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A newsletter linking you to the life and work of North Park Community Church.

Connecting & Communicating By Matthew Eckert, Executive Lead Pastor

Every time, place and context has its form and style of communicating. Sometimes it is formal, sometimes casual. Sometimes story, other times lists and facts. At times an email, other times face to face. And yet we are all aware that as humans, we must communicate. As a church, we are very aware that how we communicate

LINK: We have redesigned the LINK and made it full colour

must continually change to fit our context and environment.

throughout for greater impact. And, it will be cheaper to print

Over the past year, a team has been dreaming about how North

since we designed it to print in-house.

Park’s communication could evolve to be more effective. How


should we communicate? Where should we communicate?

inside will provide more space for engaging with the week’s

What forms should we use? How are people engaging in 2017?

message as you take notes, ponder questions and have con-

This team has spent countless hours in discussions and have

Full colour will make it more captivating. The

versations with friends afterwards.

brought in communication experts to guide the journey. As a

Posters: There are posters throughout the building to remind

result of this work, we are excited about the changes that we

us all of the great ministry opportunities that are made pos-

are now introducing that encompass all of our communication.

sible through the generosity of leaders, volunteers, staff and financial giving. As you walk the halls, stop and find out

What will you now see?

where you may be able to connect in new ways, both to be

The Triangle: You will notice that most communication

App: Saving the best for last, North Park now has an app.

forms will include a triangle. This simple design element will quickly draw your eye to the various mediums and allow you to know that this is a North Park communication. The triangle in its simplicity represents the Trinitarian beauty of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It speaks to aspects of community from Ecclesiastes: “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” It also highlights facets of our mission statement – to Inspire, Support and Mobilize, and to engage our Families, Communi-

served and to serve.

This comprehensive app will provide us all with some great tools to engage with North Park. Use it during the services to take notes (bring your phone or tablet, we’re good with that). Additionally, you can access the bulletin, see what worship songs we sang (including YouTube, iTunes and Lyric links), and donate money to the work at North Park. Beyond the weekend services engagement, you will have quick access to our media, find ways to connect, complete the Reflection Exercise and

ties and the World.

register for events. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store

Colour: There will be standardized colours that we will be

quick results or visit

using to represent various ministries. Green will represent North Park as a whole and you will see this colour most dominant. Additionally, Orange = Kids, Purple = Youth, Blue = Care, Yellow = Outreach and Red = Adults.


Fully redesigned and now mobile friendly (long

overdue). You will now be able to navigate to specific areas more easily whether on your phone, tablet or computer. In addition, you will find quick video messages from every min-

to download our app. Search “North Park London Ontario” for

We are looking forward to impacting more lives in better ways with these amazing communication forms. Let’s stay connected.

istry area that are updated every month to keep you up to date. Keep coming back regularly.


LINK • JUNE 2017

Days of Sun and Summer Fun By Olivia Smit, Jr High & High School Ministry Assistant

As our regular Tuesday night programming draws to a close, the energy is still high in the offices at North Park, because the youth team is busy planning for our next big event – Sunscream! As always, it promises to be both the craziest and the most fun week of the summer for many Jr High students and leaders! New to 2017, we’re excited to announce that we’re extending the hours of our Day Camp so that we finish at 5:00pm every single day (a change from our old 2:00pm finish time on Monday and Thursday). We’re thrilled to be able to spend even more time with our students (and their leaders) each day, and

Youth Intern Working closely with Josh and myself this summer is Weston Gauld, who is returning for a second summer as our youth intern! Weston has been a Jr High leader for many years and brings an enormous amount of energy and passion to every interaction he has with the students. Working with him last year was a huge blessing to our team, and we can’t wait to see what summer 2017 has in store!

we’re already making plans for how we will spend those extra hours! Register today at

Jr High Leadership Opportunity Another exciting summer event that we have been promoting to Jr High students is the opportunity to lead at North Park’s

For More Info


children’s Day Camp, run this year by Forest Cliff! If your son or daughter loves working with younger children and is looking for the chance to grow, this might be the perfect fit for them! This is an amazing opportunity to partner with Forest Cliff Day Camps through their ACT initiative (Activity Crew in Training). Students can apply for these positions from the Forest Cliff website, or



Summer at LRC By Madison Eckert, LRC Ministry Assistant

LRC Summer Interns By Madison Eckert, LRC Ministry Assistant

1750 Huron Bible Study

By David Cottrill, Director of Community Outreach

Camp season is coming, and we

Although our building on Huron is

couldn’t be more excited! The

busy Monday – Friday, it is much

LRC has four weeks of Kid’s Camp

quieter on the weekends. Start-


ing this January we began an

afternoon Bible Study at 4:00pm

July 10-14 (910 Huron St.)

July 17-21 (1750 Huron St.)

July 31-August 4 (910 Huron St.)

August 7-11 (1750 Huron St.)

New this year is opportunities for youth (going into grades 7-12) to be Leaders in Training (LITs) at any of the above weeks of camp.

For More Info CONTACT:

Madison Eckert EMAIL:

on Sundays to study the Gospel of The LRC summer team is com-

Mark and to have a Sunday pres-

plete! Let me introduce you:

ence in the community.

Mackenzie Martin has completed

Each week is a little different,

her first year in nursing. She was

sometimes with just a few people

the Children’s Ministry intern

and other weeks like Easter and

last year, and we are excited to

Mother`s Day with a larger group.

have her back. Daniel Verha-

The focus is not on knowledge,

gen is graduating from King’s

but putting our faith into prac-

University College, and is going

tice. This can mean welcoming in

to Fanshawe College in Septem-

those who come by the building

ber for marketing. He is also an

for friendship, a helping hand or

incredible artist. Julia Doerksen

just curiosity.

also attends King’s, going into her third year studying sociology and psychology. Her endless energy will be put to good use at camp.


They will be overseeing four

weeks of Kids Camp, and two

Our desire is that Jesus’ healing and saving power would shine forth from our lives.

Youth Retreats. It’s going to be a packed, memorable summer.

Serving in the Community By Daniel Verhagen, LRC Intern

If you are reading this, you have an opportunity to serve

serve include: small group leader, large group leader, working

in your community with the Life Resource Centre. LRC is

in the kitchen, sports leader, crafts leader, or science leader.

running four different weeks of Day Camp at two different

This is an amazing opportunity to serve in your community.

locations this summer and we would love for you to be a part of the experience! Our first location is at 910 Huron Street and the two weeks of camp run July 10–14 and July 31–August 4. Our second location is at 1750 Huron Street and runs July 17–21 and August 7–11. For those that are interested; we have Leader and Leader-In-Training (LIT) positions available. Opportunities to


For More Info

Madison Eckert WEB: CONTACT: EMAIL:

LINK • JUNE 2017

Global Influencers By Ron Burdock, Director of Global Outreach

May 28 was a significant day as 125 people came together to

communicating and travelling regularly to make a positive

meet a young couple at North Park who escaped the Killing

difference. Kathie Cowie travels to Vietnam to equip nurses.

Fields of Cambodia, travelled through the refugee camps of

Don Schroeder travels to Belize where he is equipping people

Thailand and then settled here in London. Peter and Loan

for employment in the electrical field. Rod and Lou Sheil

Chann are awakening to the significance of their journey and

travel to Belize on behalf of disabled children and a school/

how influential they can be on behalf of their people. Peter’s

Church initiative. Brett and Sheena Fliesser are regularly

sister Navy came with him to Canada only to return to Cam-

coming alongside a First Nations community on Manitoulin

bodia where she is a key Church leader, equipping indigenous

Island. Matthew Eckert began a relationship with a pastor

pastors in holistic development and leadership. What a unique

in Lithuania and is engaging as an influencer as well. Donna

gift this families’ story is!

and I are learning how to make a positive difference in our

We call them “influencers”; people who live and work here in London and yet rise up to tackle a global challenge where the global Church needs them and their skills.

engagement with a school and Church in Northern Uganda.

Consider learning more about being an influencer. Ron Burdock


We have a number of people right now like Peter and Loan who are hearing God’s call to engage the world and are

Thankful for the Opportunity By Chad Fairbairn, Elder

Where did six years go? It’s hard to believe my term on the

But of all the things I’ve had the pleasure to be involved

elder board is coming to a close.

with, the most satisfying and humbling was praying with/

A lot has happened at North Park during this time. A Capital Campaign (with a renovation to our building and an outreach initiative); Pastor Paul McIlwraith and Pastor Shane Simms joined the staff, and Pastor Matthew Eckert became our Executive Lead Pastor. We welcomed female elders, bought a church (1750 Huron St.) and assisted Assyrian Refugees to settle into our community.


for people. I’ve seen individuals healed after we prayed for them and anointed them with oil. I’ve prayed with people who have lost a loved one or who were suffering from cancer or some other ailment. I’ve had the privilege of praying with families who dedicated their children and those who were baptized. Seeing lives changed by prayer is so amazing and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to serve and participate as an elder.


Forest Cliff Day Camp By Shane Simms, Pastor of Adult Discipleship

We are so excited to announce a new Day Camp experience this summer. We are partnering with Forest Cliff Camp to bring us an all-day camp experience. There is only room for 40 more campers, so register today! $169/camper.

• •

July 10-14, 9:00am-4:30pm Jr High Training Opportunities •

Super Size Inflatables

Gigantic rock climbing walls •

Paintball Fun

Small and Large group Bible learning

For More Info


Summer Rhythms

By Shane Simms, Director of Adult Discipleship My motorcycle is all tuned up and ready to go! I’m eagerly

Facilities Team

By Melanie Smith, Facility Team Leader Absent: DJ McIlwraith

anticipating 30-degree weather and cruising on those hot summer nights. Yes, I’m desperate for the rhythms of summer! Are you?

In summer, many of our normal routines are abandoned for times focused on friends, leisure, and vacations. Summertime however, is also a beautiful time to engage some meaningful time with God.

Our Facilities team is ready to serve in any way they can. We have eight part-time staff that are always busy cleaning up one event and preparing for the next! This is a busy place with many programs and events every day of the week. We are happy to welcome both Jared Wiebe and DJ McIlwraith to our facilities team. They are working

This summer, on vacation or at home, why not be inten-

diligently alongside our existing team members: Almaz

tional to work through a specific book of the Bible, or

Ekubai, John Geurkink, John Lankin, Em McGarvey,

even take a personal Reflection Exercise to ponder what

Peter Talbot, and Buddhi Tamang. This is the team that

God may be asking you to focus on in this next season?

works tirelessly to maintain our building.

Whatever you do, enjoy God’s presence this summer season! Be sure to take advantage of a warm summer evening, to simply lay back, breathe in the air, gaze at the stars, and thank God for His wondrous creation of it all!


Here at North Park we believe this is not just a custodial job, but it is our ministry to serve God through our work, and it is our privilege to put out your chair for you!

LINK • JUNE 2017

Prayer: Are you Sailing or Sinking? By Trish Haq, Pastor of Community Care

Have you thought about the state of your prayer life lately? In his book, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God, Timothy Keller offers a helpful metaphor to help assess the condition of our prayer lives. Take a moment now and consider this: if your soul was a boat, complete with oars and a

Those who are “drifting” are experiencing this same spiritual dryness, but have given up trying to row. Rhythms of prayer and scripture reading have fallen to the wayside, and in their place, comfort is sought in self-indulgent behaviours that don’t really satisfy.

sail, which of these four words would best describe you. Sail-

Finally, those who are “sinking” have drifted too far off

ing, rowing, drifting, or sinking? Those who are “sailing” are

course, and when the storms of life come along, they are easily

thriving in their relationship with God. They perceive God’s


presence in their lives and sense His guidance and direction; they see prayers being answered; and they can see how God is actively using them to further His kingdom. They are moving forward. Those who are “rowing” are also moving forward on course, but scripture reading and prayer are not as joy-filled and easy for them. It seems like prayers are not being answered, and it’s difficult to perceive God’s presence. They faithfully keep rowing, continuing their daily rhythms of prayer and scrip-

Where do you find yourself? Are you sailing? Are you rowing? Are you drifting? Or are you sinking? Wherever you are, be encouraged to know that prayer matters, and it’s never too late to get back on course!

ture reading, but it is hard work.

Prayer Walk

Welcome Michelle

Step One in being a good and loving neighbour is to pray

Please join me in welcoming Michelle Wong to our team

for those who live around you.

as our Children’s Ministry Summer Intern! Michelle has

By David Cottrill, Director of Community Outreach

Learn how and join other North Parkers on Saturday June 10 at 9:30am at North Park to prepare to go out and prayer walk through our neighbourhoods. All ages welcome.

For More Info CONTACT: David Cottrill EMAIL:

By Cathy Thornton, Director of Preschool Ministry

been attending North Park since fall, 2015. She comes to us with a wealth of experience from previous summers serving at Camp Widjiitiwin and Temple Baptist, and is currently a much loved youth leader with North Park’s Chinese Ministry. Michelle’s love for God shines through her beautiful smile, and warm welcoming spirit. She has a deep appreciation and respect for the Bible, and making sure its truths are clearly communicated and understood. She also has a passion for developing the leaders around her. We are so thankful she has agreed to join us this summer, and we look forward to seeing all that God does in and through her as she serves in our Preschool and Grade 1-5 Ministry.



COMMUNITY LIFE BIRTHS Leif William Kellner (May 23) Parents Sebastian & Breanne, brother Enders & Kord Bryce Wyatt Gordon (May 1) Parents Michael & Jacqueline, sister Hannah Abbanee Carlotta McElroy (April 26) Parents Brad & Lindsay, siblings Weston & Laykin Olive Mae Gonzalez (March 14) Parents Tawnya & Lee Rebeca Keziah Mendoza Domingo (January 16) Parents Daisy Mendoza & Angel Domingo Jr

DEATHS Theodore Harvey (April 23) Husband of Brenda Gauld Wijnand Groen (April 24) Father of Monica Groen Esther Bartley (May 1) Mother of Phyllis Bartley Jo Ann Murphy (May 15) Mother of Krista (Paul) Aun

Join us on


Thursday, June

Madison Eckert

8 at 7:00pm in the Theatre for our


Assyrian Refugee

Yolanda Ndlovu and Tylor Simpson (May 20)

Phase 2 Information Night. The evening will include: - an update on the status of those waiting to come to Canada - opportunities to help with Phase 2


The annual baby bottle drive in support of the London Pregnancy and Family Support Centre is in full swing.

- introduction to our processes - ideas for what can be done now to prepare for our newcomers later in the year

All bottles, filled or empty, must be returned to the Welcome Kiosk by June 17-18. Thank you!

- introduction to protection policy 519.457.1400 EM: WEB:


1510 Fanshawe Park Road E. London, ON N5X 4A3

June 2017  
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