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Little Hiccups Lines Up the Challenges! Little Hiccups, a Leeds charity that supports families of children with disabilities, has set itself a fundraising target of £15,000 for this year.

To achieve this is has recruited a team of over 60 who will set out to conquer some of the toughest challenges in the North in 2014. These include the Major Series, Tough Mudder, Electric Run, Spartan Race, Colour Run, Leeds 10K and Half Marathon, and Yorkshire Triathlon and Warrior events. The aim is to raise enough money to buy two specialist, all-terrain wheelchair buggies that families can borrow. These wheelchairs are amazing! With one of these children will be able to experience the beach, parkland and forest. The buggies also attach to a bike as a trailer, convert into

Little Hiccups T-shirts were donated by the Midland Hotel and Coffee Shop in Woodlesford. Appen Creations designed their website. And, Wendy Potter Photography will be photographing the events throughout the year – all at no cost to the charity.

The aim is to raise enough money to buy two specialist, all-terrain wheelchair buggies

a car seat and even have skis! So, children who struggle physically will have the chance to do things they have never done before. About 20 of the team recently turned up for their first training session at the Armley Park 161 Killer Stairs. The weather was horrific but they thoroughly enjoyed the stair running, jumping in puddles and preparing for the challenges ahead. For further information and to support Little Hiccups’ challenges, please call 07831 230 741 or visit conquerors

Ireland Wood Literacy Success Children at Ireland Wood Primary School are buzzing from the success of two recent Literacy competitions. The vast majority of pupils in Year 5 and 6 now have published work! “We continually work to raise the profile of writing across the school and enhance our literacy curriculum”, said Gemma Midwood, Literacy Coordinator. “We use competitions, websites and visits from published authors to inspire the children.’’ The school’s latest success was in winning the ‘Worldwide Winter Writing Competition’, run by Lend me your Literacy and Heather Potter in Year 6 was announced as the overall winner. The competition was inundated with entries and choosing a winner was nigh on impossible! The judges said that Heather’s piece was beautifully thought-out and written. She will receive a book bundle and the pride of knowing that she is now a published author with a worldwide audience! Children’s author Tom Palmer visited Ireland Wood recently and shared some of his writing with the school. “It’s brilliant that Ireland Wood took part in Lend me your Literacy – it’s a great way to get children writing”, he said. Year 5 and 6 also took part in a ‘Monster poetry competition’ organised by the website Young Writers. The judges were so overwhelmed by all the entries, they decided to publish them in a special anthology. The children are so proud!

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