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Quadra Queen II resumes service Gazette staff Following an 11-month, $15 million refit and upgrade, the new-look Quadra Queen II is expected to resume service on the Port McNeill, Sointula, Alert Bay route this morning. “The Quadra Queen II is conducting crew training the next three days. The ship will re-enter service on our Port McNeill - Alert Bay - Sointula route on Thursday morning,” said Deborah Marshall, Director of Media Relations and Corporate Development for B.C. Ferries, in an email to the Gazette Monday morning. The Quadra Queen II spent approximately eight months at Point Hope Maritime in Victoria, undergoing the majority of the life extension work at this local shipyard, as well as three months at BC Ferries’ Fleet Maintenance Unit, which has prepared the 41-year old vessel for another 20 years of service. An open house was held in Victoria last week to The newly refitted Quadra Queen II arrived in Alert Bay last weekend. After three days of crew training, it is scheduled to resume show off the fruits of the Robin Quirk photo refit and upgrade. service today serving Port McNeill, Sointula and Alert Bay.

7 Mile accepts truckloads of contaminated soil J.R. Rardon Gazette staff The acceptance of truckloads of contaminated soil at 7 Mile Landfill will help the Regional District of Mount Waddington limit its taxpayers’ burden, but drew concern from some residents when the first bargeload of trucks arrived last week. The Regional District’s

board of directors approved the delivery of the soils by Hazco Environmental Services, which will help pay down the principal on financing of improvements to the landfill by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hazco, which accumulates the soil from its various demolition, site remediation and construction projects, pays tipping

charges to the district. It will also place the soils, which are to be used to supplement capping part of the landfill when Phase I and II exhaust their airspace allowance in 2012, to the district’s specification. Finally, Hazco will pay to hydroseed the soil in its final destination atop the landfill, which could provide a level of meth-

ane mitgation, according to RDMW Operations Manager Patrick Donaghy. “When we’re dealing with contaminated soils there’s always concern,” said Donaghy, who noted his office and Hazco have each fielded calls about soil spilled onto the highway during last week’s initial delivery and concern about its impact on the environ-

ment. “Most of the contamination is metals, mostly copper. But as a percentage you’re probably looking at less than one gram in all that (spillage). “It’s like someone dropping a washer on the side of the road, that’s how miniscule it is. We have far more contamination concerns with the garbage we put out on the curb each

week.” Donaghy was asked about the soil during last week’s Regional District board meeting, by one director who had apparently been contacted by one or more residents. He pointed out that Hazco pays for testing of its soils,

See page 3 ‘Soils deemed low risk’

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Solid waste costs nudge taxes upwards J.R. Rardon Gazette staff PORT McNEILL — The Regional District of Mount Waddington kept a lid on the expenses it could control in the coming year. But the one expense it couldn’t control will result in a bump to residents’ tax bills in the coming year, according to the Five Year Financial Plan presented to the board at its regular meeting Mar. 15. Debt service for the Phase III expansion at 7 Mile Landfill boosted the cost for solid waste more than 20 per cent, which makes

up the bulk of a budget increase that will add about $6 per $100,000 assessed property value of the district’s constituents, or $15 for a $250,000 home. And the amount could have been higher, were it not for some 11th-hour trimming. “The board will note the solid waste budget has been amended from $554,000 to $529,450,� Regional District Treasurer Joe Mackenzie said in his report. “The original increase was 26 per cent, which would have cost an

additional $8 per $100,000 off assessed value. This new figure shaves $2 off that.� The 2011 budget holds the line on general government expenses, the regional emergency plan, parks, planning and economic development. A slight bump in 911 service fees has been offset by provincial funding to a degree that it actually cuts the mill rate by 81 cents for the non-solid waste portion of the budget. Phase I and II of 7 Mile Landfill, initially scheduled to be capped in 2010, have

had their lifespan extended, partly through a change in usable airspace and partly through increased recy-

“Short-term solutions are not an answer.� Al Huddlestan

cling and diversion of salvageable material from the waste stream, Operations Manager Patrick Donaghy said.

But it will be covered in 2012, and a substantial capital outlay was necessary to design and build Phase III — the debt on that expenditure creating the jump in this year’s budget. “You look at the capital expenditure, and you can see why the (budget) increase is pretty much sitting there in solid waste,� Port Hardy Mayor Bev Parnham said. “It’s one we know has been coming, and it was regulated.� And Mackenzie warned that this will not be the last time the district will

be dealing with increased landfill costs. “Starting in 2022, future boards will have to raise taxes, due to two additional expansion projects,� he said. The board approved first, second and third readings of the budget, then adopted the budget with a unanimous vote — and a further caution from board chair Al Huddlestan. “We’ve got a longterm issue to deal with,� Huddlestan said. “Shortterm solutions are not an answer.�

Regional District board resets user rates in bylaws Regional Arena; and an increase in the allowable levy to fund recreational buildings and grounds in the Hyde Creek Settlement Plan area. Solid waste rates Bylaw No. 810 establishes a new tipping schedule for 7 Mile Landfill, including for residential and commercial waste, and for controlled/hazardous/ contaminated material. Several items will remain free for residents to drop, including sorted recyclables, scrap metal including all appliances, fine (compostable) yard waste and product stewardship items, includ-

ing car/light truck tires up to 16 inches. Bylaw No. 812 repeals the rate and regulation bylaw 802 established in December for the new waste transfer station on Malcolm Island and clarifies the

Regional District Mount Waddington tipping fees and other rate schedules for the Island’s service. Bylaw No. 816 sets rates for solid waste collection at apartment and B&B units in Coal Harbour and amends previous descriptions of

Soils deemed low risk from pate 1 and that any metal or hydrocarbon content falls within limits set by the Ministry of Environment. “I think it’s also worth pointing out that any soils destined for here are tested at the source, before they ever get to the North Island,� board chair Al Huddlestan said. The criticism of the Hazco soil delivery was compounded when one of its drivers last week took his load from the barge dock through Port McNeill on the way to Highway 19 and the landfill. The drivers of the 18 trucks were instructed to take West Main to limit the amount of time and distance they spent on the highway.

those units. Under the new bylaw, an apartment unit will include any self-contained dwelling unit within or attached to a residential dwelling, apartment building or other building, which may be used as a residence on long- or short-term basis, including guest cottages. Bylaw No. 817 amends the Woss Garbage Removal rates and bylaws, increasing the annual removal fee from $186 to $236 per residence. The increase reflects the cost of garbage removal from the hamlet and factors the waste transfer station set to be constructed this year.

“I’d like to see an effort put in for that transfer station before we start paying that rate,� said Dave Rushton, Area D director and member of the Woss Residents Association. “Can you give us a date for completion in July?� “Our aggressive estimate is to have that running by the end of May,� RDMW Operations Manager Patrick Donaghy answered. “Even better,� said Rushton. “We’ll start paying it then.� Arena fees set Bylaw No. 811 sets fees for Chilton Regional Arena and

repeals and replaces Bylaw 788 from 2009. Coal Harbour services Bylaws 814 and 815 replace sections of previous bylaws dealing with definitions and rates for dwelling units for water and sewer service. The new bylaws establish rates for multiple-dwelling buildings, ranging from apartments to bed and breakfasts and other dwelling rooms with separate entrances “used or designed to be used as the permanent residence or home of one family,� such as mother-in-law apartments. It establishes separate

tolls for each residence where tolls are not on metered systems, even if served by the same line. The bylaws also set commercial water and sewer rates. Bylaw 809 raises the allowable expenditure for street lighting service for Coal Harbour from $5,000 to $5,700 annually, though one director added a qualifier to that cost. “I’d like to invite someone from BC Hydro to come and speak about the street lights,� said Norm Prince, Area C director. “If the lights are out longer than 10 days, I’m not paying for them.�


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$50 a Week! A backhoe shapes a large pile of soil at 7 Mile Landfill Monday. The pile represents the first of several barge loads expected. J.R. Rardon photo “Apparently one Island, concurred. driver did not listen to “Running a fully that, and he’s been rep- loaded truck through rimanded,� Donaghy residential and school said. “Hazco does a lot zones runs against our of planning up front operational philosoto ensure the public is phy,� Fagan said. “We not inconvenienced, know the nature of our and they get suitably work can occasionally choked when some- be controversial, and body decides to make the worst thing that can their own plan.� happen is to have one Brian Fagan, a Hazco person decide to go do manager on Vancouver their own thing.�

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J.R. Rardon Gazette staff PORT McNEILL — In conjunction with approval of the 2011 budget, the Regional District of Mount Waddington Board of Directors passed a series of bylaws related to the budget process during its regular meeting Mar. 15. Among those updated or established were bylaws addressing tipping rates at 7 Mile Landfill and solid waste transfer stations on Malcolm Island and in Woss and Coal Harbour; water and sewer service and street lighting rates in Coal Harbour; a new fee schedule for Chilton

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School district gets good news on budget Ken Manning Gazette staff PORT HARDY – Secretary Treasurer John Martin said at the S.D. 85 board meeting Mar. 14 he had received “really good news” from the Ministry of Education regarding next year’s school district operating grant. Martin said he had forewarned trustees that the budget for 2011-12 would shrink by $1.2 million over three or four years with the removal ofa ministry funding protection scheme. However, the ministry indicated funding protection will remain in place for at least one more year. Martin reminded the board that it has been holding a surplus of about $500,000 to soften the expected financial blow. The continuation of funding protection next year and the surplus to protect against the removal of funding protection moved to the following year, coupled with projected stable student enrollment numbers, provide confidence that “for the next two years we are not looking for major staffing and program cuts,” said Martin. Martin went on to say that he and Director of Instruction Katherine McIntosh have worked through the enrollment projections and staffing projections for the 2011-12 school year and will be accepting board, public and staff input on plans for next year with a view to bringing the board a report on those items in the near future. Electronic exams The Ministry of Education is moving increasingly towards having most provincial exams written on computers, said McIntosh. Trustee Carol Prescott asked McIntosh if students get to try out the electronic interface before writing their exams. McIntosh said they do not, but the electronic interface does not present problems for today’s student. Trustee Werner Manke asked what happens if the computer breaks down. McIntosh said the computers

are checked ahead of time by administrators to assure they are in working order. She also pointed out that special needs students are better served by the computer because the questions can be read aloud by the computer rather than having a scribe on hand to do

that task. Trustee Manke asked if the students might be able to Google answers during an exam. McIntosh said that was not possible. Heating contract Martin said the district has tendered heating and air condition-

$135,738. Martin recommended to the board that it award the contract to Nelson Sheet Metal and Roofing. Trustee Ann Hory asked if the Nelson company was a North Island firm. Martin answered that it is a Vancouver Island company that has done lots

School Board ing upgrades for Fort Rupert Elementary School and he has reviewed the bids. He said the bids were all pretty close, with the lowest from Nelson Sheet Metal and Roofing with a bid of

of work for this school district previously. “They did good work for us,” said Martin. The board unanimously approved the awarding of the contract. Earth month Superintendent Kathy Bedard reported that

April will be recognized as Earth Month in the district. The district has asked students to put forward projects with that theme. She also said the district will host a youth forum on environmental topics involving about 120 student participants in Port Alice on May 5.

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B&E and sexual interference nets jail time J.R. Rardon Gazette staff Following a pre-sentence hearing for Port Hardy’s Donald C. Walkus on counts of breaking and entering and sexual interference, Crown and defence counsel made a joint submission for three-year prison sentences on both counts Mar. 17 in Port Hardy. Judge Brian Saunderson would not have it. “I do not have confidence he can drink and not offend,� Saunderson said of Walkus. “He is a danger to the community, and a danger particularly to young girls. I do not accept the recommendation. I cannot

live with the thought of such a short sentence.� Saunderson instead issued five-year prison sentences for each count, in addition to six months for assault and one-month sentences each for two counts of breach. The sentences will run concurrently, after which Walkus will serve three years probation with a prohibition on attendance anywhere children are present. Walkus entered a guilty plea Nov. 30 after his arrest for entering a residence and inappropriately touching a young girl who was sleeping at the time. “This is Mr. Walkus’s

fourth conviction on sexually related charges� dating to 1989, Crown counsel John Blackman said. “The sentence should emphasize denunciation of conduct and protection of the public.� Jail for knife attack Benjamin Beans of Alert Bay will serve two years less a day, in addition to time served, after entering a guilty plea Mar. 16 for aggravated assault on Norman Wadhams of Alert Bay. The incident occurred Sept. 17, 2010, during a party at an Alert Bay residence. Wadhams suffered a

Court Report puncture wound to the chest and a slash to the wrist when he tried to defend himself from a second attack. He was originally taken to hospital in Alert Bay before being flown to Vancouver, where he spent three days in hospital. Defence counsel Jordan Watt said his client could offer no reason for the attack. Judge Saunderson added three years probation and a 10-year weapons ban to Beans’ sentence, as well as a no-contact order with the

victim. He was particularly concerned about Beans’ intention to return to Alert Bay upon his release and emphasized a drug and alcohol prohibition throughout the probation period. “I warn you, Mr. Beans, stay away from Mr. Wadhams,� Saunderson said. “If you do not, you will be arrested and back before the court. You must not drink, or you will be back before the court. And I can assure you the sentence will be stiff.� Sentencing delayed The scheduled sentencing hearing of David Mayea

of Port McNeill on four counts of sexual interference was rescheduled to allow families of the victims to attend. The hearing, originally scheduled for Mar. 16 in Port Hardy, has been moved to Mar. 29. “This is spring break, and some of the parents of the children have made other scheduling arrangements,� Crown counsel Blackman said. Mayea plead guilty Oct. 21, 2010 to the four counts of sexual interference against children who attended his wife’s home day care in July of 2009.

Local governments celebrate protocol anniversary Gazette staff PORT HARDY – Just days away from the one-year anniversary of the initial signing, local and First Nations governments gathered Mar. 14 to reaffirm and celebrate the first year of the North Island Protocol Agreement: A memorandum of understanding to foster respect and cooperation between neighbouring governments. Nearly forty representatives of local, regional and First Nations governments

gathered to have a State of the Region Summit and to review the status and progress stemming from the Protocol. “This process has been an immense eye opener for us� said Bev Parnham, Mayor of Port Hardy, speaking of bilateral discussions she has been holding with Kwakiutl First Nation Chief Coreen Child. “When we started speaking to each other we soon realized that we had literally hundreds of shared interests. The

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challenge was to begin the process by selecting just one item to focus on.� “This protocol, has not been about quick fixes, or about miraculous changes in opinion.� said (Summit host) Gwa’salaNakwaxda’xw Chief Paddy Walkus. “But the doors of communication opening

amongst all of our communities already feels like a great success it makes me feel like we are moving to a strong place in our relationships throughout our homelands�. Economic development, communications and collaborative resource sharing were themes discussed throughout the day, as

well as in-depth discussions about emergency preparedness, health, employment and training, and maximizing resources for better opportunities for the entire region. Formally signed March 17, 2010, the North Island Protocol Agreement was characterized as a living document, keeping the

door open for additional participants to sign on at anytime in the future. Signatories to the North Island Protocol Agreement currently include: The Regional District of Mount Waddington; the District of Port Hardy; the Town of Port McNeill; the Village of Port Alice;

the Village of Alert Bay; The Kwakiutl First Nation; the ‘Namgis First Nation; the Da’naxda’xw / Awaetlala First Nations; the Kwik’wastutinuxw Haxwamis First Nations; the Gwa’salaNakwaxda’xw Nation; the Quatsino First Nation, and the Tlatlasikwala First Nation.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011



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Waste not, pay less The reality of physics is hitting North Island ratepayers in the wallet this week. The portion of 7 Mile Landfill first opened in the mid-1990s is nearing the limit of its capacity and its final cover is scheduled to be placed next summer. That has necessitated construction of an expansion, Phase III, accompanied by new capital expenditure and financing. And, as RDMW treasurer Joe Mackenzie warned the board of directors last week, this won’t be the last input of financing required by the landfill. In 2022, Phase IV is slated to begin. The Regional District has taken some admirable steps to mitigate the financial impact, including measures that extended the life of the current Phase I and Phase II areas from 2010 to 2012. Extending Phase III beyond 2022 — and reducing the tax hit from the subsequent expansion — will be partly up to the public, by diverting material out of the landfill’s waste stream. That means sorting materials before they go out to the curb, using recycling centres in Port McNeill, Port Hardy and at 7 Mile, and taking advantage of free drops of items like appliances, fine yard debris and stewardship product programs for car and light truck tires. It’s a dirty job, but everyone’s got to do it. Or pay the price.

We Asked You Question:

Do you have a household emergency plan in place for an earthquake or tsunami?

Yes 50%

No 50% Total votes received for this question: 30 Voting deadline is Monday at 3 p.m.

Kaouk, the “Port Alice Trailer Park sea lion”, was released back to the wild after a stint at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

Mount Waddington Regional District ratepayers will be seeing a tax hike following release of the 20011 budget.

Don’t play politics with BC Hydro VICTORIA – Rich Coleman is B.C.’s fourth energy minister in the past year, which is as good a measure as any of the political storm that has rocked the government. On only his second day on the job, Coleman was already showing why Premier Christy Clark calls him a “tough guy” who can stare down the big-spending BC Hydro. Clark is, of course, concerned that it may not be “good for families” if Hydro rates go up 50 per cent in the next five years. The city media said Coleman is considering pulling the plug on the smart meter program or some other expensive project like the Ruskin dam overhaul. Interim NDP leader Dawn Black is demanding that the new premier “tackle skyrocketing Hydro rates.” Don’t hold your breath. What Coleman actually mused about in his first scrum as energy minister was “amortization.” It’s not

B.C. Views Tom Fletcher


a question of whether or not B.C.’s 20-year lapse in grid and dam upgrades needs fixing, only how fast it’s done. Take the Ruskin dam. Many B.C. residents are unaware of the string of hydro dams along the north shore of the Fraser River, namely the Coquitlam, Alouette, Stave and Ruskin dams. These are among B.C.’s oldest hydro assets. The Coquitlam River was dammed in 1914 and has

The North Island Gazette is published Thursdays at Port Hardy, B.C. by Black Press Ltd. Canadian Publications Mail Agreement #391275. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) for our publishing activities.

recently had a second earthfill dam added downstream to mitigate an earthquake catastrophe. The Stave Falls dam was completed in 1911 and the Ruskin dam followed in 1929. Their modest power output kept up with growing demand. Ruskin dam is a mossy old concrete monolith wedged in a granite gorge. Even a moderate earthquake would not be good for families downstream in the village of Ruskin. The Ruskin upgrade alone is estimated at a staggering $800 million, if it starts next year and is done by 2018. It could be delayed to give Coleman and Clark a short-term political boost, but delaying this long-overdue work further will certainly push the cost over $1 billion. Coleman could rein in BC Hydro by delaying smart meter installation. But as described last week, this project is also unavoidable, and delay can only lead to

bigger costs and rate hikes. Coleman could possibly reduce the rate impact via privatization. According to BC Hydro’s most radical union, COPE local 378, this is imminent, as the utility’s contract with Accenture expires in 2013. COPE issued a news release last week warning of the “possible breakup” of BC Hydro in outsourcing agreements as much as three times the size of the Accenture deal. (In 2003 BC Hydro contracted with Accenture to provide customer service, finance, information technology and other back-office functions.) A BC Hydro spokesman advises me that no, the utility is not considering breaking itself up into three entities. The next time you hear about a quick solution for rising electricity rates, take it with a grain of salt. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter for Black Press.

A member of

This North Island Gazette is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province's newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to

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Thursday, March 24, 2011 7


Sled dog column misses mark Dear editor, Lawrence Woodall’s clichéridden rant against city-dwellers (City dwellers not noted for their horse sense, Mar. 17) was short on facts but long on name-calling. His lame, unoriginal stereotyping of “city folk” (just how many times can you say “latte-slurpers”?) betrayed more than a little parochial prejudice against the 80 per cent of Canadians who live in cities. That’s an awful lot of people to think you’re smarter than. His ideas about urbanites are about as valid as characterizing country-dwellers as inbred banjo players sitting on the front porch drinkin’ moonshine while mamma makes squirrel stew. In the real world (country or city) people are concerned about the sled dog industry because dogs are tethered for long hours when not working, “culled” by gunshot and pushed beyond their physical limits in races - all inhumane practices. The dogs’ inbred desire to run is exploited for the sake of entertainment and money. Sled dog operations are businesses - they exist to make profits, not to ensure good animal welfare. Only a ban will stop the commodification of sled dogs, which is the reason they are at risk. Peter Fricker Vancouver Humane Society

Injured worker failed by system Dear editor, “You’ve fallen through the cracks,” my WorkSafe BC rep told me. “I wish I could help, but there’s nothing I can do.” Call after call, I received the same reply. My benefits were cut off, my income now zero. My crime is simple – I can’t work due to a jobsite injury, and my condition is worsening under the “care” of WorkSafe BC. My doctor insists that I see

a specialist for assessment and possible treatment. WorkSafe BC, however, refuses to pay my benefits until they receive a report from that specialist, who is out of the office until the middle of April. I may not get any benefits for months – a long time to wait without any income. How can this happen? I’ve paid WorkSafe BC from each paycheque, thinking that they would help me if I was injured.

I’ve jumped through every hoop, done everything that they asked, and cooperated

How can this happen in our country? fully in every program they offered. My medical condition keeps deteriorating. Yet they still won’t pay me. I’ve “slipped through the cracks”, and there’s nothing that they can (or

will) do to help. How can this happen in our country? WorkSafe BC is supposed to protect injured workers, not punish and abuse them. Corporate greed and total lack of common sense may end up costing me everything that I own. To everyone working now, beware! WorkSafe BC has no compassion. Hope and pray that you are never injured on the job. Nothing but greed, mental

abuse, and cruelty await you with WorkSafe BC. It happens every day in this province, and it will never end. With an upcoming election, I call on all of the candidates to speak up! Will you protect the rights of injured workers? Or do we slip through the cracks politically, as well? Ron Hutton Port McNeill

ER staff falls short of expectations Dear editor, Being a mom is a scary thing when your child is sick and there seems to be nothing you can do for them. Being a new mom is even worse in tense situations. We as moms rely on the health professionals at the hospitals to help us and we expect them to be courteous, understanding and helpful. Unfortunately, at Port Hardy

Hospital we didn’t receive that. On Mar. 15 the treatment that my girlfriend and I received when we brought her two-month-old son into Emergency was atrocious. For two hours, we sat in the waiting room without even being acknowledged by a nurse or any other staff member, then we were subjected to the rudest attitude from the ER nurse and sent home without seeing a doctor.

We ended up returning to the ER during the day and seeing a daytime nurse who was amazed beyond a doubt. They took the time to help us to the best of their abilities and to make sure we were as comfortable as possible and ensured that we saw a doctor. The night emergency staff needs to work on their “beside manner” and treat all patients fairly, maybe even take some lessons from the

daytime staff. As a mom and a resident of Port Hardy, I suggest if you find yourself ER-worthy during the night, take the extra 20 minutes and drive yourself to Port McNeill and receive the care and respect you deserve instead of subjecting yourself to rude behaviour and hours of waiting to see anyone at Port Hardy Hospital. Kate Pyle Port Hardy

New NDP federal candidate fires first salvo It is a pleasure to be writing to you as the new candidate for the federal New Democrats. It is a privilege to be a candidate for the party that cares about you and me. Jack Layton is a different kind of leader, who is in it for the right reasons. He and the New Democrats see that after five years of Harper’s Conservatives, life is less affordable, jobs are scarce, seniors are hurting, and communities are suffering.

Letters to the editor

And now, we are seeing the downgrading of Coast Guard services and boats. The Conservative representative for this riding sits idly by, while the Point Race rescue vessel is replaced with a smaller boat, which is criticized for being less fit for our coastal waters and will jeopardize lives. Meanwhile, the Liberals, who started the move to replace the Point Race and the Point Henry when they were at the helm in the late

Ronna-Rae Leonard 1990’s, are doing nothing in Ottawa to prevent this

shrinking of the safety net for coastal communities. As your NDP Member of Parliament, I will be proud to be part of the New Democrat team that includes MP Nathan Cullen. Nathan met earlier this month with the head of the Coast Guard to demand public hearings here on the west coast and continues to raise the issue with the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans in the House of Commons. The NDP is fighting hard

for practical results for the people of Vancouver Island North. I am committed to work hard with Jack and the NDP team to see real change for Canadians. Life should be more affordable for working families and seniors. Our fishery and marine resources should be protected. Vancouver Island North deserves a representative who will stand up for them. Sincerely, Ronna-Rae Leonard Courtenay

The goal is to publish every letter, so keep them brief, clear and to the point. Be hard on the problem, not the person; skip quotes except where readily confirmable; accept editing for length and legality. Include full name and home community (plus phone number to confirm authorship). Mail, fax, email or drop off c/o the editor by 4:00 pm Friday.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


North Island

Hot Spots

March 25 Movie Night at the Port Hardy Baptist Church. A prerelease movie will be shown. Cost is free. Doors open at 7 p.m. Movie begins at 7:30. FMI see March 25-26 Community Garage Sale sponsored by Providence Place in support of their Garage Youth Centre. Sale goes from 12 noon to 8 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday at the old grocery store next to Capt. Hardy’s. Table rentals $20 plus a $20 deposit that is returned after cleaning up your unsold goods following the sale. Donations gratefully accepted. FMI 250-949-8899. March 25-26 Bear Cup Youth Floor Hockey Tournament. Ages 13-15 and 16-18. $50 per team with prizes for top three teams. Register before Mar. 20th at Bears Place (Robert Scott Gym) or call 250-949-0343. March 28 to April 1 Port Hardy Secondary School Japanese class is collecting donations for Japan. Cheques payable to the Canadian Red Cross - memo Japanese Earthquake. Tax receipts available for donations of $10 or more. A dona-

ONGOING EVENTS & MEETINGS • Are you interested in being part of the team? Join the PH Fire Dept. drop-in meeting every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the fire halls. • Port Hardy Museum & Gift Shop open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 am to noon, 1:00 to 5:00 pm. • PH Youth Health Clinic: Tues 3-5pm drop in. Family Place (back door). • PM Youth Health Clinic: Thurs 3-5pm drop in. Public Health office (beside town office). • PHSS PAC mtg every 2nd Thurs of each month @ 7pm. • Volunteers needed for a Kitchen Program Assistant for AIDS Vancouver Island. Contact Shane 250-230-0884 or shane. • Every 1st & 3rd Saturday at 7pm: Coal Harbour Activity Centre Game Night. Bring a friend. Free. FMI 250-949-0575. • PH Lions Club Bingo every Thursday. Doors open at 5:30pm. • The German Edelweiss Cultural Club meets Thurs. at 7pm in PH Inn Pub. FMI 250-230-1376.

NORTH ISLAND Serving Vancouver Island 1-888-444-5570

for 63 years. Richard Maris All your building needs… Commercial & Residential Cell: 1-888-444-5563



tion box is in the school office. FMI see Ms. Johnson. March 29 The Filomi Days Planning Committee is seeking new members. Come out for an information and organizing meeting to find out more at Cafe Guido at 7:30 p.m. March 29 Culture night at the Sacred Wolf. Meetings will take place every other Tuesday from this night forward. Everyone welcome to take part in the singing and dancing, at 7 p.m. March 30 In partnership with Small Business BC, Community Futures is offering a video conference seminar titled “Starting a Consulting Business” #14-311 Hemlock, Port McNeill. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Seating is limited so please register at 250-956-2220. More information at www. April 4 In partnership with Small Business BC, Community Futures is offering a video conference seminar titled “My First Year in Business - A Financial Overview” #14-311 Hemlock, Port McNeill. 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Seating is limited so please register at 250-956-2220. More information at April 9 Casino Night presented by the Malcolm Island Lions club will feature black jack, wheel of fortune, etc at F.O. Hall. Doors open at 5 p.m. B.C. gaming license 31066. Admission $5. FMI phone Campbell at 250-973-6153. April 13 In partnership with Small Business BC, Community Futures is offering a video conference seminar titled “Retail Distribution - Move Your Product Line in Retail Market” #14-311 Hemlock, Port McNeill. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Seating is limited so please register at 250-9562220. More information at April 15 Eagle View Fun Fair from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. at Eagle

SPIKETOP CEDAR LTD. • Siding • Fencing • Decking

• Timbers • 8” & 10” Bevel Siding • T&G Cedar Panelling

5935 Steel Road (TACAN Site) Call Jim: 250-949-1283 • Fax: 250-949-6865


Cabinet Shop Manufacturing kitchen cabinets on the North Island since 1986

Quality Custom Design Cabinets view us at


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View Elementary School. A fundraising event for playground equipment. Support the fundraising effort while having some affordable family fun. April 16 North Island Concert Society presents Tim Williams, a blues-based singer and songwriting veteran of the Roots music scene in America. He is inspired by Hillbilly and Western Swing music heard in his childhood. 7:30 p.m. at Port Hardy Civic Centre. Tickets $20 at the Hobby Nook, Cafe Guido, PH Museum and Port McNeill Flower Shoppe. April 17 Community Garage Sale at Port McNeill Lions Hall. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Contact Helen Scott 250-956-3673 April 20 In partnership with Small Business BC, Community Futures is offering a video conference seminar titled “Advertising Your Small Business” #14-311 Hemlock, Port McNeill. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Seating is limited so please register at 250-956-2220. More information at April 28 In partnership with Small Business BC, Community Futures is offering a video conference seminar titled “eCommerce and Understanding Online Payment Systems” #14-311 Hemlock, Port McNeill. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Seating is limited so please register at 250-9562220. More information at

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Complete anonymity is a fundamental cornerstone of our crisis line service and conversations are private but there is help available when needed. Whatever the reason Just to talk Teen issues Feeling lonely Feeling sad Sexuality Seniors issues Suicidal In danger feelings

Local North Island Crisis Line Local in Port Hardy

250-949-6033 Local in Alert Bay/Kingcome/Gilford


Thursday, March 24, 2011 9

Provincial award for North Island bus driver Ken Manning Gazette staff Joanne Ranger has been named School Bus Driver of the Year by the Association of School Transportation Services of British Columbia. Ranger, who will retire this year, delivered 320,000 students 493,000 kilometres during her 32-year career without an accident. Mayor Bev Parnham, who is also the administrative assistant at the school district’s transportation centre, presented Ranger with a commemorative plaque and spoke on behalf of Randy Ball, the school

district’s transportation manager. Ball’s letter said when he became transportation supervisor in

“She knew every student and every student’s parents on all four buses.” Randy Ball

1992, Ranger was an invaluable resource. “She knew every student and every student’s parents on all

Wedding gift for auxiliary Gazette staff The current darlings of royal watchers have named Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliaries as the only Canadian charity among many that they chose to receive charitable donations from well-wishers in lieu of wedding gifts. “They are charities that have a particular resonance with Prince William and Miss Middleton and reflect issues in which the couple have been particularly interested in their lives to date,” said a statement from Clarence House, the official London residence of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, and Princes William and Harry. “It’s a huge honour

to be chosen by Prince William and Miss Middleton as part of a list of distinguished charitable groups around the world,” said Randy Strandt, President Pacific Region, Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary. “We’re certainly proud of the good work that our nearly 5,000 volunteers put in to ensure marine safety and it’s our pleasure now to be in a position to share our story with millions of people who can support our efforts on behalf of the Royal Couple.” The long tradition of vessels responding to distress situations is part of the fabric and, in many cases, the law for most maritime nations.

Woss/Mount Cain Saturday Service Ends March 26/11 Port Hardy/Port McNeill Saturday Service Starts April 2/11 Port Hardy to Port McNeill SATURDAY ONLY Lv Thunderbird Mall 9:25am 1:20pm

four buses,” said Ball. Now, some 19 years later Ranger is transporting the grandchildren of some of the children she transported early in her career. In his letter Ball jokes, “It’s quite an effective discipline tool when you tell the little ones, I know your parents and your grandparents.” Ball goes on to say that Ranger has been a driver trainer for more than 18 years. Many of today’s school bus drivers are her former students. Temporary School District 85 Chair Jeff Field said, “I can recall, back a few years it was

a family tradition when you and your mom were both driving. On behalf of the board, I would like to thank you for your years of service to this school district and to the children of this school district. Well done.” “This is past my wildest dreams, really,” said Ranger. “I’m not going to miss the politics of it (driving), but I’m sure going to miss the kids. But, I’ll still be around. I’ll still see them in the grocery store.” Also on hand to take part in the presentation was Rick Kolich, the school district’s transporation department working foreman.

c a p s u l e

Joanne Ranger with her B.C. School Bus Driver of the Year Award from the Association of School Transportation Services of British Columbia presented by Bev Parnham, school district transportation department administrative assistant and by Rick Kolich, transportation foreman. Ken Manning photo

c o m m e n t s

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See what students have to say starting March 21 at and click on the Year of Science logo

For more information on the Year of Science job shadowing project go to

In partnership with The Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia

Port McNeill to Port Hardy SATURDAY ONLY Lv Pioneer Mall 10:12am 2:07pm

TRANSIT OFFICE – 250-956-3151





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Thursday, March 24, 2011

OCP awards prizes Happiness for couples Gazette staff Josh Junglas, Melissa Penney and Rob Ramchuk have been selected winners in the Port Hardy Official Community Plan survey contest, the District of Port Hardy announced last week. “We received a total of 217 completed surveys from community residents and would like to acknowledge this contribution from the community as well as to announce the three survey winners,” said Kelsey Milne, assistant planner. Residents were invited beginning in December to fill out the online surveys as part of the District’s efforts to get input from a broad spectrum of the community for the community-based

OCP. Those who missed out on the survey still have an avenue for input into the plan, when the OCP focus group visits

“We received a total of 217 completed surveys ...” Kelsey Milne

Port Hardy April 5-6. The visit will include a coffeehouse discussion on social sustainability, titled A Discussion on Our Social Future, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Apr. 5, at Market Street Cafe. In last week’s random prize draw of survey respondents, Ramchuk won an iPod,


Penney won a season Recreation Pass from the District, and Junglas picked up a $50 gift certificate to Sporty’s. “The town is actually trying to get our opinion and that’s what democracy is all about,” said Junglas, a secondary school student. Survey results are being formatted into a report that will be used as a platform from which to initiate more in-depth deliberation at community events, Milne said. “The Focus team would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the survey and provide valuable feedback and input into this important planning process,” she said.

In the event of an earthquake, are you prepared? 


'523 &29(5 +2/'21



Enter at #1-7053 your nearest InsuranceCentres branch or at Enter at Market St. Port Hardy or at Contest 30, 2011 Contest ends ends April April 30, 2011 Victoria I Ladysmith I Nanaimo I Parksville I Qualicum Beach I Courtenay Comox I Cumberland I Campbell River I Quadra Island I Gold River I Port Hardy

Career Decision Making Workshop


Tuesday March 29 from 9:45 to noon Lighthouse Resource Centre, Salvation Army Call 250.949.5736 today and arrange to meet with an Employment Advisor to find out how NIEFS’ workshop and one-to-one employment services will help you to: Identify your values, interests and skills Find out what jobs fit you best This service is offered without charge to North Islanders who are unemployed or facing lay-off.


North Island Employment

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


& 11


Submit results to 250-949-6225 Fax 250-949-7655 or email us at • Deadline 10 am Monday

on deck Tell us about items of interest to the sports community. March 25 Youth soccer Deadline for registration, Port Hardy Youth Soccer Association. Pick up forms at Recreation Centre counter, 9 a.m.4 p.m. Mon.-Fri. March 25-26 Floor hockey Bear Cup Tournament at Old Robert Scott gym. 4-on-4, $50 per team, age groups13-15 and 16-18 years. Register at Bear’s Place (Robert Scott gym) or call 250-949-0343. March 28 Youth soccer Deadline for registration, Port McNeill Youth Soccer Association. Pick up forms at Timberland Sports. Hockey awards Port McNeill Minor Hockey Association awards, 7 p.m., Sunset Elementary School. March 29 Hockey awards North Island Eagles hockey pot luck dinner and awards, 6:30 p.m., Port Alice Community Centre. April 2-4 Floor hockey Suicide Awareness Floor Hockey Tournament, Don Cruickshank Memorial Arena, Port Hardy. Men’s, women’s divisions, registration $250 per team. To register, call Victor at 250-902-2688 or Ethyl, 250-949-1964. April 10 Youth soccer Youth soccer referee clinic for mini division, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Port McNeill. To register, or to volunteer as a coach, call Sarah at 250-9496687. April 29-May 1 Soccer Port McNeill Mud Bowl Tournament. NISS track, Sunset Elem. and Cheslakees Elem. fields. Game times tba.

Bantams start slowly at provincials Gazette staff The North Island Eagles rep bantam hockey team had high hopes entering this week's Tier 3 provincial championships in Smithers. But those hopes may have been dashed by losses in the team's first two tournament

games earlier this week. Skating to a 2-2 tie with Revelstoke in the second period of their Sunday opener, the bantams watched as Revelstoke pulled away to a 9-3 win. The Eagles, who rolled unbeaten through the

Vancouver Island playoffs to earn the provincial berth, seemed to be back on track when they jumped to a 2-0 lead over Terrace Monday afternoon. But Terrace tied the game in the opening period and went on to a 7-5 win.

The bantams improved to 1-2 in the tournament by overcoming an early deficit to defeat Whistler 6-4 in Tuesday's early morning game. The squad, which includes several players appearing at provincials for the

third straight year, had one more game in pool play late Tuesday, but were a longshot to earn a top-two pool finish and a berth in Wednesday's semifinals. The tournament wraps up today with the third-place and championship games.

Skaters take spotlight J.R. Rardon Gazette staff PORT McNEILL — Karly Dutcyvich, Whitney Murgatroyd and Brenna Jardine each claimed gold medals Saturday as the Port McNeill Figure Skating Club enjoyed an unqualified success as first-time hosts of the Barbara Rasmussen Memorial Figure Skating Competition. The 35th annual competition, held in Courtenay through its first 34 years, drew 115 skaters from seven Vancouver Island clubs to Chilton Regional Arena. A small army of parents and other volunteers from the local club configured the arena for the competition and transformed the image room upstairs with an awards podium and backdrop. A shortage of volunteers in the Comox Valley this season had threatened the event with its first break since it began in 1977. The Port McNeill club was initially approached about hosting the competition in Courtenay, but due to logistics and travel opted instead to bring Clockwise from above: Lexie Murgatroyd of Port McNeill skates to a the event here. runner-up finish; Alyssa Busch of Port Hardy catches big air; Amy Parker Rasmussen was a longtime J.R. Rardon photos figure skating coach on the of Port McNeill glides past the judges' stand. North Island, who coached in Port Hardy, Port Alice and Port McNeill as well as the Comox Valley before losing her life in an automobile accident. Current Port McNeill Figure Skating Club coach Elizabeth Kines was a student of Rasmussen’s and was injured in the same accident. Local club officials cited the importance of the competition to Kines as a major reason for taking it on this year. The club is not expected to host the Rasmussen event next year, as it will be presenting its bi-annual Ice Carnival in 2012. On Saturday, Dutcyvich won

top honours in the Senior bronze women’s division; Murgatroyd won the Preliminary women’s 11&over title; and Jardine, of Port Hardy, claimed the top spot in Canskate group 3. Silver medals for the Port McNeill club went to Lexie Murgatroyd in the Pre-

preliminary women’s 9-11 division; to Sidney Hamilton in Preliminary women 11-over; to Mikayla Walton in Junior bronze women 13-over; to Rebecca Griffith in Canskate group 6; to Lisa Cochrane in Junior silver women’s competition; and to Alyssa Rowe in the Gold women’s skate. Bronze winners were Carley Bobb, Saiya Gachter, Port Hardy’s Alyssa Busch and Alison Gurney. Competition results appear in Sports Scoreboard, page 13.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sports & Recreation

Get ready to getaway this’s all right here in BC! View some of my favourite up-and-coming Spring destinations in BC. There is no more beautiful place on earth and so many wonders to discover. It’s all within your reach−coming your way at…

Charlotte Scragg of Port McNeill slides beak-first down the slope at the obstacle course race during Kids Fest Saturday at Mount Cain Ski Area. Below, Jesse Sewell appeared as "Stewie" from The Family Guy television program to rock the mountain, and Layla Hatelt shows off her face painting. Sandy Grenier photos

Kids stake claim on Mt. Cain Gazette staff More than 70 youngsters, a record turnout, made the annual Kids Fest at Mount Cain Ski Area a big success Saturday. Held in blowing snow for much of the day, the event featured races, an obstacle course, snow sculptures, face painting and various arts and crafts. Entirely volunteerrun, Kids Fest was backed by sponsorship of North Island businesses ranging from Port Hardy, Port McNeill and Sointula

Your host, Cheryl MacKinnon

ATHLETE of the Week

to Campbell River and Courtenay. Awards were handed out to top finishers in each age group in races and obstacle course. Results appear in Scoreboard, page 13.


The Port McNeill figure skater won first place in the Senior Bronze Women’s class Saturday during the 35th annual Barbara Rasmussen Memorial Competition at Chilton Regional Arena.

Midget reps win Alberni tourney Gazette staff Bouncing back in impressive fashion after a disappointing playoff loss, the North Island Eagles rep midgets stormed through last weekend's Port Alberni tournament and claimed the championship with a 7-1 romp over Calgary in the final. Earlier, the Midgets ripped Vancouver 11-2,

beat Peninsula 10-1 and topped Richmond 5-2 to claim the top spot in their pool. The Eagles then broke open a see-saw battle against Mission in the semifinals with four third-period goals to advance to the final. Stevyn Ruel and Lucas Robertson split time in goal for the team throughout the tournament, with

Sports Briefs Robertson getting the win in the final. Slo-pitch to start The ice is out, spring has arrived and the call has gone out to slopitch participants in Port Hardy. Anyone interested in playing or refereeing in

the coming season are invited to call David Deans at North Star Cycle & Sports, 250949-7221. Dean is tentatively planning to hold the annual Icebreaker tournament the first weekend in May. Youth floor hockey The first Bear Cup youth floor hockey tournament will be held

Friday and Saturday at the former Robert Scott Elementary School gymnasium. The entry fee is $50 per team for the 4-on-4 format, and prizes will be awarded to the top three teams in 11-13 and 14-16 age divisions. Register at Bear's Place in the Robert Scott gym, or by calling 250-949-0343.

Strait Shooter Photography

Sports & Event Photo Specialists Mobile portrait studio & on-site printing. Call to schedule an event, portrait or passport sittings.

250-949-0528 If you know someone who should be the Athlete of the Week, phone the Gazette at 250-949-6225.

Thursday, March 24, 2011 13

Sports & Recreation

Warriors cap banner season with win J.R. Rardon Gazette staff PORT HARDY — The Warriors of Port Hardy had already clinched the top spot in the North Island Men’s Commercial Hockey League. On the final weekend of play, they made sure they didn’t back into the championship. Jake Colbourne, Trygg Carlson and Shelby Cockell scored two goals each Friday night as the Warriors topped the Port Hardy Bulls 6-2 and took home league bragging rights until next season. The Warriors kept constant pressure on the Bulls and goalkeeper

Derek Le Boeuf, and were especially dominant through the first period. Some acrobatic work in net by Le Boeuf kept the game within 2-1 until late in the opening period, when Colbourne chipped in a third Warriors goal with 2:34 remaining and Cockell buried a wrist shot with 19 seconds left as they padded their lead to 4-1 at intermission. The Bulls tightened up their backcheck after the break and got a few more shots on winning goalie Jason Saunders, but never got closer than 4-2 on Barney Wilson’s rebound tally at 3:40 of the second.

Lucas Noel also scored for the Bulls, while Chad Mackenzie had two assists and Shawn Patterson added a helper. Jordan Nicholson had two assists and Cockell and Arlo Kueber chipped in singles for the Warriors. The Warriors bolted out to a fast start in league play, then overcame a midseason swoon and a late charge by the Port McNeill Ice Devils. They essentially clinched the league title with a win over the Devils two weeks earlier, prior to the break for Port Alice’s Oscar Hickes Memorial tourney.

Port Hardy Bulls goalie Derek Le Boeuf joins teammate Curtis Martyn behind the net as they try to disrupt the attack of the Warriors' Jordan Nicholson Friday at Don J.R. Rardon photo Cruickshank Memorial Arena.

Dragonboat registration open J.R. Rardon Gazette staff PORT HARDY — With the 2011 season about to start, the Triport Dragonboat Society is seeking paddlers interested in either recreational or competitive opportunities in the increasingly popular sport. Early-bird registration is under way and will continue through the end of March for spots in one of the society’s three boats, in Port Hardy, Port McNeill and Sointula. The fee is $150 per person for two practices per week, and covers the duration of the season from April through September. For one practice per week the cost is $100. After Mar. 31 the fee will increase $25. Special senior (60-over) and youth (13-18 years) rates apply for registration of full teams, which are 20-22 paddlers per boat. That team cost is $1,000 for the season. Triport Dragonboat Society provides the boats, paddles and safety training. New members will need to provide their own personal flotation device, footwear and clothing appropriate for a wet environment. Registration forms may be picked up in Port Hardy at Irene Paterson and Associates, Cafe Guido and the Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Centre; in Port McNeill at Gus’s Bar and Grill and Progressive Diesel; and in Sointula at the Post Office. Various practice times throughout the week and weekend will be available, said Irene Paterson of the society’s executive board. “We try to work around people’s schedules as much as pos-

Sports Scoreboard FIGURE SKATING 35th Barbara Rasmussen Memorial Competition Mar. 19, 2011 At Chilton Regional Arena Top 5 and Port McNeill FSC results

Members of the Port Hardy Tsunami Dragons compete in last year's Triport Dragonboat Society regatta on the Port Hardy Waterfront. J.R. Rardon photo sible,” Paterson said. “If people the arrival of its first boat in are concerned about getting a 2008, has been expanding since. practice time that works for Last season, several teams them, they can fill out a form competed in regattas in and bring it in with their prefer- Nanaimo, Victoria, Comox and ences, then pay when they get Port Alberni, and the society placed with a team. capped its year by hosting its “The sooner people are reg- first regatta before a sizable istered, the sooner teams can crowd on the waterfront at let the scheduler know their Rotary Park in Port Hardy. preferred practice times.” Paterson said the local regatSpots are also available for ta will return this season, the those interested in the sport who weekend of Sept. 10, and that may be unable or unwilling to teams from down-Island will be paddle, including coaching and invited to take part. helming the boats. For more info, email triportThe society, which began with

Prelim. Women 11+ — 1. Whitney Murgatroyd, PM; 2. Sidney Hamilton, PM; 3. Carley Bobb, PM; 4. Kaitlyn Lasota, PM; 5. Darian Murgatroyd, PM; 6. Asia Prest, PM; 7. Karlie Shambrook, PM; 9. Kierra Shambrook, PM; 12. Maddy Chester, PM. Prelim. Women 10-under — 1. Jenni Peniuk, Camp. River; 2. Kaylee Lasota, Comox; 3. Lauren Wigard, Comox; 4. Shayna Usipuik, Comox. Jr. Bronze Women 12-under — 1. Savannah Wasden, CR; 2. Brianna Leonard Neva, Fuller Lake. Jr. Bronze Women 13+ — 1. Tiffany Tran, Gold River; 2. Mikayla Walton, PM; 3. Mariah Hooper, GR; 4. Rebecca MacDonald, CR; Leana Tremblay, CR. Canskate: Group 1 — 1. Analie Oldale, Comox; 2. Taya Brideau, CR; 3. Aspen Sutherland, Mt. Arrowsmith; 4. Shea Watson, CR; 5. Kenya McRoberts-Stofie, CR. Group 2 — 1. Brielle Varasteh, FL; 2. Jazmin Wheeler, FL; 3. Marisa Thomson, Comox; 4. Alexandria Uzzell-Paulos, CR; 5. Gracie MacLeod, Comox. Group 3 — 1. Brenna Jardine, PM; 2. (tie) Joel Blackburn, Comox; Kamryn Brown, CR; and Ashley Koziel, GR. Group 4 — 1. Amber Pitt, GR; 2. (tie) Julia Brenner, CR; and Samantha Clowes, CR; 4. Nora Goeschick, FL; 5. Alicia Karmazynski, GR. Group 5 — 1. Joshua Wheeler, FL; 2. Kaylan Chipchase, Comox; 3. Nina Kovacik, Sooke; 4. Anna Bissonette, CR; 5. Elizabeth Van Horne-Wall, Comox. Group 6 — 1. Charlotte Mather, GR; 2. Sophie Bouey, Comox; 3. Saiya Gachter, PM; 4. Natasha Grafton, PM; 5. Kiarra Balzer, Sooke. Group 7 — 1. Nicole Posner, CR; 2. Rebecca Griffith, PM;

3. Chance Nobert, FL; 4. Laira Kate Cantor, Comox; 5. Myrthe Haddeman, CR. Elementary Women 8-10 — 1. Zoe McDougall, Comox; 2. Caiden Varasteh, FL; 3. Kaitlyn Dreger, CR; 4. Ashley Grant, GR; 5. Paige Shillito, GR. Elementary Women 11+ — 1. Haejin Cho, Comox; 2. Asia Crowther, Comox; 3. Kaelyn Bilcik, CR; 4. Rhianna Smith, Sooke; 5. Madeline Howarth, CR. Jr. Bronze Men — 1. Blake Strachan, CR; 2. Dustin Lucas, Comox. Sr. Bronze Women — 1. Karly Dutcyvich, PM; 2. Vanessa Mae Harrison, CR; 3. Alyssa Busch, PM; 4. Rachael Casanave, Comox; 5. Amy Parker, PM. Jr. Silver Women — 1. Meghan Taylor, Comox; 2. Lisa Cochrane, PM. Gold Women — 1. Karley Talbot; 2. Alyssa Rowe, PM; 3. Alison Gurney, PM; 4. Hannah Chester, PM. Introductory Interpretive — 1. Dustin Lucas, Comox; 2. Jordan Barrett, FL. Pre-juvenile Women — 1. Kelsey Lasota, Comox; 2. Nicolette Vinnedge, Comox. Pre-preliminary Women 9-11 — 1. Jade Paganelli, Comox; 2. Lexie Murgatroyd, PM; 3. Jillian Bugar, GR; 4. Stephanie Colmer, CR; 5. Larissa Gedlaman, GR; 6. Tyanna Laming, PM. Pre-preliminary Women 12+ — 1. Lucinda Grant, GR; 2. Megan Hay, CR; 3. Kyra Olsen, Comox; 4. Mckenzie Shillito, GR; 5. Dawson German, Comox.

Jane Dutcyvich, 56.20; 9. Louise Olesen, 78.0. Boys 7-9: 1. Kellen Warkentin, 30.15; 2. Matthew Ravai, 33.90; 3. Zach Loveless, 35.68; 4. Ethan Hanlon, 1:27.27. Girls 10-12: 1. Tara Warkentin, 30.0; 2. Molly Lash-Burrows, 31.72; 3. Hope McClendon, 33.8; 4. Bessie Prevost, 38.68; 5. Hannah Taylor, 40.94; 6. Danielle Lacasse, 41.18; 7. Sara Cai, 44.80. Boys 10-12: 1. Jesse Sewell, 29.53; 2. Chance McClendon, 30.43; 3. Ethan Milne, 35.15; 4. Finn Steiner, 37.94; 5. Tai Orser, 42.2; 6. Jaylon Grenier, 45.3; 7. Malcolm Blid, 45.3; 8. Iain Sov, no time. Girls under 15: 1. Jenna Cowan, 30.53; 2. Kieran McDougal, 47.59; 3. Anna-Lena Steiner, 1:28.0. Boys under 15: 1. Adrian Walker-Burroughs, 28.2; 2. Ryan Cai, 38.21. Bunny Hill Girls 4-6: 1. Madison Grenier; 2. Natalie Field; 3. Kaitlyn Sanders; 4. Layla Hatelt. Boys 4-6: 1. Isaac Koel; 2. Jacob Ravai; 3. Nolan Field; 4. Clem Loveless; 5. Tim Olesen; 6. Elijah Hatelt; 7. Dayton Arbason. Girls 7-9: 1. Adrian Heemels; 2. Araya Wagnor; 3. Evelyn Sov; 4. Anawren Burgess-Griffith; 5. Sahara Marshall; 6. Kaitlyn Wilson. Boys 7-9: 1. Keenan Saunders; 2. Peyton Dugas; 3. Ethan Wagnor; 4. Koen Harwood; 5. Nicholas Miller; 6. Davis McFetrick-Inglis. Girls 10-12: 1. Raven Griffey; 2. Shelby Wilson.

SKIING Kids Fest Races At Mount Cain Saturday, Mar. 19 Skiing Face Race Girls 4-6 years: 1. Ainsley Davidson, 44.59 seconds; 2. Joni McConnell, 45.13; 3. Anna Davidson, 60.27; 4. Harper Pingle, no time. Girls 7-9: 1. Kelsey Howich, 34.90; 2. Ali Milne, 35.95; 3. Ellie McConnell, 36.5; 4. Charlotte Scragg, 37.7; 5. Stella Pingle, 46.78; 6. Stephanie Lacasse, 54.15; 7. Maia Stanton, 54.56; 8.

Snowboard Face Race Girls 10-12: 1. Bella Stanton, 54.30; 2. Ocean Bacon, 72.34; 3. Kashia Cook, 1:26.06. Boys 10-12: 1. Robert BurgessGriffith, 36.7; 2. Dexter LashBurrows, 45.6; 3. Hayden Argyle, 47.82; 4. Patrick Hanlon, 1:00.21. Girls under 15: 1. Charlotte Sanderson, 40.6. Boys under 15: 1. Isaiah Dello, 37.35. Bunny Hill 1. Ocean Argyle; 2. Ocean Holms; 3. Jayden Holms.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gazette award finalist Gazette staff National and provincial newspaper awards for 2010 will soon be awarded, and once again the North Island Gazette will be represented as a finalist in several categories. The Gazette, which was honoured as Canada’s Best All-

Around Newspaper within its circulation category a year ago, received two nominations for the national Canadian Community Newspaper Awards. The Gazette is nominated in the Outstanding Community Service category for its Christmas Hamper

Fund program and coverage, and cartoonist Lawrence Woodall was nominated for best local cartoon among papers with circulation under 10,000. In the BC/ Yukon Community N e w s p a p e r s Association awards (known as the Ma

Murray Awards), the Gazette was nominated in the special section category for the Our Coast supplement. The national and provincial awards presentations will be held on consecutive nights April 29 and 30 at the River Rock Casino in Richmond.

CCCU aids Japan relief fund Gazette staff In response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last week, Coastal Community Credit Union is accepting donations on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross for its relief efforts in Japan. CCCU members, clients and the community at large interested in helping the Red Cross are invited to make their donation in cash or as a cheque at any Coastal Community branch across Vancouver Island and the Gulf

Islands. Please make cheques payable to ‘Coastal Community – Japan Earthquake.’ For those interested, tax receipts for donations of $10 or more will be issued directly by The Canadian Red Cross. Also last week, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Shirley Bond announced the Province will provide $500,000 to the Red Cross in support of emergency relief efforts in Japan. “British Columbia has a history of supporting countries that face catastrophic events

and these funds will help provide immediate medical and emergency support for the people of Japan during this terrible tragedy,” said Bond. “We are also encouraging all British Columbians to consider reaching out

through aid agencies like the Red Cross to provide further help.” To learn more about the Canadian Red Cross relief efforts in Japan or to make a donation visit: www. or call 1 800 418-1111.

Tim & Teresa Bird are delighted to announce the birth of their first grandchild.

Friends of a feather

Avery Walker of Eagle View Elementary shares the deck railing with a feathered friend during the school’s ski outing at Mount Cain Mar. 14. Sandy Grenier photo

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PORT HARDY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP PORT HARDY at Providence Place, 7050 Rupert St CHRISTIAN Sunday WorshipFELLOWSHIP 10:30 am & 7 pm at Providence TuesdayPlace, Prayer7050 7:30Rupert pm St SundayBiblestudies Worship 10:30- Call am &the 7 pm Midweek church Tuesday Prayer for time and7:30 placepm Midweek Biblestudies - Call the church 250-949-6466 time and place Ewald Pastorfor George & Karen 250-949-6466 (home) 250-949-9674 Pastor George & Karen Ewald (home) 250-949-9674 11/11 PORT ALICE ANGLICANUNITED FELLOWSHIP 11/11 PORT ALICE ANGLICANSunday Services - 4pm UNITED FELLOWSHIP Reverend Rob Hutchison Sunday Services - 4pm 1-250-949-6247 Reverend RobPort Hutchison Box 159, Alice 1-250-949-6247 You are extended a special invitation to Box 159, Port Alice share in our Services You are extended a special invitation to 11/11 share in our Services ST. JOHN GUALBERT UNITED 11/11 ANGLICAN CHURCH ST. JOHN GUALBERT UNITED 250-956-3533 ANGLICAN CHURCH Email: 250-956-3533 Sundays Worship & Sunday School Email: 9:00am Sundays Worship & Sunday School Thursdays9:00am 4 pm Bible Study Thursdays 11:004am Eucharist Thursdays pmMidweek Bible Study Reverend Rob Hutchison Thursdays 11:00 am Midweek Eucharist All Rob Welcome Reverend Hutchison 175 Cedar Port McNeill AllStreet Welcome 175 Cedar Street Port McNeill 11/11 GWA’SALA-’NAKWAXDA’XW 11/11 SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST GWA’SALA-’NAKWAXDA’XW CHURCH SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST at entrance to Tsulquate Village CHURCH (8898 Park Dr)Village at entrance to Tsulquate Saturday/Sabbath (8898 Park Dr) 10:15 am-Sabbath School Saturday/Sabbath 11:30 Service 10:15 am-Worship am-Sabbath School Pastor Randy Elliott 11:30 am-Worship Service 250-230-1885 cell Pastor Randy Elliott 11/11 250-230-1885 cell 11/11

The ‘Namgis Health Centre is Seeking a

Community Health Representative SpeciďŹ c to Elders (CHR) Responsibilities: By working in a variety of programs, the CHR fosters wellness and independent living amongst infants, youths, adults and elders. As well, the CHR assists with educational classes, health clinics, and undertakes home visits. Experience: s 3IXMONTHSCOMMUNITYWORKEXPERIENCE with First Nations People s !MINIMUMOFTHREEYEARSEXPERIENCE working in a health organization s $EMONSTRATEDABILITYTOMANAGETIME program scheduling s $EMONSTRATEDhCONmICTRESOLUTIONvAND hPROBLEMSOLVINGvSKILLS s $EMONSTRATEDWRITTENANDVERBAL communication skills s $EMONSTRATEDCOMPUTERSKILLS s +NOWLEDGEANDEXPERIENCEWITH0RENATAL Postnatal, Early Childhood. Chronic $ISEASE (EALTH0ROMOTION 0REVENTIONAND Protection s !BILITYANDEXPERIENCEINWORKSHOP facilitation s !BILITYTOWORKWITH)NTEGRATED3ERVICE Team QualiďŹ cations: s "ASIC&IRST!IDAND#02CERTIlCATE s &OOD3AFEAND0HYSICAL!CTIVITY,EADERSHIP #ERTIlCATION s 6ALID$RIVES,ICENSE PREFERABLYCLASS s -INIMUM'RADE s !BLETOCOMPLETE#(24RAINING Deadline for Applications: April 15, 2011 For more information on these positions, please contact: 'EORGIA#OOK @.AMGIS(EALTH#ENTRE 0H   FAX  





Thursday, March 24, 2011






PUB FOR lease. Dalewood Inn Pub in Port McNeill, BC. 40x40 furnished pub with new heating & air conditioning. Available April 1, 2011. Call Jacob 250-956-3304. w w w. d a l ew o o d i n n . c o m ;

RESTAURANT FOR Lease. 44 seat restaurant for lease in a busy Motel in Port Hardy. Great potential and ocean view on the inner Harbour. FMI: Glen Lyon Inn & Suites, 6435 Hardy Bay Rd, Port Hardy, BC. V0N 2P0. Call toll free: 1-877-949-7115 or 250-9497115

MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees needed! Hospitals & doctors need. Medical ofďŹ ce & medical admin staff! No experience? Need training? Career training & job placement available! 1-888-748-4126.

FREE WHEELIN’ Excitement Learn to repair street, off-road and dual sport bikes. Handson training. On-campus residences. Great instructors. Challenge 1st year apprenticeship exam. 1-888-9997882;

STUDY ADVENTURE Tourism! Train to be an adventure guide in just 9 months. Outdoor Recreation & Ecotourism CertiďŹ cate. College of New Caledonia, Valemount, BC. 1888-690-4422;







DELIVER RV Trailers for Pay! Successful RV transport company seeking pickup owners to deliver RV’s from US to Canada. Paying top rates! www.hori


Are invited to bid on lawn and garden maintenance for our BC Hydro ofďŹ ce located on Byng Road, Port Hardy for upcoming 2011-2012 season. This tender closes on March 25th, 2011. All contractors must be registered with WorkSafe BC and carry Commercial Liability. Information and enquiries are available only at below contact: Sandra Huhn, Maintenance Coordinator 250-755-4716

Requires Requires aa

District of Port Hardy

Labourer 1 (Casual Term Position) The preferred candidates will be in good physical condition, able to work alone or as part of a team, have effective communication skills, knowledge and ability to operate small tools and equipment. A full job description is available at the Municipal Hall or the District website: s -INIMUM QUALIlCATIONS INCLUDED A "# $RIVERS License and completion of Grade 12. s 4HIS IS A UNION POSITION REPORTING TO THE 0UBLIC Works Foreman. s !PPLICATION DEADLINE  PM 4HURSDAY !PRIL   0LEASESUBMITAHANDWRITTENLETTEROFAPPLICATIONWITH your resume to: 2ICK$AVIDGE #!/ $ISTRICTOF0ORT(ARDY 0/"OX 0ORT(ARDY "#6.0

School District No. No. 85 85 School District

SPECIAL NEEDS NOON NOON SPECIAL NEEDS HOUR SUPERVISOR HOUR SUPERVISOR Pay per hour hour Pay Rate: Rate: $20.52 $20.52 per Location: View Elementary Elementary School School Location: Eagle Eagle View Hours 1 hr hr per per day/5 day/5 hrs hrs per per week/10 week/10 Hours of of Work: Work: 1 months months per per year year Start Start Date: Date: ASAP ASAP Reporting George Markides, Markides, Principal, Principal, Reporting To: To: Mr. Mr. George EVES EVES QualiďŹ cations: QualiďŹ cations: Applicants Applicants must have: s s 3ECONDARYSCHOOLGRADUATIONWITH 3ECONDARYSCHOOLGRADUATIONWITH Dogwood CertiďŹ cate or equivalent) equivalent) supplemented by training applicable applicable to to work work situation. s s !BILITYTOMAINTAINGOODWORKING !BILITYTOMAINTAINGOODWORKING relationships and communicate communicate effectively effectively with school staff and students. students. s s !BILITYTOWORKEFFECTIVELYWITHSTUDENTSWITH !BILITYTOWORKEFFECTIVELYWITHSTUDENTSWITH special needs. s s !BILITYTOUNDERSTANDANDEFFECTIVELYCARRYOUT !BILITYTOUNDERSTANDANDEFFECTIVELYCARRYOUT oral and written instructions. instructions. Valid Valid Level Level II ďŹ rst aid certiďŹ cate. s s 3IXMONTHSTOONEYEARRECENTEXPERIENCE 3IXMONTHSTOONEYEARRECENTEXPERIENCE working with students with with special special needs. needs. Please complete an Application Please Application Form Form –– CUPE; CUPE; which is downloadable at which Career Opportunities, Support Career Support Staff. Staff. Closing date for applications applications is is 4:00 4:00 p.m. p.m. Thursday March 29, 29, 2011 2011 and and quote Tuesday, March posting #43. #43. SD85 thanks all applicants for SD85 for their their interest, interest, however, only short-listed candidates however, candidates will will be be contacted. This is a CUPE Local contacted. Local 2045 2045 position. position. Apply to: Apply Mr. John Martin, Secretary-Treasurer, Secretary-Treasurer, School District No. No. 85, 85, "OX 0ORT(ARDY "#6/.0/ "OX 0ORT(ARDY "#6/.0/ OR&AX   OR&AX   Your Community, Your ClassiďŹ eds. Call 310-3535

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Men and Boys? Men ďŹ x their toys! Become an Outdoor Power Equipment Technician. Work on watercraft, ATV’s, snowmobiles, etc. Credit towards Apprenticeship. GPRC Fairview College Campus. 1888-999-7882;


Applicants must have a technical diploma or bachelor’s degree in the biological sciences. Previous ďŹ eld experience in coastal BC (minimum 1 ďŹ eld season), strong organizational and communication skills, mechanical ability, small boat handling experience, and a willingness to travel to and work in remote areas as well as a valid BC driver’s licence. This person will work with senior staff to assist with ďŹ eld projects and ofďŹ ce activities. Please submit resume, cover letter, and references by April 10, 2011 (Attn: Human Resources) Wages are industry-competitive. T: 250-949-9450 ¡ F: 250-949-7656 PO Box 2760 Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0 info@paciďŹ ¡ www.paciďŹ



Summer Student Employment The District of Port Hardy is accepting applications for Summer Student Employment with the Operational Services (Public Works) Dept. The successful applicants must be in good physical condition as the job includes physical outdoor work. The applicants must hold a valid BC Driver’s Licence. Application deadline: 3:00 pm Thursday April 7, 2011 Please apply in writing with resume to: Jack GrifďŹ ths, Operational Services, District of Port Hardy, PO Box 68, Port Hardy, BC, V0N 2P0 or fax cover letter and resume to 250-949-7465.

Full time Fisheries Biologist

Full time Fisheries Technician

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District of Port Hardy


Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in the biological sciences and previous ďŹ eld experience in coastal BC. Applicants must also have strong organizational skills, excellent technical writing and project management skills, and the ability to work in remote settings and coordinate ďŹ eld activities. Candidates must have valid B.C. driver’s licence and electroďŹ shing certiďŹ cation. Consulting industry experience with extensive working knowledge of ďŹ sheries requirements related to industrial developments and their impacts is desirable as are valid certiďŹ cations (i.e. First Aid, Swiftwater safety, WCB diving). This person will design and undertake ďŹ sh and ďŹ sh habitat ďŹ eld evaluations, manage projects, supervise ďŹ eld crews, and prepare technical reports and proposals.

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. Locations in Alberta & BC. Hands on real world training. Full sized equipment. Job placement assist. Funding Avail. 1-866-399-3853

WANT TO be a mechanic? Can’t get your foot in the door? General Mechanic program GPRC Fairview Campus. Hands-on training in Heavy Duty and Automotive Technician. Write apprenticeship exams. On-campus housing. 1888-999-7882;

HELP WANTED ACCOUNTING & PAYROLL Trainees Needed! Large & Small Firms Seeking CertiďŹ ed A&P Staff Now. No Experience? Need Training? Career Training & Job Placement Available. 1-888-424-9417

CDA WANTED Great patients! Great team! Permanent position, 4 days/week (Mon-Thurs). Exan computer system, digital radiography, laser, preventive, cosmetic, surgical and implant dental assisting experience is an asset. Please submit your resume to: Dr. Jolene Benham at Alderlea Dental Health Centre, 11-301 Festubert Street, Duncan, BC V9L 3T1 250-748-1842 (day) 250-715-1837 (evening) Fax: 250-748-9868 Email: LEMARE LAKE Logging Ltd., is seeking individuals with coastal logging experience for the following camp positions: • Experienced Boom man • Grapple Yarding Operators • Hook tenders • Chasers Union wages, full beneďŹ ts, camp setting. Level 3 ďŹ rst aid an asset. Please fax resumes to 250-956-4888 or Email: ofďŹ



SWAMPER THE COMPANY Western Forest Products Inc. is an integrated Canadian forest products company located on Vancouver Island that is committed to the safety of our employees, the culture of performance and the discipline to achieve results. We are currently seeking a fully experienced Swamper for our Holberg Forest Operation, located in Holberg, B.C. THE POSITION Reporting to the Road Foreman, a Swamper works under the direction of the Driller/Blaster to construct logging roads. QUALIFICATONS • Have a proven safe conscientious attitude. • Be in good physical condition to perform the job (i.e. packing powder, changing drill steel, etc.) • Be self-motivated and be capable of working alone. • Be quali¿ed to operate a chainsaw. • Have mechanical aptitude to help with mechanical repairs. • Be able to read a map. • Have a current Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certi¿cate or be willing to obtain one once hired. • Level III First-aid ticket would be an asset • Have a valid driver’s licence. This is an USW hourly union position with a rate of $25.89 per hour and a comprehensive bene¿t package. Details of the collective agreement can be viewed at agreements.php. If you believe you possess the skills and quali¿cations we require for this position, please reply in con¿dence by Friday, March 25, 2011, to: Human Resources Department Western Forest Products Inc. 3rd Floor, 435 Trunk Road Duncan, BC V9L 2P9 Fax (250) 748-3177 E-mail: As only short list candidates will be contacted, we thank you in advance for your interest.

Thursday, March 24, 2011 17 PERSONAL SERVICES



9-1-1 FIRE DISPATCHER For information please visit the “Employment Opportunities” page on our website CUSTOMER SERVICE No Associated Fees Enjoy this unique and interesting position and the associated training. Are you interested in providing feedback to a Fortune 50 company specific to store conditions and service levels? Hourly rate for driving time, observation time, report time applies. Mileage reimbursed based on distance associated with assignments. For additional information and to submit an on line application visit: No Associated Fees FORD PARTS MANAGERPORT HARDY Ford and after market parts experience mandatory. Great wage and benefits package to the successful candidate. Email resumes to: or visit MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees Needed! Hospitals & Dr’s Need Medical Office & Medical Admin staff! No Experience? Need Training? Local Career Training & Job Placement also Available! 1-888-778-0459 MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees Needed! Hospitals & Dr’s Need Medical Office & Medical Admin staff! No Experience? Need Training? Local Career Training & Job Placement also Available! 1-888-778-0459




GPRC, FAIRVIEW Campus (located in the heart of Alberta’s Peace Country in northwestern Alberta) requires a Welding Instructor to commence immediately. Visit our website:

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MECHANIC NEEDED: Established Campbell River hydraulic shop looking for a skilled person who has great mechanical aptitude, for a full time mechanic position. Job has competitive wages, and benefits. HD certs, and experience with hydraulic cylinders a bonus, but not neces. Phone for an appoint. or fax resume. ph: 250-287-2291 fax: 250287-7222. MECHANICS & ELECTRICIANS: Procon Equipment is currently looking for full-time permanent Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanics and Journeyman Electricians for our Nisku, Alberta facility. Must have certification. Preference will be given to any with underground experience. Excellent work atmosphere and benefits. Work schedule is 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off. Will also consider relocation of qualified individuals to the Edmonton area from within Canada. Please fax resume to 780-955-2411.

SALES CENTRA WINDOWS an established, employee-owned organization with great working environment is seeking a sales representative based in our Victoria office. This is an excellent opportunity in an established marketplace, for a motivated and experienced sales professional. Please forward resume to: -Window sales experience or experience with related products preferred -Self motivated and able to work independently as well as being part of a team -Computer literate -Excellent earning potential -Great working environment -Strong marketing support provided


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SOUTH ROCK LTD. is hiring for all positions. Milling personnel, Paving personnel, Safety Advisor. Experience with asphalt preferred. Valid drivers licence required. Send resume: Attention: Tamara; Fax 403-568-1327;


LAWYER REFERRAL Service matches people with legal concerns to a lawyer in their area. Participating lawyers offer a 30 minute consultation for $25 plus tax. Regular fees follow once both parties agree to proceed with services. 604687-3221 (Lower Mainland) or 1-800-663-1919 (Outside LM).

National Internet Service Provider is seeking eager individuals looking for contract work to install high-speed satellite internet systems. • Training and Certification provided • Must be a hands-on person • Entrepreneurial attitude • Great troubleshooting skills • Travel Req., must possess valid driver’s license • Well connected to the community If you’re interested please contact us for more details: hr0311@ SECOND LOOK Thrift Store in Port McNeill is looking for a casual/on call worker MondaySaturday. Wage is $9.00/hr. Only short listed applicants will be contacted. Please submit resume to Box 1028 Port McNeill, BC V0N 2R0 or email to:



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of the week. Karlie Shambrook appeared to enjoy her time on the ice during the Barbara Rasmussen figure-skating competition Saturday. J.R Rardon photo


Thursday, March 24, 2011









GARAGE DOOR Revolution. The amazing rolling garage door is now available in Canada. Quiet. Safe. Attractive. Space Saving. And competitively priced. Check it out at or call 1-877-7652367. Mention “Community” and receive an automatic 10% off.

HANDYMAN SPECIAL $139,000 ✸Easy Terms✸ Owner Financing! Fixer-Upper Rancher on 50x100 lot. LOW DOWN, SELLER WILL CARRY FOR 1 YEAR! 2 bdrm, 1 bath, 800sq ft, bsmt, garage+ shed. 1650 19th Avenue, Campbell River, BC MLS# 309500.

HADDINGTON COURT APARTMENTS PORT MCNEILL Newly renovated apartments for rent. Clean & quiet building. Free cable. Furnished suites available. Call Ron & Linda 250-956-3365

PORT ALICE SHOPPING CENTRE Business is Great! We have a number of units of various sizes for lease. 300 sq. ft. & up. Contact Steve Edwards at Colyvan Pacific 604-683-8399



SAWMILLS - BAND/Chainsaw - Spring sale - Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. Make money and Save money. In stock ready to ship. Starting at $1,195. 400OT 1-800-566-6899 Ext.400OT STEEL BUILDING Sale... Specials from $4 to $11/sq.ft. Great pricing on absolutely every model, width & length. Example: 30x40x14 now $7995. End walls included, doors optional. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers 1-800-668-5422 STEEL BUILDINGS priced to clear. Holding 2010 steel prices on many models/sizes. Ask about free delivery! Call for quick sale quote and free brochure, 1-800-668-5111 ext 170

PORT MCNEILL NEWLY RENOVATED Bach, 1 or 2 bedrooms. Newly furnished available. Please call for availability & inclusions. Includes free cable. Phone Ron and Linda 250-956-3365

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WEST PARK MANOR & LINDSAY MANOR in Port Hardy Large one & two bedroom suites, some with a great view, all clean and in excellent condition. Also elegantly furnished executive suites available. Well maintained secure & quiet buildings. Close to shopping. 2 year rental history and credit check required. Friendly onsite resident managers. Linda & Bruce. Call 250-949-9030 or email for info & pictures: wpark_lindsay@

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SHARED ACCOMMODATION GREATER PORT Hardy area. Available immed, 1 extra lrg bdrm in a newer, spacious shared home, awesome view, furnished, very quiet, across the street from beach. $350/mo + 1/3 utils. 250-9499970 Marie (phone anytime).


Local artist nets national accolades Ken Manning Gazette staff Corrine Hunt was honoured with the 2011 National Aboriginal Achievement Award for the Arts during a gala in Edmonton Mar. 11. “I was completely astounded at being awarded this Achievement in the Arts and to be included among so many great Aboriginal artists such as Daphne Odjig and Norval Morriseau,” Hunt said in an email from Dresden, Germany. “I feel honoured to be recognized and feel a great responsibility to the roots of my culture and my two hometowns of Alert Bay and Fort Rupert. “The event itself was fantastic, combining humour and gentle accolades for the exceptional recipients from business, education, health sciences,

etc. It was a big thrill to hang out with Fred Saskamoose, the first aboriginal player in the National Hockey

Corrine Hunt League. There was a youth luncheon scheduled where we met with students from the Edmonton area who asked a great deal of questions and inspired me with their spirit.” Born in Alert Bay of Kwakiutl and Tlingit heritage, Hunt comes from a family of accomplished nation-




NORTH ISLAND WANTED house in Port McNeill 3 Bdrm? Possible inlaw ste dwnstairs. Ocean view, garage, shop, woodstove Please call 250-701-3379.


PORT HARDY Furnished elegantly or unfurnished executive style, 1 or 2 bedroom suites. Quiet, clean, excellent views. Call 250-949-9698 PORT HARDY - Highland Manor - Bachelor/ 1 bdrm / 1 bdrm furnished. References. Call Jason 250-949-0192

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ally and internationally recognized artists. She was inspired by her family’s art when she was a child, however she did not start her own career until she was a student at Simon Fraser University. Within a year of beginning her career as an artist she was completely self-sufficient. Among the more than 2,000 unique creations and concepts on her resume, Hunt codesigned the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic medals. She also received the most innovative product award at the B.C. Home Show. Her “Raven and the Sun” creation received first prize at the Indian Arts and Crafts Festival in Vancouver. Hunt has exhibited her work in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Portland, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler.

PORT HARDY Fully furnished 1 bdrm basement suite. Call 250-902-2226/ 250-504-0067.


in their shoes


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SOINTULA 205-4th Street - $189,000 Lot 1, 1st Street - 10 Acres - $260,000 Lot 2, 1st Street - 25 Acres - $450,000

ALERT BAY 110 Skana Place - $199,000 114 Skana Place - $55,000

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The Hero In You® education program offers a series of FREE curriculumlinked lesson plans (grades 4-7) aimed to motivate children to find the champion within themselves. In addition, teachers can request a FREE classroom presentation delivered in-person by a Hall of Fame athlete! If you are a principal, teacher or parent and would like to book a presentation for your classroom, call

Michael Markowsky at (604) 647-7449 or visit to download lesson plans.

When children are exposed to inspiring stories of athletes, they begin to imagine what they can do and how they too can make a difference.

Thursday, March 24, 2011 19

Trailer park sea lion returned to the wild Kaouk, Port Alice’s “Trailer Park Sea Lion,” has been released back into the wild and appears to be feasting on herring. He also has quite the human following. Kaouk is the male Steller sea lion that baffled residents by walking 300 metres to enter the Port Alice trailer park on Dec. 16. DFO and RCMP responded and because Kaouk appeared malnourished (and too interested in humans), Pacific Coastal Airlines gener-

be quite the marine ambassador, offering us the opportunity to learn about his species, his rescue and release, and by being the “test case” for justifying this effort for other sea lions. For these reasons, and to ensure he is safe and staying wild, Kaouk was satellite tagged. These tags are applied with epoxy and will fall off when Kaouk moults (sometime after June).

DFO and MMR have made this data publicly available so that we can all follow this next chapter in Kaouk’s progress. In his first three days back in the wild, he has crisscrossed through more than 28 km and appears not even to have gone ashore in that time! You can access his tracking data, photographs, video of his release, and fur-

ther information from Vancouver Aquarium’s MMR via (Note that this data is not as refined as that available to DFO and there is a day’s lag time in the uploading of locations.) Jackie Hildering is a biologist, avid scuba diver, and marine eduKaouk, the male Steller sea lion who wandered into the Port Alice cator who lives in Port Trailer Park last year, is reintroduced to the wild near Barkley McNeill. Sound. Peter Olesiuk DFO photo

Would you rather have: Marine Detective with Jackie Hildering ously flew him to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (MMR). He rehabilitated very well, even doubling in weight in his three months there. Kaouk inspired the students of Port Alice to write a children’s book to fund marine mammal rescue and research and, on Mar. 17 was reintroduced into the wild from Toquart Bay on southwestern Vancouver Island, near Barkley Sound. This location was chosen for its ease of access (Kaouk could be released from land) and because an abundant run of herring was known to be in the area. There are other juvenile Steller sea lions nearby and, very significantly, it’s a long way to the Port Alice trailer park! In all the wonderful work done by MMR, Kaouk’s rescue and release back into the wild is a first for them and maybe even for British Columbia. Never before have we humans come together like this to make the effort to rescue and release a Steller sea lion (a species protected under Canada’s Species at Risk Act). Kaouk continues to

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

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March 24, 2011  
March 24, 2011  

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