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Author shares knowledge with Imagine, Hope and Pepper Book Club

Setting up generations My X-Factor experience Kat Eggleston

A few months ago the X Factor phoned me and invited me to audition in front of the judges in Sydney, with all expenses paid for my family of six. My kids discovered that ‘TV land’ wasn’t as glamorous as they imagined.

Nahrel Dallywater

“Imagine, Hope and Pepper” is a book club which formed to connect kids who love reading and to help them find their “tribe”. This club of book-worms from Bullsbrook, Chittering, Lower Chittering and Perth has recently evolved into a group of “kidpreneurs” who have each started businesses to raise money for their chosen charities. To help them achieve this dream, author of the book “Bunny Money” and founder of “Money School”, Lacey Filipich, was invited to their latest gathering hosted by Moonburra Stay in Bullsbrook to share her wealth of knowledge of how to achieve financial goals. A number of the members will be selling their products at the “Bunny Money

Book Launch and Kidpreneur Showcase” in Fremantle on 13 November. Of the kidpreneurs, Lacey said, “They may be small but they have some big ideas. I’m thrilled to be officially launching the book and supporting young people with their business endeavours – we all have to start somewhere.” To find out more about the event see https://www.facebook.com/ moneyschoolaustralia or phone Lacey on 0410 327 186

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This month Kat interviewed Dr Linda Friedland (left), mum of five and bestselling author of Raising Competent Teenagers... In an Age of Porn, Drugs & Tattoos

In Sydney, the X Factor staff all seemed lovely. At the audition venue, we were filmed walking up a hill toward the entrance. We reached the top of the hill and were told to go back down, and walk up the hill again. We had to walk up the same hill three times, and the kids were annoyed because they had woken up at 4:30am Perth time and were tired. We met the host Jason and were filmed being introduced to Jason four times. The kids hated the repetitious filming. Inside we waited for hours and the kids were bored. Finally the live auditions began. Some people were mocked, and booed on stage, and were seen sobbing after their performance. The kids thought it was really mean that these people had been flown over and put up in a hotel for the purpose of being ridiculed on stage. I performed ‘Always’ by Bon Jovi. I personally felt I nailed it, but I got a ‘no’ from all three judges. My kids were devastated! As I walked off the stage, it seemed as if the camera guy was trying to get an emotional reaction out of me, asking how I felt being rejected by the judges. I smiled and said I was grateful for this whole opportunity. My kids had been exposed to the reality of TV land. They heard rumours about the show being rigged, saw people being ridiculed on stage, heard brilliant performers, experienced boredom from waiting, were fed up of repetitious filming, saw how the judges had their makeup touched up frequently and how people were crying when they didn’t make it on to the show. Afterward, I asked the kids what they thought of their experience: Ash (10): “Awful- completely false and I don’t think the judges speak for themselves, I think they are just saying what they are told to say.”

Kat Eggleston aka Ezereve is a singer-songwriter and mother of four. She is passionate about parenting issues and has started a blog called ‘Setting up Generations’ We will be printing excerps from the blog each month in the NVN

Kale (8): “Terrible- the whole thing is fake and they were really mean for flying people over just to make fun of them.” Jewel (6): “All we did was walk around and wait for ages.” Use these shows as an opportunity to teach your kids. I’ve explained to my kids that the entertainment industry is a business that exists to make money. It isn’t ‘real life’. I explain that it is never OK to ridicule people in real life, especially in front of others, and that we should always treat all people how we would like to be treated. My kids also understand celebrities are just people like you and I, and don’t wake up looking glamorous. They have a team of make-up artists and hair dressers that spend a lot of time making them look fancy, and that anyone could look like that with lots of make-up and hairspray! I’m grateful for the experience because it made me realise that I’m already living the dream with this beautiful family of mine, and that nothing in the world matters more than my kids. If you have a beautiful family, believe me, you are living the dream too.

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