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Could we put a graphic of the book, “Habits of Grace”on this page?

It has been a great pleasure to watch people engage and grow in their faith this year. One thing that I have learned, and continue to learn, is that growing in faith does not look the same for everyone - each journey is a unique spiritual adventure. Some people have had great moments of spiritual growth as they engaged particular electives, others have matured as they have given themselves to a small group, and others have been educated and transformed by the weekend teachings. The ways the Holy Spirit works are plenteous and diverse. A book that I read this year has challenged the way I think about discipleship. It’s a book by David Mathis, called Habits of Grace. It is a highly recommended read by the way! The subtitle of this book captured my attention: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines. Are we simply seeking to learn, to give, to serve, or are we endeavouring to truly “enjoy Jesus” along the way? If you are like me, the words “discipline” and “enjoyment” normally don’t go hand in hand. Discipline causes me to think about experiences that were painful and are moments of life that I would rather not work too hard to remember! But the point of discipleship, the aim of spiritual growth, is not as Mathis says, to become “the best pray-ers”, or the best “Bible readers” or to win the award for having the “best church attendance”. As much as these are all important indicators, none of them are ends in themselves.


These “disciplines”, the things we do to grow spiritually, are only necessary to “lay ourselves in the way of allurement”, as Mathis so beautifully puts it. The end goal, the experience God wants us to have, is that through all these discipleship events, we would truly learn to enjoy the presence of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Mathis communicates this idea with a sense of wonder: “Too often, the stress has been on the individuals initiative and effort. Much has been said in terms of duty, and too little said about joy”. This guide is filled with opportunities to serve, learn, and become a deeper part of the church community. Please engage these means of grace, they are designed with the prayerful intent that you would see and experience Jesus in them. But, be sure that this is not just a season of learning, a season of serving, or a season of connecting. As important as all these things are, they would all be wasted if they didn’t lead you into a place where you came to enjoy Jesus in a deeper and more beautiful way. May this season of discipleship be one where you learn to love and enjoy Jesus in a way you never have before. Blessed to be on this journey with you, Shane Simms Pastor of Adult Discipleship


Table of Contents North Park Vision 2018 Page 6 Connecting at North Park Page 7 Continue to Journey with The Story Page 8 Shrove Tuesday Page 9 The Story at North Park Page 10 Work as Worship Simulcast Page 11 Intentional Parenting Page 12 Couples Date Night Page 13 Family Service Opportunities Page 14 Preschool Family Feasts/Tiny Tots Playgroup

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Unless otherwise stated, to register for any of the courses/electives in this guide, please go to: Questions: or 519-457-1400 NORTH PARK COMMUNITY CHURCH | 5

North Park Vision 2018 Sunday February 25 12:00-1:00pm · light lunch to be served 1:00-2:00pm · meeting in the Auditorium

Childcare provided for toddlers to grade 5 – registration required. Join us as we take time to celebrate what God has done in 2017 and as we look forward to 2018. We will be highlighting some key initiatives that we believe God is calling us into in 2018 and beyond and ways that you can get involved. NEW: Membership voting packages will be emailed to members the week of February 5. Members without email will be mailed voting packages.

Please register by Wednesday, February 21 if you wish to participate in the lunch or if you need childcare.

Register at 6 | GOING DEEPER GUIDE

Connecting at North Park

If you are new to North Park and are looking for a way to get more connected, be sure to take advantage of these great opportunities to get more acquainted with us.

Coffee and Conversation Every Sunday after our 9:00 & 10:45am services, join us in the Gym for coffee, tea, juice, and even the occasional snack. Join us on Saturday evenings in the Foyer for a special hot chocolate treat where all generations are represented. Come and bring your family.

North Park Newcomers

If you would like a deeper, yet still informal way to connect to other newcomers at North Park, then North Park Newcomers is for you! Join us for a 15-20 minute conversation that will connect you with other newcomers, give you a snapshot of life at North Park, and let you meet one of North Park’s pastors. There may even be a quick tour of North Park given at the end if you’re interested. North Park Newcomers takes place monthly and will be held in the Prayer Room, which is located right off the Foyer - you can’t miss it. Please come and connect with us immediately following the services on the following weekends:

January 20-21, February 10-11, March 10-11, April 7-8, May 5-6 Registration is encouraged, but we would be happy to welcome you anytime. If you have questions and would like to learn more, email


Continue the Journey with The Story! In September, we launched an epic adventure as an entire church. Every age group and ministry area has been involved. We are in the midst of a 31-week journey through the entire Bible, from Genesis, the first book of the Bible to Revelation, the final book. During this time, we have honed in a little more closely on the creation account of the heavens and the earth, Adam and Eve, sin and God’s plan for the redemption of humanity. We have witnessed God building a nation through His chosen man, Abraham. We have observed the ways in which God selects and chooses the least likely people, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Ruth and David to advance His plan to bring His people back to Him. We have even seen the way that the Bible outlines certain characters such as Saul, to serve as cautionary reminders of what happens when we turn from God. But probably the most significant learning, is the way that Jesus is woven all throughout the pages of the Old Testament. God’s plan was always moving towards Jesus. We have heard many comments from our faith community about the ways that God is growing and stretching them through The Story experience. One woman wrote, “I have read the Bible many times but this time, I am seeing it in a whole new and different way - from God’s perspective, and our perspective. Thank you for introducing us to The Story”. Another person stated that she was having coffee with three of her friends and told them about the lesson that was presented which led to some discussion about living in your circumstance vs. living in your inheritance. One of these ladies was not a Christian so it opened up some good discussion. We trust that you have been similarly challenged in your faith journey throughout the past 12 weeks. Please continue to share your learnings, challenges and areas of growth with us. On the weekend of January 6-7, we will begin with our second installment of The Story. In the nine weeks that lead up to our Easter series, we will be concluding the second movement, the story of Israel, by looking specifically at the fracturing of the Kingdom of Israel and its downfall, the exiles, the prophets, Daniel, Esther and Nehemiah’s efforts to restore Israel. It promises to be a very enriching and enlightening time together. We encourage you to continue to read along with us in the book and to join us each week as we continue this exciting journey together.


Shrove Tuesday - February 13 Tuesday February 13 4:30-7:00pm

Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Tuesday or Pancake Day) isn’t just about eating pancakes. The word “shrove” comes from the word “shrive” which means “confess” and Shrove Tuesday comes right before Ash Wednesday which officially marks the beginning of Lent, the six weeks that lead up to the celebration of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus. As Christians, Easter is a deeply significant and special season of each year that focuses our attention on God’s glorious plan of redemption through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Shove Tuesday, with its focus on pancakes, is intended to lead us into a season of confession, reflection and celebration of God’s great love for us all. Want to know more? Join us for a pancake supper on Shrove Tuesday!

Cost: $3/person, $10/family - Pay at the door Pancakes and sausages in the Gym Great fun for all ages

Want to volunteer? Email NORTH PARK COMMUNITY CHURCH | 9

How Will You Choose to Connect with The Story? This fall has been an exciting ministry season at North Park as all ministry areas have been laser-focused on the telling of The Story. The weekend preaching has spilled over into the Preschool Ministry, grades 1-5, youth, small groups, weekday electives, and many other areas of North Park. The learnings have been amazing across all ministry ages as we have been immersed together in the same biblical content that has spurred discussions across the church community in new and beautiful ways. This winter, all of North Park’s ministries are remaining aligned with the next season of The Story. We are expecting that God is going to help us learn new things about Him that we didn’t know, so we can do things in Him that we have never done! If you have not been tracking on this journey with us, your first step is to pick up a copy of The Story Bible. We have them available for reasonable prices for preschool, grades 1-5, youth, and adults. See someone at the Welcome Kiosk for more details on getting your copy or pick one up in the office. There are opportunities this winter to join a weekday elective that will discuss The Story preaching from the weekend on a deeper level. This is a great way to engage scripture in a meaningful way and to get to know other North Parkers who are on the same spiritual journey as you! This promises to be a powerful and life-giving season as we engage The Story again this winter. Don’t miss out on what God has for you in this very special season of ministry. Join us and go deeper, as we engage The Story together!


How do we Make Sense of “God & Work�? One Day Simulcast Friday February 23 8:30am-3:30pm

Whether you just started your working life, you are in the middle of your career, or you are edging towards retirement, reflecting on work is important. Considering that most of us spend half of our day at work, it is important to know what role our work plays in matters of faith. This one day simulcast at North Park will connect business leaders from across the world to hear from experts who will encourage and instruct us as to how to connect our faith and work. This event will showcase top Christian leaders who will help us to better navigate a complete and biblical picture of work and faith. This event is designed uniquely for Christians who want to go deeper as they make their work more of a spiritual exercise, one which can be seen as worship.

For more information and to register for this event visit Cost: $25/person (snacks and lunch included)


Parenting Seminar Saturday April 14 10:00am-2:00pm

North Park desires to come alongside parents, to support, strengthen and encourage them as they seek to navigate the chaotic, humorous and often difficult pathway to good parenting. The truth is we all fall short of perfection (despite what our latest Facebook post may imply), but where we fall short, we can get better if we’re willing to be intentional. Intentional Parenting is designed to offer 10 principles to help parents navigate beyond survival mode and quick fixes. Using humor and insight from years of parenting experience, Doug Fields’ video based curriculum shares practical and biblical advice to help improve your parenting. Intentional Parenting will allow you to interact with informative content and enter into a discussion that is sure to give you valuable insight into your own parenting experience.

COST: $10/person (includes lunch) Facilitated by: Matt and Christine Loveday Matt joined the North Park team in August 2017 as Pastor of Family Ministries. Along with his wife Christine, they are parents to three energetic young boys!

Register online at before April 11 12 | GOING DEEPER GUIDE

Focus on the Family “Couples Date Night” Friday February 16 7:30-9:30pm

Do you need a night out? A good laugh? Something that will speak some words of encouragement into your marriage? If so, you won’t want to pass up this opportunity to accomplish all three. North Park is committed to helping create, develop and maintain healthy marriage relationships because solid marriages provide a healthy foundation for family life. One of the keys to building a strong marriage is the ability to take the everyday stresses and situations of life and being able to face them together as a couple and even laugh in the midst of them. This hilarious event is run by and is hosted right here at North Park. The evening features two different comedians and two hours of laughter along with a short message of encouragement. This event is not your normal date night. Make whatever arrangements are necessary and come prepared to laugh, love and learn together with your spouse as the comics create a night you won’t soon forget.

Ticket Pricing: $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Tickets for this event must be purchased online at


Family Service Opportunities at Mission Services At North Park, creating a culture of service is core to our mission of inspiring, supporting, and mobilizing people to live like Jesus. We believe that it is important for people of all ages to engage acts of service, not simply at North Park, but in our city as well. This year, we want to be more intentional to expose young families with kids to opportunities to serve across our city. We have been a partner with Mission Services for many years, and one area where Mission Services engages our city in a very impactful way is through its Mission Store. The Mission Store is a thrift store that serves the city on the corner of York and Rectory St. It provides discounted pricing on items of clothing, electronics, books/media, toys/games, footwear, seasonal items, and much more. Many people serve the Mission Store on a volunteer basis. This winter, we are providing service opportunities for families with kids (young kids to teenagers) to serve the Mission Store through sorting clothes, cleaning racks, hanging items, and whatever other needs the Mission Store may have. Ideally, these teams will be composed of three to four families. This is a fantastic way to be a blessing to the city through Mission Services, and to help build the value of service in your family unit.

Dates: January 27, 9:30-11:30am February 6, 6:00-8:00pm; February 24, 2:00-4:00pm March 10, 9:30-11:30am; March 21, 6:00-8:00pm April 16, 6:00-8:00pm; April 28, 2:00-4:00pm * Families are not required to stay for the entire time as published. They can serve any time inside these service hours.

This service opportunity requires registration. 14 | GOING DEEPER GUIDE

Preschool Family Feasts Meatball Madness Friday January 26 Nugget Night Friday April 20 Community building is something we value at North Park. However, on Sundays it can be difficult for preschool parents to spend time connecting with one another. That is why our Family Feasts are so important. Family Feasts give our preschool families the opportunity to share a meal and extended time together in a safe and relaxed environment, where life giving conversations can take place. This event is for families with at least one child in the preschool age range (birth - SK). Older siblings are welcome to attend. The Gym opens at 5:00pm for play and connecting time. Dinner is served at 6:00pm. The cost is $5/adult and $1/child, paid the night of the event. Register by noon the day before the event by emailing

Tiny Tots Playgroup Every 4th Monday Starting January 22 9:00-11:20am

We know the preschool years can be very isolating, so our Tiny Tots Playgroup is the perfect place for you and your little ones to come to be encouraged, meet new friends, and enjoy a variety of quiet and active play activities together. Drop in to play in the Gym from 9:00-11:00am Join us at 11:00am in room 132 as we gather to sing songs of praise together. Tiny Tots Playgroup is for children who are too young to attend school and their parent or caregiver (children born in 2014 or later). To keep things safe for everyone, we ask that each adult is accompanied by a maximum of 3 children.

Dates: January 22 February 26 March 26 April 23 May 28 No need to register.

Mark your calendars and plan to enjoy these nights of fun, food, and fellowship with us. NORTH PARK COMMUNITY CHURCH | 15

Recipes for Success Sports Mash Up Thursday Evenings January 25-March 1 6:15-7:30pm

Thursday Evenings April 12-May 17 6:15-7:30pm

Food is fun. There are so many fun things to eat – some savory, some sweet, some really good for you and some that just taste good. At Recipes for Success, kids will have fun with food, learn some basic kitchen skills and have the chance to make some tasty treats. But the learning and fun doesn’t stop in the kitchen. Kids will also discover what God has to say in the Bible, God’s recipe book for a life lived right!

Matthew 7:12 says, “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.” At Sports Mash Up, kids will have tons of fun developing their skill levels in a variety of sports, something that takes time, determination and practice. Added to all the sporting fun, kids will also learn that how we choose to treat others in all areas of life (not just sports) is really important to God and to us.

Children are encouraged to invite along a friend from school or their neighbourhood to Recipes for Success as it’s a great way to get their friends connected to church. For children in grades 1-5.

Cost: $10/person (covers all 6 weeks) Facilitated by: Yvonne Simms, Noelle Martin, Rachel Hoefnagels, and Matt Loveday


Children are encouraged to invite along a friend from school or their neighbourhood to Sports Mash Up – it’s a great way to get their friends connected to church. For children in grades 1-5.

Cost: $10/person (covers all 6 weeks) Facilitated by: Matt Loveday and Nathan Rupp

Mother/Daughter Fun Night

Father/Son Gaming Night

Friday May 11 6:30-8:00pm

Friday May 25 6:30-8:00pm

Building and maintaining good relationships in our families always requires intentional work…but who says the work can’t be fun! This event provides an opportunity for moms and daughters to celebrate and work on bettering their relationship by having a fun night together full of games, crafts, activities and conversation.

Developing family relationships are critically important but sometimes overlooked. This father and son gaming night is not designed with screen time in mind, but rather face to face interaction. It intends to provide an opportunity for serious fun and serious bonding over games, crafts, activities and of course, food.

This engaging event is a great opportunity to invite along a friend (and their mom or daughter) from your neighbourhood, school or workplace and get them connected to the church community here at North Park. An invitation can go a long way to establishing better and more meaningful relationships.

This engaging event is a great opportunity to invite along a friend (and their dad or son) from your neighbourhood, school or workplace and get them connected to the church community here at North Park. An invitation can go a long way to establishing better and more meaningful relationships.

This event is for daughters in grades 1-5 and their moms (or any significant “mother figure” in their lives).

This event is for sons in grades 1-5 and their dads (or any significant “father figure” in their lives).

Register before midnight on Sunday May 6.

Cost: $5/person

Register before midnight on Sunday May 20.

Cost: $5/person


Family Worship Night Thursday March 15 6:30-8:00pm

Worship is the expression of our hearts praise and thanksgiving to God. We worship individually in our hearts and collectively as a church‌but how often do we worship together as a family? This Family Worship Night is designed to allow the opportunity for families to come together with kids of all ages and worship together. What a great way to pause over March Break and celebrate the goodness of God together as a family. The service will be fun, interactive, informal and a blessing to all who attend. All ages are welcome to this family worship experience.

Child Dedications Saturday/Sunday May 12-13

Child Dedications are significant moments for families here at North Park. During these special services, parents publicly signify their intent to raise their child to know and love God, with the prayerful desire that one day, their child will choose Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. On dedication weekends, parents bring their children to the front of the congregation to be introduced to the church community during one of the regular weekend services. Each family is matched with a North Park leader who prays with them privately, and then a prayer of blessing is prayed over everyone. If you are interested in having your child dedicated this spring, please register at


High School Electives · Sunday Mornings Faith in First Period: Christianity and High School (January 7, 14, 21) Sometimes being a Christian and being a high school student feel like two things that don’t go together. In this three-week elective, we’re taking a look at how to balance your faith and your friends, especially when the people who are closest to you aren’t Christians. Bonus: in week three, we’ll look at some practical ideas for running Christian clubs - or even an Alpha program - in your school!

Christianese: Unpacking Common Christian Lingo (February 11, 25)

In the church, we’re often guilty of using common words and catchphrases that we think everyone understands… but not everyone does! In this two-week series, we’ll explore some “Christianese” phrases, unpack what they really mean, and discuss why it’s better to steer clear of cliches when we’re talking about our faith.

Underwater: Baptism Class and Testimony Workshop (March 18, 25, April 8) If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is about baptism (or if it’s for you) this three-week elective is for you. During the first two weeks we’ll spend time learning more about baptism, and in week three we’ll take the morning to talk about sharing your testimony, and why it’s so important even though it’s scary!

Can I Ask That? Tough Questions (May 20, 27, June 3)

All of us have questions, but not all of us feel comfortable asking them. In this series, our goal is to boldly bring up the questions that feel uncomfortable or taboo so we can bring light to the subjects students secretly wonder about. This series will cover three major questions: “If God is good, why is there suffering in the world?”, “Why are Christians so judgemental?”, and “Do all religions lead to God?”

Sharing Our Stories: A Morning of Testimonies (June 10)

Hearing stories of how other people came to Christ is powerful, but it can be intimidating to think about sharing your own! In this one-week elective, we’ll be hearing testimonies from students, growing together by learning more about each other and about different ways of connecting to God. Don’t worry, nobody will be asked to share on the spot, so come ready to listen and learn.

Finale: Elective Party (June 17)



Wednesdays February 7-April 25 9:15-11:15am Moms thrive when they are surrounded by an intergenerational community that can support and encourage each other through the journey of motherhood. The moms ministry is geared to moms of all ages and stages from the first-time mom to the grandma.

The Study James by Francis Chan True faith produces fruit. A faith without action and without life change is ultimately a dead faith. The book of James speaks to the realities of a living faith in Jesus, the kind of roll-up-your-sleeves and get-your-hands-dirty discipleship that is born out of an authentic relationship with the risen Lord. James writes to believers who know suffering, who’ve faced trials, and who ultimately desire a deep relationship with God. Registration is not required

Childcare: $3/child weekly (to a max of $6) 20 | GOING DEEPER GUIDE

Ladies Coffee Hour

4th Tuesday of Each Month 9:45-11:00am Coffee Hour is a morning gathering for women of all ages. Please join us for a wonderful morning that offers a variety of interesting features and speakers. This is a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other women in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. No need to register. If you have questions, contact Hulda Edwards at Please note that childcare is not provided.

Dates: January 23 February 27 March 27 April 24 May 22

Ladies Morning Study Thursday Mornings January 11-June 14 9:30-11:30am

The Story - The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People This ladies group continues from meeting this fall and is excited about gathering again to learn from God’s Word this winter! This weekly study group will track alongside the weekend preaching of The Story and will provide deep insight and practical application to each of the weekly themes. This is a great opportunity to go deeper with The Story!

Facilitated by Joyce Perry Joyce is a former high school teacher, stayat-home mom and she recently retired as an Academic Counsellor from Western University. Joyce has been attending North Park for almost 17 years and is married to Rob. They have two daughters and five grandchildren. *The Story Bible is a great tool for this elective. Pick one up today for $10 at the Main Office or the Welcome Kiosk. Registration required - 20 person maximum.

Ladies Afternoon Study Thursday Afternoons January 11-June 14 1:00-2:30pm

The Story for Ladies This group had so much fun gathering around The Story this fall, they are gearing up to embrace round 2 this winter. Throughout The Story, God uses amazing women of faith to help further His plan and purposes for human history. This elective will focus on the lives of many of those women in order to encourage women today to be eager and willing to be involved in a fresh revelation of God’s plan in these days.

Facilitated by Linda Greenhow & Wilma Prescod Both Linda & Wilma have attended North Park for over 30 years! Over the years, they have led many North Parkers to a deeper faith in Jesus as they have faithfully led in many areas of church ministry. The Story Bible is a great tool for this elective. Pick one up today for $10 in the Main Office or the Welcome Kiosk. NORTH PARK COMMUNITY CHURCH | 21

Ladies Evening Study Thursday Evenings Starting February 22 7:00-9:00pm

The Quest · Beth Moore The crooked punctuation mark at the end of a sentence speaks of curiosity, interest, and perhaps doubt. A question is an invitation to vulnerability; to intimacy. The Bible does not shy away from such an invite. Over and over we see the people of God asking questions of their Creator. We also see the God of the universe asking questions of His creation. The Quest is a challenge to accept the invitation. In this six-week excursion with Jesus, Beth Moore uses questions from scripture to lead you into intimacy with the One who knows you best. Learn to dig into the Word, to respond to the questions of God, and to bring your questions before Him. Let the crooked punctuation mark be the map that points you into a closer relationship with the Father. February 22, March 1, 8, 22, April 5, 12 Please register by February 5 to ensure your copy of the workbook.

Cost: $21 for workbook 22 | GOING DEEPER GUIDE

Men’s Bible Study The Story Continues! Wednesday Mornings Starting January 10 9:30-10:30am The Men’s Bible Study at North Park has been a vibrant, consistent ministry for a number of years. This group of men have met to discuss scripture (and drink coffee!) for a number of years and we are grateful for the friendship and ministry that has been cultivated there. This winter, the Men’s Bible Study will continue to follow the weekend teaching schedule of The Story. This is a great way to re-engage in scripture or see familiar scriptures in a new and refreshing way. This is a great opportunity to connect with other men and to learn more about the grand narrative of scripture. Don’t miss out! *The Story Bible is a great tool for this elective. Pick one up today for $10 in the Main Office or the Welcome Kiosk.

Looking for a place to start growing in your faith? Start here! It can be challenging to figure out “where to start�, especially when it comes to growing in your faith. At North Park, we want to walk alongside you on this ever-important journey. As a community of faith, we believe that there are six electives that everyone should take, whether you are new to faith or simply new to North Park. All six of these electives will be offered at least once per year here at North Park. Foundations offerings are indicated in this guide by the red Foundations triangle. Register today and be prepared to embrace your faith in a deeper way!


Telling My Story 2 Monday Evenings April 30 & May 7 7:00-9:00pm

The story we are hearing on Sundays is about God’s great love for us. Through His Son Jesus, we have received forgiveness, salvation, new life and a place in His Kingdom forever. Could there be any better news than this? Wouldn’t it be great to share this with our families, friends and neighbours? The problem is, most of us feel inadequate and unprepared to communicate this message of God’s love. That is why we want you to join us in learning simple steps pointing people to faith. One of these steps is being able to share your story of faith. Over two evenings, we will prepare our stories and learn how to share them. Sharing God’s story through our story is the best gift we can give to others. As Bill Hybels states, “possibly the greatest realization someone can make is this, ‘knowing my story fit’s into God’s greater story – and that’s the greatest story ever told’”. Let’s get ready to tell the world! Facilitators David and Lynda Cottrill have been part of the North Park community for more than 10 years. David is on staff and oversees the work at our Huron Heights Campus. Lynda is a registered nurse. Join them in this interactive seminar and gain the skill and confidence to tell your story to others.


My Gifts - My Calling

2 Wednesday Evenings April 18 & 25 7:00-9:00pm We all have gifts and abilities that have been given to us by God. The problem is that too many of us go through life not knowing what our gifts are. Or, if we do realize our areas of giftedness, we may not know the best ways we can put those gifts to use in God’s Kingdom. This elective will help you discern what gifts you have and you will also hear the stories of others about how they discovered their gifts and how they are using those gifts to serve God’s agenda. Those who register for this elective will be sent web-links to three different online “gift inventories” to be completed before the elective. This interactive workshop will help you interpret the inventory results and provide you with meaningful next steps forward based on your individual gifts.

Baptism Weekend Saturday/Sunday April 14-15

At North Park, we practice believer’s baptism through immersion in water. This occurs after one has professed faith in Jesus Christ. Water baptism is a public proclamation that symbolically demonstrates what happens to us when Christ comes into our life. If you are interested in being baptized or simply would like to have a conversation about it to gain a better understanding, please join us at one of these baptismal classes. Saturday March 3, 9:30am Tuesday March 6, 6:30pm Attending one of these classes is necessary in order to be baptized at North Park. We will share with you what North Park believes about baptism, hear your story of faith, and outline the practicalities of being baptized. For more information, email

Knowing North Park 2 Tuesday Evenings April 10 & 17 7:00-9:00pm

Whether you are new to North Park, or you have been attending North Park for many years, Knowing North Park is a fantastic way to learn more about what makes North Park unique and special. These two experiences will help you get a better understanding of North Park, how it operates, and how you can be a more integral part of it. This seminar is not only an excellent way for people to learn about the DNA of North Park, but it is also a valuable experience for those considering becoming members at North Park. Members have a unique opportunity to be part of the strategic decisions made at each year’s Annual Meeting. Attending Knowing North Park does not mean that one has to become a member. It is a safe place to understand what North Park is about and have your questions answered. If you decide to proceed with membership after these classes, you will fill out an application and meet with someone from the Membership Team.


My Daily Quiet Time Young Adults Thursday February 8 7:00-8:30pm

More than 350 North Parkers have now participated in this session over the past three years and many have found this a simple method to enrich their daily engagement with scripture. The process that is taught, using the acronym S.O.A.P. (Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer) provides a framework that will guide your thinking and ensure that you can engage scripture consistently, leading to long term life change. Join Paul as he guides you through this easy to use yet profound learning method. Perhaps it will help you to invigorate your own daily quiet time and enhance your knowledge and experience with scripture and your journey with Jesus.

Elective Leader: Paul McIlwraith Paul has been the Teaching Pastor at North Park since February 2013. He holds a Master of Theological Studies from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. He and his wife Carolyn have 4 grown children and a son-in-law.


Sunday Evenings Starting January 7 7:00-9:00pm We meet weekly at 7:00pm on Sunday evenings in community and conversation centered on the weekend content from The Story. For deeper discussion, there is also the opportunity to participate in a peer-led small group Bible Study on Friday nights. We know from Proverbs 8:1-4 that wisdom calls out to us, but so does folly (Proverbs 9: 13-15). Their methods of communication are similar; they sit in public places shouting their advice to all who will listen. When we are inclined toward God we will hear the voice of wisdom and respond. Those who have little depth and no desire for God will hear the voice of folly and respond. Two voices, two kinds of hearts; as a result, two drastically different journeys. Join us Sunday evenings to journey together and learn which voice to choose to trust. For more information, visit North Park’s Young Adults Facebook page at or email

Redefining Hospitality: Why We Need Others

Mondays for 3 Sessions Starting January 29 7:30-9:00pm Join us for this three evening series of discussions on the power of receiving others into our lives. We will explore together a deeper, fresher look at the concept of hospitality and why it is vital for our world, for our personal lives and for the vitality of the church. In this course we will gain a new appreciation for the rich biblical perspective on practices of hospitality. We will look at global issues that are challenging us all in our views and practices in relation to others: migration, urbanization, the growth of economic disparity. We will also look at the warmth of the home, the gift of simple friendship and the significant quality of life that postures of hospitality give us. And we will look at how God has designed the church as a beautiful space for finding love, care, comfort and meaningful relationships in a world that challenges all of these things.

Facilitator: Calvin Tiessen

Theology of the Human Person What does it really mean to be human? If it’s not something that you have ever thought deeply about, then here is your opportunity! This class is developed by Tyndale Seminary, but is offered right here at North Park. The course is focused on biblical and doctrinal issues that bear upon such questions as “What does it mean to be a human being?,” “What is meant by the ‘image of God’?,” “How is the Person of God related to the personhood of human beings?”


Dr. Brett David Potter (PhD, USMC) lives in the suburban wilds of Toronto. In addition to playing music and making apocalyptic video art, he teaches theology and culture at places like Tyndale Seminary and Queen’s University.

Course Dates:

Tuesdays for 12 weeks beginning January 30 and ending mid-April, 7:00-9:00pm.

Cost and Registration:

. Audit Only (sit-in): $225 Certificate of Completion: $425 Register at *For Masters degree credit, please contact Tyndale Seminary at 416-226-6746 or email


A New Set of Neighbourhood Habits Webinar

Mondays for 2 Sessions February 26 & March 5 7:30-9:00pm Living as generous, hospitable, Spirit-led missionaries to our own neighbourhoods can be challenging. There are many missional rhythms to learn in order to engage the neighbourhood in a way that displays Christ to those around us. In Michael Frost’s book, Surprise the World: The 5 Habits of Highly Missional People, the author clearly identifies and illustrates 5 “neighbourhood habits” that lead into many practical avenues of ministry within the neighbourhood locale. This two evening webinar will identify and discuss these five missional practises that can help every Christian to be a more intentional presence for Christ in their neighbourhoods. Registration is mandatory for this webinar. Details on how to access the webinar will be released to those who have registered.


The Homeless Jesus Thursday March 29 7:00-8:00pm

This Maundy Thursday at North Park, the folks from The Ark Aid Street Mission here in London, will present a dramatic Easter presentation! This drama will be based on the statue, The Homeless Jesus. It will have real stories of people from the Ark and intertwine with the narrative of Jesus. This will be a multi-media presentation with live musicians and even a visual artist. As we prepare to focus our hearts around what the gospel means during the Easter season, this will be a powerful way to see Jesus from a different perspective. All ages welcome. A free will offering will be received at the end of the drama with all proceeds going to benefit the work and ministry of The Ark Street Mission. Be sure to come early as last year’s Easter presentation by The Ark Aid Street Mission was a full house!

Senior’s Club The North Park Senior’s Club is a ministry providing Christ-centered programs and fellowship for our wonderful seniors. The group starts at age 60, but North Park seniors are definitely ‘young at heart’. Meetings are held in the Gym on the 2nd Thursday of each month (except July & August). A delicious, full course, catered meal including dessert, tea and coffee is only $12.50/person, and because it is catered, pre-registration is necessary. After lunch we enjoy a time of worship, followed by a guest speaker or a special feature. Sometimes we enjoy a day trip, which in the past has included a dinner cruise on the Grand River or a musical dinner theatre. Our eight page monthly newsletter is available from the rack beside the seniors’ bulletin board on the first Sunday of the month (except July & August). Our guests are not confirmed at the time of this printing, but you won’t be disappointed so why not start attending our meetings? We are sure your heart will be blessed and you may make some new friends in the bargain.

Need more information? Contact Ruth Clark at

Reflection Exercise

Now Available on the North Park App A journey with God is a journey that never ends. As we continue in our adventure of learning to know God on a more intimate basis, the Holy Spirit often challenges us to grow in different areas of our lives. For several years at North Park, we have offered a Reflection Exercise that helps us to identify some of the most important areas of our lives where we need to ensure ongoing growth is occuring. Our relationship to God impacts how we view ourselves, how we treat others at home, how we love our neighbours, how we exist at work and school, how we enage those in our local church, and how we impact others around us. This seems like a lot to work on right? Well, the aim of this Reflection Exercise is simply to help you identify one or two areas where you feel you need to grow and then commit to working with God and others to grow in those areas. Please take a copy of the Reflection Exercise at the Welcome Kiosk, our website, or use our new interactive version on the app where you can take notes right on your phone or tablet.


The Smart StepFamily

Wednesdays for 8 Weeks Starting January 31 7:00-9:00pm It is not always easy to anticipate the unique challenges that couples will face in bringing their two families together. In this eight-week group, leaders who have first-hand experience will guide you through The Smart StepFamily DVD curriculum. Leading expert Ron L. Deal provides practical, realistic solutions to the issues you face as a stepfamily. Whether married or soon-to-be married, you’ll discover how to communicate effectively and solve the everyday puzzles of stepchildren relationships, including advice on stepsibling relationships and later-life stepfamilies. This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with others who understand what you are going through, as well as provide a place to experience support and prayer through the joys and challenges you face. You’ll learn useable solutions for everyday living and glean valuable insight and practical tips for becoming a smart stepfamily.

Dates: January 31-March 28 *No meeting on March 14 (March Break)

Cost: $25/person 30 | GOING DEEPER GUIDE

Single & Parenting Mondays for 13 Weeks January 22-April 30 6:00-8:00pm

Parenting is challenging on the best of days, but when you’re a single parent, others don’t always truly understand how tough it can be – day after day after day. You deeply desire to do what’s best for your kids, and some days, you’re doing great. But there are also days when you worry you can’t be all that your kids need. Our Single & Parenting group provides practical help and support, offering an opportunity to discover how to deal with your day-to-day struggles. It’s a great place to receive support from our group leaders who have experienced the challenge of single parenting personally, and also offers the chance to connect with other single parents to learn and discuss some great parenting strategies and hope-filled insights. Come and enjoy some time that’s just for you to learn, connect, and talk about the challenges you’ve been facing lately. *No meeting on February 19 (Family Day) and April 2 (Easter Monday). *Scholarships available Contact for more info

Cost: $25 for workbook






Thursdays for 13 Weeks Starting January 25 7:00-9:00pm Separation and divorce are among life’s most difficult and painful experiences. A DivorceCare group is a special place of encouragement, learning and sharing. This group meets every week, providing participants with an ongoing “support team” as they deal with the issues surrounding their separation or divorce.


Mondays for 13 Weeks Starting January 22 7:00-9:00pm This program features biblical, Christ-centred teaching that focuses on grief topics associated with the death of a loved one. The DVD seminar features nationally respected grief experts and real-life stories. This is followed by a small group discussion about what was viewed.

The study videos feature comments from top experts on divorce and recovery topics; they contain valuable information and are produced in an interesting and engaging format. A period of discussion follows each video.

Your bereavement experience may be recent or not so recent. You will find encouragement, comfort and help in grieving the death of a spouse, child, parent, sibling, or other family member or friend. No matter what the cause of your loved one’s death, this is an opportunity to be around people who understand what you are feeling.



January 25-April 19

January 22-April 30

Cost: $25 for workbook

*No meeting on Family Day (February 19) and Easter Monday (April 2)

Cost: $25 for workbook


Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis is one of many life circumstances that can sometimes bring forward conflicting emotions and challenging questions that may deeply impact your relationship with God. At North Park, we have a special team of care ministry volunteers who have been through cancer themselves and understand the challenges you may be facing in this season of illness. If you or someone you love is going through cancer, we want you to know that our care team is available. We offer prayer support, visitation, short term pastoral counselling support, and referrals to professional counsellors, in order to provide support as you work through the difficult emotions and hard questions that cancer can bring. Whether you are facing a cancer diagnosis yourself, or are supporting a loved one going through cancer, you are welcome to call the office 519-457-1400 or email to connect with our care team for prayer and support. Throughout the year, our Cancer Care ministry team will also be hosting a few events to offer an opportunity to gather together with others whose lives have been touched by cancer. These evenings will provide an opportunity to receive prayer, and to find hope and encouragement in the stories of those who have been through it. Details will be posted online and in the bulletin as they become available.

Foster & Adopt

Saturday Afternoons Monthly Starting January 13 3:00-5:00pm The challenges and blessings of welcoming children into your family through fostering and adoption are numerous. It is not always easy to anticipate the unique dynamics that can arise. Whether you are just starting out on the road towards fostering or adopting, or are farther along in the journey, consider joining this supportive group of parents seeking to come together to encourage and learn from one another. Meetings will include opportunities to share, pray, and learn through a DVD-based curriculum from Dr. Karyn Purvis, a leading expert in the area of adoption and child development. You will be encouraged and equipped with practical help based on biblical truths and research-based interventions specifically developed for adoptive or foster care families.

Dates: January 13 February 10 March 10 April 14 May 12 Childcare is available but requires a separate registration. Email for more details. NORTH PARK COMMUNITY CHURCH | 33


Understanding & Healing Addiction from a Christian Perspective Tuesday January 30 7:00-8:30pm

Through our past mental health focused events, we have spent time talking about stigma, misconceptions about mental illness, depression, anxiety, and psychosis, learning about the challenges these conditions present, hearing testimonies of those who have been through it, discovering where hope can be found, and exploring how we can grow our capacity to support and care for those facing mental health challenges. This January, we will be turning our attention to the challenge of addiction. This seminar will be led by Damian Devonish, a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Addiction Counsellor who specializes in the treatment of substance use disorders, trauma/ PTSD, relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, and Christian spirituality. Damian is in a unique position to speak to us about addiction from a Christian perspective Whether you have experienced addiction personally, have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, or are simply interested in learning more, join us for a great night of learning and encouragement.

Discipleship 101 “On-site Resource” The north end of our church facility is actually home to the largest church library in Southwestern Ontario. On the weekends, many people from children to seniors can be found here socializing and searching for the latest “must reads” on their discipleship list. Now you can search the contents of our library online. Visit to find our new online catalogue that will allow you to quickly search out the various titles that we have available. Our faithful and knowledgeable library volunteers are here every weekend and are eager to serve you. Check out our library during any of the following times:

Saturday evenings from 6:15-6:30pm 8:00-8:30pm Sunday mornings from 9:00am12:30pm. NORTH PARK COMMUNITY CHURCH | 35



Chinese Ministry Join us in an open, welcoming and loving environment as we listen to God’s teaching from scripture. At North Park Chinese Ministry, we strive to share the love of God to our Chinese speaking friends who are around us. Mandarin Chinese Worship Service: Sundays at 10:45am in the Chapel Bible Study: 1st & 3rd Fridays at 7:30pm Website:

中文堂 我們邀請你加入一個開放,受歡迎和有愛心的環境中進 行“聖經”的學習來聽上帝的教導。在北苑中文堂,我 們繼續把神的愛分享給週圍講中文的朋友。 國語中文崇拜:星期天上午10:45副教堂。 查經:第一和第三星期五下午7:30 網站


Walk in Hope with Christ (1 Peter) Chinese Ministry Sundays 12:45-1:30pm

This elective is suitable for Believers and those who would like to serve in the church. Through the study of the books of the Bible, we will learn more deeply about God’s will and be willing to commit ourselves to Christ and to participate in the service of the Body. Lives will be transformed to build up the Body of Christ.

在盼望中與主同行 ( 彼得前書) - 中文堂 逢星期日 下午 12:45 - 1:30 這選修適合於已經信主並願意事奉的弟兄姐妹。透過學 習聖經書卷,更深地明白神的旨意,並願意委身基督, 參與事奉,生命被改變,來建立基督的身體。

Discussion on Faith Chinese Ministry

Knowing God Chinese Ministry

This elective is geared towards new Believers. Through our topical discussion, we will learn more about God’s work in us, share in the growth of Jesus Christ, be a witness to each other, inspire in us a heart to love Jesus and allow Him to be the provider for our lives.

Is God real? Why can’t I understand the Bible? Find the trace of God in the Bible. Get to know Him. Let your life be filled with the heavenly blessing. This course is for those who are interested in learning about the Gospel and the Bible.

Sundays 12:45-1:30pm

信仰探討 - 中文堂 逢星期日 下午 12:45 - 1:30 這選修適合於已經信主並願意事奉的弟兄姐妹。透過學 習聖經書卷,更深地明白神的旨意,並願意委身基督, 參與事奉,生命被改變,來建立基督的身體。

Sundays 12:45-1:30pm

認識神 - 中文堂 逢星期日 下午 12:45 - 1:30 神是真的嗎?為什麼看不懂聖經?從聖經中尋找神的踪 跡,認識祂,使自己的人生充滿屬天的祝福。適合所有 對福音和聖經感興趣的朋友們。


Cultural Intelligence: Hands of Hope Sunday March 4 Skills for Success 7:00-9:00pm Locally & Globally Introductory Session Thursday March 1 7:00-8:00pm Training: Thursday April 5, 7:00-8:30pm

It all began with a group of women working out of their homes on different missions projects. In 2002, Hands of Hope (formerly known as Mission Work Bee) was founded. The group meets on the first Saturday of each month, making items to send to different ministries all around the world. Faiths Orphan Foundation in Zambia is an organization Hands of Hope has been working with for the past 15 years.

Cultural Intelligence is a set of skills which are crucial for success in cross-cultural settings. People with high Cultural Intelligence are better decision makers, negotiators, networkers, and leaders for today’s globalized world.

Anne Robertson recently travelled to Zambia to help celebrate their 25th anniversary and witness the significance of the impact Faiths Orphan Foundation has had and continues to have on the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children of Zambia.

The 60 minute Introductory Session will provide an overview of the principles behind Cultural Intelligence and how it can bring lasting results. The 90 minute Training will help you assess your current skills in working cross-culturally. You will develop a plan for how to maximize your strengths and how to work on your challenges. The Introductory Session is not a pre-requisite for the training.

Anne is excited to share her story of her visit to Africa. Come and hear how this trip has changed her and learn how Hands of Hope continues to work with Faiths Orphan Foundation.

Facilitator: Calvin Tiessen

Calvin is a certified trainer and has facilitated this training in a wide range of professional and academic environments.


register at


Access Instant Bible Serving at North Teaching - Anytime, Park Anywhere Check out our App A Customizable Video Bible Study for Every Person in the Church

If you are looking for a curriculum for your small group, or if you are just searching for a video based Bible Study for yourself, or even you and your significant other, check out RightNow Media. North Park is one of the 15,000 plus partner churches of RightNow Media. As a partner church, we can offer you access to this powerful discipleship library, free of charge to you. Every person at North Park can access over 15,000 Bible Studies. RightNow Media has studies for small groups, families, students, leadership development, and much more. The content is professional, coming from over 250 top Christian publishers and ministries.


We believe that serving the church is a core component of becoming a true disciple of Jesus. Often times, we wonder, “What ways can I serve?” or “What opportunities are available for me to serve the North Park community?” Our North Park app is packed with great service opportunities that are focused broadly across the various ministry focuses of North Park. There are fantastic opportunities to serve in welcome ministries, adults, care, LRC, preschool, grades 1-5, youth, worship, and even in the front office! Make this the year that you decide to offer your gift of service to others in the North Park community. You are a gift to North Park! Find one of many ways you can offer your gift by downloading our app and checking out our serving opportunities today.

Small Groups and The Story

It’s not too late to connect with a Story Small Group It’s the time of year where we most naturally think about what we can change in a new year to help us engage better rhythms physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One of the ways you can challenge your spiritual rhythms this year is by connecting to a small group. At North Park, there are many small groups available to join and there has never been a more exciting season to connect in this way. This fall, as we have focused on The Story in our weekend services, many of our small groups also decided to go deeper with The Story and track along during their weekday meetings. So many groups are talking about the great experience they have had engaging the grand-narrative of scripture in this way. Many new people have joined a group and have found their journey with The Story to be one that has given them increased desire to know more about scripture. Most of our small groups are continuing to track with The Story over the winter months. And, as always, there are many different types of groups that are meeting to connect with The Story as their theme. If you are a guy who is looking for a way to engage The Story with other guys, there is a group for you. If you are a 50+ couple wanting to engage The Story with other 50+ couples, there is a group for you. If you are hoping to study The Story in an intergenerational community group, there is a group for you. If you are a couple with young kids and would like to study The Story with other young couples, there is a group for you. So you get the point here; this is the season to join a small group! Of course, some of these groups have more availability than others, so be sure to connect early. On our website or on our app, there is a complete and detailed listing of every group hosting new people this winter. Please use these online tools to contact the small group leaders directly and commit to being a part of this small group Story experience. There’s no better way to start a new year. Do it today!


519–457–1400 // 1510 Fanshawe Park Road E.




North Park Community Church



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Going Deeper Guide · Winter 2018  

A comprehensive resource for all things North Park this Winter season.

Going Deeper Guide · Winter 2018  

A comprehensive resource for all things North Park this Winter season.