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cMl Engg.

enhancing employability

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Common Thread


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EVENT 1? I a Binding With a

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bigwqt od tleworW is @td ttust in


ile growth ofthefashion infusfrT in tle regiorr ond qd stdrc of b@tty pq@ta.

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East India in a

&d lherqion bre&. Tle big6t

seminar was orgnized


30H; Del Rey

Fashion e Fashion industry boom isjust waiting to happen in North East lndia- North East is unexplored territory when it comes to fashion. But with a ever-growing interest in the weaves of the region as well as sprouting of a localbreed of designers and models, North East is the next stop for fashion inspiration. The Wills lndia Fashion Week (WlFvV) in Delhi was testimoni


the focus on North East where in an attempt to promote fashion of the region, the Textiles Ministry joined hands with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) to organise a show dedicated to designs from

Singer Lana Del Rey makes dtmospheric, orchestral, retro 60's sounding pop thal showcases her touchy imqge and sensuous singing style.

sPECrAt FEATURE 1I A \.' Engineering Education

the seven sisters. Designer Atsu Sekhose. who was chosen for the show gravitated towards the tribes of North East as the chief inspiration for the collection. With his roots in Nagaland, he presented a colledion that was representative of the North Eastern culture. The event also saw work by 29-year-old designerJenjum cadi, who hails from Arunachal Pradesh. A relatively new breed of designers are working overtime to shift their energies and concentrate towards the North East. Elements of the region's vibrant culture had been mildly incorporated in collections earlier, but with young and enthusiastic minds from the region stepping into mainstream fashion. the focus on North East is definitely more than ever before. .

An individual who wank to reach a reputable position in hi6 cqreer hds to choose right academics at right lime. Everyo e, \a,hether it is an aspiring engineering student orjusl a college going candidate is having lheir own dreqms to pursue a professioral course in a Prestigious engineering college with an expected branch. There are more than 2500 engineering colleges which oJfer a variety of engineering branches in India.


Ramesh Gupta Publisher & Joint Editor

,uNE 30,2013





remain in power. Where are those manifestoes and solemn promises Ibobi made during his last campaign. Nothing is more disgraceful than such false promises. What development has been brought in rural areas during the past decade? With such puppet leaders in power, Manipur has become the most corrupted and most uncivilized State in India. It's time for IINC to give deadline to all Naga Congress

world while people from all across the globe thronged every year at the base camp at Nepal to take an attempt at the envious feat. So the concept, attempt and then the success ofthe 1st Northeast India Top olthe World Mount Everest Expedition was indeed a pleasant tum ofevents. It is indeed more significant given the fact that the all exclusive team of adventurers

ftom only the states ofNorth East achieved the unprecedented on t}le eve ofthe historic moment ofthe first conquest by Tenz ing Norgay and Edmund Hillary 60 years ago onMay 29. SANrosH GuPrA,


till such selfish motive leaders

like Ibobi, Gaighangam and others

Congratulations to the all-exclusive Team North East that successfully scaled the highest peak in the world. It was always a suprise how few from the hills and mountains of North East India had actually scaled the highest peak in the

elected candidates like M.K. Preshow, Victor Keishing and so on to resign from the present ruling

Manipur Govemment for countless unfulfilled reasons. And in the futwe, llNC must pass a resolution for any Naga cardidate not to

TYRAl,IT IBOB! For how long we the people especially living in Naga inhabited areas will continue to survive in endurance in the suffocating State

participate in contesting on the next general Legislative Assembly election of Manipur.

like Manipur. We the people living in the outskirt are nowhere to gain

Sfl rMR€rrHrNG,

even a single penny ofdevelop-





Dear readers, You ca n mail us you r letters, €omments and a rticles atr fxe.utive Ed itor, Nortfi E st sun, 8-8, Bahad e-maili, &


rshah Zafa r l,4ar9, New Delhi1


0002 or


Mrssrrrrc LINK oF

Mzos established the fact that Mizos too are descendanls of he migrant people who migrated from fie Souh-East Asia in fi e pre-historic period.

lrom Soufi-East Asia and China to he Norfi-East India and b mainland lndia

South-East Asiafilling up a long

Prolessor Dilip Kr. Medhi, Depanment

the morFliths representing megalifiic

standing void of the Mizoram area thereby providing a new twist to the pre-historic development 0t the people 0f fiis part 0f the region. The scientists have discovered anthropological evidence in remote Champai of Mizoram eshblishing a missing link about the origin ol the people of Mizoram. 'lhe newfindings have firmly

ot Anfimpology, Gauhati University, has

culture of Mizonam have a d€finite oroof of

In a ma,or anthmpological


North-Eastern lndia. the scienlisb ot the Gauhati University have found Paleolifiic cultural evidence in Mizioram with DeveloDment for


Sut 1,r",

30, 2013

discovercd an in sifu eviderrce of Paleolihic cutture in


t|e Sbb. Ihree oher

massive choppers including fuw

tools have been discor/ered. Appeamnce of chopper provides a cffneclio{| ol Mizoram to

he ffe-hisbric cul

re in


Yenawadi Valley in lJtyanrnar. Though plenty of evidence 0f human migration

was found, fiere was no evidence for migration to Mimram.

migration 0f ftis tadilton from Indonesia, Ihailand and Myanmar in fie Soufi-East Asia. There was a keen inbrest arnong fte anhmpologists tor fie last couple ot decades b unearfi fie pre-hisbry ol Mizoram for ib

sffiegic location belvreen

ilyanmar and Bangladestr. January 31, 2005



if f,I{ 'rtn aRr crdgz

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gdd-*[{ 61 ErdfrCCMAINdtional Er+,Fn



Madhya Pradesh Education

zo't3 ar{r





Infrostructure in the Region"

or gqn

RCPV Bhopal




'i4r 6t+q 6t Deptt. of




Electronics &lT, Covt. of lndid aE "An Emerginglnstitute in ICT


# 7

Highry Qualified & Experienced Faculty World Class




ScholafshlD Aual{2012-tg BGPU

Maximum Placements in M,P. Results in M.P.

Highest Intake in the Region (GGITs-9OO



{c afF Edq*r€ d EFii affi 2o12-1j i 3rrqttrd

tifll1{, Best Uttlversity



Engg- Education" sr



Malor Recrutters & Iaduatrial Tie-upa



RC,PV, Bhopol 61 fttE-q +t-€r qSHrJi t crdrq qfi it sq sr< srtrfa oz "reroicrd frr t ssfE-6




sffirq:rerC "


MainLine Media Pvt. Ltd. anr CC,TS i6i fl*q €{ w 46 qi rrq

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Manipur: Naga Turf Battles VERor{rca





incident ofa clash between the Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) and the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM) outside the Tamenglong District of Manipur, an

NSCN-IM cadre identified


Pousingdai Gonmei was shot dead by ZUF militants at Lushai Chiru near the Thongjaorok River under the State's Senapati Distdct. A press communiqu6 issued by information Secretary of the ZUF, A. Dangmei claimed that Pousingdai Gonmei, Kapur (area administrator) ofZeilad Region of Duithanjang Khoupum in Tamenglong District, was 'arrested' in 2011 for leading the NSCN-IM cadres in the first gun battle at Khoupum. After stem waming, he was released as he was a Zaliangrong. The ZUF went on to say that he was also among the cadres involved in the incident which led to the ambush at Soubunglong (Leishok) village in 201l. It also alleged that the deceased was found collecting 'tax' in the Zeliangrong regron. On March 5, 201l, in a fust

clash since the creation ofZUF on February 25, 2011, a ZUF cadre was killed by NSCN-IM cadres near Khoupum Khunou village in Tamenglong District. Again, on October 7, 201l, six cadres ofthe NSCN-IM were killed and five injured during an ambush by ZUF cadres at Leishok village in the Nungba Sub-division of Tamenglong District. About 60 NSCNIM cadres were uavelling to the village in two trucks, when they came under attack. The ZUF had termed the


SUn lruNE 30,2013

October 7 clash a 'sad incident' caused by the intrusion of'outsiders' (NSCNJM): "It is natural for us to protect our land and we are doing it with our own volition." ZUF has argued that NSCN-IM only imposes its 'military rule' in the Zeliangrong region, while there are many Naga aieas that are untouched by the latter outfit. A combined force ofZUF and the Kiaplang faction ofthe NSCN

were killed in a six hours factional fight between ZIIF and NSCII-IM near the Gadai Hills in Tamenglong Distdct headquarteN.

(NSCN-K) has been involved in several of these confrontations with the NSCNIM. Within this context, on April l, 2013, David Loveson Panmei,'Public Relations Officer' ofthe NSCN-K, was shot dead by suspected cadres of the NSCN-IM on the Aziunm Road in Tarnenglong

September 25, 2012: A fierce guo battle between ZUF ard NSCN-IM cadres erupted in the evening of September 25, and continued through the night into September 26, leaving six dead and injuring one civilian. The identities of the decaased and the injured could not be confirmed. The incident was sparked off inside a forest near Wairangba village in the iDte-

District. In 2012, according to South Asia Terrodsm Portal (SATP), a total of nine incidents of factional clashes had been reported betweoo tho thrce

Naga outfits in Tamenglong District. Four incidents ofsuch clashes had been recorded in 201l. Prominert among the 2012 incidents v/ere: October 30, 2012: Five militants (thire NSCNJM and two ZUF cadres)

Octobet 2,2012l. A civilian,

identified as Jaikalung was killed in crossfire between a combined force ofsuspected ZUF and NSCN-K on one side, and NSCN-IM cadres on

the other, at TameDglong District headquarters.


areas of Tamenglong District. August 17, 2012: NSCN-K cadres shot dead two persons, identified as the Zeliangrong Students' Union,

Tamenglong District 'general secretary' Chunthuigai Kamei and a suspected NSCN-IM cadre, Jenao Golmei, at Nurgkao, under tho

arms and ammunition, and joined up with some NSCN-K cadres. The ZUF and its armed wing, the

Tousem Police Station, Tamenglong

District. Jure 21,2012: Six persons were

killed in a gun battle between Naga

The'chairman's' message also asserted that a big chunk ofthe 'ancestral land' of the Zeliangrong people had been bartered away to the Dimasas in North Cachar Hills (Dima Hasao) of Assam, while other communities and State agencies contilue to eye the land and resources

Zeliangrong Tiger Force (ZTF), were formed with the proclaimed objective of protecting the interests of the Zeliangrong tribe, and celebrated their second raising day on February 25,2013. Addressing the gathering, 'commander in chief Jenchui Kamei read out the message endorsed by its'chairman', Kamson, expressing 'appreciation' for the support and co-operation given by the 'public' of the region to the ZUF. Kamei reiterated, further, that ZUF had not arrived at any agreement with the Government of India (GoI) or Government of Manipur. The ZUF has grown significantly in almost every aspect, including numerical strength and area expansion, since its inception.

militant grcups that took place in the remote Haochong village, located about 68 kilometres North ofNungba Police Station, in Tamenglong District at about 2.30 am. The dead included two civilians, three cadres ofNSCN-K and one ofthe ZUF. The incident occurred when NSCN-K and ZUF cadres were camping together at Haochong, and were suddenly

attacked by an NSCN-IM contingent. Hours afier the gunfight at Haochong, a 'sergeant major' ofthe NSCNIM,

identified as Athikho, was killed at Tamenglong Bazar, reportedly by the NSCN-K, in a revenge attack for the Haochong killings.

The ZUF was created when

around l0 NSCN-IM cadres deserted the group along with

of the Zeliangrong people. Earlier, on NoveDber 7,2011, the ZUF had argued that Zeliangrong lands (in

Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) were shrinking day by day because ofencroachments by the Dimasas in the Dima Hasao area of Assamj by the Sâ&#x201A;Źmas in the Itangki forest in Nagaland; and as a result ofthe tense situation in Manipur over the creation of the Sadar Hills District. The chairman further asse.ted that the ZUF would work to ensure the unity and integrity of the Zeliangrong People, and to continue and complete the unhnished task

Number of UG programs: 07, Number of PG programs: 10, Selected for TEQIP-


National Ranking-S8th


Maharashtra State Ranking-6th (As per

I r




Western India Ranking-t0th GHRDC Eng neering Collages sutuey - 2010)

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Contact: Principal, RII Rajaramnagar, lslampur, Dist.Sangli, Maharashtra 415 4j4



: 02342 220329, Cell: 9970700700, 9970700800



hfiifiramnanu !^,***,*,i!?!'r!iiil; Instirule 0f TGcnn0logy An autonomous


ruNE 30,2013

: ?

| Stih


recruited ZUF cadres at Tengnoupal in Chandel District, while they were being taken from Imphal for training in Myanmar. The ZUF also has strong differences with the United Naga Council (UNC). UNC is one ofthe frontal Naga organizations which strongly supports the ongoing negotiations between NSCN-IM and GoI and campaigns for an

left behind by Haipou Jadonang and Rani Gaidinliu, who rebelled against Bdtish Imperialism in the early 2Oth Century. In 1964, Rani Gaidinliu demanded "a separate Zeliangrong

Administrative Unit or Political Unit" wirhin the Union oflndia. Naga National Council (NNC) leadels, then in revolt against the Indian Union, considered Gaidinliu's actions an obstacle to the Naga independent struggle. In another development, ZUF had convened its general assembly on February 20, 2013 at the 'council headquarters' and designated Benjamin Pamei as the


'home secretary'; Himsil Kamei as the 'extemal affai secretary'; and Dinhiam Kamei as the 'finance secrctary'


The NSCN-IM was furious at the formation of ZUF and, on June l l, 2012, alleged that the Assam Rifles (AR) was creating conflict among the Nagas in Tamenglong District. In a statâ&#x201A;Źment, the outfit alleged that the birth of ZUF was the result ofdirect manipulation by Government agencies, including Tamenglong-based politicians and the AR. On June 12,2012, reacting to this charge, the ZUF described the NSCN-IM as "anti-people and dreaded elements ofthe Nagas".


ZUF cadres. The AR, meanwhile, strongly refuted the NSCN-lM claims. Strong opposition to the NSCN-

IM has also arisen from other militant formations in the region. On July 5,2012, a day after the ZUF's accusation that NSCN-IM was practicing'anti-Naga' policies, the Manipur Naga Revolutionary Front (MNRF), another Naga out-

fit in Manipur, formed in 2008, alleged that there was a problem wherevef the NSCN-IM was present. Further, on Augtst 23, 2012, Ihe

NSCN-Khole-Kitovi, an NSCN-K splinter group formed on June 7, 201l, had alleged that the activities ofgroups such as NSCN-IM, ZUF and NSCN-K continued to work to the detriment ofpeace in the Zeliangrong areas. Before the emergence ofZUF,

factional clashes amongst Naga formations in Tamenglong Distdct had involved NSCN-IM and NSCN-K.

At least one incident was recorded in 2005; five in 2006; and three each in 2007 and 2008. No such incidents were on record in 2009 and 2010. The Secudty Forces (SFs), meanwhile, have also had violent encounters with the ZUF. Six such incidents have already been recorded in 2013 - resulting in two ZUF fatalities.

alternative administrative alfangement for the Nagas in Manipur. On December 25, 2012, ZUF had appealed to the UNC to review its decision of going ahead with its planned 72-houi bandh (shut down strike). The UNC had called the bandh to protest against "attacks on Nagas" following the incident at Chandel Distict on December 18, 2012, when NSCN-IM 'lieutenant colonel', Livingstone allegedly

molested Manipui film Actress Momoko and threatened two other artistes and also fired from his gun during a musical concert. The ZUF argued the civil society organisations in the Valley (Imphal) should uphold the slogan 'Chingtam-

Amatani' (Hill-Valley are one people). The ZUF also said the UNC did not carry the voice of the whole Naga people. Fratricidal confrontations have long been witnessed bâ&#x201A;Źtween Naga factions in Nagaland, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and, beyond India's frontiers in Myanmar. The Tamenglong Distdct in Manipur has now ernerged as a hotbed ofclashes between NSCN-K, ZUF and NSCNIM, creating new challenges for the convoluted peace processes in the regron.

A. Ramroi, the 'joint secretary'of

A total of

the ZUF declared that the NSCNIM was 'bereft of any agenda' and was resorting to violence against

been arrested since its formation. Ong major arrest was on May 7,

(The author is Research Associote, Institute lor Conflict Management, South Asia Terrorism

2011, when SFs anested five newly


Siih 1 ,u". 30. 2013


ZUF cadres have also

SIIM COLIEGE OF HEDICAT SCIEIIGES & HOSPITAI. DHARWA' Websit€: Rw.sdmm€dic€lcotl6ge.o€, Erojt: sdm_m€d@yahoo,@,in

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cor.rEGE 0F pHystoTHERAFr.






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Courses to be introduced shortty Posl Basic B.Sc. Nursing - 2 years M.Sc. Nursing - 2 years - Bachelor In Speech & Languago pathotogy (BSLAP) Bachelor ot Orthotlc & Prosthotic {BOP)

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Ph:0€36,2466266 W.!.hr:.dmrudvr@gmafl.coh

Fhr.r-Du6tion:2Years,El€cll*n-O"*-,,ff?:,*Gar,&Ebcr|c,ltg&r DraughLnE CMI - Duralion:

2 Y€ars


Binding With a Common Thread In an effort to consolidate the Zou identity cutting across borders through practice of unifurm culture, literature and language, a IndoMyanmar seminar was organized recently. Bnuc!

delegates from India and 26 from


Myalmar attended.


zo oRcANrsArIoN


I | \-/

(Uzo) UsA, zou Literature

Society (ZLS), Manipur Block organised a two-day Indo-Myanmar seminar on Zou Language, Litelature, Culture & Custom at Border Trade Centre Hall in Moreh on May 15-16, 2013. and UZO, Moreh

The seminar was inaugurated by M. Lhukhosei Zou, Chairmatr, ADC Chandel in the presence ofover 100 participants in which 45 Zou






*9.79Y gUAA\J



64:t-.'lt '4t2'r a14'Oe q!.ld;i

{ I

aqu .!'i4 rJ it ti5


qr't 90,i 9n

l dr tt(,Accgh t ;n.;iiri;.;!;-


Aloysius T. Nehkhojang, Secy ZLS, advocate Chinlunthang, Gen Secy

UZO. From the Myanmar sidc, Tamu




Mark Thangkhanai vice-chairman zLS and Co-ordinator ofRadio Veritas Asia (Zomi-Chin Service),

UZO and Suankhanmang, Adviser

--i,rbt|-;i .!

Addressing the gathering, he said, "It's the right tim€, the Zous all over the world must have a global vision to have one common name". The resource persons comprised ofa r€tired senior surgeon Dr. M. Lachinkhai, Chairman ZLS, Rev. Fr.



30, 2013

Parish pdest Rev. Fr. An&ew Cin Go Lian, Kalaymyo KZBC pastor Rev. Go Cin Lang, Zou S)"nod PCM Yangon pastoi Rev. Ai Lien Mang and

Kalalmyo ZBA Mission director

Rev. Thang Khan Khai had also presented seminar papers. The United States-based United Zo Organisation (UZO) Geneml Seqetary, Thangboi greeted all the participants ir his message, said "I wish our people in India and Myanmar should practice one

ftom AD 80- 1604. The zou language constitutes Haidawi, Khuangnung, Thangkhal, Khodai and Tungkua dialect. Of which, Haidawi is the most rtridely spoken among the Zous, while Khuangnung is popular among urban Zou speaken and Thangkhal heavily influences traditional Zou folk songs. Tungkua and Khodai still remains confined to remote villages. A11 these conributed to the richness ofzou language, The inclusion of Zou as a Major hdian Language (IX - )(II Standard) by the

Govemment of Manipur also conaibuted to tle evolution of Zou as a standard



The zou community has



culhle, literature and language". In Manipur, Zou is one ofthe 33

ib own lorown

recognized tribes having a population ofabout 20.000. The bulk of Zou populacc, around 6 I , 0000 liv€s itr Myanmar. The Y,/ord 'Zou' or

Siabzathang in 1952, who still lives

'zo' _

tribes which are predominantly found in Northeast India Manipur, Mizoram, Assam and Tripura (Zampui hill nnges), Chittagong hill tracts (Bangladesh) and Chin Hills (Myanmar). The term ZO dates back to antiquity, however, historica1 records refened them as Jo, Yaw. Zhou. Sho. and Zhou which references are found in the Pong Chonicles

is believed to be the progenitor

of today's Chin-Kuki-Mizo-Zomi

develop€d by



"zolai" wbich was

a man

name4 Pu M.


Zoveng, Churachandpw. This script is stil being taught witlin the Zou hib€s. Participants atthe s€minar delibent€d on the n@ to preserve and promot€ the Zou tanguage,

literatue and cultu€.

There is a slight difference in usages and w tings among fibe. For instance, the Bumese Zous prefer to use Zo rvhile the lndian Zous preferred Zou A pastor who heads the Yangon Zo Synod PCM, Rev. Ai Lien Mang said, "From our forefather's time, we have same religion, culture and language though there is slight variation today due to geographical areas, but we are still one blood

the Zou

and one son. Let's not forget all these". The seminar concluded with joint declaration on promoting unifomity in Language, Literature, Custom and Culture among the Zou people. This is the first time we met together and we musljoin hands together so thal \re can organise



wrH Fi MaRK


the seminar again," wished Dr Lachinkhai, chairman, ZLS,

conference showcased the cultural items ofthe Zo people of Myanmar and India as well. Various games and sports com-


petition were also organised. The numerous cultural events,

Meanwhile, in Zo Diasporas all over United States flocked together in celebrating the 7th United Zo Organisation Conference at Atlanta in Georgia on May 25-26, 2013

singings, amusements and funs mesme zed the Zos, who were scattered acrcss many cities in united states. The next conference is slated to be held in Bossier City, Louisiana. The

Around 2000 people gathered in the event The two-day

two davlons celebrations ended with taditional





tvlanaged by Santosh Rungta Group BHILAI . RAIPUR (CHHATTISGARH)

World of endless oPPortunities... Rank

ln Central



City ofticc r sheela Residency, 0pp. c.M House Civil tines. Raipur, Chhattisgah

Bhilai :0788-6666666

| naipur:0771- 6666666

efiail : I wshtila :

lrl lrfr

ffih- la

T-lzs" juNE 30,2013

| sun


Sangai Population On the Rise Wile many endangered species face extinction due to poaching, there is good news in Manipur, home to the endemic, rare and endangered Brow-antlered deer

- Sangai.

The common English name for Sangai is Manipur Browantlercd Deer and the scierrtlfic r€rne, Rucerws eldi eui.It Iives in the marshy wetland in Keibul Lamjao about 45 km Aom

knphal. Its habitat is located in the southem parts ofthe Loktak Lake, which is the largest Aeshwater lake in Easiem India. It is also one

ofthe seven Ramsar sites of intemational importanc€.

The habitat ofthe Sangai is now protected as the Keibul Lamjao T LEAST

206 sANGArs



life census conducted in March this year at Keibul Lamjao National Park. Frequent counter insurgency operations conducted by police andpara-military forces was one major factor for the dwindling Sangai population as


rccorded a few years back. Forest Deparhrent, Wildlife Wing together with NGOS conducted a wildlife census for Sangai (Rucerws eldii eldii), Khanha (Hog deet and wild boar found in KLNP on March l3

was submitted to the State Govemment in the month of May itself, conveyed the source fi[ther.

this year by erccting 30 watch towers and using point transect

tlat fherc'were 14 Sangais in KLNP in I 975, headcount of Sangai was conducted by the Forest method. After it was leant

Departrnent fiom time !o time until2003 using aerial and grolmd

meftods. Between 2006 and 2008. the Wildlife Institute oflndia conducted Sangai census at the parlq Forest Depaftnent spotted I 80 Sangais duing its 2003 census. After a gap of 10 years, the department spotted 206

ofMarch 2013. In addition to wild boards were spotted.

Sangais during its latest census Saagai, 212 Khanhas and 269

Ofthe 206 Sangais spotted, 90 werc males, 89 females and 27 fawns. 67 male Kharshas. 115 female Kiarshas and 27 Klarsha fawns were also spotted.

According to


souce, the overall population trend indi-

cates that the populations of Sangai and Hog deer have stabi-

lised and are a little above the previous census, paticularly

Wildlife oflndia. The sharp decline in the population of

the estimates made in 2006, 2007 and 2008 by the I-trstitute

Sangai and Hog deer during 2006, 200? and 2008 as reported by WII, Dehmdun could be due to heavy biotic disturbaDce because ofpresence ofunwanted elements at various pafis of the palk and frequent operations by police and paramilitary forces to flush out UG cadrcs.


National Park. Sangai is also the state animal of Manipur. Sangai was reported to be extinct in 1953 befole a few

Sifn l,urue 30,2or3

ofthe rare species was spotted in the 1970's . Later

Keibul Lamjao, the only nahfal habitat of Sangai, was declared


national park in 1977.

Census report ofthe

Wildlife Wing, Department ofForest

Contrary to all out effods for preservation ofthe rare brow-antlered deer locally known as Sangai, locals in the periphery ofthe endangered deer species' natural habitat relying on chemicals to clear unwanted water plants is said to be the latest threat posed to the survival ofthe State animal. According to Chief Wildlife Warden Th lbobi, who is also Loktak Development Authority's Proj€ct Director, the local population, particularly the fishing community, have staxted to use chemical substances to cleax the floating bio-masses (phumdis) to develop/maintain lishing zones in Kumbi pat (lake), which lie adjacent to Keibul Larrjao National Paxk the only natural habitat ofthe Sangais. The Wildlife warden said that use ofchemicals to clear phumdis fiom Kumbi pat stated this yeax. Highlighting that the locals using chemical substance pose grcat threat to animals living on the national park due to side effects ofthe toxic conterts, Ibobi cautioned that not only would usage of such substaDce endanger the animal species but the safety and health ofthe human population depending or the 236.21 squarc kM Loktak lake cannot be guaranteed. ExplaiDing that water, aquatic plants, fishes and insects are integral and essential components ofthe Loktak Lake's

bio-divenity, he remarked that any disturbance caused to the fragile environment is bound to have serious impact on all species that depend on the Lake for survival.


Siddaganga Institute of Technology

J-"{f urâ&#x201A;Ź:c


An A!tonomous Instltution Affr iated to Visvesvaraya Technological lJniversity Approved by A CTE, Accredited by National Board of Accreditation and ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certlfied



+91-815-2282588, +91-9900250045

+91-816-2280995 e-mail I,

Dr. SHIVAKUMARAIAH, Principal : +91-816 2242696, +91966336714O Fax : +91 816 2282994 e-mail :,

ESTD. :: 1963

rad uate Programmes 1) Civil Engineering 2) MechanicalEngineering 3) Electrical & Electronics Engineering 4) Electronics & Communication Engineering 5) ChemicalEngineering 6) Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering 7) Industrial Engineering & Management 8) Computer Science & Engineering 9) Information Science & Engineering 10) Telecommunication Engineering 11) Architecture 12) Biotechnology


. . .

TotalArea oftheCampus : 25 Hectares Entire campus is landscaped and lush green,


devoted faculty members numbering 295. 25yo of thetaculty a re Ph.D. holders.

Well Qualified, experienâ&#x201A;Źed, competent



Post Graduate Programmes

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9)


10) 11) 12) 13)

M.Tech. - Computer Networks M.Tech. - Computer Integrated Manufacturing M.Tech. - Digital Communications M.Tech. - Power Electronics

M.Tech. M.Tech. M.Tech. M.Tech. M.Tech.


structural Engineering


Thermal Power Engineering

- Chemical Engineering - Computer Science & Engg. - signal Processing M.Tech. - Manufacturing Science & Engg.

M.Tech. - Transportation Engg. & Mgmt.

Ph.D. Programmes in 14 Departments


r . r . . . .

Well equipped laboratories. Wellstacked Library with over 117970volumes.

Journals - (210 - National), (42 - lnternational), e-Journals- 1744 and e-books - 330.

Language Learning Laboratory



communication skills.

1850Computerswith latestconfigurationslocated in 29 comDuter centres

with camous wide network.

40MbpslnternetLeaseLineroundtheclock. Industrial Competency Laboratory - To help students acquire additional competencies in industrial

to Training & Placement Institute has a full fledged

Training and Placement

department. All the top lT and core companies are visiting the institute for camous olacement. Placements ; Academic year 201!-12: 704 placements. TCS alone has selected 370 students. Academic vear 2OL2-L3 : 530 Dlacements and still the proceSS


In progress.

. . . . . .

practjces. Fully equipped Indoor stadium with gymnasium. A multipurpose Auditorium - 1200 seating capacity.

State-of-the-art Media centre and 5 Seminar Halls with a udio-visual facilities. 5 Boys' Hostels & 2 Girls' Hostels together can accommodate 2094 students

Health Centre with a

full time Resident Medical

officer, Ambulance. Post Office, Bank, ATM, Co-op. Society and Canteen.


Engineering Education Making the Right Choice ,l N tNDTvtDUAL wHo wANTs ro IEdrrr d rtPuLdurc Purrrrvrl tt Ir -^^-L lrn hrs career nas Io cnoose right academics at right time. Everyone, whether it is an aspiring engineering student or just a college going candidate is having their own dreams to pursue a professional course in a prestigious engineering college with an exDected branch. There are more than 2500 engineering colleges which offer a variety of engineering branches in India. There are some basic factors which are to be considered while choosing an engineering college, which will obviously lead you to a good college to complete your graduation in Engineering. These are a set of parameters which are universal and need to be strong in order to attract students for engineering colleges. The parameters which are laid here are basic parameters for the engineering colleges and also serve as a parameter for students to decide their college for a better future. Before ioininq in

a particular college or selecting a prepared branch students and parents should concentrate on the


following points. The most important point is to check whether the college was

approved by AICTE and accredited by NBA of AICTE. AICTE

continuously strives to maintain the quality technical education in the country. NBA of AICTE aims to maintain level of some of the programs offered in technical institutions on par with program offered in institutions across UsA and Europe. EXPERIENCED FACULTY: The faculty members must be well qualified and experienced with good domain knowledge and teaching experience and should be helpful to the students whenever they approach them. An Engineering college or any college is known by the faculty and is largely dependent on the faculty for making good

to the matter


results. Faculties are roots of a college and a good engineering -, colleoe rs one In wnrcn most or the taculw are tnorouqn In rnelr -F subject and knM ht'i to teactr students and make them under-

stand topics which may be easy or hard. The faculty of a college is a basic parameter which plays a deciding factor as to whether the college will produce a good result or bad one CURRICULUM: The next big fac-

tor which is of importance is the curriculum followed in the college. The faculty and students of a college are of no use if the curriculum followed is not technically sound and updated according to the modern li{e. An old curriculum may result in the students lagging behind the fast paced and fast changing world of technology. Therefore, it is important that the curriculum followed in the college is up to date and technically sound in terms of the latest technology and research. ALUMNI: The alumni of an engineering college are the best reflection of the institution's image. The alumni from the college and the position at which they are in the present world will also serve you to understand the

institution's qroominq methods .and how'they -'- are used by the alumni for becoming successfgl in life. The alumni have


FEATURE an essential parameter of late for choosing engineering colleges with more and more colleges depicting success stories of their students in order to attract studenls. COLLEGE INFRASTRUCTURE: A

college with good buildings with well furnished and fully ventilated class rooms, clean and green

and calm environment, spacious laboratories, library and good sports complex etc. which helps the student to improve dedication and concentration on studies are also important criterion. All the labs in the college should be well equipped with good conditioned equipment as per the university curriculum and for research purpose,

LIBRARY: Library is the main source to improve the knowledge of the students at the engineering level. Candidates have to learn a lot on their own. This will be possible if the library contains sufficient number of text books, reference books, journals and ma9azrnes. COLLEGE LOCATION: The engineering students have to face exams of various types frequently.

Apart from college time, the student has to select free time in a day to complete other academic works. He should spend at least seven to eight hours in a day on writing the notes, record work and reading the books. lt advisable to stay very near to the College to save valuable time. It is always better to stay in the hostel if it is located in the college is


PLACEMENTS: After four years of hard work in an engineering course, ultimately many of the students expect jobs in good companies or prepare to go for higher

education. Previous Dlacement records and the interest of college managements in improving them are important factors. The quality of placements offered is evaluated by the quality of company in which the students are placed and the type of salary package they command. The olacements also are essential as to whether or not the whole batch has been placed. A lot of engineering colleges are now-a-days offering 100% placement citing that alt of their students are getting placed with reputed companies. Placements have become an essential parameter for determining the college, as most students now want a safe and good job right after their


lNDUtIw - College interaction: Colleges arranging training pro-

grammes in good relevant industries to get hands on experience is

another important factor. This will give an edge over other students. Arranging industrial tours for final and ore final students will be an added advantage. ENVIRONMENT: The friendly atmosphere among students and measures to maintain discipline

by college management will give positive results in academics.

College should encourage competitive spirit among students to attempt exams like GATE, GRE. CAT, lES, Public Sectors Exams etc. CURRICULAR AND CO CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Priority should be given to sports and entertainment by forming


the clubs to conduct different activities. Students should be motivated to participate in various extracurricular activities. REPUTATION: The last means to check for an engineering college is its reputation on local, state and national terms. Colleges rank according to all the parameters stated above. Those colieges ranking high are usually the good ones and are advisable to try and get into one of those. Check the rankings of the institute, its reputation, the position of students of the college in inter college comoetitions, check latest news reports on the college, exchange programs with foreign universities, etc. finding such things will help you to judge an institute. Engineering! This term is such which chanoed our lives forever.

,uNE 3o,2or3



In the last century alone, many

great engineering achievements became so commonplace that we now take them mostly for granted. We can travel the.globe with relative ease, and bring goods and services wherever they are needed. Growing computer and communications technologies are opening up vast stores of knowledge and entertainment. All these activities that have happened in the past and are happening in the present have always made engineering the first preference of students. There is a lot of scope in engineering and the career prospects are huge. All fields in the modern economy have been invigorated by engineering technology. In recent years, the privatq sector has been developing at a fast rate. Public sector as well as infrastructure activi-

ties are being opened to the private sector for investment. In the years to come, private sector employment of engineers will expand further and, due to



Siiiit I ,,



20 r


disinvestment and privatizations, employment currently in the government controlled sector

will also shift, at least partially, to the orivate sector. Engineering, without doubt one of the few most sort after career options all along. Engineering as a field comprises of umpteen iob opportunities. It is one of the most in demand qualification and the highest paying career in both the government and private sectors. An Engineer can opt for a job out of the threâ&#x201A;Ź ' available sectors; Technical, Non-technical and the Software industry. Career opportunities range from jobs in Public Sector Units (PSU) to the prestigious Indian Engineering services (lEs)

offering tremendous growth and a stable career in research and development, teaching and in esteemed private institutions. The Indian Engineering Services further offer careeE in the most

reputed government departl ments like the Indian Railways, Military Engineering Services,


Central Engineering Services,

Telecommunication Department, Central Water Services etc. There are also lucrativejob offers after a post engineering degrees in various sectors such as the civil services, State Engineering Services, MBA" Banking sector and the Defence Services. There is truly no dearth of job opportunities for the right candidate. Besides on pursuing a career in Engineering, a candidate gets the dual opportunity of handling challenging technical roles while also playing a prominent role in the develoDment of infrastructure and services for the nation. The icing on the cake is the affluent social status attached with the job. There are myriad opportunities in Public Sector Units too offering a perfed blend of a highly professional office environment and a stable career. All in all. the Liberalization of economy and the Globalization of trade have led to an extraordinary groMh in the career prospects




ENGINEERING INSTITUTES Birla Institute ofTechnology & Science, Pilani


BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

Thapar Institute of Engg &Technology, Patiala


Gyan Ganga College ofTechnology, Jabalpur


Rajarambapu Institute ofTechnology, Sangli


The ICFAI Insti of Science &Tech, Hyderabad

Dhirubhai Ambani



Manipal Institute ofTechnology, Manipal

Veermata Jijabai Technological Insti, Mumbai

SSN Gollege of Engineering, Chennal



Ajay Kumar Garg Engg €ollege, Ghaziabad



PEs Institute ofT€chnology, Bangalore


Chaitany^ Bhar^thl Insti ofTech,


Coimbator€ Initl of Engg & Tech, Coimbatore



34 Amity School

of Engg &Technology, Noida


Sreenidhi Insti of Science &Tech, Hyderabad


Hindustan Insti of Engineering Tech, Chennai


Raialakshmi Engineering College, Chennai


SASTRA University,Thanjavur

REGION ARUNACIIAL Adopts byJaws Arunachal Pradesh govemment has adopted by-laws and an Annual Action Plan (AAP) of the State Rural Livelihoods Mission (SRLM) for the financial year 2013- 14 as part of its poverty alleviation programmes. The by-laws and AAP were approved aod adopted in the first goveming body meeting of the SRLM. SRLM, constituted as an empowered body under Societies Registration Act, is

in line with the Centre's National Rwal Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) or Aajeevika to implement nert strategies ofpoverty alleviation. woven around community-bas€d institutions. The mission, which aims to promote diversified and gainful selfemployment and wage employment opportunities for sustainable increase in incornes ofthe rural poor, will closely work with the chiefminister's livelihood mission. It is perceived that the mission would work in conjulction with MGNREGA for creating sustainablejob opportunities

House endorses ILP demand Amidst the ongoing campaigns demanding implementation oflnner Lin€ Permit (lLP) System in the state the Manipur Legislative Assembly has adopted a resolution for pursuing the issue with the Govemment oflndia The

resolution on the issue is the second consecutive decision taken by th€ House with the first approved in the previous session ofthe Assembly. Members ofboth the ruling and Opposition parties were unanimous in resolving that the Central Govemment be re-approached for r€levant measures to extend the Bengal Eastem Frontier Regulation 1873 in Manipur in order to pave the way for implementation ofILP in the state.

MEGHALAYA HC dismisses rebel's plea In a major setback to thejailed Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) rebel chiefChampion

for poor villagers, sources disclosed.

All-women police station An all-women police station, the first ofits kind in the state, which will deal specifically with crimes against women, has started fu nctioning here. The police station


deal with


mes like rape, attempt

to rape, molestation, sexual harassment, besides cases relating to matrimonial disputes such as torture and halassment for

Meghalaya High Court has dismissed his petition challenging his detention order under the Meghalaya Prevention Detention Act (MPDA). On January

sake ofdowry, Capital SP Suren&a Kumar said

29, East Garo Hills deputy commissioner Vijay Kumar Mantri had booked Sangma under MPDA for various charges including waging war against the country and heading a


banned outfit. Justice S.R.Sen said the court did not

Blood bank spreads HIV Four peNons have tested positive for HIV after they were transfused blood at a government-ru[ hospital in Assam, sparking offprctests. The matter has came to light on the World Blood Donor Day on Friday All four ofthem claimed they received blood ftom a professional donor at the Mangoldoi civil hospital in Daxrang district. The state govemment immediately ordered a probe, to be conducted by additional chiefsecretary PP Varma. One of the victims alleged that he was forced by hospital authodties to buy

blood from the professional donor.

MANIPUR KNLF surrender Altogether 12 cadrcs ofKuki National Liberation Front (KLNF) including self-styled Second Lieutenant Lal Denga have surr€odercd to 9th Assam Rifl€s under 26th Sector Assam fufles at Moreh along with various arms and ammunitions. The arms surrendered by the cadres included seven

rifles and four SLRS.


R Sangma,

Stin 1 rur,rt 30, 2013



any srror in the detention order and its subsequent proceedings which the deputy magishate ofEast Garo Hills had booked him under the MPDA.

MIZORAM Compensation The Central govemment has given Rs 5 lakh each as compensation to two Mizo women who lost their sanity after being allegedly gangraped by Indian Army soldiers 47 years ago, at the beginning ofa 20-year insurgency in what is now the state of Mizoram. Relatives ofthe two women. Sources said the ex-MNA members, who were helped by retired Mizo IAS officer H V Lalringa, visited Home Secretary R K Singh in New Delhi or May 16. Singh is leamt to have advised them to open bank accounts for the women in order to channel the compensation. Official sources confirmed that the money was recently paid ftorn a secret fund after cleamnce from the highest authodties in the home ministry. The home ministry declined to comment officially on the matter.

ROUNDUP Bru repatriation


The Government of Mizoram is waiting for a green signal

from Tripura Govemment for resumption ofrepatriation process ofthe Bru Refugees. According to official sources from State Home Department, the process of repatdation was temporarily stalled by officials ofTripura Govemment following tension in the boider area in the aftermath ofthe death of Siberamriang. But now, the situation has improved further with reopening ofLangkaih Bridge which connects Mizoram and Tripura. Meanwhile, Langkaih and Taitesena Group YMA leaders also said that they will coopemte with the Government in the repatriation of the Bru Relugees.

NAGALAND Forum on Naga Languages In a move to promote Naga languages. a Forum on Naga Languages (FNL) was launched today in the presence of Nagaland's govemor Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Ura Academy President Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu and several others. The task, which this Forum has undertaken to accomplish, is very important for Naga society, for Naga culture and lbr ofthe state ofNagaland, he said. He

peace and development



Two footballers ftom Staterun Sports Hostel in Namchi would be flying for Holland on May 31 for a two-week long training and exposure camp with the world famous Feyenoord football academy.

United Sikkim FC is sponsoring the entire training and acconmodation for the two

l4-year-old Sports Hostel students while the Sports department

will bear their flight expenses. The kids are Aom Melli and Pratap Tamang Aom Salghari and both hailftom poor families. Star Dutch and Manchester United striker Robin van Persie is one ofthe products ofFeyenoord football academy.

TRIPURA Foodgrains transit ln a move that will strengthen bilateral ties betwâ&#x201A;Źen Bangladesh and India, the Bangladesh Govemment has granted pemission to Tripura to transport foodgains through its teritory. Orving to the difficult hilly tenain and lack ofproper facilities, the Northeast often faces problems in food supplies.

was hopeful that the FNL wiLl be able to produce a dictionary

Especially during the monsoon period, floods and landslides

and improve the literacy and translation skills ofNaga stu-

cause huge problems in transporting essential items through

dents and people.

roads. Recently, foliowing a series ofdiplomatic discus-

ReYival of Paper Mill The central govemment has approved the revival package ofthe Tuli Paper Mill and work has already started on the draft revival scheme. The revival scheme would be submitted to the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction and IDBI bank, which will examine it and then have a round of discussions. The Tuli Pape. Mill

sions, the Bangladesh govemment has agreed to allow the transportation of 10,000 tonnes offood grains for Tripura via its reritory. The tansit will take place from Haldia port in west Bengal to Ashuganj port in Bangladesh from where food grains will be transported by trucks to Tripura border. The ferying offood grains, mainly wheat and rice, is likely to start within a nonth after some security related clearances are in place. Plans are also on to transport food grains to other northeastem states.

would continue to remain a subsidiary ofthe Hindustan paper Corporation, which is owned by the GOI. The Sate Govemment instead of5% equity, will increase its equity contribution to l0% and majodty equity would remain with the Corporation.

SIKKIM Support for Gorkhaland Iterating his stand, the Sikl(im Chief Minister Mr Pawan Chamling said he suppofis the separate state ofGorkhaland demand. Explaining the reason for his support, he said he was in favour of small states in the country. "As much as the small states are fomed, it will be good for the country. We will support if50 small states are formed in the country then the country will flourish, the states will prosper and develop. There will be good governance," Mr Chamling added.

AFSPA With insurgency on the wane in Tripura, the govemment has reduced the areas under Armed Forces Special Powers

Act, 1958 (AFSPA), which gave ample powers to paramilitary forces to conduct search or arest people in the name of insurgency. A notificatiol issued by thâ&#x201A;Ź govemment on June 5 said the matter was reviewed and after consideration ofthe overall law and order situation ofthe state, the areas were reduced. The act was first put into effect in 40 ofthe total 70 police station areas in the state in February 1997, when the conflict between the insurgents and securiry forces were at its peak. Now it would be effective fully in 25 police station areas, and partly in seven. O


30.2ori lSrih


Mega Miss North East 201 3 Fashion industry has taken off in North East India in a big way and the world is waking up to the immense talents that the region breeds. The biggest and most encompassing of beauty pageants in North East - the Mega Miss North East in its I I'h edition was testimony to the growth of the fashion industry in the region and growing popularity and stature of beauty pageants. ized with the help and co-operation

D. Ba ERrEc








North East. the most promtnent beaury pageant

ofthe region

sponsors Sunsilk. The fantastic

pageant materialized in association

with Tanishq, Lakme Perfect Radiance as the Beauty Parher and Reliance

was held in Guwahati on the 24h May. Juhi Gogoi of Assam stole the coveted

Trends as the Fashion Partner. Since its inception in 2003, the Mega

tiara ftom 28 other beautiful and talented women in the pageant produced


and managed by Mega Entertainment

and repute with every successful edi-

in association with Rajbari Nattaraj Trcupe & Pumima Handicraft, was styled & powered by acclaimed design-

tion, to now stand


Abhijeet Singha.

The eleventh edition ofthe pageant pageant was titled ' Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2013' as the event mate al-


East pageant has gone


strength to strength, gowing in stature as the


fiumero uno pageant for young women that showcases the best ofyoung talents from North East. This year 29 vivacious beauties


across the region vied


the crown after getting selected through a tough audition process. All staies ofthe


NE including Sikkim werc rcpresented in the final pageant. The level of competition was very high considering the fact that like every year Mega Miss North East attracts the best talents ftom aqoss the region with many ofthe girls having already won the regional titles back in their own home states.

Mega Miss NE had been attracting big names in the glamour and fashion world ofthe country all these years as judges. Personalities like seniormost fashion designer ofthe country, Hemant Trcvedi, fo.mer Miss India Runner-Up Parvathy Omanakuttan and their likes have been associated with Mega Miss North East for quite some

time. But making a departue from this, the Sunsilk Miss North East'2013 had onlyjudges drawn fiom the region, all quite acclaimed in their fields of activity. The same was done to give a local flavour to the â&#x201A;Źvent and show that NE has no dearth ofpersonalities and big names today. The dazzling evening was set rolling with the ofa beautifully cho-

29 girls coming out in midst

reographed piece looking fabulous in their vibrant

traditional attires. This set the tone for the evening and established

finrly that by bringing

the talented

and very beautiful girls ofthe NE States together in a healthy competition for the coveted crown, the Mega Miss North East has always striven to promote the

beauty ofNorth East unity as also showcased the rich culture and the bdght traditional attires ofthe region. After the choreography got over the girls introduced themselves individually,

fying to strike a rapport with

the audience and the jury alike.

A splash ofcolors took over as the 29 beautitul young women Aom across the rcgion next came out dressed in Evening gowns. The audience lapped it as the lovely ladies sashayed down elegantly shiking poses. There were the 'oohs' and the 'aahs' from the apprcciative crowd seeing the young women strutting their stuffand alnost everyone had their own choice favorites. Even if any ofthe women had

up all



Debashree Gogoi


16. Plabita Gogoi


Priyanka Bora


1-7 .


Subi Taba

Arunachal Pradesh

18. Juhi Gogoi



Papiya Reang


19. Sheila HAOBUAM



Nunu I Sailo


20. Devika Kerongey



Tsomo Wangchok


21. Kadambari kashyap



Arenly Jamir


22. Keneyile rakho



Trisha Saikia


23. Wanda Mary Nongbri



Gyurmilla Bhutia


24. Sarbari Deb Barma

Trip u ra


Sara Debbarma

Tripu ra

25. Himakshi Kalita



Tahlih Koynak


26. Mripriyadarshini Maibam



Rashmi Rekha Devi


27. Anju Dahal

Arunachal Pradesh


Ajanta Boro


28. Shradha Gogoi



Lungmonkim Sitlhou Manipur

29. Neelam Singha



Alem lmchen


S. Suja

Suriya Nila

Assam Assam


st{ fl

3' and deliver, faced with a range ofquestions from thejudges. A few ofthe girls appeared a bit newous but most stood up

admiably and not only

to th€ challenge responded


but also spoke out their

honest views right Aom



hearts. One

thing that came out strongly in this round was the affrnnative pride in being a woman and to not look down upon but to celebrate feminity. Not only did the smart answers bring raph[ous applause Aom the audience but b€tween the lines also

highlighted the mentality offie modem women ofthe region---that despite all the traditional wrap that still exists, the new woman ofthe region is at the same time daring, brave and smart and no less in any way than her comterpart in any other rcgion ofthe


and that she

wants to live life to the firllest and glab

whatever opportunity and opening comes her way.

b€ginning, given the glitz and the rous-

It wasjoy and heartbreak at the same time when ten girls made it to the final

ing atmospherc it seemed to have all

round on the verdict

vaoished and m€lted by this time in the

th€ rest nineteen thejoum€y ofthe eve-

will to rise to the big occasion. The sub-titles were given out at the end of

ning ended. The motto ofthe pageant

this round. Sunsilk Beautiful Hair tide

count alone an)'rnore. Mental faculties, a quiek rational thought process and most

any butterflies in their stomach in the


went , the


Devika Kerongay of Sikkim

Reliance Trerds Most Trendy

award was bagged

by Rashmi Reklra

Devi ofAssam, the Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin tide went to another


is to prove that






vital statistics doesn't


& caring heart

It was late in the evening when the moment oftuth alrived. It was vivacious Juhi Gogoi ofAssarn who won the coveted crown with Subi Taba from Arunachal Pradesh ard Plabila Gogoi from Assam bagging the I st and 2nd Runners up titles respectively. The dazzling evenings show came to an end with the winners deservedly looking very much over the moon in their dazzling tiaras. However, with accomplishm€rts com€ added responsibilities and the need io climb yet higher ped€stals. The winner pocketed 1 lakh cash prize, a automatic entry to walk in the Lakme Fashion Week to be held this August, extensive travel opportunities representing sponsors and charitable parheIs and professional rcpresenta-

is what epitomizes the modem women

tion for Mega Entertainment.

ofthe NE and this is exactly what the Sw$ilk MegaMiss North East'201 3 was

the North East have been long search-

The beautiful and talented girls


Sikkim girl Gurmila Bhutia gnju Dahal ofAnmachal Pradesh was adjudged the B€st Model while Nagaland girl Keneyile Rakho bagged the Peoples Choice award gening the maximum pub-

all about . This was evident when the xest part ofthe evening rolled out. Although

irg for

the ten looked sturming but it was time to

be€n the p€rfect

bank more on their quick thought process

than a decade now to give these young

lic votes via sms.

aFp€arance and

Siih 1 ,u"u 30. 2013


rcady reasoning and wit mther than

look to admirably stand

aveflues to showcase them-

selves. Mega Miss Nofth East has had

platfom for morc

women wings to fly and show that the O sky is the limit for


tte Alive apD: Step 1: cive a missed catl to 18OO1O23324 or visit ali!€a Step 2: Op€n the alive a pp on you r phone and scan this picture by focusing your pbone'scamera on it. Androict/iPhone - hold stilland itwillscan automatically; BB and symbian go to options and then ca pture image; windows - tap on screen to capture and hotd sti over the image.Sl€p 3r Watch the ad come alive. View itand share itwithfriends. Available on selectAndroid (version 2.2 and above), tOS (version 4.3 and above), BB (version 5.Oand above), Symbian (version 560 and above), Windows {version 75and above). Get



CAREER GUIDE Can you tell me if and how corporate lawyers are

recruited in the sovernment? pliance are often short ofsharp understanding and traiIring. I am studying ir class 1 l. My parents want to send me to the US for pur-

biliry to their task in the private sector

suing my undergrad studies. However,

personnel management among others.

l'm told that its important to have


Their excellent leadership qualities

some Community Work. What exactly

and communication skills enable them

does this constitute and is it compul-

to integrat€ well within the organizational structwe. Besides being generally more hon€st and open, they are also team players.

sory? I hav€n't done an)4hing specific

coucrr or veens


I A govemment introduced l- \a Central Civil Services

cadre called the Indian Corporate Law Services (ICLS) to create a qualified

army ofexperts involved in corporate law making and its enforcement in the country. This gives a new service option to those who qualiry the toughest enhance test to get rnto govemment servlce. The officers would be trained at the newly-set up Indian Institute


Coryorate Affain GICA), a policy think tank, before being placed in various offices ofthe Nto Corporate

Affairs. Recruits will be trained in subjects like management, law, accounting, business finance and economics before being deputed to various agencies

in this field so far. There is no mandatory or specific requirement of communiry service for admissions to any intemational university. However, admission officers do appreciate any involvement with the community as it shows an alert mind and a proactive personality. Any kind

ofsocial work opportunity that occurs naturally within your neighbourhood, school or community is fine. Forced work looks atificial and you won't be able to sustain it over a period of time or write/speak about it with passion. It's better to choose a cause that is dear to you. The projects could range ftom something as simple as helping to clean the neighbourhood, looking after animal welfare, teaching under-privileged children in your neighbourhood to rrorking for various campaigns in the city or your school. Keep it as simple and genuine as possible.

rmder the ministry.

Earlier, the ministry got officels

though the UPSC exams. UPSC recruits people from the field oflaw, chatered accountancy and cost auditing. Ev€n though serlior positions in the ministry are held by officers of the IAS ca&e, junior or mid-level offrcers involved in groundlevel enforc€ment, investigation and com-



1,u". 30, 2013

where they do well in jobs ranging fiom securiry, facility management, and administration to training, logistics and

Good techaical knowledge combined with the ability to work within tight deadlines to execute the project on hand, com€ in handy while working on demanding projects and customers. Since you have not mentioned your specific rank or other qualifications, I suggest you take stock ofyour skills,

talent and interest and try matching your profile with the requirement of jobs in ciwy-street to find a second career that's just right for you. The Indian Army has an e-recruitment portal for its ex-servicemen mak-

ing viable second career optionsjust a mouse click away. The website: seryes as a common

platform for ex-service-

men and employers. The portal has separate sections both forjob hunters as well as potential employers. The regishation is free


I have to take Yolutrtary retiremetrt from the Army because of some health problem. I am fine now and wish to take up a private job. Is there aoy way by which I catr find a viable second career? Please advise. Armed Forces personnel are valued for their integdty, eficiency, sense of disciplin€, commitm€nt and responsi-

Ard should you require it, the webwill also help you prepare your


r€sume, get interview tips and negotiate salaries.

Ifyou wish to augment your managerial capability, there is an anay of courses


short and

long{elm offered

by prestigious B-schools like the IMs (Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Lucknow,

Indore), XLRI, MDI, IIT-D, NMIMS, MDI and Symbiosis to name a few. Besides helping office$ handle the business operations ofthe armed forces (e.g. logistics, supply chain management and project management), these courses open up a host of career opportunities for defence personnel like you

spacecraft, and missiles and supervise their manufactur€. Aerospace engineers who work with aircraft are called aeronautical engineers, and those working specifically with spac€craft are called

who wish to get back to civry-street by equipping you with additional management skills and business sawy to face

in Aeronautical Engineering. B.Sc graduates can opt for a one-year postgraduate progrumme in Aeronautical Engineering offered by the Madras Institute of Technolog:y. Graduates in Aerospace Engineering can seek emplo){nent in the aviation industry. The lndian Air Force and commercial airlines recruit aeronautical engineers for maintairirg their fleet of aircraft.

the challenges

ofthe corporate world. .1..'.-|'..

aerospace engineers.

To qualifu as an Aeronautical Engineer you need a BE/BTech degee



in this field. Prototypes for aircraft have already been rolled out and our space research has led to development of satellite vehicles. Among six-odd countries in the world that launch satellites, we not only launch our own satellites but also for other countri€s such as Germany and Belgium. India has the largest set ofremote sensing satellites. Our INSAT syst€m is also among the world's largest domestic satellite communicatiol systgms. lf you have a flair for higher educatio[ and research you can prusue M.Tech and Ph.D. programs. At the undergraduate level, the Indian lnstitut€ of Space Science Technology (Deemed

Univ), Thiruvananthapuram offers B.Tech with specialisation in Avionics / Aerospace engg

IITs - Kanpur, Mumbai Ma&as and Kharagpur , Amity University, Amrita School of Engineering under Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,SRM University, Chennai & Ghaziabad , University ofPetroleum & Energ'y Studies and GNOU, offers BTech (Aerospace Engg) i collabn with Aeronautical Engg & Research Organization, Pune

Could you please tell me something about the scope of aerospace engineering? Is it a good branch to opt for? One ofthe most advanced branches in engineering, aerospace engineering encompasses the flelds of aeronautical and aerospace (spacecmft) engineering. You would study topics such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer, applied aerc-

dlnamics, analytical mechanics, flight vehicle design, trajectory dlnamics, and aerospace propulsion systems. Aerospace engineers, popularly

called "rocket sci€ntists" develop hitech aeroplanes that weigh over a halfa million pounds, to spacecraft that travel at the speed of 17,000 miles an houl. They design, develop and test aircraft,

(HAL), Airport Authority oflndia and NAL also employ aerospace engineeG for research and maintenance. Job prospects include openings

Altematively, you could do a BTech (Aeronautical Engg) which is offered at s€veral engineering colleges. Some ofthese also offer integrated s-year MTech tr


in R&D in the M/o Civil Aviation or in defence research laboratories i.e. Defence Service's DRDO for missile development, or space research labs like Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and CSIR labontories

Furthemore, aerospace graduates IT companies engaged

are preferred by

in engineering-software development. NASA and aircraft manufacturerl such as Boeing and Airbus also


oflndian aerospace engi- | ne€rs. They also work in offshore oil a number

and gas extaction companies. India has made substantial headway in rcsearch

ruNE 3o,

ro13 | Siih


Lana Del Rey Singer Lana Del Rey makes atmospheric,

orchestral, retro 60 's sounding pop that showcases her touchy image and sensuous


(born June 21, 1986), beG ter known by her stage name Lana Del Rey, is an American singersongwriter. Del Rey stafted perlbrming in clubs in New York City at the age

of i 8 and she signed her first

recording contract when she was 20 years old with 5 Points Records, releasing her first digital album Lana Del Ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant in January 2010. Del Rey bought herself out of the contract with 5 Points Records in April 2010. She signed ajoint contract with Interscope, Polydor, and Stranger Records in Octobef 201l. After she released her debut single "Video Games" in Jure 201l, a music video created by Del Rey fbr the song was posted on YouTube in August 2011. After the song became a viral internet hit with over 20 million views, her second studio album, Born to Die, was released in January 2012. The album sold over 3.6 million copies worldwide in 2012, making it the fifth best-selling album of2012. Charting across Europe, this album spawned numerous top ten hits, including "Blue Jeans",

"National Anthem", "Bom to Die", and "Summertime Sadness."



With the release ofher third EP, Paradise, Del Rey spawned her third top ten album in the United States, debuting at number l0 on the Billboard 200 with 67,000 copies sold in its first week. To date, her discography includes two fu ll-length studio albums, three EPs, seven singles, and eight music videos. A highly decorated musician and cinematographer, she has won the Q Award for "Best New Thing", a GQ Award for "Woman of the Year", a BRIT Award for "lntemational Breakthrough Act" and another for "lntemational Pop Female Solo Artist", and an EMA for

"Best Alternative Act". Del Rey's music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to vadous aspects ofpop culture, particularly that ofthe 1950s and '60s Americana. The singer has described herself as a "self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra." Before signing to a major record label, Del Rey

provided sole production ofher music videos. Musically, she draws influencq from what she deems to be the masters ofeach genre, including Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, and Britney Spears, as rvell as from poetry

film noir. Del Rey has endorsed clothing line H&M, seffing as the model for their Fall and Winter 2012 and

collection. At the 2013 BRIT Awards, she won the award for lnternational Female Solo Artist, making it her second BRIT Award to date. Del

Rey's win surprised critics who highly anticipated Taylor Swift to win the award. She is currently working on her third studio album. "It's a little more stripped down but still cinematic and dark. I've been working or it really slowly but I love everything I've done. I've been writing in Santa Monica and I know what the record sounds like. Now I

just have to finish it. Musically I've worked with the same three guys,"

DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan express their romantic feelings for

she said. She also mentioned that

one another. Hip hop magazine Rap-Up called

one ofthe songs offthe album would be called "Black Beauty" and she aheady knows what the music video for it is going to look like. ln March, Del Rey recited Walt Whitman's poem "Song of Myself' for the French fashion magazine, L'Officiel Paris. Del Rey's seventh single, "Dark Paradise", was released on March "Buming Desire" was


released as a promotional single on March 19. Del Rey won the ECHO Awards for Best Intemational Newcomer and Best International

Pop/Rock Artist on March 21. A music video for Del Rey's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel #2" was released on March 27. On April 18, Del Rey released a music video for her and her boyfriend BarrieJames O'Neill's cover of "Sumrner Wine" by Lee Hazlewood. Together with the film's director, co-writer, and co-producer Baz Luhmann, Del Rey penned the original song "Young and Beautiful" for the soundtrack of the 20 I 3 film adaptation ofThe Great Gatsby. The song will be rcleased to contemporary hit radio as a single, and is being used as the film's kickoff single. A snippet ofthe track appeared in the official trailer for the film and played during the scene where the characters portayed by Leonardo

the single "haunting", while MTV

ous stage names including Lana Rey

called it "somber-sounding". An official audio video for "Young and

Del Mar, Sparkle Jump Rope Queen, and May Jailer. Settling on Lana Del Rey, the singer claims she selected the name because it was beautiful. First mention ofthe name Lana Del Rey came from her Spanish-speaking Cuban friends. Following in the shadow ofartists like Prince and David Bowie, Del Rey chose her musical identity because it: "reminded [her] ofthe glamour ofthe seaside. It sounded gorgeous coming offthe tip of the tongue." Del Rey has stylized her musical sound as "Hollywood sadcore." Time said the solid core ofher sound was "movie music", with a fairy-dusting ofharp and ominous timpani, laid out over-top a hip hop vocal cadence. Her vocal style has beerr likened to rap. Of Bom to Die, indie music joumal Drowned in Sound wrote, "She likes that whole hip hop thing though, has this whole swagger thing going that

Beautiful" appeared on 22 April. The official music video for "Young and Beautiful" was released on the loth of May. Following the so[g's release, it peaked at 22 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Del Rey's highest peak on the chart since her


mark, "Video Games", peaked at


in2012. She has been described as a


styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra" and "Lolita lost in the hood" and her music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture, particularly that of 1950s and '60s Amedcana. Rolling Stone noted that Del Rey enjoys playirg the role oflounge singer. Del Rey has also been called a torch singer ofthe intemet era and the anti-Gaga. Bom Lizzy GraDt, Del Rey has attributed her work to vari-

ruNE 30,2or3



:'i. '': i.

tt' * 'I '

not many girls like her got," adding that it sounded like a poppier Bond soundtrack.

In "National Anthem", "Off to the Races," and "Diet Mountain Dew", Del Rey employs this altemative rapping techniqu€. Under the stage name Lizzy Grant, she called her music "Hawaiian glam metal", while the work of her May Jailer project was acoustic. Attributed to many genrcs,

Del Rey's sound has been primarily linked to indie pop, a sub-genre of alternative rcck. Despite this, she has experimented with hip hop and trip hop genres.

Regarding wardrobe, Del Rey has appeared numerous times in PR photoshoots and music videos adorned in gauzy dresses and floral headdresses; she has been recognized as being less flashy than other mainstream female pop singers. Lyrically, "Bom to Die" was recognized as sad. On the subject, De1 Rey said: "I'm not sad, I'm happy. I feel like I'm happy because I'm at peace with the way that things are... I did have a darker filte! on sometimes, but that slowty lifted through

doing a lot ofdifferent things. And finding true love is something that

really did inspire me, lyrically. Because so much

I felt so much the same for ofmy life and then when

you find someone exciting, you don't know that you could actually feel differently than you did before.I was inspired. "Del Rey writes her own lyrics, drawing on various experiences she had while living in New York

City, and she has said that her lyrics, "sound like stories." Noah Levy, senior news editor at In Touch Weekly magazine, noted that her dedication and talent is undeniable, quoted as saying "I think she cares about the art that she

is creating. I don't think that is fake at all." Amongst her musical influenc€s, Del Rey cites several contemporary artists such as Elvis Presley, Antony and th€ Johnsons, Frank Sinatra, and Eminem. "[I really] just like the masters of every genr€", she told BBC radio presenter Jo whiley. Her favorite artists include Bob Dylan, Frank Sinaha, JeffBuckley and Leonard Cohen. She covered Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel #2" in 2013. Jatris Joplin's live v€rsion of

"Summertime" from the Cheap Thrills compilation album is one

ofDel Rey's favorite songs. Del Rey has also cited "Time of the Season" by The Zombies and "Hotel California" by The Eagles as favorites and inspirations. Her favorite films, The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, and American Beauty have also inspired her musical style. Inspired by poetry, Del Rey cites walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg as itrstrumental to her songwriting. Specifically, she enjoys the chapbook "Leaves of Grass" by Whitman and a poem called "Howl" by Ginsberg. Her song, "Body Electric" from her third EP, Paradise, alludes to Whitman in the lyric, "Whitman is my daddy." The song's chorus of "I sing the body electric" is a direct reference to his poem "I Sing The Body Electric." She recited Whitman's poem "Song ofMyself' for the French fashion magazine, L'Officiel

Paris. Before becoming a singer, Del Rey wanted to be a poet. As a child, her father wrote country songs for personal enjoyment, while her mother was interested in singing; the former introduced her to The Beach Boys, while the latter was a fan ofCarly



ruNE 30,

zor: lTuA



that his throat cancer was caused by performing oral Hollywood star

sex on women. The

made the ftank admission in an inter-

view with The Guardian, revealing that

initially thought the disease was brought on by his years ofsmoking and he


However, the 68-year-old actor has since revealed that the particular strain he had suffered with was caused by human pap-

illoma virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease. When asked ilhe had regretted smoking and drinking in the past.

Douglas candidly replied:

"No. Because without wantlng to gâ&#x201A;Źt too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV, which actually comes about from cunnilingus." The Beyond The Candelabra star, who has been married to Welsh actress Catherrne ZetaJones since 2000, was diagnosed with cancer in August 2010 after a walnut-sized tumour was found on

his tongue.

Douglas' health troubles started

just a few months after his eldest son Cameron was jailed for drug possession and dealing. The actor admitted he initially believed his disease had been triggered by the stress over his son's legal troubles.

He said:

"I did worry if the

stress caused by my son's incar-

ceration didn't help trigger it. But yeah, it's a sexually tmnsmitted disease that causes cancer. And you have it, cunnilingus is also the best cure for it." Douglas also revealed that he is optimistic that he has conquered the disease once and for all: "With


this kind ofcancer, 95 per cent of the time it doesn't come back." In the 80s, Douglas was hospitalised for an addiction, which many reports at the time claimed

was to treat his addiction to sex. However, he has since denied that he was a sex addict, insisting that he was being treated for

alcohol abuse. E

,uNE 30.

zor: 1 Stiit


iration? '! 'D*in qfi gs' Care


"l Love Il"

their breakout hit that doubles

emphatic kiss-offto


song has become a certified smash, well,

Caroline cess


lljelt a

as a


exes ... and now that the

let'sjust say

and Aino Jawo are enjoying its suc-

bit more than they probably should be.

"We were going through similarstuff, with things werc not going our way. came along, wejust felt it,

to fbel our anger," Jawo song was a strong to get the to neat rt.




Aries: (March 21 - April 20)

Scorpio: (October 24 - November 22)

This phase brilgs excellent results. You would express your views, terms and conditions without h€sitation and deal with many issues bravely and successfully. You attempt difficult tasks, resolve complicated issues and connect with people. Give yourselfa fitness routine and healthy diet prognm. Taurus: (April 21 - May 21)

The planetary confi guration brings good results particularly at the work place. You may explore

An established business concem flourishes and partnership may expand into tdangular collaborations. Success and good fortune at work open new horizons for expansion. Look at the present situations from a higher p€npective to r€alize what is happening around you and act accordingly.

Sagittarius: (November 23 - December 21) You will be able to make best use ofyour talents, work experience and would add creativity to your work and projects in hand, This is the best time to use your higher education and skills to promote your career prospects. Listen to your heart and express your feelings to your beloved. Capricorn: (December 22 - )anuary 20) The platretary configuration promot€s your luck.

Gemini: (May 22 - June 21) This period brings a phase wherc you can win the trust ofpeople in authority. This is the right time to participate in curent events and share views, ideas and feelings with people around you to feel a part of the whole, as this brings new opportunities and mon-

etary garN. Cancer: (June 22 - July 22)

This fortnight brings mixed results. On the professional ftont, it would be better to let go ofthe past and make a new beginning as something grcater awaits you. You may feel professionally unstable and emotionally insecure. Leo: (July 23 - August 23) New horizons open up for you and this boosts your self-confidence and you meet dil1icult tasks and resolve work related issues confidently and bravely. Take advantage ofyour courage and go ahead to achieve desired goals. Virgo: (August 24 - September 22) This is going to be an exciting time. You are most

likely to express yow views in an intellectual and unconventional manner. This bdngs success and reward in overseas related matters. Libra: (September 23 - October 23) This period brings mixed results for you. You will face obstacles at work and could get embroiled in controversies. Be wary of those who entice you with seemingly attractive ideas. You may have a difference ofopinion with spouse and health of some of the family membar may suffer.


new technology and improve office infrastructure as this brings more efficiency and creativity in your work. You may visit holy places and strong feelings towards

religion are enhanced.

New ideas and attitude to resolve issues would be beneficial. You will meet with appreciation even from unexpected quarters. Aquarius: (January 21 - tebruary 18) This phase brings good luck and appreciation in property and land rclated matters. This is the best time to resolve land and property related issues as this brings good retums. On the professional front, you have to be carcful to meet desired success. Give yourselfa new fitness routine and healthy diet programme to rejuvenate energy. Pis<es: (February 19 - March 20) You tackle work related issues and handle all legal matters successfully. People in law,justice and related fields will have great time as they use their talents and skills to meet desired success. Sports, competitive exams and fighting spirit come to the fore. You will have the ability to build up financial and rnonetary pursuit-s and good rerums from oveneas business are on cards. You need to conserve health and energy.

Date & lime of Eirth:-..............--..-8irth Place: ....*...........Ser..............

wrh. to: Horoscop€, Q'o E(e<ur|Y Editor, 5U,88,8ah.d!rSh.hZ.farlt.rg,Newo€lhl-l1q)o2.


Suparna Trikha is a name sryonymous with natural beautv care. Not only does she not believe in the use of chemicals but asserts that there is no future without the use of safe natural ingredients and producls. A columnist for over two decades, Suparna Trikha has also authored the book- 'The BOOK OF NATUML SKIN CARE' (Harper Collins) and also been a regular consultant on live radio programmes for various populm channels and done many television shows. North East Sun features a regular beauty column by Suparna Trikha, in which the beauty expert will provide natural beauty solutions anld home remedies and also answer our readers' queries on beauty problems.

GOING NUTS ofmy research werc spent

al but an ounce ofpistas have mote anti-oxidants than a cup of geen tea!

on finding out the nutritious



paste of sandalwood and

nally for the body they would have a positive and nourishing effect on the

Leave on until dry and wash

I have and firmly believe that almonds, pistachios, peanurs, walnuts, pine nuts, goundnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts all have their nourishing value and

through my research hav€ shown amazing effects on the skin not only to rejuvenate the skin but also make it look more supple, y ounger and clgar€r.

All tlese

nuts have



efect on the body and there are some wonderful combinations that you can make at home to porcelain your skin. I hope this article


take you through

the benefits ofth€ world ofnuts and make you glow naturally.

Pista-Taken intemally pistas are excelled fo! heart patients and lower the risk ofcancer. It may sound unusu-

SuTt 1

,,"r 30, 2or3

a paste


of$ee! pist!, add a bit of


skin ifused cxtemally also.



effects ofnuts on the skin as I sincerely believed that ifnuts were good inter-

milk and apply to the skin like

a mask.


cold water.

Walnuts This is one ofmy favourite nuts and I have seen an amazing difference when

using this dry fruit. Grind a handtul of walnuts coa$elf and mix with 2 tablespoon ofoatmeal and ltsp rice powder and mix with some mashed papaya. Apply on the skin and leave until semi dry, scrub offwith milk and wash with cold rvater. Walnuts have an amazing quatity ofbringing back to life dull tired looking skin and I have often used this on hands to heal daxk larucll€s and ageing hands. You can make the

following concoction ifyou want to get hold able hands in no time at all-a paste

of20 walnuts, I tablespoon ftesh

crcam,1 tablespoon honey, an egg

white, I tablespooD aloe v€ra gel. Mix all the ingredients together and apply on the hands and leave on till dry. Dab with cold milk and scrub offgendy and wash


Almonds Most people do not realiz€ thatjust as our body requires intemal oiling, aLnonds are the natural fom of Vit-E and can be used most effectively externally on tle skin to provide Vit E to the skin. For those people who suffer

ftom dark patchiness and dry skin, almonds are a wonderful rcmedy to their skin problems. I strongly recommend the use of ltsp alnond oil tak€n intemally with a cup of warm milk daily during winters to avoid coughs and colds and reduce body dryness. Besides this alnond oil massaged around the eye area not only helps in reducing dark circles but also has rejuvenating properties and helps lighten dark circles. You can Eake your own AlmoDd atrd walnut scrub at home with the following iogredients and enjoy the nourishing and rejuvenating effects on

the skin aknost iDstantly. Take 3 tablespoon almond powder, 3 tablespoon a pinch of safton, I tablespoon rice powder,l tablespoon starch powde. and mix the ingredients together and store in ajar. Take a tsp ofthis mixture and add rose water and a litde milk to make a smooth paste. Apply to the skin and also the under eye area. l,eave on till dry and scrub off with cold milk and then water. Pat dry and feel how soft and supple your skin

wahut powder,

bacomes. Ideally this scrub should be used thric€



Peanuts This poor man's form oftrourishment should not be undercstimated and I find peanuts or gtound nuts just as nourishing as their other siblings ofthe dry ftuit family not only because oftheir highly moisturizing effect but also beoause oftheir anti oxidalt contents which provided extemal vitamins to the ski[. ln times of emergency and requirement vvhen your skin is feeling very dry and uncared for, just take a handfirl ofpeanuts and a little milk add to thi6 ltsp ofotive oil and grind in the blender to make a smooth Peanut

Bufier, apply this on sutrbumt, patcht dry and dehydrated skilr and let your skin feed for about 15-20mts on this. Wash offwith cold milk and theq water. Peanut oil when mixed with the essential oil of lavender or geranium also helps reduce body dryness. O

Readerc can mail their qaeies lo Sapsmt Tikha sl nesun nqg@mailcom or vite to Execative Editot, NE Sun, 8B Bahadurchah Zafar Mary, Net' Delhi-t11n02

,uNE 30,


1fifln 39

'The Forest Man of India' Jadav Payeng

will inform the world about his Green

Island in the 7th Global Conference of the International Forum on Sustainable Development to be held in Evian, France in September. Payeng will be one of the 900 specialists and experts from across the globe to attend and discuss at length on the topic of Sustainable Development. D. B|t|Ei,EE AMous As 'TrE FoRlsr MAN oF

India', Payeng hailing ftom Jorhat , Assam, has had aheady been honoured by different prestigious

institutions across our country. This year in the month ofApril, Payeng was honoured by the Jawaharlal Nebru Univenity in rccognition for his efforts. Payeng was also given an award for his contributions towards the

conservation of eDvironment by fomer President Abdul Kalam in Mumbai in July this year.

Ilowever, Payeng himself atlaches special honour and significance as far as this invitation fiom France to attend the prestigious global conference is

concemed. The world is faced with an acute environmental crisis due to global warming and depleting forest rcsource across the globe. Payeng will utilise his

invitation as a 'SDecial Guest SDeaker'

to delve into the topic ofbio diversity vis-i-vis his project of33 years oftuming sandbars into lush forests. Jitu Kalita, who has had been Payeng's closâ&#x201A;Źst friend and associate in all his endeavou$ has also been specially invited to the Clobal conference . Kalita who is act.ully ajormralist, is also an envionmentalist in his own right and is the person who has highlighted and brought forth the unique achievements Payeng before everytody.

OGRACE Bihu dartcers perform at a event iointly organised by lCcR and NEzcc at shilpgram auditori!.rm.


SUn lruNE 30, 2o13


Payeng started work on the land at the sandbar

in 1979

after a scheme was launched at that time by the social forestry division ofthe district, involving the planting of trees on only 200 hectares. After completion ofthe project after five years, Payeng stayed on and single-handedly looked after the trees. He continued to plant morc seeds and saplings in the forest, which eventually expanded to 550 hectares. The forest has now become so thick that it is now habitat to four tigers, thr€e rhinos and morc than a hundred deer, rabbits and apes. "There are several varieties of bids in the forest and a herd of about I 00 elephants is known to visit the place every year for six months," said Payeng. Payeag is however, a bit corcemed about the recent killing ofa rhino in the forcst. 'Considering the rcmoteness of the place, animals in the forest fall easy prey to poachers. I wish that the govemment would take steps to contlol poach-

" he said. Kalita will be leaving leave for Paris on September I 7 .The conference, hitiated in 2007, connects itrg in the forcst Payeug and

JadavPayeng gr€w a 1300-acrE for€sl, now famous Kalhoni" (Mulai forest)

h Jqhat dstid


at an isolarod sandbor ofBrabmapub:a

Payeng is himself





major leaden and thinkers to implement iDitiatives with a positive social and enviroDmental impact. The confcrcnce also serves as a communicatiol chamel between opinion leaders, businesses, experts, NGOS and the




Dance6 Aarhi Bezbaruah and shrcya Das perform during their Bharataaatyam Arangetram at Rabindra Bhawan in Guwahati.

Participants of the Nag. T.ffi Promo - 2 pose fo. the Lrs.

ruNE 30.

zor: 1 fuh



Let India follow Infosys... and Murthy s ows the way! mimic those in Westem economies and thus wholeheartedly were capital-

ist in nature. Consequently, the divide between India and Bharat hasn't been




preneurs of the 21"'century, Narayana Murthy, is back in business at Infosys - the third biggest lndian tech firm - with a renewed mission to the slide that had happened in his absence- The Infosys slide has been mainly engineered by a rising attrition rate, probably because of eroding values of employee welfare; values that were

ofApplied Manpower (IAMR) revealed that the

ated Institute Research

ofall households in India represent 38 per cent ofassets while the bottom 60 per cent represent top 5 per cent

only 13 per cent. The gap is more vivid in urban centers where the lower 60 per cent ofhouseholds account for just 10 per cent ofwealth. India's Gini

initially laid down by Murthy him-

Coefficient, a factor that measures wealth inequalities, is at a precarious 0.669 as compared to China's 0.550


The catchword of'employees first' resonating with equal importance to 'customers first'was pioneered in India by Infosys. Narayana Murthy understood this pcrfectly, an understanding that set the standard

and Japan's 0.547 (the higher the

for ESOPs in Infosys. He distributed

ventures, domestically as well as from outside; yet, their policies kept control ofthe investment pattems geo-

Rs.50,000 crores among his employees and made all ofthem sharehold-

oflnfosys. That's socialism mixed with capitalism at its best. If it can be done at the micro-level ofa firm, is it impossible to do the same at the macro-level of a country? Countries like China, Brazil or even Japan are live examples ofmore or ers

less successful economies based on the capitalist model but with a socialist face. And that is where India made a

of it. After liberalization in 1991, lndia's economic policies attempted to mess


more conspicuous, with a rapid influx ofrural migrants flocking into the streets of the metropolises. The Human Development Report (HDR) brought out by the lndian Planning Commission (in the year 201 l) admitted that Indian wealth distribution is highly skewed. A research carried out by the government affili-

Stih 1,r',30,2013

- which varies from 0 to I greate! is the inequality between the


rich and poor). China opened up its economy in 1978 to ensure a spur


graphically and socially. China has,


date, kept the core industries under

govemment contrcl; and â&#x201A;Źven


date, around 41 per cent ofthe industrial capital is held under SOEs (state owned enterprises). Often tagged as the long telm cure for an economy, China's spending on education is many light years ahead ofus. While in 2010, China spedt $12 billion in funding universities alone, India's corresponding budget was limited to

$860 million. In emerging economies, India's literacy rate is one ofthe lowest among the countries with high social spending, like China and Brazil, which are quite a distance ahead

ofus. While India's literacy

rate is pegged at 73 per cent (which too is quite questionably high a figure), China's rate is hovering around 94 per cent and Brazil's at 90 per cent. In healthcare too, India's sordid story continues - Russia spends $ 1043 per capita (5.6 per cent of GDP) in purchasing power parity telms, South Africa spends $930 (9.2 per cent), China $347 (5.1 per cent) while India languishes at $ 124 (4.2 per cent) being at the bottom ofthe table here as well. The increasing gap in India between the affluent and underprivi-

leged is bound to create an undercurrent ofiesentment and deep-down frustration in India's socio-economic paradigm. A soothing effect ofan evenhanded wealth, income and growth spread - a la the benchmark of Infosys can leverage long-term sustainability and accountability of our progress graph. As the vision in Infosys percolated from the top, so should our Prime Minister roll down a humane economic model and breed a culture that isjust and compassionate. A mad rush towards growth, revenue, profits and bottom lines alone is not going to producâ&#x201A;Ź ajust and happy society. It is time enough that our main political parties realize the importance of lndia's social wellbeing alongside its ecolomic advancement. O

Author is a Managernenl Guru anal Hony. Director ofIIPM Thittk Tahk Cohhecl wilh lhe a lhor al hflp: //srindtmc haudh u r i. b logspoL co m

Motley Crue he American Rock band


Cme was formed, Califomia, in I 98 I . The group was founded by bass guitarist Nikki Sixx, and drummer Tommy Lee, who were laterjoined by lead guitarist Mick Mars and lead singer Vince Neil. Miitley Criie has been described through the yeam as the World's Most Notorious Rock Band and one ofthe world's best-selling groups ofall time, having sold over 80 million albums worldwide, including 25 million in the U.S. The band rnembers have often been roted for their hedonistic lifestyles and the persona they maintained. All ofthe original members have had numerous brushes with thâ&#x201A;Ź law, spent time in prison, suffered ftom alcoholism, suffered from long addictions to drugs,

Mdtley Criie has beenfeatured on a number of VHI countdown shows, "Dr. Feelgood" was ranked the No.

Air Guitar Song, "Live Wire" was ranked the No. l7 Greatest Metal Song Of All Time, and 7 Greatest

"Home Sweet Home" was ranked the No. 12 Greatest Power Ballad Of All Time. had countless escapades with women

Miitley Cdie was formed on January

and are heavily tattooed. Their ninth and most recent studio album, Saints

17, 1981, when bass guitarist


Los Angeles, was released on June 24,

2008, and was certified Gold in January

20t2. Majtley Criie was ranked tenth on

MTV's list "Top 10 Hea\y Metal Bands of All-Time" and ninth on

"VHl's All Ba[ds".

Time Top Ten Metal


Sixx left the band London and began rehearsing with drummer Tommy Lee and vocalist/guitarist Greg Leon. Lee had worked previously with Leon in a band called Suite 19 and the trio practiced together for some time with Leon eventually deciding not to continue. Tommy took over ftom previous drummer Butch Brusco. Nikki and Tommy

ruNE 30,



Stih 43

then began a search for new memben.

Sixx and Lee soon met guitarist Bob "Mick Mars" Deal. Marc was quickly auditioned and subsequently hired by Sixx and Lee. Although a lead vocalist named O'Dean was auditioned, Lee had known Vince Neil from their high school days at Charter oak High

School in Covina, Califomia and the two had performed in different bands on the garage band circuit. On seeing him perfom with the band Rock Candy at the Starwood in


Califomia, Mars suggested they have Neil join the band. At flrst Neil refused the offer, but as the other members of Rock Candy became involved in outside projects, Neil grew anxious to try something else. When Lee made one final appeal to audition, Neil accepted and was hired April l, 1981. The newly formed band did not yet have a name. While trying to find a suitable name, Mars remembered an incident which

occurrâ&#x201A;Źd when he was playing with a band called White Horse, when one of the other band members called the group "a motley looking crew." He had remembered the pbrase and later copied it down as Mottley Cru-. After modirying the spelling slightly, "Mdtley Criie" was evâ&#x201A;Źntually selected as the band's name, with the stylistic decision suggested by Neil to add the two sets of metal umlauts supposedly inspired by the German beer Ldwenbreu, which the members were d nking at the time. The band soon met their first manager, Allan Coffman, '1he thirty-eighf

year-old brother-inJaw of Mick's driver friend Stick". The band's first release was the single "Stick to Guns/Toast

Your ofthe Town", which was

released on thei own record labei, Leathtir Records, which had a pressing & distribution deal with Greenworld Distribution in Torance, Califomia. In

November 1981, their debut album Too Fast for Love was self-produced and released on Leathiir, selling 20,000 copies.

Coffman's assistant

E c Greifset

up a tour ofCanada, while Coffman and Greifused Mdtley Criie's success

in the Los Angeles club scene to negotiate with several record labels, eventually signing a recording confiact with Elektra Records in late spring 1982. The debut album was then re-mixed by producer Roy Thomas Baker and rc-rcleased on August 20, 1982, two months after its Canadian wamer Music Group release using the o ginal Leathiir mixes, to coincide with the tour. During the "Cdesing Through Canada Tour'82," there were several widely-publicized incidents. First, the band was araested and then released at

Edmonton Intemational Airport for wearing their spiked stage wardrobe (considered "dangercus weapons")

tkough Customs and forNeil aniving with


small carry-on filled with pom

magazines (considered "indecent mate-

al"); both were staged PR stunts. Customs eventually had the confiscated items destroyed.

After playing the US Festival, and with the aid ofthe new medium of

MTV, the band found rapid

success in

the United States. The band members

were as well known for their backstage groupie antics, outrageous clothing, extreme high-heeled boots, heavily applied make-up, and seemingly endless abuse ofalcohol and drugs as for

their recordings. Their mixture of hea\y metal and glam rock stylings produced several best-selling albums during the 1980s, including Shout at the Devil (1983), Theatre ofPain (1985), and cirls, cirls, Girls (1987),

which showcased their love ofmotorcycles, whiskey and strip clubs, and which told tales ofsubstance abuse, sexual escapades, and general decadence. The band members have also had

their share ofscrapes with the law and life. In 1984, Neil was driving home ftom a liquor store in his De Tomaso Pantera when he was in a head-on collision; his passenger, Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley, was

killed. Neil, charged with


DUI and

vehicular manslaughter! was sentenced to 30 days injail (though he only served 18 days) and received a $2,000,000 fine (a massive sum for 1985), the

shortjail telm was pleaded

for by his lawyers enabling Neil to be able to tour al1d pay the huge fine. The band wouid later release two box sets

entitled "Music to Crash Your Car to". On Decenber 23, 1987, Sixx suffered a near-fatal heroin overdose. He was declared legally dead on the way to the hospital, but the medic, who was a Criie fan, revived Sixx by giving him two shots ofadrenaline to his heart, bringing him back to life. His two min-

utes in death were the inspiration for the song "Kickstart My Heart", which

No. l6 on the Mainstream U.S. chart, and which was featured on the 1989 albun Dr. Feelgood. From 1986 to 1987, Sixx kept a daily diary of his heroin addiction and evenflrally entered rehab in January 1988. In 2006, Sixx published his diaries as a best selling novel: The Heroin Diariesr A Year in the Life ofa Shattered Rock Star, and in 2007 Sixx's side project band peaked at

Sixx:A.M. released The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack as a musical parallel to the novel. ln 1988 Mcchee was convicted fbr smuggling 40.000 pounds of marijuana, as punishment he had to organize an

anti-drug campaign. In addition, another controversy that hit the band in 1988 was a law suit made by Matthew Trippe. Trippe claimed that Nikki Sixx was hospitalised in 1983 alier a car crash involving drugs and that he had been hired as

Nikki's doppelganger.

The suit was regarding the loss ofroyalties from his time in Mdtley Criie and the case was not closed until 1993 when Trippe dropped his charges and disappeared from the general public.

Their decadent lifestyles almost shattered the band, until managers

Thaler and Mcchee pulled an intervention, and refused to allow the band to tour in Europe, feaing that "some lof theml would come back in bodybags".

A --'



after, all the band members


that Neil quit the band. However,

bilitation; Mars cleaned up on his own. In 1989, Doc McGhee was fired

disputes this ard insists that he was

a.'er the band alleged he had broken several promises that he made in rclation to th€ Moscow Music Peace Festival, including giving his other band, Bon Jovi, advantages in terms of slotplacement. Doug Thaler then assumed the role of sole band manager. On October 1, 1991, the band's fust compilation album, Decade of Decadence, was released. It peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 album chart. It was reportedly designed as "just something for the fans" while th€ band worked on the next "all new" album. After Decade ofDecadence was released, Neil left the band in February I 992, at a time when other bands in the 1980s glam metal scene (Ratt, Strner,

white Lion, Winger, Europe & Britny Fox) also broke up becaus€ ofthe rise in populadty of Grung€. A controversy exists to this day over whether Neil was


fired or quit. Sixx has long maintained

except for Mars underwent drug reha-

ffi 1,u", 30,2013

fired. N€il was replaced by John Corabi (formerly ofAngora and The Scream). MOtley Cdie's commercial success waned throughout the I 990s, although their self-titled March 1994 release made th€ Billboard top ten (#7). Thaler would manage the band alone until I 994, at which time the band did a mass-f[ing when their album, Mittley Criie, failed to meet commercial expectations. John Combi suggested that the band work with Neil again as he believed he would always be seen as the voice ofthe band, which eventually resulted in his own firing in 1996. On June I I , 2008, the band and manager Burt Stein filed suit against each other. Stein was Vince Neil's personal manager and also, according to the band and rival manager


Kovac, served as the band's manager at one time. The band and Kovac sued in Los Angeles County Superior Court,

claiming Stein was not entitled to a cut of Mdtley Crtie's eamir-gs. Stein sued the same day in Nashville's federal court, saying he was entitled to 1.875 percent ofwhat the band makes. Other

litigation between the parties also ensued in Nevada. In July 2009, lawyers for both sides announced that the disputes had b€en "amicably resolved" through a "global settlement". In March 2013, Nikki Sixr announced that the band plans to break up for good after their next album and a subsequ€nt farew€ll tour. Sixx has often expressed a desire for the band to end while they're still at what he feels is a high point in their career. Although it is not known for definite whbn the n€xt album will be released, Vinc€ Neil has speculated that the band


rclease new music in 2014 and that the

farewell tour could commence in either 2014 or 2015, saying that "Tous last about tlvo years. So to finish the world, you've got to do the U.S., Canada, Europe, takes some time."

General Studies with Dn- K]IAN

(Formerly, Lecturer in University of Delhi)

for IAS P re pa rat i o n

Ranked Best llXlllllllllllllllllllllllll


fulfE 2t013,

We do not claim your success we are party to your hard work

We are a dedicated team and expect only those who are willing to work hard should join us.

Send us email:, You can also download Registration Form from our Website


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Admissions Open



MBA EMBA "Dare toThink Beyond the llMs" llPM prognmmes in Planninq and Entreprcneunhip at Gnduate and Port Gnduate level

ae rupeior in



and rigourto MBTBBA prcgrammet taught anywhere else.

Studentr doing llPM3 be(ome eliqible for

unique prognmmes

a Port


addjtjonally oegree in

Managementlrom lMl, Europe. Fof further details log on to


fryu? STTRN i:ii3lc,i,'"'.:iit




ro rtheyeors'$8

(26501,'09 (2700) &'10 (2850)!!

d ltlTER ATl0l,lAL PIACEMEi{TS forttrelear'08 (165}, '09 (55} &'10 (55)!!

r: No,8

in fl{DfA



Irl05T ASPIRID FoR B-S(H001,,


d l{o.l






all llPM students. send rcquest by post 0r

Internationa! placements in India



8e5t 8-School in India in the non llM

tlPfllPS are provided toallllPM students.

ome t0 llPM 0ffce 0r email at

or sMS "your name" t0 +91-9999999911 and we will


you back. You can ako (ontad us 0n

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provided to

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B-11, tevel5, Tan Cres(ent, Qutab Instituiional




tlee no. 180G10-30-909.

Real Educatio .Real Plarements.

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