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Students Play Football with Peter Beardsley

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DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 2012 Waiting on key days information


Dear Parent/carer Another busy term has begun with preparations for GCSE and A Level examinations and target setting at the top of our agenda so the theme of my piece this edition is achievement. Students have been working incredibly hard as the final examinations

approach and we wish them every success. This half term so far we have been reminding all students of our expectations for progress in English, maths and science. The expectation for achievement is for all students to make 2 levels of progress by the end of year 9 and a 1 more level of progress by the end of year 11. These targets are measured from the student’s performance in their KS2 SATs from primary school. I am including a table below for your information showing how this is broken down and I would urge you to speak with students regarding their targets regardless of which year they are in.

To begin the conversation, all you need is to recall their KS2 levels from Primary school (which students should know) then use the table below as a guide. Many of our students do make 3 levels of progress by the end of year 11 and this current year 11 will be our best ever group. Some students will even make 4 levels of progress. This is a fantastic achievement worth aiming for.

An example of expected progress would be: A student came to Walker in Y7 with a KS2 SAT score of a Level 4 in Maths. This student is expected to be at a level 6 by the end of Year 9 (which equates to a GCSE grade D) and a level 7 by the end of Year 11 (this equates to a C grade). This applies to English and science also depending on their KS2 scores.

Keeping with the academic theme, I would like to also pay tribute to the students and staff involved in a most memorable Inaugural Academic Awards evening on Tuesday April 24. Year 11 students were nominated in 15 categories for outstanding behaviour and achievement over a five year period. The evening was attended by well over 150 proud relatives who were delighted to see all

nominated students receive a glass trophy inscribed with their name with winners being recognised on the College honours board and receiving trophies and £100 worth of prizes each. I would like to finish with two other special recent achievements well worthy of note. The first by Christopher White 11C who not only carried away 3 awards at the academic awards evening but has also won the City of Newcastle achievement award and is due to receive the Diana Award. Chris will travel to Canary Wharf in London

on 2nd July to collect his award. Our many congratulations go to him. The second is a remarkable achievement by Mr Dunlop who over the Easter break set a target of 24 hours to run from the western end of Hadrian’s Wall in Bowness on Solway to Wallsend, a grand total of 84 miles. He managed to complete the run in 23 hours raising almost £1000 for St Oswald’s Hospice in Gosforth during the process. Our congratulations also go to Mr Dunlop.

Academic Awards Evening trophy. In addition, all winners had their names engraved on to our glass display in the main corridor so that their achievement is visible to generations of students to come.

It is an incredible honour to be nominated for such a prestigious award and this year’s Nominees The first ever Walker Technology College thoroughly Academic Awards Evening was held on deserved the Tuesday 24th April. These awards have been accolade. Hopefully, the designed to recognise and celebrate the top Year 11 students who have maintained display and the Award Ceremony outstanding achievement and behaviour will inspire our throughout their time at the College. Staff current students to aim high and hopefully in each faculty (and the three Schools) see their efforts recognised in this way. spent a great deal of time discussing their nominations but eventually shortlisted three students for their award. Awards were given out in English, Maths, Science, Humanities, MFL, The Works, Expressive Arts, Boys PE, Girls PE, CCF, Learning Support, E-Learning and Grainger, Dobson and Stephenson Schools. All the nominees were invited to attend the ceremony, along with their special guests and all the winners were announced on the evening, Oscar-style with the opening of a gold envelope. The nominees received a bespoke glass trophy and the winners received a £50 gift voucher and a prize specific to their subject along with their

Heads of Schools Comments In April we also had our first ever academic award evening. I can honestly say that this was one of the most memorable evenings I have had the pleasure of being involved in at Walker school. The main hall looked fit for celebrities attending the Oscars. I am sure that any parents attending the evening with nominated students will have been suitably impressed. As ever, I was incredibly proud of the Grainger representation on the evening, even more so to see that Grainger had the most students nominated across the 3 schools. I must send out my

Walker Technology Colleges’ first ever Academic Awards’ Evening was certainly a huge success, especially for Dobson School. I have to walk past the brand new board on the way to my office every morning and it is so pleasing to see so many Dobson names etched into the board. Congratulations must go to the winner of the Maths award, Jordan Rowland, from 11R. Connor Bourne (11K) picked up two awards for Humanities and Science. Emily Wrightson (11K) picked up the Dobson award and the Girls PE award; Zoe Wearmouth (11E) was the recipient of Congratulations to the following students who were nominated for an award at the first ever Academic Award ceremony: Matthew Brannan Shanice Watson Tapiwa Majoni Christopher White Riley Ainsley Kirsty-Anne Ormston Lucy Kirkbride

Matthew Carr for winning the Grainger school award. All are fantastic Ambassadors for Grainger School and fully deserving of of their reward. congratulations to the all the Grainger nominees and a special well done for the 4 Grainger winners Toni Anne Stoors was successful within the Works faculty, Esther Mbikayi in the Expressive Arts faculty, Beth Mcgreevy in the E-learning faculty and the CCF award and Laura Million (11R) had the honour of receiving the Learning Support award. Well done to all for being etched forever into Walker history.

winners and nominees from Stephenson and Grainger.

Special mention must also go to Rhys Anderson, Jonathan Kennedy, Daniel Rkman, Racheal Lowrey, Beth Gent, Beth Rowe, Elliot Davies and Whitney Nolan who were also nominated for awards but just missed out. To win or be nominated for these awards is a remarkable achievement as you must show commitment over a five year period. Dobson would also like to pass on their congratulations to the Katey Freeman Rebecca Snowdon This event was held in college last month and recognised the outstanding contribution to college life that these students have made! All students who were nominated should feel exceptionally proud of their efforts, behaviour and conduct.

Particular praise must go to Christopher White. Chris WON the three categories for which he was nominated! An outstanding achievement and one that is unlikely to be matched in future years!

GRAINGER SCHOOL.................. approaching and a date for your

Well, time has flown by so quickly, but in that time there have been so many good things to tell you about. Since the last time I wrote, we have enjoyed possibly the best whole school fundraising event at the school, certainly in the time I have been at Walker.

diaries, is Wednesday 4th July when we have our final colours evening of I will never get bored writing about the year. students with excellent attendance. It is, as I have said in previous newsHowever, as well as all of this excite- letters the best way to achieve. This ment we also have our year 11s right time I am going to give the dein the middle of their exam build up served recognition to a student in and some students have even both lower and upper school for exbegun their exams. In this extremely cellent attendance. stressful period of time I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our In Grainger Lower school I would like year 11 students the very best of luck to congratulate Bethany Martindale in the upcoming exams. Remember in 8A, as well as having 100% so far you have possibly the best summer this year Bethany also had 100% in ever fast year 7 as well. Beth is the only approaching, including the year 11 Grainger student in lower school prom. This years with 2 years full attendance. Not celebration is being held at the only that but she regularly cheers Newcastle Falcons rugby ground. Mrs Ross each morning, Mrs Ross deThis is sure to be a fantastic evening scribed Bethany as “A lovely girl who and a great way to sign off for the is always smiling and comes and class of 2007. say's hello every morning”. Well

The recent, “Sports relief” day at school not only saw the students get involved in the tr aditional nonunifor m, but studen ts beca me involved in running the sports mile. I would like to thank all the students for making a As ever we always try to fantastic effort to raise funds for a recognise the students that are very worthwhile cause. However, I performing well at Walker would like to pay special thanks to Technology College. We try to do Chloe Falcon from 7W and Lila this by awarding students with raised over “school commendations” for Merabet 7A who £45 an incredible effort, well done excellent reports from the student’s (Lila is pictured with some of her class teachers. This recognition also sponsor money). counts as a point towards the

done Beth and keep smiling. The award for upper school goes to Jake Cook in 9W. Since joining us in 2009 Jake has never had a day off. In that time Jake is always immaculately presented with an exceptional punctuality record. Thoroughly deserved. Well done

student’s colours points. This term will also prove to be a busy one, but an extremely exciting one to be at Walker School. Our year 7s will embark upon the traditional trips to Hutton Roof, that I’m sure many of you reading this article will still remember your own visits. Some of our very best yr 8 and 9 students will be visiting Disney Land in Paris as a reward trip for fantastic behaviour a trip I’m sure that they will fully enjoy, I know Miss Bryant is very excited to be going on. Another exciting evening fast

Over the course of the year depending upon the year group of the student there will be 2 or 3 academic reports. Should the student receive a “school commendation” for all of their reports that academic year they will then receive a “Headmaster commendation”. This is something that all students achieving should be extremely proud of.

Jake. In recognition of the year 11 students that achieved this accolade this year, we provided a breakfast surprise for 10 fantastic year 11 Grainger students that had achieved this honour. Not only did these lucky students get to have breakfast with me , but we were also joined in the Headteachers office by Mr Collier himself.

...................NEWS PAGE This term there have been many students that could be nominated for student of the term and recognition in this newsletter. There are a number of year 11 students that I could have selected from for being nominated for academic awards by the various faculties across the school. All of which would be thoroughly deserving of this accolade. However, we have chosen a student from year 10. This term our year 10 students have embarked upon their first taste of life after school when they completed their work experience. We have had students working in primary schools, hairdressers, cafes and the army to name just a few. All students have gained a valuable insight into what awaits after education. We always hope our students will go out and represent the college with pride. I am delighted to say that all of our students certainly did this. The feedback we have had from employers has been fantastic. The winner of this terms award goes to a young man who clearly made a fantastic impression. The employee took the time to feedback to us and I have included just part of their feedback, “

I would like to congratulate Callum Warner in 10L for being a fantastic ambassador for Walker Technology College. You fully deserve to be Grainger’s student of the term.

My name is Jordan McGregor and I’m in year 8 and I was given the opportunity to visit the brand new Olympic Stadium in London along with 2 students from year 8: Tony Forrest and Michael Gates. We were accompanied by two teachers, Mrs Kemp-Hardy and Mr Clews. The bus left Benfield School at 5.15am, wowser! It took roughly 5-6 hours to get to the Stadium. It was a wonderful trip, filled with fun, excitement, and a lot of mug shots. We arrived at the Stadium at about 1112pm, and stayed there roughly 4-5 hours. We waited outside the Stadium for about an hour, where we received a Gold medal and an Olympic Stadium t-shirt to wear in and around the Stadium. We were then arranged in our groups, where we walked up to the Stadium. We all received a tour around the beautiful Stadium in our groups, where we walked the full lap around the track, and took a lot of pictures as momentums. We then got a chance to fill ourselves up with overpriced food and drink, as well as being able to buy other momentums such as the Olympic mascot teddy bears, etc… We then got the chance to go back into the Stadium to watch special guest stars such as bands, and the Winners of Britain’s Got Talent Gymnasts, Spellbound. There was also Katie Price talking about the Olympics with her son, Harvey. After the whole experience was over, we got back on the bus, ready for our long journey home, where we stopped at the service station to get a Burger King. We arrived home about 10pm, ready for sleep and a long lie in the next morning. Myself and the Students who visited would also like to say thank you to all the staffs supervision and support.

We wouldn’t have been able to go without them.

On Saturday 28th April a group of Grainger, Dobson and Stephenson students had to be at the school gates for 7:45am to go on a real-life army training camp in Otterburn. It was like something from a film with big barbwire fences. When we arrived there, our phones and i-pods were taken and they even made the girls take their make up off! Nightmare. Everyone had a great time and we all tried are hardest at everything that we were asked to do. The purpose of the trip was to try new activities and experiences to help build up a range of skills that could be used in our daily lives. We did five activities including rock climbing, personal fitness test, an obstacle course, team building exercise and a very difficult listening exercise! The best thing about the day was the obstacle course as it was great fun competing against others as individuals and in teams. Trying to climb and swim across very difficult obstacles was so hard. The next day we all had sore arms and legs. All of the pupils seemed to really enjoy it and through the different tasks that we performed, we learned some valuable skills such as listening, communicating and team-working.

GRAINGER SCHOOL NEWS PAGE...... Maths success for year 8s!

9W vs. 9A The battle continues! On the 23rd March 2012, on the day of ‘Sports Relief’, 9W and 9A went head to head in a series of sporting events. An obstacle course on the school field was ready and waiting in anticipation of some competitive students. The atmosphere was electric as both form classes were ready to win. The events included the bean bag race, egg and spoon race, hula hoop, hula hoop skip, up hill bounce, relay, balance the ball, skipping, there was even a sack race! In these events we saw some marvellous

Four Grainger bright young stars have shown just how bright they really can shine by sitting their GCSE Maths paper in year 8! For the first year only, year 8’s have been able to sit the exam and this year Sarah Fiddes 8A, Chloe Gaul 8A, Jordan McGregor 8W and Chloe Clarke 8W all sat their exam and achieved a C grade. An absolutely fantastic achievement and is a just reward for all of the effort and determination they have shown. The four are also superb role models and demonstrate to others just exactly what can be achieved if you are prepared to put in the hard work! When questioned about the achievement, Jordan McGregor stated that, “he couldn’t believe it!” Congratulations to all other students who also took the exam and also achieved fantastic results.

talents shining through; like Jessica Monteith’s hula hoop skills and Dale Graham’s secret talent for jumping incredibly high and fantastically fast! Caitlin Crawford could talk the talk but when it came to balancing an Easter egg on a tea spoon it kept on falling off! She just couldn’t walk the Easter egg walk. Natasha White had a great go at the sack race but kept falling over, it was all in good humour and there were lots of laughs along the way! Oh well, it’s the taking part that counts. Overall, it was too close to call. So, we decided that we were all winners as everyone got a lovely chocolate Easter egg out of it …YUM! Everyone had a great laugh and got on brilliantly. It certainly made a nice change from the usual registration!

Library News World book day, Thursday March 1st In the last newsletter 192 I informed you of our forthcoming World Book Day activities. One of these activities was called ‘Get Caught Reading’. This was a competition which gave students a chance of winning a £15, £10 or £5 gift token. Students had to look at photos of staff and try and guess who was hiding behind either a book or Kindle.

Darren Shan event at Waterstone’s bookshop

Altogether about 60 students from other schools in the city, as well as ours attended the event.

At very short notice I was informed of a competition which would result in the winners being giving the opportunity to see the very popular children’s author Darren Shan.

There was a 30 minute question and answer session with Darren also reading an extract from one of his books.

One of our students, Christopher Nelson of 8E submitted a story for I am pleased to tell you that three the competition. This resulted in students correctly guessed all our school being twenty members of staff and they allowed to take were:ten students to go and see Darren at Andrew Rames, 11W, 1st prize Waterstone’s bookshop in Kyle Wilson, 9M, 2nd prize Newcastle. Rebecca Musset, 11L, 3rd prize. Well done to them, and all who Mrs Blench and I took part. We had a great World took the students: Lucy Thomas and Book Day. Caitlin Crawford of 9W. Christopher was the only year 8 student. The year 7 students were:- Alex Egglestone 7W, Courtney Harris, Kieran Saunders and Joseph Buglass of 7E. Lila Merabet of 7A and Beth Tulloch of 7C.

Students had the opportunity to purchase books and have them signed at the end of the session.

Lucy Thomas and Darren Shane Darren writes mystery/thriller/horror stories. He is well known for his books called ‘The Saga of Darren Shan’, and the ‘Demonata’ series. If you’ve not read any yet I can highly recommend them. He has also written a book for adults, called ‘Lady of the Shades’.

STEPHENSON SCHOOL.............. .. Stephenson – Stand Out From The Crowd As we begin the summer term, our minds turn to the opportunities that are available for students at WTC. It seems that every year these opportunities increase, both in terms of the number and the significance that these opportunities make to our students. Obviously, the most important aspect of this is the GCSE examinations which many of our students are currently working towards. As Head of School, I visit a huge number of classes on a daily basis and it never ceases to amaze me how much hard work, effort and dedication is given by both staff and students alike. We enjoyed our most successful year last summer in terms of GCSE passes and we’re on course to better that this year. It goes without saying that this is excellent news and shows the progress we continue to make. In addition to academic issues, there are many reasons to look forward to this term. The annual tradition of Year 7 students spending four days at Hutton Roof continues and, as ever, I’m thoroughly looking forward to my week, this time with 7O. There are Basketball and Tennis school matches; two trophies which Stephenson won last year! It goes without saying that I’m hopeful that this success c ontinues, we ‘Stand Out From The Crowd’ and Stephenson retain both trophies. Year 11’ students have been putting the finishing touches to their first Yearbook. Professionally produced, the Yearbook contains a personal message from every student and form teacher, along with lots of photographs and memories from the previous five years. It will be a wonderful keepsake for students when they remember their time at WTC. Also, the Year 10 students have just completed their Work Experience. I am extremely proud of their behaviour, effort and conduct. They were a credit to Stephenson and WTC and I’m sure they will have benefited greatly from the experience. As we approach the examination period, it is an extremely busy time for both staff and students. It is vital that students ensure they are up to date with all coursework deadlines and are familiar with their revision and examination timetables. Can I ask parents/carers to assist us by ensuring your child knows their course requirements and knows what is expected of them. If you have any problems, questions or concerns regarding your son or daughter please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Stephenson pastoral team, who will be happy to assist where possible.

Ping Pong Pride for Stephenson Congratulations to Stephenson School for once again winning the Table Tennis school matches competition. Well done to all who took part, ensuring that Stephenson retained the title which we won last year! “Success at St James’” Congratulations to Christopher White who was at St James’ Park on 29th March to receive his Newcastle Schools Outstanding Achievement Award! Chris was joined by other winning students from across the city at this event which recognises students who have performed exceptionally over the previous school year. Chris was nominated for not only having 100% attendance, but for also completing a Building Futures course at Newcastle University, raising funds for our Kenya trip, achieving a Grade A in Maths, taking part in a CSV volunteer course and also being Sports Captain. It is an amazing achievement to receive an award of this calibre Chris. Very well done, you deserve it!! Chris received his award from Newcastle Eagles Coach Fab Flournoy

Stephenson Attendance Reward Night On Thursday 19th April, 30 Stephe nson students enjoyed a film night in the main hall, to celebrate their 100% attendance. It is essential for success at school, that attendance is as high as possible and as a College, we support many initiatives (such as this one) to try to impact upon attendance. Over a consistent period, all the students pictured, maintained full attendance and were rewarded with not only a film in our main hall, but also free pizza, popcorn, sweets and pop! Both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the evening, which will definitely be the first of many. Well done to all who attended!

..... ..................NEWS PAGE

Diana Award Winner – Christopher White

everything he does! Chris’ achievements have been amazing this year and he fully deserves this international recognition! Everyone in WTC and particularly Stephenson School, are so proud, not only of his many successes, but also of Chris as a person! He is proof that with hard work, dedication and perseverance, we can all make a difference to others and achieve our goals. He is an example to us all!

‘The Diana Award was set up in 1999 to act as a legacy to Diana Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better.’ It celebrates anyone who has positively influenced others and inspirational young people from across the world. In July Christopher will go to Canary Wharf in London to collect his award. Chris won this award because of his outstanding ability to influence others, his Mr Robson dedication to his studies, his charity work and his commitment to strive to achieve the best in

Mackenzie thought about his trip. A massive pat on the back goes “My experience in Turkey was great. to Amy Redhead, 8O and Korey I was selected to go though the Yeoman, 7C for making it through Mackenzie Newcastle Academy. When we the auditions for Walker’s Got TalHeaney, 8C was got there we played some of the ent. Stephenson School has its finselected to play top teams in Turkey, such as Fenagers crossed and wishes them the for the Newcastle batchi and Galatasari. Both of very best of luck! Academy. He goes to the them were very good. Although academy every Thursday during we did not win the tournament, I which time he not only plays football but also completes school will keep this experience with me.” Maille Lunn, 7C was the lucky winwork. Recently Mackenzie visited ner of breakfast for a week for Turkey with the team. Here is what choosing the song to which has been selected to represent the Army Awareness willingness to help Course – Albemarle others throughout work of the MAD (Making a DifferBarracks the week. Well done ence) Group. ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ was one of a long list April 2012 Michael! of songs which had been put forCongratulations to ward for the competition. Maille Michael Eldred 10M, said: who was voted “7C were sitting in the class thinking ‘Student of The Week’ of a song for MAD (the new name last month After Army for the anti bullying group) when completing a weeks’ for a week, the idea popped into my head for course at Albemarle gaining an insight ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ from Barracks in into Army life. Toy Story. I didn’t think anything of Northumberland. Michael it until a couple of weeks later Mr Michael was part of applied himself to Burbeck told me I had won. I was a group of 20 stu- every challenge, really happy for my song to be dents who worked completed all tasks chosen.” with the regular and demonstrated a

STEPHENSON SCHOOL NEWS.... Joel Woolf, 11M has been chosen to go to Paris to On Tuesday 1st May, Ryan Westwood and Josh McKay represent Great Britain for the JKA Shotakan Karate with Christopher Barker, Owen Hayton, Dillon Topping, Peter Wilde, Brian Chinema and Karl Ridley took part Championships. Joel will be completing with other in a football festival, held by Mrs Kemp-Hardy and Mr competitors from all over the world. Good luck, Joel. Elliott, for a group of year 3 classes. The boys taught the children a game called Treasure Chest, where they got put into groups and had to run to get balls that were in the middle and once all of the balls had gone to the different groups and when one of us said “treasure” they had to race to get the other groups’ balls in less than 15 seconds and the group with the most balls at the end wins one point. All enjoyed the event and the boys developed great leadership skills. Here’s what the boys thought:

Picture needed

“I was very surprised that the children listened to our instructions and played the game with the correct rules, they enjoyed the game and responded to our actions.” Josh McKay, 8C “I thought the children worked very well and liked the game.” Ryan Westwood, 8C Huge congratulations to Jessica Ingles, 7C who once “It was great to see the year 3’s having fun and it was again has achieved the most achievements awards a great experience.” Christopher Barker, 8C in Stephenson Lower School. Jessica continues to prove her worth to Stephenson School with her hard “I enjoyed taking part with the festival and joining in work and determination to do well. with the young children.” Owen Hayton, 8O “I liked helping the kids as I found it fun.” Dillon Topping, 8O “I enjoyed doing P.E. with the kids because it was a lot of fun for the kids. They seemed to enjoy it.” Brian Chinema, 8C “I liked helping the children as I found it was a new and fun experience.” Peter Wilde, 8O “I enjoyed it a lot, the kids were fine and they listened very well and they found it fun.” Karl Ridley, 8C


Giggles now open for fun and a chance to meet new parents‌ Giggles, Walker Technology College’s very own parent and toddler group opened officially on

There are activities and toys to keep all your little ones happy and entertained giving the parents the opportunity to have a coffee and a chat with other parents. Giggles are run by our year ten and sixth form child development group. The pupils are given the opportunity to help organise and run giggles as part of their course, bringing learning to life.

Miss Goodw ill with Ex St


Friday 11th May. The session was well attended and it was lovely to see some old students return with their own children. Giggles are a parent and toddler group for children aged 0-5.

DOBSON SCHOOL......................

So much has happened to make me feel extremely proud as Head of Dobson School since the last newsletter. Dobson students had a really successful night at the recent Academic Awards’ Evening, being nominated for and winning a whole host of categories. We also sent a number of Dobson year 11 students to a writers’ retreat in North Yorkshire (please read the English department’s page of this newsletter for more information) and sent out our year 10s for a week of work experience where we received some amazing feedback. We also had a very successful run in Top Form, winning 3 out of the 5 trophies and Miss Perkins’ year 7 class were responsible for creating and performing the greatest Zulu dance in the history of Zulu dances (look out for them in the first assembly back after the examinations).

During the week of 23rd – 27th the whole of our Year 10 students successfully took part in a work experience week. Massive congratulations to all from

‘Luke has been positive all week. It has been an honour having him for the week. Positive attitude, would be welcome in our company’ April, (Luke Rocha)

Grainger, Dobson and Stephenson who sucessfully completed their week in work. Below are some quotes to give you an idea of how it went for some of the Dobson students. As you can see from the comments, it has been a worth while experience and one that is important in every student’s school career. Chloe Wright during her work experience at Barnardo’s where Chloe Wright she also volunteers and works with as a ‘very busy life’ young ‘It takes a lot of dedication’ carer. Chloe is ‘anything can happen’ involved in documentaries, writing ‘much harder than school!’ newspaper articles and working with other young carers on a regular basis. Dobson school would like to take ‘I love school!’ this opportunity to say a massive ‘to respect co-workers and others’ well done to Chloe for her ‘I can do things I never thought I continued hard work and would’ dedication with Barnardo’s. ‘can be stressful’ Quotes in response to the following questions:

Of course, there is more to look forward to as we have 3 year 7 forms ready to experience the wonders of Hutton Roof. In addition, our year 11s are ready to say goodbye to Walker Technology College, but not before they do battle in the exam halls, a battle where we hope they are victorious in bringing Walker Technology College their greatest ever examination results. Finally, we have Walker’s Got Talent and Sport’s Day on the horizon, two events that we hope to paint blue, metaphorically speaking. ‘She was a pleasure to have; I would

9R – TOP KNOX ONCE AGAIN!!! Mr Knox’s 9R have once again

have her back anytime’ won the Year 9 top form A final thank you must go to all form tu(Nicole Fenwick) tors in Dobson who have really got the competition. It is an absolutely message out to students about arriving ‘Happy, cheerful and enthusiastic outyoung man’ EARLY to school on a Thursday. Most st and(Rees Cornwall) students are sat down and ready to ing start by 8 45am…amazing! ‘Lovely attitude, all round very team enthusiastic and willing to learn’ (Katie Halliday) effort


om Mr

...... ..................NEWS PAGE It has come to our attention that two of our Year 9 girls Lauren Lyddon-Slee and Stephanie Patterson are both keen horse riders. They both ride on a regular basis at the local Stepney Bank Stables. Both enjoy jumping and dressage and have competed and successfully won rosettes for both events. Stephanie is currently taking her ABRS tests in riding skills and stable management and has reached a level 5. Horse Riding as a sport takes a lot of hard work and dedication not to mention involves a lot of dirty work when mucking out.Congratulations to both girls for their achievements in the sport so far.

Lauren on Basil

Stephanie on Wizard

Saturday 28th April saw 13 Dobson students up early to participate in the first Outreach Discovery Day at Otterburn Camp, in Northumberland. They did a very full day of activities including rock climbing, fitness, command tasks and an obstacle course. The programme is designed to be personally demanding and to build on interpersonal and team work skills. Billy Brooke, 8E said “I really enjoyed the rock climbing, and would now be much more confident to try harder climbs in the future.” Natasha Straughan, also in 8E added “I really enjoyed the whole thing – it was a totally new experience . The teamwork tasks were great because it gave us a chance to work together with people we didn’t know well at School.”

and securing a place at this year’s Walker’s Got Talent final…amazing stuff! We hope to repeat our success from last year when our very own Princess Matende stormed to victory. Also, back by popular demand, are the two outstanding and extremely funny hosts, Mr Thornley and ME, yes me! It’s not about us though, it’s about the kids!!

Pictured below are the majority of the 36 students in year 11 who recently received a Head’s Commendation from Mr Collier for three outstanding reports over the academic year. This is a fantastic achievement and once again proves what wonderfully committed students we have in Dobson School. As well as the honour of receiving the Head’s Commendation, students also Students now have a one week received a free breakfast in the residential programme to look company of Mr Hart and Mr forward to, where they can further Collier…what a prize! develop these activites.

Well done to all concerned. Congratulation to 8K and Mr Reynolds for winning Top Form last term! It shows just how important punctuality and attendance are, since 8K won by just 3 points, with no lates or any absence in the last week of the competition. A single late would have cost them 10 points and they would not have won! 8K decided that Pizza and a DVD was how they would spend their winnings, and they were even kind enough to make a £15 donation to Mr Dunlop’s charity run with the Congratulations to Aidan Rocha, change! Jonathan Kennedy, Liam Thompson, Mark Johnston, Emma Kashila and Well done 8K! Princess Matende for making it through the tough audition stages

DOBSON SCHOOL NEWS........ Mr Jackson, thanks for being our form teacher, we will miss you when we’re gone. Love 11K There were also some personal messages: ‘Jackson, you are a wonderful man xxx’ (Dylan Bonas) ‘Thanks for everything, I have loved being in your form class x’ (Beth Rowe) Mr Jackson is a lovely man, he always has a smile on his face, thanks for everything x’ (Mia Green) ‘Mr Jackson is the very best of form teachers, with a cheery smile first thi ng on a Monday, thank you x’ (Ciara McCrory) ‘I’ve loved being in Mr Jackson’s form class, he knows how to have a laugh, thank you! X’ ‘Had a great from teacher, Mr Jackson. Can always have a good laugh in the mornings’(Liam Donaldson) ‘I’ve loved being in Mr Jackson’s form class. He’s always happy and makes everyone around him happy. Thanks for everything! X (Emily Wrightson)

Some of the things that the students had to say about Mr Clues; ‘Mr Clues, you think you’re off Dancing on Ice! Mwah’

‘I love your ginger hair!’ ‘Your amazing Cluesy’ ‘Best form teacher ever’ ‘Thank you, love from wor Stevie’ (Rhys)‘Thank you for everything you’ve done! You’re an amazing form teacher’ (Charlotte) ‘ Thanks for being a great form teacher’ ( Billie – Jo xx) “Thanks for Everything Amazing form teacher’ (Tasha xx) ‘Thanks for being a great form teacher’ (Chantelle xxx) ‘Thanks for being an amazing form teacher’(Becca xx) ‘Thanks for being a great from teacher’ (Meg xo) ‘Mint teacher’ (Zoe xxx

top form wins by Consistently keep-

Miss Aisbitt has been Head of Science for longer than our years in this school. She always has a smile and a quirky attitude and she always puts 100% into her job. Miss Aisbitt has taken our form class to four over the last two years

ing our uniform and 3 p’s in check. Well Done Miss Aisbitt, here’s to many years in this long Fulfilled career as a Science teacher, cheers! Massive thanks from 11R

COLLEGE........................................... Opening of our 3rd generation astro pitch Thursday 15th March 2012

To some people it’s just a pitch, but to us, it’s the end On the day of the opening we prayed for good weather, our prayers were answered with a of a very long road. spectacularly sunny day that meant the official After 4 years of hard work, paper work, meetings and opening could run without a problem. Our special dreams, the day had finally come to open our new guest Peter Beardsley had kindly agreed to open pitch. This really was going to be the easy part, but the pitch for us and spare us some of his time to join in with the pupils. also the icing on the cake. The 4 years of work included trying to get funding, which we finally managed to get, in the shape of £102,000 from The Football Foundation, lengthy meetings to try and get planning permission and meetings with residents to check their opinion on the proposed build. The rest of the money was funded by the college, with a huge payment of £466,000, bringing the cost to a grand total of £568,000. This has now given the College a top of the range fully floodlit pitch that is of premier league pecification. This will provide the College and the whole community with a much needed new playing area for many, many years to come. The project was delivered on time and in true partnership with Newcastle City Council, Aura, The Football Foundation, Sir Robert McAlpine and the PE staff all playing key roles.

We lined up nearly 50 tudents along the walkway to the pitch, so they too could join in the celebrations and also get to use the facility first. As well as Peter Beardsley our guests also included Nick Brown (MP), the College Governors, Football Foundation, Northumberland Football Association, local and national press, former staff members and many local residents from both a football and non football background.

................................................NEWS We had gathered everyone at the entrance to the pitch; now all that was left was for Mr Collier, Nick Brown and Mr Beardsley to say a few words before Peter was given the job of cutting the official ribbon and opening the pitch.

The day will also be remembered by Mr Couldwell, who put in every bit of hard work to make this dream of 4 years come to reality, he also gave a well deserved and well delivered interview to the local TV. Can I finish by saying a huge thank you to everyone involved in the build up to the day, also the PE staff whose help on the day was invaluable.

Once this was done all of the 50 students, ranging from year 7, both boys and girls, up to our Academy squad, took part in some 7 a side football matches. The best was yet to come for our students. Not only did Peter Beardsley open our pitch, but he also joined in our football matches for nearly an hour, and didn’t hold back. For the guests and teachers watching from the side, it was a picture to see the delight on the student’s faces, at being tackled by one of Newcastle United and England’s greatest ever players, especially on our own college pitch. This is one experience, I think, that will be remembered forever by all of our lucky Mr students that were involved in the day.

Couldwell,Mr Beardsley, Mr Collier, MP Nick Brown and Mr Ellott

English Department ....................... creative pieces. Students worked hroughout the day and on intothe night. Hutton Roof provided the The final day of the retreat was perfect setting for our second time for the writers to share their Writers’ work as a group. There were Retreat led by inspirational poet, emotional readings from some of Sheree Mack. Students in year the writers; much of the poetry ten spent three days in a ‘reteat’ shared was influenced by in The Lake District working on Sheree’s book ‘Family Altheir creative writing; the writing bum’ and explored family produced varied from some relationships. Some of the beautiful and moving examples poetry was so poignant the of poetry to some very well small rafted prose. audience of writers, poets and teachers were moved The group were lucky enough to to tears, while other pieces be joined by published poet, of writing, most notably the Sheree Mack, who gave a Haikus, were funny and reading of her poetry and entertaining and had the shared her experiences of writing audience laughing. with our own year 10 writers. Time was spent in workshops with our It was a privilege to spend time poet in residence, while with these ‘fresh, young voices’ afternoons were spent both on and hear the work they the crags surrounded by created. For some, the spectacular scenery, or in and experience around Hutton Roof, working encouraged them to on their continue writing

outside of the classroom. For others, the experience allowed them to gain confidence in their ability and realise that writing doesn’t always need to be functional. It can be a way of life.

There will be poetry readings from our year 10 writers at this year’s English ‘Charlton Awards’ held in the main hall in July.

...............................................NEWS It’s that time of year again. Preparations are underway for the next ‘Walker’s Got Talent’ and rumour has it there are a few new acts to challenge last year’s winners. It’s hard to believe we can get any better but, as a judge, and having seen the auditions, I know there are a few contenders this year. It’s good to see a variety of acts and I’m excited about the possibilities for this year’s show. As always, rehearsals are kept closely under wraps by WGT’s visionary Miss Waugh. This year’s event is the perfect way to celebrate our first year in our new, purpose built, college. Debating and presentational skills are a key aspect of the English course at Walker Technology College. At this year’s conference, led by Miss Hinshelwood, delegates were asked to present their ideas based on the topical theme of the Olympics.

The parent and child reading group meets on Thursdays, in the library, at 3:30pm and lasts 45mins. The reading group runs for six weeks, although parents are welcome to sign up for the next cycle. The group has shown the positive impact parental involvement has on your child’s reading age. English staff will work with you and your child during the session and they will help to support parents with strategies they can implement at home. The next six week cycle will begin on Thursday 14th June. If you are an interested parent, who would like to support your child at home, please contact Miss Waugh via the school contact details. Alternatively, your child can drop in to see Miss Waugh in room E1.05 and sign up for the next cycle. Please make sure you book so appropriate resources and refreshments can be provided.

The selection who participated not only developed the skills needed for college and the workplace, but they were also able to improve their current grade for speaking and listening as part of their GCSE in English Language. Out students, yet again, demonstrated their ability to respond confidently in a pressured situation and cope with the skills they will need to present to a range of different audiences. We may even have the next ‘Apprentice’ or the next entrepreneur ready to pitch in The Dragon’s Den.

Work experience week During the week of 16 – 20 April I was lucky enough to be selected for a work placement with Siemens Energy Service. I was part of a group of Year 11 students from different schools to be given this opportunity. I think I was chosen because of my Curriculum Vitae and I think the company was impressed that I had already achieved a C pass in my Maths and that I am a very practical, hands on type of student. On my first day I felt really nervous but as the week went on I met new people and began to feel better about the placement. Siemens is a global engineering company that has a base in Walker on Shields Road. I spent my time in the engineering training centre which is where I learnt about non- renewable and renewable resources. I was also able to learn about and develop skills with metal. Over the week I made a drill drift,

Race for life A number of both staff and students took part in the Race for Life, a race for females to help raise much needed funds to help with research into cancer and cancer sufferers, at Saltwell Park on Sunday the 14th May. We arrived for the warm up with over 1000 females limbering up to run, jog or walk 5km. It was a sea of pink, with many having messages on their backs in memory of loved ones who have sadly suffered from this awful disease. Lauren Hindmarsh and Chelsie Hall, both Year 11's raised over £400 between them and took part in the race for the first time. They had fun at the start getting involved in the aerobic warm up and then jogged the whole 5km's.

engineers clamp and a key ring. I wasn’t allowed to use machinery because of health and safety but I did use hand held tools. I really enjoyed the Experience because it was practical. On my last day at Siemens Mr Hart turned up. I felt Embarrassed because he was the only teacher from any of the schools taking part to visit. The placement made me want to learn more about engineering and I would like to thank Siemens for giving me the opportunity to show them what I can do. I didn’t want to leave – it was class!

We hope that next year we can encourage more staff and students to take part in this worthy event!

Fabulous new College jumpers College rules regarding uniform. Many pupils have already signed up and ordered a jumper. If you agree to adhere to the rules above and would like to purchase a College jumper, Student voice is active in Walker Technology please send the appropriate payment (see below) College and because we listen to your views, we into College before the end of the summer term. have agreed to introduce a smart College jumper. The jumper will have the College logo on the chest The form teacher will pass this on to Mrs Davidson. and your School will be represented by a coloured line bordering the V neck. A jumper can be ordered through your Form Teacher or Head of Year. Only jumpers purchased through the College will be permitted. The jumpers can be worn from the Autumn term, as a trial. The following rules will apply: 1. The jumper can only be purchased from the College 2. The jumper will be black and have a recognised School colour on the V of the neck 3. The jumper will be worn as well as, not instead of, a blazer 4. If the weather or College climate is too hot, the jumper is the first to be removed We agree that a College jumper will look smart if worn in the correct way. Sanctions may need to be introduced if pupils do not follow the above

Jesus College Tour Visits WTC On Thursday 22 March undergraduates from Jesus “I learned about the basics of university life. It was College (Cambridge helpful to hear that the A levels I want to do/have University) visited Walker been considering look good on university Technology applications.” College to meet with thirty students in Years 10 and 11. The tour of “Clearer understanding about grades Newcastle schools needed for university.” has taken place on an “I have found out that the subjects annual basis over that I want to take will be really several years but this helpful to my chosen career to be was the first time that a primary school teacher.” the College had hosted a visit. “There was lots of information that I did not know about uni that I The Cambridge undercan think about for the future. I graduates delivered a seslearned about what subjects I sion called “University could take for A levels.” Explained” and although the “Lots of questions I had were answered, especially presentation was about higher education in general, about money and university fees. Maybe have more our students were also able to be informed and ask information on good subjects to pick for A levels as questions about what it is like to study at one of the they can affect university places and we will be most prestigious universities in the world. choosing our A levels soon so it will be good to know.” These are some of the comments form the students “The group really helped me understand what I need in Year 10/11 who attended: to do and look at in seeking my future career.” “The session was good. The students were nice and friendly. It let me know about different types of universities and what they are about. It let me know about the financial things of university and to remember to choose the subjects I like.” “I liked this session as it was based in our school building. I think it would be nice if a session about how you could use your degree abroad/internationally was running in case people move in the future. Would degrees still be valid in other countries? Can you apply for universities in other countries? If so – how? I learned a lot about university, particularly the prices and finances.” “From today’s session I learned that I should pick courses that benefit my future.” “Today I learned that if you get a degree from a university you can earn £180,000 more over your lifetime.”

“Today I learned that you might not have to pay as much as I thought for university.” The undergraduates enjoyed their visit to Walker and they were really impressed with all the students who attended.

Are you in Year 7 or 8? Do you fancy bringing in a relative or carer to relax on a bean bag and read a great book? Would you like to boost your grades at the same time?

Then come along to our Reading Group! Exclusive to Year 7 and Year 8. (You get free tea, coffee and biscuits! But shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

Starts June 14th Thursday 3.30pm - 4.15pm in the library.

We currently have a vacancy for a Parent Governors. If any parent would like to discuss the work that is involved then please telephone the Headmaster, Mr Mike Collier on 0191 2958660. If you are willing to be considered but do not know two parents who could propose you, then return the form with only the top part completed.

Name of person being nominated

Signature of nominee

Name and Form(s) of Walker Technology College Students(s)

Name of proposer

Signature of proposer Name and Form(s) of Walker Technology College Student(s)

Name of seconder

Signature of seconder

Name and Form(s) of Walker Technology College Student(s)

Please return this form to: Clerk to the Governors Mrs Lisa Kirkbride Walker Technology College Middle Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 4BY

THE WORKS ......NEWS PAGE Students from the construction department have been using their new found skill's and put them to good use, they were asked if they could refurbish some wooden planters, always ready for a challenge they said yes and got to work replacing damaged wood, sanding damaged areas and gave them a good coating of wood stain. They have now been planted and take pride of place at the main entrance of the College.

BMX Group The BMX group was established when a group of young people from across the city decided they would like to challenge themselves in achieving their aspirations, dreams and goals of widening their experiences within the Urban BMX scene.

event and will involved in the young people to use within BMX competitions that are the east end area of the being held in Newcastle City community, so watch this Centre on the 17th,18th and space! 19th August as part of the Urban Games 2012. The group have currently successfully passed the first stage and spent a full day at a Silksworth Skate Park. They also purchased spare parts and a specialised bike tool kit to repair any damages that occur whilst riding.

The group have been working through an informal education programme called Keyfund which allows young people to work through four stages of funding starting from £250 up The next plan with stage two to £2000. of Keyfund is to use their £500 budget to go towards a They meet up each week at residential to a Skate Park in Walker Technology College Glasgow called Unit 21. to plan and organise their BMX programme. They have The final goal is to purchase already participated in the portable Skate Park ramps Urban Games 2012 launch which will be available for all

We visited a Skate Park in Sunderland because we are a BMX group called “The BMX Boys”. We raised £250 from the Keyfund for a full day to Silksworth Skate Park. Also with the money we bought spare parts and maintenance equipment which we will use throughout the other stages. The day was ‘mint’ as we shredded the full way.

We have made a group up called The BMX Boys. We have been working through a fundraising programme called Keyfund. On the first stage we have a budget of £250 to plan an activity and we choose to go to Silksworth Skate Park on the 5th of May. We also bought some grips, pedals and chains with the money. The day was great and we spent the full day shredding the park.

We went to on a trip to Silksworth Skate Park that’s in Sunderland. We went for the full day, there was me (Zach), Connor, Daniel, Dean, Jack, Josh, Ryan, Joe and James. It was a good day out the best bits were when all of us were on the train we were all laughing. All of the rest were all riding all day everyone was shredding the park. Some more of the best bits where when people were hurting themselves (haha). We want to go to Corby, Rampworks or Unit 23 all bigger skate parks. Next time we will be working towards £500 we can use to go somewhere.

SPORT AT WALKER..........................

Pupils involved in the 2012 Gold Challenge, enjoying swimming away the miles from the 2012km team target! Walker Technology College students will use a variety of activities within PE and extracurricular events to clock up the target miles.

....................NEWS PAGE As part of the Gold Challenge 5 of our students, Mr Clues and Mrs Kemp-Hardy visited London’s 2012 Olympic Stadium. The students involved were: Bethany Hosie, Rebecca Ingles, Michael Gates Jordan McGregor and Tony Forrest We set off at 5.30am (Mr Clues had bed hair!) It was a 6 hour coach journey to reach our destination, but the time just flew because Mr Clues’s jokes were so funny (yawn!). What was fantastic was seeing some of the children from our local primary schools on our bus. We all sat with children from Welbeck Primary School and their teacher’s Mr Milburn and Mr Sands. The sun was shining when we arrived and we were all given Newcastle Schools 500 tee-shirts to wear. On entering the Stadium we took part in a parade around the athletics track. Hundred’s of other school children watched as we took part in the parade and applauded as we walked around. The experience was amazing and gave pupils an insight as to how proud athlete’s must feel to represent their country at the Olympic games. We then watched some charity races on the track.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the long journey was worth it. We can watch the Olympic Games this summer and say ‘We’ve walked on that track’.

SPORT AT WALKER.......................... On Monday 26th March 2012, students from 9M went to East End Pool to raise their bit for Sport Relief. All of the students did very well and swam around half a mile (32 lengths!). Our class raised a grand total of £109.40. Well done, Paul Allan, Connor Duffy, Katie Hammond, Courtney Ramond and Kyle Wilson and thank you to all who sponsored us.

Plate League. This league comprises of schools from all over the city including private schools and makes the achievement even greater. All season the girls showed great determination, commitment and strong team spirit and fully deserve these results. The students have worked hard now for 2 seasons and have formed a close relationship as a team and look set for more success in the coming years if their great attitude and ability continues. They are a pleasure to coach and a credit to the school. Well done girls!! Pictured is the team – Back row left to right – Chloe Rock, Cassie Hicks, Megan Currie, Katie Philipson, Chloe Campbell. Front row left to right – Paige Rushford, Hannah Stokes and Sarah Louise Davidson.

The year 8 netball team had a fantastic season. They reached the 3rd round of the County Knockout League and only suffered 2 close defeats out of 12 games to become runners up in the Newcastle City

....................NEWS PAGE As part of the Gold Challenge 5 of our students, Mr Clues and Mrs Kemp-Hardy visited London’s 2012 Olympic Stadium. The students involved were: Bethany Hosie, Rebecca Ingles, Michael Gates Jordan McGregor and Tony Forrest We set off at 5.30am (Mr Clues had bed hair!) It was a 6 hour coach journey to reach our destination, but the time just flew because Mr Clues’s jokes were so funny (yawn!). What was fantastic was seeing some of the children from our local primary schools on our bus. We all sat with children from Welbeck Primary School and their teacher’s Mr Milburn and Mr Sands. The sun was shining when we arrived and we were all given Newcastle Schools 500 tee-shirts to wear. On entering the Stadium we took part in a parade around the athletics track. Hundred’s of other school children watched as we took part in the parade and applauded as we walked around. The experience was amazing and gave pupils an insight as to how proud athlete’s must feel to represent their country at the Olympic games. We then watched some charity races on the track.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the long journey was worth it. We can watch the Olympic Games this summer and say ‘We’ve walked on that track’.

Walker Technology Primary Notice board 3 football festival Astroturf pitch

Mrs Kemp-Hardy prayed for dry weather after a week of heavy rain I can’t praise our students enough and and high winds…..and her prayers without them the event could not were answered, hurrah! have taken place. Our pupils were exceptional role models who lead by There were 3 schools that attended in example. Their leadership skills were the morning slot and 4 schools in the put to the test, as many only had expeafternoon. These schools were: rience of leading their peers. Byker Primary School Walkergate Primary School Tyneview Primary School Western Primary School St Anthony’s Church Of England Primary School West Walker Primary School Wharrier Street Primary School

The festival included various aspects of football skills, including dribbling practices, shooting practices, agility stations and mini games. The pupils moved around each station to experience every aspect of football.

It is proposed with the success of the current year 5/6 mini league that as All the year 3 children taking part had from September we will set up a year a fantastic time and thoroughly 3/4 mini league. enjoyed themselves. All the primary teachers remarked at how well A huge thank you again to all involved. organised the event was and what a Oh and a special mention to Mark credit to the school the students Edge. The teacher from Byker Primary running the activities were. Of course, School approached me to tell me Mr Elliott’s expertise in the ‘beautiful how Mark had been so thoughtful. game’ also made the day! One of his pupils was feeling unwell and Mark took himself off to the school Walker Technology College students cafeteria and bought the little boy a that were involved in running each bottle of water, with his own money. activity station were some year12 and Such unprompted acts of kindness 13 BTEC sport pupils that are currently make me so proud of our school and involved in the sports leader’s award. the pupils we teach. In the afternoon event an extra activity station was added and ran by year 8 boys involved in the Sky Sport’s Living for Sport project.

College hosted a primary year on Tuesday 1st May on our

groups so they could experience all the different aspects of the workshop. The day ended with a whole group As part of a national campaign, talk in, hosted by Olivier and John. Walker Technology College was During this time both of them shared involved in a workshop with the Show their experiences from their playing Racism the Red Card charity. days, they also answered many great questions that were asked by students. The charity is all about anti- racism and Our students felt very privileged to is backed by the professional have been given this great footballers association; it is run nation opportunity to ask questions and share wide and delivers workshops to a some stories. variety of groups including schools, colleges, professional football clubs This is a workshop that the College was and local boys clubs. very proud to have been involved with. We also see the huge We used our full year 8 group for this importance of making our students, event, this was nearly 170 students. and the whole community, aware of The College was lucky enough to the issues we have in modern society have former Newcastle United players, concerning racism. Olivier Bernard and John Anderson with us for the full day, to provide some fun games and encourage the students to interact with each other. We also had 2 members of the Racism team who dealt with the educational and classroom side of the workshop. The students were split into small

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Newsletter 193

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