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Hosting an Event in Honor of Jesus Last January I challenged the church to host an event in honor of Jesus, like Matthew did in Luke 5. Even if it was just one Friday night, that seemed a reasonable challenge – one Friday night out of 52. The aim was to become better acquainted with people in our lives who do not know Christ. Once we have become better acquainted, it will be more natural to invite them to a Sunday service or a church outreach event. We are coming into the last third of this year and I’m wondering if anyone has taken up the challenge? My report is that my wife and I have provided a meal to one neighbor and I am still trying to reschedule a bike outing with another unsaved friend that was cancelled due to bad weather and then delayed because of my leg injury. I still have work to do! Here are the pointers I gave to the congregation that evening to assist them in planning a get-together of this nature.


Pray. Evangelism is spiritual work and it needs help from heaven if it is going to be effective. If you’re serious about this then begin by talking to God about it.


Reserve a time in your calendar. If you don’t have any time then change your schedule because you’re too busy! If you have time get together with saved friends, then you have time to make connections with unsaved people who could become your friends.


If you are not sure what to invite a person to do, start with something you like to do and invite another person to do it with you. Eating, watching a big TV event, talking about gardening, playing a game, scrapbooking, going to an event together, and taking a bike ride are just a few ideas.

4. Invite. Just because you set aside the time, plan the event, and pray doesn’t (Continued on page 2)

September 2011

Volume 6

Issue 9

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Join local first responders, veterans and your neighbors in remembering a day we will never forget.

9/11 Observance Service Sunday, September 11 10:00 A.M. Northfield Baptist Church 311 W. Aurora Road Northfield, Ohio 44067 (330) 467-7939 Child care available

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble… We will not fear. Psalm 46:1-2

2 the connection

Hosting and Event in Honor of Jesus (Continued from page 1)

mean anyone will come. You have to invite. And don’t forget to add them to your prayer list. I encourage you to have a list of unsaved people for whom we are praying regularly. I have six on my list right now, all of whom are in my sphere of regular contact.




Reserve a Time


Start with Something You Like to Do

4. Invite

5. Follow up on your invitees. Just because they did not accept this time does not mean they will not come next time. Don’t ―blacklist‖ them just because they declined or didn’t show up. I have had several occasions when a person accepted an invitation and then did not show up. I am learning that even when I get a yes, I need to stay in touch with them right up to the date of the gettogether. 6. Seek to share the gospel, but don’t


Follow Up


Seek to Share the Gospel, but Don’t Corner Them


Do It Again

corner them. Unless you’ve made it clear up front that you plan on sharing with them something really important from your life, don’t get them into your house under false pretenses and then force them to sit through a sermon. None of us likes to be trapped into a sales presentation under some other pretense. If they came to eat dinner, then eat dinner. If they came to play a game, then play a game. You may not get into a significant spiritual conversation the first time you get together. That part you need to commit to the Lord in prayer. He can open doors through things a guest may ask or a direction the conversation may take that

creates a natural opening for you to enter into a talk about matters of faith. You may be able to bring up the matter in the flow of conversation, which is eventually what you would like to do. There is a lot more that happens at a meal, sitting around a table, than just eating. It can be a great setting for getting to know people more intimately without overwhelming them and a natural place for all kinds of discussions to come up . 7. Do it again. An idea like this has purpose: (a) to help you get started and hopefully experience some success; (b) to set you on a course in which evangelism is not a scheduled event but a way of living. This isn’t about compartmentalizing evangelism to a part of our life, a piece of our schedule. It’s about following Jesus who came to call sinners to repentance. Matthew launched a whole new life of following Jesus by throwing this party. Evangelism quickly became not an event on a calendar, but a new way of life for him. And that’s our aim—not just evangelistic events, but a way of life lived for Christ to introduce others to Him. This year is flying by. Don’t let it end without some attempt at doing a little bit more than last year to bring people to Christ. It can begin over a cup of coffee. Mark J. Ashley is Senior Pastor at Northfield Baptist Church.

NBC 12th annual Golf Scramble Friday, September 30, at Ironwood Gold Course Cost is $65. Includes lunch, dinner & prizes. Former Browns Kicker, Don Cockroft, will be the speaker. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. Tee Time is at 9:00 a.m. You may register in the church foyer or by calling Gary Domanick at 330-671-2222.


Missions Update Jebaraj Family in India (BMM) In the last Connection we introduced you to one new missionary family that NBC will support. This month we will introduce you to another new missionary family. Immanuel and Hannah Jebaraj have three children; two daughters, Jeni and Beulah, and one son Joshua. They were married in India in 1995 and then came to the United States where they lived in Kokomo, Indiana. When visiting family in India several years later, the Lord impressed missions upon their hearts and they eventually returned to India. They currently live in the city of Madurai, which is in southern Inida. They will move to the city of Coimbatore in about one year. They are praying about establishing a church there. The Jebaraj family is in a ―Restricted Access Nation‖ so we do not have any website information as we do for the other missionaries. Please pray for them as they plan their transition and as they continue their work in India.

NBCS Update We are off and running for the new school year. We welcomed 108 children back into the classroom, and we still have room for a few more. Our first Chapel introduced our missionary theme for the year and we were also able to have Baptists for Israel for special speakers. How appropriate since our theme verse is Acts1:8! We are also busy with calendar changes in anticipation of the upcoming sanctuary renovation. Be sure to mark your calendar and join us for: Scholastic Book Fair September 19–23 in the Gym. We are hoping to add another SmartBoard. Grandparents’ Day September 23 in the Auditorium. Join us as we celebrate our Christian heritage and God’s gift of family. All

Family Updates Birth Congratulations to proud grandparents Pat and Ginny Bianco. Patrick Timothy Bianco was born Wednesday, August 10 at 8:45 p.m. to Tim and Victoria Bianco. Patrick weighed 10 lbs., 3 oz. and was 21 in. long. May God grant you much joy as you share in the life of your grandson.

Sympathy We extend our condolences to Gary Domanick and family in the homegoing of his mother, Joan Domanick. Joan, 80, went home to be with the Lord on Monday, August 22. May the comfort of God help you during this difficult time. We extend our sympathies to Carrie Puff and family in the loss of her grandfather, Dr. Charles Coffman. Dr. Coffman, 85, passed away on Wednesday, August 24. May God’s comfort be with you during this time of bereavement. We extend our deepest sympathies to Arnold and Emma Hayes, and their daughter Theresa, on the passing of Timothy Hayes. Timothy, 42, went home to be with the Lord on Saturday, August 27, after three years of treatments for Leukemia. May God comfort you with His grace in the days ahead. Memorial contributions can be made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Northern Ohio Chapter, 23297 Commerce Park Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44122.

classes will assemble together and be a part of special presentations which begin at 10:45 a.m. All are invited to attend. Dismissal is at noon. Market Day Market Day orders are due by September 19, and you may pick them up in the cafeteria on October 17. Let’s send the sixth graders packing to D.C. Entertainment Books are available in the school office for $30. Quantities are limited.


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The Connection - September 2011  

A Newsletter for the Friends and Family of Northfield Baptist Church

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