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The Seven Sisters viewed from Herøy | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeNR



Helgeland is the southernmost part of Nordland County. The long coast of this region consists of a myriad of magnificent islands, some of which are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The best known peaks are The Seven Sisters on the coast. Inland, mountains rise almost 2000 metres above sea level. The Arctic Circle cuts through our region; when you pass 66 degrees latitude you enter the land of the midnight sun. Welcome!


Træna | photo Helgeland Reiseliv

Dønnesfjellet | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeIN

Practical Information................................. 4 Top 8 natural attractions............................ 6 Hiking in the Helgeland wilderness............7 Exploring the islands by bicycle.............. 10 Kayak adventures...................................... 11 Fishing in Helgeland..................................12 Culinary traditions on Helgeland..............13 Sàmi culture...............................................15 Bindal.........................................................16 Sømna........................................................18 Brønnøysund............................................. 20 Vega........................................................... 26 Vevelstad.................................................. 28 Sandnessjøen............................................ 30 Herøy......................................................... 36 Dønna........................................................ 38 Leirfjord....................................................40 Nesna........................................................ 42 Lurøy......................................................... 44 Guest Harbours......................................... 47 Træna........................................................ 48 Rødøy........................................................ 50 Hattfjelldal.................................................52 Grane......................................................... 54 Mosjøen..................................................... 56 Events 2013...............................................61 Hemnes..................................................... 62 Mo i Rana.................................................. 64 Accommodation – overview..................... 69 Map of Helgeland.......................................75

Published by: Helgeland Reiseliv AS. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors or changes made after printing. Cover photos: Svartisen glacier – Helgeland Reiseliv Kayaking on Rødøy – Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR From Brønnøysund City – Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR Børgefjell | photo Magnar Solbakk

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Practical Information


Torghatten Trafikkselskap, 8900 Brønnøysund, tel. +47 75 01 81 00 Helgeland Transport Service, 8800 Sandnessjøen, tel. +47 451 91 919 Polar Tours AS – turbusser, 8622 Mo i Rana, tel. +47 75 13 28 30


Tore Hansen Skyssbåter as, 8980 Vega. Tel. +47 75 03 51 33 Polarsirkelen Maritime, 8752 Konsvikosen. Tel. +47 951 22 438 Lovund Skyss, 8764 Lovund. Tel. +47 991 66 522


Brønnøysund: By the Statoil Station in the town centre. Sandnessjøen: By the Shell Station at Sandnes, about 2 km from the town centre Mosjøen: By the Shell Station at Halsøy, just north of town. Mo i Rana: By Highway E6 just south of the town centre. Vevelstad: At Steinmo Bobilparkering.




If you’re coming northward on highway E6, you’ll enter the traditional realm of Helgeland approximately 300 km north of Trondheim. There are several alternative routes. One of them is the Wilderness Road (Rv73/Fv806), an inland route that takes you from Majavatn lake in the south to Korgen in the north. Another is the Coastal Highway (Fv17) from Steinkjer to Bodø. If you are travelling from Sweden, you can drive the Sagavegen (Saga Road Rv804/Fv296), Krutfjellvegen (Krutfjell Road Rv73) or Blåvegen (the Blue Road E12). You can reach the magnificent Helgeland coast by way of the Coastal Highway (Fv17), Tosenveien (Fv76), via the town of Mosjøen (Fv78), or via the town of Mo i Rana (E12).


Widerøe offers direct flights from Trondheim and Bodø to Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Mosjøen and Mo i Rana. Other direct flights include Oslo–Brøn-

nøysund, Bergen–Brønnøysund, and Oslo–Sandnessjøen.


The Nordland Railway extends from Trondheim to Bodø. The train journey from Trondheim to Mosjøen takes about five hours, while the trip to Mo i Rana takes six hours. Trains from Bodø take three hours to Mo i Rana, and four hours to Mosjøen. For schedules and reservations, please visit


Hurtigruten vessels call twice daily at Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen and Nesna.


There are frequent bus services between the coast of Helgeland and inland destinations. For schedule information, visit or call 177. (From outside Nordland, please call tel. +47 75 77 24 10.)

We’re situated by Helgeland’s Coastal Highway, Rv17, which in 2012 was voted Norway’s most scenic road. The closest town, Mo i Rana, lies just 30 minutes from our farm. We’ll serve you coffee, refreshments and a bite to eat, and give you time to enjoy the ambience of our beautiful rooms, furnished with 19th-century antiques and rare decorative objects. The farm dates from the 1600s. Find out more about Himmel & Hav (Heaven & Sea) by visiting our blog: or Facebook page himmeloghavas For further information, we invite you to call us at tel. 75 16 00 36.

Hurtigruta, Brønnøysund | photo Orsolya Haarberg

Helgeland – getting here

“One evening the Horseman witnessed The Seven Sisters and the Maiden of Leka bathing in the sea near the island of Landego. Filled with passion for the Maiden of Leka, he decided to steal her away at midnight. In full armour and with a cape over his shoulders he galloped south. When the maidens saw him coming they fled, until exhausted they threw themselves to the ground near Alstahaug. The Maiden of Leka continued southward, as the King of Sømnafjellene stood and watched her lonely, frenzied flight. As golden clouds signalled approaching dawn, the King saw the thwarted suitor lay an arrow on his bow. The moment the arrow left the bow-string, the King cast his hat into the air, saving the Maiden’s life. The King’s hat fell at Torgar, and with the sun’s first rays all were turned to stone.”

Tel. 177 (From outside Nordland, please call tel. +47 75 77 24 10.) For schedule information, you can also visit



According to an often-told legend, the hole through Torhatten was made by an arrow from the Horseman.


Boreal Transport Nord AS, Helgelandske, 8800 Sandnessjøen, tel. +47 75 06 41 00 Torghatten Trafikkselskap, 8900 Brønnøysund, tel. +47 75 01 81 00

Welcome to

The legend of how the Helgeland mountains came to be

Helgeland from air | photo Guri Dahl




Mo i Rana:

Sømnaveien 92, 8900 Brønnøysund. Tlf. +47 75 01 80 00 Open year round.

Torolv Kveldulvssonsgate 55, 8800 Sandnessjøen. Tlf. +47 75 01 80 00 Open year round.

Sjøgata 2, 8656 Mosjøen. Tlf. +47 75 01 80 00 Open year round.

O.T. Olsensgt. 3, 8602 Mo i Rana. Tlf. +47 75 01 80 00 Open year round.

For a list of local Tourist Information Offices, see or contact one of our regional offices. Helgeland


Topp 8 natural attractions

Hiking in Helgeland The range of mountains known as The Seven Sisters, Saltfjellet–Svartisen National Park with its mountain plateau and glacier, Børgefjell National Park, Lomsdal–Visten National Park, Mount Oksskolten and Heilhornet; these are but a few of the famous mountain ranges of Helgeland – and all offer magnificent outdoor adventures!

The mountainous islands of Helgeland are some of the most spectacular in the world. The Helgeland region also offers exciting caves, magnificent waterfalls and glaciers, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and many historical and cultural attractions. In short, it has all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday experience! TORGHATTEN – THE MOUNTAIN OF LEGENDS

The renowned Mount Torghatten is pierced all the way through by a distinctive hole. This rugged and unspoiled mountain has to be seen to be believed! You might feel very small, indeed, as you walk through the 160-metre long, 12–27 metre wide and 25–75 metre tall hole – and you may marvel at the powerful forces of nature that dug this tunnel.


Follow the footsteps of Norway’s Queen Sonja and hike up one or several “sisters” – you will be rewarded with an unforgettable view! Like nothing else, the panorama tells you why Helgeland is referred to as “the realm of a thousand islands”. There are well-marked hiking trails to each summit, as well as between the peaks.




Svartisen is the second largest glacier on mainland Norway, and 60 glacier tongues extend into the surrounding valleys. One of the most visited is Austerdalsisen. You can join an excursion that takes you by boat across Svartisvatnet lake, followed by a three-kilometre hike up to the glacier. Svartisen glacier is also accessible from the coast. After taking a shuttle boat across the Holandsfjord, a 3 km walk takes you to the edge of the glacier.


Laksforsen falls is one of the most popular natural attractions in Nordland County. Every second, 700 m3 of water plummet down the 17-metre-high waterfall. Laksforsen is situated about 30 km south of Mosjøen.


To pass the Arctic Circle – 66 degrees latitude – is to enter Arctic Norway and the land of the midnight sun. Driving northward on Highway E6, you cross the Arctic Circle on Saltfjellet, and the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park offers great wilderness adventures. If you travel by sea, a globe on the island Vikingen marks your passage into this magical realm.

Just north of the town Mo i Rana, you will find the amazing caves Grønligrotta and Setergrotta. The former is Scandinavia’s most renowned limestone cave, and it is illuminated so visitors can appreciate it fully. In Setergrotta, narrow passages lead to enormous mountain halls, white marble and strange limestone formations.


The form of the mountain known as Dønnamannen (858 m) seems almost human. From one angle, you can see the unmistakeable profile of an upward turned face. Well-marked trails from Breivika and Teigstad lead you up to the summit.

Vegaøyan was awarded a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2004 for the islanders’ unique and ancient tradition as guardians of the migrating eider ducks. The islanders build nests for the visiting birds and protect them against Helgeland


danger – in return, after a new generation of young birds leave the nest, they are able to collect eider down, which is used to make the world’s best down duvets.


Rødøyløva photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR

The Seven Sisters is a mountain range with seven distinctive peaks situated on the island Alstenøya. Well-marked trails lead you to each peak, and trails between them allow you to ascend all seven summits on the same hike. The Tourist Information Office in Sandnessjøen offers hiking maps and information on the various peaks and mountain ranges.

DØNNAMANNEN View from Torghatten photo Magnar Solbakk

This popular destination is perfect if you’re eager for a challenging mountain hike. There are marked trails from Breivika, which is situated about 16 km from Bjørn or Teigstad, and about 10 km from Bjørn. Municipality: Dønna


The valleys and mountains of Saltfjellet-Svart­isen, which has the most varied landscape of Norway’s many national parks, offer great hiking adventures! A good starting point for hikes in the area is Storvollen, just south of the Arctic Circle. Anglers will find excellent fishing opportunities in the valley of Tespdalen, and as they continue up to and beyond the Arctic Circle.


One of Norway’s oldest and largest national parks, Børgefjell covers 1447 km2. This is the realm of the Arctic fox. The mountain route and the magnificent mountain wilderness offer great hiking adventures.


Kjenvasshytta lodge is the ideal starting point for a hike to the summit of Oksskolten (1916 m), the highest mountain in northern Norway. Allow about four hours for your mountain hike, which will be a great scenic adventure! Kjenvasshytta is situated an hour’s drive from the mountain lodge Umbukta Fjellstue.


This continuous route of trails through Nordland lets the avid hiker experience the county’s incredibly varied landscape. Altogether the route is 570 km long.


This lush and beautiful national park is perfect for those seeking tranquillity. In this wilderness it is a must to bring a good map, compass and a tent. There are many hiking options and you will find excellent fishing.


A walk to the top of Heilhornet (1058 m) is rewarded with a magnificent view of Børgefjell to the east, Namdalen to the south, and The Seven Sisters mountain range to the north. A well-marked trail leads to the summit. Allow 2–4 hours for the hike, depending on your preferred pace.


The highest peak on Rødøyløva rises to 440 metres, rewarding hikers with a magnificent panorama. Start your walk from the ferry quay at Smiholmen and walk past Rødøy church, or start at Klokkergården. The trail is well marked.


Tomskjevelen, 922 m, can only be ascended from the north. The trail starts at Forsland on the eastern shore of Tomma, about 4 km from the ferry quay. Depending on the route you choose, the hike takes 2–6 hours. Situated on Tomma in Nesna municipality.


The well-marked trail up Lovundfjellet, 623 m, rises steeply at the beginning and circles along the sea on the southern and western slopes of the mountain. The hike takes about two hours. Municipality: Lovund For additional information on hiking in Helgeland, please see or Helgeland


Welcome to Meløy,

The northernmost municipality situated on the Helgeland coast along the Coastal Highway. We invite you to experience Svartisen, the largest glacier on the Norwegian mainland. You can admire the glacier tongue called Engenbreen as you drive the Coastal Highway. For a closer look, take the shuttle boat across the Holandsfjord. Explore the magnificent mountain wilderness, visit the glacier, fish the lakes and streams, see the man-made reservoirs Holmvassdammen and Storglomvassdammen, hike well-marked trails, marvel at the flora and fauna, walk the Mountain Road and climb the 1127 steps near Fykan. Both the northbound and southbound Hurtigruten steamers call at Ørnes. Try “island hopping” with the Nordland Express, the local ferry and express boat that links Ørnes with Meløy, Grønøy, Bolga and Støtt. Too many tunnels on the route you’re driving? Consider the ferry from Ørnes to Vassdalsvik. For departure times, please visit

Highlights of the Arctic Circle Centre:

– the Arctic Circle Centre The Arctic Circle, at 66°33’ N, is the invisible border to the Arctic, the Land of the Midnight Sun, which you enter as you drive highway E6 over the Saltfjellet mountain plateau, about halfway between the towns of Fauske and Mo i Rana. The Arctic Circle Centre is a natural place to stop and rest for all travellers.

The Arctic Circle is marked throughout our buildin Free admission! Large souvenir and gift shop Café with a menu of traditional fare – and our own Arctic Circle snack • Arctic Circle Certificates, complete with your photograph • Send postcards and letters stamped with our exclusive Arctic Circle stamp • View the film “The Arctic Circle” in our cinema

Meløy Tourist Information Office Tel. 75 75 48 88

o randi@mnu.n el m it is .v www

Nearby you can explore: • Numerous cultural monuments • Monuments to Russians and Yugoslavians who died in northern Norway during World War II. • Build your own Arctic Circle cairn! • Svartisen-Saltfjellet National Park! • Magnificent hiking terrain!

Welcome! Season: 1 May – 31 August

Tel. (peak season): +47 75 12 96 96 Tel. (off-season): Tel. +47 91 85 38 33

Kayaking amongst the Bolgværet islands

The Gateway to Svartisen Glacier

View of Holmvassdammen reservoir

Be our guest!


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Furøy Camping

Tel. 75 75 05 25


Tel. 948 06 320

Meløy Skjærgårdsferie Tel. 907 67 186

Ørnes hotell

Tel. 75 75 45 99

Åmnes Camping Tel. 75 75 13 50

Glomfjord Hotell

Tel. 75 75 25 00

Støtt Brygge

Tel. 400 21 212

Meløy Tur & Minibuss

Tel. 977 82 496

Bolga Brygge

Tel. 970 68 116

Engen Skyssbåt

Tel. 994 03 000

Reipå Camping

Tel. 75 75 57 74

Rocksn Rivers

Tel. 410 82 981

Kayak adventures

From island to island by bicycle

The Helgeland coast, with its tens of thousands of islands, islets and reefs, is considered one of Norway’s premier regions for sea kayaking. We invite you to explore narrow fjords, majestic mountains and the countless islands offshore. Find your own sheltered inlet, walk a beach washed by clean seas, spend a night in a traditional cabin by the sea, and restore your strength eating delicious traditional fare – let it all be part of your adventure!

Perhaps the best way to explore Helgeland is by bicycle – you can set your own pace and choose your own challenges. You may find yourself stopping frequently, not because you’re tired, but to take in the beautiful scenery. Whether you are a passionate cyclist, or are yearning to rediscover the joy you felt as a child travelling on two wheels, Helgeland is ideally suited for your endeavours. In fact the whole family can enjoy short or long excursions here. Most of the terrain is flat, and the roads and paths bring you close to the stunningly beautiful landscape. Savour the fresh scent of the sea, which is never far away – and watch sea eagles soar high above. “Island hopping” in order to explore the islands by bicycle is an adventure suitable for everyone – just the two of you, a group of friends, or a family with children. Your journey can be tailored to your needs and desires. For an easy-going route, follow the coast and take ferries or boats between some of the destinations. For a more challenging adventure, consider one of the rewarding detours to the scenic inland mountains and valleys. During the summer months, you can enjoy bicycling in Helgeland round-the-clock. Late at “night”, the landscape still glows in a beautiful violet and pinkish light and almost total silence. Yes, it must be experienced!

Bicycle rental in Helgeland

You can rent bicycles at the Tourist Information Office in Brønnøysund and Sandnessjøen. Bicycles may also be booked online on our website Please plan your bicycle adventure well in advance – “island hopping” is very popular! On our website you will find many suggested excursions and you can download our brochure, Bicycling Adventures in Helgeland. Prices: bicycles NOK 175 per day, panniers (baskets for equipment) NOK 25 per day. 10



Kayaking on the Nordfjord photo John Lind

”Island hopping” | photo Torfinn Sund

The Nesna Islands, consisting of Tomma, Hugla and Handnesøya, are an excellent base for kayaking the magnificent Helgeland coast. Experienced kayakers can head out from Nesna, or you can take an express boat or ferry to your preferred point of departure. All three of these islands are surrounded by smaller islands, which are perfect for camping under the midnight sun.


Sleneset consists of innumerable flat islands, making these sheltered waters perfect for long or short kayaking trips, regardless of your level of experience. There is always an island nearby, so beginners can stay close to shore if they prefer. Moflag and Sleneset are excellent bases for your kayaking excursions – and we strongly recommend that more experienced kayakers consider a trip to the beautiful island Lovund.


Experienced kayakers often head out from Tonnes to explore the northernmost

islands of Helgeland. You can, for instance, enjoy an excursion into the Melfjord and Nordfjord, with magnificent views of the Svartisen glacier, and then head for the island Vikingen on which there is a globe marking your passing across the Arctic Circle, enjoying views of the distinctive mountains Hestmannen (the Horseman) and Rødøyløva (the Rødøy Lion). A less challenging alternative is simply to take your kayak on the express boat or ferry to Rødøy, and explore the island’s white beaches and sheltered inlets.


These islands are sheltered and easy to access. Situated along the Coastal Highway, they’re ideal starting points for longer kayak expeditions along the Helgeland coast.


There is a myriad of islands, islets and skerries around Herøy, which is centrally situated on the Helgeland. For this reason it’s an excellent point of departure for kayaking adventures along one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines.

head for the same destination one day after the other, always taking a new kayaking route. We invite you to head for Skogsholmen, Hysværet, Ylvingen or any one of the other islands nearby.


Vega Opplevelsesferie: Tel. +47 415 69 859 or +47 977 51 308 Tømmervika Opplevelsessenter: Tel. +47 951 31 445 or +47 75 04 38 82 Hav & Fritid: Tel. +47 915 94 340 Rana Spesialsport: Tel. +47 909 51 108


The Vega archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Area situated in the southern reaches of Helgeland, offer many adventures. You can even



Fishing in Helgeland


Helgeland is probably best known for its sea fishing, but inland are rivers and lakes that will impress even the most spoiled angler. Try your luck in secluded rivers, or in lakes where the only sound to be heard is the wind gently rustling the trees. And don’t be astonished when your dream of the big one comes true – for we have large fish aplenty! SEA FISHING

With its deep fjords, magnificent island-dotted coastline, and offshore fishing banks, Helgeland is a paradise for any eager fisherman. Amongst the excellent fishing spots are currents, shallows, and the deeper parts of the sea. There are excellent fishing spots on the Finneidfjord, Vistenfjord and other fjords of Helgeland, where you can fish for cod, pollock and sea trout year round, while mackerel, wolfish, redfish and haddock are more seasonal. To check regulations for saltwater fishing, minimum size requirements, and limits on the catch you can take with you from Norway, please visit


The lakes and rivers of Helgeland offer many excellent angling opportunities – from Børgefjell National Park in the south to Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park in the northernmost part of our region. There are large lakes, hidden lakes and mountain lakes far above the treeline, and you’re sure to enjoy the trout and mountain char prepared over the campfire. Vefsn, Grane and Hattfjelldal alone have at least 2000 lakes within an hour’s walk from the road. Plathe’s Properties in Bindal is known for its large trout. Further north there is excellent fishing in lakes along Highway E12 near the Swedish border. On Tverrvatnet and Raudvatnet lakes, you may borrow a boat free-of-charge from Statskog – and beyond Raudvatnet there are additional lakes with excellent fishing. Umskartjønna is accessible for anglers in wheelchairs. Following Highway E6 northbound, you will discover a wealth of fishing opportunities, including Blereken, as well as the areas from Reinforsen and up toward Saltfjellet. 12


Helgeland’s exciting culinary offerings reflect its complex cultural heritage and colourful history. Since time immemorial, the people of Helgeland have eaten a great variety of fish, shellfish and marine mammals. The region’s culinary tradition also includes game and livestock, dairy products, cakes and baked goods. SØMNA KRO OG GJESTEGÅRD – INN AND GUEST FARM

A fishing card, and in some cases permission from the property owner, is required for freshwater fishing. Fishing cards may be purchased in local sports shops, online at, or via text message to tel. 2470 (code word: inatur).

photo Kvarøy Skalldyr


Helgeland offers plenty of opportunities for great fishing adventures, even though there are currently some limitations on salmon fishing, since various rivers have been treated with rotenone in order to eliminate a salmon parasite. The river Ranaelva was given a clean bill of health in 2009, and during the season you may fish for salmon, trout and mountain chair. Also in the river Åbjøravassdraget in Bindal you may fish for salmon and trout. Plathe’s Properties is known for offering fishing adventures in magnificent wilderness well off the beaten path. Before you fish for salmon in the rivers, you pay your fishing fee and disinfect your fishing gear. For further information and the dates for various fishing seasons, please visit, or Excellent maps and a detailed overview of rivers and lakes is available on Please look closely at regulations for freshwater fishing, fishing card requirements, and mandatory disinfection of fishing gear. For important detailed information about this, please visit, or

Bessvatnet, Hattfjelldal photo Valmar Valdmann

The menu includes pepper salmon, breaded plaice, salads and a children’s menu. The inn is equally popular with visitors and locals. Sømna also features special culinary evenings and is a favoured venue for private parties. Indoor and outdoor dining. Fully licensed. Situated in Vik village centre. Tel. +47 75 02 94 60.


Don’t miss the only food, wine and herb farm in northern Norway. Enjoy a walk in the garden, and then a meal in the summer café. Hildurs Urterarium is a proud member of Arctic Menu. Private parties in Sagastua by reservation. Situated 6 km outside Brønnøysund. Tel. +47 75 02 52 12.


This store specialises in offering top quality food products from local, small-scale producers, and also offers lunch dishes and homemade specialities, as well as their own herbs, teas and other products. Lokalmatbutikken (“the local food shop”) is the place for people who are passionate about food. Situated on Storgt. 8 in Brønnøysund. Tel. +47 469 17 271.


This popular restaurant and wine bar, situated on Brønnøysund’s main street, Storgata, offers an à la carte menu that features fresh seafood and local produce. The

cosy rooms provide the perfect setting for intimate dining. Fully licensed. Treat yourself to great dining at Bona! Tel. +47 75 02 68 69.


Memorable dining in friendly surroundings. From a window table you can enjoy a great view of the harbour and the shipping lane. Outdoor tables on the quay during the summer. Tel. +47 75 00 88 50.


This cosy restaurant at Thon Hotel Brønnøysend serves local specialities as well as international cuisine, and the food is excellent! Tel. +47 75 00 89 00.


You will find the excellent bakery called Den Glade Kalori (the joyful calorie) at Meierisenteret, in the southern part of Brønnøysund. Make your choice from the mouth-watering selection displayed, and enjoy your calorie-rich pastries with a cup of freshbrewed coffee. Tel. +47 75 02 37 75.


The chef serves dishes prepared with great pride from the finest ingredients from the sea and soil of Vega. Excellent wine cellar. Situated at Viksås on Vega. Tel. +47 75 03 64 00


Enjoy homemade food in cosy surroundings on Skogsholmen, an island on the Helgeland coast. Take the express boat from Vega or Sandnessjøen. Groups, by appointment only. Tel. +47 419 31 425.


This old trading post, which dates back to 1792, offers an exciting menu of local specialities and international dishes, all made using fine local products. Also features its own coffee roastery. A proud member of Arctic Menu. Situated at Vevelstad. Tel. +47 75 03 71 25 or +47 984 84 000.


Rica Hotel’s renowned restaurant is situated in the heart of Sandnessjøen. The menu features traditional dishes as well as modern cuisine. The house speciality is a fish stew made from the freshest local ocean catch. Tel. +47 75 06 50 00.


This popular café and restaurant is situated on the quay in Sandnessjøen. In addition to an impressive coffee menu, you will find delectable dishes, both traditional and innovate, made honouring local ingredients. Tel. +47 452 36 816.


Enjoy authentic Helgeland fare in magnificent surroundings, in the Petter Dass Museum at Alsta­ haug, about 20 km from Sandnessjøen. Tel. +47 75 11 01 50


Dine well in maritime surroundings that were once used to mend fishing nets. The menu features excellent seafood. Situated at Dønna, about 15 km from Solfjellsjøen. Tel. +47 75 05 49 20.




This restaurant offers a magnificent panorama from the top of Dønnesfjellet. Situated 27 km from Bjørn; follow the road up from Dønnes Farm on the northern part of the island. Tel. +47 75 05 55 98.


Lunch and dinner served in a historic setting. The homemade fare features the finest local produce and ingredients. Situated in Donna, about 27 km from Bjørn. Tel. +47 971 84 379.

The venerable Klokkergården is situated at the foot of Rødøyløva, a distinct mountain thus named because it resembles a lion. A steady stream of new chefs compose innovative dishes based on fresh local ingredients. More than a great dining experience! Tel. +47 75 09 73 33






A modern café and restaurant in cosy surroundings. The chef takes pride in composing dishes from local produce, and the fresh bread is baked in their stone oven. Situated at Solfjellsjøen at Dønna, about 10 km from Bjørn. Tel.+47 415 13 425. This quayside restaurant serves homemade cakes and pastries as well as traditionally prepared seafood dishes. Situated on Augustbryggo quay at Seløy in Herøy. Tel. +47 75 05 99 01. www.augustbryggo


Pelle’s Restaurant & Pub offers exciting dishes with local ingredients from land and sea, served in comfortable stylish surroundings. Situated at Seløy in Herøy. Tel. +47 992 58 803.


This restaurant and café, especially popular with boaters visiting the guest harbour, is open year round. Situated on Herøy about 2 km from Flostad. Tel. +47 75 05 93 10.


With Helgeland’s coastal pantry right outside, the restaurant offers the freshest dishes imaginable. Restaurant Måken (Seagull) is located at Lovund Rorbuhotell. Tel. +47 75 09 20 30.


Dine on local fare based on seasonal ingredients. This restaurant is located right on the water at Sleneset, with a great view of Lovund and Træna. Tel. +47 483 24 400.


These holiday homes are converted fishermen’s shanties, rorbu. They are nestled at the foot of the 14

mountains of Træna, and the fishing banks nearby provide a steady supply of the freshest seafood. Tel. +47 75 09 53 80.



Sale of char and goat cheese prepared according to traditional local recipes. Lunch and dinner served with advance reservations. Situated at Varntresk in the valley Hattfjelldal. Tel. +47 75 18 51 40,

A menu of delicious dishes prepared from local ingredients – char, moose, wild mutton, reindeer, venison and more. Note: Advance booking only. Tel. +47 75 18 58 66. Situated by Highway Rv73, 10 km from Hattfjelldal.


Welcome to a café magnificently situated by Laksforsen, a 17-metre-high waterfall. The speciality is salmon, but the menu includes numerous other dishes made from local ingredients. Situated in Grane by Laksforsen falls. Tel. +47 75 18 21 82.


Seafood, game and meat prepared from the finest local ingredients – traditional fare as well as innovative dishes. A member of Arctic Menu. Located in Fru Haugans Hotel on Sjøgata in Mosjøen town centre. Tel. +47 75 11 41 00.


This cosy restaurant in the older neighbourhood of Mosjøen is known for its homemade bread, cakes and lunch menu. Groups and private parties by prior reservation. Outdoor tables during the summer. Fully licensed. Sjøgata 35, Mosjøen. Tel. +47 905 71 639.


Serves coffee, hot chocolate and light dishes such as griddle cakes, waffles, cakes, and much more. Enjoy the works of local artists that decorate the walls. Situated on Sjøgata in Mosjøen town centre. Tel. +47 75 17 27 60.


Welcome to a restaurant in a historic building from 1871, on Sjøgata. All dishes are made with fresh local ingredients and reflect our chefs’ passion for good food. Our chefs and the rest of our staff will do their utmost to make your dining memorable. Open Mon–Saturday, 4–10.30pm. Tel. +47 75 11 99 91.


This old country store and coffee shop proudly offers locally produced food from the Helgeland region, such as mountain char, reindeer meat, cheeses, and much more. You’re also welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat in the unique atmosphere. Situated on Sjøgata 8. Tel. +47 75 17 80 90.


A friendly café and cultural venue, with concerts and pub evenings throughout the year. -A delicious lunch menu, light dishes and dessert. Fully licensed. Situated on Sjøgata 6. For more information please visit www. or call tel. +47 75 17 54 54.


Onkel Oscar is a distinct English-inspired pub known for its good ambience. The pub is a popular meeting place for locals as well as visitors, in part because of

photo Rolf Ørjan Høgseth

Sámi culture | photo Orsolya Haarberg

its good service and friendly atmosphere. For great homemade pizza, salads and more, look no further. Open year round. Situated on Strandgata.



This popular café is known for its homemade fare, traditional sandwiches and freshly brewed coffee. Open seven days a week. On Sundays, you can enjoy a bountiful dinner buffet and dessert table. C.M. Havigs gate 5. Mosjøen. Tel. 47 75 17 00 94.


Chef Svein Jæger composes memorable dishes based on local meat, cheeses, herbs, vegetables and fruit at Restaurant Søilen, located in Meyergården Hotel in the heart of Mo i Rana. A member of Arctic Menu. Tel. +47 75 13 40 00.


Welcome to a new restaurant, situated in one of the area’s oldest buildings, the town centre. No3 offers a culinary experience with respect for local traditions in classic surroundings. Wines and beverages are carefully paired with the dishes served. Tel. +47 76 30 31 55.

For hungry patrons, this is a most welcome stop along Highway E6, just north of Mo i Rana. Dishes are based on local ingredients and served in hearty portions that give you renewed energy for your journey onwards to the Arctic Circle! Tel. +47 75 15 10 01.


This pleasant farm café is situated along the Coastal Highway, at Sjona in Utskarpen, 30 min from Mo i Rana. Enjoy homemade waffles, freshly baked farm bread, coffee and more in a charming café decorated with antique furniture. The shop sells antiques, many of them from the 19th century. Welcome! Tel. +47 75 16 00 36.


This popular café and inn, situated in Øvre Dunderlandsdalen just 18 km south of the Arctic Circle, is known for its homemade traditional fare. Open year round. Tel. +47 75 16 60 02.

The Sámi are an indigenous people that have live in Norway long before any Norwegian government was created. There were many ancient Sámi settlements in the Helgeland region, especially in the inland valleys. Cultural monuments, place names and the rich oral tradition all provide evidence that the Southern Sámi people have very old roots in this region. Sámi culinary traditions are characterised by simplicity, both when it comes to choice of ingredients and in preparation. Traditionally, one uses whatever nature provides through reindeer husbandry, farming, fishing, trapping, hunting and gathering. There are many types of meat dishes, and offal is used too, especially from reindeer and sheep, and from game such as hare, moose, grouse and seabirds. The Sámi also have time-honoured traditions of drying, smoking, salting and pickling various foods. Joik is the traditional Sámi form of song, which is an very important part of the culture. The same is true of duodji (Sámi handicrafts), Sámi cooking and the Sámi National Day (Sámi álbmotbeaivi), which is celebrated on 6 February. Well worth visiting is Sijti Jarnge, the Sámi Cultural Centre in Hattfjelldal (Aarborte), where you can gain fascinating insights into the south-Sámi way of life. The building’s design is inspired the Sámi traditional Sámi dwelling (goahti). At the centre, you can purchase duodji and books on the Sámi and their way of life. Helgeland


Bindal - The gateway to Helgeland

The people of Bindal, the southernmost municipality of Nordland, are renowned as skilled boatbuilders. For centuries they have supplied the boats with which fishermen plough the waves – and they still do. Sørfjorden | photo ErlendHaarberg

Sørfjorden | photo Orsolya Haarberg

Mellavatn | photo Magnar Solbakk

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES HELGELAND MUSEUM BINDAL The museum at Bindal consists of an old croft, with buildings, furnishings and equipment still intact. The old storehouse was moved here and rebuilt. During the summer, a variety of exhibitions are held at Bindal. Enjoy a cup of coffee and find gifts for family and friends in our little museum shop. At Terråk, an exciting new museum opens in June 2013, exhibitions will focus on old wood-building techniques, boatbuilding and forestry traditions. Both museums are operated under the auspices of Helgeland Museum. Enjoy a cup of coffee and the great views of Bindalsfjord from the café. Open: 23 June – 1 August. Tel. +47 915 19 849.


Bøkestad Farm Museum, situated at Bindaleidet, exhibits a collection of interesting objects. For guided tours, please contact Edgar Bøkestad, tel. +47 909 60 410.


This cruciform octagonal church, built in 1733, has been restored numerous times, most recently in 1983. Today the church is listed by the Norwegian



Directorate for Cultural Heritage. For guided tours, please contact the Municipality of Bindal, tel. +47 75 03 25 00.


Plahte’s Properties is one of Norway’s largest private holdings, comprising a total area of 167,500 acres of forest and wilderness – a paradise for hiking, fishing and hunting. Various arrangements are available, depending on exclusivity and price. Weekly rentals, advance booking. Location: Terråk. Tel. +47 75 03 40 28.


Bindal has scenic beauty, clean air and great hiking and fishing opportunities – in short everything you need for wonderful outdoor adventures. At Bindalseidet is the Lovers’ Trail, once part of the old thoroughfare between Røtting and Vikestad. This trail is fittingly marked with red hearts, and there is a barbecue hut available, should you wish to prepare and share a meal with your companion. For further information, please call the Municipality of Bindal, tel. +47 75 03 25 00 or see


The summit of Heilhornet (1058 m) offers a magnificent 360-degree panorama. A well-marked trail leads to the top. Please be sure to bring a map and a compass or GPS, because at times fog drifts in from the sea, obscuring much of your path. The trail starts on Coastal Highway Fv17, midway between the village of Foldereid and Holm ferry quay.


The people of Bindal are renowned for their boatbuilding skills, and the centuries-old traditions are still very much alive. The boat type known as bindalsfæringen is still much in use during the summer, and you might well have the opportunity to sail on one. For more information, please contact the Municipality of Bindal, tel. +47 75 03 25 00.


There are guest harbours at Kalvika, Bursvikbotn, Helstad and Terråk. If you’re on a boat holiday, please call tel. +47 75 03 25 00 for more detailed information about these facilities.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Bindal Population: 1559 Area: 1262 km2 • Træna Municipal centre: Terråk (population 610) and Bindalseidet

• Rødøy

• Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen • Vevelstad

• Vega

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna




Sømna – Norway`s geographical centre

Sømna is known as the granary of northern Norway. The fertile soil here has attracted settlers since time immemorial, as witnessed by archaeological finds from the early Iron Age and later periods. Helgeland Museum Sømna | photo Bjørn Keyn

Sømnes | photo Magnar Solbakk

Sømnes | photo Magnar Solbakk

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES HELGELAND MUSEUM SØMNA Helgeland Museum Sømna comprises 12 carefully restored buildings. The rural museum, beautifully situated by the church in Vik, focuses on food traditions and agricultural history and has a large collection of old utensils and farming equipment. In one of the buildings, visitors may buy bread and baked goods made in the old-fashioned stone oven. There is also a cafe and a Tourist Information Office in the museum. Open: 15 June – 15 August. For further information, please call tel. +47 469 22 991 or see


This large wooden church, built in 1876, has a beautiful altarpiece made by an artist from Ylvingen. The church is situated in Vik village centre. For guided tours, please contact Helgeland Museum Sømna, tel. +47 75 01 52 42.


According to the saga, St. Olav visited this spring on one of his military expeditions – and since then it has been reputed to have healing qualities. To find the spring, walk from Vennesund Camping down toward the water, and follow the marked trail for about 30 minutes.




Helgeland Museum Sømna has an interesting exhibition of boats, fishing gear and equipment, and objects connected with life at sea. Tel. +47 75 01 52 42.

“HAI-KU-BADEKAR” (SHARK-COW-BATHTUB) – ARTSCAPE NORDLAND This sculpture by Irish artist Dorothy Cross is the Municipality of Sømna’s contribution to the Artscape Nordland project. The work consists of three parts, each of which is imbued with many associations – and in their combination a whole new story arises. The artist’s intention was that the bathtub gradually would rust away as it was exposed to the ocean tide; instead, carried in a winter storm the second year, it is now to be seen in Vennesund. -To see the sculpture, follow the marked trail from Vennesund Camping.


In Sømna there are many well-marked hiking trails and bicycle paths. There is no need to cycle the trafficked Highway Fv17 – choose instead one of the winding and far more rewarding dirt roads through the beautiful rural scenery. For further information, please contact Tourist Information Brønnøysund, tel. +47 75 01 80 00.


Many anglers have great luck fishing the tidal currents of the Sømna district – including Nordstrømmen, Sørstrømmen and Saltnesodden. In addition we can recommend lake Holandsvatnet; here a road leads all the way to the water’s edge, there is car parking, a fish pier, and a lean-to rain shelter. Accessible for disabled persons. For further information, please call tel. +47 75 01 80 00 or see


Nordnorsk Pensjonistskole (Northern Norway School for Senior Citizens) offers classes and activities designed to motivate younger as well as older people, inspiring creativity and joy of life. Most courses last 3–14 days. The institution also offers adventure holidays. For a course catalogue, please contact the school at tel. +47 75 02 92 80.


This inn is situated just off the road in Vik, the municipal centre of Sømna, 40 km south of Brønnøysund. Take a breather and enjoy a good meal in pleasant surroundings. Outdoor tables for fair weather. The inn has 39 rooms, all with private bathrooms. Tel. +47 75 02 94 60. For additional information, please visit

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Sømna Population: 2022 Area: 193 km2 • Træna Municipal centre: Vik (population 360)

• Rødøy

• Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega


• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Bindal



Brønnøysund – The seaside town in Helgeland

Brønnøysund is a lively and fast-growing coastal town. An attractive guest harbour welcomes those who come in their own boat. Regardless of your means of travel, visitors will find friendly shopping and all the services they need. Communications are excellent, with daily calls by the northbound and southbound Hurtigruten coastal steamers, direct flights to Oslo and Bergen, a helicopter base servicing offshore facilities, and scheduled bus, ferry and express boat facilities to destinations near and far. ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES EXPLORING THE TOWN It’s well worth your while to explore this town, perhaps taking an evening stroll along Havnegata to view the boats and activity in the harbour. Perhaps you’ll have a chat with one of the locals, visit one of the pubs, or relax with a good meal in one of Brønnøysund’s restaurants.


This cruciform Neo-Gothic church was built in 1870, but it incorporates a choir wall and entrance that date back to the Middle Ages. Located in Brønnøysund town centre.


The Norwegian Aquaculture Centre is situated at Toft, ca. 6 km from Brønnøysund. Here you can study fish-farming firsthand, control underwater cameras, feed the salmon, and learn more about this fascinating industry and marine life along the Norwegian coast. Guided tours are offered at 10.45am and 2pm. Tours may also be booked at Admission: Adults NOK 100, children NOK 50. Lunch: 11.30am–12.30pm (must be booked in advance). For additional information please visit or call tel. +47 75 00 69 50




In the sound near Brønnøysund town centre stands the sculpture Steinar Breiflabb (Steinar the Monkfish), created by the Swedish-French sculptor Erik Dietman. This is the town’s contribution to the project Artscape Nordland.


Situated at Meierisenteret in Brønnøysund, Ellens Butikk features colourful artwork and handicrafts, textiles and decorative items. The shop also sells yarns, fabrics, embroidery patterns and accessories. For more information, please visit


Impressive paintings and traditional Norwegian rose-painting, wooden burls and tree-stump chairs decorated with animal, fishing and hunting motifs, are exhibited at Webjørg Steinset’s gallery and workshop. Commissions accepted. Situated about 10 km south of Brønnøysund, on the way to Torghatten. Tel. +47 908 56 320.


Norwegian Aquaculture Centre, Toft | photo Erlend Haarberg


For more than a thousand years, Tilrem has been a political and cultural centre – and here we find southern Helgeland’s greatest concentration of monuments from various historical periods. Monuments include remnants of the foundations of St Knut’s church, as well as a site where pagan cults were celebrated. Situated about 6 km outside Brønnøysund town centre.

The internationally renowned mountain Torghatten is pierced all the way through – the hole has to be seen to be believed! You might feel very small, indeed, as you walk through the 160-metre long, 15–20 metre wide and 35-metre tall tunnel, naturally formed by powerful natural forces. A 30-minute walk along a well-marked path takes you up there. Situated 15 km from Brønnøysund.



This is a multi-purpose centre for the coastal culture of southern Helgeland. Permanent exhibition of objects and photographs, exhibition on World War II, special summer exhibitions, theme days, etc. Information on LomsdalVisten National Park is available here. Open mid-June to mid-August. For further information, please visit

This attractive holiday and conference centre is situated near renowned Mount Torghatten and surrounded by islands and fjords. Facilities include accommodation in tranquil surroundings, an outdoor swimming pool, and sauna. Available activities are canoeing, fishing, diving, hiking and guided tours to Torghatten’s famous natural hole. Bicycle rental – explore the scenic surrounding. Tel. +47 75 02 54 95.

This museum, which opened in 1953, comprises a collection of old buildings from Velfjord, and exhibits of numerous Sámi objects. The museum is beautifully situated at Strøm, 4 km east of Hommelstø. Guided tours available. Tel. +47 75 11 01 75. For details, please visit


Brønnøysund | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeNR

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Brønnøy Population: 7859 Area: 1040 km2 Municipal centre: Brønnøysund (population 4340)

• Rødøy • Træna • Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen • Vevelstad

• Vega


• • Sømna

• Hattfjelldal • Grane

• Bindal





This cog-built cruciform church dates from 1674, making it one of the oldest wooden churches in northern Norway. Situated 2 km from Hommelstø village centre. For guided tours please contact Tourist Information, tel. +47 75 01 80 00.

Velfjord is a place for adventures. Visit Engavatnet, a lake that may suddenly seem to disappear – only to return later complete with fish! Sør-Helgeland Opplevelser (South Helgeland Adventures) invites you to experience this and much more, by offering guided wilderness excursions, boating, deep-sea fishing, and guided tours in Lomsdal-Visten National Park and elsewhere in our magnificent region. To read more about our offerings, please visit


A journey on the Hurtigruten coastal steamer has often been called “the world’s most beautiful sea voyage” – and this is no exaggeration! Even a mini-cruise amidst the islands, islets and skerries is sure to prove unforgettable. Departures from Brønnøysund daily at 5pm; a brief stay in Rørvik before the northbound steamer returns you to Brønnøysund, arriving 00.30am. Tickets on sale on board Hurtigruten.


Brønnøysund offers an excellent selection of speciality shops and chain stores. Many of these are located in the new shopping centre, Havnesenteret (the Harbour Centre), and throughout the town. Brønnøysund also offers a good variety of restaurants and cafés, pubs and night clubs. Here’s a small selection:


The coast of Helgeland is a magnificent area for bicycling – especially the islands, which are relatively flat and see little traffic. For suggestions and good advice, please visit the Tourist Information Office in Brønnøysund. Bicycles may be rented here or booked online at

Schrøder Stue Hurtigruta | photo Orsolya Haarberg

Brønnøysund | photo Per Åge Rodahl

Suggestion: Follow a well-marked trail to one of the ten local mountain summits. Repeat as you want with other summits. Tourist Information Brønnøysund can help you maps and detailed information.

MO GÅRD – AN ADVENTUROUS FARM HOLIDAY We invite you to discover the tranquillity of our farm, which is idyllically situated between the open sea and Movatnet, a lake known for excellent trout fishing. This is a perfect base for hiking, bicycling and other outdoor adventures. We offer comfortable accommodation in a threebedroom residence that has all amenities. Treat yourself to an adventurous farm holiday with friendly hosts. Situated about 8 km outside Brønnøysund. Tel.+47 986 14 038


This cosy restaurant at Thon Hotel Brønnøysend serves local specialities as well as international cuisine, and the food is excellent! Tel. +47 75 00 89 00.




Torghatten | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeDH

Nevernes | photo Aage Oxholm

You will find the excellent bakery called Den Glade Kalori (the joyful calorie) at Meierisenteret, in the southern part of Brønnøysund. Make your choice from the mouth-watering selection displayed, and enjoy your calorie-rich pastries with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee. Tel. +47 75 02 37 75.


Memorable dining in friendly surroundings. From a window table you can enjoy a great view of the harbour and the shipping lane. Outdoor tables on the quay during the summer. Tel. +47 75 00 88 50.


The newest restaurant in town is situated in the heart of Brønnøy-sund, and is already known for its gourmet food served in exclusive surroundings. Fully licensed. Bona offers outdoor seating, which is perfect for savouring long summer evenings – and on the ground floor there is a popular nightclub. Tel. +47 75 02 68 69.


Your hosts, who are true epicureans, have the pleasure of welcoming you to their unique family restaurant – although it may be more accurate to call it a food, wine and herb farm. Set menus served in a summer-open café. Tel. +47 75 02 52 12. Situated about 6 km outside Brønnøysund town centre. Helgeland


Thon Hotel Brønnøysund E-mail. Tel. + 47 75 00 89 00 Fax + 47 75 00 89 01 Sømnaveien 98, 8900 Brønnøysund

Providing your transportation throughout Norway Schedule information: or tel. 177

Thon Hotel Torghatten E-mail. Tel. +47 75 00 95 20 Fax +47 75 00 95 49 Hovøyveien 2, 8900 Brønnøysund

Thon Kystferie Apartment Nordøyveien 2 For details and booking, please contact Thon Hotel Brønnøysund.

You will find our best prices at

One of the world’s most scenic routes! National Geographic (2012)

Ask for the Kystriksveien travel guide at your nearest tourist information. Or you can order it on online booking - tour suggestions & tips.



Encounter a fish farm and learn about fishes and the life in the ocean.

Open Monday - Friday, tour at 10:45 and 14:00 Lunch 11:30-12:30 Toft, Brønnøy / N65°28’10.80” E12°8’03.30” 75 00 69 50 /

The Helgeland coast, with its thousands of islands and islets and reefs, is perfect for a sailing adventure. The shifting panorama you experience from the sailboat is sure to add to your memorable holiday. Consider, for example, a sailing trip around Vegaøyan, a stunningly beautiful archipelago that was awarded a place on UNESCO World Heritage List due to its unique cultural traditions and history. Visit the places where the islanders build nests for the migrating eider ducks, and collect the treasured down after young birds have left the nest. Take a trip around Torghatten, the famous mountain that has a distinct hole all the way through. In Helgeland you can sail round the clock throughout the summer; even in the middle of the night the landscape glows, bathed in a warm light. photo

VEGA – A world Heritage treasure

The wild, beautiful and friendly World Heritage Area of Vegaøyan is an archipelago that counts roughly 6500 islands, islets and skerries. The livelihood of the thriving local community is based on fishing, fish-farming, agriculture and tourism. On the main island of Vega there is a school, shops, bank, hotel, restaurants, cafés, rorbu cabins, camping, farm bakeries, museums and exhibitions. On Ylvingen there is a café, accommodation, and a shop that sells gift items and domestic craft objects.

Ylvingen | photo Liv Ask og Ståle Mathisen

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES Vega takes hospitality and tourism very seriously and wishes to offer attractive travel adventures based on the island community’s unique culture and natural scenery. Please contact Tourist Information for further information on “Mat i fjæra” (Food from the Tide), archaeological and biological tours, excursions on a tradition Nordland boat, moose safaris, kayaking courses, visits to the coastal farm Vega Kystgård, and much more. Tel. +47 75 03 53 88,,

HIKING ON VEGA Eight of 18 marked trails have recently been significantly upgraded. One of these is the trail to the top of Trollvasstinden (800 m), from where you have a magnificent panorama of the surrounding islands and open sea. In the course of the year, there are group walks to Trollvasstinden and Gullvågsfjellet. Tourist Information offers maps and suggests walks.

A BICYCLING PARADISE A hundred kilometres of lightly trafficked roads give visitors a wonderful opportunity to explore Vega by bicycle. Narrow roads lead through flat terrain to many idyllic destinations, including swimming areas and recreational areas with campfire spots and shelters. Bike, bike trailers and helmets may be rented from the Tourist Information office and various places offering accommodation.



E-huset | photo OrsolyaHaarberg



Vegaøyan is a paradise of islands beckoning to be explored. In a kayak you can circle the main island or visit small settlements on the other islands. Being a beginner need not be a hindrance; kayaking courses are offered throughout the year. For suggested excursion and tips, as well as considerations when visiting the World Heritage Area, please contact Tourist Information.

The 3 km long Heritage Trail passes through a southeastern area of Vega where archaeological excavations have been carried out. Information boards along the trail provide insight into ten thousand years of Vega’s history. Sturdy footwear is recommended. An informative pamphlet may be purchased from Tourist Information Vega. Tel. +47 75 03 53 88.



Whether you prefer deep sea fishing, casting with a reel from shore, or trying your luck in the streams and lakes, the Vegaøyan archipelago is known for large and plentiful fish. You can rent a boat and explore on your own, or join a deep sea fishing trip in an old fishing smack. Tourist Information has an overview of boat rentals and everyone who offers excursions.

“A New Conversation” – Artscape Nordland: This three-part sculpture by Finnish artist Kain Tapper stands in Grimsøysundet, a sound northwest of the island, on the left side of the road as you come from Igerøy. If you turn right immediately after the bridge, you will see “Eddy”, a dark granite sculpture by artist Jon Audun Hauge.



Most of the World Heritage Area is actually situated out at sea. We refer to Nes on Vega as the “Gateway to the World Heritage Site”. Here is the Eider Duck Museum (E-huset), which provides insight into the islanders’ unique tradition and their role as guardians of these birds. The museum is situated in a wharfside building that was once a country store; today it sells local handicrafts, books and photographs from Vega and the surrounding islands. More information on www.helgelandmuseum. Nearby is the free World Heritage Exhibition that in words and images further explains the archipelago’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Visit In the same house is yet another exhibition and shop, Little Lånan, which documents Lånan’s history and shows how the islanders have maintained their traditions and continue to do so today.

In 2008–2010, Norwegian Broadcasting televised the series “Himmelblå” (Skyblue), recorded on Ylvingen, a scenic island with only 23 year-round residents. Ylvingen is a beautiful destination with opportunities for great hiking and rewarding bicycle excursions. There are information signs at cultural monuments and ruins of World War II facilities, as wells as signs that refer to the TV series. You can get to Ylvingen by express boat from Brønnøysund or Rørøy, or by ferry from Horn or Igerøy.

BOAT TRIPS TO THE WORLD HERITAGE AREA Each summer, boat trips are offered to several of the islands in the World Heritage Area. Local guides tell stories and local hosts offer activities and a taste of local food. This year’s tours include visits to Gisle and Turid at Vega Kystgård, and to the bird guardians of Lånan. Season: 24 June – 10 August. Min. 12 persons, max. 50 persons. For further information, please contact Tourist Information Vega, tel. +47 75 03 53 88 or see

VEGA CHURCH Vega church was consecrated in 1864. The restored altarpiece, depicting Christ on the cross, was painted in 1736 by Even Ulving from Ylvingen. For a guided tour, please contact the Tourist Information office on Vega, tel. +47 75 03 53 88.

VEGSTEIN OLD TRADING POST The Coastal Culture Museum exhibits old artefacts, tools and utilitarian objects, as well as boat engines and objects once sold in the shops. The trading post is open in the summer, offering refreshments, evenings of coastal culture, and various activities. Open: June–August. For additional information, please call +47 75 03 53 23.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Vega Population: 1241 Area: 159 km2 Municipal centre: Gladstad (population 300)

• Rødøy • Træna

• Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal



Vevelstad – Small but lively

Vevelstad may be one of the smallest municipalities in Norway, but visitors have plenty of opportunity for rewarding experiences. Vevelstad has been richly blessed with beautiful scenery – in fact over half the municipality is part of Lomsdal-Visten National Park. Vevelstad is known for excellent hiking and offers good hunting and fishing.

“Opus for Heaven and Earth” | photo Ivar Nordheim

Bønå | photo Bønå Villmarksferie

photo Bønå Villmarksferie

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES VEVELSTAD CHURCH This church, erected in 1796 and expanded in 1871, has a beautiful altarpiece painted by Italian artist Joseph Pisani in the year the church was built. Pisani also made the mural on mounted paper behind the altarpiece. Guided tours are offered by Jan Kristiansen on request, tel. +47 75 03 73 24.


The folk museum at Vevelstad comprises ten buildings and an extensive collection of utilitarian objects from the district. Children will enjoy playing in the museum’s miniature barn. Open: 19 May – 31 August. Guided tours by appointment with Helgeland Museum Vevelstad, tel. +47 960 64 695 og see


In Vitnesdalen are 4000-year-old petroglyphs of reindeer and other animals, as well as numerous geometric figures. For further information, please contact Tourist Information Brønnøysund, tel. +47 75 01 80 00 or see


Visitors can explore the old soapstone quarry, whose ancient runes, signatures and markings date back almost a thousand years, to the period just after the Viking Age. Accessible only by boat. For further information, please contact Tourist Information Brønnøysund, tel. +47 75 01 80 00.


Forvik was established in 1792, making it one of the oldest trading posts in northern Norway. Today Forvik is still a communications hub for southern Helgeland, and offers accommodation, restaurants and a country store with a coffee roastery. For further information, please call tel. +47 75 03 71 25.

This magnificent national park is sure to enchant and inspire you to explore its beauty on foot. Lomsdal-Visten National Park is both lush and barren, as well as tranquil and dramatic. Bring a tent, map and compass, and perhaps your fishing rod – there is excellent fishing in these tracts. Map: section M711/Tosbotn and Eiterådalen, or see



This sculpture by Oddvar I.N. consists of a polished circle almost ten metres in diameter, ground into the mountainside. 28



maintained. Hiking trails pass by the farm. For further information, please contact Tourist Information Brønnøysund.


The 22 km long Vistenfjord is surrounded by magnificent scenery, which offers great hiking, fishing, boating and hunting. For further information, please contact Tourist Information Brønnøysund or see se


Bønå Farm, at the head of the Vistenfjord, has been in operation since the 17th century. Guided mountain hikes and tours to local cave paintings, boat and canoe rental, horse riding, and excellent fishing, hunting and hiking. Please call +47 75 03 76 20, or visit


Visthus Rorbucamping is the ideal base for visitors who appreciate fishing and boating. The facility is beautifully situated on the Vistenfjord. Tel. +47 75 03 77 11, or visit

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Vevelstad Population: 503 Area: 530 km2 Municipal centre: Forvik

• Rødøy • Træna • Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes

Vevelstad • Vega

• Mosjøen

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal

Auslia is the district’s last remaining mountain farm. The farmhouse, built in 1918, has been restored and the surrounding cultural landscape is still being Helgeland


Sandnessjøen – Gateway to the Helgeland coast

Sandnessjøen is a transportation hub for the entire region, with flights to other Norwegian cities, daily calls by the Hurtigruten coastal steamer, scheduled buses, and ferries and express boats to many destinations. The municipality has a large moose population – and out in the countryside you may well spot one of these huge mammals at dusk. Consider a visit to De syv søstre (The Seven Sisters), one of Her Majesty Queen Sonja’s favourite natural attractions. ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES ALSTAHAUG CHURCH Alstahaug kirke fra omkring år 1200, er en av syv bevarte middelalderkirker i Alstahaug church, built approx. 1200, is one of seven mediaeval churches still preserved in northern Norway. The parish was once one of the most powerful in Helgeland. Norway’s celebrated poet Petter Dass served as a priest here from 1689 until he died in 1707. Daily tours of the church during the summer, or by appointment. Situated about 20 km south of Sandnessjøen. For more information, please visit, or tel. +47 75 11 01 50.


This museum, which today is an integral part of Helgeland Museum, was selected as the site for Nordland County’s millennium celebrations. The museum comprises a number of 18th and 19th century buildings. The strikingly modern museum building, designed by renowned Snøhetta architects, houses exhibitions revolving around the poet-priest Petter Dass. Also here is Margrethe’s Café, which offers a menu based on locally produced ingredients. The museum is open year round, with extended hours during the summer. Situated about 20 km south of Sandnessjøen. For further information, please visit or call +47 75 11 01 50.




Thousands of Russian prisoners-of-war who died in German prison camps in northern Norway were buried in regular cemeteries. After the war, however, Norwegian authorities decided to gather their remains in a single cemetery. Tjøtta War Cemetery was consecrated in 1953. In addition to 826 individual identified graves, 6725 unidentified Russians are buried together. The cemetery is situated along Highway Fv17, about 3 km outside Tjøtta.

Moose | photo Erlend Haarberg

Sandnessjøen | photo Erlend Haarberg


This cemetery is dedicated to those who lost their lives when German troop carrier Riges was sunk by allied warplanes on 27 November 1944. It is uncertain exactly how many died in the attack, but according to official numbers 2572 people died – the vast majority of them Russian, Polish and Serbian prisoners of war. In addition seven Norwegians died. The sinking of Rigel is one of the deadliest ship disasters in history. All graves are unmarked, but a cross-shaped stone monument has been raised to the dead. Situated along Highway Fv17, about 3 km outside Tjøtta.


The first known owner of Tjøtta Farm was the 10th century bard Øyvind Finnson. When he died, his son Hårek took over the farm, becoming one of the most powerful men of the Hålogaland region. Hårek fought at the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030, and six years later he was killed by an axe. Today the farm houses the research centre of Bioforsk Nord Tjøtta, which focuses on industrial and rural development projects, consulting services and research. Situated at Tjøtta by Fv17.


In 1804, Mathias Bonsak Krogh was named bishop of Nordlandene and Finnmarkene, and the next year he was also appointed parish vicar of Alstahaug. In 1812 Krogh purchased the farm, and thus Belsvåg Farm became the first bishopric of Nordlandene. Today’s owner provides accommodation

for visitors. Situated by Highway Fv17, about 18 km south of Sandnessjøen. Tel. +47 75 04 53 19.


We invite you to an authentic taste of Viking history in the banquet hall of our longhouse – complete with Viking food and drink, stories and games. There’s also a sales exhibition. The longhouse is built on historical ground. The sagas and archaeological finds dating back to 800–1066 CE cast light on the politics, trade and everyday life at Sandnes. Open during the summer. Situated by Highway Fv17, about 1 km south of Sandnessjøen.


A fascinating shop offering apparel and handmade glass art. The artist Turid Grow draws inspiration from the scenic beauty of the Helgeland coast. Open year round. Situated on the pedestrian street in Sandnessjøen.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Alstahaug Population: 7372 Area: 215 km2 Municipal centre: Sandnessjøen (population 5750)

• Rødøy • Træna

Dønna • Herøy • •

• Lurøy • Nesna

• Mo i Rana

• Leirfjord


• Hemnes

• Mosjøen • Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal





As you drive southward along Highway Fv17 and cross Helgeland Bridge, you will pass a moose sculpture on the right-hand side of the road. The sculpture was made by Skule Wakswik. It is fitting, since the moose is the symbol of the Municipality of Alstahaug – and there’s a good chance you’ll spot the huge mammal Norwegians call the “king of the forest” when visiting Alstenøya.

In the heart of Sandnessjøen is a conveniently located guest harbour, with freshwater and power hookups. Tel. +47 75 07 57 00


When Hurtigruten calls at the port of Sandnessjøen – every day of the year – visitors are welcome on board. Explore the ship and enjoy a cup of coffee in the café while we’re moored at the quay, from 12.30–13.30 daily.


Alstahaug’s contribution to Artscape Nordland is “House of Winds” by sculptor Sissel Tolaas, which was unveiled in 1994. She was inspired to create a work of art that plays on the natural elements, and on which the natural elements leave their indelible mark. Situated near Helgeland Bridge, along Highway Fv17.


The town of Sandnessjøen is a great starting point for boat trips amongst the beautiful islands nearby. There are scheduled ferry and express boat services that enable round trips to the islands of Træna, Lovund, Herøy and Vega. For further information, please contact Tourist Information Sandnessjøen, tel. +47 75 01 80 00.

”House of winds” | photo Erlend Haarberg

The Seven Sisters | photo Sigrid Haarberg


Sandnessjøen is an ideal starting point for a bicycle adventure along the scenic Helgeland coast. The options are countless – and Tourist Information will gladly provide detailed information and rent you a bicycle. Tel. +47 75 01 80 00 or


For rewarding short excursions, consider heading for Sørvikskaret gap. This is a great starting point for hikes to the southernmost summits of The Seven Sisters, as well as a walk to Vettfjellet (244 m). Situated about 15 km south of Sandnessjøen.


Well-marked trails lead to each of the summits of The Seven Sisters, which vary in height between 910 and 1072 metres. Each summit has a book in which you can add your name. Eager hikers who ascend all seven peaks may submit a registration card and receive a certificate that documents their feat. Maps, registration cards and detailed information on the hiking trails can be obtained from Tourist Information Sandnessjøen. Tel. +47 75 01 80 00.



photo Erlend Haarberg

”Island hopping” | photo Sigrid Haarberg

Expressboat | photo Erlend Haarberg


How would you like a boat trip through the beautiful coastal scenery of Helgeland, on board a classic passenger boat from the 1960s? We invite you to book a trip on MS Gamle Helgeland (“Old Helgeland”), for a taste of maritime history. For further information, please visit or call +47 482 79 401.


Time to stretch your legs? We suggest a hike along Åsen, a hiking trail that rewards you with a wonderful view. The trail actually starts in Sandnessjøen town centre and continues to the airport – or you can join the trail at a number of locations. For details, please contact Tourist Information Sandnessjøen, tel. +47 75 01 80 00.


On a summer day, we invite you to go for a swim in the sun-warmed water. This beach is a great area for swimming and fun, for young and old. Situated at Botn, about 5 km from Sandnessjøen.


Join a kayaking adventure amidst Helgeland’s beautiful island-strewn coastline, by day or under the midnight sun. Experienced guides will tailor excursions for you and your family or friends. For further information, please visit or call +47 951 31 445.



The old Chiefdom at Sandnes – a taste of the Viking Age in a longhouse The history of Sandnes is one of the best documented tales of the Viking Age – and by far the most remarkable in our region. The chronicle tells of power, politics, commerce and existence at Sandnes in Sandnessjøen. Banquets and private parties can be booked throughout the year. The longhouse is open to guests during the summer. Group visits are also available outside of regular opening hours. Welcome! We’re situated by the Coastal Highway, just 750 m south of Sandnessjøen town centre.



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RIB safaris to historic destinations on the islands!

With its myriad of magnificent islands and many pleasant ports, the Helgeland coast is a paradise for boating. You’re never far from good harbours, and the sheltered bay where you can drop anchor is not far from the open sea. The region’s rich flora and fauna is sure to make your sea voyage extra exciting. Discover your very own little island and explore, or savour the salty air as you sail the breeze, and watch the slowly setting sun glow during our long summer evenings. Visit guest harbours when you feel the urge, and explore exciting menus at restaurants along the coast. For further information, please see For details on renting a sailboat, with or without a skipper, check out Sail in Helgeland at


Herøy - A world of opportunities

The municipality of Herøy comprises about 2400 islands, islets and skerries – the exact number depends on whether it is high or low tide, as many of them protrude only a few meters above sea level. In fact Herøy’s highest point is Stortuva, a mere 90 metres. The open expanse allows great panoramas of The Seven Sisters range, Dønnamannen mountain, the island of Lovund and the Vega archipelago. The main islands of Herøy are connected by bridges, but people still live on many of the smaller islands.

photo Orsolya Haarberg

photo Kristian Olsen

photo Erlend Haarberg

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES A summer evening spent on Herøy provides many visitors with indelible memories of the light and natural beauty. You may enjoy the archipelago on land or by boat, or perhaps kayaking amongst the islands, choosing your own sheltered inlet and camping out. Or perhaps you’re just wandering the shoreline, looking for beautiful shells, letting the sound of the surf wash away all stress. There are excellent fishing opportunities throughout the municipality, and you might be amazed at the rich birdlife and fauna. You can reach Herøy by express boat or ferry, or by driving over the Åkviksund Bridge that connects Herøy with Dønna.

HERØY CHURCH – HELGELAND’S CATHEDRAL Herøy church, built of soapstone in the 12th century, is the only church north of Trondheim with an apse. Amongst its notable cultural treasures are the pulpit and altarpiece that date back to the 1760s. Situated about 1 km from Flostad. To request a guided tour, please call +47 75 06 80 00 or +47 911 26 506.

HELGELAND MUSEUM HERØY – A FOLK MUSEUM Herøy Bygdesamling, a rural museum that is an integral part of Helgeland Museum, boasts the largest collection of fishing and hunting artefacts in Nordland. The museum consists of a complete farmstead, with buildings dating from 1745 to 1890. Season: Medio June – medio August. Situated about 1 km from Flostad. For guided tours, please call +47 911 26 506. 36


MONUMENT TO THE POET-PRIEST PETTER DASS Petter Dass wrote some of Norway’s most treasured psalms, and is also revered for his work The Trumpet of Nordland, which is a celebration of his home region. A monument was raised to him by Nord-Herøy Farm, where Petter Dass was born in 1647. Situated about 4 km north of Flostad.

EXPLORING THE ISLANDS BY BICYCLE One of the best ways to explore the idyllic islands and magnificent coastline of Helgeland is on two wheels. On the islands, where the roads are relatively flat, you can immerse yourself in the landscape. Since there is little traffic, you can get very close to cormorants, seagulls, sea eagles and other birds, as well as roe deer and even porpoises. A bicycling adventure is perfect for the whole family, and it takes little effort to pedal through the flat island terrain. On Herøy you have a first-hand experience of the landscape, the natural elements, flora and fauna. And you will be treated to great photo opportunities, with wonderful views of Lovund and Træna islands, Vegaøyan archipelago, Dønnamannen and The Seven Sisters mountain range. Tourist Information Sandnessjøen can provide more detailed information, and offers bicycle rental. Tel. +47 75 01 80 00.

FISHING TRIPS AND ADVENTURES IN RIB BOATS Seløy Kystferien tailors excursion to your wishes. Experience an adventure on the open sea, join a photo safari, or perhaps a guided tour to Sandsundvær,

where a fierce storm claimed 34 lives in 1901. Seløy Kystferie also offers deepsea fishing trips, on which you may well catch the fish of your dreams! For details, please call +47 993 40 557 or +47 473 66 087.

EXPLORING THE ISLANDS We can heartily recommend the route from Herøy to Dønna. On Herøy the road winds from island to island, and from one magnificent view to the next. Along the way are attractive picnic and fishing spots, horse-riding centres, boat and kayak rentals, opportunities for group boat excursions, cafés and restaurants, charming shops and varied accommodation. For further information, please call +47 75 01 80 00.

RAKELFJÆRA BEACH This beautiful pearly-white beach lies just one km from Flostad, in the direction of Tennhvalen. The sandy beach has a fantastic view of The Seven Sisters mountains.

MORSKOGEN GÅRD OG HESTESENTER – HORSE-RIDING This farm and equestrian centre is situated in scenic surroundings on Herøy about 6.5 km north of Flostad. The horses and riding trails are suitable for beginners as well as experienced riders. Horse rental, guided riding excursions, horse and carriage rides. Special family days every other Sunday during the peak tourist season (odd-numbered weeks). For more information, please call +47 922 25 771 or visit

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Herøy Population: 1742 Area: 62 km2 • Træna Municipal centre: Silvalen (population 680) Dønna •


• Rødøy

• Lurøy • Nesna

• Mo i Rana

• Leirfjord • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal



DØNNA Dønna was a cultural and power centre, from the Migration Period (400–600 CE) and right up to the beginning of the 20th century. Here was the chiefdom seat of Dønnes, one of the largest properties in northern Norway. You may well see roe deer up close on this island. Dønna has ferry services to Sandnessjøen, and a bridge connecting it to Herøy.

Dønnes church | photo Sigrid Haarberg

Nordvika old trading post | photo Sigrid Haarberg

Dønnesfjellet | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeIN

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES NORDVIKA OLD TRADING POST This old trading post lies in the centre of Dønna, about 1.5 km from the municipal centre Solfjellsjøen. In its heyday in the 1880s, the trading post at Nordvika comprised 16 buildings. Today it is part of Helgeland Museum, and in the summer the museum has open museumshop and also coffee for sale. Also worth a visit is nearby Nordvika church, built in 1871. For further information, please visit or call tel. +47 940 36 357.


This is one of the largest burial mounds in northern Norway, five metres high and 35 metres in diameter. Its form indicates that the burial mound dates from the early Iron Age or the Age of Migrations. On top of Valhaugen stands a marble phallus, 89 cm tall and 50 cm across, one of the largest in Europe, probably pre-dating the Age of Migrations. Phallic symbols were important in fertility rites and the worship of Njord, the god of fertility, wealth and seafaring. Situated at Glein, about 20 km from Bjørn.


This is Dønna’s finest beach, and the cove is surrounding by great hiking terrain. If you start your walk up to Dønnamannen from here, you will pass the ruins of several old houses. Mount Dønnamannen rises high above the beach and terrain. Situated about 16 km from Bjørn ferry quay. 38



Løkta lies on the northeastern shore of Dønna, a lush island with varied scenery that beckons you to explore on two wheels. Along the way, you can stop at any number of fine beaches. A ferry runs to Løkta from Bjørn.


Dønnesfjellet (127 m) offers a spectacular panorama that spans from Rødøy in north to Vega in the south. You can drive your car all the way up or walk the three-km cultural trail to the summit, where a restaurant is open in the summer. Situated at Dønnes, about 26 km north of Bjørn. Tel. +47 75 05 55 98.


From Breivika and Teigstad, well-marked trails lead to Dønnamannen (858 m). As you enjoy the view from the summit, you may well experience a touch of vertigo when you face Breivika. For further information, please contact Tourist Information Sandnessjøen, tel. +47 75 01 80 00.


Dønnes Farm was once one of the largest properties in northern Norway. The landowners, who wielded considerable power, had extensive contact with Europe and acquired new ideas from the continent. For instance, they imported Norway’s first tractor in 1908. Dønnes Farm has been awarded St.

Olav’s Rose (Olavsrosa) for its work to preserve the local heritage. Today the farm offers accommodation and meals to visitors – and the hosts will gladly tell you about the farm’s fascinating history. In the 19th century an Englishstyle garden was planted around the buildings of the farm, and quite a variety of plants still grow here. For further information, please visit or call +47 971 84 379. Situated at Dønnes, about 26 km north of Bjørn.


The church was built in the 12th century and contains a 17th century mausoleum. This is the largest and best-kept mausoleum in Norway, containing 22 caskets with the remains of members of the Tønder and Coldevin families. In 2006, listeners of NRK radio voted Dønnes to be the most beautiful church in northern Norway. Guided tours are available on request, tel. +47 971 84 379.

“WHILE YOU WEIGHT 1976–2009”

Dønna’s contribution to Artscape Nordland is a sculpture by Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles. It stands at Snekkevik, a cove about 26 km north of Bjørn.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Dønna Population: 1433 Area: 193 km2 • Træna Municipal centre: Solfjellsjøen Dønna Herøy •

• Rødøy

• Lurøy • Nesna

• Mo i Rana

• Leirfjord • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal



LEIRFJORD The lush and varied landscape of Leirfjord beckons you to explore, and wonderful adventures are to be had in winter as well as summer. Leirfjord’s population includes about 250 moose, and there is a good chance you will spot the huge animal that many Scandinavians call the “king of the forest”. There are great fishing opportunities in the rivers, lakes and sea, and the catch is varied. Leirfjord is an agricultural community, but it is also seeing vigorous growth in aquaculture, fur farming and tourism.

”Around” | photo Erlend Haarberg

Sea fishing | photo Antonio Pradillo Carrasco

Helgeland bridge | photo Erlend Haarberg

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES HELGELAND BRIDGE This is one of the world’s largest stay-cable bridges, with a total span of 1065 metres. Helgeland Bridge was opened for traffic in 1991; in 2010 the readers of Norway’s leading engineering magazine voted it the country’s most beautiful bridge. There is a steady current under the bridge, making these waters a very good fishing spot. Situated on Coastal Highway Fv17, about 5 km from Sandnessjøen.


Leirfjord Bygdesamlinger is a rural museum that comprises Bergh’s country store, the old schoolhouse, Reine’s boathouse and wharf, and the old mill in Meisfjord. The country store, with its original interior still intact, is located in an old wharf building from the latter half of the 19th century. The old school, which dates back to the 1880s, is a museum. The school and country store are situated in Leland village centre. For further information, please visit or call +47 957 84 168.


Leirfjord’s moose population counts 350 animals, and there is a good chance you may see this large, magnificent mammal yourself. Moose safaris are available on request; please call +47 412 15 761.




The sculpture “Around”, by Brazilian artist Waltercio Caldas, is Leirfjord’s contribution to Artscape Nordland. The artist’s work was inspired by his contemplation on the distance between the houses of Leirfjord – an optimal balance between the need for privacy and the desire for social contact. The sculpture stands about 10 km from the Highway Fv17 intersection, as you head towards Fagervika.


This old wharfside building was built around 1870. Once used for trade, the restored wharf now rooms a store-museum that contains objects from Helgeland. During the summer, the wharf is open to visitors and serves food. For further information, please visit Wangbrygga is situated along route Fv808, about 17 km from Levang.


This area offers fine cross-country skiing on prepared trails throughout the winter. For further information, please contact Tourist Information, tel. +47 75 01 80 00.


Between May and October, the Leifjord Mountain Trim Trail comprises ten posts. An informative brochure with a map and description of each post’s location may be downloaded as a PDF document from the municipality’s website,


Enjoy a hike along the well-marked trail to Borgen, a restored stone-built cabin built in 1928 by local artist Lars Enga. The walk takes about half an hour – but from Borgen you have the option of continuing your hike up to Veten (allow 1–2 hours from your starting point to the top of the mountain). Here you will find many of the posts of the Mountain Trim Trail. Situated in Bardal along route Fv808, about 15 km from Levang.


Leirfjord and the surrounding areas offer excellent sea fishing, and your catch is likely to be quite varied. Worth special mention are Levangsvågen, the Ranfjord, Alstenfjord, Leirfjord, Meisfjord, Sundan and the Vefsnfjord – all offer rorbu fisherman cabins and camping facilities, with boat rental and fine fishing from the shore. The Ranfjord and Vefsnfjord are known for good sea trout and marine salmon fishing.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Leirfjord Population: 2124 Area: 444 km2 Municipal centre: Leland

• Rødøy • Træna • Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen • Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal




–Highlighting culture and the pursuit of knowledge

This municipality, situated at the heart of the coast of Helgeland, comprises the scenic islands of Hugla, Handnesøya and Tomma, in addition to the administrative centre Nesna. The beautiful scenery tempts you to mountain walks, bicycle excursions, kayaking on the fjord, and boat trips. Water slide | photo Havblikk camping

Tomma | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR

Crab | photo Havblikk camping

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES SJONFJELLET VIEWPOINT From this excellent viewpoint, along Highway E12 as you near the top of Sjonfjellet on your way to Mo i Rana, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama that takes in Lovund, Træna, Tomma, Dønna and the Tortenviktindene mountains. The rest area has tables and benches.


Welcome to a holiday centre that is designed for families. Children will have a great time playing in the water park and water slide, or in the playground. There is a miniature golf course that everyone can enjoy. The centre rents out bicycles, kayaks and boats, and there is excellent fishing and good opportunity to explore the nearby island. In Nina’s lavvo there is a pub with a fire and outdoor seating. Accommodation at Nesna holiday centre includes cabins and rooms, and there are facilities for campers. Tel. +47 75 05 65 40.


Exhibits at this branch of Helgeland Museum include a general store, a rorbu fisherman’s shanty interior, traditional Nordland boats, a recreated nesting



area where the down of eider ducks was collected, as well as 6000 objects and 3000 photographs. In addition, various travelling exhibitions are shown throughout the year. Tel. +47 75 11 01 88.

caves, kettle pots, and burial mounds from the Viking Age. Tomma Hytteutleie rents out four cabins in Finnvikdalen. Tel. +47 970 89 348.


The top of Tomskjevelen (922 m) offers an impressive panorama of the entire Helgeland coast. You can only hike to the summit from the northern side – start at Forsland, about 4 km from the Tomma ferry quay. For further information, please visit

The Nesna Islands, consisting of Tomma, Hugla and Handnesøya, are an -excellent base for kayaking the magnificent Helgeland coast. Experienced kayakers can head out from Nesna, or you can take an express boat or ferry to your preferred point of departure. All three of these islands are surrounded by smaller islands, which are perfect for camping under the midnight sun. Hav & Fritid at Nesna offers kayak rental, various courses in sea kayaking, as well as tailored kayak adventures for groups. They can also suggest tours and destinations on the Helgeland coast, and provide valuable tips. Tel. +47 915 94 340.


Finnvikdalen is a good base for exploring the great outdoors. You have a great view of white beaches and the Helgeland coast. In the surrounding area there is excellent opportunity for fishing and hiking, and there are fascinating



This recreation area offers activities for the whole family. Children will enjoy the swimming pond, which has a creek flowing down from the mountain. The trees and plants along the trails are marked. There is also a sheltered barbecue area that seats 20–30 people. Other facilities include a climbing wall, a Sami hut and a lean-to shelter. A memorial has been raised for those who died in World War II. An extensive network of well-marked trails beckons young and old to explore the hills, mountains and shoreline. Accessible for wheelchair users. Situated 800 metres from Nesna Church; follow the signposts towards Strandlandet.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Nesna Population: 1852 Area: 183 km2 • Træna Municipal centre: Nesna

• Rødøy

• Lurøy • Nesna • Mo i Rana Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal



Lurøy The municipality of Lurøy, situated just south of the Arctic Circle, counts 1372 islands and islets. The most important are the characteristic profile of Lovund, the flat Sleneset, rugged Hestmonna, and the largest island Lurøy/Onøy. The National Tourist Route Helgelandskysten Nord winds along the coast of the mainland. The puffins of Lovund | photo Lovund Rorbu Hotell

Aldersundet | photo Helgeland Reiseliv

Hestmannen | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES THE PUFFINS OF LOVUND The island of Lovund is famous for its puffin colony of 200,000 birds. You can experience this fascinating sea bird with the colourful beak on a walk to Lundeura, a boulder field where the puffins nest. A special day on the local calendar is 14 April, when the puffin arrive from afar in large number. The puffins of Lovund are a highly popular attraction, with international visitors as well as Norwegian tourists. Accommodation and traditional local fare are offered by Lovund RorbuHotell. Tel. +47 75 09 20 30.


LovundSkyss offers a variety of boat trips and adventures on the sea. You can join a deep-sea fishing trip or a photo safari, partake in a speedy adventure in a RIB boat, or charter your own boat. Tel. +47 991 66 522.


The German World War II fortress on the island Lurøy is part of Helgeland Museum. A new building opened last year, with additional exhibitions, a café and museum shop. Most of the bunkers, the facilities deep in the mountain, foxholes and gun positions are open to the public year round. During the summer, additional exhibitions are open. Peak season: June–August. Tel. +47 468 56 096. 44



On the tiny island of Vikingen, just north of Tonnes, is a globe that indicates to vessels that they are passing the Arctic Circle. It is highly visible, being illuminated and quite impressive at night. Guided trips to Vikingen can be combined with a visit to the Rødøyløva and Hestmannen mountains. Tel. +47 951 22 438.


The coastal museum’s collection of old objects document fishing and agricultural traditions in the area. There is a large collection of old boat engines and a Lovund cutter that is listed by the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage. Outside the museum is a skeleton of a sei whale. The latest addition is the restored Antonetta House. Tel. +47 911 57 752.


This old estate, which is situated near Lurøy church, has the best preserved Renaissance gardens in northern Norway. The gardens were established in the late 18th century. For many centuries, the Mickelborg and Dass families owned the farm. You are welcome to visit the garden if you call ahead to make an appointment. Tel. +47 957 25 287 or +47 990 22 490.


Sleneset consists of innumerable flat islands, and the sheltered waters here are perfect for long or short kayaking trips, for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. Distances are short between the islands, so beginners can easily choose to stay close to shore. Also Onøy and Lurøy are great, regardless of your level of experience. Moflag and Sleneset are great bases for kayaking excursions. Experienced kayakers might consider heading for the beautiful island Lovund. Further information is available at


On Lurøy and in the vicinity, there are well-marked trails to cultural monuments and places of historical interest. There are a variety of round trips, as well as hikes to the area’s mountain peaks. Popular destinations include Lurøyfjellet, Lovund, Aldersundet, a boulder field where puffins nest (Lundeura), Hestmannen summit, and Grønsvik coastal fort. Many of the islands offer rewarding hikes.


facts in brief

Name of municipality: Lurøy Population: 1938 Areal: 1300 km2 total • Træna including sea area (land area: 265 km2 ) Municipal centre: Dønna Lurøy • Herøy •

• Rødøy

• Lurøy • Nesna

• Mo i Rana

• Leirfjord • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal

Hestmannen (the Horseman) rises 571 metres above sea level. An exciting legend explains the origins of this and other distinctive mountains of Helgeland. (See p. 3.) If you hike to the top, be sure to sign the summit book and add the Hestmannen stamp to your map or diary. For further information, please visit Helgeland




COASTAL HOLIDAY BY THE ARCTIC CIRCLE Camping facilities with cabins and caravan parking by the sea. Boat rental available for fishing and coastal excursions. Superb walking and hiking terrain. Café on site. Facilities are wheelchair friendly.

Kvarøy Sjøhus offers unforgettable holidays by the Arctic Circle. Each of our five modern rorbu cabins has three bedrooms and six beds. Your panorama at breakfast includes the distinctive mountain Hestmannen and the sea – a catch is almost guaranteed. Savour the tranquillity, enjoy boating and kayaking, and swim at white beaches where you can walk in the sunset.

Instruction • courses on sea kayaking with safety instructions, instruction for group tours, etc.

Guest Spaces: 3 | Position: N65 07.070 E012 29.613

Guided tours • excursions to a variety of scenic destinations in Helgeland, of varied duration

Guest Spaces: 8 | Position: N65 22.166 EO12 11.494. Vennesund Camping, tel. +47 75 02 73 75. Guest Spaces: 10 | Position: N65 12.971 EO12 02.394

Vega Igerøy Guest Harbour, tel. +47 950 57 494.

Guest Spaces: 16 | Position: N65 40.570 EO12 07.670.

Vevelstad Nordvika Guest Harbour, tel. +47 992 91 903 / 995 49 952. Guest Spaces: 9 | Position: N65 42.976 EO12 27.898

Hav & Fritid • mob. +47 915 94 340 •

www.spirene .no

Please contact us for queries and booking at tel. +47 75 09 71 86

Sømna Berg Marina, tel. +47 480 76 968.

Brønnøysund Brønnøysund Guest Harbour, tel. +47 75 01 20 70/975 40 518. Guest Spaces: 30 | Position: N65 28.419 EO12 12.484.


Sandnessjøen Sandnessjøen Guest Harbour, tel. +47 75 07 57 00. Guest Spaces: 40-50 | Position: N66 01.330 E012 37.653

Herøy Herøysundet Marina, tel. +47 900 59 750.

Guest Spaces: 20 | Position N65 58.687 E012 17.035

Dønna Solfjellsjøen Guest Harbour, tel. +47 415 22 670. Guest Spaces: 9 | Position N66 06.629 E012 28.953 Leirfjord Leinesodden Marina, tel. +47 469 46 557.

Guest Spaces: 4 | Position N66 02.007 E012 39.877

We offer 7 rooms, 25 beds total. 19 are twin beds with box-frame mattress (90 cm), the rest are bunk beds. We also have three double rooms available at the nearby youth centre, thus accommodating up to 31 persons. Rådhusplassen has two living rooms and a fully equipped kitchenette, three bathrooms, in two of which there is a washing machine and dryer. The entire first floor and the two bedrooms here are well-suited for travellers with disabilities.Bicycle and boat hire, as well as a network of trails, allow you to explore the magnificent surroundings at RÅDHUSPLASSEN your own pace. Please let us know your holiday wishes and needs. Open: year round


Nesna Nesna Guest Harbour, tel. +47 913 92 223.

Guest Spaces: 20 | Position: N66 12.069 E013 00.985

Lurøy Lurøy Guest Harbour, tel. +47 974 60 129. Guest Spaces: 30 | Position: 66 25 04 52 N 12 50 28 96 Ø

Welcome to a rorbu holiday on Træna! • Private parties – such as the wedding reception here in the Peter Dass chapel. • 13 comfortable modern rorbu cabins • Norway’s oldest fishing village • Food, drink and boat rental

Inner Kvarøy is a sheltered scenic gem on the Helgeland coast, and it’s easy to get here.


Bindal Helstad Guest Harbour, tel. +47 75 03 24 47.

Kayak and equipment rental • esingle and two-man kayaks, plastic or fibreglass, all equipment needed, tours


Please contact us for details and to book your holiday. Mob. +47 977 46 145

Guest Harbour:

We offer: Torill Nordås Tel. +47 911 57 725 Birger Johannesen Tel. +47 974 60 129

Træna Rorbuferie AS

8770 Træna - Tel. +47 75 09 53 80 – Fax +47 75 09 51 11 –

Træna Træna Guest Harbour, tel. +47 75 09 52 73. Guest Spaces: 10 | Position: N66 29.589 E012 04.791 Rødøy Klokkergården Marina, tel. +47 75 09 73 33. Guest Spaces: 33 | Position: N66 39.940 E013 03.400 best guest harbour of year 2012 Mosjøen Mosjøen Pålgarden Marina, tel. +47 909 59 093. Guest Spaces: 6 | Position: N65 51.251 EO13 11 551 Sjøgata Guest Harbour, tel. +47 75 17 23 94 / 920 44 937. Guest Spaces: 10 | Position: N65 50.239 EO13 11.166 Hemnes Marina Hemnesberget, tel. +47 911 64 189. Guest Spaces: 14 | Position: N66 13.390 E013 36.540 Rana Mo i Rana Guest Harbour, tel. +47 75 13 47 00.

Guest Spaces: 20 | Position: N66 19.087 E014 07.820 Helgeland


Træna –Norway`s oldest fishing community

Since time immemorial the island of Træna, situated far out at sea, has served as a seamark for coastal fishermen. Many legends of strange beings and other-worldly powers are associated with the strangely shaped island. Træna is the country’s oldest fishing community; archaeological finds show it was settled at least 9000 years ago.

Træna view | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR

Træna | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR

Træna | photo Helgeland Reiseliv

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES NORWAY’S OLDEST FISHING VILLAGE Archaeological finds indicate that the islanders of Sanna have fished the seas for 9000 years. On Sanna are the foundations of some of the oldest houses in Norway.


Kirkhelleren is the most impressive cave on Sanna, measuring 45 metres deep, 20 metres wide and up to 32 metres tall. Inside the cave are natural stone formations referred to as the Altar, the Pulpit and the Pulpit Steps – which explains why Kirkhelleren is called Mother Nature’s Cathedral. On Sanna are traces of some of Norway’s oldest settlements; archaeological finds include tools and bone fragments. Much later the cave was used as a burial site. Most of the 33 remains found are from a 14th century mass grave. Due to its impressive acoustics, Kirkhelleren is a key venue for concerts during the Træna Festival.


The Lover’s Trail leads you on a wonderful walk around the island Sanna. You and your partner are surrounded by beautiful scenery, and can enjoy great views of the ocean. The trail also provides a glimpse into the fascinating history of Sanna’s fishing community.




Just below Kirkhelleren cave are the remains of Hellarvikjæ, one of Norway’s oldest fishing villages. There are remains of more than 20 houses, as well as tools that span a period of thousands of years.


We highly recommend a hike to the summit of Trænstaven (338 m) – with a guide. The mountain seems to rises straight out of the ocean, and you actually need to climb part of the route. In clear weather, you can enjoy a sweeping panorama of the entire Helgeland coast, from the Vegaøyan archipelago in the south to the Lofoten Islands in the north. This hike is suitable for the truly adventurous! Climbing equipment and experience, or a local guide, are a must. Rana Spesialsport offers guided excursions to the summit from April to September. Tel. +47 909 51 108.


A hike to the summit of Gompen will reward you with a magnificent view. This is an easy walk suitable for the whole family. An asphalt road and a tunnel lead to the top – but bring a flashlight, for the tunnel is not illuminated.


Do consider renting a boat, dropping a fishing line to catch your own dinner, and exploring the scenic islands of Træna. You’ll find excellent deep-sea fishing on Trænabanken. The island called Holmen has a pearly-white sand beach and is perfect for basking in the summer sun. Boat hire is available from Træna Rorbuferie, tel. +47 75 09 53 80.


It’s well worth your while to ride the full 6 km of road on Husøy. Attractions include the Petter Dass chapel, church and museum, as well as wonderful views of the open sea and the impressive mountains on the neighbouring island Sanna. Bike rental is available from Træna Rorbuferie, tel. +47 75 09 53 80.


This beautiful chapel, built in 1997 in memory of the poet-priest Petter Dass, is decorated by Karl Erik Harr, one of the most prominent figurative artists of northern Norway. The chapel invites visitors to contemplation and reflection. Situated on Husøy.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Træna Population: 498 Area: 16 km2 • Træna (landareal) Municipal centre: Husøy

• Rødøy

• Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal



Rødøy Rødøy is one of the oldest parishes in Helgeland and has long played an important role in the region’s development. You can explore Rødøy on shore or by sea – climb Rødøyløva summit, visit Svartisen-Saltfjellet National Park, and visit the old fishing village Myken and its lighthouse. The Arctic Circle | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR

Utsikt fra Rødøyløva | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR

photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeHR

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES THE MELFJORD, THE NORDFJORD AND SVARTISEN GLACIER The scenic Nordfjord, which extends into Saltfjellet-Svartisen Nation Park, is a fjord arm of the Melfjord. The dramatic image of mountain peaks rising up a thousand metres above sea level, with Svartisen glacier spilling over their edge like frosting on a cake, seems reminiscent of the fjords of western Norway. A seal colony thrives in the Nordfjord, and there is a good chance you may see sea eagles soaring above you. One of many impressive sights on the tour is a 300-metre waterfall Nattmoråga. Polar Camp at Hilstad operates a tour along the postal route on the Melfjord and will take interested tourists along on request on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The postal route also goes to the Nordfjord, on request. Tel. +47 75 09 71 86.


A globe on the island Vikingen, just north of Tonnes, tells everyone aboard boats and vessels that they are passing the Arctic Circle. The monument is highly visible, being illuminated and quite impressive at night. A guided RIB boat excursion to Vikingen can be combined with a visit to the Rødøyløva and Hestmannen mountains. Tel. +47 95 12 24 38.


Behind Rødøy church lies Solheimsvolden, once inhabited by the verger. The



farm has been lovingly restored by Bodil and Reidar Hansen, who today have a gallery-workshop here. Tel. +47 477 55 885.


This old trading post, which has a history dating back to the 18th century and is listed, has been carefully restored. Selsøyvik comprises a general store and post office, and the owners operate a fish farm. Guest harbour. Good ferry connections. Tel. +47 75 09 89 50.

For one of the most impressive views in Helgeland, consider a hike up to the summit of Rødøyløva (440 m), starting from Klokkergården. The first part of the hike is rather steep. On a clear day you can see the jagged mountains of the Lofoten Islands to the north, and Vega to the south. You can reach the island of Rødøy by express boat or ferry from Tonnes, Jektvik or Ågskardet – and of course in your own boat. Guided hikes to the mountaintop are available. Please call tel. +47 75 09 73 33.




You haven’t really experienced Helgeland until you’ve visited some of the islands. From Tonnes, Kilboghamn, Jektvik or Vågaholmen it’s easy to reach idyllic Rødøy. You’ll find great kayaking opportunities on the Melfjorden and Nordfjord. Exciting destinations are the lighthouse on Myken, Klokkergården at Rødøy, and the Polar Camp at Hilstad.


Rødøy offers well-marked trails for hikers wishing to add more mountaintops to their list of feats, as well as easy walks the entire family can enjoy. Young children will especially enjoy the trail through the Fairytale Forest (Eventyrskogen). At four of Rødøy’s sandy beaches you’ll find a play park, a sandvolley pitch, beach chairs and showers.

One of the more exotic excursions is Svartisen glacier and the Engabreen glacier tongue. Svartisen is the second largest glacier on mainland Norway, covering 370 km2, and its 60 glacier tongues spill into the surrounding valleys. From Rødøy, you take the ferry to the mainland, then a shuttle boat across the Holandsfjord, before taking the three-kilometre walk up to the glacier itself. Near Engabreen there is a café, accommodation, bicycle rentals, and glacier walks with experienced guides. Tel. +47 75 75 11 00 or +47 980 05 005.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Rødøy Population: 1320 Area: 706 km2 • Træna (landareal) Municipal centre: Vågaholmen


• Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal



HATTFJELLDAL – The highlander realm

This municipality, one of Norway’s largest, owes its name to the distinctive mountaintop Hatten (the Hat). Hattfjelldal is known for its time-honoured craft traditions, traditional dance, skilled biathlon athletes, and its Sami culture. The main population centres are Susendal and Varntresk.


This farm museum is a gem, comprising a farmhouse, storehouse, baking hut, blacksmith’s shop and carpenter’s workshop. Artefacts date from the 1870s to 1972, when the last owner of the farm moved out. Guided tours on request, tel. +47 952 71 711 or +47 75 18 58 13. Open: 1 May – 31 Aug. Svenskvoll farm museum is situated at Susendal, about 27 km from Hattfjelldal. The mountain farm Svenskvollsetra is situated in the hills a short walk from the farm. Sæterstad | photo Trond Isaksen

photo Siri Kobberrød


This exciting house, which is now a museum, is of cultural and historic significance. Photographs, objects and written documents show the lifestyle of the local mountain people. Open 3 July – 7 August. Tel. +47 456 18 351 or see Situated 200 metres east of Hattfjelldal church.


At the Sami Cultural Centre you have the opportunity of gaining insight into the culture and way of life of the indigenous people of the Arctic. There are several exhibitions, and Sami handicrafts and books may be purchased. Tel. +47 75 18 49 70. Situated in Hattfjelldal village centre.


This sculpture by Icelandic artist Hreinn Fridfinnsson, which stands in the heart of the village, is Hattfjelldal’s contribution to Artscape Nordland.


The church was built in 1868. Ole Tobias Olsen, sometimes referred to as the man behind the Nordland Railway, served as vicar here for over 20 years. A monument to him stands near the church. Today the vicarage is used for cultural exhibitions, with a special focus on women’s historical role. For further information, please contact Tourist Information, tel. +47 75 18 40 05.



Hatten (1128 m) is a mountain peak that towers majestically over the nearby scenic landscape. A well-marked trail leads to the summit, through easily accessible terrain. From the summit you have a magnificent view of the village and surrounding district. For additional hiking suggestions, please visit


Børgefjell is one of Norway’s oldest and largest national parks, covering an area of 1447 km2. NB: There are no marked trails or DNT lodges in this national park. Børgefjell National Park is a true mountain wilderness – desolate and beautiful – which is best appreciated by experienced hikers, although the terrain itself is easy enough. Børgefjell offers excellent trout fishing, as well as good small game and grouse hunting. There are a few open mountain huts and cabins that may be rented. For further details on this, please visit Maps of Børgefjell contain useful information on the national park in English, German and Norwegian. This may be purchased at Tourist Information or from the Municipality of Hattfjelldal.


The Municipality of Hattfjelldal has at least one fishing lake per inhabitant – so there are plenty of good destinations to choose from. A comprehensive overview of fishing spots is available at, or you may contact Tourist Information, tel. +47 75 18 40 05. The Børgefjell mountains are also known as a paradise for recreational fishing, with many good fishing lakes.


Gryteself Fjellgård is an organic farm situated with a beautiful view of the mountains and forest. The surrounding area offers excellent hiking, good fishing lakes, overnight accommodation and good food. Situated along Highway Rv73, about 10 km before Hattfjelldal. For details and booking, please call tel. +47 75 18 58 66.


This farm is a great base for exploring the Børgefjell mountains and Børgefjell National Park. From Furuheim you have easy access to many sights and attractions, good hiking and fishing, and to the village itself. Accommodation available. Tel. +47 75 18 56 23.


Vesterbukt, situated on “The Wilderness Trail”, offers cabins in a setting that is perfect for a family holiday. Nearby you can fish the mountain lakes, as well as Røsvatn, the second-largest lake in Norway. Other activities, depending on the season, include berry picking, small game hunting and ice fishing. Tel. +47 993 96 853.


This farm, situated in the valley Famnvassdalen, is surrounded by magnificent mountains that offer great fishing, good small game hunting, mushroom and berry picking. In the winter, guests can try ice fishing or race along the snowmobile trail. The farm offers accommodation. Tel. +47 75 18 51 43.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Hattfjelldal Population: 1451 Area: 2683 km2 Municipal centre: Hattfjelldal (population 680)

• Rødøy • Træna • Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen • Vega

• Vevelstad


• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal


This farm is beautifully situated 400 metres above sea level in Varntresk, about 40 km from Hattfjelldal village. Accommodation offered. Excellent fishing and hiking opportunities. Goat cheese and char are sold on the farm. For further information, please visit or call tel. +47 75 18 51 40. Helgeland


GRANE – Gateway to northern Norway

Grane offers amazing wilderness adventures, and here you can explore both Børgefjell National Park and Lomsdal-Visten National Park. The river Vefsnavassdraget is known for its trout, char and salmon. The main population centres are Majavatn, Fiplingdal, Svenningdal and Grane. Fiplingdal | photo Erlend Haarberg

Stavassdalen | photo Magnar Solbakk

Trofors | photo Erlend Haarberg



This gateway and information kiosk stands on the border between Nord-Trøndelag and Nordland counties. A popular photo opportunity is the arch, symbolising the northern lights, that hangs above Highway E6. At the gateway are the self-service information kiosk and a picnic area. Open during the summer.

In the municipal service building at Trofors, you will find an exhibition of historical photos dating back to 1910. In the village centre you will also find what is referred to as “Norway’s most beautiful Christmas tree”.


This restored mountain farm is situated at the entrance to Lomsdal-Visten National Park. Situated 7 km from Trofors, on the western side of the valley. During the summer, you can drive almost to the farm. You may, however, prefer to hike the trail that starts at the parking lot about 2 km south of the village centre.

This rural museum in Grane, which is an integral part of Helgeland Museum, consists of a number of cog-built timber buildings. The museum is beautifully situated on the bank of Vefsna river, surrounded by a forest of large spruce trees. For further information and guided tours, please contact Helgeland Museum Grane, tel. +47 911 78 802 or see Situated 400 m from Highway E6 at Trofors, on the way to Hattfjelldal.

ANCIENT HUNTING PITS Archaeological finds at Tromoan include hunting pits that date back to 600–700 CE. These ancient hunting pits are Grane’s part of the cultural heritage project “Northbound Footprints” (Fotefar mot nord). An 800 m nature trail from Grane folk museum leads visitors to the site. Accessible for disabled persons. For guided tours, please contact Helgeland Museum Grane, at tel. +47 911 78 802. Situated 400 m from Highway E6 at Trofors, on the way to Hattfjelldal.




GRANE CHURCH Built in the late 1850s, Grane church was consecrated in 1860. The altarpiece that dates back to 1644 was once owned by the grandfather of the famous poet-priest, Petter Dass. The pulpit is built into the wall itself, with no other support, which is rare. For a guided tour, please contact the municipality, tel. +47 75 18 22 20. Situated at Grane along Highway E6, about 8 km from Trofors.

facts in brief Laksforsen from the polished rocks below, and listen to the raging waterfall! Situated about 13 km north of Trofors, and about 30 km south of Mosjøen.

LAKSFORSEN – VIEWING NATURE AND ART Welcome to a café situated right by magnificent Laksforsen falls. An exhibition under the auspices of Helgeland Museum casts light on the history of Vefsna river. For further information, please call Helgeland Museum tel. +47 911 78 802. Situated about 13 km north of Trofors, and about 30 km south of Mosjøen.

Name of municipality: Grane Population: 1453 Area: 2017 km2 • Træna Kommunesenter: Trofors (population 800)

• Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes

HIKING, FISHING AND HUNTING There is almost unlimited opportunity for hiking, fishing and hunting in Grane. Børgefjellet and Børgefjell National Park are known for excellent fishing lakes, and are a paradise for many anglers. NB: There are no marked trails in this national park: Maps: Børgefjell north/south may be purchased form Tourist Information Mosjøen, tel. +47 75 01 80 00. We also recommend the hiking map of Grane municipality, which shows suggested routes and good fishing lakes.

• Rødøy

• Mosjøen • Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Sømna

• Grane

• Bindal

LAKSFORSEN – AN IMPRESSIVE WATERFALL Grane boasts one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe. Every second, 700 m3 – plummet down 17-metre-high Laksforsen falls. For a memorable moment, view



MOSJØEN – Town in the heart of Norway

Mosjøen is the oldest town in the Helgeland region – and here you will find concerts, art exhibitions and other cultural offerings year round. Many of the craftsmen and shopkeepers are situated along Sjøgata (Shore Street), in the old town. It’s well worth exploring the neighbourhood’s many galleries. Mosjøen is also known for its many good cafés. Sjøgata | photo Jørgen J. Jensen

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES EXPLORING THE HISTORICAL PART OF MOSJØEN Sjøgata street and the surrounding area in Mosjøen town centre are historical. Carefully maintained, the old buildings along the street are treasured as an essential part of the town’s pulsating life and character. As you explore, you will discover many architectural gems and beautifully preserved buildings. Here are galleries, an authentic country store, restaurants, inns, hotels and guest harbours.



This folk museum comprises numerous farm buildings that document culture and daily life in the Vefsn area, spanning a period of 300 years. In Perjordstua the café is open Sundays throughout the summer. For further information, please visit or call tel. +47 75 11 01 00.

This distinctive building on Sjøgata is used for many purposes – here you may relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy traditional regional fare while admiring the works of well-know northern-Norwegian artists – and perhaps purchase a work of art that enchants you. Every Friday throughout the year, there are free lunchtime concerts in the Gallery with local musicians, amateur and professional. Sjøgata and the surrounding area has been awarded Norway’s highest prize for quality cultural heritage, St. Olav’s Rose.


Historical exhibition at Jacobsenbrygga wharf


Helgeland Museum Vefsn owns a historical wharf building on Sjøgata, where Mosjøen’s town history is presented. Throughout the year there are other excellent temporary exhibitions. In the museum shop you may purchase books,


handicrafts and souvenirs. For further information, please visit or call tel. +47 75 11 01 00.


When the beautiful park situated at the heart of this town was established in 1900–1905, Mosjøen had very few residents. However, those residents and their representatives firmly believed progress was coming, and that this “green lung” would gain importance as the town grew. History proved them right. Now, a full century later, the park is still here – and it has been restored to its original glory.

This cosy shop offers exciting gift items, such as angels and trolls, beautiful jars and pots. In addition, the shop has a large selection of silk flowers, ribbons and other decorative items. Sjøgata 29.


This charming shop on Sjøgata offers jewellery, candles, cups, clothing, lemonade, leather goods, curtains, chandeliers and a wide assortment of other unique gifts and decorative items. Sjøgata 15.


Welcome to an artist’s studio situated in a distinctive old wharfside building by the river, at Sjøgata 29A. Marit Skog produces pictorial art and glass art, and has had a number of exhibitions, including in New York. Open when the sidewalk signboard is placed outside. You are welcome to visit or call tel. +47 970 72 587 for further information.


The sculpture “Three Flames” by Icelandic artist Hulda Hàkon stands in the River Park (Elveparken) just outside the town centre.


facts in brief

Name of municipality: Vefsn Population: 13251 Area: 1894 km2 • Træna Kommunesenter: Mosjøen (population 9600)

• Rødøy

• Lurøy • Nesna

Dønna • Leirfjord • Sandnessjøen Herøy • •

• Vega•

• Vevelstad

• Mo i Rana

• Hemnes

Mosjøen • Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal

Welcome to a store that offers a wide selection of handicrafts, including woollen sweaters and cardigans, local folk costumes (bunad), silver brooches and other jewellery, embroideries, yarn, souvenirs and much more. We also offer a large selection of quilting supplies. Tel. +47 75 17 19 44. Located on Strandgata. Helgeland




Facilities offered include tennis courts, a skateboard bark, a climbing wall and exercise rooms. During the winter, there is an ice skating rink and snow-sledding park – and in addition there are prepared ski tracks throughout the municipality. A new swimming pool will be completed in 2013.

Mosjøen has a robust tradition as a commercial centre with excellent cafés. Here are small specialty shops, chain stores and large shopping centres. After your shopping is done, we recommend that you follow the good example of the locals – relax in the café of your choice. Enjoy good conversation, a good laugh, and solve all the world’s problems over a good cup of coffee. Here are a few of Mosjøen’s many cafés, restaurants and night clubs:


The playland situated at Mosjøen Camping features a trampoline castle, mini golf and a six-lane bowling facility. There is also a bicycle rental. Tel. +47 75 17 79 00.


A friendly café and cultural venue, with concerts and pub evenings throughout the year. -A delicious lunch menu, light dishes and dessert. Fully licensed. Sjøgata 6. For more information please visit www. gillescafe. no or call tel. +47 75 17 54 54.


This horse-riding centre, situated in the forest just outside Mosjøen, offers a wonderful variety of equestrian activities. Take riding lessons with an experienced instructor, rent a horse for a long or short ride, or join us for a guided horse-riding excursion through the beautiful surrounding landscape. Horses large and small are available at the centre, which is open all year. For further information, please call tel. +47 905 80 765. Situated at Marka, about 7 km from Mosjøen town centre.


This excellent hiking area is very close to the town of Mosjøen. A 40-minute walk takes you to a lake where there is a good fishing pier and a floating pier for visiting boats. Much of this path is asphalt and adapted for wheelchair users. Throughout the area are a number of well-marked hiking trails.


Amongst the most popular destination for town residents are Øyfjellet- and Varden, as well as Marsøra and Dolstadåsen. Further details are available from Tourist Information.


There are many places in Mosjøen and the surrounding district that are great for bicycling. You can rent bicycles at Bredesen Sykkelservice, -Skolegata 12, tel. +47 75 17 48 92, Mosjøen Camping, tel. +47 75 17 79 99 or at Fru Haugans Hotel in the town centre, tel. +47 75 11 41 00.


Welcome aboard for an excursion in a traditional Nordland boat! Includes a guided tour along Sjøgata, and fish soup at Vikgården country store. By reservation for groups of min. 5 persons. For booking and further information, please contact Vikgården in Sjøgata 8, tel. +47 75 17 80 90.


Horse-riding | photo Therese Erlandsen

Sjøgata | photo Fabrice Milochau

Known for its homemade bread, cakes, lunch dishes and satisfied clientele. Private parties in the evening by reservation. Open year round, Monday–Saturday. Sjøgata 35. Tel. +47 905 71 639.

ELLENSTUEN & HAGESTUEN Vefsna | photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeDH

Nordland boat, Vefsna photo Terje Rakke NordicLifeDH

Traditional Norwegian fare, with a touch of continental cuisine. Our chefs insist on the best ingredients available, many of them selected from local producers. For dessert we recommend our caramel pudding, which has attracted international attention. Situated in Fru Haugans Hotel on Sjøgata. Tel. +47 75 11 41 00.

OKSEN FERDINAND – FOR MEMORABLE DINING Welcome to a restaurant in a historic building from 1871, on Sjøgata. All dishes are made with fresh local ingredients and reflect our chefs’ passion for good food. Naturally, our menu varies with the seasons. Our chefs and the rest of our staff will do their utmost to make your dining

memorable. Open Mon–Saturday, 4–10.30pm. Tel. +47 75 11 99 91.


This old country store and coffee shop proudly offers locally produced food from the Helgeland region, such as mountain char, reindeer meat, cheeses, and much more. You’re also welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat in the unique atmosphere of the old country store. Situated on Sjøgata. Tel. +47 75 17 80 90.


Onkel Oscar is a distinct English-inspired pub known for its good ambience. The pub is a popular meeting place for locals as well as visitors, in part because of its good service and friendly atmosphere. How about a new, good pub experience? Pay a visit to Onkel Oscar! Open year round. Situated on Strandgata.


This popular café is known for its homemade fare, traditional sandwiches and freshly brewed coffee. Open seven days a week. On Sundays, you can enjoy a bountiful dinner buffet and dessert table. Generous portions of hearty food at reasonable prices – that’s the essence of Kaffistova! Situated on C.M. Havigsgate 5, Mosjøen. Tel. +47 75 17 00 94.


Acupuncture treatments, energy massage, cupping, lymph drainage, moxabustion, and ear-light treatment. For appointments and information, please call tel. +47 75 17 18 58, send a text message to +47 936 44 032, or see Skjervgata 4A.


The shore rocks along route Fv78 offer great fishing in the fjord. We regret that river fishing is not possible in Vefsn, because the rivers have been treated with rotenone to eliminate a salmon parasite. 58




Events Calendar 2013

◆ Beautiful sweaters and othter knitwear ◆ Quilting supplies ◆ Yarns ◆ Jewellery

“A Mosjøen Tradition“

◆ Great souvenirs

23 March

Blue Road cross-country ski race Mo i Rana |

12 – 21 July

Vega Festival Vega |

26 – 27 April

City Skisprint Mosjøen |

Roots Festival Brønnøysund |

3. – 5 May

Boat Fair Sandnessjøen |

17 – 20 July 18 – 21 July 20 – 28 July

Velfjord Festival Velfjord |

24 – 28 July

Summer Festival Sømna |

8 – 11 Aug

Hemnes Jazz Festival Hemnes |

11 – 18 Aug

World Fly Fishing Championship 2013 Mosjøen |

22 – 24 Aug

Torghatten Fair Brønnøysund |

23 – 25 Aug

Klemetspelet (a Norwegian play) Leirskardalen, Hemnes |

8 June Alstahaug Marathon Sandnessjøen


Strandgata in the heart of Mosjøen. Tel. + 47 75 17 19 44.

Historic hotel from 1794 Located on the banks of the Vefsna river with a beautiful garden Two restaurants offering local products Original rooms and bar with a unique atmosphere

Tel: 75 11 41 00 • Strandgata 39 - 8656 Mosjøen


photo Erlend Haarberg

HA reklame

We also make traditional Nordland costumes (bunad) to ordrer

A Celebration of Boats and Coastal Culture Sandnessjøen |

10 – 16 June

Medio June Grane Festival Trofors, Grane |

14. – 16 June

“Indian” Festival Leirfjord |

20. – 23 June

Torghatten Festival Brønnøysund

20 – 22 June

Hane Festival Mosjøen |

21 – 23 June

Kippermo Cup Mosjøen |

28 – 30 June

Nordland Boat Regatta Bindal

24 Aug – 1 Sept Goveko Hattfjelldal 30 – 31 Aug Verket Festival Mo i Rana |

28 – 30 June

Herøy Festival Herøy |

6 – 8 Sept

Dalbotn Festival Sømna |

28 – 30 June

Hemnes Boat & Fjord Festival Hemnesberget |

16 – 23 Sept

Tiendebytte Music Festival Mosjøen |

29 – 30 June

Hattfjelldal Festival Hattfjelldal |

18 – 23 Sept

Tiendebytte Historical Market Mosjøen |

5 – 6 July

Bjørn Market Day Dønna |

20 – 21 Sept

World Crab Fishing Championship Sandnessjøen |

6 – 13 July

Galleria Art Festival Mosjøen |

16 – 19 Oct

Smeltedigelen Music Festival Mo i Rana |

11 – 13 July

Træna Festival Træna |

30 November Smelteverket Music Festival Mo i Rana |

OPEN 24 HOuRS – a mEaL aLwayS aVaILabLE




Mosjøen Servicenter AS • Leira 2 • 8665 Mosjøen • Tel. 940 14 900

This fascinating art project comprises 33 sculptures by 33 artists, each of which is displayed in a different municipality. Artists from all over the world were invited to create these sculptures, which have been placed at selected locations throughout the beautiful and varied landscape of Nordland. To read more about Artscape Nordland, please visit Lånan, Vega | pfoto Helgeland Reiseliv



Hemnes – Calm seas and eternal ice

Hemnes is a beautiful municipality. Oksskolten is the highest peak in northern Norway and a popular hiking destination. On Okstindan you can join a guided glacier walk. The rivers, lakes and fjords of Hemnes are teeming with fish. There are five settlements in the municipality: Korgen, Bjerka, Hemnesberget, Finneidfjord and Bleikvasslia.

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES Okstindan, with its eleven jagged peaks, is a treasured area for hiking and climbing – and a glacier walk. Okstindbreen is Norway’s sixth largest glacier. Oksskolten (1916 m) is the highest summit in northern Norway. There is an excellent and varied network of hiking trails suitable for short excursions, as well as longer hikes that lead up towards the peaks of Okstindan and to destinations throughout the surrounding area. For further information, please visit



Oksskolten, which towers 1916 metres above sea level, is a fantastic hiking destination. The easiest access is the well-marked trail from Kjensvatnet lake up to the edge of Okstindbreen glacier. To reach the summit itself, you must cross this glacier – but please consult with experts before you attempt to do so! When you reach the summit, you are rewarded with a magnificent panorama of the entire region. For guided glacier walks or a guided hike to the top of Oksskolten, offered April–September, please contact Rana Spesialsport, tel. +47 909 51 108.


From the uppermost farm in Leirskardalen, you can drive the construction road to the parking lot, at roughly 600 metres altitude. Then follow the marked trail past Mørkbekktjønna lake and the stone hut Steinbua. The glaHelgeland

Okstindan | photo Heidi Prestengshaug

Hemnesberget | photo Tore M Furuhatt


You don’t have to climb mountains or hike far to enjoy a great view of the magnificent Okstindan peaks. In fact some of the best views are obtained as you drive the old E6 highway over Korgfjellet, especially when you stop at inn at the top, 555 meters above sea level. The Wilderness Route also offers excellent views of Okstindan. As the name indicates, this alternative route to E6 offers wild, pristine scenery. The Wilderness Route runs for 133 km, from Majavatn in south, through Hattfjelldal and Korgen in the north. The road winds its way through mountains and rural villages, surrounded by Okstindan, Børgefjell and Røssvatnet – the second largest lake in northern Norway.



cier extends down the mountain slopes into the lake. Half an hour past the stone hut, you reach the edge of the glacier at 1200 m. The glacier and the mountain peaks are impressive, and the view is magnificent in every direction. The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is currently building the 30-bed Rabot Lodge, to be completed in 2014. Already, DNT offers three unstaffed mountain lodges in the scenic wilderness near the Okstindan mountains. For further information on guided glacier walks, please contact Rana Spesialsport. Tel. +47 909 51 108.

Stekvasselv, situated in idyllic surroundings between Røssvatnet lake and the Okstindan mountains, is ideal for a farm holiday. The farm provides a good base for hiking the Nordland Route at Spjetfjelldalen valley. The beautiful wilderness nearby is also great for canoeing, and there is excellent fishing in Røssvatnet and the mountain lakes nearby. Stekvasselv is also perfect for a winter holiday, with varied ski opportunities nearby. Tel. +47 75 19 63 71.


You can see these impressive kettle pots, which were formed as the massive ice cap that once covered Scandinavia melted, and the Røssaga river carried far greater amounts of water than today. Situated along the Wilderness Route, just south of Korgen – stop at Stabbforsflåget on Rv806 and follow the signs to “jettegrytene” (the kettle pots).


In times past, Hemnesberget was the area’s centre of trade. A visit to the old buildings of Lapphella, which are now listed, will cast light on some chapters of history. Ranheimbrygga wharf at Hemnesberget exhibits old boat engines and has exhibitions on maritime trade. There is also a Newspaper Museum that gives you a sample of the past through Nordlands Avis. www.


Helgeland Museum Hemnes offers fascinating insights into our cultural heritage. A visit to the cookhouse in Leirskardalen is especially popular when kamkake is being baked in the cookhouse from 1620. On Midsummer’s Eve and during the next three weeks, you’re invited for a taste. Tel. +47 414 71503 or see


Goldsmith Merete Mattson designs and makes rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, tie pins, cufflinks and other jewellery, and accepts commission. She draws inspiration for her exceptionally beautiful work from the landscape of northern Norway. Tel. +47 75 19 19 10.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Hemnes Population: 4601 Area: 1588 km2 • Træna Municipal centre: Korgen

• Rødøy

• Lurøy • Mo i Rana • Nesna Dønna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal



Mo i Rana – The Arctic Circle town

The town of Mo i Rana is situated just below the Arctic Circle, at the head of the Ranfjord. The surrounding mountains and magnificent scenery are well worth exploring. Mo i Rana has several shopping centres, small friendly shops, cafés and restaurants, and a water park. The town’s cultural offerings include the Nordland Theatre, numerous festivals, and varied concerts. The oldest part of town is Moholmen, along the fjord – and out in the water the 10-metre-high sculpture Havmannen (the Ocean Man) stands guard.

“The Ocean Man” – Artscape Nordland Svartisen glacier | photo Jørn Røssvoll

photo Helgeland Reiseliv

Langfjell mountain farm | photo Langfjell Gård

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES SVARTISEN AND AUSTERDALSISEN GLACIERS Svartisen is the second largest glacier on mainland Norway, covering 370 km2, and its 60 glacier tongues extend into the surrounding valleys. One of the most visited of these is Austerdalsisen. Perhaps the easiest way to get there is to take the 20-minute boat trip, followed by a three kilometre long walk. Good footwear is a must. Situated 32 km north of Mo i Rana. Open 10 June – 31 August. Tel. +47 75 16 23 96 or +47 75 13 92 00.


We invite you to join us for an unforgettable adventure: a guided glacier walk. On Svartisen, the second largest glacier in Norway, you will marvel as you experience fascinating ice formations, the intense blue colouring of the glacier, and some of the most striking landscape in northern Norway. Proper equipment and an experienced guide are vital in order to move safely on the ice. In the summer, Rana Spesialsport offers guided glacier walks on request, and can also tailor excursions and activities, including rock climbing and snow kiting. Sea kayaks are available for rent. Tel. +47 909 51 108.


At Langfjell mountain farm, you can enjoy riding trips or riding lessons on Icelandic horses. We offer two-day riding treks to Umbukta mountain lodge, 64


with great food and lots of adventure included. You can also enjoy day rides, with coffee stops and great views. Riding camps are offered for children and teenagers. Langfjell mountain farm is situated in Plurdalen, about 20 km north of the town Mo i Rana. Tel. +47 922 49 213 or +47 901 189 89.


The glacial river Glomåga, which carries meltwater from Svartisen glacier, is a geological marvel! Through thousands of years, the rushing water has carved out caves, kettle pots and other fantastic rock formations. The Marble Castle (Marmorslottet) is situated in a lush area of Fisktjønna Nature Reserve. The old spruce forest in the reserve is particularly impressive. Follow the signs toward Melfjorden, from Røssvoll 12 km north of Mo i Rana. The Marble Castle is a 1.5 km walk from the parking area.


Welcome to one of Norway’s most varied national parks, which covers an area of 2105 km2. Visitors can enter the national park via the beautiful Melfjord, the Marble Castle (Marmorslottet), Svartisen glacier, Storvollen or Saltfjellet. There is an information board for motorists at Storvoll on Highway E6. The national park has a network of well-marked hiking trails, and offers excellent fishing and hunting in a magnificent unspoiled wilderness. You may also en-

joy great sea kayaking on the Melfjord and onwards to the Nordfjord. A large map showing hiking trails in the Saltfjell area may be purchased from Tourist Information in Mo i Rana. Tel. +47 75 13 92 00.


The Arctic Circle Centre is situated on Saltfjellet at 670 metres altitude, along Highway E6. A marble gate and several standing stones inform the travellers that they are crossing the Arctic Circle and entering the land of the midnight sun. There are also monuments to the Russian and Yugoslavian POWs that died during World War II. The centre comprises a restaurant, souvenir shop and cinema. Open: 1 May – 31 August. Tel. +47 75 12 96 96.


Enjoy a mountain hike close to town, starting at Fageråsbakken ski jump. The trail offers great view points after about 25, 50 and 120 minutes of hiking – from Mofjellet you can see Svartisen glacier, Okstindan (the highest mountain in northern Norway), the Arctic Circle area, and the town of Mo i Rana. There are several picnic areas along the well-marked trail.

facts in brief

Name of municipality: Rana Population: 25730 Area: 4461 km2 Municipal centre: Mo i Rana

• Rødøy • Træna

Lurøy • • Mo i Rana • Dønna Nesna • • Leirfjord Herøy • • Sandnessjøen • Hemnes • Mosjøen

• Vega

• Vevelstad

• Hattfjelldal

• Brønnøysund • Grane

• Sømna

• Bindal




Grønligrotta CAVE


Grønligrotta is the largest and most visited cave in Scandinavia, and the only one that is illuminated so visitors can appreciate it fully. On the 45-minute guided tour, suitable for the entire family, visitors are led several hundred metres deep into the mountain. Nearby there is a café with a magnificent view of Svartisen, and there are good trails in the immediate vicinity. Accommodation and camping also offered. The Grønligrotta cave is situated 22 km north of Mo i Rana, and 10 km from Røssvoll / Highway E6. Open: 1 June – 31 August. Admission: Tel. +47 75 13 25 86 or +47 472 33 858.

Mo i Rana is known for its successful commerce and vibrant cultural life. Here are over 300 shops catering to every need, from large shopping centres to specialty shops. You will also enjoy the variety of restaurants, cafés and accommodation, as well as a bowling centre, a water world, and the town’s varied cultural offerings. We suggest you combine your shopping with a visit to Nordland Theatre or one of the many festivals that are held throughout the year.



Looking for adventure? We recommend the two-hour guided tour of Setergrotta cave, with its enormous mountain halls, narrow marble passages, subterranean river, kettle pots, and fantastic ice and limestone formations. Participants are equipped with a helmet and headlamp, a boiler suit and gloves. Setergrotta is situated north of Mo i Rana. Open: 18 June – 19 August. Admission: from 295. Tel. +47 75 16 23 50 or +47 959 74 497.

Moheia bath | photo Moheia bad

Moholmen | photo Eskil Olsen


Welcome to a popular water park in the centre of Mo i Rana. It comprises a large swimming pool, kids’ pool, a channel with a strong current, hot pool, solarium and sauna. Food and refreshments are served in the café. Tel. +47 75 14 60 60.


This 6 km long Exercise Trail runs through beautiful surroundings, from Revelfossen falls and up along Tverråga river. The recreation area is well suited for families, with a beach, play park, football pitch, sandvolley pitch, picnic area, barbecue pits and handicap toilets. Canoes and lifejackets may be borrowed free-of-charge from the municipal service desk, against a NOK 200 deposit. During the winter there are prepared ski tracks. Tel. +47 75 14 51 80.


The Tourist Information office rents out bicycles for excursions in the local area, and for bicycle holidays on the Helgeland coast. This service is provided in cooperation with Sporten Havna. Great bicycling adventures are waiting for you along the roads on the mainland and islands, off-road and on forest trails. Tel. +47 75 01 80 00.



Grønligrotta cave | photo Grønligrotta

Mo i Rana | photo Ketil Monsen

comprises exhibitions on cultural and natural history, art collections, Stenneset Rural Museum and Bredek mountain farm. This mountain farm, which is situated in SaltfjelletSvartisen National Park, is a most rewarding part of a four–five hour hike. Stenneset consists of 25 historical buildings and is situated in beautiful surroundings by Highway E12, about 8 km from Mo i Rana. A museum in the town centre contains cultural and natural history exhibitions, and art collections. This museum is also a popular venue for concerts, lectures and other cultural events. Open: Mon–Fri 10am–4 pm all year and Saturday from 11 am-3 pm during the summer. Tel. +47 75 11 01 33.


The town of Mo i Rana is a lively commercial centre that draws people from throughout the region. It’s also an important transportation hub. Moholmen is an oasis at the heart of this, and it where the town began. Most of the buildings at Moholmen are from the 1800s, but the oldest houses date back to the 17th century. As a result the area is a living museum of pre-industrial Mo i Rana – as you wander the narrow streets between the houses, you can get a strong feel for how the town was in bygone times. The best way to reach Moholmen is

to continue the pedestrian street and walk through the underpass, beneath the railway that now separates the area from the rest of Mo i Rana.


Anthony Gormley’s 10-metre-high sculpture “The Ocean Man” (Havmannen) stands guard over Mo i Rana from his place in the fjord, 15 metres from land, near the old town Moholmen, clearly visible from the pedestrian main street as well from boats.


In the old part of town, Moholmen, down by the fjord and guest harbour, is the Bakery House that reopened in 2008, after being restored to its former glory. The house comprises a bakery, café, art gallery and souvenir shop. It prides itself on serving food prepared from local products, as well as bread and baked goods from Helgeland. The souvenir shop sells locally produced artworks and crafts. Tel. +47 75 14 45 50.


Welcome to a new restaurant, situated in one of the area’s oldest buildings, the town centre. No3 aims to offer a culinary experience with respect for local traditions, in classic surroundings. Wines and beverages are carefully paired with the dishes served. The No3 experience comprises a restaurant, bistro, wine bar and country store. Tel. +47 76 30 31 55.





Hotel/motel/ Tel. (+47) Room/ guesthouse/cabin/room email/web beds Address B24 Vennesund


8920 Sømna

Tel. +47 75 15 19 99

Folkets hus Tel. +47 75 15 15 15

Tel. +47 75 12 05 00

600 – 700

01.04 – 30.09

Tel. 75 02 94 60


Charming interiors reflecting railway history!

01.01 – 31.12

Sømna Kro og Gjestegård

Tel. 948 18 179 |


390 – 1300





Tel. 971 23 831 / 959 13 562 |

Brønnøy/ D21 Corner Motell Brønnøysund Storgt. 79, 8900 Brønnøysund

A family hostel, high standard!


C23 Akselstua Trælnes, 8920 Sømna


Newly refurbished hotel with holiday apartments, in the heart of Mo i Rana!

Tel. 75 02 73 75 |

Cabin rorbu/ beds


750 – 1170

690 – 925

01.01 – 31.12


01.01 – 31.12

980 – 1380

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700 – 1000

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C21 Fjellsøya Gård Toft, 8900 Brønnøysund D21 Galeasen Hotel Havnegt. 34/36, 8900 Brønnøysund C21 Toft rorbu Toft, 8900 Brønnøysund

Tel. 907 35 208 / 979 61 508

d21 Thon Hotel Brønnøysund Valvn. 11, 8900 Brønnøysund

Tel. 75 00 89 00 |


995 – 2495

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895 – 2495

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C21 Thon Hotel Torghatten Hovøyvn. 2, 8900 Brønnøysund

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C21 Lovisestua Strandveien, 8900 Brønnøysund

Tel. 907 53 707

500 – 1500

24.06 – 15.08

Tel. 988 21 208 | Tel. 75 00 88 50 |




C21 Thon Kystferie Apartments Nordøyan, 8900 Brønnøysund


See underground waterfalls, kettle pots, impressive stalactites and fantastic rock formations sculpted by natural forces through the aeons.

Opening hours: Tours daily, 10 June – 31 Aug.

We guarantee you a magnificent adventure!

Situated 20 km north of Mo i Rana

Website: E-Mail: Tel.: +47 75 13 25 86 +47 47 23 38 58

D20 Mo Gård Mo, 8900 Brønnøysund

Tel. 986 14 038



1500 per night 8000 per week

01.01 – 31.12


01.01 – 31.12

950 – 1180

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650 – 6000

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900 – 2100

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C22 Fredly Torget, 8900 Brønnøysund

Tel. 75 01 80 00 |

C23 Torghatten Kurs og feriesenter AS Tel. 75 02 54 95 Torget, 8900 Brønnøysund E22 Vassenget Park Overnatting Nevernes, 8960 Hommelstø


12/48–60 5/25–35

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Tel. 416 13 800 |



E22 Velfjordferie Hommelstø, 8960 Hommelstø




Hotel/motel/ Tel. (+47) Room/ guesthouse/cabin/room email/web beds Address

Brønnøy/ g23 Tosbotn Camping Brønnøysund Tosbotn, 8960 Velfjord

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Tel. 75 02 61 50 / 908 23 316


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01.01 – 31.12

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695 – 1190

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Vega b19 Nes Bryggeferie Nes, 8980 Vega

b191 Vega Opplevelsesferie Nes, 8980 Vega

E15 Bjørnsvågen Kystkultursenter Bjørn, 8820 Dønna

Cabin rorbu/ beds



Tel. 977 94 260 |


01.04 – 30.09

d14 Hytte på Vandve Vandve, 8820 Dønna

Tel. 922 32 192 |


01.04 – 29.09

E14 3 Kalver Solfjellsjøen, 8820 Dønna

Tel. 415 13 425 / 482 18 561 |

13.05 – 12.08

E13 Rølvåg Rorbu Rølvåg, 8820 Dønna

Tel. 416 53 759 |



01.01 – 31.12

d14 Havsund Feriehus Vandve, 8820 Dønna

Tel. 480 30 746 / 917 15 296 |



01.05 – 15.09


Tel. 75 03 64 00 |


c17 Skogsholmen Gjestehus Skogsholmen, 8980 Vega

Tel. 488 85 422 |


01.05 – 31.08

Vevelstad E19 Handelsstedet Forvik Forvik, 8976 Vevelstad

Tel. 75 03 71 25 |


595 – 850

10.06 – 14.08

E14 Aaker Brygge Stavseng, 8820 Dønna

Tel. 75 05 48 58 / 478 24 448 |



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Herøy d15 Elfis Sjøstuer Labukta, 8850 Herøy

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1150 – 1550

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250 – 450

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d15 Seløy Kystferie Seløy, 8850 Herøy d16 Flostad Rorbuer 8850 Herøy



01.01 – 31.12

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d16 Herøy Caravan Tenna, 8850 Herøy

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d15 Augustbryggo Seløy, 8850 Herøy

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d16 Herøy Brygge Herøyholmen, 8850 Herøy Leirfjord g15 Kvitneset Camping Lading, 8890 Leirfjord

Tel. 997 28 301 / 75 04 95 95 re– |


01.01 – 31.12

h14 Sjøbakken fiske-camping Ytre Levang, 8890 Leirfjord

d20 Steinmo Bobilparkering Lauknes, 8976 Vevelstad

Tel. 75 03 75 32 | post@vevelstad–

E19 Visthus Rorbucamping Visthus, 8870 Visthus

Tel. 75 03 77 11 |

f19 Bønå Villmarkssenter Bønå, 8870 Visthus Alstahaug d17 Taraldsen Brygge Hamneveien 6, 8820 Tjøtta



e17 Offersøy Camping Offersøy, 8860 Tjøtta d17 Valbakken Feriehus Hestøysund, 8854 Austbø

Tel. 917 05 564 / 75 04 64 11 | Tel. 75 04 58 02 / 911 12 989 | www.valbakken–

E15 Rica Hotell Syv Søstre Tel. 75 06 50 00 T. Kveldulvsongate 16, 8800 Sandnessjøen |


E16 Stokkatunet Stokka, 8800 Sandnessjøen

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Hotel/motel/ Tel. (+47) Room/ guesthouse/cabin/room email/web beds Address

b19 Vega Havhotell Viksås, 8980 Vega


Tel. 962 27 442 | www.flostad–


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Dønna e14 Brygga Berfjord, 8820 Dønna

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Nesna g13 Havblikk Sjåberget 3, 8700 Nesna

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E14 Dønna Rorbuer Bøteriet Åkerøya, 8820 Dønna

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f12 Tomma Hytteutleie 8723 Husby

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4 / 34

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E131 Dønnes Gård Dønnes, 8820 Dønna

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Lurøy h11 Aldersund Motell og Camping 8730 Bratland

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Hotel/motel/ Tel. (+47) Room/ guesthouse/cabin/room email/web beds Address

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Lurøy h11 Aldersund Brygger Aas, 8730 Bratland

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Grane h20 Haugen Camping Grane, 8680 Trofors

Tel. 997 91 634 / 75 18 14 66

f11 Langneset Langneset, 8762 Sleneset

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Hattfjelldal l23 Furuheim Gård Susendal, 8690 Hattfjelldal

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d11 Lovund RorbuHotell 8764 Lovund

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m18 Sæterstad Gård Varntresk, 8690 Hattfjelldal

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n18 Sivertgården Famnvassdalen, 8690 Hattfjelldal k19 Vesterbukt Feriehytter Vesterbukt, 8690 Hattfjelldal

Tel. 75 18 51 43 |



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g11 Rådhusplassen overnatting Tel. 911 57 725 / 974 60 129 | Lurøy, 8766 Lurøy g11 Lurøy Rorbuer Onøy, 8766 Lurøy

g10 Haukenesbrygga



Tel. 976 47 886



01.01 – 31.12

8743 Indre Kvarøy

Tel. 959 71 006 |

1500 per night (entire house)

01.01 – 31.12

g10 Kvarøy Sjøhus Kvarøy, 8743 Indre Kvarøy

Tel. 977 46 145 | 5/30

1400 per night per cabin

01.01 – 31.12

Vefsn/ h17 Fru Haugans Hotel as Mosjøen Strandgt. 39, 8656 Mosjøen

Tel. 75 11 41 00 |

g10 Oscarbrygga 8750 Tonnes

Tel. 75 09 11 99 |


750 – 1850

01.01 – 31.12

h17 Gjestehusene i Sjøgata Sjøgata 22–24, 8656 Mosjøen

Tel. 75 17 27 60 |

Træna c10 Træna Gjestegård 8770 Træna

Tel. 75 09 52 28


01.01 – 31.12

h17 Mosjøen Camping as Mathias Bruns gate 24, 8657 Mosjøen

Tel. 75 17 79 00 |

c10 Træna Rorbuferie 8770 Træna

Tel. 75 09 53 80 / 979 83 276 |

h17 Mosjøen Hotell Vollanveien 35, 8663 Mosjøen

Tel. 75 17 11 55


620 – 1450

01.01 – 31.12


795 – 1395

01/01 - 31/12


950 – 1200

01.01 – 31.12

Tel. 37 03 66 10 |


Rødøy h10 PolarCamp Hilstad, 8754 Øresvik

Tel. 75 09 71 86 / 971 63 086 |


h8 Klokkergården Kystturisme 8193 Rødøy

Tel. 75 09 73 33 / 957 30 266 |

g8 Skjærgårdsro Overnatting Gjessøya, 8193 Rødøy

Tel. 478 65 971 www.skjærgå | hav– 4/10


Villa Midnattsol Reidar Jensen, Nordværnes, 8188 Nordvernes

Meløy k8 Svartisen AS - hytteutleie Holand, 8178 Halsa






d9 Dørvær Feriehus Dørvær, 8770 Træna

Tel. 993 96 853 |

Tel. 75 09 87 24 / 977 33 317




01.01 – 31.12

h17 Lyngengården Hotell Vollavn. 15, 8663 Mosjøen

Tel. 75 17 48 00 |

400 – 1150

01.04 – 31.10

i16 Aspnes Camping Fustvatn, 8664 Mosjøen

Tel. 75 18 68 77 / 920 82 548 |


400 – 550

01.06 – 30.09

1050 – 1400

01.01 – 31.12

i16 Mosjøen Vandrerhjem/ Sandvik Gjestegård og camping Mjåvatn, 8664 Mosjøen

Tel. 75 11 50 00 / 488 91 199 |


310 – 1170

01.06 – 15.08

Hemnes j15 Korgenfjellet kro & motell Korgfjellet ”på toppen”, 8646 Korgen

Tel. 75 17 01 50 / 911 67 411 |


370 – 770


k15 Korgen Vertshus 8646 Korgen

Tel. 75 19 72 00 | www.korgen– bestilling@korgen–


700 – 950

01.01 – 31.12

300 – 1200

01.01 – 31.12

300 per night per person

840 – 1490

01.04 – 01.10

01.01 – 31.12


Tel. 75 75 11 00 / 980 05 005 | 2/8

1000 – 1800

01.05 – 01.10

k17 Stekvasselv Gård Stekvasselv, 8647 Bleikvasslia

Tel. 916 70 540 / 915 56 282 |






Cabin rorbu/ beds


★★★★★ ★★★★

Hemnes k14 Bjerka Camping Nerdgårdsgate 27, 8643 Bjerka Mo i Rana k13 Yttervik Camping Sørlandsveien 874, 8617 Dalsgrenda


330 – 1190

01.01 – 31.12

Tel. 909 87 355 26/110 |

440 – 1400 per cabin

01.01 – 31.12

m12 Rica Meyergården Hotel Fr. Nansensgt. 28, 8601 Mo i Rana

Tel. 75 13 40 00 |

Tel. 75 19 05 47 / 916 73 170 |





01.01 – 31.12

Tel. 75 12 05 00 www.ole– | hotell@ole–


790 –

01.01 – 31.12

m12 Hotell Svartisen O.T. Olsensgate 4, 8622 Mo i Rana

Tel. 75 15 19 99 |


790 –

01.01 – 31.12

m12 Folkets hus Innsjekk ved Comfort Hotell Ole Tobias

Tel. 75 15 15 15 hotell@ole–



01.01 – 31.12

m12 Mo Gjestegård Elias Blix gate 5, 8624 Mo i Rana

Tel. 75 15 22 11– | post@mo–


700 – 900

01.01 – 31.12

m12 Stålkam Vandrehjem Søderlundsmyra 39, 8622 Mo i Rana

Tel. 75 15 35 28 |


200 –

01.01 – 31.12

m12 Bimbo Veikro Saltfjellveien 34, 8613 Mo i Rana

Tel. 75 15 10 01 |


670 – 900

01.01 – 31.12

m11 Grønligrotta Overnatting Grønli, 8615 Skonseng

Tel. 75 13 25 86 / 472 33 858 |


750 – 1000

01.06 – 31.08

m12 Røssvoll Senter Skonsenghagen 28

Tel. 915 92 550 |

500 – 800

01.05 – 01.11



n11 Storli Camping 8630 Storforshei

Tel. 75 16 02 32 |


375 – 475


340 – 1000

15.05 – 15.09

q10 Krokstrand Kafe og Overnatting Saltfjellveien 1573 Krokstrand,


400 – 1200

01.01 – 31.12

8630 Storforshei

q11 Elvmøthei Fjellgård Andfjellveien 20, 8635 Polarsirkelen

Tel. 915 68 051 |



350 – 600

Mandag - fredag 09.00 – 18.00 Torsdag 10.00 – 18.00 Lørdag 10.00 – 15.00 Tlf: 75 15 84 84

Distance table Helgeland E6


Bodø Stokkvågen

230 km 578 km


296 km 512 km


329 km 361 km


342 km 424 km

01.05 – 31.08

n11 Skogly Overnatting Tel. 976 67 468 | Skogly, 8630 Storforshei Tel. 75 16 60 02 12/26


m12 Comfort Hotell Ole Tobias Thora Meyersgate 2, 8622 Mo i Rana

Mo i Rana

231 km 478 km


318 km 392 km

01.01 – 31.12




Map of helgeland Map: Cartographica and Statens Kartverk

Hurtigrute Express boat Ferry

Hotel/motel/ Tel. (+47) Room/ guesthouse/cabin/room email/web beds Address

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Sporten Havna

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Welcome to Vegaøyan UNESCO World Heritage Site – a visit on Nature’s own terms










Respect the environment and show special care when lighting a fire!


Visitors who come in their own boats are requested to take particular care during the breeding season, from 15 April to 31 July, and to maintain a low speed near land and between the islands. It is strictly forbidden to damage nesting grounds or to interfere in any way with animals and birds. During the breeding season, dog owners are prohibited from bringing dogs anywhere near the nesting areas. Between 1 April and 1 October, all dogs must be kept on a leash.

Vegaøyan World Heritage Foundation Tel: 75 03 55 03


Visitors can enjoy guided boat tours to the old nesting areas and fishing villages in the World Heritage area, giving them a unique cultural experience and a keen appreciation of Vegaøyan’s natural beauty. Vega offers great bicycling and kayaking adventures, as well as hiking trails into the mountains and along the shoreline. We recommend a visit to Nes old fishing port, with its E-huset Museum, café, World Heritage Exhibition and Little Lånan. Also worthwhile is a trip to Ylvingen, an idyllic island with sheltered inlets, bikefriendly roads, and panoramic views from the World War II fortification, Tyskerhåjen. For additional details, please contact Vega Tourist Information.

Vega Tourist Information Tel: 75 03 53 88


Vegaøyan was awarded a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2004 for the archipelago’s outstanding natural and cultural environment. Through more than a thousand years, the people of these islands have built nests for eider ducks and protected the birds. When the ducklings leave the nests, the soft eider down is collected and used to make the best duvets in the world. The people of Vegaøyan still continue this ancient tradition.

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