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WELCOME TO NARVIK AND OFOTEN Situated in the arctic landscape of Northern Norway, the location of Narvik is perfect. e town is surrounded by astonishing nature, mountains and ords, something that characterises the entire Ofoten region encompassing Narvik. Located in close proximity to Lofoten, Vesterålen, Troms and close to the Northern Swedish border, it is easy to make your way to Narvik for a short weekend break or a longer excursion holiday. Base camp Narvik-in Ofoten, is a common denominator used to describe the many sites and memorable experiences that this area has to offer for those of you that enjoy outdoor activities and for those of you who would like to Experience Narvik. Destination Narvik AS (e tourist board in Narvik region)

Photo, front page: Jan-Arne Pettersen

For some the opportunity to seek peace and quiet and become one with our fantastic nature is in its own right an experience. Experience the Northern Norwegian hospitality far away from stress and big city racket. In the summer time, Narvik in Ofoten is breathtaking. It is a great destination for those who seek outdoor adventures.

ON YOUR OWN “On your own” is a concept developed by Destination Narvik AS in order to make it easier for visitors to obtain information on activities and excursions they can undertake on their own. Photo: Lise Hansen


Photo: Michael Ulriksen

NICE TO KNOW Regional Airport: Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes (EVE). Located about 75 km from Narvik town centre and just over an hour by car. Local Airport: Narvik Framnes Airport (NVR) is the small local airport in Narvik 2.5 km from the town centre. Population of Narvik: About 18,500 Currency: 1 Norwegian krone (NOK) =100 ore Banks are open from Monday to Friday throughout the year. Check with the tourist office for opening hours. ere is no place in Narvik where you can change currency so it is a good idea to have some Norwegian money when you arrive in the country.

Summer -e light season and the Midnight Sun You can experience the Midnight Sun from the middle of May till the end of July. As long as the sky is not cloudy, you will see the Midnight Sun. e cable car in Narvik is a great way to experience not only a famous view but also to see the Midnight Sun. Winter -e dark season and the Northern Lights e Northern Lights season is usually good from September through to April. Best way to experience the Northern Light is to stay away from built up areas where artificial light is typical. e sky should be clear. Northern Norway is actually one of the best places to experience the night sky in the winter because there is less artificial light. e dark season starts in November and the sun disappears until the beginning of February.

Destination Narvik AS is the Tourist Board in Narvik and Ofoten Region. We work with marketing and promoting of the Ofoten Region. If you would like more information, please visit us at




Photo: Ronny Kjelland




FROM NORTHERN LIGHTS TO THE MIDNIGHT SUN e contrast between summer and winter in Narvik is extreme. On the coldest nights with crisp clear snow you can see ms aurora borealis dancing across the sky, but in summertime the sun doesn`t go down.

Photo: Michael Ulriksen


Photo: Lise Hansen

THE NORTHERN LIGHTS e sky`s own theater. e magic phenomenon Aurora Borealis can be seen when electric particles approaching the earth at high speed along the magnetic field and collides with the upper layers of the atmosphere, creating a fairy tale dance over the night sky. For more information visit destinationnarvik.com

THE MIDNIGHT SUN A heavenly experience – Enjoy the midnight sun while in Narvik In this part of Norway during summer time there is no need for getting up early to seize the day; you have daylight 24/7. e midnight sun is a phenomenon which occurs in summer months above the Arctic Circle. is means that the sun never goes down, and still at midnight there is sun light. For more information visit destinationnarvik.com


Photo: Lise Hansen

PLENTY OF ACTIVITIES FOR YOU WHO PREFER UNORGANIZED TOURS In Narvik you have plenty of activities for you who prefer unorganized tours. In the town centre we find a rock carving which is over 6000 years old, from the early Stone Age. Here you also have lots of viewpoints which are easily accessible by foot; on one of them we find a geisir which injects water high up as 75 metres in the air, twice a day from May until September.

From the same viewpoint you have hiking tracks which continue up on the mountain and in to the beautiful area ‘tøttadalen’ where you have a magnificent view of Narvik and the surroundings. While you are on the mountain try drinking some fresh water from the mountain side, Narvik has

been awarded for the best drinking water in the world several times. Polar Park is the world’s most northerly zoo, here you will find animals from the Nordic fauna in their natural habitat. e park is just over one hour drive from Narvik towards Tromsø.

Photo: Gunhild Eide

Photo: Ă˜rjan Anthonsen

Photo: Lise Hansen

Photo: Lise Hansen


Photo: Lise Hansen

POLAR PARK GET CLOSE TO THE LOCAL WILDLIFE Just one hour drive from Narvik you can get the experience of a lifetime at Polar Park in Salangsdalen. You can get inside the fence with the wolf and get a wolfkiss or you can walk around the park watching the animals in their natural surroundings. î “e variety of animals in the park is big and they only have animals from the polar fauna. You can see wolf, brown bear, lynx, wolverine, polar fox, moose, musk ox, red deer and reindeer. Polar Park will give you memories for life.

Photo: Lise Hansen


Welcome to the Winter Festival in Narvik 14th – 23st March 2014


Once a year, a city in Northern Norway bursts into life like a flower show in the southern hemisphere. For nine days, in a city that doesn’t sleep, everyone is thrown into a joyous cultural festival, filled with concerts, dance, theatre, art, exhibitions and street animation… www.vinterfestuka.no



Vi kjenner Narvik Narvikdialekten har mange spesielle ord og uttrykk. Den gjør oss unik og vi er stolte av den. Svært stolt faktisk. I Sparebanken Narvik har vi forstått narvikværingen i over 100 år og det har vi tenkt å fortsette med.


Photo: Kjell G. Karlsen

TØTTATOPPEN Tøttatoppen is a fantastic and amazing mountain filled with history and hiking opportunities. ‘Tøtta‘ lies outside of Narvik and is reachable by walking through the gate to Tøttadalen. e hike is an amazing adventure through mountains and valleys and you can get instructions at Narviks tourist office. Tøttatoppen is 1234 mos and has a spectacular view over Narvik city. ere is a local myth that it lives a troll in the Tøttavalley, children have been told these tales for ages and most childen get a christmas present from the tøttatroll.


Photo: Jan-Arne Pettersen

THE SLEEPING QUEEN e sleeping Queens original name is Skjomtind and is 1575 meters over sea. She lies in Narviks region and looks out at the city. e sleeping Queens name comes from the navvy time in Narvik while building the LKAB area and the railway to Sweden. e English men looked up to the beautiful sleeping queen and remembered their Queen back in England, Queen Victoria and named the fantastic mountain in honor of their queen. Today the Sleeping Queen is a touristic attraction for many and also a wonderful hiking spot. You can contact the tourist information for more info about hiking in the area.

Photo: Grete Pedersen


Photo: Ørjan Anthonsen

Photo: Ørjan Anthonsen

FISHING 24- HOURS A DAY e Ofoten region has so far not been commercialised within fishing tourism but it is certainly developing into an exciting area for fishing. is is a part of Northern Norway where fishing has been a major element of the inhabitants’ way of life for centuries and in some places, still is.

e area is mountainous with numerous lakes, rivers and ample fishing opportunities. Northern Norway’s coastline is sculptured around many ords and the prospects for sea fishing are plentiful either from the shoreline or from a boat. Here is an indication of what you may catch on a day out: Sea fishing: cod, herring, mackerel, catfish, halibut, saith and spiny dogfish. Lakes and rivers: trout, char, salmon and pike. Wherever you choose to go the mountain terrain or lowland areas surrounding Ofoten are


magnificent. You are never far from either. It can take 30 minutes to get from a docked boat to a mountaintop. From end of May till mid August, the midnight sun will accompany you on this great experience. For more information, rules and regulations about fishing in Narvik and the Ofoten region, visit:


Photo: Ørjan Anthonsen

Photo: Ørjan Anthonsen

Photo: Ørjan Anthonsen

Photo: Pål Iver Skogvold


Photo: Erlend Haugen

MAGIC WINTER Narvik oers great winter activities such as alpine skiing in the Narvik skiing centre which is famous for the fantastic views over the ord and the mountains which surrounding Narvik.

Photo: Kjell G. Karlsen


Photo: Erlend Haugen

Photo: Erlend Haugen


Photo: Erlend Haugen



75 exciting stores

MON-FRI 10-20 SAT 10-18 AMFI.NO


Nor-Trykk Narvik AS • Foto: Grethe Irene Einarsen


Come study in Northern Nor Norway! orwa way!






Photo: Erlend Haugen

SKIING IN NARVIK: “A NEAR TO RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE” Katrine Hollekim, which is a Norwegian skiing guru explained skiing in Narvik as “a near to religious experience”. e cable car brings you up to the mountain restaurant which is located at 650meters above sealevel; from there you can continue up to the top of the mountain with a chairlift. When you ski down the mountain you almost get the feeling of ending up in the sea below you, the mountain offers great skiing adventures for beginners and skilled skiers.

If you are not a skier you can still enjoy the magnificent views from the mountain restaurant, or why not walk up the mountain. Close by the ski resort you will also find tracks for cross country skiing, it s also possible to try sledding down the mountain in a special track.


Narvikfjellet arena for powerful experiences

Nor-Trykk Design: Nor-Trykk // Photo: Kjetil Jansson



Photo: Markus Eriksson, Kjell G. Karlsen, Preben N. Bussoli, Narvikfjellet

Narvik - a city of future and opportunity


www.narvikgaarden.no development, thriving community, expansion

erence hotel situated right in the centr Rica Hotel Nar vik is a flagship, ul tra-modern conf Narvik ultra-modern conference centree of chitectural design, and is very stylishly Narvik. The hotel is of a rrarely-encountered arely-encountered and elegant ar Narvik. architectural decor ated. decorated. range ffor or gr oups of up to 200 people. With eight conf erence rrooms ooms of various sizes, we ar conference arrange groups om the hotel it is only a short distance to hikes acr oss the hills, either to “Den Sovende Dr onFr From across Dronstøtta”. The Ofot Ofot fjor eaches all the way to Nar vik has devour many ship ning” or “Rombak “Rombakstøtta”. fjordd which rreaches Narvik wr ecks fr om The Second W orld W ar, and many divers visit them every year ecomwrecks from World War, year.. W Wee warmly rrecommend a tr ain journey on the Of otbanen line with its spectacular natur al scenery ain station train Ofotbanen natural scenery.. The tr train in Nar vik is just a short walk fr om the hotel. Narvik from

r estaur ant

The TTind ind Restaur Restaurant ant is located on the first floor of the hotel. This is a first class á la carte rrestaurant, estaurant, wher wheree local ffood ood is on the menu. Br Breakfast eakfast is also served served her here, e, and is set up in line with Rica Hotel’s well-known prize-winning «Good morning» concept - a br breakfast eakfast composed in collabor collaboration ation with nutritional physiologists in Olympiatoppen, which is part of the Nor Norwegian wegian Olympic and PParalympics aralympics Committee. On the 16th floor you will find the Tøtta Skybar, a magnificent bar where one can also enjoy wonderful tapas dishes, soups, sandwiches or salads.

All of the 148 hotel guest rooms offer views and extremely comfortable beds. They are also equipped with TVs, minibars, telephones and have free wireless internet access.

Sky bar at the 16th floor with an amacing view over Narvik and Ofotfjorden.

All-day restaurant on the 1st floor

ongensgate vik • Tlf + 4477 7766 96 14 00 • rica.hotel.nar vik@rica.no • www .rica.no Kongensgate sgate 33, 3 8501 Nar Narvik rica.hotel.narvik@rica.no www.rica.no


Photo: Jens Christiansen/ ESCAPE

Photo: Jens Christiansen/ ESCAPE


Photo: Rune Dahl

SUMMER IN NARVIKFJELLET You have a climbingpark, downhill cycling tracks, cablecar and a whole mountain just waiting for you to come experience the variety in Narvikellet. If you prefer walking or if you prefer the cablecar you will end up with the best reward in Narvik- the view from the restaurant 656 mas and the perfect scene to watch the midnightsun. Narvikellet has activities both summer and winter and is a great place for a sporty family who wants to have fun in the nature.

Photo: Kjell G. Karlsen



Photo: Lise Hansen




Photo: Lise Hansen

WALKING INTO HISTORY - THE NAVVY TREK TO ROMBAKSBOTN e old access road brings you from Bjørnell or Katterat station down to Rombaksbotn. In 1997, this area received the annual prize as Norway’s finest outdoor area. Today the access road is re-opened as a historic walk and bike path where you can witness evidence from the Navvy years and WW2. Walking this pathway during the summer season is incredible and for some a very touching experience - following in the footsteps of the Navvies along the road that was vital for the construction of the Ofoten Railway. For more details about the Navvy trek, please contact the tourist office in Narvik.


Photo: Lise Hansen


THE OFOTBANEN RAILWAY Photo: Destinasjon Narvik

e Ofotbanen Railway between Kiruna and Narvik was built to carry iron ore from the mines in and around Kiruna to the shipping port of Narvik. It was officially opened in 1903. In addition to this, passengers and other types of goods are also carried by the railway. e construction of the railway was a demanding task for the navvies and for this reason it emerges as something of a constructional masterpiece. Today, the Ofotbanen Railway is considered one of the most spectacular railways in the world. e journey between Kiruna and Narvik, with its tall mountain formations and incredible landscape is a unique experience.

Photo: Pål Iver Skogvold

Photo: Lise Hansen

GEORG THIELE e World War II is still very visible and you can see the shipwreck Georg iele which was a German destroyer. She fought the battle in Narvik and got beached 13. april 1940 to allow her crew to abondon the ship safely after she had been severely damaged by the British fire. e surviving crew of the ship took part in the land fighting at Narvik in the following weeks. e ship lies partly on land in the Rombaksord and you can see her going by boat from Rombaksbotn to Narvik. She still reminds all the people of the horrible battles that was going on during the World War II in Narvik. Photo: Lise Hansen


Winter festival. Photo: Karl Inge Punsvik

Winter festival. Photo: Karl Inge Punsvik

Winter festival. Photo: Karl Inge Punsvik

WINTER FESTIVAL IN NARVIK It started in 1956, and today it is one of Norway’s most known festivals. e festival attracts people from whole of Norway and Europe. e festival is a cultural week which celebrates the men and women who worked during the construction of Ofotbanen, the railway from Kiruna in Sweden to Narvik. For many this festival week is the highlight of the year. People from Narvik dress in costumes similar to what they wore in the early 1900’s, enjoying concerts and live shows. e festival is for everyone, no matter what age.

Winter festival. Photo: Karl Inge Punsvik


THE BATTLE OF NARVIK WORLD WAR II DISCOVER NARVIK’S PAST WAR MEMORIAL MUSEUM IN NARVIK April 9th 1940 Narvik became the focus of the world’s attention as Hitler attacked Denmark and Norway. For two months, a bitter battle for Narvik and its iron ore raged between the invading German forces and the French, Polish, British and Norwegian troops – on land as well as at sea – eventually resulting in German occupation. For information about the War Cemetery and War Monuments in and around Narvik, please contact the War Museum in Narvik.


War Museum. Photo: Destination Narvik

War Museum. Photo: Destination Narvik

War Museum. Photo: Per Jacobsen

MUSEUM NORTH - NARVIK DISCOVER NARVIK - PAST AND PRESENT Museum North - Narvik is situated close to the town centre of Narvik in the old NSB railway administration building that dates back to 1902, displaying exhibitions from the local cultural history. e museum also displays copies of the famous Rock Carvings. e museum is free for children and is a great place if you want to learn more about Narvik’s unique history.


Museum North - Narvik. Photo: Destination Narvik

Museum North - Narvik. Photo: Destination Narvik

Museum North - Narvik. Photo: Destination Narvik



Photo: Ronny Kjelland



Quality Hotel Narvik. Photo: Jimmy Backe

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN NARVIK AND THE OFOTEN REGION Narvik and the Ofoten region is becoming an exciting location for innovative technology/products, engineering, scientific research, and is an important logistics centre here in the heart of Northern Norway. In recent years, Narvik has developed into an ideal location for new businesses, banking and investing. e University College Narvik is also located in the town centre and is a modern university offering diversity and cutting-edge research and studies for tomorrow’s future. It is certainly Northern Norway’s meeting place for innovative minds.

Quality Hotel Narvik. Photo: Jimmy Backe


Here at Destination Narvik we are focusing more and more on ‘Business Tourism’ in the Ofoten region, including study tours, workshops, course and conference. In March 2012 there was a grand opening of the new Rica hotel which is also one of Northern Norway’s tallest buildings in the middle of the town centre.

Also the honorable Quality Grand Royal hotel has been renewed and upgraded, the hotel alone offer conference hall with a capacity of 600 persons.

Quality Hotel Narvik. Photo: Jimmy Backe

COURSE AND CONFERENCE IN NARVIK Narvik invites you to hold your meeting/conference in its wild, dramatic and beautiful surroundings. It is important to consider the entire package when arranging an event for your employees or participants – especially with emphasis on what you want to achieve. Whether you require a small seminar, a medium sized event or a large conference – Narvik and the Ofoten region is the ideal location. Here you will find a variety of localities in different price ranges – and when you are looking for that extra touch on your event – Destination Narvik will help you find the best solutions and packages. Here at Destination Narvik we will assist you with general information about Narvik and the surrounding area, an overview of conference facilities with accommodation and activities that can be tailored to suit your event, giving it the finishing touch. Experiences gives rise to motivation and when you leave Narvik and Ofoten you leave with something very important, “a good feeling inside”.

Quality Hotel Narvik. Photo: Jimmy Backe

Rica Hotel Narvik. Photo: Rica Narvik

“It’s important to get the best information possible before planning a business trip or conference. Whether it’s for one person or a group, we will help you plan your business visit more effectively, so you have more time to enjoy and experince our exciting and unique region here in Northern Norway” Destination Narvik

Quality Hotel Narvik. Photo: Jimmy Backe

Rica Hotel Narvik. Photo: Rica Narvik

Rica Hotel Narvik. Photo: Rica Narvik



View of Ofotfjorden. Photo: Narvik Havn



Photo: Pål Jakobsen

NARVIK CITY Narvik is considered a young city, established in 1902. Before the early 1900’s, Narvik consisted of only a few farms, now you will find Narvik as a growing city with about 18500 inhabitants. In Narvik you will find everything you need, and more. e reason for Narviks existence, is found east of the mountains of Kiruna, Sweden. ere are two large ore mines, and iron ores are transported to Narvik by train, where the mining company LKAB is responsible for shipping the ore to the entire world from our ice free harbor. e region that surrounds Narvik is Ofoten, where we have 6 municipalities, Narvik is the district center. Narvik has its own airport, train station and busses to every city in Northern Norway, and it’s only a one hour drive to our regional airport with several departures every day to and from Oslo. As Narvik can be reached by sea, plane, road and railroad, the city is considered a major distribution hub.


e region is surrounded by majestic, steep mountains that meet the deep beautiful ords, which are full of fish and other sea creatures. With all this nature, you can still live the big city life in Narvik, with great shopping opportunities, high quality food, activities, culture and memories for life.

For more information visit:


Photo: Rune Dahl

Photo: Torje Kosmo Karlsen

Photo: Rune Dahl

Photo: P책l Jakobsen

Photo: P책l Jakobsen


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Photo: Lise Hansen

BALLANGEN / EFJORD Ballangen is the mining municipality of the Ofoten region. In the areas surrounding Ballangen you will find the first attempts from the mining industry in Northern Norway, it goes as far back as to the seventeenth century. Ballangen is situated 43 km south of Narvik, and with short distance to the sea, the mountains, the centre and public transportation, Ballangen is eventful to visit. Close to Ballangen you will find Eord, a natural pearl with its unique mountain formations created by the ravaging ice during the last ice age.

Ballangen Camping is the family-friendly campsite, located by the sea, but also ideally situated for visiting the Norwegian countryside, playing miniature golf, beach volley or great nature experiences such as sea- or fresh water fishing. With its 50 good standard cabins, and 150 caravan and tent capacity, the campsite is well worth a visit. A wide specter of nature and culture experiences is waiting for you in Ballangen.


Photo: Lise Hansen

Photo: Emil Løkås

Photo: Emil Løkås

Photo: Lise Hansen

Photo: Lise Hansen


Nor-Trykk AS




Join Norway’s leading bank

The Hotel is situated 115 meters above sea level, surrounded by beautiful nature next to Narvikfjellet, representing one of the most spectacular ski resorts in northern Europe. Taking just a step outside our hotel, the mountain lift brings you up to Narvikfjellet, 655 meters above sea level.



Nordkraft 44

Providing energy in Northern Norway.





A conference hotel in the center of Narvik with 162 rooms of high standard, and for those who will organize meetings and conferences is one of Northern Norway’s largest congress hall “Royal Hall” in the hotel. The conference center has a capacity of up to 600 people. Narvik town offers great arctic adventures, including killer whale watching, sea fishing, mountain biking and wreck diving. Quality Hotel Grand Royal is within walking distance to one of the largest alpine wellness treatments

with incredible views and some of Scandinavia’s most spectacular off-piste skiing. The hotel has two restaurants. Next to the reception you will find Rallar'n Pub og Kro - an excellent restaurant where you can enjoy a great meal with a bit of history from Narvik. Our newest restaurant Linken Restaurant & Bar is situated at the top of the hotel with excellent and creative food. Dinner at Linken Restaurant & Bar is more then just a meal – its an experience. Welcome!

QUALITY HOTEL GRAND I T.I T. 7676 9797 7070 0000 I q.wateryal@choice.no choice.no QUALITY GRAND ROYAL ROYALNARVIK NARVIKI IKONGENSGATE KONGENSGATE6464 I q.royal@choice.no II choice.no


Photo: Nor-Trykk

TYSFJORD Tysord is located in the southern part of the Ofoten region. With its 2000 bilingual inhabitants, the municipality is located in the Lule Sami core area, and consequently a significant part of the inhabitants are of Sami population or origin. Tysord Museum spreads knowledge about human activity from the time when the first people came to Divtasvuodna/Tysord and up until today. A large majority of the borough’s population are Sámi, and it is therefore only natural that the museum should make an effort to reflect the areas multi-cultural aspect. Orca Safari: Every autumn the herring pulls in to the Vestorden, all the way in to Tysord. And with the herring comes the Killer Whales. e massive concentration of herring makes the ord a giant plate of food for the Orcas, hence the chances of spotting the whales are good.


You will find rock caves as old as 9000 years, they are considered the oldest findings in Northern Norway, and characterized as the largest and possibly one of the most impressive carvings from the Stone Age. e character of the municipal Tysord is the long, deep ords and the high steep mountains. e contrasts of the beautiful countryside are big, with the deepest cavern and biggest canyon of Northern Europe. With being the narrowest part of Norway, only 6 km from the ord to the Swedish border, we welcome you to Tysord and encourage you to cross the country crosswise.

Photo: Pål Jakobsen

STETIND To the south of Narvik is a small community called Kjøpsvik and one of Norways hidden treasurs, Norways national mountain Stetind. e mountain is beautifully shaped and has a dramatic look as it steeps down into the ord. Drive to and through Stetind, this is possible by a tunnel on road 827, the tunnel is 2759 meters long.

Photo: Geir Nygård

Stetind is also popular for mountaineering and hikers from around the world. e well known singer Diana Ross visited Stetind together with her Norwegian husband Arne Næss Jr, who was a dedicated mountaineer.

Photo: Geir Nygård


AV A V OG F FOR OR Vi formidler menneskene, pügangsmotet og de gode historiene‌ Rambøll med arktisk satsning

Fra periferi til sentrum

Barents freeway


• • •

og Polarled

• Lokalt initiativ



rer ere ve ev Le øv ø milj ennlig kvalitet






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MaxiTaxi Tel.: 90 90 91 91 www.narviktaxi.no


Tel.: 07550






‌og vi samler nÌringslivet i Narvik mellom to permer HOLMLUND OLJESERVICE

en utfører vi suge – Med VakuumJetog med kostnadseffektivt og blüsejobber lover daglig leder fantastisk presisjon! enør A. Markussen, trepr hos landsk apsen etter tr yk kelig. Florian Aschwanden,



Kjører pü luft


Foto: A. Markussen









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sidespor i Et mindre eksplosivt er at de ogsü fører entet produktsortim Troll hundefôr. erfaring med – Roar har imponerende gjennom en ürrekke hund, blant annet r. Han redningshunde med arbeid med og det er blitt et sverger til Troll-fôret, blant kundene, populÌrt nisjeprodukt forklarer Holmlund.


Âť Sven Holmlund




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en regionen Narvikregion i Narvik

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Kongens gate

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kontra bensindrift, øker 10-15 prosent og gir miljøblir utslippet lavere pü kr 7,50 per pris gevinst. Med en mye ü spare, kan liter, blir det i tillegg til: – Her er legger han fortelle, og som i gode, gamle pumpen betjent, r. dagers bensinstasjone






startet de ü importere For et ür siden direkte kjøretøykjemi frostvÌsker og fra Sverige. at vi kan tilby produk– Resultatet er priser, bedyrer tene til langt lavere – Vi leverer Holmund og fortsetter: Det er et AdBlue. blant annet mye store  som brukes av vidunderstoff typer. Det renser og kjøretøy av nyere mer effektiv drift avgassene og gir forklarer han. lavere forbruk, vi sørge for kan lager pü – Med mye pü de rette produkhurtig levering tene, lover Holmlund.

büde privatBedriften hündterer et. markedet og bedriftsmarked og vÌre prisdrivende – Vi forsøker ü kr lave pris pü kun en har hatt samme, ürene for ü bytte 225,– de siste fem som er populÌr 11 kg propanflaske, egen Samtidig har vi hos hyttefolket. blant oppgaver og har tankbil til større meste av dieselen annet levert det uttil Northlands som har gütt med ramser han opp. bygging pü Fagernes,

endret til Holmlund I 1999 ble navnet holder til i et topp oljeservice. Firmaet , og i Fagernesveien moderne anlegg med lang erfaring teller fire ansatte innen bransjen.




















lager i Statoil ned sitt Pü samme tid la oljeservice kjøpte Narvik, og Holmlund det opp. i Narvik som har – Vi er nü de eneste konteiner, forteller opp til 1000 liter Holmlund. innehaver Sven entet bestür i Produktsortim r som smøremidler, kjemiprodukte propan, fyringsolje, frostvÌske, süpe, og marin gassolje autodiesel, parafin, (diesel til büt).


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har historie Holmlund Oljeservice Holm1926, da Johan helt tilbake til I 1931 overtok lund startet firma. og John og drev Sven brødrene Karl, tiden Holmlund. Pü den som Brødrene drivstoff og andre ble smøremidler, SvolvÌr i en selvbygd varer hentet fra






Velsmurt i Fagernesveien


førerhus begynner I supersugerens a ü liste opp noen Kenth og Torben a Den k an gjøre uttak oppdragene: – , bü e, loft, bjelkelag . masser fra kjeller tilgjengelige st andree vanskelig og andr masser som puk Den k an blüse ut hø eca over store høy sand, grus, og L


med i Bentro Bil tar Trond Frantzen r pü tur til LEVEs representante liten fotosesjon. for en Nygürdsfjellet dondemonstrert at Samtidig für vi støpt pü nordsnorsk ingen sitter som svingene pü Rombaksvintervei langs


er har geren Supersug Supersu , som er lange slanger ÉSEFUFS WFMEJHmOUO LPNTUJensen WBOTLFMJHUJM Kenth Kenth Eilif


sine positive egen- . Til tross for alle visse begrensninger Fjellgürd passeres, skaper, har bilen raskt, og idet Tinja mer batteri enn opp en elbil for brukt – Man laster ikke har vi allerede til hytta, kan ferieturer. For tureneav lading nür hva vi har til overs. beroliger Frantman vÌre avhengig – Ikke noe problem, r eller underveis at oppoverbakke man kommer frem, Men zen, og forklarer for langt unna. men at vi für mye om hytta ligger krever mye energi, t som statistiki nedoverhar man kjøremønstere av alle bilturer tilbake nür vi returnerer prosent ken viser at 80 bakke. passer bilen perfekt. veien. faller inn under, fremst nummer 2-bilen, ladeelbilen først og Dette er den ultimate viste han bilens – For mange er . Før turen startet tid og penger, bedyrer han. pü smartmobilen insentiv for ü spare et status via en app ladestatus, beregnet med forteller han underveis. t, Nygürdsfjellet – Man kan sjekke Vi returnerte fra og styre varmeanlegge r, slipper kjørelengde og distansemüleren driftskostnade god margin pü utdyper om fortreffepü returen. – Man har lave og ift en i forteller han, og klima-anlegg inn oss seg parkeringsavg kostet pü kunne sette bompenger og ligheten ved ü felt der det er aktuelt. er god og varm. kjører i kollektiv at is-/snøfri bil som heller ikke glemme Men man skal kjøper elbil begfaktisk som HÌrsletta pü av det er kunder litt Etter ü ha svingt het, mener han. ü bekymre seg av miljøsamvittig ynner passasjerene kjørelengde synker over at beregnet



e og markedets nyest Supersugeren er , med utst yr for ektivee supersuger mest effektiv ag. de fleste oppdr yper ü liste opp alle t Det er ik ke mulig – Det ik ke vÌr t pü, og iallfall vÌr oppdrag vi har teller vi kan gjøre, for alle oppdragene g. og Torben Aasber Kenth Eilif Jensen

Michael Ulriksen

or Erling NjĂĽlla

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Tlf. 400 68 600 robin@robinlund.no


Robin Lund

NĂĽr vi tar regnskapet fĂĽr du mer tid til ĂĽ tenke kreativt for fremtiden - til beste for din bedrift. Ă˜konor Narvik (Ă˜koPartner Narvik AS) Kongensgt. 51, 8501 Narvik ¡ Tlf. 76 96 46 00 E-post: narvik@okonor.no

til den gode idĂŠen 49

Photo: Pål Iver Skogvold

EVENES e municipality of Evenes is located just between the two cities Narvik and Harstad, with about 1400 inhabitants. e administrative center is Bogen, and the municipality consists of landscape and forest, long coastlines and mountainous areas. e regional airport is located in Evenes. Evenes is known for its sami culture, Várdobáiki Sami Center is located here, where they run the Gállogieddi Open air museum. Here you will get great insight of the sami traditions and culture. Other experiences in Evenes is the spectacular Trollkirka, one of Norways longest limestone caves with pot-holes, deep ravines and cascades, which can only be described as a remarkable nature experience.


Evenes can also offer great hiking trails and very good sea fishing spots. e uniqueness of the wilderness puts Evenes on the map for a place worth visiting.

Photo: Lise Hansen

THE STONECHURCH e Stonechurch is a contribution to the artscape in Nordland. It was made by the artist Bjørn Nørgaard and was placed close by the sea in 1995. e stone church is a spectacular sculpture and a special landmark right by the sea.

Photo: Lise Hansen

Photo: Ellen Berit Dalbakk

GÁLLOGIEDDI OPEN-AIR SÁMI MUSEUM At Gállogieddi, you have the chance to visit a markesámi smallholding and learn about aspects of the Sámi cultural heritage, livelihood and religion in the wooded countryside in southern Troms and northern Nordland where Sámi, who once led a seminomadic life with their reindeer, ultimately settled down to farm and fish. e museum tells you about the people and their history, and gives you an idea of what it was like to live here some 200 years ago.



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Welcome to Narvik – A peninsula surrounded by fjords and mountains, with the port of Narvik operating as a central HUB. Intermodal port servicing – Cruise Ships – Yachts – Cargo Ships – Naval Ships The Port of Narvik continues to grow and develop. Over the last 3 years cruise calls have increased by more than 100%. New facilities have been built and a new terminal is under planning.



Welcome to Narvik – The Region of Contrast.

Nor-Trykk Narvik AS



Futurum assists and gives advice in the start-up phases of your business. Futurum is your guide for networking, facilitations and the right location for you.

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