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MARCH 1-15, 16-31, 2013, VOL XVlll






oll tnclusive Hope



Restlessness brews in the alreauy\ tt'oubled hills of Manipur on the.face ofthe Cenhe's tlademat'k str"ateg) ofproa'qstination qnd piece meal appeasement iwtead of clearly laid out policl. of peaceful settlement. Fttsh'alion within lhe h-o dozen or so kki and Zomi g'oups v:ho are into extended Suspension ofoperatiol'ts \Nilh the Center and Govemment ofManipur is leading to heightened tension.

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Zomi Nam Ni 2013


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signifcant statement ofunity, more than

a thousand members ofthe Zo community congregated on Zomi Nam Ni in New Delhi on 20th Febnany celebrating the 65th year ofa "collecti,e memory " of history and a joumeyfor

self detetmination.


SUll lvnncr 31,2013









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Voice of Zomis

Another Faultline

he 65th Zomi Nam Ni

On February 12, 2013, at least 20 persons were killed in Rctbha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC) areas in Goalpara Districl, Assam, as violence engulfed the region during the third and final phase of Panchayat (village Self-Governing body) elections in Assam.

celebration in the heart of the cou ntry's capital, a first time affair in Delhi, timed before the anticipated talks of the United Peoples Front, of which Zomis are a part, with the Centre and the Manipur State Govern ment, was a significant event both politica lly and culturally. In our March issue, we present the Zomi's efforts towards right of self determination and their demand {or Autonomous Hill State within Manipur. With anticipations of talks on the Zomi-Kuki issue to commence in April, the North East Sun puts the spotlight on the Zomi people who like many other ethnic groups of the North East have been struggling for recog n ition.

r'/, She trqnscended the

codinemslt ofpoefiy



and battled all arhasities with

grit to excel in ac.tdonics. The 22-year okl Rmti Ronabhott hailingfrom a settled in Aleghalaya patned an irxpiring storyfor her

pmr Nepalifanily

gaeration ofyoungstercfrom Nonh East for

the day she received the

exr:ellence in academirsfrom the Presidert

-<-/-)7/ /


gold medal

Ramesh Gupta

Publisher & Joint Editor

oflndia in 2012.










Nagaland along with Meghalaya and

Tbe February issue ofNorth East Sun

Triprra witnessed elections ofthe legisla-

was relieshing ard encouraging in totaliry. From the irsion ofpresent and past in

tive assemblies except for Meghalay4


Hombill Motor Rally and World War II


frll llat

on their face. Nagaland

Rally to the colours ofNaga culturc in the ofluiNgai Ni, to tie hopes

was probably the most interesting case


study. Despite crores ofrupees being seized

ofpeace in ttrc NC Hills and firNaly the growing focus on trade and tourism ofthe

from the NPF and the Home Minister

region, the February issue

himself landing himself in trouble, the NPF scored a resormding victory. What handed

ofyour magazine

fitud term?

had it all. Most significantly, the pages

Chief MinisterNeiphiu Rio

spoke ofthe changing scenario ofthe once

Was it the Naga issue, or the failure

ble€ding and rotting region. The tounsm

Congress in putting up a leader ofstature



and tmde

or was it just


Whatever it may be, Nagaland is wialess-

fain in Guwahati are probably ofthe most important events that haP

ing a new Fibe ofyoung people who have

pened in the region which probably mark

oftrade and prcsperity. North changing and while we can ke€p on

wlgar money and power?

started taking serious interest in politics

a new era


sensible policies oftrade. The focus on

the state ard general welfare ofthe people.

blaming the leaden in the Centre for their callous attitude towards the region and their

North East will forever not sustain. This is our time, ihis is our moment. We don't cash

The Rio Govenment will be under stem

failure in formulating clear strategies in solving the political problems, the onts lies

in on this moment and

apart again when the focus shiffs from us in

participation ofthe new genemtion in the

on our local politiciars and leaders to grab

tlre play of geopolitics.

politics and policies oftheir land.

East is

the new opportunities on our path through


will be left to fall



scrutiny liom *rcse young guns in the next

five years


as the State witnesses a



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SUn IMARcH 3r.2013

RAMESH GUPTA Signaure ofPublisher





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AII lnclusive Hope

Restlessness brews in the already troubled Eills of Manipur on theface of the

Centre's trademark strategy of procrastination and piece meal appeasement instead of clearly laid out policy of peaceful settlement. Frustration within the two dozen or so Kuki and Zomi groups who are into extended Suspension of Operations with the Center and Government of Manipur is leading to heightened tension. Amidst this, there is a more visibly concerted effort by the Zomis under the umbrella of the United Peoples Front (UPF) to bring theirfightfor the higher cause to aiust and ultimate conclusion. SaND'P S^t{ERrEr

The six group under the IJPF are

Wffifi$ffi#H#the United Peoples Frcnt

(JPF) seek-

ing the status ofAutonomous a



more inclusive and 'non-communal'

approach, is riding on hope ofcommencement of long-delayed tripartite talks with the Govemment oflndia and Govemment of Manipur.






Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA), Kuki National Front-P, Zou Defence Volunteer (2D9, Kuki Revolutionary Amy-Unifi cation (KRA-tt), United

The Zomi Revolutionary AImy is the backbone ofthe Zomi struggle for self determination. Yet while ihe Zomis have chosen to tread the path ofpeace uniting

I-Ilnar People Convention-Democratic

with other like-minded groups under the banner ofthe IJPF, it was obvious by a visit to their Muavanlei Camp on the

(HPC-D). The tlPF signed the tripartite SoO a$â&#x201A;Źement with Govemment oflndia and Manipu in 2005 with the objective ofsecuring a political solution.

Menilur-Myanmar border that people might rally behind the afmy in the case ofa complete snub to the long-voiced demands oflhe Zomi people.

Kuki Liberation Front (IKLF) and

(Left) Cadres and ofticers of the zRA at Camp Muvanlai. . (Above) Entry to the Muvanlai Camp in the Myanmar border. A joumey to interact with the United Peoples Front (LrPF)/Zomi Re-Unifi cation Organisation (ZRO) lead€rs in Churachandpur, Manipur shed light on the anticipations and apprehensions ofthe Zomi groups. This scribe met with the leaders ofZomi Revolutionary Organisation (ZRO), the political wing of th e ZRA, Zomi

Council and Zomi HR Organisation during his visit to the ZRA'S'Muavanlai Camp'. A meeting with LrPF leader, H. Calvin (also the extemal Secretary of ZRO HQ and Joint Monitoring Grcup member ) and S. Hangshyan Thang (Secretary, GAD and Co-ordinator ofZRO at its HQ took place at Chwachandpur. They werc accompanied by Suanmoi Guite ofthe Zomi HR

Council and KG Tungnung, Secretary of the Zomi Council. Speaking to this scrib€, the UPF/ZRO leaders underlined the demand of an Autonomous Hill State under provision of Arti,cle244A ofthe Indian Constitution, the reasons

behind it and how it could help rectify

factions of almost every tribe having

the current situation in Manipur.

their different agenda. But in order to

The UPF/ZRO leaders said that

avoid fuhre discord and achieve durable

the complete arbitrary domination of the Meiteis in the state and the fact that they are very different to the hill bes in Manipur has necessitated the demand for a separate airangement. "The Manipu Covemment looks askance as far as the tribes are concemed. They are only concemed about the development ofgreater Imphal and the valley for the Meities. The tribes living in the hills ofthe state are languishing with no development. In our area whatever development has taken place has been due to our own efforts", they categorically stated. This scribe could himself feel the

peace, it is impentive to adopt non com-


stark underdevelopment even in his


visit. Going a little interior, something basic like drinking water is also scarce. '"fhere are 38 recognised tribes in the State

ofManipur. There are inter-aibal

conflicts, gowth ofarmed groups and

munal approach to tribal issues. We immediately need some kind ofpolitical autonomy under the 6th schedule for our survival and we are sue that creation an autonomous




within Manipur

is answer to the diverse demands raised by divene groupJ', they opined. "Our

demand is autonomous

t ibal state within

the state ofManipur, having

a sepa-

€te adminisftation- This arangement would not disturb the existing boundary of Manipur and it was not against the Constitution. The SoO gound rules said the outcome ofthe


should not dis-

turb the existing boundary of Manipur." The ZRO/ZRA, want all Zomis,

in otler parts of NE

as also in


Myanmar to

wite mentally . ''We have close affinity with our brothers in Myaffmr. Their condition, both physically and politically, is even poorer/ worse than us. But there is an


31,20r3 lStih


inigmational boundary in between. So we cannot think of geo$aphical unification... mental unification is the way to go


us. Howevet ZRO shongly supports the

ofoil explo-


ofthâ&#x201A;Ź tribals in relation to population ard

ration and drilling in the hills/tribal areas

Iand occupation in the State


imbalance in the field of adminishative

democmtic movement inside Burma. We

of Manipur . "We have submitted our Charter ofDemand. The Govemment has said that it is analysing the same. Meanwhile in

even have our broth-

the last tripartite meet-

CIIT region ofBangladesh with

ing held in December

whom we are trymg to

to appoint a political

ers in the

forge a mental Based

2012 it was decided Interlocutor. PC Haldars


tion", said Thang


name has come up and




be more than

satisfied if aman

Chuachandpw, the Zomis started a politi-


immense capacity and

cal movement

knowledge acts as our

the ZRO as

Intâ&#x201A;Źrlocutor. We

with fte lead-



ing and pioneering body. "Our demand

awaiting the final nod

under 244A is a very



to the appointonent

valid andjustified

Goverrment", the LPF/Zomi leaders said,

demand. We started

taking tums to speak.


It was also revealed

the demand

to this Correspondent

ofan'Autonomous Tribal State' but the term 'tribal' may

set up and development, unfair alloca-

that they are hying to forge a close-

have created confusion because in the

tion offunds for the tribals arc rcasons glaring enough for demand for a separate arangemen[, The Zomi HR Organisation lamented the fact that indigenous pâ&#x201A;Źople are losing

ness and alignment with the Nagas.

their rights over land , forest and natural

aligned together into one. We have had


areas there are many non-tribals too

who co-existand live with us. So we modified it and now our demand is for "Autonomous Hill State'' . Separate set ofadministration for the hill and the valley is the best way forward in today's' an


strong objection to the idea

scenario. Disproportionate representation

Siih ;



resources. The

ZHRo has already raised


theory and principle our demand for an 'Autonomous Hill State' and the Nagas demand for 'Aliemate


is more or less the sarne and it can be


number of meetings with the


in the recent past including



between the UPF, UNC and the NSCNIM in Hebron on I lth of January where

their demand unfortunate and sincerely hope that our KNO/KSDC brothers will see sense and support

andjoin us for


Mr Muivah was himself present. We

an altemative 'Autonomous

have forged a close understanding...we

for all hill people in Manipur."

can feel, unde$tand and rclate to one

another and the Nagas under the UNC also believe that our two demands can be aligned. Moreover, the Zomi Council

continuously works to forge unity and understanding with the Hmar Inpi and the

Kuki Inpi." However, the UPF says it is unfortunate that the Kuki National organisation (KNO) and the Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC) are sticking to 'nom€nclature' and demanding a separate Kuki state. "When all tribes have to co-exist , it is time not for selfish demands but to show broad mindedness. Political autonomy for the tribes and those occupying the hills of Manipur is more impofiant now than sticking to own nomenclature. We find


S. Hangsyan Thang, Suanmoi Guite

and K.G Tungnung took

this scdbe to

the ZRA camp near th€ lntemational border with Myanmar ( the Chin state is on the other side ). Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) spokesperson and political advisor, Moses accompanied the group oII a guided tour of the camp after a two hour long treacherous drive. In 20 1 0, th€ then Home Minister P Chidambaram had visited this camp and promised to initiate talks. They are still waiting to talk. It was revealed by the army commanders that the Camp came up in September 2010 and has been built on the model of'Hebron' Q.ISCNJM designated camp in Dimapw, Nagaland)

to thwart arly attack ftom outside. The camp commanders, the battalion commanders (three battalions in all) and Moses said that it was not easy setting up the camp given the diflicult terain and regular attacks from Meitei underground groups. "We have impeccable relationship with the Indian Army and with their help we drove out all Meitei UG's from this area. But we still keep ou$elves alert against any attack. It took us almost 6 months to build this ^"--"

r1'-- inf^'ffa.l

This scribe found the Camp heavily guarded on all sides by anned cadres on strict vigil. The camp organisation also looked very disciplined but the leaders rued the fact that the promised

monthly stipend is not being released by the State Covemment. "There were I 00 plus cadres but we have had to let many ofthem go to their native villages as it is increasingly difficult to maintain the expenses without proper release

ofstipend. The State Govemment on its part holds back the money to be rcleased for us. There are now about 50 cadres only in the camp." However, this scdbe saw new construction of a community hall cum indoor sporting facility being built inside the Camp. The camp has alms stock room where about 100 sophisticated weapons are lying under double lock. only 20 odd weapons are in the hard ofthe ZRA members for their security. The water storage (pumped in from the nearby river flowing in from Myanmar) and its utilisation at such high terrain was good to see. "matever physical efforts the ZROILTPF may put but the Govemment will only h€ar us due to the ZRA and its cadres. They are our backbone and till the time they are grilling it out we know that the pressue will be on the Govemment to hammer out a solution. You tak€ them out of the picture and


(with glasses) and the Camp commander

our case will become weak. The ZRA is actually the symbol of our right to self detemination ", they said. E


31,2013 | SUn


Zomi Nam Ni 201 3



n a significant statemsnt ofunity, more than a thousand members of the Zo community congregated on Zomi Nam Ni iLN€w Delhi on 204 February celebrating the 65'h Year

ofa "collective memory" of history and

ajoumey for self determination.

The first-time ever celebration of Zomi Nam Ni in the country's capital came at a time when there is incrcasing pressure on the Govemment of India to consider the demand for Autonomous Hill State put up by the

Unit€d Peoples Front. The first ever lfdn rvi held in Delhi, a National Day in literal term, witnessed the presence ofleaders ftom the Paite Tribe Council, Vaiphei Tribe Council, Teddim-Chin Union, Simte Tribe Council , United Zou Organization, Mate Tribe Council, Gangte Tribe Council, Thangkhal People's Organization, Kom-Rem Union, including the leadership of the Zomi Council- the executive body of the Zomi federation in unit€d participation.


Stiii ; ve..n 3i,


The presence ofmembers of the Autonomous District Council, twelve of them from Churachandpur district of Manipur made a strong statement on 'grassroot democracy', given that the ADC in Manipur was revived after a gap oftwenty odd years. The chorus for and ofunity, brotherhood, oneness echoed throughout the Zomi Nam Ni celebrations through lyrics, dance, and displays oftradition and

culture. Recollection of past glory, onslaught of colonial imperialism and subsequently a call for a common cause resonated. Ev€n as the zomis prided themselves in their past glory, chcultures, customs, haditions, special guest ofthe day, Oscar Femandez,

MP and Chairman Parliamentary Standing Committee and HS Brahman, Election Commissioner of India, reiterated that such rich he tage is what the zomis should stard for as a proud Indian citizens.

The Delhi, national 1evel event is a "historically significant moment" said L.B Sona, Chaiman of the Zomi Council,

recalling that way back in 1948 , the same day Zomi leaders had come together for a 'Zomi Convention" in Falam ( now Myanmar) where a collective decision was taken to reject autocratic rul€ and walk the path of democracy. Since then, February 20 was marked as a day to aff1lm, cherislL celebrate and evolve new vision. Despite calling themselves Zomi (a generic tem) the colonial rulers had recorded them under bonowed names such as Chin, Kuki, Lushai , elaborated the Chairman in his speech. The assetion ofthe identity is ascertain by the cornmon, popular term Zosuante meaning descendents of Zo ( an ancestral forcfather) that is fondly used by the Zo people.

Additionally, besides the controversial "name" which today remains as th€ key to 'unity vis a vis disunity'' or "conflicts vis a vis contestations"; the Zo people were divided across thee intemational boundary , India, Myanrnar and Bangladesh ever since the post colonial rule that furth€r pushed them along the periphery in each ofthe sides ofthe borders, subsequently becoming a minority across the peripheries ofthe borden of South- east Asia. Acknowledghg the hardships, the struggles face by the Zo people across this periphery ofthe borders, " time has come for us, in Indi4 particularly in Manipur to move forward" said the


theme number ofthe Nam

Zogan" chokby

ngen hi,

conglomerations ofthe ethnic people / groups, Zomis have held firmly their very existence as an "entify"; a Namni in assetion, signifting and celebrating memory , of oneness, of brotherhood. A conclave ofzomi intellectuals, students , leade$ of traditional civil bodies from Manipur aIId Delhi was held a day befor€ the lfarn M at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Socio economic and political challenges w€rc discuss€d and delibemted during the conclave, Selfrule and Autonomous adminiskations of their own inherited anceshal lands prominently figured during the conclave as one key altemative solution , ifnot all , for the Zo people , the hill people at large and the state of Manipur. Another fint ever Zomi conclave ofsuch intense participa-

to the flavor ofthe Nazr

Manipur, the hill people in specific. The atmosphere was palpable as relowned artistes ftom Churachandpur enthralled the j am-packed Thyagaraj Stadium wifh a fusion oftaditional and modem music. The opening

"Sian siamsa piaksa laahsa

Msu o ngen".

Zomi Council head in reaffirmation to striv€ for self detemination, a move for political space for generations to come. Besides seveml forms ofsocio cultwal platforms and

tion ofkey leaders and think tanks, the conclave confronted critical issues facing the Zomis as a political minority, the socio political conflict between communities, hill valley divides, conflict between inter aod intra goups, conmunity in the State of


ZAA ( zogam artist association) was followed by other Zogam hits, such as "Ei tuibang kigau'm le, kaan gibqng hongkhen dia" fromslow rock"Zogam ara"' or 'Zolei it zatam te " to rcp / rcggde nxmbers nMauna the

Tnditional Zangld Laam,the Suktaah Laam a'id other folk dances perfomed by various cultual toupe added Ni Couples in traditional attires, showcasing the "way of life" ofthe Zomis, with a fashionable but original brand "mix and match" oftradition and modem touch displayed the crcativity, skill and varied foms ofexpressiol ofthe zo people. In fact, it was one ofthe many ways ofpreserving and promoting culture, tradition and heritage. Moreover, diversity iD tems oflanguage, costumes , dances ofthe various ethnic groups ofzomis, in one form or the other but confom into a colorful 'rainbow' people. This was also apdy expressed in the artistic presentation


Zomi Nam Ni logos, stage or backdrop decorations and other litelatures. Amidst the joy and cheers, the Zomis did not forget to give an obituary to the departed souls, a silent tribute in respect and honor ofthe past leade$. Delhi based Zomi Pastors / priest did their part too in prayers and bless-

ing for the day , for the p€ople. In the same tone the need for communal harmony was underlined by the Days' Functional President Phungzathang Tonsing, Manipur State Minister of Health & FWGAD i CADA. Thee members ofthe Manipur State Legislative members too O made their presences felt.



zor: ; Siih



Ni Nam rt7 f Z-,/

installed feudal Chiefs at different



ebruuy. marked its 65th anniversary tbis year. The Zomi

The autocratic rule ofthe British Gov€mment could neither be tolerated nor accepted by the Zo people and, therefore, on the 20th February, 1928, a new political organisation was formed



across the globe observe this day as a day of deliverance, political retrospection and remembrance ofthe history ofthe Zomi as well as for promoting peace, harmony and re-affirming their spirit of brotherhood. Before th€ advent ofthe British, the Zo Land - commonly known as the Chin Hills, Lushai Hills and Chittagong

Hill Tract

- was occupied and ruled by the Zo p€ople and had never been under the control or influence of any outside power, including the Burmese, Alom, Chinese or Indians. They had

their own sovereign self-govemment, administered by their Chiefs in the form of dsmocratic decentralization. The British invaded South East Asia and ftom India as their base, annexed Lower Buma in the Anglo-Burmese War of 1826, which was concluded with the Treaty of Yandaboo. Half of Burma rvas further drnexed in I 852 and by I 885, the entire county fell under the mighty hands of British imperialism. After the annexation of Burma and Chittagong, the Chin Hills and Lushai Hills were gradually penetrated and eventually subjugated in 1890, with th€ formal annexation being completed in 1896. The Hills of Manjpur were also conquered and dominated after the British annexation of Manipur in I 89 I . The same fate befell the other Zo tribes ofBangladesh,

Tripua and Assam. The Colonialists noticed that the

Zo people were in loose confedentes, many ofwhom with no principal Chief to govem them. They had no written rule of law and judicial code, while strong customary practices and justice system existed in their societies. The British,.thereforc, drafted a model


code of law and rules of appointment ofchiefs by 1907 and, thereafter,

fith 1"o..*


representatives, summoned the fiIst Geneml Assembly under the Zomi National Conference at Falam from February 19-22, 1948. The Assembly discussed vital issues affecting the Zomi under the oppressiv€ govem-

ment, including the highhandedness ofthe rulers and step-motherly treatment being meted out to the Zo

power. It $adually grew in shelgth

people and the repressive nature of some political or military officers. They also discussed at length the

and in


at Matungnung

village of Mindat for

the liberation ofthe Zomi fiom foreign

1939, a nin€-point demand was put up to the British Govemment. Ttese demands included equal share in administration for Zo land as that

ofthe Plains; compulsory corsultation ofzo natives before any new Law, Regulation or Act is passed and enforced in Zo land; development ofeducation, health, trade and commerce; immediate establishment of secondary and higher education upto college level; nforcemsnt of freedom of religion; improvement in transport and communication; chalking out ways and means for peaceful cornmunication b€tween the Hills and the Plains; economic, social and political at par with the other neighbouring people; and the right to s€lf-determination like Burma as and when it attains its fieedom. These demands, instead of being tulfilled, invited the wrath ofthe Govemment and the organisation was viewed as illegal and, thereforc, must be disbanded. Undaunted by the

uplift ofthe Zo people

intimidation, the Zomi continued their resistance with one accord and the popular movement became so strong that th€ British were comp€lled to leave Kanpelet soon after. Wh€[ Burma attained its independence, it immediately &afted its own Constitution and by 1949, the Burm€se Parliamelt was constituted. As the general election drew near, the Zo people, in order to send their owtr

of self-rule and democratic administration. Aft er intensive deliberations, a plebiscite was held in which as many as 4993 votes were cast by the 5000 strong congregation of representatives from the various tribes or regions in favour ofrejecting autocratic rule and choosing for themselves a democratic system of govemance. Besides, an additional declaration was made to celebrute a National Day, to be called Zomi Nam Ni, for peaceful association ofthe various Zo tribes and for fostering brotherhood amongst them. Thus, the 20th February came to be observed as Zomi Nam Ni to commemorate the day the Zomi began to tread the path of self-govemance and adopted democracy with its concomitant principles as their basic ideals. It marked the end ofcolonialism and the liberation ofZo land from alien rule. The Day is also observed as a national integration day for all the Zo tribes oflndia and Myanmar and has been recognised as one ofthe Burmese national holidays, besides significantly coinciding with the

Mizoram Statehood Day. As time passed, the Zomi in Manipur started celebmting the Day as an impofiant culturalevent in which all tribes showcase their rcspective traditional darces and attires. O (Co rtesy 65th Zomi Nam Ni

oryanizing Comminee)

Gayrlrlku nJâ&#x201A;Źhrntlkunl Harldw etu2194it (Uttnkhlnd) Phonc ;914334t61866, Ert. t40t Mob. : 926896961t, 92t8E69762 Fsfi, z 9l.lt9d,.201366, 26072t

Webrltr : ,

Emall ; rdmlrlonr@drw.rc.ln,

SPECIAL FEATURE Higher Education in lndia

From ancient Bharat to modern India, higher education has always occupied a Place o( Prominence in lndian histonT. Today, lndia manages one ofthe largest higher education systems in the world.


university sysiem is concemeil" Ililia's higher eiluca,tion system is the ihird Iaxgest iD the worl4 a,fter China anil the LrS in t€ru,s of ih net wortb, Indian higher eiltcation system has expaniled at a, fast parc by aaLling nea,rly 20,0fi) colleges anil mort than 8

million shrilenis in a ilecade flom 2ffiG 01 to 20lGll At prcsen( therB a,re 620 universities anil morc tlran 35,000 colleges il the coulrhy. The emphasis ia the te,r-tiarry level of eilucation lies on science anil technology.

Much of the plogresq especiallY in higher eilucation antl scientific researc\ has been cledited to various public institutions particularly the autonomous institutions autho-

rizeil by Mhishy of Fluman Resourr:e Development Government of Inilia' The main gove.rdng boily at the ter-

tiary level is the University Grants (bmnission (UGQ, New Delhi which enfor:es its sta,nilaadq ailvises the state as we.ll as central gove.rnment, alil he\n coordinate between the c€nter a,nal the staie on €ilucation l€forns in light of latest trenils anil ilemanils of counhJ'.



cnurhy that prod[ces the


onil largest nurnber of gmdtat€s in tlrc wolld, it is the UGC that grants the rco4nition of legitimate udyersity, b€ it public or private, a.fter putthg the instituiions tbrtugh a scrceniag pro cess Tlre UGC has made accreilitation of univenities a,nil colleges rnanilatotl. Accordingly, all higher eilucaiion institutions have to manilatorily get arcr€il-

iteil by

agencies such as the


Assessrneft anil Accretlitation Agency' The UGC has specifieal seve.ra,l penalties on institutiom that fa,il io comply with the r€€ulations. As of September last year, NA-{C has accrciliteil f?2 ur}ilrrsities anil {85? tolleges Of ihese only 35 yrr renl of universities and l0 per cent of coleges

a,rc graded. No new

hdhe,r eihrca.

tion institutiou can slart acailemic oper+ tions witbout applyiog for assermqrt and

accrcilihtio4 the regr ation states I'lrere ale ilifferent fues of universities lite state. central, ileemetl and priraie. Ald every kind of rLnivelsity is rrgulawl differeutly b1 the UGC Eem arc some of them:

Central Universities: Also k-oolen Union universitieg these a,re estab lisled b1 tJre Actof Par[anrent and are unaler the purview of the Deparfuent of Higbet Mucatiou b thc Union Euman Resource Development MiDistD. Ttc UGC lish 42 central universities all as

a,munil tlre corrntry. State Universities: These arc r€gulat' ed by the Goveulrrens of ttspedi ve sla,fis

anilia:ritoriesof Inilia, analarpgen€!"ally esiabushed by a s:tatp legislative asscmbly art Asof August' 26. €0lL the UGC

$ste nnivelsities, ouiof whict! l?0 universities ale receiving assistalce

fisned 2Bl

fmmUGC anil0enhzl Govemnent The oldest eslabtisbment of a stalp univerContd. in Page 17


Siih I rvrencr',



is shr,rral by


of Mumbai

Universitl' of N{aiLas a l Uniye,rsif of Calcutt4 ilatal lxtck in lfi57 by the UGCI Deemed UniYersity: Also klovl as le lrecmeo-to- De- t'DtvellillY . IS a sta,tus of a,utonomy gra,nd by the l)epa,rtment of Eigher Eilucation on the aalvic€ of the UGC, uniler Se,ction 3 of IIrGC Act, 1956. The UGtl website listeil on June 93. 200& 130 stch ileemql urrive,rsities ar,ll over Inilia, A<r:odi4 to ihis tist, the first iustifirh to ba gra,nt€d ileemed universitl status was Inalian lnstitutp of Science which was gra,utal this status on trIay 12, 1958. Priyate Universities: Such univer. sities are sole\ approveil by the UGC. T'hey a,re alloweil to grant ale€r€€6 but they crnnot make off-canprs a,fffiatal colleges The U(iC listeil a totatr of 94 such legitfurate priyat€ rrniversities on

theii $€b6ite on SeptBmbe.r I,


high educaiion is qrite a tliffi<tlt prrcss anil can be very challerging for shrilenh anil their parents Fap€cia[]., wlren therc are Chomiry


universif to

so ma,Dy optioDs to


c,hGe fronr. Choosing

a subjed

of futerest is a diffit,rlt ta,sk anal rese many options

a,DoDg t€enagels

simply make it all the more coffusin1tr


a,rr a ferv s:tqn

that v'ould 5tride 1'ou

on yoru'prusuit of a universiS:

I. The first

step is to figule out


whether 1'ou rvalnt io sluily ) oul olln state urf!'e ity or in another state a.s

faculties whether: they arc p€xnanent or visitirrg faculties at tlre college. 4. Plarernents pl&y &n irnpoltant role il droosirg a gooil college. I-ook fol the companies that rt'gulalll' visit the college ciunplllx'li and inquire alxlut the plarcment pelr€nta{lc of the



this a,ffeck 1'oru'ftnilirg optiols ff 1'ou arp going ove$eas, factor in attoDrmo ilatio4 living expenlxs and the <ost of

is always niser to inqtire tluotgh alternative sorrr.('cs like px',vious stuilents ol existiDg seniors. A personal visit fmm the pa,rents t'an alsr help il

flight tickets

choosfug a gotxl

The s€conil strp is to sta,rt risiting the universitl websites anil short list the ones that aplral to 1'ou in terrns of




Other important fac.tors a,rc exha.

repttation and

c,urticular attivities and the lmation of the collegc. The erpanse of the college area lenils peace anil a,mbia,rrce to the

1.oru acailemic pel(entage, A g(xxl college slrorrlil not orrly have a gffxl buiLlilg but you shor il assess it in tenns of

slnilies Ertmnuricula,r activitits lile seminars, college fetes, workshops, inlustria,l traiuings anil lectruq frnm


capacif' to smplxrrt the intake of students, worksholA computer labg

vadoru iniltshy e,rperts or visiting faLculties ailil to the overall eilucation auul

lalnratorieg etc. 3. Faculty is ilefinitely one of the most imlnrtant factors Seaff[ tJroqh

permnalif ilevelopmelt 6. llostly, visit e.ilucation fais or e.\To{i You will be able to finil out more

<'ollege i nfnrstructure,

var,riou,s college websites

i,nil rparl about

the faculties. Cbnsequentl)-, J'ot can sealch on the internet about various

talking to sta.ff frour Ure vadous turiYersities and theJ arp conveniently a,ll b1-

uniler one rcof.


TheAssam Don Bosco University (ADBU), established on 29 March 2008,located at Guwahat, Assam, is the frst Stat€ Univ€rsity of Assam in the private sector It is a p.oject of Don Bosco societythat has members working in 132 countries. The Society has been recoanized by Government of India as the single largest provider of tech n ical ed ucaton in India, second only to the Government.

to provide the best ofopportunites to allthose who pass through its portals of learning.lts hallmarks are its u nderlying Ch ristan inspiraton, com mitment to access and equity, striving for excellence and professionalism, and resDonsiveness to the tmes,

ADBU seeks

EDUCATIoN wlTH A DIFFERENCE Welcome to a new world where education means more than just subjects' It is said that we are what we learn, and here at Yenepoya we believe it is not only what you learn but how you learn that also counts. No matter to which

age you belong you can learn required is the right approa<:h.


you have an open mind. A1l that


This aspiration to provide the best of education to all sections of society macle ui the first University in Dakshina Kannada to be given the Deemed University status. with international standard state-of-art infrastructure and highly designed courses you can be assured your education is more rewarding for a professional career'


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ranking is b:sed on a survey conducted among the recruiters, & alumni, rvho rated the universities on the basis of its Excellence & Brand Reputation. Any queries related to rankingmaybe sent to

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vate Universities

in India

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unarat trano

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ndia in TGMC




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I Deve -oprent orograrr Academic Accredrlalion for I TCS Curricutum Development, Training & _ | Faculty wrth Post Doctoralferrowship I placements rrom Ulah Slare.University-usA^ ltBM_CenlreofExcellenceforTraining, Ph D Researcn & cerrrfrcrrior prosram 1:j1rly.y:Tf': I Accenture degree. wilh^33 ftom Pyl"s llTs Head I program Srart fou;dar'on l\4ofe lhan 60,Facul1y Members with I oracte University Academic 9:Sreg.from^ll]stNlIs. \rorp rhan 340 besl mhds as _ racJhy |I pannerhip 'or Tr;rnrrg & Deveopnenr Universifuof

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Another Faultline On February 12, 2013, at least 20 persons were killed in Rabha Hasong

Autonomous Council (RHAC) areas in Goalpara District, Assam, as violence engulfed the region during the third and final phase of Panchayat (village SelfGoverning body) elections in Assam. While l3 people died as a result oJ Police

firing, when violent mobs comprising the Rabha people attacked polling centres and polling teams in RHAC areas, another seven were killed in clashes between Rabha and non-Rabha groups on the same day. G


however, put total fatalities at I

9, adding that about 70 persons,

including 30 Policemen, were injured, while over a 1 00 houses were bumt during the violence. Till February 17,2013, over 1 7, 949 people had taken shelter in

Nagaon, Modgaon, Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi, were conducted in the

Road blockades were enforced and more violent incidents ofarson

third phase on February I 2, 20 I 3, and recorded 75 per cent polling. Violence in the RHAC region started

occuned during the 36-hour Janata (peoples') curfew 'imposed' by the RHJMC from February I l, 2013, pre-

Rabha Hasong Joint Movement

venting poll officials liom entering the

as the

Committee (RHJMC), an umbrella organisation of34 Rabha goups, opposed the polls. The RHJMC had been demandmg

20 reliefcamps as dre violence triggered an exodus

Meanwhile, on February 13.2013, CM Gogoi, who also holds the Home portfolio, conceded that "there werc some


people from villages in the

lapses and we had no

affected area. The Army was deployed to help Police and

prior information."

Cenhal Paramilitary Forces (CPMFS) maintain order in

news report dated

the region.

stated that the

The fust phase

Interestingly, a September 4, 2012, had


Govemment, fbllow-


Panchayat polls held on

ing the July-September

January 30,2013, in the

2012 Bodo-Muslim

Districts ofTinsukia,

clashes, sent at least

Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Sivasagar,

two advisories to the

Colaghat, parts of Nagaon,

State Government

Lakhimpur and Dhemaji, variously recorded between 65 and 70 per cent voting.

indicating that the State RHJMC





might face trouble in RILAC areas, as the

RI{AC polls before Panchayat elections in the RHAC areas. Ilcidents ofa$on in RHAC areas werc engineered on JanLrary

Rabhas have been demanding elec-

24,2013, d!tring a72-hour bandh (general

Home Affairs (MHA)

Bongaigaon and pafis ofDibrugarh and

shutdown) called by RHJMC. Then, on

Morigaon, recorded 65 per cent voting. Both phases passed offpeacefully, with the exception ofa few minor incidents.

February 3, 201 3, unidentified misueants

"Rabhas want elections to the Council and Garos want panchayat elections and

The second phase ofpolls, on February 6, 20 I 3, in the Districts of SoniQur,

Danang, Nalbari, Barpeta, Kamrup (Metro), parts of Kamrup (Rural),

Elections for the Districts parts


RHAC areas.


ofKamrup (nual), Dhubd, parts of

Siih I "o*.n 31, zo13

set ablaze an

All Rabha Student's Union

tions to the RHAC. The repot quoted an unnamed senior

Union Ministry of


as stating,

are opposed to the autonomous council.

(ARSLJ) office at Kalyarpur, amidst a nine-

The focus is now shifted to the south

day 'civil disobedience' movement called

bank ofBrahmapuha and we have told

by the RHJMC.

this to the State GoverDrnent."

Clashes between Garos, Bengalispeaking Muslims and Rabhas had been reported in 2010-2011 as


The Rabhas, who constitute just over a fifth of the population in Goalpara,

where almost 60 per cent ofthe population is Muslim, are up against the combined shength ofthe Garos and Muslims, who are on the same side. In Decâ&#x201A;Źmber 2010, the ARSU enforced blockade ofNational Highway 37 in Goalpan Dishict, demanding Sixth Schedule status for RllAC. On January 3, 201l, the Garo National Council of Assam responded by calling a l2-hour bandh in Goalpaxa District, and 30 Rabha houses in Mendipathar in East Garo Hills District were reportedly a

set ablaze. The ensuing clashes



persons dead and 50,000 displaced.

Before this, in 2008, at least nine people were killed in Police firing when an All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF)-backed movement demanded Panchayat polls in the Lakhipur area ofGoalpara District, a disputed are4 which falls under the RHAC.

Panchayat polls had to be suspended



following the violence.


In 2007 and 2009, ARSU had submitted memoranda to Gogoi, demanding the inclusion ofthe RHAC into the Sixth Schedule ofthe Indian Constitution and seeking exemp-

tion from Panchayat elections irl the RHAC area. ARSU had also urged the Govemment to conduct RHAC election immediately.

Interestingly, on February 14, 2013, the State Govemment admitted its inability to exclude RHAC areas from the Panchayat Act. The

Chief Minister's Office issued a statement signed by the CM's press adviser, Bharat Chandra Narah, stating, "Clause 5 ofthe Rabha Hasong Accord signed between the Govemment of Assam and the

All Rabha Students Union and the Rabha Hasong Demaqd Committee on March 10, 1995, at Dispur, was unconstitutional because the State Govemment had no jurisdiction to exclude Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council areas from the purview ofthe 73rd Amendment ofthe Constitution of India under Article 244M." T\e statement further observed that though

Clause 5 existed in the Accord, it rras not included when the State

Legislative Assembly passed the Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council Act in 1995 to give legality to the . Accord. On February 13, 2013, Chief Minister Gogoi had termed the Rabha Accord "faulty". The State Govemment had established the RHAC, Head Quartered at Dudhnoi, on March 10, 1995, with 779 villages in itsjurisdictiorq and had formed an ad hoc body to protect the

political rights and uplift the socioeconomic condition ofthe Rabha and Hasong people living in Goalpara and parts ofthe then undivided Kamrup

District. There are 36 General Council constituencies - 17 in ltamrup (Rural) District and I 9 in Goalpara District , under the RHAC. The total number of village constihrencies under RHAC is 360. The RIIAC however contirues to have problems regarding its territorial jurisdiction even after 17 years since its inception in 1995, and not a single Council election has been held, despite the ageement to hold elections within six montbs ofthe Accord.





has a clearly-demarcated (though con-

t€sted) geographical area, while the rcmaining six autonomous councils

only identifu specific villages, and not any contiguous




dictions. The working

ofth€ State

Autonomous Council was scrutinised by an expert commiftee constituted by the Ministry ofPanchayati Raj in 2006. The rcport, Planning for Sixth Schedule Areas, and evaluating areas not covered by Parts Ix and Ix-A of the Constitution, stated:

An examination ofthe functioning Agitated Rabha goups finally got some relief when the Gauhati High Court, in rcsponse to a PIL filed by

Chandar Keshav, Advisor to the NonTribal Secwity Forum (NTSF) turther

ofthese cormcils shows a picture of conflision. The Panchayati Raj system

ass€rted that there were 217 non-tribal

ARSU President Tonkeswar Rabha, dirccted the State Govemm€nt, on November 23,2012, to hold polls to the RIIAC within six months. On January 18, 2013, fotlowing the Couf order, the

villages with

continues to exist in these arcas, zui there is no constitutional basis for their

State Election Commission, announced

that €lections to the 360 village council constituencies would take place on

April 30, 2013. This did not satisfy the Rabhas, RHAC electioos to be held b€forc panchayat polls. On F€bruary I 1 , in another case, the Cout observed, further, that there werc no legal complications in holding elecrions 1

I , 20

to the Council. The problem is compounded bY th€ fact that [on-Rabha organisations oppose RHAC elections without proper

delimitation of non-Rabha villages. The fiesh delimitation of 36 RHAC constitue[cies is yet to be done in

population of about


the RHAC area. Futher, Non-Rabha

goups wanted immediate PanchaYat elections in villages within the RHAC arcas, in direct conflict with the stand adopted by Rabha groups.

Other Autonomous Council areas for Scheduled Tribes (Plains) have also experienced similar co[tradictions. Assam has Autonomous Councils for six Scheduled Tribe (Plains) commurtF ties - Tiwa, Rabha, Mishing, Sonowal-

Kachari, Thengal-Kachari and Deuri in addition to two Autonomous District Councils (Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao) for l4 Scheduled (Hill) Tribes and a separate Autono.mous Council comprising four Districts for the Bodo

rernoval. These areas are not exempt from Panchayati Raj in the same mamer as other arcas such as Nagaland and


arcas ofManipur have been exempt€d. The problem ofinstitutional overlap in such areas is thus fr[ther compounded by the fomation ofthese councils. There are three authodties opemting in


lel in these areas, namely, the Council, the State deparhnental system and the Panchayati Raj system. These issues must be urgently solved so $at therc is

only one singl€ authority. The inhercnt contradictions within the RHAC set-up have widened existing faultlines, and th€ imposition of panchayat elections in RHAC areas

without addressing th€se incongnri

tribe. while the two District Councils have b€en in existence for over 50 yeals under the Sixth Schedule, the

ties has provoked the current cycle

West€rn Assan, dominated by

Kamup (rural) District, th€re are 81

Bodoland Teritorial Council (BTC) covering four Districts of Kokajhar, Baksa, Udalgun ard Chimng was qeated in 2003 following an amendnent to the Sixth Schedule. Significantly. Lhe BTC areas have expedenced rep€ated cycles ofviolence, killings and mass

Garo villages and in Goalpan, another

displacement, the most recent

ofwhich occurred in 2012, claiming l09lives.

(The aalhor is a Research Assistant wilh the Institute for ConJlict Management)

accordance with a 2008 notification for 'exclusion and inclusion ofvil-

lages'. Garo National Council-Assam President Benedict Areng coosequently argues that Garo and various nol-tribal goups had opted for the exclusion of their villages Aom RHAC in 2008. In

272, together accounting for



tiori of over 200,000, Areng claimed.



350,000, which had been included



This is despite the fact that the BTC


bloodshed. The Southem bank ofBralunaputra m

tle Rabha-

Hasong tribe in the two westem Dislricts

Kannp @ru'al) has now BTC arcas on drc North Bank ofthe river, where the Bodos hold sway, to q€ate a widening theafr€ ofedmic conflict

of Goalpara and added to the


Assam. O


smokeless tobacco. He was detected with Oral cancer

in 20 I 0. A fumiture and el€ctrical consultant and father of tkee children, Jayenta has been addicted to tobacco in the form of gutkha and khaini and his illness has tbrown the finances ofthe family injeopardy. Jayenta's is ofthe many such tragic cases of oral cancer in Manipur which ranks third in tobacco consumption in North East. Infoming that his father, wife and brother all passed away within a span of I 1 months due to ca(Icer, former Medical Superintendent, Dr. Y Mohen of Regional Institute of Medical Science hospital who was instrumental in conducting population based cancer rcgistration in Manipur, said about 930-950 new cancer cases were rcported in Manipur annually. Ofthese, about 390 are tobacco related cases (34% of the total cases), he added. As pe r GATS Fact Sheet (2009-10) which was released

in lmphal on January 31, Nagaland has a prevalence rute 32oZ in the smokirlg category and 45olo in the smokeless category next to Mizoram, which has tobacco consumptiot of 670/o including 40% in the smoking category and 4l% in the smokeless category. Tripura, Meghalaya and Manipur rank third. Arunachal Pradesh with 48 percent ard Assam with 39 p€r cent rank 9th and l3th places r€spectively. GATS estimated that number of tobacco users in India

of57 percent with

is 274.9

million ofwhich 25.9 percent

less tobacco

are users of smoke-

while 5 .7 arc ciearette smokers and 9.2 smoke

Dr L Swasticharan speaking to media in lmphal pic sobhapati samom

bidi. This reveals that 75 percent Indians consume smokeless forms of tobacco that includes pan, gutka, pan masala and kahini, mawa. Interestingly Manipur has the highest tobacco consumption in lndia as every 2nd man and every third woman is addicted to tobacco. Besides it has some ofthe highest incidence of lung cancer in the entirc world especially among women. This is entirely due to rampant active and passive smoking amongst these states. Manipur is also losing millions ofyoung and middle age people due to this habit ard the state governnenl bave to understand the the epidemic.

ChiefMedical Officer Dr L Swasticharan ofNational Tobacco Control Progralnm€ under th€ Ministry ofHealth and Family Welfare, speaking to media persons soon after the fomal release ofthe fact sheet by State's Ruml Development Minister Francis Ngajokpa, said that people in the region cannot call themselves a civilized society if they couldn't protect their women and children from the impact oftobacco use. He added that around 5 to 6 lakh prcmature deaths were rcported in India annually due to tobacco-rclated diseases. In other words, it's like crashing of l0 Jumbo j€ts (€ach

jet carrying 300 passengers) in lrdia every year, he added. Similarly, Manipur records around 3.4 lakh premahfe deaths. The central official also admitted that a two-day 'Carnpaign for Tobacco Free Northeast' will be launched in Guwahati in February end to sprcad awareness on tobacco use followed by similar campaigns in other States. Assam ChiefMinister Tarun Gogoi will launch the campaign oo February 27, he added. On the other hand speaking to the North East Sun on the sidelines ofthe GATS Fact Sheet releasing function, Commissioner Ram Muivah ofthe Manipur Health DepaftmeDt said that the govemment is plarming to ban consumption of smokel€ss tobacco in the State. "It's a matter of

time," the officer said.


3r,2013 |




am very keen to work with the ILO. How do I get an

assignment? retical or practical aspects offields such as finance and accounts, law, education, social science, economics, business and administration, managerial and other

technical specialisations. Most of these require substantial academic prepamtion, nomally at the advanced university level. The ILO also conducts an mtemship proglamme for undergraduate and


your present qualifications or field ofwork, let me give you a general


ties for men and women to obtain decent and produclive work in conditions of freedom, €quity, security and human dignity. India is one ofthe founding members ofthe ILO and has

permanenl member of ils goveming body sinc€ 1922. The ILO r€cmits in two categories: a

Th€ General Services category: is concemed with thJee major occupationa groups viz. administration related support work, technical support work and manual tades arld other support work. The basic requhement is a good knowledge ofthe prevailing labour issues and laws, nationally as well



about various labour issues; arl awarencss of intemational developments; and a 'can-do' and acceptabl€ personality.


firther infomation log on to: www.



only ifyou are absolutely

ofyour choice ofsubjects dght at

the outset (Class 12). In which case, saves you a year or so.


programme. For the IISERS Elig: Class 12 (Science),


National Olympiad (2nd stage) / CBSE topp€rs KVPY tests your comprehension and analytical abilities. Objectivetlpe test to assess your mathematical and reasoning skills. Many other universities offer such programmes e.g. Science (BITS) Pilani (Raj) (www.

about integrated MSc courses which caII be done straight after school. Other than the IITs which offer int€grated MSc (as well as MTech) progammes in subjects like Biotechnologr, Physics, Chemistry,


a good idea

Birla Institute ofTechnology &

must preferably have local expertise/ experience in a labour organisation e.g.

Seflices category: deals with t}le theo-

Admission to all integrated Mast€r's programmes is also on the basis ofthe r€sp€ctive entrance exams (JEE, AIEEE or statelevel entrance tests). Pursuing an integrated cou6e is

Also, unlike the usual BTech,tsE or BSc course after which you have to take an entrance exarn like GATE etc, for admission to MSc progranmes in the IITS for instance, you directly move nto the postgaduate level ofthe integrated

with Comp Sc). Please give me some itrformation

social scientists and people associated

such programmes.

For ILO's Associate Expert Prcgramme, you must have a Bachelor's or Master's or an equivalent technical qualification along with some years ofwork experience. The t)?ical age limit is 32 years. The assignment vari€s ftom 2-5 years depending upon the policy and frnancial possibilities ofthe donor. The ILO essentially looks for candidates with multi-disciplinary knowledge

ally. At the national level, applicants

with labour organisations. Professional

Kolkata, Mohali, Thiruvanathapuram), pattemed after the IIS Bangalore, offer



lawyers specialising in labour issues,

India's five Indian Institutes of Science Education & Research (Bhopal, Pune,

prograrm€s. Intems are assigned either to the ILO Headquarters or its field offices. and

The Intemational Labour organisation (ILO) is a UN body. Its primary aim is to promot€ oppotuni-


postgnduate stud€nts (involved in a specialised field related to ILO's worD where they can complete their studies by acquiring practical lnowledge and a better understanding ofILO policies

Industrial Chemistry, Applied Geology, Exploration Geophysics, Maths & Scientific Computing, and IT, several other universities €.g. the govemment of

I am in class

12 (maths, Dr BR Ambedkar University, Agra (Maths, Comp Sc) Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur

(IT) Guru Gobind Singh Indmprastha University, Delhi. H N B Garhwal Unive$ity and IIITM Gwalior (MSc IT) etc Amity University, NOIDA


While studyitrg history as part of my BA programme, I haYe developed an interest in Archaeology. Could you please suggest some universities


olfer this subject at the Pc-level and also tell me about thejob prospects in this field? Archaeology is th€ systematic study ofextinct societies, and the past of living societies thrcugh excavation analysis, and interpretation of their artifacts, human and other remains. Besid€s archaeological theory you will leam about freld and dating methods, conservation, and cultural and physical evolutionThe Archaeological Survey of lndia (ASI) offersjobs r€lated to this

field. You can also opt forjobs in museums, rcsearch institutions, travel & tourism industry or work with bodies like Indian Council for Cultural Research (ICCR) or INTACH. Private collectom also require the services of archaeologists. Th€re ar€ increasing opportunities both in the public and private sectors in heritage management, curating and academics, regional archaeological services and development work both in India and overseas.

Teaching and creating public awareness is another option. Preserving our rich and diverse heritage is of utmost importance. And he tage can be protected only when you shale your knowledge with the p€ople living in the

surrounding areas and co-opting them in your conseryation effoft. Specialisations in this field include

epigraphy (deciphering ancient inscriptions), numismatics (the study ofold coins, medals, etc. to reconstruct history), restoration and conservation of ancient monuments, heritage sites and artifacts. Some institutions which

offer PG courses in Archaeology and related fields in the noth: Barkatullah Vishwavidhyalaya, Bhopal; Banaras Hindu Univenity,

Varanasi; Kuukshetra University The Delhi Institute of Heritage Research & Management, 18 A, Satsang Vihar Marg, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi I10067 (Affiliated to GGSIPU) Courses: Masters in Archaeology


Heritage Mgt (2 years) Masters in Conservation, Preseryation & Heritage Mgt (2 yrt Eligibility: Bachelors degre€ (Humanities / Sci€nce) Selection: Entrance Test Institute of Archaeology, Archaeological Survey oflndia, Red Fort Complex, Delhi 110006

(GoI) I 10001

Course: PG Diploma in Archaeology (2-yrs) A Stipend is offer€d to unemployed students for 2 years.

Eligibility: Master's degree (Ancient / Medieval Indian History)


(Archaeology / Anthopology / Indian Classical Language / Geology with knowledge of Pleistocene age; 550lo). Age Limit: 25 years I have given exam of l2th class with math. i don't want to do BTech. What is good for me BBA or BCA? Which field has more career opportunities? Depends on which field you are

interested in. However, I think doing a BCA may be a good option, at this point -- particularly since you have math as a subject in class 12. This will enable you to do an MCA subsequent-

ly, ifyou are intercsted in specialising in this fi€ld or pursue an MBA or any other professional course including Law or Mass Communication etc depending on your O


The Rock and Roll Town 'When I ife becomes too

real, take a little time to dream'- so says Lou Majaw, the veteran mu



from S hil



whose contribution to the music scene in the

country have inspired musicians, and whose

pioneering efforts in organizing the annual Bob Dylan Jayanthi have resulted in the huge success that it is today, since its inception on 24th May, 1972. Majaw still plays to packed audience in

various cities across the country and he

is one of lhe most respected performing artistes in India today. Music columnist

D'Com examines the veteran mus ician's life and work.


SUll I r'rancr 3t,2ot3


Fentones, Blood and Thunder (the

from the soul, that's Lou Majaw for you. Modest

most happening rock and roll band of that time), Supenound Factory and


about his talents but a most


showman, Shillong's endearing rock pioneer developed a style ofguitar playing which, probably thanks to its flrm foothold in the blues and rock and roll, can be both incendiary and gentle in equal measure. He is unquestionably the most accomplished musician ofhis time from Northeast India. With his band The Great Society, he attained a level of virtuosity few have accomplished

many othels. The 'next big thing' was The Great

Society which started offwith Lou Majaw (by row a major figure and the essence ofa'live performer'), and late d),namic drummer Bert Cooper Slemiong and versatile guitar player

'!, \:




even among the curent genem-

tion ofmusicians; his phenomenal pedormances backed by a gritty,

powerful voice, accompanied by formidable stage presence that radiates ftom his well-kept frame. Born to late Raphael Thangkhiew and late Philisita Majaw on April 14, 1947 in Mawlai, Shillong, Lou attended the Sacred Hea Boys' High School and Don Bosco Technical School, Shillong where Majaw first took up the guitar and played in the school band. As it turned out, Lou never got around to completing his academic education; instead, he was soon traveling and playing music wherever the music takes him and eaming his keep along the way. When the 'Flower Power'was at its peak, Lou, sporting long hair with

colourful and unconventional outfits, was the first and probably the only one to represent thâ&#x201A;Ź hippie movement in the region by 'living the life' through music. His long hair dmws a lot of attention and comment - not always complimentary. He started his professional career pâ&#x201A;Źrforming artiste in music by eaming five rupees a week during his association with Oracle Bones performing at 'Moulin Rouge' (Calcutta) in 1965 and moved on with the as a


31.2013 | sun


The Delhi, mtional level event is a "historically


cant moment" said L.B Sona, Chairman ofth€ Zomi Council, rccalling that way back in 1948 , the same day Zomi leaders had come together for a 'Zomi Convention" in Falam ( now Myanmax) where a collective decision was taken to reject autocratic rule and walk the path of d€mocracy. Since th€n,

February 20 was marked as a day to affum, cherish, celebrate and €volve new vision. Despite calling themselves Zomi (a generic term) the colonial rulers had recorded them under borowed names such as Chin, Kuki, Lushai , elaborated the Chairman in his speech. The assertion ofthe identity is ascertain by the common, poptrlar telln Zosuante meaning descendents ofzo ( an ancestral forefather) that is fondly used by the Zo people. Additionally, besides the coltroversial "name" which till today remains as the key to 'unity vis a vis disunity" or "conflicts vis a vis contestations"; the Zo people were

divided across three int€mational boundary , India, Myanmar and Bangladesh ever since the post colonial rule tiat further pushed them along the periphery in each ofth€ sides ofthe borde$, subsequently becoming a minority across the peripheries ofthe bordeN ofSouth- east Asia.

Acloowledging the hardships, the struggles face by the Zo people aooss this periphery ofthe borders, " time has come for us, in Indi4 particularly in Manipur to move forward" said the Zomi Council head in reaffirmation to strive for selfdeterminatioq a move for political space for g€nerations to come, Besides several foms of socio cultural platfoms and conglomerations ofthe ethnic people / groups, Zomis have held fnmly their very exist€nce as an "entity"; a Namni in assertion, signifring and celebrating memory , ofoneness,


A conclave ofZomi intellectuals, students , leade$ of traditional civil bodies from Manipur and Delhi was held a y'y'i

at Jawaharlal Nehru

choir by the


piaksq lushsg

associatiod was

"rtist aaibang kigaem followed by other Zogam hits, such as "Ei le, kaan gibang hongkhen dia" from slow rock"Zogam arr'' or azolei it zalam te" to rap / rcggae hwnbers "Mqunq ngen hi, Maana ngen". Traditional Zqngta Lqom,the Saktaah Laant aljLdother

folk dances performed by vadous cultural troupe added to the flavor ofth€ Nan jvi Coupl€s in faditional attir€s, showcasing the'\vay of life" ofthe Zomis, with a fashion-


day before the iy'arn

Ni "itian ZAA ( zagam

theme number ofthe Nam


University. Socio

economic and political challenges were discussed and deliberated during the conclave. Selfrule and Autonomous administrations oftheir own inherited ancestal lands prominently figured during the conclave as one key alt€mative solution , ifnot all , for the Zo people , the hill people at large and the state of Manipw. Another firs ever Zomi conclave ofsuch intense participation ofkey leaders and think tanks, the colclav€ coDftonted critical issues facing the Zomis as a political minority, the socio political conflict benveen coornunities, hill valley divides, conflict betwe€n inter and intra groups, commmiry in the State of Manipw, the hill people in specific. The atmosphere was palpable as rcnowned artistes ftom Churachandpur enthnlled the jam-packed Thyagaraj Stadiun with a fusion oftraditional and modem music. The opening

able but original

bnnd "mix rtrd match" ofhadition and

modem touch displayed the qeativity, skill and varied forms of expression ofthe Zo people. ln fact, it was one ofthe many ways ofpreserving and promoting cultue, tradition and heritage. Moreover, diversity iq terms of language, costumes , dances ofthe various ethnic goups ofzomis, in one fom or the other but conform into a colorful 'rainbow' people. This was also aptly expressed in the artistic presentation ofthe Zomi Nam Ni logos, stage or backdrop decorations and other literatures. Amidst the joy and cheers, the Zomis did not forget to give an obituary to the departed souls, a silent tfibute in respect and honor of tie past leaders. Delhi based Zomi Pastors / priest did their part too in prayerc and blessing for the day , for the people. In the same tone the need for communal harmony was undedined by the Days' Functional President Phungzathang Tonsing, Manipur State

Minister of Health & FWGAD / CADA. Thee

members ofthe Manipur State Legislative members too O made their Dresences


MARcH 3.r,


| ffih


their first concert at the Roots Festival in Meghalaya. Since then, the band has performed at concerts all over the North East, as well as in different parts oflndia. They have also at the Intemational Jazzmandu Festival in Kathmandu for three years. Soulmate is working toward simplifing their music to help them connect better with their audiences. "As a band, we are still working on our music and trying to make it better and simpler. I know we are getting there. To be a part ofthe blues fiatemity of the world has been our dream and dreams do come trug." adds Rudy. When asked about the band's future plans, Rudy says, "To record more music and to make as people as happy andjoyous as can be. We love it when our ftiends and fans are touched by our music. What more can we ask for? That's the purpose ofour existence." Soulmate gained nationwide recognition and popularity within the Jazz and Blues circles in India after they became the only Blues band to represent the country (Courtesy The Blues Club oflndia) at the 23rd International Blues Challenge organized by The Blues Foundation ofAmerica, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, in February 2007. They were semi-finalists and performed at The Rum Boogie Cafâ&#x201A;Ź (Blues Club ofThe Year) alongside 150 other bands and musicians from all over the world. As ofFebruary 2009, Soulmate is know[ to have released two O albums. Shillong and Moving



31,2013 lsun


Posh and Becks Emerge ToP Parâ&#x201A;ŹhtS recent study has revealed that Britons have voted Victoria and David Beckham the best role model for parents, in a survey ofcelebrity couples, conducted by the UK's leading discount website. Although the Beckhams topped the poll, the celebrity couple were closely followed by Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, and Beyoncd and Jay-Z in second and third place respectively. polled 1,336 British parents across the UK with at least one child aged thJee The respondents were shown a list ofcelebrity couple pictures who already have children and were asked to choose which colrple they thought represented an ideal

role model for their parenting conduct. The respondents were also able to choose multiple answers. When asked to specil] why they had seiected their celebrity couple,46% ofthose who chose the Beckhams ciled the slrong hond ' lhat lhey share ds a famil). Meanwhile, those who chose Beyoncd and Jay-Z, revealed that they admired them for how they manage to their privacy despite their AJist profiles.

Elton Spectacle h dear dearl

An entirc hotel

room to house your glasses! Diva demands never stop suiprising us mere mortals but Sfu Elton John has taken the cake this time (of course we can't forget Lady Gaga). ln his concert der for the Bruzilian leg ofhis intemational tour, Sir Elton John has apparently put up demaods such as chrysanthemums in his room and an offering ofpdo de queijo, a

popular Brazilian snack. However, the most unconventional item was his request for a separate hotel room to accomodate his large collection of glasses.

And ifthat daesn't scream diva,


Ladv Gaga

66 degees during summer shows -- in order to preserve the precious acces-

Mannequin with pufS/ pink pubic hair



While John's rider may be a tad outlandish, here's a look at the demands put up by few other singing divas:

Billie Holiday

leather couches, fresh roses and black satin drapes. Old rock posters of David Bowie, Queen, Elton John and Peanut butter with flax seed that contain no more than 49 of sugar

ltradonna A 2o0-person entourage that includes 30 bodyguards, personal chefs, a

yoga instructor, an acupuncturist and an on-site dry cleaner 20 international phone lines Lilies and white and light-pink roses that have stems trimmed to precisely 6 inches

l'lariah 20 white


kitteN and 100 doves

John also added an extra caveat: the room's tempemture must be main-

$200 bottle ofcabemet sauvignon Two dozen white roses and vanilla

tained at 60 degrees Fahrenheit -- or

aromatherapy candles No busy pat-




Timberlake Goes to Nol ustin Timberlake's single Mirors has gone straight to No1. The singer rose from 28 to four last week, following his performance at the BRITS and took the top spot this week.

Bastille's new entry Pompeiiwas at No2 and One Direction's Comic Relief hit One Way Or Another fell to No3. ln the albums charts, Emeli Sand6's Ow Version OfEvents was Nol and Babel by Mumford And Sons was at No2. The soundtrack to Les Mis climbed two placas to No3, following the performance by the cast at Sunday's Oscals and Ben Howard's Every Kingdom stayed at No4. Justin Timberlake's accompanying album will be released later this year. It will be his first album since 2006.

Newman Drops Free Mixtape ohn Neu,man has been hard at work putting together a brand new mixtape to give a bit ofan ilsight into what to expect lrom his album. The mix has a bit ofever)'thing that has been helping John in the studio recently, "from James Brown to Skeam and some cheeky samples of my own stuff'. John, who wrote al1d fronted both the g]orious Rudimental number I single, 'Feel The Love', and the follow up srnash 'Not Giving In'. will be premiering tracks ftom his lbithcoming debut LP $'hen he supports the collective on their fofthcoming UK tour ill April & May. O





31, 2013

Aries: (March 21

-April 20)

You are able to integnte forces, rcsources and professional aspects to achieve success in importatrt business ventures. This is an excepionally exciting time as professional and business opportunities are offered to you. This phase brings love, romance and excitement in personal relations. Taurus: (April 21 - May 21)

You would be more accommodative atrd compassionate in relationships and not take things personally. Career advancement, a promotion or a gainful business opportunity may be offered. Old habits can be kicked now with greater ease. Gemini: (May 22 - June 21) Professional situations and pattems come to the fore and there is no deception or illusion about these matters. Emotional attachments and relationships are rewarded with reciprccation. Some interesting people are drawn to you and invite you to work with

them. A new cycle begins with the old order finishing as inner and outer changes are on the cards. Cancer: (June 22 - July 22) Personal lelations arc packed with emotions and feelings and you enjoy the company of loved ones. There is good luck attendhg to material affai$ as there is increase ofwealth and monetary gains and income.

You can cormt on your professional and penonal partners, as they stand by you through thick and thin. Leo: (July 23 - August 23) Your actions and emotions are balanced as you bring more accuracy in your work area. Ecolomy at home and management ofbusiness and work are important issues ofthe fortnight. You would be able to complete work assignments and penonal business with good eneryy and support. Virgo: (August 24 - September 22) The unpredictable is likely to happen when you least expect it. Surprises are in store for you in professional and personal matters. It would be best to be open and receptive in personal relations and family situations. You could be depleted of resources and forces ifyou don't manage them properly. Libra: (september 23 - October 23) This phase opens up a world ofromance and love in Dersonal relations. You are cooperative with

family and children. End ofthe fortnight brings fiesh energy, love and romance in importrant relationships. Scorpio: (October 24 - November 22) > You are bol4 courageous and fi'ank while dealing with controversial, professional and farnily mattâ&#x201A;Źrs. You are likely to meet well known auflodtative people and share ideas and spend lovely time in their association. You are able to achieve a lot at home and at work with youlhfirl energy. Sagittarius: (November 23 - December 2l)

You are likely to spend time in differcnt places and work closely in new associations as you combine good luck and good management. You share some memorable moments with a loved one. You may change your image with good styles, fashion and grooming. Capricorn: (December 22 - January 20) There is conflict within and discord outside. You may be divided about business and professional matters and finally come to terms with compromise which might be the best thing to do at this time. Communications from overseas are hopeful and exciting as business opporhmities are extended to you. Aquarius: (January 21 - February 18) You have the ability to stand alone and have strong vibration. You are independent, creative, original, ambitious, determined and self-assured. Adopting a realistic, pmctical and disciplined approach towards life would bring harmony at home. You are overly touchy and sensitive with your romantic partner. Pisces: (February 19 - March 20)

You are generous with friends, and loving in family situations. You are coming across as especially smooth, and your good nature is bound to attract some attention.

You stand in the middle of a doorway while making an important decision whether it is professional or personal. A relaxed and light attitude would help you to overcome negative thoughts. Name & Add:

Date & nme of Eirth:*......................8irth

Place: ....--.........Se*..............


w'ite to: Horoscope,

C/o Exâ&#x201A;Ź<utive Edltor, sut+ 88, Bahadur shah Zafar liarg, Nâ&#x201A;Źw Delhi-! I0002,

Suparna Trikha is a name synonymous with natural beautv care. Not onlv does she not believe in the use of chemicals but asserts that there is no future without the use of safe nalural ingredients and products. A

for over two decades, Suparna Trikha has also authored the book- 'The BOOK OF NATUML columnist

SKIN CARE' (Harper Collins) and also been a regular

consultant on live radio programmes for various popular channels and done many television shows.

North East Sun features a regular beauty column by Suparna Trikha, in which the beauty expert will provide natural beaufy solutions and home remedies and also answer our readers' queries on beauty problems.





hair Spring Rejuvenation Pampering

unveiled ftom the harsh winter


winds and dqness to the warm rays


Let's start at the very bottom with

a tub of invitingly warm soapy water to which you have added the following pampering potion: 10 drops sandalwood oil, l0 drops

feet in

sesame seed oil, 5 drops almond oil, a

spring. Wake up your hair and skin to

those tired feet that have been covered

take on those short skirts, sandals, sleeves

with wooly socks and synthetic tights

bandi. ofrose

tops and low neck and back lines. Bring

throughout winter and should be all set to 'breathe' and slip into trendy pairs ofsandals and shown off. Bring that spring into your step by soaking your

two lemons and about a dozen marbles. Also arm yourselfwith a pumice stone,

the bounce back to

yow hair with some

natural nouishing hair packs.

It is important to change your diet with


little weaning away ftom winter

soups and broths to summer salads,

fiesh fiuits and juices. Pamper your skin to a soft sensuous smoothness that glows with radiance. Spdng is the season to spring clean your skin and hair and brush up on the beauty basics and make them an mtâ&#x201A;Źgal part ofyour lifestyle. This homework is essential


want to have healthy sturming skin and shining hair. This is traditionally the time ofthe year when most women spring clean theL bodies, work on a slimming

diet and try to achieve


new fresh look as

the warmer days ofsummer approach.


Here's a step by step skin and

your skin and hair are ready to be




petals, lemon slices

nailbrush and loofah and


a good massage

crearn Fefembly citrus based or one hav-

ing peppennint and witch-hazel. File nails to a round or squares shape rather than a

pointed one. Roll your feet on the marbles in the tub and feel the tension flowing out. Feet should be soaked tbr at least 15

minutes. Dry feet thoroughly and massage them with a good gray, prjmrose pinks and caramels are the colo$

tbrthis spring.

I(nees nccd to be exfoliated with lots ofsoapy water, a loofah, (try rubbing in a handlul ofsugar and massaging the granules in until the sugar melts, its magically sofi fceling) and a massage cream. It's important to tone up those leg muscles so you can show them offthis summer with short skirts and swimsuits. Get into a regular exercise programme. Very often thighs are neglected but it is impoftant to understand ihat this sensitive area also requires proper cleansing and moisturizing. Lather some soap or gel onto a hand towel or loofah with a handful ofoatmeal and scrub onto thighs in a circular motion to get rid ofdead skin cells. After you have patted yourself dry splash on some moisturizing lotion to make them feel soft and sexy.

youiselfwith good jule mitten or back-brush and exfoliate all the dead skin cells. Apply the follorving pack on the back and neck while you have soaked yourself in luxury to give it that smooth translucent IookOne cup gran flour, thejuice of one lemon, 2 tsp ground lentils (lal masoor), 2 tsp milk, 2 tsp wheat-husk. Leave on for 20 minutes and scrub


in rotating movements. Follo$ with a good moisturizing Iotion. Better still get someone to massage it in lbr you irl slow upwards strokes. A professional back massage with a herbal oil will wonders for you so it


would be a wonderful idea to take time

Two very important parts ofthe body that are very often neglected by most women are the back and neck. The neck often reveals signs ofageing and bare backs looks patchy and neglected.


Always remember that whenever you are having a facial, you should also make it a point to include cleansing, toning and moisturizing the neck as this is one area that reveals signs ofageing very fast. It is helpful to do some neck stretching exercises that wjll not only help your neck muscles to tone up but also relive tension. Soak yourself in a tub ofwarm frothy water to which the following has been added-20 drops citrus oil, 20 drops almond oil, lemon slices and a handful of powdered milk and rose petals. Gear

get pampered and ease out the


hot milk (it'sjustified to be extravegent at times) to which you added l0 drops

ofalmond oil. Clean nails and push back cuticles. It willmake an imnediate diflbrence iflou apply the following hand pack-l % tsp ofoatmeal, J tsp olive oil, thejuice ofone lemon, 5 drops olglycerill and I tsp sugar. Leave on fbr about 15 minutes and scrub

offrubbing hands

together and feel .just how beautiflrlly soft your hands feel. To give it that extra softness massage in a good nourishing cream.

It is imporiantto understand that

hand massage and hand exercise he)p

improve blood circulation and relive tension and stiflness. Spring in the life into your hands with the following exercises. (a) Sretch your lingels out tautly as possible, relar, and then

thow them

out again. Repeat this times.

HANDS & ARMS: wearing the most expensive diamonds on their So often I have seen women

fingers and the most exquisite bracelets and bangles around their wiists but


(b) Shake your hands until they are completely relaxed and limp. (c) Circle your hands fiom


wrist mak-

ing dre circle as large as possible.

You don't want nails to look chipped


such uncared for hands and chipped nail

and uneven so try taking a daily dose

polish. Like our eyes, the hands plays an important role in expressing what we

one tsp ofunflavored gelatin everyday

for about 2 weeks to strengthen nails.


want to say and it is important to have

well-groomed and looked after hands.

(... to be continued)

Rough, chapped, wrinlled hands are signs ofbad health and carelessness.

Readers can moil

at nesanmog@mailcom

dry the skin so it is wiser to wear rubber gloves while doing housework.


qtreries to Supama Trikha

Detergents, soaps and water constantly

Spring some life into dead looking

or tsrite to Executive Editor, NE San, 88 Bahadurshah Zafar Marg,


New Delhi-I10002

hands by soaking them into a bowl


31,2013 | sun


Triumph Over Adversities She trcmscendedthe confmements

ofpovaE rnd bAtled all advenities with grit


ucel in

rcdemics. TVe22lewoldRaniRrtnbhdthailingfromapoorNepalifanilysettledin lufe?halayarymedaninspiringstoryforhergawdionoflmmgstetsfromNorthEastthedayshe rrceivedthe goldmedalforacellerceinacadmticsfumtlvPresidentoflndiain2012. The high point in her lif€ and that of King George Medical College was wher Prcsident Pranab Mukerjee presented her with a gold medal in her col-

SURA, losHl

I sruberr or ltreu r-arve 7L\ Pathsala Secondary Schoolin l- \Gariklana, she studied there

lege campus on Octobet 12,2012. One can fathom the challoges Rani

class X and mov€d to St. Anthony's Higher Secondary School ard passed out the Class XII in first division. Thrcugh the state general quota, she got


admission in Bachelor ofDentislry in

faced during her snrdent days staying in a slum wilh her parent in Paltan Bazaar


George Medical College in Lucknow and complet€d her four years graduation cou$€

Govemor RS Mooshahary, on behalfoftlE

toppq throughout ard collecting twenty-seven medals, twelve of it dwing

rccognition to Rani lauding her determina-

Shillong hess Club pr€sented a token

as a



tioll and furnness ofpueose to excel in hostile atrnosphere that she was bom into.

fnal yea$ in 2012.



Assam Sports Joumalists Association annualaward fundion

Models displayethnic creations of designer Raiesh Jhunjhunwala the Northeast fashion show 201 3

for best Sports person of the North-Ea5t



Shillong which was inundated with rain water during the monsoon. Meghalaya





Mooshahary said Rani is a shining example of hard-work and determination. He said, "You$ is a story that will insptue many youngst€rs of Meghalaya aDd north east to excel, it is a proud moment for the Nepali community in the state and Meghalaya in genera1." Mooshahary too was bom in a poverty stricker family in Assam but ros€ to become the Govemor ofMeghalaya through his hard-work, detemination and the beliefthat he can overcome poverly to succeed in life. Promising to comeback to Meghalaya !o serve the state alter she completes her higher education, Rani acknowledged the help and financial assistance a sitting

legislator and MDC and deputy speaker Sanbor Shullai extended to h€r wh€n she

was studying in Shillong. Speaking about her days in King George Medical College

Rani said that the stud€nts ftom northeast were segregated and looked down by

those fiom outside saying,

"You all have come tbrough governrnent quota but we merit." By way ofan answer to their innuendos, Rani Ranabhatt collected twenty-seven medals in four years, are here on

including the medal prcsented by President Pranab Mukherjee, and made sure that Meghalaya in particular and north east in general has as bright students as those from other regions ofthe country.

o sowrNc


Different tribes of Nagas dressed in their traditional attires taking part in their annual traditional Lui-Ngai-Ni in Gohaty

cwyneth Alicia famous singer from Meghalaya performing at a fashion show during the ongoing North East Fest


31,2013 lsun


Invest in R&D group with Sikorsky Aircraft and

factu re state-of-the-art defence

Mahindra Group with BAE Systems have raised the bar in the defence secior as they involve production of

tools, unlike India, where the DRDO works with no coordination with the so-called defence manufacturers.

defence equipment in lndia.


becomes a viable model, then India's





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election staring us in the face. the Finance Minister,

Chidambaram, presented a budget that resen'lbles a financial bulwark for the masses but where defence, like others, has been a casualty in the



bargain. India has always been an important export destination for weaponry and defence equipment! And a defence budget ofRs 2.03 lac crore is certainly good news, but the rnodel of depending on imports is fraught with enorrnous oppoffunlty costs. For India, having offshore defence deals will only add on to the import bills without meaningful, economic advantage. Neither will there be any technological advances, nor would

R&D deveLopment. At lth in the world in tems of defence spending. lronically, India alone accounts for l2 there be any

present, lndia is ranked I

per cent ofthe total global alms hade, whereas our spending on defence R&D is a meagre 2 per cent ofglobal expen-

diture, compared to 70 per cent by US and 16 per cent by China! Worse, this spending on R&D. which is worth peanuts, has not increased since decades.

Globally, the trend is the opposite. But there are exceptions in lndia. Already, certain tie-ups - like Tata


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yearly procurement expenditure ofS 13 billion on equipment and services can be dragged down drastically apart from generating employment. Mind you, whatever warfare equipment we are anyaay sold in general is actually obsolete or is two to three generations old! Back in 2006, I had mentioned how even after two and a halfdecades, DRDO had failed to come up with an indigenous version ofthe MiC-21 (which has been described variously as a'flying coffin'). Even today, most of our police officers, especially in small towns and cities, are provided with preWorld War Il weapons to counter Naxalities and Maoists who attack using semi-automatic machine guns. Even from the perspective ofgeopolitics, this is the most opportune time for India to dash ahead with defence reforms. The cross-border tension with Pakistan is at an all-time low in nearly two decades; and like never before, US is sympathetic to India's stand in negating the threat from China. It should take a cue from China,

lvhich till 1998 had policy similar to that of India's; but that nation changed its defence focus dramatically, and as of2010, boasted of 15,000 plus patents in the defence industry - up from just 313 in 1998! This remarkable shift has taken China to the threshold of catching up with Western powers whereas India is still decaying in the 'technology-denial' mode. Similarly, US has virtually merged NASA with its defence research in order to manu-

Merely allocating lakhs of crores

to defence would only promise a newer series of corruption scandals, to say the least. The beginning ofthe long line ofdefence scams started with the Bofors scam in 1987 that involved an alleged kickback of Rs.64 crores. The Barak missile scam in 2006 that had a deal amount of $169 million was tainted by the accusation that the government went ahead with it despite opposition from the DRDO. The coffin scam in '1999 was another blot with cases filed against army personnel and American contractors. And finally, the much publicized Tatra truck scam in 2012 where a kickback of Rs.'14 crore was allegedly offered - as claimed by Gen V.K. Singh - and subsequently rejected. What our defence ministry needs is a sense of budget planning, wherein they must allocate a major pie of our defence budget towards indigenous manufacturing and R&D. The initiative of change must come from the top, as has been the case in China where Hu Jintao himself was the torchbearer for the groMh of Science and Technology. OtheMise, India might well be buried under the burden of forever being the world's largest arms importer - a tag that can prove too costly for the country in the long run. O Author is a Mqnagement Guru 4nd

Hon!. Dircctor ofIIPM Think Tank Connect with lhe aulhor at http: //ar in dantc ha udh ur L b lo gsp oL c o m

Cheryl Cole The television star and a singer who always manages to bronze come rain or shine, Cheryl Cote. The Engtish recording artist, songwriter, dancer and model, Cheryl Cole

rose to fame in late 2002 when she auditioned for the reality television show Popstars: The Rivals on ITV. The programme announced that Cole had won a place as a member

ofthe girl group, Girls Aloud. She has been part ofthe group ever since, and during that time it has achieved 20 top-ten singles (includingfour number one singles) in the UK and six platinum albums (two of which went to number one) and eamedfive BNT Award nominations from 2005 to 2010. In 2009, Girls Aloudwon "Best Single" with their song "The Promise". In 2009, Girls Aloud announced their musical hiatus' oLE WAS BORN IN NEWCASII,E UpOn

Tyne, Tyneside, and grew up on council estates in the districts of Walker and then neighbouring Heatol She is the fourth of five children ofJoan Callaghan, and the fust ofher two children boltr to her parher Garry Tweedy following the collapse ofher marriage to the father ofher three other childrcn. Cole's parcffs were together for more than a decade but never married each othe4 they separated when she was a brother, in I 987), and (bom in Newcastle Garry three elder matemal half-siblings:

eleven years old. She has


Gillian and Andrcw.

As a small child in about 1990, she appeared in a television advert for

British Gas. As she was interested in dancing

from an early age, Cole stafied sequence dancing at the age of four, before joining The Royal Ballet's summer school at the age ofnine. She won modelling competitions, including the tides ofBoots Group's "bonniest baby', Mothercare's Happy Faces Pottrait

competitio!, "Best Looking Girl of Newcastle", The Eveling Chronicle's "Little Miss and Mistet''. and "Most Attractiye Girt' at the Mehocentre. She then appearing in a second British Gas


31,2013 | SUn


to talk about hcr maniage

Cbdstrnas advert with younger brother Garry as well as appearing in dance recitals on some television shows. She embarked on her most prcmitrent rclationship so far

ence of7.2 million. The same year she featured in three shows

when she b€gan dating England and Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole in September 2004. They announced their engagement in June 2005 and married on l5 July 2006 selling their wedding photos to OK magazine in a f,l million deal. While her career with Girls Aloud went ftom stength to sbeqgth her marriage started to fall apart. In January 2008, hairdrcsser Amy walton told the Sun she had has sexual relations with Ashley Cole, which was followed by more cheating claims. Despite this the couple reconciled for the time being.

on 23 Juty 2010

Shgles 3 words aDd Parachute followed with the fonner peakhg at Dumber four oq the charts and the latter r€aching number five in 2010. While her solo aareer was going well, her reconciled marriage was not. ln early February that year it emerged that Ashley had cheated with five other women. She announced she was sepaxating from her husband and filed for divorce oh 26 May 2010. She app€ar€d on Pie$ Morgan's Life Stories later that year


brcakdowq which attmcted an audi-

adverts, au SCS fumiture store advert, and an Eldon Square

SUn lMARcn 3r,2013

with her band-mates including Ghosthunting with Girls Aloud. Things got worse for Cole as she was admitted to hospital with acute malaria after a trip to Tauania with her male dancer fiend Derek Hough. She rccovered and rehrmed to the X-Factor. For the first time, she was not the winningjudge as her act Rebecca Ferguson came second behind Matt Cardle. On 24 October 2010, she rcleased her first single Promise This from her second album Messy Litde Raindrcps. On 5 May 2011, it was confirmed that Cole would appear as a judge alongside Cowell, LA Reid and Paula Abdul on the Amedcan version ofthe X-Factor but after thrce weeks on the show, she left. It was rumoured the US audience could not understand her acc€nt while Cowell stated he felt she would be more comfortable retuming to her former rcle in the UK. This year (2008) also saw Cole branch out on her own away Aom her girl group when she provided vocals on the back Heanbrcaker. She w8s originally hircd to dance in the video but the Black-Eyed Peas ftontnan asked hor to sing. Cole then won the biggest gig ofher life -judging the X-Factor.

In Julle 2008, it was revea]ed that Cole would replace Sharon Osboume as ajudge on the talent show and would work alongside Dannii Minogue, Louis walsh and Simon Cowell. She was chosen to mentor th€ girls category and led Alexandra Burke to victory. She retumed in 2009 for the sixth season ofthe show and emerged the victorious judge once again when Joe McElderry came

first. However, it was confimed that she would not be retuming. Instead she focused on her music, r€leasing the first single from her third album Call MY Name on I 0 June 20 1 2. It became her

third number one single and the bestselling song of20l2 so far. Her third album A Million Lights followed on 18 June 2012. Cole dueted with Gary Barlow at the Diamond Jubilee Concet on 4 June

2012 and is set to release hel second single ftom her third album Under The Sun. on 30 August 2012, Cole was involved in a car crash with The singer took to Twitter to say she was fine.

Cole has named B tney Spea$ and Beyoncd Knowles as a few ofher insptrations, performance and fashion wise. Cole spok€ on the reason Beyoncd Knowles was a big influence on her saying "I love Beyonce, Ijust think she is such a beautiful person inside and out, apart lrom what she does on the stage which is obviously incredible and

aspiration. Ijust like her as a woman shes empowedng." Cole has also cited 'Lefl Eye' a former m€mber of American band TLC was a big influence saying "I wanted to be Lisa'Left Eye'Lopes ftom TLC - I used to wear baggyjeans and Timberlands like a

tomboy." Cheryl Cole cites singer Rihanna as an influence saying: "You know what I love about Rihanna? I know she gets a

lot ofcriticism, too, about what she wears and what she sings about, but she is so ftee," she explained. "She doesn't give two fx*ks. I love that in her. I love that sense offreedom about her. She's gorgeous and free. A perfect pop star." Cheryl Cole also cites American singer Mary J Blidge as an influence stating so Blidge's music has helped her "Mary J. Blige's song Just Fine is my feel good song. Mary's voice sounds so grown up and you can hear that she has €xperienced a lot in her life, her songs help me with every heartache."

It also seems her lovelife is back on track as she is rumoued to be moving in with her new boyfriend dancer Tre Holloway.


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MARcH 31,2013


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