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Dave Tolley, Henry See, Jake Huska, Jodie Ponto, Mark Bodner, Margaret May, Richard Zienkiewicz, Russell Eggleston, Shannon Butler, Sue Popesku, Tanya Clary, Tara O’Donnell, and all the Egan’s lovers who sent in their two cents about the pub.

6 - International Women’s Day in Fort St.


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John 7 - Flower Power: FSJ’s Flower Pot Project 8 - Peace River North Festival of the Arts 10 - Black History Month 11 - Where There’s Art, There’s Northern

Meals and Melodies 12 - The Birth of a Chef, The Birth of Grunge

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14 - Tanya Clary: Compelled to Write Maps

18 - Daniel Wesley & Crash Karma 20 - The End of an Era: Reflections on the Closure of Egan’s Pub 22 - Photo Recap: Tears and Beers: One Last Egan’s Open Mic 24 - New Venue Opening: Tim and Tyc’s 25 - RocKIN The Peace Lineup for 2010 26 - Therapy 101: Underground Music Experience 28 - March Music Madness Garage Sale Theatre 29 - Four Masks... Five Characters: Stage North Presents “I, Claudia” Community Support 30 - Tolley’s Thoughts 31 - Macenna Staffing /rainbow_owl

MARCH 2010


UPCOMING LOCAL EVENTS THIS MONTH Tue, Mar. 2 7:00pm - 10:00pm - Strawberry Jam - Lido Theatre - Fort St. John Thu, Mar. 4 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Magical Moments in Time - North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John

Fri, Mar. 5 6:00pm - 10:00pm - 36th Annual CDC Talent Show - North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John Fri, Mar. 5 7:30pm - 10:00pm - Home Routes Concert Series: Leonard & Jordan - The Rabbit Hole - Fort St. John

Sat, Mar. 6 7:00pm - 9:00pm - NPSS 4th Annual Talent Show and Art Sale - North Peace Secondary School - Fort St. John

Sun, Mar. 7 1:00pm - 4:00pm - International Women’s Day Creative Workshops - Northern Lights College: FSJ Campus - Fort St. John Sun, Mar. 7 5:00pm - 7:00pm - Sunday Cinema: Invictus Center Cinema - Dawson Creek

Sun, Mar. 7 6:00pm - 10:00pm - Oscar Night on the Big Screen - Lido Theatre - Fort St. John Mon, Mar. 8 7:00pm - 9:00pm - International Women’s Day Celebration - Whole Wheat ‘n Honey Fort St. John

Mon, Mar. 8 7:00pm - 9:00pm - International Women’s Day Open Mic - Cosmic Grounds - Fort St. John

Mon, Mar. 8 7:00pm - 9:00pm - FSJ Film Society Presents: Cooking With Stella - Aurora Cinema Centre Fort St. John


Tue, Mar. 9 6:00pm - 10:00pm - Billy Talent with Alexisonfire and Against Me! - EnCana Events Centre - Dawson Creek Wed, Mar. 10 7:00pm - 10:00pm - Home Routes Concert Series: Ken Whiteley - The Round House Chetwynd Wed, Mar. 10 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Merle Haggard - EnCana Events Centre - Dawson Creek

Thu, Mar. 11 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Be The Change - North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John Fri, Mar. 12 10:00pm - Heavy Things - Amigos on Main Chetwynd Sat, Mar. 13 7:00pm - 10:00pm - RocKIN the Peace 2010 - North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John Sun, Mar. 14 - Sun, Mar. 21 Peace River North Performing Arts Festival North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John

Sun, Mar. 14 2:00pm - 4:00pm - Songwriters’ Circle - The Rabbit Hole - Fort St. John Sun, Mar. 14 5:00pm - 7:00pm - Sunday Cinema: Nine Center Cinema - Dawson Creek

Mon, Mar. 15 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Spread the Word Poet & Writers’ Open Mic - The Rabbit Hole - Fort St. John Tue, Mar. 16 6:00pm - 9:00pm - FSJ Literacy Society Spelling Bee - Lido Theatre - Fort St. John Sat, Mar. 20 12:00pm - 3:00pm - Spring Activity Fest North Peace Secondary School - Fort St. John WWW.NORTHERNGROOVE.COM

Sat, Mar. 20 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Jared Fowler - Cosmic Grounds - Fort St. John

Improv Theatre by Spontaneous Combustion - Lido Theatre - Fort St. John

Sat, Apr. 10 7:30pm - 10:00pm - Home Routes Concert Series: Rick Fines - The Rabbit Hole - Fort St. John

Sun, Mar. 21 5:00pm - 7:00pm - Sunday Cinema: Young Victoria - Center Cinema - Dawson Creek Wed, Mar. 24 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Daniel Wesley feat. Ryan Sebastiano - On The Rocks - Fort St. John

Mon, Apr. 12 7:00pm - 9:00pm - FSJ Film Society Presents: The Damned United - Aurora Cinema Centre Fort St. John

Fri, Mar. 26 6:30pm - 10:30pm - Hedley with Faber Drive, Stereos, and Fefe Dobson - EnCana Events Centre - Dawson Creek

Sat, Mar. 27 1:00pm - 6:00pm - The Doodlebops: Together Forever - North Peace Cultural Centre - Fort St. John Sat, Mar. 27 8:00pm - 10:00pm - Bill Bourne feat. The Sweetwater Ramblers - Demmitt Cultural Society Hall - Demmitt Sat, Mar. 27 8:00pm - 9:00pm - EARTH HOUR - Whole Wheat ‘n Honey - Fort St. John


Sat, Apr. 3 7:00pm - 11:00pm - CRASH KARMA - On The Rocks Night Club - Fort St. John

Sat, Apr. 10 7:00pm - 10:00pm - “Zak’s Birthday Party” a KIN CLUB OF FORT ST. JOHN fundraiser












7pm Saturday


tickets available now at North Peace Cultural Centre 250.785.1992 . toll free 1.800.785.1992

MARCH 2010



INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY IN FORT ST. JOHN By Tanya Clary International Women’s Day 2010 in Fort St. John will be just one of millions of events going on around the world on March 8th. Over a century old, International Women’s Day began as a day of protest, a rally against the poor working conditions women in factories were experiencing. It stayed a women’s day of protest for many countries where women’s lack of political rights were forefront. In countries like Canada, however, International Women’s Day has grown into more of a celebration of sisterhood, an acknowledgement of our successes, and of course, a day to embrace the joys we are grateful for.

In keeping with past years, the Fort St. John Poetics Research Group is sponsoring the Fort St. John International Women’s Day with a 2-day event! On Sunday, March 7th, at Northern Lights College, a series of expressive workshops, including mask-making, lifewriting and burlesque dancing will allow

women to embrace the wonders and joys of being a woman through writing, creative art, and sensual dance. Loyal supporters of past events will once again lend their time and skills to this year’s March 7th and 8th celebration, like Amaljeet Jhand who every year cooks traditional Indian food, and the dancers from the Latin Dance troupe.

“I don’t think the community realizes just how much the women freely contribute to the fibre of this community, and this is one evening where we want to honour and cherish those contributions,” states Sylvia Bayley, one of the events’ organizers.

“Mystic Borealis” 6

On Monday, March 8th, at Whole Wheat & Honey, the community is invited to an evening event celebrating the talents of local women, including long-time resident Deb Butler, poets Jen Salinas and Tanya Clary, and dancers from Suzon Tremblay’s bellydance troupe ‘Mystic Borealis’. An evening of ‘women celebrating women’ will also have a female drummer, and hopefully will display some of the creations from the March 7th NLC workshops. And, because every woman deserves to be honoured, no matter her situation, the events of March 7th and March 8th will be ‘by donation’. WWW.NORTHERNGROOVE.COM

FLOWER POWER: FSJ’S FLOWER POT PROJECT The Flower Pot Project is in association with the City of Fort St. John’s Communities in Bloom program which strives to make our city a unique and beautiful place to live, work and play. The Fort St. John Community Arts Council partners with the City of Fort St. John who fund the planting and maintenance of the flowerpots throughout the summer and provide beautiful splashes of color well into the autumn season. The project celebrates our local artists and adds a cheerful vibe to our city’s streets.

By Tara O’Donnell “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” - Claude Monet It’s a fact that few subject matters have been more thoroughly expressed through art than flowers. And though our streets are blanketed in snow, I for one have Spring Fever. My thoughts have turned to daffodils, daisies, and dahlias. This is not to say that I possess the skills necessary to cultivate these lovely blooms. On the contrary, I have what I would describe as a “black thumb”. I once killed a cactus, which I was lead to believe were virtually indestructible, but I digress. It’s best if I stick to the painting of flowers rather than the planting of them. Perhaps this is why I so appreciate the Arts Council’s Flower Pot Program. Each year our city streets are adorned with 125 flower pots, bursting at the seams with colourful blooms and painted by our very own (artistic!) community members.

Each flower pot will spend two summers on our streets. During this time we find that people have been known to get quite attached to a pot or two. Perhaps you too may find yourself coveting that particularly stunning pot outside your workplace. Well, that’s the beauty of it all because after the second year, these pots go to the Annual Flower Pot Auction where you will have the chance to finally make it yours! This auction serves as a fundraiser for the Arts Council, supporting community arts programming while offering leadership opportunities for our member groups. This year’s program will be managed by the following Arts Council member groups: North Peace Gymnastics Association, North Peace Potters’ Guild, and Northern Dance Theatre Society.

“I once killed a cactus, which I was lead to believe were virtually indestructible”

MARCH 2010

Please contact the Fort St. John Community Arts Council if you are interested in sponsoring a pot or if you would like to paint a flower pot. Flower pot sponsorship is $100 per pot and each sponsor will receive their name or business listed on their flowerpot. You may reach us at (250) 787-2781 or email us at 7


PEACE RIVER NORTH FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS By Margaret May Festival time is approaching and young performing artists are working on putting the finishing touches on their musical pieces and their dances before taking to the stage from March 14 to March 21 at the Cultural Centre. Preparations began as far back as last summer when visiting teachers choreographed dances at local dance studios, and many hours of practice have been put in since then. Music Festivals have a long history in Fort St. John with mention of children feverishly practicing their pieces as far back as spring of 1930.  In 1946 the Festival was revived with an impressive 166 entries in drama, vocal and choir, dramatic speech, piano and violin.  In that year Miss Evelyn Jonasson tied with the

Misses Dorothy and Marna Stewart for the Bowes & Herron Grand Trophy Shield for the highest mark by pupil or group. By 1948 dance was a part of the festival with pupils of Mrs. Dorothy Forrester very much to the fore.  Rural schools that have long since disappeared, such as Montney and North Pine, were prominent in those early reports, participating in choral speech, a category that has recently been revived in our own modern version of the festival. Styles have changed and the children of Fort St. John have opportunities to train in music and dance that the Misses Stewart could only dream of, but the enthusiasm to perform and the butterflies when getting ready to face the adjudicator probably have not changed very much over the years.

The Outstanding Dance Group from the 2009 Peace River North Festival of the Arts. Standing left to right:  CassandraArntson,HayleyPopwell,KendraCoulter. Centre: MariahBoot,SarahWilkinson. Front: ElanMiller Jeannotte, and Kelani Shuster.



The 2010 version of Fort St. John’s “Musical Festival” will include classes in a wide range of disciplines starting with strings on Sunday, March 14. Instrumental classes start things off on Monday, March 15, after which the energy level in the Cultural Centre will take a sharp rise when seven bands perform in the afternoon.  Three bands from Fort Nelson will join our four local bands and it promises to be an exciting and entertaining afternoon.  Voice and choir take over in the evening, then piano takes centre stage through March 16 and 17 with a wide range of style on display from Classical to Popular and Jazz.  There is sure to be some impressive music coming from some very small hands over two packed days of piano classes. Our new category of speech will be introduced on the morning of Thursday, March 18, and the festival organizers are excited to put this skill on display for the first time in many years. On Thursday afternoon, things will really start jumping when five dance studios descend on the Cultural Centre and adjudicators will be busy with this exciting and highly competitive category with very few breaks until the afternoon of Sunday, March 21.  Solos are

performed during the day with group sessions scheduled for each evening and duos being feature on the Sunday session.

On Sunday evening the “Best of the Fest” will be on display as the best of every category from throughout the week will perform and delegates to the Provincial Festival in Duncan will be announced. This show is a wonderful showcase of the outstanding talent in this community and it never fails to be an entertaining evening of music and dance.  All sessions throughout the week are open to the public for a small admission fee of $3.00 per session while tickets to the “Best of the Fest” honours show can be purchased at the Cultural Centre box office.  These young performers deserve our support and their hard work and talent never fail to make us all proud.

proud supporter of local arts & community Mon-Thu: 11:00am - 10:00pm Fri & Sat: 11:00am - 11:00pm Sun: 4:00pm - 10:00pm

#1 9016 100th Avenue Fort St. John, BC (across from Ming’s Kitchen)

MARCH 2010


o os tradition . quality . taste





A BLANKET OF COLOURS: FORT ST. JOHN’S FIRST BLACK HISTORY MONTH By Jodie Ponto “The time is right to make Fort St. John a place to remember, not only for it’s oil and gas, but also for it’s diversity and culture” - Don Dawes, Pan African Caribbean Association of Fort St. John spokesperson Black History Month is celebrated all across Canada and the United States every February. This year the local Pan African Caribbean Association made Fort St. John history by holding the city’s first ever Black History Month celebration. The 2 day celebration featured keynote speakers, presentations on the black history in the Peace Region, exhibitions and performances of African arts and culture, and an evening of African-Caribbean food, music, and dance.

In addition to celebrating black history, this event was meant to integrate cultures and showcase the diversity that is right here in the Peace Region. The Pan African Association envisions this to be an annual event that welcomes, celebrates, and connects people of all cultures. Another vision for the event is to bring young people from across the community together. Don Dawes, spokesperson for FSJ’s Pan African Caribbean Association, says what he hopes to see is young people in one place on one day experiencing and doing things from all cultures.

With that cultural connection and intergration in mind, a big part of the celebration will involve music, dance, and art. Music and art are great cross-cultural communicators and often have the magic power of connecting people. And this is ultimately what the celebration is about – bringing people of all backgrounds together. Perhaps John Lennon said it best with the iconic line from his song Imagine: “I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one”. For more information on the events that occured this February during FSJ’s first (but not last!) Black History Month celebration and to find out about other upcoming multicultural events visit The Welcoming & Inclusive Communities & Workplaces Program (WICWP) is a special collaborative community initiative aimed at supporting and celebrating cultural diversity through community events, workshops, articles and special initiative. This program is made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. For more information about the WICWP in Fort St John please contact Leslie at 250.785.5323.



WHERE THERE’S ART, THERE’S NORTHERN GROOVE The Northern Groove Magazine can be found at locations all over Fort St. John and now that magazine is even easier to find. Just look for the unique handmade holders that are beginning to show their ceramic faces around town. The holders are made by Shannon Butler, a local artist who makes one-of-akind ceramics and paintings at kilnhouse

studio. You can currently find these distinctive holders at Whole Wheat n’ Honey Cafe, Uptown Grill, JD Fitzgerald’s, Olio’s Pizza, and Cosmic Grounds. If you or your business currently distributes the Northern Groove magazine and would like to have them displayed in one of these lovely creations drop us a line at info@

photo by Jodie Ponto

MARCH 2010



THE BIRTH OF A CHEF, THE BIRTH OF GRUNGE By Richard Zienkiewicz Executive Chef, Uptown Grill It was the early nineties, I was on my own for the first time and I needed a steady income. My only real interest was cooking, so I handed out a few resumes at some of the restaurants around the neighbourhood. I ended up getting a phone call from one of the chefs who wanted to set up an interview for the next day. When the time came I walked though the back door of the restaurant and my senses went wild. The combination of the cooks working together against the white and stainless steel background, the dozens of delicious smells wafting at me and the music blaring from the kitchen speakers made me instantly feel at home. Although I did not recognize anyone I could identify at least some of the smells and I definitely knew the song that was coming from 12

the CD player was an Alice in Chains song from their first release “Facelift”. I was escorted into the dining area where I was introduced to the chef and was immediately grilled with cooking and work habit related questions. The interview must have gone well because I was to start working the next day! I made my way back through the kitchen to the back door (this time it was Pearl Jam’s turn on the stereo). Just like I was starting my career as a cook some of the bands we were listening to at the time were starting to break out into the music scene and were even starting a whole new style of music known as “grunge”. WWW.NORTHERNGROOVE.COM

The Dish:

The Drink:

Chicken Po’ Boy Sandwich

Big Rock, Grasshopper beer with a lemon wedge.

1 French roll, buttered and toasted 1 Cajun chicken breast, grilled 1 slice mozzarella cheese 1 slice cheddar cheese Iceberg lettuce 3 tomato slices 1 thin sliced red onion rings 1 Tablespoon mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon Italian salad dressing

The Music:

Nirvana – Nevermind.

Layer bottom bun with mayonnaise, grilled Cajun chicken, mozzarella, cheddar and bake in 400 F oven for 4-5 minutes. Place lettuce, tomato, red onion on top bun and drizzle with Italian dressing, then put sandwich together.

MARCH 2010



TANYA CLARY: COMPELLED TO WRITE By Henry See Tanya Clary is a dynamic bundle of energy continually pushing the envelope of what is permissible in Fort St. John. The Vagina Monologues and the An Evening of Sensuality are but two of the gifts she has bestowed on our town. If you have never seen either of these shows, you have missed out on some wonderful, and thought-provoking, entertainment. When we were opening Retro Relics and were looking for activities we could host in the store, Tanya suggested we do an open mike for poets and writers, which led to the monthly Spread the Word open mikes we have been hosting now for over a year.

Tanya arrived in Fort St John about 18 years ago after growing up in the BC Interior. Armed with a Masters in Psychology, she practices counselling in FSJ and in Red Earth, Alberta. For several years she was the director of the FSJ Women’s Resource Society. She is also one of the founders of the FSJ Poetics Research Group, which has a mandate to promote

literary culture and the arts. But as with everything she does, there is always a social content, often connected to women and gender issues. Tell us something about yourself. I’m a ‘closet writer’... does this interview mean I’ve outed myself ?

I would have thought that happened when you published your first chapbook! Nope… I still have many copies of my first chapbook!  I don’t do a lot of readings or submit a lot of my work.  For me, more so than being published or being read by others, I am often just compelled to write, like needing to get it out of me and on paper, so it doesn’t burden or weigh me down.  So my motivation doesn’t often materialize into getting anything published or distributing my work, like a good little writer should.  Bad me, bad me.    When did you get the bug for writing?   When I was young, I would write all the time. But, in my family of 4 girls, I was the ‘funny’ one, and my older sister was the ‘writer’ so my work was never given the attention hers was.  Then, when I was about 16, my high school English teacher submitted a poem I wrote to the local newspaper for a contest.  When I won, it was published.  My parents read the poem titled ‘skin’ about a girl’s sexual repression and the torment of being chaste. They were speechless.  Ya,  I stopped writing for about a decade after that.  That story raises the issue of roles: first how you and your sister were defined by the family, and then your family’s expectations of how a teenage girl should act. Is this something you touch on in your writing?   Good question... family dynamics and the influence of roles in later life. Being ‘three-of-four’ girls had its advantages, for sure. Let’s just say that expectations for me were drastically reduced thanks to my older sisters... haha.  My parents come from a strong blue collar background, my dad a union railroad man for over forty years.  Writing wasn’t really high up on the list of worthwhile talents.  My writing was always looked at as a ‘hobby’ and not something to be taken seriously. Definitely, my lack of confidence with my writing comes from my very un-literary family roots.



And how did your sister who was the ‘writer’ make out? My sisters are all successful in their own ways... all quite amazed and confused that in my messed up little way, I became educated and literary.  I wasn’t supposed to turn out this way.  :)  

What are your biggest influences? I began reading poetry again in my late 20’s and was reading  a lot of female Canadian poets, like Anne Michaels, Erin Moure and Susan Musgrave.  For a while, I went deep into some of the darker female poets like Anne Sexton, but today, I basically allow myself to go where the wind blows... if there is some poetry I hear on CBC, or a songwriter who catches my attention, that’s where I go.  I didn’t intentionally go towards feminist poetry, but it spoke to me during certain periods of my life.  Today, I give myself the freedom to read and listen to whatever I want, and whatever speaks to me now...there is usually a reason why a piece of work affects me.  

After I finished my chapbook last spring, I started working on a couple of prose pieces. One piece is a narrative with the conscious/unconscious voice of the writer getting in the way of telling what should be a very simple story.  The other is a dark story, based lightly on my past rural work experience.  I enjoy the process of writing a story, though my tendency towards poetics tends to have an influence on my prose, making it a bit disjointed and chunky.  You mentioned your work experience. You’re a counsellor for your day job. Does that influence your writing?   Actually, I really try to keep my counsellor-head out of my writing. I like balance in my life, so my writing is my creative side, and my work side is serious and analytical.  It’s not that I can’t blend the two, but for me, they are two very different things that I do, at two very different times, for two very different reasons.  Well, I was wondering whether the insights you might have come to regarding psychological issues would have had an effect on your work.

What are you working on at the moment?

Oh sure... it’s hard not to have the stuff we know influence us. It’s like learning the world isn’t flat, then charting it out like it is... there are connections and obvious they call her Pony, observations that make it impossible   for my psychology background to not because of her large knuckles, thin limbs. she’s tiny. influence my life. But just like a parent gristle & skin. and beautiful, like a pony. wild can’t psychoanalyze their children, I domestication smashed together don’t want to write as a counsellor...   its a place to take off that hat and put and, fast, though otherwise… on my less-politically-correct-creative when grazing, too high, or when crashing down. slow, hat. Writing is where I go to not be the then otherwise.  counsellor.          but when she’s on her game…   The poem below is one I wrote while she brought a coat to the Women in Need Centre. it’s winter and she brought us an x-lrg winter coat. black, working at the Women’s Centre last full-length, faux… year.  It’s hard not to have concern for a real Royal coat, she no longer needed, the people you work with.  The poem she washed the street smell away, faded.  for was an observation of street life, the  now. complexities and wonders of that   often unseen community. I didn’t want for today.  it to be sentimental or sympathetic, she gives it up for another. less fortunate. less than though it probably is... I simply wanted her.  to write down this one moment, this one experience that left me baffled she gives up a coat, an invaluable necessity, a real and touched.  find that would layer perfectly over another, or two, would cover thighs, would work as a blanket, in the   cold… if needed.  it sometimes is The Spread the Word Open Mike for poets and writers is held monthly at it’s a perfect street coat.    Retro Relics. Come down on March 15 at 7 pm if you would like to share your she gave up what she didn’t need. immediately. now. work or just listen to what FSJ writers have to offer. For more information, she lived another winter to find the perfect -20 twenty call 250-787-8822 or drop by the store degree street coat. so she could gave it away. at 10140 100 Ave, next to the Lido Theatre.

MARCH 2010





VENUES & SUPPORTERS This map of Fort St. John is intended to help visitors and residents better find venues, restaurants, supporting businesses, and other places of interest.


11 9

4 13




If your venue or business is interested in getting on our map please contact us at


10508 98 ST. PH. 250-785-3386


10421 100 ST. PH. 250-787-7591


10520 101 AVE. PH. 250-663-8839


9924 - 101 AVE. PH. 250-787-9085


1-9016 100 AVE PH. 250-262-3282

6 RETRO RELICS / THE RABBIT HOLE 10140 100TH AVE. PH. 250-787-8822

7 WHOLE WHEAT ‘N HONEY 10003 100 ST. PH. 250-787-9866

8 NORTH PEACE CULTURAL CENTRE 10015 100AVE PH. 250-785-1992


10403 100TH AVE. PH. 250-785-2525


9013 100TH AVE PH. 250-785-7070


2ND FLOOR, 10139 - 101 AVENUE. PH. 250-785-8367


8163-100 AVE. PH. 250-787-1661

13 ISABELLE’S BOUTIQUE 9916 101 AVE. PH. 250-785-8070

14 ON THE ROCKS NIGHTCLUB 5-10440 100TH ST. PH. 250-261-6942 16




MARCH 2010





Northern Groove, in conjunction with On The Rocks (10440-100th Street, Fort St. John), has recently announced two major shows for March and April. Both shows are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Tickets are already flying out of our grooved paws like little hotcakes so make sure you get yours soon. The only place to buy advance tickets is online at

Canadian music lover’s wet dream. The self-titled debut album from the Toronto band - Edwin (ex-I Mother Earth), drummer Jeff Burrows (exThe Tea Party), guitarist Mike Turner (ex-Our Lady Peace) - is the result of three musicians with multi-platinum pedigrees coming together with one equally skilled musician, Amir Epstein (Zygote). Crash Karma is an all-out rock band with songs that are heavy, intricate, big, intense, and melodic with a sound that can only result from the combination of these four guys with their respective history, chemistry, and musical prowess. You’ve probably heard their first single “Awake” on the radio and their sets weave material from the new album with songs from their Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, and Tea Party repertoire. Tickets & info at

Daniel Wesley, one of Vancouver’s biggest bands, is set to flood On The Rocks on Wednesday, March 24 with their beach roots reggae rock. This is a full band show with FSJ’s own Ryan Sebastiano (also accompanied by a full band) set to open. If you haven’t heard of Daniel Wesley you’d better believe you soon will. With 3 albums under their belts, with an anthemic first single (“Ooo Ohh”) that became the most requested song of 2007 in the city of Vancouver, with shows that sell out in minutes at Vancouver’s most legendary concert spots, with an opening slot for The Trews on their cross-Canada tour, and with a sound reminiscent of Sublime and Jack Johnson, Daniel Wesley and his band are well on their way to an enduring and exciting career on the Canadian music scene.

Crash Karma, Canada’s newest super group is set to rock On The Rocks on Saturday, April 3. Crash Karma is comprised of members straight out of a 18







HOUSE CO Friday, March

5, 7pm.



, 7pm.

day, March 15

on MARCH M 2010

$15 at the door FREE 19


THE END OF AN ERA: REFLECTIONS ON THE CLOSURE OF EGAN’S PUB Photo by Jodie Ponto Egan’s Pub during the Music Capital Celebration held in August 2009.

By Jodie Ponto It was to surprise and sadness that Fort St. John’s beloved Egan’s Pub announced that was closing its doors on February 16, 2010.

was worried that FSJ wouldn’t have any culture, and it turned out it did, and I was smack dab in the middle of it ... I got wrinkles at Egan’s and spent more time there for two years then I did at home.” - Shelagh Howell

“When I first moved to FSJ I had one friend, Brenda, and thank God she got me a job at Egan’s or else I would not have survived without all of the friends and family that I made there. All of my best friends are from Egan’s, and I think everyone I have ever dated, I met at Egan’s. Maybe I shouldn’t tell people that ... I

“Egan’s was more than a bar to many, it a second home. I left Egan’s three years ago and still miss it as much today as the day I left. I have worked in two different cities and four different pubs/bars since leaving and not

Opening 5 years ago, the pub has witnessed the growth of an almost unbelievable music community. Thanks to hardworking & music loving folks like Jason George, Ryan Hennessey, and Russell Eggleston our local music scene went from practically nonexistent to buzzing and vibrant. Egan’s wasn’t just a music community though. It was a place where people from all walks of life were welcome and a place that many of us considered a second home. Because of that I think the best way to express what Egan’s meant to our community is not through my words, but through the words of the people who “lived” there.


“Egan’s was the type of place you stopped in for the first time expecting nothing more than to eat a meal and and have beer. But all too often those that dropped in made it a weekly, or daily habit because it was more than food and beer; it was friendship, camaraderie, and a whole lot of fun.... people from many walks of life came together around music, trivia, hockey games, and more! In it’s hay day it was the place to be.... and for many of us it will always be the place to be long after the doors close. Never in a million years did I think applying for this job 5 years ago would change my life the way it has.” - Cassandra Mervyn


one has even come close to being as wonderful as Egan’s. Nowhere have I found a group of girls that pull together so well as a team, as friends, and for many, as family. Work there wasn’t just work. The people who came in weren’t just “regulars”. It was so much more. My days at Egan’s will be forever remembered as some of the best years of my life.” - Aimee Davidson “Egan’s Pub was special  because it was as new to town as most of the people who went there, so it felt like our own place.  For many it was a sort of sanctuary, you had the feeling you could totally be yourself.” - Ryan Hennessey

“Such a fun and friendly place to to be exposed to and enjoy the heartbeat of local music and to cheer for my favorite team on the big screen!! Definitely some of the happiest and most exciting times I’ve enjoyed in FSJ. I am very thankful for the friends I’ve made there!!” Laurie Bolten “Egan’s was a wonderful place where musicians of all genres could come together in an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement. It will be missed.” - Donna Hedges “There is only one place in the Universe where acoustic strummings filtered through Jameson’s and Alexander Keith’s, a saw-toting cowboy, an extensively bearded violinist, a Swiss accordionist, a fire extinguisher playing drummer, and a ginger kid could come together in such harmony. That place is Egan’s.” - Mark Bodner “Wednesday nights and Egan’s became one and the same for me - there wasn’t one without the other. I planned my week around Open Mics at Egan’s. I have a lot of memories and they’re all good. Met many great people and musicians, got to play with many of them, and it became the place where I brought friends who were visiting from out of town ... many of whom were inspired by the scene at MARCH 2010

Egan’s and decided to take up an instrument.” Nick Baccante

“Does anyone remember Jennifer Morrisette’s Birthday Party at Egan’s? We had a secret gathering at The Rabbit Hole a few days before to rehearse some songs for the Open Mic dedicated to her. That night was the most fun Open Mic I’ve ever had! There was something like 13 people on that little stage rockin all at once!!” - Andrew Arsenault

“A fellow named Jason George who I knew from Kitchener, Ontario called me in late 2004 asking me to come up and play a pub he was now managing in Fort St John, BC. I’d never heard of the town. I’ve now played Egan’s 15 or so times and met some of the coolest people who’ve since become close friends, and I make a stop in Fort St John on every Western tour I do. I’ve had some magic nights there, always a combination of a house party and a concert ... I’ll miss that.” - Rob Szabo “Egan’s, the birthplace of an incredible music scene and support for a great arts community. If it wasn’t for Egan’s I would never have come to Fort St. John. What else can I say ... Long live Egan’s!” - Dave Tolley

“What am I supposed to do now!?” - Russell Eggleston

Peace River North


March 14 - 21


band piano voice dance strings speech instrumental

of the

March 21 . 7 pm

North Peace Cultural Centre




What’s the only logical thing to do upon discovering that the home of your city’s Open Mic is suddenly closing? Make some noise and have one last Open Mic, of course! Wednesday, February 3, 2010 was a night of tears and beers as musicians and music lovers from across Fort St. John gathered to say farewell to our second home - Egan’s Pub. We jammed hard, drank hard, danced hard, laughed hard, and celebrated until long past closing time. Long live Open Mic, wherever it may roam!



MARCH 2010



TIM N’ TYC’S: A NEW VENUE FOR FORT ST. JOHN? By Jake Huska For those who don’t know us or haven’t had a chance to experience Tim n’ Tyc’s excellent and unique food and service, you will soon have that opportunity at our brand spankin’ new location.

We’ve recently moved to 10403-100th Ave, and have spent the past two months renovating and building a comfortable, groovy setting for all demographics. Our food is inspired from every edge of the globe, and we’ve added a whole new section to our menu. We’re a family owned and operated restaraunt, we love and believe in what we’re doing, and we hope to see you all smile while enjoying our food and entertainment. This new location has given us the opportunity to jump into a few other avenues that we are really passionate about ... art and music. We’re huge music enthusiasts, and will be having weekly shows on our newly built stage. We’re also fans of our local scene, and would love to promote and showcase the fabulous artists of Fort St. John.

From all of us at Tim n’ Tyc’s, stay groovy and we hope to catch you at our new place!



ROCKIN THE PEACE 2010 FINALISTS Christ’s Sindicate

The response to this year’s RocKIN the Peace was incredible, which made narrowing things down to only eight finalists incredibly challenging for us. There is some tremendous talent in the North Peace...and the eight finalists who have been chosen to grace the North Peace Culural Centre stage are:

Lindsay Pratt

Photo by Jodie Ponto

Christ’s Sindicate - Fort St. John Colly Shaw - Sexsmith Haven - Dawson Creek Lindsay Pratt - Taylor Lorissa Scriven - Taylor McTavish Country - Dawson Creek Paul Apelo - Grande Prairie The Celeigh Cardinal Band - Grande Prairie

a KIN CLUB OF FORT ST. JOHN fundraiser









The big show hits the stage Saturday, March 13th at the North Peace Cultural Centre. Tickets are available online at

$15 for Adults, $12 for Students, and $9 for Children.




7pm Saturday


tickets available now at North Peace Cultural Centre

250.785.1992 . toll free 1.800.785.1992 SPONSORED BY: Fort St. John Kin Club Dawson Creek Kinsmen Club Grande Prairie Kin Club Slave Lake Kinette Club Spirit River Kinette Club

Lorissa Scriven

Photo by Jodie Ponto MARCH 2010

RocKIN The Peace is a Kin Club of Fort St. John Fundraising Project. If you would like more information about the Kin Club or would like to come out and join us, please visit us online at:


graphic design



THERAPY 101: AN UNDERGROUND MUSIC EXPERIENCE By Jodie Ponto It’s Monday night and I’m in the basement of Dr. Charl Badenhorst, Chief Medical Health Officer for Northern Health.

I haven’t come to discuss health issues though, I’ve come to play music and witness firsthand the locally infamous group of musicans who come together in his basement every week. This is no ordinary basement though – with a bar in one corner, a set of drums in the other, coloured lights, cowboy paraphernalia, pianos, microphones, guitars, basses, and a soundboard – this is something straight out of a musician’s dream. I plug in my mandolin and try my beginner’s best to keep up with the seasoned jammers. There’s a clarinet and a harmonica wailing on my left, a blue electric upright bass and cajone laying down the rhythm on my right,

a piano and voice harmonizing in front of me, and a trombone and banjo dueling behind me ... yet somehow this chaos all manages to work. This is Therapy 101.

Calling themselves Therapy 101, this group of musicians is often misperceived as the

Charl Badenhorst

Photos by Jodie Ponto A few members of Therapy 101: (top row, left-right) Corinna Toews, MonicaBest,BruceChwyl(bottom row,left-right)PaulMackey,Glenn Girard, Charl Badenhorst, Brian Shrum, and Nick Oliphant)



“Doctor’s Band”. In fact, this gang is comprised of professionals of all sorts from across Fort St. John – doctors, nurses, school teachers, music teachers, and a cabinet maker to name a few. Having played together for about two and a half years, the group’s focus is not on public performance so much as it is on having fun and making music together. Although, if you ask nicely I’m sure you can get them on stage – in the past the band has played various fundraisers for schools, the hospital, and the Salvation Army (to kick start the development of the homeless shelter).


MARCH 2010


Therapy 101 is really an appropriate moniker for this underground group of music lovers. As Dr. Badenhorst says, once people come down those stairs they are able to lose their profession and instead act as musicians. It’s a place and night every week where people can leave the operating table, classroom, and workbench behind and do something else they love to do – play music. The group is currently looking for a lead guitarist and bassist to join them, so if you’re interested in a little Therapy 101 drop us a line and we’ll get you in touch for a session (



MUSIC EQUIPMENT FOR SALE Starting in March, Russell Eggleston Creative Services will be having a sale of used live sound and recording equipment. For more information checkout, or contact Russell at

Creative Services has been providing professional audio services to the Peace Region since 2004. Russell Eggleston is a certified audio tech with schooling from the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, specializing in recording arts.

Based out of Fort St. John, Russell Eggleston




FOUR MASKS ... FIVE CHARACTERS: STAGE NORTH PRESENTS: “I, CLAUDIA” By Sue Popesku A solo actress will take the stage playing multiple roles when Stage North’s I, Claudia by Kristen Thomson opens in April at the North Peace Cultural Centre in Fort St. John. Masks are featured in this production giving the advantage to young Claudia in personifying the characters of her grandfather and school caretaker among other roles demanded of this young actress. This is the first masked production for Stage North. Masked productions are worldwide and date back to early days of First Nations, Greek, and African storytelling. Masks can be made from a variety of materials such as leather, wood, latex, metal, ceramics. The masks in I, Claudia are made from paper mache. Director Oliver Hachmeister says,” I believe theatre is for the people and through the use of masks, a special bond is created between the performers and the audience.”

Local Bert Bowes student, Karleigh Smith, is the actress behind the masks. Hachmeister saw potential talent in Karleigh and chose this play to give her the opportunity to broaden her stage experience. Every actress has to discover the role that they are playing. Karleigh will be playing many roles and she has to find a little bit of each of those characters in herself to bring them alive on stage. Karleigh has a broad stage experience to draw upon. She has been dancing with

Studio to Stage for 10 years and has been successfully competing in dance for several years. She has been in the Stage North productions of Midsummer Night’s Dream, Beauty and the Beast, and Babes in Toyland.

I, Claudia is about a precocious teenage girl, Claudia, who finds refuge from her parent’s recent divorce in the basement of her school. She relates her experiences, both hilarious and heartfelt on this difficult journey of discovery to adulthood. Along the way, we meet her absent-minded grandfather Douglas, who would not mind taking another spin around the block, her father’s new finance, Leslie, who wants everything just perrrrfect for her wedding day, and the immigrant school caretaker Drachman, former artistic director of the National Theatre of Bulgonia.

Tickets are available now at the Cultural Centre. Limited seating is available with a unique seating arrangement to bring the audience closer to the performance. The show has only three performances on April 22, 23, 24. For further information: email or phone 250-785-6214.


TOLLEY’S THOUGHTS: So we are now entering our 3rd issue relatively unharmed. We definitely came out with a few bruises. I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who has chosen to support the Northern Groove Network through ads, our company profile support page, or just spreading the word. This issue is our biggest yet. There are some great events coming up and lots of venues that are getting involved since the closing of Egan’s was announced.

Jackfish Dundee’s, Casey’s, On The Rocks, and Tim and Tyc’s have all stepped up to host events.

One of the things I would like to bring attention to is our new Company profile page. Check out Macenna’s profile on the next page. There are lots of amazing business’ in Fort St. John and many of them want to support the arts community. This is a great way to showcase the amazing companies in town and educate the community on what they do. Our belief is to connect the community through the arts. Some companies don’t have a need to support with advertising but still want to be a part of the Northern Groove community, this is a great way to do that. Please contact me if you or your business would like to get involved.

Well, my travels still take me away from Fort St. John for limited times. I won’t talk about where I’m writing this from because I’ll definitely get harassed when I get back, but it is 30 degrees and sunny. I’m excited to get back up there. It looks like I’ll be doing some percussion workshops, if anyone finds the need to get their drumming chops up, let me know. I hear spring is beautiful and it’s that time of year. My two-step might be rusty, and someone has probably replaced my economical hatchback with a late 80‘s GMC pickup, I don’t mind... If anyone needs to reach me or just ask me general questions about anything - hopefully it’s Northern Groove related - hit me with an email at

Having failed to win at pairs figure skating, we’re now back doing what we do bestest. 10520 101st Avenue . 250 663 8839


MACENNA STAFFING & THE COMMUNITY Fort St. John businesses are always looking for good employees and Macenna Staffing Services is in the business of connecting workers with local employers. Macenna keeps resumes on file which can be accessed quickly when companies call. Initially started as a temp agency for office personnel, employers of all sizes are now utilizing the service to fill a variety of jobs. Due to a slower economy companies are uncertain about the number of employees they need and by hiring temporary and contract people they can still get the job done. Employees hired through Macenna are often considered temporary but most end up being hired by the company they are working for. By accepting temporary positions workers are given a chance to prove themselves and if placed in the appropriate work environment it’s usually a win-win for both the company and the job seeker. Macenna is also a good source for long-term staffing contracts.

Job seekers, leaving their resume with Macenna, can be selected for a variety of jobs based on their skill and experience. They don’t need to apply for every job and sometimes the match is made before the ad hits the newspaper. The whole process can happen within a couple of hours and the service is completely confidential. A Macenna representative looks after all the details of the interview and works with both the client and candidate throughout the hiring process. It is a free service for job seekers and companies find it a very worthwhile service that saves them time and money. The PEOPLE with the PEOPLE when you need the PEOPLE and always accepting resumes!

Macenna Staffing Services is located above the main Post Office in Fort St. John. Open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m, closed during lunch hour. (250) 785-TEMP.

Direct hire Temporary and permanent placement Outsourcing contracts Customized recruitment planning

s t a f f i n g s e r v i c e s


250.785.8367 . Fax: 250.785.4795


Media and web advertising Confidential job postings Candidate screening Candidate assessment/testing Arrange and assist with interviews Remuneration negotiations Follow-up with unsuccessful candidates Monitoring and follow-through after placement

Northern Groove - Mar 2010  

March 2010 Edition of Northern Groove.

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