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is being stuck in the same place and the same job for the rest of her life. Whiteman is most fond of former principal Matt Smith “because he was able to have fun with all the kids and he still enforced the necessary rules. He also got through his first year of like five trash can fires in the bathrooms.” She says that the lack of funds for different school programs needed attention. “There are a lot of awesome people at North and every one should have a shot at showing their awesomeness!” With all the adjustments to North, whether it be new renovations, new administration, or new bell schedules, Glenna says “The new renovations have really helped Glenna, shown above, plays two instruments at the Spirit to make North stand out the most amongst the other Day Assembly. district schools. I think the biggest change in the By: Sammi Linebach past four years, is the different clubs and activities at North and how they have become much more active Glenna Whiteman is Des Moines born and bred. From and involved in the building.” Phillips Elementary to Goodrell Junior High, and now Whiteman has advice for future Polar Bears. “I finally graduating with the 2014 class at North High School. know it’s going to be hard but really start thinking Her closest relationship from her four years at North, about scholarships in the fall just to get started. Teacher Academy teacher Dr. Teresa Peterson. “She has Start the year off understanding you are not going helped me figure out college, stress, drama, and homework to do everything in all your classes, it is going to be in the two years I have known her. I feel like she undervery hard.” stands me very well.” She said “be sure to attend four days of classes Another important figure in her life is her bowling coach, each week. Do not fill your schedule, especially Amanda Dvorak. “She has helped me come out of my very if you have a job! When people tell you it’s small shell since I started on the team freshmen year, she going to be hard believe it, it’s going to be has also helped me to be comfortable in my big skin,” said like being dumped on Valentines Day. Whiteman. You will not want to continue but Glenna plans to go to spend her first two semesters at you have to.” DMACC and then transfer to UNI to major in Social Studies with a minor in education. Her biggest fear for the future

Guadalupe Casas is bound for ISU By: Saleena Lovan Guadulpe Casas, through her Science Bound experiences, have lifted her out of Des Moines and up into Ames. From former teachers to future concerns, Casas tells her tale in this senior interview. What is your most meaningful friendship at North and why? “My Science Bound class peers. We encourage each other to do our best. We help each other when we are having problems with school or even personal problems. Our different skills and even ethnicities make us a great team.” What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “Most meaningful friendship with a teacher are with my Science Bound teachers because they have seen me grow physically and mentally the last 4 years. They are part of my support system.” Most challenging class and why? “AP Physics is the most challenging because I wasn’t expecting the workload to be so heavy. The concepts are understandable, but the homework isn’t like the practice in class.” A regret- what is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “I regret not caring about my grades during my freshman and sophomore years and because of that, my G.P.A isn’t what I wish it would be.” Best teacher you’ve had? “Ms. McDonald was the best teacher I’ve had because she

taught me how to use words and develop strong communication, speaking, presentation, and writing skills that I was lacking, which I didn’t have so I just use to say I hated English class, plus she was very nice.” Biggest fear for after high school? “Being a college dropout and disappointing my parents.” If you could go back to your freshman self, what would you say to yourself? “I would of told myself to pass yearbook and be on time to classes. do what’s best for you, don’t follow others. Have friends that are good for you, not good to you.” Did your high school career go as you predicted it would as an 8th grader? “No, I had no idea I was ever going to take AP classes, participate in activities. or programs that would prepare me for college.” What has been the proudest achievement so far? “My proudest achievement so far would be completing five years of Science Bound. It’s multiple tasks, projects and other challenges helped prepared me for college and also gives me opportunities to go to college, which I thought was not really possible because of my financial situation.” What will you miss more when you leave and why? “I’ll miss the teachers because they’re pretty cool and chill.”


“Don’t do anything at the last minute and have friends that are good for you, not good to you.”

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Bao Luong;


Actor, Poet & Soon to be North High Alumni By: Leah Waughtal Bao Luong is a theater jock, a force to reckon with on stage and a wonderful poet. He is funny, honest, and irrevokably talented. Bao is someone who can make anyone laugh. It is one of his most admirable traits. What is your most meaningful relationship at North and why? Probably my girlfriend, Julie. It has been a huge part of my high school career, and she has influenced a lot of my life decisions. I’ve decided to stay in Des Moines for college because of her, and I’m taking school more seriously because I have someone else to prepare my future for. Before, I didn’t care. What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? Mr. Rixner because he is probably the reason I got involved in Theater and he really pushed me. He is a father figure to me, I hate to disappoint him, but he makes me try even harder. He is the reason I got inolved with Drama. A regret -- what is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? I wish I would’ve gotten involved in Theater and Movement 515 earlier and I wish I would of given a sport a try. I wish I would havebroken out of my box a little earlier in my high school career. Biggest fear for after high school? Man. My relationships with everyone, keeping up with friends, and with my family, living with them. I’m scared for when I move out. But mostly I’m nervous for college in general, I’m not that academic. Mostly, being more

independent. Most embarrassing moment in high school? Crashing my car into an autobody shop because I spilled taco sauce on my lap. I probably won’t ever live that one down. One thing you would change about North High and why? I would change when we end – why we end 15 minutes later than any of the other schools. It’s weird and it doesnt make sense to me. Most challenging class? Right now it’s AP Lit. It is a lot of reading and writing, and those aren’t fun for me when I’m forced to do it. What is your favorite part about Theater? You get to do things that are way different than any other class. You get to get on stage, and do projects different than what you do in other classes. You get to become a different person on stage. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? Thats deep and really scary. Living in Seattle with my wife – who will be Julie De La O. We will live in a house

on a hill. I’ll be teaching and she’ll be a nurse. We’ll have two kids. I’m going to teach for a living, and be an actor on the side. I want to pay it forward. Biggest lesson learned in high school? Passion is really important when it comes to anything you do. You have to make it worth somethng. How long have you been with Julie? For two and a half years. Wow – two and half. What makes you happy? What activity feeds your soul? Probably Movement515. It is really fun and very enlightening. It’s opened my mind to a lot of different things. I’m excited for Philadelphia – I’m to excited to meet people with something to say. Your childhood? I moved to Iowa when I was 6. I used to walk around at recess when I was little by myself and pretend I was a Power Ranger. The red or white one – sometimes green. In the 3rd grade, I tried to steal a box of mega blocks from my school – but it wouldnt fit in my back pack. I tried to carry it outside, and all my teachers were outside. I tried to run to my house, but they saw me. I got in trouble.

Nick Lovan, End of a Great Career at NHS By: Brennan Whisler

Nicholas Lovan, 18, has lived in Des Moines during his entire school career. He has been heavily involved in athletics for the last three years; playing football for two years, bowling for two years, and tennis for two years. He lettered in all three at one point or another. He was a mainstay on the offensive line for the Polar Bears starting all games his senior year. He also bowled varsity for most of his senior year, helping to beat Hoover. He came into his own on the tennis court this year scoring seven of the twenty points, between doubles and singles, the team scored helping to beat Roosevelt and Hoover after not winning any team or otherwise his junior year. Despite his tennis success, football is still his favorite sport. Nick isn’t just sports though, he is one of the top 25 students of the senior class. He was also involved with the student section during basketball games this past season. Simply put, Nick is an involved senior who has always known he would be a Polar Bear. Starting off at Findley Elementary and advancing on to Harding Middle School, it was a near guarntee that he’d be at North for the last stage of his public schooling. Reflecting on his past at North brought forth pleasant memories for the future alum. He talked on how Devon Krejci went from Findley friend to weightlifting buddy all the way

to arguably his best friend at North. He also spoke of Gilson and how as coach he inspired him and Nick just liked him because of his “great attitude.” As far as teachers went Mrs. Gray was his favorite because “ she could explain things easily.” While at North, he enjoyed camping with friends and all the great and crazy things they would do. Moving on to college his biggest worry like many young people is money. At North he reflected on how he would’ve changed underclassmen maturity. Being here for both Mr. Smith and Vuk when pressed he said “Smith, he’s the original.” Like everybody he struggled with school, particularly pre-calc. His lone regret is that he didn’t go out for any sports his freshman year, and only joined bowling and tennis his junior year. His advice to the underclassmen is tried and true, “Don’t hesitate.” Nick will go on to attend DMACC Boone in the Fall of 2014 to major in Criminal Justice. He’s planning to rent an apartment with his friend Devon. Ultimately he plans on becoming a police officer after graduation. Even with all his certainty, he does realize there is a strong possiblity that college won’t go as planned, even with his high school life going close to what he planned. His full story is barely written, but as of right now the beginning has been a great one.



MUNIR ABDULAHI: TALENTED, OUTGOING ATHLETE READY FOR HIS FUTURE By: Mariam Hanna Senior Munir Abdulahi from Eritrea, worked a lot to raise up his grades so he can graduate. He likes to be as friendly as he can to the people around him. He joined cross country, soccer and track for his senior year. He is thankful for all the help his teachers gave him and how they supported him in this year especially. He is looking forward to graduating and going to college to start his journey. What is your most meaningful friendship at North, and why? “Getting on the soccer team. We’re like a family who mostly respect each other.” What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North, and why? (Best teacher you have had?) “Mrs. Chairkov, because she helps me with me with my homework, she is there for me whenever I need her. She helped me raise my grades in my other classes too and she keeps supporting me.” What’s your most challenging classes and why? “Economics and geometry, because it’s hard when you don’t study. Geometry is too hard finding out the answers if the teacher didn’t explain it.” A regret... What is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “My grades needed to be up, because I didn’t feel good while my grades were down.

What is your biggest fear for after high school? “Going to college, because people say if you didn’t study you will be in a trouble and because college is different than high school there is not that much help as at the high school.” What’s the craziest thing you have done and why? “Cross country was, as it was the first time for me to run for all of that.” One thing you would change about North High and why? “Pay attention for kids that skip school and not letting them skip. Mostly the kids want to join sports and they are good at it but because their grades are low they become not able to join the team.” What are you known with at NHS? Why? How do you want people to remember you? “Soccer player and track runner. I want people to remember me as a friendly kid and especially during sports.” Something you will never forget about NHS? Why? “The soccer and track teams and cross country as it was my first time for me to run, and I made the team look good.” Soccer and track athlete, senior Munir Abdulahi.

Jamaal Dudley, YEAAAAAAH By: Kelsey Ambrose Walking into North, you may run into him, whether that’s in the gym playing basketball, watching him play on the court, or sitting in class, one way or another, you know him. At a little over 6 feet tall, with a a bright, charming smile that could light up a room I can assure you that you won’t regret meeting him. For the past four years, Senior Jamaal Dudley has attended North High School. Participating in several sports, community service activities, Dudley has had a positive impact on North High’s name. Let’s reminice on basketball season this year, remember the pep rallys? Yeah? Well that YEAAAAAAH you may have heard every now and then was Dudley. From pep rallys to games that YEAAAAAH is what many people think of when they see him. Ms. Schwendau was one of the bigger influences on Dudley, “She helped me, she was always there for me and pushed me to do well,” Dudley said. Throughout the four years here at North, Coach Phipps helped a lot. All four years Dudley has been here, he feels like former principal Matt Smith was the best principal North had in those four years. “I liked him because he was fun, and crazy too,” Dudley said. For the past four years, Dudley played varsity basketball for North High School. There wasn’t just one year that was his favorite, but all four were his favorite. Because there were lots of improvements to the team, by coach Phipps who made several improvements. The big-

gest regret of his senior year was not playing football his final year of high school. Dudley also has a number of tattoos, he got his first tattoo when he was 15. It had the meaning of fear and how to overcome it. “All of my tattoos have a meaning, most of them mean something either about family, or God,” Dudley explained. Dudley’s plans after high school are pretty self explanatory, he plans to go a college that will accept him and study psychology and play basketball. We all wish Jamaal the best of luck, and we’ll miss him, his smile, and most importantly his dedication on and off the court very much.

Jamaal Fun Facts:

Favorite Superhero: Superman Favorite Song: Downtown - August Alsina Two things from your bucketlist: Travel the world and own a 1996 Impala Where do you think you will you be in 10 years? I’m hoping by then, I’ll own my own business.

One of Dudley’s senior photos.



Daniel, The Guy Behind The Act By: Alejandra Hernandez It’s time, the last ring. The last bell you’ll hear as you take your final steps through the place you call home. You’ve made it, it’s your time. Daniel Kanyaimonh, also known as Danny, has made it in one piece through his four years of high school and will attend Iowa State next year. He is part of the drama department as well as a Central Campus student. He has brought an open mind to North and showed us his talents on stage, leaving his final act during the production of The Outsiders. What is your most meaningful friendship at North? “That’s a hard one. I mean, I do have a lot of friendships that really mean some worth to me. Like the people in the drama department, my friends that have gone to school with me since elementary days. I guess, even friends I made during my time in high school. It’s about what I’ve been through with them it is what solidifies our friendship and forms deeper connection.” Who’s the best teacher you have ever had? “The best teacher I think, is Mark Rixner, because that through the shows and off times during theater I’ve learned from him some pretty important aspects and responsibilities on life. He’s one of those teachers where you could tell him about something and he’ll give you an answer on what to do. He’s also helped me plan on what I would do after high school. Don’t get me wrong, all the teachers at North are cool.” What is your biggest fear after high school? “Being able to land a job that actually applies to the major I go for in collage to pay off the ton of debt I’ll be in after college. Because if I don’t get a job that falls into my

major. What’s the point of going to collage? That’s probably one of the bigger fears I have.” What is the craziest thing you have done, and why? “Take 3 AP courses AND their exams. Just kidding. I honestly don’t think I have a crazy story to tell.” If you could go back to freshman year, what would you say to yourself? “School is way more important than you think, put your best foot forward, and you’ll do just fine.” Did your high school career go as you predicted it would as an 8th grader? “As an 8th grader I thought high school was all big and bad. The only times I’ve heard about it were through television and my brothers. But when I actually went to high school. I realized Danny, standing, second from the right giving the thumbs up. it wasn’t actually how my brothers tried to portray it to think that senior year is your year to relax. Give yourself me as this scary place. I also thought it’s when you finally a challenge, take advanced courses. Leave with a bang, feel like an adult. I’m a senior and I still don’t feel like an and have fun while you can. Because I wasn’t really adult yet. Haha.” involved with North spirit stuff until this year. I wish I What are you going to major in? started a long time ago.” “I plan to major in engineering, build cool things, and In one sentence sum up your high school years? possibly minor in photography.” “A once in a lifetime sorta thing, or an entirely new What advice do you have for future seniors? experience.” “Apply for all the scholarships, get involved with school if you haven’t already, challenge yourself. People might


Lucas McNichols ‘ posing for a senior photo Going from childhood to being an adult may be hard for some, but for senior Lucas McNichols it was just a little harder. He knew that eventually he wanted to be someone going somewhere, helping others and being of use. Sitting in an office desk wouldn’t cut it. Then coming to North he joined the ROTC program, now being the Commanding Officer, he then knew that he wanted to be in the Marine Corps. On February 6, 2014 he found out his dad had can-

cer. A tumor in his gall bladder, something that Lucas thought would never happen. His life has now taken on a new challenge. But through it all he is a strong, independent, caring person who anyone would be lucky to have in their life. What is your most meanigful friendship at North and why? “ Major Quinlan because he’s like a father figure.” A regret -- what is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “ Made more friends.” Best teacher they’ve had and why? “ Mr. Schwendinger from Goodrell taught me a lot.” Biggest fear for after high school? “Not being easy, I’m going to the Marine Corps so I don’t really have a lot to worry about except maybe getting my butt kicked.” One thing you would change about North High and why? “Better connections with students, respect from all around the school.” Best principal at North through the years and what they did best? “Mr. Smith, his energy. He brings enjoyment to the student body.” Most challenging class?

“Any math I ever took, math sucks and it’s challenging for me.” If you could go back to your freshman self, what would you say to him? “ Not get lazy and focus on school and my career more. Be prepared to face more challenges.” What are your future plans when school is over? “Marine Corps. I feel like that’s where I should go and do.” If you could give any teacher advice on how to improve something who would it be? “Push kids harder to their potential.” What is a piece of advice you would give to incoming ROTC students? “Give it your all don’t give up.” Where will you be in 10 years? “Still in the Marine Corps leading a squadron in aircraft maintenance.” Two items on your personal bucket list? “Learn to fly a helicopter, and restore a classic car.”





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seniors Julie De La O: Your Future Nurse By: Aminah Lothi Voted yearbook’s best hair with a big smile to match, Julie De La O finds herself debating on her upcoming life decisons on not attending college. Why? Because De La O will be a Certified Nurse Assistant after she graduates. From job shadowing different nurses and doctors at Methodist Hospital, Julie has her heart set on her career goal. Where are you going to college, why, and for what? “I kinda don’t wanna go but if I do go, I want to go to DMACC and I want to go to be a Nurse.” Why don’t you want to go to college? “With the class that I’m taking at Central Campus, it’s a really good program and I can get certified and it’ll still get me a good job” What motivates you to choose that career path? “I like seeing people sick, I know that sounds bad but I like to see them sick because I just want to go ahead and help them. After you help them recover, you see how happy they are and it makes you feel good about helping somebody.” How do you feel about graduating? Excited? Nervous? Anxious? “I’m really nervous because I’m leaving high school for good. I’m scared but, I’m kind of just done with school, I don’t like going to school. School stesses me out and I don’t like feeling stressed.” What is the program you are taking at Central Campus? “I’m taking the Nursing Aid program. You get to work in

nursing homes. We are currently working in a nursing home called, Valley View. The youngest paitent we have is twenty years old and the oldest is one hundred and she still walks and talks! I’m really comfortable with old people, they’re cool! They say a lot of nonsense that makes me laugh!” Craziest thing you’ve done in high school and why? “Bao and I borrowed Calvin’s car and we were driving around his neighborhood so, I was like ‘I’ll teach you how drive’, We were at a three way stop and it was our turn to go and we crashed into a parked car. The right side mirror broke off. We tried to fix it by buying a new side mirror, it was black but the car was white so we tried to spray paint it white. Calvin still hates us til this day for it.” What would you say to your freshman self? “I know everyone always says this, but really just be yourself. I feel like people try too hard to fit in with a group of people and that’s just so lame. Just be yourself and you know who you’ll end up with.” Where do you see yourself in 10 years? “I see myself married to my boyfriend and becoming an actual nurse and maybe have a kid!” What are two things in your bucketlist? “I want to travel around the world and become a food critic.” What is your favorite Twitter hashtag? “#yoloswag2014” Who is your favoite superhero? “Avatar Aang.”

Chyna Kavan, On To College By: Linh Tram and Aminah Lothi Chyna Kavan entered NHS back in 2010 and now in a couple days she will be graduating in the class of 2014. She participates in school activies such as tennis and orchestra. She is passionate about orchestra class the most because she been playing for a very long time and she loves music. After she graduates, Kavan plans on attending University of Iowa for her upcoming major course. How did you like tennis at North? I joined tennis this year, I think it was really good, this season was good. We worked really good as a team. What college will you be attending? “I’m planning to attend University of Iowa but I’m still deciding on what I’m going to major in.” What is your favorite memory at North? “My favorite memories about North is the randomness of the people in the hallways and how they associate with their friends.” One thing you would change about North High and why? “The amout of respect students give to the teachers and pretty much teachers/students in general. Because I think it would make our community better.”

What do you like most about your senior year? “It’s my last year of high school and I get to move on with my life starting a new chapter.” What is your most meaningful friendship at North and why? “The most meaningful friendship I had was with everyone who were always there for me and the people that knew how to make me smile.” What is your biggest fear after high school? “Getting a loud and unorganized roommate for college in the future since we will be having different ways to live with ourselves.” Advice you’d give to underclassmen? “With the last few months of seniors years don’t slack off because you will kill yourself with over dues homeworks and just stay focus in school for upcoming Two items on your personal bucket list: “I want to travel around the world and eat a philly steak in Philly.” Where do you see yourself in 10 years? “I see myself married with a job that pays well.” Favorite Twitter hashtag: #: #LGI Favorite superhero: Wolverine

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Darius Myles Karina Reyes




Samantha Phengsy By: Marina Song Samantha Phengsy is light-hearted, funny and probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever met. Samantha plans to go to DMACC to study nursing or to be an emergency medical technician. What is your most meaningful friendship at North? “All my friends have helped me turn into a better person, but the most meaningful friendship I have is the one with Gabby. I’ve known her for such a short amount of time, but I know she’s the only one I can count on.” What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “I would say Coach Klein. When I was a freshmen, I didn’t like her, but over the years I’ve grown to like her and even respect her. She may be strict, but she’s an interesting person to talk to.” Most challenging class? “Any math classes are challenging. I’m not good at math.” A regret-- what is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “I wish I was more involved with North; joined more sports and school activities.”

Biggest fear after high school? “I’m afraid of being stuck, unable to move forward due to the fact that I don’t know what to do, or where to go.” Craziest thing you’ve done? “On April 15, 2014, I had to perform CPR on a male adult. It was a week after I got certified, and it’s just crazy how soon I would have to do it.” One thing you would change about North High? “North should be more involved with the freshmen, because most freshmen are more vulnerable and confused on where to go and what to do. I remember making terrible choices during my freshmen year.” If you can go back to your freshman self, what would you say to her? “I would yell at my freshman self for all the mistakes I’ve [made]. I would tell her to stop herself from getting class suspension and stop jipping. I would also tell her that freshmen year is just important as her senior year.” Did your high school career go as you predicted it would as an 8th grader? “When I was in 8th grade, I never really thought about that. I just went with the flow.”

Best teacher you’ve had? “I personally think Mrs. Lantz is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I never met a teacher who was passionate over history.”

Eddie Wilkinson By: Marina Song

Wilkinson, a Senior, chooses to be a Straight-Edge Vegan.

you eat, that means saving more animals. He tries not to convince people to become vegan.

Being SXE (the symbol for being Straight Edge) is a life-long commitment to live without drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and casual sex.

The only bad thing about being vegan is not getting enough proteins and vitamins you need. “I stay healthy by taking vitamins, protein shakes, and working out,” Wilkinson said.

Eddie has been Straight-Edge for almost 17 years, by choosing to be against drugs and alcohol. Some Straight-Edge people can take medication when they’re sick. But Eddie doesn’t, he drinks orange juice to make himself feel better. There’s nothing bad about being Straight-Edge, it’s basically living a cleaner lifestyle and having a healthier body. But whenever people are drinking and smoking around him, he just walks away. Aside from being Straight-Edge, Wilkinson is also a vegan. Veganism is the act of not eating any foods that come from animals, and who often won’t use animal products. The first thing you notice about Eddie Wilkinson are his luscious locks and his impressively-large gauges. What you don’t notice, what you cannot see, are his lifestyle choices.

He has been vegan for almost 3 years by choosing to go on a healthier diet and to fight for animal rights. You also have to make changes to your diet, and be careful of what

He gets food from New World Cafe, also he buys clothes from places that are cruelty free. He just has to make sure to read what it’s made out of. So far, he hasn’t missed any food that he have aten. He loves vegan tacos. Life is good for him. He chose to live a healthier lifestyle and everybody supports him for being a StraightEdge Vegan. More facts about Eddie: Eddie plans to be a free lance photographer and wants to travel the world. Also, he wants to become Instagram famous. He already has 6k followers and counting. Eddie’s favorite superhero is Flash. His favorite Twitter hashtag is #NalaTheHusky.




Natasha Gomez, Driven Student & Cat Lover By: Reagan Clay Natasha Gomez was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She has an older sister, brother, and younger brother. Gomez has played tennis all four years and bowled her senior year. In her freetime, Gomez likes to read, crochet, and be around cats. Natasha Gomez will be attending Iowa State next fall. What is your most meaningful friendship at North and why? “Victoria Wilson. She’s always been there for me and we always seem to be going through the same issues at the same time so we can help each other. Plus she’s cute.” What was your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “Mrs. Watznauer, the old foods teacher was like a second mother to me. I could open up to her about problems going on. Also, she let me sew after school.” What is something you wish you would have done differently over your past four years at North? “I wish I would have gotten more involved throughout all my years at North instead of just my senior year. I wish I would have done something where I could get closer to the students like Student Council.” The best teacher you’ve had and why? “Mrs. Poole and Ms. Schwendau. Mrs. Poole always tried making class more fun and interesting even though it was a government class. And Ms. Schwendau because I

have always looked up to her. When I was a freshman, I wanted to be a physics teacher because of her.” Biggest fear for after high school? “I’m scared of college in general. Adapting to college life and being by myself. Also all the hard classes and making new friends.” What is the craziest thing you’ve done? “One time, Victoria and I wanted to get hot chocolate. So we skipped our class to go get some. Fifteen minutes later, we felt bad so we went back to class with our hot chocolate.” One thing you would change about North and why? “I wouldn’t change anything. I would just prolong the spirit. It’s important to keep the school spirit up through the years.” Best principal through the years at North and why? “I think the best principal was Mr. Smith. I remember he would come on the intercom and tell us how well we are doing and how much he loved us. It seemed like he actually cared about us not only in high school but in our normal lives outside of high school.” How do you think you will be remembered at North High? “I want to be remembered as someone who was involved in many activities. Also, a studious student who tried their best at everything they did.”

One of Gomez’s senior photos What are two things on your bucket list? “I want to feed a giraffe and finish an entire coloring book.” In 10 years, where do you see yourself? “28, married, and a physical therapist.” What is your favorite song? “The Alphabet Song.”

Jody Pinegar, The Quiet Girl No One Notices By: Bailey Martin

Jody is the type of girl that goes unnoticed. When Best teacher they’ve had and why? she’s at school she is quiet, sweet, and, doesn’t like to be “Mr. Schwennen because you could tell he really cared around a lot of people. But when shes at home, she can about his students, he tried his best to help them and he be very loud. She loves music. You will almost never see was really easy to talk to.” her without her phone and headphones. She would love to put her headphones in and ignore the word most of One thing you would change about North and why? the time. “The 20/20 rule because it’s really stupid because no one She can be funny, and may seem innocent, but you can help it when they have to go to the bathroom.” just have to get to know her. She can be very loud when she wants, and shes not someone you want to make mad! Best principal at North through the years and what Jody tries her best to get the best grades she can. She they did best? is a beautiful, intelligent woman. “Mr. Smith because he actually danced.” What is your most meaningful friendship at North Most challenging class? and why? “Geometry.” “It was with Lindsey because I could talk to her about anything and she was fun to be around, and she was just Biggest fear for after high school? awesome.” “Having to live on my own, and pay my own bills.” What is your most meaningful friendship with a teacher at North and why? “1st Seregent (George Jackson) because he always knew what to say to help you and he could always make you laugh even if you didn’t want to.”

Jody Pinegar

Favorite Superhero: “Captain America.” Favortie Song:”Invisible by:Hunter Hayes.”

Where Will You Be In 10 Years? “In ten years, I will be finished with college, starting my job as a psycholoA regret - what is something you wish you had done gist.” differently over the past few years? “I wish I would have worked harder, and gotten better grades.”




LIFE IN THE EYES OF DARUIS MYLES By: Eli Dalton Daruis Myles looks all happy and full of smiles, but unlike all other students, he had to find the happiness with in the things he had. Strong, independent, trustworthy and full of heart are the things that come to mind when thinking of Daruis Myles. How were you as a child? “I was quiet as a child and read a lot. To this day reading is one of my favorite hobbies.” What are some things you faced growing up? “I moved a lot (15 times), I was homeless couple of times, I went nights without food and shelter and had a lot of deaths growing up. I faced depression after my aunt died. She was only 14 when she died. It hit me pretty hard; every time it gets close to her birthday, I cry and shut everyone out.”

What do you plan on studying once you get to college? “I’m thinking about majoring in engineering and culinary arts. I also want to minor in physical therapy.”

Do you plan on doing anything with basketball after highschool? “ I want to coach; I want to stay involved in coaching or trainer for a basketball team.” What are some things you want North High to remember about you? “I want everyone to know I’m going to be successful. I’ll be the first man in my family to go to college.” What is a piece of advice for the underclassmen? “You will experience many things and learn things in high school. To find and develop traits for later on.” These are both pictures of Daruis growing up.

Were you ever bullied growing up? “Yes, I was bullied because of my ears. I was called Bugs Bunny, Dumbo, and sometimes Trix Rabbit.” “Life isn’t easy and time is limited. At the end of the day, you get to choose what you be in life and do what you want with what time you have left.”-Daruis Myles

What is your favorite quote? “Don’t pray for a easy life, pray for the strength to endure difficulty.” Have you decided where you’re going to college yet? “No, not yet. I want to go NAIA Ju-Co then transfer to a D1 college.”

INGRI CABEZAS: DRAMA TECH QUEEN By: Valerie Natale Ingri Cabezas is a lovely senior at North who is involed with drama, orchestra, Student Council, and many AP classes. She’s planning on going to Iowa State and studying graphic design and maybe theater technology. She enjoys playing Charades, the word guessing game, during free time in AP Lang & Comp. She also enjoys drawing and helping others out with class work. How did you deal with the stress from school throughout your high school years? “I don’t think I was very stressed out. Only for AP classes, then, I would find students who has the same issues and worked together. Thats how seniors are.” What is your most meaningful friendship at North and why? “I think throughout all the activities at North that I have done, you kind of create bonds with people in the group. You have to rely on each other and you have to figure out everybody strengths and weaknesses.” Best teacher you’ve had and why? “I can’t go with just one person. In every class there is at least one memorable moment that make you cry, laugh, or kind of just question life.” Best prinicpal at North through the years and what they did best? “Mr. Smith, not to talk bad about Mr. V – he’s doing a great job- but Smith really motivated kids during the Iowa Assessments to getting better scores.” What is something you wish you had done differently over the past few years? “I wish I would have more release time so I could work

on more AP assignments which wouldve boost up my grade more.” One thing you would change about North High and why? “Hmmm... I think that they should put more attention in the activities here because activities such as student council who organize the dances and don’t get reconized for their work.” Why is orchestra beneficial? Why would you reccomend it for in coming students? How can it help you in your high school career? “Orchestra is beneficial because it takes a break of your day just to have fun. I would reccomend it to students who have expierence playing before since it’s a wonderful skill to have, a hobby to play an instrument. It’s special to grow an ability and master it and see the progress you’ve made throughout the years. It shows how hard your perseverance is to achieve your goals.” Why do you enjoy playing Charades? Who do you usually play with? What are your favorite categories? “I love playing Charades because you can get many people involved in it and in the end everyone is happy. I usually play with Valerie Natale, Zachary Hall, Derek Phommachack and Arturo Hernandez. Accents and Act It Outs’ are my favorite categories because they are hilarious to play.” Why Iowa State? What made you choose to go to school there? Are you scared or nervous? “Iowa State is close to home and I’ll join my sister in the fall. Also I recived the MVP Scholarship that pays for a full four year worth of tution. I’ll be majoring in graphic design in the department of College of Design in Iowa State. Yes, I’m nervous because it’s the first time on my own.”

Photo by Valerie Natale of Ingri Cabezas


pics & awards Congrats to the following Oracle staff members for winning 12 awards from The Iowa High School Press Association for their work from March 2013 through March 2014. These awards were earned in competition against other journalism students from across the state. * Hatte Kelley -- 1st Place -- In-Depth News Article * Madison Houska -- 1st Place -- Personality Profile * Kelsey Ambrose -- 1st Place -- News Magazine * Chanbopha Sam & Sammi Linebach -- 1st Place -- News Magazine Two Page Design * Cameron Fisher -- 1st Place -- Sports Photo * Cameron Fisher -- 1st Place -- News Magazine Cover * Hatte Kelley -- 2nd Place -- News Magazine One Page Design * Chanbopha Sam -- 2nd Place -- Infographic * Saleena Lovan & Marina Song -- 3rd Place -- Infographic * Hannah McNichols -- 3rd Place -- Column * Chanbopha Sam -- Honorable Mention -- News Magazine Cover * Brennan Whisler -- Honorable Mention -- Sports Story

Dear Graeber (aka Dad), Thank you for an amazing two years. You helped revive the Oracle as well as the student voice here at North. You’ve done so many things for us that the Journalism Teacaher of The Year Award could not show. You’ve been a teacher, a mentor, a father, and a dear friend to all of us. We couldn’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for every person you’ve been around. From your dorky hashtags to all the money spent towards pizza, this year has been amazing and you’ve impacted our lives greatly. So the North High Oracle Staff would like to say thanks for your hard work and dedication towards us. You’re the best. Sincerely, Mike, Bopha, and the rest of the school staff. P.S. Work on your hashtags, please.

Oracle Staff -- It has been an epic two years. You have produced 14 news magazines, you created a website and sent over 2,250 tweets (admittedly, most were by Pham during basketball season). I am proud of you all. I am proud that you brought The Oracle back from the ashes and created a special program here at NHS. However, it would be foolish to not give a special shout to Bopha (pictured below drinking cake through a straw). You were the glue that held it all together and I am forever grateful for your dedication. -Graeber

The Oracle -- Senior Issue  

The final issue of The Oracle is here and ready for you to view!

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