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LOCK PROBLEMS AND ITS SOLUTIONS Lock system secures the safety of your business, home and motor vehicles. There may be time that the locks do not work properly. Lock system consist of various structures and when it goes faulty, your home system could be compromised. So it will be a great idea to hire a professional locksmith and get them to fix as soon as possible.

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IS KEY GETTING HARD TO TURN? The key becomes jammed or may have troubled turning with lock. First, make sure that you are using right key. Then if you are not able to open it, just clean the lock with lubricating oil. If still it does not work then make a phone call to proficient locksmith.

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OUR 24X7 HOUR LOCKSMITH SERVICES We provide comprehensive locksmith services: 

Lock-out service

Lock repairs and replacement


Commercial door bolts

Residential door bolts

Key changes

Safe services

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OUR SERVICE AREAS We provide manly locksmith services across the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Some areas:  Allambie  Elanora Heights Allambie Heights  Fairlight  Balgowlah  Frenchs Forest Beacon Hill   Freshwater Belrose   Harbord

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Phone: 9972 2670 Â Mobile: 0416 225 226 E-mail:

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24 Hour Lockout Tricks and Services for Business and Homes  

The PDF is made by which is describing lock out tricks.

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