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Photo by Sandy Busche



UPCOMING LOCAL EVENTS THIS MONTH Fri, Jan. 1 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Anytown - JD Fitzgerald’s Pub - Fort St. John

Sat, Jan. 2 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Anytown - JD Fitzgerald’s Pub - Fort St. John

Wed, Jan. 6 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Egan’s Open Mic - Egan’s Pub - Fort St. John Wed, Jan. 6 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Egan’s Open Mic Electric Christmas Sweater Party - Egan’s Pub - Fort St. John Sat, Jan. 9 7:00pm - 11:00pm - Three Days Grace with The Used and Default - EnCana Events Centre - Dawson Creek

Mon, Jan. 11 7:00pm - 9:00pm - FSJ Film Society Presents: It Might Get Loud - Aurora Cinema Centre - Fort St. John

Mon, Jan. 11 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Dionysus Theatre Company Script Reading Series Northern Lights College: Dawson Creek Campus - Dawson Creek Wed, Jan. 13 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Egan’s Open Mic - Egan’s Pub - Fort St. John

Thu, Jan. 14 - Sun, Jan. 17 - High On Ice 2010: Ice Carving Competition Fri, Jan. 15 7:00pm - 11:00pm - Comedy Detour featuring Dylan Mandlsohn - Lido Theatre - Fort St. John

Sat, Jan. 16 10:00am - 4:00pm - Art Journalling Workshop with Barb Daley - Picture It! Dawson Creek Sat, Jan. 16 7:00pm - 11:00pm - Comedy Detour featuring Dylan Mandlsohn - Lido Theatre - Fort St. John

Sun, Jan. 17 11:00am - 5:00pm - Art Journalling Workshop with Barb Daley - Picture It! - Dawson Creek Mon, Jan. 18 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Spread the Word Poet and Writers’ Open Mic - The Rabbit Hole - Fort St. John 2

Mon, Jan. 18 7:00pm - 10:00pm - Deric Ruttan in Concert - North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John

Mon, Jan. 18 7:30pm - 9:00pm - Dionysus Theatre Company Script Reading Series Northern Lights College: Dawson Creek Campus - Dawson Creek Wed, Jan. 20 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Egan’s Open Mic - Egan’s Pub - Fort St. John Fri, Jan. 22 8:00pm - 11:00pm ULTRAVIOLENCE - Egan’s Pub - Fort St. John Sat, Jan. 23 8:00pm - 11:00pm ULTRAVIOLENCE - Egan’s Pub - Fort St. John

Sun, Jan. 24 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Murray McLauchlan - North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John Mon, Jan. 25 7:30pm - 9:00pm - Dionysus Theatre Company Script Reading Series Northern Lights College: Dawson Creek Campus - Dawson Creek Wed, Jan. 27 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Egan’s Open Mic - Egan’s Pub - Fort St. John

Fri, Jan. 29 9:00pm - Rock n’ Roll House Party Egan’s Pub - Fort St. John


Mon, Feb. 1 7:30pm - 9:00pm - Dionysus Theatre Company Script Reading Series Northern Lights College: Dawson Creek Campus - Dawson Creek Wed, Feb. 3 - Sat, Feb. 6 7:00pm - 10:00pm - The Miracle Worker - North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John

Wed, Feb. 3 7:30pm - 10:00pm - Montreal Guitar Trio - Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre Dawson Creek Wed, Feb. 3 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Egan’s Open Mic - Egan’s Pub - Fort St. John

Thu, Feb. 4 7:00pm - 10:00pm - Home Routes Concert Series: Jory Nash - The Rabbit Hole Fort St. John WWW.NORTHERNGROOVE.COM



An incredible few months have been leading up to this release of the “New Northern Groove Magazine”... a monthly arts and entertainment magazine to encompass all of the arts, music and cultural events for the Peace Region.

In explaining the recent changes and expansions of what Northern Groove has to offer, the first thing to note is our arts and entertainment community. The arts scene in the Peace Region is incredible! For those in the know, this is undeniable. This area has one of the most vibrant, healthy, and creative arts scenes in the country! Regardless of the discipline (music, dance, theatre...), the area produces and supports a large number of incredibly talented artists, musicians, dancers, photographers, potters, actors... But, not only is it the talent, but the people and community that makes this region truly special. So, what’s changed at Northern Groove? The mission and purpose of the magazine is to get people interested, connected, and involved in the local arts community. That hasn’t changed. But, to better achieve this goal, we at Northern Groove have spent several months meeting and gathering ideas from the community to head back to the drawing board to see what we can do to make our publication even better. We’ve expanded from a music magazine to an arts and entertainment magazine. This is an important undertaking, and one of our biggest challenges is getting connected with all of the organizations and individuals within the arts community. We aim to encompass all the arts and entertainment for our area within a common publication (via web, email, and this magazine). If we haven’t been in contact already, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Other big changes - We’ve grown our team: Jodie Ponto has been taking charge of the JANUARY 2010

articles for Northern Groove, and since day one has done an outstanding job of keeping the content fun and exciting. She is also an amazing photographer and has been keeping the website and magazine looking great (and well read)! Dave Tolley, the newest part of the team, has brought the addition of an outside perspective to Northern Groove and in a relatively short amount of time has made more changes than I can properly explain in this short commentary. (Be sure to read his article on page 12!)

If you want more info about Northern Groove, and are interested in what we do or what we’re trying to achieve, please let me know!

Russell Eggleston 250-261-8002

CONTRIBUTORS Jodie Ponto, Niki Hedges, Henry See, Dave Tolley, Sue Popesku, Russell Eggleston, Mark Bodner, Philip Dyck, Sandy Busche

CONTACT INFO 250-663-8791

Northern Groove Magazine

Published by Russell Eggleston Creative RR1 Site 16 Comp. 30 Fort St. John, BC V1J 4M6

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HIGH ON ICE FESTIVAL: ART IS IN THE MAKING Niki Hedges Fort St John has recently earned the title of the Music Capital of Northern BC. What else can our northern community claim to have? Well, lots of snow and ice for a start, but what has this got to do with art?

Moving from Europe to Fort St. John, thinking “It’s how far North!?” I knew nothing of the art of Ice Carving. What is the attraction of chipping away at a block of ice? It is not until one has been given the opportunity to see someone chisel with skill and precision the layers of ice to reveal something of beauty that one is left standing in awe at the multi-dimensional sculpture. It is truly spell-binding. 4

High on Ice is an annual winter festival held every January in Fort St John’s Centennial Park. It is at this festival where I got my first glimpse into the world of Ice Sculpting.

This January 14-17, 2010 sixteen professional ice carvers will come to compete from all over the world. Each artist has a different story as to why they love this art form. Many work in other mediums too - potters, painters, sculptors, jewellery designers, and of all things, chefs. Whatever the reason, Fort St John is the place to carve. Some of us may not feel that we can lay claim to being an ‘artist’, but the festival is about having fun and making the most of what we have a whole lot of - snow and ice. WWW.NORTHERNGROOVE.COM

Photo by Philip Dyck.


Photo by Sandy Busche

The Community and Family Snow Sculpting Contest is for everyone, while there is an Ice Carving Competition for Intermediate and Amateur levels. Art is all about creation and sometimes one realizes, as in the case of ice carving, it’s not about longevity or preservation, but about the beauty of impermanence. It is not hard, one just needs to try. And who knows? You might just surprise yourself. For more information or to register for the Snow Carving Competition and/or the Amateur Ice Carving Competition, please contact the Fort St. John Community Arts Council at 250-787-2781. You may also download a registration form from the city’s website at, under Community Programs.




MISS QUINCY TO UNLEASH NEW ALBUM THIS SPRING Jodie Ponto Flashback to this summer. Do any of you remember the rollicking performances by Miss Quincy and the Ramblers? You know, the band with the honey harmonies, off-the-wall upright bassist, and tap-dancing percussionist? Now flash forward to the present. Have any of you had the eerie feeling that you’ve been seeing Miss Quincy herself (also known by her daytime alter-ego Jody Peck) around town? Perhaps performing at Open Mic, the Rolla Pub, or JD Fitzgerald’s? Perhaps furiously working at her laptop at Whole Wheat and Honey or the library? Well, it turns out those eerie feelings have a factual basis because Miss Quincy is indeed back in the Peace Region for the winter.

After the summer tour with the Ramblers, Miss Quincy took a time out to spend two months in the wilderness writing and recharging. After 60 days in a tent, without telephones, internet, or running water, and only a harmonica for company, she came away

with a fresh and focused vision. Since the wilderness break, she has returned home to the Peace Region to spend some time with her family, reconnect with her roots, and work on her new material. Digging for her roots lead to an amazing opportunity to record the new collection of songs in a little cabin on the banks of the Peace River.

“I’m going to my cabin and I’m not coming out until I’ve recorded an album!” Miss Quincy declared to me one frosty afternoon. And for two weeks in December 2009 Miss Quincy did just that – she holed up in that little cabin and didn’t come out until she had an album recorded. Miss Quincy wasn’t lonely in her cabin, however, as it was filled with musical folks from across the Peace and province. Ben Nixon, Nelson BC’s sound engineer extraordinaire, and Peter Mynett, upright bassist for Victoria BC’s Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, both made a 29 hour bus journey to lend a hand

Willamina the Wolf overlooking Miss Quincy and Ben Nixon, sound engineer extraordinaire Photos by Jodie Ponto



with the album. Although these Southern boys (who arrived on a minus 40 day only to discover Greyhound had lost all of their luggage and recording equipment) played an essential role in the album, Miss Quincy says that the album would not be possible if not for all the generous local support she has received. Numerous local musicians light up the album – the mad mandolin master Reno Fitch, the bearded violin virtuoso Josh Giesbrecht, the tap-dancing percussionist Joel Lahaye, and the bluegrass bandits Nick Baccante and Don Gothard. In addition, many folks lent various instruments and recording equipment – Jason Butler, Systems By Trail, and once again Josh Giesbrecht and Don Gothard (in fact it’s Don’s upright bass that Peter plays on the album).

This is Miss Quincy’s second album, but her first solo effort. With this album she’s working on defining her own style and genre, which is something she calls “grass roots gypsy blues”. Now, what that means exactly is that she plays bluegrass infused early blues and folk with an undeniable gypsy flair and penchant for the roving lifestyle. Even though this is a solo album, don’t expect just another pretty face with a guitar. Although she does have a pretty face, you won’t find any over-produced female droning going on here. Instead what you’ll find is the raw and biting character of Miss Quincy, who has a voice that would make any tough cowboy turn in his boots. Miss Quincy was born from a song, The Ballad of Miss Quincy, and has somehow stuck around and evolved


into part edgy frontier woman and part risqué saloon madam. And as you would expect any frontier woman/saloon madam to sing about, Miss Quincy’s new album is woven with stories of whiskey, dead horses, and lyin’ cheatin’ men.

As for what’s on Miss Quincy’s horizon, she’s laying low for the winter, soaking up the local music scene, and preparing for the spring when the album will be unleashed. The album will hit the streets just in time for her to embark on her first solo tour, which is a European tour, no less! Then, when the summer heat sets in she’ll be packing up the caravan again and hitting the road with the full band for a cross-Canada tour. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the new album to emerge out of the melting springtime snow, and if you can find Miss Quincy’s cabin, make sure you stop by to say howdy!

For the latest scoop on Miss Quincy and to listen to some old tasty tracks visit her website:



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STAGE NORTH 2010 AT A GLANCE Sue Popesku “The Miracle Worker” by William Gibson. Directed by Dave Eaton. February 3, 4, 5, 6, 2010 at 7pm and matinee on Feb. 6 at 2pm.

Immortalized on-stage and screen by Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke, this classic set in the late 1800’s, tells the story of Annie Sullivan and her student, the blind and mute Helen Keller. The Miracle Worker dramatizes the volatile relationship between the lonely teacher and her charge. Helen, trapped in her secret world, is violent, spoiled, almost sub-human, and treated by her family as such. Only Annie realizes that there is a mind and spirit waiting to be rescued from the dark, tortured silence. Following scenes of intense physical and emotional dynamism, Annie’s success with Helen finally comes with the utterance of a single word…..


Oscar Night on the Big Screen March 7 at the Lido Theatre. Celebrate theatre and theatre people at Oscar Night complete with red carpet, paparazzi, prizes, awards and more.

“Zak’s Birthday Party” Improv Theatre by Spontaneous Combustion at the Lido Theatre on April 10, 2010.

“I, Claudia” by Kristen Thomson. Directed by Oliver Hachmeister. April 22, 23, 24, 2010 at the North Peace Cultural Centre. “ T o r o n t o , Mississippi” by Joan MacLeod. Directed by Blair Scott. April 29, 30, May 1, 2010 at the North Peace Cultural Centre.

Peace River Zone Theatre Festival at the North Peace Cultural Centre May 4 – 8, 2010. Community theatre at its best when plays from towns throughout the Peace Region are adjudicated by professional directors and actors.



SPREAD THE WORD OPEN MIKE Henry See A year ago, Retro Relics/The Rabbit Hole began its monthly Spread the Word Poet and Writers' Open Mike, a forum for local authors who wanted to share their work with an appreciative public. The fruit of our first year's efforts was the anthology, DiVerseCities, published in November, a collection of poetry, short stories, and memoirs that brought together eleven dynamic writers from the Peace Region. DiVerseCities was launched at a joyous celebration of the Word in all its forms at


Whole Wheat & Honey on November 24, sponsored by Retro Relics and Northern Groove as part of Spirit Week. Jen Salinas, Hilding Donaldson, Greg Lainsbury, Chris Wagner, and Tanya Clary read from their work, backed by the hypnotic and sultry sounds of Dave Tolley and Mitch Guindon on percussion.

The second year of the Open Mike kicks off on January 18. It is open to anyone who writes... or reads... or just enjoys listening to others. Retro Relics / The Rabbit Hole is #6 on the Centerfold Map.



REFLECTIONS ON FORT ST. JOHN Dave Tolley Dave Tolley, a percussionist from Toronto who is normally seen playing with the likes of Nine Mile and Xavier Rudd, spent the month of November living in Fort St. John and working with Northern Groove. Here are his reflections on his adventures in the city: Fort St. John, British Columbia. Someone told me it was a place for dreamers because it’s a place where dreams are left for the people to grab. It’s a place assumed by others to be in the middle of nowhere and most people just asked me “What are you doing up there?” It’s a place where life happens. What did I think was going to happen? How does a musician who grew up in southern Ontario end up in “The John”? After being invited to come up and work for a month I was excited to actually live in a place I had only visited and to thrive in a community that before was an amazing place to perform, but only another stopover along the road.

What can I say? Everyone reading this knows why they’re here. This town is a beautiful combination of the land, the people, the work, and the Wild West. It has the best of everything and the most amazing people I have met in my travels. In a matter Photo by Jodie Ponto

A friend told me that coming up here would

teach me how to not only live, but to live in a reality that does not exist in a city. And they were right. It’s been an adventure that I couldn’t have seen coming, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Fort St. John is a place that combines a hard working and hard playing people - I learned that first hand after a night at The New Frontier. What do you do you when you walk in and the floor is covered with an inflated ring all surrounding a powerful, plastic bull just waiting to be rode? I couldn’t say “no”, could I? Everyday was an adventure, a new relationship, and an amazing time. Everyday started with the finest Americano money can buy at Whole Wheat n’ Honey and ended, generally at 1am with the only thought being, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.

Russell Eggleston & Dave Tolley during one of Dave’s many long November days in the Northern Groove Office.



of a month I think I have experienced every human emotion at a level that I never expected. It’s a community of people who support each other and wants every member to grow. It’s a place where dreams come true and a place where passions run high. So, how do I sum up my thoughts? I was told that once you drink from the Peace, you’ll always come back. Another friend just smiled and said “You’ll be back”, and others sent me away with warnings, “If you come back you’ll never leave … so be sure you want to come back”. All being said, I have made life long friends - friends I can call on for anything and people that I consider

family. My Northern family. Maybe it’s a coffee at WWH, a steak at “The Dill”, or a late night at The New Frontier, where my heart, mind, and two-step were tested to the highest degree.


you come

As I write this the Rolling Stones just came on my ipod. Thanks Mick, you just made sense of everything, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you find, you get what you need”.

back you’ll never

leave so be sure you want to come back”

The The

Detox Bongs Pipes Papers Vinyl T-Shirts Posters Gonzo

No matter how I reflect on my time in Fort St. John it all comes down to one thing, one idea, and one thought – Real life.

Thanks friends, and you’re right, I’ll be back! - Dave

Retro Rabbit Unique in the Peace!

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Spread the Word Open Mike Jan 18

Retro Relics 10140 - 100 Ave Fort St John, B.C. V1J 1Y6 250-787-8822 JANUARY 2010






1) Ben Marsh from Naughtlia at the November Rock n’ Roll House Party at Egan’s Pub - Nov 27, 2009 2) The Trews Acoustic Tour at The Lido - Nov 30, 2009 3) The Trews Acoustic Tour at The Lido Theatre - Nov 30, 2009 4) The Egan’s Ramblers with Lindsay Pratt at the November Rock n’ Roll House Party at Egan’s Pub - Nov 27, 2009 5) Mike Lynch at The Rabbit Hole - Nov 19, 2009 6) Trent Walker from Cockshutt at the Halloween Rock n’ Roll House Party at Egan’s Pub - Oct 30, 2009 7) Graham Peacefull from Blind Mule at Egan’s Pub - Nov 13, 2009 8) Derek Skauge from Naughtlia at the November Rock n’ Roll House Party at Egan’s Pub - Nov 27, 2009 9) Karl Mattson and Reno Fitch from Cockshutt at the Halloween Rock n’ Roll House Party at Egan’s Pub - Oct 30, 2009 10) Ryan Hennessey from SMOOCH at the Halloween Rock n’ Roll House Party at Egan’s Pub - Oct 30, 2009 11) SMOOCH at the Halloween Rock n’ Roll House Party at Egan’s Pub - Oct 30, 2009



Jodie Ponto Photgraphy


Jodie Ponto Photgraphy

2 3



9 10



Thanks to our clients for another great year and great opportunities in 2009. It has been and continues to be a pleasure working with each and every one of you. We wish you all a prosperous and (most importantly) fun new year. Interested in becoming an Image Build client? Interested in finding out what image management can do for your business? Interested in making your business look better than ever? Find out more by visiting us online or visiting us in person.

10520 101st Avenue . 250 663 8839

Northern Groove - Jan 2010  

Northern Groove Magazine January Edition

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