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The Northern Lights Luminaries



Vol. 5 - Issue 1 September 2013

Northern Lights District Grand Lodge of Alberta

Rollin’ on the river


Northern Lights brethren and guests ride the Edmonton Queen

n July 14, Northern Lights District held an evening on the Edmonton River Queen for a second time--the first held in 2009 when RWBro. Jack McBride was DDGM. This time, ninety-two Brothers, family and friends attended. The cost was $55.00 per person and $30.00 per child. When the event was first booked, there were fifty reservations made; but as time passed, the interest in the event became overwhelming. By the evening of the event, there was a waiting list of approximately ten more people who wished to attend. The day of the event began with a morning of pouring rain. It truly looked miserable outside. By afternoon, the rain had stopped and the clouds started to break up. By the time the cruise began, the weather had improved to scattered clouds and a pleasant temperature of eighteen degrees. It was a perfect evening, made even better by buffet meal with an excellent variety of meats, salads, potatoes, buns and fabulous desserts. At 7:30 p.m., the boat pulled away from the mooring to began a one-hour tour up and down the North Saskatchewan River. Everyone immediately left the din-

ing room to go to the upper deck to enjoy the sights of the fabulous skyline of downtown Edmonton. The relaxed atmosphere of the cruise lent itself to casual conversations and fellowship among all who attended. There may be no better place in Edmonton to spend an evening when the weather and river cooperate, as the meal prepared by the chefs of the Edmonton Queen is always first-class and the view from the river could not be better.

In this Issue…          

Message: DDGM-Elect’s First by K. Culbertson Notice: District Information Event: Edmonton Queen River Cruise Event: DDGM Official Visits and Installations Notice: Masonic Speakers’ Bureau Article: The Language of the Lodge by R. Carson Event: Grand Lodge Communication Events: District & Perpetual Calendar Notice: Northern Lights now online Notice: Lodge Directory

The Northern Lights Luminaries



The Northern Lights Luminaries



About The District

Thank you for your input!

Founded as District 12 on 30 May 1917, the Northern Lights District is constituted under the Grand Lodge of Alberta, AF&AM and holds jurisdiction over 11 lodges: 7 in Edmonton that meet at various times in Freemasons’ Hall downtown, as well as country lodges that meet in Mayerthorpe, Onoway, Whitecourt, and Yellowknife, NWT. All the lodges practice the Canadian Rite working. The geographical area covered by the District constitutes one of the largest in the history of Freemasonry.

We thank all brethren for their submissions this month. It is just that type of input we are looking for which make this very publication informative, thought-provoking and interesting.

The District Deputy Grand Master

In order to make this a continued success and valuable to the lodges in the district we need your help. If you have any articles of interest, Masonic trivia, jokes, pictures, cartoons, stories, pictures or just want to promote an up-coming or past event please make your submission to the editor at they will be thankfully received and faithfully applied.

The district is headed by the District Deputy Grand Master (DDGM), who is titled “Right Worshipful Brother”, and who represents the Grand Lodge on his official and fraternal visits to the lodges. A new DDGM is elected at the annual district meeting in October with his term beginning at the official installation of the Grand Lodge officers at the Communication in June. To be nominated, the brother must have served as Worshipful Master of a regularly constituted lodge.

The deadline for submissions for the next issue is November 15, 2013.

Official Visits

District Committee 2013-2014

The DDGM is required to visit all lodges in the district (with exception) and receive standard report returns from the lodge secretaries. The DDGM inspects the lodge to ensure it adheres to proper Masonic regularity. The DDGM is received “in form” by the lodge after the opening of the lodge.

EDITORS NOTE: The Editors of the Northern Lights District Luminaries reserve the right to modify or edit articles for content, space and harmony. The views and opinions expressed in this publication do not reflect the views and opinions of the Grand Lodge of Alberta, Northern Lights District, Lodges or individual members.

The following brethren will assume their duties and titles upon declaration by the Grand Master at the June 2013 Communication:

R. W. Bro. Kenn Culbertson (166) District Deputy Grand Master 780-914-3952

W. Bro. Wayne Barker (166) District Secretary, Masonic Foundation Coordinator 780-475-1500

W. Bro. Michael Bayrak (142) Masonic Education Coordinator, Newsletter Editor 780-982-5985

W. Bro. Aaron Batty (92) Masonic Higher Education Bursary Coordinator 780-995-5117

R. W. Bro. Angus Stewart (166) District Nomination Committee Chairman

The Northern Lights Luminaries



DDGM Visits

West Edmonton Lodge #101 on Sep. 4th for the DDGM Official Visit

Jasper Lodge #14 Festive Board after 2nd Degree for Bro. Padoan at Violino's Restaurant

The Northern Lights Luminaries



The Freedom to Travel American author unknown—article provided by V. W. Bro. Stuart Krause


ne of the most important rights and privileges of a Master Mason is his freedom to travel. In ancient times, this privilege permitted Master Masons to work and travel in foreign lands, unlike other craftsmen. This special privilege was afforded to our craft, because their labor was required in different locations depending on which cathedral was being built at the time. As Operative Masonry gave way to Speculative Masonry, this ancient right was retained and a Master Mason was allowed to freely travel from one lodge to another, even though he is not a member of that specific lodge. In the modern day, "traveling" is the primary method by which a Masons expands his Masonic horizons, gains increased knowledge of our craft and meets new brothers. By visiting another lodge, a Mason gets to see variations in the work and gains insight into the different ways Masonic Lodges handle their internal business. This valuable experience will make the man traveling a better Mason and in return will make his lodge better by virtue of his experience. For the past four years, I have had the privilege to serve as a Grand Lodge Officer, first as District Grand Lecturer and then as Associate Grand Marshal. During this time, I visited dozens of lodges in my jurisdiction. Each lodge had its own particularities, which I found fascinating. Here are some of the differences that you will find between lodges:  Differences in the "Work" (floor work, additional lectures, different officers doing different parts, etc.)  How budgets are executed (Voting on standard items once annually, Masters discretionary funds).  How minutes are circulated (posted, emailed, read out loud, etc.)  Different lodge dress (Tuxes, business suits, comeas-you-are, Tails, Colonial Dress, Variant Aprons, etc.)  Different Programs  How candidates and new brothers are mentored  Lodge bylaws  How fellowcraft clubs, board of managers, temple building associations, etc. are handled Much, much, more. Many of the superior differences in operations that I experienced in other lodges, I brought back to my mother lodge and helped to implement. (Continued on page 6)

RWBro. Michael Johnson (Baseline Lodge) and Bro. Tony Bruno (Evergreen Lodge) exemplifying the joys of visiting.

The Northern Lights Luminaries


Freedom to Travel continued... (Continued from page 5)

Many of the programs that I implemented during my two years as Worshipful Master were taken from the best practices of other lodges. The majority of the improvements implemented at the local lodge level are the product of imitation after a brother has traveled to other lodges. "Traveling" is one of the primary methods by which we "improve ourselves in Masonry." Without it, your lodge and Masonry will grow stale. Unfortunately, I have met many brothers who have not traveled. Their only Masonic experience is their own lodge and their small circle of brothers. There are many brothers who sit as Worshipful Master, who have never even visited another lodge. It is important to encourage your brothers, from the youngest Entered Apprentice to the oldest Past Master, to travel. Here are some methods to get out there and to be a true traveling man:  Attend Blue Lodge Council or District Wide Meetings and meet other brothers/officers in your area.  Ask your lodge secretary for copies of local trestleboards to find out when other lodges are holding events and degrees.  Many lodges have websites and Facebook pages, check these out for information.  Meet brothers from your area at Appendant Body Meetings, such as the Shrine, the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, etc.  If you're in the "line" of your lodge, personally contact brothers in other lodges that fill the same position and set up a time to meet them. These brothers will be your peers when you are in the East and are an invaluable resource.  Attend the meetings of your Grand Lodge, especially the night before. Grand Lodge events are filled with meet-and-greets and hospitality rooms, which are fantastic opportunities to meet other brothers. Finally, "Traveling" is just plain fun! Brothers love to meet someone new and welcome them as a guest. So, get out there, travel some and have some fun. You'll be surprised at the adventures you will have and the friends that you will make! 


The Northern Lights Luminaries



Top 10 signs that you’re a Freemason 10.

When approaching a traffic circle, you think twice about which direction you should actually be going.


Your son’s name is Joshua.


Your dog’s name is either Hiram or Solomon and your cat’s name is Sheba.


When you tell someone you’re cutting them off, you do it with passion, but they don’t know why you’re feet are standing that way.


You are frequently caught looking at the third finger on another man’s right hand.


You have stopped splitting infinitives.


You knock three times no matter what.


When dining out with friends, you always say, “I’ll square up the tab.”


For some reason, you walk delicately up winding staircases.

Masonic Texting The following text message conversation between Hiram Abiff and King Solomon was recently discovered:

The Northern Lights Luminaries



Recommended books about Freemasonry W. Bro. Michael Bayrak (142), District Education Chairman


ince I became a Mason, I have read dozens and dozens of books about or related to Freemasonry. There are hundreds, if not thousands of books on Freemasonry, most of them on the history or basic symbolism (often illustrated versions). While it’s important to get a crash course, there are few that get down to the “meat” of Freemasonry—that is, the deep, personal journey one experiences by going through the degrees and by a further participation and research into the allegories, symbolism, and their positive and lasting effects upon you psychologically and emotionally. The following is a list of top books I highly recommend to any new or experienced Mason:

Start with…

“Freemasons For Dummies” by Christopher Hodapp This comprehensive “crash course” book takes you through in a fun way, the history, symbolism, purpose, myths, and descriptions of the dozens of concordant bodies. Mostly a U.S. bent on the Craft but still relevant to a lodge anywhere in the world.

Then see if you can get a copy of…

“Everything I Needed To Know About Freemasonry I Learned As An Entered Apprentice” by Stephen A. Dafoe This book will open up your eyes to all the subtle symbolism and point behind each point of the Initiation. It is presented in a very personal, straight-forward approach and one that every Mason should read to understand the basics of Freemasonry.

“The Meaning of Masonry” by Walter L. Wilmhurst This is the first book I read which I picked up at a Chapter’s bargain bin for $10. After reading it though, it truly opened my eyes as to the deep symbolism of the Craft, positioning of the officers and formations of the lodge. I often go back to this book as a reference. (Continued on page 9)

The Northern Lights Luminaries


AUTUMN 2013 (Continued from page 8)

“Turning The Hiram Key” by Robert Lomas After his successful string of books co-authored with Christopher Knight--“The Hiram Key”, “The Second Messiah”, “Uriel’s Machine”, and others, Bro. Lomas takes you on his own personal journey through the degrees of Freemasonry from a scientific-psychological perspective and the effects of the ritual upon his biochemistry. A very interesting read and a welcomed deviation from his previous works which focused on speculative history and purpose.

“The Way of the Craftsman” by W. Kirk MacNulty Very few Masonic books, if any, delves into Platonism and Jungian psychology and compares these systems to Masonry—particularly the officer positions and duties. Like Wilmhurst, MacNulty rightfully uses the lodge room as a metaphor for our inner being and explores the progression of building our spiritual temple. There is a big “aha!” moment in the book that you’ll not want to miss reading. W. Kirk MacNulty and me after his talk about Platonism and its relation to the 3rd Degree. Alexandria-Washington Lodge #22, Virginia in 2008.

If you’re into the history of Freemasonry, then I recommend:

“The Freemason At Work” by Harry Carr This book is a collection of more than 200 questions with comprehensive answers to all manner of Masonic subjects with full references and detail to Masonic manuscripts and exposures. There are a lot of books on historical speculation—this isn’t one of them. Coincidentally, the copy of the book I borrowed from the Freemasons’ Hall library was signed by Harry Carr to MWBro. Sandy Milligan—someone very familiar to me during my MM degree! ——The views and opinions expressed on this page are of the author and not of Ivanhoe Lodge No. 142, the Grand Lodge of Alberta AF&AM, or any other organization or individual.

The Northern Lights Luminaries




Edmonton Masonic Speakers’ Bureau


odges in Edmonton have been seeing more and more Masonic educational presentations as part of regular meetings and festive boards. While the Grand Lodge website has a Speakers Bureau list, a group of Edmonton brethren have decided to offer local lodges their services in giving interesting and interactive presentations regarding various topic on Freemasonry. If your lodge is interested in hosting any of the brethren listed below, feel free to contact them directly.

W. Bro. Doug Bewick (142)  “Scottish Freemasonry (of its own

Freewill and Accord)” Investigating the structure of the Scottish craft, its uniqueness and why it is important to unravelling the roots of speculative Masonry (45 minutes). Suitable for EA’s.  “Rosslyn College”

Investigating the relevance of the Collegiate Church of St. Matthew to modern Freemasonry (30 minutes). Suitable for the General Public.  “From Hall to Temple (a Countdown to Renewal)”

Restoring the solemnity of our rituals (25 minutes). Suitable for EA’s.  “The Rituals and Ceremonies of the Operative Craft”

Exploring the work of the operative craft lodges and the development of the modern three degrees (30 minutes). Suitable for Master Masons.

W. Bro. Chris MacKenzie (142)  “Lifting The Veil”

An exploration of esoteric ideas. In this presentation, I discuss the concept of the Veil from our own ritual work, and Jungian concepts of Archetypes and Individuation. It is a 20 min presentation with an extra time requirement for questions and answers. There is a small part of this presentation which refers to some details from the 3rd degree, but it is easily omitted in a lodge where not all Brethren are MMs. Includes PowerPoint presentation.

W. Bro. Mike Bayrak (142)  “Alchemy In Our Masonry”

A 15 minute talk on the basics of Alchemy and where it is found in our Masonic ritual. Suitable for MMs, but can be revised for EAs.  "e-Masonry"

A 30-minute Powerpoint presentation on the history of the Internet, the progression of Internet Masonry (aka "e-Masonry"), how the Internet has affected Freemasonry (with graphs), my own experience, and Internet tools your lodge can easily use to communicate effectively with members and the public. Suitable for anyone, including the public. Presented at the Masonic Spring Workshop 2011.  "n-Dimensional Masonry"

A 30-minute Powerpoint presentation on Masonic metaphysical geometryand the dimensional progression of the working tools.

W. Bro. John Hayes (168)  "The Poetry of Freemasonry"

How to understand and improve ritual through an understanding of what poetry and language provides - 30 minutes, power point, music. Plus discussion. EA and up.  “The Fundamentals of Lodge Operation”

The offices, how a lodge meeting works, how to move around and speak in a lodge - 20 minutes. Plus discussion. EA and up.  “The Mythic Spirit”

An approach to spirituality and closer fraternity through Dine teachings and story - 35 minutes. Plus discussion. MM only.  “Labours of Love”

How Freemasons can grow through Masonic work within the lodge and in outreach within the Craft - 30 minutes. Plus discussion. Presupposes knowledge of Laudable Pursuit, Internet. MM generally, although nothing that an EA can't see. Includes PowerPoint presentation.

The Northern Lights Luminaries



Northern Lights Annual District Meeting Saturday, October 5, 2013 Freemasons’ Hall, 103 St. 100 Ave., Edmonton 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM

Registration Education Presentation Lunch ($15) District Meeting and Elections

Take note:

 ALL MASTER MASONS PRESENT CAN VOTE.  Each lodge receives a minimum 3 ballots distributed to

the WM, SW, JW present. If one or two of these officers not present, the present senior officer receives all 2 or 3 ballots.  Nominations for DDGM can be accepted on the floor.

Your DDGM candidate for 2014-2015 Biography of Martin George Brown

W. Bro. Martin Brown was born in Edmonton, AB., in January of 1964. Growing up as a young member of the Masonic family, he was a member of the Order of DeMolay, and served as Master Councillor in Edmonton Chapter. He also received the degree of Chevalier through DeMolay. Martin has long known he would become a Mason, like his Father and Grandfather before him, but he wanted to wait until he was mature enough to dedicate enough time in his life to the craft. He was initiated, passed and raised in Ivanhoe Lodge #142 in the fall of 2004 at the age of 40. He served as Worshipful Master of Ivanhoe Lodge in 2010 and is currently Tyler of his lodge. He is also proud to be able to promote Freemasonry through the Widows Sons, a Masonic motorcycle riding association in Alberta. If selected by the brethren of the Northern Lights District, Martin hopes to strengthen the fraternal bonds between the Lodges of the district and assist in fortifying the lodges therein, and serving the Grand Lodge and its officers. Bro. Brown is a simple man, but hopes to honourably and humbly serve this district. He has training and experience in journalism, and machining. He is a married father of three, (wife Tammy, kids Alex Brown, Emily Brown and Tyler Shutt), and is employed at Argus Machine, as a Toolroom technician and purchaser.

The Northern Lights Luminaries



From other districts‌ Empire Lodge:

The Northern Lights Luminaries



District Calendar Lodge Degrees / Presentations

Other Events and Meetings...

Ivanhoe #142

September 8, 2013

Evergreen #166

Builders’ Night Sep. 19, 2013 (EA Degree) Freemasons’ Hall, Edmonton FC Degree Sep. 23, 2013 Freemasons’ Hall, Edmonton

DDGM Official Visits 2013/2014 NOTE: The dates listed on this page are tentative and scheduled to change, please watch for updates. Wed. Sep. 4, 2013 Wed. Sep. 25, 2013 Thu. Oct. 3, 2013 Thu. Nov. 7, 2013 Tue. Nov. 12, 2013 Sat. Nov. 30, 2013 Wed. Jan. 8, 2014 Mon. Feb. 10, 2014 Thu. Feb. 13, 2014

West Edmonton #101 Onoway #138 Ivanhoe #142 Whitecourt #153 Patricia #91 Jasper #14 Yellowknife #162 Evergreen #166 Saskatchewan #92

Lodges are expected to:  Receive the DDGM “in form”  Provide financial documents for audit purposes  Show Historical Register

DDGM Training by R. W. John Slade, DGM Masonic Hall, Red Deer Anyone interested in becoming DDGM can get valuable training from an experienced brother. 10:00 AM Training begins 12:00 PM Lunch 1:00 PM Training continues 5:00 PM Close

Monday September, 30, 2013

Master's, Warden's and Deacons Association of Edmonton Freemasons’ Hall, 103 St. 100 Ave., Edmonton Dinner is at 6:30 pm Meeting at 7:00 pm The topic of this meeting will be “Leadership” Presented by Bro. Russ Motiuk Please RSVP by September 23, 2013 if you wish to attend the dinner.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Annual District Meeting Freemasons’ Hall, 103 St. 100 Ave., Edmonton 10:00 AM Registration 11:00 AM Education Presentation 12:00 PM Lunch ($15) 1:00 PM District Meeting and Elections

The Northern Lights Luminaries



District Perpetual Education Calendar Year 2013


As introduced by R. W. Bro. Charles Burns, DDGM, Northern Lights District 2002/2003.


This is a program of lodge visitation featuring education research. Each lodge will visit another lodge each year and present a paper and receive a return visit plus paper from each lodge in the District. Objectives  


To sponsor visitation To encourage education research

The visiting lodge is to come as a group, not just one Mason!



Month September October November February March April May September October November February March April May September October November February March April May September October November February March April May September October November February March April May

Visiting Lodge Onoway #138 Mayerthorpe #148 Whitecourt #153 Mystic Tie #188 Jasper #14 Evergreen #166 West Edmonton #101 Patricia #91 Ivanhoe #142 Saskatchewan #92 Onoway #138 Mayerthorpe #148 Whitecourt #153 Mystic Tie #188 Jasper #14 Evergreen #166 West Edmonton #101 Patricia #91 Ivanhoe #142 Saskatchewan #92 Onoway #138 Mayerthorpe #148 Whitecourt #153 Mystic Tie #188 Jasper #14 Evergreen #166 West Edmonton #101 Patricia #91 Ivanhoe #142 Saskatchewan #92 Onoway #138 Mayerthorpe #148 Whitecourt #153 Mystic Tie #188 Jasper #14

Hosting Lodge Patricia #91 Jasper #14 Saskatchewan #92 Patricia #91 Onoway #138 Saskatchewan #92 Whitecourt #153 Mayerthorpe #148 Jasper #14 Mystic Tie #188 West Edmonton #101 Evergreen #166 Ivanhoe #142 Saskatchewan #92 Ivanhoe #142 Mayerthorpe #148 Onoway #138 Mystic Tie #188 Whitecourt #153 Evergreen #166 Jasper #14 Patricia #91 West Edmonton #101 Onoway #138 Patricia #91 Whitecourt #153 Saskatchewan #92 Jasper #14 Mayerthorpe #148 West Edmonton #101 Mystic Tie #188 Ivanhoe #142 Evergreen #166 Mayerthorpe #148 West Edmonton #101

The Northern Lights Luminaries



Northern Lights now online! Not only do we have this newsletter that we make available, but the District is now online with our own website containing a District lodge map, calendar, and a place to view all the past issues of the Luminaries. And to get the word out about what’s going on with the District and her lodges, we also have a Facebook page and Twitter account. The accounts are as follows:





The Northern Lights Luminaries



District Lodge Directory Jasper #14 5th Sat, Freemasons Hall, Edmonton, 2:30 pm Worshipful Master Secretary W. Bro. Jason Stewart W. Bro. Reg Reid 780-232-0369 780-721-7528 Patricia #91 2nd Tues, Freemasons Hall, Edmonton, 7:30 pm Worshipful Master Secretary W. Bro. Chris Uchman R.W. Bro. Al Vickery (as of June 11, 2013) 780-469-7259 Saskatchewan #92 2nd Thur, Freemasons Hall, Edmonton, 7:30 pm Worshipful Master Secretary W. Bro. Chris Burchell R. W. Bro. Ken Cheel 403-241-8950 780-387-4779 West Edmonton #101 1st, Wed, Freemasons Hall, Edmonton, 7:30 pm Worshipful Master Secretary R.W.Bro John Robertson W. Bro. Travers Roy 780- 487-0941 780-901-2701 Onoway #138 4th, Wed, Legion Hall, Onoway, 7:30 pm Worshipful Master Secretary R.W. Bro. Bob Bell W. Bro. Mike Annis 780-967-5133 780-967-3443 Ivanhoe #142 1st, Thur, Freemasons Hall, Edmonton, 7:30 pm Worshipful Master Secretary W. Bro. Chris Mackenzie W. Bro. David Wright 780-299-5881 780-466-2285 Whitecourt #153 1st, Thur, Forest Interpretive Centre, Whitecourt, 8:00 pm Worshipful Master Secretary W. Bro. John Baxter W. Bro. Doug Ling 780-778-6632 780-778-2086

Yellowknife #162 1st, Mon, Masonic Hall, Yellowknife, 7:30 pm Worshipful Master Secretary W. Bro. Thom Jarvis W. Bro. Don Finnamore 867-445-9342 867-873-6897 Evergreen #166 2nd Mon, Freemasons Hall, Edmonton, 7:30 pm Worshipful Master Secretary W.Bro. Charles Cousineau W. Bro. Phil Fitch 780-454-8788 780-458-2015 Mystic Tie #188 2nd Wed, Freemasons Hall, Edmonton, 7:30 pm Worshipful Master Secretary W. Bro. Kyle Nickerson W. Bro. Bob Woolnough 780-718-8240 780-437-6144

Edmonton Lodge Directory Freemasons Hall 10318 – 100th Avenue, Edmonton, AB Empire #63 1st Mon Norwood #90 1st Tues Eastgate # 192 + 1st Tues Exemplar #175 1st Thur Edmonton #7 + 2nd Tues Dominion #117 2nd Wed Commercial #81 3rd Sat Highlands Masonic Hall 56th St. 118th Avenue, Edmonton, AB Redwood #193 1st Wed Temple Centennial #167 + 1st Thurs Sherwood #183 2nd Mon Highlands Unity # 168 2nd Tues Acacia Masonic Hall 10433 – 83rd Avenue, Edmonton, AB Avon Glen #170 1st Wed Acacia #11 2nd Thur Strathcona #77 + 2nd Fri Ye Olde Craft #196 2nd Sat Greisbach #191 3rd Mon Corner Stone Hall 6 Tache Street, St Albert, AB Balmoral #185 1st Wed

7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 1:00 pm

7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm

7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm

7:30 pm

+ York Rite Lodges

If you visit just one lodge a month you would have ten more opportunities to gain more light in Masonry, build friendships and enhance the Masonic experience.

Northern Lights District Luminaries Newsletter - Autumn 2013  
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