Northern Magazine Summer ­ Fall 2012

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How Ṫhey Roll Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls have a fistful of NKU alums


omething akin to a human NASCAR race, roller derby is most definitely a contact sport. And with 50 members and counting, the Black-n-Bluegrass RollerGirls team is a tour de force of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. As jammers, blockers, power slides, and whips, these NKU alumnae hit the roller derby scene in 2008 and now play home games at The Bank of Kentucky Center. With names like Smashin’ Punk’n, Shaken and Stirred, Damnit Janet, and Kung Fu Hussy, here are the teachers, account managers, entrepreneurs, and therapists who balance work, home, and roller derby, all for your entertainment. —Rich Shivener '06, '11 NAME: Debbie Scheibly JOB: General assignment work at UPS. “They call me fuel

boss at work.”

GRAD YEAR: 1993 MAJOR: Law enforcement FAVORITE PROFESSOR: “My favorite professor was Professor Gunther. The professor had a unique style and depth into criminal law that truly captivated me and always had me looking forward to going to class.” BEST MOMENT AT NKU: “I was very proud that I ended up graduating with a 3.5 GPA, because in high school I wasn’t the best student.”

ROLLERGIRL NICKNAME: Neva Shakeababy POSITION: Jammer, blocker TEAM MEMBER SINCE: 2011 BEST DERBY MOMENT: “We had our first game at Northern, and I scored 35 points in one jam. My goal is to be a full-time jammer, and I think I actually proved it.” WHY SHE ROLLS: “I’m totally in love with derby right now. There’s much to learn, and I feel like the girls have embraced me. It’s not just another sport.”

NAME: Becka Obermeyer JOB: Account manager for Phototype (design firm) GRAD YEAR: 2011 MAJOR: Master of Arts in communication FAVORITE PROFESSOR: “Dr. De Blasio, who teaches public relations. He just had a unique way of mixing the professional with the academic.” BEST MOMENT AT NKU: “Orientation. I was a transfer student, and just going and meeting the new students and professors really resonated with me.”

ROLLERGIRL NICKNAME: Beka Rekanize POSITION: Jammer TEAM MEMBER SINCE: 2008 BEST DERBY MOMENT: “I don’t know if it’s my proudest moment, but I broke a girl’s leg last season. But I didn’t do it on purpose; I just skated through her legs when she was trying to trip me.” WHY SHE ROLLS: “I and two other skaters did a promotion event called Women Own Wellness in Anderson Township, and

the women we spoke to were just enamored by our experiences. And when I was driving home, I started thinking, ‘Wow, I take this all for granted’; I complain about my play time, my teammates ... but I realize how lucky I am to be a part of this team. It was a really humbling experience.”

NAME: Michelle Cravens JOB: Language arts teacher at Gallatin County Middle School GRAD YEAR: 2007, 2009 MAJOR: English, literature; Master of Arts in teaching FAVORITE PROFESSOR: “Either Fran Zaniello or Brandelyn Tosolt. Those two were my biggest influences.” BEST MOMENT AT NKU: “My first day of my women’s studies class, when I first realized what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be.”

ROLLERGIRL NICKNAME: Smashin’ Punk’n POSITION: Jammer TEAM MEMBER SINCE: 2008 BEST DERBY MOMENT: “Last year I got ‘jammer of the year’ for the “A” team, and I wasn’t expecting it. I’m kind of notorious for flying under the radar on the team.” WHY SHE ROLLS: “There’s no better outlet after coming home from teaching eighth graders all day than coming here and hitting someone. Now my students come and watch, and they go to school wearing my T-shirts.”

NAME: Susan Fesiler JOB: Animal control officer GRAD YEAR: 1996 MAJOR: Criminal justice FAVORITE PROFESSOR: “It was Jim Whalen. I liked anytime that we had police officers as instructors because they had so much experience in the field.” BEST MOMENT AT NKU: “When my husband and I met at a role-playing game meeting that was held on campus. And when I made Dean’s List, which was a big thing for me.”

ROLLERGIRL NICKNAME: Shaken and Stirred POSITION: Pivot, blocker TEAM MEMBER SINCE: 2010 BEST DERBY MOMENT: “The very first bout I played in 2010. We won by one point in the last jam. It was so close the s u m m e r - fa l l 2 0 1 2