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VESTERÅLEN WINTER 2013 01.10.2012–30.04.2013

WELCOME TO WINTER IN VESTERÅLEN – the world’s most beautiful archipelago

Vesterålen is the perfect base for observing the Northern Lights with little light pollution. Here, like so many other places in Norway, we have a long tradition of skiing.Well prepared floodlit cross-country ski trails and ideal terrain make crosscountry skiing one of the major winter activities. The mountain formations are attractive for summit ski climbs for experienced skiers and beginners alike. The Åndstadblåheia ski lift is open throughout the winter season.You can experience reindeer and Sami culture. This is also a popular winter activity for the local population, and you may join them for reindeer herding and stay overnight in a lavvu, a traditional Sami herdsmen’s tent. Go on a boat trip to see whales, sea eagles or seals or to see if the fish are biting. If you are keen on fishing, we have several wonderful lakes for ice fishing. Experience the Arctic landscape by kayak. You may hire equipment year-round. Please contact the tourist information office for more information.

CULTURE: Vesterålen has a diversity of art and culture experiences. The information series “An encounter with Vesterålen”, which comprises books and booklets, gives a good insight. A host of art projects are also worth taking note of, including Artscape Nordland, RÆK and TRAFO installations. Many festivals and events are arranged during the year. The cultural scene is most active during the winter season. The cultural calendar for Vesterålen is updated monthly with small and large events. The tourist information office in Sortland is open year-round and can assist with information. SHOPPING: Sortland, Stokmarknes, Myre and Andenes are towns with a wide range of services, including branches of the Norwegian wine monopoly. You will also find opportunities for shopping in the majority of villages throughout the region. VISA cards are widely accepted, but we recommend you to exchange money before you arrive in Vesterålen PLACES TO EAT: The towns and largest villages have a varied selection of places to eat. Outside the peak season, we recommend you check opening hours by contacting the regional tourist information office. CLIMATE: Typical for areas with a coastal climate, Vesterålen has relatively mild winters. The average temperature during the coldest month of the year is -2 °C. In December and parts of January, the sun does not rise above the horizon in Vesterålen.


POPULATION: The population of Vesterålen is around 30,000, spread over five large islands, which are connected by bridges. The distance between the northernmost point at Andenes and the southernmost point at Melbu is 150 km. Before road and bridges, boats were the means of transport and the sea the travel route. Therefore, you will find houses and people where you would hardly imagine people could live.

3 TRANSPORT: It is easy to travel to Vesterålen by air. SAS/Widerøe offer several flights daily from Bodø and Tromsø to the local airports at Andenes and Stokmarknes with connecting routes from cities including Oslo. The airport at Evenes is situated a couple of hours away and the Airport Express Bus makes it easy to travel in the region. Norwegian and SAS offer cheap fares year-round. The new feature in 2012 is Norwegian’s summer only route between Oslo and Andenes, with Airport Express Bus connections for all flights. All the airports have several companies offering car hire. Check and BUS: Check for schedules. BOOKING AND TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE To book your activities, make direct contact with the provider or book online. Check the individual provider’s contact info or for activities or direct to the provider one day in advance by 3pm. • CANCELLATION: booked activities must be cancelled one day in advance before 3pm; otherwise you will be charged 100 % of the price. If you book online through other booking channels, other rules may apply • A minimum number of participants may apply for some activities. • The organiser retains the right to cancel all excursions in the event of adverse weather or driving conditions. • We cannot guarantee a sighting of the Northern Lights, as this is reliant on weather conditions. • NB! Not all activities are available for the entire period from 15.10.12-30.04.13. Check individual dates. Visit Vesterålen/ Tourist Information Office in Sortland Kjøpmannsgate 2, 8400 Sortland - +47 76 11 14 80

DISTANCES Melbu – Stokmarknes = 16 km Stokmarknes – Sortland = 28 km Sortland – Lødingen = 58 km Sortland – Andenes = 101 km Sortland – Stø = 54 km Sortland – Steine = 64 km

For information about other winter activities in other parts of Northern Norway, please visit:




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Don’t miss the opportunity to get out into the Arctic landscape using snowshoes or cross-country skis to areas with no light pollution and with complete silence. This is a simple and fun way to experience the fantastic Vesterålen nature, which lights up with the world’s best light show – Aurora Borealis. Andøy Friluftssenter offers many tour options. Please contact us so we can tailor your stay. Andøy friluftssenter Tel. +47 76 14 88 04 – www.

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MOOSE SAFARI AT DAWN 15.10.12–15.03.13

During the winter months from October to March, you have a unique opportunity to participate in our moose safari. This is an experience you will never forget. Not only the opportunity to see the “King of the forest” – the moose wakes up for breakfast, but also be present as nature awakens and night becomes day, as the wild bird and animal life comes to life at the crack of dawn. Please contact us for more information. Andøy friluftssenter Tel. +47 76 14 88 04 www.

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The white-tailed eagle safari is available year-round, but in winter it comes particularly close to villages and people in search of food. The safari is arranged in open boats in safe conditions in the fjords. Bring your camera as there is no shortage of subjects – spectacular fjords where high rock walls tower above white sandy beaches – in the realm of the whitetailed eagle. The screaming white seagulls appear first followed by a sudden silence, a guarantee that one or more eagles are close by looking for food. Europe’s largest bird of prey at close range combined with your camera gives many wonderful shots and a majestic experience. Ringstad Sjøhus Tel. +47 906 40 591 eller +47 906 74 928 –

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NOK 420 p.p.

6pm – 8.30pm

The tour price includes: return transport to Andøy Friluftssenter. Tea/coffee and hot drink for children. (Pick-up from other accommodation is not included in the price).

From approx. 7am – 10am. The time may change depending on light and weather conditions.

The tour price includes: return transport to Andøy Friluftssenter. Tea/coffee and hot drink for children. (Pick-up from other accommodation is not included in the price).

Duration: 3 hours – time by prior arrangement

The tour price includes: boat trip, warm flotation suit, guide and photographer and a hot bowl of fish soup and bread when you come ashore. Min. 2 people and max. 10. Subject to weather conditions – alternative programme offered.

Children 6-14: NOK 250 p.p. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Advance booking based on the group size. Other times by prior arrangement.

NOK 750 p.p. Children 10-14: NOK 450 p.p. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Max. group size: 8 people

NOK 550 p.p.

All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK), 1 Euro = NOK 8




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Experience the famous winter fishery of spawning cod, the most important seasonal fishery in Vesterålen and Lofoten. The skrei (spawning cod) is the most valuable fish species in Northern Norway and our guide takes you in the footsteps of the fishermen. After an adventurous day at sea and a successful catch, we prepare the Arctic delicacy together in the traditional North Norwegian manner with our chef. Fishing gear and warm flotation suits are available. If the weather does not allow us to go out to sea, we will take you ice-fishing to one of the many lakes in Bø. Ringstad Sjøhus Tel. +47 906 40 591 or +47 906 74 928 –

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WINTER PADDLING – WET ADVENTURES 01.10.2012.–30.04.2013

Going ashore on an uninhabited island and lighting a fire on the beach is not something you can do everywhere. Vesterålen is one of the best places on earth for sea kayaking with the small islands, the beautiful sandy beaches, the majestic mountains and the crystal clear water. Winter offers a special kayaking adventure between snow-covered islets and mountains. The white-tailed eagle and animal life comes particularly close at this time of year. No previous sea kayaking experience is necessary. Safety and planning are top priorities when kayaking enthusiast and nature guide Ian sets off for an adventure with our participants. Ringstad Sjøhus Tel. +47 906 40 591 or +47 906 74 928 –

M=Monday, Tu=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, Th=Thursday, F=Friday, Sa=Saturday, Su=Sunday





NOK 890 p.p.

Full day from 10am

The tour price includes: Guide/ skipper, boat with wheelhouse, clothing and equipment, as well as a cooking course and meal.

Min. 2 people and max. 6

Subject to weather conditions – alternative programme offered.

NOK 900 p.p.

Duration: depending on wishes and light conditions, approx. 3-8 hours

The tour price includes: kayaking instructor, kayak and all equipment, clothing and a hot meal. Min. 2 people and max. 10. Subject to weather conditions – alternative programme offered.

All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK), 1 Euro = NOK 8

RINGSTAD SJØHUS – THE HOUSE ON THE OUTER COAST The cosy accommodation and adventure centre provides an atmosphere that gives you a feeling of being on the “outer side” of everyday life. There is room here for creativity, activity and wellbeing. The friendly and down to earth hosts take you for adventures in the magical nature. We offer activities with great respect for the nature, local community and the North Norwegian culture. Fishing trips, kayaking and hiking are all part of the genuine wilderness experiences that challenge you, while the nature safari with white-tailed eagles and the Northern Lights provides photographic memories for the rest of your life. Delicacies based on local products are served in our seaside restaurant, where you can join the chef and help with the preparations if you wish. Welcome to our home! Tel. +47 906 40 591/+47 906 74 928 –

VESTERÅLEN RESORT We are the complete provider of all types of holidays in Vesterålen. We have three different hotels, 12 large rorbu (fishermen’s cottages), six well-equipped holiday houses, camping, guest marina, restaurants with Arctic Menu and our own activity company. This offers you the freedom to choose precisely the holiday that suits you. We are located in the south of Vesterålen, meaning you can reach the entire Lofoten and Vesterålen region with all activities and day trips with us as your base. Tel. +47 76 15 29 99 –

ACCOMMODATION IN NYKSUND WITH ACTIVITIES Holmvik Brygge – a historic guest house and a living museum in Nyksund. You may use our house as a base for various adventures, including boat and rigid inflatable boat (RiB) safaris in the fjords (good chance to spot whales). We arrange our own guided tours and are also updated about activities on offer in Vesterålen which we can recommend to our guests. We offer guided hikes in the area around Nyksund, including exciting facts about the Northern Lights and Vesterålen’s history. In our restaurant, we serve local dishes to suit your tastes. Price: Accommodation in double room from NOK 400 per person Guided hike/historical town walk: NOK 120 per person Winter culinary experience: NOK 450 per person Tel. +47 76 13 47 96 – (Guide Service)


ANDØY FRILUFTSSENTER Andøy Friluftssenter (outdoor recreation centre) is located in the midst of nature close to the fjord, mountains and valleys near the Eiekland Nature Reserve in Vesterålen. Perfect location under the auroral oval to experience the Northern Lights without light pollution. Andøy Friluftssenter is built in harmony with the surrounding nature and has a characteristic architecture marked by wilderness. We care about comfort, and a high level of quality and service. Experience our award-winning kitchen, which focuses on organic and local food in our restaurant influenced by nature and our Lavvu restaurant. We arrange most activities including Northern Lights tours, moose and wildlife safaris, ice-fishing trips and traditional Arctic activities such as kick-sledding, sledging, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and much more. We are a total supplier in Vesterålen of accommodation, dining, events, adventures and activities. We offer complete packages for individuals, companies and smaller groups. Accommodation in traditional Norwegian cabins and in a modern guest house. We are open year-round.

Tel. +47 76 14 88 04 – www.

This hotel rich in tradition is located in the heart of Sortland, “the blue town”, and will offer you a warm smile and good service. The hotel has 50 guest rooms, excellent course and conference facilities, restaurant/function room with a capacity of 150 people, a comprehensive library, youth hostel and Retro Bar. We serve dinner based on seasonal ingredients in our distinctive restaurant Saabyes Bibliotek, seating up to 50 guests. Sortland Hotell is located 300 m from our partner hotel Strand Hotell Sortland, which is open as required. Tel. +47 76 10 84 00 - (Booking)

HOTELL MARENA The next time you visit Andøy and Andenes – whether you plan to see the large whales, the grand nature or some of the people who live here – we wish you a warm welcome to stay at the newest hotel in town – Hotell Marena. When you stay at Hotell Marena, nature is a part of your surroundings. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Along with interior decorator Kari Ruud and photo artist Espen Tollefsen, we have now created a hotel that takes the magnificent nature that surrounds us into every room. All the rooms have their own distinctive character. Everything is done for your well-being. Each room - a new adventure! Tel. +47 915 83 817 – (Booking)



FINVÅG The conference venue Finvåg is located in Øksnes Vestbygd on the island of Nærøya. We are a total supplier of accommodation, dining, events and activities. The historic place Finvåg dating from 1860 has been restored to its former glory and offers accommodation in large rooms with en suite bathrooms. Sleeping capacity for up to 25 guests. We have an Arctic kitchen and sought-after wines. Open year-round. Our winter activity programme features guided snowshoeing trips, ice-fishing, nature safari and visits to an authentic North Norwegian trading post dating from around 1800. Tel. +47 76 13 28 85/+47 909 45 727 –

STRANDBO APARTMENTS BED & BREAKFAST STØ Refurbished (spring 2012) apartments of good standard by the harbour in the vibrant fishing village of Stø. We provide a good base for winter activities including nature and whale safaris, deep-sea fishing trips and the Northern Lights. Most of the apartments have sea views and all are located just 100 m from Arctic Whale Tours. In the period from January to March/April, you can experience the seasonal fishery of spawning cod, which brings dozens of fishing boats to the village. Arctic Whale Tours AS Tel. +47 76 13 43 00/+47 473 84 621 –

MARIHAUGEN – TWO BEAUTIFUL APARTMENTS IN NYKSUND Two fully-equipped apartments of 100 sq m sleeping 6-7 guests. Extremely high standard and tasteful interior in our new villa built in traditional style. Enjoy a majestic view of the harbour and approach to Nyksund, the mountains and open sea. Large sunny terraces with panoramic views on both floors. Excellent opportunities for hiking, fishing and skiing. A low level of light pollution offers special observations of the Northern Lights. Nyksund is a unique coastal pearl and a vibrant fishing village, surrounded by sea and wild nature on all sides, and is a centre for good food, art and culture. Tel. +47 952 07 131

OFFERSØY FERIESENTER – THE GATEWAY TO LOFOTEN & VESTERÅLEN… Offersøy is situated in the midst of the wild, beautiful village Lødingen Vestbygd. We offer nice rooms, cabins and rorbu (fishermen’s cottages). We also offer café /restaurant, boat hire and a wide variety of nature-based activities. We offer Lofotfiske trips, Northern Lights trips, Vestbygd sightseeing including a farm visit and Artscape Nordland experiences. Please contact us for more information/a quote. Tel. +47 76 93 39 00 –

Myre Hotell is a cosy hotel with a central location in Myre. We have 31 rooms, ranging from single to family rooms, in pleasant surroundings. Free wireless internet access is available in all guest rooms. Café and restaurant with North Norwegian menu. Course and conference facilities. We can also arrange packages including whale and nature safaris from Stø, just a 15-minute drive from the hotel. Welcome! Tel. +47 76 11 99 20 – Fax +47 76 11 99 21 –

SJØHUSSENTERET HOLIDAY CENTRE IN SORTLAND In close contact with the nature, light and coastal culture! SjøhusSenteret is beautifully located on the water’s edge 2 km north of Sortland town centre, with a fairy tale view of birds and fish, sea and mountains. Our company is based on the principles of ecotourism. Here, between majestic mountains and the riches of the sea, you can stay in pleasant seaside cabins built in traditional North Norwegian style. All seaside cabins feature a lounge with TV, kitchen, two separate bedrooms, bathroom and a small hallway. At Restaurant Sjøstua, you can enjoy a good meal based on the Arctic Menu, local culinary traditions, history and local fresh ingredients. Tel. +47 76 12 37 40 –



ARCTIC WHALE TOURS – YOUR NATURE SAFARI SPECIALIST IN STØ Our full day trips offer you an excellent opportunity to experience marine mammals in Vesterålen’s fjords during winter. The herringrich fjords attract a diversity of whales and birds, giving us a good change to observe orcas, humpback whales and finback whales as well as the white-tailed eagle in full activity. Our safari boats offer a good level of comfort with plenty of space for everyone in our heated saloon. All tours include a hot fish meal based on local ingredients. For smaller groups, we can arrange rigid inflatable boat (RiB) tours. Tel. +47 76 13 43 00/+47 473 84 621 –

SEA SAFARI ANDENES Sea safari – taste the word, literally. It tastes of salt and the open sea, it tastes fresh and refreshing. You can now get even closer to the surface of the sea. In modern, safe rigid inflatable boats (RiBs), you are invited to a close-up encounter with the white-tailed eagle, orca, humpback whale and long-finned pilot whale. We cannot guarantee that you will see a particular species. This is the wild, not a zoo. However, we can offer you a guarantee: You will remember your encounter with the nature and open sea for the rest of your life. The nature is a sight in itself with a wonderful animal and bird life. We have daily departures from Andenes harbour. During the trip, our experienced guide will tell you about these waters. We guarantee you an exciting and safe adventure! Safety on board the boat is a matter of course on our trips. On the safari trips, you will be given a flotation suit, but bring your own warm footwear, hat and gloves. The boat is well equipped and undergoes an thorough annual quality and certification control. Our boats have a capacity of 12 people. Tel. +47 916 74 960 –

AQUACULTURE IN VESTERÅLEN – A NEW EXPERIENCE CENTRE ABOUT AQUACULTURE! AIV is situated in the village of Blokken, a 30-minute drive from Sortland town centre. All visitors can join us on a boat trip to visit the salmon. Passenger boat, changing room and warm clothing. The exhibitions in the historic wharf building “Gladbrygga” portray the history of Norwegian aquaculture and modern fishing farming. We also have a tunnel for children to play in, computer games, an underwater camera and a 12 m long glass map showing aquaculture activity along the coast of Northern Norway. A taste of local salmon or Arctic char. Tel. +47 958 81 822 –

HVALSAFARI AS Hvalsafari AS at Andenes now offers winter whale safaris. It is possible to observe orcas, humpback whales and sperm whales in the area, where the Northern Lights also dance in the sky above. We can customise packages with accommodation, dining and adventures. Let us give you an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life. Andenes is situated approx. 100 km (a 90-minute drive) from Sortland and 210 km (a three-hour drive) from Svolvær. Tel. +47 76 11 56 00 (Mon-Fri: 10am – 2pm) - (winter)

Experience the Sami culture and reindeer herding! Meet the reindeer and have close-up contact with this unique Arctic animal. We take you to feed and visit the reindeer herd, where it is also possible to experience reindeer sledding. Or how about going on a walk with one of them on a lead? We offer Sami food, served around the fire in one of our lavvu (traditional tents). You will hear the joik (traditional chant) and stories about the Sami people and our culture. We hunt for the Northern Lights on dark winter evenings. Exhibition of photos and costumes and sale of Sami handicrafts, reindeer meat, reindeer hides and antlers. Advance bookings only. Tel. +47 908 77 558/+47 761 25 123 –

DISCOVER ARCTIC Discover Arctic is an incoming tour operator with direct charter flights to Northern Norway. Together with our partners, we offer unique adventures in Vesterålen. We offer complete packages – direct charter flights, activities, accommodation, meals and transportation. Tel. +47 904 00 546 - Facebook: Discover Arctic AS



In order for your stay in Northern Norway to be as comfortable as possible, it is important to have the right clothes. Bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes. We recommend wearing 100% wool or similar quality clothing next to your skin. Layer your clothing, so that you can easily regulate your temperature by removing or adding a layer. Outer clothing should be lined and windproof. Most activity organisers supply clothing for excursions, i.e. thermal suits, shoes, hat and mittens.


1st layer


Long-sleeved and longleg thermal underwear (synthetic or woollen)

Trousers (cotton or fleece)

Jumper or fleece

2nd layer

Woollen socks

Lined trousers (preferably windproof)

Thick jumper (wool or fleece)


3rd layer

Winter jacket


4th layer

Winter shoes

Gloves or mittens

In winter the light on the outer coast is at its most beautiful. The sun is low and is actually below the horizon for a few weeks. That creates a fascinating light in colourful nuances and the most magical of all is the Northern Lights. Visit us for an adventure workshop focussing on Northern Lights and nature photography. You will all receive instruction in the use of camera settings and searching for subjects during your stay at Ringstad Sjøhus during these two days. In addition to new knowledge and memorable adventures, we offer locally produced food and pleasant company. Guiding is offered in English, Norwegian and German. The photographic workshop and activities last a total of around 16 hours spread over a long weekend from Friday to Sunday. It may be combined with the arrival of the Hurtigruten from Tromsø to Sortland at 12 noon on Friday. Price: NOK 2950 per person. This package includes: accommodation in a twin room, all photo excursions, guide and photographer and all meals from dinner Friday to lunch Sunday. Number of participants: min. 2 people and max. 8. Ringstad Sjøhus Tel. +47 906 40 591 or +47 906 74 928 –




aurora borealis





Winter 2012/13 - Vesterålen - English  
Winter 2012/13 - Vesterålen - English  

WINTER 2013 GB 01.10.2012–30.04.2013 – the world’s most beautiful archipelago DESIGN: ALFAMAC AS. PRINT: BJØRKMANNS, ALTA. PHOTO: IAN ROBINS...