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Volume I, Issue I Week of 3.30.10

Inaugural Newsletter Stuns Community!! Bemidji MinnesotaYour probably wondering, why in the hell would anyone do a newsletter for a disc golf course? Especially at a course that is under construction and even more odd, out of season. My answer? No clue, I must be mad. No...not mad, insane...insane for the chains. Yeah pretty cheesy, almost sounds like a Cyprus Hill parody. Well, Weird Al wannabees, I’m doing this because quite frankly, I already miss this course. And, if you are like me, you’ve probably been out here already, snow, mud or rain be damned.


Granted you found the holes, dusted off the hibernated discs and didn't sink into mud quite yet, you may have noticed complete anarchy on the course. Yeah its rough, almost like Berlin after WWII rough. But we disc golfers are a tough bunch *cue

general Patton voice*, we have seen this course trashed, vandalized, over crowded and ski’d. We have braved the winds that smell of chicken. We have survived the clouds of purple haze. We have defeated the evils of hole 7 mosquitoes. And yes we have felt the tree hate. So is a little construction going to slow us down? Hell no! We get tough! We buy portable baskets to make up for lost holes and tread softly over glass and thorns alike. This is a transition time. Time to remember how much this course frustrated us, time to be excited for the new course. But with this excitement comes caution. Vandalism nearly destroyed the course many times. Now that it is destroyed, little orange flags and construction materials remind us of this carnage. But these are signs of peace.

These are signs of development and jobs working to get the task done. So I ask you, 2010 disc golfer, tread lightly and play with grace on this short course. Keep your trash and disturb little. If we keep the interest and pitch in a little here and there, in no time at all we will reap the benefits and salute the change that needed to come. As for me, I will do my part. I will play the course and expect the greatest. I will communicate the thoughts of the players and provide a voice. These newsletters take time, and I hope you read them, not because of self pride (okay a little) but to keep the interest alive of Bemidji disc golf. Tell your friends of this publication and most of all the course. But please remember to treat this change as a transition, not a result. - Ace D’Chain

Alternative hole: “Ox-Bow” So hole number 9 used to frustrate a lot of people. First you had to tee uphill. Then if you could somehow not hit the trees to the right or roll into the left, the wind would get you! Say if you got past that, either your in perfect putting range, or lost in the weeds. 9 looked like a nine,

with the basket need to be threaded like a needle. But since the change, we got only a walking path back to 4. Instead, when you have finished hole 8, walk to your left into the trail. This trail is easily found and sits perpendicular to 4 and 8 and

parallel to the hole 9 trail. This hole has been marked by recent excavation. This hole promises to be as difficult as 9 was due to its similar sharp hook needed to reach the basket. Its resemblance is that of a backwards “C” or in geology terms, an “OxBow”...enjoy.

Northern Chains is privately owned and published. Please do not litter. Send all love and Hate to I ntended to promote and protect disc golf!

Disc Golfer Product Watch Golden Retriever This compact device is designed to retrieve golf discs from the bottom of water hazards. It only takes a few seconds and Is extremely easy to operate. The Golden Retriever is small enough to fit in any disc bag or back pocket. Simply tug on the Golden Retriever's throw rope to unfold it. Then toss it beyond the golf disc and pull across to retrieve. As it skims across the bottom of the hazard, it will scoop and retain the disc. Retail $24.99

PDGA Tour Bag The PDGA Tour Bag is constructed to the same high standards that the Starter and Standard bags are, with the strongest stitching possible. The PDGA Tour Bag has a front putter pocket, lightweight internal divider, 2 drink holder (one insulated), two large zippered storage areas, and a mini/scorecard holder pocket. Holds 12-14 discs easily, and up to 18 if you use the zippered side pockets. Easily accommodates back pack style straps. Retail $63.99

DISCatcher Portable Basket The DISCatcher Traveler has been redesigned with a fifth leg. The fifth leg increases stability and provides a more traditional target. The basket area is now pentagonal to provide more similar target sizes from all angles. * Simple oneaction setup * No tools needed * Available in yellow, red and blue * 5 legs for sturdy stance * Great for the beach, the mountains, anywhere! * Comes with matching tote bag for easy transportation and storage * Includes removable flag for easy visibility and wind direction indication * Early or late putting sessions won’t disturb others with quieter chain action of Traveler. Retail $119.99

Vintage Disc Spotlight Pegasus: The Pegasus is a versatile over stable flyer. With good glide and predictable turn, the Pegasus is great when you need to bend a disc around a corner and then fade out. An ideal sidearm disc and an excellent disc for skip shots.

Link of the week:

Bark At the Moon Some people are do well in the morning, not me, I like the night. The still calmness in the air, the dew settling on the grass, and even the animals that go bump in the night. No I’m not talking about the boogeyman or strange Voodoo curses, or even your odd nocturnal roommate that chooses the wee hours to steal your food. If you have ever took a walk outside when its pitch black, then you would know weirdness of it all, even the little things, like when a street lamp suddenly shuts off above you or a cat crosses in front of you but you think it’s a mutant animal. A couple of my friends in other towns have told me that they have formed a Full moon club, and trust me, when my friends tell me weird things they have heard in the night, its going to be friggen weird. They tell of weird fog and how a disc can cut through it, how animals scurry the trails looking for snacks, and how the moonlight makes the discs glow. Sure they could be filled in a smoke filled forest, hungry for anything with radioactive discs, but I want to fin out the weirdness myself. So, if you would like to play the full moon disc adventure, join me every full moon at 9 p.m Try to bring either a tiny glow stick or LED light to attach to the disc, or check out Innova’s special line of Glow in the dark discs.

Weekly Tournament! Trade Discs Learn How to play Win Money! Coming Summer 2010 Northern Chains is privately owned and published. Please do not litter. Send all love and Hate to I ntended to promote and protect disc golf!

Whats New Innova Pro Katana, DX Dart, Star Mako

Disc Atlas

DiSCRaft Nuke, Z Stalker

Northern Chains is privately owned and published. Please do not litter. Send all love and Hate to I ntended to promote and protect disc golf!

Northern Chains is privately owned and published. Please do not litter. Send all love and Hate to I ntended to promote and protect disc golf!

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