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Community Fat Friends Share The Offer Musical Huge Success

Irish History Month

Crag House Farm

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MAR | 2017 NORTH LEEDS Life F R E E M a r c h 2 0 1 7 | LS7 | LS8 | LS17


Fat Friends The Musical

Community Share Offer Huge Success

Irish History Month

Pictured: Rosie Kay Dance Company




Well, time marches on. Marches us, in fact, into March! We continue to nurture optimism about the year ahead; the days are getting longer and we’ll soon be leaving winter behind. As ever, we’re happy to report that there’s an abundance of activity in our local community that deserves your time and attention. There are theatrical offerings in the shape of wartime naval tales in the intriguing Narvik and we get the preview scoop and insights from Kay Mellor on her upcoming Fat Friends musical premiering in Leeds later this year. March also marks Irish History Month with a host of cultural events. We look at the success Leeds Community Homes have had with their first share




offer; and Leeds Rotary Club celebrates young people making a difference in their community. The CINAGE project; Filmmaking for Active Ageing, makes a welcome return, and we also take a look at some great charity initiatives, including the Ann Maguire Fund and Lighthouse Futures. The deadline for news and notices for our April edition is Wednesday 1st March (10th March for advertising). We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Carole, Jack and the team.


06 Lighthouse Futures Has a New Patron - Good news for charity

24 ‘Narvik’ Set to Thrill at Carriageworks - New play brings a

that supports students with Autism and learning difficulties

powerful story of love, guilt, heroism and betrayal to life.

12 LCH Community Share Offer a Huge Success - Leeds

25 Poetics of Light: Pinhole Photography - Major exhibition

Community Homes raises £360,000 for their first people powered homes.

spanning eight decades and representing the work of more than 150 artists

18 A Leeds Grand to Host World Premiere of Fat Friends The Musical.

32 Ann Maguire Fund Opens for Applications - Supporting young people through arts education activities.




44 CINAGE Filmmaking for Active Ageing: New Course Announced - An opportunity for people over 60 to make films that tell their story.

58 Leeds Football Academy Reaches Final 32 - West Leeds Academy’s popular Football Academy makes great start to the term.

60 Rotary Presents Young Citizen Awards.


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& Kitchen.

he Hon Edward Lascelles of Harewood recently agreed to be patron of the Lighthouse Futures Trust – an ambitious, caring and innovative charity that supports students at Lighthouse School (a school for students with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and learning difficulties) and partners with special schools and colleges in Leeds to support its students. The charity has built strong relationships with major employers in both local and national organisations, where it plans and delivers supported internships where students can develop and learn customer service, work-based skills and much more. Keepers Coffee & Kitchen (Formerly Lighthouse Union Store) on Otley Old Road, Cookridge – a warm, vibrant cafe selling premium gifts and quality pre-loved clothing – is the charity’s first social enterprise. The

focus here is on building its own high quality brands, including children’s soaps, silk scarves, jams and chutneys. Its gardening enterprise ‘Branching Out’ is delivering quality services in the schools and care home sector. “I was stunned to hear that only 15% of children with an autism spectrum disorder go into full-time employment after school”, said Eddy Lascelles, Director of Harewood Food & Drink Project. “This is a shocking statistic and is totally unacceptable. Lighthouse School looks at innovative ways to give students a vocation and the key skills to help them with future employment. “It aims to give its students the best chances of finding full-time employment after school and we’re exploring opportunities here on the Harewood Estate where gardening interns can hone their horticulture skills. “It’s key that we continue to raise awareness with potential employers so that they can make a real difference by giving the children the opportunities that they need and deserve.” “Having Edward as our patron will make a tremendous difference to us as a relatively small charity”, said CEO Katie Parlett, who was recently awarded an MBE for her work with the charity.”


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When Berkeley Moynihan was presented to George V in 1912, the King said he was proud ‘to shake the most skilful hand in the world’. The supremely confident Moynihan probably took this compliment as his due. From modest beginnings he had built an international reputation as a pioneering and successful surgeon, attracting the most distinguished clients (and colossal fees). He had an important advisory role in WW1, and was later given a peerage as Baron Moynihan of Leeds, his title celebrating his long association with the city where he had grown up, worked and lived. is original ambition was to be a soldier, like his Irish grandfather and his father Andrew, who had won the VC in the Crimea. Berkeley was born in Malta in 1865, but when he was two his father died of fever and his mother Ellen had to return home with the family. They had just a tiny pension, so they were taken in by Ellen’s sister and her husband, a police inspector in Leeds. They lived in a small house in Chapeltown and Berkeley went to a local private school before entering Christ’s Hospital School in London, and then the Royal Naval School. His mind was still set on a military career, but finally he fell in with his mother’s wish for him to be a doctor. At eighteen he entered the Leeds Medical School. His two uncles helped to meet the substantial cost, a dependency which must have spurred him on. He proved a star student, and qualified in 1887. He started work as a surgical intern at the LGI, the beginning of his life-long association with the hospital. He acquired other posts at Armley Gaol and the Ida Hospital at Cookridge, and worked for a spell in Berlin before coming back to the LGI, where he was finally elected to the coveted position of Surgeon in 1896. He brought with him fresh ideas. Surgery was still a bloody and perilous business, conducted in a stained apron, with bare hands. Joseph Lister’s ideas on antiseptics and the need for sterile conditions were still novel, but Moynihan was an enthusiast. He insisted on clean white coats and, after a visit to the USA, new-fangled rubber gloves, to his colleagues’ amusement. Above all he favoured a gentler, scrupulous, more patient-centred approach to surgery. The perfect surgeon, he said, must have the heart of a lion and the hands of a lady, not the claws of a lion and the heart of a sheep!

His speciality was abdominal surgery: he published several research papers, followed in 1905 by a major work, Abdominal Operations, which became a standard text, and later by Duodenal Ulcer (1910), which secured his reputation as a clinical scientist. Alongside his LGI work, he was lecturer and later professor of surgery at Leeds University. He was a knowledgeable, elegant lecturer (a lover of words), and enjoyed opportunities for public speaking in this country and on his many visits to the USA. He had a private practice in Park Square, with his own nursing home. Good-looking, calmly authoritative, eloquent, he inspired

confidence. As his reputation spread patients began to flock to him from outside Leeds and then further afield, often noted in the press. His fees increased correspondingly. In 1895 he married Isabella Jessop, the daughter of his chief at the LGI. They lived first in Woodhouse Square, then Clarendon Road, but in 1914 moved with their three children to Carr Manor in Meanwood, a beautiful rambling house in extensive gardens (the Judges’ Lodgings now). That same year saw the outbreak of war. Moynihan offered to lead a medical team to France, and was invited, with the rank of Colonel and later Major-General, to chair the Army Medical Advisory Board. In Leeds he took a special interest in the Beckett Park military hospital, and operated on many wounded servicemen. He saw it all as an exciting and enjoyable challenge. He was knighted in 1912, and after the War more honours were heaped on him: a baronetcy in 1922, a peerage in 1929; freedom of the city of Leeds in 1926; election to the prestigious position of President of the Royal College of Surgeons. Some thought him vain, self-centred, greedy, but Leeds surgery benefited from his dedication and his international reputation helped to establish Leeds as a centre of excellence. He died suddenly in 1936, overcome with grief at the death of his wife Isabella six days before. The offer of burial at Westminster Abbey was rejected: they are buried side by side at Lawnswood.

Eveleigh Bradford

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The inheritance tax rules are changing in April – that means that for some, the tax payable after their death will be reduced or even eliminated completely. Unfortunately, the rules are not simple. The Current Rules Put simply, when somebody dies, a calculation is made to determine whether their estate has to pay inheritance tax (IHT). Everybody currently has a nil rate band (NRB) of £325,000 which they can leave to whoever they like without having to pay tax. Anything over £325,000 is taxed at 40%. Anything left to a spouse, civil partner or charity is exempt so doesn’t use any of the NRB. Unused NRB passes on to a surviving spouse. Some types of assets and lifetime gifts are exempt.

What is Changing? A new allowance called the Residential Nil Rate Band (RNRB) is being introduced. This will be available in addition to the NRB. However, there are some restrictions.

1. The RNRB can only be used against

an interest in a residence. It can only be used against one property and is limited to the value of the equity in the property (i.e. the value not covered by a mortgage).

2. It can only be used if the interest

in the property is left to lineal descendants. This includes children and grandchildren. This means that the estate of somebody who did not have children and instead benefitted nephews and nieces will potentially have to pay more tax than somebody who had children.

How much is the RNRB?

3. If grandparents put an age limit on

From April, each individual will have a maximum available RNRB of £100,000. It will then increase each year. Married couples and civil partners can transfer any unused RNRB to each other.

gifts to grandchildren (e.g. they don’t inherit until they are 21), the RNRB won’t be available. However, if there isn’t an age limit (meaning they are absolutely entitled to the gift but somebody has to look after it until they are an adult), it can be used.

Things to consider 1. If your residence is mortgaged, you may be limiting the amount of allowance you can use. By reducing the mortgage, you could significantly reduce your estate’s tax bill – e.g. if you have a £100,000 house with a £50,000 mortgage, you will only be able to use £50,000 of the RNRB.

2. Lots of people have trusts in their wills. Unfortunately, many trusts won’t be able to use the RNRB, even if the beneficiaries are children.

Now is a very good time to review your will, or make a will if you haven’t done so already. We provide a free ‘will checking service’ which means we will take a look at you existing will for free and tell you whether we think you need to take any action. This is just a brief overview of a complicated area. We would always advise that you seek a solicitor’s advice when planning your estate.

Levi Solicitors

We are delighted to announce the opening of our North Leeds office, located at: Margaret House, Devonshire Crescent, Roundhay, LS8 1EP * We are running a FREE will advice clinic

1st and 3rd Thursday of each month 5.00pm – 7.30pm Contact Andrew Milburn, Head of our Wills and Probate Department to make an appointment. Call 0113 297 3194 or

Home visits available Visit our website to find out what else we can do for you Address:

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*by appointment only

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Pictured: Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas MP visiting LCH site.

LCH Community Share Offer a Huge Success eeds Community Homes are celebrating the success of their recent community share offer – which raised £360,000 for their first 16 people powered homes in the centre of Leeds. Set up in 2015 as a Community Land Trust for Leeds, Leeds Community Homes aim to be involved in creating 1,000 affordable, sustainable homes in Leeds over the next ten years. They want to do that in two ways. First of all they want to create homes themselves – building homes and renovating empty properties. Secondly, they also want to support people across Leeds who want to take a ‘community-led’ approach to building the homes our city needs.

postcode areas being LS6, LS7

The share offer was also backed by national funder Power To Change – which agreed to invest £100,000 as long as Leeds Community Homes could attract the same amount of investment locally. “We’re absolutely thrilled with the response we’ve had to our community share offer”, said Gill Coupland, a founder member of Leeds Community Homes. “When you do something like this, you have no idea how people are going to respond – but the response has been overwhelming. £360,000 is an incredible sum to raise in just over three months!” The money invested so far will be used to deliver LCH’s first project – the purchase of 16 affordable homes. These will be in Leeds’ Climate Innovation district – the largest sustainable development in the UK – by Leeds-based developer Citu. Nine properties will be bought for social rent and LCH will make seven more properties available for sale at around two-thirds of market value. “The next steps are for us to finalise negotiations with the developer, with a view to paying deposits on our first homes in about six months time”, said Gill. “We expect the first people to be moving into homes owned by Leeds Community Homes in Spring 2018. “We’re really excited about this first project and we’re determined it won’t be our last. Alongside getting started on these first homes, we’re going to be spending this year developing a range of other ideas to create more affordable, sustainable homes in Leeds. We want to work with local people on this – so we’d like to encourage anyone with ideas for how we can create more affordable, sustainable housing in Leeds to get in touch with us.”

and LS8.

The community share offer closed at the end of January having reached its ambitious target of £360,000. This was reached through investment from individuals across Leeds and the UK, each investing at least £100. Investors will receive a limited financial return, which is expected to be 2% from 2020. Around 250 people invested, two thirds of whom were from Leeds. North Leeds investors were well represented, with the top three

Britain In Focus: A Photographic History ritain in Focus is a major new exhibition at the National Media Museum, Bradford, which runs from 17th March – 25th June. It explores the fascinating history of British photography – from everyday snapshots to world renowned iconic images and partners a three-part documentary series on BBC4, presented by awardwinning photographer and picture editor Eamonn McCabe. Both start their journey with the dawn of photography in Britain in the 19th century and chart its progress through to the present day and the impact of the social media

explosion. Britain in Focus not only illustrates how a selection of acclaimed photographers documented, reflected and commented on their country, but also how countless others have contributed to recording national and social history. Alongside pictures by anonymous soldiers in the First World War and press shots of historic moments, are John Bulmer’s striking images from the North of England; Jane Bown’s portraits of cultural figureheads from the 60s and 70s; Martin Parr’s inimitable views of the 1980s; Eamonn McCabe’s reports from the Heysel stadium tragedy; and Fay Godwin’s visual hymns to the British landscape. Among the pioneers featured are Julia Margaret Cameron, Alvin Langdon Coburn and Cecil Beaton, as well as contemporaries currently living and working in Britain, such as Nadav Kander, Peter Mitchell and Mishka Henner. Britain in Focus also traces the path of an industry: how glass plates gave way to film cartridges, black and white transformed to colour, and photographic paper was replaced by digital pixels. Britain in Focus: A Photographic History is a BBC and National Media Museum partnership.

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Rotary’s Round Britain Festival of Ale he Rotary Club of Roundhay’s Sixth Annual North Leeds Charity Beer Festival takes place on Friday 31st March and Saturday 1st April at North Leeds Cricket Club, The Homestead, Old Park Road, LS8 1JX.

Since the first festival in 2012, the event has raised over £22,000 for local projects as well as national and international Rotary charities. It has supported Gipton Together, John Jamieson School, St Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds Children’s Hospital, Sylvia Wright Trust and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, as well as Rotary Education and water projects and disaster relief. Last year alone the festival raised over £7,000! This year the Rotary Club of Roundhay presents a Round Britain Festival of Ale, including

40 cask ales and six ciders. The bar at North Leeds Cricket Club will also be open for the duration of the festival with non-alcoholic beverages and alternative drinks. As well as beer the festival has gained a reputation for great music featuring local bands and performers and this year will be no exception. The festival is a great way to raise money for charity whilst enjoying new beers and good music in the company of friends. The festival’s open hours are Friday 31st March 6 - 11.00pm and Saturday 1st April 12 noon - 11pm. £10 Festival Pack – includes entry, commemorative beer glass, programme and three tokens. £2 discount for CAMRA / SPBW members. £5 non-drinkers The Rotary Club of Roundhay thanks Morley Glass and Express Bi-Folding Doors for their sponsorship.


Kingston Unity’s Junior ISA Provides a Great Gift Opportunity ingston Unity Friendly Society was founded in 1840 to offer savings and investment accounts to the communities of Yorkshire. Fast forward 177 years and today the Society continues to provide its members with an excellent range of savings accounts for adults and children. Last year it developed its Friends and Family Junior ISA, a children’s savings account that moves Junior ISA savings into a new digital era. All Junior ISAs need to be opened by a parent, however, once opened a secure link can be shared with friends and family so

they can easily pay gifts into the account whenever they wish. They can leave messages with their gifts ‘Happy Birthday, love from Grandma’, so the child can look back on the messages. The added bonus of family being able to allocate their gifts to Savings Goals set by the parent, and later the child, for their future serves to engage the child with the importance of saving and planning. All money paid in is a gift to the child and cannot be withdrawn until the ISA matures on the child’s 18th Birthday. With the New Year well underway have you considered giving your child or grandchild a head start in life by putting a small amount away every month for their future? If not, it might be the right time to start.

Saving for your grandchild couldn’t be easier with Kingston Unity’s new Friends & Family Junior ISA. Just another way you can help them on Life’s Big Adventure.

Important Information: All payments are gifts to the child. Junior ISAs cannot be accessed until the child is 18. The Friends & Family Junior ISA is a stocks & shares ISA that may potentially grow in value by the annual addition of bonuses. However, this cannot be guaranteed. We may apply a penalty on accounts that transfer to other providers before the child reaches 18 and this may result in a loss in capital.

01924 240 164

Kingston Unity is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority FRN 110056.

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Talking Rot! A Public Talk at the Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies The Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies (LCVS), based at Leeds Trinity University, hosts an annual series of talks and conferences. This year’s public lecture on Monday 6th March is on the intriguing topic of ‘Compost Happens’, showcasing how preoccupied Victorian literature was with decomposition, breakdown and decay. e often think of the Victorians as grand, prosperous and perhaps self-satisfied, but this talk by Herbert Tucker, the LCVS Visiting Professor, will reveal a different side Pictured: to the period. He will Herbert Tucker illuminate the underlying anxieties in works by Charles Dickens, Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning, Thomas Hardy and others, revealing how all these writers used the image of decomposition as a way of talking about individual breakdown. As he puts it, he’ll be ‘talking rot’! Herbert Tucker is a Professor of English at the University of Virginia, who has published books about poets Robert Browning and Alfred Tennyson, and about nineteenth-century epics. The products of his research also include the website ‘For Better for Verse’ (, ‘an interactive learning tool that can help you understand what makes metered poetry in English tick’.

The public talk takes place at Leeds Trinity University, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, on Monday 6th March, starting with a free wine reception 5.30 – 6.30pm. The talk starts at 6.30pm. There will be opportunity for questions and discussion, and the event finishes at 8pm. Reserve your free place via Evenbrite through research/research-centres/seminarprogramme, or email lcvs@leedstrinity. All are welcome!

Helen Kingstone - co-Deputy Director of LCVS

Another Adventure in Support of St. Gemma’s In March 2018, St. Gemma’s Hospice is taking a team of explorers on the trek of a lifetime to discover the untouched ancient world of South East Asia. This nine-day adventure will take in a 85km trek through valleys and dense forest, ascending to the upper plain of the Kulen Mountain, camping in the wilderness, and visiting the magnificent 12th century temples of Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat. You will also have the chance to visit local markets and receive a real insight into the way of life in this remote area. St. Gemma’s trek to Angkor Wat in Cambodia will leave London on Saturday 3rd March and return on Sunday 11th March 2018. Anybody can take part – so if you’re looking for a new and exciting adventure this trip is for you! There will be an information evening at the Hospice on Thursday 16th March. See pictures, hear tales from people who have been on the trip previously, and ask any questions you might have. There is a registration fee of £299 and a minimum sponsorship amount of £3,600. This amount includes raising £1,800 for patient care and covering the £1,800 costs for the trip. Contact Emma on 0113 218 5197 or email if you would be interested in attending.


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Leeds Grand to Host World Premiere of Fat Friends The Musical The television series ‘Fat Friends’ was a huge success. It ran for five years starred Alison Steadman, Sheridan Smith and Lisa Riley and launched the careers of James Corden and Ruth Jones. Being set in Leeds, and Headingley in particular, it had an army of fans in Yorkshire. riter Kay Mellor was approached to do another series, but she felt it had run its course on TV. She thought it might lend itself nicely to theatre….then someone suggested a musical! Now, ‘Fat Friends the Musical’ is scheduled to have its World Première at Leeds Grand Theatre in November, starring Jodie Prenger as Kelly. “I have been a huge fan of Kay’s for so long – she is the most brilliant writer, director, and the most lovely lady you could ever wish to work with”, said Jodie. “I loved ‘Fat Friends’ when it was a successful TV series so to see some of those characters come to life on stage is a joy. I am sure it’s going to be a big (fat?) hit! I can’t wait.” Fat Friends followed the lives of a group of overweight friends as they struggled with the absurdities of modern dieting. The show sees the nation’s favourite group of dieters reunited at the Headingley branch of Super Slimmers. The foodie friends are put through their Zumba paces by the lovelorn Lauren; Kelly is desperate to get into her dream wedding dress; Alan wants his wife back; Betty wants to win Slimmer of the Year and Super Slimmer founder, Julia Fleshman, wants the world to buy into her business.

It has taken three years to gradually build up the team. Several workshops have been arranged to try out various aspects and get input from the different disciplines. To start out with, Kay didn’t even have a clue as to how a song was structured – now she has written about 24.

Initially Kay was at a loss with regards to a composer, then Producer Josh Andrews suggested that Nicholas Lloyd Webber (yes, that is son of) would be just right. Kay was a bit dubious – he was posh and not Northern! As it happens he read the script and some of the lyrics and loved it. “I have to say he just got it”, said Kay. “He comes from more of a pop background. I gave him two songs I’d written – his treatment of ‘Beautiful’ brought tears to my eyes; and the ‘Fish and Chip Shop Song’ really made me smile. It’s incredible – he’s not from the North but he just got it!” “It’s been such a treat to collaborate with Kay on Fat Friends”, said Nicholas “The musical world of the show is bright, fresh, catchy and poppy, with tenderness as well as music to move to. My hope is that I’ve written some songs that are at once accessible yet original with as big a heart as the wonderful piece Kay has written.”

Obviously the stage show can’t give each character a big story, but they all have their own path – that’s what Fat Friends was all about. There is a big, hearty, overarching story. “Some things in Fat Friends the Musical are a little near the knuckle”, said Kay. “At times it’s lovely and funny. But prepare to be shocked! There is a message to it, it’s a good, strong story.”

Pictured: Kay Mellor

Ian Sime, General Manager at Leeds Grand Theatre, attended one of Kay’s workshops in London “I have long been a huge fan of Kay’s work; especially her tales of identifiable characters with a rich, colourful brogue. She is so skilled at writing entertaining, thought provoking scripts. I loved what I saw every bit as much as I thought I would – and more! We at the The Grand are delighted that it will première here; it’s a Leeds story, by a Leeds writer set to open in Leeds – just perfect.” Kay will direct the production and she is delighted with her team. Simon Lee joins composer Nicholas Lloyd Webber as Musical Supervisor. Kay says the music and harmonies ‘sounds glorious’. The design is by Bretta Gerecke, an international, award-winning set, lighting and costume designer. Bretta is currently ensconced in Headingley, soaking up the setting of this great show. “Of course, I’m absolutely thrilled for the premier of Fat Friends The Musical to be held at Leeds Grand Theatre”, said Kay. “Not only is Leeds my home town, but it’s where I set the television series and the musical. I love Leeds with a passion and the people of Leeds inspire me every day, so it fills me with pride to know that the musical will be seen by the people of Leeds first.” Fat Friends – The Musical is at Leeds Grand Theatre from Tuesday 7th November to Saturday 2nd December.



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Sarah Hartshorn

0113 399 6180 10 offices in & around Leeds.

Chapel Allerton Office 120 Harrogate Rd Chapel Allerton Leeds LS7 4NY

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Art & Culture


G&S Society to Present a Cracking ‘Kiss Me Kate’ at Carriageworks This year, the Leeds Gilbert & Sullivan Society is spreading its wings and preparing to stage the playwithin-a-play ‘Kiss Me, Kate’ at The Carriageworks, from 21st – 25th March at 7.30pm, except for Saturday 25th when there will be just one performance at 4.30pm. he show, which is set in 1948, tells the tale of a struggling theatre company attempting to put on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, a story that appears to be playing out backstage, as well as in front of the Pictured: Rebecca Jelbert & Jason Weightman who audience. There’s a love play Lilli Vanessi & Fred triangle that’s more of a Graham love hexagon, a couple of gangsters chasing the wrong man, combined with famous musical numbers such as ‘Another Op’nin, Another Show’, ‘Brush Up Your Shakespeare’ and ‘It’s Too Darn Hot’, all adding up to a hilarious, toe-tapping tale. “Kiss Me, Kate is a scorcher of a show”, said producer Anita Adams. “We are having huge fun rehearsing it – the songs are wonderful, the dialogue is funny and the energy the cast is bringing to it is fantastic. Leeds G&S Society has a well-deserved reputation for musicality and talent, and I want to showcase that talent. It’s going to be a cracking show!” “We believe we’re the oldest G&S society in the UK”, said Society Chair Janet Johnston. “The talent we have in the group is fantastic, and we are lucky that we have a good age range of members, from 20 - 75. We have

The songs are wonderful, the dialogue is funny, and the energy fantastic

close links with Leeds Youth Opera (LYO) and several of our members cut their operatic teeth in LYO. We’ve also won several awards for our productions, including the Leeds Civic Arts Guild award for Best Musical Production six times in the last eight years!” Tickets start at £8, and are available from the City Centre Box Office on 0113 376 0318

The Consequences of Military Operations Focusing on the consequences of military operations, rather than the operations themselves, KNOCK KNOCK follows the story of a single mother raising her son whilst working as an army liaison officer supporting families who’ve lost their sons to war.

As her son grows up, the family’s happiness is increasingly disrupted by an imposing future – in a society where a knock at the door can only mean one thing. Niv Petel’s one-man show is an insightful piece of drama which, unlike many shows of its ilk, subverts expectation by looking at events from the perspective of a mother and is refreshingly devoid of intercountry politics in the Middle East. KNOCK KNOCK is at Seven Arts on Thursday 16th March, 7.30pm. Tickets (£12) are available from Makor Jewish Culture Office 0113 268 0899 / or

Simeon Wood Plays Bramhope! ramhope Methodist Church presents a concert with TV Star Simeon Wood, on Saturday 25th March at 7.30pm in the Church Hall. Simeon plays over 20 instruments including flute, panpipes, whistles, bass flute and didgeridoo. The concert will be a blend of light classics, musicals, ballads and Celtic pieces, interspersed with his wonderfully funny stories. Simeon, an experienced and outstanding musician, came to the attention of the national press with his unusual invention of a walking stick flute! He has featured on local BBC TV, Radio 2, Carfest South (for Children in Need) and, most recently, The One Show on the ‘That’s Life Special’ playing this fascinating instrument. Tickets (£10) can be obtained by sending payment, together with a stamped addressed envelope to: The Simeon Wood Bramhope Concert c/o 21 The Rowans, Bramhope, Leeds LS16 9DZ. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Bramhope Methodist Church’.


Art & Culture

Photo: Brian Slater

An Exciting Season at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre he Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre’s new season of dance opens with the return of Company Chameleon and features visits from Sardoville, Rosie Kay Dance Company, and Umanoove, recently launched by Didy Veldman. Company Chameleon presents ‘Witness’ on Thursday 23rd March. It portrays how people cope when someone close has mental health problems, using a variety of dance styles to create a view of mental health that is touching, funny and absurd. The performance includes ‘Words Unspoken’, a short, dynamic piece exploring the secrets of the six dancers. ‘A Matter of Impression’ on Tuesday 18th April demonstrates Sardoville’s unique style, deconstructing the production and bringing the backstage into view. Two dance pieces are intertwined, as a new work by internationally acclaimed Luca Silvestrini

and a reworking of the company’s The Dancing Plague are blended together with choreographed set and costume changes. On 26th April, international dance artist Didy Veldman’s company Umanoove presents ‘The Happiness Project’. Best known in the UK for her productions for Rambert and Northern Ballet, Veldman’s new work focuses on society’s endless

search for fulfilment. Violinist and composer Alexander Balanescu, performs live alongside the dancers. Rosie Kay Dance Company performs ‘MK ULTRA’ on 9th May. A high energy, supercharged mix of dance, music and imagery, it is inspired by the bizarre realm of mind control conspiracies. It is a thrilling new work from the choreographer of the film ‘Sunshine on Leith’ and the award-winning ‘5 SOLDIERS’. In addition, Northern Ballet will host ‘Expressions’ on 5th/ 6th July, which will bring together community and professional inclusive dance groups, giving talented disabled dancers the chance to showcase their skills. Tickets are available from 0113 220 8008, or the box office at Northern Ballet, Quarry Hill, LS2 7PA.

Book Online at

Box Office 0113 220 8008

In Person at Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre, Northern Ballet, Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7PA


Art & Culture

March is Irish History Month! Irish History Month, an Irish Arts Foundation initiative, is now in its eleventh year. Its aim is to promote the many positive contributions that Irish people have made in Leeds, and to introduce new audiences to the vibrancy of Irish arts, culture and history.

‘Narvik’ Set to Thrill at Carriageworks Manchester’s Box of Tricks theatre company brings ‘Narvik’, award-winning playwright Lizzie Nunnery’s critically acclaimed new play with songs, to The Carriageworks on Thursday 9th March. nspired by tales from naval veterans, and stories of her grandfather’s time in the Navy, Nunnery’s latest play brings a powerful story of love, guilt, heroism and betrayal to life. Set in World War II, it’s the story of a Liverpudlian man and a Norwegian woman pulled together and torn apart by war as the events of one summer cause ripples across an ocean of time. Lizzie Nunnery explores her dual creative strands – writer and singer/songwriter – to conjure up a play where music and words meet, creating a patchwork of memory and dream, truth and fantasy. The production will be directed by Box of Tricks’ Joint Artistic Director Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder, designed by Katie Scott, and

will feature original music and songs by Vidar Norheim, Martin Heslop and Lizzie Nunnery. “Hannah and I wanted to do much more than present history onstage”, said Lizzie. “Through music and physicality, the storytelling enters strange dreamlike places where memory, imagination and truth collide, creating an intense and immersive show.” Lizzie’s first play ‘Intemperance’ was awarded Five Stars by The Guardian and shortlisted for the Meyer-Whitworth Award. Tickets (£12.50/ £10.50) are available from on 0113 376 0318 or uk/carriageworks For more information visit

Particular highlights of this year’s event include a screening of the new documentary ‘Chasing Michael Davitt’ about one of the most important Irish personalities of 19th century (Fri 10th March, 11.30am in the Montague Burton Centre); ‘The History and Development of the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA) in Yorkshire’ – a talk and presentation by Jason Rooney, Community Development Administrator, Yorkshire GAA (Fri 17th March, 12.15pm in HEART, Headingley); and ‘The Story and the Tune’ – author David Dunlop discusses how he developed the notion of ‘the broken fiddle’ as a metaphor for partition in Ireland, supported by Deirdre Tasker on flute and whistle (Fri 24th March, 8pm at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton). The Leeds St Patrick’s Day Parade (now in its eighteenth year) is on Sunday 12th March, leaving Millennium Square at 11am. Irish History Month 2017 will be officially launched on Friday 3rd March at Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton. To see the full range of events throughout the month in please visit www.

Poetics of Light: Pinhole Photography major exhibition of pinhole photography, spanning eight decades and representing the work of more than 150 artists, receives its European première at the National Media Museum, Bradford, from 17th March – 25th June (free entry).

photographs and 40 cameras from the holdings of the Pinhole Resource Collection, a body of work amassed by co-curators Eric Renner and Nancy Spenner in San Lorenzo, in New Mexico’s Mimbres Valley. The exhibition is split into 15 sections, including ‘political’, ‘figurative’, ‘scientific’,

‘Poetics of Light: Pinhole Photography’ reveals enchanting imagery captured using photography’s most primitive technique – exposing a piece of film inside a light tight box to light travelling through a small hole – to produce a one-off image with unique characteristics. It features over 200 original

‘panorama’, and is global in its scope; with images ranging from refugee camps in the Sahara, to Brooklyn Bridge 100th anniversary celebrations, and still life from Japan. “Poetics of Light transports us to the very origins of photography and photographic technique”, said John O’Shea, Senior Exhibitions Manager, National Media Museum. “In an age of ever more complex technology it demonstrates just how visually inventive photography can be, with a little knowledge, creativity and a few basic materials.” The exhibition also features new pinhole photographs taken in and around Bradford by members of the Bradford Photographic Society and students from the Bradford School of Art. Poetics of Light is organised by New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.

Short Courses

Learn a new skill this year and join our creative short courses in:

Ceramics Photography Jewellery Printmaking Fashion Life Drawing Portfolio Development Young Creatives and more To book visit or email

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Art & Culture

Romeo and Juliet in a Stark Northern Setting Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest love stories ever told and West Yorkshire Playhouse is about to give Shakespeare’s famous romantic tragedy another new twist – this time against a stark, Northern landscape.

t’s set in a pulsating, contemporary city where two communities live side-by-side, divided by hatred. Directed by Amy Leach, this new staging captures the impact of raging intergenerational conflict and social unrest in a sharply resonant presentday setting.

Pictured: Stan Owens from the Young Company

Photo: Antony Robling

No play captures the headiness of young love, passion and fury better than this

“Our Romeo and Juliet is a love story for 2017”, said James Brining, West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Artistic Director. “Our staging asks the audience to reflect on how we live together, particularly as the UK goes about exiting the European Union. “Alongside the professional cast, we’ve recruited a large community chorus from the theatre’s programmes for young people. This Young Company is integral to the production. There will also be a programme of school workshops around West Yorkshire. We want to inspire the next generation to fall in love with Shakespeare and to create a resonant re-telling for those already familiar with this classic work.” Amy Leach’s first visit to The Playhouse was to see Romeo and Juliet when she was a young teenager and she fell in love with the story. “No play captures the headiness of young love, passion and fury better than this”, she told us. “I want to create a production that’s rooted in Leeds, inspired by the people and places I’ve known both growing up in the North and as a professional director. “Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the young people from the Youth Theatre and First Floor. Our production is inspired by them and by the communities of Leeds. The play asks how we define and divide ourselves both in this city, the

country and the world. I am thrilled to Flynn as Montague, Jeff Alexander as be creating a fresh, emotional Romeo Prince, Ciaran Kellgren as Paris, Susan and Juliet for this time and place.” Cookson as Nurse, Tachia Newall as Designer Hayley Grindle added: Tybalt/Apothecary, Elexi Walker as “The feel is modern, urban, and hot.... Mercutio, Olwen May as Friar and it’s the height of Summer and we are Lawrence Walker as Benvolio. experiencing a heatwave, with passion and anger growing and enveloping the darkness towards the end of the play. The design helps to tell the story, in terms both of set and costume. It needed to demand focus for intimate scenes, but also be able to expand, creating something epic and wonderful.” The role of Romeo will be played by Dan Parr, Tessa Parr is Juliet, and Natalie Anderson is Pictured: Susan Cookson, Natalie Anderson and Jack Lord Lady Capulet. Joining them are Jack Lord as Photo: Antony Robling Lord Capulet, Keiran

Romeo and Juliet is at West Yorkshire Playhouse from Friday 3rd March – Saturday 25th March.

An Everyman Theatre Production

By Kay Mellor

4 - 8 April

Art & Culture


The Carriageworks Theatre has a great line-up of puppets planned for this season. Puppets can be really magical and tell fantastical tales, as well as telling difficult stories to all ages. “This season traditional puppets and marionettes will bring children’s books to life with shows like Christopher Nibble”, said programmer Linzi Tate. “But they are also being used to create monsters in ‘Frankenstein’ and tell difficult stories in new ways, - as with the world’s first ‘robo-thespian’ in ‘Spillikin’” In Pipeline Theatre’s ‘Spilikin – A Love Story’ (23 Feb) the ‘robothespian’, created by Engineered Arts, is one of the central characters

in this touching story of love and Alzheimer’s. ‘Frankenstein’ by Blackeyed Theatre (3 & 4 Mar) uses life size puppetry to bring the infamous monster to life; puppetry is combined with music and comedy in ‘The Butcher’ (11 Mar); and ‘Box Tale Soup’ faithfully retells Jane Austen’s classic Northanger Abbey (27 Apr) with two actors and six puppets. Hijinx Theatre’s ‘Meet Fred’ (16 Mar) brings discrimination to the fore in a humorous, thought provoking way. And, it wouldn’t be a puppet season

without some anarchic hand puppets Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Do Shakespeare (19 May) is a brilliantly funny show of songs, sketches and sock violence. Zippy and George (of Rainbow fame) star as the Merry Men in the Easter pantomime, ‘Robin Hood’ (4 & 5 April), with Gareth Gates. Whilst the children’s book, ‘Christopher Nibble’ (8 April), the tale of one guinea pig’s attempt stop the disappearance of the delicious dandelion, is presented by Topsy Turvy Theatre. And, a beautiful marionette tells the story of the brave explorer who crash lands on an unusual island and encounters wild beasts, rough seas and futuristic technologies in ‘The Explorer’ (6 April), Tickets available from 0113 376 0318, or www.carriageworkstheatre.

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Meet Fred Thur 16 March Age 18+

Christopher Nibble Sat 8 April Age 2+

Carriageworks Theatre, The Electric Press, Millennium Square, Leeds, LS2 3AD

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Do Shakespeare Fri 19 May Age 18+


Community News

Friends Are Pledged Let’s Support to Help with Restoration of St John’s Make Following months of campaigning to raise public Moortown awareness, the Friends of Roundhay St John’s Bloom! Church have made significant strides forward. Moortown Community Group Launches Funding Campaign

Pictured: Friends of St John’s: Rob Griffiths, Wendy Griffiths, Mark Wilson, Sue Edwards, Mike Lax, Lynne Staveley (with Ozzy & grandson Edward!), Maureen Bellwood.

n January, the Council voted unanimously to support the Friends in ensuring that the church building would be made wind and watertight and that the present owners of the church, the Pentecostal City Mission Church (PCMC), would be pursued under the Listed Buildings Enforcement Act to restore the church and its fittings to their rightful condition. The PCMC, a small London-based Evangelical church, bought St John’s for a nominal £1 in 2010, but has not used the church for several years. The Friends have carried out considerable repair and maintenance work in the churchyards, and now the promised support from the Council gives the church itself hope of a brighter future. The Church of England has also pledged to support the Friends in ensuring the future of this historic building. “It is distressing to see the

appalling state of disrepair of this once beautiful church”, said Acting Archdeacon Arani Sen. “I am concerned to alleviate the anxiety felt by the families and friends of those buried there. We must try to find a satisfactory solution to this difficult situation.”

The C of E has pledged to support the Friends in ensuring the future of this historic building For further information, visit www. If you would like to sign the St John’s petition, please visit Details of Friends’ meetings and churchyard working parties are available from Lynne Staveley:

Moortown Community Group‘s (MCG) plans to create a community garden in the cul-de-sac at the end of Allerton Grove are nearing fruition. Over £22k has been sourced to transform the area by providing new paving, planters, seats, a community noticeboard and an interpretation board. “This is our most ambitious project to date”, said Jon Pedlar, lead contact for MCG. “It will provide a place to meet and to rest, with flowers and shrubs to add colour and cheer to an otherwise drab corner of Moortown. “We just need a final push for funding. This is why we are asking for help to raise another £3k for the project and continuing maintenance of the planters and rockery, which we have already established in the area.” This is an opportunity for the residents of Moortown to make a positive contribution to the improvement of their environment. All contributions will be very gratefully received. By bank transfer to: 20-48-42 Account no. 80664790 By cheque payable to Moortown Community Group c/o 17 Sand Hill Lane LS17 6AG ByPayPal:http:/moortown community-garden-fund Full details are available at http:// and on Facebook.

• •

HELP at St Aidan’s ELP, the Harehills English Language Project, which started at St Aidan’s on Roundhay Road, is now ten years old. Students come from all over the world and their abilities range from beginners to advanced. A student might not be able to read in their own language, much less write it, so the start has to be very gentle, the most important thing is to encourage actual speaking. Confidence is the key. For advanced students listening, speaking, reading and, hopefully, writing may be fairly well developed – so reading is designed to extend vocabulary, meet some idiomatic expressions, and get a taste of British culture. Students’ backgrounds vary enormously - some have fled from persecution and seek a safer life in Leeds;

others are drawn by hopes of better conditions for themselves and their families; a few are moderately well off - but for all the command of English is a fundamental step towards the fulfilment of their aspirations. HELP classes are free and held in St Aidan’s and the adjoining Trinity Church on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during term time. Teachers are all experienced and qualified, and there is a crêche to ensure that parents can attend. HELP is dependent on donations by individuals and organisations to cover costs, especially room hire/heating, and materials. For further information, please contact Celia Roberts,


We urgently need families to accommodate our international adult and junior students. We offer competitive rates and excellent back-up support. So, if you have a spare, single, twin or triple room, do please get in touch! Centre of English Studies is an award winning, British Council accredited, English language school.

For information, please call 0113 242 7171 9 Park Place, Leeds LS1 2RU

Want to protect your family after you’ve gone? Make sure you have a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney before it’s too late. Call 0113 218 5716 to make a free appointment for your Will today. Get an exclusive 10% discount by quoting NorthLeedsLife 635 Roundhay Road, Oakwood, Leeds LS8 4BA


Community News

Ann Maguire Fund Opens for Applications nce again, the Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund is open for grant applications and bursaries. Set up in honour of school teacher Ann Maguire, and managed by Leeds Community Foundation, the Fund supports young people through arts education activities, including drama, literature, poetry, singing, music and dance. Bursaries of up to £500 will be available for those aged between 11 and 18 who live in Leeds, have a talent in the arts and who would struggle to pursue their passions without financial support. Larger grants of up to £1,500 are available for community groups

and projects that offer innovative, fun activities to encourage young people to get involved with the arts. The Fund has supported initiatives like Opera North’s ‘Explore On’ and Under the Owls Festival. It has also granted bursaries to help individuals attend theatre groups, travel to dance studios in London,

continue singing and guitar lessons, and to progress their songwriting skills. “We will continue to open the Ann Maguire Arts Education Fund for applications on an annual basis to ensure people have the opportunity to access funding each year”, said Kerry Maguire. “We are grateful to everyone who has supported the fund to date and are delighted to be able to continue supporting young people as they embark upon their creative journeys.” The Fund is open for applications until 12 noon on Wednesday 22nd March 2017. Grants criteria and application forms can be downloaded from uk/ann-maguire-artseducation-fund/ For more information about the Fund, or to donate to this great cause, visit: www.annmaguire. org

FAMILY - FRIENDLY FAMILY - RUN COFFEE SHOP & KITCHEN CELEBRATION CAKES & OUTSIDE CATERING 482 Roundhay Road Oakwood, Leeds LS8 2HU Opposite Oakwood Clock 0113 345 6319

Community News


News From Your Councillors Cllr

DAN COHEN Alwoodley

ocal residents regularly bring to my attention concerns about bus services - specifically the No. 51 and the No.7. Both of these are run by First Bus, who run the majority of bus services across the city. As First Bus is a private company, it’s a challenge for councillors to bring about changes, however, that doesn’t mean we ignore concerns. So, we are

Street surgeries are a great opportunity to bring up your concerns holding a public meeting with First Bus on 13th March at 6pm in the MaeCare offices on Cranmer Bank, to give everyone the opportunity to raise their concerns with the bus operator and the team from Metro (The West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority). If possible, please let me know if you are planning to come along as it would be helpful to have an idea of numbers. On 13th March, 2 – 4pm, also at MaeCare (Moor Allerton Elderly Care), West Yorkshire Trading Standards are holding a ‘Safer Project’ and giving a whole range of useful advice and guidance. Contact MaeCare on 0113 266 0371 for more details.

With Spring around the corner, it’s time for Alwoodley Councillors to organise this year’s season of street surgeries. Last year we completed our street surgeries across the whole of the Alwoodley Ward (it took a few years as the ward is quite large). We are now drawing up our schedule for 2017 from April through to September, when the evenings are still light enough to knock on people’s door in the late afternoon / early evening and not cause concern. Street surgeries are a great opportunity to bring up your concerns with us. It’s also a chance to simply say hello and have a chat with your local councillors. If you would like us to visit your street this year, please let me know and we’ll book you in. Of course, Neil, Peter and I are always on hand to assist, feel free to get in touch. twitter - @cllr_dan_cohen 0113 204 1094

Shadow Spokesman for Culture & Skills


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Roundhay Ward

pring is in the air and the worst of the dark mornings and evenings is over. Getting out is more tempting and, with that in mind, I thought you’d be interested to hear about the improvements being made in and around Roundhay Park. Tropical World recently re-opened after refurbishment and the addition of some extra exhibits. There is now an Upper Aztec Temple that hosts leaf cutter ants, vampire crabs and a panther chameleon, among other monsters. The Council is introducing a new adult gym with workout stations around the park to help us all get in shape without paying gym fees. This should be completed around the end of March/ beginning of April. The Council is also improving the skateboard park. Ramps are being repaired

and fencing will be installed to give the skateboarders a bit more space. The playground by Waterloo Lake has also received attention – broken swings have been replaced and there will soon be some new springy rides. Work is underway to improve the path around the lake. This is a difficult task due to drainage problems but there is a lot that can be done. The work should be completed before the Summer. The cricket wickets on Soldiers’ Field are being replaced and should be ready for the cricket season. They are also being repositioned to make them more playable and to take them away from the road. As ever, we’re interested to hear any feedback you have. For that and any other queries about happenings in Roundhay, do contact your Roundhay councillors. We have a Facebook page – @RoundhayLeeds – where we post the latest news about local issues like the recent Go Ape consultation. You can also email us via the Facebook page. 07811 423 531


51 Street Lane, Leeds LS8 1AP Open Mon - Sat 9.00 - 5.30pm Sun 11.00 - 3.00pm 0113 266 1667

As well as both editions of North Leeds Life, you’ll also find many more interesting stories and events on our website, that have either arrived too late for inclusion, or we simply ran out of room in the magazine. We are adding new stories nearly every day. So don’t miss out!

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he merlin is the UK’s smallest bird of prey, but makes up in speed and agility for what it lacks in size. A merlin’s aerial pursuit of a lark is an exciting and Photo: Chris memorable sight. The male Gomersall has grey upper wings and a RSPBstreaked orange-coloured images. breast, whilst its tail is bluecom grey with a black terminal band. The female is larger than the male with browner, streakier plumage. It feeds mainly on small birds such as skylarks and meadow pipits, and it pursues them with rapid wingbeats interspersed with short glides, its wings held close to its body.

Like many other birds of prey, it suffered a decline in the 1950s and 1960s due to the use of organochlorine pesticides, such as DDT, which caused their eggs to have thinner shells and reduced their breeding success. Since the ban on these pesticides,

they have not recovered as well as other birds of prey. It is estimated that there are about 1,400 pairs in the UK, but they are still threatened by habitat loss (especially heather moorland) and illegal persecution. In Winter the population is swelled by Icelandic birds that migrate here for our milder climate. Areas of coastal scrub and marshland are good places to look for a merlin. In Spring and Summer they breed on heather moorland, nesting on the ground.

Leeds RSPB Group

JFD Groundworks and Civils

At JFD Groundworks and Civils we are a family business committed to providing affordable, quality work. Our skills include:

One of Yorkshire’s most beautiful small gardens Open from Sunday, 9th April York Gate is an inspirational garden created in the Arts & Crafts style and widely recognised as one of Britain’s finest small gardens. The garden, noted for its exquisite planting is designed as a series of outdoor rooms, each with its own intimate character. Purchase a gift from the beautiful range in the shop and treat yourself to afternoon tea or a light lunch in the tea room. Guided tours on Sundays. 9 April-28 September: Sunday to Thursday 12:30-4:30pm Evenings in June: Wednesday 7, 14, 21, 28; 6:30-9:00pm Groups warmly welcomed by prior arrangement. York Gate, Back Church Lane, Adel, Leeds, LS16 8DW 0113 267 8240

•Driveway extension/repair •Landscaping •Patios •Outdoor drainage •Kerb dropping •Tarmacadam •Foundation & concrete work

Contact Chris or Jade on:

Office: 0113 289 3876 Mobile: 07703 824 327

York Gate is owned and managed by Perennial. Charity no: 1155156.

88 Ash Hill Drive, Shadwell, Leeds LS17 8JR




07584 147070 or Office: 0113 277 7299


Home & Garden


This is the beginning of the gardening year. Sow, Sow, Sow I love sowing seeds and I am always thrilled when this time of year arrives. Sowings of many flowers and edibles can be made indoors in March and the seedlings can be transplanted into the garden later. It’s important to make sure your pots and seed trays are clean before you start. You can re-use plastic cartons and punnets for this too as long as they have drainage holes in the bottom and something leak-proof to stand on – the original lid is often good as a drip tray. Fill with multi purpose or seed compost and follow the instructions on the packet of seeds. My tip is not to plant them too densely as each seedling will need a bit of space to develop. Here are a few things to try: Celeriac, Peppers and Chillis, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes; and herbs such as Basil, Chives, Coriander and Marjoram. Some flowers will also enjoy an early start indoors - try Sunflowers, Snap Dragons and Zinnias.

It’s Show Time! Wonderful, inspiring garden shows take place from April onwards offering a great opportunity to talk to growers, find unusual plants and other garden items and take away as many ideas as you like from the array of show gardens. The most popular shows can sell out of tickets

Other Jobs On fine days the garden can be spruced up for Summer by adding a lick of paint to fences, sheds and garden furniture. There is a wonderful selection of colours available for both timber and metal items so you could totally transform the look of your garden.

I love sowing seeds and I am always thrilled when this time of year arrives.

quickly so be sure to book yours as soon as you can. I will be creating a show garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show (23rd – 27th May) for Welcome to Yorkshire. Inspired by the Yorkshire coast, the garden will be a celebration of the rugged, natural beauty of our county’s shoreline with wild flowers, cliffs, beach, sea and a ruined abbey all included. We hope that you will come along and say ‘hello’.

Tracy Foster www.tracyfostergarden

Alwoodley in Bloom lwoodley in Bloom was established in Autumn 2009 with help and advice from the Leeds Parks Department and finance from Alwoodley Parish Council and local councillors. No one had any experience in ‘Bloom’ groups but all possessed varying horticultural skills and had the desire and enthusiasm to make the area more attractive for residents.

This original planting has been very successful, providing a splash of colour and an indication that if Spring is here then Summer cannot be far behind. Since then, tubs have been planted with Winter and Summer bedding plants, an unsightly

An early project was to plant daffodils along King Lane and, as the number of bulbs planted ran into thousands, the group enlisted the help of local residents.

ROXTON TREE SERVICES ALL ASPECTS OF TREE AND HEDGE WORK UNDERTAKEN • Crown lifting & general pruning • Large & dangerous trees safely removed • Hedge reduction/removal • Tree Preservation Orders checked • Stump grinding • Woodchip available • Seasoned logs for sale (free delivery) • Domestic & commercial • Fully qualified & insured • All work carried out to BS3998

muddy area has been cleared incorporating a stone wall and planted with permanent plants, and three plots containing shrubs and annuals have been initiated. This small, friendly group would welcome more members. You do not have to be an expert in horticulture – just enjoy pottering with plants. It meets 7.45pm on the third Tuesday of every month in the Lounge at the Alwoodley Community Association, on the Avenue, Alwoodley. For further information, please ring Irene on 0113 267 5696, or Audrey on 0113 267 6697.

L N “From day one, you told me continuity is the key, and you were right.” ✳✳✳✳✳ Jason Child Bathrooms

Find us online

FREE QUOTATIONS TEL: 0113 226 0993 MOB: 07773 298 770 EMAIL:

Sound & Vision





CERT: 18 RUNNING TIME: 117 MINS In a cinemascape awash with endless reboots, and sequels; some belated, others unlikey, unexpected or utterly unasked for (I’m looking at you, Independence Day: Resurgence) here’s a follow up film that more than adequately honours the legacy of its predecessor and actually has something new and worthwhile to say for itself. Danny Boyle’s return to the scene of the 1996 cinematic coup he pulled off with the help of Irvine Welsh’s blistering source material, screenwriter John Hodge’s masterful adaptation and a cast of fresh faced up and comers has something of the feel of a school reunion, but one you’re all too happy to attend. In the twenty years since we saw Ewan McGregor’s Mark Renton “choosing life” and striding off into the sunset with his ill gotten gains he’s been clean and living in Amsterdam. Returning to Edinburgh he’s reunited with his old cohorts who have not been faring quite as well. Sick Boy, who now simply goes by Simon, may have kicked the smack but is coked up and bitter, eking out a rather sordid living involving prostitution and blackmail with ambitions to open a brothel with his sort of/not quite girlfriend. Begbie, still terrifyingly volatile, is (predictably) in prison but, even with the denial of parole, not destined to stay safely behind bars for long. And Spud? Well, Spud’s still a junkie,

T2 successfully recaptures the madcap, anarchic energy and irreverent humour of the original film

the poor hapless soul unable to clean up his act despite the best of intentions. Now with an erstwhile partner and young son to consider, Spud’s attempts to stay on the straight and narrow holding down a regular job are derailed by his ignorance of daylight savings time; a concept, he explains, that means nothing to the heroin addict. Renton’s arrival back on the scene agitates old resentments, dredges up reminiscences of wayward youth, prompts taking stock and assessment of the elapsed years since and sets a collision course with a vengeful Begbie. There has been much talk over the years of a Trainspotting sequel; Welsh’s Porno, the novel on which T2 is partially based, was published in 2002 and caught up with the “skagboys” ten years after we first met them. For those of us who were emerging into young adulthood when the first film was released, the zeitgeist defining impact of trainspotting can’t be overstated; with its vibrant, dynamic visual flair, career-making performances and that instantly ubiquitous soundtrack, it exploded into our collective cultural consciousness, delivering a heady rush and a shot in the arm for modern British filmmaking. Having waited until now to revisit those characters who have continued to live so vividly in fan’s imaginations makes sense. The distance of two decades better allows for the perspective required to fully explore the film’s themes.

While the T2 successfully recaptures the madcap, anarchic energy and irreverent humour of the original film, it also imbues the proceedings with an earned world-weariness, expanding the scope of the character’s lives while taking a deep dive of introspection, getting to the heart of what makes these people tick. Ultimately, the film highlights how we become more reflective





as we age but it’s also cognizant of the fact that it could too easily be a cheap exercise in nostalgia, as when Simon accuses Renton of being a “tourist in your own youth”. It’s a testament to the strength of the writing, direction, and performances, and how well handled the production is overall that the feelings of regret, remorse, loyalty, betrayal and reconciliation are so deeply felt and the overarching theme of redemption is poignant and profoundly moving. The film and its soundtrack work as a bracing and involving cinematic and musical remix of the original film with canny reworkings of some of the iconic tunes and thoughtfully deployed audio-visual echoes of Trainspotting’s memorable moments, the updated reprise of Renton’s “Choose Life” speech is particularly well judged, timely and disarmingly emotional. It’s clear that all those involved with T2 were seriously invested in ensuring it made good on its promise. As such, the film not only deftly sidesteps the potential pitfalls inherent in such a project but lands as an extremely satisfying triumph.


Sound & Vision

Northern Film School Students Seek Crowdfunding Students at the Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University are appealing for crowdfunding to help realise their vision.

he film, ‘Hanging There’, is set in an industrial dystopia where a young man tries to escape the oppressive system by hanging himself. When his suicide attempt fails, he is forced to confront his decision, his employers and his family.

Informed by the director’s own background growing up in Redcar next to the vast steelworks, the film takes place in an alternate reality where an entire town are slaves to a giant machine and

a young man struggles to find a voice in a world increasingly alien and oppressive. Experimental and thematically existentialist, the film is an ambitious project which draws inspiration from David Lynch’s Eraserhead, Brady Corbet’s Childhood of a Leader and Orson Welles’ The Trial for inspiration, as well as Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Sartre’s Nausea. The filmmakers hope that an extension to their budget will allow them to hire Steen Young, stunt co-ordinator from Star Wars and Fantastic Beasts, to safely and realistically realise the film’s action and central premise. Steen has also been generous enough to sign posters from past work any backers have a chance to win if they donate over £5. Additional funding will be used for set design with the film’s main location (Freedom Mills) being used to its full potential. The money will also go towards costumes and props to add depth and reality to this unusual world. Any donation amount is a huge boost to the filmmakers’ campaign and an investment in original, challenging cinema. HangingThereFilm

Over 100,000 readers each month TO HOMES. IN SHOPS. ONLINE. 0113 274 8776

Headingley, Leeds LS6 2DE

Still taking bookings for MOTHER’S DAY, 30th March 12 Noon to 3pm

WEDDING OPEN DAY Held at Carvey our sister- hotel 3 Course £15.75 TheDon’t Cornforget Millour Lodge Hotel popular CARVERY EVERY Pudsey Road, LeedsSUNDAY LS13 4JA 12 Noon to 2.30pm

CourseMarch only £7.95 5-8pm Sunday,Main 12th

Sophie, Wedding Coordinator for Haley’s, will be in attendance. Please ring Haley’s for Show Round or further details on




Apple Repairs + Service

Upgrades + Servicing

iPad + iPhone Repairs

Virus Removal

Call-out Service

Wireless Networks + Broadband Support

Data Recovery


Unit 4, The Clock Buildings, Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 2SH

0113 248 2288 |


Sound & Vision

CINAGE Filmmaking for Active Ageing New Course Announced Filmmaking for Active Ageing is a course for people aged 60 or over, who would like an opportunity to make films that tell their story.

he next course starts in April and runs until November 2017. There will be regular Tuesday evening workshops, and some weekend sessions, on screenwriting, directing, producing and editing – all at Leeds Beckett University’s Northern Film School. You will watch and discuss films, and talk about your experience of ageing. In July there will be a two week production period, where you will collaborate with professionals and Northern Film School students, using state-of-the-art equipment, in the making of a short film. From September and through November you will be working on editing the picture, music and sound, until you reach a final version which will be screened at the Hyde Park Picture House in early December.

For further information, contact Dave Turner on 0113 812 3330 or email

“It’s been absolutely amazing because I’ve done things that I didn’t realise I could do… It’s been a journey. I’ve never, ever done anything like this before. It’s been so hands-on … it’s broadened my horizons” CINAGE participant 2016

Find us Faceb on ook


im w T


Sat 11th & Sun 12th MARCH 11am - 4pm

30+ stalls including: � � � �

Entry by donation

� �

Vintage Clothing & Accessories

Classic Vinyl Records

Vintage & Retro Homewares

Registered Charity No. 1015941

St Gemma's Hospice

Furniture & Textiles Vintage Makeovers

Afternoon Tea & Homemade Cakes

329 Harrogate Road, Moortown, LS17 6QD For satnav please use: LS17 6JP

For more information: 0113 218 5580


ty ou r B an Au BC tique ctio Rad s v al io Sat ne 11th er G Leed ued b y 11a ary s D m - 1 on! pm

Pool Challenge

St Gemma’s Hospice

Spring Fair Sat 18 March 2017 At a new time of

11 am - 4pm

Swim 21 miles in 12 weeks or less

3rd April - 26th June 2017

Plant Sale Easter Egg Hunt Stalls Games Gifts Meet Gemma the Giraffe Held at 329 Harrogate Road, LS17 6QD For Satnavs use LS17 6JP

Take on the challenge in your local swimming pool To register for your free fundraising pack: 0113 218 5559

Registered Charity Number 1015941

0113 218 5197

Registered Charity No.1015941

Swim the Channel


Sound & Vision

Novella Wed 1 Mar, Headrow House, £7.15.

Hassan Erraji Fri 10 March 8pm at HEART,

Superfood/King Nun/Pale Waves Tue

Methyl Ethel Thu 2 Mar, Brudenell Social Club, £8.80. Psychedelic indie rock with solid pop hooks.

Ten Fields in Concert

Peatbog Faeries Wed 22 March Brudenell

One Big Family: Music For Kits Fundraiser The Library Pub on Sat

Sinkane Fri 24 Mar, Headrow House, £10.45.

London-based indie quartet.

Múm Fri 3 Mar, Howard Assembly Room,

£16.50. Icelandic outfit beautifully meshing dense & intricate programming with gorgeous vocals & richly textured melodies performing an improvised live score to People on Sunday, a masterpiece of silent film.

Irish Music Workshops Sat 4 March at

The Garden Gate, 3 Whitfield Pl. LS10 2QB. Introduction to DADGAD with J.Eoin 12 1.30 & 2 - 3.30pm; Bodhran workshops with Sabrina Piggott 12 - 1.30 & 2- 3.30pm. £6 each/£10 for 2. Details: 07915 091291

Tall Ships Sat 4 Mar, Brudenell Social Club,

£11. An instrument swapping, loop pedal abusing dynamic musical marvel, the trio fuse the energy & stylings of Battles & Foals with influences as wide ranging as Why?, Prince & Explosions In The Sky.

The Grahams Sat 4 Mar Seven Arts Leeds,

£11. Americana-Folk duo from Nashville.

Fairport Convention

Sat 4 Mar, City Varieties Music Hall, £25 - £55. British folkrock legends celebrate 50 years playing

Tiptoe Sun 5 Mar, Inkwell, 1:30pm, £7 - £9. A fresh soulful perspective on the music of Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, R&B & soul.

Laura Marling Wed 8 Mar, O2 Academy,

£22.55. Alt-folk artist with a mature voice, keen musicianship & powerful lyrics.

Seven Live Wed 8 March, 8pm Seven Arts,

Chapel Allerton. Monthly not-for-profit music extravaganza. This month featuring Matthew Tiffany, The Sueli Gill Band, St Louis Fear & Twangles. £6

King Salami & The Cumberland 3 Thu 9

Mar, Brudenell Social Club, £11. Rhythm and blues party band playing their own brand of vintage rockabilly, desperate rock’n’roll & a bit of soul with fire, energy, gusto & fun!

Headingley. An evening of North Africa & Middle Eastern music featuring songs, dance & stories Fri 10 March, 7pm at LeftBank Cardigan Rd. Inspired by contemporary folk & Americana

11 Mar. Featuring: One Sided Horse, Glass Mountain, Emerald Sunday. Raucous indie & soaring, epic soundscapes with members of Embrace and Evil Blizzard.

Live at Left Bank Sat 11 March 6.30pm-

midnight. Charity fundraiser with Ryan Spendlove, Emma Sargison, Jake Jellyfish & Lauren Smith. Stripped-back acoustics & eclectic sets by DJ Decknologis

Seven Jazz Leeds - The Latin All Done By 7: Toco Madera Sun 12 Mar, Seven Arts, 4pm, £8 - £10. An early evening entertainment of Latin music & jazz.

Albert Lee Tue 14 Mar, City Varieties Music

Hall, £19 - £22.Guitarist, piano player & singer with impeccable country & rock pedigree having played with Joe Cocker, Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton, the Everly Brothers et al

Hawkwind Thu 16 Mar, University of Leeds, £24. Legendary psychedelic space rockers.

Leveret Fri 17 Mar, Howard Assembly Room,

£16.50. Trio of England’s foremost acoustic musicians, playing traditional tunes & new compositions with style, virtuosity, humour & spontaneity.

St Patricks Day Irish Music Session Fri 17 March, 5 – 7pm at Three Horseshoes, Far Headingley. Kevin Mullowney (vocals/guitar) & Des Hurley (fiddle/accordion).

21 Mar, Brudenell Social Club, £11. Fresh indie sounds with a feel of classic Britpop, Grunge and Dreampop.

Social Club. £15. A truly unique sound; traditional celtic music with the beats & grooves of the urban club.

A blend krautrock, free jazz & funk rock with Sudanese pop.

John Carty & Friends

Fri 24 March, 7.30pm The Half Moon, Poole in Wharfedale LS21 1LH. Irish Music Evening with former TG4 Traditional Irish Musician of the Year. Tickets £10 from 318 3098

Tony Allen Sat 25 Mar, The Wardrobe, £24.20. Nigerian drummer, composer, and songwriter, one the founders of Afrobeat alongside Fela Kuti & regarded as one of the world’s greatest drummers.

Seven Jazz: Elliot Galvin Trio Sun 26

Mar, 1:30pm, Seven Arts, £8 - £10. Three young, exciting improvisers with a sense of playful experimentation. Combining classical, jazz popular & art music they balance technical virtuosity, with moments of captivating beauty.

Jesca Hoop Tue 28 Mar, Brudenell Social

Club, £12.10. Quirky folk with an indie twist from Manchester-based Californian Hoop. A startling singer of complicated folk melodies that beguile with their lightness of touch.


Wed 29 Mar, Headrow House, £11. Genre-mashing electronic producer combining vocals with morphing, melting synths & transcendent D&B.

Jens Lekman Thu 30 Mar, Brudenell Social

HEART Headingley. Internationally renowned guitarist presents Medieval & Spanish blues.

Club, £16.50. A bright-eyed pop sensation in his native Sweden with a cute line in suburban indie-pop, echoing the sounds of the Carpenters, Rufus Wainwright, The Smiths & Belle & Sebastian.

Chali 2na / Krafty Kuts Mon 20 Mar, The

John Smith Fri 31 Mar, Howard Assembly

Claude Bourbon Sat 18 March, 8pm at

Wardrobe, £16.50. Former member of Jurassic 5 & original member of Ozomatli with one of the world’s top DJs bringing up-tempo hip-hop & furious funk.

Room, £16.50. Mesmerising percussive guitar & storytelling that prompts both hushed appreciation & riotous standing ovations.


is the No.1 cause of winter breakdowns

• Comprehensive Vehicle Safety Check • Consumables Top Up Including:

ü Anti Freeze ü Oil

ü Screen Wash ü Brake Fluid






Call now 0113

224 2011 or book online:

Clayton Wood Close, Clayton Wood Industrial Estate, West Park, Leeds LS16 6QE


Health & Fitness

Take on the Three Peaks Challenge for Sunshine & Smiles

New BHF Fundraising Group Launched in North Leeds

unshine and Smiles, the Leeds charity which organises groups and events designed to improve the lives and opportunities of children and families living with Down Syndrome, Is inviting people to join them for the Three Peaks Challenge. The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is a demanding but rewarding walk which takes in the summits of Pen-y-ghent (694m/ 2,276 ft), Whernside (736m/ 2,415 ft) and Ingleborough (723m/ 2,372 ft) all in one circular route. The majority of walkers start at Horton in Ribblesdale, taking in the summits in this order. The walk is 24.5 miles (39.2km) with approximately 5,000 feet (1,600 metres) of climbing. The terrain is varied but the paths have been improved immensely in recent years by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. Target walking time is 12 hours and the cost of the day is £36 per person (10% of which will be donated to Sunshine & Smiles) and this covers pre-challenge support and guidance and an experienced guide, David Wilson. You can set up your own, or a team, fundraising page via the Sunshine and Smiles Local Giving site: https:// sunshineandsmiles. The money raised will help to sustain the groups and activities that the charity currently runs, as well as helping them meet the ongoing demand for Speech and Language sessions and develop other areas of support such as Education Health and Care plans, physiotherapy & occupational therapy. Ideal times for the walk are April, May or June. Sunshine and Smiles would like to get a team together as soon as possible to start planning the event and so people can start training. For further information and to register, please email: ailith@sunshineandsmiles.

A new fundraising group has been launched in North Leeds to help raise vital funds for the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) life saving research. The group will organise fundraising events in the community and is on the lookout for new members to help with its fundraising activities. The British Heart Foundation has a network of over 200 fundraising groups in the UK, and together they raise over £2 million every year in the fight against heart disease. The BHF is committed to funding half a billion pounds of new research over the next five years which will be central to discovering vital treatments for people living with heart and circulatory conditions. “I wanted to get involved because of my husband”, said group member Jenny Jones. “He has a lot to thank BHF for – having survived two lots of heart surgery, he has outlived his father and grandfather who both died in their forties.” For more information, contact Sue Green Fundraising Manager for West Yorkshire on 01274 548324 or email

Ten Challenges, Two Charities & One Amazing Grace! ealth worker Grace Purnell is taking her fitness to the next level this year as she competes in ten challenges to raise money for two charities that are close to her heart. The ten challenges, which include a Tough Mudder, a triathlon and a marathon, end in October, by which time Grace would like to have raised £5,000. The money raised will be split between Carers Leeds, which provides vital support to thousands of unpaid carers in Leeds; and SwIAS, a Swindon based charity that supports adults with learning difficulties. “I’ve decided to do something a little out of the ordinary”, said Grace, “and challenge myself both physically and mentally, and push my limits to new heights to support the work of these incredible charities.” To support Grace and see her progress, visit

The ten challenges, which include a Tough Mudder, a triathlon and a marathon

ransform your home. hether an e tension, conversion, kitchen or alteration we’ll help you: • dd value to your home • Make space for a rowin family • Renovate & refurbish older properties • Mana e the pro ect from start to nish

Book your free survey & quote today: Online:

6 Hales Rd, Wortley, Leeds LS12 4PL

Call: 0113 201 5030 Facebook: More Build Email:

Health & Fitness


William Merritt Moves to New Centre

After decades of being based at St Mary’s Hospital in Armley, The William Merritt Disabled Living Centre has moved to a brand new building in Rodley. The Centre, which was opened by Baroness Tanni GreyThompson, and attended by the Lord Mayor, was designed so that occupational therapists could conduct more assessments of people with a disability or condition. he Centre’s occupational therapists provide impartial information, advice and assessment on equipment and practical aspects of daily living for disabled people of all ages, their carers, professionals and older people. Anyone can arrange a free appointment to discuss their needs in more detail.

Pictured: More Ability

The renovation wouldn’t have been possible without generous donations from Projex Building Solutions, Firecrest, Kingkraft, Wates, Yorkshire Care, Box Architects, and The Passmore Group. “We are honoured to have worked alongside the William Merritt Disabled Living Centre for the past 20 years”, said Tony Passmore. “It is a fantastic cause with the same aspirations as ourselves – namely to facilitate and support independent living.” More Ability, part of the Passmore Group was involved in refurbishing three key areas at the new Centre, including the installation of two bathing display areas – one of which is a specially designed facility where someone with a disability can get washed and changed in comfort with all the latest facilities. More Ability has worked with the William Merritt Centre since 1998 and has also fundraised and sponsored the Centre on a number of occasions. The Company also regularly offers advice, training and product demonstrations for both users and healthcare professionals. VIPs were given a tour of the different departments in the Centre, including the technology room, the driving assessment and vehicle adaptations area, everyday living aids, the paediatric assessment area, Try B 4 U Fly, and training room. Baroness Tanni told guests of the difficulties she faced as a child because of a lack of facilities for disabled people. Although much had improved, she said much still needed to be done to make everywhere inclusive and accessible to all. The William Merritt Centre, Aire House, 100 Town Street, Rodley LS13 1HP. Tel: 0113 350 8989, www.wmdlc. org

NEWLY REFURBISHED Opening Party Saturday 25th February 7pm Kitchen opens Wednesday 8th March Brand New Play Area opens Sunday 2nd April, opened by Marshall from Paw Patrol



re Win hi




0113 275 2101 / Parkside Road, Leeds LS6 4NE The Myrtle Tavern Meanwood @TheMyrtleTavern

Yorkshire Windows

Roundhay’s Favourite Window Company

Misted Up Units Replaced • Conservatory Roofs Repaired


5 Windows Fitted from £1100 Conservatories from £3980 from £900 uPVC & Composite Doors from £495

A-Rated Windows • A-Rated Glass • Registered Installer of Planitherm




Younger Life

Large Hadron Collider Explained with a Bang! Students at Allerton Grange School were recently given the chance to hunt for the Higgs Boson as part of a fun, interactive presentation by Dr Samuel Gregson.

escribing himself as a full time Large Hadron Collider (LHC) physicist and part time comedian, the so-called ‘Bad Boy of Science’ delivered a fast-paced session with witty quips at every corner. Year Six pupils from local primaries were also invited to a special evening show. Whilst most had heard of the LHC, not many knew exactly what it did. Dr Gregson explained that it’s the world’s most powerful particle collider built deep underground. The machine contains large powerful magnets which are used to accelerate beams of particles travelling at close to the speed of light. When these particles collide the Information is analysed to facilitate research and testing of theories of particle physics.

The Higgs Boson was first discovered in 2012, almost 50 years after Peter Higgs’ first calculations to theorise its existence, providing a set of laws that govern particles at the most basic level. The Higgs Boson is said to give all other particles mass through an invisible field known as the Higgs field. Students replicated the simultaneous testing that takes place at the LHC to produce the most accurate results. The show’s grand finale consisted of a very exciting explosion! Dr Gregson buried a sealed plastic bottle of dry ice in a bin with coloured balls which then expanded when the solid particles warmed up and gas was produced, resulting in a loud bang and plastic balls flying through the air.

Skills Building within Sport s part of Allerton Grange School’s partnership with Sky Sports Academy’s Living For Sport programme, former Team GB badminton player Jenny Wallwork recently visited the school to deliver the first in a series of workshops.

The workshop focused on a group of girls, and the school’s Sports Ambassadors from each Year group. Jenny led the teams in a range of activities around the programme’s six keys to success – mental toughness, hunger to achieve, people skills, sports and life knowledge, breaking barriers and planning for success. “Everyone worked together and showed a real hunger to achieve”, said Jenny. “It was great to see the effort they put in to completing the various tasks. The Sports Ambassadors have developed a strong ability to engage with each other and really understand the reason behind what they are being asked to do.”

MATHTASTIC Accelerating Learning & Progress in Mathematics

Mathematics tuition from KS2 to A Level

Tailored lessons to support your child to reach their true potential Proven teaching & learning strategies Online resources to help their learning

For a Free Assessment please call: Raj Kumar (Chartered Mathematics Teacher)

07508 956 426

‘Understanding Mathematics helps us to make sense of the world around us’

Younger Life


Junior Joins Sam Again! treet Dancer Junior Frood (12) has being invited once again to join X Factor Winner Sam Bailey on her UK Tour. The UK Freestyle Street Dance Champion first met Sam in 2014 when he performed at the Leeds Christmas Lights switch on and she was headlining. She was so taken with Junior’s talents that she invited him to perform with her in Manchester. This opened up so many doors for Junior and showed him what it was like to be a professional dancer. Now as Sam embarks on her second UK Tour, she has contacted Junior and invited him to perform on her opening night at Royal & Derngate Theatre, Northampton, on 2nd March. Needless to say Junior, who attends Leeds West Academy, is over the moon. He knows that he wouldn’t be where he is today if Sam hadn’t given him that opportunity in 2015. He can’t wait to show her how he has developed as a dancer over the last two years. In that time, Junior’s dancing career has taken off. He has a scholarship at Pineapple Dance Studios

in London where he goes every Sunday; he has been backing dancer for Justin Bieber; is Anti-bullying Ambassador for England on the National Youth Board for Diana Award; has received a Diana Courageous Citizen Award for overcoming Bullying and helping to raise over £290,000 for various local and national charities; has performed for children’s festivals alongside CBeebies, CBBC and CITV stars; has performed at Arenas across the country and in the West End; and has just acquired a lucrative deal with GXG Clothing Company, for whom he is Clothing Ambassador. If you would like to book tickets for Sam Bailey’s upcoming tour visit

Quality • Style • Value Leeds Glass have over 40 years experience of producing and supplying many high quality products for various applications throughout your home. This local family owned company are committed to offering the best advice and service to customers at all times.





• Glass & Glazing glass cut to size while you wait • Windows • Doors • Conservatories • Orangeries • Patio/French/Bi-fold doors • Secondary Glazing • Kitchen/Bathroom splashbacks • Shower Screens • Roofline/Fascias/Soffits/Guttering • Mirrors

0800 542 8785 Registered Company

Leeds Glass Windows Ltd 401A York Road Leeds LS9 6TD Tel: 0113 248 8433 / Fax: 0113 248 1649 / Email:


AS STANDARD You can’t beat BASI! On Trustpilot we score higher than anyone else in Yorkshire for boiler sales and service. It seems you love our service, our polite and helpful engineers and straightforward low prices. New boiler installation Emergency repairs

“BASI were excellent from start to finish. They cleaned up after themselves, explained everything to me and left my property spotless. Frances Woods

Annual servicing



0800 980 6018



Younger Life

Leeds Football Academy Reaches Final 32 Leeds West Academy’s popular Football Academy has made an outstanding start to the term, seeing young players aged 16-18 reach the final 32 teams of 150 in the ECFA National Cup. he Football Academy offers a pathway of enhanced learning to benefit the individual needs of future sports professionals in Yorkshire. These young athletes choose a number of different subjects to complement their compulsory single BTEC in Sport. Many have chosen to study A-Level Psychology, Business, and Performing Arts, building a strong foundation of skills and experience to further their future careers or academic study.

This term the team has played against professional youth clubs including Chesterfield FC. It has also played Doncaster Rovers, Sheffield United and Rotherham United. “Each student is a role model for younger, developing athletes”, said Carlton Reid, coach and head of the Football Academy. “They are encouraged to support extracurricular clubs and public activities in multiple fields of experience. Whether assisting in training,

developing strategy or refereeing fixtures, our Academy provides a wealth of opportunities to extend professional practice and launch the careers of professional sportspeople.”

Each student is a role model for younger, developing athletes In June, The Football Academy will head to Barcelona to take part in a Spanish Football Tournament. The six-day excursion will allow them to develop as players, bond as a team and have the opportunity to play against teams from all over the world. “It has been a strong start for the Football Academy and the players have gelled very well, allowing their personalities to flourish within their playing”, added Carlton Reid. “Whilst playing across Yorkshire, students have forged strong friendships across the region. Following our trip to Barcelona, we expect to build key international relationships too.”

Carr Manor Welcomes Leeds Gold Medallist

arr Manor Community School recently welcomed British rower and Olympic Gold Medallist Paul Bennett to the school. At 6’9” Paul is the tallest rower in the GB team. He made his Olympic debut last year with the men’s eight squad, narrowly beating Germany to the post and claiming Gold. He visited the school with Row Leeds, who spent the day teaching the basics of rowing and dry rowing.

Beds in the Olympic Village just aren’t made for those over six feet tall! Paul chatted to pupils about how his love for rowing developed, how he balances his personal life alongside the Olympics, and how the beds in the Olympic Village just aren’t made for those over six feet tall!


Rotary Presents Young Citizen Awards Leeds Rotary Club recently presented Young Citizen Awards to 20 young people from schools, colleges, academies and youth organisations in Leeds, who were all shining examples of what young people are doing for their families, schools, fellow students and communities.

Younger Life

he Lord Mayor, Cllr Gerry Harper, presented the awardees with certificates and books donated by Chef Works Europe Ltd. The audience was amazed at the variety of activities they were involved in, in addition to their school and college activities. Hania Tatarek-Gintowt and Katie Elson from Abbey Grange C of E Academy, Cody Hartley from Rodillian Academy, Emily Hancock and Katie Handley from Pudsey Grangefield School and Ellen Sayles from Royds School all raised large amounts for a range of charities. Mohamad Khalil from Leeds City Academy and Esmail Alhajji from Lawnswood School are both Syrian refugees, who experienced traumatic times before coming to Leeds. They both now mentor and help their fellow students and families. Three awardees – Lechelle Williams (Ralph Thoresby School) who has osteogenesis imperfecta, Jessica Dodd (Leeds West Academy) who has juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and Mohsen Raza (Leeds City Academy) – all overcome pain and regular hospital visits to be great role models for their fellow students. Mathew Milner (Garforth Academy), Armaan Hussain, Monique Watson and Lira Lewis (Roundhay School) all received awards for helping fellow

students as learning supporters, mentors, bully buddies. Somaya Hajyousef has been instrumental in developing an anti-bullying programme at Ralph Thoresby School; and Kennady Pickles (Leeds West Academy) was recognised for achievements in dance.

The variety of activities they were involved in, in addition to their school and college activities was amazing. Megan Long (Horsforth School) makes an outstanding contirbution to the school’s PE department and is also involved in running Horsforth Dribblers junior girls football team. Mathew Milner is Deputy County Youth Commisioner for Central Yorkshire Scouts ; and Tui and Alex Trusson help to run the 2nd Calverley Scouts and Beavers. These are just a few examples of the great committment shown by young people across Leeds. So many are doing tremendous work for their schools, colleges, academies and communities and they deserve to be recognised.

Gateways Netball Team Makes National Final he Gateways U14 Netball Team recently put in an outstanding performance in the Yorkshire and Humber round of the National Schools’ Netball Tournament. They came second overall and secured a place at the National Finals, to be held at Stanborough School, Welwyn Garden City, on 18th March. After an impressive showing at the West Yorkshire Tournament in October, where they were crowned overall winners, their latest success was the cherry on the cake. “This is the first time that a Gateways team has reached the national

finals”, said Mrs Laura Braithwaite, subject leader of PE. “The girls’ level of play throughout the tournament has been outstanding and I am incredibly proud of what they have achieved. Training is going to get more intense from now on and the team will need to continue to demonstrate a high level of determination and enthusiasm in order to compete at national level.”

Bespoke minibus transport service covers North Leeds, for pupils aged 7+

Worried you won’t get your school place? Avoid the ‘black hole’. Make Gateways your first choice for North Leeds. Limited places available at Gateways for Reception and Year 7 entry for September 2017. Call the Admissions Department for further details: Tel: 0113 288 6345 Email: Web: Gateways School, Harewood, Leeds, LS17 9LE NURSERY







Community Notices

Community Notices ACTIVE

North Leeds Walking Group Join a

morning coaching for juniors (age 5 -17). Adult coaching 2pm. Starts Sat 18 March. Friday indoor coaching for under 8s at 4.30pm all year.

series of free short walks between parks & green space in north Leeds as part of national Walking for Health initiative. The walks take place 2nd Sat of each month. To register, email foagf@outlok. com or phone/text 07590 510499

Details: Carolyn on 07786 828 740,

PHGC Snooker Club at Oakwood

Alwoodley Tennis Club Saturday

Penny 294 3376

Clock Friendly, community focused club keen to welcome new members. Open Mon - Fri, 5 -11pm. Three tables, licensed bar, social events throughout the year. All abilities welcome. Coaching available. Details: 212 0194, secretary@

Leeds Softball is looking for new, www.

Badminton Club Mon 9pm & Wed

8.30pm at Alwoodley Community Association, The Avenue. Friendly group. New members welcome. Details:

players & teams to join its indoor softball sessions, Mon 7 – 9pm at Corpus Christi Catholic College, Neville Rd, LS9 0TT. Perfect for beginners to learn fielding & batting. First session free, £4 thereafter.

Details:, Meanwood Boxing Club Boxing & fitness classes Mon, Tues, Thurs.

Juniors (9 – 16) 5.30 – 6.30pm £1; Seniors (17+) 6.30 – 7.30pm £2. Prince Philips Community Centre, Scott Hall Ave. LS7 2HJ. Details: Head Coach

Wayne Cunningham 07784 998799, Mindfulness through Qigong Wed pm

at St Edmund’s Church Hall, Roundhay. Gentle exercise in the Chinese tradition. Beginners welcome. £6 per session/ £4.50 if paid per term. Details: Sue

Dunham 0772 961 7471, suedunham2@ Moor Allerton Snooker Club Stonegate Rd LS17 6EL (opp. fire station). Snooker players for social & league play welcome. 2 tables & bar open every evening. Details: John Stancliffe 294 9327

University of Leeds Staff Walking Club organises at least one walk (5-12

miles) most weekends. All welcome. No membership charge. Details: David

Shaw 285 7480, Wheels 4 Fun Disability Cycling Group meets Sat 11am – 1pm at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. It offers advice, support & social cycling for adults with physical disability. Tandems, tricycles & bikes with stabilisers available or bring your own bike. Volunteers also needed to act as cycling companions. Details:

Trish 269 5028,

ARTS & CRAFTS Alwoodley Art Group Spring Exhibition & Sale Sat 1 & Sun 2 April, 10am – 5pm in Community Hall, The Avenue, Alwoodley LS17 7NZ. Members’ original artwork in a variety of styles, framed & unframed, plus cards. Adm. free. Homemade refreshments. Details: 225 1546,

FREE FOR charities, churches, social clubs & non-profit community groups

Alwoodley Bobbin Lacemaking Group meets Tues, 1.15 – 3.15pm at Alwoodley Park Methodist Church Hall, The Lane, Alwoodley, LS17 7BX. Tuition given.

Details: 269 5512 Lace & Craft Section Alwoodley

Community Association meetsFri, 2 – 5pm to do various crafts and enjoy a cuppa and a chat. Details: 267 9474/

267 8709 Roundhay Art Group Meets Mon

7.30 – 9.30pm at St Edmund’s Church Hall, Lidgett Pk Rd. Roundhay LS8 1JN. A group of principally watercolour painters who meet to share skills. Regular demonstrations by local artists. New members with some experience welcome. Details: John Irving 293 1465

Shadwell Art Group meets Tues, 2

– 4pm Methodist Church Hall, Main St. Shadwell. Join this friendly group for sketching & painting classes, with tuition & demonstrations. Details: 265

5598 Stainbeck Art Club meets 2nd & 4th Tues, 1.45 – 4pm at Methodist Community Centre, Town St. Chapel Allerton. 14 March: Practical with Pam Cundall: Experiments with Inktense; 28 March: Chinese brush painting with Anne Allen.

COFFEE MORNINGS, FAIRS & MARKETS Afternoon Tea at The Granary Best

afternoon teas in idyllic setting. Enjoy a 3-Tiered cake stand. Make it extra special with glass of Prosecco or Pimms. Book Little Granary Conservatory for parties of 15-25 from 3.30pm.

Details: 230 3600, Crag House Farm, Otley Old Rd. LS16 7NH www.

Coffee Mornings Thurs 10am – 12

noon at the Polish Centre, Newton Hill Rd (off Chapeltown Rd). Speakers on health issues, gentle exercise, arts & crafts, & chance to socialise with other people from the community. Free. Everyone welcome. Details: 262 1013

Leeds Feline Friends Spring Fair Sat 25 March, 11am - 2pm at St Chad’s Parish Centre, Otley Rd, Far Headingley. Variety of stalls including Giant Tombola, books & cakes. Refreshments.

Oakwood Craft Market, Last Saturday of every month. 10-3pm at Oakwood Clock.

9.45am – 12 noon Sat 11 March (23 Apr; 14 May) Activities to include clearing field boundaries, fencing & litter picking.

Friends of Wigton Moor Woods meet

monthly at Wigton Moor UR Church Hall, High Ash Dr. Varied programme of activity days with litter picks, tree & bulb planting, nature quizzes & walks. New members welcome. Details: Debs

07943 277867, Anne 07530 040349 or Facebook Leeds Decorative and Fine Arts Society Talks, visits, study days. Meets

Leeds Probus Club, for retired professional/businessmen, meets 2nd Thurs, 10.30am – 12 noon at St Matthew’s Church Meeting Room, Wood Lane, Chapel Allerton LS7 3QF, for social gatherings with speakers. Details: 269 5512 Leeds RSPB Group meets Wed 15 March, 7.30pm at Friends Meeting Hse, 188 Woodhouse Lane, LS2 9DX for illustrated talk by Steve Watson on ‘The Peregrine Falcon’. Sat 1 Apr: Coach trip to Upper Teesdale, dep 08.30am Leeds, call 07722 120540 to book. Details:

9am – 12.30pm at Oakwood Clock.

3rd Wed at Castle Grove Masonic Hall, LS6 4BP. Forthcoming talks include ‘Grayson Perry’ (April), ‘Sixties Photography’ (Sept). Details: 808 6313,

Mental Health Mates meet Sat 18 March, 11am outside Lakeside Cafe, Roundhay Park, for a Walk

Details: www.oakwoodfarmersmarket. com, www.

National Trust Association Leeds

Shadwell Methodist Church Coffee Morning 1st Sat 10am – 12 noon run

Leeds & Harrogate Social Club Club

Oakwood Farmers’ Market 3rd Sat,

jointly with St Paul’s C of E in Methodist Church Hall.


nights 3rd Mon ( 20 Mar) at Toby Carvery (Queens Arms) Chapel Allerton from 8.30pm + full calendar of events – theatre, walks, badminton, films, meals, book groups. Details: Liz enquiries@

meets 2nd Tues of month, 10.30am in St Chad’s Parish Centre, Otley Rd. for coffee & a talk. 7 March: AGM; 14 March: ‘Children’s Music & Songs’; 11 Apr: Holiday films & fish & chip lunch. All welcome. Details: Phil McShane 225

1166, Alwoodley Chess Club meets Wed, 7pm at Alwoodley Community Centre, The Avenue, LS 17 7NZ. New members welcome. Details: Paul Gelder 269 7111,, www. British Heart Foundation seeks people to join local fundraising groups to help raise funds for lifesaving research.

Details: Sue Green 01274 548324,, localfundraising Friends of Gipton Wood meet 10am last Sat of month, & some Sunday afternoons. Join them for a fun & interesting hour including wild flowers, birds, toadstools, tree recognition & archaeology. Details: Chris 266 7569 & Facebook Friend of Gledhow Valley Woods Action Mornings Meet at newly

acquired field on Gledhow Valley Rd.

Leeds Horticultural Society holds six

talks a year (Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov) on 1st Tues, 8pm at St Chad’s, Otley Rd. 7 March: Terry Marshal talks ‘Organic Tomatoes’. 4 April: AGM/ Spring Show with demonstration by Gordon Kirby. Membership £10 pa/ £15 double membership (incl all six talks). Details: Pat Dixon 225 003, Leeds Hospital Alert Small group campaigning for preservation of NHS. Next meetings: Mon 20 Mar; Mon 24 Apr at Muir Court, St Michael’s Rd. LS6. Details: 278 5495, info@ Leeds Philatelic Society meets 2nd

& 4th Tues, 7pm at the Oxford Place Centre, Oxford Pl. LS1 3AX. Visitors & new members welcome. Details: John

Edwards 01977 793566, www. leedsps.

Reminiscence & Cultural Activities Irish Men’s Group meets fortnightly

12-2pm at The Reginald Centre, Chapeltown Rd LS7 3EX. Details: Jim

Mulhern, Irish Arts Foundation 07724 229379 RoCo Dramatic Society at St Andrew’s Roundhay, Shaftesbury Ave. LS8 1DS seeks new members for acting, back stage & front of house activities. Fun & fellowship guaranteed! Details: Andrea 266 2132/ Jill 293 8343 or Facebook: RoCo Dramatic Society. Sunday Birdwatchers Fancy a pleasant day out bird watching with a friendly bunch of birders? Coach picks up at Bramley Town End & Infirmary St, Leeds, Sundays Feb – Nov. Only £12.

Details: Keith 07757 302521, Steve 07939 033936

Community Notices

64 West Yorkshire Fuchsia & Pot Plant Society meets Wed 15 March, 7.30pm

at Paxton Hall, 186 Kirkstall Ln. LS5 2A for a members’ forum. Presentations on taking cuttings, growing Fuchsia bonsai, & growing standards. Visitors welcome.

Details: Graham Wheatley 256 3055, White Rose Speakers Club Meets every 2nd Mon, 7.45pm at Horsforth Museum LS18 5JB. Helping people improve their public speaking skills, boost their selfconfidence & have fun. Details: Pauline

269 3542

MUSIC Bodhran & DADGAD Workshops Sat

4 March, 12 – 1.30pm & 2 – 3.30pm at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton with Sabrina Piggott & J.Eoin – both experienced teachers & accomplished professional musicians. £6 each or £10 for 2. Details & to book: 07915 091290, Alwoodley Singers Seek New Members

All welcome, but especially sopranos. Ability to read music preferable but not essential. Rehearsals Thurs 7.30 – 9.30pm Alwoodley Community Association Hall, The Avenue LS17 7NZ.

Details: 294 3370 Cantabile Chamber Choir Small,

friendly chamber choir based in Chapel Allerton. Broad repertoire & regular performances throughout year. Rehearse Mon 7.30 – 9.30pm in Chapel Allerton Methodist Church. Enquiries

from new singers welcome (especially tenors). Details: info@cantabile-choir- Come & Sing! Starting 6 March, 7.15pm at Rawdon & Guiseley Conservative Club, Leeds Rd, Rawdon, LS19 6NL Free 4-week course for men wishing to have fun singing in harmony. No auditions. Run by The White Rose Chorus & supported by The National Harmony Foundation. Details: Steve:

for low cost/no cost training sessions taking place at venues across Leeds, run by experienced tutors. Courses run for six 2 ½ hr sessions. Always time to ask questions or go over things again.

Details: 389 3000, frontofhouse@ Chapel Allerton Town St Lunch Club

01423 815979,

Tues 12.15 – 1.45pm in the Methodist Centre. Hot Meal £4, friendship & chat. Transport can be provided. Volunteers welcome. Details: Vivienne & Paul

Jazz Night at Crag House Farm Jazz

268 2513, Jenny & David 266 1502,

nights last Friday each month. 2-course evening meal for £19.95. See menu at Details: 230


Lunch & Chat First Monday of each

month, 1pm at Tree Tops Centre (next to Thackrah Court, Shadwell Lane).

Details: 268 9844 Leeds Guild of Singers Confident

sight-reader? Like to sing renaissance & contemporary music in a small friendly choir? LGS welcomes new members in all voice groups, especially tenors & basses. Rehearsals Tues 7.30 – 9.30pm at Leeds University. Details:

RVS Community Action for Roundhay Elderly welcomes people over 65 at their clubs - Mon, 2pm at Oakwood Church & Thurs, 1.30pm at Lidgett Lane Community Centre. Wide range of entertainment, activities, speakers, trips & other special interest clubs. Details:

Andrew 887 3595 Roundhay Ukulele Group Meets

Wed 8 – 9.30pm at The New Highwood, Brackenwood Dr LS8. All abilities welcome. £6 per session.

St Barnabas Church, the View,

Alwoodley Coffee & Company Wed from 10.15am, followed by light lunch at 12.30pm every 3rd Wed. Details: 226

Details:, www.

8269/ 268 2591


The Tea Cosy+ Dementia Café.

Age UK Leeds Silver Surfers Programme Baffled by computers,

Specifically for people with dementia & their carers. 1st Wednesday of every month, 11am - 1.30pm, Lidgett Lane Community Centre, LS17 6QP. Tea &

tablets or mobile phones? Sign up

coffee, homemade sandwiches & cakes, support for carers, Singing for the Brain. £2.50 per person.

Wigton Moor Friendship Guild meets

3rd Wed, Wigton Moor UR Church, High Ash Dr. LS17. Speakers, slide shows, presentations, & outings. Try them out for just £2. Details: Maureen

Wharfedale General Hospital Cardiac Club For former cardiac

meetings, they run a wide range of activities & social groups (day & evening). Visitors £4. Details: Pauline

patients. Friendly, evening exercise classes with qualified Phase 4 instructors. Details: 07949 307955,

268 6704,, Facebook, www.

Soroptimist International of Leeds meets 2nd Mon, 7.30pm at Weetwood Hall Hotel, LS16 5PS. Visitors welcome.


268 0815, Alan 294 3370. Acorn Ladies Luncheon Club 2nd

SPIRITUAL Leeds Theosophical Society 2.30pm

at 12 Queen Sq. LS2 8AJ (opp Leeds Arena). Sun 12 March: Bob Bows talks about Gurdjieff’s Mission & the Work Ideas; 29 March: Tim Wyatt on Cycles of Eternity: The Human Project.



Tuesday Club Ladies’ Lunch Group

Wed each month, 12.30 – 4pm at Wike Golf Centre LS17 9JW. Details: Janita

Meets last Tues of month, 11.30am at Devonshire Hall, Cumberland Rd. LS6 2EQ. 12.30pm lunch, followed by talk.

Dedicoat 01937 573 923, jdedicoat@

Details: Heather Harrison 267 8437 Alwoodley WI meets 3rd Wed, 7.30pm


at St Barnabas Church Hall (off The Vine). Learn, chat, laugh, make friends & help the community. Aged 18-180 – you are more than welcome. £37.50 a year or come as a guest for £4. Details:

Gardening for Health with The

Facebook/ Alwoodley WI Marie Curie Seeks Volunteers Join a fantastic group of fundraising volunteers & help more people living with a terminal illness get the care & support they deserve. Full support given. Meet every 4-6 weeks & help with ideas to raise funds for Marie Curie’s services. Details: Jen 07798 638122,

01274 386190, jennifer.aspinall@ Leeds Samaritans Confidential, non-

judgmental support 24 hours for those experiencing distress or despair. They listen for as long as you need. Details:

245 6789 or 116 123, www.samaritans. org/branches/samaritans-leeds

Chapel Pie WI Meets 2nd Mon of every month, 7.45pm at St Mathew’s Church Hall, Chapel Allerton. Non members £4, annual membership £37.50

Details: Pauline Pickett 07816 225535, Hope Pastures Pony Days Mon & Thurs 10am - 3pm (the next best thing to owning your own pony!). Pony 1 to 1s & Family Fun on Wed, 10am - 12 noon.

Leeds Ladies Coffee Club meets

1st Thurs, 10.30am at Leeds Church Institute, New Market St. 2 March: ‘My Life and Farming’ with Bill Cowling; 6 Apr: ‘Australia – Cairns to Tasmania’ with Tony Birkitt Details: Joan

Details: World Down Syndrome Day Sat

McShane 225 1166 Roundhay WI meets 2nd Thurs, 7pm at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Shaftesbury Ave LS8 1DS.So much more than Jam & Jerusalem! In addition to monthly

Conservation Volunteers Tues & Thurs am in Oakwood. Want to learn new skills or just meet people & get some fresh air. Refreshments & gloves provided & some bus fares reimbursed.

18 March, 11am – 4pm at Kirkstall Abbey Visitor Centre. Details: Ailith

Harley-Roberts 07902 054355,,




0113 239 2244








Doors & Windows (wood & PVCu) Kitchens

Fitted furniture

Staircases & skirting Extensions


Loft conversions

& all other joinery


07976 361 738 Old Barn Close, Alwoodley




Kitchens • Bathrooms • Joinery Established 1980

Specialist Bathrooms • Fully Fitted Kitchens Purpose Made Joinery • Interior Construction

BESPOKE BAKER • Cakes, bakes and sweet treats for any occasion • Individually tailored, bespoke cakes for your special day • Now offering event cateringplease see website for details Tel: 07534 119 361 hannahskitchenleeds



All makes of kitchens supplied Full kitchen facelifts available Full tiling service Wood floors Granite Corian work surfaces Electrical/plumbing Internal building alterations


Mobility bathrooms Wet rooms Full tiling services Internal building alterations Email: Mob: 07801 225 299

• •

1000s of WE GUAR




Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

Trust the domestic cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

Carpetsclean clean&&dry dryinin1-2 1-2hours hours •• Carpet • Upholstery clean & dry in 3-4 hours • No harmful chemicals or sicky stickyresidues residues •• Local Local family family firm firm -– est. est. over over 25 20 years years •• Leather clean & shiny 1000s ofupholstery satisfied customers • WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK • WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK

That’s what tens of thousands of people around the world do!

CLEAN CARE 0800 97 007 53

• Uniformed and professionally trained staff • 100% guaranteed and fully insured • Regular or occasional cleans • Free in-home estimate

More affordable than you k! ink! thin

• All materials supplied • No contracts Cleaning homes in Leeds for 17 years

Fast Drying Times, Fabric Protection, Spot, Stain & Odour Removal

0800 840 0343


The Ultimate Cleaning Specialists L E E D S | Y O R K | H A R R O G AT E

w w w . s t a r f a b r i c c a r e . c o . u k • Carpets

• Upholstery • Curtains • Rugs • Leather cleaning • Leather restoration & repairs • Domestic & commercial cleaning


Dedicated, Regular Cleaner for You 10th Year Cleaning and Ironing in Your Neighbourhood Hundreds of Satisfied Clients Your Time is Valuable, Ours is Affordable!


DISCOUNT wit h thi s advert

0113 278 0800 0113 266 2333


No Time to Clean or Iron?

% 0113 208 9496 DEADLINE FOR NEXT EDITION 10th MAR Tel: 0113 274 8776





The Look by Laura Anti-wrinkle treatments for: Laughter lines, Forehead Lines & Frown Lines between eyebrows. Dermal Fillers for: Nose to Mouth Lines, Mouth to Chin Lines & Lip Enhancement. All treatments carried out in the comfort of your own home.

Laura Clegg, RGN Bsc(Hons), BACN. Fully insured. For a private consultation call: 07702 948 870 or email:

Over 30 years experience Quality service Associated property maintenance Coving & dado rails fitted Free estimates Horsforth based Phone: 0113 258 6143 Mob: 07921 000 151


10% discount off 1st treatment with this advert. Valid to 30.04.17


CURTAINS & SOFT F URNISHINGS EXPERTLY DESIGNED AND MADE-TO-MEASURE Measuring and fitting service Roman, Roller, Venetian & Vertical Blinds Our fabrics or yours Tracks and poles supplied

P a i n t i n g & D e c o r a t i n g Rob Richardson T: 0113 274 2047 • M: 07894 247 931 W: E:

0113 266 7004 • 07973 531 029 33 Davies Avenue, Leeds LS8 1JZ




Block BlockPaving Paving

Tarmac Tarmac


PAUL SILCOCK T: 01132 369 910 M: 07779 588 812 E: W:

Forcustomer more ‘before ‘before For more and after’ For testimonials and photos click please click on: visit: before &photos after pictures

DONOT NOT Jet Jet Wash As It It Will Will The DO NOT JET WASH as it could cause DO Wash As Damage Sand Under Your Block Paving. Sand Under Your Paving. the blocks toBlock subside

Specialists in exterior & interior decorating

We Clean, Clean, Seal, Seal, Install Install & Repair We All Types Of Drives All Types Of Drives

SPECIAL OFFER OFFER £10 £10 OFF SPECIAL OFF All Drives, Patios, Decking & Path Cleaning All Drives, Patios, Decking & Path Cleaning

For a free quote call:

m: 07806 466 953 t: 0113 345 345 6767 6767 e:

ForYOUR YOUR Free Free Quote*: *Same Or Next Day Service ForQuote*: a Free Quote For *Same Or Next Day Service

Tel: 0113 0113 293 293 7379 7379 Tel: 07796 514608 07796 514608 Email: Email:


WALKER ELECTRICAL All electrical work undertaken

• Rewiring specialist • Security alarms • Showers • Extra lights/sockets • New consumer units/upgrades • Earthing & bonding • Testing & inspection 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE

Tel: 07880 723 533 0113 264 5649 EQUITY RELEASE


I’m Lee Naylor, your ABOUT local Equity Release and Later Life Lending Specialist. THINKING EQUITY RELEASE? It’s vital you get the right advice!

Equity Release is becoming an increasingly common way of people releasing cash tied up in their property to enrich their retirement. It is vital you get the right advice! With Equity Release you can:

We provide: Electrical survey & report on installation N.I.C.E.I.C. electrical inspection & test Electrical installations commercial & domestic Fire alarm installation & maintenance Emergency lighting – installation & maintenance Part P. testing & documentation Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T.) Full/part rewires – additional sockets Replacement consumer units No job too large or too small FREE no obligation quotes Our work guaranteed for 5 years

I’m Lee Naylor, your local Equity Release and Later Life Lending Specialist. ✔Do you need to repay an Interest Only mortgage, or do you need one? Let you with ✔Carry out home improvements, clear debtsme or takeshow a holiday you havehow, always wanted. ✔Gift your children or grandchildren a deposit for Release, their first home oryou just simply help them out. Equity can: ✔Continue to live in your home and keep 100% ownership of your property. ✔Have a tax free lump sum to supplement your income in retirement.

✔Raise a tax free lump sum for any legal purpose.

• Stay in your home and keep 100% ownership valued. • Have a tax free lump sum to use as you please Equity Release – Mortgages – Lending to the age of 90 and beyond - Wills – Estate • Choose between NO Planning – Lasting Powers of Attorney – Protective Property Trusts – Inheritance Tax or Interest Planning – Children’s Trusts - Secure repayments Document Storage – Funeral Plans – Life Only Insurance repayments Contact Me on 0113 871 5868 or anytime on 07812 159965 • Never owe more than your For more information please visit house is valued ✔Choose between no monthly repayments or Interest Only repayments.

✔Have a "No Negative Equity Guarantee", meaning you will never owe more than your house is

Contact me on 0113 871 5868 or anytime on 07812 159 965 For more information visit:



Typically, we charge a fee of 1% of the loan amount to a maximum of £995, which is payable on completion. The exact fee will be confirmed to you once we have assessed your personal situation. The Equity Release is a trading name of Hudson Foster Financial Services, which is authorised and regulated by the

Please telephone for FREE advice

Equity Release may require a lifetime mortgage. A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home. To understand the features and risk, ask for a personalised illustration. The Equity Release is a trading name of Hudson Foster Financial Services, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Financial Conduct Authority. Hudson Foster Financial Services Limited is entered on the Financial Services Register ( under reference 131285. Will writing is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Tel/Fax: 0113 268 2556 Mob: 07885 242055 Email: Phoenix House, 33 Talbot Ave., Roundhay LS8 1AQ

G WILLIAMS ELECTRICAL • Full / Partial rewires • Consumer unit upgrades • Extra sockets and lighting

• Lighting upgrades • Intruder alarm systems • Fault finding

M: 07990 513 052 E: Over 20 years experience. Based in Roundhay, serving all of Leeds.


“We are very pleased with the response we have had from your magazines.” ✳✳✳✳✳ GKD Landscaping



FENCING & GATES supplied & installed storm damage, new installations, repairs and upgrades free survey & quotation also: decking, paving, artificial grass and associated hard landscaping


contact: richard best

07960 50 33 98 Fencing since 1983 All areas of Yorkshire covered.

Buying new furniture? Moving house / downsizing?

FURNITURE RESTORATION Upholstery, Repairs & French Polishing

0113 267 5483

Abbey Upholstery, 7 Carr Bridge Ave, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7JZ Reupholstery specialists. Parker Knoll, Cintique, Ercol, Bridgecraft and all other good quality furniture.

0113 2739727

From a small dining chair repair to a full suite re-upholstery. Sentimental items welcome.

+Replacement Foam Cushions Service Reupholstery and French Polishing Specialists.

Parker Knoll, Cintique, Ercol, Bridgecraft, Vale, G-Plan, MultiYork and all other good quality furniture.

From a small dining chair repair to a full suite re-upholstery. Sentimental items welcome.


R.W • • • •

Examples of local work we did recently. To see more go to our website: |


Garage Doors

Repair Service Sectional Doors Up & Over Doors Roller Door Specialist Installation and Repair Specialist

Ryan Watson Mob: 07415 139 520 Tel: 0113 216 1320


J M Tree Services LTD Chapel Allerton

All trees professionally felled, pruned, thinned or shaped Conifer trees reduced

Professional Tree Surgeons & Landscape Garden Design Tree maintenance • Felling & pruning Thinning & shaping • Dangerous trees dismantled Stumps removed • Clearance • Hedge cutting services Resin drives, patios & paths • Landscaping Block paving • New lawns • Lawn care Land drainage • Garden maintenance One-off cuts & regular maintenance

T: 0113 279 6090 M: 07814 402 893 3 Wolley Drive, Leeds LS12 5DP

Hardwood fire logs for sale We are fully insured and qualified for all aspects of tree work Call James or John Mudd for a free quotation

0113 2694847 / 07729 673354

WALTONS GARDEN SERVICES No job too big or too small • Garden tidy ups • Garden maintenance • Hedge cutting • Fence replacements & repairs • Turfing • Gravel gardens FREE QUOTES

RW Landscape Garden Design, Construction and Maintenance

Is your garden ready for summer? We are a small but dedicated landscape team, based in North Leeds, who aim to provide a reliable service at a competitive rate for a variety of residential and commercial clients.

Call Trevor on: 07737 911 757 / 0113 225 3377 Or Gary on: 07966 297 867 / 0113 225 0379


Tree felling and pruning • Hedge laying Winter fruit tree pruning Quality seasoned firewood

Services we offer include: • • • • •

Garden Design Garden Maintenance Planting Schemes Grass Cutting Low Maintenance Gardens

• • • • •

Hedge Cutting Garden Clearance Fencing Paving Turfing

Chartered Landscape Architect T: 0113 805 5656 M: 07507 339 339 E: W:





Mr Gray’s Handyman Service The local solution to all your property maintenance and repair needs. All work guaranteed and fully insured. Whatever the job consider it done

Tel: 0113 2688641 / 07542 247 887 Email:

Furniture Collection & House Clearance Services Donate today to raise funds to support young people in need in Leeds

Local Handyman Service Joinery & plastering, Painting & decorating Fitted kitchens, wardrobes & shelving

Contact: James MacLeod 07790 506 457 @localhandymanservice Leeds & district area Fully insured

07800 512 074

Call or book online at

St Luke's CARES is a registered charity (109772) and runs projects supporting vulnerable young people living in inner city Leeds.




‘better than any other’

We have been advertising with North Leeds Life since we started our Yorkshire Antiques & Art Fair at the Yorkshire Showground in November 2009.


We have had consistently good responses from North Leeds Life readers, better than any other medium we have used.

In our experience, their readers are engaged, creative and willing to spend on quality one-off items. Helen Bowman, Bowman Antiques Fairs


FOR A FREE QUOTE AND ADVICE CALL JOHN: 0113 217 1940 • 07751 845 167

Fine Point Carpentry

• Free quotations Daniel Babbs, Finishing Carpenter • quotations • Free City and guilds Interior | Exterior Custom Designs • City and guilds joinery jobs considered • All carpentry/ t 07468 019 395 e • All carpentry/ joinery jobs considered • Custom made to measure designs

• Custom made to measure designs • High quality finishing • High quality finishing • Professional, Professional,friendly friendly and tidy • and tidy

Tel: Daniel Danielon on07468 07468019 019 395 Tel: 395 CARD_FOR_JULIA_AND_DAN.indd 4

22/07/2015 10:56


SS Joinery, Plumbing & Building Services Ltd For a high quality, reliable & professional service in all aspects of home, maintenance, renovations & building work.

Phone: Mob 07813 768047 Tel: 01904 700855 • Over 25 Years Experience • City & Guilds Tradesmen • FREE Estimates & Advice All work carried out from planning to completion PIZZA


Pizza House Company

Mon-Sun: 11a

BUY ANY 2 x10” for



BUY ANY 2 x10”

Pizza House Company, Leeds download £14.95 Offer SPECIAL APP OFFER Special



SPECIAL APP OFFER our app GET 20% OFF2666 6 20% off And get AND



302 Harrogate Road Moortown, Leeds LS

ANY ORDERS OF £12 OR MORE pizzahousecompan

Any orders of

valid tillnot 31/08/15 does include half & half pizza | not in conjunction

£12 or more (valid til 31/08/15)


0113 266 6666





Beautiful. Traditional Plastering. Call Calum on

07901 734390

01133 456468

Locall ased plastering specialists FR T S on all aspects of internal and e ternal plastering: s imming oarding & rendering Patching and repair or also delivered

Cit & uilds uali ed Clean and tid or guaranteed ver 2 ears e perience

DJF Plastering Plastering & Painting

All areas of Leeds covered Fast freindly service Clean tidy work For a free no obligation quote

Phone 07530 593563

Mob 07872

172 601 Tel 0113 241 6824



Contact Dave Franks on

0113 274 1048 or 07796 381 346 isit e site for customer testimonials: fran splastering com

Mob 07584

200 808 Tel 0113 241 6824

to arrange your FREE quotation today!

to arrange your FREE quotation today!

• 20 years experience

• ilicone and colour through render system

Exteriors • Fully insured • Members of the Federation of Master Builders


External nsulation ystems •

ear guarantee

• Extensions/ renovation experts

• ender cleaning and maintenance service

• No job too big or too small

• 20 years experience

Leeds finest, domestic & commercial plasterers

• Members of the Federation of Master Builders



• Fully insured


Bob Kettlewell

Plumbing Services Independent family business Commercial and Domestic All aspects of plumbing, heating & gas work undertaken P. Kettlewell - gas safe engineer Central Heating Systems flushed and cleaned

Leeds Local Plumbing Experts

Please ring to discuss - free, no obligation quotes

Tel: 0113 279 0256 Mob: 07948 406 391

For all general plumbing including: • Bathroom installation incl. tiling • Leaks, bursts, repairs & maintenance • No call out fee • Fixed price quotes Fully qualified & insured local plumber

Call Alex 07730 560 422






25% off with atment

tre ert this adv

Ardente Chiropody and Podiatry • First class care for all your foot care needs • Competitive prices • City centre location • Bsc podiatry / Hcpc registered • 20 years experience within NHS and private sector

• Initial FREE consultation Tel: 0113 234 1130 123A Vicar Lane, Leeds LS1 6PJ

E: el


bathroom & kitchen repairs...

...smaller jobs welcome

roundhay plumbing

0113 2934385

07733 245372

5 the drive roundhay leeds LS8 1J F

heel 2 toe chiropody/podiatry Friendly mobile service providing care for all foot health needs in the comfort of your own home.

Rachael Mundell BSC Hons MCHs HCPC Registered Podiatrist | Member of SOCP Mob: 07939 604 316 “We are mobile keeping you mobile” c



Hazelgrave Roofing Your Local Answer To Roofing Problems Setting The Standards For: • Roof Repairs • Slating • Tiling • Felting • Lead Work • Joinery • Guttering • UPVC Fascias & Soffits


Northern Restoration specialise in all aspects of exterior cleaning and treatments for the residential and commercial sectors throughout Yorkshire.

New Roofs & Repairs Apprentice Trained Insurance Work Free Estimates All Work Guaranteed

Tel: 0113 264 6218 Mob: 07802 397953 HAZELGRA 1-4P 19/7/10

G. HORNE ROOFING CONTRACTORS LTD “Quality workmanship at a fair price�

What We Do:

HAZELGRA 1-4P.indd 1 omestic re roofs & repairs Slating & tiling uilt up felt We specialise in: u ering đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Block Paving đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Wood Decking đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Brickwork đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Stone Flags đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Conservatories So ts & fascias đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Tarmac đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Concrete đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Safety Surfacesđ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Roofs and Guttersđ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Cladding Chimne repairs đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Fencing đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š UPVC đ&#x;”šđ&#x;”š Windows

CALL 0113 808 4468

Why Choose Us:

sta lished Small famil rm Full uali ed o fuss or Competitive prices r guarantee for re roofs

Local Roundhay-based company Tel: 0113 240 3515 • Email:


ROUNDHAY ROOFING FLAT ROOF SPECIALISTS All other aspects of roofing undertaken Inc. Slating, tiling, guttering - new or repairs Velux windows

0113 2934038 / 07958 977395 Proprietor: Mark Johnson 21 Elmete Grove, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 2JY


W.Hickson Roofing Leeds

Specialists in all aspects of roofing with over 15 years experience. • Slating & tiling • Lead work • Fascia, Soffits & Guttering

• Velux windows • Flat roofing • General roof repairs

For a free quote call or email:

0113 265 7656 / 07340 772 279 Email:

20/07/2010 11


R. & D. Sheridan

Roofing Contractors • • • • •

Re-roofs & repairs Gutters, fascias and soffits All flat roofing Insurance work Pointing

FREE honest quotations All work guaranteed Over 30 years experience


Ceramic, Natural Stone, Mosaic Complete Bathrooms Underfloor Heating Patios Tile cleaning, Repairs & Re-grouting

Tel/Fax: 0113 278 3472 Mobile: 07747 110582 Email: SLIDING DOORS


• Dozens of wardrobe designs • Made to your bespoke requirements • Local company – expert advice

UK Worktops

Just 100 yards from Waitrose, Meanwood Tel:

0113 230 6038 Mon-Thurs 9.00-5.00, Fri 9.00 – 3.00, Sat 10.00 – 1.00


Providence House, Authorpe Road, Meanwood LS6 4JB


Oakwood Travel Ltd Est. over 25 years

Get in touch for a free quote:

T: 0113 289 3876 M: 07734 800 896 E: WATCH & CLOCK REPAIRS

W. UTTLEY LTD • Long established family company, trading for over 70 years. • Restoration and repair of all antique and modern clocks - grandfather to carriage. • Large selection of modern clocks. • Watch repairs. • Stockist of Rotary and Sekonda watches. • SOS talisman. • Jewellery sales and repairs. • On the premises watch and clock repair service.

Your Complete Travel Solution Holidays worldwide including the UK Ticket agents for National Rail, National Express, Theatre and IATA Airtickets Independent agents offering customer service & choice T: 0113 240 0419 • E: 480 Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 2HU


Clocks go forward 25th March! 2 Terminus Parade, Cross Gates, LS15 7JZ. Tel: 0113 264 7097 Email:



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Glass and Glazing Experts Broken and Cracked Glass • Misted Units Replaced • Boarding Up Service • Windows/Door Glass • Safety/Security Glass • Fire Rated Glass • Picture Glass • Greenhouse Glass • Mirrors • Coloured Splashbacks • Stained Glass

Windows Fitted From £200 £200 Windows Fitted From Doors Fitted From £450 Doors Fitted Windows Fitted From £200 From £450 High Grade uPVC, Timber and Aluminium Windows, Doors Fitted From £450 Doors, Conservatories, Fascias, Soffits & Gutters


Glass cut to size while you wait

High Grade uPVC, Timber High Grade uPVC, Timber and Aluminium Windows,and Aluminium Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Fascias, Soffits & Gutters • NO DEPOSIT, FREE SURVEY Doors, Conservatories, Soffits & Gutters • Payment On Completion Fascias, 10 • NO DEPOSIT, FREE SURVEY • Payment On Completion


10 YEAR R Rated Windows INSURANCE • A• ARated Windows • Secure By Design BACKED • Secure By DesignFREE SURVEY • No Pushy Salesmen NO DEPOSIT, GUARANTEE • No Middlemen • No PushyOn Salesmen Payment CookridgeCompletion Windows • No Middlemen INSURANC 0113 226 8089 25% Off A Rated Windows E in une 07805 495071 BACKED Secure By Design GU ARANTEE 19 Eaton Hill, Leeds, LS16 6SE INSURANCE BACKED GUARANTEE

• 996 1989 • 10 YEA0800 R • Emergency Rapid Cookridge Windows • Response Glazing • No Pushy Salesmen 0113 226 8089 25% Off Leeds Glass Windows Ltd 401A York Road Leeds LS9 6TD • No Middlemen in une 07805 495071 Registered Company

Cookridge Windows

T: 0113 248 8433 / F: 0113 248 1649 / E:


19 Eaton Hill, Leeds, LS16 6SE

0113 226 8089 25% Off PAV NANGLA in une 07805 495071 NG PAV NANGLA – CEO

Digital Marketing That Works



19 Eaton Hill, Leeds, LS16 6SE





079 14 14 14 16


079 14 14 14 16

FREEPHONE: 0800 0800 228 9971


0800 228 9971 228 9971 WORKTOPS



UK Worktops

Tel: 0113 230 6038

Just 100 yards from Waitrose, Meanwood

Open: Mon-Thurs 9.00-5.00 Fri 9.00 – 3.00 Sat 10.00 – 1.00


Providence House, Authorpe Road, Meanwood LS6 4JB


Cloudy2Clear Windows – Service With A Smile! ADVERTISEMENT

It’s been a crazy few months for Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has grown rapidly as homeowners take advantage of their services. Manager Joel Skinner feels that it’s all about service. ‘Our product is simple. If your double glazing is misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 5 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although that obviously helps.

Many tradespeople have struggled since last year and I honestly feel that during the good times a minority perhaps didn’t focus on customer care as much as they should have done. We make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. I often get comments back from customers on how they really didn’t expect that sort of service which, in a way, is very sad for the service industry as a whole.’ Cloudy2Clear service the Alwoodley, Chapel Allerton, Moortown & Roundhay areas and Joel is finding that his approach is a major factor

in his success.‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for,

which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Joel a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Don’t replace the Frames... just the Panes!

Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want The Latest Energy Saving Glass? All Glazing Backed By Our 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee Priority Freephone

0800 61 21118 ...we make saving money perfectly clear...





Room at the Top is now ranked number one out of all 680 UK loft companies on for value for money, professionalism and quality.

dd a edroom, athroom, office or ust somewhere to relax our dedicated teams, not su contractors ll work done from start to finish thing, er e We can do completed all o er Leeds ersions con of s Hundred

• • • •

professional, friendl & moti ated team we wouldn t hesitate to recommend. Matthew & Kirsty Clark

For a free, no obligation quote, call Matt Colman on or or visit AT THE T OM OP RO


ROOM AT THE TOP Loft Conversion Specialist

• 24hr Service

An independent husband and wife run business with over 35 years’ experience offering you our support day or night and personally supervised by Phillip and Thea Thomason.

• Private Chapels of Rest • Qualified Funeral Directors and Embalmers • Memorials / Headstones • Funeral Prepayment Plans • International Repatriation • Green / Woodland Funerals • Also Horse Drawn / Motorcycle Hearse

137 Easterly Road, Oakwood, Leeds LS8 2RY

0113 248 2899

120A-122 Crossgates Road, Leeds LS15 7NL

0113 264 1405









Yale R Find us on:



Doors Composite French Patio with Maximum Security locks.


Traditional Conservatories Polycarbonate Internally Glazed or Glass roofs. Shootbolt Locks All Basework & Many Handle Colours Planning Drawings Insurance backed if Required. Guarantee.

Metrotile warm roofs Keep your Conservatory Warm in winter, Cool in summer, & Quieter in the rain. Manufactured in our Bradford factory.

0800 0740 140 Visit our website :

Factory: Usher St. Business Park, Bradford BD4 7DS 01274 729412 Showroom: 82 Otley Road, Guiseley, LS20 8BH 01943 884440


websites & digital marketing Get a custom-designed, fully managed and marketed website. Then watch your business grow. At The Website Warehouse we don’t just create websites. Anyone can do that. We create the whole package so your website performs the way it should for you and your business. We call it ‘websites what work’. A SITE THAT FULLY-MANAGED A SITEall THATfromWORKS FULLY-MANAGED YOU CAN FOCUS MARKETING And just EVERYWHERE £199 per month. WORKS EVERYWHERE MARKETING ON YOUR BUSINESS



From just















Pop in and see us. We’re on the high street, so come in for a chat and a drink. We’re now open at 110a Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton and 121 New Road Side, Horsforth, with a third Leeds store opening soon.

Call us on 0844 576 8965

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MON 3 – SAT 8 APRIL 2017 BOX OFFICE 0844 848 2700 * shirley– *Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge

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