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islands, Kvalsund the northernmost town in the world

Dear guest, I want to extend the warmest of welcomes to you, to the town in my heart! Hammerfest is a municipality with a lot of charm, and a lot to offer. Many travelers are surprised to discover our modern town with its international environment in such scenic surroundings as those offered by islands. Here are a few of the things I find special about our municipality: We are the world’s northernmost town, gateway to the Barents Sea, and we are the energy and petroleum town of the north. Incidentally, we were also the first town with electric streetlights, and together with Vardø, the oldest town in northern Norway. Our region has rich traditions in fishing and the fishing industry. And last but not least, we are a society of people who through centuries have proven our strong connections to the sea and nature surrounding Hammerfest. Our municipality consists of three fantastic islands, each with its own charm. Sørøya is the green island of the north, with surprisingly beautiful sandy beaches, Seiland is the alpine one, with a magnificent national park and Kvaløya is the urban one, sporting concerts and festivals. It is bustling with life and the surrounding landscape has a breathtaking beauty. For you as a guest, all that remains is finding your own favourite spot. To put it in a nutshell, enjoy your stay with us; we will do our utmost to ensure you have a good time! Alf E. Jakobsen Mayor of Hammerfest PS: I heard a rumor in town that I know a secret lake teeming with trout. Well… What can I say? You should ask Ragnar Olsen, the mayor of Kvalsund! Read Ragnar’s answer on page 21!



– where things happen!

The first stop for most of the people who visit our region is the town of Hammerfest, and thereby Kvaløya. And that is exactly where we will start our recommendations for you. The island is the main junction between the mainland and our two other islands – it is from here the coastal steamer Hurtigruten departs, as well as the boats for Sørøya and Seiland. On Kvaløya with Hammerfest as a centre there are a whole lot of experiences to be had: here you will find lovely hikes to take your mind off every day concerns, you can join a guided tour of the town for a first taste of what it has to offer, you can visit museums and stroll around catching our sights, or you can enjoy a breather in a friendly coffeehouse. And, if you have luck on your side, you’ll find yourself in town during one of our numerous festivals, for example during the Hammerfest Days in July.


Kvaløya – where things happen! wAccommodation

Rica Hotel Hammerfest Sørøygata 15, 9600 Hammerfest Tel. +47 78 42 57 00 Fax +47 78 41 13 11

Thon Hotel Hammerfest Strandgata 2/4, 9600 Hammerfest Tel. +47 78 42 96 00 Fax +47 78 42 96 60 Storvannet NAF Camping Storvannsveien 103, 9600 Hammerfest Tel. + 47 78 41 10 10

wFood and drink

Skansen Mat & Vinstue in Rica Hotell Food from Finnmark Sørøygate 15, 9600 Hammerfest Monday to Saturday 16-22, closed Sundays Tel. +47 78 42 57 00


Mikkelgammen Sami Restaurant Salen, 9600 Hammerfest On request, either directly or through Hammerfest Tourist Tel. +47 96 22 92 79 Turistua Storvikveien 7, 9600 Hammerfest Tel. +47 47 48 86 19 Kaikanten Bar & Spiseri Bar, with pizza serving Sjøgata 19, 9600 Hammerfest Monday to Wednesday 18-23, Thursday to Sunday 18-2 Tel. +47 78 41 04 70 Qa Spiseri Cafe and bistro with all kinds of food Sjøgata 8, 9600 Hammerfest Monday to Friday 10-24, Satudray 11-01, Sunday 13-20 Tel. +47 970 70 101

wFood and drink

Redrum Café and Bar Bar, known for their good burgers and live music Storgata 23, 9600 Hammerfest Monday to Thursday 11-18, Friday 11-03.30, Saturday 21-3.30 Tel. +47 78 41 00 49 Ellen’s Café (in the back of the 2nd floor, Coop supermarket) Food like it was homemade. Strandgata 14, 9600 Hammerfest Monday to Friday 9-17 Tel +47 78 41 18 40 Restaurant Dickson Chinese food and sushi Sjøgata 3, 9600 Hammerfest Tuesday to Sunday, 11-22, Monday closed Tel. +47 78 41 38 78

Peppes Pizza Pizza serving Sjøgata 8, 9600 Hammerfest Monday to Saturday 10-23.30, Sunday 13-23 Tel. +47 22 22 55 55 No 19 Café with cosy crockerware store Strandgata 19, 9600 Hammerfest Monday to Friday 9-16, Saturday 10-15 Tel. +47 78 41 18 08 Oppe og Nede - ON Eatery, café and bar Storgata 22, 9600 Hammerfest Monday to Sunday 11-22 Tel. +47 96 01 81 52 Viva Napoli Pizza and more Meridiangata 9, 9600 Hammerfest Monday to Sunday 12-23 Tel. +47 78 41 10 00


Watch and experience There is a whole lot to be seen and experienced in Hammerfest, but if all you have time for is a short stroll through the town, we have three recommendations we would like to share with you:

wTake a short walk up the Zig Zag Path and enjoy the view over the town and

the ocean. From here, you can also see the other islands Seiland and Sørøya. Back in town take some time to visit Galleri Kulturbanken, exhibiting beautiful artistic representations inspired by the special nature in Finnmark, made by Eva Arnesen, our famous local artist also responsible for the music pavilion you will have walked by on the way back to town; or

wYou can visit the Museum of Post-War Reconstruction, which has an ex-

citing and detailed display about the 2nd world war and the rebuilding of Finnmark. After that you could stop by and join the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society; or

wJoin a guided tour of the town if you wish to get a complete view of all parts

of Hammerfest and hear interesting stories about the Meridian column, arctic hunting and fishing of old, gas and oil today, the reindeer fence and much, much more. Each of these can be undertaken in less than two hours.


If you have more time:

wTake a nice walk along the Gamleveien

wTake the boat to the

islands or book a deep sea fishing tour with BATO

wGet a real sami experience at Mikkelgammen

If you would like to get further information about activities in our town, please pay a visit at the Tourist Information at the costal steamer pier.



Man-Fre: 10-18 Lør: 10-16 26 butikker under samme tak / 26 stores under one roof / 26 Läden unter einem Dach

Besøksadresse: Sjøgata 6 Sjøgata 9 9600 Hammerfest

Postadresse: Postboks 121 9615 Hammerfest Tlf: 78 40 64 20

Adventurous Snowmobile Safari

Velkommen til et hyggelig opphold

Thon Hotel Hammerfest er et hyggelig hotell for forretningsreisende, konferansegjester og feriegjester. Hotellet ligger midt i sentrum av Hammerfest med utsyn over havna og med RĂĽdhuset og byens park som nĂŚrmeste nabo. Bestill pĂĽ eller 815 52 400

Meridian Column The Struve Geodetic Arc was the first technical and scientific object to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

The northernmost end point of a meridian column 25° 20’ from the Northern Ocean to the River Danube – throughout Norway, Sweden and Russia. After the precaution of His Majesty Oscar I and Emperor Alexander I and Nicholaus I by continuous geometra latitude 70° 40’ 11,3’’.

Kulturbanken galleri

La kunsten fortrylle deg! Let yourself be enchanted by art! Lassen Sie sich von Kunst verzaubern!

Bilder av Eva Arnesen

Sjøgate 15, 9600 Hammerfest Tel. +47 951 99 897 Epost:

Man-Fred: 10-16, tors. 10-17 Juni til august: lørdag 10-14

Travel with us! Lean back, relax and enjoy the ride – Boreal will give you the good experience. NORDKAPP

+47 488 91 691


+47 95 17 52 04

HAMMERFEST +4748 89 16 91


Welcome to Boreal Transport Nord AS We provide safe and punctual transport with our network of comfortable buses, ferries and fast ferries linking our beautiful country together. VESTERÅLEN

For booking of buses/boats, see:

Fagtrykk Idé as

Phone: +47 78 40 70 00

+47 95 19 27 95



+47 78 40 07 00


+47 95 19 29 85


+47 97 09 98 35

+4746 84 06 61


+4748 99 51 67

+47 99 20 61 15




r he



w or

ay SANDNESSJØEN +47 91 30 51 34

Håndverkshuset Håndverksprodukter fra Nord-Norge • Strikkevarer • Sel og Steinbitskinnprodukter • Hånddreid Trevarer • Keramikk, Glassprodukter og Smykker i Ulike Materialer • Natursåpe som, f.eks. Nordlyssåpe • Arktiske Delikatesser som bl.a. Multebærsyltetøy ... og mye mer

Handicrafts from Northern Norway • Hand Knitting • Seal and Catfish Leather Products • Primed Goods • Pottery, Glass, Unique Jewellery • Organic Soaps / Northern Lights Soap • Cloudberry Jam & Arctic Delicacies ... and much more

Handarbeit aus Nordnorwegen • Handgestricktes • Robbenfell- und Seewolfprodukte • Handgedrechselte Holzprodukte • Keramik, Glasprodukte und Einzigartiger Schmuck • Naturseife z. Bsp. Nordlichtseife • Moltebeerenmarmelade von Arktiske Delikatesser ... und vieles mehr

Kirkegate 8, 9600 Hammerfest

Man-Fre: 10-16.30, Tors: 10-18, Lørd: 10-15

Tel.: +47 90 41 17 93 epost:

Gjenreisningsmuseet for Finnmark og Nord-Troms

enreisningsmuseet for Finnmark og Nord-Troms. rmidler de dramatiske hendelsene fra 2. verdenskrig, , nedbrenning og gjenreisning. Aldri før har en krig hatt enser for folket i landet vårt.


hvordan folket taklet tvangsevakuering og en i den arktiske vinteren 1944-45. Se hvordan nom optimisme, sterk framtidstro og hard vilje skapte uder hva som skjedde når det flerkulturelle folket ble ning, likhetsideologi og modernisering.

Finnmark og Nord-Troms gjennom krig, evakuering, brenning og gjenreisning

ndle vår nære fortid og opplevelsene til folk som lever i og besteforeldre. Den andre verdenskrig har berørt s, og Gjenreisningsmuseet ønsker å ivareta alle våre

skal hjelpe deg å finne fram i utstillingen, men den er g guide. Det vil vanligvis være forskjellige temporære oriet både av kunstnerisk og museal karakter. Kontakt nærmere opplysninger.

åre besøkende vil finne utstillingen stimulerende og tilbakemeldinger slik at vi kan forbedre vår formidling

Kirkegata 21, Postboks 1224/K 9616 HAMMERFEST Tel. +47 78 40 29 40

Finnmark and NorthernTroms through war, deportation, destruction and reconstruction Finnmark und NordTroms in Zeiten von Krieg, Deportation, Zerstörung und Wiederaufbau

Vinter: Man-Fred: 10-14 Lør-Søn: 11-14 Sommer: Man-Søn: 10-16

Godt vertskap og ekte matglede fra Finnmark for ditt besøk, konferanse eller kurs i Hammerfest Excellent hospitality and delicious local food from Finnmark for your visit and conference in Hammerfest Echte Gastfreundschaft und Gaumenfreuden aus der Finnmark für Ihren Besuch und Ihre Konferenz in Hammerfest

Rica Hotell - Restaurant Skansen Mat & Vinstue Tel. +47 78 42 57 00 Epost: Sørøygate 15, 9600 Hammerfest Restaurant: Man-Lør: 18-22, søndager stengt

Isbjørnklubben Hammerfest Over 240 000 medlemmer fra mer enn 70 land; bli med du og! Over 240 000 members, more than 70 countries: Join us too! Über 240 000 Mitglieder, mehr als 70 Länder: Werden auch Sie Mitglied!

August – May: Weekdays: 9-16 Weekends: 10-14 June-July: Weekdays: 6-18; Weekends: 6-16 Tel. +47 78 41 31 00


In Hammerfest centre: The Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and northern Troms The Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and northern Troms stands as a monument to the human will to overcome the destructions of war and create a new future. The exhibition offers an insight into life as runaways and the rebuilding of Finnmark and Northern Troms. Here you’ll find reconstructed rooms from caves, barracks and eventually the houses the people called home. In addition the museum offers a cosy café and a pleasant souvenir store. Kirkegate 21, 9600 Hammerfest Tel. + 47 78 40 29 40 Opening hours: Winter: Monday to Friday: 10-14, Saturday and Sunday 11-14, Summer: Monday to Sunday: 10-16 Mikkelgammen Meeting Sami Mikkel and Solveig from Kautokeino is an unforgettable experience. Stories about life with the reindeer, “joiking” and delicious traditional food guarantee you a wonderful sami evening on the mountain Salen. Reservations only. Tel. +47 96 22 92 79 16

The Chapel The small chapel is located at the end of the church yard, and was built in 1937. It is the only remaining building in Hammerfest from before the 2nd world war. The Church Built in 1961, the evangelical church with its distinctive architecture serves as a reminder of the town’s long traditions within arctic hunting and fishing. The fountain in the town square A gift from USAs former ambassador to Norway, Charles Ulrick Bay. Under President Truman, Bay serving as an ambassador honored his mother, originally from Hammerfest with this statue. The Music Pavilion Given as a gift to the town’s 200 year jubilee in 1989. The pavilion represents the best of the art of construction in old Hammerfest, and is an adventure in shape and color. Ole Olsens bust The bust of the famous Hammerfest-born composer can be found directly below the Music Pavilion. Ole Olsen (1850-1927) studied in Leipzig, and would go on to claim worldwide recognition for his works.

Kulturbanken gallery Kulturbanken, the culture bank, is run by the couple Knut and Eva Arnesen. Eva and Knut were, among other things, responsible for crafting the Music Pavilion gifted to the town for its 200th jubilee in 1989. The gallery is mainly built around painter Eva R. Arnesen’s works. In 1997, she received the honorable task of illustrating the diploma for the Nobel Peace Prize. The artist Eva has, in addition, delivered decoration for a wide range of local establishments, such as the church of Hammerfest and Statoil’s LNG processing plant on Melkøya. Visit the gallery, and let the light and magnificent range of colours found in Eva’s art enchant you. Sjøgata 15, 9600 Hammerfest

Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday: 10-16; Thursday: 10-17; Friday: 10-16; Saturday June-August: 10-14, or on request: Tel. +47 95 19 98 97, Ishavsportalen Ishavsportalen, the arctic sea portal, depicts the Meridian, as it stretches towards the north, crowned by our

town’s coat of arms. The ice floes with the standing polar bears symbolize the town’s traditions as a hub for arctic fishing and hunting. Arctic Vessel in pack ice A gift to the 200th anniversary in 1989, the monument is a symbol and reminder of what Hammerfest was based on: arctic hunting and fishing. The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society The Polar Bear Society is located on the coastal steamer pier, together with Hammerfest’s Tourist Information. Join the world famous and exclusive society, and receive the Polar Bear Pin as proof that you visited the World’s Northernmost Town – Hammerfest! Our museum showcases our proud traditions with fishing and hunting in arctic conditions. There is also a gift shop. Hamnegata 3, 9600 Hammerfest Tel. +47 78 41 31 00 Opening hours: August – May: Weekdays: 10-16; Weekends: 10-14 June-July: Weekdays: 6-18; Weekends: 6-16


On Fuglenes, you can experience: The Meridian Column This column was erected in 1854 in memory of the first scientific measurements of the curvature of the earth. This international cooperation between Russia, Sweden and Norway was concluded in Hammerfest in 1852. Open Air Museum Skansen On Skansen/Fuglenesodden, not far from the Meridian Column, you can find defensive structures directed towards the sea. They were built during the Napoleonic wars in 1809 and restored in 1989. The Museum is made up of barracks, a boathouse and an oil house (used as storage for the paraffin used in the lighthouse) from Melkøya. Life in these kinds of barracks was very common from the Second World War up to the 1960s. For more information contact the Reconstruction Museum. The Energy House by Storvannet The Energy House is a small experience centre showcasing the technology involved in the production of energy, such as LNG-fueled power, tidal power and wind power. Opens on request, Hammerfest Tourist AS., BATO If you want to try deap sea fishing you can hire a boat with a capacity for 12 people. The boat is fully equipped so that you can catch your halibut or cod. Svein Tore Paulsen, Email: post@bato. no, Tel. +47 99 40 22 65 18

Important Festivals and Conferences January The general meeting of the Polar Bear Society, 3rd Sunday of January April Barents Sea Conference International Day of Dance Mai 17th, National day 23rd-26th, National Art Festival (only 2013) June Day of the Motorbikes 13th-16th, Polar Days (only 2013) July 13th-20th, Hammerfest Fair Arctic Open – Sand Volleyball tournament Jentespranget – the women’s race Bicycle race Gammelveien Akkarfjord Open Air and Fishing Festival in Akkarfjord, Sørøya Seiland Children’s Festival in Hønseby, Seiland September Skaidi Extreme – Offroad bicycle race on Skaidi November Barents Dance Festival

Sørøya- the green island

Sørøya is Finnmarks largest island, and is reachable by boat from Hammerfest. The island is a mecca for those who enjoy hiking and fishing. Even though there is not a single tree, the island lies like a magnificent green emerald in the ocean. You can enjoy incredible views: try Kjøttvikvarden, or for those with a head for heights, Tarhalsen. Bring a group of friends, enjoy a campfire on the beautiful beach and soak up the midnight sun or take a refreshing bath and leap into the 7°C «warm» sea!


Akkarfjord Hostel Intimate and cosy, the hostel is ideal for those who don’t mind caring for themselves. There is a large bedroom with 14 beds and two rooms, each with two beds. In addition, there is a swimming pool, sauna, a large kitchen and a lovely living room. Why not walk to Storsanden, a lovely 1km long sandy beach? 9650 Akkarfjord Tel. +47 78 41 91 34 Gamvik Nordre Gamvik Nordre is a sheep holding farm. In 2006 the Belgian Smis family started farming on Sørøya, and have built several guest rooms for those who enjoy the serenity of the farm, allowing you to keep a base for hiking in the middle of the island’s inviting nature. Postboks 147 9650 Akkarfjord Tel. +47 90 26 64 54 E-Mail:

Sørøya Gjestestue To reach Sørøya Gjestestue, take the boat from Hammerfest and step off at Lotre. There are rooms and cabins available. You can rent a boat and go sea fishing, hire snowmobiles, quad bikes or lavvo (traditional Sami tent), enabling you to design the nature experience of your choice. Gammelhjem 9664 Sandøybotn Tel. +47 78 41 93 18 Mob. +47 91 88 10 21 E-mail:


Seiland - the alpine island Steep mountains dive into the ocean deeps, blue and mightily surrounding the island, almost cutting it in two through the two large fjords Jøfjorden to the north of the island, and Store Kufjord to the south. This is where nature greets you at its most imposing. Here you’ll find a grandiose national park containing two glaciers, the northernmost in Scandinavia. The terrain here is demanding, and you should be in decent physical shape and make sure you bring the right equipment if you decide to spend your holidays here. The trails here are not marked, and there is only one cabin open for free use. The best vantage point here would be the settlements of Hønseby and Kårhamn.

wAccommodation and

activities Seiland Explore Fishing and activity enterprise lies in scenic environments in Hønseby. There are 3 apartments, each with room for up to 10 people. The apartments are both cosy and spacious and are adapted for self-catering. There is a general store in Hønseby, where you can buy provisions and fishing equipment. There’s also boat rental, so you can get out onto the ocean in the hunt for your trophy fish! Butikkbygget Hønseby 9609 Nordre Seiland Tel. +47 78 91 46 51 Mob. +47 48 13 92 44 E-mail:


Storgården Kårhamn The farm is located in a scenic environment. Here you’ll find 7 double rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a cosy living room with fireplace. The farm rents out boats in your hunt for halibut and cod. Of course, hiking opportunities abound from the 38 inhabitants large Kårhamn, where you’ll also find a general store. 9657 Kårhman Tel. +47 95 27 46 32 E-mail:

Secret waters . .

Well, it could be Alf is hiding his own secret waters, but the fish we catch here in Kvalsund taste a whole lot better, especially the trout and char caught during ice fishing! Consider Repparfjordelva, one of Norway’s best salmon rivers. Catching a proper salmon straight out of the river: can there be anything better? Or what about a hike with tent and fishing pole to one of the many hundred waters here to tempt the large trout or char. In fall, you can bring your bucket and hunger for berries, and enjoy what the grounds here have to offer before the winter sets in! Go ahead and give our region a try yourself! Otherwise, the same is true for Kvalsund as for Hammerfest: there are countless opportunities for unforgettable memories, just waiting to be made. We offer everything from forests to fjords to Finnmarksvidda. The centre of Kvalsund is a small settlement with a church and 2500 year old petroglyphs, documenting our Sea Sami past and traditions. A small drive along the RV94 takes you to Skaidi. The place is known for its nature given opportunities, not least fishing in its rivers and waters. You’ll also find forests with exciting opportunities for both hiking and biking, skiing and snowmobile rides under the northern lights. The Sea Sami settlement of Kokelv is the place for those of you who want large fish right out of the ocean and a calm escape from every day stress. The village must be one of the most serene places in the world; it’s nature convincing its visitors that time has stopped. Here in the municipality of Kvalsund, the same is true as it is for Hammerfest: All that remains for our guests is to find their own favourite spots. Enjoy your stay with us! Ragnar Olsen Mayor of the municipality of Kvalsund


wAccommodation, sights

and activities – Travelling in Kvalsund, Skaidi and Kokelv Skaidi – where the rivers meet Skaidi is a small settlement in Kvalsund, strategically placed in the middle of western Finnmark, where the RV94 for Hammerfest detours from the European road 6. Skaidi lies in a charming mountain area in the middle of a natural paradise where fishing, hiking, hunting trips, snowmobile rides, quad-bike-tracks and skiing are just some of the activities available to you. Skaidi holds a wide range of opportunities all year long. Skaidi Hotel Skaidi Hotel lies central to the Skaidi road, 50km from Hammerfest. The hotel sports 43 rooms with all together 80 beds, along with its own Spa-Centre with pool and Jacuzzi, making Skaidi Hotel one of Finnmark’s finest Hotels. Skaidi Hotel Skaidi 9620 Kvalsund Tel. +47 78 41 55 00 Repparfjord Ungdomssenter The camping site in Kvalsund The camping site is located near the golf course and Repparfjordelva in scenic environments. Repparfjord Ungdomssenter RV94 9620 Kvalsund Tel. +47 78 41 61 65


Skaidi Alpin Skaidi Alpin is a comparatively small but exciting ski resort, with its 2 skilifts and 4 ski-slopes. The Skaidi area might be one of Finnmark’s forgotten pearls. The mountain is not too steep and not too gentle. Both skiing enthusiasts as well as families with children enjoy good conditions on Skaidi and the ski resort. Here there is something for everyone’s taste. Tel. +47 90 76 40 71 Skaidicenteret, Skaidi Dining and Motel The Skaidi Center offers reasonably priced accommodation, refueling and general shopping facilities. You’ll find good food and drink in Skaidikroa. Here you can as well buy fishing permits. Tel. +47 78 41 61 23.

The World’s northernmost

Golfclub on Skaidi Did you ever wonder what it’s like to play golf under the midnight sun? Here’s your opportunity to try! Hammerfest and Kvalsund Golfclub have created a fun and challenging golf course, completed in 2001. The course was sloped during the summer of 2004. You can find the course at the end of Repparfjorden, next to Repparfjordelva. During summer, the midnight sun shines into the fjord and creates a 24-hour playtime! Kokelv Sjøhus There can’t be many places located in such scenic beauty, shrouded in such serenity as Kokelv Sjøhus. We offer sea-fishing by boat, northern light safaris, snow-mobile trips, ice sea bathing and local food experiences. Masterelv 9715 Kokelv Tel. +47 41 32 61 36 E-mail: Kokelv RiddoDuottarMuseat – Sea Sami Suseum The Sea Sami Museum is one of four museums in Finnmark specializing in Sami history. The Kokelv Museum displays old Sami buildings and items telling the tale of the Sea Sami traditions. Open during the summer – weekdays 10-16: weekends 12-15

Did you know that … … there’s 15.598km between us, in the World’s Northernmost Town and Ushuaia, our twin town, the world’s southernmosttown? Or that there’s 2.788km between Hammerfest and the North Pole, and that it’s almost as far to Berlin from here? Here are a few additional numbers and fun facts: 4Hammerfest has a population of a little more than 10.000 out of in total of 75.000 inhabitants in Finnmark. At the same time, Finnmark county is almost as large as Denmark or Switzerland! We’ve got quite a lot of space up here. 4Æ e’ nordlening æ! Unit Five is the ultimate sound of Hammerfest. 4From November 22nd to January 20th the sun doesn’t surpass the horizon, and from May 16th to July 27th we have 24 hours daylight. 4Hammerfest was the first town in Northern Europe to employ electric streetlights. The first lights were operational from 1891 and started with 5 streetlights each burning for about 2 minutes before expiring again… 4Yes, you can drink the water found in nature here. Ask the locals whether we’re experiencing a leming year before drinking, however. 4Reindeer have their summer grazing on Kvaløya, Seiland and Sørøya. Sometimes, a few even show up in the centre of Hammerfest – despite us having fenced ourselves in! The mayor and the locals can tell you a whole lot about this particular problem. 23

To or in Hammerfest by car along the E6, later onto the RV94. For rental cars, please contact: Avis, tel. +47 94 80 50 00/ Hertz, tel. +47 90 06 18 22/ Europcar, tel. +47 78 41 32 35/ by bus, for example from Alta – schedules or tel. 177, from within Norway. by plane, from Tromsø or elsewhere – please contact the following air lines: Norwegian, Widerøe or SAS. See, or by the coastal steamer Hurtigruten – find out more on, tel. +47 81 03 00 00 by local boats, to for example Sørøya or Seiland – Taxi – Hammerfest: +47 78 41 12 34; Kvalsund: +47 90 90 91 59; Skaidi: +47 41 65 95 60

If you want to know even more … … please visit the Tourist Information by the coastal steamer pier. Here we can assist you 363 days a year, finding accommodation, fun activities, transport or anything else you might be wondering about. In addition, we offer information about Hammerfest and the surrounding areas in the form of brochures from Finnmark and Northern Norway.

Tourist Information Hammerfest Havnegata. 3, pb. 504 N-9615 Hammerfest Tel: +47 78 41 31 00 / +47 78 41 21 85 / + 47 41 22 15 90 Internet: E-mail:

For a wonderfully nice contribution and for providing us with fantastic photographs for our little brochure, we would like to extend our warmest gratitude to the ever so talented Paul Nilsen.


Opening hours: August-May - Monday-Friday: 9:-16 Saturday-Sunday: 10-14 June-July - Monday-Friday: 6-18 Saturday-Sunday: 6-16

Hammerfest Aktivitet - ENGELSK  
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