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troms – it’s something about the lights Only 2,000 kilometres from the North Pole, well beyond the Arctic Circle, Troms is a land of the Northern Lights, midnight sun, breathtaking scenery of fjords, mountains and Arctic islands and a multi-ethnic population. This is also the base for unique conferences and incentive programmes. A Landscape of Mountains, Fjords & Islands Thousands of islands with bird cliffs and white beaches litter the coast of Troms. The fjords cut into the towering mountains like blue ribbons, providing shelter for surprisingly green valleys. The Lyngen Alps rise 1,800 metres/6,000 feet from the Arctic Ocean.

Peoples of the Arctic Sami, Finnish and Norwegians call Troms home, each with a unique cultural heritage. A relentless hospitality, a legendary sense of humour and a pride in Arctic savoir vivre is the common denominator. The cities of Tromsø and Harstad, centres of research, education and Arctic-based industries, have a lively cultural scene, high quality Arctic restaurants and an inviting and inclusive nightlife.

Warming Winter Experiences

Golden Summer Rays

Travellers daring to make the journey to Troms in winter, rave about the fantastic white winter mountains set against the clear blue fjords. Winter fun includes dog sledding, reindeer sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and atmospheric meals in round, Sami tents. The quiet, light-footed dance of the aurora borealis provides the light effects.

In summer, the sun remains above the horizon for 1,600 hours, and gives the landscape a warming, beautiful bronze colour at midnight. One gets energetic, happy and lively, and bedtime seems like a bad idea. Going fishing, climbing mountains, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing and glacier walks, along with captivating festivals and sport events just act as excuses stay up late.

Mod Cons of the Arctic The cities of Tromsø, Harstad and Finnsnes have first-rate conference hotels, providing all the help needed for meetings and conferences. However, to really feel you’ve been to the Arctic, you should head out of town. Numerous experienced excursion and activity companies, boat companies etc. take you out into the Arctic wilderness for exhilarating, challenging, sociable and safe activities, incentive schemes and team building measures. Welcome to the most accessible MICE experience of the Arctic!

Troms Reiseliv Storgata 17 NO-9300, Norway Tel: +47 77 85 07 30 E-mail: Website:



Warming Winter Experiences Mod Cons of the Arctic Troms Reiseliv Storgata 17 NO-9300, Norway Tel: +47 77 85 07 30 E-mail:

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