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JUMP....GO AHEAD....IT’LL BE FUN! Donnie Scearce, Lead Pastor

I was twelve. My cousin, Eric, was ten and his brother, Stephen, was eight. We were at their neighborhood pool and we were trying to convince Stephen to jump off the high-dive. Eric and I had already done it and now it was Stephen’s turn, that is, if he wanted to be counted among “the brave”. “But we were older,” Stephen reasoned along with a few other logical objections. Our hounding him finally prevailed and he jumped. Well, actually, he quasi-dived. Ok, it was a full on belly-flop and yes, it was painful for a few minutes. But you know what? He learned he could “jump” off the high dive that day. And he did it again and again. That day, fear was overcome and Stephen was victorious! We are kicking off our new ministry year with a teaching series called “Jump: Launching A New Season with Boldness and Courage.” Like God told Joshua “Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged.” In essence, “Jump.” Joshua was called to lead his people into the promised land. Sure, there may be some pain. There may even be people who laugh like a few did that day at the pool side with my cousin, and some who’ll say that what we are attempting “can’t be done.” That’s ok. Jump anyway. One by one, we’ll climb the ladder or rocky cliff of real life ministry to reach out to people who need a touch, a kind word, and the message of the gospel of hope here in London and around the world. Together we’ll stay at it, encourage each other, and jump. The interesting thing is that, unlike jumping off a high dive or a cliff, when we jump into the fullness of God’s intention for us, like Joshua did, lives are transformed ... like what happened this summer... Many children and youth were influenced toward Christ at Day Camp, Jr High SunScream and the LRC (Life Resource Centre) Day Camp and Jr High Camp. You will also read in this issue of the LINK about children who were sponsored by generous donors here at North Park to attend Joy Bible Camp this Summer, where more lives were transformed. Our global work has moved forward on multiple fronts with over $50,000 going to two strategic initiatives in Thailand to give hope through citizenship and rescue child prostitutes. And at home, God has provided new staff in critical areas like Worship (Jordan Elgie) and Community Life (Mark Morrison). It has truly been an outstanding Summer! As we look to the Fall and kick off with this new series, it is meant to identify a whole new season for us as a church. Our Elders and Finance Committee have been praying and planning for our united future. We, as your staff have been looking to the Fall with anticipation and excitement, planning so we can serve you well. In addition to normal times of prayer, we are initiating two special nights of prayer this Fall (in September and November). We want to pray boldly and together for great things. We also know we need time together, across generations and services. September 29th we are hosting a FallFest for our entire church. We hope this will turn into an annual event as a way to bring us all together once a year. We are launching a whole new set of adult classes and evening seminars for learning and discipleship in our “Going Deeper” guide that you will not want to miss. You will be encouraged by the very hard work of our children and youth pastors who have been forward thinking on everything from curriculum design to event planning to be certain our children and youth are served and taught well. God is indeed calling us to “Jump” into his kingdom work with wholehearted and expectant faith as we look forward to our 49th anniversary November 15! There are great days ahead.

WELCOME - CONNECT - MATURE Matthew Eckert, Pastor of Adult Discipleship

We are experiencing some exciting changes in our adult discipleship area of ministry here at North Park. We believe these changes will help us better serve the North Park community. Ann Wiebe has had a change in her role and will be giving leadership to Welcome Ministries, including weekend coffee service, the Welcome Centre/Information booth, lobby and hallway greeters, newcomers lunch and the overall atmosphere as 2,000 people participate in the four weekend services. Ann is gifted in these areas and is very passionate about welcoming people to our church. We are excited to have Mark Morrison join us on staff. Mark will be taking people from feeling welcome at North Park, to getting connected with others. This will include a number of church-wide events (FallFest in September, Pancake supper in February and a Spring event in May) as well as other smaller opportunities. Mark’s past work for a communications company will also be leveraged so that we are making sure that as a church we are effectively letting people know about what is happening around North Park as well as who we are as a community. Finally, Mark will play a key role not only in helping us connect with each other, but encouraging us to connect with our city through the Engage initiative. From welcome with Ann to connecting with Mark, the final aspect is maturity. This is where I come in, and will include small group ministry, various electives and seminars as well as overseeing the discipleship model. Many new things are being planned for this area and we are excited about these opportunities. Watch for a copy of our Going Deeper Guide to get a sense of what is coming, and prepare to JUMP with us into this new season! Since Mark is new to our staff, we wanted to give him an opportunity to introduce himself to you. He has written the following: Hello North Park family! As we embark on our Fall 2013 series, called “Jump!”, I am absolutely thrilled to join the staff and community of leaders who are deeply trusting God as we gear up for an exceptionally bold and courageous move into our future together. What a time to call ourselves North Parkers. For those of you I have not had the pleasure of connecting with yet, my name is Mark Morrison. My wife Kelly and I have been married now for 5 years, and have a one-year old son, Evan. I am excited to be entering this new role as Director of Community Life. For 20 years, I have been blessed to call North Park my home church; and over this period of time, I have witnessed God do some incredible things in our church and community. After a wonderfully rewarding career in the world of marketing and advertising, I am happy to accept this newly crafted position at North Park. It is one that will allow me to work closely with our team to strategically enhance the ways we connect with one another and our community. The reason that I love that our Fall series is called “Jump!” is because I can completely relate this to my own life. For about a year, I strongly wrestled with the move from the corporate marketplace into a full-time ministry position. However, following a lot of prayer, conversations with trusted friends and family, and circumstances that I simply could not ignore, God made it very clear that he was asking me to boldly and courageously “jump in” with both feet and trust him with this next journey in life. A passage that greatly spoke to my heart during this decision-making season was Psalm 91:1-2 “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Our family looks forward to connecting with you and journeying together with you in this next season at North Park.


On a June evening in Stratford, fourteen guys from Teen Challenge Farm ran in a road race. Some did the 3.5k race; some did the 10k. For many of the guys, it was their first race ever. Ray Wood spearheaded the initiative. Ray coordinates a ministry of hosting Teen challenge guys in North Park homes. As he was moving into semiretirement, Ray was looking for more ministry opportunities. “The coolest thing was seeing the guys cross the finish line, seeing the smiles on their faces,” says Ray. After watching these guys run around the Teen Challenge Farm property, Ray proposed a running elective. The guys were given a training program to work toward 5k and 10k distances, and the program would culminate in a race 12 weeks later. The running elective has been positively received by Teen Challenge staff and students. “Something I thought I never could do!” says Kevin R., now an intern there. “For the guys to complete it—just the discipline it takes—is something they can apply to every area of life,” says Ray. “We have talked a lot about Hebrews 12:1-3 and running the race with endurance.” Twenty-two guys have signed up for the Fall training session, which will culminate with the Pinery Trail Run on October 19.

VOLUNTEER MINISTRY LEADER’S DAY Kevin Norcross, Pastor of Sr High Ministry

Many volunteer ministry leaders will be invited to join us on September 14 for a day of preparation for the ministry year ahead. This will be a church wide leadership event that will have an impact on various ministries throughout the church. There will be one vision for the day with 3 goals.

Vision We are all expecting that this will be a High Value Day in preparation for the exciting ministry year ahead.

Goals It is our desire that we will Honour, Inspire, and Inform our volunteer leaders who will serve sacrificially this 2013/2014 ministry year. We will meet together in the morning for a time of worship and thanks to God, then, Donnie Scearce will share some thoughts with us on leadership. We will also have a time of prayer and communion where we reflect on the cross and call out to God in expectation and faith for a fruitful year of ministry. In the afternoon, each group of volunteer leaders will have the opportunity to meet and pray together in preparation for the year ahead. Please pray for this event, that God would fill each of our hearts with faith and with clear vision. Also, please pray that it would be an encouraging day for the leaders, and that God would use them in great ways this year. We are very excited about the great things that God is going to do in the lives of the people within our church this year.



The second Thursday of each month is marked on our calendars and eagerly anticipated. We know it will be a good time to laugh and re-connect with our contemporaries, with whom we have shared so many experiences over the years. From cruising along the Alaskan coastline to ‘coaching’ through the eastern provinces, to gliding down the picturesque Grand River over dinner, to journeying through the Pennsylvania countryside, our group has enjoyed the richest of travel (thanks to our late President Al Eizenga) with the choicest of people, our North Park Seniors.

Strains of “This is the day…This is the day that the Lord has made...We will rejoice...” echo through the gym, signaling the official start of our gathering, led by our Chairperson Mary Lawson. After a prayer of thanksgiving, the folks eagerly wait for their table’s invitation to join the food lineup. Our Potluck Luncheons are the highlight when multiple tables laden with steaming casseroles, tasty pot pies, colourful salads, homemade breads and a lot of ‘sides’ tempt even the most selective appetites. Freshly baked pies, frosted cakes and fruit trays are among the dessert table choices. Each month 5-6 willing workers prepare the tables and beverage service, followed by their cleanup partners. We greatly appreciate the Transition folks, who take their turn helping those of us who are closing in on our ‘best-before’ date. A lively singsong gets everyone lifting their voices, singing ‘golden oldies’ and beloved hymns. Birthdays and Anniversaries are also suitably serenaded. Monthly features have included educational presentations (Seniors’ winter driving safety, and a Pharmacist’s talk on prescription drug use and potential misuse), Ark Aid and Teen Challenge guests, a Pottery demonstration with a spiritual emphasis, musical groups and a musical drama…even an impromptu Seniors’ Choir. North Park Seniors are far from the stereotypical rocking-chair crowd. Their range of interests would amaze you! Pick up a copy of our monthly newsletter and learn more about this lively group of friendly people who have witnessed and survived so many major world events and changes in society. They would love to tell you about it!


Monette Benjamin, Admin Assistant for Community Outreach

It is hard to know where to begin, to try and explain the impact and importance of the scholarships to Joy Bible Camp that people from North Park have provided through their generous donations. Because of these donations, we have been able to send twenty-three children and youth to camp over the month of August. Attending camp is not only a huge blessing to the students, but also to their families, to the community and to all of us who work at the Life Resource Centre. This is the second Summer we have sponsored kids to attend Joy and we have been continually blessed throughout the year by the children and youth who were able to attend last year. These youth and children have been the most consistent volunteers and participants in our programs. They have repeatedly asked us and challenged us to provide more times of Bible study, which often go hours beyond the designated time! It is amazing; we have children and youth asking us to have more Bible studies! It is honestly so encouraging and it has made studying the Bible with them so much fun! Here are some of the stories and experiences we have heard from the children who have already attended the camp this Summer: “It was so amazing. I made a lot of friends and I had even more fun than last year.” “I learned so many things about God and that he is with me all the time, wherever I go so I don’t need to be afraid.” “We had a time to share our testimony with each other and everybody was crying” “I learned from watching a video about a man with no arms and legs that really I can go anywhere and be happy about who I am because really God has given me a lot.” “We learned many bible stories like the story about David and Goliath and many others.” "During the camp I gave my heart to Jesus and now I want to be baptized.” These are just a few of the stories and experiences children have shared with us upon returning from Joy Bible Camp. We have found that being able to send many students together to Joy has been very rewarding because they can keep each other accountable and together they share with their peers the things they have learned at camp. We have seen ourselves, and heard from families who have witnessed, the transformation of attitude, behavior and relationship with God after children and youth have returned from Joy Bible Camp! Thank you to everyone at North Park who have generously made donations toward the camp scholarships this year. Sending children and youth to Joy has been one of the most meaningful things we have been able to offer children and youth in our community. Going to Joy has given many children and youth the opportunity to learn more about God and begin to develop their personal faith commitments, apart from their families. At Mosaic Intercultural Church we look forward to hearing stories, experiences and songs on Sunday, September 1st from all the youth and junior youth who attended Joy!

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS Heather Neufeld, Director of Humble Beginnings Nursery School

If you have ever walked into North Park on a midweek morning to return a library book, rummage through the lost and found, or check your mailbox, you may be surprised by what you hear! Our church, which is alive with song, chatter, and energy on the weekends, is also brimming with life and laughter during the week. For over twenty years, Humble Beginnings Nursery school has been serving the needs of preschool children from our church and our community. Humble Beginnings Nursery School is the only evangelical Christian nursery school operating in the city of London that provides a faith based teaching program. The program runs Tuesday to Friday mornings from 9:15 until 11:45am during the school year. We welcome 16 children each day and have a total of 32 enrolled in the nursery school. Our program is a play based one, incorporating science, dramatic play, art and creative activities, sensory and tactile play, large motor fun in the gym with bikes, climbers, etc. where the centre focus is always Jesus’ amazing love for each one of our kids. Our desire is to create an environment where God’s name is honoured and praised in daily experiences. As we prepare for a new school year in September, we are praying for each child who will come through the nursery school doors. Our prayer and belief is that God will touch their precious lives in a way that will be life-long. We have seen many families come to faith in Jesus because of their children’s experience at Humble Beginnings Nursery School. It is an honour for Michelle and I to be a part of God’s plan for his children. If you think this might be a great experience for your child or the child of a family you know, please contact us at humblebeginnings@northpark. ca or call 519.872.0043.

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” - Luke 18:16


Alpha - is a course offered for anyone interested in finding out more about the Christian faith. It will be offered again January 2014. Email to sign up or if you would like more information. Asian Fellowship - meets for fellowship Sunday mornings at 11:45am and Bible study in Cantonese, Mandarin and English the 1st and 3rd Friday night of each month at 7:30pm. Care Ministries - GriefShare, DivorceCare, DivorceCare for Kids, Surviving the Holidays. See the current bulletin and the Fall Going Deeper Guide for information and registration, or email Support Ministries - Cancer Care is an intimate and caring community for those facing a journey of cancer. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren is for grandparents or significant family members raising related children, on behalf of other family members. Contact for more information. Engage - There are many opportunities to serve alongside different non-profit organizations in London that North Park has partnered with. Check North Park’s website: Connect<Engage. Friendship Group - is a ministry program for developmentally delayed youth and adults on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm, starting September 10. Food Cupboard - is available for those in need. Contact the office or email Global Outreach - The Hour that Changes the World is where you connect with our Global Outreach work. Sunday, September 15, November 3 and December 1 are the dates during the Fall of 2013. If you would like to sign up to receive regular updates on North Park Global Outreach news and events, or for ongoing learning and serving opportunities, email Going Deeper Guide - Adult electives are offered at various times throughout the year. Electives include topical studies, learning experiences, care ministries, seminars, membership & baptismal classes, and serving opportunities. Check out the Fall Going Deeper guide for current offerings; it will be available at the information centre in the main foyer on September 7. Hands of Hope - meets the first Saturday of every month from 9:00am-12:00pm for a time of fellowship and an opportunity to make items to send to missions around the world. Jr High - meets Tuesday nights from 7:00-9:00pm and Sundays from 9:00-10:00am beginning September 3. For more information, email Kids North Preschool - Birth-SK meet Saturdays from 6:308:00pm and Sundays at 9:00 & 10:15am. For more information, email or if you would like to serve in our Preschool ministry. Kids North Grades 1-5 - meet Saturdays from 6:30-8:00pm and Sundays at 9:00 & 10:15am. Email for more information or if you would like to serve in Children’s Ministry. Ladies’ Coffee Hour - Held on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 9:45-11:00am. Dates this Fall are September 24, October 22 and November 26. Please note there is no childcare. Library - has 7000+ books, DVDs, audiobooks, and CDs for

all ages. Come see us in the northeast end of the building for items which inspire and encourage. The Library is open on Saturday evenings 6:156:30pm and 8:00-8:30pm, and Sunday mornings 9:00am-1:00pm. Life Resource Centre - Located in the heart of northeast London at 910 Huron St, the LRC is a holistic ministry centre providing programs, services and resources to families, youth and children. Our goal is to see community transformation through relationship building and sharing of resources. Men’s Bible Study - meets Wednesdays at 9:30am, starting September 11. All men are welcome. Moms Bible Study - meets Wednesdays from 9:15-11:15am, October 2 – November 27. Childcare is provided. Playgroup - for children Birth-SK with their caregivers. Dates: September 10 & 17, October 1, 15 & 29, November 5 & 19, December 3 & 17 from 9:00-11:15am. For more information email Prayer Ministries - People gather at various times through the week to pray at North Park. On Monday mornings at 7:00am, men meet in the Fellowship Hall for Men’s Prayer. On Wednesday evenings at 7:15pm, North Park hosts a weekly Prayer Meeting. Seniors’ Club - for ages 60 and over offers monthly meetings as well as support throughout the year. Potluck lunches are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 11:30am. First meeting this Fall is September 12. A Seniors’ newsletter can be picked up in the rack beside the Seniors’ bulletin board the first weekend of each month (except July & August). Small Groups - Joining a small group is one of the best ways to meet and connect with others at North Park. The mission of all small groups is to provide a place to connect relationally with others, to nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ and to give back to God through serving others. Email for more information. Sr High - meets Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00pm beginning September 4. Email for more information. Stomp - is an after school program open to all children in grades 1-5. It runs every Thursday from 4:30-6:30 beginning September 19th. Contact for more information. Transitions - Meets on the third Friday of each month (except July, August, and December) for activities and Christian fellowship for ages 45-65. Our next event is September 20. Check the website under “Other Ministries” for more information. Worship Arts - North Park has many opportunities to serve in worship arts. We are always in need of and on the lookout for those with gifts in music, audio/visual tech, and stage design! If you are thinking about getting involved, please email for more information. Young Adults - meets Sundays from 7:00-8:30pm beginning September 15 (for ages 17-29).You can stay up to date and in touch with us by signing up for our e-newsletter on our website or by joining our Facebook page ( Email for more info.


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We had 65 kids fit into a 20’ x 30’ a stage. Most of the kids were cousins or siblings to the Summer student staff. Over 15 countries were represented in the ethnicity of the children attending camp. Most of the kids walked to Camp. The Summer students planned the content for our last 3 camps in 1 week - they are also the facilitators.

• • • •

Preschool • •

Over 100 Jr High joined us for an amazing week of fun. Over 40 awesome high school students, and young adults made up our leadership team. 3 Buses took us to Ipperwash Beach, Bingeman’s Waterpark and Canada’s Wonderland. At least 30% of registered students were not from the North Park community. 1 Year Until Sunscream 2014, which cannot come soon enough! July 21-25 - Mark your calendars!

Day Camp

We had 20 families attend our first indoor Summer Sizzler on August 16. Lots of fun! 6 adults participated in this Summer’s Scrub-a-Dub party. They scrubbed over 135 children’s chairs and other large play equipment so we are clean to start our Fall programs. Approximately 93 people served this Summer in Preschool Ministries taking care of an average of 109 children attending each weekend. Weather permitting, our 2/3 yr olds spent some time in our outdoor play yard. They love it!

• • • • •

1000 hot dogs were served at Day Camp. 500 snacks were prepared each day for the kids and leaders. Approximately 60% of campers at Day Camp have no connection with church. The sword Jazz used to cut the watermellon and cantelope on the last Friday of Day Camp was 51” tall. 3000 water balloons were given out for water day.

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT Cathy Thornton, Director of Preschool Ministry

There is a 4 letter word that starts with the letter “B” that I am getting very tired of. I’m tired of hearing it, I’m tired of saying it and I’m tired of living it. Have you guessed it? Yes! It is BUSY! We all lead such busy lives. Our days are very full, and the things we often neglect tend to relate to our own health and development. I think that is why I enjoy attending the Global Leadership Summit so much. On summit days, the normal work demands stop. For 8 hours there is nothing I have to give or do – just the opportunity to stop and be filled by great speakers who challenge, encourage and motivate. And it gets better!

fresh perspective on a recurring issue. Sometimes it’s a challenge to think about something totally new that we have not even considered before.

This year’s Leadership Summit took place August 8-9 at Forest City Community Church. Speakers included Bill Hybels, Colin Powell, Patrick Lencioni, Liz Wis“Everyone man, Chris Brown, Bob Goff, Mark Burnett, Joseph wins when a Grenny, Vijay Govinarajan, Dr Brené Brown, Oscar leader gets Muriu, Dr. Henry Cloud, and Andy Stanley. A pretty better.” comprehensive list of key points from each speaker -Bill Hybels can be found at

Other members of our pastoral team attend too! The shared experience strengthens us a team. Our discussions at lunch help us process what we heard. With such a diverse team, these discussions can be fascinating, and highlight another value of the summit – the diversity of the speakers and their topics. With such variety, we all gain something of value from the experience. Sometimes it’s just a reminder of the basics. Sometimes it’s a

On behalf of the team that attended from North Park – thank you! Thank you for caring enough to invest in us this way. As Bill Hybels often says “Everyone wins when a leader gets better.”

GLOBAL FAMILY Ron Burdock, Director of Global Outreach

Dave and Sharon Hyland continued their work in Thailand this Summer through a vision trip to the village of Napajat near the border of Burma. Toi and Lee (the couple in the centre of the photo) are leaders of the Shan church in Napajat. It was Toi’s grandfather who was one of the first Shan Christians in the region and who donated his land to build the church in Napajat. OMF (started by Hudson Taylor in the 1800’s) came alongside Toi, caring for her and discipling her to the place where she has become a key Shan evangelist and church planter among her people across Thailand and Burma. Beth Crowe, a young missionary of North Park, lived with Toi and learned the Shan language....and returned to share the story with us. It was Beth’s passion that stirred us up to consider how we might engage with the Shan and it is Dave and Sharon Hyland’s commitment to walk with Toi and Lee to be true global brothers and sisters to them. This Summer we chose to send Dave and Sharon’s adult children Ben and Sarah (far left and far right in the photo) with them in order to honour family as well as to lead out among youth in the village. The trip was a breakthrough in partnership for us as hearts were knit together in learning about one another and discerning ways in which North Park can strengthen Toi and Lee. It’s moments like this that remind us that we are a global family. Toi is travelling through Burma through impoverished villages of Shan people, teaching them about Jesus. She will return to Napajat where she cares for 150 AIDS afflicted children and families and then preach in church on Sunday. She is our indigenous sister in Christ and our prayers are making a difference among her people. As a church, we are committed to Toi and Lee and their work among the Shan. Take a moment to learn about the Shan people at and about Toi through a video on her work at As a part of a global family, we take the time to equip and send people of high character and contribution so that the world will become more like Jesus....we call them missionaries. And it’s our privilege at North Park to have a long history of sending noble men and women, young and old, out into the world as Christ’s ambassadors. Beth Crowe actually grew spiritually and served in North Park’s youth ministry before she sensed a calling to the Shan and left for Thailand some eight years ago. This Fall, we are taking our work in Thailand to the next level with two important initiatives. Cameron, Rebekah and Elizabeth Korpan will travel to Thailand as Cam completes important research on the Shan people as part of his Youth/Global Internship. As well, Leah Terry and Karen Groeneweg will travel to India and then Thailand to engage with IJM and the new Child Sexual Abuse Prevention initiative that North Park is funding. Pray that God will deepen our awareness of God’s people and how they are making a difference among the Shan (OMF) and among the Hill Tribes (IJM). At North Park we build people and partnerships. You have a chance to meet some of our people on Sunday September 15 at 7:00pm as The Hour that Changes the World returns with a number of missionaries sharing updates on their life and work. Rebekah Drew (Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea), Cheri Swart (Marginalized Women and Children in South Africa), Kevin and Christine Cuz (Athlete Ministry in Ottawa), and Albert Haak (Church Planting in Asia) will all be with us for an exciting evening of mission learning. Cameron and Rebekah Korpan will join us as well and update us on the status of their Youth/Global Internship as they prepare for global service. This Fall, you have the chance to learn more about our partnerships as well. David and Sharon will share about Toi and her work on Sunday November 3 at 7:00pm as The Hour that Changes the World hosts Blair Burns, IJM’s Director of South Asia. Blair will be speaking at North Park during the weekend services, updating us on IJM’s work around the world and then at The Hour on our work in Thailand and what progress God is giving Khem and his team. Learn more about North Park’s work of Global Outreach on the North Park website. Consider financially supporting our partnerships through designating your giving to “Missions”...or touch base with one of our missionaries directly to learn how you can support them financially. You can get their contact information on the Global Team section of the website. Your prayers and your giving make a tangible difference around the world!

COMMUNITY LIFE BIRTHS Isla Carolyn Pearle Michaud (June 6) - Parents Bryan & Jessica, sister Daniela Callum Spracklen (July 29) - Parents Jon & Rinat Leila Janie Addison Rupp (August 11) - Parents Nathan & Melanie, brothers Noah & Jude DEATHS Lisa Benge (July 5) Niece of Sharon Harris Reuben Kendel (July 16) - Grandfather of Julie Fairbairn (Chad) Ernest White (August 1) - Father of Gillian Tyler (John) Andrew Durand (August 4) - Son of Nancy Storms Rosa Blissett (August 6) - Mother of Catherine Sydorko (Dick) Cornelis DeGier (August 10) - Father of Marjorie Groeneweg (Bas) Ava Colley (August 15) - Daughter of Jason & Lisa (Erik, William, Sarah, Sophia) Alli Keeft (August 20) - Mother of Tina Deelstra (Jim)

A CALL TO PRAYER Sunday, September 22 6:30-8:00pm

WEDDINGS Yvonne Heeg & Samuel Ljunggren (August 17) Evelyn Wachuku & James Vanderkooy (August 24))

Join us in the auditorium to pray for each other, for

NEW MEMBERS Janeta Anderson Hubert (Winston) Anderson Karen Bird Randy Bird Drew Cossey Lisa Cossey Tim deVries Patti deVries John Dicker Esther Dicker

Paul Gowan Susan Gowan Karen Groeneweg Lindsey Johnstone Lynda Lalich Adeline Leung Melanie Rupp Nathan Rupp Sarah Stannard Danyu Xu

North Park, for the city of London and beyond.

September 2013