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Having caught a performance by this local outfit at The Library’s 360 Club a while back I recall being impressed by their propulsive energy and ear-catching tunes. This buoyant release confirms that Rex Manning Day have a distinctive edge which sets them apart from their IndieRock peers. Opening track, Jenny intrigues from the outset with a jerky, angular, shifting rhythmic framework which keeps you guessing right up to an elevated, driving chorus. Cannily judged dynamic variations with the instrumental arrangements and a strong, direct vocal make one

sit up and take notice and brings to mind shades of Interpol. This is especially the case with the brilliant Elephants which makes much of the thrilling interplay between clean-ish, slightly fuzzed guitar and scratchy, stabbing distortion. This is the Night is perhaps the most straightforward of the tunes and highlights once again RMD’s keen marriage of rhythm and melody in an exhilarating, radio-friendly blast of energetic pop. A fine trio of tunes, this debut release shows Rex Manning Day to be purveyors of thoughtfully written songs which are delivered with verve and chutzpah. The official release gig for the single takes place on Saturday, August 3rd at Wharf Chambers. I, for one, am keen to see them live again. I suggest you get yourselves along to this show.

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