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Get rid of your bulge Let’s face it, we’ve all had that moment when those jeans just won’t zip up the whole way (queue the awkward bed dance, while trying to hold your breath and squeeze on in). Or the adorable little bulges of back fat, that roll over the bra, and show through in a tight top, it’s annoying. I know I’ve been doing my crunches, but it’s still there! Caci have come through for the team with their new non-surgical fat reduction treatment which freezes and destroys fat cells, called ChillSculpt. Freezing fat cells sounds a bit crazy, but it’s safe, and it works. Once the cells have been treated, they die, and then are processed through the body with all of our other waste. It’s a pretty simple process really and only takes an hour, plus the team at Caci

Step 1: Start Cryo-cooling

they will book you in for a free consultation and you can see if would be right for your and your rolls! What happens at a ChillSculpt™ treatment? Wondering exactly what happens during a ChillSculpt treatment? Check out the steps below so you know exactly what to expect before your first treatment. 1. A cool pad is applied to the area, which acts as a membrane between your skin and the machine.

Step 2: Immediate Cryo-reaction

5 top tips to shower power

people read, watch videos, relax or even take a nap. 3. Afterwards the treatment provider will briefly massage the area as it will feel like a semisolid cold lump. With massage this disappears within minutes. 4. With no downtime time needed, you’re free to continue your lifestyle as normal. Although some redness and tenderness can be expected for a day or so. Visible results can appear

Step 3: 30 Days, Metabolism Process

Step 4: 90 Days, Eliminated Cells


F YOU’RE like many busy women, you may have discovered that your shower is the only time you have to yourself each day, away from the stress and responsibilities of everyday life. Making the most of each shower will allow you to take the time to cleanse not only your body, but also your mind. With these five simple tips, you can wash away your worries and make each shower an enjoyable escape.


are really great and there’s not really any downtime after the treatment. After a few sessions over a few months you will notice your shape changing, and those stubborn little budges will be reduced…and that size 12 pair of jeans, just might turn into a size 10 - Boom! If it sounds like a bit of you, just give Caci a call –

2. Your treatment provider will then position the hand piece/s on your area of concern – a strong vacuum effect and controlled cooling occurs. A pulsing motion and very cold sensation soon becomes tolerable numbness, this lasts for the duration of the treatment which takes approximately 45 minutes. During this time many

Caci Whangarei, 110 Bank St

in as little as three weeks after the first treatment, a minimum of four treatments in the same body area over a period of six months is recommended to achieve the best results. A review will occur three months after the first treatment. ■ Call Caci on 0800 458 458 to book your free consultation.

Start with a deep breath and clear your mind. Commit to leaving worries and stress at the shower door, and instead focus on positive, energising thoughts. Envision a carefree weekend activity, or recall the sights and sounds of a soothing tropical getaway. Channel your attention on creating positive energy.


Set the mood with the right music and lighting. If you shower in the morning, give yourself a burst of energy with upbeat music and a brightly lit room. Conversely, if you’re winding down the day, mellow tunes and dimmed lights will help slow your pace.


Moisturise your skin from head to toe with a hydrating body wash that leaves skin feeling soft and radiant.


Though you may be tempted to let the steaming water soothe your skin and tired muscles, be wary of keeping the heat up too long. Excessive hot water can be harsh on your hair and skin, and strip skin of moisture. Instead go for a lukewarm or slightly warmer temperature and finish with a cool blast to help seal pores and invigorate your spirit.


Even if you’re short on time, commit to indulging in one pampering treatment each day, such as deep conditioning your hair or exfoliating tired skin. With these few simple changes, you’ll be able to make the most of each shower, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day.

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