE WETZEL

Midget wrestling? Yep. Mutton bustin’? Yep. Funnel cakes? Yep. Welcome to the 2012 Lincoln County Fair. Working behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the annual event, taking place this year from July 20-30, are the members of the Lincoln County Ag Society. The organization was first established in the 1890s to promote Telegraph file photo agricultural activities Volunteers sort flowers during Entry Day at the 2010 in the county. Among Please see FAIR, Page 3

Lincoln County Fair. This year’s fair will take place from July 20-30 in North Platte.

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the most visible of these is the annual county fair that takes place in North Platte every summer. The Ag Society works with the University of Nebraska Extension service to promote agricultural programs. Among the responsibilities of the 15-member board is the operation of the county fair, including the maintenance and upkeep of facilities. “The fair is what gets the most attention in the media, but things are happening out at the fairgrounds all year long,” said Ag Society President Chad Mahnken. The board works hard to provide an attractive location for the fair and other activities, Mahnken said. “Keeping the fairgrounds in good shape isn’t just about the one week out of the year of fair,” he said. “It’s so the facilities can be there 365 days a year for people to use.” Located on U.S. Highway 30 just west of North Platte, the Lincoln County Fairgrounds has facilities for just about any activity, from wedding receptions to cattle auctions. An outdoor arena is available for rodeos, circuses and equestrian events. “The fair isn’t just about cows and horses,” Mahnken said. “There is something for everyone.” The Ag Society is a taxing organization, levying about a halfcent per $100 of property valuation on property owners in the

county. Their elections take place separately from other government entities. Board members must live in Lincoln County, be registered voters and be nominated for the job by another board member. “Their board sets their own budget and submits it to my office,” said Lincoln County Clerk Rebecca Rossell. “Then the Lincoln County Commissioners set their levy, just as they do for all other political subdivisions.” The Ag Society received approximately $174,000 in tax revenues in 2011, according to County Assessor Julie Stenger. The money is divided between the Ag Society’s operating budget and

COUNTY FAIRS 2012 building and grounds. All board members are volunteers. The only paid employees are a promotions secretary, full time groundskeeper and part-time summer help. “All of the board members have put in time helping out, doing everything from painting to scooping out stalls,” Mahnken said. “My wife and I have put in quite a bit of time cleaning bathrooms. We do whatever needs to be done.” “There have been a lot of changes at the fairgrounds,” said Ag Society Vice President Chad Hasenauer. “We built a very nice new barn out there, and we have two really nice buildings for receptions and graduations. The annual Country

Bluegrass Show is there each year, and we recently had two circuses in seven days.” And yes, there really will be midget wrestlers performing at the fair this year. “We are trying to do something different,” Mahnken said. “There will be women wrestlers too, and a 500 pound guy that will wrestle.” Along with Mahnken and Hasenauer, the current Lincoln County Ag Society members are Philip Charlton, Marlena Sheets, Jay Colbur n, Brandon Jones, Ed Milne, Garret Koester, Jack



Albrecht, Jeff Dewey, For a complete list of Jessica Lamphear, Lincoln County Fair John Lamphear, Rod events, go to www.linCalvin, Suzanna Klaas- meyer and Tom Hansen.

4 SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012



Livestock entries increase at 2012 fair ‘It’s just a good chance to see the great quality of animals we have in Lincoln County’


It looks like the upward trend in livestock entries will continue at the Lincoln County Fair this year. Randy Saner, extension educator, said he ran out of sheep and goat tags during a recent weigh-in and had to borrow some from another county. Sheep numbers had been down in recent years while goats had been holding steady. According to Saner, part of this year’s increase could be because a breeding doe class for meat goats has been added at the state level. “Plus, sheep and

goat projects aren’t quite as intense and expensive as some of the other ones,” Saner said. “They’re easy projects to get into, and the smaller animals are easier for kids to handle than the big ones.” The number of production pigs has also grown. Saner said when only 11 were entered last year, he was afraid the program might have to be dropped. “Now we’re back up to 30, which is good because it’s a total program,” he said. Three pigs can be shown this year, whereas before participants were only allowed two. Saner said the change was

made after officials noticed there was extra room in the hog barn last year. Children compete in a live show, a carcass class and a rate of gain category, which isn’t available for other pig divisions. They also have to fill out record books, which Saner said are educational for both parents and 4Hers. “It gives everyone a better idea of how much they have invested,” he said. “It may change some buying habits and feed, but what it really does is show people what they have to get out of pigs when they sell them.” It’s the second year for kids to compete in carcass data classes, during which ultrasounds are done on the animals. Saner said lean mass and muscle quantity are examined

in sheep, goats and pigs. The fat content is scored in cattle. “Judges look for the highest dollar per pound carcass,” Saner said. “If the carcass is too small or too big, the kids get docked. It teaches them about proper animal nutrition and the process of selling a carcass.” He said it also indicates what improvements, if any, need to be made to animals headed to the State Fair. According to Saner, the number of entries in the breeding heifer program has also increased now that belt buckles are awarded to the overall champions. Entries dipped to 20 in 2010, compared to the high 30s and low 40s of years past. “We’re excited to see

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them go back up because it’s a program that can be carried from year to year,” he said. “Kids can actually build their own herds.” Poultry entries have risen by nearly 100 since the 1990s. Saner attributed that to a good 4-H leader being available, the fact that it’s one of the cheaper projects and because kids can sell their chickens at the fair livestock sale and make money off them. Also new this year is a set of permanent tie-outs southeast of the beef barn. Kids can stake their animals out there in the evenings to cool them off, give them some exercise and get them outside for a while. “It also keeps the barn cleaner that way,” Saner

said. “Before, we used to have to put up panels and then take them down again. Usually, it was hot and you burned your hands and sweated a lot. Now,


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COUNTY FAIRS 2012 we won’t have to worry about that.” He said the fair board paid for the tieouts, and 4-Hers installed them. Saner encouraged people to attend the fair. “The kids learn a lot about how hard work pays off when they have to feed and care for animals,” he said. “We need to encourage that. Plus, it’s just a good chance to see the great quality of animals we have in Lincoln County.”



4-H program is the foundation of the fair By STEVE WILSON

For 91 years, the 4-H program has been steadily working to improve the lives and broaden the horizons of youth in Lincoln County. “Extension work and 4-H programs have been present in Lincoln County continuously since 1921,” said Randy Saner,


4-H Extension Educator for LincolnMcPherson Counties. “Prior to that there was an agricultural agent for six months during 1918. There were 54 members that first year. In 2001 Cooperative Extension and the 4-H program touched the lives of over 9,090 young people in Lincoln County.” Saner is optimistic about 4-H’s Lincoln-

McPherson’s participation in the Lincoln County Fair next month. “All enrolled 4-H members can display their projects at the Lincoln County Fair for judging,” he said. “The LincolnMcPherson Extension office in cooperation with the Lincoln County Ag Society

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6 SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012

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oversees the 4-H competition and judging at the Fair. Items are displayed throughout the fair for viewing by the general public. These

exhibits are the culmination of hard work and hands on learning activities.” Saner cited some relatively recent developments and features for 4-H in Lincoln and McPherson counties. These advances have

COUNTY FAIRS 2012 afforded new opportunities for participants, such as the carcass contest using ultrasound on live animals. That was introduced last year. “The comments were positive and 4-H members and their

parents were interested in the data collected,” Saner said. “We collected back fat, loin eye area, intramuscular fat, beef only. They also had a value put on their animal using grid pricing. The market price value was


what they would receive if sold to the packing plant. This program helps youth and adults see the value of their animal on a real-world basis.” Saner also cited the production swine and shooting sports programs, both of which were established within the past three years “This program looks at the pig and youth as being in production agriculture,” Saner said. “We have more families raising their own pigs to show for the fair. They have also found a niche market for selling finished pigs locally. Shooting sports was new in 2011 and has 60 youth signed-up in 2012.” Serving more than 143,000 youth, Nebraska 4-H is the largest youth organization in the state of Nebraska, according to Stu Shepherd, Executive Director of the Nebraska 4H Foundation. “While most people

are familiar with 4-H in rural Nebraska, 52 percent of the participants in 4-H live in the Omaha and Lincoln area and participate in school enrichment programs as well as 4H after school programs,” Shepherd said, adding that his son Collin spent last summer working with Tanzania 4-H. Shepherd said that 4H was founded in the fields and farms of America, and its missions is still to empower youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults. With some 60 million 4-H alumni nationwide, 4-H is the largest youth development program in the United States and the world, currently active in 72 countries. To learn how you can get involved with 4-H locally, contact Randy Saner at or at 308-532-2683.

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4-Hers travel the country Neb. youngsters take two-week bus tour to D.C. By ANDREW BOTTRELL

On Thursday, 69 4-H participants from six west-central Nebraska counties returned from the Citizenship Washington Focus 2012 in Washington, D.C., which included a two-week bus tour across the country. The two-week bus trip, which the University of Nebraska-Lincoln sponsors once every three years, takes youth across the country visiting historical sites and to the national conference. On this trip, 4-Hers saw the Arch and Grand Union Station in St. Louis and toured the Gettysburg National Military Park on their way to Washington, D.C. Then, the group got a full tour of Washington, D.C., including the U.S. Capitol, Arlington National Cemetery, the World War II Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. “There was a lot of different things and new experiences,” said Tyler Christensen, of

North Platte, who said his favorite part was visiting the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., because his grandfather is a WWII veteran. While in Washington, D.C., the group also participated in Citizenship Washington Focus 2012, which educates 4-H youth from around the country about how the government operates. “[They] interact with [4-Hers from] seven states,” said Brenda Aufdenkamp, with the Lincoln County Extension Office. The conference includes mock legislation and developing a citizenship action plan, centered on youth, she said. “[It’s fun] getting to know the kids,” she said. “The kids are always excited.” While in Washington, D.C., the youth also ate breakfast with Congressional representatives from Nebraska. On the way home, there were more historical sites to see, including the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and the World Trade Center site in New York City. “The World Trade Center memorial was neat to see,” he said. Complete Water Systems for Lawn Yard • Domestic Livestock Pumps, Sprinklers, Stock Tanks

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“It’ll mean a lot knowing I’ve been to all these memorials.” He said the Freedom Tower isn’t complete, but Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum was a great experience. Christensen has participated in 4-H for 10 years, and has shown sheep, cattle and pigs. He said he learned a lot from the conference in Washington, as well, about how the governmental process works. “I went on it when I was in high school and it’s a very hopping trip,” said Brenda Christensen, Tyler’s mother. The group also went to Niagara Falls and a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, before arriving in North Platte on Thursday.






July 7-11 Boone County Fair and Rodeo Boone County Fairgrounds 2616 Fairgrounds Road, Albion 402-395-9979 July 10-15 Madison County Fair and Rodeo North edge of Madison 402-454-2144 Three nights of concerts, exhibits, food and fun for the entire family. Fun-pass $30 July 11-15 Hall County Fair Fonner Park, 700 E. Stolley Park Rd., Grand Island 308-382-4515 Concerts, rides, 4-H events, live entertainment, Carnival Moore’s Greater Shows July 11-15 Hitchcock County Fair Railroad and Wyoming St., Culbertson 308-276-2258 Livestock shows, bicycle rodeo, stock car racing July 11-14 Fremont 4-H Fair, Dodge County Fremont 402-727-2775 July 11-15 Platte County Fair Platte County Ag. Society, Columbus 402-564-0133

Theme: Come Join the Fun in 2012 Outdoor Beer Garden, July 13-17; Carnival Merriam’s Midway Shows July 12-15 Jefferson County Fair 56885 PWF Road (just east of Fairbury) 402-729-5792 Theme: Barn to Be Wild July 12-15, 2012 Nemaha County Fair Ninth and J St., Auburn 402-274-3342 July 14-19 Kearney County Fair Kearny County Fairgrounds North of Minden on Hwy 10 308-832-0645 July 15-22 Dakota-Thurston County Fair and Rodeo South Sioux City 402-494-5522 July 16-21 Fillmore County Fair Geneva 402-759-3712 July 16-21 Furnas County Fair Beaver City 308-268-4018

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July 17-22 Butler County Fair David City 402-367-3551 July 17-22 Saline County Fair Tuxedo Park, Crete 402-947-2006 Livestock shows, rodeo, figure 8 racing and more. July 18-22 Adams County Fair Adams County Fairgrounds, 947 S. Baltimore, Hastings 402-462-3247 or 888-462FAIR Wednesday, July 18, Ronnie Milsap; Thursday, July 19, Justin Moore; Friday, July 20, Jake Owen; Saturday, July 21, Craig Morgan. Demolition Derby, Sunday, July 22, at 4 p.m. July 18-22 Cedar County Fair 88266 564 Avenue-Northeast side of Hartington 402-254-6821 Theme: It’s a Family Tradition July 18-22 Pierce County Fair Pierce 402-329-4327 Monster Truck and Motorcycle Stunt Show, Nebraska Bush Pullers, Tractor Pulls, Bull-A-Rama

Admission: Wednesdayfree, Thursday, Friday and Sunday-$10, Saturday-$25, 12 and Under Free Admission Season Pass-$30. July 18-20 Douglas County TD Ameritrade Park, Omaha Times: 7 p.m. Rascal Flatts, July 18; Brad Paisley, July 20 July 19-22 Frontier County Fair Hwy 18, Stockville 308-367-5402 July 19-20 Howard County Agricultural Fair 1 mile N. of St. Paul, West side of Hwy. 281 308-754-8065 4-H and open class, Bull Penning July 20-21 Sarpy County Red, White & Que Nebraska State BBQ Championship, Bellevue University, Bellevue July 21-28 Morrill County Fair Highway 88 South of Bridgeport 308-641-6104 July 22-28 Cheyenne County Fair and Rodeo 10955 US Hwy 30, Sidney 308-254-5960 Rodeo, bull riding, exhibits, and more

July 22-26 Phelps County Fair 1308 2nd St., Holdrege 308-995-6319 4-H Competition and Exhibits. Sunday-Family Night Singing Monday-Free BBQ July 22-27 Sherman County Fair Hwy. 92, Loup City 308-745-0444 Grandstand Entertainment, Exhibits, BBQ and more. July 23-28 Sheridan County East 3rd St., Gordon 308-282-0662 Exhibits, rodeos, parade, country western entertainment and more. July 25-29 Red Willow County Fair Near the cross sections of West 5th and O St., McCook 308-345-4650 July 25-30 Buffalo County Fair 3807 Avenue N, Kearney 308-236-1201 Theme: Rolling Out the Family Fun July 25-29 Dundy County Fair South of Main St., across the railroad tracks, Benkelman 308-423-2021 or 308-4235432

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Friday, July 20 7:00 pm – Ranch Rodeo @ Great Western Bank Arena Saturday, July 21 11:00 am - NP Volunteer Fire Dept. Water Fights at Parkade Plaza (Alco) Registration at 10:30 am. Contact Marshall Robinson at 308-530-2092 with any questions. 5:00 pm – Gates @ Raceway Open with Beer Garden 7:00 pm – Sandhills Shootout Race starts Sunday, July 22 8:00 am – Open to the World Horse Show @ Great Western Bank Arena Wednesday, July 25 7:00 pm – LCAS Team Sort @ Great Western Bank Arena Thursday, July 26 5:00 pm – Beer Garden opens with “Jeff Michaels” Hypnotist 7:00 pm – MWA Wrestling – Men, Women, & Midgets!!!! @ Great Western Bank Arena 9:00 pm – “Jeff Michaels” Hypnotist in Beer Garden Friday, July 27 @ Great Western Bank Arena 10:00 am – Magic Rob – Family Magician 12:00 noon – “Jeff Michaels” Hypnotist 5:00 pm – Kid’s Mutton Bustin’ - Sponsored by New Car Dealers 7:00 pm – Magic Rob – Family Magician 7:00 pm – Jeff Michaels Hypnotist in Beer Garden 9:00 pm – “Nashville Reject” 10:00 pm – Stoney LaRue - Sponsored by Beveridge Well Drilling & Sculley‘s Shooters Friday, July 27 @ Raceway 5:00 pm – Beer Garden opens 6:30 pm – Chamber Ag Challenge in Infield 7:00 pm – Demo Derby Saturday, July 28 10:00 am – Magic Rob – Family Magician 11:00 am – Jeff Michaels Hypnotist @ Bandshell 12:30 – Mid Nebraska Pedal Pullers – Kid’s Tractor Pull (Registration begins @ 11:30) *Sponsored by Titan Machinary 3:00 pm – Beer Garden opens @ Great Western Bank Arena 5:00 pm – Magic Rob – Family Magician 5:30 pm – “Charcoal for Charity” 6:30 pm – “Jeff Michaels” Hypnotist in Beer Garden

8:00 pm - Jonny Klein Bull Riding “Chaos at the County Fair” 9:00 pm - “Nashville Reject” (Free Concert) - Great Western Bank Arena Sunday, July 29 8:00 am – Stock Dog Trials @ Great Western Bank Arena 10:00 am – Magic Rob – Family Magician 11:00 am - Minnow Races Call 534-8191 for registration details 1:00 pm – Toad & Turtle Race 5:00 pm – Magic Rob – Family Magician Wild Encounters – Sponsored by Heartland Animal Clinic Bandshell Entertainment July 26 11 am, 2 pm, 4 pm - Gary Phipps Show 1:00 pm – Ray Mullen Show 2:30 pm – Janet King Show 4:00 pm – Gary Phipps Show w/guest singers July 27 11 am, 2 pm, 4 pm - Gary Phipps Show 1:00 pm – Janet King Show 2:30 pm – Ray Mullen Show 4:00 pm – Flatrock Illregulars z – Leroy James & Friends July 28 11 am, 2 pm, 4 pm - Gary Phipps Show 1:00 pm – Sandhills Shamrocks 3:00 pm – Ray Mullen Show 4:30 pm – Gary Phipps Show July 29 2 pm, 4 pm - Gary Phipps Show 2:00 pm – Texaco Country Showdown *Papa Bear Carving Shows & Auction TBA

4-H EVENTS Wednesday, July 25 All open class and 4-H entries entered between 8:00 am & noon. 2:30 – 3:30 pm – 4-H Bake Sale @ Fairgrounds 4:00 – 7:00 pm – 4-H Bake Sale @ Westfield Thursday, July 26 8:30 am – 4-H Rabbit Show followed by Open Class 9am - 8pm - Commercial Building Vendors Open 9:00 am – 4-H Poultry Show followed

by Open Class 9:00 am – 4-H Dog Show followed by Agility @ Adams Bank Show Ring 10:00 am – Cookie Jar Silent Auction Begins 5:00 pm – Decorated Cake Challenge 6:30 pm – Companion Animal Show (cats/pets) @ Adams Bank Show Ring Friday, July 27 8:00 am – 4-H Swine Show 9am - 8pm - Commercial Building Vendors Open 11:00 am – 4-H & Open Class Goat Show 1:00 pm – 4-H Sheep Show followed by Open Class 5:00 pm - 4-H Shooting Sports Competition Adams Bank Show Ring (in 1st National Bank Livestock Building) & South of Caboose Saturday, July 28 8:00 am – Adams Bank Show Ring (in 1st National Bank Livestock Building) 4-H Market Heifers 4-H Market Steers (Champion Picks) Bucket Calves & Open Class Bucket Calves Pen of Five Market Steers Noon - Cake Auction @ Caboose 9am - 8pm - Commercial Building Vendors Open 9:00 pm – Midnight – Teen Dance @ Centennial Village Sunday, July 29 10:00 am – Adams Bank Show Ring (in 1st National Bank Livestock Building) Open Class Cattle Show 4-H Breeding Beef Show Cow/Calf Pairs Stocker Feeder Calves Beef Showmanship Round Robin Show to follow 11am - 5pm - Commercial Building Vendors Open Monday, July 30 10:00 am – Adams Bank Show Ring (in 1st National Bank Livestock Building) 4-H Livestock Sale – Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits & Cattle Saturday August 4 & 5 4-H Horse Show Great Western Bank Arena

10 SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012

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July 25-29 Gage County Fair and Expo Logan St. and Scott St., Beatrice 402-223-FAIR or 402-2233247 Admission: $4 July 25-28 Garfield County Frontier Fair NE Highways 11 and 19, Burwell 308-346-5010 Homemaking and livestock exhibits, agricultural machinery, commercial vendors and more. July 25-30 Lincoln County Fair 5015 W. Highway 30, North Platte, 308-534-8191

July 25-28 Pawnee County Fair Pawnee City 402-852-2200 July 25, 2012 - July 29, 2012 Polk County Fair N. Blvd., Osceola 402-747-8917 July 25-Aug. 1 Thomas County Fair Thedford 308-645-2646 Grandstand Entertainment, Bull fest, BBQ, parade, night golf, games and more. July 25-29 Wayne County Fair Highway 35, Wayne 402-375-5531 Friday, July 30, Comedian Herb Dixon, 7:30 p.m. followed by Chad Lee; Tracy

COUNTY FAIRS 2012 Lawrence, Saturday, July 31, 7:30 p.m.

on Crescent, Bladen 402-756-1024

July 25-28 Garfield County Burwell Big Rodeo Facebook Fun, excitement and history of the best outdoor rodeo in the United States

July 27-Aug. 5 Scotts Bluff County Fair W. Highway 26 to 22nd Ave., S. to 13th St., Mitchell 308-632-1480 or 308-6231828 Beauty Pageant Josh Thompson, Aug. 4, 8 p.m., Opening-The McClymonts 7 p.m.

July 26-28 Gosper County Fair Elwood 308-785-2716 Entertainment and more July 26-29 Hamilton County Fair 8th and A St., Aurora 402-694-FAIR or 402-3631649 July 26-28 Webster County Fair and Rodeo West on N. Railway North


Feed for 4-Hers, Kiddie Tractor Pull, Garden Tractor Pull July 28-Aug. 1 Nuckolls County Fair Nelson 402- 225-2092 July 29-Aug. 5 Saunders County 4-H Fair Wahoo 402-432-2556

July 28-29 Colfax County Fair Leigh 402-892-3520 or 402-4872254

July 29-Aug. 5 Valley County Fair 801 S St., Ord 308-728-5071 4-H, Open Class

July 28-Aug. 1 Dixon County Fair Newcastle 402-355-2686 Theme: Old Fashioned Fun Open Class Team Horses, Team Penning, Watermelon

July 29-Aug. 3 Washington County Fair Highway 30, Arlington 402-478-4900 4-H, exhibit building, parade Sunday, antique tractor pull

July 29-July 2 Harlan County Junior Fair Harlan County Fairgrounds, Orleans 308-473-7045 4-H and FFA Livestock Shows and Static exhibits, free entertainment, free beef barbecue, Pig Wrestling, Livestock Sale, and 4-H recognition program July 29-Aug. 5, 2012 Valley County Fair Ord 308-728-5071 July 30-Aug. 1 Merrick County Agricultural Fair Fairgrounds Rd. West edge of Central City 308-940-0009 4-H, Livestock, Entertainment July 31-Aug. 5 Antelope County Fair Neligh 402-887-5252 Aug. 1-5 Dodge County Fair Scribner 402-380-0697 4-H displays, food, music, great rides, entertainment and lots of animals Aug. 1-4 Eustis Fair and Corn Show Eustis 308-486-4401 Aug. 1-5 Sarpy County Fair Springfield 402-253-2453 Tractor and pickup pulls, entertainment and more. Aug. 2-4 Boyd County Fair Spencer 402-589-1421 or 402-7752491 Aug. 2-6 Hooker County Fair NE Highway 2, Mullen 308-546-7311 Exhibits, livestock shows and more Aug. 2-5 Seward County Fair 14th St., Seward 402-643-3602 Exhibits, entertainment, and more.

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12 SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012


Music stars highlight Chase Co. Fair Travis Tritt, Bad Company’s Brian Howe and Theory of a Deadman to entertain fair visitors in Imperial BY ANDREW BOTTRELL

Four musical acts will highlight this year’s Chase County Fair in Imperial on Friday, Aug. 17, and Saturday, Aug. 18. Friday night, Travis Tritt hits the stage with Hunter Hayes, and Saturday night, Theory of Deadman and former Bad Company lead

singer Brian Howe will entertain fair-goers. The fair has featured a number of big acts in the past, including Gretchen Wilson, Oak Ridge Boys and .38 Special. “We’ve been trying to catch people just starting out,” said Dave Schilke, president of the fair board. “It’s been a lot of big acts.” The musical acts cap off

the weeklong Chase County Fair, beginning on Aug. 12, at the Chase County Fairgrounds, 560 Park St. in Imperial, with the Horse Show. At the beginning of the week, Schilke said, there are numerous 4-H activities in the arena. Other attractions include, the annual expo and the Midway Heart of America Carnival. “We have a variety of things,” Schilke said. “It’s one of the biggest expos around.” The Christian show on Wednesday attracts a lot of

people, as well, Schilke said. The demolition derby will also be on Thursday. “We’ve got a little bit of something for everybody,” Schilke said. “We try to attract all kinds of people — all different age groups. We try to keep everybody interested.” The Chase County Fair dates back more than 100 years, but started to become one of the biggest fairs in the state 60 years ago. “We’ve had a fair for over 100 years. In the 1950s, we started getting entertainment and it grew from

there,” he said. A relatively new event, the truck show on Saturday, continues to grow, Schilke said, in conjunction with the annual Corvette show and car show, an event that draws people from four states. “It’s getting to be bigger and bigger. Everybody shines up their trucks and shows them off on Saturday,” Schilke said. “There’s always a lot to see there.” Tickets for Chase County Fair events will go on sale to the public on Friday, June 22.

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Aug. 2-5 York County Fair North Lincoln Avenue York 402-362-2895 or 888-SEEYORK Theme this Year: Mardi Gras Madess Aug. 2 Lancaster County Pinewood Bowl Theater, Lincoln Train, 7:30 p.m. Aug. 2-5 Wheeler County Fair Bartlett 308-654-3000 Aug. 3-9 Custer County Fair 1710 Cherokee Lane, Junction of Hwy 70 and Hwy 2 Broken Bow 308-870-2493, Ag Office or 308-872-8376 Exhibits, entertainment and more Aug. 3-10 Dawes County Fair North Main St., Chadron 308-432-5206 120 4-H Exhibitors, and 200 open class Aug. 4-12 Dawson County Fair Dawson County Fairgrounds 1000 Plum Creek Pkwy, Lexington 308-324-3600 Theme: Year: Last Blast of the Summer Aug. 5-9 Burt County Fair Burt County Fair Grounds 505 W. Fulton, Oakland 402-685-5540 Aug. 6-13 Kimball-Banner County Fair Sixth St. and High School St., Kimball 308-235-3782 Aug. 6-8 Greeley County Agricultural Society Fair Spalding Park, Spalding 308-497-2263 Aug. 7-11 Cass County Fair Weeping Water 402-267-5120 or 402-2347288 Theme: Carnival Lights and Country Nights

Aug. 7-14 Box Butte County 1100 Niobrara Ave. Hemingford 308-487-5223 Aug. 7-11 Holt County Fair S.W. corner of townmarked on both highways, Chambers 402-482-5844 Theme: Let your Light Shine at the Holt County Fair Aug. 8-11 Loup County Fair Town Square, Taylor 308-214-0618 4-H night is Thursday, Livestock Shows Friday through Saturday, Kid’s Day on Friday, Free Stage Show and Dance on Saturday, Grand Parade 7 p.m. Saturday Aug. 8-12 Rock County Agricultural Fair Bassett 402-684-3472 Parade, exhibits, rodeo, BBQ, antique tractor pull and more Aug. 8-13 Kimball County Fair One block south of Highway 30 on High School St. and Sixth St., Kimball 308-235-5027 Aug. 9-12 Cuming County Fair West Point 402-372-5877 Aug. 9-11 Deuel County Fair Chappell 308-874-4103 4-H, local bands on Friday and Saturday night Aug. 9-14 Keith County Fair Keith County Fairgrounds Ogallala 308-284-6952 Entertainment, exhibits, parade and more. $20 in advance at Ogallala Chamber of Commerce or $25 at the gate Aug. 9-11 Knox County Fair 612 1/2 E. Main St Bloomfield 402-373-4615 Featuring big names in music, agricultural displays, and more. Please see FAIRS, Page 14

14 SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012


Country stars Bentley, Atkins to perform at Buffalo Co. Fair By ANDREW BOTTRELL

The Buffalo County Fair will feature two prominent country acts this year on Friday, July 27, and Saturday, July 28. Country stars Dierks Bentley and Rodney Atkins will headline the 2012 Buffalo County Fair at the fairgrounds in Kearney in July. Dave Roseberry, with the Buffalo County Fair manager, said tickets are still on sale for both shows by going to, for $30 and $35. Morgan Frazier will open for Bentley on

July 27, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Expo Center. Casey James opens up for Atkins, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Expo Center. The Buffalo County Fair is presented by Midway Auto Dealerships. “Another big draw is always the carnival,” Roseberry said. “You get a lot of the kids that are 4-H kids, and the other kids that aren’t. It seems like every kid in town is out here at some point.” The Heart of America Rides will be at the fairgrounds, July 2530. Rides will be open from 6-11 p.m. on July

25-26, 1-5 p.m. and 6-11 p.m. on July 27, 1-11 p.m. on July 28-29 and 6-11 p.m. on July 30. Wild Rider Wristbands are on sale for $49.95. “They’ve got a lot of adult rides and some kids rides, as well. It’s a pretty impressive setup,” Roseberry said. Buffalo County 4Hers are already getting ready for the annual event, as Buffalo County hosts one of the largest livestock shows in the state. “Our beef show is huge. We’ll have a couple hundred head of steers and heifers,” Please see STARS, Page 15

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Aug. 9-12 Nance County Fair Fullerton 308-536-2500 Aug. 9-12 Thayer County Fair Deshler 402-200-1267 Exhibit buildings, races, cattle penning, parade Aug. 11-19 Chase County Fair and Expo 560 Park St., Imperial 800-472-3247 or 308-8825260 also on Facebook Western Nebraska largest fair with events including live concerts by top coun-


try artists, exhibits and parade Aug. 12-15 Otoe County Fair Corner of First and Plum, Syracuse 402-269-3333 Aug. 15-19 Stanton County Fair Stanton 402-439-2003 Concerts, tractor pull and other fair events. Super Saver Season Pass $15, Daily Children 12 and Under Free, Adults 13 and up $10. Advance ticket-$10 for a book of 30 Aug. 17-19 Cherry County Fair Valentine 402-376-1699

Aug. 17-19 Grant County Fair and Rodeo 2 mi. E. on NE Highway 2, Hyannis 308-458-2579 NSRA approved rodeo, parade, barbecue, livestock shows and more. Aug. 19-21 Johnson County Fair Highway 136 or First Street on the west side, Tecumseh 402-335-7050 4-H judging, grandstand shows, antique tractor pull, special events, veteran’s parade Friday afternoon, kids rodeo Saturday, Church Service Sunday morning

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Aug. 23-26 Logan County Fair Highway 83 and Highway 82, Stapleton 308-636-2969 Aug. 24-26 Keya Paha County Fair 29 miles W. of Springview on Highway 12, Norden 402-497-3756 Aug. 24-30 Nebraska State Fair Nebraska State Fairgrounds, 1800 State Fair Park Dr. Lincoln 402-474-5371 Aug. 24-26 Popcorn Days-Valley County North Loup 308-496-4401

Aug. 31-Sept. 3 Brown County Fair and Rodeo Johnstown 402-387-1645 Cowboys and cowgirls from Nebraska and nearby states compete in the MSRA/NSRA sanctioned three day rodeo. Aug. 31-Sept. 3 Douglas County Septemberfest Barbecue and Ribeye Steak Cookoff Challenge CenturyLink Center Omaha-Lot D, Omaha 402-346-4800 $4 children under five admitted free








Nursery, Lawn & Garden

8th & Poplar 532-6100




Todd’s Alinement Service SALES

M-Sat 8am-6pm Closed Sundays





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Sept. 27-30 Douglas County Fair River City Rodeo and Stock Show Omaha

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Sept. 15-17 Richardson County Free Fair 718 Grand Ave., Humboldt 1034 4th St. East of Highway 105 402-862-2072 Parade every morning at 11 a.m., entertainment all three days at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., D.C.Lynch carnival rides and concessions around the square of the town. Competitive exhibits on the fairgrounds



Aug. 31-Sept. 2 Oregon Trail Rodeo Adams County Fairgrounds 947 S. Baltimore Ave., Hastings Theme: Are you tough

Douglas G. Todd (308) 534-4720


Carnival Todd Armstrong Shows


Aug. 21-26 Millard Days Fair Anderson Park, 136th and Millard Ave., Omaha


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Roseberry said. “That’s definitely a big part of [the fair].” Another popular event, the Bull Riding Chute Out, will begin at 7 p.m. at the Outdoor Arena on July 26, with mutton busting at 6:30 p.m. and registration beginning at 5 p.m. Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for kids 12 and under. Roseberry said they are expecting 300-500 entrants for the Anderson Wrecking Demolition Derby on July 29. The event begins at 5 p.m. at the Outdoor Arena. Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for kids under 12. Divas through the Decades will also perform July 29 at 7 p.m. at the Expo Center, with $5 admission. The fair culminates with the free barbecue, featuring the Galaxy of Stars, beginning at 5 p.m. at the Expo Center. The barbecue, which Roseberry said could serve as many as 2,500 people, is sponsored by Farm Bureau.


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enough to wear Pink? 402-462-3247 or 888-462-3247 7 p.m. nightly






SERVICE 1901 Rodeo Road North Platte, Nebraska 69101

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Good neighbors recognized with awards Honorees include several residents of counties in Nebraska’s western region Telegraph staff reports

The Knights of AkSar-Ben Foundation and the Omaha WorldHerald have announced the 68th annual Good Neighbor Award recipients. The Good Neighbor awards recognize individuals from Nebraska and western Iowa who have performed neigh-

borly acts and deeds unselfishly without personal gain. The 47 recipients represent 20 Nebraska counties. Later this year, award winners will be recognized at their local county fair with a certificate and Good Neighbor lapel pin. The names of area 2012 Ak-Sar-Ben Good Neighbor Award recip-

ients, and some information on why they were chosen: Kenny and Diana Ham, Wauneta — Hayes County This couple is very involved with their church where they serve as the organist and assist with youth activities. Kenny teaches many young hunters by inviting them out to hunt with him. They also drive individuals to doctor appointments and take meals to those who are ill. Deb Hayes, Imperi-

Information & Assistance Senior Centers • Health/Nutrition Senior Health Insurance Information Choosing Home or Community Based Services (CHOICES) - Care Management - Medicaid Waiver - Senior Care Options - Family Caregiver Suppor t Program

al — Chase County Deb is a volunteer member of the Imperial EMS. She makes sure that all flight for life and transports run smoothly and that all other calls are staffed. She was integral in getting a new ambulance and barn. She arranges crews to help at community events like Pre-School Fun Days, Fire Department Fourth of July and parades. Norman and Wanda Johnson, Callaway — Custer County Norman and Wanda are very active in the Callaway Senior Center. They take care of the snow removal and

maintain the yard and flowers in the summer. They are also active in their church and volunteer at the Kite Flight. In addition, they take seniors to appointments. Alice Lutes, Tryon — McPherson County Alice has given of her time for many years. She started the J.O.Y. Club Sunday School programs in her county. She currently runs three J.O.Y. Clubs each week and has touched many youth with her compassion and unselfishness. Sybil Moreland, Cody — Cherry County Sybil is always there

to help in any way possible. Several times she has driven her neighbors to doctor appointments, as far away as the Mayo Clinic. She has stayed with them for multiple days to offer support. She participates in various church and community events. Ferne Sutton, Ogallala — Keith County Ferne volunteers at the Senior Center and at the Health Department to take blood pressure once a month. She also volunteers at elections, meals on wheels and drives neighbors where they need to go.

Neb. bank buys name rights for State Fair arena By ROBERT PORE World-Herald News Service

GRAND ISLAND — In a first for the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island, a corporate donation by Five Points Bank has created the opportunity to rename the fair’s livestock arena as Five Points Bank Arena. Five Points Bank has made a 10-year, $750,000 endowment to the State Fair for the rights to rename the livestock arena. The unveiling of the new name was made Friday morning at a press conference in front of the arena. The Five Points Bank Arena is a 57,390 square foot complex connected to the Cattle Barn, which is 109,076 square feet on one side and the Small Animal Barn, which is 88,692 square feet on the other. The Five Points Bank Arena complex accommodates the livestock events during the Nebraska State Fair. During the off-season, the livestock arena and its adjoining facilities provide some of the largest and finest buildings in the Midwest for national, regional and local livestock shows and sales as well as for recreational and sportrelated events. The Nebraska State Fair opened at its new home in Grand Island in 2010 and the arena and modern livestock complex was part of a $42 million investment in the new fairgrounds at Fonner Park. The new Five Points Bank Arena will be get-

ting a good workout starting next week and for the next three weeks as a number of major national livestock shows will be happening on the fairgrounds, starting Sunday with the Junior National Charolais show. “It is the beginning of great things to come,” said Joseph McDermott, executive director of the Nebraska State Fair. Under the sponsorship agreement, Five Points Bank will provide $75,000 each of the next 10 years for a total sponsorship level of $750,000. “This sponsorship allows for an endowment for Fonner Park to use in the upkeep of the Five Points Bank Arena for the 10 months per year that it is under their care,” McDermott said. McDermott said that Five Points Bank has not only been a leader in the banking community for more than 40 years, “But also a community leader supporting so many worthwhile causes throughout the years with a keenly focused eye toward the future of just not Grand Island, but our great state of Nebraska.” Bill Marshall, president and chairman of the board of Five Points Bank, along with being a member of the State Fair Board of directors, said, “I am very pleased to be able to do this sponsorship for a number of reasons. ... It gives support to Fonner Park and the Nebraska State Fair.”


18 SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012


Farmers honored as Nebraska Pioneers Ak-Sar-Ben, Farm Bureau and fair group planning to distribute 109 Nebraska Pioneer Awards Telegraph staff reports

The Knights of Ak-SarBen and the Nebraska Fair Managers Association along with the Nebraska Farm Bureau announces the 109 honorees from 55 counties for the 2012 Pioneer Farm Family Awards. In order to qualify for this distinction, members of the same family must have owned a partial of land consecutively for at least 100 years. Since its inception, 59 years ago, more than 8,000 families have been granted

this award from across the region. Each honoree receives an engraved plaque and gatepost marker as permanent recognition of this milestone. The awards are presented during the annual county fair in which the land is located. This program is just one of those supported by the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben Foundation which was founded in 1895 “to leverage collective business leadership to build a more prosperous Heartland.� The following is a listing of the recipients by county:

Adams: Tammy and Dennis Gentert and family, Juniata; Ken and Sue Parr, Kenesaw Antelope: Michael Henery and Heath Henery, Norfolk; James R. Kilpatrick, Neligh; Ray and Debra Schlecht, Clearwater Banner: R. Douglas and Joy E. Bolin, Harrisburg Boone: John C. Tisthammer, Albion Buffalo: Sharon DeNeui, Pleasanton; Greg and Angela Smyth, Shelton Burt: Hollis B. and Ann M. Anderson, Oakland; Dan and Lee Bowland, Tekamah; Henry E. Kriebel Farm: Elaine K. Chamberlain, Tekamah and Carolyn A. Nordberg, Stromsburg; Jason Penke and Kelly Abrahams, Craig; Bruce and Prudence Skinner, Herman

Butler: Novacek Family, Bruno Cass: Roger M. Bornemeier and Laurel A. McReynolds, Elmwood Cedar: Kelly and Kelsey Konken, Hartington Cherry: Evahee and Andy Anderson, Gordon; Tanya and Eric Storer, Whitman Clay: LaVerne and Shirley Yost, Harvard Colfax: Anita Klitz, Dodge; Rolland D. Svec and Magdaline M. Svec Trusts, Rogers; Arnold A. and Loretta A. Tuma, Schuyler; Armella Vlcek, Omaha; Clarence and Dorothy Vogel, Howells; Thomas W. and Renae J. Vogel, Dodge Cuming: Gary Brandt, Lincoln; Melva Buchholz, Omaha; Ardyce Heinemann, Beemer; Michael

and Rosemary McGuire, Omaha Custer: Calvin F. Dittmar, Oconto; Russell W. Mattox, Broken Bow; Daniel O. and Marlene Sasek, Surgent Dawes: Judd Norman, Lincoln Dawson: John and Janet Wightman and Thomas Hyde, Lexington Dixon: Dennis W. and Retha R. Gould, Newcastle; Ervin F. and Frances L. Kramer Family Trust, Laurel Dodge: Norman J. Heese, Scribner Douglas: Mohrview Farm, Inc., Omaha Dundy: Robert Paul and Norma May Thomas, Stratton; Frank Tracy, Ardith Tracy and Irene L. Gooder, Max

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Fillmore: Weldon J. Bornschlegl, Ohiowa; Marvin H. Peter, Sutton Franklin: Grady Koch, Upland Furnas: Jerry D. and Arvida L. Warner, Beaver City Gage: Doug and Cindy Parde, Adams Grant: William E. and Twyla M. Thurston, Hyannis Harlan: Paul and Sharon Stevens, Orleans Holt: Kenneth J. and Brittney Koenig, Ewing Howard: Jim Sevcik, Omaha Jefferson: Flatung Family Farm: Sharon Kettelhut and Sandy Moss, Fairbury Johnson: Terry McAuliffe, Sterling Kearney: Abrahamson Estate, Axtell; South Winds, LLC: Steve and Julie Roeder, Kendra Roeder, Mitch and Jodi Bendix, Kearney Keya Paha: 3B Ranch Co., Omaha

COUNTY FAIRS 2012 Knox: Foner Farms, LLC窶適enneth Foner, Niobrara; Kevin and Janita Kube, Croften; Linda Lou Moles, Bloomfield; Virginia and Burnell Von Seggern, Orchard Madison: William J. and Chera Lee Avery, Norfolk; Regan and Dawn Kucera, Madison Merrick: Joyce N. Kuhn, Central City Nance: Kush Farms: Louis P. Kish, Alphonse A. Kush, Rita M. Tate, Leonard J. Kush, Raymond J. Kush, Elizabeth A. Zakrzewski and spouses, Genoa Nemaha: Gary and LuAnn Bray, Johnson Nuckolls: Janice Tordrup, Superior Otoe: Bose Family Farm: Henry R. Bose, Shirley Cappen, Mary Schechinger, Papillion; Boyne Hallowell, Palmyra; Bernard Kreifels and William Bebout, Nebraska City; Larry and Gayle Royal, Palmyra; Joy and Verle Schroder, Palmrya Perkins: Jane Faught Potts, Elsie

Platte: Lonne and Terri Groteluschen, Humphrey; Everett and Norma Hemmer, Columbus; Darrell and Patricia Janssen, Columbus; Peggy Schneider and Nancy Harders, Columbus Polk: Jane Roberts, B.J. VanVelson and Terry Anderson, Osceola; Dale and Sharon Yungdahl, Osceola Red Willow: Kenneth and Karen Kircher, Idianola; Jerry Kircher and Donna Kircher, Idianola; Lawrence Lester Morris, Hastings Saline: Dennis and Janet Bartels, Milligan; Rachel Niemeier, Fairbury; Gary Niemeier, DeWitt Saunders: Joel and Terri Konecky, Ithaca; Michael J. and Barbara A. Vanek, Ann Arbor, Mich. Seward: Betty Plautz, Seward Sioux: Marie K. Piper, Harrison Stanton: Donald E. Frank, Stanton; Terry and Gloria Spence, Stanton Thayer: Douglas Bruning, Bruning; Russell Hinds, Davenport; Max and Karen Hinrichs, Bruning; Rob



and Natalie Marsh, Belvidere; Louis and Madalyn Vieselmeyer, Daryl and Lois (Vieselmeyer) Nelson, Kearney Thurston: Larry W. Sunderman, Pender Valley: Clark S. Scott and Patricia L. Grudzinski, Grand Island; M.L. Jablonski Unified Credit Trust, Omaha; Czech 4 Lucky Stars, LLC., Burwell Washington: Frank A. and Patricia A. (Laughlin) Weberg, Wausa; William and Joyce Wrich, Kennard Wayne: Myron and Luetta Deck, Hoskins; Marilyn Hausen, Wakefiled; Pauline Westerhold, Pender Webster: Jacob F. Petr, Jr. Family, Hastings; LaVon Rose Trust: Rose Marie and Rodney Willmes, Myron and Marlene Petr, Marilyn and Jose Requeira and Philip Petr, Blue Hill York: Gertrude Bredehoft, York; Donna and Neal Clausen, Bloomington, Ill.; Gerald Lutz, Fairmont; Marlin E. and Arlene Rempel, McCool Junction.

County Fairs 2012  
County Fairs 2012  

Listing of county fairs in Nebraska.