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HOUSE CONCERT RED MOON ROAD TRIO Tuesday, February 7, 7:30 pm WRITERS’ OPEN MIKE Monday, February 13, 7 pm



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Glitz & Glamour: It’s All In Film

LOVERS IN A NOT SO DANGEROUS TIME (CONTRIBUTORS): Shannon Butler, Randelle Lusk, Tony Warriner, Jacob Verberg, Ashlee Ecklund, Clarice Eckford, Emily Goodman, Naomi Shore, Sue Popesku, Barb Daley, Amy te Bulte, Dawn Service, Bettyanne Hampton, Joanne MacDonald, David Callahan, Angela de Smit, Tom Sparrow, Asia White, Dave Tolley, Mark Bodner, Russell Eggleston, Pam Clemen, NENAS staff.


Inspiration 6: Bringing Seasons to Fort St. John


NATEP: It’s About Being Prepared


Adam Winn & Joseph Te Bulte


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Matt Andersen at NPCC

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Conquer Stress We d n e s d a y s 7:15 Under the Yoga Tree #4-10104 100 St.

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WHAT’S GOING ON local groovy events guide

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Tue, Feb 07 - 7:00pm | Strawberry Jam | The Lido

Fri, Feb 17 - 8:00pm | The Irish Descendants Live | The Lido

Tue, Feb 07 - 7:00pm | Home Routes Concert: Red Moon Road | Tickets @ Retro Relics

Fri, Feb 17-18 - 8:30pm | Stage North’s The Good Game | North Peace Cultural Centre

Thu, Feb 09 - 7:30pm | Adam Winn and Joseph te Bulte Live | The Breakfast Room

Sat, Feb 18 - 8:30pm | Dierks Bentley with Chad Brownlee | Encana Events Centre

Fri, Feb 10 - 7:00pm | Sweet Heart Gala | Quality Inn Northern Grand

Thu, Feb 23-25 - 7:00pm | The Good Game | North Peace Cultural Centre

Every Wednesday 8:30 PM Open Mic Egan’s Pub

Fri, Feb 10 - 7:00pm | Ecole Central Elementary presents 101 Dalmations | North Peace Cultural Centre

Sun, Feb 26 - 7:00pm | Oscar Night on the Big Screen Featuring “Fashion and Form in Film” | On The Rocks

Every Thursday 7:30 PM Open Mic Century Bar & Grill Stonebridge Hotel

Fri, Feb 10 - 7:30pm | The Above Ground Underground | The Lido

Third Thursday of every month 6:00 PM All Ages Open Mic Patch Java

Fri, Feb 10 - 10:00pm | Hard Honey Live Show | On The Rocks

Tue, Feb 28 - 7:30pm | Ballet Kelowna presents A Grand Passion | North Peace Cultural Centre

Every Friday 8:00 PM Karaoke Remedies Lounge

Sat, Feb 11 - 9:00am | FSJ Community Arts Council Ice Carving Workshop | Centennial Park

WEEKLY GROOVY STUFF: Every Monday 7:00 PM Open Mic Remedies Lounge First Tuesday of every month 7:00 PM Strawberry Jam Lido Theatre Every Tuesday 8:00 PM Amateur Comedy Remedies Lounge

Every Friday 1:00 pm | Friendship Centre Soup & Bannock Day | FSJ Friendship Centre Every Tuesday Drumming at North Peace Cultural Centre North Peace Cultural Centre GROOVY STUFF GOING ON IN FEBRUARY & MARCH: Thu, Feb 02 - 7:00pm | Aerosmith Rocks - Canada’s Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute | Lido Theatre Fri, Feb 03 - 7:00pm | Inspiration 6: Seasons Opening Reception | Peace Gallery North Fri, Feb 03 - 8:00pm | The Suspicious Live Show | Egan’s Pub Sat, Feb 04 - 7:00pm | The FSJ Sunrise Rotary Club Sweethearts’ Ball | Pomeroy Hotel Sat, Feb 04 - 7:30pm | Motus O in Circus Terrifico! | North Peace Cultural Centre


Sat, Feb 11 - 2:00pm | Ecole Central Elementary presents 101 Dalmations | North Peace Cultural Centre Sat, Feb 11 - 6:00pm | 12th Annual Chocolate Festival | North Peace Cultural Centre Sat, Feb 11 - 7:00pm | Ecole Central Elementary presents 101 Dalmations | North Peace Cultural Centre Sat, Feb 11 - 9:00pm | Wake The Funk Up Presents Cyber Evolution | The Lido Sat, Feb 11 - 10:00pm | Hard Honey Live Show | On The Rocks Sun, Feb 12 - 7:30pm | Matt Andersen Live | North Peace Cultural Centre Mon, Feb 14 - 8:00pm | Spread the Word Open Mic for Poets and Writers | Retro Relics

Fri, Mar 02 - 6:00pm | CDC Annual Talent Show | North Peace Cultural Centre Mon, Mar 05 - 7:30pm | Paul Brandt Live | Encana Events Centre THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT WE DON’T CONTROL: WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS, DRIVING THE CHEVY TO THE LEVEE, WHAT IS HELTER AND WHAT IS SKELTER, THE REHABILITATION OF BAD, BAD LEROY BROWN, GUNS’ N ROSES GETTING ORIGINAL LINEUP TOGETHER, WHEN THEY WILL COME OUT WITH A DIRECTOR’S CUT OF THE MOVIE BREAKIN’, RUSTY TROMBONES. Events are published on a “first come-first put on this list” basis. Make sure you get your event onto the Groove website, too! Event times and dates are subject to change at any point, check with venue to ensure accuracy of information. For the most current event list:

Tue, Feb 14 - 7:00pm | Hedley with Kay, Karl Wolf, & Classified | Encana Events Centre

Enjoy the entertainment for free. We never have a cover charge - while enjoying great food and a cold beverage. When the show is over, try your luck on the slots.

Funny stuff. Join us for comedy monthly direct from Yuk Yuk’s!

Ultimate viewing spot! We are your number one spot to watch UFC action!

Under the B... Big Bingo. Big Fun.


Where music can be appreciated.

find out about upcoming shows @

ON THE ROAD... AGAIN editorial: jacob verberg

It was near the end of November when Russell emailed me and simply asked: “do you want to come to Fort St John, teach guitar and play music with some cool people for a month?’’ My reply: “YES!!!!” I had no idea my experience was going to be quite like the one I am having, even as I jot it all down.

Terry Isenbecker

Energy Realty Ltd.


250.261.6111 . Each office is independently owned and operated.

I am not a writer. I did not even get my high school English. I took communications, because as a teenager (much like now), my focus has been on playing and learning the guitar. But Russell has a way with people and while I was practising guitar Monday afternoon he came into my room and said “Mark and I want you to write the editorial for this month’s magazine.” Russell has a way of motivating me by giving me 10 minutes to finish a project. In this case he gave me ‘til the end of the day. Here are the results of that. I first came to Fort St. John two summers ago. I was on tour with my good friend Sasha Lewis when Russell contacted us and asked if we wanted to come up for a gig. When we arrived everything was taken care of. We had gigs, places to stay and friendly faces to greet us. This past fall, we came back with our good

friend Jesse Clarke. Returning was something the three of us were looking forward to for some time. We knew before we got here that Fort St John was going to be a blast and it was. Playing a show with Miss Quincy and Dave Tolley was the highlight. Hanging out with Miss Quincy and Russell after the gig was inspiring; Miss Quincy with her road stories and Russell with his Voice of an Angel serenading us the morning after. So here I find myself back in the cultural “oasis” of the north. If it sounds like I am making a joke, I am not. One thing that impresses me are the number of venues to play in one town. From the open mic held at Egan’s Pub to the cool lounge vibe of the Breakfast Room at the Pomeroy Hotel. and the wonderful space at Whole Wheat and Honey. And I have not seen them all yet! The North Peace Cultural Centre has some amazing things going on. The African Guitar Summit workshop and concert, just to name one. THE African Guitar Summit!!!!! Some of the greatest musicians on the planet and they come to Fort St John to give a workshop and concert. And coming in February, Matt amazing Canadian blues musician from the east coast. This is crazy!!!!! There is so much going on in your city. And while I’m here, I’m getting involved. Clarice Eckford has gotten me involved with the Family Literacy Day concert, an evening of multicultural performances. It started as a simple chat, and I wound up learning about a student she met from Africa who plays the saxophone and another student that plays a tradition Chinese instrument. These are the things that are right here in Fort St. John. These are the people in your neighbourhood. As the days go by on my visit, it just keeps on getting better.


Track your activity & WIN a trip to Mexico! Sign up at or at the North Peace Leisure Pool, Pomeroy Sport Centre, or the Visitor Centre 8

There’s always one thing you can count on for the annual High On Ice Festival. The weather. It may be sunny and mild with ice sculptures sweating profusely; slowly shedding layer after layer of frostiness until all that remains is the memory of a once beautiful piece of ice art. Or, you have this year. Howling winds from the northwest coupled with temperatures in the deep, deep, deep minus twenties. Perfect carving weather. Riiiiiiiiiight. However, as any true ice carver knows...this kind of thing happens all the time, so you bundle up, put on that extra layer of thermals, maybe add a little extra “zap” to your coffee and start chipping, grinding and carving away, removing all the “non-artful” pieces of ice and leaving only the majestic ones behind. We show but a brief sample of the majesty in this article. You did put on your longjohns and check them out in Centennial Park, didn’t you? Of course. We thought so! But, if you missed the 2012 High On Ice Competition, but want to try your hand at ice carving, a workshop is being held Saturday, February 11 between 9am and 4pm at Centennial Park. Cost is only $25 and lunch is provided. For more information and an entry form, visit the Northern Groove Events Calendar online at


wear the clothes and





What do hockey and theatre have in common? Both have a stage for the players, rules of the game, audiences with great passion for the performance, and excitement triggered by the spontaneity of the action taking place. Stage North Theatre Society is bringing the “great” game to the theatre for some fun and entertainment on February 17. Stage North scores with locker room humour in the production of The Good Game​by Roy Tweed when it faces off later this month at the North Peace Cultural Centre in Fort St. John.

his new persona as a pedantic educator and author. Pinkie (Rob Laventure) is the token French Canadian player, now from Montreal, who traveled the furthest to the reunion. “It’s about changes in their lives but The play tells the story of Zack, CJ, Pinkie and Charlie, they turn out to be very much the same people they were 20 years ago,” remarked Scott. During the game, four aging hockey players reunited for an old-timers the self-important radio announcer (Paul Mahood), game. “It’s a reunion game, 20 years after they won favours the young fellows but earns new respect for the Nestor Cup, they return to play the current Nestor Newtons,” said Blair Scott, Stage North Director. “They the old-timers. haven’t played together for a long time and they are not Hockey fans will relate as the players rekindle old in shape anymore and a bit nervous.” Accomplished TSN reporter Samantha Brown is on the scene to bring memories, take up old friendships, and brace themselves for the match of their lives. back the memories of their earlier years when she first reported on the team as a young girl. A hockey game and a play have another point in Everyone can identify with the varied characters in the common. A good hockey game nor a good stage play. Zack (played by Les Anderson ) is the hometown performance can ever be duplicated exactly as it was played the first time! boy who stayed close to home and is the mechanic at the local garage. Charlie (Rob Dempsey) is the goalie who has been hit by one too many pucks. The wild player and instigator of crazy antics as a teenager, CJ MacDonald (Dennis Szalai), shocks everyone with 10

GUESS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PRESS PAWS? ashlee ecklund PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Sometimes we hear about a story or something that is being done in Fort St. John that literally makes us stop and say “What?! That’s really happening in Fort St. John?”. Ashlee’s story was one of these moments! It’s absolutely amazing all of the things available and happening in our small town... arts, culture, kicksledding... you name it! What’s your story? Send it in and it just might get published. Anyways here’s Ashlee’s story!

My best friend is a beautiful, 120 pound redhead. She is two and a half years old, has four legs, and comes to the name Indie. She loves hiking, swimming, and long naps, but her newest hobby is kicksledding. Everyone who knows Indie and I are aware of how close we are. But the bond that has resulted from her pulling me on endless kilometres of untouched snowy trails is indescribable. I couldn’t wait to share this with everyone I know. Scandinavians have been enjoying the sport of kicksledding for over 100 years. It has been a major event of the nordic games since the late 1800s. Races can be up to 100km long with speeds reaching 30km/ hr. Canadians began importing the sleds from Finland in 1989 and although it began as an individual sport, it didn’t take us long to modify the sled to include the family pet. Long gone are the days when you needed a team of huskies to enjoy dogsledding. Nor does your dog need to be a 120 pound moose like mine. You can attach one or two dogs to the sled and it is recommended that your dog is 18+ months old and 40+ pounds before pulling any kind of weight. I’ve

found training to be fairly minimal, only having to teach her a few extra commands. ‘Hike’ means to go forward, ‘gee’ and ‘haw’ are right and left, and ‘whoa’ is self-explanatory, but possibly the most important. The only equipment you need is a harness and a dog ready kicksled. These items can be purchased for around $300-$400. The sled consists of a chair with handlebars mounted on a pair of flexible metal runners which you stand on and kick back with one foot, hence the name “kicksledding”. A typical adult sled is two meters long and weighs under twenty pounds. The chair makes it incredibly versatile and helps make it a family experience. Kids love it!! And trust me (if it’s even possible!) your dog will love you more for it. So hook up, hold on, hit the trails, and have fun! Hope to see you out there..

Home of Fort St. John’s longest running

OPEN MIC with Ryan Hennessey every wednesday 8pm

live lives where mu sic local

SUPER TIMES IN THE SUPER 8 {250 263 9991}

S FROM OUR LIP TO YOUR CHOICE OF EARS etheart with make a joyful noise unto your swe a valentines day sing-a-gram emily goodman

n & naomi shore | pix russell egglesto

Have you ever felt the urge to serenade a loved one for Valentine’s Day, but quickly came to your tone-deaf senses and realized that you’re at least one bang-sweep short of being Justin Bieber? Well, your prayers have been answered: Sing-a-grams to the rescue! This Valentine’s Day, shock and spoil your Valentine’s “crush” with a surprise singing telegram - a Sing-A-Gram! - performed by local musicians who are a little more experienced in carrying a tune. Here’s how it works: Our volunteer wonder-singers will be cruising the streets of Fort St. John from dawn til dusk on February 14th. You will have remembered to book them in advance (details further on...keep reading) for your sweetheart (Yes, you will. You thoughtful, considerate soul). They will SECRETLY arrive with armfuls of delectable and floating goodies,


scent-sational florals, and a personalized card from YOU, the “Admirer”, to blow the socks off of your “Crush” in front of co-workers, peers, and random passersby with a killer Valentine’s song. Kind of amazing. Kind of romantic. Kind of awesome. Think Valentine’s Day is just for lovers? Think again! The beauty of Sing-A-Grams is that they are the perfect gift for anyone! Team up with co-workers to embarrass your loveable-but-hardass boss. Surprise your mate with an ooey-gooey love song that is sure to melt away the tainted memories of forgotten Valentines’ past. Get Sing-A-Grams for kids, friends, parents, coworkers, siblings, whomever! Get a Sing-A-Gram for gram! Or, take a leap of faith with the ultimate Valentine’s gesture - the Secret Admirer Sing-A-Gram. If wildly romantic/embarrassing gestures aren’t

2 for 1 for ALL Kids Yoga Classes in 2012


Family Yoga at artSpace Men’s Yoga at Today’s Techniques Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm

GROUP & PRIVATE LESSONS AVAILABLE | Child, Adult & Family Classes REGISTER @ WWW.NPCC.BC.CA . 250 261 0283

enough, IT’S ALL FOR CHARITY! That’s right, 100% of your contribution will be supporting our local Women’s Resource Centre. The Sing-A-Grams launches the annual fundraising campaign for the Women’s Resource Centre, and also rolls out the velvety red carpet for V-DAY and our local 2012 production of The Vagina Monologues, opening on March 2nd. More on that to come in next month’s Groovemag and on the Grooveweb. TO REGISTER: Log on to and follow the link to reserve your Sing-A-Gram this Valentine’s Day. Act fast, as space is limited! If you insist on being a last minute shopper, be sure to listen to MooseFM on Monday, February 13th to bid live for The Last Minute Sing-a-Gram Auction, or, as we like to call it, the Worst-turned-Best Admirer of the Year Contest!

Thank you to our amazingly talen ted Valentine’s volunteers, including: Naomi Shore, singer and piano teach er extraordinaire, is a local yokel who can currently be seen entertaining pub crowds as one-half of the duo, Twin Peaks. Lindsay Pratt, aka the Mad Pratter (and Twin Peaks part deux) of Taylor, BC has been blowing minds since her early youth with her impressive songwriting and enormous set of... pipes. Huck is a legend in the making, reinv enting the blues with his original dittie s and spreading the love with his infectious personality. Henry See is a budding young artist in his musical prime, writing locally-insp ired tunes while paying tribute to music al legends of the past. Emily Goodman made a splash on the FSJ music scene by collaborating with local faves and tearing up Open Mic night s, between her days as Executive Direc tor of the Women’s Resource Centre.

Hi Honey! Valentines dinner & dr ink specials at Jackfish!!!

See you th ere!


I’ll pick you up.






ART SALES & TATTOOS BY PAIGE JOHNS AND AMY GOTHARD. TATTOOS $100/HR 250-263-1196 ! ! 303-9711 100th Avenue in the Re/Max Building

THE MAN ON THE BUS randelle lusk

As it’s doors slid shut, the bus sighed and lurched its metallic body along the paved city street. The man from the bus stop waved me over to a vacant seat which neighbored his own. After a full day at the studio, my body graciously accepted the invite. With a thick accent, in a dialect my brain couldn’t quite place, the man captured me with conversation. Asking about my hometown, why I was in Vancouver and how long I was staying. He told me of his own “visit” to Vancouver, 20 years prior, from which he never returned home. His eyes, bright with wonder, darted through the “current” of the city as it swiftly slipped past the windowpane. Holding his gaze to the urban kaleidoscope he listed the reasons I should move to the beautiful and vibrant city. Eventually, the conversation circulated to yoga. His sea-like eyes now turned to my own. Through his jetblack mustache he insisted yoga was too difficult for him. As his leg jiggled and foot tapped, he described

how his mind raced constantly. How his brain felt like a tornado of thoughts ripping through a trailer park. “This yoga,” he said. “It’s not for me. It’s too difficult for my brain. It is always rushing, rushing, rushing.” Many people harvest the misconception that you have to be genetically pre-disposed to practice yoga; you either have it or you don’t. You have to be born with bones of rubber and a mind that replicates the calm before the storm. Ironically, we are all born with incredible flexibility and a quiet mind! It is the years of rigidity and stress that lead to inflexibility of the body and constant chatter of our brains. The idea that “my mind is to busy” or “my body is not flexible enough to do yoga” breaks my heart a little. The purpose of yoga is to quiet the mind, to give the mind a break from the day-to-day so it can soak in the moment of “now”. My friend and teacher, Eoin Finn, was recently quoted in Alive Magazine

“…stop considering thoughts an obstacle... The clouds are part of the beauty of the sky. The shooting stars are an integral part of the night. The night doesn’t say to itself, ‘Here comes a shooting star to interrupt my peace!’” ~ Daniel Odier

stating, “Saying you are too inflexible to do yoga is like saying you are too dirty to have a shower!” The same principle holds true to meditation. People do have busy brains. We do live in a fast moving culture. We have falsely trained ourselves to believe we have to constantly keep moving ever quicker, in order to stay on top of things. Yoga and meditation undoubtedly take work. Somedays the work is very hard, and there can be moments of frustration and mental weakness. But with time, it gets easier, more comfortable; it becomes completely natural. “How should one consider the intrusions of thought that interfere with one’s absorption [through meditation]?”

~ Randelle Under the Yoga Tree offers an extensive yoga schedule for all levels, with public classes offered 7 days a week. For an up-to-date schedule visit 4-Week Beginner Yoga Program: Feb. 2 - Mar. 4, Tues/Thurs @ 5:45pm: $120 Private and Corporate Sessions available. Contact Randelle Lusk, RYT-200 for more info: 250.263.5828 |

The only commercial coffee roaster in the North Peace makes a big splash. At Patch Java Coffee House we feel so good about what we do, we did it again! Come join us at our second location in the North Peace Leisure Pool. We still offer our same fresh, locally roasted coffee, smoothies, ice cream ice capps, and various other beverages!

10430 100th Street Mon - Fri: 6am - 6pm Sat: 8am - 4pm Sun: 10am - 4pm

250 261 6648 Now at the North Peace Leisure Pool Mon - Fri: 10am - 10pm Sat: 9am - 9pm Sun: 1pm - 5pm

We are also offering our sensational panini sandwiches, fresh daily soups, and delectable goodies that you have all come to love. One Last thing. We are open late all week at Patch Java II! 10:00am to 10:00pm Weekdays, 9:00am to 9:00pm Saturday, and 1:00-5:00pm Sunday! Come take a dip and enjoy a fast, fresh lunch today! Follow us on Twitter/PatchJava or Facebook for our daily lunch specials at both locations!

Devon Wigglesworth Owner, Patch Java

This map of Fort St. John is intended to help visitors and residents better find venues, restaurants and our supporting businesses.


100 ST


18 19

17 7










*a tC ha







8 4

9 13 17



Kilnhouse Studio 10510 101 Ave. | 250-271-0066


Retro Relics | The Rabbit Hole 10140 100th Ave. | 250-787-8822


Whole Wheat ‘n’ Honey 10003 100 St. | 250-787-9866


North Peace Cultural Centre 10015 100th Ave. | 250-785-1992

14 NENAS 10328-101st Ave. | 250-785-0887


Pomeroy Inn & Suites 9320 Alaska Road | 250-262-3030

14 Under the Yoga Tree 10104-101 Ave. | 250-263-5828


Isabelle’s Boutique Totem Mall | 250-785-8070

15 Serenity Spa Charlie Lake | 250-785-0263


North Peace Savings and Credit Union 10344-100th St. | 250-787-0361

16 Pomeroy Sport Centre 93rd Ave. & 96th St. | 250-787-8150


Peace Gallery North 10015 100th Ave. | 250-785-1992


Fort St. John Visitor Centre 9523 100th St. | 250-785-3033

10 Pomeroy Hotel | Tony Romas Chances Gaming Centre 11308 Alaska Road N. | 250-262-3233 11 Jackfish Dundee’s 12984 Jackfish Frontage Road 250-785-3233

16 6

17 Patch Java 10430 100th St. | 250-261-6648 18 City of Fort St. John 10631 100th St. | 250-787-8150 19 Evangel Chapel 10508 98 St. | 250-785-3386 20 Family Friendly Initiative 10142 101 Ave. | 250-785-6021 x253 21 Marc Joseph - Trends Clothing Northgate Mall | 250-261-6367

12 King Cool Refrigeration 10704 101 Ave. | 250-787-1688

22 Canadian Water Serve & Save 9420 100th St. | 250-263-9927

13 FSJ Community Arts Council 10320 94th Ave. | 250-787-2781

23 Endurance Tattoos 303 9711 100th Ave. | 250-263-1196

24 This & That 10112 100th

25 Egan’s Pub Super 8 Hot

26 Terry Isenb whatuneed.

--- Everything 10015 100th

--- Drum with 10015 100th

--- Family Frien familyfriend

100 AVE



t Antiques h Street | 250-262-0049

tel | 250-263-9991

becker .ca | 250-261-6111

g Yoga h Ave. | 250-261-0283

Dave Tolley h Ave. | 250-663-8809


GLITZ AND GLAMOUR’s all in film

sue popesku

It’s a wrap. The script is written. The editing is done. The decision is final. Movie film will no longer litter the cutting room floor. The celluloid we know of as movie film is on its way out to be replaced by digital distribution as early as April of this year.

the support of Talisman, Fort St. John Arts Council and Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT).

Fort St. John will celebrate the glitz and glamour of the movies with a unique send-up of the famous miniframe black strips. Creative designers and artists are making fashions and artwork from actual movie film to be showcased during Stage North’s Oscar Night on the Big Screen event.

Film strips have always been the icon of the movies until the recent rapid growth of digitalization and the internet. Promoting this competition, Stage North tried out digital by making a YouTube video for the event. Posted under Fashion and Film, the video sets a mysterious scene with a surprise ending. Last year, a few Stage North actors along with Mayor Bruce Lantz made the video under the direction of Karen Rutledge. Edited with the help of Eaglevision, the video was posted right before the new year.

Over 25 registrants are creating wearable art and artworks to compete for $1,000 in prize money. Enquiries about this one-of-a-kind competition have come from as far away as England and southern USA. Aurora Cinema has supplied designers with rolls and rolls of the discarded coming attractions movie trailers. As a Landmark Cinema, Aurora will be changing over to digital within the year. Celluloid film will soon be history.

Celebrate with Stage North on February 26 at On the Rocks Nightclub and Pub. Tickets are only $15 and available now online or at the NPCC Box Office. Come as you are or consider the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. From the silent movies to present day, the fashions have been dazzling. Dare to wear your favourite fashion depicting one of the many eras or movie stars of the past or present.

Stage North initiated the celebration as a feature of this year’s Oscar Night on the Big Screen. As the Academy Awards happen in Hollywood, Fort St. John can see it play out on the big screen at On the Rocks in real time. Fashion and Form is new this year and has caught the imagination of people in industry, arts and culture and recycling along with

INSPIRATION 6 bringing “seasons” to fort st. john barb daley

The word “Seasons” evokes a wide variety of ideas for each of us. We are immersed in the seasons in our environment, as well as the seasons of our times, and the seasons of our own lives. Two years ago, six creative women from either side of the mighty Peace River gathered together to form INSPIRATION 6. Mary Parslow and Mary Mottishaw from Dawson Creek joined imaginative forces with the North Peace’s Cindy Vincent, Sandy Troudt, Judy Templeton and Barbara Daley. They were each in a season of their lives where creative expression was becoming a priority. They started with a website designed by Cary

Walters, Then they took a leap of faith and booked their first collaborative art show, INSPIRATION 6: “A celebration of the Creative Spirit”, for a year ahead and began to meet monthly to plan the event, create a group vision and encourage each other along the way. The first INSPIRATION 6 show opened at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery in September 2010 and then moved across the river to Peace Gallery North in Fort St. John in October 2010. The shows were enthusiastically received by both communities.

While each of the artists pursues their own separate paths, they regularly meet as a group. Having been invited by the Fairview Art Centre to create an exhibit for October 2011, group members individually interpreted the theme of “Seasons” as well as planned collaborative pieces. “Window to the Soul” was a large collaborative piece that sold quickly in the last show, each pane of the window holding the unique style and interests of a particular artist.

“Seasons” is traveling to Fort St. John in February and will be on exhibit at Peace Gallery North from February 3-29. From diverse painting and printmaking to photography, fibre art and mixed media, “Seasons” by INSPIRATION 6 will be sure to inspire YOUR creative spirit.

...but stop here first for a new bathing suit.

In the Totem Mall . 250 785 8070


Kent’s work experience led him to a full time union job and an installation apprenticeship. “Thank you for helping me understand the potential. I am now achieving my goals and making killer coin!”

dave tolley

Part of growing as a community involves making sure we spread around the knowledge it takes to help others succeed. The information is out there and accessible, it just takes a few inspiring people and some great programs to pass on that knowledge. One way NENAS does this is through their NATEP program. The Northern Aboriginal Training for Employment Program, or NATEP for short, is designed to prepare people from our community to enter the labour force. In a community that is very rooted in industry this program not only educates people but also connects these same people to our community. The program targets construction, mining, and the oil and gas industries which we all know are very important in Fort St. John and the North Peace region. In the NATEP program they receive 12 weeks of in-class training, and then move onto a 6 month paid work practicum. Notice we said paid!

Lisa has completed the class portion of the program and is now working full time as a multi-role laborer; working with cement, trusses and bed trucks. Lisa says, “This program has changed my life.”

Some of the skills participants will learn include the following: Essential Skills: reading, writing, document use, communication and more Personal Development Skills Pre-employment Skills Industry and Safety Certifications. The importance of developing skills not only creates a sense of pride in ourselves but also enforces a sense of belonging within the community; something we all should have the opportunity to feel. Look above for success stories from Kent and Lisa, two people who have been through this program. For more info contact NENAS at 250-785-0887

ADAM WINN & JOSEPH TE BULTE live music at the breakfast room russell eggleston

The stories I like best are the ones of seemingly everyday folk, who oppose all odds, and seem to somehow still figure out a way to do the things that they love to do. Adam Winn and Joseph Te Bulte are two of these kinds of people. To me, both Adam and Joseph seem to encompass what I could imagine being a very similar situation as many residents in Fort St. John around their age. They both have skilled careers, family responsibilities, a house and mortgage, and all of the expected stresses and obligations that seem to be associated with these things. But what really sets these guys apart is that somehow, in amongst the everyday life stuff, these guys have managed to find the time to develop their skills as musicians and songwriters and to rise to a level of playing and performance that most of us rarely have the discipline to achieve!

It’s an honour to present Adam Winn and Joseph Te Bulte live at The Breakfast Room in the Pomeroy Hotel on Thursday, February 9th as they present two full sets comprised of mainly original music. As an additional splash of musical magic, Jacob Verberg has joined in the rehearsing and will be accompanying both Adam and Joseph at the show. These guys have really been working hard towards getting ready, and I’m really excited to be a part of the show! The Breakfast Room will be filled with friends, family, musicians, and music lovers alike! The shows at The Breakfast Room are available to all ages, and everyone is invited! If you’re interested in a night of great music, and wanted to see what these seemingly ordinary local guys have been up-to... I strongly encourage you to come out!

SWEET HEART GALA amy te bulte

I love my job. I have the privilege of working with Evangel Chapel, bringing great events to the community of Fort St John such as Party in the Park and Candy Planet. At a recent staff meeting the question of Valentine’s day came up. Could we plan a super awesome, heart-themed event for the community? Should we? Of course! The discussion brought up all the usual Valentine ideas. Couples, time together, family, love. And for our area in particular, the notion of the craziness of ‘the patch’ lifestyle and what that can do to a family or relationship and the sort of special support that might be needed. Before I knew it, we were planning an evening of great food, incredible entertainment, wonderful company and, of course, a great time with your significant other. The list just grew. As did mine. But it’s all okay, because I am part of planning something great. Something that I would want to attend even if I was not planning it.

I would definitely want to go out with my man and eat an incredible meal with Naomi Shore serenading us, while having great conversations with old and new friends. And I would want to laugh a little or a lot while watching some people make complete fools of themselves re-enacting their own version of the Marriage Ref. I would like to hear even more music, maybe from Joseph teBulte, and then I would like to finish off the night with a decadent dessert and a little dancing with my sweetheart. Yes. That is exactly what I would like to do! I love my job. I get paid to plan the best date night ever! EVENT: Feb 10, Quality Inn Grand Ballroom TICKETS: $70 per couple available by calling 250785-3386 or emailing

FORT ST. JOHN WRITING WORKSHOP Silence is Violence: Narrative Voice as a Tool for Resistance

dawn service

“We were born to create. It’s our birthright. Our nature. Remember: Everything is permitted in the imagination! You are both deeply human and deeply Divine. Only practice fingerpainting on the moon and you will discover how true this is.” ~ Peter Levitt Fingerpainting on the Moon When I learned last autumn of the CJDC Radio and Television Community Project Award, I decided to send in a proposal for a women’s writing workshop. The award is designed to allow for as much originality, creativity and flexibility on the part of the applicant. The award was established by the former owners of the local radio and television station to support community projects with a cultural focus that benefit the Northern Lights community. I’m grateful to have received this award and will be offering a writing workshop entitled, Silence is Violence: Narrative Voice as a Tool for Resistance. In 1998, Statistics Canada published a report entitled Changing the Landscape: Ending Violence ~ Achieving Equality. The report findings demonstrate that women continue to outnumber men nine to one as victims of assault by a spouse or partner. So while violence continues to be a part of the social condition of many women’s lives, there continues to be personal and social silencing surrounding the issue. According to the National Organization for Women, all forms of violence result from society’s attitudes toward women and efforts to “keep women in their place.” To address the imbalance of power and gender that surrounds the issue of violence, it is important to not only end the silence, but to move beyond the traditional methods of intervention such as mental health services, sexual assault centers and counseling agencies that offer important support and services but fail to collectively bring women together, to redress the imbalance of power through the use of narrative. In short, voice is a powerful tool of resistance and even a path to self-reclamation.

Workshop Goals and Objectives: provide a supportive environment where women feel safe to share experiences of violence review existing publications that address the theme of violence against women improve participant awareness that violence is a form of social and political control develop participant writing skills in the genres of poetry, fiction and non-fiction publish a chapbook that can be shared with the wider community inspire writers to tap into their own creative genius mitigate the experience of violence for the workshop participants and women at large Workshop Location: The Aboriginal Gathering Space at Northern Lights College in Fort St. John Dates: Saturday, March 17 - 9am to 4pm (includes free lunch) March 24, 31, April 7, 14, 21, 28 - 1pm to 4pm Cost: Free including a complimentary copy of “Walk Myself Home” an anthology to end violence against women. Participants: Women of all literacy levels will be considered. There will be a maximum cap on enrollment of twelve participants and acceptance into the workshop will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, after a brief screening interview that will help determine readiness. Participants should be aware that this is a writing workshop where the focus is on writing and not counseling. No counseling services will be available. Participants should feel ready to disclose and to publish, although they publish anonymously. Registration: Please email instructor Dawn Service at or call 250-785-6981 extension 2077.

THE OTHERS tony warriner

I’m a musician and a bit of a singer, and I am absolutely besotted with harmony. It’s everywhere in the world of music: guitar riffs, piano chords, string quartets, and church choirs. I’ve taught all of my kids to “grab” vocal harmonies; they do it well, almost instinctively whenever they sing-along with the latest radio hits. This ancient poem I once read hinted at the idea that once harmony (not unity) was achieved among individuals, something miraculous would happen beyond the laws of science and the explanations of philosophers. I’ve experienced this a time or two, most recently at the Imagine Christmas Choir, with a 130 voices blended into one magnificent and breathtaking voice. As a musician that loves jamming with other musicians, there have been the rare moments when we’ve became so in sync with each other that the barriers between each instrument seem to fade into oblivion and, almost mystically, each of us gel into a single “voice”. Those moment are extraordinary and somehow feel spiritual. But a heads up: this kind of togetherness is impossible without opposing parts or notes. There is simply NO harmony in unison or uniformity. Zippo. Nil. Absolutely zilch. You have to have completely different notes if you want to ascend into the realm of this supernatural phenomenon, this “to infinity and beyond” world. Unfortunately, birds of a feather DO flock together; causing us to, more often than not, miss out on the absolute heavenliness of harmony. Unison is the main course, and frankly, blasé in comparison to the alternative. If I’m a religious

person, I tend to gravitate to other religious people of my particular persuasion. If I’m an intellectual type, I pursue others with letters behind their names. If I’m a single mom, I look for people that have experienced similar situations. If I’m a techno musician, I jam with other techno musicians. And I miss out on the mellifluous, sensational, life-expanding richness of “when brothers dwell together in harmony”. Remember, uniformity will never take you there. To experience the miracle of harmony, you must push past your clique, engage your community from a different perspective, and interact with people that are from you. True community happens where differences are accepted - even celebrated - and then… blended. I had an a-ha moment last summer when returning from a five week sojourn in Eastern Europe: I share this tiny corner of the planet called Fort St. John with a very small amount of people (25k compared to Istanbul’s 25M). Hitting me like an espresso, I realized that all 25,000 people in my little city are really family! Regardless of our different beliefs, viewpoints, values, etc. we are intimately connected because of the real-estate we dwell on. And though I may travel the globe and marvel at the exotic tapestry of foreign culture, beliefs, and traditions, when I return to my home, I’m prone to live and interact in my little bubble of uniformity and safety, never venturing out into the rich tapestry of the culture in which I live 24/7. What a shame! So here are five practical ways to bring beautiful and enriching harmony into your life, and a warning: you will in all likelihood have to build some new relationships. 1. Go to church. Little known fact: 25% of our community goes to some kind of church regularly and upwards of 50% have a faith of some sort. It’s a value they hold. Now

the non-religious folks can think, “what a bunch of loonies”, or you can get out of your circle, put aside your unease, and engage, even if it makes no sense to you. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to expand your circle of interaction because church happens every week in public places all over the city. I’m certainly not saying you “buy in”, but simply by engaging a different part of your “FSJ family”, they become a little less foreign to you and a little more community spirit grows. You’d probably find that “the others” aren’t so out there. 2. Go to a pub. Yes, I’m talking to you guys who never attend any events unless it’s in your church. I have found that there is authentic community happening in some of those late-night joints, a sub-culture of your FSJ family. Along with good music and food, there’s genuine friendships, and people seeking life to the full. In many ways it’s so similar the experience you have in the church crowd. Check out an evening show at Whole Wheat and Honey, or maybe a Wednesday 8pm Egan’s Open Mic. Hang around afterwards to interact with this part of your local “family”. It’s all about moving out of your comfort zone - such a healthy thing - and opening your heart to people that are contrasting “notes”, without compromising your beliefs and values. For Heaven’s sake, give harmony a chance. 3. Attend an event celebrating an artistic genre that is not your normal preference. I have a feeling that there are creative expressions hidden in the bedrock of our community that are awaiting some moonlight rendezvous between say, a C note and an E note. Once discovered, these combinations could be potentially earth-shaking and communityimpacting…in a very good way! The artisans in our community are definitely among the most open to cross-pollination, so get out there and mingle, take it to the next level. Check out one of the Pomeroy Barn Dances (being held periodically at the Taylor Hall during the winter months, check for more details) or take in a Stage North production. The key is this: do something you wouldn’t normally do! 4. Share a meal with complete strangers. Nothing, I repeat

nothing, is more powerful in terms of building community and sharing life on a deeper level than the simple act of sharing good food and good drink. If we could simply eat together and talk, there would be less wars and bloodshed. Not only are you a blessing to others, but the return is amplified by 30x at least for you personally! So do this with your friends, but for the miracle of harmony to grace your home, you must deliberately choose people that are not in your circle. Chances are you won’t have to look far, just a few houses down the street or even next door. 5. Determine who the people are in your city that you least associate with, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s an ethnic or religious group, maybe it’s a social “class” - the poor or the rich. Or maybe it’s a field of work - say the oil patch or maybe the emergency response sector. Who are they? Make it a goal for 2012 to break in somehow to that group. It’s not really that difficult. Go hang out at the Elk’s Hall, visit the care home, attend a concert, invite the neighbors for dinner, or show up at the next firefighters appreciation banquet. As you step out, here’s what you’ll find: friends and family are EVERYWHERE. The “others” were a group of fictional characters who inhabited the other side of the mysterious island in the television series Lost, and they provided much of the antagonism throughout each episode. We don’t need to have any “others” on our little northern land-locked island, because as you’ll come to find, the “others” are really beautiful people, potentially the best friends you’ve ever made, maybe even kindred spirits. And they’re out there - go find ‘em and introduce yourself. They probably won’t talk like you, or eat the same things you eat, but they share this little patch of earth and that’s makes them your absolutely closest neighbors on the planet! Act like it.


Fort St. John’s residential care staff prepares for move to expanded facility. written by david callahan, angela de smit and joanne macdonald. photos by david callahan and tom sparrow

When it came time to plan for the transition from the North Peace Care Centre to the new Fort St. John residential care facility, staff was involved from the ground up. “We went through an exercise where the staff had the opportunity to see the drawings and raise any issues that they felt might be things that we should be concerned about,” said David Callahan, Residential Care Manager at the North Peace Care Centre. “It was a really good process, developed in collaboration with NH and ISL representatives, because some of the topics that came up in those conversations were things that we, as a leadership team, would never have thought of. We have such a large workforce of approximately 140 staff and we thought it was important for staff to have input.” The new residential care building, to be named Peace Villa, will consist of two houses, The Meadows and The Gardens, with each featuring two floors of living space. The Residential Care Servery. new residential care facility will adopt the no smoking policy that has already been implemented at the existing North Peace Care Centre.

The new facility will also feature: Living areas designed in a pod system, which will group smaller numbers of residents in smaller areas; Hallways that, instead of ending abruptly, will encircle the last room in each hallway so that residents can follow the path of the hallway back to their rooms; Ground-floor courtyards adjacent to each house, and balcony access on the second floors, enabling residents to go outside for fresh air; and Single bedrooms for all residents that include a washroom with a shower. “Another advantage for residents will be the easy access to the new hospital’s acute care services, located right next to our facility,” said Callahan. “This way, residents can visit a granddaughter having a baby, or even relatives or friends who may be in the hospital. They can’t do that from our current location.”

The $297.9 million Fort St. John Hospital & Residential Care Facility is on track to open in the summer of 2012.


House A v

Main Entrances - Hospital on left and Residential Care on right..

Looking southwest at Houses A and

To date, two site tours of the new residence have been held for residential care staff. Closer to the anticipated move-in date in late June, mandatory staff orientation sessions will be held.

view from Cafeteria.

Callahan acknowledged that one of his biggest challenges throughout the project has been juggling his daily managerial duties with project-related duties. Recruitment is also a major ongoing challenge, coupled with the fact that the facility is increasing from 87 to 123 beds. The increase is due, in part, to the need to accommodate 28 residents from the South Peace who are being moved from either Peace River Haven in Pouce Coupe or Rotary Manor in Dawson Creek. He noted that management has been working closely with Dot to Dot, the transition consulting team, to ensure their transition tasks are completed so that staff are ready for working in the new facility. Nursing staff will learn, for example, how to work in the smaller pods and find where supplies will be located.


“We have about 25 or 30 transition items left to complete, one of them being the smoking cessation program which was implemented at the North Peace Care Centre on January 18,” he said. Saxon Bay Consulting has been hired to develop a detailed education plan, in collaboration with the Northern Health education team, and our private sector partner ISL Health, that will be used for training all staff in the new facility - prior to moving in - on the new equipment; the facility layout; the call bells; the fire alarm; and the wander guard protection system. Meanwhile, Health Care Relocations, experts in move management of health care facilities, will help staff work out details of the moving process, such as determining at what stage to include families in the physical move - for example, packing belongings to be moved - and when families can assist their loved ones to settle into their new surroundings. “It’s been a very interesting process. It’s had its very rewarding periods but it’s also had its very trying times where the amount of work that we’re going through is enormous,” said Callahan

isl health

CELEBRATING DIVERSITY: BLACK HISTORY MONTH IN FORT ST. JOHN Fort St. John Pan-African Caribbean Association (PACA) clarice eckford

Throughout the United States and Canada, February is Black History Month. Since 1976, according to Citizen and Immigration Canada, “the Government of Canada has recognized the contributions of many black Canadians, as well as the significance of places and events that have shaped Black History in Canada.” Continuing that tradition is the Fort St. John Pan-African Caribbean Association (PACA), an organization of local residents whose family ties and roots are from African and Caribbean countries. The diversity of African and Caribbean cultures varies widely, as do the volunteers of the association. Membership comes from Nigeria, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Barbados, Kenya, and many more. In conversation with Lorelei Mackenzie, a key contributor of PACA, she talks about the influence of Caribbean culture on music of the region. She references the influence of reggae on calypso and vice versa, excited to share this music with Fort St. John during Black History Month. PACA commemorates the month with a gala at the end of February. Annually, participants enjoy delicious African and Caribbean cuisine, live music and dance, and a fashion show. Last year I had the great pleasure of helping prepare the food for the gala at the North Peace Cultural Centre. The majority of the food was prepared in the foods room at Dr. Kearney Middle School. It was amazing to walk through the parking lot of the school, smelling delicious spices and garlic.

Once again the FSJ Pan-African Caribbean Association will host a night of African and Caribbean cuisine, with a fashion show and music at the North Peace Cultural Centre. The event takes place on Saturday, February 25 starting at 6:00pm. The night will be emceed by Donald F and there will be a silent auction with all sorts of exciting goodies to bid on. This year, PACA will host a second night of celebration at Whole Wheat & Honey Café on February 18th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. This event will feature a short film from Nigeria, Caribbean music and traditional pub games. The event is free and refreshments will be served. The community is invited to wear tropical themed clothing for this night out. This evening is made possible through funding by the Welcoming & Inclusive Communities & Workplaces Program. For more information, please phone Lorelei at 250-787-1704.

The Welcoming and Inclusive Communities & Workplaces Program (WICWP) is a special collaborative community initiative aimed at supporting and celebrating cultural diversity through community events, workshops, articles and special initiatives. This program is made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PROGRAM IN FORT ST. JOHN, PLEASE CONTACT LESLIE OR CLARICE AT 250.785.5323. with dropshadow

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MATT ANDERSEN north peace cultural centre bettyanne hampton

Smoking hot guitar, searing blues voice and a delivery that will leave you breathless. Three time Maple Blues award winner (entertainer of the year, acoustic act of the year, and male vocalist of the year), Matt Andersen. Right here in Fort St. John! “Every now and again you hear an artist that just pulls you up short, stops you dead in your tracks, like being on a top flight cutting horse that can stop on a dime, rollback and give you a nickel in change. Matt Andersen is the whole package and can play guitar, write relevant songs and present the songs in a way that will just bring you to a standstill you and make you listen up” The best performing songwriters, the ones who sound like they really mean what they’re singing about, tend to come from areas known for hard times and hard work. Like say, Perth-Andover, a rural blue-collar village in the Canadian Maritime province of New Brunswick - the home of acclaimed singersongwriter and guitarist Matt Andersen. Matt’s musical household got him interested playing early on, but things changed dramatically, however, when he discovered the blues. “Through Eric Clapton I got into B.B. King, which led me to the Chicago electric stuff and eventually back to the Mississippi Delta guys,” says the 30-year-old singer. “What really hit me most about the blues was its total honesty.” Matt began to build his name on the Canadian circuit, his imposing voice and slashing slide guitar making a monolithic impression on audiences. After playing the prestigious 2004 East Coast Music Awards, Matt continued cultivating crowds, appearing with Randy Bachman, Bo Diddley, Little Feat, America, Loverboy, April Wine, and others. By 2009 Matt had become a frequent guest on Stuart McLean’s CBC radio show “The Vinyl Café” and had completed his fourth tour of the UK, where The Times called him “Canada’s greatest guitarist.” In 2010 he became the first Canadian to win Memphis’s famed International Blues Challenge. What is it Matt hopes audiences experience when they hear him? “I’m not trying to change anyone’s lives in a big way, but I love it when [listeners] really get involved in the music.” Guitar players worth their salt will not miss this show. And anyone who appreciates great music period can chalk this up as one of the “must see” events of the year. SHOWTIME: 6:30 Café, Bar and Box office, 7:00 theatre doors open, 7:30 Curtain


Massage in a Bottle

sauna & wellness massage - $100

Cat on a Hot Rock Sauna sauna & hot rock massage - $100

Pride & Pedicure

footbath & pedicure - $100

A Spa Day to Remember sauna, massage, facial, pedicure & manicure - $300

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