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Nanopeptide Messotherapy for Stretch Marks Dr Gabriela Mercik


ello Ladies, with winter at our backs and heading into summer we all look forward to losing the big woolly jumpers for the nice little summer dresses and tops. For the vast majority of woman, regardless of their shape and size, stretch marks make it difficult for most to show off their skin in summer. Let me just explain a little about stretch marks. Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin. Stretch marks affect the dermis by preventing the fibroblasts from forming collagen and elastin fibres necessary to keep rapidly growing skin taught. They are often the result of rapid weight changes i.e pregnancy. To help minimise the effects of this during pregnancy you can use oils and creams. There are many products out there that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks but none of them actually cure the problem to remove them completely. The good news ladies is that there is help out there now in the form of Biomimetic Nanopeptide Mesotherapy which is a non surgical procedure. Mesotherapy with Nanopeptides repairs broken skin by creating new skin cells. Nanopeptides stimulate proliferation and repairing of the skin. There is also available a slimming cream with nanopeptides which when used in conjunction with the mesotherapy will help to tighten the skin of the affected area. Nanopeptide Mesotherapy when used to tackle stretchmarks has proven to be very effective.

In 1999 the Nobel Prize was awarded to Professor Gunter Blobel for his discovery that proteins have intrinsic signals that govern their transport and localisation in the skin cells. Following this discovery of Peptides they have now been introduced into cosmetic medicine in the form of Nanopeptide Mesotherapy. Nanopeptide Mesotherapy for stretch marks is a unique product which combines fat burning capabilities together with regeneration and improvement of skin elasticity. By increasing collagen and elastin production it strengthens the skin, making it more supple and elastic. So ladies if you are looking for that perfect stretch mark free body why not give us a call at the Hebe Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Clinic and avail of a FREE consultation with Dr Gabriela Mercik. Dr. Gabriela Mercik is Medical Director of Hebe Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine Clinics and Medical Director of Dermagenica Ltd. Her research career

began in Poland 15 years ago in cardiology and internal medicine. She worked in the hospital for the transplantation of heart and lungs for 10 years. She carried out research in field of LDL-apheresis and published in the American Journal of cardiology. For the last five years she has been working in hospitals in Northern Ireland in general medicine, cardiology, and palliative care and rehab departments. She developed an interest in aesthetics three years ago and has studied dermatology with a special interest in skin rejuvenation. She is an advanced aesthetic trainer in biomimetic skin rejuvenation mesotherapy, dermal fillers and botulinum toxin. She practices cosmetic medicine in her clinic in Omagh. She also lectures and trains doctors and nurses in Harley Street, London and around the UK in the use of this Nanopeptide based Mesotherapy, and has been invited to speak at a large number of conferences in the UK and throughout Europe about this exciting, fantastic product.


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Northern Woman April/May 2013  

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