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Past. Present. Film July 16-19, 2015


Belleville, Trenton


& Picton


Festival Program



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Production Artist(s): AB Production Manager: Tara Giacinti

WELCOME! Welcome to the first annual Hollywood North Film Festival! We’re ecstatic to have you attend what we believe is the start of something great for our arts community. The festival marks the return of film to a region that at one time was home to film in Canada. Over the next four days we’ll be showcasing 50 films from around the world – no small feat. Films will play at our regions premiere venues including: The Empire Theatre, The Centre Theatre and The Regent Theatre. All outstanding venues, they have stood the test of time and will project films digitally with incredible surround sound. The festival will open with a short film from France, “Je suis Celib’” (I am Celib’) and feature film “The Philosopher King” from Sweden. Throughout the weekend films from Canada, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Australia and more will be featured. These films cover all genres and categories including: Feature, Short, Student & Animation films. We’re also thrilled to have six local films play in this year’s festival; one feature, one short and three student productions in total. This is just a snippet of the talent and creativity of our local filmmakers. To accompany our great local films are eight films that had their run at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in France! If you weren’t aware of Cannes, the who’s who of filmmaking attends this festival on the Mediterranean coast of France every year – but we prefer our beaches. Our first year would not be possible without the generous support from our presenting sponsors and advertisers. Being our first year as a festival, we were pleased to find the support we needed in our local businesses and municipalities. These next four days are going to be something new and exciting for the region. Before, to see this many films at once, you would have to travel outside of the area – now you can stay. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Bay of Quinte Region while taking in some fantastic films and remember to visit the “Movie Years Monument” on Film Street in Trenton – the original home of “Hollywood North.” See you at the movies,

Jacob Côté Festival Director


Welcome from the City of Belleville As the Mayor of the City of Belleville I am pleased to have this opportunity to welcome you to the Bay of Quinte Region on the occasion of the Hollywood North Film Festival taking place July 1619th 2015. On behalf of my colleagues on City Council I would like to express our gratitude to the organizing committee of the Film Festival for their dedication to this fantastic event and for fostering and showcasing filmmaking in our community. This is a wonderful, funfilled event that is sure to create camaraderie and great memories here in the Quinte area. Enjoy the Festival! Taso A. Christopher Mayor

Welcome from Quinte West On behalf of the Members of Council and the Citizens of Quinte West, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to the Hollywood North Film Festival and to those attending this event. The City of Quinte West is proud of our history in the film industry as the original “Hollywood North” and appreciate the organizers for their efforts in promoting the arts and culture through this format. We sincerely hope that you not only enjoy the event’s productions but also take in the Festival on the Bay in Downtown Trenton during the Festival weekend. Best wishes for a successful film festival. Sincerely, Jim Harrison Mayor 3

Welcome from Prince Edward County On behalf of Municipal Council, I am happy to welcome the many film makers, patrons and movie enthusiasts attending the Hollywood North Film Festival, which is taking place July 16 thru 19, 2015 in Picton, Belleville and Trenton. I also congratulate Northern Entertainment for organizing this unique film festival, and bringing world-class films to The Regent Theatre and other venues. During your visit here, please take the opportunity to linger at one of our many restaurants or cafĂŠs and taste great local food and wine, or find something new in one of our specialty shops or galleries located throughout The County. Once again, a heartfelt welcome to everyone and best wishes for a successful and enjoyable film festival. Robert L. Quaiff Mayor

279 Main Street Picton 11am till midnight 613.476.6663

Lifestyle clothing for Men and Women.

271 Front Street Downtown Belleville 613.968.4440

Proudly supporting the arts in our community.

Trenton: A Cited from the “Trenton Film Monument”


to th

e Pas


Trenton was home to one of Canada’s earliest and longest running film studios, built in 1917. A number of local citizens lent financial support to a series of small film-making companies which used the studio over the next 17 years. American film stars came to Trenton and the cameras began to roll. Film crews at work became familiar sights on the streets of the town, and many Trentonians found work as actors, technicians and extras in the early movies. Captain Bruce Bairnsfather, internationally famous for his World War I cartoons of “Old Bill,” came to Trenton in 1927 from England to direct his screen story, “Carry on Sergeant!”. Billed as Canada’s first epic production it premiered in Toronto in 1928. Although it compared favourably with other feature films of the day, the film did not achieve financial success. With the arrival of the “Talkies” and the advent of 16mm film the equipment at the Trenton Laboratory became outdated, and in 1934 the dream of “Hollywood North” died and the doors of the Trenton Film Plant closed for the last time.

Photos from the past on the next page... 6

A film crew on set of “C arry On Sergeant!”

The Original Studio

A film crew poses for a photo A scene from “Carry On Sergeant!”

Inside the Studio Building



The premiere of “Carry On Sergeant!” in Toro

VIP Festival Social All festival V.I.P’s, Filmmakers and Sponsors are invited to Three Dog Winery for a social get together, generously sponsored by Prime Focus Productions! - Saturday July 18th @ 7pm Three Dog Winery 1920 Fish Lake Rd, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 613-403-4323

Hosted By

Sponsored By

Downtown Belleville

The Belleville Downtown Improvement Area (BDIA) is a Business Improvement Area designated by the City of Belleville which has been in place since 1972. Our area of representation is Front Street from Pinnacle to Dundas, all side streets and the west side of Pinnacle Street. The BDIA’s mandate is to oversee the improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally-owned land, buildings and structures in the area beyond that provided at the expense of the municipality generally, and to promote the area as a business or shopping area. The BDIA works very closely with its membership of approximately 200 member businesses and organizations who are automatically members of the organization due to their location within the BDIA boundaries. Board meetings are held monthly and are open to the public. The board is made up of 11 individuals with unique backgrounds as well as several committees that are made up of volunteers such as Promotions and Infrastructure that meet to help plan and improve the downtown. The BDIA hosts approximately 16 exciting events each year that are growing and becoming well recognized in the community. For more information please visit: www.downtownbelleville.ca or by calling: 613.968.2242 9







By: L


Voska mp ~ 1) Film Street in Trenton Bay o f Qu in te Tour i sm Once home to Ontario’s first film production studio circa 1917, Film Street is now the location of an historic plaque dedicated to “The Movie Years” in the town.

2) Sandbanks Provincial Park The dunes have provided a backdrop for several feature films, including family favourite “Fly Away Home” and “Resident Evil: Afterlife”. 3) The Historic Festival Venues Take a look around before the films begin at HNFF’s three venues. The Empire Theatre, The Regent Theatre and Centre Theatre are all historic locations that have stood the test of time and technology. 4) Camp Picton The former Canadian Forces training camp in Prince Edward county has been used as a backdrop in multiple films, including features by the CBC. 5) CFB Trenton Canada’s largest military air base has been the backdrop of not one, but two Hollywood thriller films. CFB Trenton stands in for McMurdo Base in “The Thing”, and shots from inside a CC-130 Hercules are used in “The Incredible Hulk.”


Downtown Trenton

The Trenton Downtown Business Improvement Area is designed to be a self-help mechanism that provides the tools and resources necessary to promote and beautify the area. The Trenton DBIA is the voice of the business community. It is committed to improving and promoting the Downtown core through investment and advocacy to further its position as Trenton’s shopping, business and entertainment destination. Trenton’s downtown offers a variety of shops and services to accommodate many needs. Both historic and modern buildings that are ideally situated on a busy commercial thoroughfare, offer the ideal location for any business. Enjoy shopping in our ladies and menswear clothing stores, for home decor, salon and spa treatments, floral, jewelery and so much more. Dine out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or simply enjoy drinks on one of our many waterfront patios. All your grocery, hardware and banking needs can be met right in our downtown core as well. Whether you’ve come by land, boat or by foot, Downtown Trenton has plenty to offer all day, every day. With our newest showpiece, the Trent Port Marina, you can relax by the water after a busy day in Downtown Trenton.

Visit us at: www.downtowntrenton.ca 12

Downtown Picton

The largest community in Prince Edward County, Picton is long known for its Empire Loyalist heritage, charm, architecturally significant buildings, and friendly small-town atmosphere. Picton is a small town with an urban neighbourhood feel, and with over 200 businesses, there are big city services and dedicated professionals ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for. The diversity of Picton’s restaurants, its full mix of retail and services businesses, its green spaces and culture, combine to make an exceptional quality life, recognized unanimously by residents and visitors alike. If you’re thinking about a vacation, visiting for the first time or are one of our many returning visitors, we know that each trip to Picton will leave you with memories and mementos of time well spent. To plan your visit to Picton, go to: experiencepicton.com


Theatre & Film

The Empire Theatre 7:30 - Thursday July 16, 2015 I am Celib’ - 2mins The Philosopher King - 1hr 44mins (Mature Audiences)

Block #1 - 1hr 6mins Regent | July 17 | 4pm Fox Point – 12mins Uncertian, TX – 7mins Figs for Italo – 18mins Companion – 3mins* Winter’s Journey – 26mins


7:00pm - Friday July 17, 2015 Transference - 9mins Canadian Muscle - 1hr 39mins (All Audiences)

Block #2 – 53mins Regent | July 18 | 4pm Getting Ready for a Lunch Date – 6mins Duality – 12mins Contact – 9mins Sineater – 7mins Mercy – 19mins

Block #4 – 55mins Centre | July 17 | 3:30pm Up in a Plane – 9mins Mel – 22mins At the Other End – 9mins Bird – 15mins

7:00pm - Saturday July 18, 2015 Faced with the Choice - 8mins Gone Back - 1hr 15mins (Nudity, War Scenes)

Block #3 – 52mins Centre | July 17 | 4pm NRG Elite – 14mins Slick Timing – 6mins Rachel 9000 – 14mins The Jogger – 3mins Decretion – 15mins

Block #5 – 1hr 1min Regent | July 18 | 12pm Clinch – 10mins Iscariot – 6mins* Exhale – 22mins* The Elf of the Bamboo – 4mins The Autumn of ZAO – 18mins*

Block Schedule

The Regent Theatre 7:00pm - Friday July 17, 2015 Hypothermia - 9mins Johnny Walker - 1hr 39mins (All Audiences)

Block #6 – 1hr 4mins Regent | July 18 | 2pm A Day in the Park – 6mins Runaway – 25mins Hot Air - 4mins A Thief in the Night – 12mins Narcissist – 17mins

7:00pm - Saturday July 18, 2015 Aesthetics of Anxiety - 3mins The Philosopher King - 1hr 44mins (Mature Audiences)

Block #7 – 1hr 3mins Empire| July 18 | 2pm We All go the Same – 3mins I’ll Take Care of You – 16mins White Lines – 4mins Memories – 22mins Helio – 19mins*

Block #9 – 52mins Centre | July 19 | 3:30pm Contact – 9mins Exhale – 22mins* Companion – 3mins* The Autumn of ZAO – 18mins*

1:00pm - Sunday July 19, 2015 Analysis - 10mins Liminalty - 1hr 12mins (Mature Audiences)

Block #8 – 1hr 1min Empire| July 17 | 2pm Waiting Game – 20mins Plastic Glory – 6mins Pietro’s Room – 17mins Don’t Tell My Mom – 18mins

Block #10 – 50mins Centre | July 19 | 4pm I am Celib’ – 2mins Transference – 9mins Hypothermia – 9mins Asthetics of Anxiety – 3mins Faced with the Choice – 8mins Helio – 19mins


Film Guide All films are listed in alphabetical order.

Note: Films will play in hour- long “blocks”. Please refer to the schedule for block dates & times.


Some films will have special premiere/ festival designations. World Premiere

Canadian Premiere Cannes Film Festival 2015

Drama | 12mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Kyle Seaquist Caleb B. Kuntz

BLOCK #6 Saturday July 18 Regent - 2pm

Aesthetics of Anxiety


(A Collection by Bryan Sardari)



A Theif in the Night

Narrative |3mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Ehsan Abbasi PRODUCED BY: Leah Rama


Walter Evans, a middle-aged man, is accused of abducting 6 year old Sean Michael. He insists he is innocent, yet Officer Fleck, a young detective, follows the evidence and is not convinced.






A Day in the Park


Drama |10mins COUNTRY: Australia DIRECTED BY: Daniel Prychpan PRODUCED BY: Manual R. Mota

An engagement party is interrupted by a mysterious guest...

“Aesthetics of Anxiety” walks the line between commercial fashion film and short narrative film. It brings story and intrigue to an original macrame clothing collection by drawing a surreal parallel to a spider and its prey.

A depressed man has dreams. Are they the path to knowing his unconscious and thus attaining happiness? Or are they just a figment of his imagination?

BLOCK #6 Saturday July 18 Regent - 2pm

FEATURE PRES. BLOCK #10 Saturday July 18 Sunday July 19 Regent - 7pm Centre - 4:00pm

FEATURE PRES. Sunday July 19 Regent - 1pm



Drama | 15mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Brittany Rae Barber PRODUCED BY: Christopher Rojas

Canadian Muscle FEATURE

Drama | 9mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Charlie Skuy



At the Other End

Comedy | 1hr 40mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Colin Grey PRODUCED BY: Colin Grey, Ryan Dowling

A boy who lives with his mother finds an unlikely friend.

Diya is a 12-year-old boy whose mother is dying in the hospital. The relationship between him and his father has become silent. Diya holds on to a mutilated pigeon as if it were still alive, as he tries to understand death.

As the last day of class draws to a close, headstrong high school senior Derek sets out in search of his first set of wheels.

BLOCK #4 Friday July 17 Centre - 3:30pm

BLOCK #4 Friday July 17 Centre - 3:30pm

FEATURE PRES. Friday July 17 Empire - 7pm

Narrative |3mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Sean O’Neill

William Kee, Jason Spencer, Lesley Butler

Contact SHORT





Clinch Drama | 10mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Darcy Smith PRODUCED BY:

Thriller/Drama|9mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Alexander Jeffery PRODUCED BY: Rex A. Barrow, Laura Barrow

A loving mother and wife struggles to come to terms with having to tell her daughter that she’s been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

A stray puppy suddenly appears to brighten up a lonely boy’s world. The two enjoy a long-lasting companionship as they grow together.

BLOCK #5 Saturday July 18 Regent - 12pm

BLOCK #1 Friday July 17 Regent - 4pm

BLOCK #9 Sunday July 19 Centre - 3:30pm

After losing the love of his life to his former best friend in high school, Jake has spent the years watching from afar. Jake sees his opportunity to Reconnect with his old pal Darrin McAdam. Darrin, however, may get more than he bargained for when he shows up to Clearwater Optical...

BLOCK #2 BLOCK #9 Saturday July 18 Sunday July 19 Regent - 4pm Centre - 3:30pm


Canadian Premiere

Evan Panikkar, Ashley Williams

Comedy | 18mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: H. Nelson Tracey PRODUCED BY: Rahul Bansal

Duality SHORT

Action/Drama | 15mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Nick Roy PRODUCED BY:

Don’t Tell My Mom STUDENT




Cannes Film Festival 2015

Thriller | 12mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Daniel Ruczko PRODUCED BY: Daniel Ruczko

The film follows two prisoners chained together by cuffs that controls energy levels. Being transferred from one prison to another on their way to be executed, they must find a way to escape.

A naive high school boy is forced by his mother to find a summer job at the only place he can find work: a sex shop.

A young woman wakes up and finds a photo of herself sleeping on her phone, she lives alone.

BLOCK #3 Friday July 17 Centre - 4:00pm

BLOCK #7 Friday July 17 Empire - 2pm

BLOCK #2 Saturday July 18 Regent - 4pm

Faced with the Choice

Figs for Italo

Narrative |3mins COUNTRY: Switzerland DIRECTED BY: Alexandre Gaudiano PRODUCED BY: Alexandre Gaudiano


Canadian Premiere



Exhale Drama/Thriller | 22mins COUNTRY: Poland DIRECTED BY: Maciej Wiktor PRODUCED BY: Maciej Wiktor

Cannes Film Festival 2015

Drama |18mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Bob Celli PRODUCED BY: Laura Delano, Bob Celli

Simon and his father coexist in a complex relationship, tangled up in a secret of their past. This stasis begins to crack, when Simon meets a beautiful girl.

A world at war. A brother and When he was a child, Danny was sister. A day that changed their the powerless witness of his father’s murder. Adult, he decides family forever. to avenge him by executing his murderer. But the latter will leave him in front of a choice, will he know how to make the right one?

BLOCK #2 Saturday July 18 Regent - 4pm

FEATURE PRES. BLOCK #10 Saturday July 18 Sunday July 19 Empire - 7pm Centre - 4:00pm


BLOCK #1 Friday July 17 Regent - 4pm

A young couple take a getaway to Northern Ontario to try to rekindle their relationship.

BLOCK #1 Friday July 17 Regent - 4pm

Gone Back

Thriller | 6mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Patrick Hodgson PRODUCED BY: Patrick Hodgson,

When Zep’s lonely she goes a little...crazy.

BLOCK #2 Saturday July 18 Regent - 4pm

Canadian Premiere Cannes Film Festival 2015

Gone Back is a psychological drama about an army deserter that returns home. He expects to find his life the way he left it, but he finds out that he is declared dead and everything has changed. FEATURE PRES. Saturday July 18 Empire - 7pm




Drama | 1hr 15mins COUNTRY: Netherlands/Kosovo DIRECTED BY: Ernest Meholli PRODUCED BY: Ernest Meholli

Cannes Film Festival 2015

Helio Sci-Fi/Action | 19mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Teddy Cecil PRODUCED BY: Teddy Cecil


Getting Ready for a Lunch Date

Narrative |4mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Maggie Hughes, Kim DeJohn

Hypothermia SHORT

Drama | 12mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED & PRODUCED BY: Jacqueline Andrade, Mark Cira

Canadian Premiere



Fox Point

Cannes Film Festival 2015

Narrative/Drama|9mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Jon Dewar PRODUCED BY: Matt Rogers

One worker sparks an uprising when he attempts to break free of his dystopian underworld.

A boy has to deal with a cloudy situation.

Fragments of a love story set to the backdrop of winter, “Hypothermia” follows Harper and Verity as they reflect on their relationship while trying to find each other in a snowy forest.

BLOCK#8 Friday July 17 Empire - 2pm

BLOCK #6 Saturday July 18 Regent - 2pm

FEATURE PRES BLOCK #10 Friday July 17 Sunday July 19 Regent - 7pm Centre - 4:00pm

BLOCK #10 Sunday July 19 Centre - 4:00pm


Canadian Premiere


Comedy | 2mins COUNTRY: France DIRECTED BY: Borris Vassallo, Jérémie Poppe

PRODUCED BY: Jérémie Poppe

Drama | 16mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Morgan Peterson PRODUCED BY: Gintare Urbutyte


I’ll Take Care of You STUDENT


I am Celib’

Sci-Fi/Thriller | 6mins COUNTRY: United Kingdom DIRECTED BY: Aleksandra Petrova PRODUCED BY: Aleksandra Petrova

Alice thinks that the good man doesn’t exist. She uses them like things.

Lucy Swan is a college freshman who is raped at a party. Consequently Lucy suffers from anxiety disorder and feels abandoned by an ineffectual system. A few years later Lucy is forced to confront her past, will she finally break her silence?

Captain James Bennett is a war hero whose core values are challenged when he is accused of treason against Earth by two mysterious government agents.


BLOCK #8 Saturday July 18 Empire - 2pm

BLOCK #5 Saturday July 18 Regent - 12pm

Cannes Film Festival 2015


Drama | 1hr 2mins COUNTRY: Belgium DIRECTED BY: Kris De Meester PRODUCED BY: Christine K Walker



Drama/Comedy |1hr 12mins



Johnny Walker

COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Darryl Callcott PRODUCED BY: Mark Potter


Thursday July 16 Sunday July 19 Empire - 7:30pm Centre - 4:00pm

Drama/Comedy |22mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Behzad Sedghi PRODUCED BY: Behzad Sedghi

A washed up Hollywood director is trapped in a remote castle by his own fears until the arrival of a mysterious woman offers him possible salvation.

When he was a child, Danny was the powerless witness of his father’s murder. Adult, he decides to avenge him by executing his murderer. But the latter will leave him in front of a choice, will he know how to make the right one?

When Mel, a shy kindergarten assistant, drops by the home of one of his pupils to return a pair of shoes, he enters a purgatory where he finds himself incapable of leaving even though no one tries to hold him back.

FEATURE PRES. Friday July 17 Regent - 7pm

FEATURE PRES. Sunday July 19 Regent - 1pm

BLOCK #4 Friday July 17 Centre - 3:30pm


World Premiere

Keith wakes up every morning and not knowing who he is. Suffering from PTSD and Short Term Memory, one day a strange woman appears on his doorstep and leads him deeper into his past. BLOCK#7 Saturday July 18 Empire - 2pm


Drama/LGBT | 17mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Eric Casaccio PRODUCED BY: Steven Tyler O’Connor

Young psychopath Mercy Nobel fulfills her desire to kill by finding her subjects on a suicide website. She tells the story of her final kills from the mortuary table.

It’s almost as it’s meant to be until Rob goes from a charming man to a manipulative individual who suddenly pulls the carpet out from under Evan, smashing his heart into a million pieces.

BLOCK #2 Saturday July 18 Regent - 4pm

BLOCK #6 Saturday July 18 Regent - 2pm

Pietro’s Room STUDENT



Victor Cooper, Jodi Cooper

NRG Elite Sci-Fi/Comedy | 14mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Emmett Fraser PRODUCED BY: Lucas Ford

Horror/Thriller | 19mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Victor Cooper PRODUCED BY:

Drama | 17mins COUNTRY: Italy DIRECTED BY: Alina Gurinova

Plastic Glory ANIMATION

Drama | 22mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED & Christoph Blaschke PRODUCED BY: Samantha Jackson





Drama/War | 6mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Ihab Mardini PRODUCED BY: Ihab Mardini

Three 16-year-old NRG (NeuroResponsive Gel) athletes, who also happen to be best friends. They’re all excited for their first professional tryout, but a day before it all goes down, one friend gets grounded.

Melissa and Pietro are brothers. After their father left the family, they lived years of depression with a mother who wasn’t always capable to follow them. They both visit psychologist Carla, a friend of their mother.

It’s just a game, and they are the toys... A journey into the life span of toy soldiers with an abstract reflection of reality.

BLOCK #3 Saturday July 18 Centre - 4:00pm

BLOCK #7 Friday July 17 Empire - 2pm

BLOCK #7 Friday July 17 Empire - 2pm


Canadian Premiere Cannes Film Festival 2015

Set in a future where one can invest in humanoid robots rather than in human relationships, Rachel 9000, a mindful robot designed for pleasure, contemplates the possibility of emancipating from her abusive owner.

Two girls are fighting for a selfdetermined life. The 15 year old Tanja run away from the girl´s house in pursuit of the last keepsake of her dead mother. During her chase, her path crosses with a turkish girl Amira.

BLOCK #3 Friday July 17 Centre - 4:00pm

BLOCK #6 Saturday July 18 Regent - 2pm


Slick Timing Sci-Fi/Comedy | 6mins COUNTRY: Australia DIRECTED & Astrid Wells Cooper PRODUCED BY: Rose Schramm, Dave Flower

Ever wondered who hides your keys so you don’t leave the house at the wrong time? Meet the Timing Adjusters. Unless they can come to a compromise, they won’t be able to keep saving our lives and keep paying their bills. BLOCK #3 Friday July 17 Centre - 4:00pm


Thriller | 7mins COUNTRY: Ireland DIRECTED BY: Bertie Brosnan PRODUCED BY: Brian O’Connor, Bertie Brosnan

A foreboding tale about a successful homeward-bound businessman and a peculiar driver claiming to be a family friend. The drive becomes a journey to Jack’s home and spiritual expedition into the darkness of one’s soul. BLOCK #2 Saturday July 18 Regent - 4pm

Cannes Film Festival 2015

The Autumn of ZAO The Elf of the Bamboo SHORT

Canadian Premiere


Drama | 25mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTED BY: Annette Assmy PRODUCED BY: Annette Assmy


Sci-Fi/Drama | 18mins COUNTRY: France DIRECTED BY: Nikolaus Roche-Kresse PRODUCED BY: Nikolaus Roche-Kresse

Zao is a little boy with an incurable disease, in a house beside a lake. A little girl, Cloe, leads through the forest and tells him the legend of the lake monster. BLOCK #2 Saturday July 18 Regent - 4pm


Sci-Fi/Drama | 14mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Angelo Chavez PRODUCED BY: Yonatan Mallinger



Rachel 9000

Drama | 4mins COUNTRY: Australia DIRECTED BY: Weixing Chen PRODUCED BY: Mark Lycette

A long time ago, people in China believed praying in front of bamboo would help transmit wishes to the gods in the sky. The Bamboo Elf is collecting and transmitting the wishes to the gods and protecting his forest. BLOCK #5 Saturday July 18 Regent - 12pm

Jay Randall, Simone Stock

An overweight man, obsessed with shedding some pounds and calorie counting, has his sanity destroyed by evil fitness freaks on the jogging trail with horrific results. BLOCK #3 Friday July 17 Centre - 4:00pm

Drama | 1hr 44mins COUNTRY: Sweden DIRECTED BY: Rouzbeh Noori PRODUCED BY:

Transference SHORT

Comedy | 3mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Jay Randall PRODUCED BY:

The Philosopher King FEATURE


The Jogger

Sci-Fi/Drama | 9mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Matthew Ninaber PRODUCED BY:

Rouzbeh Noori, Dan Van Geest

Aaron Tomlin, Matthew N.

A story of reconnection and reconciliation between two estranged brothers. Together, they take a road trip through Sweden, Jacob’s adopted country, in pursuit of another dream, and in the process have to face themselves and each other, and come terms with their life choices.

In a town removed from modern society, a young boy is tasked with caring for his sister as his father’s future is uncertain. The father’s last words tell a cryptic tale of what the future may hold for his uniquely gifted children.


FEATURE PRES. Thursday July 16 Saturday July 18 Friday July 17 Empire - 7:30pm Regent - 7pm Empire - 7pm

Up in a Plane

Narrative | 7mins COUNTRY: United States DIRECTED BY: Caleb B. Kuntz PRODUCED BY: Caleb B. Kuntz

Narrative |9mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Rachel Moore PRODUCED BY: Rachel Moore

Uncertain, TX is a beautifully ephemeral look at the dynamic relationship of nature and man within context of the small North Eastern Texas fishing town.

BLOCK #1 Friday July 17 Regent - 4pm

A granddaughter’s grief is transformed by her imagination into a adventure of love and joy that bikes, flies, and dances all the way from the Canadian prairies of the early 1900’s to Europe in WW2, to the present, and beyond. BLOCK #4 Friday July 17 Centre - 3:30pm

Waiting Game SHORT



Ontario Premiere

Drama/War | 20mins COUNTRY: United Kingdom DIRECTED BY: Margaret McGoldrick PRODUCED BY: Leo McGuigan

Waiting Game” centers on an American solider held captive in war-torn Korea, and the unlikely relationship he develops with a fellow prisoner.

BLOCK #8 Friday July 17 Empire - 2pm


Narrative | 4mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Jessie Posthumus, Hanna Jovin

PRODUCED BY: Jessie Posthumus

Winter’s Journey SHORT

Music Video | 3mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTED BY: Morgana McKenzi PRODUCED BY: Charlene Laporte



We All Go the Same

Drama | 26mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTED BY: Susanne Boeing PRODUCED BY: Andrea Karkut

“In the timeless world of fairy tales, villains and victims are visited by a vengeful fairy who offers to shift the balance of power.” This is an authorized music video for the song “We All Go the Same” by Radical Face.

Inspired by the works of Jonas Odell, ‘White Lines’ follows the true story of a fourteen year old boy’s addiction to cocaine.

Walter is waiting at the last station of his journey through life. His family and friends all know what is best for him. But in the end they have to understand that his ending belongs only to him.

BLOCK #7 Saturday July 18 Empire - 2pm

BLOCK #7 Saturday July 18 Empire - 2pm

BLOCK #1 Friday July 17 Regent - 4pm

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Our Television and New Media Production grads get great jobs: • ENG Editor, Rogers Sportsnet • Producer, Rogers TV Toronto • Video Editor, CTV National News • Broadcast Technician, CBC • Transport Coordinator, Big Brother Canada/ Insight Productions • Data I/O Operator, Deluxe Post Production

*2015 KPI statistics for Ontario Colleges

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2015 HNFF Program  

2015 HNFF Program