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FAMILIES SERVING GLOBALLY....IN HARD PLACES Ron Burdock, Director of Global Outreach

One of the great gifts that we have at North Park is the way in which our missionary families are making a difference around the world. We have 26 families that are funded by North Park as missionary workers. As has been the custom, we support a percentage of their overall budget; those who are sent from North Park and who are serving in remote challenging places receive the highest amount of funding from us. Those for whom we are not their “home church” and who serve in less challenging or remote places receive the lowest amount of funding from North Park. We have a long tradition of global mission here at North Park and we are very diligent to ensure that your funds are spent wisely and with a view to positive change in the world. Pray for Ray Allen and the Long Term Team here at North Park as they carry this stewardship on your behalf. During 2014 you will have the opportunity to meet two families that are serving in remote places......

The Henderson’s return from Chad Central Africa on this their first official trip home. Phil is a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). MAF flies into places where people are isolated and unable to receive physical and spiritual help. Phil’s day consists mostly of flying relief and emergency health supplies and workers to scorched places in Central Africa; and carrying gifted church leaders to share the news of Jesus in those same regions. This is Phil and Merilee’s first assignment and a challenging one indeed. Chad is one of the most difficult places on earth, with extensive poverty and internal conflict. Their girls, Kaitlyn and Lily are excited about this trip home as they will welcome a little brother or sister to take home to Chad with them as Merilee is expecting. Merilee and the girls arrive in May, with Phil joining them sometime in July. Adam and Nicole Cake are walking closely with Phil and Merilee as Home Team leaders; look for opportunities to get to know them and their work while they are with us. Rarely does a church have a couple with such skill serving in such a remote place; we are looking forward to learning from them during this visit. The Donchai’s will hopefully return in 2014 as well. We say hopefully as TaWee’s twin brother Worn has experienced serious and life threatening health problems recently and so while we are planning for Beth and TaWee to join us, it is truly in God’s hands as they are the primary caregivers for Worn. Beth is the missionary that stirred our hearts for the Shan people in Thailand; it was her passion for them that drew to our attention the issue of citizenship as well. As we researched the people and needs in the region, we realized that IJM was working on behalf of this important citizenship issue and so Beth’s clarion call to us was timely indeed. Beth met TaWee while serving in Thailand with OMF International. TaWee is Northern Thai. Having lost his parents at a young age, TaWee built a resiliency and commitment to serving the marginalized in his home country. TaWee’s work is with an organization called The Sold Project ( where children at risk are provided schooling and options designed to reduce their vulnerability. Beth continues her work with the Shan people. Our hope is that Worn’s health will improve enough for Beth and TaWee to be with us beginning in June of 2014 as Beth has much to teach us about the 6 to 7 million Shan people and the mighty work that God is doing in their midst. North Park has begun to support indigenous leaders among the Shan...look for opportunities to learn about their work in 2014 while TaWee and Beth are with us. Poverty Revolution is the name of an important learning opportunity coming on the weekend of June 13/14 as Food for the Hungry (FH) brings their intensive 24 hour learning experience to North Park. Melissa Giles joins us from Vancouver to lead out in this experiential learning weekend designed to provide you with insight on how to make a positive difference in under-resourced places. The Henderson’s and Donchai’s work in remote and under-resourced settings; everything we can learn about poverty helps us strengthen them and their work. Set aside the dates and join us.

May 2014  
May 2014