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What’s new for 2012-2013?

Welcome Convocation & Everybody Party Friday, September 7 at 4 p.m. Kick-start the new school year and welcome students to Northland as they cross the Fenenga Bridge. Once again, Steve Matier will lead the class of 2016 in the convocation walk. Matier will boast a Lambeg, a drum unique to northern Ireland, and it is approximately three feet in diameter and about two feet wide. Without amplification, it is one of the loudest instruments on the planet. What a great way to help new Northland College students make their entrance! Listen to the opening convocation and join fellow Northlanders at the campus-wide picnic with musical entertainment. This year’s event will take place on Friday, September 7 at 4 p.m. Come out and cheer for your new community members!

Residence Halls Revitalization Project It all started when President Michael A. Miller, Ph.D., arrived on campus. He challenged everyone to increase campus vibrancy and work collaboratively. This led to several changes in Residential Life including a sixsemester residency requirement, drastic overhaul of meal plans, and a large-scale residence hall renovation project. Through open forums, meetings with the Northland College Student Association and residence staff, and an online survey, the plans for the project took shape. The creation of a meal plan, which challenges students to cook several meals per week for themselves, suggested updated kitchens to be added to the project. Collaboratively, the staff from offices across campus worked through the planning and implementation of the project to ensure the sustainability of resources - both natural and fiscal - while still being usable and helpful additions to the residential life program.

Local Contractors and Suppliers Argosy Billiards – Duluth, MN Builders North – Ashland, WI Color Center – Ashland, WI Jacquart Fabric Products – Ironwood, MI KV-Tech – Mason, WI Schelvan Decorating – Mason, WI Stuart Salisbury Furniture – Ashland, WI Thewis Flooring – Ashland, WI Northland College Facilities Maintenance and Information Technologies

Renovation Features Complete repainting and re-flooring of Memorial, Fenenga, Mead, and McMillan Halls Renovation of existing kitchens in Mead, McMillan, and Fenenga Halls Additional kitchen added to Fenenga Hall Creation of a multi-purpose wellness room for yoga, Pilates, and dance in Fenenga Hall

Sustainable Features Flooring in common spaces made from 75% recycled materials

Creation of a multi-purpose wellness room for P90X, Crossfit, and martial arts in McMillan Hall

Whenever possible, a local contractor and/or supplier used to ensure money stays in the community

New lighting placed on day/night timers in the hallways of Fenenga Hall

All paint used is “no-VOC� latex paint

Re-felting and tune-ups of pool tables in the MELLC, McMillan, Memorial Halls Installation of new exercise equipment in the Memorial Hall basement cardio room Installation of new lounge furniture in McMillan, Memorial, Mead, and Fenenga Halls Reupholstering and refurbishing of existing furniture in the Townhouses, MELLC, McMillan, Memorial, and Mead Halls Installation of new game tables in Fenenga, Mead, and McMillan Halls Installation of new flat screen televisions in the MELLC, McMillan, and Fenenga Halls Installation of WiFi hotspots in the lounges of Memorial, McMillan, Mead, and Fenenga Halls Installation of network printers in the MELLC, McMillan, Memorial, Mead, and Fenenga Halls

Half of all of the furniture utilized is current residence hall furniture that will be reupholstered When possible, items removed from buildings during demolition were donated to local, non-profit charities High durability of all products ensures replacement will not be necessary for many years Remodeled kitchens now include significant additions of storage and cooking space to accommodate more student food preparation

Local Foods Northland College and Chartwells have committed to using 20% local foods on campus for the 2012-2013 school year. Chartwells has been working with the Bayfield Regional Food Producers Cooperative and the Chequamegon Food Co-op all summer to ensure that farmers are planting the amounts of foods necessary to meet the demand of hungry Jacks and Jills. The Bayfield Regional Food Producers Cooperative is a group of many farms including Hermit Creek Farm, Great Oak Farm, Bayfield Apple Company, and Starlit Kitchens. The Cooperative is committed to providing the bay area with fresh, seasonal food that is produced in responsible, healthy ways. A new station in the Baldwin Dining Commons, the Chequamegon Kitchen, will host a local protein, starch, and vegetable each day.

New Meal Plan Options Meal plans have changed dramatically from last year. Option 1 offers 160 meals to be used at any time throughout the first semester. This offers students more flexibility when they use their meals as they rollover each week. The biggest change is Option 2 - “Take and Make�. This option allows upper class students to pick up a box of groceries each week from the campus store. The boxes will include a balance of whole fresh fruits and vegetables, starches, and proteins. Each box will include a few recipes, but students will be challenged to make dishes to their liking. Students who choose this meal plan can look out for weekly food swaps to switch items they do not like with other students for more palatable options.

Campus Bookstore Moves Online Northland College will now solely offer online textbook ordering! The online site offers new and used books at competitive prices, and will soon include book rentals. The service includes free shipping for orders over $49, book buyback options, and multiple payment options. Buy your books at northland. edu/textbooks

Mondo’s Subs in Campus Store The Northland Campus Store, located in the first floor of the Ponzio Campus Center, received more than a coat of paint this summer. Along with the physical renovations the campus store will get an all new menu. Mondo’s Subs will move into the short order section, along with lots of grab and go items (sandwiches, salads, yogurt parfaits, cheese sticks, etc.). The Northland College food service, Chartwells is looking for ways to use more locally-produced foods as grab and go items. Look for the local blueberries and granola in the yogurt parfaits!

Northland Welcomes New Compost Building Construction of a new compost building is underway. The facility will be a focal piece of the College’s commitment to sustainable operations by reducing waste on campus. Northland hired Marengo-based Chisel Craft Timber Frame Company to build the facility’s structure and Trudeau Construction of Ashland to complete the finish work. Chisel Craft used the construction method of timber framing to build the compost facility. Energy efficiency Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) were installed over the timber frame to complete the building’s structure and provide an energy efficient operating environment. “Timber framing is more sustainable than metal fasteners. The joints hold up longer unlike metal fasteners, which rust and rot over time,” said Todd Rothe, co-owner of Chisel Craft Timber Frame Company. “Timber framing also helps the building stay more straight and true. It helps avoid leaning over time.” A combination of reused timbers and local sustainably harvested timbers were used. The compost system was started in 1993 by student volunteers. Construction of this new facility is the latest evolution in a nearly 20 year old program and represents a further advancement in efficiency and effectiveness. The new facility will allow Northland to process more material in less time and will also be a more comfortable and safer environment for students to work in, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in those ways as well. The Earth Tub from the current compost shed will be moved into the new building, which will be used to compost food waste from campus. The project comprises three phases, including building construction, purchase of new energy-efficient composting equipment and the eventual planned addition of a greenhouse on the facility’s south side. Opportunities for using this facility to process material from the larger Ashland community are being pursued as well. Northland students financed this project through the Renewable Energy Fund.

New Campus Safety

Emergency Dispatch 911 (on-campus 9-911)

A “request for proposal” (RFP) process was initiated by a Northland College committee to invite security contractors to make presentations about campus safety services at Northland. Securitas was selected, a global company with a branch office in Duluth, MN. The RFP process allowed the College to evaluate the history of campus safety at Northland, current security status, and future needs.

Campus Safety Office (715) 682-1399

Securitas was selected in part because their commitment to working with Northland College to shape policies and procedures for its employees on the campus is excellent. Northland College has been instrumental in developing protocols and procedures as well as training specifically for Securitas officers on the campus. This will lead to better service while minimizing risk and increasing campus safety officers’ abilities to communicate with and care for students. Campus Safety officer uniforms will be less police/military looking and more casual. Officers still be easily identified, but their uniforms will convey a less forceful tone. A highly trained and experienced supervisor has been selected to lead the campus safety office at Northland College. This should lead to increased professionalism and competency for Northland College campus safety officers moving forward. A concerted effort will continue to be made to integrate campus safety officers into the Northland community.

Before arriving on campus new students’ Northland College email accounts will be added to the e2Campus emergency notification system. This will be the surest way to receive alerts that are critical to the safety and wellbeing of the Northland community. Once added to the system, students will receive an introductory email explaining how to access and set up the account, including the option to add a cell phone number for text message notifications. Returning students were added to the system last year.

Maintenance (Safety) (715) 292-4002

Get involved in the Volunteer Fair! The Northland Volunteer Program (NVP) will sponsor the 5th Annual Volunteer Fair held on Wednesday, September 19 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the first floor of the Ponzio Campus Center. Up to 25 community partners participate in this event, and recruit Northland students for a variety of service opportunities that occur throughout the year. Get involved and share your passion and talents with the local communities!

Parsonage Fund for Student Opportunities The Parsonage Fund is expected to distribute approximately $40,000 for the 2012-2013 school year for qualified projects in the following areas: • • • • •

Research supplies and equipment for capstone projects or special research projects Travel to and participation in professional conferences or events Membership fees to join professional or academic organizations Service Learning projects Personal enrichment (i.e., cultural events, conflict resolution seminars, leadership activities, “green” education, etc.)

Application Deadlines for 2012-2013

Fall Due Dates: September 25, 2012 and November 6, 2012 Winter Due Dates: January 22, 2013, March 26, 2013, and May 7, 2013

Internships for 2012-2013 A field experience or internship course is a way to gain practical, hands-on work experience in a particular field of interest. During the school year, there are diverse opportunities available with state and federal governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, tribal governments, municipalities, on-campus, and others. While many students have already interviewed for and procured internships for the fall term, there are still some opportunities available, including new partnerships such as: • International business or marketing internship with Ancient Wood • Social justice internship with New Horizons North • Marketing internships with the Northland College Office of Marketing and Communications To view all available positions and register, go to • • • •

Click on “Sign Up for Free” in the upper right hand corner of any page. Complete the form by entering your first and last name, email, and create a password. Make sure to select our school location and school name from the My Profile area under “Education” once you have registered. We are listed as Northland College.

If you are unable to find an internship that meets your career goals, please contact Stacy Craig, Coordinator of Applied Learning, at or (715) 682-1232 to discuss other opportunities.

Multicultural Programming The fall semester offers a wide range of themes: September is Hispanic Heritage Month, October is GLBT History and Awareness Month, November/December is Americans with Disabilities Awareness Month. Events planned include talking/sharing circles, musical entertainment, drag show workshops, and autism awareness events to name a few. If you have ideas, questions, or would like to help organize events, please contact Kat Werchouski, Coordinator for Multicultural Programs.

Northland Connect We are excited to offer a new kind of Outdoor Orientation experience this fall. Northland Connect is a three-week experience: one week exploring the local area and two weeks on an Outdoor Orientation trip. The week in and around campus revolves around themes of sustainability: forces and ideas that shaped this area; local agriculture, sustainability, and energy; what it takes to succeed at Northland; and finally how to get involved with the greater community. After a week of discovery, students will head out for a 14-day trip. This 21-day experience is cutting edge and as far as we know there is nothing like it anywhere else. Northland College is proud to offer Northland Connect as an Outdoor Orientation option.

New Staff Julie Buckles Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Cheryl Contant Dean of the Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs Jason Ihlenfeldt Student Success Coordinator Mark Peterson Executive Director of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Scott Sorenson Head Men’s Basketball Coach Nick Streine Graphic Design and Communications Specialist

New Faculty Terri Frame Teaching Fellow in Ceramics Toben LaFrancois Adjunct Assistant Professor of Natural Resources and Philosophy Kally Malcom Teaching Fellow in Photography Jonathan Martin Assistant Professor of Natural Resources Sharad Deep Silwal Assistant Professor of Mathematics Angela Stroud Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Justice Russell Thorngate Director of Choral Activities and Assistant Professor of Music Brian Tochterman Assistant Professor of Sustainable Community Development

Intramurals Intramurals are a great opportunity for students to get to know each other, try new things, and be a part of a team. In 2012-2013, Northland College will offer ultimate Frisbee, game nights, basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, water polo, broomball (hockey without skates), capture the flag, and more! No experience is necessary. Students can sign up as individuals, with a partner, or as a team. Register for events online, or sign up at the intramural table at lunch. Look for the bulletin board in the PCC with announcements! Learn more at

Fall Athletics Home Openers • The first Men’s Soccer home games are September 14 & 15 • The first Women’s Soccer games are September 3 & 14 • The first Women’s Volleyball matches are September 12 & 21

What's new for 2012-2013?  
What's new for 2012-2013?  

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