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Leeds Indie Food Fest Headingley Festival of Ideas Meanwood Festival

MAY | 2017 NORTH LEEDS Life F R E E M a y 2 0 1 7 | LS6 | LS16 | LS18


Leeds Indie Food Fest Headingley Festival of Ideas Meanwood Festival

Antiques Fair at Harewood House; St Gemma’s Leeds Midnight Walk; and another showing of Sam Sweeney’s Violin at the City Varieties. And there’s loads more! The deadline for news and notices for our May edition is by 1st April (10th April for advertising).

After all the festivals mentioned last month you might have thought that that would be it for festivals…..not so! May is awash them! There are two great food festivals coming up, plus the Leeds Wool Festival, Headingley Festival of Ideas, Bramhope Summer Festival, and the Meanwood Festival. I tell you Leeds doesn’t rest on its laurels – as soon as one festival is over there’s another (or several more) planned!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Carole, Jack and the team.

Our May edition also flags up a major outing at The Craft Centre for Boo! Studio, who won the exhibition at Saltaire Makers’ Fair; a great

Pictured: Jo Lee Photo: Lisa Burch











10 Leeds a Likely Loser With Brexit - MEP Richard Corbett voices

22 Boo! Studio Exhibits at Craft Centre - Ceramic artist Jo Lee

38 Meanwood Festival is Set to Inspire - This year’s Festival will present

his fears.

wins solo exhibition at Craft Centre.

over 50 activities in 20 different locations.

12 Help Tell the Story of Yorkshire’s Queens of Industry

30 Leeds Indie Food Festival Sees Record Ticket Sales -

44 Sam Sweeney’s Fiddle: Made

find out more about them.

Organisers are warning keen foodies to grab tickets before it’s too late!

violin that lay unfinished in a manila envelope for nearly a century.

21 Suman Kaur Wins The Big Painting Challenge - The Leeds

34 Headingley Festival of Ideas - Explores the idea of ‘Journey’

College of Art student recently left her job to pursue a career in art.

through play, discussion, song and art.

51 Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Announces New Cricket College - Opening in

- Armley Mills Industrial Museum wants to

In The Great War - The story of a

September 2017.






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Leeds Wool Festival is Back Leeds Wool Festival is back at Leeds Industrial Museum, Armley, on Saturday 3rd June, and will be celebrating all things woolly! eturning for a fourth year, the festival will be packed with stalls, where you can buy all kinds of yarn, books, and equipment. There will also be a demonstration area where you can see spinning, felting and other techniques in action. The film ‘Yarn the Movie’ will be screened in the museum’s lovely little 1930’s cinema, the Women’s Institute pop up café will be serving up refreshments, plus you’ll find livestock, performances, workshops and much more. Booking is essential for this popular event. Follow the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills Facebook page for the latest updates, or visit

Yarn the Movie will be screened in the museum’s 1930’s cinema

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m strial Museu at Leeds Indu

Saturday 3 June 2017, 10am - 5pm Celebrate the wonder of wool in what was once the world’s largest woollen mill! f LeedsMuseumsandGalleries o @LeedsMuseums #LeedsWoolFest

Care, support and luxury living When Annie’s parents moved to an apartment at Headingley Hall, it not only took a weight off her shoulders, it also put a smile on her face. Because she knew her mum & dad now not only have their freedom but also friendly staff on hand who care as much about their health and happiness as she does. Find out more at or call 0113 275 9950 Headingley Hall, 5 Shire Oak Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 2DD

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These days, Annie visits her parents to catch up, rather than check-up. 07/04/2017 15:53

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Was there really once a group of braves who had their pow-wows in Leeds, with cooking pot and bowl of firewater, their chieftain in feathered headdress and war paint, passing round the pipe of peace? Did they make sorties into the countryside – not with tomahawks but with sketchpads and notebooks? Yes, for these were the members of the Leeds Savage Club, founded around 1891 by Edmund Bogg, who is remembered today for his many fine books on the Yorkshire countryside he knew and loved so passionately. dmund Bogg came from Duggleby, a tiny hamlet in the Wolds, where his father was a wheelwright. He had little schooling. When he was twenty he came to Leeds in search of employment and tried his hand at joinery and then work as a ‘colourman’, mixing paints for artists. He came to love the artistic world with its bohemian flavour and finally set up in business as a picture dealer and framer with a gallery and workshop in Woodhouse Lane, living nearby with his wife Fanny and their young family. He gathered round him a group of young artists, some of whom he would pay to go off to paint in the countryside and supply him with pictures he could sell in his shop. Some like Owen Bowen were to become well known and move on to wider success through his support. A tall, striking figure, with a bristling moustache, Bogg was well known and popular with the artistic community, and loved their company. So he hit on the idea of a club, based on the Savage Club in London, which would bring artists, musicians and writers together and provide amusement and relief from the restrictive everyday world. A spirit of bohemianism was essential! There were to be only fifty members, who would be called Savages, with a Chief as president, a Scribe as secretary, and Braves as committee men. This Red Indian theme was Edmund Bogg’s inspiration and he was chosen as the Chief, to preside in feathers and warpaint over the jolly and sometimes rowdy pow-wows in the Wigwam – the firewater (whisky punch) was powerful stuff. Many artists and writers joined the Tribe and distinguished visitors were entertained. There were trips around the countryside too, rambling, camping, and sketching. They arranged concerts and events in the villages to raise funds for local causes, but began to lose their bohemian edge. By 1914 the Club had begun to fade away and came to an end

in the 1930s. Luckily some of the funny, inventive invitation cards to the pow-wows, and props like the firewater bowl, cooking pot and Chief’s headdress and throne were kept safe and are now on view in the City Museum. Meanwhile Edmund Bogg embarked on a new venture, combining his passion for the countryside with his love of history and literature. In 1892 he published ‘A Thousand

Miles in Wharfedale’, an account of a journey with his artist friends, with lyrical descriptions of village and country, historical anecdotes, and delightful illustrations by friends like Percy Robinson and Gilbert Foster alongside his own photographs. Its success encouraged him – ‘Edenvale to the Plain of York’ followed, then ‘Two thousand miles of wandering in the Border Country and Lakeland’ and in 1902 the very popular ‘Old Kingdom of Elmet’, which includes an account of his hometown Leeds as he knew it a century ago, fascinating for the modern reader. More finely illustrated books on neighbouring areas followed, and new editions of his popular earlier works were published into the 1920s. He called them a labour of love. He loved the countryside and he loved words. His prose seems sentimental and overblown now, and came under fire at the time – in 1902 he apologised for the ‘abandon’ of his language, which he said came from that ‘sense of joyfulness … peculiar to the heart of the born rambler’. Who can resist such a claim? T’owd Chief, as he was still known, died at his home in Caledonian Road, Leeds, in 1931, aged 81. In his own words, the time had come for him to ‘bid adieu to the hills and vales, rivers and glens [and] glide gently down the river of life to journey’s end, like the beautiful Wharfe..’ He was remembered affectionately as a colourful eccentric, and as a lover of the arts and the Yorkshire countryside.

Eveleigh Bradford


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Ben Hinchliffe on: 07966 474 546 or email: Silver Birch Developments, 25 Westgate, Guiseley, LS20 8HN

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Leeds a Likely Loser With Brexit

To leave the EU, the single European market, and the European Customs Union will put significant obstacles in the way of all those who export

Pictured: MEP Richard Corbett

Leeds is a manufacturing centre, a university town and a financial centre. In all three respects - and more - it stands to lose out if Britain proceeds with Brexit. or manufacturers, the government’s choice to leave not just the EU, but also the single European market and the European Customs Union will put significant obstacles in the way of all those who export. Even if we manage to secure a free trade agreement with the EU with zero tariffs, the fact of being outside the customs union, exporting into it, means red tape for firms, border checks, delays and disruption of supply chains. Nor would it become any easier to trade with the rest of the world, as re-joining the WTO as a separate entity puts us back to square one in securing trade deals with countries in other continents, losing all the trade deals with them we currently have via the EU.

For our universities, the prospect of losing out on EU research funding could be dramatic. They are also seeing a fall in the number of students applying from other EU countries, and British students could lose access to the ERASMUS student exchange programme. There are even signs that professors and teachers from other EU countries are planning to leave, creating staff shortages (something that will also create shortfalls in other sectors, not least nursing). For our financial sector, insurance companies and banks may lose their right to “passport” services across Europe. Some banks are already moving staff abroad. These are specific concerns. There are others, affecting everybody. The fall in

the international value of the pound is now beginning to filter through in terms of rising food prices and fuel prices. Farmers (Yes, Leeds has a significant farming sector!) are worried about being torn out of Europe’s agricultural markets. Anyone concerned with policing and security will be worried about pulling out of Europol through which our police forces co-ordinate cross-border investigations. Leeds-Bradford airport could see significant losses unless the government gets a deal on continued participation in the European airspace arrangements. There are many more issues, including many where we don’t yet know what the government wants to do. Very few people wanted Brexit-atany-cost. If the government takes us towards a costly Brexit, hurting our economy, damaging job prospects, then there could well be a growing clamour for a re-think. Already, it is clear that many promises made by the Leave campaign in last year’s referendum will not be kept. As Brexit gets closer, the problems will be clearer. Maybe Brexit is not a done deal.

Richard Corbett MEP Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire & Humber

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Help Tell the Story of Yorkshire’s Queens of Industry Armley Mills Industrial Museum wants to find out more about the women who were standard bearers for a golden age in Yorkshire’s industrial heritage, and were once crowned the queens of their industries, ahead of a new exhibition celebrating their legacy.

Pictured: Doreen Fletcher

Pictured: Doreen Fletcher

he Museum, formerly the world’s largest woolen mill, will host the exhibition in November, focusing on the women chosen to represent some of Britain’s most prominent economic powerhouses. It is asking people for any memories, photos or information that will help them retell a fascinating chapter in the story of Leeds. Industry queens rose to prominence in the 20th Century, with the first Railway Queens elected in the mid-1920s and the last Coal Queen being crowned in the early 1980s. Inspired by the idea of traditional May Queens in villages and towns, these queens flew the flag for their industry, county or even country in what often proved to be a life-changing opportunity for the chosen few. Frances Lockett, the first Cotton

Queen, met aging former Prime Minister Lloyd George in 1930. And Railway Queen, Audrey Mossom, visited Russia, where she met Joseph Stalin. Doreen Fletcher (nee Kerfoot) who became Yorkshire’s Wool Queen in 1948, was selected to play the lead in ‘The Three Piece Suit’ a film aimed at inspiring young female workers to join the wool industry. She went on to enjoy a successful modelling, acting and singing career, becoming something of a forces’ sweetheart. Now approaching her 90th birthday, Doreen still lives in Yorkshire and organisers are hoping she can attend the exhibition opening later this year. “Being named a Queen of Industry was an incredible opportunity, and those lucky enough to be given the title became celebrities in their own right”, said John McGoldrick, Leeds Museums and Galleries curator of industrial history. “It was a chance for women to play a leading role in industries that had traditionally been male-dominated, providing inspiration for other young women. “As well as paying tribute to those women, we aim to spark a discussion about how women today experience working in industry and we’d love to hear from anyone who knows more about the story behind the queens, who they were and the impact the role had on their lives.” As well as historic photos and films, the exhibition will feature rarely seen objects from Leeds Museums and Galleries’ collection and loans from major UK museums and private collectors. Anyone with information about the Queens of Industry should contact: 0113 378 3173, or uk or

It was a chance for women to play a leading role in industries that had traditionally been maledominated


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The Antique Dealers’ Fair at Harewood House The Antiques Dealers Fair returns to Harewood House from Friday 12th – Sunday 14th May. or the past six years, the fair has transformed a marquee in the grounds of Harewood House, bringing together 30 top antiques and fine art dealers showing their latest acquisitions, with items priced from £50 to £50,000, and combining traditional antiques alongside a strong decorative look. For collectors there is a huge choice, ranging from a Biedermeier glass cup and saucer, made in Austria in the 1820s, scarce Greek pottery dating from the mid sixth century BC, to a set of English pearlware plates decorated with pea fowl. Silver lovers will find George III neo classical silver vases (1792) very probably designed by Robert Adam who worked extensively at Harewood at that time. There’s fabulous jewellery – such as a 1950’s 18 carat gold, sapphire and diamond brooch by Gubelin, and a 1930’s Austrian carved amethyst, nephrite and diamond brooch in the shape of wild violets. And, there is an interesting range of men’s watches from the 1960s and 1970s. The Antiques Dealers Fair is a great day out. You should find a

The Rough Diamond Ball Simon on the Streets’ third annual Rough Diamond Ball will be held at The Queen’s Hotel on Friday 19th May.

complimentary ticket for three people with this copy of North Leeds Life – if not, please download ticket from www. Tickets (£5) include access to Harewood’s grounds and Below Stairs. For an extra £5, ticket holders can also visit Harewood House’s State Rooms, including the current exhibition. Opening hours are: Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 10.30am-6pm, Sunday 10.30am-5pm

Another great evening among friends is predicted. The ‘Rough Diamond’ theme is retained, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Iain Henderson Designs, an independent Yorkshire jeweller. As in previous years, a ‘rough cut’ diamond, donated by Iain, will be won by one lucky guest. The Rough Diamond Ball is a major event on the Simon on the Streets fundraising calendar. In addition to a lovely evening amongst friends, delicious food and first class entertainment, it provides a great opportunity to network, and entertain corporate clients. And you can celebrate the charity’s achievements and hear about how its outreach workers support the homeless and rough sleepers in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield. Tickets are available at £60 each or £600 for a table of ten. This includes a sparkling wine reception, private bar, three course dinner, live music before and during the function, a silent auction and, of course, the Diamond! For a chance to win the diamond, you can purchase tickets in advance for £15 each. Table numbers are limited and have sold quickly in recent years, so reserve your table soon. To book, contact Development Manager Sue on sue@ or Tom on

jason child bathrooms

design and installation

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College of Art Student Wins Pitch for Agency Mural Ian Fulcher, a third year BA (Hons) Illustration student at Leeds College of Art, recently won the opportunity to pitch a mural design to the Leeds agency We Are Boutique.

e Are Boutique wanted to create a talking point in their conference room that would showcase the city’s creative culture and young talent. They teamed up with the Leeds College of Art to give students the opportunity to secure a professional commission. The fuss-free brief stated that ‘The Fell’ meeting room needed a mural that represented Saw Mill Yard’s industrial past. The chosen design was selected for its detail and the justification behind it. “I was keen to come up with a design that not only presented the mill’s history, but could also be successfully replicated by hand onto the grey wall”, said Ian. “As someone who predominantly produces digital artwork it was a challenge to create a graphical design whilst retaining the hand-drawn element.

I projected the outline of the design before tracing and filling in using white paint pens to create the clean lines associated with digital artwork. It’s been a great experience working with the guys at We Are Boutique and it has given me a load of confidence to pursue further large scale drawing projects.” Simon Bollon, Boutique’s MD, was impressed by the level of professionalism shown by the students when reviewing the submissions. “We thought it’d be a great opportunity to give students a chance to show off their talent – for a fee of course!” said Simon. “The variety of submissions was testament to the creativity of the students. It was clear that a lot of time and thought had gone into them. We wanted something that would create a talking point in meetings. It won’t be the last time we team up with the students on creative projects.”

Online Print Shop Raises £930 for Leeds Mind Design studio BMLCreative raised £930 for Leeds Mind through its Charity Print Shop ( – a unique collection of prints created by BML designers as part of the studio’s ongoing ‘Wall o’Fame’ creative challenges. All prints are created by the designers in their spare time and feature a new theme each quarter.

Having previously raised over £1,000 for St George’s Crypt, the BML team unanimously chose to support Leeds Mind last year. “Almost everyone I know has been touched by mental health issues in some way or another, so it’s great to be able to support the excellent work of Leeds Mind”, said Dave Holloway, BML’s Creative Director.”I hope our donation will help to raise awareness of mental health issues so that more can be done to help those affected.” BML’s latest print series ‘Icon’ will be available in the shop soon. They are currently selecting a new charity to support and have plans to expand their fundraising efforts by partnering with local retailers. Visit the BML website for up-to-date details.


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Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath Comes to The Playhouse ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, Frank Galati’s adaptation of John Steinbeck’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, comes to West Yorkshire Playhouse from 24th May – 10th June. ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ has been called ‘one of the most significant works of social justice ever written’ – loved by those who stand for equality and human rights, and reviled by the Donald Trumps of every generation. “It is uncannily relevant to the world we find ourselves in today – increasing mechanisation, displacement of people, economic and environmental crisis”, said Abbey Wright, Nuffield Southampton Associate, who directs the play. “Across the world we have seen fear and hatred entering political discourse on immigration and identity. At the heart of ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ is the need for community and love. Steinbeck invites us to ask ourselves ‘Who is our family?’ ‘Who are our children?’” The setting is the American Dust Bowl at the height of the Great Depression. A family begins an epic journey to California, the Promised Land, driven as much by fear as by hope, in search of work and a new life. Commenting on the music, composer Matt Eggan said: “‘The Grapes of Wrath’ conjures vast open spaces, which we wanted to capture in the music. But I wanted our version to focus on man-made desolation - not only dusty fields, but concrete and cities. The motif I adopted is a harsh wrong-sounding note, which slides into the correct note. This combination of incongruous, opposing sounds is at the core of the music.”

The cast includes a 40-strong community company made of up Leeds residents. Over 100 people of all ages and vastly differing experiences turned up for the auditions at The Playhouse. Many had never done anything like this before.

specific briefing notes from the other theatres involved in the production, there was still room for people’s own creative input. People discovered things about themselves that pushed them into doing things they didn’t expect, including learning the choreography of two dances!” Participants in the Playhouse’s Refugee Programme are also involved. This is all part of the theatre’s commitment to reaching out to the community. And, it’s not going to end here – already The Playhouse is working with a local writer to develop a short play along

“Choosing 40 people was really difficult”, said Alex Ferris, Director of Creative Engagement at The Playhouse. “Although we were working to

the themes of ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ for this company to perform as part of ‘Open Season’ in September. “This will be a production for and people in the community”, said Alex. “It is very exciting. One of the joys is pulling in so many types of performance. It will be like a launch pad of the theatre speaking to the city.”

A West Yorkshire Playhouse, Nuffield Southampton Theatres, Nottingham Playhouse and Royal & Derngate Northampton co-production

Tickets £30 - £13.50

24 May - 10 June

A care home that truly cares As soon as Joan visited us at Headingley Hall, she knew that her hunt for a care home was over. We asked her what she wanted from us, then, tailored her care and support around her. Find out more at or call 0113 275 9950 Headingley Hall, 5 Shire Oak Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 2DD

WWC_NLL_HP_Care_110x153_04_17_St02.indd 1

Joan thought choosing a care home would be the hardest decision she’d ever make. Turned out to be the easiest. 06/04/2017 17:33


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Adel Players An Exciting present Murder Opportunity for at Dragon’s Nest Choral Singers in Horsforth ind out if you’re a budding Sherlock Holmes or Jane Marple at Adel Players’ murder mystery event ‘Murder at Dragon’s Nest’ on Saturday 27th May, 7.30pm at Adel Memorial Hall, Church Lane, LS16 8DE The Finance Director and Company Secretary of a business with major interests in South Africa is confined to a wheelchair following a high-speed car crash in which his wife was killed. When his business colleagues and family members gather at his house ‘Dragon’s Nest’ to meet him on his discharge from hospital, they know he will resume control over their lives. Is there anything they can do to prevent that? And was the death of Peter’s wife in the car crash in South Africa really the accident he claims it was? Tickets £12 (including pie and peas supper) available from 0113 275 5585 or

Northern Opera Group Tour ‘The Wandering Scholar’ wayward wife and the local priest look to take advantage of her husband’s absence - but they don’t bargain on a poor (and mischievous) ‘wandering scholar’ interrupting their plans … On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May, Northern Opera Group will be touring Gustav Holst’s riotous comedy, ‘The Wandering Scholar’, to audiences in North and West Yorkshire. Inspired by a traditional Mummers’ Play, the company will hot-foot it between venues, offering free performances and only using set and props that they can carry with them!

eeds Symphony Orchestra and Horsforth Choral Society will jointly perform a ‘Last Night of the Proms’ style concert at St Margaret’s Church, Horsforth on Saturday 8th July, and Horsforth Choral Society is inviting local singers to join in. Fortnightly rehearsals begin Monday 8th May and the music will consist largely of well known opera choruses that are accessible and enjoyable to both singers and audience members. “The Last Night of the Proms is one of the most popular events of the year for classical music in the UK and we are excited about recreating the event at a more local level in Horsforth this Summer”, said Matthew Lazenby, Horsforth Choral Society’s recently appointed Musical Director. “We are thrilled to be working with Leeds Symphony Orchestra and its conductor, Martin Binks, and would love to hear from people who would relish the experience of singing with a large choir and orchestra.” For more information, call Matthew Lazenby on 07854 079418 or email

Directed by Emma Black, designed by Tiffany Dawson, and conducted by Northern Opera Group’s Artistic Director, David Ward, the opera will be performed by a leading young professional cast. The performances will demonstrate that great opera can be performed in a variety of venues, and will coincide with this year’s European Opera Days. “‘The Wandering Scholar’ is one of the finest comic operas ever written and perfect to introduce new audiences to opera”, said David Ward. “We’re delighted to have formed partnerships with four of the region’s leading venues to offer these free performances. We hope that through this short tour we can bring new audiences of all ages to opera.”

Saturday 13 May 12pm - The Hepworth, Wakefield 2.30pm - Leeds City Museum

Sunday 14 May 12pm - Skipton Town Hall 2.30pm - The Tetley, Leeds www. northernopera

One of the finest comic operas ever written

Suman Kaur Wins The Big Painting Challenge eeds College of Art student, Suman Kaur, beat off nine other contenders to be crowned overall champion in BBC One’s Big Painting Challenge. Art has always been a passion for Suman, who recently left her job working in prosthetics and orthotics to pursue a career in art. “For years I had worked on self-tuition”, said Suman. “To finally win something important like this has validated that hard work and drive to prove myself artistically.” Suman is currently taking the

Access to HE Diploma (Art & Design), a course designed for adults returning to education and who want to pursue a professional career in art and design. “We are delighted that Suman has won The Big Painting Challenge”, said Adam Stone, Access to HE Course Leader. “Before joining our course she didn’t have any formal art training. The determination, ambition and talent that she demonstrates as a student were evident throughout the show. We are proud to celebrate her success, well done Suman!”




For more stunning designs… WWW.HARRISINTERIORSLTD.CO.UK

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Last Autumn, ceramic artist Jo Lee was thrilled to win an award for ‘taking the judge’s breath away, with originality and work that takes a risk’ at the lovely Saltaire Makers’ Fair. As a result, Jo was offered a Solo Ceramic Showcase at the Craft Centre on The Headrow, which will run from 2nd May – 29th July. orking from Boo! Studio in Meanwood (named because it’s always a surprise to see what comes out of it!), Jo and her trusty kiln, Chuffing Billy, create a magical menagerie of colourful black and white characters, slipcast using earthenware and porcelain clay from handmade plaster moulds. Her characters have evolved from experiences and ideas of family, nurture, control and love, as well as the boundless imagination of a child playing with Fuzzy Felt and Mr Potato Head. She loves drawing and photography too and cleverly combines these with her ceramic characters to bring these delightful yet slightly unnerving creatures to life. Her quirky range includes ‘BabyDogs’, a contemporary take on Staffordshire Dogs; ‘TriBods’ – three-part figurines that wobble when tickled; and wall-mounted ‘Eyeballs’, which follow you around the room.

Pictured: Jo Lee

Photo: Lisa Burch

She also designs a range of amusing mugs and teapots whose faces turn every cuppa into a tea party! Over the last couple of years her work has been seen in various high profile international publications such as Tatler, World of Interiors, Elle Decoration, Aesthetica and Homes & Gardens. It has also popped up in Liberty of London!

Jo also loves teaching art and delivers classes across a range of venues, including adult ceramic workshops at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley. She runs workshops in primary and secondary schools, and for adults with learning disabilities, and is a Creative Practitioner at The Hepworth Wakefield. Jo has a couple of fun adult ceramic workshops coming up at Sunny Bank Mills, ideal for beginners or for anyone who wishes to have some creative time out (Pinch Pots & Slab Building 20th May, 10am - 4pm; Press Moulded Bowls & Tiles 10th June, 10am - 1pm). To book, visit www. You can meet Jo and her wild menagerie at the ‘Meet The Maker’ event on Saturday 6th May, 1.30 - 3pm at The Craft & Design Centre (under Leeds Art Gallery). Follow the curiosity and creativity of Jo Lee’s World on Facebook @joleeworld Twitter @joleeworld and on Instagram: @ joleeworldofcuriosity

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64a Otley Road, Leeds LS6 4BA Tel: 0113 274 0513 Search “The Hair Studio Leeds”

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North Yorkshire Open Studios his year 129 artists across North Yorkshire will be inviting visitors to visit their studios over two weekends – 3rd/4th and 10th/11th June. Discover art in inspirational locations, from the North Yorkshire coastline to the moors and dales. Take a look inside workspaces of all shapes and sizes, from fisherman’s cottages to Victorian workhouses. This year’s open studios trail offers a tantalising glimpse inside the private world of these artists. You can expect to see a fantastic mix of established and new creative talent, from potters and painters, to jewellery, textile artists and printmakers and lots more. There are many chances to have a go, take part in an inspiring and fun activity, and try something new with friends or family. To find out more, visit uk


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All our blinds conform to new Child Safety Regulations.

Crescent Blinds 399a Otley Old Road, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7DF

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We not only sell great quality plants we also love talking about plants and all things ‘Gardening’. Ask our professionally qualified gardeners for advice and tips.

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Do come along to Plant Sales Day for amazing offers! Saturday 13th May from 9am - 5pm

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Leeds Photographic Society Annual Exhibition he Leeds Photographic Society recently held its biggest competition of the year, its Annual Exhibition Competition. The competition is made up of five categories; Pictorial, Portraiture, Nature, Architecture, and Sport, with awards given for the best image in each category. The overall award for the best print in the competition went to Ted Clements with a nature image entitled ‘The end of the rainbow’, showing an Osprey catching a Rainbow Trout. Over eighty prints were entered into the competition and they will all be exhibited in the Roofspace at Salt’s Mill, Saltaire, during the ‘Saltaire Arts Trail’ weekend, Saturday 27th May – Monday 29th May, 10am – 4.30pm, and entry is free.

Photo: Ted Clements Leeds Photographic Society’s itinerary will continue over the coming months with a schedule of talks by its members and visiting speakers, competitions and photographic outings. The society welcomes new members of all levels of ability and meets on alternate Tuesdays at Saint Edmund’s Church Hall, Lidgett Park Road, Roundhay, LS8 1JN. Full details can be found at







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Food & Drink

Great British Food Festival Returns to Harewood House After the success of last year’s event, when over 15,000 people attended the Great British Food Festival at Harewood House, the event is back and promises to be even bigger and better!

Budding home bakers will have the chance to enter the Cake Off held each day

eld on the grounds in front of the house, the festival runs for three days, from 27th - 29th May, opening at 10am each day, and a number of great new features have been added for 2017. “Last year was fantastic, out in the sun on the lawns in front of this amazing venue”, said Daniel Maycock, Organiser. “This year we have added a few new things like a drinks arena, grow your own talks, and goody bags for the first thousand people each day! Visitors will be able to watch a number of local and celebrity chefs demonstrate signature dishes and bakes. Local chefs will be on stage alongside stars from the BBC’s Great British Bake Off, like Luis Troyano and Howard Middleton.

Pictured: Organisers Nick & Danny Maycock

“Budding home bakers will have the chance to enter the Cake Off held each day – enter your cake to win a fabulous prize and get free entry into the show. And, children will have the opportunity to learn new cookery skills in the Diddy Cook Classes, which can be booked online or on the day. Plus there will be bouncy castles, kids rides (with a free go for every child), a free craft corner, and a circus workshop. “Throughout the day there will be top local bands playing. You can do some foodie shopping from the numerous fascinating stalls, then take a break with a real ale or glass of fizz and enjoy some live music in beautiful surroundings. A great foodie day out for the whole family.” For further information & book tickets, visit www.

U N t o t s 2

Use code NLL20 for tickets online to save 20%!


Food & Drink


Leeds Indie Food Festival Sees Record Ticket Sales Organisers of the Leeds Indie Food Festival (11th – 28th May) are warning keen foodies to grab tickets before it’s too late! The most sought after events sold out in hours and Festival Passport sales got off to a flying start. n a recent survey analysing the expansion in independent food and drink businesses in major UK cities, Leeds came top of the pile with 12.8% growth, beating foodie hotspots like Bristol and London and proving that the city really is hungry for indie eats. Festival organisers claim that this enthusiasm for kicking the chain habit and dining out differently has manifested itself in bumper ticket sales for their unique celebration of the city’s gastronomic culture. Sales of Festival Passports, which give access to priority tickets for all Leeds Indie Food events and discounts or offers at all the festival’s venues, have doubled since last year. Popular billings, like ‘Chef: The Experience’ at Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, sold out in hours. The event sees the Patty Smith’s kitchen serving up food from the Jon Favreau film as it appears on screen. Other sold out events are #FindTheForest from Balcombe & Smith and a dinner matching Donuts and Beer at North Bar.

Photo: Martyn Butler

Pictured: The Madeleine Express Photo: Jessie Leong

The calibre of this year’s programme has been reflected by a bevy of industry awards picked up by festival venues. Ox Club at Headrow House won Best British, Best Newcomer and Overall Winner at the Yorkshire Evening Post’s Oliver Awards. Bundobust, who will team up with Laynes Espresso for a collaborative brunch service

during the festival, bagged Best Street Food. North Brewing Co. was recognised as Best Brewing Pub Company by the Morning Advertiser Publican Awards. It was also nominated for Best Independent Craft Beer Bar at the SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) awards, but lost out to Leeds Indie Food venue Tapped Leeds. Northern Monk took home a medal at the World Beer Cup and Friends of Ham were recognised in the Observer Food Monthly Awards. “We’ve been blown away by the response to this year’s festival! We knew we had some pretty special events in the works, but to see some of them sell out within hours shows us that our home city really does have an appetite for indie food and drink”, said Matt Dix, Indie Food. “It’s amazing to see our venues getting the accolades they deserve, and to see Leeds put on the map nationally for our outstanding food and drink scene.”


Community News

News From Your Councillors Cllr


Adel & Wharfedale Ward District Heating Network The Council has an Energy-from-Waste Plant at Cross Green which began operating in 2016. It processes the waste from residents’ black bins and was designed to be district heating enabled – which means that the heat generated can be used in a District Heating Network (DHN). The energy is captured and supplied to householders and businesses in the form of hot water through super insulated underground pipework, making the plant more efficient. There are also a

number of other benefits, including reducing fuel bills for vulnerable residents; creating construction, operation and maintenance jobs; and allowing for the removal of outdated storage heaters in council owned multi-storey flats. To deliver a DHN two procurement exercises are being carried out simultaneously, the first being to appoint an organisation to construct the underground pipework, which will carry hot water from the plant at Cross Green to a range of public and private sector customers in the city centre. The second is to build a local housing DHN to serve 31 blocks of multi-storey

flats in the vicinity of the plant. In addition to this, the DHN will carry heating and hot water to council buildings in the city centre, including the Town Hall, the Civic Hall, the Art Gallery and central Library, the Museum and St. George’s House. A number of other buildings and new developments have been identified as suitable for connection to the DHN, which will help to make it affordable – including The West Yorkshire Playhouse, Quarry House, a Leeds City College development and a new development at Quarry Hill. The construction is expected to take three years, starting in Summer 2017. Funding has been secured through a mixture of grants, the Housing Revenue Account, and a report to the Council’s Executive Board is due in June to secure the remainder through Council borrowing. Twitter @barryanderson19


Help save one of Britain’s top 250 Heritage Pubs Be a founding shareholder of Leeds first community pub Chance to earn 4% interest if you become a Cardigan Angel and invest £5,000 None of your money will be taken if we don't get the pub SHARE TARGET £300,000 by May 29th



Weetwood & West Park Ward In our ongoing drive to extend the 20mph zones in our ward to all residential streets, residents will soon be consulted about two new zones – one around Lawnswood High School and St Chad’s Primary in West Park, and the other around Cookridge Primary School. 20mph zones help to save lives. Someone hit at 30mph has a 40% chance of being killed or seriously injured. At 20mph this drops to just 17%. We urge all residents to get involved to make their views heard when the consultation starts. A buyer has finally been found for the West Park Centre site – the proposals are for 53 houses, made up of two, three and fourbedroomed homes and no apartments. The Centre was demolished over two years ago and we welcome the site being put to some use. Whilst the city needs family homes, it’s a shame that the plans cover the whole site.



Litter Free Leeds? Litter. Graffiti. Dog poo. Flytipping. It looks awful, attracts rats, endangers health, kills wildlife and pollutes the environment. Leeds City Council spends tens of thousands of pounds a year clearing it all, money that could be put to much better use. Councillors work with groups like the Ash Road Area Residents’ Association (ARARA) to clean up – but back it comes. What can we do about it? A recent Council event attracted over 150 people keen to find solutions. Keep Britain Tidy presented fascinating figures about our habits, like 62 % of us drop litter. Of these, 43% - middleaged women - consider themselves ‘beautifully behaved’ but still drop apple cores and sweet wrappers. Others are ‘blamers’, saying it’s everyone else’s fault, but still littering, while 4% are

A buyer has finally been found for the West Park Centre site – the proposals are for 53 houses ‘justifiers’ - dropping litter or failing to pick up dog poo because ‘it keeps people in jobs’ or ‘it’s not harming anyone’. Finally, there’s the 2%, men under 25, who say ‘life’s too short – I’m not bothered’. Dog fouling happens more at night and during the Winter, so the council is investigating glow-inthe-dark ‘We’re Watching You’ posters, which cut it by 90%. Street art reduces graffiti. Have you seen the Virgin Media boxes around Ash Road, beautifully decorated by local artists, organised through ARARA and supported by councillors? I joined students from Leeds Beckett University, ARARA, Friends of Beckett Park

There is already a shortage of school places in the area, so we were hoping that St Chad’s Primary would expand onto part of the site. Instead there is a danger that any expansion will be onto the West Park Fields, reducing the green area for our community. Proposals have been submitted for Woodside Quarry, where a developer is looking to build roughly 300 houses. This is a difficult site and we worried that no one would come forward to develop it – so this is good news. One of our aims will be to ensure that the developers protect the ancient woodland and wildlife bordering the site. We’ll let residents know when consultation opens. The Council will be running a pilot scheme to reduce parking on grass verges in the ward. New signs will ask drivers not to park on the verge and this will be followed up if parking persists. On some streets it’s almost impossible to park safely without parking on the verge and these areas will be excluded from the scheme. We’ll be looking at areas where damage is most severe. Do let us know if you want to put your road forward.

A recent Council event attracted over 150 people keen to find solutions and Council Officers on a recent litter pick in Batcliffe Woods, and a bottle collection around Hyde Park with Leeds University students. Working together is the way forward. We also want local businesses to get involved. Find @Litter Free Leeds on Facebook to see what’s happening. As a Headingley resident said, “If you live in a nice clean place, you yourself feel better”.

Community News


Headingley Festival of Ideas his year’s Headingley Festival of Ideas, which runs from 6th – 20th May, explores the idea of ‘Journey’ through play, discussion, song and art. On 6th May, the Festival begins with a workshop for children about journeying around Headingley, organised by Child Friendly Headingley. Their work will be exhibited in the HEART Cafe. Songs of journeys and dissent come from Sound Company in Stepping out of Line, also on 6th May. The week continues with Diesel Lies, a debate on fuel, at Cafe Scientifique; Rais Hassan’s journey of recovery from a brain tumour to become an award-winning photographer; an exploration of Walking to Skipton with the help of the X84 bus; and discussions with the artists involved in decorating Virgin media boxes in the Ash Road area.

Let your imagination take its own journey on Saturday 13th May with workshops on the Urban Imagined in the afternoon, and the Writers’ Workshop with writer Peter Spafford in the evening. Relax on Sunday with a gentle walk around Headingley, discovering where some of its fascinating former residents lived and how they ended up here.

Making Sunny Days feel good

Week two offers philosophical discussion on ‘Journey - how have you ended up where you are?’ facilitated by THINK; an evening of poetic journeys with local poets; and an introduction to the ideas enjoyed by the Green Reads group. The Festival concludes on 20th May with a full day of Celebrating Headingley. Look out for Tea and Tolerance on the pavement outside the Arndale Centre late morning, have a cuppa and a chat with them, then head to the New Headingley Club for a BBQ, music and children’s activities in the afternoon, and stay on for the party in the evening – featuring a song cycle performed by SCHWA, supported by other local performers. Most events are free while some may ask for a donation or pay as you feel. Full details can be found in the Festival Programme available from HEART, the Library, Café Lento, and other local venues.

We urgently need families to accommodate our international adult and junior students. We offer competitive rates and excellent back-up support. So, if you have a spare, single, twin or triple room, do please get in touch! Centre of English Studies is an award winning, British Council accredited, English language school.

51 Street Lane, Leeds LS8 1AP Open Mon - Sat 9.00 - 5.30pm Sun 11.00 - 3.00pm 0113 266 1667

For information, please call 0113 242 7171 9 Park Place, Leeds LS1 2RU

Horsforth Aims to Become Dementia Friendly Community ementia Awareness Week (14-20 May) will be the focus of Horsforth Town Council’s Annual Community Event. The programme includes information sessions, musical entertainment for people with memory problems, and a staged reading of Brian Daniels’ play ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ on 19th May, 6.30pm at Leeds Trinity University. The play explores with humour and insight the true story of love, loss and duty in two families affected by dementia. Free tickets can be obtained from Horsforth Community Hub Library, Leeds Trinity University reception, or Eventbrite, and include refreshments from 6pm and a short discussion after the performance.

Pictured: Brian Daniels

Horsforth Town Council is working towards the town becoming a Dementia Friendly Community. Dementia Champion Councillor Valerie Wood-Robinson has delivered a number of information sessions at which nearly 200 people, from primary school children to the MP, have committed to becoming Dementia Friends. Several local organisations have joined the Leeds Dementia Action Alliance, and the Horsforth Live at Home Scheme provides several activities to support members with memory loss. For details of other Horsforth events during Dementia Awareness Week, please contact valeriewoodrobinson@ or

Our Members have a lot to smile about. As a mutually owned Society, we have no Shareholders. All our profits are shared fairly amongst our members. For 2016, our Investment ISA (opened after June 2014) paid a net bonus of 3.1%. Bonus rates are not guaranteed and can fall as well as rise. For more information, visit

01924 240 164

Kingston Unity is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority FRN 110056. Ref. 20170401


Community News

A Summer Breeze Blows into Bramhope This Summer Bramhope is packed with events that have all been gathered under the banner of the Bramhope Summer Festival. he Parish Council is organising a family picnic and games at the Recreation Ground from 12 noon on the 25th June, and a mini Breeze event at West Park Rugby Club on 3rd June, with rides, entertainment and fun for children of all ages. The ever popular Cabaret evening returns, this year featuring Jenny Smith, who joins guitarist Derrick Harris and his quartet at Bramhope Village Hall on 17th June at 7.30pm.

Bramhope Methodist Church will be showing the film ‘La La Land’ on 6th June at 7pm. They have also organised an afternoon tea with entertainment by ‘Serendipity’, who will present a costumed programme of wartime memories featuring music that kept the spirit of Britain alive during WWII, on 27th May at 2.30pm. Bramhope Village Hall is staging a play by The Jay Walkers at 7.30pm on 20th May, followed by a murder mystery with the Adel Players at 7.30pm on 26th May, which includes a pie and pea supper. Bramhope WI is to hold an afternoon tea at the Village Hall at 3pm on 24th June –

Adel Neighbourhood Forum How can we make best use of our green space and footpaths? What type of community facilities do you want in Adel? Following community feedback on the draft Adel Neighbourhood Plan in Autumn last year, Adel Neighbourhood Forum is now consulting the Adel community on its proposed green space designations. A presentation on green space and environment issues, together with a consultation on how best to invest community infrastructure funds in the area, will take place on Wednesday 17th May starting at 7pm in the Main Hall, Adel War Memorial Association, Church Lane, LS16 8DE. All Adel residents and businesses are welcome. A report on last year’s work on the Adel Neighbourhood Plan and election of officers will also take place at this event, which will also incorporate Adel Forum’s Annual General Meeting.

a splendid occasion where delicious delicacies can be sampled in a beautiful setting. Councillor Diane Fox will lead two History Walks around Bramhope, covering different aspects of the history of Bramhope, with particular focus on the 1901 census. The walks start from the Puritan Chapel at 6.30pm on 30th May, and Sunday 11th June at 2pm. And, Bramhope Royal British Legion will host the popular Brass Band Concert

Pictured: Derrick Harris.

at West Park Rugby Club on 29th July from 7.30pm.

On Saturday 13th May, St Giles Church hosts ‘Encore’, a singing and dancing group, at 7.30pm, followed by an afternoon with the Salvation Army on 10th June and a wine and cheese evening on 1st July.

Be sure to book tickets as soon as you can as many of these events get booked out very quickly. For further information and tickets, please contact Diane Fox on 0113 267 4360,

As well as both editions of North Leeds Life, you’ll also find many more interesting stories and events on our website, that have either arrived too late for inclusion, or we simply ran out of room in the magazine. We are adding new stories nearly every day. So don’t miss out!

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Tel: 0113 278 4944 Email: The Natural Food Store, Headingley, Leeds The Natural Food Store is a co-operative owned by its customers.


Community News

Meanwood Festival is Set to Inspire This year’s Meanwood Festival will present over 50 activities in 20 different locations between 20th and 29th May.

Music, art, literature, drama, heritage, health, food and drink. Meanwood Festival has it all!

nce again it will showcase what the area has to offer in music, art, literature, drama, heritage, health, food and drink. There will be concerts featuring a huge range of music, including SingMeanwood, a ukulele orchestra, country blues, swing and roots with the David Broad Trio, new songs from Schwa, and traditional Irish musicians Bernica. You’ll also find Landscape and Life Drawing workshops, various exhibitions of artwork and photographs from local artists, heritage and bird song walks, as well as a community walk and sing, not to mention taster sessions in Qi Gong, Zumba and kettlebells and the ever-popular Fun Dog Show. June Taylor will read from her book ‘Losing Juliet’ and festival organiser Chris Swales will read his poems for kids as well as one of Alan Bennett’s ‘Talking Heads’ scripts. Actor David Robertson will give a talk on his experiences in the Theatre, and there will be a night of stand-up comedy with professional comedians.


There will be an opportunity to learn about wine and food matching, and to sample food from some of Meanwood’s finest eateries - Hana Matsuri, the Hungry Bear and Zucco, with the ‘Meanwood Dinnerbox’. Ridgeside Brewery will be brewing a special Festival Ale ‘Beck Ran Red’. Local restaurants and cafes are creating special Festival meals and deals over the period. And, the Clandestine Cake Club returns to bake, eat and talk about their creations. For the very young there’s a pram friendly walk through the park finishing at Meanwood Park Café; toddlers are invited to the Teddy Bears Picnic; and older children (5 – 13) can try Tai Chi and Kung Fu. The Fun Day on Bank Holiday Monday (12 – 4pm) on the cricket pitch, Parkside Road next to the Myrtle Tavern, will have over 60 craft and community stalls, food from around the world, performers, displays and lots of activities, including circus skills, donkey rides, a climbing wall, games, face painting. And, Bassa Bassa, The David Broad Trio, and Sparrows Steel Pan Band will be on stage. Full details can be found at

The Festival organisers would like to thank local business sponsors the Myrtle Tavern, Moores Estate Agents, Top Stitch, Moustache Barbers, the Bay Horse, Alan Cooke Estate Agents, Ace Cars, Meanwood Park Cafe, RDF Builders, Alfred, East of Arcadia, Manning Stainton, QLM and Hana Matsuri.

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Spring in to Summer AT THE


Another £20,000 investment and more amazing construction work by RDF Building Ltd We are pleased to announce:

Our Adventure Play Area Is Now Open • Rainbow play system • Wendy houses • Sensory garden • Free customer parking • Ice creams & lollies for sale from our garden cabin • Kids menu • Range of soft drinks Parkside Road, Meanwood, Leeds LS6 4NE Phone: 0113 275 2101 Email: mt ad.indd 1

13/04/2017 14:14

Home & Garden


he stonechat is a common small bird of open country, especially near the coast, and in the right habitat is easy to both see and hear. It is similar in size to a robin, and in Spring the male is striking, with a black head, white neck patch, dark brown back and orangey-red breast.

Photo: Ben Hall RSPBimages. com

The female lacks the black head and has a browner, streaked back. It is a bird that likes to perch upright, especially on gorse bushes and small trees, from where it gives out its harsh ‘chack-chack’ call. This call sounds a lot like two stones being

rubbed together, hence the species name. In Spring, the male also has a hurried warbling song. It is a very active and restless bird, constantly flicking its tail, and flitting between its perch and the ground. It feeds on various insects,

including weevils, moths, caterpillars and ants, but it will also eat plant food, such as seeds and blackberries. The Stonechat is a resident bird in the UK, but some also migrate from their breeding grounds to winter on the coast. In general, outside the coasts, they are most common in southern and western parts of the UK. Due to their largely insect diet, they are very susceptible to bad Winter weather, which can decimate the population.

Leeds RSPB Group

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One of Yorkshire’s most beautiful small gardens Open from Sunday, 9th April York Gate is an inspirational garden created in the Arts & Crafts style and widely recognised as one of Britain’s finest small gardens. The garden, noted for its exquisite planting is designed as a series of outdoor rooms, each with its own intimate character. Purchase a gift from the beautiful range in the shop and treat yourself to afternoon tea or a light lunch in the tea room. Guided tours on Sundays. 9 April-28 September: Sunday to Thursday 12:30-4:30pm Evenings in June: Wednesday 7, 14, 21, 28; 6:30-9:00pm Groups warmly welcomed by prior arrangement. York Gate, Back Church Lane, Adel, Leeds, LS16 8DW 0113 267 8240 York Gate is owned and managed by Perennial. Charity no: 1155156.


ROXTON TREE SERVICES ALL ASPECTS OF TREE AND HEDGE WORK UNDERTAKEN • Crown lifting & general pruning • Large & dangerous trees safely removed • Hedge reduction/removal

Professional Tree Surgeons & Landscape Garden Design Tree maintenance • Felling & pruning Thinning & shaping • Dangerous trees dismantled Stumps removed • Clearance • Hedge cutting services Resin drives, patios & paths • Landscaping Block paving • New lawns • Lawn care Land drainage • Garden maintenance One-off cuts & regular maintenance

T: 0113 279 6090 M: 07814 402 893 3 Wolley Drive, Leeds LS12 5DP

• Tree Preservation Orders checked • Stump grinding • Woodchip available • Seasoned logs for sale (free delivery) • Domestic & commercial • Fully qualified & insured • All work carried out to BS3998

FREE QUOTATIONS TEL: 0113 226 0993 MOB: 07773 298 770 EMAIL:

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Warm spells, rapid growth and so much for gardeners to do!

Seed for veg such as carrots, beetroot, radishes, lettuces, broad beans and broccoli can be sown directly into the soil.

Chelsea chop Towards the end of the month late flowering perennials can be subjected to the famous Chelsea chop – so called because it is carried out at around the time of the flower show. It is done in order to create more sturdy, bushy plants with more (albeit smaller) flowers. They will also tend to flower a little later. I cut my Helenium, Phlox paniculata, Aster and

Towards the end of the month late flowering perennials can be subjected to the famous Chelsea chop... I cut my Phlox paniculata down to reduce their height by about a half

Looking after your seedlings The little plants that you germinated on your windowsill will be starting to grow and some will be looking ready to plant out into the garden. Do beware of putting any tender plants out before the end of the month because it is not unknown for frost to strike at any time in May. These half hardy plants include things like courgettes, tomatoes, runner beans and pumpkins, as well as most bedding plants, so if you buy bedding from the garden centre it will have to be kept indoors at night for now. As the month goes on, these plants can be put outside during the day to harden them off ready for planting into their final positions in early June.

Potatoes planted out last month will now be starting to grow and can be ‘earthed up’ to

In the vegetable garden

cover the green shoots and encourage more

Potatoes planted out last month will now be starting to grow and can be ‘earthed up’ to cover the green shoots and encourage more root (and hence more potato) production.


tall Sedums down to reduce their height by about a half.

Support Spring growth As your plants grow, make sure you put supports in place for them to grow through. This always looks much better than trying to tie them up later when they have started to flop. Twiggy sticks make excellent natural supports, but there are also wire versions available to buy. Climbers such as rambling roses and sweet peas can be tied in to their supports as they grow.

Tracy Foster www.tracyfostergarden




07584 147070 or Office: 0113 277 7299



Sound & Vision

Sam Sweeney’s Fiddle: Made In The Great War

It lay unfinished for nearly a century.

am Sweeney, BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician of the Year 2015 and fiddle player in folk band Bellowhead, is bringing his show – Sam Sweeney’s Fiddle: Made In The Great War to Leeds City Varieties on 10th June. Sam, together with Bellowhead band-mate Paul Sartin and concertina player Rob Harbron, will appear with award-winning storyteller Hugh Lupton to tell the story of a violin that lay unfinished in a manila envelope for nearly a century. Ten years ago Sam bought a violin in Oxford. It had all the appearances of a new instrument but the labels inside gave the date 1915, the name Richard S. Howard and the words ’Violin No. 6, Made in the Great War’. Research revealed that the violin had been started by an amateur luthier and part time music hall performer from Leeds, called Richard Howard. He joined the British Army in 1915 and was killed two years later at the battle of Messines near Ypres. ‘Violin No 6’ had been left in his workshop. The pieces eventually wound up in an auction house almost 100 years later. These were bought, and the violin finally finished, by luthier Roger Claridge in 2007. The fiddle was then placed in the window of his Oxford music shop where it was spotted by Sam.

“Working on this show completely changed the way I saw the First World War”, said Sam. “By looking at it through the story of one man, I have begun to understand so much more about war and its impact on people.” The show brings the First World War to life through Richard’s story, his family and comrades, using story, music and film, as well as playing the actual fiddle that he started but never had the chance to finish. Since taking the show on the road in 2014, another Richard Howard violin, ‘No. 2’, has come to light, together with pictures of Richard and memorabilia. The story behind this fiddle continues to unfold bringing previously unknown descendants and relatives together for the first time at shows.



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THE NEW HEADINGLEY CLUB NEW MEMBERS WELCOME Join our quiet oasis in the centre of Headingley and enjoy: • Snooker room with 3 tables • Pool, darts & TV room with Sky TV • Comfortable, spacious lounge • Perfect for pre-match drinks at Headingley Stadium • Guest real ales • Function room & marquees available, with catering

Find us online

• Lovely private beer garden

Join today! Email: Or tel: 0113 275 7712, 12-3pm or after 7pm 56 St. Michael’s Road, Headingley LS6 3BG


Sound & Vision

The National Youth Folk Ensemble Folk aficionados around the country are well aware of the wealth of traditional English music that exists, but England still lags behind Scotland, Wales and Ireland when it comes to infrastructure and seriously preserving this wonderful heritage.

year ago, with input from people like Sam Sweeney of Bellowhead who is its artistic director, the National Youth Folk Ensemble was established. Now entering its second year, they are looking for excellent instrumentalists aged 14 – 18 who want to develop as folk musicians. To become a member for a year costs £400 and there are bursaries available. For this young musicians will take part in four weeks (Oct, Feb, April, Aug) of intensive residential courses; receive high quality tuition and guidance from leading folk musicians; develop skills in performance, arrangement and leadership; give public performances. A number of Sampler Days are coming up and the closest to Leeds are at Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester on Sunday 28th May; Sage, Gateshead on Monday 29th May; and University of Sheffield on Tuesday 30th May. To book your free place, visit efdss. org/nationalyouthfolkensemble Incidentally, Leeds College of Music is introducing a BA (Hons) in Folk Music this year. Its innovative approach takes traditional musical identities and performance from the British Isles and around the world, and presents them through contemporary performance, composition and recording techniques. Students will explore folk music from its origins in oral tradition and its interpretation through different cultures and musicians. There are undergraduate Open Days on Saturday 6th May and 3rd June.

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Thor & Friends Mon 1 May, Brudenell Social Club, £9. Experimental minimalism from polymath percussionist formerly of avant-rock ensemble Swans. Gina Atkins 2 May, Headingley HEART.

Pop/ Rock with inspiration as wide ranging as Taylor Swift, Mcfly, Greenday & Artic Monkeys.

The Skints Wed 3 May, Key Club, £17.60. Ska/reggae band with pop hooks, grimey raps, filthy basslines & a punk rock ethos.

Hayseed Dixie Thu 4 May, Brudenell Social

Club, £19.25. American group who started out as an Appalachian style tribute to AC/ DC, playing traditional instruments such as fiddle, mandolin & banjo.

Ward Thomas Thu 4 May, Church Leeds,

£18.70. Harmony singing twin sisters performing Country music in the vein of Carrie Underwood, Dixie Chicks & Alison Krauss.

Sound & Vision

James Leg Wed 10 May Brudenell Social

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind Wed

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic 11 May, O2 Academy, £31.05.

Jason Rebello Thu 18 May, Seven Arts,

Club, £11. Hypnotic, distortion gospel-blues & cement-hearted rock-n-soul.

Legendary funk, soul & rock music collective that brings the party like no one else.

No Mean Feat Fri 12 May, Seven Arts, £5. 70’s & 80’s classics from Steely Dan, Little Feat, Hall & Oates & more.

Andy Lawrenson Trio 12 May, 8pm at

HEART, Bennett Rd. Headingley. Stylish, humorous & entertaining portrayal of style pioneered by Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli

Dariush Kanani, Kibitz, Coaldust & Frank Zeko Wed 12 May, Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton monthly not-for-profit music night. £6

Elvana Sat 13 May, Belgrave Music Hall,

Fri 5 May, Korks Wine Bar, £5 adv / £6 o.t.d. The finest in folk, blues, ragtime and country.

£11. An Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute band, Elvana tear through Nirvana’s catalogue whilst splicing in grunged up versions of the king of rock & roll’s finest moments.

Susan Ferndon & The Bella Counsel (Oklahoma) Sat 6 May, 6.30 – 9pm at

Seven Jazz Leeds - Jazz Goes To College Sun 14 May, Seven Arts, 1pm, £5 -

Serious Sam Barrett & David Broad

Inkwell, Potternewton Ln. Family friendly, pay-what-you-feel gig

Maia Sat 6 May, Brudenell Social Club, £11. Experimental Sci-fi folk evangelists playing a genre busting mix of vocal harmonies over funky blissed out grooves; punctuated by echoing banjo, guitar, shimmering mandolins, spooky brass and keyboards. John Moreland / Noah Gundersen Sun 7 May, Left Bank, £17.60. A double bill of US based Alt-Country and Indie-Folk. Howie Payne & The Band Of The Sun Mon 8 May, Belgrave Music Hall, £11. Former the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of The Stands.

The Physics House Band Tue 9 May,

Brudenell Social Club, £7.70. Instrumental space/math rock trio, who incorporate elements of 70s jazz fusion & electronica.

£10. Featuring young emerging artists from this year’s final year of the BA jazz course at Leeds College of Music – bands led by Alžbeta Tur?ányiová, Jordan Dinsdale & Abbie Finn

Eleanor McEvoy Mon 15 May, Brudenell

Social Club, £16.50. One of Ireland’s most accomplished contemporary singer/ songwriters. McEvoy composed the song Only A Woman’s Heart, title track of A Woman’s Heart, the best-selling Irish album in Irish history.

Brad Mehldau Trio Tue 16 May, Howard

Assembly Room, £27.50. Piano-led trio whose repertoire ranges from jazz standards such as ‘All The Things You Are’, through brooding original compositions to interpretations of Radiohead.

Simon Kempston Tues 16 May, 8pm at

HEART, Bennett Rd. Headingley.Thoughtprovoking, evocative, original songs.

17 May Brudenell Social Club, £13.20. New outfit from the leader of Psychobilly/rock band The Jim Jones Revue.

£5 - £36. One of the most impressive & highly regarded pianists on the scene who has worked with the likes of Sting & Jeff Beck.

The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain Fri 19 May, Leeds Town Hall,

£22/£24. Your favourite grunge, classical, punk, rock ‘n’ roll & indie classics, all through the medium of ukelele.

Jah Wobble Fri 19 May, The Wardrobe, £16.50. A fantastic aural journey through dub, world, ambient and avant-rock music, as Jah paints his entrancingly dark, textural soundscapes.

Lisa Mitchell Sun 21 May, Oporto, £6.60.

Candy-coated folk-pop with the tenderness of Laura Marling, the wordplay of Regina Spektor & the free spirit of Feist.

Angel Olsen Tue 23 May, Leeds University

Union, £15.40. Intimate songwriting coupled with a strong, ethereal tone & hypnotic rhythm acoustic guitar.

Balsamic Tues 23 May, Headingley HEART. New Klezmer, Balkan & Romany folk quintet.

Monster Magnet Tue 23 May, Brudenell Social Club, £22. Warped, full-on blend of psychedelia & classic rock.


Wed 24 May, 7.30pm Alfred, Stonegate Rd. Meanwood. Gemma Irving (vocals/guitar), Ian Pearson (fiddle) & Des Hurley (button accordion), plus special guests. £PWYF (pay what you feel)

Wiyaali & Claudio Kron Fri 26 May, 8pm

at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton. Unmissable collaboration with Ghanaian superstar & Brazilian master percussionist. Adv tickets

Stevie Williams & The Most Wanted Band Fri 26 May, 8pm New Headingley Club,

56 St Michael’s Rd. Headingley. £7. Alt, edgy country, blues & classic Americana ...’skilfully crafted songs with sheer class’


Health & Fitness

The Leeds Midnight Walk is Back! The Leeds Midnight Walk is back for its 11th year and St Gemma’s Hospice is thrilled that the event is so popular with the people of Leeds. Over £837,042 has been raised from the event since it began and they hope to raise a further £90,000 this year.

his year the start location is at Xercise 4 Less in Seacroft and there is a new 9.5 mile route, which will take participants around the Ring Road into Oakwood, then along Lidgett Lane. The half way point will be at the Hospice on Harrogate Road. A carnival atmosphere will greet people as they arrive at the start point, with music, face painting, stalls and food available before setting off at 10pm.

It costs £25,000 a day to keep St Gemma’s running which is why they ask each participant in this event to raise sponsorship money. Any amount will be gratefully received! To signup for The Leeds Midnight Walk on 17th June, visit https://events. or contact Becky on 0113 218 5505 or for more information.

Jamie Peacock Joins the Sue Ryder Wheatfields Team Former Rugby league player Jamie Peacock has joined Sue Ryder’s running team to raise vital funds for the Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice. “Wheatfields Hospice took care of my dad in his last few weeks”, said Jamie. “They were outstanding and the staff made my Dad and my family feel as good as we possibly could in such circumstances. Raising money for Sue Ryder is the least that I can do to repay them for everything they did for us. Taking on a marathon in front of a huge crowd is something I can’t wait to do.’’ If you would like to follow in Jamie’s footsteps and be part of Sue Ryder’s running team, the charity still has some places available in the Great North Run on 10th September. Participants will receive plenty of support with their training and fundraising needs. Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice provides end of life and palliative care to patients and their families. The hospice provides both medical treatment and emotional support. All care services are free of charge, but it costs £4.4m to run the hospice, only part of which is covered by statutory funds. Every year the hospice needs to raise over £2.5m million in donations to continue to provide its specialist care services. To book a place in the Great North Run, contact the fundraising team on 0113 278 7249 or

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Announces New Cricket College he Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, in partnership with education provider SCL, recently announced that a new Yorkshire Cricket College would be opening in September 2017. The college will enrol students from the age of 16 on a two-year course that will have cricket training and matches built into the timetable. Located at Headingley Stadium, students will benefit from the world class training facilities, under the tutelage of Yorkshire Cricket coaches while studying for a BTECH Level Three in Sport. “We aim to create a really good college – a great place to be educated, with a really good teaching environment”, said Nick Robinson, Project Manager at the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation. “The bonus

is that cricket will be built into the timetable three times per week. Whether you want to become a serious cricketer or a keen club cricketer, the Yorkshire Cricket College will help students realise their potential.” The curriculum offers a diverse range of units, such as the principles of anatomy and physiology in sport, leading to a BTECH level three. The qualification will give graduates a springboard and the opportunity to progress to further education, apprenticeships or a career. The cricket coaching and matches will allow students to work on all aspects of their game, as well as the holistic benefits that sport can offer – such as developing communication skills, teamwork and selfconfidence.

“We find that combining education with sport and delivering programmes from inspiring sports facilities has the power to really engaging young people”, said Steve Franks of SCL. “We are delighted to be launching a cricket college with Yorkshire and look forward to making it a first class experience for all our learners.” For further information, contact 0113 203 3632,

Suffering with Back Pain? Call 0113 347 2801 or online at NEW CLINIC Unit 2 Mortec Park, Leeds Rd, LS15 4TA ESTABLISHED CLINIC 467 Otley Road, Headingley, LS16 7NR


On new patient consultations in March & April

Quote ‘NLL’ when booking

Transform your home. Whether an extension, conversion, kitchen or alteration we’ll help you: • Add value to your home • Make space for a growing family • Renovate & refurbish older properties • Manage the project from start to finish

Book your free survey & quote today: Online:

6 Hales Rd, Wortley, Leeds LS12 4PL

Call: 0113 201 5030 Facebook: More Build Email:

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Clayton Wood Close, Clayton Wood Industrial Estate, West Park, Leeds LS16 6QE



Younger Life


Ducking & Dodging for British Heart Foundation hildren at Weetwood Primary School recently battled it out at an Ultimate Dodgeball event to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. The British Heart Foundation’s initiative aims to promote the importance of maintaining a healthy heart through regular exercise, whilst raising vital funds for its fight for every heartbeat.

The School Council organised the event at Weetwood Primary School and children were extremely excited to play throughout the day. Over 200 children, aged between four and 11 ducked, dived and dodged in the fast-paced game, encouraging children to create a more active ethos within the school. “We may have to start a dodgeball club as it was so popular today!” said Mr Annis-Brown, Year 6 teacher. “All the classes seemed to love it and other teachers have been delighted with the impact of the event.” The school raised more than £100 on the day and further donations were expected. They will present the final total to the British Heart Foundation to help them continue their important work.



Magic designed by Paul Daniels

Don’t Dribble on the Dragon Wed 31 May 2pm

Tickets: £8.50 (£9.50 adults) Family Ticket: £34 Age 2+


Fri 2 – Sat 3 June 3pm & 7pm Tickets: £6 (£8 adults) Family Ticket: £24 Age 7+

Carriageworks Theatre, The Electric Press, Millennium Square, Leeds, LS2 3AD

Gig-ready in a Day with Dennis Rollins azz trombonist Dennis Rollins put the big into big band when 50 young musicians recently took to the stage with him after just one day of making music together. The one-off ensemble from five local schools spent the day with Dennis at The Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL), rehearsing a programme of music ranging from jazz to Motown, Latin, blues and even Adele. The students, aged 11-18, came from GSAL, Allerton Grange School, Abbey Grange C of E Academy, Harrogate Grammar School and Garforth Academy. Despite the limited time they had to get to know each another, the band soon gelled and they gave an assured and energetic performance in the evening.

Dennis Rollins is an acclaimed performer, composer and educator, who developed his own musical talents with the Doncaster Youth Jazz Association. He encouraged the student band as an ensemble, working with them on the musical arrangements, improvised solos and sight-reading skills. “There’s something special about standing in front of a group of young musicians and seeing the massive potential for them to express themselves”, said Dennis. “It’s such a big moment when you see that spark and they realise they can do it and give to the audience. It’s been fabulous to witness it and see the joy in their faces. They’ve done the work, I’ve just encouraged them.”

We make it easy...

Saxophonist Madi Jones is a Year 12 student at Harrogate Grammar School. “Before we went on, Dennis told us we needed to work together and have fun, show you love the music”, said Madi. “He put us at ease, treated us as proper musicians and it felt really professional.” Rachel Gillespie, teacher of music at Allerton Grange, said: “It’s given our students a good experience of musicianship and a sense of belonging to something big. A couple of hours in, they were already asking if we could start a jazz band at school!”

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Wills And Probate

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Call us on 0113 228 5306 or email

21 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3AA


Younger Life

Emmerdale and Rose Court Put Autism in the Spotlight Actors from Emmerdale and children from Rose Court Nursery in Headingley (part of The Grammar School at Leeds) recently marked World Autism Awareness Week by donating clothes to raise funds for Lighthouse School for young people on the autism spectrum.

Pictured: Gillian Kearney, Charley Webb & Caron Munro with pupils Buster, Karis, Anya & Oli

heir clothing will be sold in the pre-loved section of Keepers’ Coffee and Kitchen, a social enterprise café and gift shop in Cookridge, run by Lighthouse Futures Trust which partners with special schools and colleges to offer employment opportunities for young adults with autistic spectrum condition or learning difficulties. Two of the Emmerdale cast Gillian Kearney (who plays Emma Barton), and Charley Webb (who plays Debbie Dingle and whose son is a pupil at Rose Court), were on hand to help pupils get the clothes ready for delivery to the café.

“Everyone at Emmerdale is keen to support Lighthouse School in the fantastic work it does”, said Gillian. “Lighthouse is committed to helping with life after school. Even though the pupils are well educated with lots to offer employers, doors are often closed to them.” “In World Autism Awareness Week we want to highlight the potential of our young people”, said Caron Munro, Development and Programme Manager at Lighthouse Futures Trust. “We are grateful to Rose Court pupils and the cast of Emmerdale for helping us raise both awareness and funds to keep our important work going.”

West Yorkshire School Games Winter Festival Yorkshire Sport Foundation brought pupils together from Wakefield, Calderdale, Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees schools to represent their district in the West Yorkshire School Games Winter Festival at the end of March. Forty-three schools competed in five different sports at Leeds Beckett University’s Headingley Campus, all bidding to be crowned West Yorkshire champions in their respective sports. Nearly 650 young people took part and the event included an Olympicstyle opening ceremony, with Hannah Cockroft as the guest of honour. Local North Leeds schools competing included: Horsforth, Allerton High School, Fulneck School, The Grammar School at Leeds, Allerton C of E, Alwoodley, and St Mary’s Horsforth. The Grammar School at Leeds won in the Year 7 netball; Allerton C of E won in Year 5/6 mixed hockey; Horsforth School won in U-14 boys basketball; and Allerton High in U-14 girls basketball. It was GSAL in Year 8 boys table tennis, and Horsforth School in Year 8 girls table tennis; and Allerton High won in boys U-16 basketball. “It’s great to see so many young athletes coming together for their county finals”, said Nigel Harrison, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Sport Foundation. “It shows the positivity of school sport and the commitment of teachers and parents bringing them here today.”

North Leeds Life Advertisment March 2017_hi.pdf






Leading Leeds independent preparatory school For boys and girls aged 3-11 years Staff to pupil ratio of less than 1:10 The highest ranked Leeds school in the Sunday Times Top 100 Prep School Listing

THE FROEBELIAN SCHOOL Giving a Flying Start to the Citizens of Tomorrow

Visit or call 0113 2583047 CLARENCE ROAD, HORSFORTH, LEEDS, LS18 4LB


ROUNDHAY SCHOOL All-through education from 4 to 18

Saturday 20 TH May 9:30AM - 12:30PM





and more family fun....

0113 3931200

Listen all week from 12th — 16th June 2017 A week of excellent community radio brought to you by the students and staff of Roundhay School. Listen live, get in touch, see the live timetable and catch up on previous shows at: TWITTER




Always Remembered

Celebration of Life 2017 Re



ber so m e o n


cial t his J u n e

Registered Charity No. 1015941

For more details and to dedicate a memory marker visit or call 0113 218 5506

Support our Celebration of Life Appeal by dedicating a Memory Marker this summer.


Community Notices

Community Notices

FREE FOR charities, churches, social clubs & non-profit community groups


miles) most weekends. All welcome. No membership charge. Details: David

Bramhope Methodist Church Spring Plant Sale Fri 12 May 9.30am – 6.30pm/

Adel Crown Green Bowling Club (next to Adel Church) Open for bowling Apr – Oct. New members welcome. Open Day 1 May, 11am – 4pm. Details: Phil 267 6152,

Shaw 285 7480,

outside Yorkshire Cricket Centre. Sessions are fun & social. All abilities welcome. Led by qualified run leaders. Details: beth.

Sat 13 May 9am – 2pm. Professionally grown bedding plants, Alpines, Fuchsias, Geraniums, Tomatoes, Perennials, Shrubs & Roses. Selection of containers & hanging pots.

Adel War Memorial Association Snooker Section Church Lane, Adel. Three tables available most afternoons & evenings, 7 days a week. Details: Dave

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Running Club meets Mon, 5.30pm

ARTS & CRAFTS Bramhope Arts Club meets Mon

players & teams to join its indoor softball sessions, Mon 7 – 9pm at Corpus Christi Catholic College, Neville Rd, LS9 0TT. Perfect for beginners to learn fielding & batting. First session free, £4 thereafter.

Details:, Meanwood Boxing Club Boxing & fitness classes Mon, Tues, Thurs. Juniors (9 – 16) 5.30 – 6.30pm £1; Seniors (17+) 6.30 – 7.30pm £2. Prince Philips Community Centre, Scott Hall Ave. LS7 2HJ. Details: Head Coach Wayne

Cunningham 07784 998799, www.

Children’s Table Top Sale (0 to 10yrs)

20 May, 9.30 – 11.30am just beyond Weetwood Lane car park. Wide range of bedding plants, perennials, shrubs, vegetables & herbs + drinks & homemade cakes. All profits to buy bulbs & shrubs for The Hollies. Great opportunity to stock your garden & help a worthwhile cause - all welcome.

Sun 14 May, 10am – 12pm at Bramhope Village Hall, Old Ln. Raising funds for the Hall. Adm £2. Sellers - Tables £10.

Hope Pastures Spring Fayre & Plant Sale Sun 7 May, 10.30am–3pm at

7.30pm at Robert Craven Hall, Old Lane. Painting people. Drawing Daffodils. Etching engines. Whatever you fancy doing - relaxed atmosphere to explore own work.

Details: Jeff Wormald 01423 508867

Details: Peter 284 3361 Horsforth Art Society Wed 3 May, 7.30 - 9-30pm at The Studio, 15 Back Lane, LS18 4RF. Water colour demo by Paul Marlor on Lake reflections. Members free. Visitors £5. Details: www. Meanwood Cricket Club (2nd oldest club in Leeds!) is looking for new players. Situated next to Myrtle Tavern, Parkside Rd. it runs 2 sides in the Wetherby League.

Details: Rob Guest (1st Capt) or Quentin Cleal (Club Sec) 07917 470232 St Chad’s Broomfield Cricket Club

Stainbeck Art Club meets 2nd & 4th Tues, 1.45 – 4pm at Methodist Community Centre, Town St. Chapel Allerton. 9 May: Practical workshop in acrylic with David Wilson; 23 May: Practical workshop with Leila Conway

Winter Indoor Nets The club runs 7 senior & 5 junior teams & is looking for new players (men, women, boys, girls) to join. Winter indoor nets start shortly. Details:


Paul 07795 154444, www.stchadscc. com

noon, at St Giles Church Hall, Bramhope LS16. Secondhand books, CDs & DVDs. Refreshments. Book donations gratefully received 2 - 4 pm Fri 12 May at the hall.

University of Leeds Staff Walking Club organises at least one walk (5-12

12 noon at Cookridge Village Hall, Green Lane. Adm. £1

Friends of the Hollies Plant Sale Sat

267 0572 Leeds Softball is looking for new

Coffee Morning Sat 6 May, 10.30am –

sanctuary (corner Ring Rd & Weetwood Ln). Re-enactments by ARC - Autonomous Reenacter Collective, Guest appearance by rescued pony Asher. Stalls, games, face painting, refreshments - a fun day out for everyone. Entry: Adults 50p/children free.

Horsforth in Bloom Bric-a-Brac Sale 6 May, 9.30am – 12 noon at Central Methodist Church, Town St. Meet this friendly group working to keep Horsforth beautiful. The Working Party meets at Fink Hill Wed pm. Details: 258 3521, Horsforth Farmers’ Market Sat 6 May, 9am – 12.30pm St Margaret’s School car park. Sponsored by Horsforth Churches Together.

Annual Book Sale Sat 13 May, 10am - 12 The Great Adel Bake Off Sat 20 May, 2pm in the Stables. Afternoon tea, scone making demo, & lots of cakes to be sampled!


Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery Sat

Adel & District Horticultural Society

6 May (3 June): Action Days - Meet 10am car park opposite main entrance on A660. Tools, instruction, tea & cake provided.

meets every 2nd Mon (Sept – May) 7.45 pm Friends Meeting House, New Adel Ln. 8 May: Sybil Spencer Memorial lecture ‘Horticap’ by Bluecoat Wood Nurseries.

Details: Mrs Tarn Everett 261 3095, www. Cookridge Gardening Club Meets monthly, 7.30pm Cookridge Methodist Church Hall, Tinshill Rd warmly welcomes new members & visitors for talks (3rd Wed) & garden visits. Member Subs £10 pa, visitors £2 a session. Details: Katherine 267

Details: Ann 216 0630 Headingley Station West Allotments Association Small, friendly group of

stall. Adm £1 incl. coffee/ biscuits. Free advice on plants. Details: Pat Dixon 225

0030, Leeds Hospital Alert Small group campaigning for preservation of NHS. Next meetings Tues 23 May & Mon 19 June at Muir Court, St Michael’s Rd. LS6. Details:

allotmenteers. If you would like to have a go at growing your own, a few small plots are currently available. Details: 07517

278 5495, info@leedshospitalalert.


Leeds RSPB Group Two free bird walks - Wed 3 May: Lin Dyke, RSPB Fairburn Ings, meet Lin Dyke car park7.30pm; Sat 6 May: Rodley Nature Reserve, meet car park 10am. Sat 27 May Coach Trip to RSPB Leighton Moss, dep 8.10am Roundhay Park, 8.30am Leeds Infirmary St. Call 07722 120540 to book. Details:

Leeds Decorative and Fine Arts Society Talks, visits, study days. Meets

1858, www.cookridgegardenclub.btek.

3rd Wed at Castle Grove Masonic Hall, LS6 4BP. Forthcoming talks include ‘Sixties Photography’ (Sept). Details: 808 6313,

Cookridge & Horsforth U3A meets at, secretary@

Leeds Horticultural Society Annual

Meanwood Men’s Society Mon 8 May:

Plant Sale & Coffee Morning Sat 13 May, 9.30 – 11.30am at St Chad’s Centre, Otley Rd. Annuals, Perennials, Tomato & Veg plants. Cakes & garden ‘White Elephant’

Visit Wakefield Cathedral, meet 7.15pm, Community Hall. Mon 29 May: Visit, Mills & Gardens, meet 7.30pm Meanwood Park.

Cookridge Village Hall on Mon 8 May & at St Margaret’s Parish Centre Horsforth on Wed 17 May (drop-in coffee morning, everyone welcome) both 10.30am – 12 noon. Details: www.

Details: Colin 274 6316

Full design & installation Complete makeovers & renovation Supply or fit only Great deals all year round

Community Notices


McShane 225 1166, phil_mcshane@

White Rose Speakers Club meets every 2nd & 4th Mon, 7.30pm at Horsforth Museum, LS18 5JB. Helping people improve their public speaking skills, boost their self-confidence & have fun. Everyone welcome. Details: Pauline 269 3542

National Vegetable Society meets Tues


National Trust Association Leeds meets 2nd Tues of month, 10.30am in St Chad’s Parish Centre, Otley Rd. for coffee & a talk. All welcome. Details: Phil

9 May, 8pm Paxton Hall, 186 Kirkstall Ln, LS5 2AB. Simon Bland will talk about compost made from sheep’s wool & bracken. Dalesfoot Composts (entirely peat free) are made on family farm in Cumbria. Seeds & plants available Free admission. All welcome.

West Yorkshire Fuchsia & Pot Plant Society meets Wed 17 May, 7.30pm at Paxton Hall, 186 Kirkstall Ln. LS5. Charles Jenkinson, well known fuchsia grower & judge will talk about fuchsia & how best to prepare them for the dhows. Visitors welcome. Details: Graham Wheatley

256 3055, wheatleygraham@yahoo.


entley rothers

Sliding Sash Window Specialist

Fading Cells 4-piece electro-acoustic ukulele combo offers free easy listening/ sing-a-long entertainment with well-known pop tunes from 60s onwards, for charity work, fundraising etc. Details: Bob Bond

07800 982156, Lawnswood Singers Friendly ladies choir

Charity Concert Sun 14 May, 2.30pm at Headingley St. Columba’s URC, Headingley Ln. Featuring Good in Parts Choir & Roundhay Ukulele Group. Donations for Wheatfields Hospice.

welcomes new members. Sing for social events & fundraising concerts. No audition. Rehearse Wed 7.30 – 9.15pm at Adel Methodist Church Hall (behind Lawnswood Arms). Details: Brenda 267

Details: Joan 225 1166/ Janet 268 8722


Come & Sing! 7.15pm at Rawdon & Guiseley Conservative Club, Leeds Rd, Rawdon, LS19 6NL Free 4-week course for men wishing to have fun singing in harmony. No auditions. Run by The White Rose Chorus & supported by The National Harmony Foundation. Details: Steve:

Leeds Methodist Choir Rehearsals

01423 815979,

start Tues 6 June at Oxford Place Methodist Centre for concert at St Chad’s 16 Sept. Led by Alan Horsey. All singers welcome, particularly tenors & basses. Excellent mixed selection incl. Suite from The Armed Man, Easter Hymn from Cavalleria Rusticana & John Rutter’s Feel The Spirit.

Details: 237 0389/ dudleymax34@ or William 268 4723



Bentley brothers specialise in the manufacture and installation of sliding sash windows and bespoke doors. Established in 1989 we are a family owned and run business using traditional joinery methods but incorporating modern draught seal technology. Bentley brothers are certified users of Accoya timber and Teknos paint systems.

Albert Works, Mount Pleasant Road, Pudsey LS28 7DY Tel: 0113 236 1384 Email: Web:

The Wesley Singers Sat 13 May, 7pm at The Grove Church, Town St. Horsforth. A performance entitled ‘Spring into Summer’. Tickets (£6 incl. refreshments) available from MC Consumables, Town St. in advance. £7 on door. U-16s free with ticket holding adult. University of Leeds Final Year Music Students Concert Sat 27 May, 7.30pm at Adel Methodist Church, Holt Ln. LS16 7NX. Tickets (£6 incl refreshments) from 267 4507,

SENIORS Age UK Leeds Silver Surfers Programme Baffled by computers, tablets or mobile phones? Sign up for low cost/ no cost training sessions taking place at venues across Leeds, run by experienced tutors. Courses run for six 2 ½ hr sessions. Always time to ask questions or go over things again. Details: 389 3000,

Headingley Methodist Luncheon Club Tues, 12 noon, side entrance on Chapel St LS6 3HZ. Meals to be ordered in advance from 275 5615/ 275 1592 or 257 6547. £5 for two courses + tea or coffee.

St Chad’s Lunch Club Wed 12 noon (term time), at St Chad’s Parish Centre LS16 5JT. Open to anyone of retirement age, £4 for 2-course meal & chat. Transport available if within catchment area. Details: Anne 274 9917

ticket. Details: Barbara 07840 133332

SPIRITUAL Horsforth Churches Together meets Wed 3 May, 7.30pm at Cragg Hill Baptist Church. Christian Aid Week, with its House to House Collection, is from 15 – 21 May.


244 Queenswood Dr. LS6 3ND. For people over 60 & living in West Park/ Far Headingley. Open Mon-Thurs, 10am – 3pm. Drop in & see what they do. Details:

Leeds Healing Centre Fri noon-2.30pm at Burley Lodge Centre, 42-46 Burley Lodge Rd. LS6 1QF. Highly trained team offers healing to aid relaxation & promote wellbeing. No appointments necessary. Cost £5. Details: 07985 121810, www.

275 7988,

Tea Dance for the Over 60s Every Friday afternoon at Old Pool Bank Village Hall, Quarry Farm Rd. LS21 3BT. Very popular event running for over 30 years. Includes ballroom. New faces welcome to dance or just socialize. £2.50 incl raffle

Natural Healing Centre Thurs 7 8.30pm at 136, Street Ln. Roundhay, LS8 2BW. Details: 07949 972690

STEP (Supporting The Elderly People)

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Call: 0113 201 5030

Visit our showroom for inspiration & advice: 6 Hales Road, Wortley, Leeds LS12 4PL

Email: info@more

Facebook: More Bathrooms

Online: www.more

64 Parkinson’s UK Supporting all affected by Parkinson’s disease. Meets 2nd Wed, 2pm St Chad’s Parish Centre, Otley Rd. 10 May: Irish Arts Foundation ‘Playing for Parkinsons’. Details: Christine 226 3847, Wharfedale General Hospital Cardiac Club For former cardiac patients. Friendly, evening exercise classes with qualified Phase 4 instructors. Details:

07949 307955, wghcardiacclub@gmail. com, uk


Community Notices Leeds Philosophical & Literary Society Thur 18 May, 7.15pm at


University House (University of Leeds). Talk by James Lomax on ‘Emily Meynell Ingram of Temple Newsam & Hoar Cross’, All welcome. Details: www.

Bramhope Puritan Chapel Open 2 –

Charity Garden Party 3/4 June, 2 –

Leeds Theosophical Society Sun 7 May: Ted Capstick talks about ‘Illusion, Glamour & Maya’; 28 May: Tim Wyatt on ‘Cycles of Eternity: A Boundless Universe’. 2.30pm at 12 Queen Sq. LS2 8AJ (opp Leeds Arena). All welcome. Details: www.

WOMEN’S GROUPS Adel Ladies Luncheon Club meets monthly, 12.30pm at Castle Grove Masonic Hall, Headingley..3 May: ‘The Woman Who Didn’t Exist’ with Chris & Kath Richardson. Details: Mrs Muriel Huntley

230 1584 Café Scientifique Headingley Mon 8 May, 7.30pm at New Headingley Club, 56 St Michael’s Rd. LS6 3BG. James Tate will talk about ‘Diesel Lies; why Leeds air quality has not improved – It’s about vehicle emissions’. £3. Details: www.

Hope Pastures Knitting Group Wed 3, 10, 17, 24 May, 10am -12noon. Get together & knit the sanctuary’s very popular knitted ponies. Refreshments & wool provided. Expert knitters to show you how. Details:

Forum 2000 meets Wed, 10am – 12

Horsforth WI meets monthly, 7.30pm in St. James’ Parish Centre, Low Lane, Horsforth. Visitors welcome. Details: Pat

at Grove Centre, New St, Horsforth. 3 May: Maria Dragievic, Yorkshire Trading Standards on ‘Recognising Frauds & Scams’.10 May: the Forum visit Parliament. Forum reconvenes in Sept.

Details: 258 3521, hm.taylor1@ntlworld. com, https:/

6pm at Lee Lane Farm, Lee Lane West LS18 5 RH (behind Trinity University). In aid of Target Ovarian Cancer & Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.Tea & homemade cakes + BBQ from 4pm. Games & den building for children. Modest entry fee/ donations welcome!

Café Philosophique (arranged by Weetwood Residents’ Association) meets, 7.30pm Richmond House School Sports Pavilion, Glen Rd. Theme for 2017: ‘Communities – Do They Matter in Times of Uncertainty & Change?’ £4.

4pm on Sundays 7 May, 4 June, 2 July, 6 Aug & 10 Sept.

258 7062 Leeds Ladies Coffee Club meets 1st Thurs, 10.30am at Leeds Church Institute, New Market St. 4 May: ‘Being a Woman MP’ with Ann Cryer. Details: Joan

Films at HEART (Bennett Rd, Headingley) Independent films from around the world 2nd Tues. 8pm. 9 May: ‘Brand New Testament’ starring Catherine Deneuve. £6/£5/£4 on door. All welcome. Friends Hunger Hills Woods Annual Bluebell Walk Sun 7 May. Meet 2pm Hall Lane opp children’s playground. Led by Leeds Ranger Steve Joul who will provide lots of information about the flora & fauna. Lasts about an hour.

Hope Pastures Pony 1 to 1s & Family Fun Wed 31 May, 10am – 12noon at the sanctuary (corner Ring Rd/ Weetwood Ln). Meet & groom the ponies. Fun activities. £3 donation per person if you wish to brush a pony – the fun is free! Turn up on day, or book with office@ for time with a pony. Hope Pastures Pony Day Thurs 1 June, 10am – 3pm. children learn to care for ponies under expert supervision. Emphasis on fun & building confidence & skills. Includes leading & grooming ponies, feeding & mucking out, + quizzes, games. £28 per person. Book with karen@

Leeds Geological Association Thurs 11 May, 7.15pm in the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, Michael Sadler Building, Leeds University. Lecture: ‘Imaging Life on Earth’ with Prof Phil Manning, Manchester University. Visitors welcome.

NSPCC Ladies Luncheon Three-course lunch with speaker every 3rd Tues at Castle Grove Masonic Hall, Far Headingley, 12.30 – 3pm. £16. Details: Gwynneth Owen


266 1800, Joyce Graham 273 4241

Leeds – Cambridge American Cemetery to honour the graves of 80

Soroptimist International of Leeds

Jewish servicemen & women buried there. Wed 17 May by coach from Sinai Synagogue car park. Cost £17.50.

McShane 225 1166

meets 2nd Mon, 7.30pm at Weetwood Hall Hotel, LS16 5PS. Visitors welcome. www.

Details: Jeff 267 5127 / 07774 816942,


s York

re Win hi



Yorkshire Windows

Horsforth’s Favourite Window Company

Misted Up Units Replaced • Conservatory Roofs Repaired


5 Windows Fitted from £1100 Conservatories from £3980 from £900 uPVC & Composite Doors from £495

A-Rated Windows • A-Rated Glass • Registered Installer of Planitherm



Car Care Centre Leeds

To arrange for your free estimate call in at Unit 14, Albion Way, off Armley Road, Leeds, LS12 2EJ

or call 0113 243 6340



The Accounting Company (Leeds) Ltd

Accountants 10and Taxation Consultants



cou and VAT returns Book-keeping Quote nt : NoAssessment rth Le ● Self tax returns eds Li fe ● Financial Accounts ● Payroll Processing and related administration And much more ... The Accounting Company (Leeds) Ltd Give us a call today to discuss your accounting and Accountantstaxation and Taxation Consultants 0113 240 3227 requirements. · Annual Accounts preparation for Sole traders, 172 Easterly Road, LS8 3AD Partnerships and Limited Companies. · Income Tax and Self Assessment Tax returns · Corporation Tax returns · Rental Accounts for Property Landlords · Management Accounts · Book-Keeping and VAT returns · Payroll Processing and related administration · Assistance with Pension Auto Enrolments · Capital Gains Tax ●

And much more… Give us a call today to discuss your accounting and taxation requirements.

0113 240 3227

Horsforth 172 Easterly Road, Leeds LS8 3AD



Aerial Solutions A Family run Leeds business with 20 years experience • All work Guaranteed • TV Aerials supplied & repaired • Sky-Freesat-HD supplied, installed & repaired • Extra Sky/TV points to any room • CCTV installations domestic and commercial

£10 off your cut & colour with Erica and Paula

(Excluding Saturdays. New clients only.)

15% off botox & fillers Micro blading offer: £200 (Normally £250).

Microblading is the latest method in semi-permanent brows using single strokes to create a natural fuller eyebrow

£50 off* Balmain Systeme Volume Award winning hair extension service *with this voucher




For a FREE, no obligation quote or on-site survey please call: 0113 8199 057 or FREE 0800 328 7517


Call for an appointment today:

0113 230 2537 9 Stonegate Road, Meanwood, Leeds LS6 4HZ



Building Contractors • Central Heating Contractors



0113 277 8797 or 07973 388071


We are a small family run building company and pride ourselves on quality workmanship at affordable prices. • Over 45 years experience • Domestic & commercial projects as well as insurance work • Extensions, including architectural drawings • Loft and basement conversions • Plumbing, heating & electrics • Full public and employer’s liability insurance

We can provide names and addresses of recently completed projects or visit our website:

Contact us today for a FREE quotation or for non-biased help or advice. LAND LINE: 0113 226 6348 MOBILE: 07711 008 170

• Ca • Up Established 30 years • No • New build schemes • Extensions • Lo • Central heating installations Visit our website for details of ‘completed work’ 1 • 0 FREE quotations. Adel• based. WE 07802 170 733 / 0113 318 8051 Email:


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

Carpetsclean clean&&dry dryinin1-2 1-2hours hours •• Carpet • Upholstery clean & dry in 3-4 hours • No harmful chemicals or sicky stickyresidues residues •• Local Local family family firm firm -– est. est. over over 25 20 years years •• Leather clean & shiny 1000s ofupholstery satisfied customers • WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK • WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK


L N 0800 97 007 53

“North Leeds Life continues to be a great publication for us.” ✳✳✳✳✳ Passmore Group




The Ultimate Cleaning Specialists L E E D S | Y O R K | H A R R O G AT E

w w w . s t a r f a b r i c c a r e . c o . u k • Carpets

• Upholstery • Curtains • Rugs • Leather cleaning • Leather restoration & repairs • Domestic & commercial cleaning

No Time to Clean or Iron? Dedicated, Regular Cleaner for You 10th Year Cleaning and Ironing in Your Neighbourhood Hundreds of Satisfied Clients Your Time is Valuable, Ours is Affordable!


DISCOUNT wit h thi s advert

0113 278 0800 0113 266 2333

% 0113 208 9496 DECORATORS

Christopher Deane Painting & Decorating Contractors All aspects of painting and decorating Domestic/Commercial/Interior/Exterior All work fully guaranteed & insured References available Network of supporting trades to complete any job





T: (07963) 908955 • 30 Kirkwood Drive, Cookridge Leeds LS16 7DZ

32 Fast Drying Times, Fabric Protection, Spot, Stain & Odour Removal


Eco Clean

01132 120 450 / 07983 421 720

“A quality cleaning service you can depend on” Domestic and office cleaning One-off cleans: moving house or office? Weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleans We use ‘eco-friendly’ products Call us today, book a clean and receive a 10% discount!

0113 267 5444 / 07983 421 720

Specialists in exterior & interior decorating

For a free quote call:

m: 07806 466 953 t: 0113 345 345 6767 6767 e:



Dog walking & pet care services in North Leeds For further details, please call Maxine on:


P a i n t i n g & D e c o r a t i n g Rob Richardson T: 0113 274 2047 • M: 07894 247 931 W: E:


Block BlockPaving Paving

Tarmac Tarmac


Forcustomer more ‘before ‘before For more and after’ For testimonials and photos click please click on: visit: before &photos after pictures

FOR A PERFECT FINISH EVERY TIMEF DONOT NOT Jet Jet Wash As It It Will Will TheO DO Wash As Damage DO NOT JET WASH as it could cause

GARETH We Clean, Clean, Seal, Seal, Install Install & Repair G We Sand Under Your Block Paving. Sand Under Your Paving. the blocks toBlock subside

THOMPSONTH AllTypes Types Of Of Drives Drives All


A I SPECIAL OFFER £10 £10 OFF SPECIAL OFFER OFF T: 0113 225 3639P AllDrives, Drives, Patios, Patios, Decking Decking & & Path Path Cleaning Cleaning All : M: 07944 430 677T 99%


ForYOUR YOUR Free Free Quote*: *Same Or Or Next Next Day Day Service ForQuote*: a Free Quote DUST-FREE E: For *Same Service PREPARATION Tel: 0113 0113 293 293 7379 7379 35 Kirkwood Grove, Cookridge E: Tel: g LS16 7JR 07796 514608 514608 07796 35 K Email: Fully qualified & apprentice trained Email:

LS1 F O F ull



•• FFaauulltt FFiinndd gg




We provide: Electrical survey & report on installation N.I.C.E.I.C. electrical inspection & test Electrical installations commercial & domestic Fire alarm installation & maintenance Emergency lighting – installation & maintenance Part P. testing & documentation Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T.) Full/part rewires – additional sockets Replacement consumer units No job too large or too small FREE no obligation quotes Our work guaranteed for 5 years Please telephone for FREE advice Tel/Fax: 0113 268 2556 Mob: 07885 242055 Email: Phoenix House, 33 Talbot Ave., Roundhay LS8 1AQ

DH Electrical

Dave Hargreaves - Fully Qualified Electrician • Rewires/Part Rewires • All Minor Works • Extra Sockets/Lighting • Part P Registered • Fault Finding E: W:

TEL: 07742 923 643 CookridgeBased Based Horsforth

EE::nneeddaasspprrkkyy@@ttaallkk ..nneett WW::ww ..dd--hheellccttrriiaall..ccoouukk


Domestic & Commercial • New Builds - Rewires - Extensions • Extra Sockets • Fused Board Update • Extra Lighting • Security Lights • Cooker Circuits

& Showers

Inspections & Testing - Landlord Certificates - Fault Finding - PAT testing

Call Paul on 07841 411718 Email: Qualified Electrician - Part P Registered NAPIT Registered - Full Public Liability Insurance All Works Guaranteed

• Full / Partial rewires • Consumer unit upgrades • Extra sockets and lighting

• Lighting upgrades • Intruder alarm systems • Fault finding

M: 07990 513 052 E: Over 20 years experience. Based in Roundhay, serving all of Leeds.

“..the most popular local magazine among our current parents..” ✳✳✳✳✳ Gateways School


Upholstery, Repairs & French Polishing

0113 267 5483 I’m Lee Naylor, your ABOUT local Equity Release and Later Life Lending Specialist. THINKING EQUITY RELEASE? It’s vital you get the right advice!

Equity Release is becoming an increasingly common way of people releasing cash tied up in their property to enrich their retirement. It is vital you get the right advice! With Equity Release you can:

I’m Lee Naylor, your local ✔Continue to live in your home and keep 100% ownership of your property. Equity Release and Later Life ✔Have a tax free lump sum to supplement your income in retirement. Lending Specialist. ✔Do you need to repay an Interest Only mortgage, or do you need one? Let you with ✔Carry out home improvements, clear debtsme or takeshow a holiday you havehow, always wanted. ✔Gift your children or grandchildren a deposit for Release, their first home oryou just simply help them out. Equity can: ✔Raise a tax free lump sum for any legal purpose.

• Stay in your home and keep 100% ownership • Have a tax free lump sum to use as you please Equity Release – Mortgages – Lending to the age of 90 and beyond - Wills – Estate • Choose between NO Planning – Lasting Powers of Attorney – Protective Property Trusts – Inheritance Tax or Interest Planning – Children’s Trusts - Secure repayments Document Storage – Funeral Plans – Life Only Insurance repayments Contact Me on 0113 871 5868 or anytime on 07812 159965 • Never owe more than your For more information please visit house is valued ✔Choose between no monthly repayments or Interest Only repayments.

✔Have a "No Negative Equity Guarantee", meaning you will never owe more than your house is


Abbey Upholstery, 7 Carr Bridge Ave, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7JZ Reupholstery specialists. Parker Knoll, Cintique, Ercol, Bridgecraft and all other good quality furniture.

From a small dining chair repair to a full suite re-upholstery. Sentimental items welcome.

+Replacement Foam Cushions Service Reupholstery and French Polishing Specialists.

Parker Knoll, Cintique, Ercol, Bridgecraft, Vale, G-Plan, MultiYork and all other good quality furniture.

From a small dining chair repair to a full suite re-upholstery. Sentimental items welcome.

Contact me on 0113 871 5868 or anytime on 07812 159 965 For more information visit:



Typically, we charge a fee of 1% of the loan amount to a maximum of £995, which is payable on completion. The exact fee will be confirmed to you once we have assessed your personal situation. The Equity Release is a trading name of Hudson Foster Financial Services, which is authorised and regulated by the

Equity Release may require a lifetime mortgage. A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home. To understand the features and risk, ask for a personalised illustration. The Equity Release is a trading name of Hudson Foster Financial Services, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Financial Conduct Authority. Hudson Foster Financial Services Limited is entered on the Financial Services Register ( under reference 131285. Will writing is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Examples of local work we did recently. To see more go to our website: |




Sofa & carpet cleaning

(Not leather)

L N “…a customer already here wanting a kitchen thanks to North Leeds life!” ✳✳✳✳✳ Harris Interiors

Buying new furniture? Moving house / downsizing? … 0113 2739727



R.W • • • •


Garage Doors

Repair Service Sectional Doors Up & Over Doors Roller Door Specialist Installation and Repair Specialist

Ryan Watson Mob: 07415 139 520 Tel: 0113 216 1320



ELMWOOD Tree & Garden Services

Our small family firm provides a full range of services including:

Rotivating, turfing, fencing, patios & rockeries Maintenance free gardens Trees felled, trimmed, shaped or pruned Hedges reduced or removed Gutters cleaned, drives jet washed

FOR AN EFFICIENT, SAFE & CLEAN SERVICE RING NOW: FREEPHONE: 0800 474 8519 / DIRECT 07769631142 24 hour emergency call-out available

Unlock that outdoor room with a garden designed to suit you and your lifestyle. You may want to grow your own veg, or socialise and dine outdoors, or relax in an easy-to-care-for space. ...or all of these?

Tree elling and runing • edge cu ng S ring owering s rub runing rass strimming Shanet Alexander


t. 0113 2584822 m. 07779550792 Garden Design Fencing, Gates & Decking, Patios & Driveways, Brick & Stone Walling Turf supplied & laid, Tel: 07950 680 995 Garden & commercial maintenance


“You can’t beat North Leeds Life for quality, readership and content.” ✳✳✳✳✳ Leeds Grand Theatre

Andy Abbey • Home & Garden Services For all those jobs you never get around to, or don’t know who to get to do them! • From fitting a small shelf • Jet washing your patio or painting • Gardening • Or even a helping hand with something heavy Charged by the hour not the job, so no hidden costs!

Tel: 07443 872551



HOUSE CLEARANCES • Windows/ Doors/ All internal joinery • Modern & traditional properties • Over 15 years experience

Furniture Collection & House Clearance Services Donate today to raise funds to support young people in need in Leeds

07800 512 074

Call or book online at

Tel: Liam Brown – 07716 647 834 Email:

Whitehouse 66w x 95dmm:Layout 1 09/09/2014 17:32 Pa KITCHENS

Kitchen Replacement Doors A New Look Kitchen at a fraction of the cost!

St Luke's CARES is a registered charity (109772) and runs projects supporting vulnerable young people living in inner city Leeds. See our Showroom Displays at


Kitchens Doors & windows Fencing, gates & decking Fascias & guttering General property maintenance We accept card payments


Contact Alex: 07983 479 224 0113 267 4210

• Standard Sizes or Made to Measure • Wide Choice of Doors & Matching Accessories in Hardwood, Painted, Meanwood Rd Vinyl & Melamine • Great Range of Designs & Over 400 Colours • For an Appointment Turn Your Dream please phone into Reality! FREE Quotation

Tel: 0113 266 5638 without Obligation Mobile: 07957 987333


Paul Whitehouse

KITCHENS & BEDROOMS Roevale Court, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 2DU



24 HOUR CALL OUT 30 MINUTE RESPONSE No call out charge Discounts for OAPs & students

Tel: 07947 160 788 Probably the cheapest locksmith service in Leeds




WALKERS OVEN CLEAN Doing the job you hate to do • Cleaning domestic ovens, hobs & microwaves • No chemicals • Biodegradable detergents • We help homeowners & landlords all over Leeds

Call Tony for a FREE quote: 07759 233 005 Email: PLASTERERS

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

24hr mobile locksmith No call out charge Domestic and commercial locks Entry into locked vehicles Fully insured and DBS/CRB checked Break in repair and boarding service Broken keys removed Mobile key cutting Replacement locks and upgrades Security advice Work guaranteed Nationwide Locksmith member Train Locksmith’s NCFE level 3 qualified

07716 526682

Dependable professional service when you need it most.

Mobile Locksmith North Leeds and surrounding areas Otley, Ilkley, Harrogate

ocall lasteri

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it lea a er


s ecialists. ter al a e ter al re eri . atc i eli ere .

uil s ualifie wor uara tee ears e erie ce


Contact Dave Franks on

0113 274 1048 or 07796 381 346 isit we site or customer tes mo ials www. ra s lasteri .com






07901 734390

01133 456468

Facebook / Calum James plastering Twitter @plaster21

TOM HALL HEATING & PLUMBING Boiler installations & repairs Bathrooms & all other plumbing work Landlord certificates FREE competitive quotes – no job too small Boiler installations, servicing & repairs 07983 406Bathrooms 555 / 0113&274 5224 plumbing all other Landlord certificates


Heating & Plumbing FREE competitive quotes

(Logo) Gas No Safe job too small 549414 07983 406 555 / 0113 274 5224 549414


Call: Paul 07968 598 149

S.Nicholls PLASTERING & RENDERING We pride ourselves on: Clean & tidy workmanship Our 35 Years experience 100% Commitment to jobs big and small

• • •

We cover all aspects of Plastering and Rendering including: Skimming/Re-Skimming Dry-lining Boarding/Over Boarding Patches & Repairs Rendering Through Colour Rendering

• • • • • •

Contact us on: 07940 119 081 or 0113 443 8534 Email us on: Or for further information visit our website at:


NEW AGE PLUMBING & HEATING SOLUTIONS LTD. ‘Implementing New Age Solutions to Traditional Problems’

We pride ourselves on giving the right advice to customers on everything we do: • Complete bathrooms • Central heating system installation • Boiler installations, swaps & repairs • SMART Technology upgrades • Landlord Gas Safety Checks

GPS Plumbing & Heating • All plumbing work undertaken • Discounts for OAPs • Free 24 hour call out service

WRAS & bpec unvented certified

Call Sean on

07900 49 49 08 0113 267 0419 GPS Plumbing & Heating


Call us FREE on 0800 644 0655


Plumbing, Tiling, Bathroom Installation ER & GAS APPLIANCE INSTALLATION, REPAIR & SERVICING ______________________________________________


UNVENTED HOT WATER SYSTEMS • Boiler and • Landlord safety gas certificates FORappliance ALL YOUR PLUMBING & HEATING NEEDS IPPING TAPS TO FULL INSTALLATIONS, NO JOB TOO installation, repair • Unvented hotSMALL S CENTRAL HEATING, GENERAL PLUMBING andBATHROOM servicing TILING, INSTALLATION water systems CORGI REGISTERED ______________________________________________


For all your plumbing and heating needs, from dripping taps to full FOR A FREE ESTIMATE PLEASE CALL DAVE LOWE installations, no job too small.



MOB: 07961 432404

WORKSafe FULLY GUARANTEED •ALLGas • Friendly, FOR A FREE ESTIMATE PLEASE CALL registered reliable service

0113 2679004


MOB: 07961 432404

• All work fully guaranteed

For a free estimate please call Dave Lowe on:

Tel: 0113 267 9004 Mob: 07961 432 404



E: el


overing Leeds & Surr ACTION ROOFING ACTION ROOFING ACTION ACTION ROOFING ROOFING R. & D. Covering Covering Leeds & Surrounding Leeds & Surrounding Areas Areas

Covering Leeds & Surrounding Areas Covering Leeds & Surrounding Areas ROOFERS

ACTION ROOFING ACTION ROOFING ACTION ROOFING Covering Leeds &Leeds Surrounding Areas Areas Covering & Surrounding ACTION ROOFING And Rooflines






Roofing Contractors • • • • •

Re-roofs & repairs Gutters, fascias and soffits All flat roofing Insurance work Pointing

FREE honest quotations All work guaranteed Over 30 years experience Tel/Fax: 0113 278 3472 Mobile: 07747 110582 Email:


APM NEW ROOF ROOFING At APM Roofing we take enormous pride in the quality of our workmanship and strong industry reputation.

Our services include Roof slating Roofing Guttering Roof Soffits

Roof Tiling PVC Fascia Fibreglass flat roofs Replacement Roofs


Specialist family lawyer

Care Proceedings Child Arrangements Orders Injunctions Divorce - £99 plus court fees • Tailored advice for Litigants in Person • Fixed fees for your peace of mind For more information visit:

ALL WORKU ALLROOFING ROOFING WORK www.actionroofing www.actionroofin www.a mroofi lee al ert lose ee s






TF Window Cleaning offers a friendly, reliable service at sensible prices.

• Dozens of wardrobe designs • Made to your bespoke requirements • Local company – expert advice

• Professional window cleaning • UPVC frames & conservatories • Guttering • For homes, shops, offices, restaurants etc

UK Worktops

Just 100 yards from Waitrose, Meanwood Tel:

0113 230 6038

Contact Terry on: Mon-Thurs 9.00-5.00, Fri 9.00 – 3.00, Sat 10.00 – 1.00


07412 591 976 or 0113 236 3083


ff O th % on 25his m


Providence House, Authorpe Road, Meanwood LS6 4JB

“Our sales therefore increased quite significantly so it has really worked.” ✳✳✳✳✳ St. Gemma’s Hospice

Find us online

DEADLINE FOR NEXT EDITION 12th MAY Tel: 0113 274 8776

Windows Fitted From £200 £200 Windows Fitted From Doors Fitted From £450 Doors Fitted Windows Fitted From £200 From £450 High Grade uPVC, Timber and Aluminium Windows, Doors Fitted From £450 Doors, Conservatories, Fascias, Soffits & Gutters

High Grade uPVC, Timber High Grade uPVC, Timber and Aluminium Windows,and Aluminium Windows Doors, Conservatories, Fascias, Soffits & Gutters • NO DEPOSIT, FREE SURVEY Doors, Conservatories, Soffits & Gutters • Payment On Completion Fascias, 10 YEA

• NO DEPOSIT, FREE SURVEY • Payment On Completion

10 YEAR R Rated Windows INSURANCE • A• ARated Windows • Secure By Design BACKED • Secure By DesignFREE SURVEY • No Pushy Salesmen NO DEPOSIT, GU ARANTEE • No Middlemen • No PushyOn Salesmen Payment CookridgeCompletion Windows • No Middlemen INSURANCE 0113 226 8089 25% Off A Rated Windows in ne 07805 495071 BACKED Secure By Design GUARANTEE 19 Eaton Hill, Leeds, LS16 6SE INSURANCE BACKED GUARANTEE

• • 10 YEAR • Cookridge Windows • • No Pushy Salesmen 0113 226 8089 25% Off • No Middlemen in ne 07805 495071

Cookridge Windows 19 Eaton Hill, Leeds, LS16 6SE

0113 WORKTOPS 226 8089 25% Off in ne 07805 495071 UK WORKTOPS LARGEST RANGE IN NORTH LEEDS! 19 Eaton Hill, Leeds, LS16 6SE


UK Worktops

Tel: 0113 230 6038

Just 100 yards from Waitrose, Meanwood

Open: Mon-Thurs 9.00-5.00 Fri 9.00 – 3.00 Sat 10.00 – 1.00


Providence House, Authorpe Road, Meanwood LS6 4JB

Cloudy2Clear Windows – Service With A Smile! ADVERTISEMENT

It’s been a crazy few months for Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has grown rapidly as homeowners take advantage of their services. Manager Joel Skinner feels that it’s all about service. ‘Our product is simple. If your double glazing is misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 5 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although that obviously helps.

Many tradespeople have struggled since last year and I honestly feel that during the good times a minority perhaps didn’t focus on customer care as much as they should have done. We make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. I often get comments back from customers on how they really didn’t expect that sort of service which, in a way, is very sad for the service industry as a whole.’ Cloudy2Clear service the Adel, Bramhope, Cookridge, Horsforth, Headingley, Meanwood, Weetwood & West Park areas and Joel is finding

that his approach is a major factor in his success.‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve

done work for, which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Joel a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Don’t replace the Frames... just the Panes!

Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want The Latest Energy Saving Glass? All Glazing Backed By Our 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee Priority Freephone

0800 61 21118 ...we make saving money perfectly clear...



We were floored by the KD Carpets price

Metal Beds Leather Beds Children’s Beds Divan Beds Mattresses Over 500,000 sq metres of carpet always in stock


Over 50,000 sq metres of roll ends always in stock


New store: 116 Commercial Road, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3AB Tel: 0113 274 2881 New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4QD Tel: 0113 281 9770 71 Domestic Street, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 9SG Tel: 0113 243 0961 Stores also at Harrogate, Knaresborough and Wetherby |










Guaranteed expert fitting service



Open 7 days a week



Ample free parking D F LO O R I


Some days the freezer is far enough to go for something tasty to eat. Great Value Menu Pack only £19.95 5 main courses with vegetables: Roast Lamb in Mint Gravy, Roast Chicken Breast with Stuffing, Pork & Leek Sausages with Somerset Cider Gravy, Shepherds Pie, Chicken & Vegetable Casserole 2 desserts: Apple Crumble & Custard, Jam Sponge & Custard ORDER CODE: VP4

If the weather isn’t looking too good, or if you just don’t fancy a trip to the shops, wouldn’t it be great to know there’s a delicious meal within reach, that can be ready in minutes? Choose from over 300 recipes, all freshly prepared using carefully selected ingredients, then quick-frozen to lock in the goodness, delivered free to your door. Special diet, gluten-free or calorie controlled? It’s all available no-contract, no-commitment. Just order what you want, when you want. Sample the Wiltshire Farm Foods menu now with our Great Value Menu Pack. Call us today for your FREE brochure

Chicken & Vegetable Casserole £2.95

01845 578784 Wiltshire Farm Foods, Topcliffe, THIRSK, YO7 3SE

adel adel


The computer people Laundry you canCoin-op talk to – in & Dry Cleaning plain • SameEnglish! day service wash • Same day quilt & duvet cleaning

• All home computer problems dealt with.bags Evening • Sleeping cleaned • All homeand computer weekendproblems visits available – •local engineers. Shirt service

dealt with. Eveningand andsoftware, email,• internet, Quality curtain cleaning • Hardware back-up, • Football & rugby kits weekend visits available – local security, performance, networking. • Ironing service engineers. • Suede & leather cleaning • Excellent value computers, set-up,transferring

• Rug ofand datasoftware, and settings, and training tocleaning your • Hardware email, • Collection & delivery service requirements. Free software. internet, back-up, security, • Repairs & alterations performance, networking. Tel: 293 2570 2570 Mob: 07832367 367 100 Tel: 0113 0113 293 Mob: 07832 100 Professional Dry Cleaning Service • Suit (2-piece) £7.00 • Excellent value computers, e: e: • Jacket £4.50 set-up, transferring of data and • Trousers £3.50 settings, and training to your • Plain Skirts £4.00 • Woolies from £3.00 requirements. Free software. Open 7 days a week 8am-7pm

Tel: 0113 293 2570 / Mob: 07832 367 100 Email:

Tel. 0113 278 9738 265 Otley Road, West Park, Leeds LS16 5LN





Yale R Find us on:

facebook Doors Composite French Patio with Maximum Security locks.

Windows Internally Glazed Shootbolt Locks Many Handle Colours Insurance backed Guarantee.

Traditional Conservatories Polycarbonate or Glass roofs. All Basework & Planning Drawings if Required.

Metrotile warm roofs Keep your Conservatory Warm in winter, Cool in summer, & Quieter in the rain. Manufactured in our Bradford factory.

0800 0740 140 Visit our website :

Factory: Usher St. Business Park, Bradford BD4 7DS 01274 729412 Showroom: 82 Otley Road, Guiseley, LS20 8BH 01943 884440

An Independent husband and wife run business with over 35 years experience offering you our support day or night and personally supervised by Phillip and Thea Thomason.

• 24hr Service • Private Chapels of Rest • Qualified Funeral Directors and Embalmers • Memorials / Headstones • Funeral Prepayment Plans • International Repatriation • Green / Woodland Funerals • Also Horse Drawn / Motorcycle Hearse

137 Easterly Road, Oakwood, Leeds LS8 2RY

120A-122 Crossgates Road, Leeds LS15 7NL

0113 248 2899

0113 264 1405


North Leeds Life Magazine. May 2017. LS6 LS16 LS18 Edition  

The May 2017 edition of North Leeds Life for LS6 LS16 & LS18 bringing you all the latest news, events and businesses from your local area. N...