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Friday, May 4, 2012 — The North Haven Citizen

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store called A Flood of Cards in Wilton, Connecticut. Special and bulk orders — espe-

cially for invitations — are now available. There is a variety of cards with different greetings to fit both men and women of all ages. “I was recently named ‘The Mayor of North Haven’

by Merchant Circle, which is a business and social networking site that honors companies that have the most connections in their cities,” Fowler added. “I started my website two years

Getting greener

The Agway store at 66 State Street in North Haven recently added a 3,000-square-foot greenhouse to its retail showroom. The greenhouse provides customers opportunity to shop for annual flowering plants, vegetables, herbs and hanging flower baskets in a weather-protected and climate-controlled environment. The greenhouse also enables Agway to offer a greater selection of these plants – expanding customer choice and the length of the seasonal availability. “We are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ shopping experience,” said John Bergantino, business owner. “The new greenhouse gives both our avid and weekend gardeners easier access to our plants while providing protection from the elements when making their selection. It also allows us to expand our line of vegetable and herb plants to meet increased demand as people seek to grow their own food.” Photo and content Submitted by Jim Rochford

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Washington Memorial Funeral Home Established 1994

“Dignitas in nece ut salus in vita”

4 Washington Ave., North Haven 203-239-6000

have proven to be a successful, educational and enjoyable venture. Fowler believes that everyone should pursue their dreams, use their talents wisely and never give up. “My suggestions for people who want to start their own business are to research their ideas, check-out the competition, get a mentor, sign up for websites and get your product out to the public, especially by word of mouth, which is effective and very reasonable,” said Fowler. “Remember — don’t be afraid of falling flat on your face the first few times. Always keep an open mind and explore new ideas. You need the experience of failure in order to taste the delicious victories that will be yours in the end.” Fowler concluded by saying, “Enjoy what you are doing and share with others. My company is a fun business and every card I make is made from creativity and a labor of love that brings smiles to my customers and me.” For more information, please visit, or email m, or write to P.O. Box 964, North Haven, CT 06473.

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not take care of them. Among the children that I met were Angelito, born with no eyes, but he manages just fine; Luz, born deaf, although she does so well, I didn’t realize she could not hear until later in the week; and Ricardo, in a wheelchair, who spent the first eight years of his life tied to a chair because his family didn’t know how to care for him. The children were warm and friendly, and thrived on the friendship we provided — we, in return, were blessed to meet them. Andrea Pomponio, a college student, is the daughter of North Haven Citizen office assistant Marsha Pomponio.

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earns this way is approximately $12 per month. I saw two boys picking through the trash looking for books so they could learn to read, because they had to work in the dump rather than attend school. Many families live in tiny homes on the outskirts of the dump. Our job was to build a house for a woman named Soledad. We spent the first couple days chipping cinderblocks, sifting sand and mixing cement before layering these cinderblock bricks into a home. The homes are only one room, probably about the size of a bedroom in a Connecticut house. They are 10 bricks high in front, and 11 in the back to allow for water to run off the roof. The house had only two windows and one door. Like all other residences at the dump, it had no plumbing or electricity. Soledad’s entire family was to live in this house, which seemed much too small; however, on our final night she told us, “In my

70 years, I have never received such a gift.” Our group completed other tasks such as painting a house built by a previous work group. We painted the outside bright orange and the inside pale orange, as it is the custom for the recipients of the homes to choose the color. When that was completed, we dug an eight foot hole to serve as a latrine for another family. Each night, we came back to Casa Hogar and played with the children. Casa Hogar is the only orphanage south of Mexico City to accept children with special needs. Children come to Casa Hogar for a better life because their families can-

ago with the assistance of a friend and it has been very helpful in showcasing my cards. At first mostly women bought my cards, but now I’m noticing more men are interested in my cards because of my varied greetings.” Fowler contributes her artistic interests to her mother, who was an artist. When Fowler was a girl she always enjoyed arts and crafts. She believes that the process starts with an idea, or a color combination and event, or holiday. Her inspiration file includes ideas from magazines, sketches and composition ideas, and other people’s suggestions. “I then pull all the elements together — stamps, inks, die cuts, tools, paper and embellishments, and the finished product resembles the idea,” said Fowler. “My future plans include more cards for die cuts, making embellishments, baby items, and also working on more journals, stationery and presentation folders. My cards have received many nice compliments from family, friends and people I do not know.” For Fowler, the love for arts and crafts, coupled with determination to create one’s own personal business,

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5-4-2012 North Haven Citizen  

North Haven Citizen published 5-4-2012

5-4-2012 North Haven Citizen  

North Haven Citizen published 5-4-2012