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Volume 6, Number 25

Special ed staff ‘reshuffling’ postponed after emotional meeting By Kyle Swartz The North Haven Citizen

Board of Education members voted June 21 to delay measures suggested by Superintendent Dr. Robert Cronin which could have prompted special education teacher layoffs. “The kids are too important and we had lost track of that,” said BOE member Alicia Clapp, who motioned for postponement until after formation of exploratory committees for further research. “It was just unfortunate.”

Clapp’s movement came toward the end of a contentious, emotionallycharged public forum in North Haven High School’s auditorium, held so Cronin could clarify to BOE members plans he had recently crafted for North Haven’s educational future. In a PowerPoint presentation which began the evening, Cronin’s suggestions included potential reassignment of three special education instructors to different departments, and eventual dismissal of six additional

Undefeated season


Friday, June 24, 2011

The swing of summer

special ed teachers. Eliminated positions would have been filled by new hires who could bring skill sets to areas of concern identified by Cronin, such as professional development and curriculum. Interviews were to begin Wednesday, June 22. However, after hours of passionate, public comment by parents, teachers, residents, students and state and municipal officials — some through tears and others in anger — BOE members canceled interviews indefinitely. “I don’t want any changes

Citizen photo by Russell’s Photography of North Haven

Matt Mezzono takes part in the annual North Haven Max Sinoway little league baseball All Star and Homerun Derby day on June 12. For more photos, see page 28.

See Meeting, page 8

Local educators attend bullying forum in town By Michael Torelli The North Haven Citizen Bullying and safe school environments continue to be discussion topics for North Haven educators. Jo Ann Freiberg, of the Connecticut State Department of Education, gave a presentation entitled “Creating Respectful and Safe Edu-

cational Environments” in Clintonville Elementary School’s conference room on June 15. Freiberg, who holds seminars across the country, addressed information about bullying and character improvement for students. With experience as an educator, she now informs teachers and parents about poten-

tial risks at schools. Lauretta Dowling, Clintonville Elementary School Principal, introduced Freiberg to a group of teachers, administrators and parents. “Today, everything is bullying,” Freiberg said, alluding to hazy lines which sepa-

See Bullying, page 11

CEO of North Haven business gets 18 months for dealing Oxycontin By Robert Cyr The North Haven Citizen

Citizen photos by Michael York, submitted by Howard Eckels

Last week, North Haven Soccer Club’s U-19 Girl’s team won the Connecticut State Cup Championship, capping off an undefeated run. For the full story and more pictures, see page 27.

Facing charges of selling prescription painkiller Oxycontin, Anthony Buono, CEO of North Haven business Cable Systems Inc., was sentenced last week to 18 months in prison and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine. Buono, 51, was sentenced June 15 by U.S. District Judge Stefan R. Underhill in Bridgeport to a year and a half in prison followed by

three years supervised release, the first six months of that to be spent in home confinement, according to the Department of Justice. Buono, David Deloughery and Maureen Gulianello went into partnership in 1998, when Buono began paying the two to use forged prescriptions to buy the drug. All three sold the pills on the street, according to

See CEO, page 14


The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011

State to regulate synthetic marijuana and salvia

HARTFORD – Representative Dave Yaccarino (R-87) recently hailed passage of legislation he co-sponsored that will effectively ban the sale and possession of synthetic marijuana and salvia divinorum. Senate Bill 1098 – An Act Regulating The Sale And Possession Of Synthetic Marijuana And Salvia Divinorum requires the commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection to adopt regulations designat-

ing five specified synthetic versions of marijuana, along with salvia divinorum (a perennial herb in the mint family native to certain parts of Mexico) and salvinorum A (its active constituent) as controlled substances. “I co-sponsored this legislation to add another layer of protection for our children against constantly changing and increasingly dangerous drugs,” Rep. Yaccarino said. “Too many kids think drugs like marijuana, and now

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plies to the substances. The substances are: 1. 1-pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole (JWH-018); 2. 1-butyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole (JWH-073); 3. 1-[2-(4-morpholinyl)ethyl]3-(1-naphthoyl)indole (JWH200); 4. 5-(1,1-dimethylheptyl)-2[(1R,3S)-3-hydroxycyclohexyl]-phenol (CP-47,497); 5. 5-(1,1-dimethyloctyl)-2[(1R,3S)-3-hydroxycyclohexyl]-phenol (cannabicyclohexanol; CP-47,497 C8 homologue); 6. salvia divinorum; 7. salvinorum A.

On March 1, 2011, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) administrator issued a final order to temporarily classify the substances above as Schedule I controlled substances for one year (76 Fed. Reg. 11,075 (March 1, 2011)). The DEA order described these substances as synthetic cannabinoids, a large family of unrelated structures that are functionally similar to the active principle of marijuana. Marijuana is classified as

See State, page 5

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their synthetic equivalent, are not dangerous or will not be harmful to them. In fact, it’s just the opposite as many of these drugs, especially those engineered in a lab, are more potent and potentially more addictive.” Drugs like Salvia, “gateway” drugs as they’re sometimes referred because their use can lead to additional drug use, have been gaining in popularity in recent years and with this law Connecticut takes a firm stand to protect its citizens, Yaccarino added. Yaccarino said he was especially thankful to Nancy Leddy, director of North Haven’s Substance Abuse Action Council, who made him aware of the dangers this drug creates within the community. Leddy also serves as North Haven’s Youth Services Administrator. The bill specifies that the designation may be by whatever official, common, usual, chemical, or trade name ap-

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The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011

Recreation plans summer fun for residents By Paul Colella Special to the North Haven Citizen

With the sun-filled, warm days of summer upon town, people are looking to fill their days and evenings with activities that will relax, entertain, occupy and recharge. The Department of Recreation takes pride in presenting and providing

summer concerts on the town green, and a variety of programs and events for all ages, including summer day camps, aquatic and youth sports programs. “With summer now here, my staff and I are busy promoting and hosting our summer programs that are open to residents and non-residents. Our summer concert series ‘Music Under the


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Stars 2011’ starts on Tuesday, June 28, and runs through Tuesday, August 23,” said Eileen Pettit, assistant director of the recreation department. “The concerts are very popular and well attended each year.” Pettit explained that the concerts and parking are free. The concert series has been a town tradition for over 30 years, and are possible thanks to the generosity of the North Haven business community and town organizations. The concerts are held on Tuesday evenings. “Many of our sponsors come back year after year, and they haven’t cut back on their generosity, especially during these difficult times, and we are very grateful for all they do,” Pettit said. “There is a variety of music that appeals to people of all ages, including the Oldies

from the 50s and 60s, tribute bands, The Classics and popular crooners. The concerts and parking are free and people bring their lawn chairs, coolers, blankets and find their special place on the town green. If people wish to purchase food there are food vendors on the premises.” “I circulate the green with my staff to get feedback and meet new faces while reacquainting ourselves with old and familiar friends,” added Pettit. “The trees on the North Haven Green provide ample shade and a nice cool breeze that are a welcome relief on a hot summer night.” Pettit and her staff —including Andy DelVecchio, Lynne Cole, Jennifer Klein, John Bimonte, Marc Russo, and Rich Gaudio — begin in October preparing for the concert series. Preparation involves previewing tapes and CDs of various performers, mixing up the line up set and getting contracts in, sealed and signed by January. Also, coordinating the sound system, obtaining sponsor-

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ships, doing advertising on the radio, in newspapers, and on posters, and coordinating things with public works, fire, police and other departments who lend a hand with the concerts. “I personally enjoy talking to the people at the concerts and I enjoy dancing with the seniors,” said First Selectman Michael Freda. “Tuesday nights are important to the residents, because it’s concert night when people are relaxing, dancing, and enjoying wonderful music with family and friends.” “Due to the overwhelming attendance and many requests from our residents, we are pleased to add two additional concerts making a total of nine concert series,” he added. Besides the concert series, the recreation department offers a variety of programs and camps. There are three camps available, including the Summer Day Camp for boys and girls ages 6-12, for residents only, the Pre-School Program or Little Rec’ers is for boys and girls ages 3-5, for residents and non-residents, and the Playground Camp for boys and girls ages 6-12. All three camps run for six week from July 5 to August 12. Registration starts in May and there is open registration until programs fill-up. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years and every year we always have a great number of

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Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen

Local author launches second novel, The Undefeated devious intentions. As surgeon Thomas Gage skillfully operates on one soldier after the other, he knows he must decide whether to pursue his medical career or fulfill his mother’s wishes to marry and carry on the family legacy. Meanwhile, Richard Hayes, a high-ranking officer in the British army, is desperately searching Boston for an evil swindler. He has one year to retrieve the money and clear his name before he is sent to prison. In an ironic twist of fate, Thomas’ mother has a

chance encounter with Margaret Ann Thatcher, the niece of a wealthy merchant whose temptations are about to lead her into a forbidden relationship. As one war ends, a battle between good and evil rages on as the lives of three vastly-different characters become intertwined in a web of treachery, greed, and insurmountable challenges that only the resilient will survive. Come meet and talk with the author and get a signed copy of his book at a book


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fan of his column, “Patriots


a Schedule I controlled substance under both state and federal law. “Making these drugs illegal and keeping them out of kids’ hands before they become a problem for our communities is the right thing to do,” Yaccarino said. Information provided by the office of David Yaccarino. Rep. Yaccarino represents the 87th district covering North Haven.


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(203) 269-8723 • 1-877-567-5914


Colella’s first book and are a

of Central Connecticut



North Haven. If you enjoyed

The String Studio



signing hosted by the Friends of the Library on Saturday June 25, 2011 from 12-3 p.m. in the community room at the North Haven Library on 17 Elm Street,


Local author and North Haven Citizen freelance writer Paul Colella will soon publish his second novel, The Undefeated. Colella also is the author of Patriots and Scoundrels: Charity’s First Adventure, which is based on his North Haven Citizen newspaper column, “Patriots and Scoundrels.” His new book, The Undefeated, is a suspenseful tale that takes place in Boston during the colonial period at the end of the French and Indian War. Here is a brief summary of the story: It is 1763, and the French and Indian War is taking a toll on the colonists, British soldiers and their Indian allies. As two men on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean struggle with internal demons, both have no idea that they are about to become entangled with a seductive, mysterious woman who has

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The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011

Special dogs track allergens to keep kids safe NORTH HAVEN (AP) - Boo and Riley are more than affectionate, protective family pets. To their owners, the specially trained dogs are a furry layer of security to sniff out peanut products and other life-threatening allergens. AP Photo / Jessica Hill

Jeff Glazer and his allergysniffing dog, Riley. Riley accompanies Glazer to ensure there are no peanut products or residue that could trigger his life-threatening allergic reactions.


lm iPa D h


8 e2 Jun



ttes ernade

- The B July 5

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Aug us

The dogs’ Connecticut owners are among many people nationwide turning to allergy-sniffing service dogs, who accompany their handlers to detect allergens and their residue at school, during social events and in other everyday activities. As their popularity grows, though, some owners are having mixed success in convincing businesses, schools and those in charge of other public venues that the dogs must be accepted as service animals, just as dogs whose handlers’ disabilities are more readily apparent. They’re already specifically recognized as medical service dogs in recent updates to the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, but some parents are taking it a step further by lobbying their local and state officials to update their regulations, too. “The dog is just one way we can help our daughter have a more normal life,” said Pam Minicucci of North Haven, whose 7-year-old daughter, Gianna, is constantly accompanied by her allergy-sniffing St. Bernard named Boo. Minicucci asked Connecticut lawmakers this year to add allergy-sniffing dogs to the state statutes to mirror

the ADA language, but the bill languished in a committee without full General Assembly action. Gianna’s allergy to peanut products, tree nuts and their residue in the air or on surfaces is so severe that even minuscule particles can trigger hives, itching and difficulty breathing that has sent her to the hospital several times. She carries an inhaler, wipes, Benadryl and EpiPen injectors everywhere in case she encounters anything to which she’s allergic. She and Boo get mixed reactions as they go to public venues and school, even though the dog wears a vest identifying it as a service animal. “Our goal is for the dog to be with her everywhere she goes,” Gianna’s mother said. “I don’t expect people to change their world for us, but I do expect them to allow us to protect our child in the way we need to.” State and federal agencies do not track the number of allergy-specific service dogs in the nation, but handlers and trainers say they’re fielding more inquiries and orders in recent years. They attribute it to a growing

See Dogs, page 12

Au gus

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Tuesdays - 7:00 p.m. - North Haven Town Green NORTH HAVEN COMMUNITY SERVICES AND RECREATION Alternate Rain Location - North Haven High School Cancellation information

Fitness you can stick with. Please donate a non-perishable food item at the concerts!

Try it - it’s too much fun! (no wonder they outlawed dueling)


Please be advised there is limited seating in the North Haven High School auditorium. Seating is on a first come, first served basis. No food or beverage, including water, will be allowed in the High School.

Fencing at Hit It Fitness

Hit It Fitness 1201057

Please assume the concert will be on the Green, no matter what the weather is. If you become concerned about the weather, you should call the Recreation Center Info-line at 203-234-2535 after 5:00 P.M. If the recording under “Special Events/Trips” says there are no cancellations or changes, then you should assume the concert is on the Green irregardless of the weather. If the concert is moved to the High School, the Info-line will clearly give you the information.

4133 Whitney Ave, Hamden 06518 203 230-0932


Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen

Pumpernickel Puppets

Send us your news:

Join the Pumpernickel Puppets as they present Sir George and the Dragon at the North Haven Library, 17 Elm St., on Tuesday, June 28, at 10:30 a.m. This free program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Call (203) 239-5803 to register.

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this fiscal year,” said First Selectman Michael Freda to Cronin and BOE members, who sat on stage. “I want this to be done in a systematic, collaborative fashion.” Many in the packed auditorium criticized Cronin for what they alleged were swift actions in deciding to eliminate teachers, determinations he had based on three professional reviews of local special education services, one from 2008 and two in 2011. “I think you need to slow down. I think you need to take your time and invest more time in understanding the community first,” said North Haven State Senator Len Fasano. “To proceed with haste because of reports from a third party doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. What we need to do is examine the questions at play.”

Speakers also worried about how layoffs would affect students. “All the data you have is great, but there are also the human elements.” said North Haven State Representative David Yaccarino. Parents of special education children said consistency best served their kids. “My son does not react well to change,” said Patricia Pappas, mother of two autistic children. “He has high anxiety.” “You’ve looked at three reports, none of which suggested getting rid of teachers,” said Howard Eckels, local father of a special education student. “My feeling is that you’re putting the horse before the cart.” Other parents of special education children said they would consider placing their kids out of district should Cronin trim staffing.

See Meeting, page 31


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Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen




The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011

Patriots and Scoundrels Book 2, Part 34 By Paul Colella Special to the North Haven Citizen

When a curious Mrs. Kensington inquired about the identity of Simon’s adversary, he arrogantly answered by saying the person was someone she had despised for a long time and would be just as pleased as he would be to have this person done away with. Their conversation was interrupted by Dr. Greenville’s

voice calling out to Mrs. Kensington from the hall. Simon told Mrs. Kensington that he would see her at the ball, and then he made his escape through the secret passage. Darkness soon came, as did the guests making their arrival to Singleton Lodge. Flaming torches lined the road to the entrance of the mansion and footmen dressed in fancy outfits and white wigs helped to escort the women from their car-


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riages. Alexander and Constance were a dutiful host and hostess as they greeted their guests. Charity stood off to the side in her elegant blue gown watching the great room as it became crowded with finely dressed elegant ladies and gentlemen eager to dance and dine. When the musicians began to play, several of the guests gathered in the middle of the room to dance. As Charity looked into the crowd, there were people like Dr. and Mrs. Foote, Mr. and Mrs. Pierpont, Reverend and Mrs. Trumbull, and others with whom Charity was acquainted. There were many others who Charity did not know. She saw Mrs. Kensington and Dr. Greenville enter, and she could tell by Constance’s expression she was not delighted to see them. Charity did not want to confront Mrs. Kensington, so she made certain to avoid her. As she made her way to get a glass of punch, she had a pleasant introduction and encounter with Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild and their son Ethan, who was accompa-

nied by Honoria Noble and Mrs. Fairchild’s sister, Evelyn Winchester. They all greeted her with smiles and polite manners. Mrs. Fairchild seemed preoccupied by staring into the crowd. After a few moments, she took her husband’s hand, and they graciously left. Evelyn Winchester was polite as she engaged in pleasant conversation. Ethan was very charming, as was Honoria. As Charity looked upon Honoria, she began to recall the night she made her first appearance at Singleton Lodge at the ball hosted by Monsieur and Madame Monnerat. Her arrival shocked all the guests and greatly disturbed Mrs. Kensington. Evelyn eventually excused herself and went to join Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild. “It is wonderful to make your acquaintance Miss Chastine,” said Honoria with a sincere smile. “I hope we can become friends. Ethan and I are very soon to be engaged, and I would like to share our profound happiness with new acquaintances.” “I am very happy for you

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both and wish you the very best in the future,” Charity replied. “Thank you for your kind words,” said Ethan. “Now, would you two lovely ladies allow me the pleasure of escorting you into the ballroom?” he asked as he extended his arms to Charity and Honoria. As they entered the ballroom, Charity glanced at Mrs. Kensington, who was watching her with her crocodile eyes. Charity also observed Dr. Greenville, who was in the corner having what appeared to be a serious and disturbing conversation with Mrs. Fairchild. Then she saw Dr. Greenville leave the room abruptly. Ethan and Honoria excused themselves as they went to dance, and Charity remained to the side while watching them and the other guests dance. Suddenly, Charity was confronted by Mrs. Kensington, who tapped her on the shoulder with her fan. “My dear Charity, you are looking well this evening. It seems that life at Singleton Lodge is agreeing with you. How very fortunate for you! Charles misses you dearly. Perhaps one day you may call upon him and me at Kensington Hall. I can assure you that you will enjoy your visit,” said a sly Mrs. Kensington. Charity did not make any promises but thanked her former employer for her gracious invitation. Then she politely excused herself by taking her leave to another part of the room. When the dance ended, Alexander and Constance stood in the center of the room while the servants walked among the guests carrying trays of champagne glasses. After everyone re-

See Patriots, page 32


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Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen

Bullying Continued from page 1

rate bullying from non-abusive acts. When it came to North Haven, Freiberg felt the town had invested a lot of time and resources to improve school climates. “This isn’t a blame game – it’s about identifying common standards and values for how people treat one another,” Freiberg said. “You cannot expect students to treat others appropriately if the role models in their lives are not consistently upholding and role modeling the appropriate behavior.” Because some parents do not know what is going on in the schools, they might fear a lack of adult involvement, she said, frustrating parents’

attempts to make anti-bulling efforts from home. Freiberg suggested that parents talk with teachers to remind them to stay involved in classrooms. One issue mentioned by a parent was when bullies are brought to the principal’s office. He was concerned that the discretion of the office overpowers the discretion of the parents, and does not allow parents to see or hear about how the bully is punished. To that, Freiberg brought up the federal Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA). “FERPA says that you, as a parent, can only hear information about your child, especially with respect to discipline,” Freiberg explained. The office is not allowed to share the information of an-

Citizen photo by Michael Torelli

Jo Ann Freiberg, of the Connecticut State Department of Education, gave a presentation entitled “Creating Respectful and Safe Educational Environments” at Clintonville Elementary School on June 15. other student. Bullying, Freiberg felt, is still overlooked by educators. “I’m considered to be an expert, but let me tell you, I don’t know what bullying looks like, feels like, and sounds like,” Freiberg said. The problem that Freiberg sees when it comes to enforcement of positive school climates is when adults do not follow through with proper reactions. To be responsiSee Bullying, page 32



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The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011

sniffing dog was a necessity. Depending on the trainer Continued from page 6 and dog, the animals can cost between $10,000 and $20,000, awareness about the allergyincluding the training to sniffing dogs and an increase teach them how to sniff out in peanut allergies among particular allergens and many of today’s children. alert the handler with a speThe federal Centers for cific signal. Often, that Disease Control and Preven- means abruptly sitting in tion estimates four of every place, often putting their 100 children have a food aller- bodies between the allergic gy, and says rates are highest person and the allergen. among preschool-age chilOwners tell of almost-daidren. It’s also growing quick- ly incidents in which the ly: From 1997 to 2007, food al- dogs found something that lergies increased 18 percent their young handlers never among American children would have spotted on their under 18 years old, though re- own. searchers haven’t conclusiveIn Gianna Minicucci’s ly determined why. Gianna case, for instance, Boo once Minicucci’s allergies was so insistent on blocking emerged when she was an in- her from walking down a fant and though she’s grown non-food aisle in a big-box out of some, others have re- store that Gianna’s mother mained so profound that her questioned whether the dog family decided the allergy- was ill. When Pam Minicucci

peered down below the shelves, she found the reason: a minuscule amount of peanut butter on a mouse trap far out of reach, but still close enough to potentially trigger Gianna’s allergies. The training for Boo and other allergy-sniffing dogs is similar to that of police dogs learning to track scents or dogs being trained to sniff out explosives for the military — which, in fact, inspired trainer Sherry Mers to work in the field after seeing a television show on bomb-sniffing dogs. The Monument, Colo., woman launched Angel Service Dogs after getting a trained dog to help her 10year-old daughter, Riley, avoid peanut products and residue from cross-contamination. Mers said the dogs may not be the right fit for

every family, but that for children like her daughter, they literally can be lifesavers. “It’s not just about the dog — it’s not just about the allergy. It’s about making sure your kid can exist in a world today so they don’t have a disability,” Mers said. “The reaction seems to be extremes: Either people are so accommodating they can’t help but help you more, or they immediately go to this place of feeling that I’m violating their rights by trying to protect my child.” In a few cases, those disputes have attracted widespread attention. In Indianapolis, for instance, a woman with a potentially life-threatening allergy to paprika got a specially trained dog to sniff out the substance. When she brought the dog to work, though, a co-worker who was allergic to dogs had an asthma attack. The dog’s owner filed a complaint with the U.S.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after she was asked to leave the dog at home or take unpaid leave. The case is pending. In other cases, though, the dogs have been welcomed. In Ansonia, school officials have been so accommodating of 13-year-old Jeff Glazer’s dog, Riley, that they installed special HEPA filters to the schools’ air-circulation systems to ensure the yellow Labrador’s presence wouldn’t cause problems for children allergic to dogs. Though Jeff ‘s mother says they encounter some people who have concerns about the dog, they say others are supportive. “Now that I have Riley, I can go to restaurants and movies and my friends’ houses and not have to worry about it,” Jeff said on a recent sunny afternoon, getting ready to stretch before a game with his traveling baseball team on a MiddleSee Dogs, next page


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Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen

Dogs Continued from page 12

bury sports field. Before Jeff enters the dugout or touches the gear, though, Riley sniffs down everything for lingering residue from previous players who might have eaten peanut butter sandwiches, candy or other items. If Riley finds something, they use sanitary hand wipes — which Jeff and his family carry — to clean the surface thoroughly so he’s not endan-

gered. Other than Riley’s red service dog vest, he looks like any other pet accompanying his young master — exactly the kind of normalcy that once seemed out of reach. “Riley really has changed his life. It’s not a perfect world, it’s not a perfect solution - we also have to use our heads and be aware of what’s going on,” said Jeff ’s mother, Lisa Glazer. “We still read labels, we still ask questions, we still go through the whole thing at restaurants, but Riley is our safety net.”

Library’s family concert series

Picnic and Performance – Les Julian: Monday, July 11, 7 to 8 p.m., all ages. Join singer and songwriter Les Julian as he presents his show, “We All Laugh in the Same Language” at our first picnic and performance for this summer. Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy this family entertainment on our library lawn. No registration is required. Picnic and Performance – T-Bone’s Tropical Adventure: Monday, July 18, 7 to 8 p.m., all ages. Bring your family and a picnic dinner and enjoy a concert on our library lawn. Tom Stankus, aka T-Bone, will whisk away the audience on a fun-filled tropical adventure through the use of songs, stories, instruments, and games, and tons of audience participation. No registration is required. This free family entertainment is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Visit the website: for more library information. In case of inclement weather, the programs will be held in the community room of the library.

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Italian Pastry Shop


The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011


There are also a variety of youth programs including a Continued from page 4 Babysitting Course, Youth Tennis Clinic, Junior Golf sign-ups and we have chilLessons, Baseball, Softball, dren who keep coming back Field Hockey, Basketball and every summer until they are Volleyball camps for older 12,” Pettit said. “Each camp children ages eight to high is designed to fit the needs of school. The youth aquatic the children.” programs are offered at dif“The Summer Day Camp is ferent levels for beginners, an integrated structured pro- intermediate and advanced. gram with activities that re- And, this year, there are two volve around a weekly theme new programs, which are and includes entertainment, Art Camp (ages 5-8) and Step arts and crafts and outdoor and Sculpt (ages 16 and oldfun,” she added. “Theme er), and the popular Zumba week includes Extreme Sport dance fitness class (ages 16 Week with bicycle stunt and older). world champion Chris Pou“The recreation departlos, Video Week, Talent Week, ment embodies everything Game Week, Arcade Week, that North Haven is about when it comes to caring and Animal Week.”

about the town and its citizens,” added Freda. “Eileen and her staff work hard and do an outstanding job providing customer service to all and I’m very proud of the great work they do.” The summer camps and programs are a safe, fun and learning environment that are affordable and flexible, and staffed by enthusiastic and caring individuals. The summer concerts are a wonderful way to spend a relaxing evening listening to music and spending quality time with family and friends, and making new friends while creating fond memories. “My door is always open and I welcome feedback from


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the public and I encourage people to stop by my office and share their thoughts and suggestions. I’m always looking for new interests and ideas,” said Pettit. “My staff and I work together as a team and everyone benefits, things get accomplished, and we have fun while helping

the citizens get through the hot, hazy, lazy days of summer with good times, laughter, and memories.” For more information, please visit the town website on the recreation page, stop by the recreation department, or call 203-5321 ext. 770.


similar charges and await sentencing. Among Buono’s customers were employees of his North Haven business, Cable Systems Inc. Robert Cyr reports for the Record-Journal, Meriden. Contact Mr. Cyr at or (203) 317-2224.

Continued from page 1 the Justice Department. Buono pleaded guilty in February to one count of conspiracy to possess Oxycontin with intent to sell and distribute. Deloughery, 43, and Gulianello, 68, pleaded guilty to

July 4 ................ Boston Pops Concert & Fireworks....................................................$45 July 7-8............Kutztown Folk Festival 1 Br & 1 D.........................................................$199 July 10, Sept. 10 & Nov. 11 .... Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island (child 17 & under $49) $59 July 16 ............. Martha’s Vineyard .........................................................................................$89 July 23 ............. Newport “on your own” ............................................................................ $45 July 23 ............. Whale Watch from Plymouth ................................................................. $77 July 30 ............. Baseball Hall of Fame................................................................................$63 Aug. 7 ............... Boston POPS & Brunch on board Cape Cod Railroad ...... $139 Concert only ...................... $89 Aug. 13 & 14...Saratoga Race Course - reserved seats ........................................ $61 Aug. 13 ............ Providence Waterfire .................................................................................. $49 Aug. 17 ............ Ground Zero & Yankee Stadium Tour new tour! ....................... $69 Aug. 20 ............ Nantucket on board the “fast ferry” .............................................. $129 Aug. 29-31......Atlantic City at Resorts $40 bonus, $20 food, 2-buffet coupons ......... $209 Sept. 16-18 .... Atlantic City Weekend at the Hilton--$40 bonus! ..........................$199 Sept. 17 ........... Brooklyn & The Bridge ..............................................................................$59 Sept. 18 ........... Newport “High Society” ........................................................................... $67 Sept. 23-25 .... Niagara Falls 2 Br & 1 D overlooking the Falls............................................$429 Sept. 24 ........... Bourne Scallop Festival w/dinner ........................................................... $85 Sept. 25 ........... Hudson Valley Garlic Festival & River Cruise.............................$69 Oct. 1 ................ New Hampshire Fall Foliage, cruise & dinner on the Turkey Train ..... $95 Oct. 1-2 ............ Baltimore Weekend at the Marriott 1-Br.........................................$169 Oct. 2 ................ Cape Cod RR w/Brunch & Harbor Cruise ........................................... $99 Oct. 8 & Dec 3 ...... NY Food & Markets Tour..................................................................$45 Oct. 8 ................ Vermont Fall Foliage, steam train ride & lunch at Putney Inn........$99 Oct. 8-10 ......... Montreal Columbus Day Weekend 2Br & 1D..................................$379 Oct. 8-10 ......... Lancaster w/ “Joseph” 2Br & 2 D .......................................................... $379 Oct. 14-16.......Nantucket Weekend 2-Br & 2-D ............................................................... $457 Oct. 22, 27 & 29......Salem “Haunted Happenings” .................................................. $53 Nov. 5................NYC Progressive Dinner (3-restaurants)....................................$119 Nov. 11-13 ...... Veteran’s Day Weekend in Washington, DC 2-Br & 1-D............$359 Nov. 11-13 ...... PA Holiday Shopping Extravaganza 2-Br & 2-D............................$259 Nov. 20-21 ...... Atlantic City at the Trop $30 bonus, $10 food & buffet! ....................... $121 Nov. 24 ............. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade & Dinner on Bateaux NY...$139 Parade only ....................... $43 Nov. 24-25..“It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”, Lancaster 1Br & 1D .. $209 Dec. 4................Newport Holiday at the Breakers........................................................$63 Dec. 4-5 ........... Coastal Christmas Prelude, Kennebunkport 1Br & 1D............$199 Dec. 4-5 ... Atlantic City & Radio City Christmas Show--optional Carmine’s $39...$223 Dec. 7-8 ........... The Miracle of Christmas, Lancaster 1Br & 1D ............................ $229 Dec. 27-28 ...... Atlantic City Holiday at the Hilton .................................................. $119 Dec. 31-Jan. 2, 2012 ..... A Capital New Year’s Eve in Washington, DC dinner, show & dancing .......................................................... $399

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2011 Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall

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Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen



90 general classroomsŠmeeting spacesŠcomputer labsŠart galleryŠlibrary ŠcafeteriaŠearly learning centerŠcollege bookstoreŠcommunity center Šsmall business centerŠculinary arts centerŠliteracy volunteers Šhealth centerŠ1,300 parking spaces, and an excellent education! and see what’s in it for YOU! Register NOW! Fall 2011 classes begins August 29


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Community Suppers

St. John’s Episcopal Church announces that the final Community Supper for the summer will be held on Friday, June 24. The Community Suppers will go on hiatus for July and August and resume on Friday, Sept. 9.

Mishkan Israel summer camp

The Mishkan Israel Summer Camp will run from until Sept. 2. The program will serve children ages three months to five years of age and will run from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sign up for as many weeks as you’d like. Families can select from half day and full day programs, two to five days per week. Campers will enjoy doing art projects, science and nature experiments, gardening, playing games, engaging in water sports, building, and having lots of time to play and have fun. Mishkan Israel Nursery School Summer Camp is lo-

cated on Ridge Road in Hamden. For more information, contact Director Rebecca Luty at (203) 288-2375.

The North Haven Citizen Friday, June 24, 2011

Faith United services

St. Therese Carnival St. Therese Church will be holding their annual carnival, which began on June 22, until Saturday, June 25.

Hope Christian Church fundraiser Hope Christian Church is collecting books for donations, along with hardbacks, paperbacks, CD’s DVD’s, audio books, records, and textbooks. A container for such donations is located at 211 Montowese Ave. All proceeds will go towards outreach and missions.

Send us your faith news:

Courtesy of Kerri Kennealy

V.Master NANFITO Elite Contractors 1206838


Faith United Methodist Church celebrated the beautiful weather with an outdoor service and a church sponsored picnic afterwards on June 19 (Photos 1 and 2). On June 12, the kids ended their Sunday school with children’s service where they danced and put on a play (Photo 3). Photo 4: Kyla Kennealy and Alex Bienvedars.


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Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen

Olympia Gates

Olympia A. DeVivo Gates, 87, of North Haven, died June 9, 2011, at the Hospital of St. Raphael. he was the wife of the late Wesley E. Gates. Mrs. Gates was born in New Haven on Aug. 27, 1923, a daughter of the late Antonio and Olympia Lucci DeVivo. Olympia, known to her friends as “Ollie” was an active member of the North Haven Senior Center; was an avid gardener, loved music, cooking and doting on her grandchildren. She is survived by her children, Kenneth W. (Susan) Gates, of Morristown, N.J., Donna DaCosta, of New Haven and Richard W. (Cynthia Snyder) Gates, of San Diego, Calif.; grandchildren, Thomas (Amy) DaCosta, Jonathan, Emily, Chloe, Laura, Natalie and Spencer Gates; brothers and sisters, James (Rosemarie) DeVivo, of Wallingford, Armando DeVivo, of Florida, Carol Sexton, of North Haven, Florence Bilides, of Massachusetts; and four great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by brothers and sisters, Susan Sorrentino, Mary Merrick, Amelia Candido, Anna Rossetti, Henry and Albert DeVivo. A funeral Mass was celebrated June 11 at St. Frances Cabrini Church. Committal services were held In Memoriam Cemetery. The North Haven Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Memorial donations may be made to a charity of one’s choice.

Pauline D. Cacioli

North Haven, and John (Judith) Cacioli, of Westbrook; brothers, Joseph and Peter Loin, both of Wallingford; four grandchildren, 9 greatgrandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. He was predeceased by brothers, John and Zigmund Loin. A funeral Mass was celebrated June 15 at St. Barnabas Church. Committal services were held in All Saints Cemetery. The North Haven Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, 825 Brook St., I-91 Tech Center 3, Rocky Hill, CT 06067.

Irene Barletta Irene Bugiani Barletta, 87, of Mix Avenue, Hamden, formerly of Welch Street, Hamden, died June 15, 2011, at the Arden House. She was the wife of the late John Michael Barletta. Mrs. Barletta was born in Derby, on May 5, 1924, a daughter of the late Giovanni and Barbara Gabinelli Bugiani, and had resided in Hamden for most of her life. She worked as a matron at Eli Whitney Technical School, Hamden, for 14 years retiring in 1994. She previously had worked at the former J. Johnson & Sons Clothier, New Haven, for several years in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s. Mrs. Barletta is survived by four sons, Mark (Margaret) Barletta, HFD, Ret. and Robert (Lisa) Barletta, of North Haven, Jack Barletta, of Branford, and Richard (Maria) Barletta, of Hamden; eight grandchildren, Adam, Robin, Marissa, Tracy, Danielle and Tyler Barletta, Alison Morello, and Chris-

tine Wenzel; and a great grandson, Robert Marc Durso. A funeral Mass was celebrated June 21 at the Church of the Ascension, Hamden. Burial was in St. Lawrence Cemetery, West Haven. The Torello-Iacobucci Washington Memorial Funeral Home, North Haven, was in charge of arrangements.

Katherine H. Sletten Katherine H. Sletten, 93, died June 9, 2011, at Elim Park Baptist Home in Cheshire. She was the wife of the late David Sletten. Mrs. Sletten was born March 13, 1918, in Belfast, Maine, the daughter of the late Jeremiah and Sally (Gustafson) Hayes. She was a graduate of the New England Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing and was a registered nurse in several area nursing homes. She also volunteered at many Red Cross blood drives. She had been a resident of North Haven for almost 50 years before moving to Cheshire in 2004. She was a longtime member of the Spring Glen Church in Hamden where she was active with the Crafty Ladies. Mrs. Sletten is survived by her daughters, Jean Giddings of Julian, Penn., Sally Rieger, of Simsbury, and Pamela Sletten, of North Haven; eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. She is predeceased by her sisters, Margaret Talbot and Dorothy Clarke. A memorial service will be held Monday, June 27, at 10 a.m. at Elim Park Baptist Home, 150 Cook Hill Road, Cheshire, in Nelson Hall. There are no calling hours and burial will be at the con-

Economical & Affordable Burial & Cremation Services Proudly Serving Our Community for Four Generations


Washington Memorial Funeral Home Established 1994

“Dignitas in nece ut salus in vita”

venience of the family. The Alderson Funeral Home of Cheshire, 615 S. Main St., is assisting with arrangements. Memorial donations may be made to an organization of the donor’s choice.

George J. Marone George J. Marone, 65, of Timber Point, Rock Hill, N.Y., died June 19, 2011, at MidState Medical Center, Meriden. He was the husband of Rose Ann Boyle Marone. Born in Attleboro, Mass., Sept. 10, 1945, he was a son of Horace A. Marone, of North Haven and the late Gloria Girard Marone. George had worked as a consultant for Middle Oak Insurance of Middletown; served his country faithfully as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, having served two tours of duty in Vietnam. George was president of the Emerald Green Homeowners

Association. He is survived by a son, George J. (April) Marone, Jr., of Henderson, Nev.; brothers and sisters, Thomas (Jean Gerrity) Marone, of Madison, Michael (Gail) Marone, of North Haven, Bonnie Rees, of Wallingford, Daniel (Anne) Marone, of Flemming Island, Fla., Judy (Peter) Tripodi, of Killingworth and Charlene (Kevin) Erbe, of North Haven; grandchildren, Beau, Bekkah, Cameron and Cayden; an aunt, Ann Marone, of North Branford; and several nieces and nephews. A funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Frances Cabrini Church on June 23. Interment with full military honors followed in All Saints Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to a charity of one’s choice.

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Library book sale

The Friends of the North Haven Library is hosting an “End of the Season Clearance/Used Book Sale.” From Saturday, June 25 to July 9, the lobby of the North Haven Library will be filled with used books that are available for sale. Books range from 3 for $1 paperbacks to $1 for trades and only $2 for hard cover books (fiction & non-fiction). Stop by the library and check out this opportunity to stock up on your summer reading options. There are many children’s books available as well. Thanks to all who patronize the “Best Friends Bookstore,” located on the main level of the library, throughout the year. The North Haven Memorial Library is located at 17 Elm St. The “Friends of the Library” is composed of volunteers who seek to expand the services and opportunities of the public library. All proceeds of this sale, the used bookstore, and all Friends’ fundraisers are used for library equipment, programs and services.

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Pauline D. Loin Cacioli, 94, formerly of Pool Road, North Haven, and a former resident of Wallingford for over 50 years, died June 13, 2011, at the Westfield Health and Rehab, Meriden. She was the wife of the late Gino Cacioli. Born in Jersey City, N.J., Feb. 6, 1917, she was a daughter of the late Michael and Katherine Potaczala Loin. She was a former member of the North Haven Senior Center and the former St. Barnabas Prayer Group. She is survived by her sons, Frank (Pearl) Cacioli, of



CitizenOpinion Letters to the Editor

Local landmark

To the editor: Nestled between New Haven’s Majestic East and West Rocks and the expanse of Hamden’s Sleeping Giant is North Haven’s Peter’s Rock, originally the “high Rock.” In 1641 the shareholders of the young New Haven Colony, the Proprietors, decided that there had to be a clear process for separating lands to be owned and common lands for public use. When the Proprietors of the New Haven Colony met in New Haven, April 29, 1718, it was voted and approved to “sequester for commons the west Rocks, the high Rock and also that half of the Blue Hills lying next to the Mill River.” Town Commons were fields and high rocks. Regulations governing the use of “commons” constitute America’s first formal con-

Special education

over 30 years working with children and adults with special needs. I own a for-profit company that provides these services and founded a nonprofit that also works to provide special needs services. I have not the answer, not the solution, but the fact still remains those kids with special needs deserve and require large dollars to care for and the money for this care has vanished. So, with great ambiguity, I think we need to discuss these issues of shortfalls and costs with the teachers’ unions, admin folks, school boards and local state representatives and resolve ourselves to a new business model or alternative method not requiring all these costly academic credentials. Kids with special needs need to be included in their community of more able individuals. They need basic

To the editor: First of all, I have spent

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servation. However, while East and West Rocks and Sleeping Giant rest peacefully, North Haven’s Rock has had three owners, name changes, sold at auction and the town sued for redemption of money, the wrong Indians sitting atop sending smoke signals (if any) and a beautiful “hermitage” built on its top, which later burned to the ground. Not the least was the threat of converting trap rock and the surrounding soil and stone into the growth of I-91 during the 1960s! Located in southern Montowese, Peter’s Rock is North Haven’s highest landmark at 373’. Philomena Gambardella North Haven

Government Meetings

Monday, June 27 Water Commission, 1122 Universal Drive, 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 28 Board of Police Commissioners, Police Department, 8 Linsley St., 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 29 Board of Fire Commissioners, Mildred A. Wakeley Recreation Center, 7 Linsley St., 6 p.m. Thursday, June 30 Planning and Zoning Commission special meeting, Mildred A. Wakeley Recreation Center, 7 Linsley St., room 2, 7 p.m.

The North Haven

Cit iz izen en P.O. Box 855 North Haven, CT 06473 News.............................................(203) 317-2337 Advertising ...................................(203) 317-2323 Marketplace ..................................(203) 317-2393 Fax................................................(203) 639-0210

Wednesday, July 6 Board of Ethics, special meeting, Mildred A. Wakeley Recreation Center, 7 Linsley St., 7 p.m. Thursday, July 7 Board of Selectmen, Memorial Library, 17 Elm St., community room, 7 p.m. Monday, July 11 Planning and Zoning Commission, Mildred A. Wakeley Recreation Center, 7 Linsley St., 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 13 Cemetery Commission, Town Hall, 18 Church St., conference room 3, 7 p.m.

The North Haven Citizen is published every Friday by the Record-Journal Publishing Co. and is delivered by mail to all homes and businesses in North Haven. Kyle Swartz, Managing Editor Contributors: Paul Colella, Michael Torelli, David Marchesseault, Lynn Semple, Kevin Pataky, Howard Eckels Michael F. Killian, General Manager Christopher Cullen, Advertising Sales Dundee Benson, Advertising Sales Evelyn Auger, Office Assistant

The North Haven Citizen Friday, June 24, 2011

An Ounce of Prevention

Is green tea the newest fad? By V. Deborah Culligan, RN, MPH Green tea isn’t just a beverage anymore. You will find it added to many kinds of food. It has become the newest marketing item to hit the shelves. Is this just the latest food fad, is it appealing because everything is “going green” or is it because there are true health benefits associated with green tea? Researchers have been studying tea (all forms) for quite a while (as they have with coffee). Wouldn’t it be great if we could cure our ailments by drinking tea? Tea has a long history of consumption, dating back to Colonial times in this country. Certainly, a cup of hot tea can be a soothing way to sit and relax. Ice tea on a hot day is very refreshing. But do the benefits of tea (green or black) go beyond those physical pleasures? There are different types of tea: green, black and oolong. The majority of the studies done on the health effects of tea are about traditional (non-herbal) teas, including green, black, or oolong, made from the Camel-

lia sinensis plant. The difference in type comes from how they are processed. Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves, while black tea is made from the fermented leaves. The scientific evidence for attributing a positive health effect comes from the fact that tea contains fairly high flavonoid content. Flavonoids come from the polyphenols (sometimes described as antioxidants) found in tea. The most studied flavonoids are catechins, specifically EGCG. (Not sure what the letters stand for, but you may see it listed on an ingredients list.) So what do flavonoids have to do with health? Flavonoids are antioxidants which may play a role in preventing disease in the human body. But, according to the Nutrition Action Health Letter (May 2011) review of scientific studies article “Tea Time,” while the health benefits of tea in laboratory animals are impressive, the same can not be said from research with humans. For exSee Tea, next page

Letters policy North Haven Citizen readers are invited to send letters on topics of general interest (no more than twice in a calendar month). Please do not exceed 300 words. Do not mention businesses by name. We reserve the right to edit all letters submitted to the North Haven Citizen. We require that all letters be signed, and include daytime telephone numbers (for verification purposes only – numbers will not be published). Writers will be called to confirm authorship. Deadline is Tuesday by noon for Friday’s publication. U.S. Mail: Readers Opinions 11 Crown St. Meriden, CT 06450 Email:


Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen

Peter Brockett of Peter’s Rock By Philomena Gambardella

Peter’s Rock, the highest point in North Haven (373 feet), is a lofty monument to a man who never owned the Rock. Peter Brocket did live “at the northern base of the more rocky bluff ” of the Rock, not as a “hermit” as folklore records, but with his wife, Elizabeth. “Brockett was a Revolutionary soldier, and a severe wound had so deformed his

Letters Continued from page 18 life skills. They need access to physical activity, better nutrition and basic job skills. These are not difficult to teach. I pose the question, “Where are the thousands of parents, the hundreds of volunteers, and dozens of eager private sector businesses to fill in these gaps?” Much of the services could be provided by these volunteers, college students, parents, sen-

Tea Continued from page 18

ample, the polyphenols found in green tea seem to protect lab animals from stroke damage following a stroke. (They were not found to prevent stokes.) Similarly, results show that tea might slow the progression of prostate or breast cancer, but it won’t prevent it. For both black and green tea, there seems to be some evidence that it may slow cognitive (memory) decline. Scientists will keep studying tea (and coffee) because it would be a great finding it tea could prevent disease. However, it is very difficult to isolate out the effects of tea on health from other factors. In the meantime, there is no reason why you shouldn’t drink tea if you enjoy tea. While green tea seems to be the tea in the limelight these days, benefits may come from both green and black tea. To get the maximum ef-

spine as to render him a cripple.” Source for the legendary history of “Peter’s Rock” is Sheldon Thorpe, “North Haven in the Nineteenth Century.” Born 15 November 1771, Peter was a young child during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). He was the son of Abel (1725-1815) and Hannah Pierpont Brockett (17361816), the lineal descendent of the Surveyor, John Brockett, Sr. (1659/90), and the great-grandson of the Rev.

iors (like the model used by the Senior Core of Executives (SCORE) for the local Chambers of Commerce). I certainly understand that we need to provide these services because I help to provide these services every working day of the week, but I also strongly support the need to dramatically reduce costs, still protect the interests of the vulnerable but also protect all tax payers of our town and our state. Tad Duni North Haven fects of the flavonoids (if that is your goal) you need to consume a fresh-brewed cup of tea that has been steeped for three-five minutes. The tea must be consumed promptly as flavonoids break down with time; therefore bottled teas do not add as much flavonoids to your diet. (Onions are also a good source of flavonoids.) When drinking bottled tea, look for products made from brewed green tea, not tea extracts or concentrate. For a reprint of “Tea Time” and other information about tea and coffee, residents can call the Quinnipiac Valley Health District at 203 248-4528 or request info on line, An Ounce of Prevention is a weekly publication of the Quinnipiac Valley Health District, which is located at 1151 Hartford Turnpike, North Haven. An Ounce of Prevention is written by QVHD Deputy Director V. Deborah Culligan, RN, MPH.

James Pierpont (1659-1714), Minister of the First Ecclesiastical Society of New Haven and the benefactor of the North Haven Green. In his “Families of Ancient New Haven” Donald Lines Jacobus lists Peter in his compilation of families, but omits his marriage to Elizabeth Brockett and their two sons, Harvey and Lumen. North Haven land records preserve the reality of this family. May 5, 1807: Ebenezer Brockett (1729-1812) deeds to his daughter, Elizabeth, 2 ½ acres of land “together with the East half of my dwelling house and half the cellar.” To her brother, Joel, 2 ½ acres of land “together with half of my dwelling house and half cellar viz West half.” On June 5, 1827, Mrs. Peter Brockett purchased 4 ¼ acres of land from Roger Skinner “on the East end of

Rabbit Hill” bounded “on the West by Rabbit Hill Rock.” June 6, 1827: “We, Peter Brockett and Elizabeth Brockett, husband and wife, assign to my son, Harvey Brockett of North Haven and to his heirs, land containing 2 ½ acres together with the East half of the dwelling house, reserving the shop and timber on said land that belongs to me, the said Peter Brockett.” June 13: 1827: Peter sold “to my son, Lumen,” the one acre salt meadow land he had purchased from his father, Abel, in 1802, “reserving the use and improvements of said meadow during the term of my natural life and the natural life of my wife, Elizabeth.” Harvey moved to Virginia; Lumen married Phebe Cooper, the great-granddaughter of Deacon Thomas Cooper (1703-1784), brother of Jude

Cooper (1714-1781). North Haven maps of 1856 and 1869 and land records place the families of Peter and Joel Brockett in a shared house situated between today’s 5 and 41 Quinnipiac Avenue. Peter Brockett died August 1845. The last 18 years of his life were spent with his wife, Elizabeth, in their home “at the northern base of the more rocky bluff ” of Rabbit Hill Rock. Two months after Peter’s death, on Oct. 18, 1845, Elizabeth sold the land “with the buildings thereon” to Joel Thompson of East Haven, who, in 1847, sold the property to Jesse O. Eaton. Peter Brockett, obscure in life, his grave site unknown; in death, a legendary figure of the history of North Haven. Source: North Haven Land Records.

Yaccarino’s office hours

Courtesy of Howard Eckels

State Representative David Yaccarino held his Office Hours, BBQ at McDonald’s, hosted by John McKnight, owner. The event was well attended. Yaccarino handed a document concerning details of the 2011 General Assembly, a comparison sheet of the governor’s budget proposal from February 2011, the Republican alternative from April 2011, and the adopted State budget from May 2011. The event consisted of a presentation of how laws are made. He also gave a detailed explanation of his opinion of the current State fiscal situation. First Selectman Freda then explained the effect the current State situation would have on the Town of North Haven if the governor holds to his layoffs if he doesn’t get union concessions. The event was then opened to questions from the audience. Photo 1 (left to right): First Selectman Mike Freda, McDonald’s owner John McKnight and Representative Dave Yaccarino. Photo 2: Rep. Yaccarino summarizes the 2011 Major Acts enacted by the Connecticut General Assembly handout.

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The North Haven

Cit iz izen en



The North Haven Citizen Friday, June 24, 2011

Graduates Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, announced the names of North Haven residents who received degrees at the annual commencement held May 14 and 15. David Abate, master of arts in teaching; Jeffrey Bradanini, master of business administration; Michael Denicola, bachelor of science in accounting; James Roberts, bachelor of science in biology – ecology and conservation, cum laude; Kaitlyn Swanson, bachelor of science in psychology; Kathryn Sweeney, bachelor of arts in social work, cum laude; Francesca Volpe, bachelor of science in marketing.

Scholar Leaders Courtesy of Philip Piazza, principal NHMS

On June 6, the Connecticut Association of Schools hosted their 27th annual Connecticut Middle Level Schools Scholar Leader Awards Banquet. North Haven Middle School is proud to honor Emma Dzialo and Ian O’Connor as the 2011 recipients of this award. The award is designed to give public recognition to students who have distinguished themselves in scholarship and leadership in school and community.

! al TS ci N e E E p TM ABL er s R m A IL AP VA sum A ur to ou b a sk

Dean’s list and awards


T “

oday we’re finally catching the one that got away, Gramps!”

Sharingoldmemorieswithlovedonesisgreat.Makingnewmemorieswiththem can be even better — and that’s what Assisted Living at Masonicare at Ashlar Village is all about. We make it easy to enjoy life to the fullest with support for everyday living. Spacious apartments . . . healthy and delicious dining . . . a bass-stocked, 9-acre pond . . . scenic walking paths . . . activities to fulfill longtime interests or spark new ones — and there’s never a community fee.

And, Masonicare’s unsurpassed range of healthcare options — from routine medical services to long-term care, even a specialized memory care neighborhood — are all on our campus. For more information, please visit us on the web at or call 800-382-2244 to schedule a tour.


Cheshire Road, Wallingford ~ Masonicare is not-for-profit

Keene State College Keene State College, Keene, N.H., has named the following North Haven students to the dean’s list for the spring semester 2011: Andrew Joseph Abeleira, Conor Hanlon, Jason M. Pasquariello, and Michael Joseph Spose. The dean’s list designation is bestowed to undergraduates enrolled in a degree program who have completed a minimum of six credit hours in the semester, receiving no failing or incomplete grades. A 3.5 or higher grade point average on a 4.0 scale is required to earn the dean’s list honor. The Citadel Cadet Joshua Robert Kiehl, of North Haven, achieved dean’s list status at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, in Charleston, for the spring semester of the 2010-2011 academic year. Kiehl is seeking a BA in history. Kiehl is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kiehl. Dean’s list recognition is given to those cadets and active duty military students registered for 12 or more semester hours whose grade point ratio is 3.2 or higher with no grade below a C for the previous semester’s work.

Connecticut College Rachael Hurwitz, of North Haven, a senior at Connecticut College, was awarded the Antonio Rebolledo Memorial Prize, which is given for excellence in Spanish, at the annual Honors and Awards ceremony on April 27. She is the daughter of Laura and Samuel Hurwitz, of North Haven. American International College Stephanie Sangiovanni, of North Haven, was recognized for participation in campus activities at American International College. More than 75 students received awards at the Co-Curricular Awards night program. Sangiovanni, a freshman majoring in occupational therapy received the John Homer Miller award. University of New Haven The following North Haven students were named to the dean’s list at the University of New Haven for the spring 2011 semester. Fulltime undergraduate students must have a 3.5 or better cumulative GPA for the semester to be eligible for the dean’s list. Jackson Arpine, Magali Bazzano, Jeffrey Bradley, Conner Early, Christina Kling, Jeffrey Lazzara, and Nicholas Pisani. Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass., has announced that Daniel Bouffard, of North Haven, a first-year student majoring in computer science, has been named a Charles O. Thompson Scholar for the 2010-2011 academic year. This honor recognizes outstanding performance by firstyear students. To be eligible for membership, students must receive all A’s and B’s (with a minimum of six A’s) in their academic subjects during their first three terms at WPI. He has also been named to the dean’s list for academic excellence for the spring 2011 semester. UConn The following North

See School, page 29


Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen

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Day trips: Tuesday, June 28: Godfather’s Meshugennah Wedding. When registering for trips sponsored by the Joyce C. Budrow Senior Center, please remember to bring in your emergency contact information, their name and telephone numbers (including work and cell numbers).

Please note: all checks will be payable to the North Haven Senior Center beginning in 2010. The telephone number for the Senior Center is (203) 239-5432. AARP driver safety program The AARP driver safety program will be held on the third Thursdays of the month from 8:45 a.m. to 12:45

p.m. Dates for 2011 are: July 21, Aug. 18, Sept. 15, Oct. 20, and Dec. 15. This refresher course was developed to help drivers 55 and older to improve their skills and possibly prevent traffic accidents. The fee for AARP members is payable to AARP and due on the first day of the course. Space is limited so pre-registration is required. Insur-


North Haven High School

Main menu Monday: Italian wedding soup, barbequed chicken quarter, cut green beans, garden salad with French dressing, pumpernickel bread, fruited jello with topping. Tuesday: Fruit punch, Philly steak and cheese, potato puffs, stewed tomatoes, grinder roll, fruit. Wednesday: Baked ham/orange glaze, smiles, sweet potato, collard greens, rye bread, strawberry shortcake with topping. Thursday: Beef stew, petite corn, tossed salad with French dressing, whole wheat bread, orange.

Graduation Memories of a Lifetime Captured & Seen only on 1185482


Photos available for viewing day of Graduation.

10:30 a.m., come and visit with Paul Colella, our own personal newspaper writer, to discuss how he got interested in writing, the difference between writing for a newspaper and writing a book and what his intentions are for the future. Senior Food Critics The North Haven Senior Food Critics will go to Formosa, Middletown Avenue, for a taste of Asian Food, on Thursday, June 30, at 11:45 a.m. If interested in going, call the center to make reservations on the bus.

To reserve a lunch, call Mary Ellen at (203)239-4030. Reservations must be made by noon the day before. Lunch is served at noon. Suggested donation is $2. The following is a list of lunches for the week of June 27 at the Senior Center: 1197851

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ance companies are required to give a minimum of a 5 percent discount for two years for those over 62 years of age who are graduates of the completed course. Country Western Day On Friday, June 24, enjoy an afternoon of country music provided by Ray Scott and a delicious menu of chili corn carne, and corn bread, tri-colored pepper medley with lime sauce and fried ice cream. Please sign up at the office. National Columnist Day On Monday, June 27, at

Senior Lunch Menu


The North Haven Citizen Friday, June 24, 2011


The North Haven Citizen Friday, June 24, 2011

Food Care Clinics

Foot Care Clinics are available by appointment at The Visiting Nurse Association of Wallingford, Inc., at 135 N. Plains Industrial Road, Wallingford, in the Clinic area. Please call (203) 269-1475 to schedule your individual appointment with a professional registered nurse who has been specially trained to perform this service and who will inspect feet, provide a warm soak, clip and file nails, massage and moisten skin and make physician referrals as needed. There is a fee for the service which is payable by check or cash; no credit care use, please. The Agency also sponsors Foot Care Clinics at the Wallingford Senior Center for its members on the second and fourth Thursday afternoon of each month. To schedule an appointment at the Visiting Nurse Association of Wallingford, Inc., Clinic or Wallingford Senior Center, please call (203) 269-1475. There are no residency restrictions for nail care services at the VNAW; residents from any local town, near or far, are welcome to make an appointment. People who have diabetes or open areas are asked to make appointments with their podiatrist. Caregivers or family mem-

bers may also call to make appointments for people in their care. Proper foot care is essential to good healthy and maximum mobility. Arthritis, low vision, or stretching and bending limitations are a few of the challenges that limit individuals from caring for their feet. Your call for information or to schedule an appointment is welcome at (203) 269-1475. Representatives of organizations wishing to host Foot Care Clinics at their site are welcome to call for details.

Walk for Diabetes Courtesy of Jennifer Crisanti

On May 12, Clintonville School held their annual School Walk for Diabetes. The school raised over $3,300. It was a beautiful day to get out and walk for a great cause. Great job Clintonville!

Independent Living at Masonicare Health Center


njoy Affordability and Peace-of-Mind

If you’re tired of shoveling snow, mowing the lawn and keeping up with home repairs, consider independent living on the Masonicare Health Center campus in Wallingford.

“Being from the area, we didn’t have to leave old friends, yet we’ve made many new friends here.

Blood drives planned in area

See Health, page 25

And we truly enjoy the worry-free lifestyle.“ ~ George and Anna Geer

With access to a host of activities, volunteering, spiritual services and amenities, it’s the perfect setting to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. Our over-55 apartment options vary in size and features, but all have: r One monthly rent that includes extended basic cable and all utilities except telephone r A 12-month lease contract r 24-hour emergency response and security services r 0QUJPOBM IPVTFLFFQJOH services, meal plan and online access

r On-site laundry room r 4BGF DPOWFOJFOU QBSLJOH r .BTPOJDBSF .FEJDBM Office Building just steps away with physicians and laboratory services r 4IPVME ZPV OFFE JU QSJPSJUZ access to Masonicare Health Center, its hospital unit and rehab therapy units

This lifestyle is popular, so plan ahead by getting your application in now. For more information, call The Masonicare HelpLine at 888-679-9997.

The independent living apartments at Masonicare Health Center include the Hawkins, Johnson and Wells Apartments.


If you are in generally good health, are 17 or older and weigh 110 pounds or more, you may call (800) 4483543 to make an appointment for any Red Cross blood drive in Connecticut. Appointments can also be requested by emailing Positive identification is required at the time of donation. During the month of June all presenting blood donors will receive a coupon for 25 free digital prints and a 15percent-off coupon redeemable at Walgreen’s. Dur-



The North Haven Citizen â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Friday, June 24, 2011

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; us Get breaking news updates and reminders, post comments and pictures; friend The North Haven Citizen on Facebook. â&#x2DC;&#x2026; ADVANCE SHOWING â&#x20AC;˘ Tue. 28th â&#x2DC;&#x2026; TRANSFORMERS 3D at 9, 10 & 11PM Please Note: FULL ADMISSION PRICES APPLY

Holiday Cinemas WALLINGFORD

book fair at Barnes & Noble Store, 470 Universal Drive. If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t attend, visit BN.COM/bookfairs online from June 24 to July 1. Enter book fair ID number 10506707 at checkout.




STADIUM â&#x2DC;&#x2026;14â&#x2DC;&#x2026; 970 North Colony Rd. (Rt. 5)

CitizenCalendar June 24 25

Wallingford Shopping Plaza-Friendly's & Big Lots 24 Hr. Phone 203-265-6911 â&#x20AC;˘ Info 203-265-7069 BARGAIN MATINEES DAILY

Book fair â&#x20AC;&#x201D; North Haven Middle School PTSA will hold a


ALL SHOWS! ALL SEATS! TILL 6 PM! Excludes 3D movies Group Rates Available

CARS 2 (G) 3D - 1:15, 4:30, 7:00, 9:15 2D - 12:30, 4:00, 6:30, 9:00

Tickets & Info @

3D - 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, 10:00 2D - 1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 9:35


MR POPPERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PENGUINS (PG) 1:10, 4:10, 7:10, 9:20

NORTH HAVEN 12 550 Universal Drive

SUPER 8 (PG13) 1:10, 4:10, 7:10, 9:40 MIDNITE in PARIS (PG13) 1:10, 4:10, 7:10, 9:25 X-MEN: FIRST CLASS (PG13) 1:15,

Saturday Dance

HANGOVER II (R) 1:20, 4:20, 7:20, 9:45 BRIDESMAIDS (R) 1:10, 4:10, 7:10, 9:40 PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN

June 25th â&#x20AC;˘ 8 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. in the ballroom of

(PG13) 1:15, 4:15, 7:15, 10:00

KUNG FU PANDA 2 (PG) 12:45, 2:45, 4:45, 6:45, 8:45 Call for Group Rates & Additional Info. Ultra Stereo Digital Sound WE WANT TO BE YOUR FAMILY MOVIE THEATER




00 â&#x2DC;&#x2026;



â&#x20AC;˘ ALL DAY â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Excludes 3D movies, special events & concerts â&#x2DC;&#x2026;


4:45, 7:45, 10:35

BAD TEACHER (R) 12:20AM, 11:00AM, 2:00, 5:00, 7:15, 8:00, 10:00, 10:45 1206536


U.S.S. Chowder Pot IV


CARS 2 - 3D (G) 9:45, 12:30, 3:45, 7:00, 9:45 CARS 2 - 2D (G) 10:15, 10:45, 1:15, 1:45, 4:15,

28 th Anniversary Party

4:15, 7:15, 10:00


BAD TEACHER (R) 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, 9:40 GREEN LANTERN (PG13)

ART OF GETTING BY (PG13) 11:05, 1:40 MR POPPERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PENGUINS (PG) 11:15, 2:15, 5:15, 8:15, 10:55

GREEN LANTERN 2D (PG13) 10:50, 1:50, 4:50, 7:30, 10:30

165 Brainard Rd., Hartford 06114


(x27 Brainard Rd. off I-91) Cold Hors dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;oeuvres â&#x20AC;˘ Coffee & Dessert DJ/Music appealing to ages 35+ Dressy Attire/No Jeans â&#x20AC;˘ Adm. $10 -

X-MEN FIRST CLASS (PG13) 10:10, 1:20,

â&#x20AC;&#x153;for SINGLES only ...â&#x20AC;? dances Info: (860) 633-0600 â&#x20AC;˘ 1-800-824-3083 (inc. map)

10:00AM, 1:00, 4:00, 6:45, 9:30

4:30, 7:50, 11:00

KUNG FU PANDA 2 - 2D (PG) 10:35, 1:35, 4:40, 7:40 BRIDESMAIDS (R) 11:10, 2:10, 5:10, 8:10, 11:10 PIRATES 3D (PG13) 10:15PM HANGOVER 2 (R) 12:05AM, 4:25PM, 7:05, 9:35 SUPER 8 (PG13) 12:10AM, 9:50, 12:40, 3:40, 6:40, 9:25


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SUN. 25 JUNE 26

1:30 PM 4:30 PM 7:30 PM

7:30 PM

See Calendar, page 26




Irish Festival â&#x20AC;&#x201D;The Connecticut Irish Festival, Feis, and Agricultural Fair will highlight the best in Celtic dance, sports, music, and culture at the North Haven Fairgrounds, Washington Avenue, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. A complete schedule of events is available at Book signing â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Friends of the North Haven Library are hosting a book signing for local author Paul Colella in the Community Room at the North Haven Library, 17 Elm St., from noon to 3 p.m. Color in the garden â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Garden Center at Natureworks, 518 Forest Road, Northford, presents a free workshop, Plan-

ning for Constant Color, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Learn about plant choices and colorful containers. Also from 11 a.m. to noon, Karen Bussolini, garden photographer, will show how to make the garden sing with color, texture and different plant combinations. Book fair â&#x20AC;&#x201D; North Haven Middle School PTSA will hold a book fair at Barnes & Noble Store, 470 Universal Drive. If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t attend, visit BN.COM/bookfairs online from June 24 to July 1. Enter book fair ID number 10506707 at checkout. Historical Society â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Historical Society will present the grand opening of the Martha Culver House, from noon to 3 p.m. There will be historic house tours, lawn games, and refreshments.

GREAT PRE-OWNED INVENTORY JUST ARRIVED File Cabinets s Desks s Bookcases s Office Chairs Conference Rooms s Reception Desks

1:30 PM 4:30 PM



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WED. 27 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; JUNE 29

4:30 PM 7:30 PM






Showroom Hours Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00pm  2ESEARCH 0ARKWAY s -ERIDEN #4    s    #HECK OUT OUR INVENTORY AT




Info: 1-800-796-5672 72

Additional 15% Discount on All Pre-Owned File Cabinets, Bookcases & Breakroom Items


Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen


Obituary Jean Carofano Jean E. Pentred Carofano, 64, of Clintonville Road, North Haven, died June 19, 2011, at her home surrounded by her loving family. She was the wife of Salvatore J. Carofano. Born in New Haven, June 17, 1947, she was a daughter of the late George and Mildred Miller Pentred. Jean had worked for the SNET Company for 28 years and later as a secretary for Quest Diagnostic Labs. She was a parishioner of St. Anthony Church, New Haven. She is survived by her

Continued from page 23

sons, Joseph (Samantha) Carofano, of Sturbridge, Mass., and Salvatore “Buddy” Carofano, of North Haven; grandchildren, Amanda and Joey Carofano; and a sister, Georgia (Bill) Burwell, of North Haven. A funeral Mass was celebrated June 22 at St. Anthony Church. Interment was in All Saints Cemetery. The North Haven Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Memorial donations may be made to Connecticut Hospice, Inc., 100 Double Beach Road, Branford, CT 06405.

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Thursday, June 30, noon to 6 p.m., City and Federal Employees, Hall of Records, 200 Orange St. Wallingford Wednesday, July 6, 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Village Green of Wallingford, Brook Hollow Health Care Center, 55 Kondracki Lane Thursday, July 7, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Villa Capri, 906 N. Colony Road



ing the 2011 Red Sox regular season, all presenting donors have the chance to win two Boston Red Sox tickets and to be honored on the field as the Blood Donor of the Game. Blood drives scheduled in the area: Cheshire Saturday, July 2, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Cheshire YMCA, 967 S. Main St.

Thursday, July 14, 1 to 6 p.m., Cheshire Masonic Temple Lodge, 9 Country Club Road Hamden Tuesday, July 12, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Quinnipiac University, 275 Mount Carmel Ave. Thursday, July 14, 1:30 to 6:30 p.m., Knights of Columbus, 2630 Whitney Ave. New Haven Fridays, June 4, July 8, 12:15 to 6 p.m., New Haven Chapter House, 703 Whitney Ave.


The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011

Calendar Continued from page 24



Irish Festival —The Connecticut Irish Festival, Feis, and Agricultural Fair will highlight the best in Celtic dance, sports, music, and culture at the North Haven Fairgrounds, Washington Avenue, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

A complete schedule of events is available at Book fair — North Haven Middle School PTSA will hold a book fair at Barnes & Noble Store, 470 Universal Drive. If you can’t attend, visit BN.COM/bookfairs online from June 24 to July 1. Enter book fair ID number 10506707 at checkout.

Visit us on the Web:



Library program — An Around the World program, Liberia — The Chicken and the Crocodile, sponsored by Friends of the Library, will be held at the North Haven Library, 17 Elm St., from 10:30 to 11 a.m. for children ages 5 to 8. Hear this clever folk tale and make a craft. To register, call (203) 239-5803.



Town concert — Music Under the Stars Concert Series, sponsored by Community Services and Recreation, along with business community, presents Rich DiPalma, crooner, on the Town Green, at 7 p.m. Library program — An Around the World program, England — Sir George and the Dragon Puppet Show, spon-

sored by Friends of the Library, will be held at the North Haven Library, 17 Elm St., from 10:30 to 11 :15 a.m. for children ages 3 and up. Pumpernickel Puppets presents this tale. To register, call (203) 239-5803. Library program — An Around the World program, Egypt — Project Pyramid, sponsored by Friends of the Library, will be held at the North Haven Library, 17 Elm St., from 4 to 4:45 p.m. for ages 7 to 12. Construct a pyramid, both inside and out. To register, call (203) 239-5803.



Library program — An Around the World program, Britain (New Britain) Rock Cats, sponsored by Friends of the Library, will be held at the North Haven Library, 17 Elm St., from 2 to 2:30 p.m., for children ages 3 and up. Listen to a baseball story, then meet Rocky, mascot from the New Britain

Rock Cats baseball team. Bring a camera. To register, call (203) 239-5803.



Easy Bouquets — The Garden Center at Natureworks, 518 Forest Road, Northford, presents a free workshop, Cutting Flowers and Easy Bouquets from your Gardens, from 5 to 6 p.m. Planning and Zoning Forum— Informational Planning Forum. Public participation welcome. 7 p.m. June 30th. Town hall annex, Linsley Street, Room 2. Masonicare’s concert — As part of Masonicare’s summer concert series, The Spectacles, Oldies to the 90’s, will perform from 6:30 to 8:15 p.m., on the grounds of Masonicare Health Center, 22 Masonic Ave., Wallingford. Area residents are invited to bring lawn chairs and blankets. Grounds will be available for picnics from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

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The North Haven Citizen Friday, June 24, 2011



Top left photo by Albert DeFalso, others by Michael York, submitted by Howard Eckels

The North Haven Soccer Club U-19 girls’ soccer team capped an 8-0-2 season by taking the championship crown. Team photo: FRONT ROW: Nicole Nunez, Alexandra Sordi, Stephanie Ruggeri, Molly Gajdosik, Jaclyn Ranciato, Lisa Sanzari, (Coach Fred’s son with trophy Fabrizio Fiondella). MIDDLE ROW: Christina Sanzari, Sara Jayne Rademacher, Shannon Carboni, Gina Carbone, Noelle Musco, Emily York, Sarah Pandolfi. BACK ROW: Coach Michael Dickinson, Alex Johnson, Sarah Smith, Jessica Broadbent, Emi Kanyo, Kristina Klemenz, Amy Morrow, Theresa DeFalco, Coach Federico Fiondella. Absent From Photo: Assistant Coach Angela Candelora, Players Amanda Rizzo, Maria Sanzari and Alyson Milone.

U-19 girls’ soccer ends season with undefeated record and division title By Michael Torelli The North Haven Citizen

An undefeated season for the girls’ U-19 North Haven Soccer Club culminated last week after Madison forfeited their last match. A record of eight wins completed the season, leading the team to a South Central

District Division title for the A-Division. Both players and coaches gained much from the season. The last game played by the team, away at Simsbury, ended in a score of 3-2. “That was a great way to end the season,” said player Gina Carbone. The North Haven team scored two

goals within the first 20 minutes, and not long after, Simsbury caught up. As Carbone put it, during the second half of the game, her teammates all pulled it together and scored the final, determining point. Carbone felt that soccer is “not a one-person game.” Having played for 12 years, she enjoys the fact that it is

non-stop action. Every game is new to her, and it is enjoyable to play. As for the past season, she thought the team did a tremendous job, especially when it came to working together. Teammate Theresa DeFalco has been playing soccer for 13 years. The

See Soccer, next page


The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011

Citizen photo by Russell’s Photography of North Haven

The 2011 North Haven Max Sinoway little league baseball All Star and Homerun Derby day took place on June 12. Clockwise, from bottom left, Josh Bryson, Peyton Farina and Brandon Varney shake hands, the Majors league All Star roster, Josh Bryson, and Sam Blank (homerun winner) and runner-up Matt Mezzono.

Soccer Continued from page 27

reasons for playing so long, to her, are the people on her team, the coaches, and “just the game of it.” She enjoys the strategic plays that are put into action on the field, seeing all their hard work come to life. DeFalco said that one rea-

son for their perfect success was that the U-19 squad was really good as a team. When one player was down, everyone else picked her up, she added. Co-Coach Federico Fiondella explained that for roughly 10 years, there wasn’t a team. It was brought back three years ago, and each year the roster has in-


creased. With 23 girls on the team, the players range from the ages of 14 to 19, which Fiondella felt “is a nice roster.” Fiondella is also the coach for the High School boy’s soccer team, where he found his co-coach, Michael Dickinson. Dickinson played for Fiondella and graduated from high school in 2002. Now they’ve been coaching together for three years. With the club sport aligned with the high school soccer team, the club starts playing in April and stops playing in June. “It’s important to get the




• Why Pay More •

23 years, Dickinson wanted to coach so that way he could teach young minds, and stay a part of the organization. Dickinson was happy with the last season, stating that it was an “impressive season overall.” As for the Soccer Club, there are a range of leagues, going all the way to players born in late 2006 to early 2007, who play in a U-5 team. Dickinson felt the club does a great job. “The people who work behind the scenes are very friendly,” he said. Carbone said that the club makes sure everyone is there for the right reasons, and they do a good job. DeFalco felt that even though there are times where you want to win, you still have fun doing it.

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girls collectively together before the season started,” Fiondella said. “The coaches do a really good job,” DeFalco said. Both she and Carbone agreed that the coaches know how to communicate with the players, and know what to say at what time. In regards to the soccer club, they both said that it’s a fun thing to do. There’s always a good amount of play time, DeFalco mentioned. “Our team is a very determined team,” Dickinson said. “They play at one pace: full speed ahead.” Being part of the club for

HOD #925

Leif Olsen • Owner

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Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen

School Continued from page 20

Haven students were named to the spring 2011 dean’s list at the University of Connecticut, Storrs: Joseph S. Adinolfi, Elijah Paul Amendola, Christine Elizabeth Aveni, Robert Zachary Stephen Back, Amy Lynn Barbieri, Lauren Nicole Bendel, Christopher Michael Berthiaume, Evan Led Bishop, Kaitlyn D. Bruneau, Michael Kevin Buckley, Andrew Allen Butterworth, Nicolle Marie Ceneri, Raymond W. Chan, Chelsea Leah Cichocki, Shannon Ruth Cohane, Matthew James DeMarco, Timothy Peter Dzialo, Kerri Marie Fenton, Christianne Allison Esperanza GlennLong, Katherine Leigh Halkyard, Alia Grace Mahmood, Kathleen Volpe Merwin, Kiranpreet Narain, Viyaleta Petrashkevich, Steven John Plachtyna, Nina Marie Sacco, Michael Joseph Sica, Amanda Sihabout, Eric Thomas Spose, Matthew B. Vece, Jillian Sara Zabrocky. St. Michael’s College Julia Phillips, daughter

of Howard and Janet Phillips, of North Haven was named to the dean’s list for the spring 2011 semester at Saint Michael’s College. Phillips is a first-year psychology major at the liberal arts, residential Catholic college located in Burlington, Vt. Students who complete a minimum of 12 credits and achieve a grade point average of at least 3.4 at the end of a semester are recognized for their scholarship by inclusion on the dean’s list. Phillips graduated from North Haven High School before coming to Saint Michael’s. University of Scranton Danielle E. Gilson of North Haven was among the more than 1,450 students recognized for academic excellence by being named to the dean’s list at The University of Scranton, Scranton, Penn., for the spring 2011 semester. Students at the Jesuit university must have a grade point average of 3.5 or better with a minimum number of credit hours to make the dean’s List. Gilson is a senior nursing major in Scranton’s Panuska College of Professional Studies.

Western New England Jeffrey T. Gaudioso, of North Haven, has been named to the President’s List at Western New England, Springfield, Mass., for the spring semester of 2011. Gaudioso is a senior majoring in accounting. Students are named to the President’s List for achieving a semester grade point average of 3.80 or higher. Nicole C. Silengo, of North Haven, has been named to the dean’s list at Western New England, Springfield, Mass., for the spring semester of 2011. Silengo is a sophomore majoring in general biology. Students are named to the dean’s list for achieving a semester grade point average of 3.30 or higher. Quinnipiac University The following North Haven students have been named to the dean’s list at Quinnipiac University, Hamden, for the spring semester of 2011: Alyssa Andreucci, Benjamin Beattie-Chapnick, Elena Bochicchio, Brett Bradanini, Mathew Buono, Stefania Ciarleglio, Gai Doran, Lauren Dufour, Rico

Gattilia, Alyssa Logano, Kelly Moran, Helga Nahofti, Kimberly Noel, Rati Patel, Cassandra Perfetto, Kyle Riether, Marc Scasino, Kathleen Wilson, Tess McKeon.

Awards Sacred Heart Academy Salute to Excellence — Melissa Merwin, 18, daugh-

ter of Paul and Marianne Merwin, of North Haven, a student of Sacred Heart Academy, Hamden, was named a 4.0 Gold Tassel Scholar for achieving a 4.0 average. She will attend Boston College in the predental program and continue her swimming career this coming fall.

Flag Day at Clintonville

Courtesy of Jennifer Crisanti

Students in Mrs. McGovern’s transitional class at Clintonville School made special flag t-shirts in order to help celebrate Flag Day on June 14. Students are learning all about our American flag and other special patriotic holidays.

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The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Project Graduation Sponsors

The Department of Community Services and Recreation and North Haven High School PTSA would like to thank all of the sponsors for this year’s Project Graduation, the 24th annual alcohol and drug-free celebration for the North Haven High School graduates. We recognize that our success is due to the partnership that has been created through your generosity. Special thanks to our sponsors: Graduate Level Sponsor: Connex Credit Union Junior Level: Anthem 1184951

Blue Cross of Connecticut Sophomore Level Sponsors: Bozzuto’s Wholesale Food Distributor, CareMedica, Laser Medica, Weight Medica, Paul Mitchell, The School North Haven, Roger A. Lowlicht, D.D.S., Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Storytellers Photography. Freshman Level Sponsors: Arnold’s Jewelers, Biller, Sachs, Raio and Zito Law Offices, Charter Oak Insurance and Financial Services Co., Paul & Joanne Chivisuk, Clintonville Elementary School PTSA., College4Less, Louis & Gloria Criscuolo, Stephen & Karen

DiCapua, Father James F. Donaher Council 3733 Knights of Columbus, G & H Equipment, Gardus, Inc., Capt. & Caren Genovese, Godfrey-Hoffman Associates, Inc., Group Benefit Administrators of Connecticut, Inc., David & Lisa Kresge, George and Susan Kulp, Hope Christian Church, Sharon G. Hutner, M.A., C.C.C./S.L.P., IBAG North America, Inflight Gymnastics Center, International Associations Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, Reinforcing Workers, J& H Shell Food Mart, Local 424, David & Lisa Kresge, George & Susan

Kulp, Peter Ladutko, Anthony & Jennifer LaLuna, Law Offices of Michael Boyle, Stuart Lazaroff D.M.D., Rev. Matthew & Catherine Lincoln, Master Custodial Service, Richard and Gina Mauri, Mechanical Air Systems, Inc., Montowese Veterinary Clinic, LLC, Thomas and Elaine Novinsky, Ron & Judy Offutt, O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Neil Reardon, C.P.A., Nick’s Char-Pit, Inc., North Haven PTA Council, North Haven High School PTSA, North Haven Rotary Club, PETRA Construction, Steven Pickett Quinnipiac Physical Therapy & Sports


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Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen


Connex donates to Project Graduation

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Connex Credit Union recently donated $5,000 to North Haven High School’s Project Graduation. Project Graduation, a 24-year-old tradition, is an all-night substance-free celebration given for the graduating class and funded with the help of donations from parents and local businesses. Immediately following the commencement ceremony, the graduates will board coach buses to travel to Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury. Upon arrival, students will partake in a myriad of activities such as amusement park rides, music provided by a DJ, arcade games, a hypnotist, food and prizes. This year’s Project Graduation theme is Hawaiian Luau, which mirrors the theme of their senior prom held in May 2011. The goal of this night is to give the graduates a safe place to be together after graduation. Pictured (left to right): Rebekah Llinares, Danielle Powers and Thomas Sullivan, Project Graduation Planning committee members; Tansley Stearns, Connex vice president of sales and service; Nancy Leddy, Town of North Haven Youth Services administrator; Amy Stanton, Connex AVP of marketing; Charlie Hoyt and Laura Swirsky, Project Graduation Planning committee members.

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North Haven special education instructor Dot Logan partly concurred with Cronin. “I agree that we need changes in the special education department . . . but not with the abrupt dismissal of teachers,” she said. “The special ed teachers are so concerned, that in May 2008, we did two surveys. We tried to bring about change. In the three years since, I have seen little change.” According to Logan, communication between special ed services and administration requires improvement. “When the layoff notices came last week, to not have any input before, that was very sad to see,” she added. “Can we slow things down, have input, have dialogue, and then proceed from there?” Tom Marak, president of the North Haven Education Association, the teachers’ union, censured Cronin’s intentions. “The North Haven Education Association supported the Board of Education budget with the understanding that existing programs and staffing be preserved,” he said. NHHS history teacher Anthony Giordano favored addi-



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the Hegarty family, the Eighmy family, the Katz family, the Keyes family, the Kleffke family, the Laudano family, the Lester family, the LiMauro family, the Matteis family,

the Mattia family, the Neville family, the Penna family, the Pieper family, the Powers family, the Rich family, the Villabona family, the Villano family, the Ward family and the Wiehler family. Congratulations to the Class of 2011!

tions rather than cuts to special education programs. “If we need appropriations to put the plans forward, it’s as simple as going to the town and asking for it,” he said. Cronin believes the same level of special education services in town could be accomplished with fewer employees, thus allowing for allocation of scholastic funds elsewhere. “We would be moving the resources to other places in the district where we have needs,” Cronin said. “These are just ideas about what we could do. Our job now is to have a discussion about what we want to do.” Pupil caseloads for town special ed teachers were lower than Connecticut municipalities with similarly-sized academic systems, he added. For the 2010-11 school year, North Haven’s education district employed 35 special ed teachers for 402 kids, while out-placed special ed students numbered 57. At times, Tuesday’s forum broke down into seated audience members shouting at onstage officials. While many public speakers defended Cronin’s belief that local special education services required modifications, none defended his suggestion of reshuffling positions.

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The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011 scream was heard from outside the terrace. Many of the guests hurried outside while following Alexander as he led them into the garden where they found a poor Caroline standing next to the body of a man that was facedown on the ground with a sharp object in his back. As Alexander approached the dead man, he studied his face, and then regrettably announced that it was Dr. Greenville. Several women gasped from fright, some of

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ceived a glass, Alexander welcomed all of his guests to Singleton Lodge and then proposed a toast to his new friends and neighbors from North Haven and the surrounding communities. While the guests were sipping champagne, silence fell upon the entire room. Then, just before the musicians resumed playing, a terrible

the men whispered among themselves, and Mrs. Kensington stood absolutely still with a poker face. To be continued . . . Paul Colella is a published author and North Haven resident. His first novel, “Patriots and Scoundrels: Charity’s First Adventure,” is available online at and This June, Colella will publish his second novel, “The Undefeated.”

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The North Haven Citizen will be printing responses to questions posed on the paper’s Facebook page. North Haven Citizen (6/22/11): BREAKING NEWS — Board of Education votes down possible elimination of special education positions. Friend responses: Nice . . . . See we are still strong — Congratulations Parents and Students — you do make a difference!!! Keep standing up for what is right — our kids This is great news Just the tip of the iceberg — our students & teachers deserve more. Thus, I am pay-

best strategies, she stated. Keeping a child inside from Continued from page 11 recess, making them play next to the teacher, will show ble, Freiberg feels, should be that the student needs anothtaught to teachers, and kids. er student or friend with “You have to have some them. common understanding As Freiberg turned back to about what the standards are. discussing school climate, What we recommend is that she said that there are differevery classroom engages in a ent levels of responsibility. process where they create a “That’s what this is about. social contract,” Freiberg It’s not about punishing kids, stated. The contract, she said, it’s about creating a safe enviis there to be modified, ronment for each and every changed, and worked with student and what do we have and to check on how the class- to do to make that happen. es are doing, and is not just a And that’s where we need to classroom exercise. go. It’s about improving On punishment, Freiberg school climate, it’s not identifelt that it doesn’t change be- fying and punishing bullies,” havior if a kid is held ac- Freiberg said. countable. Not every student When adults don’t know to will change if they are kept intervene in small, subtle, inside from recess or put into disruptions in their schools, detention. Those work for a that is when issues escalate select few, she said, but not within the community, the children who are chroni- Freiberg feels. cally inappropriate. “This has to be an all-out “They are not going im- assault and a public relations prove by hurting them more,” campaign and a six way comFreiberg said. “If we punish munication among students, them harder, give them more family members, teachers, time inside, it’s going to make administrators, custodians, it worse.” bus drivers,” Freiberg said. The children who are enThe audience agreed that a gaging in hurtful behavior parent or role model should should first be reassessed, not tell the child what not to and then have their strengths do, but, instead, to say what examined. After that is found, they want the child to do. the educator should meet the Freiberg said that it’s imporstudents’ needs. For one, they tant for a child to be able to may need to feel a sense of be- trust an adult at school. longing. Freiberg’s ideas are intend“So much of what children ed to help build an even better do is unintentional,” and safer North Haven school Freiberg said. community. Already, she has Children strive to connect met with a team of adminiswith one another, Freiberg trators from the town’s felt. To remove a child from schools and has involved the the social group is one of the parents in the process.


Enter T oday! Today! The Second Annual



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ing for a better education for my daughter and still living in North Haven. The BOE never supports — first of all their students and secondly their teachers, which is too bad. Hopefully, it will change — go parents My daughter is very excited her teacher isn’t getting laid off ! It was a fight and we were not going to back down . . . They need to have the kids’ best interest at heart and his plan did not have that!



Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen


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Please take notice that the following decisions were rendered by the North Haven Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at the Mildred A. Wakeley Community & Recreation Center, 7 Linsley Street, in Room #2 at 7:30 PM.


TAXES DUE TOWN OF NORTH HAVEN 2010 Grand List -- Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle Tax Bills (Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 12-145) The first installment, of Real Estate and Personal Property taxes for the Town of North Haven on the grand list of October 1, 2010, is due and payable July 1, 2011. Motor vehicle taxes are due in full July 1, 2011 (Pursuant to C.G.S. § 12-7). Payments must be received by (or bear the U. S. Postal Service postmark dated no later than) August 1, 2011, to avoid interest. As of August 2, 2011, interest will accrue at the rate of 1½ % per month or fraction thereof (18% per year), on all unpaid taxes due in July on the 2010 grand list and will be computed from July 1, 2011. Each addition of interest shall become due and collectable and shall be figured on the original amount of tax. If back taxes are due, payments will be applied to the oldest outstanding bill first; interest will be paid before principal and lien fees (C.G.S. § 12-144b). On each tax bill that becomes delinquent, a minimum interest charge of $2.00 will be collected (C.G.S. § 12-146). All delinquent motor vehicle taxes requiring a release for motor vehicle registration should be paid by cash, certified check or money order to avoid delay caused by use of checks.

A-2 SURVEY WAIVERS: 1. #A2W-11-02 Approved the application of Terrence T. Heffernan, Applicant and owner, relative to 180 Sackett Point Road, (Map 36, Lot 11), seeking a waiver of the A2 survey application requirement. PUBLIC HEARINGS: 1. #I11-08 Postponed to the July 21, 2011 meeting the application of Bernard Pellegrino, Esq., Applicant, Eugene Criscuolo, Owner, relative to 61 State Street, (Map 59, Lot 38), Appeal of a decision of the Zoning Enforcement Officer. IL30 Zoning District. 2. #11-09

Failure to receive a bill does not invalidate the tax (C.G.S. § 12130) & interest cannot be waived (C.G.S. §§ 12-145 & 146). The Tax Collector's office is located in Memorial Town Hall, 18 Church Street, North Haven. We are open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday (except legal holidays). Payments may be mailed to P.O. Box 900, Hartford, CT 06143-0900. If a receipt is desired, a self-addressed stamped envelope must accompany payment. Dated at North Haven, CT this 7th day of June, 2011 J. Stacey Yarbrough Town Clerk/Tax Collector

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Approved the application of Peter D'Agostino, Owner and Applicant, relative to 62 Manor Drive, (Map 17, Lot 46), per Section, requesting a side yard variance of 2.1' to permit a side yard of 12.3' where 14.4' is required, and requesting an aggregate side yard variance of 2.1' to permit an aggregate side yard of 27.9' where 30' is required. R-20 Zoning District. Subject to conditions.

3. #11-10 Postponed to the July 21, 2011 meeting the application of Daniel Proch, Owner and Applicant, relative to 27 Lawncrest Drive, (Map 96, Lot 70), per Section, requesting a side yard variance of 15.7' to permit a side yard setback of 4.3' where 20' is required, and an aggregate side yard variance of 15.8' to permit an aggregate side yard of 14.2' where 30' is required. R20 Zoning District. 4. #11-12

Postponed to the July 21, 2011 meeting the application of David Frost, Owner and Applicant, relative to 860 Middletown Avenue, (Map 48, Lot 21), per Section, seeking a residential sign variance to allow a 5' x 3' free standing sign, where one square foot attached to the dwelling is permitted. R-40 Zoning District.

5. #11-13

Approved the application of Laura Andrighetti, Owner and Applicant, relative to 101 Highland Park Road, (Map 83, Lot 16), per Section, requesting a 6.5' front yard variance to allow a front yard setback of 43.5' where 50' is required. R40 Zoning District. Subject to conditions.

6. #11-14

Approved the application of Joseph Esparo, Applicant, James and Dolores Esparo, Owners, relative to 236 Clintonville Lane, (Map 68, Lot 7), per Section, requesting to expand an existing non-conforming use. R-20 Zoning District. Subject to conditions.

Donald F. Clark, Secretary

T he Nor th Haven

izeen itiz Cit

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Notice is hereby given that the Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a Special Meeting on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at the Mildred A. Wakeley Community and Recreation Center, 7 Linsley Street in Room #2 at 7:00 PM, for the following purpose: To conduct a Planning Forum to enable the Planning and Zoning Commission to receive input from the public on Planning and Planning related issues. BRIAN R. CUMMINGS, SECRETARY AUTOMOBILES

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1-2 ITEMS Silverware, China, Glass. Furniture. 50’s Items. Whole Estates.


L & E PROPERTY Management offers Meriden - 1, 2, 3 & 4BR apts Newly Renovated! Avail. Immed. 203-240-4688 MER 2 BR 1st Fl apt. Large kitchen. Renovated, appliances, AC, coin op laundry. Heat & HW incl. No pets. $910/mo + sec. (203) 626-2320 MER. FURNISHED apts: Incl Heat, Elec, HW. East Side, 2nd fl studio $180/wk+sec. 1BR, 3rd fl, $845/mo+sec. 12pm-8pm 203630-3823 or MERIDEN - 1BR, Clean, high ceilings, hdwd flrs, unique layout. Deck. Lg. yard. No pets. 2 mos. sec. $675/mo. (203) 464-3083 MERIDEN - 2 BR., 2nd floor, off Street parking, utilities not included, credit check and Sec. Dep. Req., $750/ Mo. Call 203915-7651

APARTMENTS FOR RENT MERIDEN - Spacious 5 rm, 2bedrm, 2nd floor, stove, ref. w/d hookup, front porch, lrg. yard. Clean, nice area. $825/ mo. 860-690-5555 MERIDEN 1 & 2 BR Apartments Available. Clean. Hardwood floors. Spacious. Off street parking, extra storage, section 8 approved. $750-$950. Contact 203-379-0454

MERIDEN 1 BR, 2 BR & Studio Starting at $595 per month. Heat & HW incl. Off street parking 203-886-7016 MERIDEN 1 BR. 1st flr, Pet ok. Energy efficient. 1 yr lease, deposit. Move-in special - $825. Plus utilities. 508-558-8126

MERIDEN 1023 Old Colony Rd.

2 BR Starting at $800 Heat & HW incl. Off St. Parking. 203-639-8751

MERIDEN 1BR, 2nd flr . 1 bath, Appliances Incl. 110 Colony St. Off St. Parking. Section 8 Approved. $650/mo + sec. Call 203-927-8215 MERIDEN 2 BR, 3rd Floor $650 per month. Includes hot water. 31 Twiss St. 1st & last month’s rent + security. 203-235-0274 MERIDEN 2 BR. Laundromat. Pets. 1yr lease, deposit. Energy efficient! Move-in special - $850. Plus utilities. 508-558-8126 MERIDEN 2BR, 3rd fl & 3BR, 2nd fl. $775-$1000. Off-st-park. No pets. Utils not incld. Credit ck. 1mo sec. Tom 203-772-2227 MERIDEN 3 BR, 2nd Fl. Clean. Off street parking. Porch. WD hookup. Gas heat. No util. 1st & last month’s rent and sec. $875. 27 Twiss St. 203-235-0274. MERIDEN 3BR - Huge, First Fl. Hardwood flrs. Stove, Refrig, Washer and Dryer included. Section 8 approved. $1100/mo 203-314-4978 MERIDEN 5 Rooms, 2 Br. 2nd fl. 53 Newton St. Off street parking, oil heat, gas stove, hot water. No pets/smoking W/D hook-up. $775. 203-235-4299 MERIDEN EFFICIENCY CUTE 2 ROOMS Off street parking. Broad Street. $550. 2 mo sec. Credit ck req. No pets. Call 203-284-0597 MERIDEN MOVE IN SPECIAL Studios, 1 BR & 2 BR Free Heat & HW incl. ACs. 24 hr maintenance. Laundry Rm. Off st parking. 203-630-2841 MERIDEN Unique 2 BR, 3rd Fl. Randolph Ave. Off st parking. $700 per month. 2 mos security plus application fee req. No pets. Call 203-284-0597 MERIDEN-2BR, 2nd flr. Avail now! No pets. $700/mo. Section 8 approved. 203-427-7706 MERIDEN-3BR 2nd flr & 3rd flr. Liberty St. Recently renovated Stove & refrig, W/D hkup, offst parking, yard, storage. Sect 8 appr’d. $1100. 203-506-6398 MERIDEN-3BR, big, 6rms, hdwd flrs, stove, refrig, off-st-park, laundry. $895/mo. Refs. Safe, clean call Jonah 203-430-0340 MERIDEN. 1 BR apt, downtown on bus line, $500/mo, utils not included. Sec & ref. No pets. 203-982-3042. MERIDEN. 3 BR apt, hardwood, spacious kit, tenant pays utilities, 24 Wood St. $1100/mo + sec. Call Jamari (203) 317-7381

Looking for the perfect new home for your Mother, Father, Aunt, Friend or Yourself?…….


You Found It! S a g e Po n d P l a c e WALLINGFORD -$199,900 This charming house sits on a dead end st. Includes 4BRs, 2BAs, eat in kit, screened in porch walk out bsmt. Yard is fenced in. Great starter home! Call Toni 203-265-5618

Nestled off the road in a quiet, wooded setting!

Brand New Beautiful 1 Bedroom Apartments in Berlin For Active Adults 55 and better

Only $950 Heat, Hot and Cold Water Included Central air! Intercom system! Fully applianced kitchens On-site laundry! with frost free refrigerator, Library with computer range with self cleaning oven, workstation! dishwasher, garbage disposal! Ample on-site parking! Community room with fireplace Picnic area with grill! and full service kitchen! 24-hr. maintenance! Secure three-story building with elevators!

Call Now!

WALLINGFORD-$249,900 What a lovely home. 4BR, 2BA, newer C/Air and roof. FP in LR, sunken DR, 1C under garage, circular driveway, over 1600 sqft all on .43 acre, quiet street. Call Kathy 203-265-5618

(860) 828-3958 also accepting applications for Affordable Units Income Restriction Apply Merit Properties, Inc. Financed by CHFA APARTMENTS FOR RENT MOVE IN SPECIAL MERIDEN- 1BR - $695/month. Heat, Hot Water, Electric included. Private balcony. 1 month free rent. Ask for details. Call for info 203-639-4868 WALLINGFORD 1BR Effiency Apartment. Stove & refrigerator. Utilities not included. Central location. No pets. $730 per month+security. 203-317-9824 WALLINGFORD 2BR, 5 rms in 2 family, 2nd flr, off st. parking. No pets. Credit check. $775 + utils. 203-284-1853 WALLINGFORD-2BR, 2hd flr, W/D hkup. Nice, clean. Off-stparking. No pets/smoking. Call 203-269-5733 for appointment WALLINGFORD-3rd flr, 2BR, near library. No smoking/pets. Sec dep. Refs req’d. $800/mo+utils. 203-269-1426

ROOMS FOR RENT MERIDEN Clean, Safe Room. 203-634-8084 Utilities & fridge included. Share kitchen/bath. $120 per week plus security.

NORTH HAVEN Meadowstone Motel- Off I-91. Sat. TV, furn’d. Daily/Wkly On Bus Line. 203-239-5333

VACATION & SEASONAL RENTALS WESTBROOK, 3 bedroom, direct waterfront cottage on private beach, available July 16-23 & August 20-27. Call 860747-8282

KENSINGTON $159,900 5 rm, 2 BR, 1.1 ba Cape. Convenient location. Agent related, MaryAnn B. 860-594-6949. Prudential CT Realty. Independently Owned EHO


WANTED TO RENT SEEKING 4 or 5 Room House or 1st Fl Apartment. Have section 8. Quiet, clean, with one cat, trained. Call (203) 238-9756

HOUSES FOR SALE CHESHIRE - $228,900 Beautiful Quarry Village. Ranch style end unit. Spacious eat in kit. w/newer appls, DR, French doors leading out to deck overlooking lg. back yard. LR w/FP, 2BRs - master w/walk-in closet, 2 full baths, C/A, plenty of closet space throughout. Full bsmt w/washer/dryer. 1 car garage. Call 203-996-0001

WLFD- NORTHRIDGE Commons, spacious 1 & 2BR units. $725 - $875 & up 203-269-5770

ROOMS FOR RENT CHESHIRE Located on mini farm. Off street parking. Kitchen privileges. No smoking. No drugs. $480 per month. (475) 201-8894 MERIDEN - Room for rent. References, security. Off st. parking. Utilities included. Call (203) 623-4396 leave message. MERIDEN CLEAN SAFE ROOMS Heat, elec, HW incld. E.Side, kit privileges, off-st park. $125/wk. + sec. Call 12-8pm 203-630-3823 or MERIDEN. Room for rent, all util, share kit, bath & LR. Washer & dryer, off st parking. $125/week. 2 wks sec. $50 key dep. (203) 605-8591

$185,000 Bring the family! Something for everyone. Both levels of this gracious Ranch are sure to please! 3 or 4 bdrms 3 bths. Very spectacular sunroom just off DR, deck, modern kit w/built-ins, C/Air & nice yard w/shed. Call Brian 203235-3300

A Marketplace ad is an easy way to sell your merchandise, and it’s easy on your wallet, too.


The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011

CONDOMINIUMS FOR SALE MERIDEN Spring Village Phase 2. New 1726 SF. Townhouse w/3BR, 2.5BA, huge LR, 2 car gar, trek deck. Starts at $220,000. Galleria RE Call 203-671-2223.

HELP WANTED DRIVERS-CDL A & B Hourly pay Local routes. 2yrs min. exp. Call or email cts800-543-0531 General

HELP WANTED ADMIN SECRETARY FT 5yrs healthcare experience preferred. Computer literate. Fax cover letter, resume & salary req to 203-272-6968 or mail PO Box 1056, Cheshire, CT 06410

ASSOCIATE CITY ENGINEER The City of Meriden is accepting applications for the position of Associate City Engineer. Must be a licensed CT Professional Engineer; A licensed CT PE/LS desirable. Work requires, but not limited to, the preparation of design reports, reviews consultant prepared design plans/ reports. Requires hands on experience with state and federal funding sources, knowledge of local state and federal regulations and computer applications, must have a valid CT driver’s license. Send resumes to the Personnel Department, City of Meriden, 142 East Main Street, Meriden, CT 06450. Last date to apply is Monday, July 11, 2011. See E.O.E Women and Minorities are urged to apply. AUTO Accessory Installer FT/PT Aftermarket Accessory and/or Performance Parts Install, Auto Fabrication, 12 Volt/ MECP Cert, 3+ yrs solid work exp, own tools. Send resume to Or mail: Record-Journal Box 15M 11 Crown St., Meriden, CT 06450 AUTO TECH/DISMANTLER Auto Mechanic needed to disassemble vehicles. Must be reliable, exp’d & have tools. Exc pay & benefits inc med/ dent/vaca/IRA plan. Call Bishop’s Auto Parts 860-301-2330 BIRTH TO THREE SITE SUPERVISORCentral CT Easter Seals Direct B-3 program: recruit, supervise & evaluate. Maintain compliance with all aspects of the B-3 system in collaboration with other site supervisors to ensure uniform policy implementation. Master’s/Bachelor’s Degree in early intervention fields (PT, OT, SLP, Social Work, Spec. Ed.) and licensed by DPH. Three years supervisory experience in B-3 system. Comprehensive benefit package. Call Beverly Malinowski at 203-237-1448 X 23 or e-mail

Body Shop Technician Full Time Be a part of our growing team at DATTCO in our body shop. We are seeking experienced car, truck and bus body repair technicians. Use your years of experience to diagnose and provide quality vehicle repair in a timely and cost effective manner. Applicants must have a good, positive attitude, organizational skills and their own tools. Pay scale depends on level of experience. Employment available in Middletown first shift. Please send resume to or fill out an application at DATTCO 131 Tuttle Road, Middletown, CT 06457. AA/EOE

Grand Opening! All depts hiring in Southington and New Office in Meriden. FULL COMPANY TRAINING FT & PT work available Customer Service Sales Service Packing

$240-$550/Week Start Immediately Meriden 203-440-9222 or Southington 860-329-0316 GROUP HOME MANAGER We are seeking a Residential Program manager to oversee in Supportive Living Programs with individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges. This position would provide advocacy for individuals served ; Ensure that the individuals plan are carried out as outlined in the written plan, programs, schedules and other documentation; Support each individual served in taking care of their life-needs, i.e. home, finances, proper nutrition, medication, socialization and recreational. This position is fulltime Mon- Fri 40 hours flexible to meet the needs of the program. The ideal candidate would have experience and knowledge of aggressive behaviors and the Ability to handle stressful, hectic situations without loss of efficiency and composure. Ability to analyze situations, develop creative solutions, act quickly and remain calm in a crisis. Remain in compliance with CPR, First Aide, Med Cert ,and PMT throughout employment. A minimum of 3 years experience managing a supportive living program or group home required. Knowledge of DDS regulations and IP process a must. If qualified, please send resume to: D. Sterling, CSI, 2666 State Street, Hamden, CT 06517; email: dstelring@ fax: 203-407-1625. HVAC IMMEDIATE OPENINGS INSTALLERS Gas & oil piping, and hydro piping for boiler replacements as well as residential new construction installation of warm air heating & C-Air. SERVICE TECHS Oil, gas & electric sys repair & maintenance. D2/S2 license and clean driving record. See John at Silver City Furnace, East Main St., Meriden or call (203) 237-0995 MACHINE Operator - 2nd shift Wallingford. MUST HAVE manufacturing experience, STABLE work history & good MATH skills. Temp to hire $10.50. Call AR Mazzotta (203) 949-4242

Machine Operators - 2nd & 3rd shifts. Wallingford. MUST HAVE manufacturing experience & STABLE work history. Call (203) 949-4242 or send resume to MASON-Min 3yrs experience in commercial tuckpointing, waterproofing, brick replacement, painting, swing scaffolding etc for 64yr old restoration co. Top Pay/Benefit, New England Masonry, Naugatuck 203729-2266 AA/EOE

HELP WANTED FULL TIME/PART TIME - Foreign Engine repair/mechanic. Excellent wages & benefits. 203-284-8989. PART TIME Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable Clerk. Must be proficient in Quickbooks. 203-284-8989 PART-TIME DRIVER Middletown location. Must have clean driving record. Apply in person: Town Fair Tire, 860 Washington St, Middletown PART-TIME Office Position 810hrs/week. Strong communication skills- both written and oral, strong work ethic and computer skills, work independently and well organized. Interested send resume attn: Holly at: or fax to 203.272.8894

Project Engineer Mfg firm seeking an articulate, highly motivated, self starting to design progressive dies, tools, and fixtures. Strong project management, organizational, and communication skills required. Must be a team player able to structure a strong cohesive business unit. Must have solid understanding of progressive and secondary tool design, manufacturing processes and techniques, tool and product material selection, and current CAD software. Ideal candidate will have 10+ yrs experience, a diversified background in medical, military, aerospace and other commercial industries, and worked with various steel.

Wire EDM Programmer/ Operator 2ND Shift Experienced Wire EDM Operator. Candidates must be able to Program EDM machines & set up EDM equipment which includes Fanuc Robo-Cut. Competence with reading micrometers & calipers required. Mastercam X4 programming a plus.

● ●

CNC Tsugami Swiss Style Setup/Program/Operator 1st Shift MUST be skilled in CNC Tsugami Swiss Style setup and operation. Must be a self-starter able to produce parts from blueprint & work with minor supervision. 3 - 5 yrs experience required. Master Cam or SS Abile programming knowledge a plus. We offer excellent benefits and wages. Serious and Qualified Applicants Only!

Apply in person, e-mail or fax resume to 203-269-1357

Component Engineers, Inc.


Pete In The Pickup Junk Removal & Odd Jobs 203-886-5110 GARY Wodatch Debris removal of any kind. Homeowner’s, contractor’s, small dumpsters avail. Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430 GARY Wodatch Demolition Services. Sheds, pools, decks, garages, concrete walks, patios, Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430

K & A ENTERPRISES Water & sewer lines, inground tank removal, drainage, grading, additions, pavers. Insured. Reg# 571435 203-379-0193

FENCING Cornerstone Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203237-GATE. CT Reg #601060

HOME IMPROVEMENTS J. BOOBER CONSTRUCTION Additions, garages, remodeling, kitchens, bathrms, basements, decks, sunrooms. Lic’d & Ins’d. 203-265-0730 CT. Reg. #572880 DE CA Home Improvement Kitchen & Bath Flooring, Painting Roofing & Siding We provide reliable service. (203) 630-1294 (203) 886-6566 Ins., Free Estimates. CT #624716

● ● ●


ATTORNEYS INTERLANDI LAW OFFICE Handles car accident cases, DUI defense & veterans claims. Call 860-828-2166 now for a free consultation!

HIGHLANDCONTRACTOR.COM Seamless Gutters/Downspouts Gutter cleaning/repairs No Job Too Small. CT Reg #621315 (203) 675-8084

CARPENTRY REPAIRS Large or Small entry door & window replacement done by owner, also provide additions, finish basments, deck & complete home improvements. Free est. 203238-1449 CT REG. #578107 MR. HANDY Home Improvement & Repairs. No Job Too Small. CT Reg #624078 Call Larry (860) 877-5678 J. BOOBER CONSTRUCTION Additions, garages, remodeling, kitchens, bathrms, basements, decks, sunrooms. Lic’d & Ins’d. 203-265-0730 CT. Reg. #572880 CUSTOM CARPENTRY Family rooms, kitchens, baths, siding, framing, tile. Ext/Int. Family Run Since 1949. #573358. Call 203-715-8850

Over 25 years experience. Call today for free estimates. Call 203-440-3535 Ct. Reg. #578887

GUTTERS DON’T WORK IF THEY’RE DIRTY For gutter cleaning, call Kevin at (203) 440-3279 Fully insured. CT Reg. #569127.


BILL RUDOLPH LANDSCAPING Paver walkways, retaining walls, drainage, shrub replacement, lawn repairs. Landscape design. Sidewalk renovation. Free Est. Lic #563661 203-237-9577 RICK’S AFFORDABLE Mowing, clean-ups, mulch, brush, pricker & small tree removal. Trim hedges. Clean Gutters & Power wash. 203530-4447. JT’S LANDSCAPING, LLC Shrub & tree pruning, all your landscaping needs. Top Quality Work. Fully Licensed & insured. 203-213-6528 CT Reg #616311

HOUSECLEANING Home, office, res/com. Insured Done by an exp’d lady. Good refs. Call Ilda 203-234-7958/ 203-848-4781 CLEANING SERVICE We’ll clean your house or office with a sparkle. Second cleaning 50% off for new clients. Polish /English speaking. Bonded, ins. Free est. Anna (860) 505-7720


IF YOU MENTION THIS AD Spring Clean-Ups. Clean Estates, Home, Attic, Bsmnt, Garage, Appliances, Furniture. Free est. 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218 RETAINING Walls, Paver Walkways and Patios. Licensed and insured. Free estimates. CT#615434 For all your landscape needs call 203-927-2681 COMMERCIAL and Residential Spring Clean Up, Aerating & Dethatching , Mowing. Much more. Lic & insured. CT#615434. (203) 927-2681 YARD CLEANUPS, Hedge trimming, brush & small tree removal. Odd jobs. Dump Runs. Junk Removal. Don 203-235-1318

CT Reg #606277. Give us a Call - WE DO IT ALL! Free estimates. 203-631-1325

RC HARDWOOD FLOORS, LLC Install, finish & refinishing. All repairs. Big & Small jobs. Free estimates. HIC. #0612038. Call (203) 723-2175


YOUR HOME or office will be sparkling clean. Free estimate. Good references. Insured. 10 yrs of exp. Call (203) 815-6630



DECKS R US Custom built decks, walkways, pavers, fireplaces, stone work. Family Run Since 1949. #573358 Call 203-715-8850

POLISH/ENGLISH speaking woman to clean house w/care. 2nd cleaning 50% off. Ins & bonded. Refs. 860-538-4885

MR. HANDY Home Improvement & Repairs. No Job Too Small. CT Reg #624078 Call Larry (860) 877-5678


JUNK REMOVAL & MORE! We clean Estates, Homes, Attics, Bsmt, Gar, Yard, Appliances ***FREE ESTIMATES*** 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218

Pete In The Pickup Junk Removal & Odd Jobs 203-886-5110

HEATING & COOLING FULL SERVICE LANDSCAPING Re-do your flower beds for as low as $250. Weeding, mulching, planting #0619909 203-715-2301


T.E.C. Electrical Svc LLC All Phases of Electrical Work 24 hr. Emergency Service


DON’T Wait til it’s too late. Annual AC tune-up. Call Duane Co. Quality work. Major credit cards. Low rates. 203-379-8944 #400335-S1



108 N. Plain Industrial Road Wallingford, CT 06492 PT TELEMARKETING/ Inside Sales. Call businesses for School sponsorships. You must be hardworking and comfortable in sales environment. In Woodbridge, 12-25hrs, hourly + comm. Call 203-389-5994


GRADING, Drainage, Foundations, Trucking, Retaining Walls, Pavers, Water/Sewer/Septic. Lic. #1682. Cariati Developers, Inc. 203-238-9846 MC/Visa Accepted GRADING, Drainage, Foundations, Trucking, Retaining Walls, Pavers, Water/Sewer/Septic. Lic. #1682. Cariati Developers, Inc. 203-238-9846 MC/Visa Accepted

MC PLUMBING & HOME IMPROVEMENT Honest - Neat - Reliable - Insured Refs. Avail. HIC# 062505 Call Mike 203-427-3772 BEGO’S Masonry Retaining Walls, Brick and Block works Fireplace, Chimneys, Stairs, Stoops, Sidewalks, Masonry Repair and much more. Free est. 20yrs exp. CT# 601857 203-754-5034 or 203-565-7129

Junk Removal Services of All Kind Attics, Basements, Sheds, Gar. No Matter How Big or Small! Give Us a Call 203-676-9595


C&M CONSTRUCTION To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488

GARY Wodatch Landscape Svs. Hedge/tree trim., trimming over grown properties. Est 1985. All calls returned. #0620397. Office 203-235-7723 cell 860-558-5430 DE CA LANDSCAPING Patios & Decks Walkways Mulch & Lawn Mowing Spring Cleanups We provide reliable service. (203) 630-1294 (203) 886-6566 Ins., Free Estimates. CT #624716

● ● ● ●


Friday, June 24, 2011 — The North Haven Citizen

VP Finance/ Corporate Controller





Gonzalez Construction Roofing, siding, windows, decks, gutters & remodeling.


LANDSCAPING AND MORE Spring Clean-Ups. Tree Removal. Shrub & hedge trimming. Give us a call - we do it all! 860-982-5334 or 203-314-8511

WE WEED GARDENS Norm the Gardener’s 3-man crew is only $65/hr. CT Reg#571339 (203) 265-1460

LAWN & GARDEN ROTOTILLING Garden Bill with Troy Bilt. No garden too small. (203) 294-1160 A-1 HOME LANDSCAPING LAWNS $15. WE ALSO DO LANDSCAPING, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. CALL ASAP 203706-2347. CT Reg #612706

MASONRY W. BOOBER MASONRY 25 yrs exp in all types of masonry. CT Reg # 0626708 Call 203-235-4139 BEGO’S Masonry Retaining Walls, Brick and Block works Fireplace, Chimneys, Stairs, Stoops, Sidewalks, Masonry Repair and much more. Free est. 20yrs exp. CT# 601857 203-754-5034 or 203-565-7129 S & H MASONRY LLC Stonewalls, steps, chimneys, concrete, retaining walls, FPs, Lic/Ins. #607639. 203-376-0355

ASPHALT Paving & Seal Coating Com & Res Properties Patching driveways, crack filling, grading, drainage, line painting, excavation Lic 0619909. 203-715-2301

PLUMBING MC PLUMBING & HOME IMPROVEMENT Honest - Neat - Reliable - Insured Refs. Avail. HIC# 062505 Call Mike 203-427-3772 DON’T Flush money down the drain, call Duane Plumbing, heating. Quality work, low rates Major credit cards accptd. 203379-8944 lic. #283401 P1 MEDINA Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services LLC. Quality work at affordable prices. 24hr srv. Benny Medina 203-909-1099

MOVING & STORAGE DEVS DAILY DELIVERIES LLC Hauling, removal, clean-outs, delivery. Fully insured. Free est. Call 203-440-1711 or 855225-5350/ 203-510-1363

Roofing, Siding & Gutters Residential/Commerical. CT Reg #621315 (203) 675-8084

Gonzalez Construction ★★★★★★★★

Roofing, siding, windows, decks, gutters & remodeling. ★★★★★★★★


CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT HIGHEST Quality-LOWEST Price Siding ● Roofing Windows ● Remodeling ● Decks ● Gutters Addtions ●Credit Cards Accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455

SERVICES OFFERED DEVS DAILY DELIVERIES LLC Hauling, removal, clean-outs, delivery. Fully insured. Free est. Call 203-440-1711 or 855225-5350 203-510-1363 INTERLANDI LAW OFFICE Handles car accident cases, DUI defense & veterans claims. Call 860-828-2166 now for a free consultation! Cornerstone Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203237-GATE. CT Reg #601060



FILL, Topsoil & Trucking Available. Call 860-346-3226

IN BUSINESS 30 YRS. Tree removal. Stump grinding. Crane Service. Free Estimates. Fully insured. 203-294-1775

PRICKER REMOVAL RICK’S AFFORDABLE Spring clean-ups, hedge trim, brush, tree, pricker & underbrush removal. No job too big or small. 15 yrs exp. 203-5304447. GARY WODATCH LLC Tree Removal, All calls returned Reg #0620397. Quick courteous service. Office 203-235-7723 or Cell 860-558-5430

It's all here!


V. NANFITO A-1 QUALITY PAINTING Specializing in Wood/Aluminum siding. Low rates. Reg#533474. Call Dennis 203-630-0008


Roofing, Siding, Windows, Decks Remodeling Gutters CT Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634

FIDERIO & SONS Siding, roofing, windows, decks, sunrms, additions. 203-237-0350. CT Reg. #516790



Over 25 yrs exp. Paving, seal coating, concrete work. CT Reg#0577005. 203-237-6058

To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488

Monroe Staffing is holding an open house Mon. 6/20 from 10-2 Full and part time openings- 1st and 2nd shift for the following: ★ Customer Service/Call Center $10/hr ● In and outbound calls, up selling- no cold calling!!! ● Accurate data entry skills ★Warehouse/Order Selectors ●Forklift Operators/Shipping and Receiving $10-13/hr ●Scanning experience a plus


Please come prepared for a formal interview w/Monroe Staffing Staffing Specialist. Please supply your resume and work references.

LAVIGNE’S TREE SERVICE ROOF CLEANING Remove unwanted fungus, algae streaks, moss from your homes roof today. FULLY LIC’D & INS CT#0619909. 203-715-2301

On the outside. FREE ESTIMATES. Call Kevin 203-440-3279

Dry farm screened topsoil and colored mulch.



Call Dennis 203-630-0008

POWER WASHING Is Spring cleaning

AGOSTINO’S Tile, LLC Lowest installation prices around. Over 20 yrs exp. Your tile or mine. CT#6069696 Free est. 203 879-8648 or 203-910-9283

Fully license/insured. CT Reg# 577319

A-1 Quality Powerwashing HOT WATER, LOW RATES

FREE Gutter Cleaning w/exterior housewash add deck, patio, walkways, walls, windows receive 10% OFF! 10% off senior discount Lic 0619909. 203-715-2301




PAUL’S MASONRY. New & Repairs. Stone walls, arches, chimneys, sidewalks, fireplace. Free est. #614863. 203-706-9281 JIMMY’S MASONRY Stonewalls, steps, patios, chimneys, all types. Lic. & Ins’d. 26 yrs exp. Call for free est. 860-2744893 CT. Reg. #604498


Fully licensed/insured. CT Reg.# 577319 CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT HIGHEST Quality-LOWEST Price Siding ● Roofing Windows ● Remodeling ● Decks ● Gutters Addtions ●Credit Cards Accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455

The Record-Journal Publishing Company in Meriden, Connecticut seeks a hands-on VP Finance/Corporate Controller. This locally owned multi-media company is looking for a top financial manager who reports to the president of the company working out of Meriden and oversees three businesses located in Meriden, Westerly, RI and Orlando, Florida. Responsibilities include supervising and assisting a staff of seven in day-to-day operations of the accounting department, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, cash management, HR and consolidation accounting. Among other things, this individual will be responsible for the monthend close, preparation of the financial statements, forecast budgets and financial analysis. Controller will interface with external auditors and periodically travel to company locations. Requirements include a degree in accounting, CPA preferred, strong analytical and computer skills, knowledge of pension and post-retirement accounting, income taxes and 5+ years of experience as Controller or equivalent. This position has growth opportunities. Team player and strong communications skills required. Please send resume to: Record-Journal Box 16P, 11 Crown St, Meriden, Ct 06450 or email to:

V. NANFITO Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks Remodeling Gutters CT Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634

FIDERIO & SONS Siding, roofing, windows, decks, sunrooms, additions.

203-237-0350 CT Reg. #516790

Marketplace Ads (203) 238-1953

Industrial Electrician QUALIFICATIONS: Must have a working knowledge of safe work practices and have demonstrated safe work practices in the past, with a good safety record. 1. Heavy Industrial Electrician or a two-year associate degree in an electrical field a plus. 2. Ability to work with minimal direction. 3. Able to use various pieces of electrical test equipment such as, but not limited to: multimeters, meggars, and clamp-on ammeters. 4. Ability to interpret electrical schematics for repair, installation and maintenance. 5. Journeyman license is a plus. 6. PLC knowledge preferable. 7. Mechanical and hydraulic knowledge is a plus. 8. Position will work rotating 12 and 8 hour shifts. 9. Able to work with other electrical and mechanical craftsmen, and plant operating personnel. 10. Able to interact with other maintenance, operating and plant support personnel. This is a rotating shift position. A qualified individual must work all scheduled and non-scheduled (emergency) overtime, most weekends, holidays, and down days as scheduled. Individuals interested in learning more about Nucor Steel Connecticut should register at and enter NSCTE1. Individuals who register should be prepared to complete a brief questionnaire.

Homecare Positions Available ✫ LPNs - Part Time - 7p-8a ✫ HHAs/CNAs - 7a-8p Must be certified and have reliable transportation! Fax resume ATTN: Claire 203-599-6071 or apply online MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Happy, energetic & outgoing self motivated individual w/exc. phone skills. Duties incl. verifying insurance, scheduling appts & data entry. Please mail resume to: PO Box 4571, Wlfd, CT 06492

HELP WANTED SERVICE DISPATCHER - Billing FT, M-F, for busy IT company in Meriden. To apply, see ad in SHEETMETAL MECHANICCommercial roofing, ornamental/ architectural, MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE and ability to climb, Top Pay/Benefits, New England Masonry, Naugatuck 203-729-2266 AA/EOE STORE REP to conduct in-store Surveys. Offers 20-25 hrs weekly with lg term & seasonal positions w/ flex schedule. Starting at $10hr plus bonuses! Call today at 203.599.6269 x6269 TELESALES Cheshire Inside Sales Rep Sales & Computer exp. needed Generous Hrly Rate + Com Send resume mscharfstein@ for interview Generous Earnings Potential


The North Haven Citizen — Friday, June 24, 2011


s n i Walk ome Welc Great service, minimal wait time, friendly and attentive staff. Carla R. - Bridgeport The team was great! Efficient and friendly! The best experience in a center like this ever! Sandra Carlmark - East Hartford

I just loved the wonderful respect and treatment I received in this center. Everyone was just so helpful and professional. I would recommend this practice to everyone. Also, a very clean and organized center. Very satisfied! Justine Zumbo - Hamden

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North Haven Citizen published 6-24-2011


North Haven Citizen published 6-24-2011