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Andrew Jero: Writer, Thespian, Whovian By Hatte Kelley Andrew Jero has been a polar bear all four years of his high school career, and he has been making all sorts of crowds roar ever since he stepped through the doors. Growing into a man under the wing of his theatre director, Mr. Rixner, Jero has become a talented and intelligent young man. This published author is student with multiple theater letters, accomplished musician, and a total nerd(in the good way). What are all the activities you have participated in during high school? “Theatre, Band, Choir and Golf.” What has the North High Theater Department meant to you?

“North High’s Drama department has meant the world to me, it’s brought me a family I can rely on 100%. It’s given me a support system of students and the best teacher I’ve ever had (Rixner). I get through life most days only because of the family I have in the theatre department. I would give my life for anyone in my theatre family without a second thought. They are the most important people in my life and I’ll never forget or stop loving them.” What is a program you see now, or a class that you’ve heard about that you wish you had taken a swing at? “Newspaper, because I enjoy newspapers. If someone is in a bad situation and they read about how someone else got through that situation then that may give someone else hope to be relieved. I’ve taken a swing at Movement 515, but wish I’d started way earlier.” What has been your favorite thing about North? “Meeting people who I can enjoy as friends and family for the rest of my life.” What are you most afraid of for after high school? “Stepping out into the world, and finding out whether I can make it or not.”

Photo credit to Kristen Van Dyke. The Spring 2013 production of Annie.

How much has Band given you as a person and as a musician? “Band has been difficult with four different directors over the last four years. It’s been very frustrating. Not many people have quite the passion I do for it, and the band suffers from that.”

Photo credit to Jonathan Jero, Chicago TARDIS 2011, waiting in the queue room for autographs from the weekends guests. What change do you think you’ll be making when, and if, you enter college? “I’ll definitely have to focus on classes especially math. God help me.”

Tammie Luong, Ferocity In Femininity By: Laura Abuhl

“University of Iowa. I’m studying health and human physiology (A branch of Biology that deals with func-

Tammie Luong is a strong and independent woman. She is excited to finally begin her life, and to go off in the world. She hopes to accomplish many great things after high school and to learn many new and interesting things from all of the people she has yet to meet. Luong is a little sad to be leaving her close friends and favorite teachers, but she knows that her life is just beginning and that there’s so much to be excited for in the life to come.

Overall, was your high school career a success? “I guess so, I mean we’re graduating.” Where are you going to college and what will you study?

Best teacher you’ve had and why? “Mrs. Castagnoli because she really cares for her students and she’s just the sweetest.” Biggest fear for after high school? “Being on my own and not being successful.” Best memory and why? “All of basketball season because it brought everyone together.” One thing you would change about North High and why? “More participation in sports, and more school spirit.”

A regret -- what is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “[I] probably would have been more involved, and paid attention to my grades before it was too late.” If you could go back to your freshman self, what would you say to her? “Go to class, don’t worry about boys.”

“Advanced Placement Chemistry, its a lot to take in.”

Where do you see yourself in five years? “Just out of school, starting a great job and getting my own place.” Tammie Luong, rocks her gorgeous smile in her senior photos

tions and activities of living organisms).” What will a diploma mean to you? “The first step to the rest of our adult lives.” Most challenging class?

Why did you chose to graduate early? “It’s my time, I’m ready to be done with high school and start my life and be on my own.” Anything you want to say to underclassman? “Take it seriously, but also, have fun. It goes by a lot faster than you’ll think so don’t waste any time.”




Megan Morris By: Michael Pham A girl that walked in the shadows of everyone and kept to herself. Someone who was rarely seen by many but her peers knew she was here. Constantly late, in and out of the nurse’s office, unpopular, and facing the most basic problems a high school girl could go through: Boys, peer pressure, academics, work, and senioritis. Her 8th grade self imagined her high school career without flaws and to be completely honest, perfection. “Honestly, as an 8th grader, I thought I would be popular. I figured I would have tons of friends, and I would have way better grades. I thought I would enjoy high school, and I thought it would be the best time of my life, but I was wrong. I predicted all of that and I got the complete opposite, I’m actually surprised at how it all turned out, and I never would have thought I would be where I am right now,” Megan Morris said. Everyday, obstacles were set in front of her, one after another but that would not stop her. She is graduating a year early and will be attending the school of her dreams. Morris defeated more than just the average senioritis. The loss of a friendship that changed her high school career but keeping another stronger than before. “Cassie Harrington has always been a great friend. We have been best friends since the sixth grade and she has been there for it all...I have no idea where I would be without her,” Morris said. Getting Involved, a motto that North has promoted for years but the void was empty for Morris. “I regret not putting myself out there more and trying new things. I regret not getting involved because I feel like that would have made my high school experience a lot better,” Morris replied. Three years later after her first steps in North High,

a bunch of “could of ’s” and “should of ’s” left in her thoughts in her Junior/Senior year. Morris wishes she could of done things differently but is happy with the way things are. There are times where, if she could create a time machine, she’d go back and give herself advice as she walked through North’s doors for the first time. “I would tell my freshman self to hang on. Hang on to the friends you have, and hang on to being young because the next four years are going to go by so quick. Graduation will be here in no time. I would tell myself to get involved and enjoy it all while I still can because high school can be fun, you just have to make an effort.” Words of advice that not only she could of followed but words that can be followed by anyone. Morris faced a more difficult challenge. One that wasn’t very spoke of, one that she didn’t like to acknowledge. A challenge that she didn’t like talking about. “I’ve never really liked telling people about my diabetes because that’s all they’ve noticed me for. I’m finally getting comfortable with it now. I’m going to have it for the rest of my life so I might as well own it.” 14 years after her diagnosis at the age of three, she is standing strong. With some help, from a dear teacher. “Mrs. McDonald really helped me through so much stuff. She was behind me 100%. I was in the hospital for two weeks and she called my mom a couple times asking how I was and if I was doing okay, most teachers now wouldn’t do that. She cared about me and I can’t explain how much I appreciate her. I haven’t talked to her since she left but she definitely made an impact on my life. This fall, Morris will attend the University of Iowa. “I love the campus... It just seems like the perfect school for me to attend! I’m so excited to finally get up there and get started with college. I’m nervous but more excited then anything!” Mixed feelings are brewing as her high school career comes to a close. But as her public education closes its

Megan Morris poses for her senior picture. doors, she opens another to a whole new world. “College is my dream, as weird as that sounds, I have always dreamt of college because for me it symbolizes success and achievement as well as hard work,” Morris said.


of 2014. The future awaits him as he is scheduled for DMACC in the fall of 2015. Lambertz does not plan on leaving Iowa after high school. Lambertz says that history interests him, but photography is one of his real hobbies. His other hobby is skateboarding. He’s passionate about it and says he will continue to skate after high school. He is well known amongst other skateboarders of Iowa. In the four years Lambertz has been at North, he would say “Matt Smith was my favorite principal, he was the homie. Matt Smith was the principal when I first came to North, and over the years, I just learned to like him.” Lambertz is looking forward to life after high school, because,

of socks. Lambertz said his biggest regret would have to be his first day of school outfit, freshman year. “I wore a monster rally shirt, with bright green skinny jeans. If I could take that back, I so would.” “You can be young for awhile, but you can’t be immature forever,” is a quote Lambertz lives by. “You might as well have fun whenever you can.” All though this chapter of his life is over, a new one begins as he proudly walks out of North High School with his skateboard, camera and socks, as the future awaits him.

“Party 5ever, but I will miss seeing all my friends everyday.” When asked about why he wears such snazzy socks, he answered with,

Derek Lambertz’s senior photo. Derrick Lambertz: skateboarder, photographer and sock enthusiast. Derrick Lambertz is a 6’3” tall senior, who has walked the halls of North as a freshman since the fall of 2010. Derrick now will be graduating as a senior of the class

“To feel good, you must look good.” Lambertz says he spends around $14 on each pair of socks. He also hand washes and hang dries all his socks. He takes his sock game, seriously. He has around 20 pairs

Derek Lambertz and his prom date, Megan Morris




Annie Hayes, Softball Star By: Tanna Jones

“My softball team. They are so fun to be around and there is never a dull moment. You can’t come to practice or go to games in a bad mood and stay mad, because no one will let that happen. We’re all like a family and everyone is there for each other.” What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “Mrs. Poole! She is someone that I can go to for anything and she is always wants to see you succeed in anything you do. Plus, she’s actually kinda funny.” What is something you wish you would have done differently in the past four years? “Looking back on my high school career, one thing I regret is not playing volleyball my last two years. I had my reasons to why I didn’t, but that is something I would change if I had the chance to turn back time.”

knew what we wanted for the school and we went for it. Looking back at, it was a totally success. The Bears Den involved so many different students and was a lot of fun.” One thing you would change about North High, why? “If I could change one thing about North, it would be to continue to change the athletic mentality of the school. So many students think we suck at everything, they don’t go out for sports, or give 110% in practice or games, because they think they’re just going to lose anyway. Look at our basketball team, they are proof that if you work hard and unite around a goal, you can succeed.”

“I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone, but I think it will turn out okay.”

Annie Hayes, Senior photo Annie Hayes has proven herself capable of achieving her goals time and time again. Hayes has done many great and wonderful things throughout her years at North. She is going to try her best to be happy and successful. What is your most meaningful relationship at North?

Biggest fear for after high school? “The biggest fear I have for after high school is probably going off to college. I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone, but I think it will turn out okay.” Craziest thing you’ve done, why? “The craziest thing I’ve ever done was starting up Bears Den with the other seniors. We didn’t know the administration and other students would respond to it, we

Most challenging class? “Advanced Placement Biology has been my most challenging class from the past four years. It is a lot of studying and hard work to maintain a good grade. If you don’t study, do the in class work, or don’t do homework you won’t pass. Mrs. Schwendau did a really good job of making sure we studied and teaching us how rewarding it would be if we did.” If you could go back to your freshman self, what would you say to her? “I would tell my freshman year self to continue to challenge yourself with your classes because it’s not getting any easier from here. I also would say to stick to being who you are and don’t conform to who is around you. Be yourself and embrace it.”

Hsien Yang, A Man Of Many Talents By: Ronnie Mefford Hsien Yang is a senior who has been in the ROTC program for four years. During Yang’s time here, he has made many close relationships with teachers. His strongest relationships are with First Sergeant Jackson (the previous ROTC Senior Marine Instructor) and Major Sean Quinlan (the current ROTC Senior Marine Instructor) and also Mr. Frey who, according to Yang, is the best substitute that North has. He feels that Mr. Frey is always willing to help out and is a great friend of North’s ROTC program. Yang is scared about college. He has not yet decided on where he will attend. The bills, and the expense of his major are all a little intimidating for him. Yang is not without his struggles. The thing he has struggled most with is Pre-Calculus, one of the hardest math classes here at North. Math is difficult enough, but Pre-Calculus is the introduction to college level math, something that frightens even the bravest of women. During the recent years, Yang had grown extremely close to Mr. Smith, our old southern accented principal. “I miss [ex-principal Matt Smith] already. He was always so kind, so gentle and always giving us a push in the right direction. He is the reason why North is where it is today. I think he was the best principal we had.” Yang said.

If he could go back in time, Yang would want to go back and tell himself to relax and take school seriously and focus on his future. “In 8th grade ,I thought high school was going to be really hard; but overall it was easy and fun. I made a lot of amazing relationships here at North. I met my wonderful girlfriend, Jessica Ebersole, my best friend, Laython Lovan, and also 1st SGT. Jackson, Major Quinlan, Mr. Frey and Mr. Smith – all the people whom I will miss and who I care a lot about.” Besides ROTC, Yang likes to do some crazy things. For instance, he likes to participate in free running where he uses his body to run on buildings, and to do flips. He also has some advice for future Polar Bears., “I want to say, to all the freshman coming to North, to be serious about school because it’s your future, not anyone else’s. You have to take charge of your life. Like major always says; “Don’t let the train of life pass you by, carve your own path. Your own road. Don’t simply follow the road less traveled by.”

More About Hsien: Favorite Song:

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Favorite Superhero: Jessica Ebersole

Hsien Yang and Jessica Ebersole are photographed at prom looking extremely happy together.




Alex Enchanted, Hula-Hoop Extraordinaire By: Iliana Castillo Alexandra Logsdon is a free spirited and fun-loving 18 year old. She’s known as Alex and enjoys picking out stars in the rain. Logsdon knows her roots stem from the Earth she stands on, and she can’t tell you enough about how much she loves nature.

“It’s like a challenge. Seeing things be done and learning how to do them, even if they look crazy impossible. And it feels so good when you get a move down. It keeps you in shape too. It’s a work out.” She’s so in love with hulahooping that she bought a special hoop that changes colors so she loves taking it out at night.

“I’m going to miss Artie the most when I leave high school, because I won’t get to see his face anymore or complement him every day,” Alex says.

Logsdon has lived in the same house all her life. She doesn’t know if she’s going to college, but she knows she needs a break from the everyday stresses of high school. She does, however, have a rough idea of what she might like to study, “I’ve been really interested in psychology,” she says, “but I really like the study of plants too, like, botany.”

Logsdon has also been a part of North High’s Orchestra, “I’ve been in orchestra all four years and I play the Bass. It is the love of my life, I’ve played it for seven years and I have to leave it this year.” She explains that she’ll miss her Bass dearly, but Basses are expensive so she hopes to find another way to keep playing. “I picked hula-hooping up during high school. You learn how to do a bunch of tricks with it and you gain more flexibility. You learn a lot about your body and how to go with the flow.” Logsdon says about another hobby she really enjoys. Daniel Kanyavimonh, a friend of Logsdon says, “To Alex, hula hoop is lyfe.”

She’s also met many wonderful people who have taught her a lot. “Mrs. Spencer is a really good teacher. She knew my sister and I related to her on a personal level. She was just really cool about everything.” Logsdon says, “I think I connect with a different teacher every year.” But none of her relationships mean less than the other. She really values good people and the things they do for her, they mean a great deal to her. “Cassi Frank would have the most impact in my life. In middle school we were really close. She ran away to my house once and so she got in trouble with her mom. We drifted apart a little, but we kept coming back. It was senior year that we reunited and every thing went full circle. We were really close, but then she moved.” Logsdon is extremely sad to be losing some of her other friends to college, “I’ve become very close with Forrest Mathison. I met him freshman year, but didn’t really bond with him until junior year. But now he’s going off to college and I’ll really miss him.”

Alex Logsdon graces the world with a cute senior picture. She’ll always treasure the memories she has of these people, and her friends will always treasure her. Savannah Van De Boe, close friend of Logsdon, expresses her admiration, “She’s a beautiful dirty hippy, and I’m in love with her.” With her life undergoing this drastic change, she’s still glad high school is finally over, but sad to be leaving her friends. “I’ve made a lot of close friends this year and I’m going to try to keep them.” Logsdon will miss how life is now, but she’ll continue strong. She hopes to see everyone again someday, but she’ll be okay with knowing their lives turned out great.

The Fabulous Forrest By: Esperanza Vargas

Take a second, you’ll figure it out. After a four years in high school, which he described as “hella stressful,” Forrest is finally taking the big step in to adulthood. This fall, he will be attending Truman State in Missouri and studying linguistics. It should also be said that while his high school experience was stressful, he met a lot of cool people who made up for that. One of the coolest happens to be Danny Kanyavimonh, his best friend. “We met when I broke his lanyard freshmen year,” Forrest starts. Danny laughs in the background, “Yeah, he broke my lanyard in physics.” “Yeah, and I felt like a complete tool for doing it.” Forrest adds. Somehow this led to the beginnings of a peculiar friendship. “We started hanging out and it was really fun because he’s a really quirky, funny guy,” very true, “and so am I,” also accurate, “and so we clicked.” Awww.

Forrest Mathison rocks his fabulous kilt for prom.

Meet Forrest Mathison: 18 year old white male of average build and proud owner of A cups.

As for school, his favorite class is German (which he took at central), followed by Theatre Arts here at North. During his time in the drama department, Forrest has been in a total of 11 shows, performed at Individual All-State contest twice (the first his sophomore year and the second his senior year). He performed in Large Group All-State Contest during his junior year, and even received the *Chad Reaber award.

“One of the best experiences in theatre arts was being able to go to individual all state for the first time my sophomore year. I was just kind of joking around and saying, ‘oh, I’ll do improv, that’ll be fun.’ Because you didn’t have to really do any work. But it turned out to be this crazy challenge. It was insane, the amount of work I had to put into it. Having it pay off and being able to perform with some of my friends and being able to watch them and having them watch me perform was surreal, and a lot of fun.” *The Chad Reaber Memorial Award is given away every year to a senior who embodies the spirit of performing arts. The award was made in honor of a former North High student named Chad Reaber who was killed in a tragic car accident.

A very patriotic picture of Forrest Mathison




FADUA MENEGBO: FROM BASKETBALL PLAYER TO COMPUTER TECHNICIAN By: Blake Huffman Fadua Menegbo is a senior at North High School. He played basketball and football for his freshmen and sophomore year. He has always been a hard working student. Menegbo will be going to Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) for one semester then transferring to Iowa State the next semester. Menegbo has decide to become a computer engineer because he loves dealing with computers and he knows how to work them and he knows how to do pretty much everything on them. What is the most meaningful friendship at north and why? “I had a lot of meaningful friendships at North High School. What made them meaningful was because we were friends earlier and we reconnected in high school.” What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “Mr. Schmidt; I’ve been in a lot of his class each year we get little more familiar and understand each other each year.” A regret- what is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “I wish I had not put things to the side in my early years of high school.” One thing you would change about north and why?

“I Would keep everything the same, but change things so that if a student wants to buy ab iPad or something from school they could.” Best principal at north through the years and what they did best? “Mr. Smith. He came in and motivated us to do better in are classes.” Most challenging class? “AP physics” If you could go back to your freshmen self what would you say to him/her? “I would sat to keep doing what I was doing, but in 10th-12th, cut off those bad friends to focus on school.” Did your high school career go as you predicted it would as an 8th grade? “Didn’t really have a prediction, but it was pretty good and quiet the ride.” Biggest fear coming out of high school? “Not knowing what is coming next.” Craziest thing you’ve done and why? “Pretty chill guy don’t really do real crazy stuff ”. Favorite TV show/ favorite food? “Family guy is my favorite show and chicken and watermelon is my favorite food”

Fadua Menegbo is ready for bigger things in his life.


Mackenzie Gray entered North High School the fall of 2010 and now is graduating in the expected spring of 2014. She has been involved in a lot of activities and classes throughout her four years at North High School and down at Central Campus/Academy. She has been involved in volleyball, softball, cheer leading, and received her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). What is your most meaningful friendship at North and why? “Jesse Dalton Hertz, we have been friends since we were little and throughout elementary. We got split up in middle school but we still hung out together. In high school we were brought back together.”

a lot out of them if I tried and paid attention.” Biggest fear after high school? “Not passing the nursing exam.” Craziest thing you have done and why? “I dropped it like it’s hot at a funeral home after a funeral because I wanted to make people laugh by being funny at a sad time.” One thing you would change about North High School and why? “The sports, I would change the coaches to coaches that are more dedicated to the sport they are coaching and teaching to new or former players.”

“(I regret) not taking my AP classes seriously. I could have gotten a lot out of them if I paid attention.”

What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher and why? “Ms. Schwendau because she made learning fun and is the bomb diggity!”

Most challenging class and why? “CNA (nursing) because you’re tested on your skills and your competence.”

One of Mackenzie Gray’s senior photos, Senior 2014

A regret -- what is something that you had done differently over the past few years? “Not taking my AP classes seriously, I could have gotten

Best principal at North High School throughout the years? “Mr. Smith, he danced the best and I had him for three years long.” How do you think that you will be remembered at North High School? “As a nice person, I’m nice to everybody.”




Derek Young: Ballin’ Ballin’ Ballin’ By: Aeris Heckman Derek Young, a name known by everyone - he is the former sports editor of The Oracle, e2020 student, and a senior who wouldn’t have graduated without Ben Graeber. Derek was a regular attendant at basketball games in the Bears’ Den when he wasn’t working at Fareway hence, ballin’, ballin’, ballin’. Derek is a pretty chill guy who hasn’t done anything crazy, so he says. He also says he would start high school all over again. When Derek leaves North he knows he’s going to miss this place. What is your most meaningful friendship at North and why? “Frank Miller. We’ve been friends since 8th grade. I live with him.” What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “Graeber, he’s like more of a people person. More of a friend then a teacher but he’s still a great teacher.” Best teacher you’ve had and why? “Mr. Graeber, I was going through tough times & Graeber was there. I wouldn’t have graduated without Graeber.” Biggest fear for after high school? “College, things were looking up at the beginning of

the year but now, I’m sticking to DMACC.” One thing you would change about North & why? “Get rid of ROTC, I think it’s a brainwashing class. It turns people into ignorant pricks.” Most challenging class and why? “Algebra 2. I don’t comprehend math with all the numbers & the letters. X+Z=Y. WHAT?” What advice would you give to juniors who are graduating next year? “Do your work, make sure you graduate.” You were in the Bears Den for most of this years basketball games, how was that experience? “Well, it was fun. We could of put in more effort ya know. We should of gotten the whole crowd in instead of just a small section.” Favorite Twitter Hashtag? “#HASHTAG.” Favorite superhero? “Thor.” Favorite song? “Definitely Mt. Olympus by Big K.R.I.T.” Two things on your bucket list? “To explore the world and go to a Patriots game.”

Derek Young, posing in Boston for a national journalism conference back in November 2013. Where are you hoping to be in 10 years? “Working happily at ESPN. Or in the music business maybe as a producer I think that would be pretty cool to check out.”

Leah Waughtal, Poet and Preacher By: Rachael Nash Leah Waughtal has accomplished so much over her little time here at North. She is an active member of Movement 515, and public speaking. She has held a public meeting for rape culture and victim blaming. This is what she has to say about her time here at North. How many siblings do you have? “I am one of six. I have a very complicated family dynamic. At my mom’s I am the eldest and at my dad’s I am the youngest.” Where are you going to college and what are you planning to major in? “I’m going to the University of Iowa, for a double major in English and women gender studies. With a minor in creative writing.” Did you get any scholarships? “I received the Dollars for Scholars scholarship, and The Bright Iowa scholarship for a full ride, and to graduate debt free.” What will you do after college? “My biggest dream would be to align myself with a publisher. Possibly attend graduate school for the Iowa Writers workshop, and possibly become a writer for a newspaper.” What is your most meaningful friendship at North and why? “Hatte Kelly, because she has taught me a lot about myself. She is my poetry soulmate and the most genuine authentic person I’ve ever met. She’s really funny, intelligent and the best writer I know. We resonate at the

same level.” What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at north? “Mr. Graeber. I just really respect him as a person, he’s cool. He supports me and is just a great person.” Why do you think you were able to trust him? “He does a great job with students, and he listens. He finds value in each one of his students.” What is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “I really wish I would have joined theater earlier in my high school career.” What is the best teacher you’ve had and why? “Emily Lang and Kristopher Rollins. They are so passionate about students and learning, and the human condition. They are advocated and artists and my mentors.” Biggest fear for after high school? “I fear I’ll end up settling in a cubicle somewhere. It’s terrifying. I want to have a job that I’m happy going to every day and the thought of settling is just awful. As a part of my belief system settling means failure.”

Craziest thing you’ve done and why? “I attempted to do a musical senior scene when I don’t know how to read music.” One thing you would change about North High and why? “I would want my administrators to feel closer to the student body. I want them to better understand the cycle of poverty and how to help students break it.” Most challenging class? “Calculus. It’s 90% testing, 10% finals, and the homework doesn’t count.” If you could go back to your freshman self what would you say to her? “Don’t give up. It’s all going to be worth it in the end.” Did your high school career go as you predicted it would as an 8th grader? “It turned out better. I think I’ve accomplished a lot more than I ever thought was possible and I’m really proud of the person I’ve become, and I never thought I’d say that.” What would you like to say to the juniors now, that will be seniors next year? “Let yourself have fun, but understand that December and January, you should have applications for college. Apply early decision in October. Don’t stretch yourself too thin.” Any thing else? “I have a bunny. Her name is Buttercup. I adopted her, she was neglected and she needs me, just as much as I need her.”




From Dorky Freshman To Prom Queen She’s worked at Walgreens for a little over a year. She and her boyfriend Calvin Lovan have been together for four years, since eighth grade. They plan to attend Simpson College together this August.

By: Colt Wyatt

What is your most meaningful relationship at North and why? “Kenesy Sing because I’ve known her since 6th grade. I didn’t really start talking to her until freshman year. She was one of the very few people that I knew from Goodrell that went to North because most of my middle school friends went to East. Every year from 9th to 12th we’ve gotten closer and closer. She’s the only one I really talk to about my problems and stuff and she’s always there for me. What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “Probably Mr. Graeber, just because he’s Graeber. He’s really easy to talk to. He listens, he’s funny, and he seems like he really cares about his students.”

Senior Chanbopha Sam will study at Simpson College next year. Chanbopha Sam is a senior at North High School. Those who know her best describe her as giving, funny, and thoughtful. She has been the Executive Editor and Chief Storyteller for the North High Oracle for one year. Her junior year she was a page editor. She is a master of page design and she’s made over ten YouTube videos for The Oracle over the past two years.

A regret -- what is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “I would actually do my homework and actually put in an effort. I would apply for more colleges from like the beginning because I started really late and now I realize I could of gotten a lot more scholarships and stuff.” Biggest fear for after high school? Being in debt. Owing all these loans to colleges and stuff is going to kill me. Most embarrassing moment in high school? “Freshman year during passing, I was walking down the

stairs with Calvin and Bao and I don’t know what I was doing but somehow I fell down like seven stairs and I landed on my butt and people were laughing and Calvin and Bao both just stood around laughing their butts off and didn’t even help me.”

One thing you would change about North High and why? “I wouldn’t change anything about North. I feel like North is a very small school and you can connect with everyone. Everybody knows everyone and it’s not like one of those bigger schools where you don’t know a lot of people. We’re like a big family here.” What was your most challenging class? “I would say every class was challenging in it’s own way. The most challenging thing about class was me finding time and motivation to get my homework done.” Where do you see yourself in five years? “I hope to see myself graduated from college and working to be either a teacher or something involved in journalism.” What is your favorite part about The Oracle? “Just being in class everyday, because class was never boring. We always had something to work on and it was always entertaining.” What is some advice you would give to younger Polar Bears? “I would tell them to get involved in as many school activities and try not to procrastinate on school work. You guys should enjoy your years here at North because it’ll go by quick.”

From Newspaper To The Basketball Team By: Fahmo Mohamed Everyone knows senior Michael Pham. From the basketball team to leading the student section to his work with social media with The Oracle, Pham is seemingly everywhere. Next year he will take his talent to Iowa City as a freshman at The University of Iowa. What is your most meaningful friendship at North and why? “All of them, because they all played apart in making me who I am today.” What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “Every teacher because they’ve all helped me prepare for college.”

Biggest fear after high school? “Nothing. I’m ready for what’s to come.” How many pairs of socks do you have and why? “90 pairs, I have enough for everyday for three months. They are Nike elites and each is about $15. I spend about $1300 since my freshman year. I have almost every color of the rainbow .” One thing you would change about North High and why? “I like it how it is- great teachers and greater students body. We’re one big family.”

“I like being bright and I don’t mind the attention that I get from it.”

A regret- what is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “I wish I worked harder. I think if I tried my best, I would have done better.” Best teacher you’ve had and why? “Graeber because he’s always helpful and always pushes you to be the best you can be.”

Best Principal at North through the

years and what they did best? “They were the same. Both made an impact .”

Most challenging class? “AP Chemistry because its a lot if logic and math put together. You need to understand your element. You also need to take lots of notes.”

Michael Pham’s senior picture.

Why do you wear neon color clothing? “I like being bright and I don’t mind the attention that I get from it.”




DAKOTA LUPKES, A FUTURE ARMY MAN By: Taj Milton Senior Dakota Lupkes has been in the JROTC program here at North for four years and is excited to join the Army after he walks across the stage in May. He has enjoyed his high school career at North and is very sad to go but excited to join the real world. His happiest moments here revolve around JROTC and traveling across the country with Sergeant Gunny. What was your most meaningful friendship here at North and why? “Jacob McAlister. We are in JROTC together and he and I have been through thick and thin.”

“I’m full of regret. But there’s not one specific thing I would go back and change because then I wouldn’t be who I am today.” Best teacher you’ve had and why? “Gunny. I’ve been all over the country with him.” Biggest fear after high school? “My only fear, since I’m going into the Army, is dying.”

“I know once I get out into the real world, everything won’t be so easy anymore.”

What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North, and why? “Gunny, because he’s always been there for me and when I screw up, he tells me. He’s very blunt about it. We’ve also been all over the country with the rifle team.” A regret-- what is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years?

Most challenging class? “Algebra one. I had to go to summer school for it because I never did the work.” If you could go back to your freshman self, what would you say to him? “I wouldn’t tell myself anything except for Super Bowl bets so I could win cash.”

Did your high school career go as you predicted it would as an 8th grader? “No. I thought that I would get picked on and stuff. It went better than I expected.” What will you miss the most about high school? “Seeing all my friends in one place and how easy high school is. I know once I get out into the real world, everything won’t be so easy anymore.” How do you feel about being on your own for the

Dakota Lupkes smiles for his senior photo. first time? “Excited. The thought of independence is just amazing, but also very scary.” What are two things from your bucket list? “Definitely skydiving, and maybe scuba diving. They seem like amazing experiences to have.”

Sebrina Dixon, Smarts, And Talent By: Breonica Austin

least thing I will miss is all the fake people.” “If I could change anything about North High, I would change people’s perspective at North.” She adds “we get judged everyday as ratchet or stupid.” Dixon not only talks, but listens. Her most meaningful friendship would be Jade Turner. They’ve known each other since the 6th grade. “We became best friends when I was wearing her boyfriend’s jacket, but at the time he was also mine. We went to confront him and came to find that there was a third girl.” Despite the extremely terrible first impression, the two girls hit it off and became best friends. She says, “If I need anything, she’s there in a way. She’s just my sister now, I don’t think of her as a friend.” Mrs. Grey was the best teacher Dixon ever had. “She’s not nice,” ranted Dixon. “She pushes you to do your best, you actually have to earn your grade with time and effort.” Although its Dixon’s last year at North High, she has made some amazing memories. Her best year at North was her freshman year. “It was fun,” she says. “All my friends went here and everyone got along.” The craziest thing shes done through her high school year was egg people’s houses. She exclaimed, “One night, when we were egging a lady’s house, she came out,

and I threw an egg at her face.” The seemingly shameless Dixon does have some regrets, “Something I would have done differently over the years is not associate with people who get you in trouble and put you in juvenile hall,” said Dixon. She has changed quite drastically from her freshman year to now,“I’m not as ignorant and I choose my friends more wisely.” High school has taught her to trust no one. But high school also taught her how to strive for what you believe in and to fight for what you want. She has great plans ahead of her for after high school, but her biggest fear is being a failure. She says her mother is the one who motivates and pushes her to keep going. After high school Dixon plans on going to Iowa State University and majoring in Psychology. She believes her greatest achievement this year would be ‘Most Outstanding Player’ for basketball. Now that her high school years are over, Dixon realized high school was not what she expected it to be, “I honestly thought it was going to be like High School Musical and Bring It On.” Dixon would give, not just students, but people in general: make it memorable.

“I honestly thought it was going to be like

High School Musical and Bring It On.”

Sebrina Dixon is studying at Iowa State yext year. You may know her as loud, energetic and funny, but if you get to know her, you will find that she’s more then just the class clown. Sebrina Dixon enjoyed her four years at North High School.“The biggest thing I will miss about North is the extra curricular activities and drama.” She says, “The





Laura Abuhl is a senior here. Anyone who has talked to her knows her to be extremely funny and outgoing. She has been involved in many things like cheerleading, The Oracle, and volleyball. Whether she’s talking about something she does or about someone’s butt, she sure knows how to make people smile. What is your most meaningful relationship at North and why? “Probably Jenna Boylan because we’ve been friends forever and we can talk about anything and she’s great.”

Who is the best teacher you have had? “Mr. Graeber because he puts up with me and he’s just a fun teacher to have.”

“Mrs. Charikov (means a lot to me) because she’s like my home away from home. She looks out for me as my dad does... She’s pushed me to my full potential.”

What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “Mrs. Charikov because she’s like my home away from home. She looks out for me as my dad does. She cares about me as an individual. She’s gone out of her way to make sure I was on track for high school. She’s pushed me to my full potential.“ Laura Abuhl in all her glory.

done a lot better if I would of put more effort into my work.”

Do you regret anything? “I regret not taking school seriously at first. I could of

What is your biggest fear? “Dying or getting arrested.” What is the craziest thing you have done? “I have skipped class all day but told my parents I was on a fieldtrip. That’s about how bad I get.”

What is one thing you would change about North? “I would change the communication between the teachers and the students. They don’t tell us anything.” What activities did you do? “Cheerleading, newspaper and volleyball. I liked cheer the most.” Why are you so obsessed with butts? “Because booty is life!”


or biking during the summer. He plans on attending Simpson College next fall. What was your most valuable friendship at north and why? “Calvin Lovan and Bao Luong because they are the homies. I’ve known Calvin since kindergarten and i’ve known Bao since 6th grade.”

“My biggest regret would probably be not getting involved with anything until my senior year.” What was the hardest class you’ve taken? “My hardest class would have been pre-calc because math is hard.”

“Don’t slack off. Don’t let senioritis get to you, because if it gets to you, it will mess you up.”

What is your most memorable part of your senior year? “Probably this basketball season. The team did really well this year and it was great to go to the games and be apart of the student section.” Why is your hair so important to you? “Because it’s a part of me.”

Tim shows off his fabulous hair Tim Hanson is a senior at North High School. He plays tennis and has great school spirit. He is known for his great hair, and won best hair this year for the yearbook. He likes to spend time with his friends, and goes running

What was the best part of your senior year? “Having sexy hair.” What is your diet? “No red meat, soda, fast food, or pop tarts because its good for me. And I’m just so used to it now.” What is your biggest regret in high school?

What is your biggest fear after leaving high school? “Not knowing what to do. I’m going to Simpson next fall but I’m still scared because I’m not sure what I really want to do yet.” What is a piece of advice you have for underclassmen? “Don’t slack off, Don’t let senioritis get to you because if it gets to you, it will mess you up.” What do you like to do in your free time? “I like to play tennis, play guitar, play video games, watch movies, exercise, and cook.” What’s a quote you live by? “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” - Wayne Gretzky” - Michael Scott” Why did you decide to grow your hair out? “Calvin and I decided to grow our hair out at the beginning of the year and we have stuck to it so far.”




Calvin Lovan, More Than Just An Athlete By: Kolby Chup

Calvin Lovan flashes his charming smile at the camera for his Senior photo Calvin Lovan is one of the star players for the North High Football Team and actor in the NHS Theatre Arts program. He is loved by many and will always be remembered because of his roles in sports, theater, and as a wonderful human being.

What is your most meaningful friendship at North into school. It would be devastating.” and why? “Bopha, Bao, Tim, Galvin, and Darren. Bopha because Craziest thing you’ve done and why? we’ve been together our whole high school career and “Tee-peeing Roosevelt High School, because it was fun it’s always nice to have someone be there. She’s nice, and was with a group of people I didn’t think I’d hangout amazing, and beautiful. Galvin, Darwith.” ren, Bao, and Tim because we came “The athletic prointo high school together and grew One thing you would change about grams, they can together as a group. We would do North High and why? anything for each other. “The athletic programs, they can be be better. I would better. I would change the students atchange the stuWhat is your most meaningful titudes towards them and their involvedents attitudes friendship with a teacher at North ment.” and why? towards them and “Coach Addy, because in the last two Most challenging class? their involvement.” “Advanced Placement Biology.” years he helped me with football and life. We have a bond.” If you could go back to your freshman self, what A regret -- what is something you wish you had would you say to him? done differently over the past few years? “Get involved in as many programs as possible to build “I wish I would have studied more. And worked out relationships with different and amazing people.” harder for off season.” Did your high school career go as you predicted it Best teacher you’ve had and why? would as an 8th grader? “Mrs. Schwendau because she challenged me to work hard and pushed my potential for learning.” “Not at all. I met a lot of different people and made a lot of different friends. I never thought I’d be in the theatre Biggest fear for after high school? program, and I regret not joining sooner.” “Not finishing college because all of the hard work I put

Ross Campbell, Still A Dreamer By: Hannah McNichols Tearing his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament, ligament in the knee) twice in the last year put his dreams of becoming a Marine on the back burner. Ross Campbell, third year senior, will be graduating with the class of 2014 to work on physical therapy and making his knee, boot-camp ready. As a sophomore, Campbell tore his ACL, and MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament, ligament that keeps your shin bone in place) running sprints as part of the ROTC program. He then tore his ACL again running with Marines during a Poole workout night. Campbell had his first surgery on his ACL in December 2013, and his second in February 2014. He is planning on enlisting again in the beginning of next year.

North, and why? “For adults, it would have to be Major Quinlan and Mr. Dotson. They have been there for me when I needed them the most. Lexie Armstrong and Hunter Adrain, had my back all throughout high school.” What is something you wish you could of done differently over your high school years? “Be more social, it was a key part of high school that ignored until my last year. I would have been better and nicer to my knee over the years and also taken more advanced classes.”

“(I wish I could have been more) social, it was a key part of high school that ignored until my last year.”

What are your plans for after high school? “To go to college and become a officer in the Marine Corp.” How much longer do you have to wait until you can enlist? “I have about six to eight months left.” What is your most meaningful relationship at

Biggest fear after high school? “Not succeeding and not being a good officer for the men I lead.” Craziest thing you’ve done and why? “There’s not much I can say that is school appropriate.” One thing you could change about North and why? “To establish different math classes and not require algebra 2. They need to offer something else.” Most challenging class and why? “AP Language and Composition and Chemistry because I wasn’t good at work ethic (for Chemistry) and I’m not a strong writer (for AP Language and Composition).” If you could go back to your freshman self what

Campbell stares compellingly into your soul. He knows your secrets. would you tell him? “Don’t punch the wall and hangout with friends more.” Did your high school career go as you thought it would as an eighth grader? “Yes, but it went by so fast. It feels like yesterday I was in physics with Lexie just messing around.”


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