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Down on the farm Can you say contemporary? Mix patterns like a pro





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Capturing news, events and special moments in time for the people of Northern Michigan.

an up-north MAGAZINE

October/November 2011PubPublisher Doug Caldwell

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Editor Maggie Peterson Photography G. Randall Goss Layout & Design Renée Tanner

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think my love for autumn is a simple math problem, really. Adding together many small good things equals one big great thing. Just off the top of my head:

Beautiful colors + Cool, crisp air + Quier stres + Lacing up the hiking boots + Ale cider + Warm doughnuts from the cider mill + Pumpkins + The smell and crunch of leav = Love.

Feel the fabulous FABRICS OF FALL

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Lake Michigan shore. Concrete, steel and wood abound on the interior, with spacious white rooms within. Rounding out this issue is a product guide that helps keep time and a how-to on successfully mixing patterns. There’s also one of my favorite pieces thus far — a peek into the unique story behind one home’s kitchen doors. Here’s to fall, in all its glory!

Maggie Peterson HOMElife Editor

The farmhouse on the cover of this issue embraced the season as well. It is settled enviably in a tree-lined basin, the sparkling array of foliage that surrounds it second only in brightness to the vibrant red of the barn on the property. We set off in another direction with a look at contemporary design in the Charlevoix area with one home on the





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A triathlete sets higher goals


GOODlife !

At the core of this lifestyles publication is a focus on the bright side of being among the mature population. FIND IT IN THE PETOSKEY NEWS-REVIEW ON THE FIRST TUESDAY OF EVERY OTHER MONTH

contents 18

Down on the farm


6 Hands

A grand entrance

of time


Mixing patterns like a pro


Can you say contemporary?

HOMelife 5

Product guide

Hands of time

Be it for looks or functionality, a clock makes a statement in a home. This assortment highlights the best of both worlds. By Maggie Peterson • Photography by G. Randall Goss

Three mantel clocks by (from left) Howard Miller, Howard Miller presidential edition, and Bulova, available at Dittmar’s Chronotech in Petoskey.

Two Bulova marbel mantel clocks available at Dittmar’s Chronotech in Petoskey.

A pair of wood styled Bulova mantel clocks from Dittmar’s Chronotech in Petoskey.

A pair of medium and small sized circular wooden box clocks available at Reid Furniture in Petoskey.


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A classic hour glass and a Bulova anniversary clock available at Dittmar’s Chronotech in Petoskey.

Quartz glass pyramid musical carousel clock from Dittmar’s Chronotech in Petoskey.

A radio controlled desk clock synchronizes to the United States government atomic clock for extreme accuracy. The clock displays time, day, month and indoor temperature and is available from Radio Shack.

A unique Bulova Westmore Whittington control mantel clock available at Dittmar’s Chrontech in Petoskey.

An antler mounted quartz movement mantel clock from Reid Furniture in Petoskey. HOMelife 7


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Church doors from childhood place of worship are now a unique piece in this Petoskey area home. By Maggie Peterson • Photography by G. Randall Goss


erb Hamel was browsing eBay when he came across a find that within 12 hours would alter the design of his future home. It was a Sunday morning in September 2007 when Herb pulled up the site for his weekly perusal and stumbled across a set of Gothic oak doors. He and his wife, Pat, had been casually searching for a standout piece for their future home to be built in Resort Township. With their three children grown, Herb now a retired physician and Pat a retired registered nurse — though still an active member of disaster response with the local American Red Cross — the pair decided to return to the Petoskey area from Maine. “It was a good time to come back to our roots,” Pat said. The Hamels have a

habit of including antique or unique items in their homes. Their previous residence in Maine featured an antique wooden fireplace, a piece of Michigan taken with them when they moved east more than 30 years ago. Pat said it’s not their

style to have every piece of a home brand new, but rather combine new and old to create interest and texture. “No matter where you live, you like things that are part of the house that tell a story,” she said. Preparing to return to

The peak of the Gothic oak doors

HOMelife 9

A grand entrance Continued from page 9

Michigan, the building codes had changed and the fireplace, being a wooden construction, couldn’t be added to the Resort Township home. They were looking for something with a story, but didn’t have anything specific in mind. Cue the doors, and a tale of serendipity. The information provided on eBay about the entry pieces said they stood 9 feet, 3 inches tall, were Gothic style and included all the hardware and frame. They were also being sold by St. Ignatius Loyola Church in St. Ignace — the childhood church of Herb and Pat. There was much discussion that Sunday, as the auction would close within 12 hours. Herb placed a bid, and at closing it was theirs for $404.99. The estimated original value was $5,000. The Hamels recall the look given when they handed over the door information to architect Peter Wiles of North Yarmouth, Maine, who was designing their future home. They described it as blank, then puzzled and intrigued. It was decided to design the doors as an entry to the kitchen from the front foyer. Herb’s brothers did the pickup, which required four men to move each of the heavy doors. They were stored at Herb’s brother’s for a year before construction began. Woods and Water Construction Inc., based in Petoskey, was chosen for the construction of the home. Owner Todd Petersen said the doors and their scale were completely unique, and heavy, which called for creative installation. “To make them stay perpetually where they were, it was going to take some structural


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The doors Wood: Oak Style: Gothic Height: 9 feet, 3 inches

Depth: 4-inch shiplapped oak boards, with 3/16-inch thick covering glued to interior core Hardware: Four hinges per door; no center hardware

Width: 35 inches each, 70 1/4 inches when finished

Casing: 7 1/4 inches wide

Weight: 250 pounds

Age: About 25 years old

“No matter where you live, you like things that are part of the house that tell a story.” Pat Hamel backing for it,” Petersen said. The doors were removed from the frame, and the pieces of the frame were put together. A large rectangular hole had been cut for the doors, and the frame was placed inside of it to serve as a template to make that rectangular hole the right shape for the doors. The frame was removed, and structural supports were crafted for the door utilizing framing lumber and structural screws. Once the supports were installed, the frame was brought in, and even more structural screws — one about every eight inches — were used to force the arch back to shape. “It didn’t want to hold its shape (because the wood hadn’t been steamed). ... It wanted to get itself straighter,” Petersen noted. The process took about three days’ work by two people, and then the doors were brought in. The weight of the doors, at 250 pounds, required they be set on shims for hanging. “It would have been impossible to hold up for any period of time,” Petersen said. Now, the doors make what can only be called a grand entrance. The Hamels haven’t had to do any restoration work on them — just rub them down with a bit of Murphy Oil Soap now and again. “It’s a bit of our culture and heritage down here,” Pat said. HL


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Home style

Can you say

Contemporary? Home delivers with clean, neutral backgrounds and punches of color By Maggie Peterson • Photography by G. Randall Goss


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hat was desired was something new, contemporary, clean — and this home delivers inside and out. The exterior gives an inkling to what awaits inside. The surfaces are cement, preweathered Galvalume — an alloy-coated sheet steel — and wood, arranged in clean lines that complement each other. The texture of the wooden eaves subtly plays off the corrugated, nail-less metal beneath them; the smooth concrete facade of the home contrasts against the undulating metal surface. The play of texture and surfaces continues indoors. Dark-stained American walnut doors mark each entry, all walls are white and a dark gray concrete floor sprawls across the main and lower levels; color is used for punch. The dense materials along with insulated concrete

form (ICF) construction create solidity; the ICF method involves pouring concrete into insulated structures to create a solid, energyefficient and sustainable building. To create this space, the homeowners worked with builders Ron Way, Gary Way and their crew at Way Building Contractors in Charlevoix, along with Chicagobased architect Kathryn Quinn. Kitchens North Inc. of Charlevoix crafted most of the wood surfaces. The main floor is where most of the living unfolds. The kitchen is known as the heart of many homes, and the living room here was left open to the kitchen to encourage shared time and space. Cooking is a passion, so creating a functional kitchen space was a top priority. Its functionality doesn’t sacrifice the design that flows through the rest of

HOMelife 13

A few of the unique chairs in the home

Making it work Way Building Contractors of Charlevoix hadn’t built a home like this one before — and it was challenging for a number of reasons. Its clean, straight, smooth lines called for perfection. “That was probably the most challenging, which was very deceptive when you look at how simple everything is,” Ron Way said. Two examples are the windows and doors, which lack trim and casing. This required setting the doors first, then drywalling to the door. When there’s trim, it’s easier to make up for it not being completely perfect. “The lack of the detail — it made it more difficult to build because everything for the most part had to be perfect,” Way added. Another layer of complexity came in the concrete floors, which involved pouring a 4-inch slab of concrete over a flooring system which included in-floor heat. “Why we did it that way was because we didn’t want cracking in the floor. It’s their finished floor,” Way said. But the bigger obstacle was the polishing and staining, which took place after the concrete was poured. Everyone on the project had to watch what was placed on the floor because it could cause discoloration and inconsistencies in the finished product. One of the final challenges — but one that impacts the impression of the home — is the 3-foot grid carried throughout the interior and exterior of the residence, down to the lannon stone walkway to the front door, Way said. “That three-foot grid was carried everywhere. You always had to think ahead,” he noted. “... (It’s) nothing that you specifically pick up on, but that’s what gives it the overall feel that you have.”


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Cozy fall fashions Contemporary Continued from page 13

the home; bulthaup aluminum gray surfaces are offset by white and wood countertops, and a stainless Miele microwave/convection oven. The only thing that gives away the wine fridge, standard refrigerator and freezer drawers are brushed pulls, whose horizontal lines mirror that of the counter. Stepping back for a wider view brings color to the scene. Toward the highest point of the angled ceiling is a square recess painted orange, which highlights a sculpture within. Orange is one of the favorite highlight colors in the space, brought in also at the kitchen table’s chairs and the living room couch accent pillows. It’s complemented by a lime green in vases and pillows. Around the corner is the master suite. The bedroom faces the water, and large windows bring to view the lake, its waves and the natural beauty that surrounds the home. The white walls have unbroken planes; even the white closets that line one wall feature hidden handles. The master bathroom includes a large, glass shower and a his and hers vanity in white and wood. The lower level of the home is a

space ideal for the homeowners’ two married children and two grandchildren. A pocket door can separate the staircase and upstairs from the lower level — but it’s no common pocket door. Instead of a single entry width, it spans nearly 12 feet, with three doors pulling out, one layer after another. A hall off the family room leads to two guest bedrooms. Joining the three levels is a staircase. The upstairs portion of the home doesn’t cover the entire main floor, but is rather a three-room perch. Most of the space is an office, which breaks the norm of the other levels with a hardwood floor. Shelves span one wall, holding photos and books, while a built-in desk for two is nestled under large windows. The other two rooms are a bathroom and a grandchildren’s room. A lowered, angled ceiling is just the right height for little ones, and there’s plenty of space to play. The backdrop of this contemporary home is ungroomed Northern Michigan lakeshore, which provides the final contrast. The outdoors is brought in by large windows, but the outside world is kept out by dense trees that edge the home in privacy. HL

209B Howard Street Petoskey 231.439.9844 4237 Main Street Bay Harbor 231.439.2626

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HOMelife 15

Patrick Leavy


231.838.6700 cell 8270 Bear Cove Lane, Petoskey Tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac on the West Arm of Walloon Lake is this completely remodeled cottage. The cottage features three bedrooms and two full baths in the main house and an additional bedroom, bathroom and kitchen in the guest house over the two car garage. Features include all new kitchen, wood burning fireplace, large deck overlooking the lake, and a sandy 118’ of waterfront. $1,349,000 WALLOON LAKE - WATERFRONT

04110 Conkle Road, Boyne City

Let my experience and knowledge of the market help you in your next property purchase or sale.


This is loc featu half your in p brick and All n fenci more


3122 Townsend Road, Petoskey

Very private home located on the South Arm of Walloon Lake just minutes from the Village of Walloon or Boyne City with 240’ of water frontage, four bedrooms, four full baths, one half bath, main floor Master bedroom, hardwood floors, wood burning fireplace, central air, hard packed sandy bottom, four car garage and the ability to split off 100’ lot to sell separately. $1,749,000

Rustic elegance at it’s best! Located on 167’ of Walloon Lake waterfront this 10,000 sq.ft home features seven bedrooms, a first floor master suite and six full baths. In floor heat on all levels, a large great room, three fireplaces and many other features, too many to mention. $4,285,000



1140 Vista Drive, Bay Harbor

This beautiful boathouse features four bedrooms, three full baths, two half baths, hardwood floors, custom kitchen, granite countertops throughout, three fireplaces, captains bar off of family room, in-floor heat in Master bathroom, guest living quarters above garage, barreled ceilings throughout, sound system,81’ of Bay Harbor Lake waterfront, and a boat well that will accommodate a 52’ boat. All located just a short stroll to the Bay Harbor Yacht Club and the Village at Bay Harbor. $3,199,000


A rare o of fanta parcels. Charlevo Country


3640 Lake Grove Road, Petoskey

This is a rare opportunity to own an estate size property on Walloon Lake. Enjoy privacy as you come into the long, winding driveway where you cross over a bridge leading to the 11.4 acres of property and head towards the large home with 7 bedrooms and the 311’ of Walloon waterfront. The property also features a tennis court, numerous outbuildings that will house over 20 vehicles, and a guesthouse near the lake that will sleep four $3,900,000

Enjoy p level. waterfro 421515

To view more photos of these 16

a n

u p - n o r t h



0,000 ths. In atures,

privacy to the 311’ of hat will 00



4589 Greenwood Road, Petoskey

Beautiful home built in 2010 on 28 acres and has six bedrooms, five full baths, and one half bath located just minutes from downtown Petoskey features granite and marble countertops, high-end appliances including double oven and Wolf six burner range, and a large walk-in pantry with Michigan Maple Block countertops. Other upgrades include in-floor heat, central air, steam shower, hardwood floors, two fireplaces, and custom built-in bookcases. The finished lower level has an entertainment room, kitchen and bar. Also beautiful barn with 8 horse stalls and tack rooms. $975,000


723 Michigan Street, Petoskey This remodeled charming 3,137 square foot home is located downtown Petoskey on a corner lot and features four bedrooms, two full baths, and one half bath, two car garage, storage shed for all of your toys, wood fireplace, central air, large fenced in private lot with beautiful landscaping with a brick paver patio perfect for entertaining family and friends. Many recent remodeled items include; All new roof, windows/screens, siding, porch, fencing, carpeting, exterior lighting, and so much more. $339,000


6247 Indian Garden, Petoskey

2174 Maxwell Road, Petoskey

This beautiful fully remodeled home located on 23 acres overlooks the Minnehaha river and features four bedrooms, three full baths, one half bath, and over 5000 square feet. The home also includes all new gorgeous distressed cherry floors, sound system, remodeled kitchen with high end appliances and finished lower level. Enjoy summer nights sitting out on the wrap around covered porch or have fun entertaining guests in your very own pool house that features a sauna and workout room. Store all your toys in the heated 40x60 pole barn with three very large oversized $959,000


4420 Vista Drive, Bay Harbor


5632 Pine Ridge, Bay Harbor

A rare opportunity to own three private lots together on Walloon Lake totaling 320’ of fantastic water frontage. You could build a large estate or divide it into multiple parcels. This beautiful property is located just minutes from Petoskey, Bay Harbor, and Charlevoix. Enjoy spectacular sunrises as you look across the lake at the Walloon Lake Country Club. MLS 429956 $2,700,000

This unique custom built home features five bedrooms including two Master suites, four full baths, and one half bath. Enjoy some of the most incredible views of Bay Harbor and Lake Michigan from the 3-story observatory lighthouse tower, decking and walkouts at each level. This home has high-end fixtures and appliances, museum quality cherry hardwood floors, windows, doors, trim, cabinetry, custom electrical system and a professional theater. Yacht Dock also available for purchase. MLS 430156 $1,999,000

Enjoy stunning sunset waterviews over Little Traverse Bay from this four bedroom home. The is home features 5800 square feet, four full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, granite countertops, custom kitchen with Wolf appliances, two wet bars, formal dining room, and spacious great room. Also featured is 129‘ of sandy frontage on Little Traverse Bay. Just a short walk to the Bay Harbor Golf Club. MLS 430135 $3,499,000




1132 Gruler Road, Petoskey Enjoy privacy from this three bedroom cottage with a full finished walkout lower level. The home is located at the end of the street offering 125’ of Walloon Lake waterfront with sandy bottom. Great large flat lawn leading to the water. MLS 421515 $799,000

1273 Forest Lane, Boyne City

This charming cottage has been completely remodeled and features a new kitchen, appliances, and bathroom. The exterior of the cottage has been redone also including a new patio and some windows. Enjoy 111 feet of hard packed sandy Walloon Lake waterfront from this three bedroom cottage. Great location at the Wildwood Harbor and is only minutes from the Village of Walloon Lake, Boyne City and Petoskey. Great rental! MLS 430152 $649,000

5186 Jones Landing, Petoskey

Charming cottage on Walloon Lake located on the North Arm just minutes from Petoskey and Boyne City. Features include two bedrooms + a loft for additional guests, two full baths, a loft that is great for kids, gas fireplace, beautiful kitchen with granite countertops. Enjoy beautiful waterviews from your large patio overlooking the lake and leads to your private dock and 50’ of waterfront. This is a great buy! $799,000

s of these properties or to view other’s visit HOMelife 17

cover story

Down on the farm Farmhouse vision-turned-reality for downstate couple


By Maggie Peterson • Photography by G. Randall Goss

onjure up an image of a Midwestern farm, and it would hard to find one as idyllic as Hillside Farm. There are green pastures and a big red barn. There are horses. There is a white fence. And there is a farmhouse that fully embraces its roots. The home’s decor could best be described as farmhouse chic. Classic golds and reds are found throughout, with chicken, rooster and horse statues on shelves and mantels. But then there are gleaming black granite countertops in the kitchen and a zebra print sofa in the piano room. Ray Hausbeck spent 20 years on Walloon Lake, but always wanted a farm, a nod to the first 16 years of 20

a n

u p - n o r t h


his life when he spent summers on his grandfather’s farm. Throughout his time on Walloon, this particular property had his attention, the barn reminding him of his grandfather’s.

“Every time I would go by this thing, I would admire it. Even though there was junk all over it. I had a vision,” Ray recalled. It’s that vision he and his wife, Bridget, now escape to from their downstate ties. The remodeling was done in 1995 by Dave Skornia Builders in Boyne City, and Lee Day of Day Design in Petoskey was brought in for parts of the interior design. The main level loops from kitchen to parlor to living room to library to kitchen. Also on this floor are the master bedroom, dining room and the addition. This spectacular extension, painted in Benjamin Moore Oklahoma Wheat, is a piano room just completed this June. 

The barn Standing out, bright against the green grass surrounding it, the barn at Hillside Farm has grown to be a landmark — not only as a sign for those passing through, but artists who want to capture what is the essence of a Midwest farm. Inside, the former milkhouse is now an office space. The old cow barn features a brick floor, and the spacious interior of the barn is lit by shards of light peeking through wooden slats. When they aren’t in their stalls, quarter horses Cowboy and Spirit roam a white-fenced stretch of pasture.

HOMelife 21

Down on the farm Continued from page 20

“The biggest thing about the addition was that they had talked about adding a room on there, but it was real difficult one to try to figure out. How do you add on a room that size without overwhelming the rest of the house, and come up with the rooflines that would compliment the rest of the house?” said builder Dave Skornia. The answer came by raising the existing roofline by a couple feet, which obscures the new roof of the addition. The room has paneled windows stretching nearly from the floor to the ceiling on three walls, featuring a complete view of the wooded backyard. A fireplace is framed by reverse granite, which instead of shined and polished shows the texture of the stone with a matte finish. All the seating — two rocking chairs and spacious L-shaped zebra print sofa — face the piano and fireplace. Wood is central to the room, with handscraped flooring, grainy end tables, and custom-made and designed rocking chairs from South Carolina in wormy maple. Above the fireplace, the textured mantel is a barn beam found by Skornia in a friend’s barn that went down. “We were able to salvage it out of the basement of the barn; it was a support beam. ... If you saw that beam when we first cut it out, it was pretty ugly,” he said. Adjacent to the piano room is a kitchen that is, without a doubt, red. All the cabinetry is red, framed with stainless steel appliances and black granite countertops. Black and white plaid window treatments and area rugs lend a country feel, as does the chandelier suspended above the island and chicken-and-rooster decor throughout. Walking into the parlor is a bit like entering a portal to the Southwest. Spread across the hardwood floor are hide rugs, encircled by leather chairs and ottomans. Accenting corners are bronze sculptures set upon upright wooden beams. From one corner a cowboy stands watch; from


a n

u p - n o r t h


HOMelife 23

Down on the farm Continued from page 22

another Kinaalda, a Native American woman, gazes overthe room. The master bedroom is done in green with white accents, a cool oasis from the warm colors of the other rooms — it’s hard to believe that before the renovation, a trailer was what stood in this space. The adjoining master bath features a cast iron clawfoot tub that used to be in the area that is now the kitchen. It was reporcelained and stands opposite his and hers vanities. Upstairs features a more classic farmhouse layout, starting with the narrow and fairly steep steps that ascend to it. The stairs, lit by a diamond-shaped window at their end, give way to a small wood floor landing that leads to a bathroom and two bedrooms, each with unique ceilings that follow the roofline. It’s a vision brought to reality — a farm of their own. HL


a n

u p - n o r t h



Professional Building Design Single-Family Residence I Multi-Family Development Renovation and Addition

Boyne City, Michigan I 231-582-6736 I I “Contact us for a quote on your project”


HOMelife 25

How to

The rug is a key element and focal point at this home near Bay Harbor, designed by Laura Gray of Plum Tree Interiors in Boyne City.

Mix like a pro

By Maggie Peterson • Photography by G. Randall Goss  HOMElife 27

Mix & match: Local experts offer tips, advice


ixing patterns makes for a stunning display, but getting it right takes practice. It is practice that has a sliding scale of difficulty, and small steps are suggested for those just starting out. At its most basic, there are three elements, and each can be expanded as the hand and eye grow more educated.

One, two, three Laura Gray, owner and interior designer of Plum Tree Interiors in Boyne City, noted these three basics of entry level pattern-mixing. “(First) be sure there’s a common color tied throughout,” she noted. Second, use a large scale, medium scale and small scale pattern. Third, combine shapes — one floral, one geometric and one stripe — with solids. Karen Symonds, in sales and a decorator with Reid Furniture in Petoskey, suggested going basic on larger pieces of furniture, such as a sofa. “Throw in the color and geometrics, florals, on wall art, chairs, pillows,” she noted, adding that these accents are more easily and inexpensively changeable than said sofa. Understanding the style of the room will also help determine what patterns to bring in. Gray noted, for example, a small, cottagey floral pattern just doesn’t go with a room that is contemporary by design. 28

a n

u p - n o r t h


Put preferences, worries aside

People tend to gravitate to the colors they are most used to, Symonds noted, if that’s a color at all. “A lot of people are afraid to use color on the walls. A lot of people are afraid of color, period,” she noted. She said a way to work with color is to paint one wall as an accent to the space. If the stumbling blocks come in the form of fabric, both Symonds and Gray suggested choosing a print or color that goes with the overall theme but is outside the realm of preference. In their experience, clients are often surprised how much they like a pattern as a piece of a whole that they didn’t prefer standing alone. Gray added that she uses large swatches of fabric when working on a room, not small squares. “You can’t do it in the aisle at Jo-Ann Fabrics. You want to get a sense of the space,” she said. Having fun is all part of the mixing game, too. “All I can say is just do it. Take courage. Try to pass your own boundaries. That is really the key,” Gray said. She added that often, with the ease of online ordering, it’s possible to purchase an item and return it if it doesn’t work in the space.

For the more advanced Once the basic three steps are understood, proportion comes into play. “You really want to keep in mind you’re creating a whole. You want to create balance with volume. That’s the proportion thing,” Gray said. She noted the following guidelines for proportioning: — Distribute your patterns so that you have a dominant pattern (generally a smaller scale pattern or solid) that occupies 60 percent of the pattern in the room. — Pattern two (generally medium scale) will occupy around 30 percent of the patterned surfaces. — The remaining 10 percent is dedicated to the bold, large scale pattern.

If it’s still confusing ... If mixing patterns still sounds overwhelming, Symonds and Gray suggested calling in a professional. “Nine times out of 10, people need help with it,” Symonds noted. “ ... Once they see what we’re doing, it seems to come together for them, too. Basically, we guide.” Gray added, “It is simple, and then it’s not simple ... It is an art, an applied art.” HL

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Lake Charlevoix

Wade in where Nick Adams cast a line; Horton Bay is steeped in Hemingway lore, and nowhere more than the famous Horton Bay Club, with its sheltered cove. A unique community with 90 acres and 30 homes, as well as a marina, sandy beach and tennis court, this lovely club is reminiscent of earlier times. It’s a lifestyle, not just a house, spanned by a 90’ deck overlooking an extravagant expanse of flowerbeds to 324’ of shoreline on the protected cove that is Horton Bay in Lake Charlevoix. The two roomy living areas are awash in natural light and crisp summer colors, warmed by a wood-burning fireplace in the family room and woodstove in the living room. Convenient galley-style kitchen is open to relaxed dining and living room. Spectacular master suite with bath and laundry. Being sold completely furnished. 431248 $1,900,000

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