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Spektrum Velvære – SPA

Norway’s most modern indoor water park has a number of pools of all shapes and sizes, ­including an exercise pool, a diving pool with 1m, 3m and 5m diving boards, a training and therapy pool, children’s pool, wave pool, outdoor pool, 3 water chutes of which one is 85 ­metres long and includes light and sound ­effects, several fountains, caves with a ­current ­channel, water mushrooms, jacuzzis, ­saunas and a café ­offering service in wet and dry zones. The ­resort also includes a 600m2 ­outdoor ­sunning and play area with free sunbeds, ­badminton, volley ball and an outdoor pool. You can bathe as long as you like here.

This is one of the country’s most impressive spa and well-­being centres with its exclusive furnishings and architecture. The facility ­offers 6 different saunas (meditation sauna with therapy music and aromas, relaxation sauna with eucalyptus vapour, steam sauna, Finnish sauna, sauna with salt-water vapour, infrared sauna). Two jacuzzis, one indoors, one out. Heated benches, footbaths, massage showers, tropical rain forest, ice grotto and quiet rooms for relaxation and meditation. The well-being unit has an 18 years age limit and beers and wines are served in the bar there. Consumer friendly admission fees that also allow access to the water park.

annonse kommer

Your preferred restaurant in Bodø! Try our unique Brazilian
grill ­concept… In our Churrascaria, you can help yourself to skewers with beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey and ­specially made sausages, in addition to a ­plentiful hot buffet and tapas buffet.

The best steak in town! New and exciting tastes now on the menu.

You will be served by our passadores who cut the meat for you straight off the spit.

We also sell gift cards. Centrally situated, near the town square. Havnegata 1 • Table reservations: +47 755 90 100 • 3

guide 2012

Table of contents Legend………………………………………… Welcome to Bodø ……………………………… Tourist Information – Opening hours…………… Facts about Bodø……………………………… What’s on in Bodø?…………………………… Sights and attractions…………………………… Welcome to Saltstraumen……………………… Wonderful Kjerringøy…………………………… Art galleries and museums……………………… Churches……………………………………… Cultural monuments…………………………… Map of Bodø city centre………………………… Map of Bodø municipality……………………… Mountain walks ……………………………… Activities……………………………………… Viewpoints…………………………………… Walks………………………………………… Accommodation………………………………… Food and Drink, Out on the Town……………… Shopping……………………………………… Car hire………………………………………… Transport……………………………………… Excursions……………………………………… A Brief history of Bodø………………………… Practical information……………………………

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Arctic Menu: A network of 45 restaurants and eating houses in North Norway and Svalbard. All of these ­establishments place emphasis on local fare and serve the best ingredients available at any time of the year. Read more at The ”Olavsrosa” Seal of Quality: The Norwegian Heritage seal of quality, the Olavsrosa (St. Olav’s Rose,) shows the way to unique experiences deeply rooted in Norwegian cultural heritage. Further information is available at Eco-certified Business: Businesses and undertakings that undergo an eco-analysis and subsequently fulfil predefined demands can become certified Eco-­lighthouses. Please refer to Ø M E R KE T ILJ



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The Swan, the Official Nordic Ecolabel: The official Nordic ecolabel, the Swan, is awarded only to the best products that can produce satisfactory eco-­documentation. A Swan-labelled hotel does not consume much energy, creates a minimum of refuse and uses a minimum of substances that are detrimental to the environment. Read more at


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Welcome to Our City on the World’s Most Beautiful Coast

Photo: Bjørn Erik Olsen

Dazzling midnight sun, the world’s strongest maelstrom, incredible fishing, exciting cave adventures, 18 hole golf course, pristine national parks, island hopping by bike, unique isles and skerries, steamy concerts, flickering northern lights, off-piste skiing, mountain biking, mountains great and small in an alpine landscape, paragliding, sea safari, scuba diving, kayak paddling along the world’s most beautiful coastline, art exhibitions, festivals, unique travels in time, local traditional fare, prawns and white wine on the breakwater… The list is long, but you have to have been there to understand. All of this right outside a vibrant city which is only a 90 minute flight away from Oslo; a city with shopping malls, gourmet restaurants, cosy cafés, a water park and an airport only five minute’s from the city centre.

Welcome to Bodø.

Tourist Information – opening hours Tourist Information Bodø Visitors’ address: Tollbugata 13 P.O.Box 319, NO-8001 Bodø, 1 +47 75 54 80 00 8 Head office Off season, Mon.-Fri. 9am to 3.30pm. Sat. and Sun.: Closed Summer season: Mon-Fri. 9am-8pm, Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. noon-8pm. Closed holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. At Saltstraumen (Pluscamp Saltstraumen) Tourist Information open from mid-June to mid-August. Please contact Bodø Tourist Information for opening hours.

Other information brochures are available at Bodø Tourist Information. Visit Bodø accepts no responsibility for misprints or changes to the schedules, opening hours, prices or other i­nformation in this booklet. Companies mentioned are responsible for i­nformation on their product. Published by: Visit Bodø. Tollbugata 13/P.O. BOX 514, 8001 Bodø. Tel. +47 75 54 80 10 Cover photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life – Bjørn Erik Olsen Graphic design: Forretningstrykk AS, Bodø English translation: DataDesign Robert Walker. Print run: 80 000. Copyright: Visit Bodø For free distribution abroad.

Kjerringøy Trading Post Open daily, 26 May – 26 August. 11am-5pm Misvær, Municipal Information Office Open from mid-June to mid-August: Mon.-Fri., 8 am - 3.30 pm


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Facts about

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Longitude: 14˚23’ East Latitude: 67˚17’ North Population: 48 422 (01.01.2012) First known resident of Bodø: Carl Johan Gerss Important commercial activities:Trade, defence, transport,

health services, education, and local administration. No. of voluntary org. and societies: 500 Midnight sun: June 2nd – July 10th Polar night: Dec. 15th-29th Mean temperature: 4.6˚ C Average July temperature: 13.6˚ C Average January temperature: -2.1˚ C Distribution of acreage: Arable land: 6.1 %


Woodland: 22.8 % Other: 71.1 % Lurfjelltind: 1284 m Børvasstindene: (opptil) 1176 m Steigtind: 793 m Heggmotind: 798 m

Main roads and distances Svolvær

Largest islands: Landegode:

30 km2 Straumøya: 29 km2 Knaplundsøya: 6,3 km2

Saltstraumen: the world’s strongest maelstrom. Every six hours, 400 mill m3 of water rush through a narrow sound.

5 km E10



Gåsvatnan reserve* 53.1 km Karlsøyvær nature reserve 50 km2 Bliksvær nature reserve 49 km2 Strandå and Os countryside reserve 16.7 km2 Østerdalen reserve* 13.6 km2 Strandåvassbotn nature reserve 6.3 km2 Ljønesøya nature reserve 3.5 km2 Saltfjellet Svartisen National Park* 1,9 km2 Myrnesset nature reserve 0.2 km2 2

* Applies to the part of the conservation zone situated within the boundaries of the municipality of Bodø. The world’s largest breeding stock of white-tailed eagles is found in and around Bodø.

120 min

Moskenes 240 min.


Conservation areas:



36 km


Festvåg Fv834


Misten 10 min

28 km


33 km


90 km



39 km

54 km



Skarberget 25 min Bognes

26 km

Ulvsvåg E6 142,5 km



52 km

29 km

Misvær 36 km



Forøy-Ågskaret 10 min

150 km 28 km Jektvik-Kilboghamn 60 min




60 min Skutvik

Mo i Rana



What’s on in Bodø? Bodø offers a wide range of cultural and sporting events together with a number of others like festivals, concerts, handball and football matches, exhibitions, organized walks and markets. Details of what’s going on in Bodø are available at iPhone


The same information is also available on the Bodø App which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store / Android Market or from here: Below we present some of the things that you can do in Bodø in 2012. Bodø International Organ Festival

25-29 April

Events and activities with no fixed dates as yet: Bodø-Glimt (Football)

Festival of organ and church music. Concerts, master classes and seminars with musicians and instructors of high international standard. Organ courses for young people.

Home games at Aspmyra Stadium. 1 +47 75 54 55 00

Bodø Airshow

BHK – Bodø Handball Club

6-17 June

Air show featuring many different types of aircraft. The biggest of its kind in Norway this year. In addition to the aircraft, there will also be activities for the whole family.

Bodø Yoga Festival

21-24 juni

Bodø Yoga Festival, 21-24 June. Norway’s northernmost yoga festival, part of which takes place in spectacular surroundings in the light of the midnight sun.

National Downhill Cycling Championships

13-15 July

Bodø Freeride Team is hosting the National Downhill Cycling Championships 2012.

Nordland Festival of Music

Bodø and District Trekking Association (BOT) Organised walks in the countryside in and around Bodø. 1 +47 75 52 14 13.

Theatres of Culture: Bodø Culture Hall Offers varied entertainment like concerts and revues, etc. 1 +47 75 54 90 00.

3-12 august

A wide-ranging music festival whose main focus is on classical music, but which also presents jazz, folk music, pop music, dance and more. Features unique musical performances, in unique settings. 1 +47 75 54 90 40

The Parken Festival

Home games at Bodø Spektrum. 1 +47 75 51 56 81 or

17-18 august

Avenue Café where concerts are arranged all year round. 1 +47 46 54 00 00.

Samfunnet Scene

Music festival in Rensåsparken park, only a stone’s throw away from Bodø city centre. 1 +47 464 73 100.

Concert venue where they also present stand-up comedians, dance shows and revues. Located in conjunction with the University of Nordland. 1 +47 75 51 74 12.

Bodø Hardcorefestival

Sinus Hovedscenen


Music festival with an alternative, underground profile. 1 +47 959 33 622.

Concert hall with a classic club feel. 1 +47 913 59 926


guide 2012

Bodø sentrum. Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life

Givær. Photo: Bjørn Erik Olsen

Sights and attractions Norwegian Aviation Museum

zZs å801

Visit one of Norway’s most fascinating museums. Do you know what makes an aeroplane fly? Experience aviation and its fascinating history at close quarters. See famous and infamous aircraft like the Spitfire, the Twin Otter and the U-2 spyplane at close quarters. Play and learn about the air in “How can I fly?” Explore the museum on your own, or join a guided tour. Fancy an amazing flight experience? Try our 3D flight simulator – if you dare! Location: The Museum is situated approx. 1 km from the city centre and Bodø Airport. See ad on pg. 27 Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10.00 -16.00, Saturday 11.00-17.00. Summer season, June 15 - August 12: Monday-Sunday, 10.00-18.00. Admission*: Adults NOK 110, senior citizens / military / students NOK 80, children NOK 55, families NOK 330. Groups NOK 80 per person (min. 10 ) *On presenting your receipt you will be eligible for free admission on your next visit to the museum. Valid only within one month after your first visit.

Café Gidsken: Open Mon-Fri. 08.30-15.00. Sat.11.0016.00. Sun.11.00-17.00. Summer season: Mon-Sun.10.00-18.00.

1 +47 75 50 78 50 5 +47 75 50 78 51 8 8


Saltstraumen – the world’s strongest maelstrom


You can experience the world’s strongest maelstrom just 33 km from Bodø. Visit when the tide is at its highest and marvel at the forces of nature. Every six hours, 400 mill m3 of water rush through the 150 m wide and 3 km long sound connecting the Saltfjord and the Skjerstadfjord at speeds of up to 20 knots. The mighty whirlpools that are formed by this phenomenon can be up to 10 m in diameter and 4-5 m deep. The tide is caused by the attraction of the moon here on Earth, and therefore it is the tide and the phases of the moon that determine when the current is at its strongest. The greatest difference between high and low tides occurs in March, and the current is at its strongest when there is a full moon. The time of day when the current is strongest varies. Please refer to the tide table to check out the time of high tide during your visit Saltstraumen. The tourist information has details and tide tables for Saltstraumen. You can also see Saltstraumen is famous for its abundance of fish, including cod, saithe, wolf fish and halibut. The world record for saithe caught with a fishing pole was set here, an impressive 22.7 kg! Saltstraumen offers a wide range of activities and exciting ­experiences. If you want to try your luck fishing you can either rent tackle for fishing from the shore, or you can fish from one of our boats. You can hire a boat on the spot, or join a group going out on one of the deep-sea fishing charter boats. This is also a great starting point for rambling and trekking in the beautiful mountain wilderness, such as Børvasstindene, or for wandering through areas rich in archaeological remains. Traces of 10 000 year old human habitation have been found here. Please refer to pages 12 and 13 for information about ­adventures and overnight accommodation in Saltstraumen.

Norsk Luftfartsmuseum. Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

Landegode. Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

The islands and skerries near Bodø

Landego Lighthouse

Just off Bodø we find “Væran,” a unique group of isles and skerries that are accessible all year round. Like a miniature Helgeland, Væran is perfect for island hopping, sailing and kayaking. This remarkable landscape consists of several hundred isles, rocks and skerries. Helligvær alone consists of 365 islands, one for every day of the year. From the quay in Bodø city centre, daily fast passenger boats will take you quickly out to a part of the world’s most beautiful coastline where you can almost hear that time stands still. There are overnight accommodation facilities on several of the islands. See page 28-30.

The island of Landego is just off the coast of Bodø and is a beautiful natural gem whether bathed in the light of the -midnight sun in the summer, or when the Northern Lights add lustre to the island in winter. In this island realm we find the world’s densest stock of white-tailed eagles, and this magnificent bird is a wonderful sight as it takes off from its nest and soars down towards the fjord in search of fish. Landego lighthouse was built in 1910 to secure the seaward approach to Bodø from Lofoten. Today it has been automated and is still fully operational. It is possible to spend the night at the lighthousekeeper’s or assistant’s residence. The lighthouse is a mere one hour’s boat ride away fromBodø harbour. For further information, please visit See ad on pg. 30

For further information please contact Bodø Tourist Information Centre, telephone 1 +47 75 54 80 00 or 8 For departure times and fares on fast passenger boats, please visit

Kjerringøy Trading Post


Please see section about Wonderful Kjerringøy on page 14.

Bodø – the sea eagle capital Bodø is known as city of the sea eagle, and nowhere in the world is there a larger stock of this majestic bird. Daily these huge birds are observed soaring high above the town or perched on rocks on the islands near Bodø.

The Sea Eagle Society Bodø can boast the only sea eagle society in the world. Visit the realm of the sea eagle, join the club and help look after the sea eagles. 1 +47 75 54 80 00 8

Bodø – the sea eagle capital. Photo: Rune Nilsen


guide 2012

Misvær. Photo: Nadia Norskott

The northern lights over Løpsmarka, Bodø. Photo: Bjørn Erik Olsen

Fv 812 – The Cultural Road

Fv17 – The Coastal Route

This beautiful journey from E6 in Saltdal to Rv17 in Saltstraumen takes you through scenic mountains and fascinating coastal culture, and past numerous old settlements. This is very much a cultural journey as well. Participating companies include: Skjerstad ASVO handicrafts workshop,Vestvatn Alpine Skiing Resort,the Herb Garden in Tofte, Misværmarka Guesthouse, Skjerstad church,Misvær church,Håjen Gård horse riding centre, and Tuvsjyen AS.

On the long stretch from Bodø to Steinkjer, the coastal trunk road passes Saltstraumen, the Svartisen glacier, saga islands like the Seven Sisters, the mountain Torghatten and Leka.

The Herb Garden in Tofte

n Zz r Zz å19 and Beiarn

The herb garden is located in Misvær’s beautiful cultural landscape. Enjoy the scent and taste of the herbs in the herb garden, or in the Vikkastua lounge together with a light lunch and baking from the wood-fired bakery oven. Our shop offers many exciting products made from herbs and honey. Groups may order food and drink all year round. Opening times: see Location: Oppegård, 400m from Misvær town centre. 70 km from Bodø town centre.

1 +47 951 55 525 8

å19 and Beiarn

Sale of locally produced knitwear, fur rugs and other home craft products. Open: Mon.-Fri., 8 am -3.30 pm. Location: Kulturveien FV812, Sandkollen, 15 km from Misvær town centre. 1 +47 75 53 93 51 5 +47 75 53 96 30 8


The Fv17 travel handbook contains detailed information on sights and activities, ferries and overnight stops. Fv17 is a wonderfully scenic adventure - perhaps the most beautiful stretch of road in the world. For further information, please visit


Skjerstad ASVO Home Crafts Workshop AS (Ltd)

There are plenty of opportunities for ocean fishing and trips out to the islands – such as Sørarnøy, Lovund, Træna, Dønna or Vega.

Take the Coastal Route, Kystriksveien, between Bodø and Steinkjer. The Travel Guide is available at the nearest tourist office, and can also be ordered at (Norwegian, German or English version)

National Parks Bodø is only a short distance away from several national parks. The biggest, Saltfjellet-Svartisen (established in 1989), is full of contrast and stretches from northern Scandinavia’s biggest glacier, Svartisen (370 km2) in the west, to open mountain valleys in the east. Junkerdal National Park (established in 2004) is ­particularly well known for its abundant flora. One of the entrances to the park is found near Nordland National Park Centre in Saltdal and is easily accessible to ­visitors. Rago National Park (established in 1971) is a small park with a varied, undulating landscape bordering on Sweden and the Padjelanta National Park. In 2009-2010 a new national park, Sjunkhatten (also known as the Children’s National Park), was opened in the near ­vicinity of Bodø. This is a park with a magnificent coastal alpine ­landscape that can be enjoyed either on foot or by boat from the sea. Some of the access points are close to the city and are suitable for easy walks for children of most ages. A special children’s map has been made for the area and will be available in 2010. A common denominator for all of these parks is that they are accessible to hikers, there being a network of hiking trails and a variety of scope for overnight accommodation. For general information about the national parks, please contact Nordland National Park Centre

Transport services App Search: 177Nordland

Scan the QR-code to download the free app

The tourist information centre has a list of tourist companies offering their services in and around the parks. Bodø and District Hiker’s Association (BOT) offers guidance with regard to the use of tourist cabins. Statskog SF also offers cabins in the parks. There are also cabins available for hire from the local hunters’ and fishermen’s associations. It is possible to make use of public transport when travelling to the parks, including both buses and trains.

Mjelletind. Photo: Olav-Inge Alfheim


guide 2012

Welcome to Saltstraumen Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom. Sea fishing, sea eagle safaris and historical adventures in the world’s strongest tidal current. See one of the wonders of the world at close quarters, as an onlooker on the shore, or in a boat with a local guide. The phenomenon occurs every 6 hours when almost 400 million cubic metres of water pass through the 3 km long and 150 metre wide strait between the Saltenfjord and the Skjerstadfjord at speeds of up to 20 knots. If you stay in Saltstraumen, we guarantee you a visit that will be hard to forget. Tide tables are available at Pluscamp Saltstraumen

Polar Tours offers daily trips from Bodø to Saltstraumen with guiding in 8 different languages. These trips are available all year round and start from the Hurtigruten docks at 12.30, returning at 3 pm. Please contact us in advance if you want to be picked up at your hotel. 1 +47 75 56 30 00 8

The perfect starting point for the cheerful fisherman. Fantastic countryside and wonderful hiking terrain by the world’s strongest maelstrom. A pleasant, peaceful and children friendly camp site. 20 cabins and 60 caravan parks. Wireless internet. 1 +47 75 58 75 60 8

Saltstraumen Hotel

o z ¬ z s Zz k Zz å19

– the hotel of opportunity Full service hotel with all the necessary facilities. Situated in beautiful natural surroundings with a fantastic view of Saltstraumen and the Børvasstindene peaks. Wellbeing department with exercise room, Jacuzzi, Finnish/ infrared sauna, and more. Bungalows and caravan parks. Nature adventures – an ocean of adventure Deep-sea rafting, sea eagle safaris, Saltstraum safaris, fjord tours and mountain hikes. 1 +47 75 50 65 60 5 +47 75 58 75 70 8

Saltstraumen Brygge

dzZwz‡z¬zZFzZ«zZf å19

Enjoy Saltstraumen from our quayside - 18 apartments/rorbu cabins and rooms of hotel standard - New 18.5 foot rental boats with 50 hp - Hire/sale of fishing tackle - Guided fishing trips. - Caravan and camper van parks with service building - Visitors marina with access to electricity, water and service building - Activities like snorkelling, deep-sea rafting, funballz, etc 1 +47 75 58 77 91 8


zIz¬zZFzZ«zZf å19

Daily trips to Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen Museum


Here you can see and hear about: • One of Norway’s oldest human settlements (approx. 11,000 years old) • Norway’s oldest musical instrument (the hummer of Tuv) • Saltstraumen chieftain Raud’s Viking ship, that was the model for the famous longship “Ormen Lange” • The unique type of local boat known as the “straumbåten” The museum is situated east of Saltstraumen church. Open: June 1 – Sept. 1. Tues – Fri, 4-6 pm, Sat 1-4 pm, Sun 1-6 pm. We offer guided history tours for groups all year round when booked in advance. 1 +47 900 60 983

Saltstraumen Divers’ Camp

d å19

Enjoy fantastic diving in Saltstraumen in the company of our experienced guides. Classes, tank filling, equipment rental and snorkelling. You will find us at Pluscamp Saltstraumen We wish you a warm welcome.

1 +47 922 60 560

Saltstraumen. Photo: Roar Seljesæter

Tuvsjyen AS

zrzZ»zZFzZf å19 and Beiarn

– holiday activities in Saltstraumen The host family offers unique adventures based on Saltraumen’s nature and Stone Age culture. - Apartments, boats, quay berths, fishing tackle, bicycles and hot tubs for hire. - Food and drink. Stone Age food and culture experiences in a turf hut. - Deep sea fishing in the Saltstraumen and fishing from the shore. - Scuba diving from the shore, air refills - Outings and activities (family friendly): Culture trails, guided tours to rock carvings, mountain top tours, archery, fishing contest, prepare your catch over the campfire, and more. - Transfers Location: Road 812 (1300m from the Rv17 in the direction of Misvær) Address: Tuv, 8056 Saltstraumen 1 +47 75 58 77 91 8

Kjelen Kafe Fish Restaurant 

Bodø Golf Club 

» W å19

9 hole golf course in magnificent surroundings. Easy to play course for all levels of proficiency. Golfing gear for hire. Practice area with driving range. Location: Ilstad, 20 km from Bodø and 8 km from Saltstraumen. Season: April-October

1 +47 907 28 128 8


The café is situated in the heart of Saltstraumen and has the best view and fishing spots in the area. Fish menu, a la carte, and our speciality “møsbrømlefse”, a special warm pastry with brown cheese sauce. The premises are available for rent during the winter.

Open: Daily from May 1 - mid September 1 +47 75 58 75 29 5 +47 75 58 75 29

Joker Saltstraumen


Groceries, fishing tackle, post office, pools and lottery, Rikstoto (horse betting), fishing and hunting permits. Open: 9 am – 9 pm. Sunday: 12 – 9 pm. 1 +47 75 58 71 84 8

Saltstraumen. Photo: Vebjørn Karlsen


guide 2012

See Wonderful Kjerringøy Kjerringøy, a half hour’s drive from Bodø, is a pearl on the Nordland coast. A picturesque, coastal-alpine landscape sheltered from the ocean by a garland of small islands, islets and rocks, it is renowned for films shot there based on the works of Knut Hamsun, for the art of Karl Erik Harr and for the songs of Halvdan Sivertsen. In this compact and varied coastal landscape we find everything from sheer mountain faces and shiny, white, sandy beaches, to vibrant farming communities and the historical Kjerringøy Trading Post. Surrounded by listed areas and other wonders of nature, Kjerringøy offers the visitor unique adventures. Whether you seek hair-raising challenges in precipitous mountains, dreamy boat trips or just a quiet walk, in Kjerringøy you can prepare yourself for a true adventure. The Kjerringøy Pass – a ticket to fantastic adventures Location: The Fv 834 road, 40 km north of Bodø. 10 minute ferry crossing, Festvåg-Misten. Check out for scheduled transport services. Sjekk for scheduled transport services. Kjerringøy Trading Post


å 10

Kjerringøy Trading Post is situated in an idyllic setting in ­beautiful Kjerringøy, and is well-known for, amongst other things, the screen versions of Knut Hamsun’s novels. The 15 authentic buildings at this traditional, North Norwegian trading post are uncommonly well-preserved. Here, you can follow the farmhand and the maid through the old buildings with their distinctive and authentic atmosphere, buy boiled sweets at the country store and take part in many other activities during the season. An AV show (20 minutes) recounts the history of the trading post. café, museum shop, old country store, guided tours. The service building has been adapted for wheelchair users. Season: 26 May – 26 August. Opening times during peak-season, daily 11 am – 5 pm. Saturdays 7/5, 14/5, 3/9, 10/9 and 17/9: 11:30 – 16:00. Admission: adults NOK 90. Children NOK 45. Families (2+3) NOK 250 1 +47 75 50 35 05 5 +47 75 50 35 00 8 8

Zahlfjøsen Barn

å 10

Exhibition entitled “Hamsun in films and art.” Clips from 20 films based on Knut Hamsun’s literature (35 mins.). Karl Erik Harr’s original illustrations from, amongst others, “The Growth of the Soil,” “Pan,” “Viktoria” and “Benoni and Rosa.” Gallery with art, handicrafts and gifts. Season: June 23–August 19, also open at certain weekends in June and certain Saturdays in September (see announcements). Open daily: 11 am – 5 pm. After hours and off-season visits must be booked in advance. Admission: Exhibition including film show: NOK 50. Children free. 1 +47 915 42 933 8


Kjerringøy Havn Bryggehotell

zZ/zZkzZØz¬znzrzZs å10

(Kjerringøy Harbour Quayside Hotel) Kjerringøy Havn Bryggehotell is a modern hotel and conference centre in the heart of Kjerringøy harbour, a stone’s throw away from Kjerringøy Trading Post. Here, you can stay in spacious and very comfortable rooms, all of which have a balcony and a fantastic view of the islands, the fjord and the Lofoten Wall mountains in the distance. Or you may prefer to rent one of 9 modern, high standard seaside cabins with room for 6 people and the same lovely view. In our restaurant you can enjoy, amongst other things, high quality local ingredients prepared by enthusiastic hands. Our spacious terrace is perfect for refreshments on a warm summer’s day. We also have reception rooms in rustic surroundings to seat up to 150 people. Kjerringøy Havn Bryggehotell opens all year round when booked in advance. 1 +47 76 30 38 22 / +47 970 43 815 8

Kjerringøy Camping

å 10

The camp site is 2 km from the Trading Post and is a perfect starting point for exploring everything that Kjerringøy has to offer. We have 28 beds divided among 7 cabins, from simple 2 man cabins to more well-equipped 6 man cabins. All of them are winter insulated and have electricity. The service building offers all the necessary amenities. Our caravan and camper van parks are equipped with power points. The camp site is open all year round by prior arrangement. 1 +47 75 51 12 40 / +47 990 13 968

Boatbuilder Ulf Mikalsen

å 10

You will find Kjerringøy’s boatbuilder at the Zahlfjøsen barn. Follow the sound of the riveting hammer and the smell of tar. See how Nordland-type boats, traditional rowing boats, wherries or barges are made. Advance booking of guided tours and talks, almost all year round. 1 +47 915 77 445 8

Markens Grøde – Cheese Factory, Bakery and Café

zZs å 10

We make “Rød Kjerringøy” (Kjerringøy Red) here. It was voted Cheese of the Year at Norwegian Fare 2011. In a small serving and sales room, you will be given an insight into work at the cheese factory, where the various cheeses are hand-made before being stored in the cellar to mature. Ecological bread, cinnamon rolls and other pastries are baked in the wood-fired stone oven. All-round kitchen where cured sausages and local dishes are prepared. Local products on sale. The food may either be eaten on the premises, or taken away and enjoyed on the appropriate occasion. Season: June 16- August 22, and at weekends in June and September. Open daily: 11 am – 5 pm (4 pm on Saturdays) and on request. 1 +47 911 44 613 / +47 952 79 775 8

For further information about Kjerringøy, we invite you to visit

ICA Nær Sirilund

Uzs å 10

The supermarket has a well-stocked selection of groceries in addition to a bicycle and canoe rental service. We also sell fishing permits and are football pools and lottery -commissioners. Cafe with seating for 24 guests where light meals and home-made cakes are served. Opening times: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm. Saturday 9 am – 4 pm. Sunday 1 pm – 3 pm (Summer 1-5 pm). 1 +47 75 51 13 00 / +47 918 57 800 8

Kjerringøy Vicarage

zZk å 10

Kjerringøy Vicarage is situated in a rustic setting approximately 500 m from the Trading Post and includes the main house, a f­urnished barn and a fenced garden. Day hire or overnight accommodation all year round with rooms, beds and ­self-catering. The Vicarage is used by individuals and groups for meetings, christenings, confirmations, weddings and funerals 1 +47 75 51 11 14 / +47 995 36 956

Kjerringøy Marina


Kjerringøy harbour has a new breakwater and marina. There are 50 metres of marina space for visitors within walking distance of most of the local amenities. Fuel on sale for both boats and cars. Service rooms for visitors include a kitchen, laundry room, shower and toilet. Adapted to suit wheelchair users. The harbour foreman can provide tips about boat rental, including skippers and fishing tackle. 1 +47 415 63 368 / See notice board on the quay.

Kjerringøy. Photo: Bjørn Erik Olsen


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Bodøgaard. Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life

Bodøsjøen. Photo: Ernst Furuhatt/Nordlandsmuseet

Art Galleries and Museums Bodøgaard – Art and Culture

zZs  å 12 and 23

Displays Northern Norway's biggest private collection of art and cultural artefacts. Works by Oscar Bodøgaard (1923-2011), Ingrid and Harald Bodøgaard, together with several hundred artistic objects, inside and out, by artists from or associated with northern Scandinavia. Special department displaying approx. 150 old Russian, Polish and Greek icons, together with a most unique Russian gospel book dating back to 1791, which has belonged to the Czar dynasty. The ethnographical collection consists of several thousand time-honoured objects, largely tools and domestic implements associated with life in the Salten region and Northern Norway, including sections on hunting, fishing, home crafts, handicrafts and agriculture, together with a war history department with particular focus on the history of the Russian POW camp at Bodøgård. In addition to the ­collections, Gallery Bodøgård presents ambulant exhibitions, concerts and various other cultural events. Sales outlet for art, books and souvenirs. IN April 2012, a new annex will be opened with top modern meeting rooms, reception rooms and a café with outdoor service overlooking the Bodøelva river. Opening times: Weekdays 10:00 – 16:00 Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 –18:00 all year round. Visits by groups for guided tours or the rental of the premises must be booked in advance. Admission: to the exhibitions and collections, Adults NOK 100, children free. Free admission to the café. Location: approx. 2.5 km from Bodø city centre (on the way to Bodøsjøen). Address: Skeidalen 2 1 +47 456 10 918 8

Norwegian Aviation Museum

zZs å 801

See information under Sights, pg. 8 and ad on pg. 27.


Nordland Museum Prinsensgate 116 Bodø The Nordland Museum is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Bodø city centre (built in 1903). Come inside and see the exhibition “Our city”, which provides insight into the history of the city from 1816 and up to the present day. The museum can also boast of a 1000 year old silver treasure and exhibitions about Sámi culture in Salten. The dry aquarium in the basement is a listed monument and houses an old interactive exhibition. The museum also includes a small souvenir shop, a rudimentary café and a play area for the children. Season: 3 June – 26 August, open Mon-Fri from 11 am to 6 pm, Sat-Sun, 11 am to 4 pmVisit our website for further details. Off-season opening times: Mon-Fri 9 am to 3 pm. For details of Family Sundays and evening talks, please see our web site, facebook pages or announcements in the local newspaper. Admission: Adults NOK 40, groups (min. 10 people) NOK 30 per person. Children and students NOK 10. Location: In the city centre, near Bodø Cathedral. 1 +47 75 50 35 00 8

The Siggerud Gallery Gallery and framemaker’s in Bodø. The gallery displays works by well-known Norwegian artists including Karl Erik Harr, Eva Harr, Bjørg Thorhallsdottir, Gunn Vottestad, Dagfinn Bakke, Runi Langum, amongst others. The Siggerud Gallery also has a similar business in Fauske. Location: Bodø city centre, No. 12, Dronningensgt. Opening times: Weekdays 11:00 – 16:00, Thursdays: 11:00 – 18:00, Saturdays: 11:00 – 15:00 1 +47 907 29 176 8

Bodø Art Society

Løp Farm

Bodø Art Society is a voluntary organization whose mission is to promote interest in art. The exhibition programme is varied and focussed on relevant contemporary art, and in the art shop you will find gifts within the fields of glass, ceramics, jewellery, graphic art and art cards. The Society also has a collection of works from 1870 up to the present day. Location: Bodø city centre. 10, Moloveien Opening hours: Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wed.- Sun. 12-4 pm. Open 12:00-18:00 on Thursdays Admission to the exhibition: adults NOK 50, members and children under 18 free. 1 +47 75 52 23 22 8

Time-honoured farm – proud traditions. The farm is situated on the road to Kjerringøy (the Fv 834), approximately 6 miles north of the city of Bodø. The farm buildings are several hundred years old and were formerly the residences of a senior state official and a skipper. During the summer there is a cafe in the old, idyllic main building. It is also possible to take part in a guided tour. Season: 3 June - 26 August. Opening times: Thurs and Fri: 2-7 pm, Sun. 11 am - 5 pm. A number of activities will be arranged throughout the season. See our website for further details. Guided tours on certain weekdays. See our website for further details. Price for guided tour: Adults NOK 40, groups of min. 10 persons: NOK 30 per person. Children and students: NOK 10 1 +47 75 53 23 05 / +47 75 50 35 00 8

Bodøsjøen – The openair department of the Nordland Museum

å 12 and 23

The museum is a popular spot for outings among the people of Bodø. The grounds were purchased by the Nordland Museum in 1938 and all the buildings there have been relocated from various other places in Nordland. In the boathouses we find the Nordland Museum’s boat collection. The big grey boathouse houses the country’s only Nordland Jekt, the ”Anna Karoline”. She was built in 1876 and brought ashore here in Bodøsjøen in 1959. The ”jekt” were cargo vessels used to carry stockfish and other goods to Bergen for over 400 years. Mid-summer event with a range of activities. Guided tours available on request. Nordlandsmuseet 1 +47 75 50 35 00 8

å 10 and 15

Kjerringøy Trading Post

å 10

Please see the section about Wonderful Kjerringøy on pg. 14.


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Please see the section about Wonderful Kjerringøy on page 14.

Saltstraumen Museum

å 19

Please see the section about Saltstraumen on pg.12.

Enjoy a refreshing shower at Bodø airport! The shower is situated on the ground floor in the airport terminal The price for a 30 minute shower is 50,- NOK. Coins are accepted as payment. Please visit for more ­information about the service offerings at Bodø Airport. Avinor Bodø Airport wish you a pleasant stay in Bodø and Nordland County!


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Misvær church. Photo: Liv Nome Sivertsen

Bodø cathedral. Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

Bodin church. Photo: Visit Bodø

Churches Bodø cathedral

St. Eystein’s Catholic church

Bodø cathedral was completed in 1956. A 12 metre stained glass window, 10 tapestries from Nordland, and a rose window decorate the beautiful interior. The cathedral is built as a basilica in the Gothic style. It was designed by the architects Blakstad & Munthe Kaas and was one of the first churches in Norway to have a detached steeple. The cathedral is open Tue-Fri 12.00pm-3.00am from mid June to end of August. Free admission.

The church is about 400 metres from Bodø Airport. This is a modern church from 1983 that accommodates 150 persons. The church has a beautiful altar made of marble from the local quarry at Fauske, beautiful stained glass windows, furnishings decorated with wood carvings, and an excellent organ. About 250 Catholics of many different nationalities live in Bodø. The priest lives in the vicarage just behind the church. A Catholic school is located adjacent to the church. The church is open daily, during the daytime. Mass is held every Sunday at 11am, as well as Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm. 1 +47 75 52 17 83. On Thursdays at 7 pm and Saturdays at 9 am, Mass is held at the chapel of the convent of the Dominican Sisters, situated some 50 m behind the church. For information and to order Mass, please call 1 +47 414 57 401

Bodin church

å 12 and 23

The church is 3 km from the town centre and was built around 1240. The aisle was added in 1784, and the Renaissance pulpit dates back to 1650. One of the real treasures of the church is the original baroque altar piece from 1670, which portrays Biblical persons and events. The church received a new organ in 2003. Free admission. Service every Sunday at 11 am. Open: late June – mid August, Tues–Fri 10am–3pm.

Rønvik Church

å 14 and 25

This church, built in 1997, was designed by Reidar Berg. The interior is round, while the roof and ceiling are cruciform, opening the circle in the four directions of the compass. The alter piece is made of glass, and over the stone baptism font placed in the very centre of the church hangs a glass sculpture by Gunnar Torvund. The candlesticks and processional cross are made of glass as well. A new organ produced by Ryde & Berge was installed in 2002. The font is made of natural stone from Gildeskål. Ecclesiastical textiles by Ann Rasmussen. The work of art ”Planeten” bby Evelyn Scoobie in the churchyard. 1 +47 75 50 03 00.


Saltstraumen church

å 19

The church was originally built in 1886 by Eliseus Hansen. However, because of poor foundations it was dismantled in 1903 and moved to its present location. The church contains 4 stained glass windows by Borger Hauglid, and a font made of local Fauske marble which dates from 1953. The two church bells are from 1885. The pulpit and altar area are said to have been created by Kristian Nilsen from Fjell and Kristian Jakobsen from Kodvåg. The altar piece was painted and gilded by Theodor Madsen. The organ was built in Norway in 1967 and has 16 voices. Its front is from the church’s original organ built in 1904.

Skjerstad church The church is situated on a hill with a view of the surrounding area. There has probably been a church at the site for the last 1000 years. Today’s church is built in a mediaeval style, designed by architect Arnstein Arneberg, and consecrated in 1959. The nave of the church seats 450 persons. Nearby the church there are tombstones that date back to the 12th and 13th centuries, some of the oldest in Northern Norway. There is also a copy of a mediaeval cross with equidistant arms, the only one of its kind found north of Ålesund. Turnoff at RV812, 6 km.

Misvær church

å 19 and Beiarn

The church, located near trunk road Rv812 in Misvær, was consecrated in 1912. It is a simple yet beautiful wooden church, built as a joint effort by the local people. The altarpiece is painted by Ola Abrahamsen. Just 1 km away you find Korshuset at Mohus, a 400 year old storehouse in which the interior is decorated with acanthus leaves. Until the 18th century it was used for religious meetings during the winter.

Kjerringøy church

å 10

The new Kjerringøy church was consecrated in 1883. The furnishings are a mix of old and new. The oldest furnishings are from the 1600s. In the portal there are a large collection box and two sacrificial wall plaques. The smaller plaque bears the date 1730. Inside the church there is a collection bowl from 1760 which was used for the collection. Especially treasured is the blackboard next to the pulpit, which bears the date 1601 and was restored by Oscar Bodøgaard in 1974. Christian Bø painted the altar piece in 1885.

Cultural Monuments Bremnes Fortress

å 14

Located approx. 7 km north of Bodø. Take Rv834. After Bodø was bombed during World War II, the Germans built a fortress at Bremnes to guard the approach by sea to Bodø. The adjoining areas are excellent for fishing and hillwalking. A walk up the path to the top of Bremnes is rewarded by a ­magnificent view of the scenic island of Landegode. On clear days you can enjoy the midnight sun from 2 June to 10 July.

Nyholms Fort

å 14 (Mælen)

The fort on the isle of Nyholmen was erected during the war of 1807-14 to protect the factory and settlement on Hundholmen, which later was to become the town of Bodø, against attacks by the English warships that were blockading the Norwegian coast. There was significant export of fish products from the Hundholmen factory, and Hundholmen was important as a storehouse for grain on its way to Russia. Construction of Nyholms Skandse, as the Fort was called at the time, was planned and directed by engineer Captain Friis and completed in 1810. The Fort was armed with 4 twelve-pound and 8 eight-pound cannons. It had a garrison of as many as 150 men, mainly local conscripts. The officers, orderlies, and some of the privates came from regiments in Trondheim, south of Bodø. The Fort was disarmed and handed over to Nordland County in July 1815, and was under civil administration until it was closed down in 1835. Nyholms Skandse was never used in battle. The British warships that harried the Norwegian coast stayed away from the bastion and storehouse on Hundholmen. The defence installation had served its purpose. During the last war the Germans set up artillery and bunkers within the Fort. They used stone and soil from the Fort ­embankments. Portions of Nyholms Skandse were rebuilt for Bodø’s 180th anniversary, which took place on May 20, 1996. The restoration will continue in stages and is a joint project between the municipality of Bodø, the armed forces,

the Nordland Museum, voluntary organisations and private individuals. Skandsen has been restored according to the original plans drawn up by the engineer, captain Friis. Many people have volunteered time to the five year restoration project. This has strengthened the historical defences which date from before the founding of Bodø, and contributes to Bodø’s visual appeal as a coastal town.

Ancient monuments at Saltstraumenå 19 Many legends and myths, some of them thousands of years old, have originated from the area near the Saltstraumen current. Particularly well-known to many Norwegians is the saga of King Olav Tryggvason and Raud den Rame, a powerful chieftain who challenged the king and opposed the conversion of Norway to Christianity. The earliest known traces of human settlement in Bodø are in the Saltstraumen area. There was a settlement of hunters here 10 000 years ago. They lived practically on the edge of the ice, attracted by an abundance of fish in the fast-moving currents. The remains of their settlement were discovered only a few years ago, and are among the oldest archaeological finds in Norway. Some things have not changed; today, the fish bites just as willingly as ever in the current. Along well-marked trails at Tuv, Straum and Ripnes you can wander among unique ancient monuments, which are estimated to be 10 000 years old.

Nyholms Skandse. Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life



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Map of Bodø City Centre

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Rauds gate

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Norsk Luftfar

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ØSTBYEN Nordlysbuen

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Bodø kirkegård



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Olav V gate




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Bodø Sildoljefabrikk

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Bodøterminalen t rg e tb e


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Bodø lufthavn








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Useful information

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skole Rønvik skole


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Amtmannve Berg i s

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Bodø Spektrum

ei sv Rik




Gidsken Jakobsens vei Albertmyra

Bodin kirkeg Nordland kultursenter


i sve Rik mle Ga sv. tianaard Kroisdøg B


Bodin kirke n idale Ske


Overnight accommodations in the city centre

31. Bodø Hotell 32. Bodøsjøen Camping 33. City Hotell 34. Clarion Collection Hotel Grand 35. Bodø Vandrerhjem 36. Radisson Blu Hotel 37. Rica Hotel Bodø 38. Skagen Hotel 39. Thon Hotel Nordlys 40. Zefyr Hotell 41. M/S Gamle Salten (Hotel Ship 1/1-1/5 and 1/9-31/12) 42. Opsahl Gjestegård ei ktv Je

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City Nord




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Nordlandshallen Bodøhallen Badeland

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1. Tourist Information Bodø, Visit Bodø VOLLEN 2. The Central Terminal, express buses n iveie Soll n 3. Local buses eie ien v e li v tt rd Tre agå y 4. Moskenes ferry 5. Hurtigrute docks Fjellveien ien ve st ol H eien 6. Waiting room Vollv ien e v Volden sy mo Ein 7. Railway station n e nHans Bergs vei oll letta 8. Bodø Airport Volls eie ev l v l i L ien vik A ove mtm n Røn ann Einm veie 9. Post Office Røs mo r T h o h oltv eise St eien ns v ei 10. Police Station ld Kle tvo 11. Marina/Artscape Nordland iva Fla veie n 12. Nordland County Hospital n M e i Sk yr ve Saltvern ole vo ra veie llv m 13. Nyholms Fort ei n Sy Barneskole Ro en n gn veie ve 14. Norwegian Aviation Museum llås o ien r T n veie ien slett 15. Nordland Museum ve Rein ng e rk Ungd. skole Bje 16. To Mount Rønvik ØVRE RØNVIK Myrv ollve 17. Bodø Spektrum / Nordlandsbadet / ien n Futv e ei eien sv Emergency medical services å ng La Nord 18. Aspmyra Stadium n ie n e ie D sv ve ah må 19. Bodø Cathedral stu ien o ve l g rås s ll u Kløve ve Me Ha i 20. Bodin Church ien ve Thalleveien r ie Ple ien 21. St. Eystein’s Catholic Church 22. Nordland Museum – outdoor museum a ett tsl tof 23. Bodø Kulturhus Bodin Gård ns 24. To Kjerringøy (Fv 834) so ei d r v va s Ed ve 25. To Fauske and Saltstraumen veien lle ha i T h 26. To Maskinisten (Keiservarden) f n eie erv 27. Bodøgaard – Art and Culture nk u J 28. Bodø Art Society 29. Siggerud Gallery 30. Royal Bowling & Biljard

ien ve gs rin


Map of Bodø Municipality

1 44




Sjunkhatten Nasjonalpark

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16 48

19 20


43 3 4 Geitvågen




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A 11 46

24 Fv812





A 13 Saltfjellet/Svartisen Nasjonalpark

Recreation facilities and activities Recreational areas and facilities 1 Låter beach on Kjerringøy island 2 Mjelle beach 3 Bodø Golfpark Myklebostad 4 Geitvågen beach and camping 5 Ausvika beach 6 Bodøsjøen recreational museum – Bodøelva river park 7 Bestemorenga sports and recreational park 8 Bodømarka (35 km of floodlit tracks, numerous trails for rambling) 9 Futelva river park 10 Bodø Golf Club, Ilstad 11 Saltstraumen recreational area Cabins 12 Gjælentunet mountain cabin (with rowboat) 13 Lurfjellhytta mountain cabin, (8 km from the road)



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Destinations offering recreational areas and activities 14 Landego lighthouse 15 Misværlia Idrettsanlegg 16 Helligvær 17 Sjunkhatten National Park 18-25: see page 23. Overnight accommodations outside Bodø city centre 43 Geitvågen Bad og Camping 44 Kjerringøy Havn Bryggehotell / Kjerringøy Camping / Kjerringøy Prestegård 45 ­Saltstraumen Hotell / Pluscamp Saltstraumen 46 Tuvsjyen AS / Saltstraumen Brygge 47 Givær rorbuer 48 Helligvær Kystopplevelser 49 Vestvatn Villmarkssenter 50 Nordlandshus på Mjelle

Landegode. Photo: Tore Schöning Olsen

Mountain walks near Bodø Mountainous Bodø municipality offers wonderful wilderness opportunities. There are 120 peaks above 700 m in height, and 30 peaks that tower more than 1000 m. You can choose between easy walks and demanding rock climbing. The list below describes some of the most popular mountaintops. If you want more detailed information, please contact the local rambler’s association (Bodø og Omegns Turistforening). See also for maps showing the various routes. i Keiservarden (366 m), located very near Bodø, is a favourite amongst residents. The path goes from Mount Rønvik. After a relatively easy walk, you are rewarded by a magnificent view, especially of Landegode and the open stretch of sea known as the Vestfjord. The road up from the Maskinisten recreation area is closed to vehicles. o Steigtind (793 m) is one of Bodø’s most characteristic ­mountains, with a fantastic panorama in all directions. Drive trunk road Fv834 toward Kjerringøy, to Skaug. The last stretch to the summit is rather steep, and you may encounter loose rocks. But with a little care, you are soon rewarded with an incredible view toward the impressive mountains on Kjerringøy. p Heggmotind (798 m) is reached by driving Rv80 toward Tverlandet, taking the turnoff at the “lake” toward Heggmoen. There is a faintly visible path up the mountain. From the summit there is a magnificent view in all directions, particularly toward Kjerringøy and the mountains around Valnesfjord. a Per Kalsatind (1036 m) is a mountain with one of the finest views in the entire Bodø region, and one of the most popular. Of all the peaks above 1000 m, this is the most accessible. Drive Fv17 trunk road past Saltstraumen to Fjell. After a steep and rapid ascent, a wide panorama opens up. From the top of the mountain, your view includes Åselidalen, the town of Bodø, Landegode and the Vestfjord.

s Børtind (1048 m) is reached by driving Fv17 to Saltstraumen, and then Fv812 toward Misvær. Turn off at Børelva river and ­continue to Børvatnet lake. The beauty of the view is comparable with Per Kalsatind, on the other side of the Åselidalen valley. d Lurfjelltind (1284 m) is situated on the municipal border between Bodø and Beiarn; it is Bodø’s highest mountain. The best starting point for you walk to the top is from Lurfjellhytta lodge, while the easiest route starts from Svartvassetra. Drive Fv17 toward Saltstraumen, then Fv812 toward Misvær. f Snyfjell (821 m) is reached by driving trunk road Fv17 to Saltstraumen, then taking Fv812 until you’re north of the Sandkollen tunnel. The ascent starts out steeply, but gradually becomes easier. You can enjoy a fine view, especially toward Landegode and the Vestfjord, during the entire walk. g Middagshaugen (284 m) is a peak on Kjerringøy island, south of the main village of Kjerringøy. It is a popular rambling destination, with an excellent view. A good place to park your car and start your walk is the cemetery in Møldalen. The path to the summit is ­well-marked, and the last section is rather steep. A good alternative is to start your walk from Kjerringøy vicarage.


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Nordlandsbadet. Photo: Bodø Spektrum.

Kayaking in Paradisbukta bay. Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life

Activities Nordlandsbadet Water Park

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Swimming Pool and Indoor Water Park. Norway’s most modern indoor water park with a dedicated spa and well-being section for adults. The water park includes a number of pools of all shapes and sizes, including an exercise pool, a diving pool with 1m, 3m and 5m diving boards, a training and therapy pool, children’s pool, wave pool, outdoor pool, 3 water chutes of which one is 85 metres long and includes light and sound effects, several fountains, caves with a current channel, water mushrooms, jacuzzis, saunas and a café offering service in wet and dry zones. The resort also includes a 600m2 outdoor sunning and play area with free sunbeds, badminton, volley ball and an outdoor pool. You can bathe as long as you like here. See ad on pg. 2

Spektrum Velvære – Spa and Well-being Centre

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This is one of the country’s most impressive spa and well-being centres with its exclusive furnishings and architecture. The facility offers 6 different saunas (meditation sauna with therapy music and aromas, relaxation sauna with eucalyptus vapour, steam sauna, Finnish sauna, sauna with salt-water vapour, infrared sauna). Two jacuzzis, one indoors, one out. Heated benches, footbaths, massage showers, tropical rain forest, ice grotto and quiet rooms for relaxation and meditation. The well-being unit has an 18 years age limit and beers and wines are served in the bar there. Consumer-friendly admission fees that also allow access to the water park. You simply have to try it! Location: Bodø Spektrum, Plassmyrveien 11, opposite the Norwegian Aviation Museum, Bodø 1 +47 75 59 15 00 8  See ad on pg. 2


Royal Bowling & Billiards A popular meeting place for people of all ages. Here you will find 12 modern bowling lanes, 8 pool tables, 1 snooker table and a number of fun slot machines. Visit us on our pleasant premises, decorated with a mural of old Bodø. Sale of kiosk goods and drinks. Welcome to a fun and enjoyable time in inviting surroundings. Open all year round Opening times: Mon-Thurs: 11:00-24:00, Fri-Sat: 11:0001:00, Sun:12:00-24:00 Location: Bodø city centre, basement of Radisson Blu Hotel 1 +47 75 52 88 20 / +47 905 80 977 8

Saltens AS Shipping Co. – The M/V ”Gamle Salten”


The M/V ”Gamle Salten” is one of Norway’s finest vintage vessels based in Bodø. It is an authentic version of a 50’s coastal steamer vessel. Polished flamy birch and mahogany, leather seating and brass help create the perfect atmosphere for those wishing to treat themselves and their guests to a unique experience. Sailings from May to September. Ship hotel and receptions from September to May. Sailing season: 1 May-30 Sept. Also cabin and meeting room rental, dinners, and more. Location: Torvkaia, Bodø city centre

1 +47 991 69 551 / +47 974 30 033 8

Rensåsparken. Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life

Myklebostad. Photo: Salten Golfklubb, Espen Edvardsen

Bodø Golfpark MyklebostadW å 15 and 10 Play golf all day and all night long. We offer a golf course of amazingly high standard in unparalleled natural surroundings. We wish you welcome! Location: 11 km from Bodø city centre, on the way to Kjerringøy. Contact Salten Golfklubb 1 +47 75 53 22 20 8

Saltstraumen Brygge

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Please refer to the section about Saltstraumen on page 13.

Tuvsjyen AS

zrzZ»zZFzZf å19 and Beiarn

Please refer to the section about Saltstraumen on page 13.

Bodø Golf Club

W å 19

Please refer to the section about Saltstraumen on page 13.

Bodø Trekking Association (BOT)


– Bodø og Omegns Turistforening (BOT) BOT offers overnight accommodation at 14 cabin facilities in the Salten region, of which 3 are in the borough of Bodø. The cabins are linked together by marked trails. Cabins near main roads are locked with a DNT standard key which members can hire, while those in the mountains are unlocked. The association organises guided tours for all age groups. Membership, keys and tour schedules are available at Intersport in the glass arcade (Glasshuset) on the third floor of the Koch building, or at the BOT office in Sandgata 3. The BOT office offers a wide range of touring maps and hiking books. Open: Tues, Wed and Fri noon–3pm and Thurs 12am–5pm. 1 +47 75 52 14 13 8

Vestvatn Wilderness Centre

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Welcome to a marvellous and unique adventure at Vestvatn Wilderness Centre. Experience the fantastic countryside at close quarters. Spend the night on a reindeer skin with the campfire as your source of heat. Eat good food, catch your own trout, or try canoeing and be tempted by impressive lakes and rivers. Enjoy peace and quiet in amazing surroundings. Sauna and hot tub can be arranged. There is also a local lefse bakery and home crafts store in the vicinity. Location: On the FV 812, 60 km from Bodø, 25 km from Rognan. Season: 1/1-31/12

1 +47 75 58 55 00 / +47 907 55 302 8

Tours of the Isles and Skerries


Just off Bodø we find “Væran,” a unique group of isles and ­skerries that are accessible all year round. Like a miniature Helgeland, Væran is perfect for island hopping, sailing and ­kayaking. This remarkable landscape consists of several hundred isles, rocks and skerries. Helligvær alone consists of 365 islands, one for every day of the year. From the quay in Bodø city centre, daily fast passenger boats will take you quickly out to a part of the world’s most beautiful coastline where you can almost hear that time stands still. There are overnight accommodation ­facilities on several of the islands. See pg. 28-30. For further information please contact Bodø Tourist Information Centre, telephone 1 +47 75 54 80 00 or 8 For departure times and fares on fast passenger boats, please visit


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Ramnflåget. Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life


Saltstraumen. Photo: Ernst Furuhatt


Popular seaside destinations on warm, sunny days are Geitvågen, Ausvika and Mjelle, all of which lie north of Bodø. Soløyvannet lake outside Bodø, and Ursetvika in Misværfjorden are also popular. There are also numerous fine beaches along the Coastal Highway. Sandvika beach on the island of Sandhornøya is especially lovely.


zZ«zb å 15 and 10

“You have to have been there to understand,” sings the local troubadour, Terje Nilsen, describing Mjelle in a song. In the summer, many excursions end at Mjelle, both weekends and weekdays. You don’t have to be a child to collect shells or build sand castles, or to enjoy a good ball game. Bring firewood and cooking equipment if you want to barbecue. It is possible to spend the night in a Nordland-style house in Mjelle, see Accommodation on page 28.

Bestemorenga Recreation Park

Stadium and hills for skiing, 30 km lighted trails, facilities for flying model aeroplanes, racecourse and modern target range. Electronic targets at both 100 m and 200 m range.



In Bodømarka you can enjoy the simplicity of open-air life in untouched, tranquil natural scenery. You can walk or run the close to 35 km of flood-lit trails summer and winter, or explore countless paths that wind across the countryside. Bodømarka offers a lot of other activities, like horse-riding and carting, ­trotting, shooting, orienteering, airsports and water sports.

Kjerringøy. Photo: Olav-Inge Alfheim


Viewpoints Rønvikfjellet

Walks å 14 and 17 (to Vollen)


å 12 and 23

From the top of Mount Rønvik, there is a fine view of the mountainous Lofoten islands and the island of Landegode to the north, the Børvasstindene mountains to the south, as well as the town of Bodø. 164 m above sea level. Midnight sun: 2 June – 10 July. 3 km from Bodø. Driveable road. Bus no. 14 and 17 take you halfway to Mount Rønvik.

This is a popular area for rambling and trekking. Bodin church from the middle Ages and the Nordland Cultural Centre are just two of the many cultural treasures. From Bodøsjøen, you can follow the nature trail along the Bodø River up to the Maskinisten area and the wilderness of Bodømarka. Good footwear and a bit of preparation are advised. Bus no. 12 or 23 takes you to Bodøsjøen.

Top 13

Town centre

The bar of Radisson Blu Hotel Bodø offers a fine view of the Bodø peninsula, Landegode and the Børvasstindene mountains.

The inner harbour is lively in the summer, when it is full of fishing and leisure boats, and both visitors and locals enjoy fresh prawns by the quayside. Wander along the harbour promenade to feel the bustle of Bodø life. Our most distinctive shopping street is Glasshuset, a glass-roofed area of Storgata which houses a wide variety of shops with late opening hours.

The Tower at the Norwegian Aviation Museum 

å 801

From the top of the old control tower at the Norwegian Aviation Museum you have a panorama view of much of the Bodø peninsula.

Nyholms Fort

å 14 (to Mælen)

If you have the time, a walk to the Nyholms Fort is well worth your while. (For a description, see Monuments, p. 19.) The walk takes 45-60 min. through relatively flat terrain. In addition to the interesting ramparts, the old yet well-preserved Nyholmen lighthouse is worth a closer look. The area is ideal for a picnic. Enjoy your food while watch the ship traffic to and from Bodø.


Welcome to the Norwegian Aviation Museum Explore the fascinating history of aviation. See famous and infamous aircraft like the Spitfire, Starfighter and the spy plane U-2 at close quarters. Museum shop Flight simulator Café Gidsken Guided tours Opening times: 15/6–12/8: Monday – Sunday 10.00 – 18.00 Rest of the year: Monday – Friday 10.00 – 16.00 Saturday – Sunday 11.00 – 17.00 Tel.: +47 75 50 78 50 E-mail:

å 19

In the vicinity of the Saltstraumen Centre, picnic and barbecue areas, paths and extensive plantings merge harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. The paths are suitable for handicapped people. There are also cultural walks where you can see remnants of Stone Age dwellings and graves. For further information, please see p. 12. Gjælentunet lodge near Valnes is popular recreation area year round. It’s great for children and families, overnight stays, and unhurried day walks to the mountains called Gjelfjellet, Middagsfjellet and Skånlandsfjellet. Another possibility is to wander along the shore in the direction of Skånland. The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association, DNT, owns the three cabins here. Rowboats are available. See map page 22.


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Accommodation z

Bodø Hotell




Bodøsjøen Camping

Cabins: 45 Beds: 155 Season: 1/1-31/12

Room: 31 Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Beds: 65 Prof. Schyttesgt. 5, 8005 Bodø Season: 2/1-31/12


Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Båtstøvn. 1, 8013 Bodø

n n 8 1 +47 75 54 77 00 5 +47 75 52 57 78

n n n 8 1 +47 75 56 36 80/+47 924 30 414 5 +47 75 56 46 89


Bodø Vandrerhjem


City Hotell


Location: Railway Station (See map on page 20) Sjøgata 57, 8006 Bodø

n n n n 8 1 +47 75 50 80 48


Clarion Collection Hotel Grand


zZ/zZiz¬ Room: 23 Beds: 71 Season: 1/1-31/12

zZrzZnzZ/zZizZkzoz¬z « Room: 97 Beds: 192 Season: 1/1-31/12


Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Storgata 3, 8006 Bodø

n n n 8 1 +47 75 54 61 00 5 +47 75 54 61 50

Legend: C = Camping, D = Cabin, F = Room, G = Guesthouse, H = Hotel, L = Apartment, A = House, V = Youth Hostel. R = Rorbu For a table of symbols, please refer to page 4.

' Indicates location on the maps on pages 20-22.

zZrznzsz¬zZi Room: 22 Beds: 50 Season: 1/1-20/12


Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Storgata 39, 8006 Bodø

n 8 1 +47 75 52 04 02 5 +47 75 52 04 03


Geitvågen Bad og Camping


Location: Geitvågen (See map on page 22) PB 351, 8001 Bodø

n n

zszZmzFz¥zYzwzkzbzZ?zZi Cabins: 16 Beds: 62 Season: 1/6-19/08 1 +47 75 51 01 42 / +47 992 66 069 5 +47 75 52 49 58

Prices for overnight accommodation are shown per cabin/unit, and from lowest price per single room to highest price per double room in the case of hotels.

■ ■

= less than NOK 500 a night = NOK 750-1000 a night

■ = NOK 500-749 a night ■ = over NOK 1000 a night

Business Business or orpleasure, pleasure, suite familierom? suite eller or family room? Kontakt Rica Hotel Contact Rica Hotel BodøBodø Sjøgata 23, NO8006 Sjøgata 23, NO- 8006 BodøBodø Tlf.: 7070 0000 Tel.: 75 +4754 75 54 E-post: Email:


Accommodation [


Givær Rorbu Rorbu: 1 Beds: 6 Season: 1/5-1/10

zZizFzuzYzwz?zfz«zf z»zF ¬


Helligvær Kystopplevelser


Location: Sørvær (See map on page 22) 8095 Helligvær

House: 3 Beds: 24 Season: 1/1-31/12


Location: Givær (See map on page 22) 8097 Givær

n 8 1 +47 75 58 04 74 / +47 481 52 060

n n 1 +47 994 72 240


Kjerringøy Havn Bryggehotell


Nordland-style house in Mjelle


Location: Kjerringøy (See map on page 22) 8093 Kjerringøy


Location: Mjelle (See map on page 22) 8016 Bodø

n n 8 1 +47 76 30 38 22 / 970 43 815

n 8 1 +47 905 73 341

Opsahl Gjestegård

Pluscamp Saltstraumen

z¬zZrzszZ/zØzk Rom/Beds: 9/36 Cabins/Beds: 9/54 Season: 1/1-31/12

z «zFzb House: 1 Beds: 13 Season: 1/1-31/12


Room: 19 Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Beds: 34 Prinsensgate 131, 8005 Bodø Season: 1/1-31/12


Location: Knaplund (See map on page 22) 8056 Saltstraumen

n n n

8 1 +47 75 52 07 04 / +47 915 86 191 5 +47 75 52 10 01

n n n 8 1 +47 75 58 75 60


Radisson Blu Hotel Bodø

zZrzszZnzZ/zZizZkz¬ zo


Rederiet Saltens AS – M/S Gamle Salten

Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Storgata 2, 8006 Bodø

Room: 191 Beds: 310 Season: 1/1-31/12



Rica Hotel Bodø


Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Sjøgata 23, 8005 Bodø

n n n 8 1 +47 75 54 70 00 5 +47 75 54 70 55 8 1 +47 974 30 033 (boat) 1 +47 941 62 920 (booking)


Saltstraumen Brygge

8 Trykksak 6







n n 8 Bookingtelefon (from Norway) 1 02525 1 +47 75 51 90 00 5 +47 75 51 90 01

Room: 113 Beds: 195 Season: 1/1-31/12 See ad p. 28 M




8 Trykksak 6

zZnzZrzZkz¬Z *= hotel ship Room: 27 / Beds: 47 Season: 1/1-1/5 and 1/9-31/12

Location: City centre H* (See map on page 20) F Torvkaia, 8005 Bodø



Rom/Beds: 1/4 Cabins/Beds: 20/80 Season: 1/1-31/12



Location: Saltstraumen (See map on page 22) 8056 Saltstraumen

n n 8 1 +47 75 58 77 91

Room: 18 Beds: 70 Season: 5/1-21/12

Cont. on next page.


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Accommodation ∞

Saltstraumen Hotel

zszZnzkzuz«zF z» zZ¥z‡ zoz¬zb Room/Beds: 28/56 Cabins/Beds: 12/54 Season: 1/1-31/12


Location: Knaplund (See map on page 22) 8056 Saltstraumen

n n 8 1 +47 75 50 65 60 5 +47 75 58 75 70


Skagen Hotel

Legend: C = Camping, D = Cabin, F = Room, G = Guesthouse, H = Hotel, L = Apartment, A = House, V = Youth Hostel. R = Rorbu For a table of symbols, please refer to page 4.

' Indicates location on the maps on pages 20-22. Prices for overnight accommodation are shown per cabin/unit, and from lowest price per single room to highest price per double room in the case of hotels.



Room: 71 Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Beds: 113 Nyholmsgata 11, 8005 Bodø Season: 1/1-31/12

n n n 8 1 +47 75 51 91 00 5 +47 75 51 91 01


Thon Hotel Nordlys

■ ■

= less than NOK 500 a night = NOK 750-1000 a night

■ = NOK 500-749 a night ■ = over NOK 1000 a night

See ad p. 30

z¬z‡zZrzZnzZ/zZizZk Room: 147 Beds: 330 Season: 1/1-31/12


Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Moloveien 14, 8003 Bodø

n n n 8 1 +47 75 53 19 00 5 +47 75 53 19 99

Vestvatn Villmarksenter

Have a pleasant stay in Bodø

zZnzZrzZkz¬zFzf z«z÷z|zozb

Location: Vestvatn, Misvær *= Sámi huts C (See map on page 22) Cabins: 8 / Beds: 56 D* 8100 Misvær Season: 1/1 – 31/12

n 8 1 +47 75 58 55 00 / +47 907 55 302


Zefyr Hotell



Room: 61 Location: City centre (See map on page 20) Beds: 120 Biskop Kroghsgt. 21, 8007 Bodø Season: 1/1-31/12

n n n 8 1 +47 75 50 06 20 5 +47 75 50 06 21

30 Booking +47 755 19 100

Food and Drink, Out on the Town Business



Big Horn Steakhouse

Location: Havnegata 1, 8006 Bodø.

The best steak in town! New and exciting tastes on the menu. (part of Bodø’s oldest restaurant house)

1 +47 75 52 15 40







Breakfast, lunch, catering and parties



Quayside restaurant. Lunches, light meals and a la carte. Outdoor service and bar.





Location: City centre, 2. etg. Glasshuset, Storgata 8 Italian pizza and pastries baked in a stone 1 +47 75 52 40 40 oven, sushi, light meals, À la carte.

Bjørk Bloom Folk Bar

Location: City centre, Hålogalandsgata 5 1 +47 977 77 900 Location: City centre, Pr. Schyttes gt.

Bodø Hotell

1 +47 75 54 77 00 Location: City centre, Sjøgata 1


1 +47 75 52 58 08

Bar & Culture Scene. Informal. Gallery. Food and drink. Ample beer and drinks menu.

Bodø’s newest café with a capital C! The place for a quick lunch or food with hot Asian flavours. Special sushi menu. Café serving traditional fare. “Probably Salten’s best Location: Bertnes Geo-Senter, Bertnes ‘møsbrømlefse’ (rich griddle cakes)”. Fully licensed. 1 +47 75 51 83 03 Open: Mon–Fri.: 09.00–18.00. Sat.: 09.00–16.00. Mini culture centre, concerts, art exhibitions, Location: Sjøgata 18, 8006 Bodø debate, distinctive interior, “down-to-earth" 1 +47 979 46 352 Open: daily 20:00-03:00, Fridays 16:00-03:00 Cosy, old style café serving home-made Location: City centre, Kongens gt. 27. ­ecological food. Open: Mon-Fri.: 08.001 +47 75 52 78 60 18.00, Sat.: 10.00-16.00. Location: City centre, Sjøgata 12

Café du verden

1 +47 75 52 26 88

Café Mineral Dama Di Kunst, Kaos & Bar Farmors Stue

Location: Sjøgata street, beneath the town square Nightclub on Fridays and Saturdays with Live DJ-. Open: Sat.-Sun. 22.00-03.00. 1 +47 75 56 17 00

G Nattklubb




Location: The Koch centre in the Glasshuset (the glass arcade) 1 +47 75 55 83 20

Java Kaffebar

Location: City Nord

Java Coffe Bar is the perfect choice for a break from your shopping spree.











1 +47 930 71 900 Location: Ripnes, Saltstraumen

Kjelen Kafé

1 +47 75 58 75 29 Location: City centre, City Hotell, Storgata 39


1 +47 75 52 04 02

Kjerringøy Havn Bryggehotell

Restaurant, cafe and pub on the quayside, 1 +47 76 30 38 22 in fantastic surroundings. 1 +47 464 43 500

Løvolds Kafeteria

Legend: K: Café

Location: Kjerringøy Location: City Nord

Lille Café

Fish menu, a la carte, and our speciality “møsbrømlefse”, a special warm pastry with brown cheese sauce. Open May 1 – mid September. Local fare, fish dishes and a wide range of lunches and dinners. Open: Mon-Fri.: 07.15-18.00.

Location: City centre, Tollbugata 9 1 +47 75 52 02 61

B: bar/pub R: restaurant

Cosy little café at City Nord where you can relax and unwind. Light meals, pancakes and cakes. Over 70 years of traditional fare.

1: breakfast : lunch r: dinner

Arctic Menu


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Food and Drink, Out on the Town Business



Location: 2nd floor of the Glasshuset (the glass arcade) 1 +47 75 52 24 80

Mon Ami Restauranter

Location: City Nord

An oasis of temptation and charming atmosphere.











1 +47 75 52 60 00 Coffee, lunch and a little tea, with a view of Bodø harbour. Outdoor service. 1 +47 75 58 77 55 Open from 9 am. Unique Brazilian grill concept where our Location: City centre, Havnegata 1 ­passadores cut the meat straight off the spit. (part of Bodø’s oldest restaurant house) 1 +47 75 59 01 00 Location: Torget (City Square), Bodø city centre Coffee, lunch, dinner, concerts; a little bit of everything in the heart of Bodø city centre. 1 +47 75 52 01 11 Outdoor service. Location: City centre, Torghallen

Nykværna Passadores Churrascaria Paviljongen

Location: City centre, Storgata 3

Peppes Pizza

1 +47 75 52 22 25

Bodøs rock pub, where old and new hits are played for you. 1 +47 977 15 141 Open daily from 8 pm to 3 am. 6 course menu, changes every week. Food Location: City centre, Dronningensgt. 26 and wine at reasonable prices. Open Monday1 +47 452 31 100 Saturday from 5 pm, Closed on Sundays Location: City centre, Sjøgata 14

Public Restaurant Smak SydØst Restaurant & Bar

Location: City centre, Jakhelln Brygge

Saltstraumen Hotell

Location: Saltstraumen

Top 13 Legend: K: Café

Big pizza menu and light meals in an ­informal atmosphere.

1 +47 75 54 00 30

Restaurant and night life on the quayside in Bodø city centre. Outdoor service.

Café with an ample menu and a view of the 1 +47 75 50 65 60 world’s strongest tidal current. Location: Storgt. 2, Radisson Blu Hotel

Open during the daytime at weekends. The 1 +47 75 51 90 00 city’s most spectacular bar every night. B: bar/pub R: restaurant

1: breakfast : lunch r: dinner








Arctic Menu

Bodø city center. Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life


Shopping in Bodø Whether you are seeking vibrant shopping malls or small, select ­speciality shops, you will find most of what you need in Bodø, ­including everything from hand made applied art and ecological foods, to hot fashions, shoes, second-hand books, precious stones, spa venues and massages. General Opening Times: Shops: Monday-friday: 09.30/10.00 – 17.00, Thursday: 09.30/10.00 – 17.00/18.00, Saturday: 10.00 – 14.00/15.00. Opening times may vary from shop to shop, depending on which groups of customers they seek to target.

Shopping Malls: Weekdays 09.00/10.00 - 20.00/21.00, Saturdays 09.00/10.00 – 18.00/19.00 Grocer’s/Supermarkets:* Weekdays 07.00/08.00/09.00 – 22.00/23.00, Saturdays 07.00/08.00/09.00 – 20.00/22.00/23.00, Sundays: Closed *Some grocer’s stores are open after normal hours and on Sundays.

City Nord. Photo: Rune Nilsen

Shop Kjolesalongen AS

Location / Telephone/Web

What you can buy there:

Location: Kongensgt 56, near the police station

Ladies’ wear for all occasions. Wedding department. Branded goods. Free parking.

1 75 53 50 40

Bertnes Geo-Senter

Location: Bertnes, on the RV80 approx. 9 km from Bodø city centre Stone shop, jewellery workshop, gem cutter’s workshop, minerals and sports prizes. Café serving traditional fare. 1 75 51 83 03

Ludvigs Bruktbokhandel

Location: Dronningens gt. 42, Opposite the library.

Anything you can read, see or listen to. Old and new.

Car hire / Motor homes Business



AVIS Bilutleie

Nyholmsgt.7 / Bodø Airport

+47 75 54 10 00

Små og store personbiler, elbiler, minibusser, vare-/lastebiler og hengere.

Bodø Airport

+47 948 04 333

Passenger cars, electric cars, minibuses, delivery vans/lorries and trailers.

Europcar Bilutleie

Stormyrvn 35 (Statoil Stormyra)/ Bodø Airport

+47 75 52 91 40

Passenger cars of all sizes, vans.

Hertz Bilutleie

Jordbruksveien 41/ Bodø Airport

+47 75 54 84 00

Passenger cars, delivery vans, minibuses.

Sixt – Bilutleie Nordland AS

Hålogalandsgt.7 / Bodø Airport

+47 75 54 01 00

We also rent out electric cars.

Budget Bilutleie We also rent out electric cars.


Type of rental

Motorhomes, passenger cars, minibuses, delivery vans, motorbikes.


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MS Gamle Salten. Photo: Bjørn Erik Olsen

Bodø Railway Station. Photo: Rune Nilsen

Transport Further information about bus, passenger boat and ferry schedules is available at You may also like to download the timetable app for smart phones, search for: 177 Nordland. For information about timetables by phone, please ring 177 when you are in Nordland, or (+47) 75 77 24 10 when elsewhere. Buss


Local and long-distance bus timetables are also available from the central terminus (Sentrumsterminalen) at No. 3, Sjøgata, Bodø. There are also daily bus services between Bodø and Skellefteå (Sweden), with the exception of Saturdays.

Bodø is the most northerly destination on the Norwegian railway. There are daily morning and evening trains to/from Trondheim/Oslo. From Bodø/Fauske, there are bus connections to Narvik, with train connections to Sweden. Opening hours train station ticket office (NSB Salg Bodø): Mon-Fri 9.10 am, 4.10pm. Closed on Sat-Sun. and holidays. It is also possible to purchase tickets from the ticket machine in the waiting room.

Travel info for Nordland 1 177

Polar Tours Chartered tours: Polar Tours runs chartered tours in ­accordance with the customer’s requirements. Our coaches seat up to 51 passengers. Contact us for a non-binding offer. 1 +47 75 56 30 00 8

Waiting room: Mon-Fri 6 am-9.10 pm, Sat 7am-9.10 pm, Sun 8.30 am-9.10 pm. 1 Ticket office: 1 Billettkontor: 23 62 17 90. For information about tickets and reservations, please call 1 +47 815 00 888 or

Express passenger boats The network of express passenger vessels is well-developed. Choose between daily round trips among the fantastic isles and skerries around Bodø, or explore fascinating places in Helgeland, Steigen or the Lofoten Islands. A marvellous area for island hopping. Why not combine your boat trip with cycling, hiking, canoeing, kayaking or fishing? For further information and tickets, The Central Terminal in Bodø, Sjøgt. 3, 1 +47 917 14 203 8 or Nordland county travel info 1 177


Car ferries The popular car ferry will make your journey between Bodø and the Lofoten Islands a lot easier. Some of the sailings also visit the islands of Værøy and Røst. The crossing between Bodø and Lofoten takes approx. 3 hours. It is possible to reserve space for vehicles and/or parties all year round on the internet at or at the ferry booking office on: 1 +47 908 20 700 Further information, Torghatten Nord AS (Ltd): 1 906 20 700 8 or Nordland county travel information 1 177.

Hurtigrute – the Coastal Steamer Bodø is daily port of call for both the north and southbound coastal voyage vessels. The northbound ship stops in Bodø from 12.30 to 3 pm, the southbound vessel from 1.30 am to 4 am.

Crossings to Stamsund and Svolvær take 4 and 6 hours ­respectively. It takes 24 hours to Tromsø and 48 hours to the North Cape (Honningsvåg). Further information, Hurtigruten:, 1 +47 970 57 030 Booking: 1 +47 810 30 000 8 booking@hurtigruten.

Air travel Bodø Airport is located just 2 km outside of the city centre. There are many direct flights to other Norwegian airports -including many daily flights to Oslo. There are also daily flights to Trondheim, the Helgeland coast, Lofoten and Tromsø. During the summer there are several flights a week to and from Bergen. The 14 bus goes to and from Bodø Airport.

What could be better than starting the day on board, with the sun reflecting in the Vestfjord basin? If you choose the crossing from Bodø to Moskenes at 04:30 or 06:00, there will be less queuing, prices are lower, and you get a cup of freshly made morning coffe into the bargain. The same applies to the 06:00 crossing from Moskenes.


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Excursions Tour of the Isles and Skerries off Bodø

Polar Tours

You can get to the archipelago of Væran every day by fast passenger boat from Bodø. The boat ride is an experience in itself, and can also be taken as a “Round the Væran Cruise.” Why not go ashore on one of the charming islands just off Bodø? Several of them, like Givær and Helligvær, have overnight ­accommodation facilities. Island hopping on your own boat, or a sea kayak, is a perfect pastime. The archipelago is only a short distance from Bodø harbour.

Polar Tours AS (Ltd) runs guided tours of Bodø and the ­surrounding area offering the best possible scope for seeing the city and its sights in a simple and easy way. Polar tours is ”all you need” for a perfect adventure.

For further information, please contact Bodø Tourist Information Centre, at 1 +47 75 54 80 00 or 8 For departure times and fares on fast passenger boats, please visit

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Bodø - Væran - Ytre Gildeskål

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A Brief History of Bodø On May 20, 1816 the Norwegian parliament formally granted Bodø township status. This was a realisation of the dreams of many, ­especially the first bishop of Nordland who spearheaded the township campaign, Mathias Bonsak Krogh. In 1816, Bodø had an adult male population of 55 and grew only slowly until the mid 1860s. Suddenly the town’s fortune changed for the better. The Nordland herring fisheries became exceptionally productive – and the prices were excellent. There was an influx of new residents who sought opportunity. By 1875, Bodø had 1478 residents, and by 1885, the population had risen to 2695. But just as suddenly as it came, the herring was gone. People had to find other ways to make ends meet. Nevertheless, the town of Bodø managed. In 1888, the town church was consecrated; in January 1897 Bodø became an autonomous parish. Soon the first college was built. The face of the town gradually changed. By 1900, Bodø had a population of 4877. In 1904, a jetty and a quay for the increasing number of steamers were built, important facilities to enable Bodø to compete successfully in the world of modern commerce. On May 27th 1940 the Germans launched a massive attack on Bodø. In just two and a half hours, most of the town was reduced to rubble. Fortunately, about 70 percent of the population had already been evacuated to cabins in the surrounding regions. Local casualties were limited to 16, two of whom were British soldiers. Of the 760 houses in the town, 420 were completely destroyed. Many of the

340 remaining houses suffered severe damage. Only the ­newest parts on the outskirts were spared. The subsequent rebuilding ­forever changed the face of Bodø. Gradually, Bodø has increased its status as the administrative and commercial centre of Nordland County. In 1951, work began on the new airport. Since 1952, Bodø has been a bishopric; that same year, the teacher’s college opened. Bodø Cathedral was finished in 1957, the new town hall in 1959. Two years later, the first train rolled in to Bodø’s railway station. In 1966 the county hall opened its doors; in 1974, the new wing of the county hospital opened, and… The complete list is too long to print here. However, it should be mentioned that in 1968 Bodø was merged with the neighbouring Bodin municipality, which since 1964 already had encompassed Kjerringøy. In one stroke of the pen, this increased the area of Bodø municipality from a 2.2 km2 flat peninsula to 920 km2 of varied terrain. This redrawing of municipal boundaries alone increased the population from 14 000 to 25 575. In terms of Northern Norway, that is a major city! In January 2005, the population of Bodø municipality suddenly leapt to more than 44 000, as it now also incorporated the former Municipality of Skjerstad. Bodø is an administrative centre, with more than 30 national institutions and offices. Among them is the defence headquarters for Northern Norway, the regional airport, and The University of Nordland. The county offices in Bodø administrate such i­nstitutions as the Nordland county hospital and the Nordland psychiatric ­hospital, with their more than 2000 employees.

Bodø sentrum, 1938. Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


guide 2012 Gradually, Bodø has developed into a modern centre for t­ransport, services and communications. The town is coloured by the presence of colleges and other institutions of higher education, attended by more that 3500 students, defence, health services and commerce, and not least of all – tourism, shipping and transport. In 1991, Bodø celebrated the 175th anniversary of its township status. What more suitable way to celebrate this than to look toward the future – with the opening of Bestemorenga athletic facilities, Bodø cultural centre, and the Nordland Hall, one of the largest indoor football and athletic arenas in Norway? These recent developments gave a boost to the town’s already active cultural life, and provided facilities that allow even more people to take part in the many fine sports and cultural events held in Bodø. Among these are the annual Nordland Music Festival, ­theatrical performances, and the home football games of Bodø/ Glimt at Aspmyra Stadium. The stadium has been expanded and modernised for more than NOK 100 million, in order to host European Cup matches. Not to brag, of course, but Bodø/Glimt were Norwegian football champions in 1975 and 1993, took silver in the national playoffs in 1993 and 2003, bronze in 1995, and reached the cup finals for the fifth time in 2003. Bodø is becoming an experienced host for major sport ­championships. The town has strived to become a first-rate arena for cultural as well as sporting events, major conferences and ­exhibitions. Now that the completed Bodø Spektrum comprises both

the Nordland Hall and Bodø Hall (a 2500 m2 multi-purpose facility), it can easily host conferences with 1000 participants, and concerts with audiences of 3000 persons. The airplane plays a very central role in Bodø’s life; in addition to the modern airport, Norway’s main military airport is located outside Bodø, and the town has many active pilots and parachuters. That is no doubt one reason why the Norwegian parliament elected to establish the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø. King Harald himself came to open the facilities. There is a special section on the Cold War, and many airplanes from this period have been given to the museum by other countries and private donors. Twice, Bodø has received unwanted international attention. In 1818, the ­so-called Bodø Incident, an unfortunate smuggling case that created diplo­ matic complications with England, ended with the Norwegian / Swedish union having to pay a sizeable fine. On May 1st 1960, the whole world became aware that the American U-2 spy plane headed for Bodø never arrived, but had been shot down over the Soviet Union, endangering world peace. The town of Bodø and her people are characterised by an unshakeable optimism in the future. Even though some cynics claim that a cold wind always blows through Bodø, the meteorological statistics show a summer mean temperature of 11.2˚C, and a winter mean temperature of -1.8˚C. And even though the natives have to admit that it can be a bit “draughty” in Bodø, they always insist the wind is blowing their way!

Practical information Toll station

Canoe hire

An electronic toll station has been set up at Godøystraumen on the road from Saltstraumen to Tverlandet (Fv 17). NOK 20 per passage for vehicles under 3500 kg, NOK 40 for those over.

ICA Nær Sirilund, Kjerringøy 1 +47 75 51 13 00 / +47 918 57 800

At Strømsnes on the road between Bodø and Fauske (the Fv 80), NOK 26 per passage for vehicles under 3500 kg, NOK 52 for those over. (Discount for AutoPASS holders).

1 +47 75 59 32 77 / +47 417 64 737

You can also pay on the internet, in cash at selected service stations, or on receipt of an invoice. Further information on toll stations is ­available at Arrangements are also available for foreign visitors to Norway, please see ”Visitors Payment” at

Pluscamp Saltstraumen, Saltstraumen 1 +47 75 58 75 60 / 900 98 362

Bratten Activity Park

Bicycle Hire

Boat hire

Saltstraumen Brygge, Saltstraumen,

1 +47 75 58 71 38 Tuvsjyen AS, Saltstraumen

Bodø Tourist Information Centre 1 +47 75 54 80 00

1 +47 957 25 006 / 75 58 77 91

Bratten Activity Park 1 +47 75 59 32 77 / +47 417 64 737

Bodø emergency medical services (legevakt) are on call 24 hours a day, and the emergency room is open Mon–Fri from 3.30 pm to 8 am. Otherwise open 24 hours a day. The emergency room is located at Bodø Spektrum, Plassmyrveien. 1 +47 75 55 70 00.

ICA Nær Sirilund, Kjerringøy

1 +47 75 51 13 00 / +47 918 57 800


Emergency medical services

Emergency telephone numbers:

Waiting rooms

Fire: 110 Police: 112 Ambulance: 113

Bodø Police Station is located at Kongens gate 81, 8006 Bodø. 1 +47 75 54 58 00.

Waiting rooms at the ferry/Hurtigrute terminal are open 24 hours a day all year round. The waiting rooms are monitored by closed circuit TV. Central Terminal opening times: Monday to Friday 7 am-9 pm, Saturday 9 am-9 pm, Sunday 12 noon-9 pm. Bodø Railway Station: Monday to Friday 06.00-21.10, Saturday 07.00-21.10, Sunday 08.30-21.10.

Bank services

Luggage deposit boxes

In Bodø you can exchange and the most common currencies at the Post Office Bank at Havnegata 9 (ser map on p. 20). Open Mon.-Fri. 9 am-5 pm, Sat.kl 10 am-3 pm. There are cash machines at several places throughout the city and at the shopping centres.

Bodø Railway Station: Open Monday to Friday 6. am - 9.10 pm, Saturday 7 am - 9.10 pm and Sunday 8.30 am – 9.10 pm. Central Terminal: Open Monday to Friday 7 am - 9 pm, Saturday 9 am – 9 pm, Sunday 12 noon – 9 pm. Bodø Airport: Open Monday to Friday 4 am - 1 am, Saturday 4 am-8 pm, Sunday 8 am-1.30 am. Ferry/Hurtigrute terminal: Open 24 hours a day all year round..


Bodø Public Library Public library with books, newspapers, periodicals, local history, internet, audiobooks, cd’s and DVD’s for adults and children. Open: Mon.-Sat. (summer Mon.-Fri.). 1 +47 75 55 61 00 5 +47 75 55 61 08 8

Parking There are two parking zones in central Bodø. In the Green Zone, parking fee per hour 8am–4pm (8am–3pm), and there is no time limit. In the Red Zone, parking fee per hour, one hour limit, 8am–4pm (8am–3pm). Some private parking lots are more -expensive than the public ones, and the fee is charged 24 hours a day. Long term parking for a fee: Bodø Airport and the Bodø Terminal at the Hurtigrute docks. Camper van parking (fee payable) at Rønvik Veiservice, Rønvikleira, 1 +47 75 55 00 00 Parking garages The parking garage at the Glasshuset shopping centre (the glass arcade) is open 6am–9pm. The Sentrumsgården is open 24 hours a day.

Pay phones Pay phones accept either coins or phone cards. Phone cards are sold in most kiosks and in some shops. To make international calls from Norway, dial 00 + country code + telephone number. For information on timetables and schedules in Nordland, call 177. If you call from anywhere other than Nordland, please call 1 +47 75 77 24 10 or visit

Emptying of mobile septic tanks Geitvågen Bad og Camping, Geitvågen, 1 +47 75 51 01 42 Rønvik Veiservice, Rønvikleira, 1 +47 75 55 00 00 Tverlandet Veiservice, Tverlandet, 1 +47 75 50 77 40

For general information about Northern Norway:

NordNorsk Reiseliv AS / Northern Norway Tourist Board 1 +47 901 77 500 8

Other Tourist Information offices in Nordland county Brønnøysund 1 +47 75 01 80 00, Mosjøen

1 +47 75 01 80 00, Sandnessjøen

1 +47 75 04 45 00, Mo i Rana

1 +47 75 13 92 00, Meløy

1 +47 75 75 48 88, Svolvær, Lofoten

1 +47 76 07 05 75, Sortland, Vesterålen

Launderette and Wash Room

1 +47 76 11 14 80,

The Port Authority has facilities for visitors, with showers, wc and a launderette. 1 +47 908 98 020. Open 8am–11pm. (Located on the ground floor of Molostua.) If locked, please call the number posted on the door.

1 +47 958 76 306,

Hamsuns Rike Narvik

1 +47 76 96 56 00,


table reservations

tel. 755 25 808

l unch buffet


Bryggerikaia is a quality restaurant, bar and night club located in the old brewery house right in the centre of Bodø. The restaurant offers fresh seasonally inspired food with a great variety

night bar

of traditional fish and meat dishes, salads and desserts. Live music on Friday-Saturday. You won’t definitely find a better place for dining in Bodø! Welcome to Bryggerikaia!

Sjøgaten 1, 8006 Bodø | Monday-Saturday 11:00-03:30, Sunday from 12:00 |

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