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There are easy ways to add light to a dark bathroom or to close off part of an overly-large living area without going to the expense and inconvenience of major renovations. Simply adding a pop of colour can transform a problem space

Two property predicaments and . . .

how to overcome them AN EXTRA-LARGE LIVING ROOM Open-plan living is all the rage, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Perhaps you enjoy being able to entertain friends or keep an eye on the kids. Open-plan living can certainly facilitate this. But perhaps you feel like your openplan living space is just a little too large. It might feel like it’s not quite as homely as it could be, or feels a little stark. There are ways to make this space inviting, without compromising the benefits of open-plan living. Start by creating areas that are centred on certain activities, such as reading, watching television, dining and preparing food. You may find that the layout of your kitchen — particularly if you have an island-style bench — keeps this separate, but the rest of your living area blends into one oversize space. You can use a sectional, chaise lounge or bench seat to divide it. This is a more practical solution than putting in a wall — the items used to divide your living space also have another function (specifically, for relaxing). Don’t hesitate to plonk a sofa in the middle of your living area to create a divide. Although it’s traditional to place key pieces of furniture against a wall, floating it in the middle can also be very effective. Open bookshelves are another novel solution. You won’t block gorgeous sunlight as it streams through the space, but you will help to form different zones. Try a bookshelf painted in a muted, murky, grey-brown, plus cream and deep red accents throughout the room for a contemporary vibe. You can even create different zones by mixing up the lighting — choose different styles of pendant lights and hang one above the dining table and the other above a coffee table or in the entertainment area.


Choose a clean, light shade like Resene Periglacial Blue for walls to invigorate a dim bathroom.

patterned floor — this will only complicate the visual impression of the room. Opt for light or mid-grey tiles or perhaps fresh white floorboards. The former lends a more industrial feel, while white will contribute to a Scandinavian aesthetic. Try to pick a design that has some texture or pattern to it — this will help hide the dust. If you want splashes of colour, keep this for small items, such as a vase or indoor plant. Mint green adds a bit of character, but it’s still a colour that evokes freshness. Likewise, aqua and turquoise also work a treat. Using the gorgeous Glamour wallpaper from Resene as a starting point for the colour scheme and as a feature wall to the left, the setting sparkles with rich blues and oranges, set against the quiet, mysterious grey of a Resene Triple Rakaia wall. The floor is painted in Resene Transmission and the table base is in rich, dusky orange, Resene Ayers Rock. Texture is everything — from the soft gleam of brass to the rich depths of velvet bed linen. This sort of scheme cries out for antiqued metallic finishes. Complete it with a glass votive stencilled in Resene Redemption Blue.

Start with the walls. Choose a clean, light shade such as white with a gentle tint of grey, which pairs well with muted shades; or a pale cream with the gentlest touch of yellow to it, making it an ideal pick if you want a slightly warm neutral that retains a sense of freshness. Once you’ve revamped the colour of the walls, focus on other areas. For instance, there’s no point having a busy



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