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spring 2007


volume 6, no. 3


celebrates 10 years at NKU

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NKU students Galadriel Stineman, Tony Gulla and Jenetta Thomas enjoy a spring day on a bridge near the newly redeveloped lake area.

Jake Thomas and Alyssa Meyer, NKU sophomores, enjoy a spring day on campus.

northern kentucky university



spring 2007

volume 6, no. 3





Votruba celebrates 10 years at NKU.

Coach Nancy Winstel celebrates 500 wins at NKU.

NKU alumna is Mrs. Kentucky.



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Kay Crist: Making dreams come true.

500 and counting


Here she is!

love rings trueagain

How two couples found true love at NKU.


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At the helm

n o r t h e r n


Votruba celebrates 10 years at NKU

The Oakley and Eva G. Farris Amphitheatre and Loch Norse were dedicated September 6, 2006. They were cornerstones in Votruba’s efforts to beautify the campus.

he alarm clock in NKU President Jim Votruba’s bedroom goes off around 5 a.m. He’s out of bed and ready for a morning workout before most NKU students hit the first snooze button. By 8 a.m., he strides into the Lucas Administrative Center. Once there, he is engaged with his leadership team, and with faculty, staff, and students on the full range of issues confronting the university. He returns correspondence. He meets with community and corporate leaders, alumni and friends of the university to address issues of concern to our region, to discuss ways the university can help with these issues, and to seek support for the university’s efforts. He travels to Frankfort to meet with state government leaders and to Washington, D.C. to meet with federal government leaders seeking support for our university’s efforts. On most days, his work day continues well into the evening as he (often with his wife, Rachel) attends university and community events and gatherings of alumni, students and faculty. The life of a president of a rapidly growing university is a busy one, but Votruba greets the challenges with enthusiasm and dedication. He’s celebrating 10 years at NKU and feels he has the same zeal for the post as he did when he arrived here. “These past 10 years have been the most challenging, rewarding and satisfying years of my professional life,” Votruba says. At the 10-year mark, Votruba’s biggest satisfaction has come from helping build a young university. He smiles broadly as he gazes at NKU’s physical growth outside his eighth-floor window. In one direction, the construction site of The Bank of Kentucky Center looks like a little boy’s playground of earthmovers and dump trucks. In another direction, structural steel is coming out of the ground to form a new student union. And in yet another direction, the new lake (Loch Norse) in the center of campus is complemented by the new Oakley and Eva G. Farris Amphitheatre. The campus has grown in more than just physical size during Votruba’s time here, but he quickly points out it was a team of people who helped make it happen and university founders who provided the groundwork for him. “Where in the world do you find people like the founders of NKU?” Votruba asks. “These are faculty and staff that could have gone anywhere in the country but stayed here because they loved it.” s p r i n g

2 0 0 7

Whether he takes credit for it or not, Votruba has been at the helm during a period of tremendous growth and change for the university. Since his arrival in 1997, NKU has:

• Increased total enrollment by more than 3,000 full-time students. • Added 400 dormitory spaces for students. • Almost doubled the number of international students. • Provided $1 million in need-based scholarships. • Grown the amount of assignable space on campus by 51 percent. • Added more than 175 full-time faculty. • Completed or begun $300 million in capital construction. Votruba’s Vision When Votruba came to NKU from Michigan State University, he found a university that possessed all of the fundamentals required to become a truly distinguished institution. His first order of business was to get a read on the university and the region to plan for the future. “It was important for me to deepen my understanding of both the university and the region as quickly as possible,”Votruba says. “And the way to do that is to listen.” So that’s what he did, through a series of strategic planning meetings dubbed Vision,Values and Voices (or VVV). Group meetings with faculty, staff, students and alumni were held. Then,Votruba widened the lens to have meetings with regional leaders and community residents. The 90day process required some late nights and many “chicken dinners,” but it was essential to chart the course of his presidency and NKU’s future, he says. “Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn when you get people together like that,” he says. One element of Votruba’s tenure that came out of those discussions was a commitment to community engagement.The university would not

A decade o f s u c c e s s In Dr. Votruba’s 10 years at NKU, the university has grown in size - including buildings, overall number of students, international students and students with ACT scores of 25 or higher. Here are some graphs illustrating the president’s (and NKU’s) success. 

n o r t h e r n

only be located in the region but would also be “of the region,” he says. “Here you have a young region, and I thought, this university can be an engine to drive this region, and this region can drive the university. And further, I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to be in the center of all that?” Votruba says. His efforts have not only helped raise the university’s stature and community engagement but have also literally become a model for other universities around the country to follow.VVV is taught as a case study to students studying university management at Harvard. Recently, Votruba completed another round of VVV meetings to give him a measure of the university’s progress. He’s happy with what he’s heard but has also learned about ways to continue to improve NKU. The NKU community is a “place willing to dream big dreams,”Votruba often says, and the VVV process affirms this. At the 10-year mark of his presidency, alumni, staff and faculty are happy with Votruba’s work here. “I want to know where he keeps his Superman cape,” says Chad Bilz, a recent NKU Alumni Council president. “The university’s growth during his tenure has been amazing. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years.”





15.0% 10.0%




100 5.0%




0 Fall 1997: 185

Fall 2006: 322

A 74% increase

Fall 1997

Fall 2006 preliminary data

A 98% increase

Dr. Votruba’s wife, Rachel, helps him “keep things in perspective,” he says. Her strength, perception and wise counsel have supported his work for almost four decades. An advocate for higher education, Dr. Votruba has appeared before state legislatures and Congress to garner governmental support for NKU’s goals. Dr. Votruba and Senator McConnell pause for photos in the senator’s historic U.S. Capitol leadership office. Dr. Votruba visited Senator McConnell in January to express his appreciation for the senator’s continuous support and to update him on the community impact resulting from the federal investments directed by Senator McConnell to NKU. Dr. Votruba also met with Senator Bunning, Congressman Davis and other Kentucky delegation members during his visit.

A serious child If you asked a young Jim Votruba what he wanted to be when he grew up, he probably wouldn’t have said a university president. “My mother describes me as a ‘serious child,’” he says with a chuckle. He cites growing up close to Michigan State University and having parents who often had faculty over for dinner as the catalyst for his interest in academia and the opportunities it could provide. Later, while in graduate school, MSU’s then-President Cliff Wharton told Votruba to find something that he believed was important to do and that he loved to do and work at it as hard as he could, and his career would take care of itself. Don Adams, former assistant to the president and former special counsel in institutional advancement at Drake University in Iowa, has known Votruba since college. He hired Votruba to be a resident assistant at Michigan State. Later, Adams asked Votruba to join him at Drake. That’s where Votruba met his wife, and it’s also where he got valuable experience dealing with campus problems. “When Jim was at Drake, it was a very tough time (the late 1960s) because of what happened at Kent State and because of the war. We literally were involved with students 24 hours a day 8 days a week,” Adams says. “When I needed him at midnight to deal with a student group, he was there,” Adams says. He recalls a time when a student group broke into a building on campus to stage a protest. He and Votruba spent the night working with students to get them to leave without calling the police and escalating the situation. Adams admires what Votruba’s done here. “He’s as good as there is in the country,” Adams says. “There’s not a president out there that’s better.” “He’s always had this ability to make decisions from his own values. He doesn’t look at polls and make the most popular choice. He does things for the right reason. Because of that integrity, even if someone disagrees with his position, they still respect him,” Adams says. Cup half full Although he’s got a job that could consume him,Votruba makes time for his family. He has a son, James Christopher Votruba; two daughters: Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal and Emily Votruba; and six grandchildren.

NUMBER OF full-time faculty


608 423


100 0


( IN


Fall 1997

Fall 2006 p r eliminary data

A 44% increase


$200.0 MI LL I O N S)




700 600

Getting to Michigan and Pennsylvania to see the out-of-town children and grandchildren is a priority, along with visiting his 92-year-old mother (who also lives in Michigan). “He’s good at making sure we have time for each other despite the demands of the job,” his wife, Rachel, says, noting they are happy to wind up Jim’s career here. Based on his high level of energy she doubts her husband will “retire” in the traditional sense. Votruba attributes whatever success he’s enjoyed to his 37-year marriage to Rachel. “She has always supported my work, provided wise counsel, and kept things in perspective. She’s a very strong and perceptive person on whom I lean heavily,” Votruba says. Votruba attributes much of his sustaining drive to his parents. “A few years ago my mother wrote her life story to present to her family. In it, she wrote ‘Most people would say that I’m in the winter of my life but, to me, it still feels like the springtime, and I still look forward to the opportunities of each new day,’” Votruba says. For Votruba, those days will continue at NKU. He recently signed a four-year contract with the Board of Regents. He’s 62 now and plans to complete his career at NKU. “I enjoy institution building,” Votruba says, “and I’ve not seen a university that better fits my values or is more willing and able to embrace high aspirations. NKU is a special place with strong leadership from its board of regents, faculty and staff. It doesn’t get any better.” As for NKU’s future, he’s excited for what’s next. “I think the next 10 years can make the last 10 pale by comparison,” Votruba says, noting the university will help drive and support the region’s growth. He also sees challenges. “We will need to build intellectual depth in key areas and recruit faculty who understand what we’re about,” Votruba says. “I want to make sure we’re hiring faculty members committed to our mission and core values.” While he knows there will be other challenges, Votruba thinks positive thoughts as he begins each day. “I’m a cup-half-full kind of person,” he says. “I don’t think much about failure.”







74.6 500,000

$50.0 $-

FY 1997-98

FY 2006-07

A 116% increase

FALL 1998

FALL 2005

A 51% increase

s p r i n g

2 0 0 7


and counting Coach Nancy Winstel celebrates 500 wins at NKU BY ROB PASQUINUCCI

Women’s basketball coach Nancy Winstel’s office is filled with mementos of past victories – shiny trophies, a net snipped off the rim, gold plaques and the like. But taped to the wall in front of her desk is a reminder of defeat. “0-5. Never forget” is written in black marker on white paper. It’s a reminder of a losing streak that started the season a few years ago. Remembering it still causes Winstel’s lips to tighten into a frown. The coach was honored this season for her 500th win at NKU, but no matter how many victories she racks up, it’s the defeats that keep her up at night. “There’s winning, and there is misery,” Winstel says. “Losing is the thing that wears on you the most. I know it’s impossible to win every game, but you still struggle when it happens.” It happened December 2 when the Norse were beaten with a last-second shot from SIUE. But Winstel doesn’t blame her players for the loss. “Players win games. Coaches lose them,” she says. Winstel replayed aspects of the SIUE defeat in her mind, wondering if she made the correct decisions in the heat of battle, wondering what needed to be stressed in practices to make the team better. 

n o r t h e r n

“Sometimes they need a hug, and sometimes they need to be kicked,” Winstel says. “You’ve got to know when to hug ’em and when to kick ’em.” Although driven by a desire to win, Winstel believes that part of her job is to care for her players, who often poke their heads in her office to ask for pointers on defense, help battling a sinus infection or advice on personal struggles. “When I started coaching, I was a ‘big sister’ to the players,”Winstel says. “Then, when I got a little older, I was an ‘aunt.’ Now, I’m a ‘mom’ to them. I doubt I’ll make it to ‘grandmother,’ but who knows?” She’s aware that little things she does can help her players know she cares. “If something going on in their life affects my team, it’s my business,”Winstel says. “You can show you care in a lot of ways.” Winstel, who graduated from NKU in 1977, played with the Lady Norse in her undergraduate years, answering a call for players. She never played organized highschool ball, but she had a mean left-handed shot when she played ball with her siblings. She went on to earn a master’s degree in physical education from Indiana University, returning

to NKU in 1981 to serve as assistant coach for women’s basketball and volleyball and head coach for women’s softball. She remained in the area to stay close to her family (she’s from Newport). It was a dream of her mother’s to keep the family close. “She was my hero.There are some honorable mentions, but she was my one hero,” Winstel says, her eyes tearing up as she remembers her deceased mother.“I’ve had my chances to leave NKU, but I’ve made a decision to stay where I’m at. The grass might be greener somewhere else, but it was never green enough for me to leave.”

In addition to allowing her to remain close to home, the area is a great place to coach basketball. “It’s a basketball state, and in Northern Kentucky, basketball is king and queen,” Winstel says. A lot of people she’s known her entire life offer advice and thoughts about the team, but most of the pressure comes from within. “Again, there’s winning and there is misery for me.” “Nancy’s entire career has been about consistency and demanding that each team do its best regardless of their talent level,” says Jane Meier, NKU athletic director. “The 500 wins

is proof of this. But she isn’t impressed with the 500th win because she only cares about the next game!” For her players, Winstel only wants to push them to their ultimate potential. At the end of their years of playing, she hopes they have no regrets of what might have been. And, she wants them to go out in the world and be successful at whatever they choose to do, whether it’s being a CEO of a company or a stay-at-home mom. “I want them to be happy, and I want them to be confident,” Winstel says. The coach’s players see her as tough but

always there for them no matter what the challenge. Shannon Lewandowski (Smith), who played on a Norse team that reached NCAA Final Four, says Winstel’s style was different from her high-school coach. “It took some adjusting,” Lewandowski says. “My high-school coach didn’t yell, but she [Winstel] gets after you.” When Lewandowski came to NKU, she played on a team with five other freshmen, which tested Winstel’s patience, but it was clear from the start that the coach cared for her players. “She looks at her players as an extension of s p r i n g

2 0 0 7

her family,” Lewandowski says. Winstel helped her through challenges during her senior season, including a knee injury that required surgery. “I couldn’t have played that year without coach’s help,” Lewandowski says. Winstel’s influence has helped Lewandowski in life after NKU. “Playing basketball helped me professionally go after the things I wanted in life. I was less timid,” Lewandowski says. “The NKU student-athletes have had the benefit of playing for a very good coach and person who cares deeply about their basketball success but also, more importantly, their personal success,” Meier says. After more than a quarter-century of coaching experience, Winstel’s seen many changes in the sport. Title IX has brought more support to women’s athletics, and young women come to campus having started playing at a much younger age. She’s also seen NKU and its athletic programs grow, but she’s not convinced the school should move to Division I competition – yet. “I’m wishy-washy on that. I believe NKU is moving in that direction. It might happen long after I’m gone,” Winstel says. But no matter what happens at NKU, Winstel plans to be around the game in some form for the rest of her life. “I’ll always care about women’s basketball. It’s in my heart.” 10

n o r t h e r n

“There’s winning, and there is misery,” Winstel says. “Losing is the thing that wears on you the most.”

Here she is

NKU alumna is Mrs. Kentucky Shawn Nordheim, ’88, was the winner of the Mrs. Kentucky contest and represented Kentucky in the 2006 Mrs. America competition this year. The critical-care educator for St. Luke Hospitals has three children with her husband, Bryan. She was the first recipient of NKU’s Excellence in Part-Time Teaching Award (2002-03). We caught up with her at the end of her reign and asked her some questions about the honor. How did you become interested in the Mrs. Kentucky America contest? I initially entered the pageant as an incentive to get back in shape after having my third son. However, I quickly learned that it could be something more than that. Because of my involvement with the pageant, I started speaking to various women’s groups and organizations about women’s heart disease awareness and prevention. Shortly after one of my talks a few years ago, a lady called me to say she had seen a cardiologist because of something I had said. She had heart disease and had to undergo bypass surgery. If she had not sought medical attention, she could have potentially had a heart attack and had permanent health problems because of that. Maybe she is even here today because of something I said. Being Mrs. Kentucky allows you to make a difference in the lives of people one person at a time. How has it been being the reigning Mrs. Kentucky this year? Being Mrs. Kentucky is the best job I have ever had. People always laugh when I say that. However, I view the title of Mrs. Kentucky not just as a crown but also as a commitment to making the lives of married women across the state of Kentucky better. How you carry out that commitment is up to you. How about your family? Was it challenging competing while having responsibilities at home? It is always difficult balancing your career,

family responsibilities and church commitments. This is a challenge for all women. However, it can be done if you prioritize. I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband who has made me a better person. A marriage is a team effort, and when you work together you can get much more done. What advice would you have for others who want to follow in your footsteps? Be yourself! I know that sounds so “pageanty,” but it is true. Whether you are in an interview or on stage, always let the answers come from your heart.You never want to say something because it is something you think someone wants to hear. Of course, maybe that is why I had three second-place finishes before I finally took home the title of Mrs. Kentucky. Maybe I am too honest. It is important to mention here that you should never let how you finish define you as a person. Every year I competed, I looked at the pageant as a learning process. Each year, I tried to improve myself in some way. What are your thoughts about your time at NKU? I absolutely loved my time at NKU. I met some of my very best friends while at Northern. In fact, one of my old sorority sisters hosted a viewing party after I came back from the Mrs. America pageant. I also feel very blessed to have had some wonderful teachers while at NKU.Their interest and enthusiasm for the subject of nursing ulti-

mately influenced me to go into teaching nursing as well. I have also been on the other side of the fence. I have taught for NKU both part time and full time at various points in my career. It is amazing how much you learn about life from working with students. It isn’t how smart that student is that determines how successful they will become in their career but rather a positive attitude. What will you do after your reign ends? Relax! I want to enjoy my children while they are little and still want to be around their mom. Once the boys are older, I plan to go back to school to get a doctorate degree in education. In fact, I would love to be in NKU’s first doctorate program. Learning is definitely a lifelong process that should never end after graduation.

s p r i n g

2 0 0 7

11 11

Kay Crist: Making dreams come true


n o r t h e r n

dono r

PROF I L E La casa di sogni, which means “house of dreams” in Italian, is what Kay Crist named her expansive home in Richwood, Ky. It’s easy to dream of a house this spectacular, with more than 10,000 square feet of living space, including a pool, a spa, a party area, nine bathrooms and a dramatic two-story living room decorated in stunning shades of white. The home was a four-year project for Crist. She turned to fellow NKU alum Kurt Bietenduvel to design the interiors. The completed house is a dream-come-true for Crist. “It was a lot of work to build, but I’m just totally enamored with the home,” Crist said. “I love living here.” The house provides a place for Crist to entertain. Whether her grandsons are playing with toy trucks along white marble, or she’s hosting a party in the home’s lower level or practicing her ballroom dance moves on the dance floor, the house gets plenty of use, “including all nine bathrooms,” Crist said. The dream house is filled with artifacts and reminders of the trips she has taken (Europe and an African safari) and places she would like to visit (Egypt – a life-sized replica of a sarcophagus holds CDs and DVDs in her media room).Visitors feel as if they’ve been to many faraway places after one tour through the home. Crist realizes her dream house was preceded by other dreams, including earning her degree from NKU. She attended NKU while she was in her 30s and appreciated the flexibility the university offered. “Education is so important in every area of life,” Crist said. “I was fortunate to be exposed to people who were educated, and they helped show me the importance of learning. I was really hungry to learn.” Having achieved many of her dreams, Crist wants to help other students achieve theirs. “I just feel that when you’ve been blessed with a good life, you should give something back,” Crist said. She’s supported the university by serving on the Alumni Council and continuing to support the NKU Foundation, including an endowed scholarship in nursing. “It’s so important to provide this opportunity for others.”

To join Kay Crist and other alumni in helping others achieve their dreams at NKU, contact the development office at 859.572.6062 or visit

s p rf ianl gl

2 0 0 6 7

13 13

nort hern ken t uc k y uni v ersi t y recognizes the many individuals and organizations whose generous contributions help NKU students achieve their goals and aspirations. Northern Kentucky University deeply appreciates the substantial commitment and dedication of these and all contributors whose gifts enable the university to achieve excellence.


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lifetime giving The lifetime giving societies of NKU were founded to recognize benefactors who have made significant contributions to the university over their lifetime. Membership is recognized when the cumulative value of a benefactor’s contributions & commitments reaches $10,000. 1968 society ($5,000,000 or more)

The Bank of Kentucky black & gold society ($2,500,000 or more)

Ashland Inc. Oakley & Eva Farris William H. Greaves S Dorothy Westerman Herrmann S commonwealth society ($1,0 0 0,0 0 0 or more)

Chase College Foundation The Corbett Foundation Patricia A. Corbett R. C. & Deborah Jo Durr Fidelity Foundation Fifth Third Bancorp The Procter & Gamble Fund Rieveschl Foundation Scripps Howard Foundation Thomas J. Smart Alice S. Sparks Toyota USA Foundation northern kentucky society ($500,000 or more)

William P. & Mary S. Butler Corporex Family of Companies Henry & Elaine Fischer Fischer Family Foundation Roger Grein Joyce & Dennis Griffin Ralph V. & Carol Ann Haile, Jr. S Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati Dan Meyer Tom & Chris Neyer Ronald & Sherrie Noel John J. & Mary R. Schiff Foundation James E. Sehnert S Rosemary & Robert Stauss S Drs. Evan A. & Lindsay M. Stein Sheldon B. & Fern H. Storer S U.S. Bank Ralph Haile Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William G. Verst Norse Society ($10 0,0 0 0 or more)

BAHR Associates, Inc. Bank One Nicholas & Mildred G. Bauer S Richard A. & Lisa M. Boehne Dr. & Mrs. Carl R. Bogardus Herbert R. Booth Leon E. Boothe Cliff & Pat Borland Emerson & Lynn Brumback The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation Thomas & Pamela Burkardt Bill & Anne Burleigh Brad & Erna D. Butler Rodney & Jacqueline Cain Castellini Foundation Harry & Anne Caudill S=Deceased

Paul W. Chellgren Cincinnati Bell Foundation Cincom Systems, Inc. Citi Robert E. Collier CompEd, Inc. Richard C. & Lucy H. Crisler S Hubert A. Day S Delta Air Lines, Inc. Ruth S. Doering Thomas Christian Donnelly & Sharlotte Neely Donnelly Avery & Jane Dotson S Ralph & Irmaleen Drees Duke Energy Federated Department Stores Foundation Roger & Virginia Francis Friedlander Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Friends of Fine Arts Dr. & Mrs. Morris M. Garrett Mark R. Herrmann S Linda Griffin Holt Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati A. E. Howe S Huntington National Bank Kenny & Luanne Kinman Elmer Koehlke The Kroger Company M. Denise & John A. Kuprionis Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Lucas Fred & Kay Macke H. Gordon Martin Family Foundation Manuel D. & Rhoda Mayerson Foundation Mazak Corporation Ruth B. McDonell S Kevin & Julie McGehee Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Melnick Milacron Inc. Carol Swarts Milburn National City Jack & Lois Nebergall Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Pogue IV A. Elisabeth Potts S George A. Renaker, M. D., Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mac & Michele Anne Riley Robert B. & Dell Ann Sathe Mark & Rosemary Schlachter Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund The E. W. Scripps Company Mr. & Mrs. Warren J. Shonert S Iosetta M. Steely Dr. W. Frank Steely & Mrs. Martha Pelfrey Henry L. & Kathryn K. Stephens, Jr. J. Michael & Anita Thomson Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing of North America Tri-County Economic Development Corporation Craig & Thea True U.S. Bancorp Larry C. West S Phillip C. Yeager (in memory of Joyce Yeager) Michael Francis Zalla Memorial Foundation, Inc. Robert W. & Nancy A. Zapp Wilbert L. & Helen R. Ziegler

Highlands Society ($50,000 or more)

Belcan Corporation, Inc. Ben Bernstein/NKRA Memorial James & Rebecca Bilbo BlueStar Campbell County Business Development Corporation Castellini Company Steff C. & Cynthia Chalk Charles Seligman Distributing Company Commonwealth Orthopedic Center Etta Cowan S Kay F. Crist Dravo Corporation The Drees Company Eagle Bank Fidelity Investments GE Aircraft Engines GE Foundation Grant County Chamber of Commerce Grant County Joint-Local IDA The Bruce Heath Family Marcia & David Hosea Hosea Project Movers, LLC Hosea Worldwide, Inc. Lois M. Johnson Kresge Foundation Richard D. Lawrence Lois & Richard Rosenthal Foundation Ben & Mary Mallin Robert & Muriel Martin S Lillian Ochiltree S Pearson Family Memorial Trust Elmer J. & Blanche Pieper S PNC Bank, Ohio Charles E. Schell Foundation Thomas R. Schiff Seta Music Spiral Festival Association, Inc. Square D Company James C. & Rachel M. Votruba Constance & Donald Ward The Yearlings, Inc. University Fellows ($10,0 0 0 or more)

ACNielsen BASES Martha & Norman Adair Adams, Stepner, Woltermann & Dusing, PLLC A. D. & Grace Albright Alexander-Patterson Group, Inc. James L. Alford Dr. Compton Allyn American Board of Trial Advocates, Kentucky Chapter American Financial Corporation American Sound & Electronics The Amernet Society The Michael Andretti Foundation Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Mark G. Arnzen Arnzen, Wentz, Molloy, Laber & Storm, PSC Arvin Meritor Automotive, Inc. Baird & Baird P.S.C. W. Michael & Kimberly (Heimbrock) Baker Drs. Don & Carole Beere Barbara & Wayne Beimesch Carol & Michael Beirne David & Nancy Bender Lori & George Berry

Judge & Mrs. William Bertelsman Olivia Birkenhauer Christopher Lee Boggs Leonard & Kim Brashear Mr. & Mrs. John R. S. Brooking Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation Burleigh Family Foundation Busald, Funk, Zevely, P.S.C. Campus Book & Supply Michael & Colleen Carrell Gary W. Casey Carla S. Chance Chas. H. Bilz Insurance Agency Cherry Hill Home Sales, Inc. Stanley M. Chesley Chevron USA, Inc. Children, Inc. Nancy & Chris Christensen Cincinnati Bar Association Auxiliary Cincinnati Enquirer Foundation Citizens Bank of Northern Kentucky City of Williamstown, Kentucky Clarion Manufacturing Clopay Corporation Cincinnati Coca-Cola Bottling Company Christopher Cochran Gary D. Cohen Comair Holdings, Inc. Community Press & Community Recorder newspapers Computer Associates International, Inc. Convergys Corporation Albert & Louise Cooper S Charles G. Coulson, Jr. S Crosset Family Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Kent R. Curtis Samuel E. Davies Deloitte & Touche LLP Burgess L. Doan Frank & Elizabeth Downing Drackett Professional Drawbridge Inn Robert K. Duncan Arlyn & Sandra Easton The Thomas J. Emery Memorial Erlanger Lumber Company Joan Ferrante Bob & Mary Fitzpatrick Frank A. Fletcher Jim & Ann Flood Florence Lions Club Frisch’s Restaurants, Inc. Thomas J. Fritz Frost, Brown, Todd, LLC Sam & Ethel Garber Foundation Edward L. Gaylord S Paul & Wilma Gibson Dr. Larry A. Giesmann Christopher Gist Historical Society Robert W. & Sue D. Goderwis Joseph H. Goldcamp III The Golf Ranch Gordon Construction Company Dr. & Mrs. Gary W. Graff Grant County Conservation Office Grant County Deposit Bank Great American Insurance Co. Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC Michael A. Grefer, M.D. Griggs Family Foundation, Inc. Roger & Katherine Griggs s p r i n g

2 0 0 7


Terry V. Gruelle Mr. & Mrs. Elmer J. Haas, Jr. Neil M. Hahl Glenn Martin Hammond Gladys R. Harding S Dr. Charles E. Hawkins Joseph H. Head, Jr. Heinz North America H. J. Heinz Company Foundation Paul Hemmer Companies J. Thomas Hemmer Mary A. & Paul W. Hemmer, Jr. David C. Herriman Giles T. Hertz Hewlett-Packard Company W. Vernon Hicks Hillshire Farm & Kahn’s Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc. Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. William Hofler William H. Hopple, Jr. Harvey C. Hubbell Trust Jim Huff Realty, Inc. Scott & Susan Huff-Schilling Humana of Ohio Harry J. Humpert IBM Corporation J.C. Penney Company, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. William B. Jeffrey, Jr. R. A. Jones & Company, Inc. Paul E. Jones The David J. Joseph Company Just For Kids of Cincinnati Ernest Karam Thomas J. & Carol A. Kearns Don & Rebecca Kelm Kentucky Bar Association Kentucky Enterprise, F.S.B. The Kentucky Post Kentucky Rehabilitation Services Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System Ellen M. Sullivan Koenig The Henry B. Kreuzman Family Foundation Edward J. Lampe, Jr. Lange, Quill & Powers, P.S.C. The Lawrence Firm, LPA Bertha Lebus Educational Trust Bud & Kathryn Lemley Lemley Yarling Management Co. Levi Strauss & Company LexisNexis Lexus RiverCenter Betty B. Lindhorst Links, Inc. Cincinnati Chapter Thomas & Patricia Lonneman W. Bruce Lunsford George Manning Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Linda M. Marquis Maxim/Carlisle Diana & Tom McGill MCSI Medical Research Laboratories Stephen & Jane Meier Mr. & Mrs. Gene Mesh Messer Construction Co. The Meyer Aronow Trust David E. Meyer The Midland Company R.M. Miller Family Monarch Construction Company Mary Ann Morgan-Burke Susan G. Morrison


n o r t h e r n

Mubea, Inc. The National Underwriter Company William & Mary Jane Nester Jim & Linda Niewahner Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors, Inc. Northern Kentucky Bar Association, Inc. Northern Kentucky Golfers Association, Inc. Northern Kentucky Industries, Inc. Northern Kentucky Medical Society, Inc. Northern Kentucky Medical Society Alliance Northern Telecom Inc. NS Group NuTone, Inc. Ohio National Financial Services Bill Oliver & Marla Smoot Owen Electric Cooperative Dr. Ted & Andrea (Grone) Pappas Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc. Nancy Bratton Perry Dr. & Mrs. Floyd G. Poore Jim & Melanie Poston Pricewaterhouse Coopers Bill & Dolores Pritchard Pyxis Corporation Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky Kenneth & Dianne Ramey Tim & Barbara Rawe Deborah & Robert Read Rendigs, Fry, Kiely & Dennis, LLP August A. Rendigs, Jr. Foundation Rhineland Foundation Edward Richards S Mr. & Mrs. Wm. T. Robinson III Rosie Reds, Inc. Vivian Ross S Mary Sue & William Rudicill Eric & Carroll Ruschman Robert E. Sanders Santen & Hughes David Schacherer Robert C. & Adele R. Schiff Foundation Phil & Sue Schmidt Charlet W. Schraeder Robert Schulenberg Trust Segoe Family Foundation SENCORP Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Serey Blanche Wiley Shafer Fund Sara L. Sidebottom Mr. & Mrs. Harold Siebenthaler Jack & Marlene Snodgrass Robert A. Snyder William E. Snyder Specialized Plumbing Parts Supply, Inc. Arthur & Louise Spiegel Stuart Sprague S Gerry & Peggy St. Amand Frank & Virginia Stallings Steinhauser, Inc. Jack & Joyce Steinman Sweco, Inc. Taft, Stettinius & Hollister Philip & Diana Taliaferro Charles & Joyce Tappan Ralph & Laura Tesseneer Dolores M. Thelen Mildred Thieret

Jim & Nina Thomas Mr. & Mrs. John R. Thomson TIAA-CREF Judy E. Toebben Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Burr & Lilly Travis Turfway Park Racing Association, Inc. U.S. Shoe Corporation Union Central Life Insurance Company David R. Van Horn Kathleen Verderber Verst Group Logistics Bill Wagner Waite, Schneider, Bayless, Chesley Co., L.P.A . Robert K. Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Jack Walling Dr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Warner Waters Corporation Gail & Charles Wells Elizabeth Westerfield Western-Southern Foundation, Inc. Jack F. Willenborg Kathleen G. Williams Brenda & William Wilson John & Linda Winkler Wood, Herron & Evans, L.L.P. Laura I. Youngs S Frederic W. Ziv S annual giving Donors who contributed gifts of cash, stock & bonds, real estate, personal property, matching gifts & realized planned gifts during the period July 1, 2005, through June 30, 2006. president’s societ y The President’s Society recognizes a special circle of individuals whose personal annual contributions equal or exceed $1,000. Special Advisors ($5,000 or more)

James & Rebecca Bilbo Richard A. & Lisa M. Boehne Bill & Anne Burleigh William P. & Mary S. Butler Rodney & Jacqueline Cain Paul W. Chellgren Stanley M. Chesley Robert E. Collier Etta Cowan S Robert J. Crosset, Jr. Kent R. Curtis Avery & Jane Dotson S Frank & Elizabeth Downing Oakley & Eva Farris Harry & Linda Fath Henry & Elaine Fischer Thomas J. Fritz Roger Grein Joyce & Dennis Griffin Ralph V. & Carol Ann Haile, Jr. Linda Griffin Holt Roger & Katherine Griggs M. Denise & John A. Kuprionis Debra A. LaMorte Richard D. Lawrence Ben & Mary Mallin Stephen & Jane Meier

Carol Swarts Milburn R.M. Miller Family Robert W. & Dianna (Delgado) Mullen Jack & Lois Nebergall Tom & Chris Neyer Maurice A. Niehaus Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Pogue IV George A. Renaker, M.D. Mac & Michele Anne Riley Richard & Lois Rosenthal Robert B. & Dell Ann Sathe Mark & Rosemary Schlachter Arthur & Louise Spiegel Rosemary & Robert Stauss S Dr. W. Frank Steely & Mrs. Martha Pelfrey Eric A. Steinman Jack & Joyce Steinman Mildred Thieret Judy E. Toebben James C. & Rachel M. Votruba Jack F. Willenborg Kathleen G. Williams Phillip C. Yeager (in memory of Joyce Yeager) Sheila Zalla Cabinet ($2,500 or more)

W. Michael & Kimberly (Heimbrock) Baker David & Nancy Bender Michael & Anne Bergeron Martin C. & Sandra Butler Curtis B. Cassner Sally H. Dessner Sheila S. Draper Jim & Ann Flood Joseph H. Goldcamp III Jack A. Hahn Ellen Sullivan Koenig Gloria J. Landry Bud & Kathryn Lemley Betty B. Lindhorst Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Lucas Mary & Kenneth Lucas Anna O’Brien David S. Parker Nancy Bratton Perry Kenneth & Dianne Ramey Robert & Adele Schiff Phil & Sue Schmidt Sara L. Sidebottom Gerry & Peggy St. Amand Drs. Evan A. & Lindsay M. Stein Charles & Joyce Tappan Jane A. Votel Laverne Waterman John & Linda Winkler John B. Woodruff, Jr. Steve B. Woodruff Regents ($1,0 0 0 or more)

Mark A. Abram Arne & Sharon Almquist Louis S. Beck Barbara & Wayne Beimesch Carol & Michael Beirne Judge & Mrs. William Bertelsman Mr. & Mrs. John R. S. Brooking Robert & Deborah Burkardt Thomas & Pamela Burkardt Michael R. Carrell Carla S. Chance S=Deceased

“When I was a little girl one of my dreams was to work hard and earn a college scholarship. I can’t thank the donor of my scholarship enough because Northern Kentucky University is such a blessing to me.” – ashley nicole hall

owensboro, ky; nku class of 2010

s p r i n g

2 0 0 7


Nancy & Chris Christensen Randy & Christe Coe Gary D. Cohen Christopher Cole Carol Corwin Cathy T. Crain Christopher David Michael A. Dippolito Thomas Christian Donnelly & Sharlotte Neely Donnelly R. C. & Deborah Jo Durr Arlyn & Sandra Easton Jane F. & David W. Ellis Ronald & Deborah Ellis Deidra & Mark Fajack Joan Ferrante Bob & Mary Fitzpatrick Frank A. Fletcher Matthew H. Fones James C. Frooman Michael J. & Judith H. Gibbons Paul & Wilma Gibson Dr. Larry A. Giesmann Dr. Richard L. & Katherine M. Gilson Ralph P. Ginocchio Don & Melissa Gorbandt H. Drewry Gores Elizabeth Grause Winston R. Griffin Deborah & Richard Grover Dale & Linda Hafele Mary Ball Hammill Dr. Charles E. Hawkins Mary A. & Paul W. Hemmer, Jr. David C. Herriman William E. Hesch W. Vernon Hicks Stephanie M. Holmes David & Linda Griffin Holt Marcia & David Hosea Jason O. Jackman Elaine Jarchow Ronald D. Jarchow Ernest Karam Thomas J. & Carol A. Kearns Barry & Mary Jo Kienzle Salane L. King Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Kirby Dennis & Ann LaGory Susan & James Lipnickey Thomas & Patricia Lonneman W. Bruce Lunsford Kimberly A. Luse David & Gretchen MacKnight Charles D. Mays Dustan E. McCoy Diana & Tom McGill Bernard L. McKay Katherine A. Meyer Karen D. Meyers Rick & Paula Meyers James Monton F. Hampton & Mary Moore Jack & Phyllis Moreland Michael C. Murray Regis & Linda Nesbitt William & Mary Jane Nester Jim & Linda Niewahner Larry & Toby Nitardy Dorothy A. Osterhage Daragh Porter & John Wobbe Jim & Melanie Poston Dr. Bridgette Pregliasco Tim & Barbara Rawe Patrick J. Renn


n o r t h e r n

Paul D. Rice Edwin & Carole Rigaud Ann G. Robinson Tira & Sam Rogers Richard M. Rothfuss Glenn P. Rudolph Dr. & Mrs. W. Michael & Mary Ryan Philip J. & Mary Lynn Schworer Robert D. Scott Mark & Pam Shanley Doris M. Shaw Kevin & Cindy Sheehan Ken & Marie Shields Benjamin J. Singleton Douglas & Marilou Singleton Robert A. Snyder Lori Southwood Alice S. Sparks Daniel Spence & Carol Henneman Spence John W. Stewart, Jr. Raymond Stewart Paula Kay Stroup Christopher & Jill Sturm Kim Taylor Jim & Nina Thomas David Thomson & Joan Coolidge Burr & Lilly Travis Craig & Thea True Daniel & Karen Tuley Dr. Michael L. Turney William C. Vermillion Mr. & Mrs. William G. Verst Robert K. Wallace Dr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Warner Denny Wedge Michael Whiteman LaJuana S. Wilcher Louis J. Wille Jeffrey C. Williams E. John Wolfzorn Professor Caryl A. Yzenbaard communit y & corpor ate partners Community & corporate partners recognize a special circle of organizations whose annual contributions equal or exceed $1,000. Special Advisors ($5,000 or more)

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Ashland Inc. BAHR Associates, Inc. BlueStar Rich & Lisa Boehne Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Burleigh Family Foundation Castellini Foundation Chase College Foundation Citi Commonwealth Orthopedic Center CompEd, Inc. Corporex Family of Companies Crosset Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Delta Air Lines, Inc. The Drees Company Federated Department Stores Foundation Fidelity Foundation Fidelity Investments Fifth Third Bancorp

Fischer Family Foundation Franklin Savings William A. Friedlander Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Friends of Fine Arts GE Aircraft Engines GE Foundation Griggs Family Foundation, Inc. Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati Humana of Ohio Just For Kids of Cincinnati The Lawrence Firm, LPA The Lincoln Foundation, Inc. LKC Foundation Mazak Corporation Messer Construction Co. The Midland Company National City Henry E. Pogue IV & Betty M. Pogue Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation The Procter & Gamble Fund George A. Renaker, M. D., Charitable Foundation, Inc. Lois & Richard Rosenthal Foundation Sathe Family Foundation Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation John J. & Mary R. Schiff Foundation Scripps Howard Foundation Seta Music TIAA-CREF Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing of North America U.S. Bank U.S. Bank Ralph Haile Foundation Waite, Schneider, Bayless, Chesley Co., L.P.A. Waters Corporation Wheeler Charitable Foundation Williamstown Board of Education The Yearlings, Inc. Michael Francis Zalla Memorial Foundation, Inc. ZF Sachs Automotive Cabinet ($2,500 or more)

American Board of Trial Advocates, Kentucky Chapter Betty D. Anderson Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Arlinghaus Builders Baird & Baird P.S.C. Campus Book & Supply Community Press & Community Recorder Newspapers Dinsmore & Shohl Duke Energy Eastern Kentucky University GBBN Architects, Inc. General Cable Corporation Grant County Conservation Office The Herbold Foundation Kentucky Bar Foundation, Inc. Kentucky Science & Technology Corp. The Henry B. Kreuzman Family Foundation Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Northern Kentucky Bar Association, Inc. Ohio Casualty Foundation, Inc. Robert C. & Adele R. Schiff Foundation Strauss & Troy

Union Springs, LLC United Medical Resources Inc. Wood, Herron & Evans, L.L.P. Regents ($1,0 0 0 or more)

Al Neyer, Inc. American Financial Corporation The Bank of Kentucky Barge Exchange Corporation BBI Marketing Services Blue Chip Venture Company Bray Trucking, Inc. Adam Brown Scholarship Fund Campbell County Business Development Corporation Capital Software Inc. Challenger Communications, LLC Chartwells Chas. H. Bilz Insurance Agency Cincinnati Bar Association Auxiliary Compass Group Convergys Covington Kenton Lions Club Deloitte & Touche LLP Deters, Benzinger & LaVelle, P.S.C. Directions Research, Inc. Donna Salyer’s Fabulous-Furs Jane F. & David W. Ellis Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Ernst & Young LLP Essex Woodlands Health Ventures Frost, Brown, Todd, LLC Judy & Mike Gibbons Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Grant County Broadcasters, Inc. Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati David C. Herriman Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation The Homan Foundation Hosea Project Movers, LLC Hosea Worldwide, Inc. HumRRO – Human Resources Research Organization Hunkar Laboratories, Inc. Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc. Joseph Decosimo & Company PLL The Kroger Company Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss Marketing Research Services, Inc. Northern Kentucky Golfers Association, Inc. Northern Kentucky Medical Society, Inc. Observatory Group, Inc. Owen Electric Cooperative Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc. Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky RGI Design, Inc. Rhineland Foundation Rieveschl Foundation Edwin T. & Marlene Robinson Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Rosie Reds, Inc. Schiff Kreidler Shell, Inc. Blanche Wiley Shafer Fund Specialized Plumbing Parts Supply, Inc. Taft, Stettinius & Hollister Target Foundation Thompson Hine LLP

Tri-County Economic Development Corporation Verst Group Logistics VNU, Inc. Walgreen Company Western-Southern Life Insurance Co. Williamstown Board of Education Willis Music Xanodyne Pharmacal, Inc. Additional annual fund giving categories Provost ($500-$999)

Adams, Stepner, Woltermann & Dusing, PLLC Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Thomas F. Ashe Ray A. Atkinson Kenzie & Mary S. Baker Christopher & Alyson Barclay Drs. Don & Carole Beere Bill & Jane Beuttel Olivia Birkenhauer Phyllis G. Bossin Michael & Jamie Bowling Leonard & Kim Brashear Mary Ann Bromwell Gary Carl Bruns Deborah S. Burkardt Campbell County Schools Cardinal Office Products, Inc. Castellini Company Citizens Bank of Northern Kentucky Joe D. Clark Susan & William Cook CSI Waste Management, Inc. Marian & Jackson Cummins H. Michelle Deeley Delta Theta Phi Foundation, Inc. Michael C. Doyle Daniel & Donna Dressman Dye & Maibach, Inc. Katherine F. Eaton Scott Eaton EGC Construction Gary & Helene Eith Willie & Deloris Elliott Gene & Pat Ewing Kelly Farrish Sheri Lynn Finn Follett Higher Education Group Forward Quest Anthony W. Frohlich Linda Gee Daniel R. Groneck Paul P. Haney Richard K. Hart, Jr. Alan J. Hartman Lambert Hehl & Patty Zint Jeffrey K. Heinichen Donald M. Hemmer Giles T. Hertz Hewlett-Packard Company Thomas & Sheila Horan James & Paula Huffman Molly E. Hutson Alfred & Constance Janos Jewish Communal Fund Michael F. Johnson Diane H. Sticklen Jordan Kenneth & Mildred Juett Michael & Linda Kelsey Michael & Carol Kessling

KeyBank Dr. Mary F. Kirk Frank S. Kling Elaine & William Kohlhepp Kevin G. Krogmeier Shirley LaPiana-Martin Law Offices of Blake R. Maislin, LLC Thomas H. Leech Shannon L. Lewandowski Jennifer Lee Lewis The Lubrizol Corporation Fred & Kay Macke Robert Mahaney Dennis O’Connor & Kathleen McBryan Joe McCormick Edward J. McTigue David & Marianne Meyer Nationwide Foundation O U Real Estate III, Inc. Parry, Deering, Futscher & Sparks, P.S.C. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pettit David & Catherine Pomeroy II Dr. Russell F. Proctor II Quest Engineers, Inc. Jeffrey & Patricia Raines Thomas & Elinor Rambo Kenneth & Daryle Reinhardt Scott & Dawn Reynolds Denise L. Robinson Raymond H. Rolwing Eric & Carroll Ruschman David Schacherer Schachter & Hendy, P.S.C. Irene L. Schultz Aaron C. Sharpe Gregory & Cynthia Sizemore Jack & Marlene Snodgrass Frank & Virginia Stallings Henry L. & Kathryn K. Stephens, Jr. Vicki Stieha Joseph C. Stoeckle Stuart Martin Suggs Susan H. Tavel Triple Crown Developers United Way of Greater Cincinnati Foundation Robert C. Vitz Michael Thomas Vogt Voiture Locale No. 694 Vulcan International Corporation Robert & Lorri Wesselman Rebecca J. White Marjorie A. Wilke Kenneth & Cynthia Williamson Williamstown Kiwanis Ralph & Cheryl Winkler C. William Witte Wood & Lamping University ($250 or more)

Henry D. Acciani Acme Lock, Inc. Advertiser Printers, Inc. John Alberti Joy M. Albi Steven R. Ammerman Danny R. Antrobus Samuel R. Asmah John P. Bailey Jack T. Baker Barnes Road Development Company, LLC

Robin & Stacy Bartlett A. Page Beetem Rose M. Beiting Donna S. Bennett Richard A. Bernat David & Alicia Bezold Rick C. Bibbins Robert J. Biersner Chad A. Bilz Leon E. Boothe Bob & Sue Bove Carol Bredemeyer Bob & Pat Brennan Gary & Sandra Bricking Stephen & Lea Brinker Richard P. Broering Irene W. Brown John E. Brown Kathy Bryan Gary & Jacklyn Bryson Diana K. Bundy Butler, Pappas, Weihmuller, Katz, Craig, LLP John & Terri Capurro Paul & Katie Cluxton Jack & Catherine Collins Gary I. Conley City of Corinth Kentucky Matthew J. Crehan Maureen Cronin Victoria B. Culbreth Mary Conway Dato-On Larry & Martha Deener Shirlee Dennis Monica L. Dias Michael & Evelyn Dietz Thomas Christian Donnelly & Sharlotte Neely Donnelly Robert & Maria Ebel Daniel S. Ebert Dennis & Carla Egan James W. Ellis Robert V. Evans F.N. Sheppard & Company David P. Faeth Robert M. Farrell, Sr. Gwen M. Fields Theodore J. Fink, USAF Nancy L. Firak Henry & Jennifer Gamm Michael W. Gentry John V. Glenn Robert & Shelley Goering Catherine F. Gold Ronald J. Goret Dr. & Mrs. Gary W. Graff James & Ashley Gray Walter E. Haggerty Christopher G. Haragan Steve & Peggy Harper Harper Oil Products, Inc. William H. Hawkins Michelle P. Heatherton Thomas & Mary Hendricks Charles E. Hilgeman Hilltop Basic Resources, Inc. George Hopper Charitable Family Trust Elizabeth A. Horwitz Jerry Howard Roger & Barbara Howland C. McGehee & Betty Isaacs David E. Izor J S K Sales, Inc. Brenda & Charlie Jenkins

John P. Tumlin & Sons, LTD. Dave & Pat Jones KAJES Logowear William H. Kaufman April M. Keil Nina S. Key Donna Kimmey Bonnie & Ray King Michael Kirkwood Gayle O. Kiser James W. Kleman Bill Knapp Jan P. Koch Konrad Kuczak Leslie A. Kyle Bryson Lair Earl & Patricia Lampe Nancy A. Lang Lynn A. Lape Michael R. Laux Stephen D. Little Edward J. & Elizabeth Lorenz Daniel & Cathy Lunnemann Marlene & Steven Lutkenhoff Julie A. Mader-Meersman Irwin J. Magrisso Kristi & Mark Martines W. Stewart Mathews II Stephen & Renee McCafferty Phil & Elizabeth McCartney Robert & Denise McClelland Carrie & John McCoy Robin R. McCraw Michael S. McMahon Martin T. Meersman Henry E. Menninger, Jr. Meters & Miles Run/Walk Shop Midwest Mechanical Systems, Inc. Danny L. Miller Kurt & Jen Moeller Mary K. Molloy Thomas S. Moore Ron Moreland Bradley K. Muller William C. Mullins Gwendolyn Nalls Robert & Deborah Neumann Northern Kentucky Eye Care Center NSG, Inc. Dennis M. O’Connell Priscilla O’Donnell & Peter Strasser Julie & Doug Olberding Richard G. Oliver Bill Oliver & Marla Smoot David & Kimberly Owen Donald L. Owen John A. Parke Dr. Michele Peers Kenneth E. Peller Andrew Piaskowy Portman Equipment Company D. Arthur Rabourn Brenda K. Racke F. Robert Radel II Gaut & Vicki Ragsdale Deborah & Robert Read Robert F. Reed Paul Reichardt Jonathan Reynolds Paul L. Reynolds Holly A. Riffe Ken & Audrey Riffe Alice Marie Riviezzo Norton Roberts William T. Robinson IV s p r i n g

2 0 0 7


Maureen S. Rolfes John H. Roszmann Dave & Carol Ryan Charlet W. Schraeder Stephen J. Schuh Lois & Gerald Schultz Gary D. Scott W. Jeffrey Scott Gary & Durinda Sergent James T. Shea Harriet Ball Shepherd Timothy & Judith Shields Laurie S. Shockley Shirl Short Dr. Cady Short-Thompson Ken Smith Nathan & Mary Lee Smith Thomas & Angela Sorrell St. Elizabeth Medical Center Kathy & Danny Stewart Paul R. Stokes Robert J. Strickmeyer Craig Sumerel Beth & Sean Sweeney Daniel J. Temming Textron, Inc. Thomas More College Ruth & Jack Thornberry TiER 1 Performance Solutions Company Harold & Mary Todd Norbert & Anna Tuemler Andrew M. Vogel Von Lehman & Company, Inc. Michael J. Walker Gary & Lorna Wall Mr. & Mrs. Jack Walling Constance & Donald Ward Donald L. Weber Andrea Weickgenannt James M. West Nancy A. Whitaker Donald W. White Russell Wilkey Mari York Gerald Yung Tom & Fran Zaniello Norman E. Zoller Century ($10 0 or more)

Accenture Foundation, Inc. Douglas & Kathy Ackley Peg Adams W. T. Adkins Mike J. Aldridge David Alexander Edna Alexander R. Russell Alexander Susan R. Allen Nancy L. Allf Dr. Compton Allyn American International Group, Inc. David C. Anderson Dr. Margaret M. Anderson Gregory M. Anstead Ronald & Susan Applbaum Linden T. Ard Dave & Diane Arnold Michael C. Arnold Amy J. Arnsperger-Hammerle Arnzen, Wentz, Molloy, Laber & Storm, P.S.C. Mark G. Arnzen Raymond R. Ashcraft


n o r t h e r n

Mimi Assanuvat At the Yard, Inc. Theresa & W. T. Averbeck Averdick & Associates, Inc. Nancy T. Bailey Juanita Baird Michael & Barbara Baker William D. Baldwin Richard A. Bales Vera Kay Bales Gerald & Jacqueline Banks Lawrence J. Barry David L. Barth Natalie G. Bash Basic Trust Child Care Center, Inc. Ann Baumbach Raymond & Elizabeth Beck Julia Yang Bedell P. J. Beeks Nancy Belck Jerry & Harriet Belenker Franco R. Benedict Mary Jo Beresford Beth N. Beringhaus Paul D. Beringhaus Milton Berner Dale H. Bernhard Paul R. Berninger Shirley Bernstein Michael C. Berry John D. Bertram Deborah A. Bertsch Vincent J. Bessler Todd Best Anthony E. Bezold James & Jill Bezold M. Todd Bezold Karen Bieger-Finan Roger & Deborah Billings Steven J. Binkley BJM Management, Inc. Freida L. Blair Larry Blake David M. Blank N. Jeffrey & Sarah Blankenship Randy & Kathy Blankenship Gary P. & Lynn K. Blattman Peggy A. Bogadi Jane A. Bohman Nancy L. Bosch Michael D. Bourke Stuart & Sharon Bowns Stephen & Lanita Boyd Rebecca Charlene Brady Mel & Willie Brankamp Perry Bratcher Frank C. Braun Dallas & Trena Bray H. Joseph Bressler Stephen & Nancy Brewer D. Anthony Brinker Kristi S. Brock Michael P. Broering John S. Brooking JoAnn C. Brown Patti D. Brown Prince Brown, Jr. Carl J. Brueggemann, Jr. Rachelle Bruno Richard T. Brunsman Kenneth A. Buckle Joan Buckley Mary Jo Budig Annie Buechel Henry M. Bugay

Mary Ann Bullock Sharon M. Bullock Ron & Marina Burchett R. Stephen Burke Margaret A. Burks John H. Burlew Michael & Lisa Burman Christopher P. Burns Kevin & Patricia Burns Nicole Lee Bussard Karen F. Butler Vickie L. Butler William P. Butler Bob Byles June R. Cahill Cynthia & Jon Cain Leonel Calderon John B. Caldwell Melanie C. Caldwell Lynn Cameron Catherine B. Capps Cynthia & Terry Carl Chris & Toni Carle Robert W. Carlisle Kathleen L. Carter Ken Carter Deborah & Stephen Case Tom Cate The Chapel Hill North Group Susan & Anthony Chiodi Diana R. Christy Cincinnati Bell Foundation The Cincinnati Post Clariant Corporation Cara Wagner Clarke J. Kelly Clarke Michael A. Clauder Dottie J. Clements Clifton Music Club Mary J. Clore Donald K. Cobb Debra T. Collett Thomas & Margaret Collins Thomas C. Colvin Comfort Dental Robert H. Compton Patricia R. Connelly Convergys Corporation Katheryn B. Coode Nancy & Robert Cooper Diane D. Cordell D. Lee Cordray Andrea J. Cornuelle Robert & Charla Costanzo Marian A. Couch John & Georgia Court Joyce A. Cowens Commander Frank G. Coyle, USN Karen Ann Craddock LuAnne & Ricky Craig David Earnshaw Crawford, Jr. Afton E. Crooks Gary & Millie Crum Kim Crupper Dr. Jonathon S. & Cheryl Cullick Daniel J. Curtin Laura A. Frommeyer Custer Thomas Kent Dailey II Florence L. Dalga Stephen & Jacqueline Dallas The Dana Corporation Foundation Betty & Charles Daniels Joanne Daniels Gregory D. Davis Linda P. Davis

Robert L. Davis Jacqueline R. Day Timothy J. Deardorff Lonney Dees Alan & Rose DeJarnette Richard G. Denny Glenn & Heather Denton Sonia C. Derge Kalpesh V. Desai S. Terry Deskins Beth & Bert DeVantier Joe & Shelly Devoto Steven E. Devoto Diamond Fiber Acquisition, Inc. Frank M. Diedrichs Stephanie A. Dietz Dixie Heights High School Danette R. Doggett John & Patricia Donaldson John M. Dosker Alfred L. Dove Timothy Scott Downard Roy J. Downey Jon Draud Matthew & Joan Dressman Joyce Thiel Dringenburg George R. Droder Debbie K. Duckwall Leah & Robert Dugan Robert M. Dumes Brian C. Dunham Stephen R. Dunn Roger L. Duvall E.C. Schmidt Plumbing Contractor, Inc. Ricky & Sharon Eaglin Stephen R. Early Charles B. East Timothy E. Eble Gregory & Sheila Edwards Brian Stanley Egan John W. Eilers Wayne E. Ellison Elliston-Stanley Funeral Home Mark W. Emerson Robert L. Emerson Epperson Waste Disposal, Inc. Carol R. Ernst Charles A. Ernst Mary Lou R. Ernst Patricia D. Erpenbeck William R. Erwin Virginia B. Espohl Esquire Theatre Ellen Essig Dave Estes Michael C. Estes Bryan Vincent Fallis James & Tina Farrell Michael J. Farris Steven Faulkner Aaron & Coralyn Fausz Debbie Feldmann Charles E. Fell, Jr. Sharmanthie Fernando Annalee T. Ferrante Nicholas W. Ferrigno Michael P. Ferro Dan Finan Richard & Ruth Firestone John C. Fischer David N. Fisher Peggy & Terry Flanagan Patrick M. Flannery Allen B. & Maddie Flaugher

Amy J. Flaugher Joseph G. Flesch Mark Thomas Florence James G. Fogle Sean Patrick Foley Peter J. Forbes Rainbow Forbes Professor Sandra Forman James & Julie Fortner Bernard C. Fox, Jr. Daniel & Bonita (Jarman) Frank Emily A. Franxman Brien G. Freeman Bill & Patricia Frost Hugh O. Frost II Sallee M. Fry W. Roger Fry Donald S. Fuller Thomas M. Funk Wendy L. Furman Diane Gabbard Mark A. Gabis Terry D. Gaines Thomas W. Gallagher John F. Gamble Dottie & Don Gammon Chris Garlich Rudy Garns Paul A. Garofolo Leonard S. Gartner Barley Garza-Mappes Michael & Theresa Gastright H. Jane Gavin Robert & Amy Gehring Mark & Pamela Gelbert Gene Weaver & Associates Joseph E. Gerhardstein Dave Gervers Norbert P. Gettys Robert P. Gettys Anthony J. Gigliotti Rebecca A. Gilfillen Samuel P. Givens, Jr. Michael T. Gmoser Jeremy T. Goebel Robert & Ruth Goering John A. Goldberg Edward R. Goldman Robert G. Gough George J. Gounaris Grant County Drugs Richard L. Grant Gayle L. Gray Willa K. Green John W. Gregg Gerry & Cynthia Gressel Stephen & Donna Grey Victoria S. Griffin Gary Joseph Griffith Wanda F. Griffith William D. Griffiths Edward L. Grimes Kathie Elise Grisham Diane H. Gronefeld Simon Groner Eric W. Grothaus Joan Grover Christopher J. Gulinello Kimberly Ann Gunning Scott T. Gusweiler George Gutermuth Mark & Marian Gutowski Mr. & Mrs. Elmer J. Haas, Jr. Herbert J. Haas Deborah J. Habermehl

Gloria S. Haffer Vicki Ann Haggard Deidra Layne Hair Richard J. Halbauer Howard Keith Hall May Hall David M. Haller W. Smith Hammelrath Jeffrey T. Hammond Susie & Jerry Haralson Hardy Foundation, Inc. Shawna Lynn Harney Linda M. Harpster Christian Russell Harris James B. Harrison Dan Hassert Greg & Heather Hatchett Lawrence C. Hawkins, Jr. Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati Thomas D. Heekin Sheryl E. Heeter John P. Hehman Donald & Evelyn Heilman Steve J. Heisel Dennis C. Helmer Jody R. Helton Ronald & Joy Hemingway Paul Hemmer Companies William F. Hemmert Robert L. Henry T. Neil Heppler Lena & Buck Herald Thomas R. Herman Yvonne D. Herman Mark & Brenda Herrick Stephanie P. Herron Robert E. Hess Bruce M. Heyman Guy J. Hibbs Greg Allen Hickey Timothy A. Hickey Ann E. Hicks Gayle A. Hilleke Jerry & Mary Hinnenkamp Jane H. Hlad James G. Hodge, Jr. Sue Hodges & Ronald L. Moore Hofbrauhaus Newport Robert & Diane Hoffer Jeanne Hoffman Anna Hogan Kevin & Tania Holbrook Linda & Leslie Holbrook Michael J. Hollenbeck Charles G. Holmes, Jr. David J. Holzderber MaryCarol Hopkins Carol & Dallas Horn Mary L. Horn-Turner Deborah B. Houliston-Otto J. Greg Howard HQ Global Workplaces Martin Joseph Huelsmann, Sr. Mary C. Huening Peter F. Hunt Stephen D. Hurt Marshall Hutcheson John M. Isidor William F. Ivers, Jr. Paul D. Jackson Lisa Ann Jacobs John C. James Kimberley S. James Robert E. Janes Nancy K. Jentsch

Ron Jeremiah Charles E. Johnson Keith D. Johnson Andrew E. Johnston Jones, Dietz & Schrand, PLLC Jennifer P. Jones Ken Jones Kevin P. Jones Richard Jones Lisa Dawn Joyner Robert Kahmann Miriam Steinitz Kannan Debra Kasel David L. Kash Giles Jeffrey Kauffman Edmund Keiser Michelle & James Keller Joe Kellinghaus Kellogg’s Snack Division Don & Rebecca Kelm Daniel W. Kent Kenton County Public Library Kentucky Elite North Booster Club Linda Kerdolff Jim & Mary Kersteiner Richard & Mona Kerstine Jim & Ruth Kevill Key Foundation Vicki L. & Gregory W. Kilburn Joan R. Kimble Robert Kirby, Jr. Larry E. Kissel Gerda W. Klein Ferd H. Kleinhaus, Jr. Kerry J. Klumpe Robert & Marguerite Knauf Steven A. Knauf David J. Knight Knight-Ridder, Inc. Raymond G. Knueven David A. Koenig George Kolentse Al Koncius Douglas J. Koo Edward Kormondy Richard Krach Renee M. Kreisa Harold & Marcy Kremer John R. Kremer Jacquelyn & David Kriege Diana & Scott Kroeger Maureen H. Krueger Maribeth Kruempelman Donald W. Kruse Jack R. Kues, Ph.D. Paul D. Kuhn Yui Hong Kwong Mary Jane Laber Larry L. LaGue Ricky A. Lamkin Robert & Carol Lampe Carl & Marian La Mantia Michael J. Lander David & Joni Landwehr Raymond E. Lape, Jr. Michael E. Large LaRosa’s, Inc. Beatrice V. Larsen Michael F. Laux Karen L. Leek Richard Alan Lehman Frank C. Leirey Eileen C. Lentz Gerald C. & Mary A. Lepper Richard F. Lesser

Willard H. Leutzinger Dale O. Lierman Robert E. Linder William M. Lindsay Jeanne Linville Rich K. Linville G. Mitchel Lippert Listerman’s Groundskeeping & Landscaping Co. Jerrold J. Litzinger Sanford E. Lockspeiser Jerry & Linda Lorenz Sallie Parker Lotz Louis Trauth Dairy, Inc. M. Karen Lubbers Peggy A. Ludwig Thomas & Theresa Lueke James O. Luken Ronald & Mary Beth Lusby Thomas & Mary Lux Thomas L. MacDonald James V. Magee, Jr. Margaret M. Maggio Dale F. Mahaney Kathleen & Curt Malthouse Alfred J. Mangels David Marcon Len Marek Mariemont Theatre Marietta City School Social Fund Thomas Markworth James & Linda Marlow Pamela Marshall Philip J. Marsick Richard & Lori Martin James C. Martini Paula A. Massie Marlon R. Mays Beth Lewis Maze Anne & William McBee Patrick C. McCloud John D. McClure Martin P. McConnell Michael L. McCormick Sharon K. McCormick Diane E. McCubbin James B. McElroy Myra Foltz McEvoy McFadden’s Restaurant Bruce A. McGary Julie A. McGhghy Lee A. McGinley Earl M. McGuire Gina N. McIntosh William & Karen McKim Sarah J. McLaurin Michael J. McMain Stephen McMillen Daniel P. Mecklenborg Carol Medlicott Edward & Johanna Meiman Jeffery M. Merman Earl K. Messer John J. Metz Jill P. Meyer Virgil & Donna Middleton Pamela J. Millay Cynthia M. Millen A. Dennis Miller Edward A. Miller Janet & Zane Miller Nicole T. Minor Daniel & Kay Mistler Paul Raymond Mitchell, Jr. Bob & Kathy Mitts s p r i n g

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Lisa R. Moellering Margaret M. Moertl Theresa M. Mohan Douglas C. Mohl Jan Montague Montgomery, Rennie & Jonson Lisa A. Moore R. Thomas Moorhead Denise E. Morgan James K. Morgan, Jr. John & Charlotte Morgan Dana Hope Morningstar Tiffany B. Mueller Betty B. Mulkey Joseph Edward Mullikin J. Michael Mullins Richard L. Murgatroyd Kevin L. Murphy Martha Gay & Barry Napier Brian Kenneth Neal Sue A. Neal Donna M. Neiser Daniel F. Nesbitt Michael S. Netzel Josh Neumeyer Raymond & Patricia Neusch Claire M. Newman Shawn T. Newman Roseanna & Robert Nicely Lewis & Barbara Nicholls James R. Nieberding Niehaus Advertising Specialties, Inc. Barron M. Niehaus Francis J. Niehaus Richard M. & Elisa M. Nielson Mark R. Nieman Sherrie Lou Noel Gregory M. Nolan Gregory Noll Mary A. Noonan John & Nancy Norwine The H. C. Nutting Company Oasis Christian Center – Bookstore William F. O’Brien Paul F. Ochsner John P. O’Connor Mark A. Ogle Billy L. Oliver William F. O’Rourke Catherine M. Orsini Allan & Roberta Ostar John & Suzanne Osterhage Barbara & Merrell Owen Gary & Julia Palmer Ronald A. Panioto James E. Parsons Mark C. Patterson Kyle & Vicki Patton M. Helene Paul Karl & Kelley (Corwin) Paulson L. Edwin Paulson, Jr. Debra K. Pearce David Wade Peck Carl Pecko Terry Pence Brenna & Stephen Penrose John & Francie Pepper Mitchell A. Perdrix Deborah Stephens Perkins Dominic F. Perrino Nicholas A. Perrino Julie & Timothy Perry Craig & Elizabeth Petre Rose A. Pfaff Darell R. Pierce


n o r t h e r n

James R. Pierce Joseph A. Pitocco Robert E. Pollock Stephen Pomeranz Gregory T. Popovich Cynthia Poston Jay R. Poston Jim & Shirley Poston Betsy & Richard Price Professional Properties, Inc. The Prudential Foundation John & Susanne Pugh Tracey Anne Puthoff Philip C. Pyle Carroll A. Quinn R.T. Brunsman Insurance & Investments Katherine & Raymond Rack James D. Radigan Jeffrey C. Ralston G. Ernie Ramos, Jr. Wade L. Rasner Rodger J. Rasso Jay Byron Ratcliff Randall & Linda Rawe Kenzie Reed Charles & Teddy Rees Danny C. Reeves Jessica E. Rehling Brandon & Heather Reis Douglas W. Rennie Jean Reynolds Ronnie W. Reynolds Ronald & Theresa Richter Betty J. Riddell James R. Rimedio Glenn & Sue Ellen Ritchey Suzanne M. Ritchie T. Marcum Robbins Michael O. Roberts Douglas R. Robertson, Ph.D. Donna & Terry Robichaud Matthew McGavock Robinson Ginny Robke John D. Rockaway Timothy & Lori Rodgers Richard & Nancy Roeding Charles W. Roettger III Mary & George Rogers Douglas C. Roland Thomas & Jennifer Roose Matthew & Joanna Rosen Marc I. Rosen Lawrence & Lorraine Rosenthal Peter Rosenwald Thomas F. Rosing Rotex, Inc. Thomas J. Rottinghaus James E. Rowland James Kevin Rowland Karen Ruschman Mr. & Mrs. John Ruthven Joseph Michael Ruwe Patty A. Ryan Ruth Saccone R. Conley Salyer, Jr. Jacqueline B. Sanders Ridley M. Sandidge, Jr. Amy Z. Sansbury Kathleen Ann Sarge Jason Michael Sayers Gregory N. Schabell Thomas E. Schadler Ralph & Marjorie Scheller Charles R. Scheper

Patricia S. Schlabach Timothy T. Schloss R. Jeffrey Schlosser Nancy & David Schlothauer Brian & Michelle Schlueter Arthur & Marian Schmidt David E. Schmit Kenneth J. Schneider Wilma K. Schockman Julie A. Schoepf John A. Schuh John F. Schultz Ralph C. Schulze Paul R. Schwarber David A. Schwarte Joseph & Janice Schwegmann Mark R. Schweikert Michael P. Scola David L. Scott Ray & Jean Scroggins Seifert-Hardig & Brater Funeral Home W. Blake Selnick Elaine & Joe Shafer Joseph & Elaine Shea Brad & Vivian Shearer Jeffrey & Tammie Sherry Patricia T. Sholiton Carol A. Sicking Marshall S. Sidwell Siegfried Family Foundation, Inc. Dr. Tracey Sigler Kelli S. Sittason William A. Sketch David B. Sloan Richard R. Slukich SMA Strategic|Marketing|Affiliates D. Shannon Smith Denise Michelle Smith Mary T. Smith Patricia A. Smith Stephen E. Smith, Jr. Wade Smith Larry & Sharon Snyder Stuart Burdette Snyder Ralph W. Sorrell, Sr. Diane M. St. Onge St. Vincent Ferrer James & Connie Stadtmiller William & Ann Stanchina Barry L. Standley Patrick Stanley Jeffrey & Brenda Steelman Marcia L. Stegeman Charles A. Stein Gerald L. Steltenkamp Mark Thomas Stenger Barbara J. Stephens Mark & Karen Stephens Marilee Stephenson Ronald H. Stern David A. Steves Frances M. Stewart Shelley S. Stewart Teresa M. (Inskeep) Stokes Alan C. Stout Peter J. Strasser Glenn E. Strausbaugh, Jr. Jennifer L. Surgalski David & Nancy Swift George W. Taliaferro, Jr. Sarah Boyd Tankersley James M. Tarkington Jeffrey M. Taylor Michael & Cheryl Taylor

Timothy R. Terhaar Amy B. Thistlethwaite Tad & Lisa Thomas Vincent E. & Karen A. Thomas Delores E. Thompson Steve O. Thornton Rebecca J. Threat Diana M. Timmerding Paul & Alvera Tipton Town & Country Sports & Health Club Jeffrey & Judith Trame Edwin & Margie Tranter Barbara S. Traud Louis J. Trauth III Michael & Mary Tuchfarber Anna & Norbert Tuemler Barry J. Tuemler Robert Michael Tuttle Union Central Life Insurance Company UnumProvident Corporation U-Store Mini Warehouse Chris W. Utz Eileen Utz Elizabeth J. Van Eman Rosalie A. Van Nuis Kimberly Vance Gretchen Vaughn Jay & Farrah Vaughn Verizon Foundation Justin D. Verst Joni L. Vest Julie C. Vilardo Linda & William Viox Stanton & Helen Vollman Carol Brandenburg Volz Kay Mary Vonderschmidt Frank J. Von Hagen Andrew & Barbara Von Lehman Rosanne Vonhandorf Phillip D. Waddell Mark A. Wagner Carl Walker Stephen Walker Mark S. Wallisa Edward L. Walter Michael A. Walters Jeffrey Jacob Walz John A. Wannemacher Theodore C. Wanstrath Donald G. Ward Mark & Julie Ward Rose A. Ward Kenneth W. Warden Leonard A. Weakley, Jr. Paul E. Weaver, Jr. Sandi & John Webster Wilson G. Weisenfelder, Jr. Mary Ann Searles Weiss Ted Weiss John & Bianca Wellbrock Regina & Thomas Welter Eileen & Jack Wendt Steven E. Wendt Thomas A. Weninger Ron & Judith Wesley John & Miriam West R. Kent Westberry Western-Southern Foundation, Inc. Michael & Mary Westling James & Isabelle Wethington Steven & Kathleen Weyman Doris Wheeler Joseph C. Whittaker

James T. Whittle, Jr. Diane M. Wiater Constance & Firmin Widmer James & Karen Wigger Scott Wiggins Larry K. Wilcher Wildlife Internationale, Inc. Rob L. Wildman Royallen Wiley Patricia Ann Wilkerson Glenn M. Williams Helen & William Williams Lisa Ann Williams Williamstown Women’s Club James & Margo Willman Marquis Willoughby & Kelli Sittason Andrew & Ami Wilson Dale & Mary Jo Wilson Kellie D. Wilson Meg Winchell Kenneth C. Winter Gloria A. Wirtz Ralph & Tammy Wischmeyer Joanne M. Wojahn Amy & Jeffrey Wolber Martin H. Wolf David D. Wolfe Victor W. Wolfe Annette K. Wolterman Maureen Woods Teresa A. Woods A. Christian Worrell III Dennis B. Worthen Lynne Wu John Wyant Janice E. Yates Andre Y. Yee Steven & Rebecca Yenser Shawn M. Young Claudia H. Zaher L. Beth Zahneis Daniel J. Zalla Belle Zembrodt Marvin Zevin Laura A. Ziesmann WNKU Contributors to WNKU 89.7 FM, a non-commercial public radio station licensed to NKU. WNKU thanks the following members for their support through membership at the $100 & above levels for the period July 1, 2005, through June 30, 2006. WNKU ($100 or more) Mark & Ann Abbott Anthony Aiken Rena Alex Gregory Algie Ron & Cheryl Allari Tom Allison Paul Alloway Laurie Althaus Yolanda Alvarez Brian Ambrosius Jack Anderson Marjori C Anderson Lori Andrews Anonymous Anonymous via Greater Cincinnati Foundation James J. Anthony

Carol Appel Mark Arbogast Darrell Archer Annette Arlinghaus Robert Arlinghaus Jack Armstrong Kristi W Arthur Mary Lou & Ron Arundell Sue Atherton Margaret Atterbury Steven Aust Sherif Awadalla, M.D. Christopher Babbitt Nathan J. Bacharch Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Backstedt Mark Baechle Beverly Baker Marilyn Baker Charlene T. Bales Andrew Balterman Marcia Banker Barbara Bardes Rhonda Barnes-Kloth Mary Ann Barnett Sara Barnett Victor Bartholomy Lynn & David Bartley Larry Barty Louis Batsch John Bauer Greg Bauke Nancy Baumann Michael Bazeley Vincent Beach Judy Bean Donna Becher Theresa Beckman Melvin Bedree Gregory W. Bee Robert Beemon Jenny Beene-Skuban Janet Beers Mary Pat Behler Sally Belknap Frances A. Bellersen Marilyn Bennett Michael Benson David Benz Kathleen Beresford Jon Berger David L. Berry Margie A. Berry Dawn Bertsche Pete Beshuk Martha Best Richard L. Betagole John S Beyer Ollie Bierthelmer Christopher G. Bill Vince Bilotta Jodie Binning Tim Binzer Suzanne M. Bish Mark Bitter Walter Blair Robert Blanchard Chris Blanck Ann Marie Blase Richard Blumburg William Boehm Debbie Bogenschutz Sandra C. Bolek Lee Bolton Clay Bond Michael Bonomo

Robert Booth Tom Bosse Ann L. Boughner Sharon Bower John Bowles William & Brooke Brady Robert J. Brandner David A. Bray Joel Brehm Susan Brengle Terry Brewer Robert D. Brock Timothy J. Brockman Daniel Brod Dr. Terri Brody David Brown Elizabeth Brown Nadean Brown Prince & Elizabeth Brown Diane Bruegge Jaqualine S Brumm John Bryan Tamarr Bryan Stacey Bryant-Rose David S. Buchanan Anita Buck Jane Buckingham Cynthia Budig John Bullar Joe Bunke Alan Burch Eric Burgmann Tim Burke Patrick & Peggy Burns Elyn J. Buscani Britta Buselmeier Christopher Bush Faye & Larry Busse Rick Byam Stephen J. Byrnes Carol Y Calkins Geoff Calvert Jenny K. Campbell Kenneth Campbell Cappel Family Robert Cardosi Amy Carito Steven Carleton Dennis Carney Kevin Caron Sherry & Robert Carran Melinda Carstens David Carver Nancy L. Carver Charles Casey-Leininger James Cassidy Sue Cassidy Jack Cassin David Castle Patti Catton John Chafin Claudia L. Chalk Ellen Chamberlain Scott Champion Bud & Mary Jo Chavez Paul Chellgren Steven D Chernausek Lucile E. Chevalier M. Denise Chickey Ann Chisko Josh Chou David Chrislip Chris Christensen Diana Christy Denise K. Clancy

Kevin Clarisey Kellie Clark Todd Clayton & Family Harmon T. Clingner Jayne Close Coach’s Corner Mitchell & Robin Cohen Melissa Colbert Rob Colbert Pope Coleman Jeanne Colley Timothy Collier Theresa Lynn Combs Melissa S. Compton Barbara Conklin Terry & Karen Conklin Pat Conlon Marybeth Contreras Barbara J. Cook Dessie Cook Tucker Coombe Jim & Linda Coppock Lisa Corbett Elizabeth Cornwell David W. Cors Kathy Costello Wendy Coughlan Greg Courts C Wesley Cowan Rick Coyle Alan E Crace Rob & Trudy Craig Ronald Craig Keith Crain Bob Crawford Virginia Crawford Scott Cromer Paul Crosby William J Croskey Colleen Crottygood Susan Croutwater Barbara Crune Cathy G Cryder Dianne Cuhnell Richard B. Currin Lenny & Mary Jo Dahlhoff John Dallman Michael Daniel Michelle Daniel Mark Dauner Emily Davies Carla Davis Eddie Davis Jesse Davis Meg Davis John W Davren John Dawkins Mike Dawson Bill J. Deegan Barbara Deering Melanie Delgado Lisa Dellatorre Dan Demmerle Pam Denlinger Greg Desimone Maureen Desmarais Barbara Dickison Adam Diebold James Diehl Danine & Tom Dier Craig Dieter Edward & Karen Diller Giles Dillingham Mr. & Mrs. David Dillon James E. Dingle s p r i n g

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“My scholarship provides me great hope and opportunity for a chance at being accepted into medical school. The students are welcoming, and I am incredibly glad to live with them for the next four years.” – sandra annette miller philpot, ky; nku class of 2010


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Elizabeth Dolan Ann Dollins Anne S. Donlin Marianne Donohue, M.D. Patrick Donnelly Ed & Debby Donovan Laura R. Dorenkemper Edward Douglas Martha Downing Madeline Driesbach Bizzy Driscoll John Driscoll Bob Due Marquerite Duffy Paul Dugas Jennifer Dumes Eric Durland Stephen R. Duve Pamela Dwertman Jeff Eads Greg & Nancy Eckel Ken Eckert Katherine Edman Robert Edmiston James Ehlman Christina Eisenberg David J. Eisenstein Jan Elliott James A. Ellis Jeffrey R. Ellis Patrice Ellis Ron & Debbie Ellis Richard Ellison Gerry Ellspermann Randy Embertson Dale Emminger Jon Endres J. Enzo Richard Ernsell Carol Ernstes Susan Esler Cliff Eubank Brian Ewing Andrew Fahey Michael Fair Jim Farr Deborah Faust Diane J. Feagans Bill Fee Barbara Feldman Dave Fenker Gretchen Fermann Sandy Fernbacher Jill M. Fiehrer John Fischer Lori Fischer Sigrid Fischer Kim Fiser Michael Fisher Larry Fisse Lydia Fitzpatrick Dan Fitzsimmons Michael Flanders Ann Flannery Dr. David Flower Nancy Fluharty Michael Fogleman Chuck Folzenlogen Dennis W Ford Thomas S Ford David Forstahoefel Dr Bernard Foster William Foureman Kathleen Fowler John Fox & Kathy Neus

Peter Frame Kathy Franklin Beth Franks Catherine A. Fraser Jay Freeman Robert Frey William Friedlander Carol Friel Charles Fuller Tim Fulton Spencer Funk Kate Furlong Todd Gailar Jude William Gamel Constance Ganim David Gardner Timothy Garner Judith A. Garratt Terry & Jane Garrigan William Garrigan Nancy Gastenveld Penny Gates Rick Gaukel Evan & Sheila Gay Rick Gayle Amy Jo Geisen Rebekah Gensler Rick George Larry & Sue Gerke Doug Gerrard Doug & Monica Gerstle Michael J. Gerwe Carol Gibbons Jay Gilbert Vince Gilday Linda Gillings Richard Gilson Anne Marie Glover Barbara Glueck Ali Godel Jane Goecke, DVM Robert A. Goering Robert Goetz Gretchen Gogesch Steve Goldsberry Steven Goldstein William Goling Edward Goodman Michael Goodwin H. Drewry Gores Elizabeth Gottfried Kim R. Graham Rick Granick Sue Grathwohl Robert Gray David Greenfield Udo Greinacher Karen J. Griffen Patricia Griffin James M. Griffith Jim Griffith Sue Grimme Grant Grooms Mark Grote Elizabeth Lovett Grover Dana M. Gruber David Gruber Kristen Gruber Barbara Grutzmacher Mark Guttman Veronica Haar Melissa Hacker Janet Hackman Dan Hadley Richard Haegele

Mark Hafer Ben Haggerty Fritz Hagist Gary Hagopian Heather Hahn Steve Hahn Michael Haire Dennis Haley Ed Hall Painting Albert Hallenberg Mark Halsted Peter G. Hamef Peter G. Hames Bruce Hamilton Tom & Sheila Hammons Kurt Hamscon Steven Y. Hanna Amy Hanson Ann Harding George B. Harpezink Robb Hartley Debra Hartwell Andy Hartzell Joe Hater Elizabeth Hauntz Beth Havens Marsha Haviar Jackie L. Havlin Chuck Hawkins Connie Hay Linda Hayden Robert Hayes Roseann Hayes Thomas Hayes Fred Hecht Tim Hecker Steve Hegge Elisabeth Heimlich Dale Heineman John Heinrich Michael Heist John Helmick Paul Hemmes Holly Hempelmann Annemarie Henkel Kevin Hennessey Nancy S. Hennessy Eileen Heyob Mike & Sandy Hickman Carrie Hill Deborah S. Hill Dr. Paula Hillard Bill & Lynne Hilliard Margaret Hines Midge Hines Phil Hinkle Timothy Hirschauer Sheila Hobson Laura Hofrichter Tom Hogeback Sharon A Holl Lori & Larry Holladay Lynn Holliday Carolyn Holman Renita Homan Steve Homan Peter Homes William B. Hoppenjans Jane A. Horine Mike Horn & Rhonda Petit Ross Horvath Victoria Houlihan Elizabeth A. Hudson James Hudson Herb Huebner

Warren Huff Marge Huling John Humpert Edward Humphreys Cathy Hurley Paul M. Ingram Chris Irvin Mark Isenhour Donal L. Ishmael Dennis Iverson Christopher Izor David Jackson Garrett Jackson Stu Jaffe Tom James Dottie Janson William E. Jeffrey Louise Jenks Beverly Jennings Gary Johantges Gwendolynn D. Johnson Jeff Johnson Jody Johnson Steven Johnson Julie Johnston Jan Z. Jolley George Jones Kathleen Jones Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Jones Vena Jones-Cox Kenneth Jordan Jerry Junker Sharon Kabbes Ben & Barb Rasher Kacyra Dana L. Kadison Patricia K. Kanis John Karabaic & Cheryl Crowe Douglas & Marguerite Katchen Jerry Kathman Sandra M. Kathman Randy Kauth Jeff Keate Louise Keep Lynne Kehoe Kari Keifling Paul Kellard Mary Lou & Chuck Keller Deb Kelley Kelly W. Kelso Keith Kelty George D. Kent Janet Kerkhoff Elaine & John Kerley, Jr. Kenneth Kern Robert Kerrick Clifford B. Kersker James S. Kesner Sid Khosla Volker Kiel Mike & Vicki Kier Brian Kilian Jacqui Killen Enrique J. & Mary Killingbeck Bill Killoran Bruce Kircher Thelma Kiser Anne Kisly Margaret Kite Deborah A. Kittner Ken Kleier Amy Klein Barry Klein Joel Klekamp Dennis & Vicki Klocke John Klum s p r i n g

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James D. Knecht James Knight Michelle Knight Robert Knight Knowledgeworks Foundation Scott Knox Dennis M Knuth Pamela Kobin Marie & Sam Kocoshis Laura Koehl Janet Koehne Holly Koeppe Dr. Edward Kohn Patricia Kraps Ralph Kremer Kristina M. Krimm Mary Jo Krippenstapel Thomas Kristinsson Judy Kroger John Kropp Mary Kropp James R. Kruer Christopher Kuertz Alex Kuhl David & Therese Kuhn Len Kuntz Michael Kuntz Kevin Kunz Kate H. Laird Robert M. & Eleanor Lamb Paul Lambert Aarcy Lamphear Ronald Landers Mary Jo Lane Daniel Langmeyer Nancy E. Lanphear John J. Larkin Cliff Larrabee Miriam Lauer Andrew Lautz Jerry Lautz Maryann Lavigne Jeffrey Leahy Kevin S. Leahy Dennis & Lois Lechner Jing-Huei Lee Wellington Lee Stephen Leen Keith Lehman Mark S. Lehmkuhl Gary Leising John Leone Daniel & Heidi Leugers Allen J. Leung-Wolf Chad S. Levin Connie Levine Phil & Barb Lichtenstein Toni Lichvar Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Lindner Lloyd Lindner Jim & Margaret Ling Robert A. Link Linnemann Family Foundation Dana C. Linville Mary M. Littlejohn Jerrold & Monica Litzinger Kathleen Lloyd Kevin Loesch Clare Logan Robert Lohmueller Elizabeth Lorenz Joseph Loucek Andrew Love James Lowry Anne W. Lucky, M.D.


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Jacqueline K. Lund Larry Lutz Roderick MacDonald Maureen MacGillivray Scott & Alexandra MacGregor Kate Madden-Harper Kathryn Magenheim James Malone Todd Malton Stan Mambort Kenneth Mandel Ralph S. Mann W. R. Manteuffel Kim Marcum Ulysses Marin Stephen Marks Karen Marsh Dr. Mark & Cookie Marsolais Diane Martin Jack & Carolyn Martin James Martin Kathleen Laurin Martin Christine Marty Jay Martz W. O. Mashburn III Jonathan M. Mason Patty Mason Michael Massey T. Douglas Mast Dean Mathew Daniel B. Mathey Ray Matlock Sharon Maul Richard S. Mayer John W. McCain Doris McCall Jim McCarty Terri McCarty Erin McConnell John McDaniel Mary Ellen McDaniel Tracy McDonald Michael McDonough Malcolm McElroy Michael McElroy McFarlane Family John McGee Ted & Patricia McGregor Margaret McGurk Mike McGurn Kathy & Michael McIntosh Whitney McKay Lois McKnight Sue A McLaughlin Mary McMahon & David Kreimer Patricia McMullin Megan McNamee Eileen McNerney Dr. Chris McVey Cecile Mear Greg Mebs Jill Meckstroth David & Barbara Meiners Chad Mendelsohn Mercantile Savings Bank Jim Merkl Carol Messer Jeffrey Messerly Wendy Metzelaar Tamara Miano Stan Micek Dr. Patrick Michel Diane Miles Danny Miller Eric Miller

James Miller Robert & Deborah Miller Steven M. Millman Lea Minniti Larry Minogue Joe Mischell Anne & David Mitchell Graham & Sharon Mitchell Patrick Mitchell Sylvia Mitchell Mary Mitsui David Mittendorf Amy E. Mixell Haruko Mizoguchi Margaret M Moertl Siebert Mohr Matt Monaghan Ann Mooney Bob Moore Kenneth Moore Margaret Moore Barb Moran John Morawetz Mindy Morgan Rick & Nancy Morgan Ron Morith Michael D Moroski Donna & Steve Morrall Jim Morris Meg Morris Jesse Moses Cathy Moss & Chris Roberts Frances Mosser John P. Moynahan Glenn Muller Greg Mullins Rick Mullins Patrick Mulvaney Ann Marie Murphy Kevin Murphy Michael Murphy Peter Murphy Julie Murray David Nachazel Tom Nadler Edward Nagel Thomas Nagy Patricia Nakaoki Melinda C Nau Nancy Neess Duane Neher Cynthia Nelson Heather McKay Nelson Scott Nelson Martin Nelter Edith A. Neusner Joseph B. Neville Kay Newby Jerry Newfarmer Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Newman Linda Newman Douglas Newmann Latondra K. Newton James Neyhouse Barbara Nieman Dr. Kyung Noh Anne Nolan Shawn & Marilyn Nolan Karin M Noland Lief Noll Patrick Noser Barbara Nuck Clint L. Nuhring Gayle D. Nyswonger Deb Ochstein

Kathleen V. O’Connell Doc & Beth O’Connor D. Oelling Julie O’Hara Robert J. Okrzynski Ann Oliver Sara V. Oliver Stefan & Elizabeth Olson Elaine Olund Nikki G. Orlemann Scott Osswald Dr. Dorothy Osterhage Barbara Otting Patricia Painer Wilson Palmer Albert J. Palumbo Jeffrey Pannkuk Mark Patterson Linda C. Payne Harlan Peck Michele Peers Cynthia G. Peppe Robert A. Perez Mary Perkins Todd Perkins Chris & Christine Perme Art Perry Bonita Pez Jim & Stacey Pfaller Kristie Pfirrmann John Phelps David Piatt Donald Piening Alan M. Piker Phillip Ping Kim Pipkin Stephen Pleatman Christine Plepys Kurt Poppe Diana Porter Stephen M. Pratt Stuart & Ildiko Pray Daniel Pressler Susan Pressman Jack R. Pretty Deborah Prichard Terry Procas Professional Image Alma Puissegur Melissa Pulsfort Carol Purnell Queen City Balladeers Mariann Quinn Cindi Rabkin Melinda Ramos John Rampton Joe Ranz Lynn Rapin Tom & Lisa Ratterman Real Estate Investors Assoc Joe Rechtin Jeff T. Recker Daniel G. Rector Jerry Redmond Beth & Jim Redwine Angela Rehfuss Marla Reichard Nicholas A. Reichard Jim Reichert Robert Reinke Mary Clare Reitz David Repaske Ed Reynolds Jim Rhein Greg Rhodes

Nancy H. Richardson Angela Riley Timothy H. Riordan Frank Ritchie David Ritter Matthew R. Roark Amy Roberts Cynthia Robertson Elaine Robinson Laura Robinson Matt Robinson Michael Rodd Bill A. Rogers George H. & Mary Frances Rogers Mark Rogge David Rolfes Marsha Rolph Mary Ann Roncker Elizabeth Ronn Rachel Rose James Rosenberger Taylor Rosenfeld Jens G. Rosenkrantz, Jr. Stephen Ross Alicia Rosselot Eric Rosser Doug Roughton Diana Rowe Tom Rowe James Rowland Avima Ruder Mike Ruehl Robert Ryan Tom Ryle Jenni Rytel Paul Saleba Darlene Samuelson John Sandman Scot Sandrin Amy Z. Sansbury Rina Saperstein Kazuya & Elizabeth Sato Michael Scanlan Lynn M. Scarborough Jeff Schabell Andrew & Sally Schaeffer Irene Schauer Bill Scheetz Anna Scheper Renee Schlabach Jeffrey & Elizabeth Schlaudecker Phillip Schmidt Susan Schmidt Robert Schmuelling Dave & Laura Schneider Kathy T. Schneider Joseph Schnorvus Dennis Schoeny Johnny Schott Talent & Events Mary Schottelkotte Deborah Schrade Louis Schroder Mark Schroer M.D. George Schuhmacher Steven Schuler Roberta & Gary Schultz Barbara Schumacher Eric Schumacher Alan Schwartz Diana Schweitzer Doug Schwemmer Brad & Susan Scott Carol Scott & Chris Schneder Chris Scott William Scrivener

Kathleen Scullin Chelsea Scully Tim Seaman Marcia Secaur Elaine Seeley Glynne K. Seibert Jeff Selker James & Peggy Selonick Cindy Senefeld Saira C. Shahani Paula Shannon Jim Shapiro Tom & Regina Sharp Aaron Sharpe Heather Sheewood Keven Shell Melissa H. Sheppard Courtney Sheridan Matt J. Sherman Catherine E. Sherron Clifford Shisler Sylvia Shor Tom Shumaker Jeffrey A. Shumway Tariq A. Siddiqi Sara L. Sidebottom Joseph W. Sidell Robert Siegel Steve Sigsbee Alex Sikorski & Ruth Rounding Ted Sikorski Ruth Simons Benjamin Singleton Marilou Singleton Amy S. H. Sizemore Mike Sizemore Tim Sizemore Jeffrey L. Skeggs Alice Skidmore Sally Slattery Christopher J. Smay Aaron Smith Barbara Smith Bill Smith Elisa Smith Stephen A. Smith Stephen Smith Steve Smith Tara L. Smith Tim Smith Sandy Smoot Sharon Snock Jeffrey Snyder Gary Sogar Elizabeth Solway Peggy Somoza Lori Southwood Adam Spanier Joe Spaw Jim & Therese Specht Sara Pearson Specter Brian Spengler Suzanne Spicer Lawrence B. Spiegel Rita Sprenkle Tom Sproat Donna Squeri John Squeri Gerard St. Amand Peter St. John Mariann Stacey Frank Stallings Mike Stallings Allen Stann Greg Starks

Dee Stegman Todd Stegman Greg Steller Kevin Stephens Joan Sterling Len Sternberg Charles R. Stevens II Mary B. Stevenson John H. Stewart Mary Beth Stillworth Edward Stober Paul Stober Gary Stockelman Melinda Stodart Elizabeth Stoehr William T. Stokes William Stoll Rebecca Stone David & Denise Strasser Anne & Fred Straus Strauss & Troy Marshall Stuart Richard U. Stubbs, Jr. Clark E. Stull Paula Stumpo Dennis Sulewski Gerald Sullivan Mike & Marybeth Sullivan Lisa Sweeney Tod Swormstedt Jennifer Taamneh Robert T. Tagher Christopher A. Tallon Loren Tapp Jim Tarbell Suzanne E. Taylor Bob Temple Tom Terbrueggen Marjorie Test Abbot Thayer The Caledonian Society The Cappel Family The Financial Network Group The Ohio River Way, Inc. Jenny Thie Scott Thierauf Kat Thomas Robert Thomas Betty Thompson Brenda Thompson Phyllis Thompson William Thompson Mickey Tibbs Dan Ticotsky Cynthia Tishner Jones Titus Thomas Todhunter Janice B. Toebben Michael Toncar Linda & Vivian Tong Mark Torasson Ann Marie Tracey Michael Trubl Wayne Truman Christopher Tucker Steven R. Tucker Anthony Tuemler Karen R. Tuley Allison Turner James G. Uber Randy Ulses Jeanie Unkraut Esther E. Urick U.S. Bank Arena Gary T. Usleaman

Valley Vista Apts Julia Van Arsdale Charles Van Ausdell Lisa Van Divender Leland Vane Susan Vater Tim Velten Mark Vogt Joe & Debbie Vonbokern Mark & Susan Vonderhaar Joe Vonlehman Eric Vosmeier Amanda Voss James & Rachel Votruba Rae Vuic Karen Wachs Barbara Wagner Mark Wagner Jane A. Walker Amelia Wallace Thomas & Kathryn Wallace Susan J. Walpole Patrick Walsh Craig Warmuth Ginger Warner George H. Warrington John Warrington Steve Waxler & Suellen Childs Vanessa Wayne Janet P. Weaver Michael Weaver Ann Weber Kirk Weber Walter Weber David Webster Aaron Weeks Dennis Wehrmeyer Anne Weinkam Alex & Bob Weldon Donald W. Wells Deborah K. Wells-Jahn Stewart Welsh Alan J. Werner Paul Wesolowski Amy S. West Dr. Ed Westemeier Jeff Weyer Mike Whalen Stuart Wheaton Chris White Diane & Lance White John Whitehurst Tuck Whitehurst Michael C Whittaker Polly Whittaker Russ Wice Chad Wick Chris Widmer Barry Wiechman Sharon Wiest Richard C. Wiggers Benny Wilcox Pamela K. Wilcox Timothy Wiley Gary Wilkins Veronica Wilkins Steven Wilkinson Greg Williams Jeffrey Williams Jeffrey B. Williams Mike & Maddy Williams Rhys H Williams Linda Willig Beverly Willman Connie Wilson & Tom Read s p r i n g

2 0 0 7


Gene & Anne Wilson Kelly Wilson Victoria L. Wilson Les Wilsong Steven Winhus en Cathleen Winston Carole Winters John Winther, Sr. Ron Wise Kim Wissemann Nan Witten Valerie Wolford Barry Wolfson Anthony Wolking Angela K. Wong Horatio & Barbara Wood Nicholas B. Wood Bob & Lauren Woodiwiss George Wright Meg Wuerdeman Marcy Wydman Donald Yates Patricia S. Yates Henry C. Yeiser Jackie Young Susan Yurchuck Mark J. Zalla Dan T. Zaunbrecher Steven Zebrasky Paul Ziegler Larry Zimmerman Robert Zimmerman Susie Zimmerman Joyce Zistler Michael Zuberbuhler Michael Zumbiel


n o r t h e r n

heritage societ y The Heritage Society honors individuals whose realized planned gifts have enhanced university programs & facilities and recognizes those individuals whose future planned gifts will create opportunity in the years ahead. William R. Bagby S Lori & George Berry Virginia Ann Bohn Herbert R. Booth Leon E. Boothe Mr. & Mrs. John R. S. Brooking Emerson & Lynn Brumback George Buttafoco S Steff C. & Cynthia Chalk Carla S. Chance Sherri Ayn Chapin John & June Coldiron Robert E. Collier Albert & Louise Cooper S Patricia A. Corbett Etta Cowan S

Richard H. & Lucy C. Crisler S Thomas Christian Donnelly & Sharlotte Neely Donnelly Avery & Jane Dotson S Dr. Larry Giesmann Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Goderwis Dr. & Mrs. Gary W. Graff William H. Greaves S Ken Gunkel & Laura Wiggins Ralph V. & Carol Ann Haile, Jr. S David C. Herriman Dorothy Westerman Herrmann S Mark R. Herrmann S Giles T. Hertz David & Ruth Iler Gary Johnston Kenny & Luanne Kinman Earl & Patricia Lampe John & Bonnie Lucas Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Lucas Fred & Kay Macke Robert & Muriel Martin S Malcolm & Ruth McDonell S Kevin & Julie McGehee Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Melnick

The Meyer Aronow Trust S Lillian Ochiltree S Pearson Family Memorial Trust S Elmer J. & Blanche Piper S Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Pogue IV A. Elizabeth Potts S Mr. & Mrs. Wm. T. Robinson III Mark & Rosemary Schlachter Marianne Osburg Schwartz James E. Sehnert S Thomas J. Smart Ralph W. Sorrell, Sr. Alice S. Sparks Robert J. & Rosemary I. Stauss S Henry L. & Kathryn K. Stephens, Jr. Sheldon B. & Fern H. Storer S J Michael & Anita Thomson Craig & Thea True Bess Kees Turner David R. Van Horn Mr. & Mrs. Jack Walling The Allen & Loureena Weber Trust Donald & Patricia Welti Larry C. West S Constance & Firman Widmer S=Deceased

Love rings true-again! E d i t o r ’s n o t e : I n t h e s p r i n g e d i t i o n o f N o r t h e r n , we ran a story about a couple whose life together started at NKU. We a s k e d a l u m n i t o s h a r e s t o r i e s o f c a m p u s d a t e s t h a t h a v e l a s t e d a lifetime and got the following notes back. Chased her future husband out of the dorm As a resident assistant in NKU’s residence halls, I often received phone calls in the middle of the night. “There are boys next door – I hear male voices.” “My neighbors are having a wild party, and I have an 8 o’clock class tomorrow.” “There are girls having a loud burping contest in the kitchen area.” (This last one circa 3 a.m. I promise you, this did happen; life is stranger than fiction.) It was easier for the residents to let me be the “bad guy” than to confront their neighbors. So it was no surprise in January of 1985 to have to go chase boys out after midnight. These boys, Doug Schneider and Ron Burchett, were just roaming the halls looking to meet girls, and when I showed up in my red heart boxers and red Q-102 T-shirt to chase them out, at first they thought they would stay and talk to me! I quickly showed them to the door and went back to bed. After that chance encounter, Ron and I started talking. Since VCRs had just come out, part of the resident assistant’s duties, was to plan activities. One of the activities I planned was “Thursday night movies in the Commons.” Ron always wanted to snuggle with me under my “softie blanket.” Since we had not even started dating yet, I would get nervous and leave him with the blanket and go sit with my sister or friends. One Sunday morning, I got dressed to go to church and went out in the lobby to see who I could get to go with me. About the time I had decided I would just go by myself, Ron came out of Awing dressed in a suit. I asked him if he was going to church, and he said yes and invited me to go with him. On the way, he told me that he had to go pick up his mom and take her also. “Is she going to be okay with me coming along?” I asked. “If she’s not, we’ll leave her at home,” Ron replied. What a man! After service at Ft.Thomas First Baptist Church, we went back to his house, where his father had prepared a huge breakfast. Ron and I started dating and spending all of our time together. Ron’s 21st birthday was that May, and after school was out, his mother took him on a European vacation. They were gone about 15 days. He sent me a few postcards from Europe, and when he was in Paris, he called me. I had just found out that morning that I was pregnant, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him while he was on such a fabulous trip. When he got home, I shared the news, and we decided to get married. None of our friends or family members were too excited because we really didn’t even know each other. We met in January, started dating in March and got married in August.We had a beautiful wedding at the same church where we first started dating because my parents didn’t have any money. Doug Schneider (the boy with Ron when I sent them out of the residence halls in the middle of the night) was one of our groomsmen. Our first child, Stephen Tehl, was born in February 1986. He was a beautiful, black-haired

baby, and we adored him, although his first year caused us a lot of stress! Those first few years of marriage were difficult.We worked full time, went to school full time, took care of a crying baby full time, and got to know each other better. I finished my education degree in December 1986, and Ron finished his computer science/math degree in May 1987. Getting our degrees was the first step in going forward with our futures. After working in the Cincinnati area for a few years, Ron got an offer to go to Findlay, Ohio, so we moved and then moved again to Santa Rosa, Calif. We had a second beautiful son, Caleb Edward, in February 1990. In 1992, we moved back to Kentucky, to the Paducah area, where we have been ever since. Ron works as a senior manager for ISP Chemicals, and I teach high school English. Last year, after a year of community college, we moved our oldest son into the residence halls at Murray State University. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Ron and I were living in the dorms, and now our oldest son is moving into one. We tell our children that education is the key and that it will open doors. Receiving our degrees from NKU and MSU has been the key to our successful lives. Last year, on a second honeymoon/20th anniversary trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, my husband bought me my first engagement ring to sit next to the $45 white-gold wedding band from Service Merchandise that has not been off my finger since August 2, 1985. - Marina (Williamson) Burchett ’86 Fifteen-year romance I just read the “Love Rings True” article in Northern, and although my story is not nearly as exciting, I thought I would tell you my story. My husband will probably kill me for this, but I figured I would let you know anyway. I met my husband, Dan, at NKU 15 years ago when we were both biology majors. I was 19 and he was 26, and he was extremely focused on graduate school – too focused to date seriously. Needless to say, we went our separate ways.We ran into each other again about four years ago at Oktoberfest in Covington and recognized each other immediately. However, we lost contact again. Last January Dan called me out of the blue. Things finally went well this time, and we are now married! Not very exciting – just a cute story of how two bullheaded people took 15 years to realize they should have married a long time ago. -Kelli (Williams) Crew ’96

s p r i n g S

2 0 0 7

29 29

seven f o r

Think spring!



Get a jump on spring with these events on campus! More information on campus happenings is available at

Vroom vroom!

Get ready for spring weather and motorcycling with the basic motorcycle RiderCourse. This course is ideal for the novice rider or as a refresher in basic riding skills. Successful completion of the course earns you a waiver of the Kentucky motorcycle skills test. Motorcycles and helmets are provided. A prerequisite for participation in the BRC is the ability to balance and ride a bicycle. Class begins April 13 and runs through the weekend. Call 859.572.5600 for more information.


Intramurals: not just for undergraduates.

4 5

Step up to the plate. NKU baseball and softball teams begin play in March and have several games during April. Visit www. for dates, times and locations.

Run for the Roses

Want to get an alumni team together to compete in soccer or basketball? Leagues are available. For more information, visit ~~ c amprec/intramural/spring_ events.htm or call 859.572.5197.


Thinking of grad school?

NKU has many programs designed for students who want to further their professional career goals. Most programs offered at NKU are geared to the full-time adult worker who wishes to pursue graduate study on a part-time basis, although full-time enrollment is also possible in most programs. Now is a good time to learn more. Visit for more information.


n o r t h e r n


Sounds of spring. Come enjoy the NKU Philharmonic Orchestra’s spring concert featuring Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3. April 9. 8 p.m., Fine Arts Center room 141. Call 859.572.5643 for more information.

Elderhostel event (55+) April 22. Experience the heart and soul of the Kentucky Bluegrass! Immerse yourself in the lives of thoroughbreds: champions, jockeys, training, racing and breeding. Explore Keeneland, Kentucky Horse Park, behind-the -scenes life at a horse farm, and live racing at Churchill Downs. For more information in this or other Elderhostel events, visit www. or call Elderhostel toll free at 877.426.8056.


YES. See world-premier plays as part

of NKU’s Year-End Series (YES) Festival of Plays. This year’s festival productions will be presented in repertory April 12-22. The audience will have a chance to have talkback discussions with the playwrights, directors and special guests. Reservations for the shows can be made at the NKU Box Office by calling 859.572.5464. For more information, visit heatre.


ATHLETICS Some reasons to get excited about Norse athletics this season: Winning Winstel: This year’s women’s team helped Coach Nancy Winstel log her 500th win at NKU.

Other good sports: While we’re talking Norse athletics, congratulations are in order for the men’s soccer team, which won the NCAA Regional and tied a school record with 16 wins. Congratulations also go to the men’s cross country team. For the first time since 1979, the team has qualified for the NCAA Division II nationals. NKU posted the best finish of any Great Lakes Valley Conference team at the regional meet.

Bobbleheads: There are several promotional events planned for upcoming events. Call 859.572.6639 to find out what’s coming up.

The Bank of Kentucky Center will be the new home for the Norse starting in 2008. Come to campus to see the new building’s progress!

James Cripe, NKU’s tallest player at 7 feet tall.

Basketball bravos: Congratulations to the NKU men’s and women’s basketball teams on their stellar seasons. The women lost a heartbreaker in the NCAA DII Regional Tournament March 9, while the men made it to the NCAA Sweet 16 for the first time since 2001 after upsetting Findlay at its home court.

New digs:

Think spring: The NKU baseball team began its bid to defend its GLVC crown in February. Home games will once again be held at Champion Window Field in Florence.

s p r i n g

2 0 0 7



NKU cheerleaders do it again For the second straight year, the NKU cheerleading squad clinched the Universal Cheerleading Association Division II Small Co-Ed Championship in Orlando.

NE W S Norte Universidad: NKU going international NKU is seeking more foreign students, encouraging domestic students to study abroad, exchanging faculty with foreign schools and adding international themes to classes as part of an effort to internationalize the campus. “Our goal is to produce graduates who have a global perspective and to create a campus that reflects international breadth,” said NKU President James Votruba.

Science building honored The Kentucky Society of Architects, which is a chapter of the American Institute of Architects, awarded NKU’s Dorothy Westerman Herrmann Natural Science Center a Merit Award for Excellence in Architectural Design. The $38 million building was designed by Omni Architects of Lexington.

Read all about it: NKU history book available Take a look at the images that made up NKU’s history. From the first bathtub race to the work on The Bank of Kentucky Center, the book features archive photos and descriptions of major milestones in the university’s history.Visit and search for “NKU.” The book is a paperback and costs $19.99. 32

n o r t h e r n

Far right: Tucker Carlson smiles as Franken makes a point during the lecture series. Above: Al Franken chuckles during the lecture series.

Above: Sheree Paolello, ’96, moderates the lecture series.

The 2006 NKU Alumni Lecture Series featured Al Franken and Tucker Carlson. Franken is a former Air America radio host, Saturday Night Live comic and current U.S. Senate candidate, while Carlson is an author, political pundit and host of Tucker, on MSNBC.

Seventh Annual NKU Alumni Lecture Series Governing in America: Politics and Pundits

Left: Tucker Carlson and Al Franken during the Alumni Lecture Series press conference.

Above: NKU students prepare books for Al Franken to sign.

s p r i n g

2 0 0 7




connecting and celebrating You never know where you’ll run into NKU alumni. Many of our alumni and current students have literally reached new heights, which I witnessed during a recent performance at the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s production of Disney’s Aladdin. Julia Cardosi, Roderick Justice and Jeremy Sartin all were in the show. We also had four NKU and Chase alumni honored by the Cincinnati Business Courier’s “40 under Forty,” including Alumni Council Past President Chad Bilz. The accomplishments of our alumni are astonishing. Our graduates are making major contributions throughout our society both in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area and beyond. We continue to broaden our reach to these alums through events outside our local area. We recently held an event for alumni and friends of the university in Naples, Fla. As we continue to grow and expand our programming efforts for alumni, we encourage you to stay connected to NKU through the following:

share your story

show your Norse pride

One of the most common questions we hear is “Where do I get NKU sportswear?” If you live in the area, check out the NKU bookstore, which has an excellent array of NKU merchandise. Steve and Barry stores carry many NKU items, and there is a new store located in Florence. If you live outside the area, visit and click “online store” to purchase items directly from the alumni association. You can also get NKU hats from the local Lids stores or online at

Make sure you keep us up to date with your current address and news so we can stay connected. You can update your information at or give us a call at 859.572.5486. We like to hear about what’s new in your life. We would love to include your engagement picture/announcement, wedding photos and new baby announcements/pictures in our class notes section. We will send your new baby a Norse bib when you send us your baby announcement. While online, make sure you sign up for our e-newsletter, which will give you information on upcoming events, NKU news and features on alumni. I look forward to hearing from each of you and learning more about your many accomplishments. Please stay connected with your alma mater so that we can celebrate your many successes. Deidra S. Fajack Director Alumni Programs and Licensing


Norse “Brighton” the holidays Just before Christmas, the NKU men’s basketball team, Victor and members of the NKU Alumni Council collected toys for children at the Brighton Center in Newport, Ky. The kids got a chance to shoot around with team members and clown around with Victor the Viking. More than 200 toys were collected along with cash donations. Special thanks to the NKE Federal Credit Union and the NKU Newman Center for supporting the effort.


n o r t h e r n

Send us your class notes Please fill out this form and mail the entire back cover to the return address listed on the back page. You can e-mail class notes, photos and announcements to

Class Notes 1981 Mike Walters (political science) has joined Pro Seniors, Inc., in Cincinnati as legal hotline manager. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife, Joyce, and son, Tommy.

1987 Timothy C. Oldham (law enforcement) has been named director of security of the recently opened Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Ky. The Muhammad Ali Center is both a destination site and an international education and cultural center inspired by the ideas of its founder, Muhammad Ali. It serves as a “global gathering place” where people come together to formulate ways of advancing humanity through profoundly significant contributions to global society. Oldham and his wife, LynneBeth Alcorn-Oldham, live in New Albany, Ind., with their two children.

1990 Victoria Casto (marketing) lives in Finneytown and is currently working in the defense contract business at L-3 Communications Cincinnati Electronics.

1994 Anne M. Maxfield (psychology) has joined the staff of Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired as the vice president of fund development and community relations. In this position, she will be responsible for providing oversight in the areas of fund development, marketing, communications and

community relations. In addition, she will partner with the board of trustees and internal collaborators to increase funds for overall organizational outcomes. She lives in Park Hills, Ky., with her husband, Gene Lege.


o n

Gary Ruschman, ’97 Tenor Gary Ruschman (Outstanding Graduate in Music ’97) is featured as a soloist on two new CD releases by Cantus male vocal ensemble: There Lies the Home, a collection of sea songs, and Cantus Live, Volume 2. One of a very few full-time vocal ensembles in the world, recent performances include international radio broadcasts from American Public Media and collaborations with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra and Trio Mediæval. Cantus recordings can be found at iTunes, and the group’s website, As a soloist, Ruschman has been heard with American Bach Soloists, California

MAJOR(s):_ _________________________________________________ name:______________________________________________________ address:___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ check if this is a new address phone: (


e-mail:_____________________________________________________ professional title:____________________________________

John Vincent Simkonis (master of public administration) has been promoted to team lead and will oversee the Northern Kentucky Public Funds group for Fifth Third Bank. He lives with his wife, Holly, and his three children: Jack, 8 years old; Nina, 4 years old; and Eleanor, 2 years old, in Edgewood, Ky.

occupation:________________________________________________ employer:_________________________________________________ business address:________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ business phone: (


business fax: (

Shelly Halter (theatre) married Patrick Deavy (’99) June 3, 2006. The couple lives in Washington, D.C., and both are working in fundraising and development.

2001 Michael Carr (law) reports he is currently the chief information officer at Capital University (Columbus, Ohio) and commutes from the Cincinnati area. Kelly Crowe (journalism) has settled into a position within the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Athletics. She is an administrative coordinator for the Athletics Development Office. Her office is responsible for fundraising for athletics scholarships for 530 Bearcat student-athletes. She loves the mix of working in the fast-paced athletics environment and the nonprofit field; it’s exciting and fulfilling work!


)_ _____________________________ )_ ________________________________

interests / hobbies:_ _____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ please list any schools you are attending or have attended since graduating from nku and your degree: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ accomplishments / awards:______________________________ ____________________________________________________________ spouse’s name:____________________________________________ occupation:________________________________________________ employer:_________________________________________________ business address:________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ business phone: (

Catch up on all your NKU classmates: Visit

A l u mni

grad. year:_ _______________________________________________

)_ _____________________________


m o ve

Chamber Symphony, Portland Opera, San Francisco Opera Guild and Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. For more information, visit

JENNIFER HUNTER, ’96 Jennifer Hunter was recently named director of clinical services for the Northern Kentucky Health Department. In this position, Hunter is responsible for overseeing more than 90 employees in the health department’s Clinical Services Department. Clinical services staff provide care for children and adults in four county health centers in Boone, Campbell, Grant and Kenton counties as well as communitybased nutrition services, home-visiting services and epidemiology services. The unit has a budget of $8 million annually. Hunter earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Northern.

Elaine Zeinner (Koenig), ’03 Elaine Zeinner (Koenig) (journalism) won the “rookie of the year” award from the Cincinnati Public Relations Society of America chapter. She is the public relations specialist at the Kenton County Public Library. She was recognized for outstanding service to the chapter and her work with the library. She was instrumental in increasing awareness for the library foundation’s 5K Racing to Read Run and Walk event. She helped promote the race, resulting in a 200 percent increase in participation.

s p r i n g

2 0 0 7


R ow, row, row! Many alumni will remember seeing NKU President Dr. Frank Steely participating in the Bathtub Regatta in 1973. The oar in this photo is only for effect – he had a small motor on the back of his tub. The Regatta was an annual event, drawing crowds to what was then known as Lake Inferior to watch. Contestants were required to paddle across the lake in tubs rigged with pontoons. Rumors of several sunken, rusting bathtubs at the bottom of the lake proved false when the lake was drained during the 2005 renovation.

p h o t o c o u r t e s y o f t h e nku a r c h i v e s

NORTHERN Office of Alumni Programs

nonprofit organization u. s. postage

421 Johns hill road


Highland Heights, KY 41099

burlington, VT permit no. 540

Northern Magazine Spring 2007  

Northern Magazine Spring 2007,Volume 6, No. 3

Northern Magazine Spring 2007  

Northern Magazine Spring 2007,Volume 6, No. 3