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trying to convince Stephen to jump off the high-dive. Eric and I had already done it and now it was Stephen’s turn, that is, if he wanted to be counted am “the brave”. “But we were older,” Stephen reasoned along with a few other logical objections. Our hounding him finally prevailed and he jumped. Well, a ally, he quasi-dived. Ok, it was a full on belly-flop and yes, it was painful for a few minutes. But you know what? He learned he could “jump” off the high that day. And he did it again and again. That day, fear was overcome and Stephen was victorious!

Jump....Go ahead....It’ll be fun! We are kicking off our new ministry year with a teaching series called “Jump: Launching A New Season with Boldness and Courage.” Like God Donnie Scearce, Lead Pastor

I was twelve. My cousin, Eric, was ten and his brother, Stephen, was eight. We were at their neighborhood pool and we were Couples newly married can be like new pastors or missionaries. I’m not sure what it is like in other fields, but I can tell you for sure in the world of mission and church leadership, both from personal experience, and in conversation with dozens of colleagues through the years, there is a definite romanticism surrounding a person’s first ministry. The concept “rose coloured glasses” doesn’t even come close to describing the first church or mission experience...and it is well researched and documented. And maybe that is not all bad. It would be a rather sad world if newbies entered their chosen life’s work with a “wonder how bad this is going to be?” attitude, right? So, we embrace and encourage this youthful enthusiasm. Interestingly, some who have been around the block a time or two silently hope it rubs off as they’ve taken a few hard knocks and may need to be reminded of why they started this work in the first place. After all, even long-time and committed leaders have doubts. Then for the new worker, if they stay at it long enough, inevitable days arise when “people stuff ” (relationships) becomes challenging. Then there is the reality, like in any work worth doing, when ideas exceed resources and the true vision is forged in the fires of behind the scenes hard work, creativity, and launching out with prayer and hope that this initiative bears fruit in the long run (I Corinthians 3:6-7). Or as I heard a long-term minister recently suggest: “I wish I could go back to when ministry seemed more clear and simple.” I must confess, I silently wondered “when was that?” I’m not certain I’ve ever really been there...a time when ministry wasn’t messy. Back to couples. I write all this to intro not so much our work, but a relationship so much more important...the one between a husband and wife. Gladly, early on most couples are giddy in love. Great expectations. Great hope. One Christian leader I know says “they are all lambs at that early stage.” And that’s the way it should be. It really should. It was so much fun leading a few weddings this Summer, including our youngest son’s. But what happens when the celebration is over? Or the newness wears off? When the wedding pictures are stored away somewhere? And children and the seasons of life wear away at what was once romantic and only fun? And has become another late night with a colicky baby? Or when a teenage child turns away for a time? Or finances are tight? Or another person is beginning to look more inviting? Or... (you can write your own challenge)? Here’s the question: Will love stay strong? There is only one answer and one only: love will stay strong if you both stay at it. Do not give up. Seriously. Keep at it. Sure we struggle. And yes, the truth is we fail each other more than we wish or would like to admit at times. Listen: if someone says they’ve made it through their marriage without the need for counsel or the occasional need for course correction, congratulate them. Then find the rest of us and join the majority who have needed a tune-up with a counselor, a small group study, or a marriage seminar like the one we are offering October 25-26. Let’s come together and keep love strong, or come together and renew it again. Perhaps you have friends who are struggling? This conference could help you help them. Whatever the circumstance, this is a great opportunity to invest in a worthy cause. We all need these boosts to keep marriages vibrant. Newly married or about to celebrate a marker anniversary, we all need a little help if we want to make it to the next anniversary better than the one before! Hope to see you there!

Care Ministry at north park Paul McIlwraith, Teaching Pastor

As I read the gospels, I am often humbled and amazed by the way Jesus treated the people in his day-to-day encounters. His personal care and compassion is what made his message so compelling to the people of first century Palestine. In fact, some of his most tender moments were spent with those who were deemed the “undesirables” of his day. I often wonder if the very ones that Jesus was most compassionate with (the poor, the needy and the disenfranchised) even feel welcome inside the doors of the North American church today? Would they feel welcome here? As I oversee the Care Ministry at North Park, my dream would be to see that everyone is cared for in a manner worthy of what Jesus modeled. To date, we have many exciting areas of Care and we are focussing on building into those areas in the coming year. Our goal is not to “fix” people by offering a bunch of programs, but to actually provide discipleship opportunities in areas where people are struggling, and point them to Jesus. Jesus is our hope, not programs. That being said, we are eager to continue sending members of our visitation team out into the community to ensure that those who are sick or shut in, feel a part of our community. We are excited to offer our Care electives such as DivorceCare, DivorceCare for Kids, GriefShare and others that give hope and community to those struggling with real life issues. In the Care Ministry, we share in the joy of new life through births and weddings and in the sorrow of death and grieving. In all that life brings our way, our goal through Care Ministry is to provide welcome and open spaces to lean on one another, laugh or cry with one another and encourage and serve each other.

I want to give a special thanks to Wendy McLellan, who is retiring from her role as Pastor of Community Care at North Park (on September 30). She has served our community in a selfless manner and has helped lay a solid foundation of care and compassion for us to build upon into the future. Although we are sad to see her go, we celebrate with her as she enters into a new stage in her life. Many blessings to you, Wendy! With Wendy’s retirement, I am pleased to introduce to you the newest member of our staff at North Park. She is known to many of you as a worship leader in our weekend services, but Trish Haq is also a trained Christian counsellor and brings a lot of experience in the areas of care, compassion and administration. Trish began her role as Pastor of Community Care at North Park on September 23 and we are very excited to see the way that God is going to continue to grow our Care Ministry under Trish’s leadership. I would encourage you to pray for Trish and her family as she makes this transition and I also encourage you to email or call Trish or myself about areas of Care or the ways that you can be involved. Thank you for your support.

Farewell Wendy

It has been a privilege to serve the family of North Park these past 4 ½ years in the capacity of Pastor of Community Care. So many of you have blessed me with sharing some of your story, and allowing me to speak into your happy or difficult circumstances.

While the bulk of my responsibility has been in overseeing Celebrate Recovery and our Care Electives, I have also served in the area of weddings, funerals, baptisms, family dedications, pastoral counselling, training of leaders and pastors, compassion and counselling fund management, and more recently have enjoyed the birth of support groups in our church. I have worked alongside dedicated and skilled pastors, admin support staff, facilities crew and a whole host of wonderful volunteers. Each of you has made my tasks a joy. Leaving a ministry that I love was not an easy decision, but rising family needs bring a season where my attention must turn to my loved ones. Ecclesiastes 3:1 comes to mind “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. Thank you for your kindness and generous support over these years. The friends I have made in this role will continue to warm my heart and our home. North Park remains my church family and l look forward to strengthening my connections with you as we continue to grow in Christ together. Your servant in the Lord, Wendy McLellan – Pastor of Community Care

Welcome Trish

Hello North Park! I am incredibly amazed and humbled to be stepping into the role of Pastor of Community Care this Fall. For those of you who do not know me yet, my name is Trish Haq. My husband Imraan and I began attending North Park when we met in our first year of university, over 12 years ago, and have called North Park our home ever since. We have two energetic daughters, four-year old Aaliyah and two-year old Kayla. In 2006, I felt God calling me to pursue a Master of Theological Studies with a concentration in Pastoral Counselling, and for the past 5 years, have immensely enjoyed the opportunity to work as a counsellor, supporting women through the healing work God was orchestrating in their lives. Although even a few months ago, I would not have anticipated a change of direction, God’s leading has been more than amazing in encouraging this next step, and so I am taking this ‘jump’ with great excitement and anticipation. Some of you may already know Imraan and I, as we have been involved in North Park’s worship ministry throughout our time here. It has been such a blessing to serve the church in this way, and has been especially meaningful to journey with you in seeking to worship our God wholeheartedly, amidst the many joys and sorrows the past decade has brought. In this next season, I am excited to not only continue my involvement in our worship ministry, but also to begin a deeper walk alongside those in our community needing support and encouragement as they seek after God’s best for their lives. I am looking forward to seeing the amazing ways God will continue to touch and change our lives in the coming season!

To Sneak or not to sneak...That is the question Cathy Thornton, Director of Preschool Ministry

It’s Sunday morning in September. You’re running late because she had a major poop just as you were leaving the house. You’ve made it into the building, signed in, slapped the stickers on her back and hand her over the gate into the loving arms of one of our fabulous preschool ministry staff. Wait for it…. SCREAM! Now what do you do? You are already late and the service is only an hour! Do you make a run for it? Do you come in with your child until she settles? When she’s calm, do you tell her you are going and give kisses goodbye – or do you sneak out the door while she doesn’t notice? Does any of this sound familiar to you? If you’ve ever had a preschooler – particularly one between 6 months and 3 yrs old - you have probably faced this scenario at least once before. Why is September so hard? Lots of reasons....but here are a few:

Preschoolers thrive on consistency and routine, and in September, it feels like everything changes. Don’t you feel the pressure of that yourself? The pace of life seems to instantly double just like the traffic on the road! As adults, life experience has taught us a bit about what to expect and how to deal with it, but our preschoolers don’t have that advantage. All they have is their senses at the moment, and what are they saying? Mom and dad are anxious and stressed (life has been extra busy, they want to get to church etc). I don’t know why, but if they are, I should be too. And hang on – where am I? I don’t recognize this room. I don’t know where I am. I don’t know what is going to happen here. Oh no! Who are these people? I don’t know these big people? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before in my life. And these little people. Why are there so many little people in this room? Hold on… that one is crying! Why is he crying? He’s been here longer than me and he’s crying. Maybe this isn’t a good place. Maybe I should cry too? Hold on…. Where is my mom! AHHHHHH! Ok… I made all that up, but it makes sense when you think about it, doesn’t it? You know why you came to church. You want to sing and worship God, and listen to good bible teaching. The service is only an hour and when it ends you will go home. You know and understand all that. Your children don’t. Given time, they will learn what to expect, and then it will get easier. They will learn to recognize their new classroom. They will learn to recognize the many different faces of the staff who care for them. They will learn the routines of their room, and the schedule of the hour. As they learn all these things, their comfort will increase, and tears may give way to shrieks of joy when your children see the building. How can you help this process? • Attend church consistently – Make church a weekly part of your life. Repetition is how preschoolers learn. Notice how they want to read the exact same book over and over? The more they repeat something, the more comfortable they become. Once a week is not very much, but once every 2 or 3 weeks means it feels new every time. • Attend the same service consistently. To feel safe, your preschooler needs to know and trust those who are caring for them. Our team is made up of volunteers. We encourage as many as possible to serve at least 2x a month, but not everyone is able to do that. If you attend the same service there will be 6-10 different staff for your children to know – that will double every time you change services. • Say goodbye in a consistent way. This one is harder, and unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Each child is different. The most challenging rooms are the Toddlers and 2 yr old rooms. In these classes, some are totally fine if mom drops them off, but are a total mess if dad drops them off (or vice versa). Some do best when you hand them over and walk away despite a few tears, but some need you to come in, get them started playing and then leave. For some, you will have to answer that age old dilemma we started with… to sneak or not to sneak. Staff will tell you that it is usually easier the quicker you go and get out of their line of sight. We’ve learned how to manage the stress of our little ones, and can calm most kids down fairly quickly if you give us a chance. Remember, we can always page you back if we are unsuccessful, and we will! Find out what works best for your child and stick with it! Dropping off preschoolers can be challenging, but rest assured that our team is here because they love your kids and want to shower them with the love of Christ. We will do all we can to make the transitions as smooth as possible, and we want you to be free to experience all that God has for you in the main service. Thanks for partnering with us. We look forward to a great year together.

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front..... Rows of the choir!

Jordan Elgie, Director of Worship

Once again, North Park will be blessed with the sound of a choir this Christmas... and you are invited to lend your voice! If you have a voice to use, and are willing to put in some work to learn a few songs, you are welcome to join us. The choir will be leading the music for our services on December 21-22.  Details are still being finalized for weekly rehearsal dates and times, so if you are interested, e-mail your name to and we’ll be in touch by e-mail when the details are worked out. 


Aileen Hunter, Young Adults Intern

This Summer at EnRoute was a time of transition. As I came into my role as pastoral intern, there was a lot to learn and a lot to do. However, the foundation that was laid within the core team leaders played a huge part in how fantastic the Summer was. Our leaders stepped up to the plate and took on more leadership roles within the ministry, and have done an amazing job. Throughout the Summer, EnRoute had two Sunday services every month in which we had worship, a message and plenty of time to hangout and eat great food. Over the course of the Summer we had everything from waffles to ice cream floats! Once a month we also held an event, which usually consisted of us going to the house of someone in our community, playing games and sports and having a ton of fun. The Summer was also a great time of learning for all of us, as Luke Tucker and I each began preaching once a month to the students in EnRoute. We quickly learned a lot about what it takes to write and prepare a sermon with the help of Peter Maddocks, the former pastor at EnRoute and Paul McIlwraith, the teaching pastor at North Park. The students of EnRoute have been so supportive and encouraging of us as we’ve taken this part of EnRoute on. Overall, this Summer has been one that our leadership team is extremely proud of, and gave us a good foundation to launch into our first service of the year on September 15. 120 students from London and the surrounding area, gathered together to worship, learn and meet new people. We began the year of teaching with a video lesson about God’s will and his plan for our lives, and finished the night off with pie. It was a fantastic time of fellowship for everyone. We’re really looking forward to this Fall and all of the new initiatives that are being launched within EnRoute. Our prayer is that God’s Kingdom would come, in London, in our schools and in our church as it is in heaven.

Stephanie’s story Matthew Eckert, Pastor of Adult Discipleship

We all have a unique story. Some may appear neater then others, but at the heart of our stories is a God who is seeking after us. Will we choose to follow him or will we ignore his call? Stephanie has a story that has brought her to a place of submission to God even with a childhood that separated her from her birth parents. She was recently baptized at North Park to publicly declare her desire to follow Jesus. Let her story encourage you. And if you would like to be baptized, please contact Pastor Matthew Eckert at Hi my name is Stephanie Cook and I am 20 years old. I grew up in Tillsonburg. When I was 4, I went to my first foster home where I lived with my brother until I was 10. Shortly after this, a new family fostered us until very recently. It was a blessing for me to be with my brother for the whole foster experience and to stay so long with each family. I sense that God has been watching over me my whole life. While I was living in my first home, I had a Christian friend who gave me a Bible and talked to me a little about God. In my second home, my family supported my faith. We went to church and I helped with Sunday school. Growing up, I enjoyed going to camps where I volunteered with sports and won several awards for my leadership. At a Christian Camp, when I was about 12 years old I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Things haven’t always been easy for me - I am still growing and learning. I read my Bible every night and have become more committed about my faith. When I saw someone baptized here at North Park, I felt this was important for me to do too. I want to show others that I am a follower of Jesus and that I want to serve him. I also want to be completely committed to him and I don’t want anything to come before him in my life.

Sr High Ministry Placement

Kevin Norcross, Pastor of Sr High Ministry

We are very happy to have Jackie Sheridan do her placement with us for this year. It will be an exciting learning opportunity for her and for us. God is doing great things within our youth ministry and our prayer is that Jackie will walk out of this placement with a good handle on how to do youth ministry. It is great to have you on board Jackie! It is humbling to know that I get to partner with the Sr. High ministry this year under the leadership of Kevin to learn about all the ‘behind the scene’ events which make up aYouth meeting each week. As a student of Huron at Western doing my Master of Divinity, I approached Kevin to see if he’d mind ‘showing me the ropes’ of his ministry. Both Huron and North Park were excited to partner up for this experience, but not nearly as excited as I am! I’m looking forward to connecting with high school students and journeying with them spiritually as they navigate their way through a period of self-discovery. It will be enriching to cover the Alpha youth material over the next 10 weeks with the hope of learning more from these students while I share my own experiences as a Christ-follower and pastor. Our family moved to London from Johannesburg, South Africa on Boxing Day 2009 to enjoy the real winter experience with snow. My husband Daryl works for Phaeton Automotive Group in their finance department and we have 2 beautiful daughters: Megan (12) and Noeline (15). North Park is a special place where our family worships and serves, so it is a real blessing to be able to study here too. I hope you’ll join me in praying for this ministry as we focus on teaching youth to intentionally Pursue God.

Moms’ bible study Stephanie Ciccarelli

There’s something to be said about connecting with people who are at the same stage of life you’re at. As a wife and mom of four young children, I couldn’t believe that it took me nearly eight years of raising kids before deciding to join a group of mothers to talk about faith, children, being better wives and making it all work.

Two years ago, I took a giant step in getting to know other moms by joining Moms’ Bible Study (MBS) here at church. I had participated in studies before and knew many people at North Park by name and by face, but it wasn’t until I committed to meeting each Wednesday morning at MBS with ladies who had been there, done that and laundered the t-shirt, that I began to feel like I was part of the family of women who are also mothers at North Park. Each week brings with it interesting opportunities for learning, growing, sharing and being encouraged. In addition to relevant course material, we are provided with an hour or so to break into our small groups for a time of discussion and prayer. Moms who have children around the same age, be they younger kids or teenagers, are grouped together. Every mother has a unique family and her own story. With the children being taken care of by wonderful, trustworthy volunteers, moms have the freedom to learn, laugh, cry and relate on a level some of us may have only dreamed of before coming to MBS. I want to stress that MBS is a lifesaver for most of the moms who attend. For many of us, it is the only environment where we can meet and be open with other Christian women and share about our journeys as mothers. There are two sessions, each lasting about 12 weeks, but let me tell you, those weeks go by so quickly...too quickly for those of us who rely on that time to bond, converse and support our fellow moms. Moms are often at the heart of their families. That said, their emotional and spiritual wellbeing can fall by the wayside because they are too busy caring for others and are not getting enough poured back into themselves. This is why having a support system within the church to serve mothers, such as MBS, is vital. MBS doesn’t just take place within the walls of North Park, however. To bridge the gap between sessions, moms organize playgroups and also find ways to serve each other throughout the year. I can’t begin to count the number of dinners made for those in need, practical helps such as baby clothes for new moms and prayer chains that take place on a weekly basis, all stemming from women who attend MBS. Not everyone who takes part is from our church, which is exciting! I believe that speaks to the welcoming nature of North Park and the role it plays in blessing others with the blessings we’ve received. Imagine being wrapped in the love and support of other moms who know and love Jesus. Women who will pray for your family, be a shoulder to cry on, celebrate your victories and be companions on the journey. Join us this year and take your next step! Wednesdays, October 2-November 27, 9:15-11:10am Email or call 519-225-2730

Transitions Vi Rupp

Are you looking for something more? Wanting to feel closer connections? Kind of feeling lost in this big church? Have you experienced changes, beginnings that leave you in a new space? Are you between the ages of 45 and 65 and wondering what this “inbetween” time has in store for you? Life with all its transitions, all the ups and downs, can be very confusing at times. It can leave you struggling and feeling very alone. Maybe even questioning where God is for you???

That is where Ortwin and I found ourselves back in the Fall of 2008. We were looking for something new as far as our church life was concerned. We had come to North Park after we had experienced many changes in our life - our son’s marriage, my retirement, a move to B.C. for two years, leaving family, friends, and jobs behind. We returned home and now things were not the same any longer. We thought a new church might be the answer but we were lacking close relationships and not feeling connected here. We finally decided to take the risk and try something new. We signed up in the gym at the Transitions table for a Progressive Dinner event. We got to know a lot of people that evening and we both came home feeling happy that we had gone. Because of that one night, things began to happen. At Coffee Hour, we started to have people come up to us and chat. Soon we were invited by one of our new Transition friends to join his life group. In a few months, another invited us to be part of an ushering team. We were getting connected, finding new friends, feeling relationships, and sensing God caring about us! All this because of taking the plunge and attending one Transitions event! Really - how could that be? It might seem unreal to you but why not give it a try? We are all being encouraged to launch into this new church season with boldness and courage - to JUMP!!! Transitions group meets once a month usually on the third Friday. Further details can be found at our table in the gym. God has asked us in his word to love one another, pray for one another, care for one another, encourage and build up one another, and bear one another’s burdens. I believe that this is the aim of Transitions group. We get together to have fun, play games, watch movies, and I mustn’t forget… eat, but especially to find friendship! We look forward to meeting you in the near future! Come join us! You are welcome here! To borrow Donnie’s words from The September Link - Jump…Go Ahead…It’ll Be Fun!

Back to school party David Cottrill, Director of Community Outreach

On August 31 we held our annual “Back 2 School Party” for the youth and children that we serve in northeast London. Hundreds of our friends came out to celebrate the beginning of a new school year with games, food, fun and the chance to receive a gift of school supplies. Grade appropriate packages were made up and passed out to families that attended, many that are involved in the weekly activities at the Life Resource Centre. We realize that education is an important part of each child’s life, and critical to their success in our economy. Providing them with tools, encouragement and mentoring are some of the ways the Life Resource Centre supports this goal. We are celebrating that some of the students we assisted 6 and 7 years ago are now in University and College, overcoming barriers of poverty and the hard work of learning English. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause!

Friendship Club Mary Jo Wyatt

For the past 14 years, since the program was introduced at North Park, I have had the privilege of sharing a slice of life with a group of exceptional adults and teens whose characteristics have often amused, and always inspired me. Joy permeates the atmosphere every Tuesday evening when the Friendship Club gets together.  Some 20 adults and teens with intellectual disabilities, along with 15 volunteer mentors, enjoy happy Christian fellowship, lively worship music, shared prayers, a Bible lesson, one-on-one time, games and snacks.  Friendship Club is an accepting place and our friends instinctively know they’re valued and cared about.   These folks may appear to have a limited understanding of a lot that goes on in the world around them, but the reality of a God who made them and loves them is a truth they have no difficulty grasping.  God is not limited in his methods of revelation; an understanding of the gospel is not dependent on a certain level of intelligence.  Oh that we could only emulate the childlike faith that many of our friends exhibit, a faith that Jesus himself expressed such respect for (check out Matt.18:2, Matt.11:25).  We have been witnesses to direct answers to the faith-filled prayers for help and healing of some of our friends.   Just a few of the many lessons I’ve taken away from our ‘Friends’ over the years are these:  authenticity, compassion, non-judgmental attitudes and courage.  There’s nothing phony or pretentious about these folks – they don’t pretend to be anything other than who they are and they accept others at face value, without judging on superficial values.  They’ve been poked and prodded by many doctors, teased and bullied, left out of schoolyard games, etc.  So they feel deeply for someone who is hurting.  At Friendship Club, they immediately rally around someone in the group who is sad.    If you take the time to get to know someone with an intellectual disability, you will learn about joy in spite of difficult circumstances, courage and endurance.  You’ll be amazed at the surprising talents some of our folks are blessed with, and you’ll undoubtedly get a kick out of some of their idiosyncrasies (we all have them, you know).   There’s always laughter and a sense of fun at our Friendship Club get-togethers. If you’re in need of a weekly hug and can risk an hour of good fellowship (perhaps out of your comfort zone) we’d be delighted to welcome a few additional mentors; and anyone who could provide a snack even once a month would be greatly appreciated.  Contact Heather Miller ( or 519686-9981)

Renew - refresh - respond Ladies’ Coffee Hour Committee

One of the best-kept secrets at North Park is the Ladies’ Coffee Hour! Ladies of all ages are invited to attend. If you are around North Park on the 4th Tuesday of the month, follow the smell of freshly brewed coffee!  The ladies start arriving shortly after 9:00am to have that coffee (or tea), and to visit (session starts at 9:45am).   We look forward to RENEWING old friendships and making new ones. We enjoy REFRESHING our spirits with a morning out.  The features include a variety of activities such as fashion shows, music, cooking demonstrations, floral design, crafts, lectures on fire safety, personal safety, pottery and so on! We encourage the ladies to RESPOND to God’s calling through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and hence our speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, (sometimes Pastors or Christians from the church and community).   Fall Program (9:45-11:00am in the Fellowship Hall)  Date:                      Feature:                                Speaker: Sept. 24                  Gaila Brown on the piano         Rebekah Drew Oct. 22                   Personal Safety                          Paul McIlwraith                                 London Police Services                                 Constable Catherine Fountain   Nov. 26                    Floral Design                              Sue Gowan                                 Geraldine Peters - Jim                                 Anderson Flowers  

Discerning our way in global outreach Ron Burdock, Director of Global Outreach

Discerning Mission Together As a church, we are on a journey of learning how to discern and do mission together. We have a passion to both acknowledge people’s individual calling/conviction towards service...and then to discern ways in which the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts through working together. One of the tools that we are using to do this is called a D2 which stands for a circle of respected individuals who come together for the purpose of Discerning and Developing someone’s ideas and actions for global service. We began to experiment with this in 2012 and we are finding good success. A recent example of this is a D2 involving Ron and Rita Pauls. Ron and Rita have a growing heart for the Shan people in Thailand. It has been on their heart to engage further through spending extended time on the ground this Fall with OMF in Chiang Mai. We have a work among the Shan people at North Park and so we asked Ron and Rita to join us in a D2 moment where the goals would be the following: • • • • •

To pray for, and with Ron and Rita. To explore the Pauls’ gifts, calling and capacity for service. To explore the possibilities and appropriateness of field engagement with the OMF (the agency involved) field and home leadership. To recommend ways in which the Pauls’ can be of added value to the Shan work at North Park. To discern parameters (funding, highlighting, training etc) for Ron and Rita’s relationship with North Park.

Respected leaders came together over a period of time to complete the five tasks of the D2 outlined above. It became abundantly clear in this last few weeks to the individuals that we delegated this D2 moment to, that we ought to acknowledge Ron and Rita’s time in Thailand this Fall. We are now in the process of completing step 4 and 5 of the D2 as Ron and Rita prepare to depart in mid October. The church can work together in mission, and as a Global Outreach Team. We are convinced that when we work together both the individuals involved and the work itself becomes stronger and more effective. We rejoice with Ron and Rita as they serve into our own work among the Shan... and we will walk with them as they serve. We are new to this method of discerning mission together with people, and so there will naturally be bumps along the road. Please pray for the Global Outreach Team as we take on this new work of Discernment and Development (D2) of people in mission. And be ready when we ask you to join us in a you may have the wisdom, insight and/or professional background to participate. As well, pray for our growing work in Thailand. Leah Terry and Karen Groeneweg leave on November 4 for two weeks in Northern Thailand as part of our Vulnerability and Exploitation Team. Leah is a Public Health Nurse and Karen a Child Life Specialist...they are bringing their gift of working with vulnerable peoples here in London to our shared work in Thailand. Cameron and Rebekah Korpan leave with their daughter Elizabeth on October 20 for two weeks in Thailand as well. As part of Cameron’s Youth/Global Internship, he is doing research on the Shan people as a way of equipping him to serve long term. You can learn more about our work around the world on the Global Outreach section of the North Park website....simply go to You can awaken to what we are doing through joining us for The Hour that Changes the World. Blair Burns is our special guest on Sunday November 3, 7:00pm when EnRoute co-hosts The Hour for a special look at Justice for Vulnerable Children. Blair is International Justice Mission’s (IJM) Director for South Asia. We are very privileged to have Blair with us as he has extensive experience with working to reduce the vulnerability of children in Asia. Blair will speak in the services on the weekend as well as at The Hour. You can become an advocate for IJM by attending their E3 training on the same weekend; learn more about that at Touch the World is the title for The Hour on Sunday December 1, 7:00pm. We are growing a number of interns and influencers and releasing them into the world on your behalf...this is an opportunity to meet some of them and to hear their stories. Pray for our work of Discernment and Development (D2) and consider joining us for The Hour that Changes theWorld this Fall at North Park. When we work together, we make a lasting impact on the world...let’s be the Church...let’s work together.

Blair Burns

COMMUNITY LIFE DEATHS Magaline Cyarto Miko (August 16) Mother of Alex (Susan) Miko Mary Seelhoff (September 11) - Mother of Ruth Seelhoff (Larry Clipperton) Marion Clipperton (September 12) - Mother of Larry Clipperton (Ruth Seelhoff)

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Heartfelt thanks to Matt Eckert for taking the time to visit Mom and the warmth that he created at her gathering. Also, to Colleen Arnold and the lovely ladies and gentlemen who prepared a lovely lunch for all ; to Janine Danowski who walked me gently through the difficult time and to Alex Cuz, Stephen Stuart and the facilities staff for all their help setting up. You all made a time of sadness a peaceful memory. And mostly to God for the blessings he poured over me. - Ruth Seelhoff

October 2013