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Appendix H Agency Meeting Summaries

January 26, 2015

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The contents of this appendix are organized based of files named by the date of the meeting and the meeting name as summarized in the following table. These materials are provided in electronic format only. Date (year-month-day) 13-02-22 13-04 13-06-26 13-12-06 14-01-16 14-02 14-02 14-02-26 14-03-27 14-03-27 14-04 15-05 14-05-07 14-05-22 14-05-28 14-06-04 14-08-06 14-08-27 14-09-17 14-10-01 14-10-13 14-10-28

Meeting Kickoff Meeting TPO Board Kickoff Presentation Steering Committee Meeting Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) Northeast Florida Users Group Future Cities Presentation Presentation of Goals and Objectives to Steering Committee, TPO Board and Committees RTS Meeting Initial Draft Needs Plan for Steering Committee and RTC Steering Committee Meeting TPO Board and Committees Needs Plan Public Workshops Steering Committee Meeting JAXPORT Meeting RTC Meeting Modeling Coordination Meeting Steering Committee Meeting Steering Committee and TPO Board and Committees CFP Public Meetings Steering Committee Meeting Chamber of Commerce Meeting CFP Public Hearing Board Briefings

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Appendix H agency meeting summaries  
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